What would Alex do?

The documentation about the botched investigation into him that Alex Salmond wanted to be put in the public domain has now been released, Alex believes that it proves there was a conspiracy against him orchestrated by senior figures in the SNP who are close to Nicola Sturgeon. The First Minister is due to put her side of the story to the Holyrood Committee examining the affair next week. She strongly denies that there was any conspiracy aiming to, in the words of some of Alex’s online supporters, “put an innocent man in jail.”

Already some of Alex Salmond’s supporters are taking to social media to declare that because of the treatment of the former first Minister they will not be voting SNP in the May elections. I believe that this is premature, and an attempt to prejudge what Alex would himself advise his supporters to do. Alex Salmond has not yet made any public statement about how he would prefer his supporters to vote in May, and until such time as he does I believe that his supporters should err on the side of caution and not do anything which may prove prejudicial to the cause and the party to which Alex Salmond has devoted his political career.

This means, that until such time as Alex Salmond himself says something to the contrary, we must operate on the assumption that he would want his supporters to vote SNP in May. Alex Salmond loves the SNP, his beef is with the party’s current leader and those close to her, not with the party as a whole. Alex Salmond knows that the SNP is a whole lot bigger than him, and a whole lot bigger than Nicola Sturgeon. He does not want to bring the entire SNP down just before a crucial election which could prove to hold the key to independence because he has a dispute with its current leader, all the more so because this would be severely prejudicial to any hopes he might harbour of returning to a senior role within the party should the present leadership stand down. You don’t burn down a house that you think you might move into.

Just as Alex Salmond understands that the SNP is bigger than him and bigger than Nicola Sturgeon, he also understands that the cause of independence is bigger than all three. He would not want his supporters to do anything which might damage Scotland’s prospects of independence and play into the hands of the British nationalists. Unlike some of his more strident supporters on social media, Alex Salmond is an expert political strategist and tactician. He instinctively understands the power of a political narrative and knows that if the SNP fail to do well in May the dominant political narrative will be that Scotland doesn’t want independence, and the current momentum will be lost. If his supporters turn their backs on the SNP in the mistaken belief that they are supporting him, there is a very real risk that he will go down in history not as the godfather of Scottish independence, but as the man who thwarted it. That is most certainly not what he wants.

So if you do consider yourself a supporter of Alex Salmond, at least do the man the courtesy of speaking for himself before you take to social media and announce in an outrage that you are not going to vote SNP. Because if the time comes when Alex Salmond advises his supporters not to vote SNP 1 and 2 in May, it will only be because he has an alternative plan which will further the cause of independence and which won’t play into the hands of the Tories or the other British nationalist parties. Allow him to speak for himself, and don’t let your anger and outrage speak for him. I have no doubt that he will make his views clear soon enough. Until he does don’t pre-empt him and in your anger risk damaging Alex Salmond’s interests and those of Scottish independence.

Please note that there will not be a blog post tomorrow as I have to travel to Glasgow for a hospital appointment.

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543 comments on “What would Alex do?

  1. Old Pete says:

    Not all commentators are as fair and reasonable as you Paul.
    Well said.

    • Angus says:

      The Ginger Dug seems to me to be the only balanced Indy blog, and it is very eloquent and correctly written.
      Nobody likes this negativity except for the negative people.
      I have huge sympathy for Alex Salmond, but that is going out the window if he’s taking the Indy movement down with him and his revenge. I thought he was above all that?
      This is all timed perfectly for the May elections, and to me it stinks of infiltration by the people who stand to loose the most from Scottish independence.
      I’m voting SNP in May, and no amount of negativity and bun fight p!sh will stop me.
      I think Salmond was more in touch with the grass roots than Sturgeon, but I also think he’s making an erse of himself, sure his name has been dragged through the gutter, but why did he ever think he had the right to be touching female colleagues?

  2. Meanwhile the Crown Office…

    • Golfnut says:

      The Crown office are concerned that some content of the AS submission is in contempt of court, nothing to do with the SNP, Nikla, the Scottish gov.
      People, some very anti Scottish independence peop!e demand the truth while they continue to demand that unsubstantiated allegations are taken as truth.

      • Douglas says:

        Point of information:

        The Lord Advocate (Head of Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service) is a member of the Scottish Government

        There is imperfect separation between Government and Prosecution Service; something that needs to be addressed even if only to prevent any perception of bias

        • You might be interested to know that in 2007 Alex Salmond that the role of Lord Advocate should be depoliticised and that the Lord Advocate would no longer be a member of the cabinet.

        • Golfnut says:

          The court determined which evidence should or should not be made public. It’s the Crown offices duty to advise those who may be about to breach such a ruling and of the consequences. Which is why AS has tried to obtain immunity from prosecution on submissions at the hearing and why he has cancelled his appearance at the hearing tomorrow. It’s a bit of a stretch to lay that at the door of the SG and the FM.
          Actually Douglas your comment is insidious pksh.

          • katielass04 says:

            No actually, the Crown didn’t say part of the submission was Contempt of Court. They said that it could lead to identification of the women involved. And anyone comparing the two different Submissions can see that that is totally false. That there is NOTHING in the unredacted copy that even whispers anything about any women – except to further prove Nicola Sturgeon is not telling the truth, as other evidence clearly shows. It is very clear WHAT issue the missing paragraph highlights, in the unredacted version.

            And while they don’t care who knows what, the fact is – if the Submission can’t be published, then Salmond cannot allude to it in his verbal evidence/statement. Thus Sturgeon’s pal in the Crown Office has effectively silenced his evidence – and him. And from his lawyer’s letter, it would seem the Committee are doing sweet fanny adams to get him there to testify. Hmmm…

            • Golfnut says:

              Thanks for confirming that the Crown did indeed threaten contempt of court, since any publication which could lead to the identification of the women is in contempt of court. Your opinion as to whether it does or doesn’t is irrelevant as is your allegation that this was done at the behest and for the sole purpose of protecting Nicola Sturgeon. A spurious and as with all this get Nikla nonsense, unsubstantiated .

  3. Joyce Clark says:

    Thank you for this calm and reasonable opinion. That has helped me a lot.

  4. I am so relieved to read your words Paul. Your advice is sound. I have recently left the SNP, but at no time since then have I declared that I will not vote for them, for independence, until there is a viable alternative.

    • Why leave anniefraethehills , rejoin , its SNP that counts , new leaders come and go

      • I know. For a long time I stayed and fought back from the inside but when people who had been voted out of the NEC by the membership, sneaked back in through the back door, I decided I’d had enough. Maybe when there’s a change at the top, who knows. Yet again, there might even be another pro Indy party come to the fore which is the broad church that the SNP used to be.

  5. bringiton says:

    The SNP are the membership.
    If the membership are unhappy with their leader,they will elect another,at the appropriate time.

  6. Craig M says:

    I won’t be voting SNP in May due to GRA and HCB shenanigans. I’ll be spoiling my constituency vote and voting on the list for someone who isn’t a science denier or vote rigger.

    Salmond can speak for himself, as will Sturgeon no doubt. The SNP are indeed bigger than either of those two but a clearout is required now.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Your choice, but you are making independence less likely.

      • Craig M says:

        I think that matters now playing out will make independence less likely in the short term Paul.

        I just can’t hold my nose and vote SNP if that means tacitly supporting the Gender Recognition Act or the Hate Crime Bill in their current form. This is my line. I won’t cross it. I respect you may have a different view.

        • weegingerdug says:

          I do. I think you have a massively distorted view of the impact of GRA – but your call. It just means that independence is not your priority

          • Craig M says:

            No Paul, you don’t get to think “I” have a massively distorted view on the impact of anything based on my comments.

            Independence ABOVE ALL ELSE isn’t my priority, no.

            I have a differing view to you, that’s all. Let’s leave it there.

          • Guybrush Threepwood says:

            I agree with Craig. I support independence but not at any cost. Independence is important to me but I vehemently oppose identity politics.

            I believe each person is a unique individual and that gendered groups (or any other group) can never be homogeneous.

            The hate crime bill is authoritarian and goes against my libertarian principles.

            I won’t be voting. Independence can wait until the SNP drop the student politics. Independence is for everyone – not just for those on the far-left.

            • Alex Clark says:

              I disagree with Craig. I support Independence, it is important to me so I will vote YES.

            • Petra says:

              You won’t be voting. ”Independence can wait.” Wait for what Guy? Holyrood to be dismantled and the Tories left calling the shots until God knows when? The HCB can be amended or overturned if it becomes law. What will you do about some of the extremely sinister, or in fact fascist, laws that the Tories are preparing to implement right across the UK? Vote for Labour or the Libdems in future UK General elections?

              • Douglas says:

                Why don’t the SNP leadership shelve the controversial bills (GRA & HCB) until after Independence?

                The controversy (whatever their merits or otherwise) costs votes.

                The action that would put Independence first would be to shelve them, pressing on is not a neutral pro Independence action

                • Petra says:

                  As far as I know the GRA has been put on the backburner Douglas.

                  • stewartb says:

                    Yes Petra – as far as I know the GRA has indeed been put on the back burner.

                    There is nothing being taken forward in Holyrood – unlike the similar legislation already enacted by the parliaments in Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark – I’m sure there are others.

                    But we have those in the Yes movement prepared to put at jeopardy a pro-Indy government with an outright majority after the May elections. And what’s more, they seem to forget that the GRA has support from politicians beyond the SNP. Therefore, it is conceivable that even if the SNP fails to win an outright majority and has its ability to deliver the next steps to indy removed – the Unionists’ joy will be unbounded at this and they will laugh at us – GRA legislation may well happen anyway.

                    The pain of that irony would be unbearable!

    • Capella says:

      That leaves you the Tories then because the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens all espouse the same policies, more devoutly. The Tories in England tolerate them in most fields of public provision.

      I’m voting SNP 1 and 2 because I want independence above all other considerations.

      • Craig M says:

        I said I’d spoil my constituency vote Capella.

        You’ll have a line which you can’t cross. I have reached mine.

      • Guybrush Threepwood says:

        I voted SNP at the last U.K. General Election because they promised to put ‘Scotland’s hands in Scotland’s future’. They didn’t.

        • AnneDon says:

          I know just how you feel.
          I voted SNP in 2016 because they promised that if we were dragged out of the EU against our will, there would be a new #indyref.
          That hasn’t worked out for me either.
          In 2019, we were told there would be #indyref2020.
          On 31 January 2020, the FM put out a speech saying, basically, “You’ll have had your referendum”. I lost all faith in her willingness to lead us to independence that day.
          I’m clinging onto the idea of voting SNP1 by the skin of my teeth.
          I’ll be voting ISP2

          • Alex Clark says:

            I doubt the SNP are relying on your vote, have you not seen the polls?

          • weegingerdug says:

            waste of a vote voting ISP they won’t win any seats

            • AnneDon says:

              The SNP didn’t win any constituency seats in Lothian in 2016 either, though, so all those votes were wasted. The only reason I’m clinging onto my SNP1 vote is because Joanna Cherry endorsed the constituency candidate.
              Otherwise, I’d be in an even bigger quandry about how to vote.
              Watching how Joanna Cherry is treated by certain SNP members, without any intervention by the leadership shocks me.
              There’s no party discipline for those with friends in the right places, yet others will be suspended for sharing blogs the NEC disapproves of? What kind of party has the SNP become?

            • Skip_NC says:

              Folk said in the 70’s and 80’s that a vote for the SNP was a wasted vote. But every single vote then was a vote for an independent Scotland. Now we have an SNP that is devolutionist at best. So, based on the SNP’s argument from the 70’s and 80’s, a vote for a party that puts independence front and centre, cannot be a wasted vote.

              • grizebard says:

                False equivalence here. Maybe you’ve missed it from over the water, but there’s a crucial election coming up in May in which the only tactic left for the enemies of independence is voter suppression. Something that I would have expected someone in your neck of the woods to well appreciate.

                Every pro-independence vote not delivered to the SNP (or if you’re so inclined, the Greens on the list) is most definitely a wasted vote at this time in this place.

                If one truly believes in independence, that is.

                • Skip_NC says:

                  But the SNP is not pro-independence – at least not under the current management. As someone who campaigned for the SNP in the days when we languished at 10-15% in the polls I supported independence then and, even from 3,000 miles away, hope for it for my family that, largely, remains in Scotland.

              • Alex Clark says:

                “Now we have an SNP that is devolutionist at best.”

                Says you and absolutely no one else other than the opponents of Independence.

                • Skip_NC says:

                  There are plenty of pro-independence people who view the SNP as devolutionist under current management. I am one of them. I wish it were different as an SNP that is genuinely pro-independence is the best way of regaining Scotland’s sovereignty.

                  • grizebard says:

                    You are welcome to your opinion, but we’re getting rather sated with WaS spillovers right now, alas. Not least those who don’t have a dog in the race anyway.

          • Petra says:

            I don’t remember Nicola Sturgeon saying, ”You’ll have had your referendum in January 2020”, Anne. What I do remember is Nicola Sturgeon stating that she was considering an alternative route other than going with the S30 order and was lauded for doing so by Joanna Cherry and then we were hit with a pandemic.

            • AnneDon says:

              Fair enough, Petra, but it left me feeling really deflated. I know three long term members of the SNP who left the party because of the speech, and SIF donations switched off like a tap the next day. So I wasn’t the only one who felt like that.
              After Brexit, I felt like Scotland had a way out of the mess of the UK. But I don’t believe the current SNP leadership want to take that step. Too comfortable with the status quo, in my opinion.
              I know others disagree, and that’s fair enough, BTW.

              • Petra says:

                Anne we’re all no doubt feeling totally deflated between one thing and another right now, but if we’d held a referendum at any time previously we’d have lost it. Last year was the first time ever that we’d seen support rise consistently over 50%, but of course the pandemic put paid to holding a referendum. It’s a crying shame that you no longer feel that Nicola Sturgeon wants independence as she’s worked her backside off to achieve such a goal since she was a teenager. Let’s all vote for the SNP in May and see what takes place thereafter. I think your feelings of being deflated will turn to one of a renewed feeling of excitement by what comes next 😉.

              • stewartb says:

                Come on AnneDon – please consider again the really big picture; think again of Scotland’s urgent needs for independence; and think again of the opportunities close to our grasp – and not just for us but for the children and grandchildren of our families and friends – and let’s get the SNP an outright majority in May.

                And if then with that mandate nothing happens, I’ll join you in being a hell of a lot more than ‘deflated’!

                In the short term only the SNP can deliver independence: if it fails to do so in the next parliament then there will need to be a radical re-set and new way found – maybe come too late for me!

      • Craig M says:

        Thanks Terence, I’ve skimmed it but I’ll read it in detail when I get a chance. Not sure how it’ll change my views though. I note that on her Twitter bio Ms Hines uses pronouns and claims to fight Tories.

        So much for impartiality.

        • weegingerdug says:

          fighting Tories and saying what pronouns you prefer to be referred to is a bad thing now?

          • Craig M says:

            I didn’t say it was a bad thing. I implied Ms Hines Twitter bio doesn’t do much to convince me her stance, and therefore her writing, comes from a position of impartiality.

            I understand you’re getting fed up with folk like me Paul. It’s your blog so I’ll bow out now.

            PS I wish you well in your continuing recovery. Stay strong.

        • Alex Clark says:

          You object to people “fighting” Tories? That says a lot about you,

    • 100%Yes says:

      I agree, I’ll be doing the same. I would rather stay at home and watch black beauty (and I hate the show) then go and vote for this horrid party, the SNP are a stain on Scottish politics and there views are shocking.

    • tricia says:

      Totally agree with you Craig, plus there doesn’t seem to be a platform for rational debate about these. Even Joanna Cherry has been vilified for supporting womens rights mainly from snp twitlers. NS has made me politically homeless and I am a life long indy supporter as well as ex snp member. Utterly heartbroken that it has come to this.

      • Petra says:

        How do you know that they are ”snp twitlers”, Tricia, because someone on another site tells you so?

        • katielass04 says:

          How does she know they’re not, Petra? Because someone on this site tells her so?

          • Me Bungo Pony says:

            And that is how the opponents of independence wreck the Yes movement. And the wellspring of all this distrust is the Malcontent blogosphere where those who genuinely believe in independence are utterly indistinguishable from their unionist, false flag enablers who can post with impunity and get “likes” for it.

  7. David Howie says:

    I know that feelings are running high especially for Salmond supporters.

    But some of you have to ask yourselves who might benefit from not voting SNP (at least in the constituency vote). The answer can only be Labour, Tory or LibDem depending on where you live. By all means, aid the Unionist parties if you want to. But if you do, please don’t pretend that you are in favour of independence if you vote against the ONLY political party that can bring it about (abstention is half a vote for a unionist candidate.

    Anyone who wants to see Scotland having a chance of independence soon MUST vote SNP in the constituency vote.

  8. Carlo Zambonini says:

    Hi Paul, I think we’re beyond waiting on Alex. The constant tsunami of attacks on Salmond from all levels of the SNP are destroying any remaining foundations of the shoogeley bridge he and his supporters would have to cross to rejoin the SNP’s election campaign. It’s as plain as the nose on your face that the protective ring surrounding the first minister including the human shield called the alphabet women are destroying any pathway to reuniting both factions.
    Perhaps it’s time the twinset and Pearl brigade within the SNP called off their attack dogs, they’re not very good but their scattergun approach to spreading disinformation is indiscriminately injuring everyone in the yes movement including the first minister.

    • Petra says:

      ”The constant tsunami of attacks on Salmond from all levels of the SNP.”

      Who are you talking about Carlo?

      From what can make out it’s Nicola Sturgeon that is facing a tsunami of barrage.

      • Me Bungo Pony says:

        Exactly Petra.Its Salmond and his supporters who insist on bringing up the case at every opportunity. If he had just taken the Not Guilty verdict and, like every other defendant in the same position, got on with the rest of his life, we would probably have forgotten about it by now. There has been a pandemic to take people’s minds off it after all. But no, he and his “fan club” have continued a concerted attack on the FM, the “women”, the SG, the SNP, the Scottish legal structure, Rape Crisis Scotland and anyone else who so much as hints that he is not as squeaky clean as they would have us believe.

        Basically, if you won’t let something go, don’t act all surprised and hurt if it is still hanging around.

  9. charlielolaindy says:

    I hear what you’re saying and yes as a former member and activist I would always vote SNP, but I have no respect for Nicola Sturgeon and Nicola Sturgeon happens to be my MSP therefore if she is still in the job come May I will not vote SNP and it’s because of the GRA and her treatment of Joanna Cherry

      • K says:

        Are u people all idiots
        Never mind Alex /Nicola/gra
        It’s the prize of independence
        If u want to give that up
        Then u deserve everything that will come from Westminster
        I cannot believe that ur so stuck up in ur belives
        That u would blow independence

        • Alec Lomax says:

          The most important matter in Scotland for some people isn’t the pandemic, independence or Brexit. It’s the GRA. If it wasn’t this it would be some other excuse for not to vote SNP.

        • I agree K

          Its amazing that people say they wont vote for SNP because of a person in the SNP
          They will dump scottish independence because of this matter

          Personally i have doubts about these people really wanting scottish independence the way i want it

          They prefer party politics to be the way they want it to be …just incredible

        • AnneDon says:

          Do you seriously believe this SNP leadership are going to take us to independence? I don’t. They haven’t done a single piece of work on the subject in five years.

          • Alex Clark says:

            Bollocks, it’s clear you haven’t been paying attention.

            • AnneDon says:

              Oh well done! That reasoned explanation has totally changed my mind!

              • Alex Clark says:

                Were you unaware that the Scottish government have already passed a Referendum Bill, are you unaware that they intend to publish a draft bill before the elections in May that will set out the date and question to be asked in the next referendum?

                Or have you not being paying attention.

                • Bob says:

                  Whoop de de! A DRAFT bill and before the elections in May… wait a minute, today is ‘before the elections in May’ and I see no date being mentioned, whereas Nicola Sturgeon is cancelling Covid-19 meetings and going round the BBC and STV studios giving interviews to attack Alex Salmond before she is forced to give evidence at an enquiry on her behaviour.

                  I think it is you that has not been paying the slightest bit of attention.

                • Mark Robertson says:

                  Cant wait for an announcement on a new port opening on the east coast for a route to Europe to export OUR goods !a new Scottish passport design competition ,perhaps a future currency development in the works or how and what will be our policy of nuclear storage ??lets give them unionist fkrs or the soft No,ers something tae think about and come to the conclusion that Scotland CAN be better
                  NAW its all just vote for us in the next election ,because brexit is Shite and so is bojo !!!

