The big move

The big move is finally happening. On Friday 29 January we need to vacate this flat. For various reasons I won’t bore you with we probably won’t get access to the new house in South Ayrshire until the following week. In the interim all our stuff will be going into storage and Peter and I are going to stay in a friend’s flat near Balloch until we get access to the new place.

Right now we need to finish packing and everything here in the flat is pretty chaotic as you might imagine, all the more so since I am still quite far from operating on all cylinders. I am currently at that stage in the house moving process when I remember why it is that every time I move house I swear that I’m never going to do it again.

When we do get into the new place we will have to unpack and get ourselves settled and it is likely to take a wee while until we can get broadband connected.

Given everything that’s going on there won’t be any updates to the blog for the next couple of weeks. But you can rest assured that normal blogging service will be resumed as soon as possible. I have no doubt that in the meantime you’re all more than capable of keeping yourselves amused in the comments section. However please don’t indulge in petty name calling,don’t subject others you disagree with to personal insults, and always remember the golden rule of commenting on this blog – if your comment is not going to help persuade a soft no voter or an undecided of the need for Scottish independence, then please think again about whether you really need to make it.

I’ll be back in a few weeks, coming to you from South Ayrshire!

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1,733 comments on “The big move

  1. I wish you both a very happy and safe removal and great good fortune in your new home!

  2. Martin Pike says:

    Best of luck with the move and also with your ongoing recovery x

  3. Leslie English says:

    Good luck with the move and don’t overdo it

  4. Marion Scott says:

    Hope the flitting goes smoothly and that you enjoy your new home when you move in. Try not to overdo things and exhaust yourself………easier said than done.

  5. Wilma Watts says:

    Wishing you all the best and please remember not to exhaust yourself.
    🤗 We might soon be close neighbours.

  6. Maggie Noakes says:

    All the best for the flitting.Every time I move I say “the next time I leave this place is in a coffin”.Never works !

  7. May your flit be no more traumatic than strictly necessary! All the best.

  8. I can only imagine the waves of conflicting emotions which will flow through you as you close the door of your flat for the last time, Paul.
    Keep safe, and get well.
    A bummer of a time to be hitting Balloch. Some of the finest restaurants and chippies West of the Pecos…and locked down..

    Talk to you soon.

  9. Ann Christie says:

    Best of luck with the move Paul. Don’t stand when you can sit & don’t sit when you can lie down. Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do and stress will affect you quickly. So rest plenty & take care of yourself.

  10. Bob Lamont says:

    Ooft, a holiday away for a week in Balloch, in January, during a lockdown ? FFS…
    Helluva time for a flitt but sure you’ll both get there and have everything exactly where you want it by Easter
    2022 probably…
    Best of luck, will hear from you down the line when “normal” service resumes…

  11. Margaret Lear says:

    Enjoy your new home. We lived on the beach at Culzean when we moved to Scotland 31 years ago. Views across to Arran, Kintyre and even Ireland are fabulous. (When you can see them, that is!)

  12. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a now 60+ Female and commented:
    Wishing you lots of luck with the packing, moves, and unpacking. I agree with your ‘never again’ sentiment!

  13. bettybiscuit says:

    Hi Paul:)) I haven’t commented before but I love reading your blogs and I’m very appreciative of all your work in support of Indy.
    I hope that you and your husband are very happy in your new home, that the flit isn’t too traumatic and that you enjoy the highlife in locked down Balloch!😉
    I had a minor stroke seven years ago and I just wanted to say that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Please take good care – and don’t go overdoing things!

  14. Leslie Morrison says:

    Congratulations to you Dug – we owe you a fortune and will make sure you ate safe and well.

  15. David Brackenbury says:

    Bon Voyage!

  16. Sharon Trish says:

    Wish we’d have had a “week in Balloch” in between, with just the bare essentials – a breathing space – before the weeks and weeks (I was warned!) of “where did I put the fecking thing?!” It takes a year to really move in so we’ll understand the unusual sweariness. Thoughts are with you two.

  17. yesindyref2 says:

    Good walks in Balloch and a drivethru Macdonalds, what more do you want?

    Travel for moving house is totally permitted. “Property moves while measures to fight COVID-19 apply
    You are allowed to move home”

    Suggest printing off a copy of that page(s) and carrying with you for the polis in case they don’t know.

  18. jfngw says:

    If you have no broadband does that indicate you will be relying on the BBC and the D.Ross daily briefing to keep up to date, we’ll be looking out for indoctrination, there is no BBC vaccine currently available.

    • I just watched the Dross and Graham Stewart show.
      The format is well established now. Stewart sits like a leg of lamb and Dross spouts reams of SNP BAD stuff.

      The SNP are holding back millions that should be going to businesses, the BMA and GP’s are demanding that the red tape be cut and the SNP are vaccinating less than in England Wales and Norn Irn, and the regions of England….I could go on.

      Stewart sits like the paid lackey he is and lets Dross. who wears the self satisfied smirk of a man who knows that he can say what he likes and BBC Plantation Quay will let him, and lie and lie again, while over on the Poundland BBC Scotland Channel, our democratically elected FM is informing the nation, and answering Q’s from 20 Hostiles, the Brit Pack.

      BBC Scotland consigns our democratically elected Government’s Public Health broadcasts to the wee channel, and allows the Blue Red and Yellow Tories unfettered and unchallenged access to the ‘main’ BBC channel, to lie lie and lie again, and corrupt and hamper the Fight against the virus by churning out a load of lies about Scotland’s vaccination programme.

      No other country would put up with this 1984 garbage.

      Graham Stewart even had a long chat to a London epidemiologist on lockdown, schools opening and vaccination roll out, in England…which has absolutely nothing to do with the situation in Scotland, but presented as ‘The Government’ woes and mistakes which Stewart describes as Scotland’s woes and mistakes.
      Dross is adamant that he will not close the borders. He might have to run the line at a EUFA game on the continent after all.

      What a farce of a little Brit Nat propaganda show Stewart and Bews front, which is deemed more important than the Scottish Government live Covid Update, because people dying, getting ill and our hospitals stretched to capacity are less newsworthy than a Big Brother Propaganda daily Ministry of Truth broadcast of lies distortions, and downright subversion.

      I nearly forgot, Rhoda Grant was on, wanting all those ’empty buildings’ opened and teachers and pupils housed there, rather than in our schools.

      I pay for this malicious evil propaganda.
      Not for much longer. we shall not forget this come independence You are killing Scottish citizens to keep Scotland a colonial subjugated territory of your beloved England.
      We shall never forget.

  19. Jess Mitchell says:

    Best of luck to both of you. Moving house is traumatic. I’ve done it so often that I thought I was an expert but I’ve discovered that the older you are the worse it gets, especially if you’re downsizing and getting rid of stuff as well as moving. A rest in between the moving ou tand moving in is a very good idea. Paul, don’t overdo things and set your recovery back and Peter make sure you too get enough rest.

  20. Aileen Ford says:

    Good luck with the move & all the best for your new home. Take care & stay safe. Aileen x

  21. jackmcgivney says:

    All the best Paul, I hope you are both settled in soon. Maybe you will get a new four legged member of the family at your new place mate.

    • weegingerdug says:

      I want to get another dog, but realistically I won’t be fit enough for a while. We are thinking about getting a cat when we get into the new place.

      • How about a name that cat competition, Paul?

        I’m clutching at any diversion after 10 months in solitary.
        10 moths to someone in their 70’s is longer than for someone in their 20’s. I’m beginning to get serious cabin fever.

      • Mbiyd says:

        We got a rescue staffy bitch. She came into our house when we had an old golden retriever and she now puts up with a boisterous young lab and kittens, without any trouble. The staffy might be the ideal dog for you. They are far from the killing machines the media portrays them as being. They are really close affectionate and aren’t a hyper breed that need 10 hrs exercise a day.

  22. andyfromdunning says:

    Thanks for the update Paul. ‘Enjoy’ Balloch and settle into your new home, village and pub quickly. Hopefully you have some friends and a good removal company to assist.

  23. Julia Gibb says:


    Good luck…if you are looking for anything in the coming weeks…it will be in a box!

  24. George Bowie says:

    Take care and stay safe, Scotland needs you, better weather here in Ayrshire for walking. Saor Alba

  25. Old Pete says:

    I’m in my 60’s have had 4 dogs in total throughout the first half of my life.
    Have had a rescue cat🐱 for 8 years, they are very different from dogs but not nearly as dependant as dogs. I still prefer dogs though, in my opinion most dogs🐕 are more loyal and loving than most cats, cats generally like to be loved but there are exceptions. On a plus, cats are much easier to look after than dogs.

    • weegingerdug says:

      For the time being I am just not strong enough or stable enough on my feet to give a dog the walks it needs. Eventually I will get another. I do like both cats and dogs – I’m bipetual – but if I’m honest I prefer dogs. Ginger was my fifth dog – all were mongrels – the best breed, and all except the first (who was given to me as a puppy by a friend whose female dog had got pregnant – back in the days when people allowed their dogs out unsupervised) were rescue dogs

  26. Hamish100 says:

    Remember Burns night. This is a big year for us all.

  27. Statgeek says:

    One to share with the Scottish fishing folk:

  28. diabloandco says:

    I hope the flitting goes without a hitch. I have only moved house once in my life and the first time we had hee – haw to move. Now the very thought of moving after 50 years in the same house fills me with dread.

    Good luck with it and take a back seat for the tricky parts .

  29. The very best to you in your new home. Xxx

  30. Liz g says:

    Don’t know if you’ve your heart set on a cat Paul , and I hope I’m not talking out of turn here … but… do consider hanging fire on one because

    A retired racing Greyhound might be a good choice for you going forwards.
    They are notorious couch potatoes, coat care is practically nil and the height beside you offers an element of steadiness when out and about and make them unlikely to be tripped over at home.
    Most already know how to walk properly on a lead and are very well socialised with other dogs. You must have seen a pack of them all out with their trainers and that kind of life also means they are well used to being handled too.
    The rescues offer ongoing support and will find you one that isn’t “”keen”” (meaning it’s not all that interested in small furries ) but cat friendly at home would be a draw back you don’t initially need …
    Just something that you mibbi hadn’t or hadn’t had to consider before ,because most dog owners can adapt to the kind of dog they just want. You’ll mibbi need a dog that is practically pre trained and they do tick a lot of those boxes .
    Obviously you’ll know yer own mind 🙂 .

    • weegingerdug says:

      Ginger was an exceptionally lazy dog too. his favourite place was the bottom of my bed. After half an hour in the park he’d be like “Are we going home now?”

      • Liz g says:

        That’s ma guilty secret with ma Akita too 🙂
        He’s so laid back he’s going backwards…. and I’d see yer half hour and raise ye 20 mins ( if it’s no raining ) takes longer tae brush him than walk him . LOL

    • Bob Thomlinson says:

      Sorry to come in on a downer, but greyhounds and cats really don’t mix. Or rather, if they do it’s not at all pretty. Seriously. We’ve seen it here, close up and very painful. The poor dogs know no different, they are working dogs, bred and trained for chasing things that look like small furry things. So they do, 0 to 45 mph in a few seconds. Impressive, but deadly.

      • Robert Oliphant says:

        not necessarily true, we got a cat 6 years ago, brought into a house where we already had a greyhound, best of pals!

        Take greyhound out the house and her, and her wee Jack Russell pal, will regularly tow me up/down the street if one of the neighbourhood cats appear or heaven forbid the local fox!

        However, introduce greyhound and cat to each other slowly and they can co-exist, our dogs just accept he’s part of their pack.

        I do accept it won’t work in all cases but done right we have living proof it can.

  31. Petra says:

    Good luck with the house move Paul and it won’t be too long before we get some half decent weather and you and Peter can get into the garden. A fabulous fresh start 😀.


    Dutch journalist Patrick van IJzendoorn: ”Scotland’s First Minister differs from the controversial British Prime Minister in almost every respect”, he writes. “The 50-year-old lawyer, daughter of an electrician and a dental assistant, is serious, sober, euro-minded and progressive. He adds: “That’s quite different from the flamboyant, libertarian, and risk-taking boarding school boy Johnson who has an unruly relationship with the truth.”🤷‍♂️.”


    I wonder what Joe and Kamala think of Nicola? 😉

    ‘Vice President Kamala Harris Allegedly ‘Hates’ Boris Johnson.’

    ..”Apparently, a source told the Sunday Times in November 2020 that Kamala Harris “hates” Mr Johnson, saying, “If you think Joe hates him, you should hear Kamala”, as she has not forgotten Mr Johnson’s comments.”

    • Dr Jim says:

      You know who’s a big fan of Scotland’s FM? Oprah Winfrey

      • Petra says:

        Oprah and millions of others no doubt, Dr Jim. Wee insignificant Unionist bloggers with their wee cultish, Unionist followers don’t have a look in, in comparison. Just think of the many academics and politicians around the world, as an example, who look on and see them as ignorant, treacherous scumbags.

  32. Yuki says:

    All the very best, Paul !

  33. Petra says:

    Great btl comment on Richard Murphy’s site. ”Little Fukkers” it is then 😀.

    ”It seems to me that you are referring to the real clanger, amongst all the others referred to by Richard and others, namely that Scotland is rUK’s figleaf, covering its privates, allegedly for decency’s sake, but actually to hide the fact that rUK lacks “cojones”, lacks balls, in other words.

    With Scotland gone, that fact would be plain for the world to see, with all the downgrading effects referred – rUK with a veto on the Security Council? I think not. More likely Germany or Japan would replace it.

    On which point, I’ve observed elsewhere that rUK might even suffer the indignity of being dismissively referred to (as were the constituent Republics of Yugoslavia referred to as eg FYROM, or the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) as the Former United Kingdom.

    In which case, it would be called FUK, and its inhabitants as Fukkers.

    Or even as little Fukkers, since, despite comments elsewhere in this post, if Scotland leaves the Union – as it undoubtedly will in less than a decade, maybe before the next GE, then Wales will follow – the voices in that direction are growing.

    In which case, rUK, or FUK, would consist only of England, thus allowing people to refer, decisively, to its inhabitants as Little Fukkers.”


    Watch and scroll down.

    Deidre Brock:- ”Bad news for anyone in Scotland’s fishing industries hoping for some action from the UK Government to help with that problem of getting their products to the European markets #BrexitChaos.”

    • grizebard says:

      “Killing the very thing they supposedly cherish”, ah, an auld theme we have returned to many times, but they never seem to learn even when we, who are delighted to let them continue to make the mistake, try to advise them of better.

      This “almightly” UK, so enfeebled now that it can’t tolerate the least change. So brittle that when stressed just a little more, will break into pieces.

  34. Petra says:

    DRoss is one disgusting little man 🙄. Typical Tory.

    MSM_Monitor:- ”Patrick Harvie has just accused Douglas Ross and the Scottish Tories of trying to “twist” info on the vaccine rollout in Scotland in order to “undermine public confidence”. In other words, sabotage. This should be headline news. @STVColin @ScotNational”

    • Bob Lamont says:

      What amazes me is this is BBC, the very channel which was still punting this nonsense a day plus after it had been thoroughly debunked…
      DRoss’s hypocrisy and outrageous dishonesty was never in any doubt

  35. Petra says:

    Ooops that wasn’t supposed to happen!


    ”Biden has just REMOVED the bust of Winston Churchill donated by the UK Govt, from the Oval Office – and replaced it with one of American Socialist Cesar Chavez.
    BoJo and the Tories will spontaneously combust 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.”


    ”Coca-Cola moves it’s HQ from the UK to the Netherlands due to Brexit… and I can’t even find it reported in English. #BrexitCarnage.”

  36. Janet says:

    All the best! You are the glue that binds us together!

  37. Petra says:

    Time’s running out.

    ..”On that basis, if you remain unavailable on 2 February, and cannot attend on any of
    the alternative dates offered in that week, then the Committee regrets that it will not
    be able to take oral evidence from you.”..


    ‘Janey Godley Covid briefing videos praised on Wall Street Journal front page.’

    ”In the article, writer James Hookway suggests that Godley’s videos may have had some effect on Scots take up of face coverings in public spaces compared to the US and England. Hookway wrote: “Scotland, which revels in its image as a rebellious kind of place, has seen fewer of the problems authorities in England or the US have had in supermarkets and other public spaces. Opinion polls show strong support for [Nicola] Sturgeon’s moves to lock down Scotland fast and hard when Covid cases rise. “As a result, infection rates in Scotland have been roughly a third those of England.”

  38. Petra says:


    ”There are more than 5 000 consultants in NHS Scotland. One, just one, has allegedly, but anonymously, told the Herald this:;;..


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  39. Isobel Anderson says:

    All the best for the move, been there in spades. Keep blogging

  40. Gregory R Nunn says:

    Always have several clean glasses handy.
    Despite your desire (it’s coming very soon) to drink straight from the bottle, it is bad form.
    Keep good music on, loud enough to muffle your swearing.
    Stay warm and hydrated (see the note above on glasses availability).
    Be safe.
    Some video posts may be entertaining after you’re in. At least for us.

    • Petra says:

      I’ve moved around 15 times over the years (due to move again) and the one thing that really helps me out, cuts right down on the hassle, is sticking different coloured tape on boxes depending on the room that they’ve ultimately to go to. Plus a basic written description on a sticker of what’s inside the box. Tape over each door in the house with the relevant coloured tape. Then just stand at the front door and point the removal people, or helpful friends, in the right direction. Job done? No but you can at least find your kettle, bedding and even toilet rolls in an instant following arrival. Then do the rest at your leisure without having to humph boxes upstairs or from room to room. This is probably a bit like telling your granny how to suck eggs but just saying anyway 😀.

      • Gariochquine says:

        That’s a really good idea. Also, making up your bed as soon as you arrive means it’s ready to fall into when you get tired!

        • Petra says:

          It really cuts down on all the hassle Gariochquine. I started doing it following one nightmare move when all boxes were stacked in one room and I had to rip open one after another to find the simplest but most crucial of things. Then carry boxes upstairs etc 🙄. As you say get your bed made up, food in the cupboard, get the kettle or a bottle of vino out and hey-ho that’s enough work for one day 😀.

  41. Golfnut says:

    I moved in July, feels as if we’re still in the middle of it, a couple of weeks might be a bit optimistic, good luck with the move, all the best Paul.

    Brussels in talks with Edinburgh ‘re Scotland rejoicing Erasmus.

  42. Golfnut says:

    National Headline.

    11point to legal referendum.

    • Dr Jim says:


    • Stoops says:

      Aye that’ll definitely happen.

      • Golfnut says:

        We want a plan, here you go, it’ll never happen 😂

      • weegingerdug says:

        Normally I’d write a considered response, but I can’t be arsed – so why don’t you go away and woebag elsewhere

      • Petra says:

        Stoops time to stop stooping and stand tall. Grow a backbone, have some faith and fight for your country. One thing for sure is that it won’t happen, we won’t get our independence, if we all adopt your depressive, negative attitude.

        • Stoops says:

          Petra, you presume to know me; you don’t. No one on the face of this planet wants independence for their country more than me, but “faith” won’t win it.
          What is this fight you talk of?

          • If a Stoopswood tree crashes to the ground deep in the forest, and there is nobody there to witness it, does it make a sound?
            Go away, ‘Stoops’.

            • twathater says:

              Jack I used to always love your comments for the passion and anger reflected in them for independence , your passion was palpable as was Stokers , I noticed a comment from you on WOS ,

              Jack Collatin says:
              23 January, 2021 at 2:31 pm

              “What a lot of words, Stu.”

              I am NOT being facetious or provocative when I ask what WORDS do you find disingenuous or false in Stuart Campbell’s deconstruction of the NS GRAND plan outlined in the National , is his exposure not true that this plan is just a rehash of unfulfilled previous promises and basically just another can kicking exercise to engineer another 5 years of power , in essence Jack do you really believe in the GRAND plan when all the time the SG have been doing their utmost to block and frustrate Martin Keatings and OUR efforts , even now the lard advocate continues objecting and frustrating the Forward As One effort

              BTW Paul good luck in your house move and your health

    • Terence Callachan says:

      A step forward Golfnut

      Perhaps we won’t be competing in the next British Empire Games after all , they are due to take place in Birmingham 2022

      • Golfnut says:

        Hey, it would be fun. Wonder if they’ll refer to us as one of the ‘ home nations’ , ban the Saltire and turn down the volume on the National anthem. Maybe we could have Scots commentary.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Good. Only unionists will hate this.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      I wondered if they might leave it till after the Keatings case in the Outer Court of the Court of Session. Apparently not 🙂

      I’ll be glad to see that out in the open from Russell – there’s a few people getting a bit fed up of doin’ the misdirection rag (with apologies to Tom Lehrer).

      Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s the ACTUAL plan …

    • Petra says:

      Brilliant 😀.

  43. Tatu3 says:

    Really don’t envy you at all, moving house is hell. We seem to have done it far too often. Lots of lists are needed and big marker pens. Good luck to you both, hope you will be very happy in your new home

  44. Golfnut says:

    I wouldn’t normally post anything from the Ferret but this is worth reading.
    Nuclear convoys during a pandemic, I wonder how many covid cases they are responsible for at Faslane.

    • Petra says:

      And check out how the virus managed to make its way to Barra, Benbecula and the Shetland Islands.

      • Julia Gibb says:

        …and the almost daily flights between Exeter and Glasgow moving Coulport and Faslane RN personnel and their hamilies. “Essential travel” classification

        • ArtyHetty says:

          They are also continuing to move nukes around unecessarily by road, if there was an incident during the pandemic and lockdown, it just does not bear thinking about. The MOD say it’s justified to keep moving nuke bombs into Coulport in Scotland.
          They have been advised to stop travelling and moving nukes at least for the time being, but no the EngGov refuse, the people of Scotland are collateral, and more so during the pandemic.

  45. Terence Callachan says:

    When moving house take lots of photos of the house you are leaving , they will be of great interest in years to come .

  46. Terence Callachan says:

    I had one of those old fridges when I moved to my first house forty years ago , this fridge was barely waist height and one of those that had a bevelled door a bit like a Bedford van , there was no freezer just the fridge with a little shelf in the top left corner that was colder than the rest of the fridge and housed an aluminium ice cube holder.

    Every so often the fridge door would just pop open of its own accord because of the build up of frost inside .

    I wish I’d taken a photo of it
    It was a masterpiece

    The jute wallpaper we put up we just loved , wish I’d taken a photo of it too

    I know I know surely there’s more to life but it was my first house , memories.

  47. Capella says:

    Balloch – Gateway to the South !
    Lucky you having a fresh start at this particular juncture. Let everyone else tote the bales. You’re job is to supervise. Have no fear about us chatting amongst ourselves for a time. We know the drill. See you once you get organised.

  48. malkymcblain says:

    Since I lived in Aarhus in Denmark and learned to speak Danish in the early 90’s I have been fascinated by languages and in particular the very many words that Scots and Danish/Norwegian have in common. I had actually forgotten about the Scots verb; to flit or flitting used when one is moving house. The spelling is different. Flyt in Danish conjugated as At flyte to flit, Jeg flytte, I am flitting, Jeg har flytted, I have flitted or in English I have moved house.

    Many Scots don’t realise the language connections they share with the Danes and Norwegians. This is not surprising given that over the centuries Scots has been intentionally characterised as slang and and not a language at all.

    Another interesting thing to ponder is this: the name of the famous river that flows through Glasgow is of course the Clyde in English and in Gaelic it’s Clutha. If you were to pronounce the word Clyde in Danish then it would sound like this: Cluda. Now surely that’s no coincidence.

    I remember visiting Esbjerg (pronounced Esbia) to play a rugby match on the west coast of Jutland DK. Listening to the locals in a pub I swear I could have been in Aberdeen. It may not have been exactly the same language but it sounded like Aberdonian or Doric to me…..jist sayin like.

    I do hope your flitting is as painless as possible Paul and Peter.

    PS I apologise for using the word Bastard to describe a couple of cantankerous and misguided commenters in one of your previous blogs. I have been In Australia for too long where the word bastard or the term old bastard is a term of endearment. Language is a strange thing and words can sometimes have changed or evolved over time and taken on different meanings. Perhaps I should have used the term old bugger but to my mind when you trace the origin of the word bugger then it becomes perhaps a worse insult than old bastard. I also thought that in Australia and most places in the English speaking world the C word is a particularly nasty thing to call someone and is rarely heard. However in Scotland the C word appears to be no worse than the F word… just sayin like.

    Please follow this link to the website of a charitable organisation in Australia and NZ for more background.

    Alba gu brath

    • Petra says:

      Good post Malky but I’d just like to point out that the “C” word is far worse than the “F” word and that many Scots don’t use either word, especially in front of children.

      • malkymcblain says:

        Thanks for the clarification on the C words usage in Scotland Petra it’s good to hear that’s it’s not yet in more common use as has the F (Billy Connolly or Kevin Bridges and every other comedian on the telly) word. I saw a play here in Sydney by The National Theatre of Scotland on tour production. The Black Watch. The audience was squirming and I had to explain to my Danish wife and Aussie friends I was with that the C word is not as verboten in Scotland as in Australia. It seemed just about every second word was the C word…great play and cast though.

        Thanks again and please stay safe everyone. It sounds very very serious with the Covid situation not only in Scotland but across all of Europe.


        • Petra says:

          ”It sounds very very serious with the Covid situation not only in Scotland but across all of Europe.”

          It is really serious over here Malky. The normally biased MSM is now having to admit that the UK has the worst death rate in the World. Rather England has the worst death rate in the world and we’re shackled to it 🙄.

  49. yesindyref2 says:

    Totally OT and just for info, some people elsewhere are getting confused between the 1970 nuclear treaty “Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons” signed by the major nuclear powers

    and the new one 2021 “Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons” signed by NONE of the nuclear powers

    The NPT does have an effect on the UK and Scotland, the TPNW, doesn’t.

    • Liz g says:

      Do you mean me ?
      It’s ok to say if you do, I try to keep to the rules here and on Wings and therefore always feel free to talk to anyone here or there.
      If I’ve got something wrong please say…. it’s not a problem.. especially since my argument/ debate with the Rev is more about a potential Constitutional issue and the minutiae is a bit of a side issue ( which he’ll probably slaughter me on any way ) but since I’m not good with details and stuff , I’ll take any advice I can get that might help me expand my point …
      Which was …. Others are going to have a say any way, because of the nature of these weapons,and we shouldn’t give ourselves the headache ??

      • yesindyref2 says:

        That’s why I posted it Liz knowing you read here, as a help – I’m blocked from posting there, which does leave me more time and more relaxed 🙂

        Independent Scotland could sign the TPNW, even I think if the nukes were still on our soil, as it would be a commitment to disarm I think (I did read it but forget). The NPT though is already in place, but countries do seem to break it while claiming they’re just updating the delivery systems for example. But it has helped reduce escalation, and total numbers of warheads have been reduced. It also gives a constant reason for the parties to – talk. It’s good to talk 🙂

  50. Liz g says:

    I just don’t get you lot on here at all.
    Are ye blind?
    Can ye no fecken see what’s right in front of ye…
    Yer being lied to.

    Moving House is Great..
    It’s no a burden at all.
    A stressor only in a good way
    A trigger for regret is a myth

    Only kidding ( jist a wee bit , cause I love moving to a new place ) of course, because I forgot to say earlier…

    Everything is new and exciting.
    Full of possibilities.
    And it’s the realisation of all the plans that’s been running through yer head since when ye first decided to move.

    Enjoy it Paul and Peter….
    Enjoy it so much ye’d not hesitate tae do it again.
    🙂 …

  51. Petra says:

    Trying to figure out the link to being lied to and moving house, Liz 😳.

    As to the rest I totally agree with you. Moving house is really exciting and full of promise and possibilities. Making new friends, taking up new hobbies and joining new groups, if you’ve got the time as a political activist 😜. Seeing new places and in Paul and Peters case having a garden which is fantastic to chill out in, romance in or have a bit of a rave up. I reckon I’ve also sussed out their new house and want to move in too 😀. Up for having a lodger Paul? Yeah a fresh start in the year of Scotlands fresh start after 300 plus years. What’s not to want?

  52. Liz g says:

    Oh I was being flippant Petra, and ironic, ( moving on to Indy has is parallels) because of all the internet moving house stuff that lists it just behind weddings and funerals as the most stressful thing you can do….. Actually
    I love it…
    and often am jealous of people who are moving when I’m not ( Sagittarius by the way ) .
    I’ve done the weddings and the funerals… more than enough to satisfy any measure of experience.
    Done the Stroke recovery bit too…
    So… moving house is an absolute pleasure ,even the time I had to do it because of my stroke, and, I’ll always encourage anyone moving to see it that way too.
    (If you have adult kids at home you will too otherwise yer lying to yer self or masochistic 🙂 HELP )
    I guess I’m saying don’t believe the crap and get totally onboard with the journey then you’ll love yer landing spot…. and of course , don’t think you’ve stopped there always always look to see if there’s a better move to be made….anyhoo I’ve been philosophical enough for one night.
    I’ll get back to exploring zoopla 🙂
    Stay well, my friend … xxx

  53. Mairead says:

    Thanks for the update. Hope all goes well with the flitting and look forward to reading your next blog when you’re settled.

  54. Golfnut says:

    This is funny. Nice start to the day.

  55. jfngw says:

    Who would have thought it crash Gordon ‘British Jobs for British Workers’ Brown hates nationalism. What he actually dislikes is democracy in Scotland, his record on British Nationalism isn’t good, after all as chancellor he financed Blair’s adventures in the middle east, he is as culpable as Blair.

    Remember the blood on his hands when he is rolled out as some guru on Scotland and it’s place in the UK, he is lying to you for another countries benefit.

  56. Dr Jim says:

    If Baroness Ruth Davidson climbs on the back of a farm animal waving a Union flag it’s news in Scotland, if DRoss fumbles around in his head and does some adding up that’s 100% wrong then it’s news in Scotland, even if Willie Rennie bounces on yet another blow up childrens entertainment thingy it’s news in Scotland but if the Scottish National party announce in the National Newspaper that Scottish Independence will be forthcoming by way of ignoring Westminster whether they like it or not, very quiet tumbleweed just rolls on by without making a sound

    Where is the opposition outrage, nothing! where is the reaction of Westminster, silent! how about the TV media then, that’s funny they’re beyond silent, so silent on the subject are they that you’d have to wonder if any of them are alive at all, let’s tune in to the various channels and listen, no still nothing, and you know why? it’s the weekend so instructions haven’t yet filtered down to Scotland’s media and opposition as to how to they’re proceed with their reaction to the biggest constitutional event that will ever happen in 300 years to Scotland

    Just think about it for a moment and what we have is *rebellion* *constitutional outrage* *out of control Scots* at the very least we should have heard about *Sturgeon attempts Dictatorship* but not a Dickie Bird, no one has uttered a stutter and at the very least every Scot should be wondering why whether opposed to Independence of supportive of it that there’s not a word being said about it
    but the answer again is clear, or should be, the powers that be in the big London haven’t planned or worked out what they’re supposed to do in the event of democracy breaking out in Scotland so the British state do what they do best, nothing, don’t report it, don’t mention it, just Shoosh on the entire subject and it’ll go away, no one will notice until we’ve had a meeting to discuss the strategy and instructions will be sent out to the colonies when the big London’s ready

    See that’s when even non supporters of Independence should be realising London treats Scotland with all the importance of a colony, and is that really what you want, to be a people of less importance than a failed Tory wummin who’s elevated to the House of Lords as her reward for sitting astride a farm animal and shouting *no surrender* to democracy in our country

    • Golfnut says:

      Funny that, even Greece thinks it’s a major event.

      I haven’t seen anything yet from the rest of the EU but I would be really surprised if this isn’t given full coverage.

    • Petra says:

      As you say Dr Jim not a Dickie Bird anywhere about the SNP announcement in the National other than on the Westminster owns Scotland site with the wee manny, once again, doing his utmost to undermine our chances of getting independence.

      No mention from him that Joanna Cherry is ”pleased that ideas previously advanced by me & others are being pursued & I hope all @theSNP members will now unite around the recognition that we need a Plan B, by which I mean a strategy which does not rely on Westminster granting a section 30 order.”..

      And of course Joanna Cherry may think that they were her ”ideas” given that she’d have no idea what Nicola Sturgeon was / is planning to do.

    • Alex Clark says:

      So there is a plan after all for when Westminster refuses a Section 30 order. Oh my, who would have believed it?

      • Steve says:

        Late query but was this release timed to embarass the Lord advocate arguing that keating case was “hypothetical” one day when it wasn’t (and isn’t) hypothetical the next? or was it a subtle sign that to the judge to ignore the Lord advocate’s pleading after the case closed for consideration? Or was it simple coincidence that the plan was published the day following the close of hearing? Like so many other close timing incidents recently. Just like buses. None for years then wham five in one year?

  57. Jim says:

    Scottish Governments £3.2m rollout of devices for each and every child in Scotland to maintain ‘Home Learning’ gets no recognition from BBC Scotland and the ‘Scottish’ Daily Mail runs with a front cover piece of asking people to donate to their campaign to get devices for every child, calling it ‘A National Disgrace’
    Problem is, the Mail’s campaign is for school children in England where their English edition runs with the same headline.

  58. Hamish100 says:

    BBC News not a word about The National exclusive.

  59. Petra says:

    MSM_Monitor:- ”Why was praise from the World Health Organisation for the Scottish Govt’s vaccine rollout, that appeared on the GMS 0730 news, dropped from the 0800 news bulletin?”



    ”As the Scottish Government announces an extra £250 million to tackle the ‘national disgrace’ of drug-related deaths, Lindsey Kennedy and Nathan Paul Southern report on Westminster’s failing drugs policy and how it is stopping Scotland from fighting addiction.”..

  60. Petra says:

    ‘Don’t always believe what is said the newspapers.’

    ..”But meanwhile the online version of the Daily Express had an article on Scottish independence, revelling in two economists suggesting the Scottish economy would have a terrible time if it became independent before noting:”..



  61. Petra says:

    Jon Trickett MP:- ”BBC picking up the concerns I raised in Parliament Thursday. Tories have cut the vaccine supply to the North by 50% & diverted it southwards. The vaccine must be given fairly to all regardless of your postcode.”


    ‘Foreign NHS workers in England could be denied a Covid vaccine.’

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Remember the FM on the explanation of vaccine supply/demand and making the point about fair distribution ?
      I’ve no idea where they got the advance info from or it’s pure coincidence, but tis a thing of beauty to behold…
      Has Hancock perfected the am-dram crying and found a menial to take the blame, only time will tell…

  62. Petra says:

    Never mind, forget about cheese, fish etc they’ve still got tea, jam and biscuits to export.

    Cheshire Cheese Co:- ”It is with great sadness we must stop sending our cheese to the EU. Due to an oversight in the Free Trade deal it is impossible for us to send cheese to our EU online consumers. DEFRA has told us not to expect an exemption or change anytime soon. Investment & hope is lost today😪.”


    ‘Brexit: UK government’s plan to export ‘tea, jam and biscuits’ ridiculed online.’

    • Petra says:

      Adam Payne:- ”There are fishers whose EU exports are not being delayed or cancelled — they are totally banned. Shellfish traders in areas like Cumbria are shut out from their key market. The ban is until late April but industry fears some traders won’t last that long.”


      Oh well I suppose it’ll be alright for us to go out to a polling station 2 months later 😀.

      ‘Census to go ahead in England and Wales in March despite Covid, says ONS.’

      ”The Office for National Statistics has insisted the 2021 census for England and Wales will go ahead in March, despite the possible risk of spreading Covid. The agency said the impact of coronavirus and Brexit meant it was more important than ever to conduct the census as planned on 21 March. It added that postponing it would cost an estimated £360m. A team of 30,000 field workers, who will be sent to homes to remind people to complete the forms, will be given regular lateral flow tests for the virus to mitigate the risks.”..

  63. Petra says:

    ‘Get ready for ‘Long Brexit’.’


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  64. Petra says:

    ‘This is the SNP’s routemap to a Scottish independence referendum in full.’


    ‘Behind the Westminster ‘spy’ bill that could soon be harming independence cause.’

    ”Currently making it way through the Westminster Parliament is the Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill, otherwise known as the “spy bill”. Now one Yes group, Yes Forth Valley, has sounded the alarm on what they see as a draconian law that might be used to curb the Yes movement.”..

    • Dr Jim says:

      Indeed, the Brits are spending an enormous amount of money right now in an effort to prevent Scottish Independence which is an odd thing to do when you think about it, because they said they had the power to just say NO, maybe not eh, so that’s why they’re paying think tanks, setting up anti Independence bodies, putting Michael Gove in charge of the Tories own fighting Independence committee, spreading money all over the Internet on Twitter and on bloggers, one wonders at the lack of confidence of the English government that they feel they have to go to these lengths when again they say they have the power to just say NO

      That’s without even mentioning the ongoing attempts to discredit the FM which must also be costing them plenty of cash

      • grizebard says:

        Yup, for people who supposedly are omnipotent you would think all that feverish busy-bodying quite superfluous.

        Must be something to do with an election or something. Y’know, “we the people”. If only they could postpone those inconveniences for another 40 years or so.

    • Alex Clark says:

      I believe I read earlier this week that this bill would not apply in Scotland after the Scottish Government withheld consent.

      • Dr Jim says:

        I read that too Alex but remember when they said they wouldn’t overrule the Scottish parliament *not normally* is this another *not normally* situation

    • Alex Clark says:

      Whether this is factually correct or not I can’t say, but according to this journalist in the Guardian the CHIS Bill will not apply in Scotland.

      The Scottish parliament has rejected a controversial bill from Westminster that potentially allows undercover agents to commit crimes, after Labour MSPs again ignored Keir Starmer’s policies.

      Scottish Labour’s MSPs voted alongside the Scottish National party, Scottish Greens and the Lib Dems to refuse legislative consent by Holyrood for the so-called “spy cops” bill after a short debate on Tuesday afternoon.