              • grizebard says:

                Well, have you not taken a wee look at the polls this last long while? We’re on the very cusp of a historic win that will dismay the enemies of independence even further, and set the stage for a 2nd referendum in the very near future, and somehow all that reality has passed you by, even if it very obviously hasn’t for the opposition?

                But as the old saying goes, there’s none so blind as those who will not see.

      • ..and bath, Paul.
        20 more years of Blue Tory rule from another country?
        I don’t think so.
        I tire of the handful who declare that they won’t now vote for the SNP.
        They’d rather have Boris Johnson for the next 4 years?

      • Breastplate says:

        Paul, there is no baby in the bath water, Nicola is waiting for Boris’s permission to put the baby in the bath.
        It is extraordinary, that we are in a position where we are waiting for the green light from a foreign country to have a referendum.
        It is even more extraordinary that people here don’t see that.

        Regarding Nicola v Alex, it is obvious that factions have formed. Why have they been allowed to form is something I would find more pertinent.

    • potter says:

      Looks like WGD is being infested by fake Indy supporters, shame.

      • scrandoonyeah says:

        looks like a range of opinions to me and the ‘duggers’ bubble has burst and all the better for it.
        Even Paul himself recognises that NS could fall.

        I am disgusted with her but that won’t stop me voting SNP 1
        and am still undecided about 2nd vote.

      • James Mills says:

        If all these ”SNP” members who tell us on here that they will NOT vote for the SNP had voted YES in 2014 we would be independent now .
        Where were they in 2014 ?

    • stewartb says:

      But, but … the GRA is NOT being progressed. You must know this, yes?

      There is a consultation still to be reported upon. And if/when proposals for reform do come back to parliament next term in what form will they be in – with what mitigations in areas of concern for you? You/we cannot know at this time.

      It is perfectly possible that reforms supportable by a majority of MSPs across parties will be enacted in the next parliament regardless of the damage you and your allies might do to the SNP’s electoral results in May. Given that similar legislation has been enacted already in Ireland, Denmark Norway, Iceland and other places, a cross-party majority of socially progressive MSPs in Holyrood for reform is a distinct possibility even with a minority SNP government. Minority government may not affect GRA reform but it will seriously damage next steps to independence any time in the next c. 5 years.

      But perhaps you are simply unwilling to accept ANY reform in this legislative area and content to put at risk the national cause?

      But if you are willing to see some reform, why in advance of knowing the terms do you seek to deny an overall majority to the only party capable in the short to medium term of advancing our independence – and then potentially see the GRA legislation passed anyway?

      I sincerely hope you would not indulging in a ‘protest vote’ at such a critical time for our country! And by the way, are you sure Ms Cherry would wish you NOT to vote SNP on her account? Is she too planning to deny the SNP her votes in May – has she said?

  10. 100%Yes says:

    Both me and my wife will not be voting for the SNP in May period, this has nothing to do with Independence this is entirely based on the track record since Nicola Sturgeon has been in office and leader of the SNP. I couldn’t bring my self to vote for a party who has tried to jail and Innocent man and is now trying to cover it up our country deserves better, Independence is bigger than both Sturgeon and Mr Salmond and Independence will happen if Sturgeon resign or not I personally hope she goes it will be for the better of our cause and country but she won’t.

    • weegingerdug says:

      then you are prejudging what the man you say you are acting for wants himself.

      • 100%Yes says:

        Paul you’re wrong, its my vote. Both me and my wife have decided not to vote for the SNP, its now not the party I’ve been a member and supporter of all my life. Yes the Alex Salmond affair has left a bitter and bad taste in my mouth but there is lots of other issue like, ignoring mandates, lying to the general public about keeping our place in the EU, both me and my wife have donated large amount of money to Independence funds where is the money and given, the sovereign right of the Scottish people (claim of right) given to Westminster and calling it the Gold Standard was shocking (especially when the SNP have been told numerous times that the UK will not grant a section 30 order) and what is the SNP going to do after May, ask for another section 30 order, oh and lets not forget the Joanna Cherry issue who we’ve spoken to her many times, we stood outside the Scottish parliament while she was interviewed about keeping our place in the EU and hoping for a peoples vote, but Sturgeon has chuck all of this away, and finally her vendetta against Ms Cherry is not on either. I will be voting for ISP and another Pro-Independence party, but will not be voting green because of Andy Wightman. If Sturgeon resign then the SNP will have our vote but there is more chance of Boris grant a section 30 order.then sturgeon resigning.

        • Statgeek says:

          Ultimately, outside of Indy arguments, the SNP haven’t run Scotland any worse than Lab/Lib. We know what the Tories will do, so you have to choose who to vote for, or spoil the ballot.

          It’s not a referendum on the SNP or its leadership (yet). That will come on day 1 of Indy, or when the 2nd Indyref is lost.

        • James Mills says:

          I take it that you have your wife’s permission to vote against the SNP ?

    • Cathy says:

      Then you are not 100% yes…..

      • 100%Yes says:

        Your right I’m 101% behind Scotland being Independent I just hope and pray its not under the Leadership of Nicola Sturgeon what sort of country will the Scots be living in, the mere thought fills me with dread.

      • Guybrush Threepwood says:

        Correct. Some of us are not 100% independence.

        You’ll never achieve independence by merely attracting the ‘independence at any cost’ crowd.

        There are too many characters within the SNP that I dislike (I also oppose many of their polices). I do not want to see them anywhere near devolved power (let alone having the full powers of a sovereign state).

        • Alex Clark says:

          It’s clear that you would prefer we “left the full powers of a sovereign state” in Westminster’s grubby paws. Your choice definitely NOT mine and NOT the majority view of the 58% of those that have said they will vote YES..

        • Eilidh says:

          Spot the Unionist, Clearly you are not an Indy supporter in any shape or form . It’s another invasion of the body snatchers on here today folks

          • Alex Clark says:

            When they say things such as “You’ll never achieve Independence” because blah blah blah rather than <b<We'll never achieve Independence” because blah blah blah then they give their origins away as he has already admitted.

            This poster doesn’t live in Scotland and has no vote in May or an Independence referendum but he does have a big opinion. An opinion that I doubt many in Scotland have asked for.

          • Fable says:

            Far to many who’s fans on here today

      • triciayoung says:

        point totally missed there Cathy. 100% is talking about supporting independence not personalities..SNP as a party have changed. I particularly dislike being told I must respect/like/dislike etc For example, the pile on on Joanna Cherry utterly horrified me. and was made worse by the cringy video NS made begging activists not to go. The main point for them is NOT independence therefore I cannot vote for a party that does not support indepence.

      • Petra says:

        Spot on Cathy.

    • 100%Yes , what are you 100%Yes for ?
      I thought it was 100%Yes for scottish independence but now you say its 100% no
      Thats some turnaround
      And all because you have formed an opinion about what happened to AS
      It is just an opinion
      Nobody knows the full story yet
      We wont until NS gives her evidence and her side of the story

      • 100%Yes says:

        When witnesses are prevented from appearing and the documents and being withheld from the inquiry then we have a problem with our elected government and our political system and on this basis I wouldn’t give the SNP 1% in support.

    • Me Bungo Pony says:

      Clearly, to you 100%Yes(?), independence ISN’T bigger than Alex Salmond.

  11. Cathy says:

    well said!!

  12. […] Wee Ginger Dug What would Alex do? The documentation about the botched investigation into him that Alex Salmond wanted to […]

  13. Brian Powell says:

    Alex can only damage the SNP, and is polling as less popular in Scotland than Boris Johnson.
    He did have a way back but that is unlikely now. I supported his position during the trial, contributing to his expenses twice.
    There is a massive hole in the allegations being made against Nicola Sturgeon, there would need to be clear evidence of the kind of character that would take these actions and through all the decades she has been in politics there is none.
    Lying and conspiring to send someone to prison would need her to be a completely different person from what she is.
    Looking at some of those trying to damage her I would say there is transference, they are like that and expect she must be that too.
    I’m not having all the work we have done handed to the Unionists to tear up because of huge egos playing out their conflicts.
    I would suggest that some in the Yes side look at Macbeth for where this can lead.

  14. George says:

    What a good idea Paul. Let’s wait and see what the great man advises.
    So glad you’re back live ‘n kickin 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  15. raineach says:

    it is no coincidence that all this is coming to the boil now, just like the allegation that Salmond and Murdoch made a secret deal which dominated the news before the 2012 elections, cost us a number of wards, and then vanished completely the day after the election. What is being suggested is that a civil service [which is bound to contain both supporters and opponents of self-rule and is known to leak like a cullender], in the Scottish Government, in the Crown Office and in the police knowingly co-operated with a political party to frame a man and that, notwithstanding this vast conspiracy, no-one in these 3 services has mentioned anything to an outsider. The thing about conspiracies is that they leak. After 4 years we have nothing except the unhelpful assertion that the proof is all in a file held by the Crown Office which we can’t see.

  16. Old Pete says:

    If you won’t vote SNP at this election, the only party that has any chance AT ALL of gaining Scottish Independence then don’t claim you want it.

    Surely the goal is gaining our Independence then voting in the government we the people of Scotland want. If you don’t like what the SNP government are doing then vote them out AFTER we gain our Independence. Surely a committed YES voter can grasp this basic fact, or might it be that they aren’t as committed as they say ?

    Paul your comment is excellent a few “Bath man’s” acolytes are posting today pushing their usual hate SNP mantra but they, want Independence crap.
    Keep fighting the good fight Paul 😊

  17. Ken says:

    Alex Salmond should either rejoin the SNP or start up his own political party.

    He cannot blame Nicola for what others have done. Nicola has always followed the rules honourably. That cannot be said for others. Nicola is the best leader the SNP/Scotland has ever had.

    Independence is closer than it has ever been. Support for the SNP/Independence 55%. SNP/Independence in majority support. Independence nearly over the line.

    Alex Salmond should be given an apology and compensation. Already redressed in Court.

    Lesley Evans will be viewed by the court of public opinion. So will some others who lied. That is the outcome. The feminists who abuse other women telling lies. Making women’s lives harder. The rights and privileges abused.

    Glad you are back in business and in a better more comfortable abode. You deserve it for every thing you do. Keep safe and well. Have the jab. Follow the rules and guidelines.

  18. Wee Chid says:

    I’m a supporter of Alex Salmond – but even him telling me to vote for a party that plans to restrict my female sex based rights and stop me complaining about it would not convince me to vote for them now.

  19. P Harvey says:

    You latest blog has certainly flushed out the so called SNP voters who in reality are not real supporters of Independence
    Only those with another agenda would even consider not voting SNP in the May election.
    Anyone who truly believes in an Independent Scotland will not deviate from the last chance, in a generation, to break free from the UK
    Surely, Salmond would never want that?

    • Exactly P Harvey , theyve been flushed out
      But are they genuine scottish independence supporters ? They cant be
      Everyone knows that to truly support scottish independence you prioritise it above the rest

  20. andyfromdunning says:

    I am getting despondent. Please everyone calm down. Just stop talking about it and vote SNP so that we have a chance at independence. Please. Please take your fingers off the self destruct button.

    I have been talking against GRA since 2018 but I would rather have independence even it means getting GRA. GRA is an act of Parliament and can be reversed at a future date. Independence is permanent.

    Please think and remove personalities out of the campaign. I am not an SNP member.

  21. Ken says:

    It was women in the SNP who supported Alex and acted as defence witnesses for him. To achieve the successful outcome,

  22. Old Pete says:

    Should be;
    Paul your comment is excellent a few “Bath man’s” acolytes are posting today pushing their usual hate SNP mantra, but they want Independence crap.
    Keep fighting the good fight Paul 😊

    So annoying this whole Alex Vs Nicola situation. Just when Independence is so close and yet some people claiming they want Independence don’t get it.
    The UK has controlled all its colonies by disruption, destroy then subdue the opposition of the people’s who live there. Seems the English Tory government who control the UK are using the usual tactics on us. Why can folk not get it ?

    • Pauline Gage says:

      Totally agree, this topic is a godsend for moothie and bojo. If aught else Nicola has kept the heid, she has done great for us during this pandemic, she is admired world wide and doesn’t deserve these detractors whilst fighting for Independence on two fronts.
      So glad you are doing well Paul,
      AND so very glad you are back ! xx

    • Guybrush Threepwood says:

      What’s wrong with living in Bath? I don’t live in Scotland either. Are you implying that only those who live in Scotland can be independence supporters?

      • Alex Clark says:

        “I don’t live in Scotland either.”

        Really? After saying earlier too:

        ” I won’t be voting. Independence can wait until the SNP drop the student politics.

        You have at least got that right, you don’t have a vote unless you live in Scotland.

        • Hamish100 says:

          Alex C well spotted.
          His grannies no voting for snp either, cos she’s deid, plus my auntie Bertha cos she’s German although he is really my uncle Bert, and my pal from the USA refuses to vote for anyone with a surname like sturgeon! I still want independence though!

          On and on and on the detractors keep going. Thanks guys and guyesses . You have strengthened my resolve SNP 1 & 2. For other SNP 1 Greens 2

          • SNP 1 and 2.
            The infestation of Brit Nat trolls on here is edifying isn’t it?
            They know that most Scots don’t read blogs, and certainly aren’t buying Deda Tree Scrolls, or watching BBC Jockland.

            The idiotic declarations from the trolls in Brit sheep’s clothing on here are quite a laugh.
            I want independence but will not vote for the one Party in place to take Scotland to the next step?
            Nonsense of course.
            Time to call out Pest Control to delouse this site, Paul.
            Alex Salmond won’t attend tomorrow.
            Or the session will be postponed.

            • Mark Robertson says:

              Jack your sounding like a sash wearing fanatic with a closed mind to suite ! We want a BETTER Scotland NOT another same old same old bow down loyal to whatever leader you/we invisioned was the best ! Scotland will NOT advance untill we shake the tree and demand the best fruit ,I was deeply in denial also but if we stand by and watch our leaders do silly stoopid things before they gain FULL control without pulling them up then I’m afraid we would have made a silly mistake ! Let no man or woman pull wool over our eyes again .sure there is a lot of angry people out there who are claiming to Not vote SNP next time but probably still will cause they are indeed true Indy supporters but if we stand by in silence and watch wrongdoings to other beings of our own kinship and NOT speak out then we are not worthy of looking after our own self worth let alone our beautiful Nation , peace and success to us Mate whatever our differences
              Advance Scotland!

              • ‘Sash wearing fanatic’. Got me ,Mark.
                When we shake the tree of juicy fruit, I’m voting for you as leader, since, under your Independent sky, no one will ever pull the wool over our eyes again.

        • Guybrush Threepwood says:

          I am currently in Scotland and have been for 1 year, due to border closures and personal family reasons.

          So, therefore I can vote. However, my life is overseas and will be again post-COVID-19.

          • Alex Clark says:

            The border has never been closed and neither have even the Australian or New Zealand’s, I smell shite.

            • You don’t have to dig too deep to unearth this Brit Nat worm, Alex.
              They are scared witless now.
              Scotland is dissolving their Union.

            • A Bruce says:

              I live 6 months of the year in New Zealand and have been here since January 2020. The border has been closed to non residents since March 2020..

              • Ken says:

                Borders will be open again so you can go. (Pre May?} Second home owners get to vote at their main residency. Depends if they applied for one from a permanent address. The authorities check up. Check their previous residency and address.

                People could go home to New Zealand/Australia if they isolated. Strict conditions. Hotels quarantine, kept infection down. Totally less infection in Australia/NewZealand. Contamination kept down. Hardly pre dominate in many states.

                Residents of New Zealand/Australia could not leave. After March 2020 they had to stay put. Not allowed out. Except for an emergency. Under strict quarantine conditions. Or for people going home to other places. Ie returning to other places. Australia/New Zealand getting rid of them. Less to worry about.

                The Westminster total mismanagement of the virus. Meant it spread like wild fire in the south. Causing multiple deaths. They have only just began to bring in flight/travel quarantine. A year too late. Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. Complete mismanagement by Westminster spread the virus and more people died.

                Nicola & Co have better contained the epidemic in Scotland. Less people have died pro rata because of SNP good governance in keeping people safe and alive. Some people did not obey the rules and guidelines. They thought it would not happen to them but they became ill.

                The Scottish SNP good governance kept more people alive and well. The pandemic is now receding because of the successful vaccine roll out. An absolutely marvellous job.

                The most vulnerable have had their jab. The carers are next. Then gradually the rest of the population. A magnificent effort.

                Some of the children are back at school to the relief of the parents/carers, The children meeting up with their chums getting back to normal. The staff have had the vaccine. Along with other essential staff. Healthcare workers. Social workers.The police/fire service.

                The virus infection and deaths lowering and under control. To help the magnificent healthcare workers, Thanks to the great efforts of the SNP Scottish Gov.

                Vote SNP/SNP to stay alive, prosperous and lead a better life. Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. People want to and know it makes sense. To have a better life.

                Just vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence to keep people alive. To make the world a better place. Surely that is more important to the community and society. C’mon neatly over the line after nearly 100 years. Universal Suffrage. 1928. Get out and vote. Easy. Wee crosses. For a better life and to stay alive a wee bit longer.

          • Petra says:

            So you’d vote against the SNP Guybrush, and in doing so could scupper our chances of getting our independence, and then you’ll p*ss off to wherefore you come from because you’re not happy with SNP policies that won’t affect you in any way whatsoever. Strange one.

          • Statgeek says:

            Which begs the question (seriously; not trying to have at you)…why are you posting on a Pro-Indy blog if your objective is to be elsewhere regardless of the outcome?

            There’s thousands of things don’t affect me, and I visit blogs for none of them. 🙂

  23. Angry Weegie says:

    Reading the post and comments, I see that those unhappy with the current leadership of the SNP are explaining the reasons for their unhappiness while those supportive of the leadership seem to limit their comments to attacks on the integrity of those who are unhappy, “anti Scottish independence” “independence is not your priority” “it would be some other excuse not to vote SNP” “you are not 100% yes”.
    Perhaps playing the ball and not the man might be a better way forward.

    • jfngw says:

      Because many of their complaints are nonsense in the context of the May vote and have nothing to do with being independent, these bills they hate so much are happening under devolution and are going to happen in some form anyway as they are supported by every party but the Tories. The only solution to stop these bills is to vote Tory or join the close Holyrood brigade, which do you prefer.

    • jfngw says:

      I’ll just add for those that intend not to vote, if the turnout of valid votes drops below 50% of the electorate then the Tories can and probably will make the case that the Scots don’t really want a parliament as the majority don’t even vote in it’s elections. People can stamp their feet but don’t complain when unionists use it to their advantage.

    • Angry Weegie , How can independence be your priority if you say you are not going to vote SNP

      SNP are the only party that can get Scottish Independence

    • Calum says:

      There is a crucial election in May and it is vital that the SNP get an overall majority. Unless of course, you don’t want independence.

    • triciayoung says:

      Thank you Angry Weegie. Well said.

    • Potter says:

      Seems those that are unhappy with SNP are those who are unhappy she never covered up allegations against Salmond l, oh and something about GRA that is hardly top of folks priorities at the moment.

  24. Alex Clark says:

    You only need ask yourselves why Nicola Sturgeon would feel the need to become part of a conspiracy to destroy the reputation of her former mentor to see there is a big hole in any accusation that she had any part in any conspiracy.

    The argument that she feared an Alex Salmond comeback and her being ousted as leader of the SNP is too ridiculous for words. One thing Nicola Sutgeon is not is stupid, she would recognise that accusations of sexual misconduct in office against Alex Salmond could only harm the SNP and in no way could bring any benefit to her or the party of which she is leader.

    It’s also as plain as day who really benefits in all of this and that is the Unionists who are of course the enemies of Independence. The Unionist politicians are loving every minute of this, the media are totally beside themselves in the reporting of every juicy accusation, they are loving it, The Union Unit spin machine based in No 10 has gone into overdrive and the damage being done by this is a scattergun.

    It hits Salmond just as much as it hits Sturgeon, it hits the SNP and the cause of Independence in the process. I am certain that there are and were those within the Scottish government whose real boss sits in No 10 and they would wish to damage the reputations of Alex Salmond, and in the process cause damage to Nicola Stugeon, the SNP and support for Independence all at the same time.

    If you wanted a conspiracy to do such damage to the SNP and Independence then you couldn’t have gotten any better, the only winners here are the Unionists and their media lackeys, you don’t need to be a genius to recognise that truth.

    • jfngw says:

      This was a lose-lose for Nicola Sturgeon and in event the SNP, hide it or let it take its course there was no route which didn’t result in fallout. It’s the perfect scenario to take out both leaders, discredit the first and then have him bring down the other, seems to be working better than the Bay of Pigs invasion.