      Holyrood’s rejection of the bill means it will not cover Scotland once it comes into law, potentially leaving Scottish police and intelligence agents unable to mount covert operations that could involve them committing criminal offences to protect their cover.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Aileen Mcharg is to say the least of few words on twitter, but there is an interesting exchange on this, both good and bad

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Sheet, forked it up again:

        • Alex Clark says:

          When you link to a tweet now often the date is the link and it does work.

          I have a lot of time for Aileen McHarg, she is straight to the point and though I don’t know how accurate she is, I have rarely seen many disagreeing.

          • yesindyref2 says:

            This was an interesting one also. In reply to:

            Do you think a decision will be made by the judges or like @PeatWorrier do you think they will decide to not make a definite decision?

            she said

            I incline to agree with @PeatWorrier, but as I’ve just said to someone else, constitutional adjudication has been extremely unpredictable recently!

            I wonder if Scots Law is feeling its oats – it was diminishing I think for years, and then suddenly seemed to rise to the challenge. The prorogation case being an eye-opener.

            I’d love to see the Inner House of the Court of Session say “We’re the top court for Law for Scotland, no appeals to the UKSC will be allowed as they have no jurisdiction on Scots Law” though that is totally unlikely to happen.

            Mmm, I can always dream ,,,

  65. Petra says:

    Wouldn’t it be great to see some influential data being projected onto buildings all over Scotland. I remember reading of a company who would be doing exactly that being signed up by SIC. What happened to them?

    ‘Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons celebrated in Edinburgh.’


    We’ve been through this on here before, so just a wee reminder. Legal for Kosovo but not Scotland!?

    Richard Murphy:- ‘George Osborne let the Unionists’ cat out of the bag with latest column.’

    ..’One is the need for a Plan B in Scotland, when Scotland cannot now negotiate as London will not do so in good faith. The other is the decision made, based on a legal opinion paradoxically supplied by the UK, that suggested that it was legal for Kosovo in 2008 to declare itself independent of Serbia without Serbia’s consent precisely because there was no chance that Serbia would ever recognise Kosovo’s right to do so.”..

    • Dr Jim says:

      It’s a funny old world we live in where England criticises everybody else’s country
      Only a moment ago Sky news heavily critical of China’s approach to making sure people don’t die in that country whilst in England they preside over the worst % death toll in the world

      World beating must definitely mean something else in British Nationalist dictionaries

  66. gus1940 says:

    Flitting essentials – Cardboard Boxes and a Ball Of Hairy String.

    • Petra says:

      Gus nice to see you on here 😀. I was just thinking of a number of people that don’t seem to be posting on any sites now and I’m hoping that they’re alright. That brings me back to Welsh Sion. He hasn’t posted since around the middle of December. He posted his real name at one time on here. Can anyone remember what it was?

      • Hamish100 says:

        Petra asked the same question about Welsh Sion recently. WGD may know his details?

        • Petra says:

          I just hope that he’s alright Hamish like you and loads of others on here no doubt. A wee wave is all that we are looking for. Not wanting to intrude on his privacy in any way at all. Paul has his own issues to deal with but if he finds the time, and more so the energy, maybe he could check it out.

          • malkymcblain says:

            I’m missing the Welsh news too. I hear Plaid Cymru are exponentially increasing membership just as the SNP did in 2014. It would be a great time to be getting updates from the our cousins in Wales.

            I do hope he’s alright but it is worrying that such a regular contributor just goes quiet suddenly.

      • Capella says:

        IIRC his avatar led to details of his profile. So try finding a post from December then click on the name or icon.
        I probably have details somewhere because I bought a collection of his short stories. Will have a look.

  67. Dr Jim says:

    James Kelly predicts an overall majority for SNP in May according to the latest Survation poll and a possible Labour second place, not because they’re doing well just that Tories are doing so badly
    Greens come out surprisingly well (don’t know why) and the Lib Dems are even up a bit (don’t know why that is either

    It’s Survation though so the question on the list vote was ambiguously phrased

    • Bob Agassi says:

      Yeh Dr Jim but Angus B(loody) MacNeil thinks we should just change the rules four months out and change the Holyrood election to a plebiscite for independence. FFS we are so close, we can see the open goal in front of us, all we need to do is get out en masse and vote for independence supporting parties in the election and then forward to our referendum.

      The doomwatch brigade are all “yeh but Boris will say no” what they can’t understand is that a majority for independence msp’s at this election will cut the feet from ‘Boris’ they have given up hope before we even get in to the penalty area.

      Onwards to independence but only if we stick together and vote for it….

      • Dr Jim says:

        Of course Johnson will say NO, but that’s his job and what he’s expected to say, I really don’t get some of these woe is me type arguments do they really expect Johnson to be happy about it,
        Johnson doesn’t matter anymore anyway, the matter is going to be put beyond his legal ability to do anything about it now according to Michael Russell so all we’re left with are the we hate Sturgeon mob to get a grip and stop nancying around with their faux outrage and dump the pretendy Independence supporters stop spreading their made up *Ahm no happy* shit and get on with it and vote SNPX2 and we win and go from there

        The whole of England aren’t 100% happy with the Tories but they wanted Brexit so they voted for them to get it for them and the Tories did, Scotland’s in the same boat, we want something and the SNP will get it for us, it’s that simple

    • Legerwood says:

      Saw a report in a paper during the week that the Greens co-leader is going to stand in a constituency seat in Edinburgh currently held by an SNP MSP if I have remembered correctly.

  68. Petra says:

    Brilliant map with 281 videos to wade through 😎.

    ‘Interactive Map of Burns Suppers.’

    ”This resource is the broadest, most detailed record of Burns Night activities ever made to this day. It was created in 2020 at the University of Glasgow (Scotland), by Dr Paul Malgrati, research assistant in the Centre for Robert Burns Studies, and Mr Brian Aitken, research officer in the School of Critical Studies.

    The present map inventories more than 2,500 contemporary Burns Suppers and Burns Night events, spreading across the 6 continents and nearly 150 countries. Most of these events took place in either 2020 or 2019, although earlier occurrences (as early as 2009) have also been recorded for areas with sparser Burns activities. If an event you hosted or attended in recent years does not feature on the map, please contact us at

    To make your browsing experience easier, feel free to open the map’s search filters (below) by clicking on “Show Filters”. The map features 17 filters, sorting data by date, attendance, as well as by types of host, toast, menu, drink, dress code, and entertainment.

    You can also find further information about a particular Burns Supper by clicking on its red and white icon. The listed details are as precise and complete as possible, based on information made available online by the event’s organisers. However, whilst providing a faithful description of most events, details are not always exhaustive and occasionally rely on estimates (especially for attendance figures). If you notice any mistake or missing information, please let us know.

    Finally, the map also features more than 900 pictures and 281 embedded videos (you can access these by clicking on ‘Watch Video’ below the event’s description). These are used with a strictly informative and educational purpose. Nonetheless, do notify us should you wish to see any picture or video removed.

    This map is a testament and a tribute to the global, creative, and diverse Burns movement of the twenty-first century. Its mission is to serve future research on Robert Burns, Burns Suppers, and Scottish culture, whilst also promoting Burns’s legacy and connecting Burnsians and Scotophiles across the world. Happy browsing!”

  69. Dr Jim says:

    Imagine a political figure being voted out but refusing to accept it then using lawyers, court cases and agents of the Internet to do the fighting for them to cause insurrection and trouble for the politician who replaced them

    Appalling behaviour by Donald Trump there

  70. andyfromdunning says:

    As a Dugger since 2013 I find it disconcerting that the majority of regular ‘posters’ to this blog criticise any opposing view. Surely we are all untitled to our own opinion?

    It is getting to be boring in that respect. If someone has a plan B, any plan B that is OK. If you disagree fine. Many of you fail by attacking instead of justifying your view in a constructive way.

    Some of the more extreme attacks on others counter views are like a copy of the Brit Nat policy of ‘you disagree do you must be wrong’

    I like reading all your views revenue if I wonder where the logic came from.

    Please justification not attack. We all want indy.

    • Bob Agassi says:

      Andy the only way out of it is by sticking together and democratically voting our way out of this, forget about plan b, c or d, forget about ‘Boris says NO’ we have to convince a majority of our fellow Scots to vote for it. There is no other way I’m afraid..

  71. Alex Clark says:

    At the DVLA in Swansea 1800 staff are still being asked to come to work every day despite there only being 250 staff working during the first lockdown. Since September there have been more than 535 people at the site infected with Covid and it has run rampant in South Wales.

    Another government scandal than no minister will answer for.

    Ministers are at the centre of an explosive row over their failure to protect workers from Covid-19 as the Observer reveals the largest workplace outbreak of the virus has taken place at a top government organisation.

    More than 500 cases have been recorded at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s offices in Swansea, where employees claim people with symptoms were encouraged to return to work while vulnerable workers have had requests to work from home turned down.

    The revelation places transport secretary Grant Shapps under pressure to explain how such an outbreak could have happened in an agency where the strictest workplace rules are supposed to apply.

  72. Molly McC says:

    Paul and Peter….all the very best on your “flit”.
    I know you’re gaining in strength daily Paul….but take it easy and recoup.
    Hugs and love to you both.

  73. Alex Clark says:

    Johnson always sure to back a loser. Desperate for a new trade deal with the USA it looks like Biden isn’t as keen as Johnson is.

    “President Biden has been clear that he will not sign any new free trade agreements before the U.S. makes major investments in American workers and our infrastructure,” Yellen said.

    Downing Street said Saturday that Biden and Johnson discussed “the benefits of a potential free trade deal between our two countries,” and Johnson “reiterated his intention to resolve existing trade issues as soon as possible.”

  74. Dr Jim says:

    Independence makes Sky news press preview and the paper reviewers admit to being very sad if Scotland Northern Ireland and now even Wales are moving towards Independence, but it’s always amusing to hear the immediate rush to tell us of their blood and soil background that they’re either half Scottish and another was half Welsh as if that typical British Nationalist view of parentage is what’s the important issue in the deciding criteria of self determination, there are people circling the entire globe who are half something or other on their parents side, it has zero bearing on whether the country you live in should have control of it’s own affairs or not

    Strangely enough although the reviewers admitted a large chunk of the problem was the attitude of Boris Johnson and his crew’s decisions they still felt sorry for him as he could be the Prime Minister who *lost* Scotland and would oversee the breakup of their *country*

    Once again they begin with Union talk then end up with the colonial reference, because they just can’t help living inside their own propaganda, the Union the Country like we all belong to them, I’m half English as well on my Mums side but they can stick whatever they want to call themselves you know where

    • Bob Agassi says:

      Superb Dr Jim, they just can’t fathom D-E-M-O-C-R-A-C-Y, We’ll take what’s ours and thanks for all the fish 🙂

      • Dr Jim says:

        You can always tell when they’re hitting the panic button Bob the FMs twitter feed becomes alive with the trolls and the pretendy Independence supporters sewing their dross anger drivel and hate, oh and demanding super majorities as well, s scrape through on Brexit was good enough for England to declare their all powerfulness but no no no Scotland must have 65% in the polls before we’re even allowed to poll ourselves

        Divided population they cry, referendums bad, they cry, well it didn’t seem to bother England who was crying when they wanted their Brexit at any cost, and that cost was Scotland and not a soul in England stood up for Scotland or Northern Ireland, and the only reason Northern Ireland got a sweet deal was because of what the Brits laughingly call the peace process, in other words the Irish must get something out of this debacle or they’ll come to London and blow the shit out of us whereas Scotland’s non violent so we can do what the hell we like to them and still take their money

        They may well regret that kind of thinking just like they did with Northern Ireland, you can only get away with slapping people around for so long, eventually they slap you back

  75. yesindyref2 says:

    I think the 11 point plan went down well, and it’s pushed the anti folk into self-exposing extremities. They’re going to need a bigger fig leaf. Oooh matron!

    • Dr Jim says:

      It’s all a bit weird but telling, the folk who said they wanted Independence but argued vehemently that Nicola Sturgeon would never ever call an Independence referendum because she was all sorts of secret enemies of Scotland seem to be a lot more angry at her for doing it than the so called opposition to Independence is

      What is that? we want Independence but we don’t want you to be the one who does it

  76. Golfnut says:

    Some headline by the Suday Times.

  77. Golfnut says:

    Note the reference to a ‘ wildcat ‘ referendum, despite the FM declaring that this will be a legal referendum.

  78. Golfnut says:

    Sorry folks, just realised that I have posted two ‘ jaikes ‘ on the thread.
    Had to laugh at them using that distorted weather map image though.

  79. Golfnut says:

    Haggis in space, and no ‘ jaikes ‘ in sight. They do a great gluten free version by the way.

  80. Statgeek says:

    Sunday Times poll in Scotland is apparently non-standard Indy question, and excluded 16-17 year olds (not seen the poll data; reporting others’ claims).

    Aye 49, Naw 44, DK 7. This translates to 52.7 Aye to 47.3 to Naw.

    But ask the standard question, and include 16-17 year olds, and it probably give Aye another 2-3% or more. So it looks a little like more of the same.

    Regardless, it’s 20 Indy polls in a row to Aye, with the 21st being a draw.

    • jfngw says:

      Once you start loading the questions it reveals you are really rattled. Maybe next time they’ll try a negative question; “Do you not think Scotland should be a independent country”.

  81. Capella says:

    Another excerpt from that Times article. Note the highlighted section:

    • jfngw says:

      In reality it wasn’t really a union, it was conceived using threat and bribery followed by military occupation. Closer to an annexation against the will of the majority of the people, it would be considered illegal in this day and age. So I don’t think of it as independence but the removal of a foreign power and the deliverance of democracy to Scotland.

  82. Golfnut says:

    Just testing as I have 2 posts in moderation.

  83. Capella says:

    Marco Biagi is the strategist for the YES taskforce says The National:

  84. Ken2 says:

    Johnston and the Tories will be voted out.

    The Partition of Ireland 1923. Universal Suffrage 1928. The Irish could have voted for Home Rule/Independence five years later. If they had waited. There was a mass movement supporting it.

    In some parts of Belfast the Catholic’s did not have the vote in the 1960’s and were totally illegally discriminated against. The Masonics.

    If people in Scotland want self government Independence they just have to vote for it,

    Joe Biden claims to be Irish. Irish mother. He supports the Peace process (and a United Ireland?).

  85. Hamish100 says:

    Wings will be pleased Marr on BBC attacking the FM online.

    BBC Westminster and wings co conspirators?

  86. Hamish100 says:

    FM answered well. Wait to the inquiry reports back. She has not had the chance to give her personal account as she has still to be called.
    Legal referendum- if she has a mandate from the people that is it.

    Will the pretend Independence now brigade at that point say no ! We must have Alex Salmond.

    Strange times

    • Dr Jim says:

      The wrong kind of Independence by the wrong FM apparently

    • Petra says:

      I just loved it when Nicola Sturgeon quoted from Rabbie Burn’s ‘To a Mouse’ in describing Johnson on Marr this morning … ”Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie, O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!” 😀. She’s just great at holding her own no matter what they try to throw at her … vaccine rollout, drugs, Alex Salmond, Independence.


      Here’s one for a laugh. I came across this ”elsewhere” and it highlights how you A. get rid of those who don’t agree with you, B. gaslight those who remain and C. consider how to spread the Newspeak propaganda far and wide via the ”Wee Blue Book of Truth” 😀. A more apt title, especially with a fake Reverend calling the shots, would be ”The Ministry of Truth.”

      ..”Stu., this is a big ask as you already had the Wings Wars BTL with Sturgeonite McWokeist loyalists flouncing off of here in a huff to enjoy Spock Goes Plop and Wee Ginger Dogshit. By “doing more” I would be game-on to send over hundreds of pounds in donations to print and publish… WEE BLUE BOOK OF TRUTH.”

  87. Old Pete says:

    Nicola Sturgeon excellent on Andrew Marr’s “Independent Scotland would be shite show” she easily batted off his aggressive questioning. I don’t think she will be resigning any time soon, much to the chagrin of a certain “Bath” blogger and his acolytes many of whom are obviously against attaining Scottish its Independence.

    We are going to have a very tough fight against the English government and its allies within Scotland, we require a united and strong force to fight and defeat them.

  88. Dr Jim says:

    I did notice the BBC has replaced the FMs words when she said *legal* referendum the BBC say *consultative*
    Maybe I went deaf for a minute but at no time did I hear the FM use the word *consultative*

    No doubt the conspirators will spin that into *FM cooks and eats Honey badgers every Sunday lunchtime imported from Africa where people are starving* she’s evil I tell you evil

    • Well, Glenn Campbell, Andrew Marr and Andrew Kerr did their best this morning.
      Glenn Campbell the boy from Islay, who seems to have abandoned his own community’s fishing industry to Brexit, was one of two ‘reviewing’ the papers with Marr this morning. The other hack was the lass from a Yorkshire blah.
      But it was the Times Schlock Horror front page that Ireland will reunite and Scotland will become Independent was the main focus…so no need for the London journos or tame HoL lackies to contribute.

      True Blue Brit Brexit Campbell’s face showed the strain of having to report yet another pro Independence poll, but he still managed to slip in a bitter sour grapes aside that this Survation poll ,52%, showed a drop of 4% since their November poll(16/17 year olds excluded this time)

      Then on to the real agenda, using the script provided by Baroness Rape Clause and the Linesman he at Hampden later, not getting Britain Back Better?

      Campbell positively drooled at the coming Salmond versus Sturgeon clash, which he declared would be more sensational than the May Johnson, Blair Brown spats…aye, right.

      Campbell and Marr, two Uncle Tams taking England’s money to sell out the land of their birth.

      Campbell started the ball rolling on the referendum. ‘within five years’ he slipped in…Glenn, your BBC Glasgow Offices will have closed in five years time, as we shall have our own Scottish PBS by then.

      Marr ‘interviewed’ NS for 15 minutes at the close of his wee London propaganda Sunday pull out.

      Word for word, he repeated the Linesman’s lies and distortions.
      700,000 doses, only 400,000 used, where are the rest?

      He even quoted the Dr Andrew Buist comment used by Dross and Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause,
      In other words Marr churned out the tired old fake news that his colleagues in the Northern Plantation Quay have been churning out every hour every day, hoping that the lies will drown the truth by blanket repetition.

      Then, the juicy sex scandal bit.

      This is where the Brit Jocks hope to get two birds with one stone. Repeat and repeat Salmond the Sex pest lurid tales, and Sturgeon lied and must resign…

      What could go wrong?
      Well, Nicola sturgeon was having none of it.

      She ripped in to Marr, and left him a greasy spot in the chair.

      Marr allocated two minutes at the close to talk about independence.
      Nikla was excellent.

      It must have come as a great shock to Marr, and later Kerr, when the ever excellent Swinney reduced him to shocked silence by being no nonsense assertive on the virus, schools, travel, and a Referendum when the SNP are returned in May as our Government, that the SNP have at last gone on the attack.

      We ask no one’s permission.
      Campbell, Kerr, and Marr, sic a parcel of rogues.

      If they are attending a virtual Burns supper tomorrow, let’s hope no one recites this in their Anglo Scot Treacherous company.