    • grizebard says:

      You speak for me there too, Alex.

      As for all these sudden anti-SNP pop-ups from nowhere, I smell a big red-white-blue herring. As I say, for every situation there is an idiot, and there surely must be some among them, but the timing of this is just too convenient to be purely down to that.

      It’s just a shame that Alex Salmond is allowing this to be hung on his account, but as we’ve seen, other hooks are also available.

      • I agree grizebard , never heard of most of these new people

        • grizebard says:

          And the ones we have previously heard from are the usual sh*t-stirring suspects. Well beyond stupidity and into perfidy. Maybe there’s even as many as – hmmmm – 4 of them. That will surely move mountains. {roll eyes}

          Though you can’t fault them for trying, I suppose. That’s where funk at a steadily-looming failure gets you.

  25. Eilidh says:

    Glad to see you back blogging Paul. I have enjoyed your posts both today and yesterday and tried to take heart from them but it is not really working. As a common member of the electorate never a member of any party but voted Snp for many years I am utterly disgusted by the posts here and on other places in recent days from those who say they were or are Snp members but will not vote for them now due to AS allegations or GRA or whatever. They are an embarrassment to the whole Indy movement and for them who appear to be mostly men to speak of defending the biological rights of women re GRA is so bad it is not even funny. I will continue to vote Snp and if we don’t win in May or a 2nd Indy ref I will know who to blame. Sadly one of them is likely to be Alex Salmond who I really liked and supported re criminal charges but I think he is blinded by a desire for revenge and wants to bring down NS no matter what damage it causes to Snp or the Indy cause or the reality of what actually happened re allegations against him. I suspect he won’t appear at the committee tomorrow as what is published on parliament website is being redacted so another round of committee hoaky cokey will ensue

  26. Craig Murray says:

    I agree with you Paul. As you know, I am personally absolutely convinced, after a huge amount of work, that Sturgeon has behaved in a way that is both immoral and criminal. However I see no viable alternative to voting SNP as things stand and am indeed awaiting a sign from Alex, exactly as you suggest.

    • Guybrush Threepwood says:

      You are political hero of mine but I won’t be voting this May. I support independence but not at any cost.

      Personally, I don’t think that voting SNP will matter, anyway.

      In 2019 they promised to ‘put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands’ and didn’t. They put it in Boris Johnston’s hands.

      There’s only so many times that one can be marched up to the top of the hill, only to be sent back down again.

      • Hamish100 says:

        Guybrush Threepwood says:
        February 23, 2021 at 2:22 pm
        What’s wrong with living in Bath? I don’t live in Scotland either. Are you implying that only those who live in Scotland can be independence supporters?

        Guy brush- did you forget, you don’t stay in Scotland. What hill are you climbing? In Scotland we have mountains!

      • Petra says:

        Why should you care about what happens to Scotland when you’ve already informed us that you’ll be returning to your home abroad following the election. I’d love to know where you come from and what the politicians are like in your country. Whiter than white? If not you should consider heading home and cleaning up your own backyard.

    • grizebard says:

      A “huge amount of work”? A true stakhanovite for the cause, eh? (But which cause, one does wonder…?) None of which you care to share with us in the public domain and expose to the due scrutiny you seem to insist upon for others, no, only sly nods and winks from the sidelines, just like the other bashful nodders-and-winkers. Sounds all too Trumpy to me.

      • Murray is awaiting a ‘sign’ from his Saviour, Salmond, on how to vote in May?
        Let’s see this ‘huge amount of work’, upon which he feels justified in slandering NS as ‘immoral and criminal’ on here.
        He and his gang of Brit Nat trolls are like Nazi Brownshirts, flooding the site, attempting to smash WGD printing press with sledgehammers in an effort to contaminate the best pro Indy blog by far with these distorted posts, and twisted baseless Get Nikla slurs.

        They are in the pay of England’s Iron Heel Oligarchy.
        They fear us greatly now.
        He won’t appear tomorrow.

        • Petra says:

          He might have a long wait Jack if he’s looking for Alex to get in touch with him as he’s already pointed out on his site that he’s not a friend of Alex, nor even considered to be an acquaintance. He had a couple of conversations with Alex, at most, when Alex seemingly spoke to him and he, Murray, then went on to breach that confidentiality and no doubt embellish on what he was told. If there’s one thing that’s becoming clear it’s that Alex seems to have a real problem identifying those that he can trust or not.

          • Petra, lovely to hear from you again. Hope all has settled down again. An extremely trying time for you and yours no doubt.
            WE lost my mother in law last November and couldn’t attend the funeral in Belfast.
            It is a terrible plague indeed.
            As I predicted earlier, Glenn Campbell has just announced that Salmond will not be attending the meeting tomorrow…no reason given but it didn’t stop Campbell speculating that the conspiratorial Crown Office was to blame for ordering the Committee to redact sections of Salmond’ submission which identified witnesses.
            Murdo Fraser was on spitting teeth. The long drawn out saga is about to end in expensive failure.

  27. Liz g says:

    While I think it is common sense to wait to see what Alex Salmond has to say.
    I’d also point out that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are big enough to see to themselves and nothing any of us say or do will change a bloody thing about it all.
    Having been steeped in Scottish politics for so long it’s only natural that some have already formed opinions.
    My only hope is that when the facts change everyone is capable of changing their mind.
    As it stands now and for what it’s worth what I think the best outcome is…

    Like it or not the SNP have to win and win big in the Constituency vote.
    This election is being framed as a test on independence and if the SNP loose Boris Johnston will claim he was right all along and the people of Scotland don’t want an Indy ref , as will his minions and the British press , they all will!

    I also think that we all have to get on board with trying to get Indy people in on the list and the Unionists out of Holyrood as best we can.

    This does three things.
    Firstly…. It’s a clear statement to Westminster and the world Scotland has indicated at the ballot box it’s minded to have independence. It will be indisputable.

    Secondly…. With the bulk of the opposition MSPs being of Indy persuasion too then it’s almost the whole Scottish Parliament pushing for independence and not just the biggest party . That’s a statement in and of its self.

    Thirdly…. It could in theory satisfy both sides of the Indy movement.
    Those who support the SNP will be pleased and more to the point those who have lost any faith or trust in the SNP have them exactly where they wanted them all along.
    That “unsustainable ” thing works just as well in Holyrood as it does in Westminster.
    If the SNP are returned in huge numbers on the promise of action on an Indy Ref they cannot stand against it….and those list seats nipping at their heels should be the safety net some now need to ensure they move themselves.
    Even for those who seem to need revenge, giving SNP no choice but to act is a form of revenge is it no ?

    Most of this mess is our own bloody fault, in 2014 the Yes movement should not have just gotten behind the SNP but rather formed a force to stand beside them.
    But we are where we are and we need to keep the British party’s out of Holyrood no matter what, to buy the time we need to recalibrate and spread the power of the Yes movement around better.

    As to those who don’t like the GRA or the Hate Crime Bill , make no mistake Westminster is heading in the same direction on both these things too.
    There’s plenty of evidence going round the internet of that.
    So , as usual we have to calculate where our votes will best influence these things going forwards Westminster or Holyrood ?
    And as I understand it the new party’s are not going to wave this stuff through, so giving them power in Holyrood may be enough to deal with those things in this election cycle…..and on that we can all only try!

    Also getting other Scottish party’s into Holyrood is something that needs to happen anyway and there’s no reason to not take care of that bit of business right now !
    It’s better that they are already there if we are negotiating with Westminster after a Yes vote, because otherwise ( like the Smith Comission ) we’d have negotiators from London controlled party’s negotiating for Scotland…
    Aiming to have road tested politicians at the point of separation and not casting about for the right people afterwards seems sensible to me.
    That’s something we could all put our considerable Yes talents to , and pull in the same direction for , right now !
    We need to hold Holyrood to buy ourselves the time we need to finish what we started and get out of this Union.

    • Petra says:

      ”While I think it is common sense to wait to see what Alex Salmond has to say.”

      And what about Nicola, Liz? Have we to continue with the Nicola Sturgeon witch hunt, before she’s even had her say, as witnessed on other sites that, one in particular, has now morphed into becoming a Nicola Sturgeon / SNP kangaroo court with one aim in mind and that is destroying our chances of getting our Independence altogether. All well worked out. Not by him of course. Many short term aims being utilised to reach his (their) long term objective and some folks just can’t see it.

      So yes I agree with you when you say, ”My only hope is that when the facts change everyone is capable of changing their mind.”

      As to the ISP (etc) that few people are aware of why not just vote for the Greens (or SNP x 2) and then tackle particular vexatious issues head on by using people power in an independent Scotland?


  28. Robert Oliphant says:

    Talk about not seeing the wood for the trees!

    There are a lot of folk posting (few names I recognise?) today that really can’t see what their hatred of all things not Alex Salmond is doing to the cause we all (at least I hope we all?!) want – INDEPENDENCE

    The only good thing (and it’s a moot point) is the vast majority of those who have recently converted to (or are swithering on the knifeedge) supporting Independence will probably never ever see this or any other pro Indy blog,
    god help us if they do!

    How many times has Paul said, if your post won’t help convince someone to vote Yes,
    then think twice about making it.

    But no, all we get is an open wound civil war right when we are on the cusp of achieving what we (again, at least I hope we all?!) want.

    The time for airing all these grievances is after we vote for Independence,
    I’ve said before and recent events haven’t done anything but firm my thoughts that the SNP will implode in the not too distant future,
    there are clearly divisions that are only just being held together by the common goal of Independence.

    That in itself is not necessarily a bad thing,
    right now there is no viable or plausible opposition to the SNP,
    only a bunch of Unionists who have no clue about what is best for Scotland.
    What a newly Independent Scotland does not need is what will amount to little more than a one party state.
    The “broad church” of the SNP has had its advantages but also the reverse,
    I’m beyond appealing to those who are in the “cannae vote SNP anymair” camp,
    I can only talk for my self,
    SNP 1+2 in May, and Yes when we do get the inevitable IndyRef2 is the only course if you genuinely want Independence.

    I’ll judge what emerges afterwards on their merits,
    but until then the path is clear,
    if the wood doesn’t block it!

  29. Dr Jim says:

    The OBFA was a law and some people didn’t like it so it went back to parliament and was overturned, so the miserable faux excuse of *I don’t like a law* so I’m not voting SNP for Independence is kinda exposed right there for what it is
    Sky news James Mathews right now is reporting that Alex Salmond says he will turn up at committee and his intentions are to bring the whole SNP house down, now I don’t know if those were his words or Sky’s interpretation but either way if even close to being accurate demonstrates a Trumpian level of arrogance and self importance that one man is more important than the country of 5.5 million souls and the party he once represented, as for a return to the SNP in any shape or form I don’t believe there’s a hope in hell, the 100 thousand members who joined the SNP following 2014 did not do so because of Alex Salmond, are they, we, me, going to forgive this? is the party going to accept it? not a chance

    • Breastplate says:

      Dr Jim, according to many here, they would happily vote SNP if Alex Salmond was in charge. Anything for Scottish independence, eyes on the prize and top priority of independence.
      So logically if everyone here are willing to vote for SNP with anyone in charge team up with the people who want somebody specific in charge then, Bob’s your uncle, unity.
      But unfortunately people aren’t logical creatures.

  30. Big Jock says:

    At the moment I haven’t a clue what to do in May. I will quite happily take advice from Salmond on that issue. But right now if Sturgeon is still in situ, then not a cats chance in hell will I vote for that woman.

    A new leader, non Sturgeonite then definitely maybe.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Are all the wingers on here today?

      • Isobel M Macrae- Wilson says:

        my thought exactly, lemmings or Gadarene swine come to mind, dive headlong over the cliff deliberately,
        this thing has gone on too long, what was a wound is now septic, time the bad guys were named and shamed, and just in a few short weeks, we can vote for our future. hopefully Salmond and Jo Cherry will back the vote SNP, and those 100% indy yessers who will spoil papers or vote for mothies mob, will have a wee think and shake themselves out of the sturm unt drang (?? spelling) till indy is acheived.

      • Fable says:

        Yes I really think there out in force today

    • grizebard says:

      Another week-kent anti-sturgeonite, this time from Peter Bell’s site. Last I saw, you were insidiously claiming NS was going to ditch us all for a cushy job at the UN. Now it seems you are getting anxious to hasten your dud prophecy along.

    • andyfromdunning says:

      Go back to your MI5 tea break please.

    • Petra says:

      And what if Alex Salmond tells you to vote for Nicola Sturgeon / the SNP Big Jock? What then? Go back to base and ask the Messiah from Bath, England what you should do 😀.

    • James Mills says:

      I will also not be eating or drinking anything in future until Alex S. tells me it is kosher and that THAT WUMMIN Sturgeon does not eat/drink the same .

      It is being of independent mind that has allowed me not to be taken in by anything that THAT WUMMIN says – I only listen to Alex S. . What’s that Alex ? Go jump off a cliff ! Certainly , sir !

  31. SNP 1 + 2 in may
    We send a message to westminster that we are going to have another scottish independence referendum
    We have the referendum we cote as a majority for independence
    We gain independence and new political party,s begin to form

    GRA reform will be with us for a long time as ways to enhance and safeguard the experience of trans people are discussed and planned in a way that ensures the rights and safety of women and other people are safeguarded

  32. Petra says:

    Alex versus Nicola? Westminster’s way of killing two birds (plus independence) with one stone, imo.

    As to those who have been taken in by the GRA / HCB argument, they’ll go ahead, in one form or another, regardless of who’s in power in Scotland. Vote for the SNP to get us out of the hellhole and then get bills amended or laws scrapped altogether thereafter. The alternative to that is Unionist policies and laws being implemented that will culminate in Scotland being totally decimated leading to further misery for millions. Take your pick.

    Alex wrote the ”Dream Shall Never Die.” Is he now willing to go down in history, for all time coming, as being the man who changed his mind and ultimately lorded it over ending OUR dream of seeing our beloved country regain its freedom, with all that entails? I don’t think so and if not it’s time for Alex to speak out and put a stop to certain individuals using him for their own sinister ends and I’m not talking about the Civil Service here. It’s also time for him to let Nicola Sturgeon have her say without him trying to influence the outcome prematurely, in any way, and in the process stirring up hatred of her in the media / online. That’s what he looked for, continues to demand, in relation to himself so why not her?

  33. David Gray says:

    Sorry, Paul, Alex Salmond did not say there was a conspiracy against him, he left that open to the readers to make up their own minds.

  34. Capella says:

    Almost time to watch FMQs. I hope Nicola is on form as usual. Curious to see if Ruth has been reading WoS again. She’s become a keen follower.

  35. Arthur Thomson says:

    The moment Alex asked to speak with Nicola, regarding the allegations against him, he compromised her.

    By doing so, Alex enabled the Brit plan.

    I am sure he understood that early on but he had made the schoolboy error and couldn’t undo it. Rather than face up to his error and lie low he appears to be engaged in a futile attempt to obscure it.

    There is still time for you to back off Alex and leave the Brits looking silly.

    • Eilidh says:

      100 percent agree. I have never understood why he sent his flunky to speak to her first either. I seriously wonder what he would have done in that type of situation if he were still FM

      • Dr Jim says:

        There’s a phone text as well, not a lot of people want to talk about that

      • Arthur Thomson says:

        I hope the FM now takes all steps she can to safeguard herself, with zero regard to the impact on Alex.

        He can still distance himself from it if he chooses. Otherwise he has to take full responsibility for any adverse impact on himself that results.

    • Alex Clark says:

      I believe they were still friends when he approached her regarding the two (at that time) accusations of sexual misconduct against him from civil servants working for him during his time as FM.

      She could not smooth the path for him by arranging the arbitration he was seeking as to do so would have led her open to accusations herself of interfering in a civil service procedure written to deal with such matters.

      I’m not surprised that Alex Salmond has since shunned Nicola sturgeon, he believed he “owed” her something for putting her where she was. But to have tried to help Salmond would have buried her instead, Hobson’s choice.

      She choose rightly not to interfere in my opinion, because to choose the alternative and use her influence as FM to interfere in any investigation against Salmond would have brought both of them down, as being conspirators in a cover up against accusations of sexual misconduct by her predecessor.

      Whoever thought this one up has had a promotion by now.

    • grizebard says:

      Amen to that also.

      We seem to be forgetting the fundamentals, that one man’s injudicious workplace behaviour is the source of all that followed. Poorly-served though he may now feel, a little more humility from him would go a very long way now.

  36. Doug Porteous says:

    I’ve said it before that I’ll vote for the Devil himself if it brings Independence to Scotland and nothings changed, so it’s SNP 1 and 2.

  37. Robert McCandless says:

    If Alex ever gets the chance to speak perhaps we will know

    • Petra says:

      And that applies to Nicola too, Robert, even more so, as Alex has had his day in Court/s and we all have a fairly good idea of what’s been going on. So far I’ve seen nothing at all to support the idea that Nicola Sturgeon was part of a wee cabal that was involved in bringing Alex down as purported by a couple of blog owners in particular and yet that has been circulating on social media for years now in the main due to them.

      I mean to say why would she do such a thing? As Alex Clark says (12.54pm), ”One thing Nicola Sturgeon is not is stupid, she would recognise that accusations of sexual misconduct in office against Alex Salmond could only harm the SNP and in no way could bring any benefit to her or the party of which she is leader.” Nicola Sturgeon knew and worked closely with Alex Salmond, day in and day out, for 30 years (unlike the blog owners who’ve had a couple of conversations with him) and would no doubt have had other ”means” of tarnishing his reputation if that’s what she wanted to do, so why get involved in such a convoluted conspiracy involving so many people to do so?

      Alex Salmond has stated that, ”malicious” attempts have been made against him by former colleagues” (if newspaper reporting is undistorted), so IF he’s right then he was duped big time by them and then some of these individuals went on to work for Nicola Sturgeon. IF he was betrayed why would that same betrayal not apply to Nicola Sturgeon too, if there actually was such a thing as a conspiracy against him?

      • jfngw says:

        Which blog? The Bath one, the Dublin one or the Catalonian one. So many Scotland lovers in so many countries, none of them Scotland.

        Because some have broken things down to just truth or lie. Two people can be telling the truth as they see it but have different views on events. Say I walked up behind Paul and twiddled his hair, he may say nothing as I could be a donator to his blog but he actually finds it unacceptable. I take his silence as acquiescence, who is lying?

    • Hamish100 says:

      Does he no have a TV show where he speaks all the time. He seems to use proxies on a regular basis with MacCaskill, Campbell, The Spectator and others.

  38. Alec Lomax says:

    ” We want independence, but..but…but…”

    • Dr Jim says:

      I don’t care for blue cars but I wouldn’t turn down a lift in one if I needed to go to hospital

      Some folk have to stick to their principles even if a dug chewed their arm off eh

  39. triciayoung says:

    Wee Chid, I am an indy supporter and have been active marching, leafletting etc in the past. I want indy so much. but like you have concerns re my sex based rights. As I have said before there does not seem to be a platform to discuss this rationally and calmly. .As someone else has said everyone has a line they cannot cross and this is mine. ISP for me definitely as their MAIN priority is independence for Scotland.

    • Dr Jim says:

      James Kelly’s done the maths on this and the ISP can hope for no more than below 2% of regional list vote thus depriving the SNP of vital numbers leaving the door open to the stronger % of Unionist parties on the list

      • Petra says:

        Paul also posted a link in relation to this previously Dr Jim (3.09 pm). Maybe helpful to do so again?

    • Clydebuilt says:

      Starving kids for ever is a bridge I can’t cross. I’ll be voting SNP 1 & 2

      • weegingerdug says:

        I think Conservative policies are an immensely greater threat to everyone than the GRA.

        • grizebard says:

          Which BTW include supporting the GRA, last time I looked, along with Lab and Lib, IIRC. It’s just that they are keeping very schtum about it these days. Which is why it will never be an election issue except among a rump of anti-SNP malcontents casting around for “reasons”.

    • Petra says:

      Tricia I’ll post this here and hope that Legerwood doesn’t mind.

      ”There seems to be a great deal of misinformation being peddled about the Gender Recognition Act 2004 (GRA) and the proposed reforms. Much of the misinformation/misdirection appears to be aimed at giving the impression that this is solely a Scottish Government initiative. It is not.

      The GRA Act 2004 was passed by the UK Government in response to a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (EHCR). The Labour/LibDem Scottish Executive in Holyrood agreed to the Act via a Sewel Convention.

      So Gender Recognition has been in place since 2005. Around 5000 or so people have been through the process set out in the Act.