      “I would, or I had seen the day
      That treason thus could sell us
      My auld gray head had lain in clay
      Wi’ Bruce and loyal Wallace!
      But pith and power, till my last hour
      I’ll make this declaration
      We were bought and sold for English gold:
      Such a parcel of rogues in a nation! ”

      ‘Til my last hour, Andrew, Glenn, and Andrew.

      • Petra says:

        ”He even quoted the Dr Andrew Buist comment used by Dross and Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause. In other words Marr churned out the tired old fake news”..

        And Nicola Sturgeon put him right in his place, and highlighted that he’s a ”fake news” man, when she said what I’ve just quoted from Dr Buist is more up to date than your quote (or words to that effect). She’s a brilliant politician and Marr’s questions about Salmond and her answers had the opposite effect to what he was hoping for. To my mind that interview just enhanced her many positive qualities to an even greater extent.

      • Golfnut says:

        Thanks for that Jack.Ever thought of career in broadcasting. The word on the street says there’s going to be a lot of vacancies.

        • ‘Songs for Swingin’ Nats’ on the new Free Radio Scotland channel?
          Ella, Frank, Dino, Darren, Sammy,and, Kenneth McKellar.
          I like that.
          I’d readily sit and ‘debate’ with Rennie, Baroness Rape Clause, and or the Linesman, and the 10th Red Tory Branch Office Caretaker.

          • Petra says:

            ..”I’d readily sit and ‘debate’ with Rennie, Baroness Rape Clause, and or the Linesman, and the 10th Red Tory Branch Office Caretaker.”

            I’d love to see that, Jack. You’d slaughter them 😀.

      • Alex Clark says:

        Marr’s interview with Nicola Sturgeon starts at 44:00 mins in. She handled it very well indeed, Marr by contrast was useless and his Unionist bias in plain sight.

        • Petra says:

          I just loved it when Nicola Sturgeon quoted from Rabbie Burn’s ‘To a Mouse’ in describing Johnson on Marr this morning … ”Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie, O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!” 😀. She’s just great at holding her own no matter what they try to throw at her … vaccine rollout, drugs, Alex Salmond, Independence.

  89. Old Pete says:

    Nicola Sturgeon excellent on Andrew Marr’s “Independent Scotland would be shite show” she easily batted off his aggressive questioning. I don’t think she will be resigning any time soon, much to the chagrin of a certain “Bath” blogger and his acolytes many of whom are obviously against attaining Scotland its Independence.

    We are going to have a very tough fight against the English government and its allies within Scotland, we require a united and strong force to fight and defeat them. We need to be fighting against the recent attempts to fragment and disrupt the pro Independence movement. Let’s not miss what is the best opportunity we have probably ever had in my lifetime, stand strong together and we will win.

  90. Capella says:

    Martin Keatings has compiled a table of Scottish revenues raised each year since the Scottish Parliament was reconvened, the mount returned in block grant and the amount retained by Westminster to be squandered on their priorities.

  91. Old Pete says:

    The FM is an asset and comes across very, very well as she has shown during the pandemic.

  92. Eilidh says:

    Good luck with your flitting Paul.Balloch is a place I know well and I hope you get some nice views of the loch when you are staying there but I am sure you will be anxious to be settled in your new place in Ayrshire. I contemplated moving house last year but Covid put paid to that idea. Moving is very stressful but I am sure it will be worth it in the end.Look after yourself

  93. Alex Clark says:

    Here’s a link to the Times article.

    • Capella says:

      Thx Alex – that is one very damning read. So glad The Times has spelt out at least some of Westminster’s devious cunning plans. No doubt there are others in the top secret file.

    • Petra says:

      If that’s all they’ve got to ”show” in an attempt to keep the Union intact they’re onto plums.

      ..”More practically, the case will be made that the rollout of the vaccine in Scotland, using members of the British armed forces and the UK Treasury’s support for jobs is evidence of valuable co-operation. “The point is to say that Scottish nationalists want you to chose between the two countries, why wouldn’t you want to have both?’” one of those involved said. “We have to show, not tell.”..

      • 98 squaddies putting together partitions, and assembling tables, while their officer spends his days being interviewed by a long line of Brit Nat tv and radio channels.
        It is an insult to the dedication and hard work of our NHS, GP, Police, emergency services that this naked little ‘British Army’ plug gets even a mention.
        But we couldn’t have done it without ’em?

        Meanwhile deadly nuclear warheads trundle to Coolport from disease ravaged England.
        The UK Treasury borrowed money which we Scots shall pay back. England is not supporting Scotland in any shape of form.
        But Priti Patel in the Cabinet will certainly ‘show’ us scots that they mean business?

        The language in the Times is just the usual Imperial Power dross.
        They will not allow us to ‘break up’ their Union; translated as, we conquered you 300 years ago, we have a mughty army, we have occupied most of your Establishments by appointing English CEOs, Uni Chancellors, and top civil servants. You are a colony of England. Resist and we shall crush you.
        That’s what Campbell Marr and Kerr were defending today.
        The country of their birth is held in armed subjugation by the English Empire.

        They are paid puppets of a foreign power.
        Too blunt?

        Ask the trawlermen on Islay.

        Ask our seed potato merchants.

        Ask the third of a million children in UCS poverty and starvation.

        In 1939 when Hitler was poised to invade Poland and formed a Non Aggression Pact with Stalin, that Poland was crucified between two thieves.

        Scotland is in danger of being crucified between two thieves; the Brit State and the BBC.

        There was nothing remotely fair informative or unbiased in 1 1/2 hrs of Uncle Tam Nat Bashing this morning.

        And I have to pay their wages.

  94. Dr Jim says:

    The Labour party in Scotland have reacted with fury over the SNP moving to Independence says the National

    Funny how they never react with *fury* towards the Tory party

    • Petra says:

      Too bad Joanna Cherry didn’t go on to describe ”the leverage.”

      Phantom Power:- ”Scotland’s journey back to statehood – Joanna Cherry on the route to independence and overcoming the Boris Johnson blockage.”


      ‘Video Exclusive: the Scottish Parliament voting intention numbers from the Scot Goes Pop / Survation poll.’

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Indeed. At one time the Labour party would be furious that the Tory party are starving little children, and condemning so many people to joblessness, and poverty for many years to come.
      But no, the Labour party does the work of the Tories, who must be delighted to have complete control of England’s political scene for the foreseeable future. Their aim is to make sure they take back control of Scotland, all for one and all for one! They won’t allow the pesky Nats to stand in their way wot!
      Last chance saloon Scotland, run for your lives!!!

  95. Petra says:

    Jim Fairlie SNP:- ”Here’s a wee analogy of the U.K. shared prosperity fund. It’s time we were out of this Union.”


    Richard Murphy:- ‘George Osborne’s attitude towards Scotland is not just colonial, it is that of a slaver.’

  96. Petra says:

    Richard Murphy:- ‘On the Alex Salmond Show this week.’


    Alex Salmond:- ‘Turbulent Times at Westminster.’

  97. Petra says:

    Murray Foote:- ”Over the past week the Scottish Tories have proved that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Here is the science the Scottish Government is following to maximise the protection of life.”


    Is that good news for us or bad?

    Tom Peterkin:- ”Some personal news. After many years in journalism alongside wonderful colleagues – I am leaving the Press and Journal. Now hugely looking forward to a fresh challenge working as a special adviser in the Scotland Office, starting next month.”

  98. Petra says:

    ‘Rotting fish, lost business and piles of red tape. The reality of Brexit hits Britain.’


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  99. Capella says:

    R4 World at One is discussing independence now

  100. Capella says:

    @ Petra – Welsh Sion is on Linkdin which you can access by clicking on his name here:

    But there is no contact detail unless you are registered with Linkdin which I’m not.
    Let’ hope his is fine and will post again soon.

  101. Hamish100 says:

    The bbc news now referring to Salmond’s trial at Holyrood ( no such thing) has now morphed into Nicola Sturgeons trial. No such thing. It is an enquiry into the government’s handling of the procedures used at the time.

    Is Glen Campbell going to be challenged on his comments earlier on bbc. Should we trust any Campbell’s?

    For the Wings over Scotland folk – there must be some decent?

    4 months to go, you are being played by the Unionists. If you support Independence you must vote SNP or forever be condemned as siding with the unionist parties their papers, bbc and all just as we got to the wire.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      ‘Trial’, BBC wishful thinking there. Too many ‘indy’ folk doing the BritNats’ job for them as well.
      Crucial time for Scotland, looking at what’s at stake, looking at the catastrophe of Brexit, the pandemic with the disaster capitalists in Westminster/London dining out on that, little England going down the swanny and taking Scotland with them as their life jacket. No thanks.

  102. Capella says:

    Well that BBC 4 piece on Independence was dismal. A brief clip of Nicola on Marr, a summary of the legal position from an expert in constitution at Edinburgh Uni (inconclusive) then over to Jamie Green MSP Tory for his utterly predicable soundbites. The presenter did push him on the obvious fact that the polls are pro independence and will it not be undemocratic to ignore that for 40 years?

    On the bright side, they are now interviewing Angus McNeil on BREXIT. No Tories available!

  103. Dr Jim says:

    People in Scotland must now ask themselves this question , When the SNP who are the largest most popular party and government of Scotland announce plans to change the constitutional nature of Scotland based on all polling evidence that this is what Scotland demands, why do the BBC SKY ITN STV and radio news broadcasters ask the Tories who can barely muster 20% of support in Scotland what their reaction is first and what they’re going to do about it
    None of the broadcasters doing their job properly as actual broadcasters should be asking the opposition parties how they are going to prevent the settled will of a nation, they should be asking the question why are they NOT supporting the will of the people and serving the Nation who pays them

    All 20 polls show the SNP will have an overall majority in our parliament, that means that all three of the political parties of British Unionism add up to less than the SNP and the Scottish population by majority vote for that party

    All broadcasters in Scotland might just as well be wearing redcoats and pointy hats, they’ve always been an embarrassment to Scotland but now they’ve become the most obvious arm of the English counter measure to Scotland’s will that nobody can fail to miss

    • We are a militarily subjugated colony of England.
      They can’t be clearer; even if 100% vote Yes, England would forbid it.
      They are quite open about it, especially the Jock Brit Nats.
      It is not going to end well.

  104. Golfnut says:

    My 2 posts in moderation have finally landed, 1 in response to you Capella at 5:44 am.

  105. Dr Jim says:

    The Clown Minister Boris Johnson sets out a five point plan to save the Union says the National

    And there’s the problem with that strategy right away, if he has all ultimate power why does he need a plan much less one with five points, and Oops number five on his five point plan is “If there is to be a referendum” and Boom there we have it he admits there can be ergo negating all previous four of his five points, so not even worth reading any of them in that case is there

    In 2014 we were alone with no help, nobody cared very much who we were much less about our reasons for wanting Independence, this is now 2021 and our current First Minister has corrected that situation, she did the homework, she went where no other FM went before, and that friends was everywhere, Nicola Sturgeon put Scotland’s case to the entire EU, America and to our nearest neighbours Ireland, and now that England is out of the EU and pretty much unloved by everyone the groundwork that Nicola Sturgeon put into grinding out Scotland’s financial and moral case for Independence will reap us benefits

    The English can crow about President Biden being first on the phone to Johnson, what a load of crap that is, how do they know, they don’t so they make shit up and the media pumps it out like the good little propagandists they are, we don’t know who anybody phoned anybody but my guess is on past words from Jo Biden and Kamala Harris Boris kerfuffle Johnson isn’t the first on any of those folks list

    Why did the English withdraw consular assistance from Nicola Sturgeon when she was regularly visiting the EU because they knew what was happening then and all they can come up with now is *We’ve got a five point plan”, they’re gubbed and they know it, if they had the power to slam the door shut they’d be doing it, they’re doing the doggy paddle in the shallow end trying to stay afloat because they don’t know how to swim when the water gets deep

    Well it’s about to get deep and they got no rubber ring, Nicola Sturgeon is going to win this because she said so and she’ll do it without any scabby wee side deals like Devious Maximus or Smitten Commissions or or as near to Federalism as possible crap that we got shoved up our Arses last time to mollify us

    Nicola Sturgeon is a real FM and this is going the distance

  106. Hamish100 says:

    I noticed it has been snowing. In England, NI and Wales according to the bbc.

    • Dr Jim says:

      A new variant of snow

      • The ‘British’ variant as Kerr dubbed it today. Not the Kent variant, nor the South East of England variant, nor the English variant, but the ‘British’ variant.

        Shame on you,Andrew.
        We Scots get tarred with the Brit brush even when it’s no our fault

        Kerr also wanted the UK border closed, not, the Scottish Border…
        There are 4 borders in the UK, Kerr The Brit.
        He would let his Scots get contaminated by the Kent variant?

        Where are all the Brit Nat politicians hiding today?
        Close the Scottish border .Nikla.
        Homemade spicy chicken curry, my version of naan, and fluffy rice beckons, duggers. Later.

  107. Spot on Dr Jim.

    It obviously riles some people that a woman is leading our fight. It doesn’t rile me, it inspires me. It inspires me even more that we have lots of brilliant women leading the way. It’s time for all those Scottish men who want off their knees to get alongside these women, to respect and follow their leadership. For years the best, most powerful European leader has been Angela Merkel. We have our very own Merkel. She will lead us where we need to go. She will lead our way over, under and around all obstacles. She will be driven not by ego but by the same absolute resolve to achieve our goal that we share.

    The best thing we can do is to ignore the John Bull shit of those who have clearly been compromised by the Brits and those who have done nothing but feed their inflated egos. They are irrelevant non entities.

    I am confident that ultimately the Scottish public will have no difficulty in differentiating.

  108. grizebard says:

    Huh, before now it was the “UK” variant, y’know like the BBC figures are just the “UK” figures to hide England’s little problem (its Tory UKGov bumblers), but even that’s not enough for BBC jock pupppetry, it’s got to stick a metaphorical Union Flag on it to further hide the real source. That’s “patriotic”, y’see.

    The only thing the Union is willing to share freely is disease.

  109. Hamish100 says:

    BBC news also referred to a Californian variant so surely we can call it the Essex or English variant?

  110. Dr Jim says:

    They had the American Asian Prof from Edinburgh ( apologies for not knowing his name) on the news and he referred to it as the Kent variant
    Of course this is all typical Brit style, even Hancock went stupidly too far in his description of *British* scientists inventing the vaccine* we all know they did no such thing but they just can’t seem to contain themselves when it comes to the delivery of their propaganda, which really even the English should feel insulted that the government they elected believes them all to have the memories of goldfish and so short an attention span that they forget everything they were told the day before

    It shouldn’t be too long before our Scottish rebellion against mother England draws them towards their need to start *rebellious Scots to crush* send in the English Army rhetoric

    I read the news today oh boy the English army had just won the war, Ha! even the Beatles fell for it

    Tories led by the udder guy in Scotland have decided already that whatever law or legal referendum Scotland comes up with they’ll boycott it because they’ll deem it to be illegal even if it’s not supported by the BBC who’ve decided now to call it a *Wildcat* referendum

    Meeoww! I’m sure Nicola will have a saucer of milk available for them all,

    *Music* If it wisnae fur wee Nikla where wid they be they’d be in the hospital or infirmaree, they’d be caughin up thur lungs turnin black an blue if it wisnae fur the work o wee Nikla

  111. Alba woman says:

    Watched 61 year old , born in Glasgow, Andrew Marr interrogating Nicola today …he was like a CID guy questioning a suspect…absolutely no respect was shown by Marr to the First Minister …

    He reminded me of the1950’s guys at my primary school who by primary 7 were well favoured. Our male teacher used as punishment for the boys, to have to sit next to a girl!

    Why is Marr allowed to behave in such an ignorant manner towards Nicola Sturgeon ?..shades of the misogyny of the Scottish education system of which he is a product.?

    .Grow up Andy should apologise to Nicola for your sheer ignorance.

  112. David Roy says:

    I was going to say someting else really sweary….me?….but I think I’ve just found myself on the wrong side of Facebook…….oh dear.

  113. Tam the Bam says:

    David is me Paul

  114. Tam the Bam says:

    So……carry on.

  115. Tam the Bam says:

    The reason I’m procrastinating is this….I’ve been having verbals over you know what with pals of mine who ARE NOW…NOW..LOOKING AT ME

  116. itt says:

    Sorry Paul….was a wee bit invested in Mr Smirnoff…never take any shit Paul……..and just remember?

  117. Tam the Bam says:

    gawny wipe that pish

  118. Tam the Bam says:

    Has there been an incident?

  119. Tam the Bam says:

    Paul…Petra…Dr Jim….Capella…Alex…..oh aye..and that Collattin guy…..are we ok?

  120. Dr Jim says:

    What’s the difference between a Hippo and a Zippo

    One weighs as much as a car, the other’s a little lighter

    Nighty night pals

    • What’s grey, big, and sings jazz?
      Elephants Gerald.

      I just popped in for a wee bedtime read…lots of bewildered one liners here. are you lot having a party and I wasn’t invited?

  121. Hamish100 says:

    So it is clear based on the bbc tonight to attack independence is to bring the First Minister of Scotland down. So macaskill and co, the whingers else where. Do you believe the defeat of the SNP is worth it. To lose independence just as it is in our grasp?
    For the 5th columnists that is their aim, for those misguided enough to think they can gain 1% onto their new party will it be worth it?

    Ask who gains? Scotland or the Brit Nat unionists? Decide

  122. yesindyref2 says:

    Yours this moment I unseal,
    And faith I’m gay and hearty !
    To tell the truth and shame the deil,
    I am as fou as Bartie:
    But Forrsday, sir, my promise leal,
    Expect me o’ your party,
    If on a beastie I can speel,
    Or hurl in a cartie.”

    Mmm, I think I’ve some Jura left somewhere …

  123. Capella says:

    Top item in BBC Scotland website is…. drumroll… vaccine appointments are to be sent in white envelopes instead of blue ones.

    I’m gutted.

  124. Capella says:

    It allows the MSM to cry “DELAY” because blue envelopes are not ready.

    Covid in Scotland: Over 70 vaccine letters start but blue envelope delay –

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Aye, it also provides HMS Sarah Smith the opportunity to shove their Vaccination Age Olympics table again from the “Covid in Scotland: Where are the latest cases?” in audience faces, somebody in the Spin Factory must see this entirely misleading table as pivotal now they’ve shut down publicity over vaccine supplies…

      DRoss will be doubtless be platformed later on incompetent DELAY and deliberately hidden stashes of BLUE envelopes, while Monacle, Anass and Wee Willie try to find an angle to exploit…

      • Capella says:

        They’ve forgotten to change the headline on the main UK/ English page. It still reads:

        “Blue envelope plan for Scottish jab dates delayed”

        …which was the Scottish headline earlier this morning. Somebody must have phoned them up. Confused?

    • Clydebuilt says:

      Capella . . . Jason Leitch said this morning on GMS that tge Post Office are supplying tge Blue Envelopes

  125. Eilidh says:

    The media in Uk are truely useless. Sky news on Sat night news review had dome bloke who Saida that uk Covid deaths which are apparently approavhing 100,000 are the same as in Europe and he quoted a list of countries including Germany.Worldmeter quotes Covid deaths for that country 52,777 up to 25 Jan and that is with population of 83 million so he lied.Journslist on BBC newspaper review yesterday morning says desire for Independence is to do with identity and as the feels a bit Scots (seriously) as she was born in Edinburgh. Unbelievably arrogant So she would be happy for me to vote for her constituency MP then.I doubt that.
    To top it all I have received unsolicited posts on Facebook from East Dunbartonshire Tories Uk govt and George feckin Galloway and have blocked any future ones from them.I am left with no respect for the media at all

  126. Petra says:

    Therese Coffey marches off of the Piers Morgan programme after stating that the reason why we have the highest Covid death rate in the world is because there are too many old and / or fat people living in the UK. Nothing to do with her political party. And when it comes to the “fat” excuse she isn’t exactly a great role model is she?

  127. Eilidh says:

    Apologies for missing words and typos on previous post got new phone and not used to keyboard yet and not entirely woken up yet either. What I meant to say was journalist born in Edinburgh but who lives in England thinks she should get vote in Indy ref 2 😡

    • grizebard says:

      People should be careful about what they wish for. Never mind the principled and practical impedimenta, if she were to qualify, so rightly would all the Scots-born now living in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, etc. also. I’m not so sure her obvious attempt to thwart the increasingly-expected result of the referendum-that-will-never happen-cos-BoJo-says-no would then deliver the goods!

      “Ah, but..” You can readily anticipate the reaction. What it boils down to is no matter of principle whatever, just a lame Trump-style attempt to skew the electorate to produce the desired result.

      It didn’t happen last time and it won’t next time either. The electorate is well-defined by established law, and it is the people of Scotland, no more and no less, who will choose.

  128. Dr Jim says:

    But there must be fat people in Scotland who might not get their blue envelope and will be at immediate risk of dying, if only the SNP had gone with red envelopes many would be saved from SNP incompetence

    Al I’ve heard this morning is high pitched screeching

    If you vote SNP then you’re stupid, if you vote Union then you’re sensible, Aye, keep it up BBC

  129. jfngw says:

    Brown in 2014, “We’re going to be, within a year or two, as close to a federal state as you can be in a country where one nation is 85 per cent of the population”!

    He believes it has been delivered and maybe he is correct, perhaps this is as closest we can come as part of the UK. Forever under the control of a party unelected in Scotland for 66 years, our elected representatives at their parliament ridiculed, our parliaments powers changed at the whim of a malevolent Westminster government, our resources used to bolster another country, broadcasters which are only allowed to transmit negative stories about the country.

    It doesn’t have to be like this, we can change this and we can do it this year if we have a mind to.

  130. IT is with not a little bitterness that I reflect that this particular piece of Burns was sang at the opening of the Parliament in 1999.

    A Man’s a Man for A’ That

    Is there for honest Poverty
    That hings his head, an’ a’ that;
    The coward slave-we pass him by,
    We dare be poor for a’ that!
    For a’ that, an’ a’ that.
    Our toils obscure an’ a’ that,
    The rank is but the guinea’s stamp,
    The Man’s the gowd for a’ that.

    What though on hamely fare we dine,
    Wear hoddin grey, an’ a that;
    Gie fools their silks, and knaves their wine;
    A Man’s a Man for a’ that:
    For a’ that, and a’ that,
    Their tinsel show, an’ a’ that;
    The honest man, tho’ e’er sae poor,
    Is king o’ men for a’ that.

    Ye see yon birkie, ca’d a lord,
    Wha struts, an’ stares, an’ a’ that;
    Tho’ hundreds worship at his word,
    He’s but a coof for a’ that:
    For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
    His ribband, star, an’ a’ that:
    The man o’ independent mind
    He looks an’ laughs at a’ that.

    A prince can mak a belted knight,
    A marquis, duke, an’ a’ that;
    But an honest man’s abon his might,
    Gude faith, he maunna fa’ that!
    For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
    Their dignities an’ a’ that;
    The pith o’ sense, an’ pride o’ worth,
    Are higher rank than a’ that.

    Then let us pray that come it may,
    (As come it will for a’ that,)
    That Sense and Worth, o’er a’ the earth,
    Shall bear the gree, an’ a’ that.
    For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
    It’s coming yet for a’ that,
    That Man to Man, the world o’er,
    Shall brothers be for a’ that.”

    Burns said nothing about ‘sisters’, btw.

    ‘Yon ‘birkies’. the long line of Jock Brits who have subsequently ascended to the HoL must have a right good laugh at us all.

    I’m not laughin’, Rabbie.

    Baroness Rape Clause represents the deep ungodly corruption of the English Iron Heel Oligarchy which runs like a cancer through Scotland.

    I couldn’t be in the same room, nay building, as this woman, or any Blue Tory for that matter..

    All we ‘honest men and bonnie lasses’ are taking our country back; politically, physically, emotionally, and economically, this Spring.

    Now’s the day and now’s the hour.

    Have a great Burns’ Day and Night.

    Tak a cup o’ kindness, yet, if only for the sake of Auld Lang Syne..

  131. Capella says:

    Burns said quite a lot about the “sisters” Jack. Apart from “Her prentice hand she tried on man and then she made the lassies” (Green Grow the Rashes) there is also “The Rights of Woman” 1792. Being the rights to protection, caution and admiration – which in these woke times are quite relevant.
    But the poem ends

    But truce with kings, and truce with constitutions,
    With bloody armaments and revolutions;
    Let Majesty your first attention summon,
    Ah! ca ira! The Majesty Of Woman!

    Ca ira is from a song of the French Revolution. It means “It’ll be alright” and was used by Benjamin Franklin in Paris when asked about the American Revolution.

    Ca ira!Ça_Ira

    • Capella, I had posted then read back with regret.

      I was of course referring to ‘A man’s a man’ in my post, not Burns’ incredible body of work.
      He was nonetheless a bit of a lad when it came to the ladies; a sort of Ayrshire Johnny Appleseed, spreading his, ahem, ‘seed’ far and wide.

      IMO ‘Tam O’Shanter’ is his masterpiece.

      Burns wrestling with his demons in drink, lusting after the swirling ‘cutty sark’ of the young maiden among the witches, and Tam (Burns) chased by those demons through the dark stormy night.

      Donc, je suis desole, mon cher, seeing we’re being all French and Eu about it.

      • By sheer accident, I just caught Karen Dunbar on BBC Scotland Poundland telling us the tale of Tam O’Shanter. Magnificent version wi’ a’ the rude bits in which were abridged from school texts.
        His masterpiece.
        The demon drink?
        Sublime, Karen. Thanks.
        I’m sure that Tam’s Terrible night must have influenced Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Louis Stevenson.

        BBC Scotland seems a lonely rudderless place, mind.

        Why no Burns on the ‘big’ channel?
        There must have been an English FA Cup match on.

  132. jfngw says:

    If the courts rule against the Keatings case it seems to me they are effectively saying the Scots are not actually sovereign and there is in effect no democratically peaceful way Scots can take back control of their own country. They will I suspect sit on the fence and make no actually judgement, there may be honours at stake here.

    It may be retorted this action is about the Scotland Act, but the Scottish Parliament is the Scottish peoples choice and ruling against them is ruling against their sovereignty.

    I do have reservations about this case though, if it is lost then that is one mighty PR win for the unionists and will never be off the MSM.

    • Capella says:

      I agree. I think the Scottish Government and/or the SNP have distanced themselves from this court action for that reason. If it goes well and the Court of Session rules that the Scottish Parliament can hold a legal referendum then all’s well. Boris Johnston will still say no but that’s another issue.

      If it goes badly then the Scottish Government points out that Martin Keatings is a private individual elected by nobody to take this action. The elected government of the day, representing the will of the Scottish people, is another matter.

    • My pruning shears, and my Everlovin’s crochet needles are sharpened ready for the Call To Arms, jfngw.

      • jfngw says:

        They don’t like it up’em, make sure your aim is true.

      • Dr Jim says:

        You’re not wrong Jack, the whole basis of Northern Ireland being handed the multiple options it now has was based on the premise that peace must be maintained because previously the Northern Irish would blow things and people up if they weren’t happy with their constitutional deal

        So it would seem that in London’s view violence or the threat of violence works, the UK government is never ending in it’s pronouncements of *we don’t give in to terrorism* terrorism being their word for everyone who raises an arm against the British state even in defence or protection of their own countries

        Scotland has no recent history of violent retaliation against the British state but instead of agreeing that constitutionally Scotland is unhappy with England’s governance over Scotland because our voting patterns reflect that in the starkest possible way, the English redefine that as content or happy and that our choice of representation is some sort of mistake that will one day pass as long as England keeps its foot on Scotland’s neck eventually the Scots will just give in and return to the depressed state they’ve always been in, and in practical terms no political party in England relies on votes in Scotland to win elections in England anyway so why on earth should they care what Scotland votes or thinks

        It appears the lesson England wants to teach any country who opposes them is that they will ignore diplomacy, they will ignore democracy, they will ignore protestations of the people, they will ignore all forms of political interventions unless the country who opposes them becomes violent then the English state immediately feigns outrage at whoever would threaten or carry out such violence when their was no indication that such a thing would ever happen previously then the word *terrorists* becomes front and centre in all media and political forums so as to indicate how outrageous and evil the perpetrators of such unjust actions (not reactions) are to a peaceful benevolent and democratic state that is the glorious England, who would never harm a fly

        History shows us that the English state like the Americans *always* give in to terrorists but they just must never be seen to be doing that, then years later after the stooshie is disremembered by most the English state will resurrect that now rewritten stooshie and pretend to forgive and pardon the once *offenders* against the great state of England whilst at the same time promoting their own benevolent goodness for doing that then rewarding themselves with honours for tolerating the evil people who carried out what was in most cases the defence in retaliation for cruelty done to their own countries

        So what do we learn from this behaviour, well we know that in terms of who’s right and who’s wrong that will never ever be resolved amicably because the English will always rewrite their history as they see fit to create themselves as both victim and victor while simultaneously creating the facade of tolerance and democracy to all mankind

        Scotland can win this entire Independence argument and it will be seen as that by every country in the world except England where it will be made to appear that England relented towards Scotland because of their magnanimous nature and the long standing connections between our great Nations and the English media will be quietly instructed to pour every possible scorn upon Scotland as they seek to undermine our democracy and progress until the end of time

        So if some country somewhere drops a big bomb on London leaving a big hole in the ground I’ll actually be delighted but I will feign tears and upset and say how dreadful such an act happened,
        because I’ve learned all that from the English state, Oh dear how sad never mind

    • Legerwood says:

      The court would not be handing down any judgement on the sovereignty of the people of Scotland. That sovereignty is expressed in the make-up of the Parliament elected by the sovereign people of Scotland which has a majority in favour of independence. Therefore there is a democratic route to Independence that is unaffected by any court judgement brought by an individual.

      In fact it might be argued that a judgement in favour of the case brought by this individual creates a dangerous precedent whereby any individual with bottomless pockets could act via the courts to constrain the Parliament from acting on a manifesto promise that the individual disliked or felt threatened their wealth. In that scenario the sovereignty of the people of Scotland is neither here nor there but is being subverted by an individual acting via the courts.

      • jfngw says:

        I’m not sure the Keatings case is trying to stop anyone and their manifesto promises, he is trying to ascertain the limitations of the Scotland Act. Capella points is one that I see as more relevant, he is an individual making a case about a proposal that doesn’t exist, once a government brings a case it has the power of the people behind it.

        Those with a bottomless pocket do this already, the whisky industry held back manifesto commitments on minimum pricing for years.

        Still won’t stop the propaganda if he loses though.

        • Legerwood says:

          You are correct. It is not trying to stop something but a judgement in favour of an individual bringing a case such as this could, in theory, also be used to stop something the Parliament wants to do. That is the concern.

      • Precisely, Legerwood.
        A government of the people, elected by the people, serving the people, and ultimately accountable to the people of Scotland.
        I am a simple man.
        I’ve had enough of the Rich and Lairds ignoring democracy.

  133. jfngw says:

    All this pish about how corrupt the Scotgov is, this is what corruption looks like, not some dalliances of a person. I know it’s a Labour MP but sometimes they do tell the truth, just not in Scotland.

    • Legerwood says:

      Excellent. Now why does Starmer not take on the UKGov in that fashion?

      • jfngw says:

        This clip has actually been around for a while, I think it’s from last year. It was really for those on here that don’t frequent twitter and may have missed it.

        • Legerwood says:

          It would be late last year because she refers to the National Audit Report which I think came out in the second half of the year.

          It did not get much coverage here but the New York Times certainly did a major article on it. Then CH4 news reported on the NY Times article!

    • Capella says:

      Zarah Sultana often stands up to the corrupt Tory government – for the record. She seems genuinely shocked by the scale of corruption.
      Probably won’t get far in English Labour.

  134. jfngw says:

    I see D.Ross is going the full Trump and wants to effectively ‘Stop The Count’ but believes that boycotting it is somehow more democratic, what a Donald he is.

    It’s not important how many don’t vote, what’s important is how many vote Yes. Anything above 1.8 million has in effect reversed the 2014 result. Getting Yes voters out is what matters, the No voters can do what they want.

  135. Golfnut says:

    Note the the terminology Joanne Cherry uses, unlawful.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Boris Johnson was asked only moments ago if he would take legal action against the Scottish Government in the event of a referendum, he dodged the question and burbled about UK togetherness waffle waffle waffle
      Michael Russell said if Johnson considers court action he would be taking millions of Scots to court not the Scottish government because in Scotland the people are sovereign not the the parliament

      I can see what’s coming

  136. Ken2 says:

    The elected Gov can take Court action and pay for it from public funds when it is necessary.

    It could be negotiated as things are always changing,

    Premature own goal?

    People have to vote for it,

  137. bringiton says:

    The English establishment and it’s press pack making headlines with reference to wildcat referendums.
    We have had wildcats here in Scotland for thousands of years but never found the need to have a referendum on them.
    What is it they don’t like about wildcats?
    Ignorant people.

  138. jfngw says:

    Why do the media spend so much time interviewing Gordon Brown, surely they should be talking to his boss Ken McCallum, why waste time on the monkey?

    • Dr Jim says:

      Scotland’s still paying the debt on Gordon Browns PFI toilets seats in schools, you wonder if folk over 40 years old realise when they were at school they’d still be paying for when they went tae the lavvy, good old Labour party not even in government but Scotland’s still paying for them eh

      • jfngw says:

        A Cludgie Brown, in ‘It’s A Wonderful Sh*te’, every time you hear the cludgie flush some PFI shareholder has received their dividend.

  139. Dr Jim says:

    Boris Johnson to travel to Scotland this week in a bid to save the Union, eh and lockdown rules don’t apply to him ?
    Are we to have a Trumpian style defiance of the law in Scotland in this latest *bid* to save the Union or more to the point an attempt to undermine Scotlands elected government by trying to heap the blame for the rise in support of Scottish Independence on the FM thereby insulting the people of Scotland’s intelligence that we can’t think for ourselves

    Donald Johnson will have to have accompanying lackeys so they’ll all be breaking the lockdown as well, then there’s the local Tory lackeys whose journeys to stand behind him as he does this are hardly essential either, I don’t believe standing sniffing an Arse can be classed as essential, I take that back it’s the Tories so Arse sniffing is essential to them

    I reckon we can expect to see Boris Trump flanked by soldiers, y’know the helping out variety that the great and powerful England makes available to us colonists in our time of don’t actually need them

    Let’s see the right kind of front page on this National

    • Terence Callachan says:

      So Britain Trump and Donald Trump could be in Scotland at the same time
      We could do the world a favour and quarantine them both indefinitely
      I’m sure there’s a wee island somewhere around the Scottish coast where we could keep them

      How about gruinard ?

  140. Jacksg says:

    On the day that they wheeled out GB and a visit from BJ, I came across the following lunacy on Twitter.

    A group calling themselves UsforThemUk? campaigning along with the Sun newspaper to have all school kids in England vaccinated and return to school ASAP. Their hashtag is Reopen schools.🙁

    This band of geniuses have a couple of prominent tories backing this lunacy. Sir Graham Brady MP ( no me neither) and wait for it, Esther McVey. 🙁 now to be fair most of the replies are along the lines of WTF are you doing. There are a lot of bams on Twitter etc but for elected members to get involved in this sort of nonsense is beyond belief. It’s also a dereliction of duty.

    Our FM can’t get the roof of her official residence repaired or take off her mask for 2 seconds at a funeral without all hell breaking loose. We are indeed two different countries.

    Ps if Boris makes it across the border, please can we get the fisherman and the farmers as his welcoming committee I would pay money to see that. 😀

    • grizebard says:

      What are these plug-ignorant political amateur jaggers on about? None of the available Covid vaccines is currently qualified for administering to non-adults (ie. all but an extreme minority of school kids).

    • grizebard says:

      I wholeheartedly agree about your composition of welcoming committee, though I would add a couple of members of Scotland’s constabulary with an arrest warrant. Crossing the border is currently illegal and there is absolutely nothing in a visit by BoJo the Clown that could conceivably be considered an “essential purpose”.

    • Mike Settle ‘UK Political Editor’ of the Herald Britland, is de facto Johnson’s Press Secretary, and produces a cut and pastry summary of the Brit Nat junk, repeating and repeating the same old junk. No to S30, Indyref 2 is a reserved matter…ya de ya.
      Check out his recent ‘articles’.

      There’s no actual ‘journalism’ in the piece. It is merely the usual Imperial England Propaganda.
      The copy boy could have put this together.

      I say, let Johnson shamble North and visit a lab.

      The man is a walking insult to all Scots’ intelligence.
      I hope that B-Lister Union Jack or the Linesman Dross is at his side, looking like a spare ‘prune’ at a wedding.

      The Herald is dying of course.

      There is no financial case for keeping this Brit Nat Propaganda Tool afloat.

      Doubtlerss it will get Dark Money from somewhere to ‘fight the good fight’ in May.

      Be in no doubt. The might and wealth of the British Oligarchy will be used to fight what in effect is a Scottish General Election this Spring .Bucket loads of Foreign money and foreign agitators will be Up Here lying bullying threatening us treasonous Scots.

      The entire UK Civil Service, WM, and the HoL will be dragooned into fighting the Jocks.

      We are the enemy, and must be crushed.
      It’s as stark as that.

      It will be a Mighty Scrap that’s for sure.

      And our Fourth Estate Fifth Column will be fighting to destroy their fellow Scots and save Scotland for their English Masters.

      Settle’s piece is merely a No 10 handout, printed in one of our dying Dead Tree Scrolls.
      I’m sure that it has been cut and pasted in the Scotsman, Sun, P&J and so on.

      If we can find out where he hopes to land, can we have fish lorries, bags of potatoes and prime Aberdeen angus carcasses piled up at the entrance?

      Our hacks have sold their souls, in the desperate hope that Scotland remains a colony of England and they get to hang on to their pathetic wee jobs.
      ‘Journalism’ is dead in Scotland.
      My, my, such fiery language, Jack,

      But,basically, true.

      MY fellow Scots are plotting Scotland’s downfall.
      They are the enemy within.

      • On Distorting Scotland we had Johnson repeating word for word the Kettle cut and paste, then a voiceover from David Porter, then Glenn Campbell out side Holyrood repeating the same matter what the SNP do or how the vote goes, the WM Government will say No.
        Drip drip drip, all day long.