      In 2015, early 2016 the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee recommended reform of the Act. In the 2016 Holyrood Elections every party included reform of the GRA in their manifestos.

      The UK Gov held a public consultation on proposed reform of the Act. The Scottish Gov has held two public consultations the second of which coincided with the start of the pandemic. Both governments have now shelved the issue.

      If I remember correctly in October 2020 the House of Commons Committee opened a new inquiry into the issue. It is ongoing.

      It seems to me that this whole issue is being used by a group or groups who have an agenda that has little to do with reform of the 2004 Act and are determined to keep the pot boiling on the issue.


      Also some interesting comments btl.


    • Alex Clark says:

      You’ve said that already and I replied but in case you missed it 🙂

      If you’re looking for a platform to discuss sex based rights then why not go and start one instead of polluting blogs that exist in order to increase support for Independence and nothing else.

      • weegingerdug says:

        I don’t know why people are banging on about their GRA hobby horse here, the topic of this blog post is how Alex Salmond might want us to vote in May. To my knowledge he has never expressed a view on GRA, Please take your hot takes on the subject to Wings Over Obsessing about trans people. Thank you. I’ve had enough.

  40. Alex Montrose says:

    I was thinking of voting for the SNP tae, but some o their ducks are out of line, and unless they get them back in line, just how I like them.
    I will eat my ballot paper, wi some fava beans and wash it doon wi a wee glass o chianti………………………… gonnae no dae that.

  41. Geordie says:

    I’m utterly enraged at the current self mutilation by the SNP and members (I’m one), especially this close to the greatest prize in Scotland’s history for 300 years. But by hell I will vote for the party until either we get Independence or another party comes along with a better chance of delivering it. Absolutely nothing else matters more in the meantime.

  42. Clydebuilt says:

    If Salmond is going to clear up matters he should have spoken up by now, instead of allowing the SNP and independence to be further damaged.

      • Breastplate says:

        The people in charge of hounding an innocent man are to blame, after all the people in charge are in the driving seat. That many people find this unpalatable is completely unsurprising.
        What is also unpalatable is Alex Salmond yet again being blamed for something completely out of his control, remember, he’s not the one in the driving seat, he’s the pedestrian that they are trying to run over.

        • Alex Clark says:

          Who are referring to when you say:

          “The people in charge of hounding an innocent man are to blame”

          The police, the media, the civil service, the courts, MI5 or Nicola Sturfeon

        • grizebard says:

          He was lately found not guilty of particular criminal conduct, if that’s what you mean, but by any normal understanding he’s hardly “innocent”. Both during and after the fact. (But then you do rather come across as not having any womenfolk in workplaces.)

    • grizebard says:

      Its not just his lingering public silence, it’s also all the background nods and whispers that have poisoned the well. I’m rapidly losing my respect, I’m afraid to say. I used to think he was a real statesman, now we are all left wondering if he can even bring himself to give a damn about the damage he’s wrought, including all that’s being done by shady actors in his name.

      • Breastplate says:

        But of course you would vote for him if he was in charge of the SNP?

        • grizebard says:

          But of course he’s not. He hasn’t been for some while now. And despite some people’s fantasies, he won’t be again. So your point is…?

          • Breastplate says:

            My point is that you found this particular hypothetical question troublesome.

            • grizebard says:

              You seem to have an uncanny understanding of what I think from what I haven’t said. But I do weary of your rabbit-holing.

              You are winning no converts here, though, so best just stop digging. That only works back on Woebegone WaS.

    • Tatu3 says:

      I agree too

  43. Potter says:

    Looks like WGD is being infested by fake Indy supporters, shame.

    • Breastplate says:

      Have you never encountered alternative opinion?
      Is it something that is to be feared?

      • Potter says:

        Nah, just don’t believe Nicola Sturgeon got up one morning, decided to frame Salmond,managed to persuade some women to make false allegations and got the Police and CPSS to help her.

        • Alex Clark says:

          Good one! Oh ma sides 🙂

        • Breastplate says:

          Perhaps you should read Craig Murray’s view on it. He was at the trial and knows exactly what went on.
          Wait one moment, perhaps he’s a Unionist plant?

          • Potter says:

            Aye read it all, still don’t believe Sturgeon decided to frame Salmond,managed to get women to make false accusations, and rope in the Police and CPSS, crack on.

            • Alex Clark says:

              Yep, they all did her bidding but she forgot to noble the jury. Useless.

            • Potter says:

              Strange,Breastplate and the Unionists are desperate for Sturgeon to go.

            • Breastplate says:

              Are you saying the allegations were not false and that Alex Salmond is guilty?

              • weegingerdug says:

                You can believe that (some at least) of the allegations were not false while also believing that they did not constitute criminal behaviour

              • Alex Clark says:

                All the allegations could have had no foundation at all and in fact Alex Salmond was of course acquitted of all charges.

                Where does Nicola Sturgeon fit into this though, do you think she personally was involved in conjuring up the allegations and then recruiting the accusers to back them up? Or maybe just a bit part player or maybe she had nothing to do with it.

                Where do you stand on her role in the whole squalid affair?

          • grizebard says:

            Oh, Craig Murray knows. That settles it then. Say no more. {cough}

          • Petra says:

            Craig Murray doesn’t know what went on at all unless he can morph into becoming a fly (on the wall). Just as we know Jack Sh*t about him other than that he mislead people into donating to his site to cover his rent when he’d actually forked out over £600,000 cash to buy his home in Edinburgh.

          • Hamish100 says:

            Was Craig Murray in the Bute house, in the room, in the car…. ? His opinion is his opinion. We can read about the case.
            Leave the court case and return to a work environment.

            When it was stated that he was no angel what did you infer from that? He has a cheeky grin? He hasn’t got wings? ( subliminal message), were his alleged behaviours, well borderline? What does that mean to a civil servant. What did the QC on the train say?

            In the 21st century what behaviour defines not being an angel? Is an apology enough? Two apologies?
            I know what my wife and daughters believe. I know how they will vote. Win in Holyrood, then the referendum.

            This whole issue allows the unionists off the hook.

  44. Elizabeth says:

    For me there is nothing more important than independence and I believe this coming election is the one to properly set that in motion. Over the years I have admired the work of Stu Campbell and supported Wings, contributed to the fund for last January’s Alex Salmond the court action. But while I hate the turn it has all taken, I will not let it detract me from voting SNP. The party have now had years in power and not everything they do meets with my approval. Eg There is much wrong with the controversial Gender Recognition bill and I loathe the current ‘hate’ legislation which I see as impinging on freedom of expression. But, having said all that, they have without doubt during their tenure under Alex Salmond and latterly Nicola Sturgeon raised the stature of Scotland as a country and given us back our self respect and I know for certain that the SNP is the only party who will be able to deliver the independent Scotland I long to see at least in the short term. It has taken 60 plus years to get over the line to having a majority wanting independence and much of that is down to the SNP providing governance that has increased confidence among the sceptical in Scotland’s ability to succeed as an independent nation. The rising volume of the twitter echo chamber and the anger, almost vicious at times, directed at Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government feels to me to be beyond a serious spat and has become almost orchestrated. It is exactly the divide and conquer scenario Westminster would want. All true independence supporters need to remember how difficult it is to get a majority in our system. Splitting the vote between a plethora of new or small outfits with zero chance of gaining seats, and because of issues that can be dealt with later, will deny the only party who can deliver Independence the power to do so.

  45. Alex Clark says:

    It was inevitable that the Unionists would want to use this blog to discredit Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP and Independence support. If they weren’t, then the Union Unit wouldn’t be doing its job which is to undermine support for Independence. A wee bonus would of course be to destroy the motivation of the writer of the blog and those who support Independence who comment here.

    To be honest I think they waste their time, as the polls clearly show increasing support for Independence, the SNP, and Nicola Sturgeon.

    That must really piss them off but it pleases me no end. The Union is on its last legs 🙂

    • Breastplate says:

      Alex, are you saying there is no split, no factions have formed or are being formed by the complete and utter shambles of Alex Salmond?
      Are you saying everyone that has a different perspective on this than you is a Unionist?
      Are independence supporters not allowed to have differing opinions on different themes?
      Would you vote for Alex Salmond as leader of the SNP?
      Don’t be afraid to engage with me directly, although a number of years ago,we have already met.

      • Breastplate says:

        Should read ‘the treatment of Alex Salmond’.

      • Alex Clark says:

        I met hundreds of great people face to face during the campaign for an Independent Scotland in the run up to September 2014 and I can’t think of a single reason that I would “afraid to engage” with a single one of them.

        Whatever gave you that idea that I would be afraid to engage with you directly? Whatever that means. Unlike you, I’m the one that is posting here under their real name.

        Oh, and by the way, I have said NONE of those things that you are asking of me and such thoughts exist solely in your imagination.

        • Breastplate says:

          The comment I replied to seem to suggest you had spotted Unionists, I was wondering how you could tell.
          I was also suggesting if you believed I was a Unionist that you should tell me directly exactly why you believe that.
          Am I not allowed to use a pseudonym? You did for many years as many others here do now.
          So to get back to my comment, these were simple questions I had based on your post, I note that you didn’t answer any of them.

          • Alex Clark says:

            You appear to be in denial, Unionists of course would want to use this blog and others to discredit Nicola Sturgeon or do you believe that the Westminster government wouldn’t use social media to try and influence opinion about Independence?

            What made you think I was referring to YOU in my post? Seems you have a bit of an ego there, if I thought YOU were a Unionist I would have said so “directly” and “without being afraid”.

            You can call yourself whatever you like I couldn’t give a toss tbh.

      • ‘Breastplate’, you do not exist. You are a Brit Nat invention.

        • Breastplate says:

          Of course I am, the game’s up, it’s a fair cop.

        • wm says:

          Jack, I have another name for these people, I have never seen as many arse**** on this site since it started, moles from Bath? or maybe from Cheltenham. The reason I don’t encourage these people, is I always argued face to face, that way there was always a winner.

    • John Mclaughlin says:

      Excellent post Alex.

  46. JoMax says:

    Isn’t it heartwarming to see the country coming together for our common goal.😖

    As to the other matter, it is developing into a farcical battle of the sexes in which the men are all innocent of eveything and great all-round guys and the women are ….. well, what women are, immoral, untrustworthy, hysterics, not fit to be in positions of power, oot tae get ye.

    Paul, watch your blood pressure (seriously). Mine is through the roof this afternoon and I’m way older than your good self.

  47. John Mclaughlin says:

    I wasn,t going to post ,but here is my opinion . The so called rift between AS +NS = I aint botherd. GRA= Iaint bothered. Currency = i aint bothered . Moving forward to a successfull SNP Majority and winning Indyref 2 = I AM BOTHERED ! everything else is a distraction that the Tories red and blue will use against us . We are winning our argument and that is shown by polling ,every time i read “Bad Alex Salmond or ” BAD Nicola Sturgeon” i despair that people are being myopic and failing to see the larger picture. We at this time do not need to take sides but focus on the prize .

    Acknowledgement to Catherine Taits character.

  48. Alba woman says:

    Wow a huge stone was lifted with this blog WGD ….out they came sounding Trumpian with the conspiracy theories and no real evidence.

    Back in reality Polly Toynbee writes in today’s Guardian ‘The sums are so vast, the secrecy so shocking, that “ chumocracy ‘ doesn’t begin to capture what Britain has become- redolent as it is of banana republics , the Russian oligarchy and failed states’

    Be off with you those who would risk our children and grandchildren living in such a state one minute longer than necessary

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, today’s overspill of frantic Bathistanis is quite something to behold. What they lack in significance they try to make up for in volume.

      2017 caused something of a loss of confidence among the SNP leadership (because they {cough} “lost” the UKGE, remember?), so now there seems to be an increasingly-desperate move afoot to re-engineer the same. Even though it should be quite unnecessary, since Boris will just keep saying “no” and Nicola will just have to lump it (they say). Doesn’t sound like the BritNats have very much confidence in their own “Plan A”, does it? And their last-ditch “Plan B” of sowing disillusion and disengagment within the supporters of the SNP is so utterly lame that it even needs some assist from (some of) us!

  49. Ken says:

    Nicola is the best leader the SNP/Scotland has ever had.

    She is the only one who has done the honourable thing. Done everything by the book and has not lied. Everyone else involved has lied. Yet she is being blamed. She did not do it.

    Everyone but her has lied. She followed the Ministerial Code to letter.

    It is just ridiculous.

  50. JMD says:

    Well said Elizabeth.

    Despite some misgivings I’ll be voting SNP 1& 2 in May. Anyone trying to suggest anything else hasn’t got the regaining of Scotland’s stolen independence as their main priority and as such are no friends of Scotland no matter how much they may try to claim that they are.

  51. Mrs Sheryl Hepworth says:

    Well it seems to me that a lot of strange names appear to be posting on here? I’m a regular reader of WGD and have been for years since he started, and have never seen so many people comment such hateful, anti SNP/Independence vitriolic posts in this comment section!! So many different names (aside from normal commentators) I’m thinking the moles are rising to the surface to ruin ANY chance of having our Indyref at any time!! OK so let the onionists in our parliament to remove our prescriptions, our care record, our Scottish NHS, our free school meals, the £10 a week child payment, our block on the bedroom tax etc and when it’s all gone who will be the ones crying into their soup? For goodness sake are we adults or screaming toddlers who can’t get more sweeties? Grow up, get off your knees Scotland!!!

  52. Dr Jim says:

    All I read is carbon copy Donald Trump Qanon rhetoric , they’ll be putting a gang together and storming Holyrood, I’ve even seen that suggested

  53. Bob Lamont says:

    Given what Alex Salmond has been put through and the circumstance both he and NS are entrapped by, I can’t blame his caution over what is said. This review by Holyrood over their own procedural error has become a minefield of political and legal chicanery which has no place in any decent society, but those manipulating it so have no decency toward societies other than their own.

    I would like to think it will all come out in the wash and the conspiracies exposed, but rarely are conspiracies so obliging. IMHO it has a “Made in London” sticker on the under the Eau de de Latrine bottle, with sponsorship by the Mail, Telegraph and HMS Sarah Smith in very small print.

    I’ve heard long time friends who otherwise wouldn’t pay the blindest bit of notice to GRA or Hate Crime Bills suddenly become extremely agitated over it, and any attempt to engage in discussion to gain perspective rejected like flat earthers, nope, earth is flat, proven fact, end of… Shades of Brexit England ?
    What the Brexit mechanics managed NOT to achieve in Scotland over Brexit has been turned on Independence, and judging by the sudden influx of responses, they are still trying hard to solidify that control.
    How many NON-shelved laws does it take to convince the electorate to vote against independence ?

    SNP has some serious democratic issues to deal with, the governance of Scotland has some serious corruption issues to be addressed, but the hunger for independence is greater among the vast majority of Scots.
    Good luck tomorrow. 😉

    • Alex Clark says:

      Some good points, but anyone seeking “serious corruption issues” just has to look South as a court ruled that PPE contracts worth billions awarded by Westminster at the start of the pandemic were illegal.

      That is corruption, but I struggle to think of any “serious corruption issues” that have tainted the Scottish government since the SNP came to power in 2007. The only corruption I can think of are the building of schools in Lanarkshire under PPI contracts when Labour and the Lib Dems had a coalition in the Scottish government.

      I’m happy to be reminded of other examples.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Sorry for the delay Alex – By corruption in governance I was thinking less on the financial side than abuse of power and influence.

        The attempted Salmond prosecution is one recent glaring example which stretches credibility the authorities were merely doing their job, had they been doing so it would never have reached Court.
        There has always been a degree of bias in media, but I can recall no time when Scots have been so deliberately and continuously misinformed, before considering Pacific Quay and the BBC Charter, or orchestration by the Scottish Office to corrupt information for political ends.

        A slight correction on the PPE/Westminster Court finding, it was found illegal (thus far) only in not publishing details within 30 days.

  54. Tam the Bam says:

    …is it safe for me to come oot fae under ma duvet yet Dr Jim?

    • Dr Jim says:

      No if ye look different Tam, thur armed wae torches and pitchforks, thull get us in wur beds

      It’s funny though isn’t it nobody’s paying any attention to Matt Hancock and the multi millions gone missing to Tories who never mad a scrap of PPE between them

  55. grizebard says:

    It should not be forgotten that there are at least some usual suspects on that parliamentary committee who have been working assiduously to spin this whole farrago out for as long as possible, and use whatever scraps they manage to glean to feed the vultures of the BritNat media in order to serve their own partisan purposes, and nothing else. Where allegations can’t be made to stand up, “splits” and “disagreements” will have to make do instead.

    We have all long seen clearly enough that the Civil Service mishandled the process of dealing with much-delayed complaints about the former FM’s conduct while still in office, but almost everything since about investigating what happened has been politicised to hell and back with beady eyes fixed on the forthcoming election, and to me the only person who comes out of it thus far with minimal reputational damage is Nicola Sturgeon herself, despite all the insidious allegations made against her by people who have never had the courage to tell all under oath with legal consequences.

  56. pogopat says:

    Depressing stuff on all accounts. Yes, first time posting and yes I read and have attended the wee dugs events. I appreciate this post as I am struggling and have never had to hold my nose to vote before. Salmond has not initiated any of this apart from the Judicial review so the comments on him here are ridiculously callous. Sturgeon appears quite clearly to have broken the ministerial code and if the evidence is allowed then she would be pushed to resign. That might be a good thing to happen now for both the party and independence sake.

    • Golfnut says:

      Sturgeon appears quite clearly to have broken the ministerial code, based on what evidence exactly.

    • grizebard says:

      “Salmond has not initiated any of this”? What planet are you on? This inquiry is about how the Civil Service mishandled workplace complaints made against him, complaints about his actual misconduct to which he confessed via his advocate at his trial. (He merely denied their criminality.) If he hadn’t misbehaved, none of the rest of all this misery would have happened!

      (Not that this would have discouraged the 5th column, who would no doubt have found something else to use instead. As they indeed have done.)

      • Petra says:

        Tbh it’s a wonder that Alex wasn’t sacked during his tenure as FM, grizebard. His own QC referred to him as being a ”sex pest” and an “objectionable bully” and seemingly the trade unions became so concerned about the mounting number of complaints in relation to him bullying staff that they insisted on a formal procedure be put in place to deal with the complaints (Fairness at Work policy). And then Nicola Sturgeon was hounded recently by the media about what she knew about his bullying of staff and what she’d actually done about it. You couldnae make it up.

        Come on Alex if you’ve made your up mind to say nothing tomorrow, what about you and Nicola holding an amicable public meeting to well and truly stuff the Unionists. The Harassment Committee has enough information now to ”deal” with those that actually screwed things up.

    • P Harvey says:


      “Sturgeon appears quite clearly to have broken the ministerial code……”

      How do you know this?
      Were you in the room?

      “Salmond has not initiated any of this apart from the Judicial review so the comments on him here are ridiculously callous.”

      Really- what comments & Alex’s not initiating any of this…….. come on!

      I think perhaps you should wait a similar amount of time before posting again
      Or perhaps do some real research & analysis

      • pogopat says:

        1. The meetings at Holyrood and Sturgeons home. Sturgeon and Murrell have already given evidence which condemns themselves. Salmond’s evidence or at least the redacted parts also condemns them along with Aberdeins who is also not allowed to be published.

        2. The Scottish government conducted an illegal inquiry and Salmond had to defend himself. The judicial review proved that illegality and bias. He then had to defend himself in the criminal trial, was cleared of all charges and now has been called as a witness into the investigation into the Scottish government’s illegal inquiry.

        3. The comments saying that if we don’t get independence it is Salmond’s fault. Ridiculous

        • Alex Clark says:

          Yes, there was a meeting at Holyrood between Sturgeon and Aberdein followed by a meeting between Sturgeon and Salmond at her home. All this is already in the open and admitted to so what’s your point?

        • grizebard says:

          The BritNats are running fast out of excuses, and are resorting to voter suppression for the coming election because it’s all they have left. Ably assisted by sprouting magic mushrooms deploying obvious Trumpian tactics. Quelle surprise!

          If the SNP don’t win the coming election with an overall majority of seats, the chances of independence wither on the vine. If you don’t understand that basic political reality, you don’t understand anything.

          • Perhaps the three Brit Parties will resort to electoral fusion, the wheeze used in New York to oust the Tammany Hall Boss Tweed from office in the 19th century.
            The Democrats and the Republicans joined forces and put up a ‘fused’ candidate, which worked.
            Boss Tweed lost, the books were opened and his vast network of corruption exposed. He died in jail.
            I believe electoral fusion is still practised today, in Australia, Austria?
            The Kaleidoscope Union Coalition?
            One candidate in evry seat representing a Union Coalition?
            Why am I giving them ideas?