        And Matt Hancock getting his wee Union dig in at a Covid briefing.

        WE are facing the biggest wealthiest Elite Fascist Organisation in the world.

        Johnson should be arrested if he attempts to turn his visit to a lab into a election campaign pitch.

        He has no right to be campaigning for an election in Scotland.
        Of course that won’t stop the Fat Fool.

        Let’s hope his destination is leaked.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Sir Graham Brady is a big noise in the Tory party, head of the famous 1922 committee and one of the main drivers of what’s what in the Tory party

  141. Alex Clark says:

    Ha ha Hancock at his briefing “we are stronger together” it’s pathetic and the panic they are in is clearly bubbling to the surface.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Now a loaded questi0on from a friendly journalist about Scotland failing to keep up with England in the vaccination rate and what will they do about Independence.

      “Stronger together” got an other airing but the delivery was so pathetic that it will go down like a lead balloon in Scotland

      Stop Talking Pish Hancock!

      The cry rang out in living rooms all across Scotland 🙂

      • Legerwood says:

        England missed its target to have all Care Home residents vaccinated by 24th January.

        • Alex Clark says:

          Thanks for that info, he seems to have forgotten to mention that little gem.

        • grizebard says:

          Ah, no doubt that comparison will be put to Nicola at the next press briefing in their fatuous 4-nation competition stakes, eh? {cough}

        • Bob Lamont says:

          Today 75% is the England care-homes vaccinations figure as opposed to 95% for Scotland, but it is not just Scots with which this puerile nonsense from London is jarring, English folks are rapidly running out of patience at this political nonsense when people are dying.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      I am surprised that Matt Hancock didn’t start bubbling on how our regions are so much stronger together and that he always loved Scotland..

  142. Hamish100 says:

    I like the idea that Westminster has to take millions of Scots to court to say we are not sovereign.

    At 2metre spacing that’s some queue at the High Court. There’s an idea?

  143. gullaneno4 says:

    Re Hancock……..he clearly must know how Scotland are dishing out the vaccinations compared to England but he still decides to try and make a political gain out of a pandemic.
    What a poor excuse for a human being, That is surely the definition of a Tory politician.

  144. Dr Jim says:

    The FM and SNP have put the great and powerful Boz in a tricky position now, he has only one option left to him on preventing an Independence referendum, he has to threaten Scotland and he knows like we knows that won’t go down well at all

    Unlike 2014 England is the one that’ll have to defend its actions not Scotland

  145. Clydebuilt says:

    This is worth a look

    F.T sourced graph showing England’s 7 day average death rate is worst in world and twice as bad as The USA’s (Scotland’s is just slightly worse ) and 4 times worse than Brazil’s

    USA and Brazil held up to Brits as having a disasterous pandemic. Whilst both countries have been led through Covid by presidents that don’t even believe in basic Covid precautions.

    UK is an island, the easiest place to stop importation of the virus.

  146. Hamish100 says:

    Strictly speaking part of the U.K. is an Island. We have over 90 plus islands off our mainland which are habitable.

  147. Alba woman says:

    With the great and the good making their way to say hi to us all in Scotland …I would ask that one of them assist me ,a peasant woman in the Brexit world , to get one suitcase packed with pre loved clothes for relatives in Ireland …over the Brexit border.

    Export numbers have to be found for every pre loved item and every item listed. Said suitcase is now £10 dearer to send. Enquiries to HMRC have gone unheeded.

    Oh and on the way could the great and the good repeal the Rape Clause.

  148. Petra says:

    I think we’ve got a good idea of the origin of the ”common source’.

    Tom Arthur:- ”There was anger and bitter criticism and often it was neither constructive nor seeking to offer an alternative prospectus. I also sensed a pattern and lack of originality in much of the language and insults used, suggesting a common source or sources.”


    ”As an ex GMB rep I can confirm there are between 350-500 full time jobs at Faslane & Coulport. The majority of the positions are filled by employees from South of the border commuting Mon-Fri.”

    • But Jackie Baillie says that there are 11000 jobs in Faslane. Is she lying? I don’t believe that such an upstanding politician would fib like that.
      There are between 20,000 and 30,000 army navy and air force English personnel posted to Jockland, Colony One, who will return ‘home’ to the Motherland when their stint overseas ends.

      This is the ‘ephemeral’ nature of a tour of duty Up Here..
      They wouldn’t join up if they felt that it involved a permanent move to the Frozen North.

  149. Petra says:

    Here he comes again, with his many bodyguards, spreading Covid far and wide 🙄.

    Kate Ferguson:- ”Boris Johnson is expected to visit Scotland this week as he ramps up his bid to save the UK from Nicola Sturgeon’s indyref2 threat.’


    I thought that he and his mates had stated that they’d just say NAW, so what’s his problem 😀.

    ‘Boris Johnson reportedly coming to Scotland this week in bid to save the Union.’

  150. Dr Jim says:

    First they said Nicola Sturgeon just wants to be FM forever she’ll never call a referendum, then they said Nicola Sturgeon is working for the British to keep Scotland tied, then they said Nicola Sturgeons referendum is a fake one so don’t vote for the SNP, then they said Boris Johnson can still say no, now they’re saying don’t vote SNP because it’s the wrong kind of referendum and Nicola Sturgeon is just bad because eh, because,, oh erm,, well we don’t like her because

    It seems like every argument they use in their desire to thwart Independence by pretending they want Independence but Nicola Sturgeon is not the one they want to deliver it once again because, keeps being proven wrong yet still they crash on making up more and more convoluted imaginings in the hope ordinary people will fall for it when the people who are making up all this shit are not supporters of Independence at all, they’re just the opposite

    If you have a craving for a bar of chocolate you don’t care who goes to the shop and gets it for you, you hand them the money and look forward to munching on it and thanking the messenger when they hand it to you

    The arguments against the FM just get stupider and stupider from very desperate people trying to prevent Scottish Independence, and they’re looking sillier and sillier as their motives are exposed

    • jfngw says:

      They are even retweeting Jackie Baillie now, their hope is to have Peter Murrell prosecuted and the domino effect will bring down NS. Watching some of their threads now requires you to go to The Herald threads for some balance. It’s getting harder to work out who are the bots now.

      • grizebard says:

        Prosecuted?He’s not a member of the government, so he’s not even formally involved in the current enquiry, let alone broken any law. No, I think they were hoping to undermine his standing within the SNP so that he would either have to resign or get ousted, but indeed, the transparent cunning plan is to “get Nicola” by one low means or another, as you say.

        Totally wasted energies and efforts. If you’re a genuine supporter of independence, that is.

        And even if you’re not.

      • Petra says:

        Yeah well it’s clear, to their brainwashed minds, that Peter Murrell is a greater danger to us than Jackie Baillie and Nicola Sturgeon than Boris Johnson. If Nicola Sturgeon had to stand down the gnaff fae Bath, along with his Westminster cohorts, would go after the next leader. He’s already set that in motion by discrediting any number of potential leaders including John Swinney and Humza Yousaf. The penny hasn’t dropped yet that this isn’t about Nicola Sturgeon at all. It’s about attempting to destroy our chances of getting our Independence. He’s also leading them all up the garden path by encouraging them to think and bleat on about Alex Salmond leading a list party. What a bl**dy farce that is and sad to see Alex hitching his wagon to that moron, IF that’s the case 🙄.

  151. yesindyref2 says:

    Just to get an expert opinion on this:

    Nobody is proposing an “unofficial” referendum. If it is authorised by an Act of the Scottish Parliament * and* that Act survives legal challenge, it would be as official as it needs to be as a matter of law

    and look for her other replies (click at times for “more replies”.

  152. yesindyref2 says:

    And just to make a point about emergency changes by the UK Government to the Scotland Act to prevent such a Referendum, an LCM (Legislative Consent Motion) by the Scottish Parliament would be required for such changes – a new Scotland Act couldn’t just be, errr, enacted.

    Under Sewel consent would be required by convention. Sewel has been resumed under the Spy Cops Bill supposedly (if changes are indeed put in at Stage 3 to exclude Scotland). The question would be, would the UK Gov proceed anyway for yet another Constutional Crisis – one without Brexit as an excuse? The hope would be they’re running out of excuses and acceptance for such a thing.

  153. Bored. A friend who is a taxi driver, therefore omniscient, tells me that Steven Gerrard has been offered the Chelsea job.

    • Legerwood says:

      TV news tonight said the new manager was coming from a French Club. But who knows.

    • malkymcblain says:

      Sounds more like a wishful thinker than omniscient taxi driver. I think Stevie G is enjoying himself too much at the moment Jack.

      • On the principle that a lie travels half way around the world before the truth gets its boots on, malky, I’m just trying to lighten the mood. it was either that or my recipe for the best pizza base outside of Rimini.
        I am suffering from Covid cabin fever.

        I’ve been Youtubing Burns. The Corries were magnificent. Luke Kelly of the Dubliners version of Parcel of Rogues sublime.

        Ironically because of Covid, Burns has come out of the dusty old institutions into the glare of online virtual supperland.

        My Everlovin’s fancy phone has been pinging all night from friends and relatives all over the world.

        My Belfast Girl is 100% ‘Scatch’ today, although Haggis is still a step too far.

        I once got her to eat escargot in the Bastard Hotel restaurant in Gascony by instructing the waiter to present the delicacy in a small spice jar, and told her that it was relish for her duck.

        She ate the lot and thought it delicious.

        It took ten years to work up the courage to confess.
        Unfortunately I described the contents of a haggis before she tasted one. That was nigh on three decades ago.
        We’ve had a great Burns Day…Hope all duggers were singing along.
        “My love, she’s but a lassie yet,
        My love, she’s but a lassie yet;
        We’ll let her stand a year or twa,
        She’ll no be half sae saucy yet;”
        Told you; cabin fever.

        FYI: Like Nikla, Gerrard’s going nowhere.
        Don’t panic.

      • Check out the Jock Dead Tree Scrolls, chaps.

        .. ‘Lampart for Sellik!!!!!’..

        My follow up comments fell in to moderation. But you heard it first here.

  154. Legerwood says:

    Someone earlier mentioned ‘Them and Us UK’ in the context of the push by the group for schools in England to re-open. Note: this group was active in Scotland in the summer last year pushing to get schools fully re-opened rather than the blended learning model that had been proposed. At that time BBC Scotland seemed to give them a lot of air time.

    The co-founder of the group was interviewed to night on CH4 news. You might want to have a look at it

    • grizebard says:

      Any group which appears to be opposed to any aspect of SG policy or operation will naturally get a lot of airtime from BBC Scotland. If the SG adapts to circumstances such that the same group become more consonant with the government’s actions, not so much any more. The BBC is more likely then to go looking for somebody who takes the contrary view.

      If all else fails (and even if not), there’s always DRoss to take a reliably oppositionalist stance, and let the facts go hang.

      • Legerwood says:

        On this occasion – covered in the interview on CH4 news – they are trying to pressure the UK Gov into opening the schools in England. They also seem to have the support of various Tory MPs in their endeavours.

        This time since the UK Gov is their target not the SG, yet, the BBC does not appear, so far, to be giving them airtime.

  155. yesindyref2 says:

    One more, bung ho, completely different and a bit dangerous in a way. This sort of thing was all the go in the 70s and 80s – well, you couldn’t be in a pub all the time, and not everyone had a TV – or wanted one. Some people actually devoured books when we could see straight.

    Reinforcement theory has three primary mechanisms behind it: selective exposure, selective perception, and selective retention.

    I’m not saying that’s a great source for it but it gives a flavour of what we can be up against, and from an “internal” point of view, can explain why an 11-point plan can be dismissed instantly by those who just before they heard about it, were saying “The SNP have no plan”. And why there are actually those that think that BoJo’s copycat 5 point plan is better! fx: scratches heid.

    Ah well, time for a cuppa.

    • grizebard says:

      All very pertinent, but those also indicate three points of attack. There were many people of the “thatNiklaSturgin” kneejerk disposition pre-Covid, somewhat less now.

      Some realities do tend to intrude regardless. Especially when the means of selective exposure are compromised by exigiencies. Know what I mean…?

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Well, it’s one of the reasons why “The truth shall set you free” not only needs to be the motto of YES, but a slogan it uses too. If people can be convinced to search for themselves, read, not believe the papers, not believe the BBC, and unfortunately increasingly, not believe blogs and social media, then at least it builds resistance against propaganda from anyone, and hopefully people can find their way through.

        And of course if they recognise that the likes of BoJo, Ross and Davidson are hoping that if they repeat a lie enough times they’ll believe it, then they can shed their previous selectivity. Something like that anyway.

        It’s one of the reasons Unionists refused a lot of organised debates in Indy Ref 1.

  156. yesindyref2 says:

    I lied. One more for cabin fever: “I’m bored in the house”

    (hope without the https:// it doesn’t imbed)

  157. Petra says:

    Apologies if it’s been posted already. If not it’s worth a read.

    • grizebard says:

      Kirsty is an academic, so I guess some “on the one hand… on the other hand” is to be expected, but some very telling observations nevertheless. A Union irrevocably doomed by the inability of its dominant constituent part both to adapt to the challenge of radically changed internal politics and also by a catastophic foreign policy error of truly epic proportions to which it is irretrievably wedded.

      Some helpful hints of how a sensitive Labour Party could respond, but alas for them, there is no such entity. As typified by Federal Broon’s wishful thinking, it’s part of the problem, not part of the solution.

      An odd lacuna also. While she focuses on a possible Scottish view of reform within a revitalised {cough} Union, something is seriously missing:

      But it’s not at all clear that there is appetite in Scotland for a UK senate of nations and regions as something more attractive than independence.

      The missing elephant in the room (so to speak)? There is even less appetite for any such radical re-arrangement among the self-absorbed English, neither from the political elite nor from ordinary voters.

      The game’s up, Kirsty. (You know it really.)

    • Alex Clark says:

      A very good article I thought and highlights the obvious panic in English political circles and their media. I hope she writes a good deal more on Independence in the coming months.

    • WT says:

      Thanks for this article Petra. It was a very interesting read. Shamefully, I have to say I had never seen this site before. Thanks again

  158. malkymcblain says:

    Rosyth Esbejrg and The Hook of Holland? Buy shares in Rosyth port an analyst friend has advised.

  159. Statgeek says:

    Posted this in the wrong thread. Latest vaccine news (AstraZenica):

    UK Gov keeping it all secret, of course (video is in English).

    • Golfnut says:

      I can see this hotting up, if the EU want pre notice of the vaccine leaving the EU.

    • Capella says:

      Just as well you posted this Statgeek – the lying on BBC RScot and R4 abut this is top class. The EU are jealous of the UK’s nimble approach to getting vaccines, apparently, they say.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I’ve a sneaking suspicion there is more to this than meets the eye.
      HMG got a foot in the door early by invoking emergency procedures to authorise the AZ vaccine no doubt spurred by favourable contracts for bulk orders, but the sting in the tail is AZ scaling up production causing a hiccup (no idea why unless completely relocating) to supplies.
      If as I suspect AZ are contractually obliged to HMG quantity X supplies, the EU is caught in the fallout and are rightly miffed because they substantially funded the project and a 3rd party country is reaping the benefits.
      Johnson etc chortling presently over their wizard wheeze to solve the crisis they themselves created for London and SEE will not last long, there may be a heavy price to pay if european manufacturer supplies are rationed as they inevitably must.
      I suspect the “Oxford” appendage HMG were so keen to promote will bite English exceptionalism in the arse shortly.
      Level playing fields ?

  160. Dr Jim says:

    It’s all about bloody them:

    An Independent Scotland is about England’s status in the world, an Independent Scotland is about the diminishing of England’s power, an Independent Scotland means diminished finances for England blah de blah blah England

    We cannae even have our own referendum in peace without England banging on about how it affects them, notice how the Unionists worry about England England England but they never gave a toss about Scotland while they were taking taking taking from us

    Now they want us to stay with them because *they’ll change* they’ll promise not to behave badly anymore *give us one last chance*

    Was 300 years not enough time then

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Yep, Dr.Jim.
      The BritNats are worried sick though, Scotland is slipping through their lying, scheming, thieving, free loading fingers like butter. They have taken too much for granted, their Brexit, telling Scotland to get tae fck, literally in the HOC’s, withholding PPE from Scotland last year, messing us about re the vaccine, etc, the BritNats have blotted their copybook, and they bloody well know it.

      Johnson’s travelling into Scotland from hotspot London, during lockdown, having told everyone the new (English) strain could be more deadly, wonderful that should be the final nail in the coffin for their ‘precious union’ then. It’s a wasted journey, and he should not be travelling into our country right now, but no, more proof of their sense of ownership. Scotland’s woken up and there is no turning back so the BritNats should start accepting that and start talking in a civil manner.

  161. gullaneno4 says:

    I see someone is nominating Johnson for the Scottish Independence activist of the year,

    Another visit to Scotland by him, I wonder if he chooses to go the Aberdeen Fish Market again.
    Wherever he goes he is bound to add another few percentage points to the SNP vote.

  162. ArtyHetty says:

    Does Paul moderate comments now? Seems my comment is in moderation mode…

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Yep, Dr.Jim.
      The BritNats are worried sick though, Scotland is slipping through their lying, scheming, thieving, free loading fingers like butter. They have taken too much for granted, their Brexit, telling Scotland to get tae fck, literally in the HOC’s, withholding PPE from Scotland last year, messing us about re the vaccine, etc, the BritNats have blotted their copybook, and they bloody well know it.

      Johnson’s travelling into Scotland from hotspot London, during lockdown, having told everyone the new (English) strain could be more deadly, wonderful that should be the final nail in the coffin for their ‘precious union’ then. It’s a wasted journey, and he should not be travelling into our country right now, but no, more proof of their sense of ownership. Scotland’s woken up and there is no turning back so the BritNats should start accepting that and start talking in a civil manner.

    • Capella says:

      I sometimes have a comment stuck in moderation. I think akismet must have some preset rules which trigger moderation. Paul will get round to clearing the stuck comments but is very busy now so I hesitate to contact him about it.

    • weegingerdug says:

      I’ve released it from moderation now – please note that I am in the middle of moving house and next week will be in temporary accommodation with only patchy internet once we get into the new place I won’t have internet until we get broadband connected so there will be no comment moderation at all and if your comment gets trapped by the moderation filters I am afraid you’ll just have to wait until I am back online

  163. bringiton says:

    Since when did political campaigning become an “essential purpose”.
    England’s elite (Royals and their PM) think it is OK for them to break the law in Scotland with impunity.
    Police Scotland should arrest him the second he sets foot in our country.

    • Capella says:

      Privy council meeting? That might be deemed essential.

    • Look out for a wee tent being erected in Linesman Dross’ back garden.
      Clap him in irons, Covid Breaker.

      I just read a piece in the Hootsman by this worthy Englishman.;

      ‘Marc Weller is Professor of International Law and International Constitutional Studies in the University of Cambridge and a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers. He served as adviser in many self-determination disputes around the world and has widely published in this area.’