            On Boss Tweed:-

            “I don’t care who does the electing, so long as I get to do the nominating.”

            Rather like the Tammany Hall outfit running the Red Tory Branch Office Up Gere. Monica Lennon and Anas Sarwar are the best and only choices?

        • Potter says:

          Och,away back to Wings, who is now calling SNP a cult, Nazis and telling folk not to vote SNP, sound familiar?

          • grizebard says:

            Trump appears to have successfully monetised his (false) grievances. Is that what is being attempted here with formerly well-funded blog sites?

          • Petra says:

            Campbell has managed to fire out three articles today all on his own 🤣🤣🤣. The man who gambles until 3 in the morning and walks for hours on end. Never mind he’s got his ”team” working overtime, as they will be from now until May 6th. He’s, or rather they are, telling everyone now not to vote for the SNP at all. Right down to the nitty gritty following the drip, drip of propaganda for over 18 months now. Gaslighting. Then we’ve got Chris McEleny, SNP councillor, using said site to attack Nicola Sturgeon as everyone who visits the site is being told not to vote for his party. One thing for sure is that I’ll be taking the Rev’s advice right enough and not voting for Mr McEleny now. Mr McEleny who couldn’t wait to hear what Nicola Sturgeon had to say. You know innocent until proven guilty. I’ve got until the 1st March to vote for him or not, so thanks for the heads up.

            • Alex Clark says:

              McEleny suffered a witch hunt himself because he was an SNP councillor and worked in an MOD establishment which according to the powers that be meant he had to be sacked. An utter disgrace which he never stopped fighting.

              I would have thought then that he would want evidence of guilt before joining in the witchhunt against Nicola Sturgeon before she has even had the chance to put her side of the story. I see something of a pattern developing here from those that want to be rid of Nicola Sturgeon as FM and from where I’m standing it doesn’t look great for those carrying the torches and wielding the pitchforks.

              No such thing as innocent until proven guilty in these accuser’s eyes. Just guilty because…mumble…mumble…

        • Golfnut says:

          The question still stands, how did Nicola break the Ministeral code. Name the Government minister involved in the inquiry. This was a civil service led inquiry, not the Scottish gov. Who ordered that evidence couldn’t be published, was it because it would be in contempt of court.

  57. Alex Clark says:

    Spot on grizebard, this whole inquiry has now been turned into a farce by the Unionist parties. It’s become all about getting Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP instead of investigating the downright mishandling of the complaints against Alex Salmond by the Civil Service working for the Scottish government, those same Civil Servants that ultimately report to the head of the civil service in No 10.

    Those idiots totally blew any chance of the process being seen as fair by not following their own procedure and quite rightly Alex Salmond won his case against the “Scottish government” for their failures and there can be no excuses for how they conducted their inquiries.

    Nicola Sturgeon of course took no part in this investigation, she met no witnesses and heard no allegations but that’s not what we’re supposed to believe now. You’re supposed to believe that not only was she was actively involved in the investigation but that she instigated all of this in a plot against her former mentor because she feared his return to politics would depose her as leader of the SNP.

    Aye Right so she did and if you believe any of that then I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

    • Dr Jim says:

      And she never used internet bloggers and websites to do her talking for her, she stands up and says I’m ready when you are

      • And as I predicted, Glenn Campbell announced that Salmond will not be attending the hearing tomorrow…well, that’s that, then.
        Murdo Fraser was filmed spitting teeth.
        Not a pretty sight.

        • grizebard says:

          Oh, what was it I was saying about people persistently unwilling to say their piece under oath? Personal grudges just don’t cut the mustard then.

          Though if this latest dodge causes apoplexy to the likes of Murdo, it can’t be all bad. {grin}

          • Murdo will have to go back and deal with issues from his constituents. Oh, wait, he doesn’t have ‘constituents’, because he’s one of the Blue Listory Golden Boys who, despite having failed 7 times over the 21 years that Holyrood has been operating to win a single election. He is an also ran Regional ‘stateless’ hanger on, whose spectacular political failure never ceases to raise a malevolent smirk in this writer.
            It takes a special lack of talent work or life experience to get on the Brit Nat List Gravy Train.
            What has happened to Annie Wells? Is she back working part time at M&S?

            • grizebard says:

              Good question. They do seem to be suffering from a certain ennui, in anticipation of a looming Nemesis. Here west of Byres Road we’re having a surprise council by-election soon in the midst of the virus crisis merely because our Tory cooncillor lost interest in his job and has been disqualified for shirking. (Hmmm, do we-the-people get our wasted salary payments back then?)

              (There’s some careful analysis of this election to be found at:


              for anyone who is interested.)

              • Tam the Bam says:

                Close to me Grizebard.
                After the Lockdown.. you must come visit me in my tree-hut in the Botanics that I share with squirrels.

                • grizebard says:

                  There’s a lot of those around at the moment. You must be going nuts, no? {grin}

                • grizebard says:

                  I dream impossibly of Santorini, but after a year now of officially-sanctioned internal exile, a wee chat with an actual real (non-medical) person at a safe distance up a tree in the Botanic Gardens seems like a good enough prospect to me! {laugh}

            • jfngw says:

              I believe they are putting her skills to good use, folding leaflets. Apparently they stack perfectly, they reckon she is destined for leadership in the Tory ranks, Never before has their discombobulated leafleting become so combobulated.

  58. Petra says:

    Alex Salmond’s decided not to attend tomorrow, as per CH4.

  59. Dr Jim says:

    So funny way to hand in your notice there by Chris Mceleny by repeating the Daily Express lie that’s already been debunked about the FM Covid briefing yesterday claiming she skipped out of a 4 nations briefing to do her daily Covid propaganda that was not given by Boris Johnson but Michael Gove and was not attended by Arlene Foster, yet no mention of that, and the funniest bit of all was it was not a Q and A so was attended by government officials of both Scotland and Northern Ireland anyway

    Kenny McAskill seems to suggest that a man with a limp is a conspirator by only pretending to have a limp so he can commit a crime and no one will suspect he can run away fast

    Worser and more desperatey by the minute

    • Alex Clark says:

      Source Dr Jim please.

    • grizebard says:

      It was Chris Musson of The “Scottish” Sun who made that asinine comment at the briefing yesterday. I made a special note of it, it was so mind-bogglingly presumptuous. Though it’s hardly surprising if The “Scottish” Express were to parrot the same line.

      Is McEleny reduced to echoing BritNat media now? Surely shome mishtake? What’s he been up to..?

      • grizebard says:

        Oops – escaped italics. Apologies!

      • Alex Clark says:

        I ignore what Musson says for good reason. Ta anyway and maybe a reliable source will be along soon but I’m not holding my breath.

        • grizebard says:

          Like all of the briefings, the session is always there to view on YouTube if you need it. (Though a particular one can be a bit awkward to find.)

  60. Carol Hepburn says:

    To all the moles the people here pretending to be SNP supporters ( awa n biel yer heid ) I am SNP member I played a small part in Alex’s last 2 campaigns in Gordon, I don’t CARE what Alex has or hasn’t done I don’t CARE what Nicola has or hasn’t done, as when I vote for SNP in May & vote for Indi in the next Referendum ( which no matter how much you try & stall it WILL happen I’m voting for MY belief in MY country plain & simple. & despite any issues within SNP they’ll still do one hellava lot better job than any Tory or Labour Government

  61. Alex Clark says:

    If it’s true that Alex Salmond has refused to appear before the committee tomorrow then that no doubt that means this sore will continue to fester. A win-win then for the enemies of Independence who can continue with innuendo and slur against Nicola Sturgeon without any evidence whatsoever.

    The media will be celebrating tonight no doubt as they can keep this going right until election night.

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, I’m afraid Alex Salmond isn’t playing a straight bat here, to the advantage solely of the BritNats. But unless the committee perpetrates another delaying dodge, Nicola will say her piece soon and that will largely put a sock on it, I still expect.

      Meanwhile, George Useless on Ch4 News bleating about instance after instance after instance of persisting Brexit “teething troubles”. UKGov blundering, wanton job destruction and shameless blame shifting staggers on unnoticed because of all this distractional smokescreening, alas.

    • Potter says:

      Ah know, if Sturgeon really controlled the Police and CPSS it would have better for her to bury these allegations. Some folks honestly 🤪

  62. Jim Dryburgh says:

    Well said Wee Ginger Dug.

  63. Petra says:

    Is it on for Friday now?

    ”Alex Salmond has pulled out of tomorrow’s Holyrood harassment inquiry after the Scottish Parliament’s Corporate Body unexpectedly deleted parts of his testimony. Lawyers for the former First Minister said the surprise decision left their client facing “legal jeopardy”. Salmond has offered to appear before the committee on Friday instead, giving him time to “consider this material shift in position.”…


    • Alex Clark says:

      The hokey-cokey inquiry! You couldn’t make it up. Painful as it is.

      • grizebard says:

        {cringe} It’s degenerating into a right old farce now.

        What are the going odds of an actual manifestation this time?

  64. Petra says:

    The Unionists are panicking. For some reason or another they want to continue to subsidise the drunken, barbaric, Scottish benefit scroungers 😀.



    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


  65. Skintybroko says:

    I must admit this Salmond Sturgeon fest is passing me by, independence is the real goal I won’t be distracted by anything else and SNP x 2 is the only route at the moment. Once we are independent I hope to have a better choice of parties to vote for, all of them wanting to do what’s best for Scotland – giving us a real choice, until then SNP all the way

  66. Glasgow Gowan says:

    Nicola should appear before the committee and have her say ASAP to end all the speculations.

    These must be a very difficult time for her.

    • Petra says:

      She’s REALLY up against it, Glasgow Gowan. Everyone and their granny is out to get her, so she more than ever needs our backing.

      • grizebard says:

        Yes, I wonder if this flying ordure is partially intended for her with the deliberate intent to scunner and demoralise. It must be hard to be working like a veritable Trojan for all our sakes at a time of high crisis, only to be assailed by supposed pro-indy ingrates in obvious collusion with the enemy. And all because she did the right thing and refused to collaborate in a cozy little hush-up. It could make anyone weep.

      • Dr Jim says:

        The plan was to air the accusations and assertions first using parliamentary immunity so that the FM was put in the position of having to defend herself, the accusations aren’t to be allowed now because there’s no supporting evidence, if the same accusations are uttered in public then AS is not protected by the law, or as one person put it *we’re not letting him in here to make an immunity free propaganda speech for the media*

        And no it wasn’t a SNP rep

        • grizebard says:

          All these strenuous attempts to get his assertions aired without exposure to due consequence. Not a single one of his intimates have the courage to put their necks on the legal line either. Just nods and winks that never become substantiated.

          It gets ever more Trumpian by the day.

          How frustrating though for the ever-disappointed BritNats and their media proxies, forever waiting for the Big Story that just never happens.

          And never will. Try something else, suckers.

  67. mike cassidy says:

    I’m curious

    If, as speculated by Paul in this article

    Alex Salmond who lives and breathes independence said

    Don’t vote SNP in May

    Would that influence how people intend to vote?

    • jfngw says:

      Not real independence supporters, no. The Wos claque I suspect would do as they are told.

    • grizebard says:

      Some, perhaps. We seem to be witnessing some exodus from the SNP of a portion of its conspiracy-theorist and ultra-leftard tendencies, and it might enhance that slightly.

      For ordinary voters focussed on their own pressing concerns, it won’t matter a damn.

      Furthermore, the inevitable consequent electoral damp squib – despite his presence, but just like David Owen back when – would sink what’s left of AS’s reputation among the vast majority of pro-indy supporters, both among the offended loyalists and also the disillusioned failers who will end up bust like RISE before them. (Maybe some of the same people, even. Two-time losers.)

      Assuming AS is foolish enough to let his sense of grievance take him down that rocky road. If he still has his smarts, he will instead be very mindful of the ancient Greek saying, “whom the gods wish to destroy…”.

    • Capella says:

      No I intend to vote SNP 1 & 2. I did once think about voting ISP because of my opposition to the GRA and HCB. But they have so little traction that it would be a wasted vote. The unionists will only focus on how many votes and seats the SNP get. For that reason we have to maximise their vote.

      • jfngw says:

        I did look at the ISP as I thought they could be a choice as I could never vote for the Green’s. The anti-SNP vitriol from their supporters (it’s worse than what comes from the unionists) made me bin that idea. And as you say the unionist are going to focus on the vote which doesn’t reach 50%, be that the constituency or the list, gives them two goes at at denying democracy.

      • Dr Jim says:

        You’re right Capella they’ll count the number of votes, every election is a referendum on the SNP to them

    • P Harvey says:

      Very few- independence in and of itself is the ultimate goal of SNP & Independence voters

    • Dr Jim says:

      Well there’s a whole website used to claim they lived and breathed Independence

      Lotsa folk say lotsa things then they say lotsa other things

  68. millar421btinternetcom says:

    Very well said, Paul.

  69. Capella says:

    We are up against the most devious, cunning and duplicitous colonial power in the world, albeit led atm by complete bumbling idiots. But behind the scenes are the usual manipulators who have no morals, no ideals and no empathy. Their only objective is to maintain power and the wealth that guarantees.

    If we want independence we have to focus on the goal. We have to ignore the red herrings and squirrels, the threats and doom laden predictions. We have to stick together or be defeated.

    If Alex Salmond wants the same he will have to stand up and say so and stop attacking the only people who can deliver the goal.

    • Alex Clark says:

      They are trying alright and making massives inroads on twitter talking among themselves LOL

      I don’t think there’s too much to worry about on our side, the other lot? Well it’s not too difficult to see why they should be very worried is it and my, how much it shows.

  70. Legerwood says:

    This may be of interest. It is the testimony of John Somers, Principal Private Secretary to the FM, to the Committee on the SG’s handling of the harassment complaints. It starts around 16.53 min.

    His testimony covers the ‘meeting’ with Mr Aberdein and the FM (17.00 min).


    Interesting to note the behaviour of some of the committee members.

    • Capella says:

      Thx Legerwood. I recall two things that John Somers said in evidence.

      1 Yes he did meet one of the complainers but No he didn’t tell NS about it because it was confidential and there was nothing she could do about it anyway.

      2 He maintained Nicola’s diary and she had no meeting with Geoff Aberdein scheduled on 29th March.

      I also recall Jackie Baillie’s oleaginous insinuation that a PPS has a sort of marriage relationship with his MSP. JS politely rejected that implication though he had the highest respect for the FM.
      Class civil servant response.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Ah well, maybe that’s why Swinney wrote to Fabiani, including this:

        Finally, I would be grateful for your further assistance in addressing my continuing concerns about some interactions between civil servants and Committee members at the Committee. ” and read on up to:

        In light of these continuing issues, I would be grateful again for your assistance in ensuring that all Committee Members follow the Parliament’s and this Committee’s rules for the appearance of civil servants as witnesses.


      • Legerwood says:

        And Jackie Baillie then trying to deny she was the one to make that comparison.

        Also Jackie Baillie busy testing on her phone at the start of his evidence. Paying close attention…not.

  71. yesindyref2 says:

    Okey-doke. According to the Courier Jan 27th about postal votes:

    Ballot papers are produced, printed and sent out after the deadline to become a candidate in the election has passed, usually around three weeks before polling day, although this could change because of the pandemic.

    so basically speaking decisions about who to vote for don’t have to be made until around the 14th April at the latest. And yes, Salmond needs to make himself clear by then.

    Meanwhile unfortunately forums are becoming more and more polarised, with people not following the forum bias being called “yoons”, “77th”, “unionists”, “MI5” etc. whether Salmond supporters, Sturgeon supporters, just plain Independence supporters or even the “indy-curious” if in the “wrong” forum. Get out of here!

    And sadly the National is effectively banning the undecided and soft NOes – the very people who should be encouraged to post with comments or questions, by forcing them to take out a paid subscription to do so. Seems to me now there’s no open forums for open discussions, apart from Unionist MSM. And guess what, face to face contact doesn’t really exist witih coronavirus.

    Polarised echo chambers – more of an enemy to Independence than the Tories.

    • Capella says:

      What about the alt indy media? Broadcasting Scotland, Lesley Riddoch’s podcasts, Indylive and others? Bella Caledonia has debates too. Paul might get back into podcasts when he feels like it. Not enough time in the day to keep up tbh.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Podcasts are one way. It needs to be two-way. BC bans too easily. Other forums are closed, and I can’t blame them for that, too much work.

        The National had maybe 4 or 5 indy-curious posters, a couple of them even with the vote in Scotland, and the others could have friends and family. It’s good to talk! But it’s not just the posters, it’s the lurkers, and all they’re going to see is an echo chamber.

    • grizebard says:

      You make a eminently fair general point about “reaching out” to the crucial undecided, but The National in particular doesn’t force everyone to take out a sub, surely? Print copies are still available, even if for obvious reasons it may currently be even harder than usual to get hold of one, no? And people can always get at least a free “toe in the water” online if some handy link points them at a promising article. “Big oaks from acorns”, perhaps?

      We’ll face the same problem “with knobs on” as we get closer to the actual election itself. How the parties (and broadcast media) each deal with that may well make all the difference, though I thought eg. the Dems made a surprisingly good fist of the recent US Presidential election.

      Despite current frantic BritNat efforts to compensate for their very evident deficiences, without being complacent, Nicola has surely earned a huge amount of well-deserved credit that should stand the SNP in very good stead come the day. Impressions endure.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        We’ll still be able to read the National, getting past by clearing cookies or using ccleaner. But not to be able to post. I get the paper but not every time. People would have to sign up to be sent vouchers in the post, which even I wouldn’t do with business being even tighter than normal with coronavirus.

        I’d say one of the most effective posters on the Herald for making people think about a YES vote in Indy Ref 1 wasn’t me or DDM or AG or others, it was dear old OBE John. Very unlikely he’d have taken out a subscription to do so.

        • grizebard says:

          Ah, I get the distinct impression you’re missing getting your views over in places like The Herald. Understandable, if so. {grin}

          Post IR1 I gave up on newspaper btl – online on the Graun, for which one had to register, but didn’t have to have a sub. Even back then though it was two tribes speaking different languages, even if they were mainly just two different dialects of English! So these days I’m not the best person to say. But isn’t that kind of access still possible with most papers still, if one cares to expend the considerable energy needed? And one can also send e-mails to papers for hoped-for inclusion in their letters pages for the remaining print buyers.

          Is the problem not with access per se, but rather that there is no longer a neutral “paper of record” (as maybe The Glasgow Herald and The Scotsman used to be in the past) where opinions of all kinds could meet and mingle? I rather hoped that the once-proposed takeover of the latter might have happened to make that possible again. In a way maybe what you’re rightly pining for is not another rampantly pro-indy paper- though God knows we could do with one of those to help level the field more as well – but rather a “straight-down-the-middle” outfit which gives the pro-indy side as fair a shout as the anti’s.

          But then Unionism has been assiduous in retaining a near monopoly of the so-called “Scottish” press, and that is no accident.

          • yesindyref2 says:

            The Herald wasn’t bad in Indy Ref 1. I posted in the Grun before that and even quoted it at times as it had some fair coverage to start with. Still post occasionally to keep my hand in, might get busier coming up election time.

            Yes, it would be good to have a balanced paper, one which wasn’t extreme, and invested some money in mods. Mmm, still got a few of the emails from Calum,

            Extract from one: “Don’t use the forum to attack our publications’ general editorial policies or individual journalists.” with “Please confirm that you are happy to comply with the rules; acceptance of them goes hand in hand with having pre-approved status to post.” to which the answer of course was “Sorry, no problem.” Nobody, I mean, nobody, messed with Calum. But he was fair. Ah, I see that one was about Marcus. Oh well 🙂

            • yesindyref2 says:

              Marcus? Good grief, I mean Magnus!

            • grizebard says:

              Back just before IR1, as I’m sure you remember well, a Herald editorial came out for staying in the Union, but with a strong caveat that it was going to revisit that judgement according to results. Well, given all that has transpired since, any reasonably-neutral sentient being would have long since decried that assurance as a total bust, yet to its eternal shame the paper is now clearly much further entrenched on the Union side than ever. We can’t believe this can be merely dismissed as due to changes in editorial personnel; what seems to have happened is that parent company Newsquest at some point took the decision to split its customer base in two, The National serving the pro-indy side and The Herald serving the pro-Union side. So you have polarisation built-in right there, a direct consequence of company business policy, and that within a media framework which was and remains almost exclusively heavily-partisan for one side alone.

            • yesindyref2 says:

              Yes, I have the link bookmarked and still quote it occasionally in posts on the Herald, to try and kick them up the wotsits. I’ll be doing that again soon …


    • Pogmothon says:

      Ah Ha!
      perhaps you forget that the National has the same owners as the Herald.
      And along with all the other MSM they are commercial enterprises and operate accordingly. Editors whatever their views or allegiances do not set Owners/company policy.
      So in this case the owners are working both sides of the street to maximize revenue streams.
      By requiring a subscription the owners achieve three things:-

      1 Increased revenue stream from the National.
      2 Support the Nationals drive to increase readership base (especially pre-paid)
      3 Support the Herald by turning back, less than fully committed Yes people.

      The questions we all need to ask ourselves when dealing with unionists are
      Who benefits from this?
      How? (mostly financial with the unionists, but not always)
      Why? (seldom with the unionists is it society)
      How does it effect others? (than themselves)

      I find this usually gives a me a clearer view of things even the purposely obscured

  72. grizebard says:

    Skip_NC @ 23:12 GMT: Not you, though, over there in North Carolina. Whatever opinion you’ve reached from afar by imbibing too much of the WaS Kool-Aid, you will never have to personally endure the consequences of this upcoming choice, right? (The fundamental democratic principle.) Families don’t always agree among themselves, so for all we know the remainder here could all be ragin’ Unionists, but just like the rest of us they can always speak and decide for themselves.

  73. Glasgow Gowan says:

    Salmond has made serious allegations against Nicola, the Lord Advocate, Leslie Evans, Peter Murrell, Ian McCann, Sue Ruddick and Liz Lloyd.

    These are all people in very high positions in the Scottish Government or in the SNP with reputations to protect.

    One or more of them will surely sue him for defamation.

    The unionists will have a field day attacking the SNP in the weeks leading to the election in May.

    How could all this happen when support for independence has never been higher?

    But I am confident that Nicola will give powerful evidence to the committee and can’t wait to hear it.

    The committee should let her have her say first, before Salmond makes any more unproven allegations.

    On the bright side, voters supporting independence are unlikely to abandon the SNP.

    And thanks to the posters who responded to my earlier comment.

  74. Glasgow Gowan says:

    Dr Jim, the accusations have been uttered in public.

    Parliament has redacted his unsupported allegations, but they are all over the media, especially in that Tory rag The Spectator.

    There is no way the top ranking persons accused will not sue him for defamation.

  75. Ken says:

    Which top ranking person.

    They all behaved badly and told lies. The only one who didn’t was Nicola Sturgeon. She behaved honourably and told the truth. Carried out her duties as she should have. Following the Ministerial Code, like she always does.

    Yet they are all trying to blame her. It is beyond ridiculous.

    Who will sue? Everyone of them behaved badly or lied. If they try and sue they will land themselves in it. Up to their necks. They would not dare. Or a lawyer would put them right. They are as bad as anyone.

    The AS statement was published on the Scottish Gov website.

    It is on C. Murray website. Guido Fawkes, Wings. MSM have published it. Everyone has read it. Who will sue? It is now common knowledge. Most of it is true. Others are allegations. Heresy. Not allowed in Court.

    • ‘Heresy’ today, gone tomorrow.

      I wake up this morning to a WGD site strewn with the litter and charred remains of campfires left by the rampaging Brit Nat Visigoths who invaded our home turf yesterday.
      It is Luss beach on the Tuesday morning after a Bank Holiday Monday.

      Thankfully the Brit Nat trolls ‘I’ve been campaigned for Independence for 70 years but not any more’ brigade have returned to their spiritual home, the blogosphere run by a nexus of white middle aged men who don’t see anything amiss about patting a young maiden on the ass in the office, and have no problem with witnesses in sexual assault cases losing their anonymity if the defendant subsequently cleared.
      That’ll encourage (mainly) young female victims to come forward and complain.
      There is something inherently grubby in this lurid little tale.
      Meanwhile a Lib Dem Yellow Tory list candidate for Clydebank is running her ‘campaign’ from her home in London.

      There will be an indecent scramble to get one of the Brit Nat list seats.
      Guaranteed never to be in government, no constituents, and lots of exes and £1200 a week wages 52 weeks a year.
      Lovely jubbly.
      Is Mike Rumbles self isolating in Tuscany?

  76. Ken says:

    The Herald, the Guardian, the Scotsman, the Telegraph and every other MSM paper deleted and banned posters supporting the SNP and Independence. They banned them.

    Until Weegingerdug etc can along. SNP/Independence supporters had no voice. The internet became their choice.

    Fifi la Bon was first to post every time in Herald. How did they manage it? People know now. The rest were deleted and banned. Frequently. Wings deleted and banned. C. Murray deleted and banned? Yet they are all howling about freedom of speech etc.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      “Fifi la Bon was first to post every time in Herald. ”

      No she wasn’t, not from 2012 anyway, that name wouldn’t even have been allowed to post, and that certainly wasn’t the first to post most times. To my almost certain knowledge, KD never posted once on the Herald.

      “The rest were deleted and banned. ”

      No WE weren’t, though I was one of the few popst-moderated posters, which got me kidnapped from the Grun where I CAN STILL POST WITH MY CiF USERNAME.

      And I can still use that ID on the Scotsman, first used in about 2012.

      • grizebard says:

        Same here (same as my one on here, actually). Otherwise see my response upthread.

      • Ken says:

        Yes they were, They had to come back time and time again with different user names and password. Till it was not worth the bother.

        Complying to the rules but some folk just did not bother.

        Foulkes was always first to comment with the little lying apprentice. Dubious but must have been know know to the Editor. Dubious but still a regular feature. People did not know then but they know now. Said ‘leader’ now offski.
        They are looking for another one. Every one must have a turn, it must be about equality not uselessness. The poison chalice. Enny meanny, minny mo. Wow betide another useless unionist occupied. Whatever happened to ?ski. Gone to another place?

        People claiming to retain pass word connection, were also banned or deleted according to their testament on other sites. They ‘took’ a break’. Reappeared later.

        Going from site to site changing opinion. Depending on how the wind blows. Bending like a slither depending on how it went down. Shake down snake. Trying to be controversial but just being annoying. Spotted out time and time again. The spotted dick variety.

  77. Lochinvar says:

    Exactly a year ago my local SNP branch unanimously agreed to submit the below resolution for inclusion in the National Conderence agenda.
    It seems a lifetime ago, in so many ways. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


    i) Reaffirms that it is the right of the people of Scotland, and no other persons or government, to decide their constitutional future;

    ii) Notes, despite Scotland’s unassailable case, the UK government’s avowed position to refuse to agree the transfer of powers to the Scottish Government for “further independence referendums”;

    iii) Believes that anti-democratic stance to be immutable by reason of the UK government’s determination to maintain the integrity of the British state at all and any cost; its belief that a second independence referendum would favour the establishment of an independent Scotland; that such an outcome would diminish its perceived standing and prestige among world institutions and governments; and iv) that irrespective of its propaganda to the contrary, its absolute desire to retain control over Scotland’s human, marine, mineral and renewable resources and use them as bargaining chips in upcoming trade negotiations with the EU;

    iv) Believes, the above notwithstanding, that the UK has no role in prescribing for the people of Scotland the government best suited to their needs;

    v) In making that assertion notes i) the historic decisions of the Scottish Parliament of March 28, 2017 and January 29, 2020, that in accordance with the mandate from the people of Scotland, an independence referendum will be held within this parliamentary term; and ii) similarly welcomes the receipt of royal assent on January 29 2020 for the Referendums(Scotland) Act empowering the Scottish Parliament so to do, and therefore;

    vi) Urges the Scottish Government to act upon that mandate by all appropriate means, including recourse to the Court of Session, the European Union, the United Nations and the global court of international opinion, in order to uphold Scottish democracy and the Claim of Right, in this 700th anniversary year of the Declaration of Arbroath, which rests on the inviolable principle that power resides firstly and lastly with the people of Scotland, and no-one else.”

  78. Dr Jim says:

    The problem with open discussion is, you can’t have it, because most people don’t understand how governments work, they don’t understand that there are literally hundreds of people involved in different government offices and are so busy some of them don’t even know each other let alone come into contact with one another
    The ordinary punter who isn’t geeky about these things probably has the impression the FM sits in her office and runs the government like in a comedy TV Yes Minister programme and that other ministers do the same, they’ve no notion that without these hundreds of people nothing would happen and the conspiracy spreaders take advantage of this lack of understanding when they insinuate such things as the FM should know and remember who she met on a particular day if it wasn’t scheduled or in her diary years after the event
    I have diaries of my work to this day even though I’m retired, but if anyone asked me where I was on any given day I wouldn’t have a clue unless I referred to my diary, but if It wasn’t related to where I was working or if I wasn’t working, it wouldn’t be recorded as there would have been nothing of significance to record, so someone saying they met me on x date a couple of years ago wouldn’t even register and I was never half as busy as the FM with a government to be responsible for, I only ever had half a dozen or so people working for me and that was a lot for one little old me on my todd

    The conspirators like to make out that everybody in the Scottish government is like a wee club and they all chat along like buddies having coffee and donuts and know everything about everything that’s going on, there are literally people working in government who only know what they do and wouldn’t have the slightest clue what anybody else does because they’re in some other department somewhere

    The whole place is like a fairground with a thousand people in it all working on different machinery,
    the cleaning staff alone is more than most folk could imagine

    • Golfnut says:

      The inconsistency of the arguments for why individuals won’t vote SNP or Nicola has to go, or I’m gonna vote ISP because the SNP/Nikla lied, but vote for a party that stated they would never stand against the SNP but are doing so.. In the same comment you will read that Nikla conspired with others from the get go to send an innocent man to jail but at the same time dance on a pin head arguing about the date she found out about the investigation.
      The GRA is wheeled out even though it’s been binned, at least halted, without any recognition that the Gender problem is a problem every parliament on the planet is having to wrestle with.

    • Petra says:

      Nicola Sturgeon knows every last one of the 5,000 Civil Servants and talks to them all on a daily basis, Dr Jim 😀.


  79. ScotsCanuck says:

    …. for the record, Paul … I agree with you … we are so close to the goal now, don’t “snatch defeat from the jaws of Victory” !!! … insanity ?? … something is amiss here with Alex and the SNP hierarchy … but OUR destination was/is ALWAYS Independence for SCOTLAND …. the truth will out in the long run … but the “bigger picture” is Scotland’s future as a Free, Sovereign, Democratic Nation …. we are SO CLOSE !! …. don’t blow it people !! … please.

  80. Ken says:

    Grahamski? Just remembered the name. A devout Blair/Labour one. The only time FLBoom disappeared for a few days. After rabbiting on endlessly supporting Gordon Brown. He came out with a different opinion. Sllence for a while from Foulkes. Then back 24/7.

  81. Ken says:

    Once they got the ‘leadership’ challenge Fifi disappeared. In case they were outed. But like clearing the twitter or facebook account. In case they are found out,

    Everybody knows now. The rest is history. Still shows how dubious they can be. Still at it. Defying the facts. Lying all the time. The unionist parties muck up. Destroying the economy and people dying. An absolute disgrace.

    At least there is Weegingerdug and others where people can have their say. Or exchange opinions in relatively peace. Gie’s peace.

    MSM going doon the swanny. The Thames Britfest. Mucking up the environment. Stinking, sinking mud mess.

  82. Ken says:

    Once upon a time. The Herald could have a thousand comments a day. Click bait. Increased revenues. Now ten on repeat,. Groundhog Day. Not worth the bother. No matter how controversial. People have had enough of it.

    Guardian. All the BTL comments support Scotland and Independence, No wonder. They have had enough as well. They voted for the Tories and their muck up.

    The tide is turning even in the south, Tories are struggling to keep up. They will be voted out. The SNP could hold the balance of power, if it come to that. If not away already.

    The DUP are suing the Tories. Taking them to Court. Their staunch allies. The Tories rely on their votes. Now away. Adrift as well despite the bungs.

    The Tories getting attacked from all quarters. Criticised endlessly for their corruption. Growing opposition. Brexit shambles.

    The majority are in favour of the EU. Retaining membership. Another hurdle for the Tories. Sir Starmer has instructed no Labour rep to discuss Brexit. Another disaster waiting to happen.

  83. Petra says:

    Phantom Power:- ‘Is Scotland a Colony?’ https://mobile.twitter.com/PhantomPower14/status/1218770623197011969


    ‘Scottish Conservatives to hold vote on creating a ‘Barnett formula’ for council funding.’


  84. Petra says:

    ‘Scottish Tory leaflet says SNP majority at May vote WILL result in Indyref2.’




    ..”In the Scottish Parliament Sexual Harassment and Sexist Behaviour Survey report of February 2018, the most reported forms of unwanted physical contact experienced were the invasion of personal space with touching of shoulders, back and other parts.

    From the UN Women Watch definition, sexual harassment is described as including unwanted deliberate touching, leaning over, cornering, or pinching, hugging, kissing, patting, or stroking.”..


  85. Petra says:

    ‘FACT CHECK: Claim Nicola Sturgeon missed four nations Covid call for BBC briefing.’



    ‘Neil Oliver claims SNP have made a fool of Scotland in furious attack.’


    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      Petra: The trouble with Neil Oliver is that you wonder if there is something perhaps troubling him more than waking up in the morning and realising that he is still Neil Oliver.

      I have no idea if he has any gainful employment anymore and that Neil feels he has to hawk himself round newspapers to sell his latest lament for funding.

      In days gone past, he could have walked from village to village in the rain as a Seer giving doom laden predictions in return for food and lodgings. But that’s progress for you.

      • James Mills says:

        I thought he WAS still walking from village to village announcing the end of the world ! With his scarf carefully positioned to allow all the poor ugly people to see his classic facial features .

        It is rumoured ( says N.Oliver ) that Adonis has a picture of Neil on his wall in place of a mirror !

  86. Capella says:

    See Independence Live debates. this week interview with Maria Jao Kay. You can participate and send in questions: https://twitter.com/IndyLiveStream/status/1364517639738032132?s=20

  87. Alex Montrose says:

    Of course a lot of these “new” Alex Salmond supporters were only last year, drooling over the prospect of him going to jail.

  88. Petra says:

    Ye canny dae it. Aye we can 😀. Forget about cycling. They could come in handy for any number of people 😉.

    ‘HindSight’: Glasses to impossible and give people eyes in the back of their head.’



    ‘The roadmap could well turn out to be Boris Johnson’s most reckless moment of all.’

    ..”And now we are having another go at doing something no other country in the world is doing. We have a “roadmap”. A precise set of dates, over the next four months, that are a “one way-road to freedom”. The prime minister, of course, will only be driven by “data not dates”, but has nevertheless all but committed to a large number of very precise ones, including 21 June as the end of all restrictions.”..

    ..”Except that he hasn’t, has he? No other country in the world, to the best of my knowledge, is sending millions of schoolchildren back to the classroom on a single day, from where they will return each day to homes full of millions of unvaccinated adults, who will remain that way for months and months to come.”..


  89. Ken says:

    The roadmap to Tory failure. Promoted above their capabilities and responsibility. The most corrupt lies in Westminster Gov. Siphoning off public funds to their sycophants and associates for a cut. The pandemic cover up. People dying because of it. The incompetent useless Tory-unionists.

  90. Petra says:

    Haggis_UK:- ‘Piers Morgan – Is England right to start with the mass unlocking schools?’

    Prof Devi Sridhar – ”We’re taking a different approach in Scotland… we’re staggering the start for schools… the challenge with schools is not to open them, it’s to keep them open…” https://mobile.twitter.com/Haggis_UK/status/1363797060118528010


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


  91. Ken says:

    The Barnett Formula the most corrupt fiscal arrangement ever conceived to take monies out of Scotland. To pay for things Scotland does not want but not having the monies to have what Scotland needs. By unelected sycophants and associates who do not live here.

    Thatcher, Lang and Forsyth devised it secretly. To keep it secret under the Official Secrets Act for years. Until Devolution 2000. Still on going. Westminster creating Scotland false, fake debts. No taxation without representation.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud, tax evasion. Trident, HS2, Hinkley Point etc all a total waste of monies. The Tory slush fund of corruption.

    Iraq, Lockerbie and Dunblane kept secret for 100 years. So all the culprits will have died before the information is released. Total corruption and secretly. Malicious governance.

    • Jonathan Marshall says:

      Totally agree with that comment Ken… If Scotland ever achieves Independence, history won’t be kind to the lauded Scottish figures who helped enable such a system.

    • grizebard says:

      You’ve confused two things, Ken. The Barnett Formula was devised by Joel Barnett (hence the name), who was Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Denis Healey’s right-hand man, in the Callaghan Government. Labour, thus.

      The Thatcher + Lang business was GERS, a Tory ploy.

      Equal-opportunity conspiracies against the people of Scotland, of course. Which goes to show that with London in charge, elections are always “heads I win, tails you lose, Scotland”.

      • Ken says:

        The Barnett Formula was used by Thatcher to take the Oil revenues etc. To fund London S/E. She hide the receipts.The Scottish Tory ministers knew. She confided in them but kept it secret under the Official Secrets Act. They were sworn to secrecy. The North/South divide. Scotland’s economy was devastated. Thatcher came to Scotland and said ‘We the English are generous to the (you?) Scots’. The sermon on the mound. Church of Scotland Assembly.

        Healey admitted later the revenues taken from Scotland. The McCrone Report contained the deceit. Keep secret. To stop Independence. Alex Salmond found it was made public. 2005 information released under the freedom of information legislation.

        Gers were fiddled to hide the truth. The Scottish Office run by unionists. The Westminster unionists claimed (still do) they could not produce accurate separate accounts for Scotland. Before computers.

        Westminster fiddled the books and claimed Scotland was subsided. They were running up the debts on Scotland but spending vast amounts in London. Canary Wharf (bankers). Tilbury Docks 26 miles. Thatcher centralised transport through London. Other places lost out. Heathrow/transport subsidised,

        The only place unemployment was lower than 10% was in London S/E. In Scotland unemployment was 15%. In NI 20%. The Troubles. Caused by poverty. Interest rates were 17%. Inflation high.

        The bankers funded the Tory Party. ‘Loads of money banking’. People borrowing without enough collateral. Thatcher cut the leverage for reserves. Worldwide from 25% of capital in reserve to 13% worldwide.Thatcher deregulated banking worldwide. Established tax havens.

        The documents were eventually released after 30 years. By then there was Devolution. Devolution produced the separate receipts. Still not accurate.

        The Thatcher years were violent. Social unrest. High unemployment. Riots and violence. Poll tax. (Unelected Keith Joseph?). Unemployed put on to sickness benefit. To hide the numbers and get more benefits.

        Miners strike etc. People lost their jobs and could not pay their mortgages. Homelessness. Thatcher sold off the affordable council houses and did not build more. Claims of a house and a share owning meritocracy. Thatcher falsehoods.

        Unemployment produced poverty and social unrest. The Tories had to get rid of Thatcher for closer ties with Europe to improve the economy.

        The Falkland war. Diversion. Cost Scotland £Billions. Scorched earth policy. All the manufacture facilities closed. Smelter, van production, mines closed with no alternative employment

        Glasgow suffered from the decline in heavy industry Edinburgh had financial sector and the governance regime. (Parliament). The NE had the Oil sector/fishing. Relatively prosperous, compared to other places.

  92. Dr Jim says:

    Remember the conspirators original argument was that the FM was lying to Scotland and she had no intention of holding a referendum so we must get Alex Salmond back to get justice and a referendum, the FM is leading Scotland up the garden path, she’s a plant for the Tories, she’s a devolutionist who doesn’t want Scotland to be Independent
    There’s no mention of all that now because the Tories have admitted there will be a referendum if Scotland votes SNP and to prove it they’ve stuck it on their election leaflets, so what are the conspirators claiming is the most important thing, well anything they can think of until it’s debunked then they move on to the next invented grievance, the faux defence of the former FM and his jail time threat, well that’s not happened either, so destroyed his reputation? c’mon the minute he lost the 2014 ref it was political downhill, the trial? he was found not guilty, the women? he admitted to behaving inappropriately so what’s next, what have they got left? some silly law that any government at any time could overturn if they have the votes to do it that’s democracy, so what is it they want now? well they just don’t care about any of that stuff anymore they just want rid of the FM because of all the reasons they thought up before that haven’t happened, except she might have broken the ministerial code so that now becomes the most important reason in their lives not to vote for Independence, with each passing day their their arguments have gotten so thin you could spit through them

    The only thing they’re consistent about is their psychic ability to predict their own complaints

    And the general public at large say……. what? eh? Corona virus bad, Nicola Sturgeon good, Alex Salmond? we don’t care, Independence good

  93. Petra says:

    ‘Will Scotland be better off independent from the UK?’