      Dressed up in the usual faux measured even handed ‘does he take sugar’, English opinion, Scotland being the weak ‘disabled child’ who cannot, indeed will not, be allowed to, speak for itself, if the Scotsman has anything to do with it, is the usual, now is not the time, 55% majority next time, change the Referendum Yoon alternative question, Brown’s and Gove’s Federalism, Kosova, Quebec, England would call the shots on what independence would look like,EU would refuse re-entry if England was unhappy with the Divorce Settlement,…junk.
      Junk I say, and junk I mean.

      In these rambling scarcely hidden England Uber Alles pieces, there is always the underlying not so veiled threat by the Imperial Big Boy that England, when push comes to shove, will disregard democracy, and dictate how independent they’ll allow us Scots to be.
      A nice little warm up act in advance of the Fat Fool trundling North and spreading the Kent variant, which at the moment now counts as 2/3rds of all Scots cases.
      Bring out your Kent Dead !

  164. Dr Jim says:

    These phone ins like Call Kaye are always good for a laugh these days as long as you get your head round the fact that everybody who phones in is doing so from a political constitutional standpoint, if you’re a Unionist the Scottish government’s bad and if you’re a supporter of Scotland you’re fine and happy, then you have the pretenders who say they support the Scottish government but have been *let down* yet the BBC bashes on with these ridiculous calls pretending that none of them are done through political motivation

    Scotland is divided because two sides want something, the Unionists want to continue to be governed as they always have been with either no change or the removal altogether of the Scottish government, whereas supporters of Independence want to move Scotland on to change for the future

    It all pretty much comes down to evolution not devolution and Unionists are not evolving and have realised that the meteor of Independence that’s hit Scotland is about to change their way of life causing them to die out like the dinosaurs

    Except it’s not, Unionists will still exist they can still believe in whatever they want to believe in, the only difference to their lives will be that Scotland won’t be standing still waiting for England to make the decisions anymore, we’ll be evolving like every other country in the world and not waiting to stand or fall on the decisions of England in which Scotland has no input because governments in England don’t need Scotland’s votes to exist they just need control of what we have so they can transfer that to where they need the most votes to survive and that’s always somewhere in England

  165. Jacksg says:

    Morning folks,

    I found out a bit more regarding the Them and us group I posted about yesterday. The article from the guardian makes interesting reading.

    No surprise that it has gained support from within the Govt whilst they ignore the ordinary teachers and key workers demands for safety in schools.

    • Legerwood says:

      I posted upthread an interview with their co-founder that was on CH4 news last night.

      I knew someone had mentioned them earlier but could not remember who it was

  166. Jacksg says:

    Thanks, Ledgerwood.

    Just watched the interview, very interesting. I think the lady from Them and Us was genuine enough if a bit misguided.

    The problem is ( surprise surprise) inconsistency from the UK government. Also, as the lady from channel four hinted some Tories seem to have hijacked the group to suit their own ends.

    All along the approach from the WM govt has been herd immunity, they have covered their deceit with half-arsed lockdowns and platitudes, the tories don’t give a four xXX for ordinary working people never have. Will be interesting to see how that pans out.

    No doubt they will give in and open schools too early, same old same old. the sooner we get out of this shitshow the better.

  167. The Jaxter has his date with the jag !

    Delivered in a disappointingly white envelope, I am to attend (Location deleted by me, lest my fan base turn up looking for selfies) at 13.00 hours next Wed., 3rd Feb 2021.
    It is literally 2 minutes away from my But’n’ben, but not, as advised by the nurse by telephone 2 weeks ago, at the GP Practice itself.

    I’ll be writing to the Linesman complaining about the colour of my envelope of course. ‘Shambles’.

    • Alastair says:

      I, and better half, got letters today, also in white envelopes (disgrace, shambles)! Local community centre in Hamilton is the venue for us, but on separate days, self on the 7th Feb., a Sunday, wife on the 11th.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I haven’t got mine, the FM must go, bring back Elvis

      • Dr Jim says:

        Scrub that last statement my wee letter just fell through the door

        I’m going to LIVE, LIVE I tell you

        • JoMax says:

          The FM must have read your comment and personally popped it through your letterbox. 🙂

          I didnae get an envelope of any colour, just a mere phone call from the local surgery. Huh! I may never get to know what colour telephone she used. The meedja should get on to it toot sweet, or tout de suite, or as soon as possible going forward at this moment in time. I do hope that the fluid they pump into me isnae red, white and blue being as it’s British an’ all. If I emerge singing GSTQ, I shall be most discombobulated.

        • But, Jim, Jaime Green and Willie Rennie have just told me on FMQ that GPs are not getting their supplies, there are half a million doses not getting to surgeries, and it’s a shambles and Nikla must resign.
          Jackie Baillie got her arse in a sling over lying about schools funding and the stellar work teachers pupils parents and LAs are doing to make distance learning happen.
          The Brit Nat gene pool has dried up. These three came across as the shallow ignorant folls which now represent Brit Nat Yoonery in Scotland.
          They fucking lie through their teeth in a neffort to undermine Scotland’s progress through these dark days. people are dying because of their lies.

          • Dr Jim says:

            They are fools Jack, yes indeed fools all of them and what’s more see the front page of the National it looks like the UN says Scotland can have a legal referendum Internationally recognised
            under the principles of self determination and Prof Marc Weller former legal advisor to the UN says the great and powerful Boz is a big fat diddie, well no I’m paraphrasing his word “rhetoric” to mean the same thing

            • wm says:

              This is’nae fair we hivnie got any letter yet an am nearly 79 whit can a dae Jack. Its no fair.

              • Phone Wullie Rennie. He knows the location of the secret stash of 140,000 doses which the Bad SNP are deliberately withholding.
                I am merciless in my criticism of this insignificant little man.
                I firmly believe that he is actually that dense.

                Or maybe contact Jackie Baillie? She says there is £800 MILLION that the Bad SNP have shoved under the mattress.
                Or Jaime Green? There are 400,000 doses lying unused. ‘Shambles’.
                Seriously, wm, Swinney announced that over 70’s are receiving their appointments this week.
                Who to believe?
                Stay safe, wm.

                • wm says:

                  Do you think these three are that thick, that really think we believe their (pish) lies.

                  • Close your eyes for a minute, wm.

                    Imagine that it had been Willie Rennie, Jackie Baillie or Baroness Rape Clause standing at the podium each day for the past 10 months, during the most trying peacetime crisis has ever, and hopefully ever will, faced

                    Can you see Annie Wells or Miles Briggs or James Kelly or MIke ‘Tuscany’ Rumbles leading the way through this terrible crisis?

                    Of course not. It’s just too ridiculous for words.

                    England is being led by a bumptious babbling buffoon, who is completely out of his depth, but more alarmingly, doesn’t really care. The mad psychotic smirk he wears most of the time says it all.
                    His performances at PMQ, and his appearances on TV are constant car crashes.

                    Like Trump he opens his mouth and spouts alarming drivel…and gets away with it while 100,000 of his ‘flock’ dead alreadey with many more thousands to follow.

                    This stupid man is coming Up Here next week to press us in to thanking the Union and the British Army for getting us out of this Covid mess.

                    I hope we get his destination in advance, and those socially near give him a warm welcome.

                    England, as I have observed many times, borrowing from Nicholas Monsarrat’s Imperial England’s rape of Africa, is The Tribe That Lost its Head.

                    The only conclusion I can draw is that most if not all of them are either thick or in it for the incredibly easy lifestyle for obscene wages and expenses and a fat pension at the end of it all.

                    For God’s sake, Leonard was allowed to remain as leader for three years and he couldn’t even read out loud naturally at FMQ.

                    Won’t be fooled again.

              • grizebard says:

                Me neither. The Fairy Godmother has badly let me down. Wee Willie Rennie for FM!

                {cough, cough, aargh, splutter}

            • Dr Jim, see my comments above on the Scotsman article. (09.50 am)
              The National cherry picks the ‘good bits’.
              Marc Weller speaks from a position of ‘seniority’ over the wishes and demands of the People of Scotland.
              I forgot to mention his reference to Catalonia.

              “Here it is uncontested that Scotland can go if its people wish it. Yet, even in view of the different constitutional position, the heavy-handed use of police and militia to obstruct the referendum held in defiance of Madrid was rather questionable.

              Madrid was able to suppress an act of popular will in the knowledge that no other European state would interfere in what was seen as an internal affair of Spain. But might does not make right. The authority to govern is based on the will of the people. At least within democratic Western Europe, it ought to be inconceivable that an entire, distinct population should be prevented from exercising its will in a genuinely democratic process through intimidation and force.

              Of course, Boris Johnson will not deploy the Guardia Civil off the coast of Scotland. Rather, it is likely that the question of a second referendum will be addressed by the Scottish Court of Session and then by the Supreme Court. And there still remains the option of an informal assessment of the will of the people through a consultative process instead of a formal referendum.

              A referendum tends to narrow an issue down to a binary choice: yes or no to independence. In the ordinary run of things, it would be preferable to have a clear alternative to independence to hand when a referendum is held. However, this alternative vision is yet to be defined.

              Michael Gove announced last year that the Cabinet Office he leads would develop broad constitutional alternatives for Scotland. Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, has appointed notable Scot and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown to lead a major consultation exercise about the future of the UK constitution, including Scotland’s future. It is not clear when these alternative plans would be ready. And what if, as seems likely, the proposals offered by the Conservatives and Labour differ significantly?

              … the result must be clear. In most cases, this has required a simple majority of 50 per cent plus one vote. However, in some other cases, the sides have agreed that a decision of such importance requires a higher threshold of, say, 55 per cent in favour of independence. This was the case when Montenegro left the Union with Serbia in 2006.

              And fourth, even if the pro-independence side wins, it cannot simply walk away and declare independence. It, too, must take account of the interests of the other side and negotiate in good faith about a balanced and reasonable divorce settlement.”

              In the case of Scotland, extra caution will be required. Scotland can only achieve its goal of independence within the European Union if it is seen to have gone through an entirely consensual process of self-determination, including a divorce among peaceably consenting adults. Otherwise, it is virtually guaranteed that the members of the EU opposing any case of secession as a matter of principle will veto Scotland’s application to join the EU. Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Spain, and Slovakia have persistently refused to recognise Kosovo as a state, despite the contrary position of most other EU members”

              It will not be possible to deny a referendum indefinitely. On the other hand, Scotland can only succeed as a state within the EU if it can demonstrate that it has obtained the fullest consent from Westminster for its potential journey towards independence. This gives both sides equal weight in the discussions that will follow upon the elections in May.”

              These are the seeds tat the good professor attempts to plant.
              Boris Johnson won’t bring in the Polis with truncheons?
              No referendum but a ‘consultative process’ instead?
              The Good Prof asserts that the Brits have yet to work up an ‘alternative vision’ to Yes if we vote No?
              Michael Gove and Keir Starmer are beavering away with an alternative vision for Scotland?
              Och, that’s all right then What could we have been thinking when we announced that we were leaving their precious Union? And here’s them down in London sorting iot all out for us.
              Then ‘the results must be clear’ riff, and 55% ? slipped in under the radar.
              We’re just like Montenegro, the good Prof argues.
              And if we win, we ‘simply cannot declare independence’. Oh yeah? Just watch us, Prof.
              Then the threat that if we don’t concede everything England demands, then the EU won’t recognise us…

              There’s more, but I can’t be arsed.

              He clearly uses his article to frame the whole independence issue from the perspective of Mighty England…
              Nuff already.
              John Swinney was stellar today. He is peaking at just the right time. A true and faithful Son of Scotland.

          • Petra says:

            Good. I hope that they keep it up. Highlighting to GP’s and teachers that they’re a bunch of lying troublemakers. That’s on top of the fishers and Social Care / NHS workers, ETC, and all of their families and friends who are getting their eyes opened now. Boris was also exposed for lying again in relation to Erasmus when footage of him saying that it wouldn’t be scrapped was shown on Reporting Scotland tonight.

  168. Capella says:

    Clip from the Believe in Scotland Burns night with Brian Cox and Lesley Riddoch and co.

  169. Lynn Fraser says:

    Good luck to you both. Wishing you every health and happiness in your new home.


    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  170. Capella says:

    Macalbasite has updated the blog with as many tables of Scotland’s resources as you could want.

    • Petra says:

      Brilliant Capella. We can’t thank these people enough for beavering away getting facts / the truth out there. Macalba, Professor John Robertson, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, Ann on the Indyref2 site etc, etc, etc.

  171. UndeadShuan says:

    This is shocking given the state we are in with current covid emergency and advice for those in jobs which can be done from home to work from home.

    The Scottish government health minister, should be speaking to NHS Tayside as this could be used against the Scottish Government.

    Other companies will look and see managers who are direct employees of the Scottish Government breaching what Nicola Sturgeon is asking all companies to follow for their staff and say if NHS doesnt do this why should we!

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I’d frankly be more concerned which planet you are on and which drug is involved ?

    • Dead man walking.
      The Dundee Evening Telegraph, owned by DC Thomson, listed as ‘right wing populist’ is not a rag that I would buy.
      Even the Telegraph can’t outright lie.
      Go away Undeadshaun.
      Contact Jenny Marra, Red Tory who is married on to the Thomson clan, and be quick, because she is standing down in May to spend more time with her family.

      • UndeadShaun says:

        Do you think that the story is a lie?

        Do you think that Its ok for an employer to breach what Nicola Sturgeon has asked about working from home?

        And do you think that its ok for Nicola Sturgeons advice to be twisted by NHS management potentially putting families of staff who are vulnerable at risk.

        Scottish government guidance ….

        “Employers must support employees to work from home wherever possible and in turn employees must work at home when they are able to”

        • grizebard says:

          Oh, another visitation from the concerned, echoing another obvious attempt to smear the SG by proxy. Drip, drip, drip.

          May can’t come soon enough.

          • UndeadShuan says:

            No not an attempt to smear the scottish government, just because it has happened doesnt make the Scottish Government complicit in the actions of NHS Tayside, who are well out of order with how they are treating their staff during the current crisis.

            The Scottish Government contrastingly, is doing a great job in how they are handling the covid emergency and have been consistent in their advice and in trying to protect the scottish population.

            The majority of other public bodies in Scotland are following the advice given by the Scottish Government with theIr staff.

            • grizebard says:

              Not by you, but the background Greek chorus is definitely a thing, and giving a helping hand to disseminate its incessant woebaggery isn’t helpful, I gently suggest.

          • weegingerdug says:

            there’s no need to be rude Jack

            • I know, Paul, but this nonsense about Jeanne Freeman stopping in her tracks to ‘resolve’ an ostensible Personnel dispute in Tayside, if indeed that’s what it is, in Tayside, tries my patience.
              That’s the only reason for this piece of trolling. Perhaps Kezia Dugdale can arrange an online Think Tank Reorientation Politeness Package for me, surely a hopeless case of rudeness.

        • Legerwood says:

          Employers must support employees to work from home wherever possible …End quote.

          There are data protection issues in play here. If the IT dept work from home then they may, if problems arise, require remote access to sensitive and highly confidential data.

          This then raises the very serious issue of how the data are protected in a home environment. Who would be around? How secure would the firewalls etc be? We know hospital systems can be breached so how much more easily could a home system be breached?

          • grizebard says:

            The answer surely, provided the work is done on a business-exclusive machine such as a laptop, is VPN, no…?

            • Legerwood says:

              Would that be sufficient to withstand a determined attack?

              Given the plethora of IT systems in use in hospitals up to supporting remote working. That was one of the problems at the DVLA.

              There will also be times when someone from IT has to be on the spot to sort out a problem and will have to be there pretty damn quick.

              This is not a straight forward ‘work at home’ issue.

          • Eilidh says:

            I work from home most of the week. We have headsets to ensure no one can hear the caller. As well as the firewall on my router laptop provided also has a firewall and there is serious security on remote server we use to access the system. We all make sure family don’t hear or see anything but we all have to work from office sometimes in a Covid secure environment as some things are impossible for us to do from home. The same situation would exist for those working in IT anywhere too

        • Petra says:

          If the story’s true I’m sure that Jeane Freeman will deal with it.

          • UndeadShaun says:

            Hopefuly she will.

            But she has a lot on her plate just now and this is just an unnecessary addition to her current heavy workload.

            If she does manage to look into this, i’m sure the staff of NHS Tayside will be gratefull.

            • Below is a potted version of this fake news drivel to save anybody wasting any more time checking out this nonsense.

              “A concerned woman whose partner works in the health board’s IT department, claims it is “completely unreasonable” for staff during a pandemic.

              She said: “Senior board members are insisting members of staff come into work when they could be doing their job at home.

              ….they have their own laptops and the ability to do it from home, but the health board won’t allow them.

              “I am very worried because I am home schooling our children and I am high risk so I fear something will come home with him. He has to go straight into the shower every night and sanitise everything he has touched.”

              As well as being worried about the risk of catching Covid-19, the worker also said staff were worried about potentially being stopped by the police while travelling.
              (Doesn’t this ‘risk’ apply to every worker travelling to and fro work at the moment?)

              According to the Scottish Government, an example of a reasonable excuse to travel would be “for work […] but only where that cannot be done from your home.” ( Me:- For ‘reasonable excuse’, read ‘reason’ surely?)”

              So the ‘concerns raised’ in the headline is from one woman, who seems to know Resource Management in a Pandemic better than the HS?

              As usual, the ‘facts’ don’t appear until further into this piece of NHS BAD Tayside nonsense.

              “However, George Doherty, director of workforce at NHS Tayside, said “From the outset of the pandemic, NHS Tayside staff have been classed as key workers in the response to Covid-19.

              “This is because every member of our team has a critical role to play during the outbreak.

              “Some staff may feel that their role is not currently essential, however, the Covid-19 demands on our health services are changing and increasing every day in this second peak.

              “The continuation of patient care and services in our hospitals and communities is the most important element of our response at this time.

              “Therefore, in order for us to continue to deliver patient-facing care and services, there is a critical requirement for us to rapidly deploy members of staff to support the frontline.

              He added: “NHS Tayside has taken steps to ensure our workplaces are Covid-safe in line with national guidelines.”

              In other words it’s all hands to the pump. Her husband may be called upon to do other duties in the hospital.

              So, I repeat, ‘Undeadshaun’, go away. There is absolutely nothing here to justify the Health Secretary intervening.

              My neighbour is a District Nurse, who ventures forth every day, and another neighbour, an optician, who is about to administer Covid jabs at a Vaccination Centre.
              Both venture out to work and have never been stopped by the Polis….their journeys are not ‘excuses’, they are keeping Scotland safe. The sacrifice is theirs, to keep us all safe.

              SNP/NHS BAD drivel, based on some employee’s wife’s version of reality.
              Go away.

              • I know, Paul, I know.

              • Alex Clark says:

                An almost identical story appeared in the Tele on 27th Mar 2020, just 4 days into the initial lockdown.

                One worker said their office is not a safe environment during the outbreak, and adds it is putting family members who are classed as ‘at risk’ in danger…

                George Soherty, director of workforce at NHS Tayside, said: “Some staff may feel that their role is not classed as essential at this point and that they can carry out their role at home.
                “However, the Covid-19 demands on our health services are rising every day and we are making plans which mean we will be able to support essential services and this includes options to redeploy staff into different roles.
                “In addition, only a limited number of people can access our IT systems remotely at any one time and we must prioritise remote access – and therefore home working – to ensure we can provide critical services.
                “We have issued further guidance to staff relating to their key worker status and how they can request home working in exceptional circumstances.”