    ‘Growth Summit Richard Murphy.’


  94. Old Pete says:

    Well said again Dr Jim.
    What is Alex Salmond playing at ? Does he really think he can bring down Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. Does he no longer want Independence ? Why has he teamed up with Andrew Neil and the Spectator ? Has he lost his marbles ?

  95. Old Pete says:

    Nicola brilliant on the TV just now. I don’t see any worry about Alex Salmond’s allegations from Nicola. As far as I can see she seems confident and keen to answer questions from the committee. All the right wing .MSM attacking Nicola and the SNP with the apparent assistance from Salmond.
    I always thought Alex “the dream will never die” was a great leader, but not so much now. Just wish Alex would say his piece so Nicola can end this fiasco.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Yep, Neutron Nicola makes it clear, I’m paraphrasing here *Put up or shut up* is what it all meant
      It’s time the conspirators filed themselves under Zany comedy relief along with Alan Cochrane

      She also cleverly referenced the Clown Minister’s bumbling on inventing dates for when things will happen without having the data to back up his predictions, in other words not the press, back benchers or anybody will push the FM into making rash statements or hasty decisions just for the sake of friendly headlines

      The press bang on about offering people hope, and that’s a lie, hope is something you work to achieve not something you sit on your Arse cross your fingers and wait to happen

  96. Capella says:

    The anti SNP brigade have certainly gone hyperactive today. My twitter timeline has four tweets in a row urging me to click through to anti-Sturgeon, anti-Murrell, anti-SNP articles and a pro-Salmond article. Meanwhile, Ruth Davidson on R4 WatO accuses the Scottish Government of all the things the above four websites say. What a remarkable coincidence. What a remarkable brass neck. A Tory place mat about to rise to the Lords accuses other people of anti democratic corruption and lying. BAFTA for the baroness.

    This, of course, would have coincided with Alex Salmond’s appearance at the Holyrood Harassment Committee had he not cancelled for the umpteenth time at the last minute.

    I wonder if they had to do a lot of last minute editing? I haven’t read them because I’m frankly bored rigid by it.

    • grizebard says:

      Listening to that astounding party-political wild mudslinging broadcast on WATO@R4 by Baroness Placemat, ably assisted by Sarah Smith voicing her mealy-mouthed qualifications, my immediate conclusion was the same as you, this was an obvious set-up intended to give the maximum possible publicity to Salmond’s testimony, one which of course was thwarted by circumstances. So instead we had Placemat “Winging it” (if you know what I mean).

    • Dr Jim says:

      Andrew Neill needs more *journalists* to join him on his new show and guess who’s been asked, let’s just say a former politician from Scotland, I’ll wait for the upcoming announcement to find out if this is true

      • Capella says:

        There’s quite a Barmy Army forming. Andrew Neil is in charge of The Spectator which recently went to court to have Alex Salmond’s accusations about Nicola Sturgeon published. Fraser Nelson bragged about winning the case, which, as it turns out, he didn’t.

        Perhaps we’ll soon see the Salmond Dream Team of Andrew Neil, Fraser Nelson, Tom Gordon, Stu Campbell, Craig Murray, Chris McEleny, Angus McNeil, Kenny McKaskill, Ruth Davidson, Murdo Fraser, Jackie Baillie and Alex Cole Hamilton signed up.

        George Galloway and Jim Sillars on the substitutes bench.
        Have I missed anyone? Quite a few actually.

  97. yesindyref2 says:

    Just doing my trawl through the likes of Aileen McHarg and destinations hence in my search for Justice, Law and WTF is going on in the world, and that gives me this cracker for a pinned tweet:

    Eamon Keane@EamonPHKeane1
    I fully appreciate that 98% of my tweets are about High Court judgments regarding technical aspects of the Scots law of evidence. I assure you that I am marginally more interesting in real life than this content suggests.

  98. Tam the Bam says:

    Sky News reporting AS will appear before Harassment Committee on Friday.

    • Capella says:

      God willing 🙂

      I just watched an Emergency Statement by the Lord Advocate in Holyrood in response to the oleaginous Jackie Baillie attempting to imply ministerial interference in Crown decisions. LA denied any such interference had happened. Nor was he consulted on the order not to publish Alex Salmond’s incriminatory statement (my translation).

      Tom Arthur asked him how long the office of Lord Advocate has been a member of the Cabinet. It predates the Union and indeed the Union of Crowns i.e. an ancient office of state. All cabinets in the Scottish Parliament since devolution have had the Lord Advocate as a member of the Cabinet. (This question may be to counter twitter rumours that Alex Salmond had stopped this custom but the LA had mysteriously slithered back into government).

      My link was abruptly cut off at that point and the archive version hasn’t been uploaded. May have to pass through various legal sieves before going public.

    • Capella says:

      I just watched an Emergency Statement by the Lord Advocate in Holyrood in response to the oleaginous Jackie Baillie attempting to imply ministerial interference in Crown decisions. LA denied any such interference had happened. Nor was he consulted on the order not to publish Alex Salmond’s incriminatory statement (my translation).

      Tom Arthur asked him how long the office of Lord Advocate has been a member of the Cabinet. It predates the Union and indeed the Union of Crowns i.e. an ancient office of state. All cabinets in the Scottish Parliament since devolution have had the Lord Advocate as a member of the Cabinet. (This question may be to counter twitter rumours that Alex Salmond had stopped this custom but the LA had mysteriously slithered back into government).

      My link was abruptly cut off at that point and the archive version hasn’t been uploaded. May have to pass through various legal sieves before going public.

    • Capella says:

      God willing 🙂

  99. Capella says:

    I just watched an Emergency Statement by the Lord Advocate in Holyrood in response to the oleaginous Jackie Baillie attempting to imply ministerial interference in Crown decisions. LA denied any such interference had happened. Nor was he consulted on the order not to publish Alex Salmond’s incriminatory statement (my translation).

    Tom Arthur asked him how long the office of Lord Advocate has been a member of the Cabinet. It predates the Union and indeed the Union of Crowns i.e. an ancient office of state. All cabinets in the Scottish Parliament since devolution have had the Lord Advocate as a member of the Cabinet. (This question may be to counter twitter rumours that Alex Salmond had stopped this custom but the LA had mysteriously slithered back into government).

  100. Capella says:

    I just watched an Emergency Statement by the Lord Advocate in Holyrood in response to the oleaginous Jackie Baillie attempting to imply ministerial interference in Crown decisions. LA denied any such interference had happened. Nor was he consulted on the order not to publish Alex Salmond’s incriminatory statement (my translation).

  101. Capella says:

    I just watched an Emergency Statement by the Lord Advocate in Holyrood in response to Jackie Baillie’s attempti to imply ministerial interference in Crown Office decisions. LA denied any such interference had happened. Nor was he consulted on the order not to publish Alex Salmond’s statement (my translation).

  102. Capella says:

    I have tried posting a comment several times on the Lord Advocate’s statement in Holyrood but for some reason Akismet won’t post it.

    But the archive is ready so here it is, fingers crossed:

  103. James Mills says:

    Has the Back shift of the Union Unit / WoS not signed in yet ?

    It appears a bit dull on here without all these ex-SNP voters / 100% Yessers who will NEVER vote for the SNP even if it means a perpetual Tory Corruption Gang in Westminster screwing us forever .

    Perhaps they have all found ANOTHER line that they will not cross .?

  104. Tam the Bam says:

    They’re fighting each other like ‘rats in a sack’ over there.
    i’d leave well alone if I were you!

    • “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” – Vladimir Lenin

      The hysterical nonsense of a bunch of muddle aged men on a handful of blogs feeding the Brit Nat Trolls with ‘it’s ok to sexually assault cuties at work’ red meat will not matter one jot to the several millions of Scots who refuse to live in subjugation for a minute longer.

      Salmond will not attend tomorrow, because his lawyer can’t be at his side whispering to the Grating Man to ‘plead the fifth’ every time he is asked a question that would require an answer which would be construed as perjury.

      ‘I refuse to answer that on the grounds that it may incriminate me?’

      He can say anything he likes to his mate Tom Gordon, but not under oath.

      At the eleventh hour his lawyers will pull the plug.

      Can someone photoshop Salmond in to the classic Better Together snap of Baroness Rape Clause, Wee Willie Rennie Lord Darling of Flipper and Johann ‘Scots not genetically programmed’ Lamont grinning widely to the gathered Dead Tree Scrolls and BBC Plantation Quay Brit Nat Lackies?
      Salmond is now on the side of the Linesman Dross. Oh dear.

      He is now being backed by that well known Frenchman and Brexit champion, Monsieur Andrew Neil, and the trundling Trident die hard, Jackie Baillie, who will be gentle with him tomorrow, no doubt, if he turns up.

      “When did Sturgeon stop beating her husband?’ may be 7 times electoral reject Murdo Fraser’s opening question to the Grating Man.
      He won’t show.

      • jfngw says:

        More interesting is the self declared ‘feminist’ women who seem to think it is acceptable to hair twiddle, invite a woman to the bedroom, feed them with drink before having a cuddle. They are incandescent with rage about men in women spaces but a 1970’s manager as FM is A OK.

      • John Baird says:

        Whoever is at fault in this it matters not one jot! The infighting and gleeful coverage of it by the media should ensure that Scotland fails to get an independence majority in the Scottish parliament! Who would have thought that Alex and Nicola would work together so well together to ensure that Scotland remains in this utterly disastrous and detrimental union! It is sadly true that we are doing that oh so Scottish trait of snatching inglorious defeat from the jaws of victory! Truly impressed not with the utter stupidity of those advocating not voting SNP because they don’t like one of their policies or who leads them! Who cares independence is the only thing that matters as without that we can do nothing!! Such a huge betrayal of those who fought all their lives for this chance and it will not come again the English government will ensure that!

        • grizebard says:

          I think you’ll find that Nicola is working well – at doing the day job. Her only “fault” was to refuse to engage in a sordid cover-up, for which she is never to be forgiven by a BritNat campaign frantically looking for more they will never find, because it just ain’t there.

        • Tam the Bam says:


      • grizebard says:

        Are bets being laid over the possible show/no-show?

        It’s beginning to remind me of the legendary “No-show” Jones, but George – may he rest in peace – at least had a wonderful singing voice when he did show up.

    • Alec Lomax says:

      For his own sake, I hope the Rev doesn’t have high blood pressure.

      • Tam the Bam says:

        Well if you consider he has ‘ramped’ up his output to 3 sometimes 4 articles per day recently…I think it fair to assume he views the outcome of the Salmond/Sturgeon controversy as the ‘end game’.
        Not just for either of the combatants….but for Wings itself.His narcissism is so on a Trumpian level that he cant deal with being ‘wrong.’…he simply couldnt.
        So folks.. dont forget to tune into the next episode of….”Egg all over my Coupon”….be there….or be square.

        • grizebard says:

          Him, the Tories and the media too. (With Labour mostly keeping head down to avoid being sullied by the flying wotsit.) Because they all well know the price of failure: après ça, le déluge… And it can’t come too soon.

          (I’ll defer to stout souls like you to report back on the developing mania in Bathistan. I don’t want to add to the stats and even a flying visit leaves me feeling soiled.)

          • Tam the Bam says:

            Nobody enters Bathistan and comes out the other side ‘unimpaired’ Grizebaird.
            Its my duty.
            I seek the truth…thats all.

  105. Dr Jim says:

    Nicola Sturgeon controls Utube in latest bombshell accusation by supporters of former FM

    Baroness Bullshit Davidson in Holyrood is broken claim as she speaks in defence of former FM
    Andrew Neill is horrified at Holyrood goings on as he speaks in defence of former FM
    George Galloway finds it impossible to comprehend as he speaks in defence of former FM

    So Andrew Marr’s turn on Sunday then to be outraged on behalf of poor Mr Salmond

    Remember when all of these people used to scream at us through our TV screens, not so long ago every one of these people said you couldn’t believe a word that came out of Alex Salmond’s mouth, all of a sudden now they’re his number one allies, Really? I mean really? of course Independence by Nicola Sturgeon must be stopped, how do they do it? let me think

    I just can’t do that last button up at the back of my head

    • Tam the Bam says:

      …..and a Gold Star for Dr Jim.
      (you can have sweetie now but mind and brush yer teeth before bedtime).

      • Johnny come lately says:

        Johnny come lately says:
        March 8, 2021 at 3:13 pm
        I really wish people would stop referring to this as the Salmond v Sturgeon feud.
        This is an enquiry led by The Scottish Parliament into why The SG pressed ahead with an illegal enquiry which they new to be illegal.
        Alex Salmond is only one of many witnesses called.
        No feud here, nothing to see, please move along folks!

  106. jfngw says:

    This is from the MSM Monitor twitter feed and after watching tonight’s Rep Scot there is no doubt about it:

    We said some time ago that the BBC in Scotland will either destroy itself or destroy the SNP/Indy movement.

    We think it’s worse than that. The broadcaster will destroy Scotland’s parliament if that’s what’s needed to save the ‘Union’.

    • Legerwood says:

      And Mr Salmond appears to be a willing helper in this endeavour. His will attend/wont attend and the conditions he attaches to his will attend/wont attend behaviour does suggest that it is not just Ms Sturgeon he seeks to damage but the Parliament itself.

      It also has to be said that the Committee investigating this matter have shown themselves to be particularly inept in their conduct of the proceedings.

      • Tam the Bam says:

        Any given committee whether in Holyrood/Wastemonster is comprised of MP’s/MSP’s and as a rule….it works.
        However..given the potential outcome of this enquiry (inquiry?) …normal rules have been abandoned and has now become overtly party political and that has to be a disappointment (euphemism).

    • Clydebuilt says:


      “We think it’s worse than that. The broadcaster will destroy Scotland’s parliament if that’s what’s needed to save the ‘Union”

      With a lot of help from Civil servants’ Unionist Politicians and the Crown Office.

      But don’t panic, it aint destroyed yet, the BBC is a busted flush, dwindling audience, never ending lies and negativity, people are fed up with this. A growing number of Scots are wise to it’s game.

      • Golfnut says:

        Can’t really get my round why AS is doing all this, Marr, Neill, Galloway, the BBC, every newspaper, all of them frothing and salivating pre, during and post trial. The outrage that he was found innocent. Baying for blood , Nicola and the SNP were done, finished. Indy was dead in the water. Why would AS side with people and organisations that were hell bent on his destruction and through him the SNP. We know where this comes from, westminster aren’t new to this game, better if this whole sorry episode was seen to come from inside the Scottish government, this is westminsters game plan, which fell apart at the first hurdle, AS must know this, is AS playing these bastards at their own game.

        • Eilidh says:

          Sadly he only cares about revenge against the current FM. I have absolutely no respect left for the man.If he refuses to appear before the committee on Friday then that should be it for him. Nicola must be allowed to appear next week to give her evidence. She has a job to do her scheduled appearance has had to be rearranged several times because of AS. Enough of the prevarication!!!.

        • Clydebuilt says:

          Have they got something on him? . . . . . . . . . MacAskill on ch 4 said Indy must be based on solid foundations, quoted case of Irish MP Parnell, whose fall from grace didn’t stop Ireland becoming independent. MacAskill didn’t point out that independence took around 40 years to arrive.
          Is this acceptable to Salmond and his men.

          It took a pandemic to allow our FM to demonstrate her and her governments capability earning public approval.
          IMHO if Salmond and his supporters are prepared to damage the SNP at this moment they do not care for the future wellbeing of Scotland’s people.

          • grizebard says:

            I thought one of their miscellany of beliefs was that “Sturgeon is too slow”, so using an (unmentioned) 40-year delay as an example of how they want to proceed is hardly coherent thinking. But that’s Trumpian tactics for you. Do an outrageous logical backflip and hope no-one notices.

  107. Hamish100 says:

    Whoever is advising Salmond is providing bad advice. If only his wife had told him that now he was found not guilty now sit quietly at home and write his memoirs. Let the parliamentary enquiry take its course but don’t undermine your position by allowing troublemakers to latch onto you. Support the independence movement when required but recognise the world has moved on. It always does.

    • Potter says:

      Salmonds ego is bigger then Indy, it would seem.

      • Statgeek says:

        There’s a lot egos in play here. Salmond, the media, Boris, and even that guy that thinks his blog is bigger than the Indy movement.

        They should all wind their necks in. The panic on all sides is real. I’m sitting and watching and taking note of who screws Scotland over.

  108. Arthur Thomson says:

    Well, we are very soon to find out whether a majority of Scots want Scotland to be independent. I don’t mean Scots who think they might want it, I mean adult Scots who have actually made that commitment to themselves. If there isn’t a solid majority now we are better to find out. Independence is not for the faint hearted. Those who genuinely support it will wave away the Brits tacky conspiracy melodrama.

    I thought better of AS. A shame in more ways than one.

  109. Dr Jim says:

    Maybe when the majority of Scotland finds out that Andrew Neill’s Spectator is paying the bills for the battle against Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish parliament they’ll realise the simplicity of what’s going on
    The only way Westminster wins is to destroy the FM, but you know what, I have a feeling she’s prepared for this, and also to be remembered our young folks who now support Independence and have the vote didn’t even know or care who Alex Salmond was or is because way back in the ancient history of 2014 they were too young to be involved, all they know is Nicola Sturgeon

    My twin granddaughters just became 18 and all they remember of Alex Salmond is that man who stood next to Nicola, so to them she is Independence, that man is somebody from ages ago

    • Legerwood says:

      And now the Daily Mail seems to have weighed in.

    • grizebard says:

      Actually, I’m beginning to wonder if all these last-gasp BritNat-friendly (social and conventional) media attacks on Nicola in the name of a retired male politician with a demonstrated insufficiency of reserve around women colleagues and an apparent total absence of self-awareness about it, isn’t backfiring spectacularly with the vast majority of women voters, who can well see for themselves where the real fault lies, as Nicola very diplomatically hinted-at today.

    • Tam the Bam says:

      Irrespective of the outcome of this ‘bourach’ Dr Jim.
      Alex Salmond should be respected as the first Scottish politician that took us to ‘within a whisker’ of Independence.

      I neither support the denigration of Alex Salmond or our First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

      I think we would be well placed to ‘bide oor time’….the truth will out.

  110. Hamish100 says:

    Dr Jim- you must have been a child bride for you 18 grandchildren. In your 40’s? Lol

  111. Hamish100 says:

    18 year old not 18 grandchildren

    • Dr Jim says:

      I’ve got a great grandchild as well, I’m like Mr Spock I might live forever (no pointy ears) I’m so old, well that’s what the kids keep telling me but I can still run faster than the lot of them, todays kids eh what can you do, never climbed a tree, a hill, swam in a canal, camped in tents in a field, chased a cow for fun, not PC to do nowadays of course

      If they can’t phone it up and eat it or play it on the xBox then it doesn’t exist

  112. Glasgow Gowan says:

    Ken, you asked which top ranking official will sue.

    The Lord Advocate to start with. Scotland’s most senior legal person I believe.

    Salmond has claimed that he is not fit for the purpose.

    Craig Murray has called him utterly corrupt in his public blog.

    I don’t think he would let them get away with defaming him without taking them to court.

    As you say, Nicola behaved honourably and told the truth.

    Why is the committee not giving her the opportunity to have her say ASAP?

    Probably being delayed by the unionists led by Baillie. Baillie is also trying to slur the Lord Advocate to damage Nicola.

    Forget about Salmond. Let Nicola tell the truth to the committee.

    There is no doubt at all that Nicola will be cleared of any wrong doing.

    But she is under a lot of pressure which could damage her health.

    If she falls ill or gets COVID and is unable to appear before the committe, her opponents will continue to make unproven allegations against her all the way to the election.

    • grizebard says:

      I think part of this is certainly an attempt to directly demoralise her. But I reckon she’s made of sterner stuff. The toll will likely only show after this is all over.

    • Gordon says:

      The women did not want the case to go to Court. The Police did not want the case to go to Court. The Lord Advocate took it forward because unelected Lesley Evans demanded it, without authority.

      Crown agent/Lord Advocate abused the legal system. Abused woman’s rights and overruled their rights, opinions and decisions. The women were not heard. They were used as scape goats for political manipulation. Collateral damage.

  113. Glasgow Gowan says:

    Dr Jim, to the present generation, Salmond is yesterday’s man, but we cannot rewrite history.

    He led the SNP to power with an unimaginable absolute majority and delivered the promised independence referendum.

    Like it or not, he was a hero of the independence movement to me and you and to many independence supporters.

    It is a mystery how a Scottish jury found him not guilty or not proven of the charges against him.

    It is also a mystery why an appeal was not launched.

    At least give Nicola the opportunity to set the record straight before the committee.

    As Nicola has said, he has no evidence.

    And when it comes to her word against his, the majority of independence supporters will believe her.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Not a hero of mine I’m afraid, I liked him fine and thought he was the man up until the campaign began then just got angry with him at allowing Westminster David Cameron and the BBC to run and schedule the entire campaign to their timetable, it was supposed to be Scotland’s referendum but it wasn’t, it was England’s referendum held in Scotland and against all UN guidelines on non interference by the country or Union being seceded from

      Scotland was subjected to everybody and his dog’s interference

      • Tam the Bam says:

        Preventing David Cameron and the BBC doing what they did..Dr Jim..was neither in Alex Salmonds ability/competence………do you really think that had it been otherwise he wouldnt have intervened?
        Of course he would….lets try and keep things in perspective folks.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      Glasgow Cowan: It is not a mystery “how a Scottish jury found him not guilty or not proven of the charges against him”.

      It was the result of listening to all the evidence and witness statements by a mainly female jury over a number of days and their resulting determination.

      He was found Not Proven on one count only. End of..

  114. Eilidh says:


    Hope link above works but looks like more committee shenanigans
    Does anyone know where Alex Salmonds redacted evidence is on Scottish Parliament website because I can’t find it

    • Tam the Bam says:

      Hope link?……what on earth are you talking about Eilidh?

      • Tam the Bam says:

        ok…I get it.

      • Eilidh says:

        I was referring to html link to the article in The National which is just above part of my original post you mentioned but I wrote that post more like a text message. I have been working on computer a lot today so am tired and rationing words I actually manage to type 🥺

    • grizebard says:

      A Holyrood committee can “order” what it pleases, but it can’t cause anyone to breach a High Court order, that would itself be in contempt. If it really wants “forbidden fruit”, it has to go to court and seek a reversal of judgement. That’s what the rule of law means. Otherwise it’s just pathetic political posturing. (Of which we’ve already had more than enough from BritNattery in this business)

      And if what they are trying to achieve is to expose the identities of the “alphabet women” just to pander to Salmond’s wish for revenge, they likely can go whistle.

  115. Legerwood says:

    Good article on Newsnet site containing sound advice


  116. Dr Jim says:

    Jason Leitch now being trolled by the stupid squad, they’re determined to attack every person they can even if they have nothing to do with politics, full on Donald Trump tactics from the British state and the loonies who’re falling for this

    • Tam the Bam says:

      Correct Dr Jim…as I predicted a few months ago….to the extent that:
      Former SNP MP’s MSP#s would ‘come out the woodwork’….as predicted (yes I know I’m repeating myself…) and attack Nicola….and now ..with the the help of the ‘ever so obliging’ broadcast and printed media its ….a’full on attack agin the SNP and Independence itself’……we shouldnt be surprised.
      BE UP FOR IT!!!

  117. Capella says:

    @ Legerwood – agree, this is a good article from Newsnet and a timely warning:

    The Scottish Parliament election period begins on 25th March, just 4 weeks away. We have just days to get our collective act together. Whatever it takes, Evo Stik or Gorilla Glue, there is no more time or we lose this last chance for Scotland to become an independent country.


    • Eilidh says:

      I agree that was a very good article. I have just finished reading the redacted Alex Salmond evidence to the committee. Not exactly thrilling reading. No silver bullet or evidence of a conspiracy to be seen just a lot of jumping to conclusions, rumour and speculation.

      • Elmac says:

        That’s the whole point. Maybe you should have read the unredacted one.

        • grizebard says:

          Oh, hello. It’s been a couple of threads since you were never going to endure having to appear here again, but back you pop anyway with the same old theme. Did WaS just get too boringly quiet for you..?

        • Eilidh says:

          Point me to a link where that can be found. Quite happy to read it but not on Sh*te Over Scotland as I don’t read blogs writtrn by mysoginist morons

      • Tam the Bam says:

        its the Geoff Aberdein meeting we need to know about Eilidh….for truth.

        • Eilidh says:

          Yep but the whole thing was on the Parliament website for hours before it was redacted so where is the smoking gun.I still find it weird that AS sent his flunky to see NS first re the allegations. I am sure he had her personal mobile phone number to arrange meeting with her directly so why send your Chief of Staff

          • Legerwood says:

            Re the Aberdein meeting. I put a link further up this thread to the testimony John Somers, Principal Private Secretary(?) to Ms Sturgeon, gave to the Committee. In it he is asked about the meeting. Worth watching.

            From what he said Mr Aberdein was in Parliament to meet someone else and asked if he could see the FM.

          • Capella says:

            Geoff Aberdein and Liz Lloyd were old colleagues. They were both special advisors to Alex Salmond during the Indyref1 campaign. They carried on meeting long after Alex Salmond resigned as FM. AS mentions both in his book “The Dream Shall Never Die”.

            Geoff Aberdein was often in Parliament to meet his ex colleague. Obviously it was her he went to meet that day and then mentioned to NS that she should speak to AS. No great mystery or “lie” involved IMO.

    • Old Pete says:

      Excellent article and worth reading. Alex allied to Andrew Neil and the Spectator both of which hate the SNP and any thought of Scottish Independence. Alex has gone from hero to zero in my opinion and “Shite over Scotland ” from Bathman is even worse.

  118. malkymcblain says:

    Just a wee reminder to all independence supporters in Scotland. This is who you should be focusing your ire on instead of ripping strips of each other. MI5 have certainly done their work ‘well’ in the Indy blogosphere. It is quite apparent that divide and conquer is paying dividends for the britnats. That some cannot see how they have been played is astounding. Johnathan Pie knows who you should be pissed off with and it’s not the SNP. Watch

    • JohnD says:

      Don’t think anyone who’s been paying attention should be in any doubt who and what have their hand in this .
      This cluster fudge has actors in all camps in my opinion.

      OT Pie helped a friend’s Son last year with a group of good guy comedians to raise the money the nhs don’t/ won’t/can’t supply for his wheelchair.

  119. Hamish100 says:

    Good stuff- need some humour.

    Who could believe in 2014 that Jackie Baillie, Wings, Davidson, The Spectator, Andrew Neil, Murdock Fraser, MacCaskill,McEleny, salmond would be United. That’s not humour, that’s a tragedy.

    Still snp 1 & 2 for me. No intention of being run by tories / labour cartel. Referendum by Autumn. Only if you vote for Independence parties will you get it.

    Are you a unionist or a Scots patriot? Time to choose.

  120. Capella says:

    Sneaking in two of my all time greats in alt country music. Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris singing “Till I Can Gain Control Again”. Classic. Also a handy reminder that we will rise above all the dross being flung at the independence movement atm, even from those we thought were allies.


  121. Capella says:

    We will rise above all the dross being flung at the independence movement atm, even from those we thought were allies.


    • Tam the Bam says:

      Therein lies the problem Capella…I think I can identify a genuine supporter of Scottish Independence…..but I defy you (or any sane minded individual) to visit the Valley of Bathistan and come back here and say..’ well it was interesting but………..’
      Oh please….

      Listen up…..that guy has reached the point of NO return…that is why he is pumping out 4 threadbare topics per day…..its his zenith…or his nadir…..and I just dont think he can handle eggs!

    • Sublime, Capella. Emmylou Harris and Willie Nelson pickin’ his battered ol’ guitar.
      There must be a god after all.

  122. Thanks, Capella.
    Just like sun over the mountain top, you know I’ll always come again.’
    Emmylou Harris and Willie Nelson pickin’ his guitar…there surely is a god somewhere up there.

  123. Thanks, Capella.
    Just like sun over the mountain top, you know I’ll always come again.’
    Emmylou Harris and Willie Nelson pickin’ his guitar…there surely is a god somewhere up there.

  124. Tam the Bam says:

    ……and whats more…I’m going back under my duvet….had enough…..will contact Dr Jim when he considers its time for me to come out of Indy hibernation.

    • Capella says:

      My view is that a lot of the people driven by daily doses of conspiracy theory are actually suffering from depression. The excitement of feeling part of a cause and getting wee adrenalin shots every day suppresses the numbing effects of a long lockdown under Covid and lack of an official Indyref2 campaign. MSM amplifies that to attack the SNP, NS and now Holyrood and the Crown Office as well.

      I find jigsaws helpful. 🙂

  125. Dr Jim says:

    Kenny Farquarson in the Times lays it out in graphic detail about Alex Salmond’s new role as Panto villain in search of revenge on the woman who is actually serious about Scottish Independence and why the British state are terrified of Nicola Sturgeon because they know she means it

    “I don’t want to JUST HOLD a referendum I want to win one” those are the words of Nicola Sturgeon, now why would she have felt the need to put it like that

  126. Petra says:

    Martin Keatings:- ”Because things are never as they seem. One has to ask if this entire NS/AS situation is actually a product of the crown to pit the yes movement against each other while also trying to take out both NS and AS, which when united in 2014 were a force to be reckoned with. Thread” https://mobile.twitter.com/MartinJKeatings/status/1364343684922290177


    James Kelly:- ”Given the civil service involvement, I don’t find it inherently implausible that this whole thing is a set-up by the British state. But even if it is, it wouldn’t have worked unless the SNP leadership had behaved very foolishly.” https://mobile.twitter.com/JamesKelly/status/1364231252862259201

    • Golfnut says:

      Nice to see you back Petra.
      I’ve never doubted that this is being orchestrated by the British state. I see the the union directorate is being disbanded, having cost north of a £1 million already, to be replaced by a cabinet post or something. I don’t think it was ever more than a front anyway to disguise the real involvement of the 77 brigade, MI5 and the likes of Cambridge Analytica. Dark money will be flooding into Scotland and the campaign doesn’t even start officially until the 25th of March. Surprised AS is allowing himself to be used like this, but Nicola has iron in her soul, we will win this.

      • Petra says:

        Thanks Golfnut. Good to be back 😉.

        ”I’ve never doubted that this is being orchestrated by the British state.” Me neither.

  127. Petra says:

    ‘New border control post at Cairnryan.’



    ”Quite funny that while Scot Sec of State Alister Jack opposes any hint of a formal Scottish border he’s getting one right in his own constituency of his own government’s making.” https://mobile.twitter.com/Torcuil/status/1364617439133261832

  128. Petra says:

    Here we go! Get rid of Holyrood for being corrupt from one of the most corrupt politicians in the UK 🙄.

    C’mon Alex get this sorted out without bringing Nicola Sturgeon, our Parliament and our dream of a free Scotland down on us like a ton of bricks. You’re no daft. Far from it. Call their bluff ASAP and then get behind the movement in the most public of ways. SNP x 2.

    ‘Liam Fox — a man whom the intelligence services of a NATO ally this month admitted had allowed his email to be hacked by hostile actors while he was Secretary of State, putting commercially sensitive trade documents into the public domain — taking @scotgov
    to task? No danger pal.” https://mobile.twitter.com/nealrstewart/status/1364622757472911367


    ‘Three milestones keeping Scotland on the road to independence.’


  129. Petra says:




    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


  130. Petra says:

    If at first you don’t succeed …… 😀.

    ‘Boris Johnson’s Union Unit to be replaced with new Cabinet Committee.’



    ‘Lesley Riddoch: The Salmond vs Sturgeon battle is lose-lose … but the party can be fixed.’


  131. Clydebuilt says:

    As Vs Ns

    BBC’s radio based in Scotland. Drive Time

    Interview. Andy MacIver. And Ruth Wishart. The National journalist saw the AS Vs NS goings on as more damaging for the SNP and Independence than the ex Tory advise
    She did nothing to help the SNP or Indy.

  132. Clydebuilt says:

    Covid. A caller on call Kaye (shielder) who has had the jag says she has recieved a letter from NHS advising her to get a postal vote.

  133. andyfromdunning says:

    I feel we need to create a new blog called ‘Duggers Chat room’ for all comments and opinions not directly related to the topic Paul had written. A bit like a message board.

    I am not against any off topic comments as you learn a lot and sometimes have a laugh but they do make it difficult to read those comments related to the topic written by Paul without scanning through masses of other stuff.

  134. stewartb says:

    Someone earlier in this long thread gave a link to the Harassment Enquiry session on 1 December when the Committee interviewed John Somer and asked him, among other things, about the FM’s meeting with Mr Aberdein. I watched it and was concerned by the nature of this minor interchange. What follows is from the pubic record.

    Jackie Baillie: Do you know where the meeting was held?

    John Somers: According to the First Minister’s note, it was in Parliament.

    Jackie Baillie: Was it in her office, or in a meeting room?

    John Somers: I WAS NOT THERE, so I CANNOT SAY DEFINITIVELY. I IMAGINE that it would have been in her office. (MY EMPHASIS)

    Jackie Baillie: OKAY; SO IT WAS IN HER OFFICE. Did somebody collect Mr Aberdein from reception?

    From a speculation from a witness to a certainty taken by a Committee member.

    I haven’t watched or read much of the Committee’s proceedings but hopefully this snapshot is not in any way typical. Because if so I despair. Please reassure me!

    • Eilidh says:

      I think it is typical of Jackie Baillie who clearly has a vivid imagination but crap comprehension skills re what John Somers actually said

    • Petra says:

      I picked upon that one too Stewart as no doubt did others. Baillie commonly known for being sleekit.

  135. fionamacinnes says:

    Thank goodness for your sense as always Paul. I’ve not managed to read all the comments but have seen sense from @Petra @Grizebeard among others.

    What I will say is that political strategy can never be fixed. It must second guess where it can and also react to unexpected events.You can never have a perfect fixed strategy – its has to bend and alter. The first big unexpected event was the Brexit vote which under predicted events of the normal Westminster election 4 year (supposedly fixed term parliament) NS could have been fairly confident that that term would sustain and could make a strategic announcement on indy only for her to be wrong footed in that by Teresa May’s snap election.( costly for parties that dont have big donors too)
    That 1st WM election meant that the scenario changed. There then ensued a long and painful learning process for the electorate where it was demonstrated to them what the nature of the Westminster Parliament actually was. All the while still no polls for indy changing in Scotland but slow realisation happening among the populace on the nature of the Tories and the unfitness of the UK parliament. Bring on Jonson and things go up a level. SNP return MPS but the narrative is Brexit with the MSM and tories eager to rant about ‘banging on about indy’ – and within a narrative completely dominated by WM. Within that narrative Scot govt were relegated to players in the Brexit scenario and their only strategic tactic to attempt to mitigate it – to avoid drawing attention to then difficult issues like hard Scottish borders – Strategically this was always going to be a long political haul and transpired to be so as the transition period played out to the end. ‘Parking’ indy till the nature of the Brexit deal was known therefor was the only course and had to be held to as the final shape of the Brexit agreement took the full 2 years – to act on indy within that time would have been foolhardy – many Brexit loyal were still thinking it would play out well – only in January did the betrayal and reality become real for many.
    Clearly this invoked impatience for those who already knew all of this and were desperate for others to catch up.
    But you cannot force others to change their minds – pennies drop at different times for different folk and with Covid 19 the political realities of the UK have become even more glaringly enlarged for yet another cohort of the populace who do not eat and sleep politics but like everyone are worried about their health and the health of their loved ones.
    That Scotland cant take unilateral decision to protect its population’s health is the biggest learning advance to happen to the greatest number of people. It gets to the nub of what independence actually means in terms of decision making.
    The perfect storm of realisation from Brexit and Covid in the minds of the electorate will not shift easily because once learnt those realities are embedded, they are different from the oft fleeting whims of normal electoral voting.
    That is why Westminster is absolutely desperate.

    All they have left is voter suppression and that is exactly what is happening now.

    There will be competing strategic views but these must not damage the big picture which is that if trust in voting is eroded and such confusion sewn (deliberately by malicious eggers on) such that an SNP majority is put in jeopardy in May then its not so much about waiting for indy but giving up on indy.

    Policy making is always in flux – the whole point is that policy comes goes, is taken on board, reshaped, argued over,dumped,new stuff brought back. May’s election fixes nothing in terms of domestic policy for the next 20 years – it will fix indy if folk dont vote SNP.

    I’d suggest we all check our ‘Orwell speak’.

    Sorry didnt mean to write and essay

    • Legerwood says:

      It is a very good essay and a very good analysis of the effect of Brexit and Covid on awakening the people of Scotland to the reality of this Union and Scotland’s place in it.

      • fionamacinnes says:

        Thanks -like many I am having to grip the rudder firmly – just hope there’s enough of us!

    • Lovely piece, fiona.

      A bright blue streak peeking through the dark clouds. Les culottes de gendarme.

      Thank you.
      More please.

      • fionamacinnes says:

        Thankyou – we must ensure very recent political history is not forgotten – more has happened in a short time than might do in several parliamentary terms!

      • My trusted Roof Man is calling today to repair the leak following the torrents of rain of the past few days.
        The old adage applies of course.
        The rain will search out the next weakest spot.
        Once time and public curiosity dries up the drip drip drip of the Salmond Sex Scandal, the Iron Heel Oligarchy’s Dark Team will search out the next hole in our defences.

        Joe and Josephine Public aren’t following this drawn out saga.
        But Glenn Campbell gets to sit down with Murdo of Jackie and allows them to scream about corruption and demands for Nikla to resign in disgrace.
        When the SGE Campaign proper starts, then the Brit Nat Better Together Coalition will fall apart.
        They’ll need to campaign on ‘real issues’, like Education, Law and Order Health.
        The Linesman Dross will be pressed on his Blue Tory Fascist cuts, Monica (oh please let it be so) will stand on her record as ..a List MSP doing precious little since she arrived (oh yes, Free sanitary products…) and Willie Rennie will bang on about the mental health of children 320,000 of whom have suffered because of his Lib Dem love of being silent and collaborating with Blue Tory England for the past 11 years.
        That’s when we go for the jugular; talking about the real world of the people, Health, jobs, state benefits, pensions, Law and Order, and subjugation by the Red Blue and Yellow Branch Managers’ bosses in England.
        No more placing basins jugs and soup bowls on the floor to catch the drips.
        We go Tonto and rip out their Colonial lungs.

    • Petra says:

      Spot on Fiona. Well said.

  136. Ken says:

    Nicola did nothing wrong. Alex Salmond did nothing wrong of criminal intent. Time to move on. Get the ‘Inquiry’ over and done with. Just a waste of time and money.

    It will put up support for the SNP/Independent. Everyone is fed up of the ‘Inquiry’, nonsense. They can see right through it. Another own goal by the unionists. It will increase support for the SNP/Independence.

    The unionist charlatans being exposed for what they are. Absolutely useless. Incompetent The one’s involved will be shown up at the court of public opinion. People will support their Parliament. Give a massive boast. Show their support at the Ballot Box. The unionists are on a loser. Again.

    Get the show on the road. Get the band back together. For a massive SNP/Independence win at the next election.

  137. Ken says:

    Nicola still has a great career. So does Alex. Consummate professionals in everything they do. Talented and enthusiastic above the rest. Simple the best. Head and shoulders above the rest.

    Get the ‘Inquiry’ over. People are sick of it. G’ies peace for goodness sake. Get on with it. Piece of stuff and nonsense. There are much more important things to be worrying about. Pandemic. Brexit mess. Unionist demise. An important election coming up. Spring time ahead. Summer’s coming.

  138. Old Pete says:

    Totally agree with you Tom. Alex should say his piece then Nicola can rap it up.
    Virtually all the Media and Unionist politicians are attempting to destroy Holyrood and the Scottish government, they have nothing else. Still saddened that Alex has used Andrew Neil and the Spectator to push his case.

    Onwards and upwards SNP 1 and 2, it’s the only way we have any chance of gaining our Independence. SNP need to get 50%+ in the constituency vote to have a strong hand to insure we gain our referendum to regain our Independence.

  139. Old Pete says:

    Sorry Ken not Tom ?

  140. Glasgow Gowan says:

    Stephen, I think it is a mystery because Nicola said that not guilty or not proven didn’t mean the complainers were lying.

    Nicola believes the complainers, unlike the jury.

    She has waited very patiently and will set the record straight as soon as she is given a chance by the committee.

    • grizebard says:

      That’s perhaps just a tad too strong, GG. What she said was that the complainers had a right to be heard, and their complaints should not be “swept under the carpet” because they were made against a powerful man. She was not willing to be drawn into any cover-up.

      And that simple human consideration has earned her the immoderate enmity of her predecessor and since launched many a fancy balloon filled with nothing more than hot air.

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