              • Undeadshaun says:

                I know some of the staff affected and this is real!

                If you think its drivel then i give up on everything including independence and humanity.

                And im just going to do my own thing from now and no longer give any support, which i have done up until now.

                So yes ill go away, but from now on, for any support for independence.

                I really cant believe this uncaring attitude, i though an indendent Scotland would free us from this.
                But unfortuntately you prove this wrong so goodbye.

                • Alex Clark says:

                  What exactly has this issue to do with Independence?

                • Alex Clark says:

                  How about the 535 staff at the DVLA in Swansea who actually caught Covid and yet all staff were still asked to keep attending work. Has this story anything to do with Independence?

                  If there is a risk and a staff member can work from home then they should be working from home. Tayside NHS have obviously decided that some if not all IT staff are essential but have put inplace systems whereby they can be allowed to work from home in exceptional circumstances.

                  Have the Tele bothered to find out the situation in the rest of the NHS Scotland’s health boards?

  172. Alex Clark says:

    This row kicking off between the EU and the UK over the availability of the AstraZeneca vaccine being delivered to the EU as per their contract has the potential to have serious consequences if there are knock on delays to the delivery of the Pfizer vaccine into the UK.

    I’ve no idea what is going on but obviously, AstraZeneca are having problems in meeting the terms of their contract with regards to deliveries to the EU. It certainly sounds like the EU suspect interference by the UK in order to guarantee UK supply.

    Hopefully, this can be resolved amicably else those that have been vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine risk a delay in receiving their 2nd jab if the EU put their foot down and slow down or even halt export to the UK from Belgium.

    Any Pfizer vaccine we still have or are due to receive should be used to give people their 2nd doses now, especially in care homes and the staff in care homes.

    • Legerwood says:

      Pfizer and AstraZeneca, particularly AZ, have had production problems right from the start.

      I noticed tonight on both BBC News and Ch4 news when reporting the latest AZ supply problems that for the first time the reporters linked AZ to its Swedish partner. The brown stuff hits the fan and immediately there is a distancing from the solely British ownership of this vaccine. How long before Oxford is no longer mentioned?

    • Pogmothon says:

      Me thinks that the wastemonster knew that there would be a supply problem weeks ago, perhaps because of their site assessment reports during the writing of the contracts.
      This would be why the POLITICAL decision to move to a 12 week interval between jabs has been proposed (as we all already know against the medical advice, the trials, and the approval licence recommendations). The question is where do we go from here. Will they ration it as they attempted to do with the PPE. or has / is Holyrood making alternative arrangements. Cos you can bet your bottom dollar the wastemonster never warned them about any possible problems in the supply chain.

  173. Alex Clark says:

    Article from the Washington Times on the UK vaccination program.

    LONDON — Britain is now, essentially, one big, high-stakes science experiment.

    It is putting multiple vaccines to the test amid one of the world’s worst coronavirus outbreaks, propelled by a variant of the virus that is more contagious and possibly more deadly than the original.

    Britain is ahead of most countries in the vaccination race, but it is gambling that it can extend the interval between two doses, to stretch limited supplies.

    • Legerwood says:

      A good article. I also read the article on Denmark and the new variant that is linked within the original article.

  174. grizebard says:

    BoJo the Clown currently apologising for the record-breaking swathe of deaths his bumbling government’s mismanagement, including the politically-motivated delay of vaccination in English care homes, has caused in the UK (=England), while his proxies in Scotland continue to peddle the vile lie that the Scottish Government is slow to roll out vaccinations when in fact it is doing the right thing and tackling the harder job of protecting the most vulnerable first, and thereby saving the lives that the Tories would implicitly cull just so they can play their devious political point-scoring games.

  175. grizebard says:

    CNN coverage of the latest BoJo briefing and UKGov performance an entirely different (and refreshingly honest) experience than the usual deferential treatment from the state broadcaster down south.

  176. Dr Jim says:

    The SNP tells the great and powerful Boz not to come to Scotland knowing that in his arrogance and defiance he’ll do that very thing , Westminster tell the great Boz not to come to Scotland because he’ll only make matters worse and he ignores that because of his arrogance, the people of Scotland make it very clear we don’t like the great Boz and in his arrogance he refuses to listen to them as well

    If we told him to jump in the sea?

    • Pogmothon says:

      Naw, you need to tell him “you are not aloud to jump of the Forth Road Bridge” in order to achieve a positive out come.

  177. Petra says:

    Vince Cable:- ‘The ‘four nation’ construct of the UK is as fragile as it is unique – and at severe risk of being broken apart.’

    ..”It is not something many places manage to achieve. Very few multinational states have survived and those that have often preserve their unity by repressing minorities who would like to be independent or attached to somewhere else (Turkey and the Kurds; India and Kashmir; Pakistan and Baluchistan; Sri Lanka and the Tamils; topically, China and Tibet and Xinjiang). Some have split, usually violently (the USSR, Yugoslavia, Ethiopia, Sudan). Velvet divorce is rare (Czechoslovakia; Scandinavia, over a century ago).”..

    ..”there is another British and Scottish politician of stature but I doubt if the thought has crossed her mind to think in such terms. Nicola Sturgeon stands head and shoulders above Boris Johnson and the British cabinet in competence in the eyes of many English people; not just Scots.

    • grizebard says:

      The precedent set by Czechoslovakia was the one that most clearly troubled Fluffy Mundell when he was the Colonial Governor.

      But for that to succeed would require an English head honcho with more insight probably even than Vince (who has had direct experience of Scotland), never mind BoJo the Retro English Imperialist Clown.

      (But I would always be happily proved wrong on that…)

    • Austria Hungary shared a king but had their own governments although the Austrians were able to overrule anything that Hungary legislated because king Franz Ferdinand had total power and authority.
      Back then only 8% of people in Hungary got to vote , the land owners , they sucked up to Austria even though Austria looked down on them , they were treated like useful idiots to allow Austria to control the people through their employers ( the land owners).

      All sounds very familiar.

      Came to a sorry end didn’t it , not that Scotland will go the same way but the similarities are there to see , the royalty wheeled out to tell the people to shut up and do what they are told and the government telling the people this is how it is you can’t change it so yes just shut up and get on with it.

      • Alec Lomax says:

        Franz Joseph. Franz Ferdinand was the Arch Duke who was assassinated at Sarajevo.

      • grizebard says:

        “Only 8% got to vote”, and in a time and place where the monarchy wielded real power. Then “it all sounds very familiar”? Really?

        Maybe there’s a point in there somewhere, Terence, but given our old moth-eaten once-was empire now adrift and lost in mid-Atlantic, I fear your analogy is just too much of a stretch.

        What keeps inexorably popping into my head is an image of Britannia in the form of Gloria Swanson playing long-faded silent-era star Norma Desmond and imperiously uttering the famous line “I am big. It’s the pictures that got small”.

        • Grizebard, in Scotland we get the royalty wheeled out for political visits just like in Hungary.
          Prince Charles to visit
          Prince William and his wife do video link to ICU staff ninewells hospital
          Before the summer elections what will be the occasion for the Queen to message Scotland ?

  178. Petra says:

    Skotia:- ”Scotland’s friends in Europe: 145 MEPs across 25 Member States call to keep ERASMUS cooperation with Scotland. @GrayInGlasgow explains why this wide coalition should give us hope.”


    Scot Gov Economy: – ”We are consulting on #MakingScotlandsFuture – a draft recovery plan for manufacturing which proposes a set of actions for delivery over the next 12 months which has been designed with industry, public sector, trade union and academia.”

  179. Petra says:

    Phantom Power:- ”Gordon Brown’s rewriting of history here really is incredible. Even when cornered, Brown refuses to acknowledge his hollow pledge to Scotland was never delivered or that Labour blocked powers. And now he’s trying it again.”


    Independence, independence, independence. That’s all they can talk about 😀.

    ‘Scotland is heading towards independence from the UK thanks to Boris Johnson and Brexit.’

    ..”The reality was quite the opposite. Cameron’s reforms were dismissed as meaningless by both sides, and the anti-EU movement went on to take Britain out of Europe for good. Johnson is likely to find his own attempts to prevent Scottish independence have a very similar ending.”

    • grizebard says:

      Actually, Federal Broon’s “rewriting” (or “self-induced amnesia”, you could call it) is one of the most disreputable aspects of this whole issue, IMO. He could have chosen to come straight with the public and attempted some kind of honest reset, but instead he took the coward’s way out. (No surprise there, then.)

      He typifies the entire Union modus operandi: gaslight, gaslight, gaslight and hope enough people remain fooled. It’s positively Trumpian. He can dodge as much as he likes at the moment with the help of a compliant media, but come an indy campaign where there will be no place to hide, this will surely come back to haunt him. People like Phantom Power should take a leaf out of CNN’s book: play his empty utterances of yore side-by-side with his repeated empty utterances of today.

  180. Petra says:

    ‘Gove’s threadbare campaign to stem the independence tide won’t work.’

    ..”Within the paper the psephologist John Curtice forecasts the SNP will enjoy major success in the next Holyrood election, gaining seven more seats compared to 2016 to win 70 seats, a clear majority even without the Greens’ predicted 10 seats.”..


    From one weirdo to the rest of you lot …… the weird, little, minority bunch 😀.

    ‘If Boris Johnson keeps Scotland in imprisoned in the UK, Brexit Britain will be condemned by the free world – Helen Martin.’

    ..”It does seem that for years Westminster believed Scotland leaving the UK was the aim of a weird little minority bunch. They were even deluded that Ruth Davidson had boosted Scottish Tories and there was a real chance of a Conservative First Minister! Suddenly the penny has dropped and the UK government finally recognises Scotland will vote to leave.”..

    ..”The UK is now recognised as a little union of four countries with no influence or importance to either the EU or the US. It is also recognised as the worst handler of Covid-19 in the world.”

  181. Petra says:

    Can you no get the message? You’re no welcome here 🤬.

    Phantom Power:- ”Boris Johnson will visit Scotland this week to rescue the Union. Here’s a look back at how we’ve ‘welcomed’ other Tory UK Prime Ministers.”


    UK Government England💎:- ”Divide & conquer! UK Government’s entirely transparent attempt to isolate and alienate Orkney from Scotland, no doubt with an ‘Alaskan’ outpost agenda, to commandeer Scotland’s mineral and fishing wealth for England in the event of Independence. Watching.”

  182. Petra says:

    ‘Holyrood could use ‘principle of self-determination’ to override indyref2 veto.’

    ..”Professor Marc Weller of Cambridge University, formerly a senior legal adviser to the UN, says Holyrood can point to the material change in circumstances caused by Brexit, as well as appealing to the “principle of self-determination in international law” if it has to make its case for another referendum in court.”..


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  183. weegingerdug says:

    Here is a productive and useful initiative which can actually help to boost support for independence and Believe in Scotland have teamed up to launch the biggest independence campaign since 2014.

    help to convert at least one undecided voter to independence over the next three months.

    All you need to do to nominate somebody who is on the fence about independence – and and will help you make the case

  184. Alex Clark says:

    The UK government have cancelled the building of a Coronavirus testing “mega-lab” in Scotland.

  185. Golfnut says:

    Oh, so predictable. Hopefully they’ll cancel all those submarines as well.

  186. jfngw says:

    Over 100,000 dead and Boris Johnson in effect congratulates his government for its performance ‘we did everything we could’.

    Just think how much better we could have done if independent. We could never have achieved NZ levels, I don’t believe any country in Europe has and they aren’t connected to a country where the elite have contemplated what the acceptable death level should be. But we surely could have at least halved the death rate and saved thousands of lives.

    • grizebard says:

      I think that conclusion is being reached by more and more people.

      Which is why the Tories in Scotland are trying so very hard to promote their latest Big Lie that “Scotland is behind in vaccination”. With Wee Willie acting as little boy echo.

      • Alex Clark says:

        Wee Willie Rennie and Jackie Baillie are Tories through and through and will do anything to help them if it means beating the SNP. Simple as that.

      • Until the second dose is given, the fact is they have vaccinated (past tense) next to no-one.

        Now that there are known supply chain problems in obtaining vaccines, will the UK government pause to reassess the situation? Will they make sure they have enough doses to fully innoculate those who’ve only had a single jag?

        Or will they, as I easily envision, blunder on towards yet another clusterbourach?

        • grizebard says:

          As to your first point, that is hardly true, since a first dose does confer far better protection than none. Kinda on the emergency principle it’s better to jury-patch the hole in everyone’s boat rather than perfect-patch the hole in half of them and risk the other half sinking. Less than ideal, true, but that’s where we are right now. Crises are like that. Perfection isn’t on the menu.

          At least some states in the US seem to be ad-hoc heading the same way, driven by exigencies.

          The main “supply chain problem”, as far as I can see, is in manufacture, and currently that’s true everywhere. Administrations worldwide are getting frustrated about the laggy acceleration in production.

          What I vehemently object to is the deliberate politicisation of the issue, which seems to be unique to Scotland. BritNattery deliberately setting-out to damage the fine reputation of the Scottish Government and undermine public confidence in its vaccination programme, and all for purely electioneering purposes. That to me is damnable.

        • ArtyHetty says:

          Just read that virologists think that to delay second dose of the vaccine, as the BritNat EngGov are doing, could cause Covid resistance to the vaccine. That’s not an acceptable scenario, the EngGov could hardly be less capable of managing this terrible crisis, it’s bloody terrifying.
          England would still vote Tory if there was an election held tomorrow, poll shows.
          Scotland being held hostage for much longer is not going to have a good outcome to say the very least, on so many levels.

  187. yesindyref2 says:

    It’s funny really how more than 4 years after a mystery, you get some clues as to why it happened, A cold case sort of thing. Anyways, thing is this, like 100,000 others I got SNP membership after the Indy Ref. Got the email from the branch, and one from Murrell apologising for a delay to my membership pack. He replied back “thanks” when I emailed “no worries, too many new members, what a pain!”

    So I got my card but had to chase up my vote for the depute (for Constance). Same thing happened in 2016 (for Robertson), so I was kind of half-in and half-out, getting branch meeting emails but not HQ ones (or mivote). Looking at this:

    The total number of eligible voters for the Depute Leader contest was approximately 103,000 members (of total membership of 116,000 at the time of nominations opening). Eligible voters include those over 16, and those whose membership subscription was fully up to date at the time of the issuing of ballots on 21 September 2016.

    made me think – I paid annually by a one-off payment for the 3 years I was a member, and since they had an HQ staff geared for 25,500, not the massive 125,500 – what do you expect – perfection? Never worried me, the SNP were too busy fighting elections. And Murrell watching Sturgeon’s back. But being a less common one-off payment member probably caused the problem. Counted as a member but not getting automatic votes sent to me.

    But yeah. that 116,000 is already an extra 13,000 including under-16s on top of the 103,000 eligible voters for the depute election in 2016, and perhaps loads of others managed to get missed off that vote-sending list, even though we had membership cards and numbers. Maybe all paying by annual one-off. Easily get another 4,000 that way.

    Goes to show, people who don’t know, shouldn’t make it up as they go along.

    • Petra says:

      Thanks for that Indyref2. Kinda makes a mockery of some (most) of the articles that we come across from ”elsewhere”, such as Bath England.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Indeed. There’s been a fair few like that (cough, self-named) built on article, specially with a total lack of understanding of accounts. One even has membership down at 87,000 based on some incredibly daft lack of knowledge of the membership structure. Anyways, WGD likes to stay out of it which I totally approve of, hence the discrete way of putting it which some seem not to have cottoned on to, bless 🙂

        Problem is some posters on our only Indy paper are starting to quote from there including about the ring-fenced fund, and I’m having to sit on my hands. Like WGD, The National is positive while also reporting the news, and since I’ve been btl noising up BfS and GMK who I knew years ago for some weeks now there I’m delighted to see their tie-up and series of articles. I’ll be signing up today or tomorrow to get someone a free code. Maybe for one of mine who was a NO but kind of likes Sturgeon, calling her “Big Nicky”. Half-way there, just like it says in the article.

  188. grizebard says:

    … and perhaps loads of others …

    Or perhaps not. All on the basis of an anecdotal case of one (yourself)?

    As you say, “… shouldn’t make it up as one goes along”.

    (And what’s with this “Murrell” and “Sturgeon” withal…?)

    • yesindyref2 says:

      You really need to pack it in with the trigger-happy “friendly fire”, it just shows you up as being hostile paranoid lazy and a bit clueless frankly, and use a bit of lateral thinking instead. Here’s what that’s disproving: “But just two months before that October 2016 vote the SNP was claiming to have 120,000 members.

      I’ll leave you to do a simple bit of digging and thinking, though that would be a first for you.

      No, no need to apologise, I’m used to it.

      • grizebard says:

        Not exactly a comradely response there, when I was mostly quoting your own words back at you anyway. Hmmm. Further to “friendly fire”, likewise in regard to your own very evident WaSpish attitude to the SNP. Who is obsessed with their membership numbers anyway? (Besides the likes of Stu Campbell, that is.)

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Did you know you can look at the “Recent Comments” at the top of the page, and next to someone’s moniker, click on the article title and – voila – see what their latest posting was before this one?

          • grizebard says:

            Oh, really. Hadn’t even noticed your last piece of puerile condescension until now. (Plenty of other way more interesting posts had already displaced it, I suppose.)

            WaSpish indeed. Sounds like you need a good rest.

            • yesindyref2 says:

              You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink from the waters of comprehension. And you were so close with the bit in brackets, if you’d followed through with that thought.

              • grizebard says:

                We seem to have come a long way from your obsessions about SNP membership and implicit antagonisms of the party, but no doubt that was your intention.

                I hope you are feeling less stressed now.

  189. yesindyref2 says:

    Anyways, hopefully some lurkers will have got the point of that though it was already carefully pointed out there btl at 10.22, I just suggested a likely reason for the remaining few thousand, meanwhile on an even more humorous note:


  190. Did you see the video on Twitter Prince William and his wife sending a message to ICU staff at ninewells hospital Dundee hello happy Burns night we’ve teamed up with the nurses charity to provide you with a haggis dinner on Burns night a video link relayed to a room on the top floor of ninewells hidden away from the canteen area full of ICU staff in gowns and uniforms individuals sitting at separate tables getting their plate delivered to their table some looking at the video link screen and mumbling thank you others looking on silent and bemused what an embarrassment and what a Liberty looked as if there was coercion to be present staff looked decidedly uncomfortable

  191. You would think that because London has been and still is in the midst of an emergency hospitals overrun with covid patients that sensibility would be high

    But no

    A Jewish wedding 400 people

    A family sitting in a living room with friends 20 people having dinner celebrating a baby birth

  192. Legerwood says:

    It seems the Unionist side is taking advantage/politicising the AstraZeneca production problems in the service of the Union.

    Following on from Matt Hancock’s comments it would appear that the theme being developed by the Unionists today is that if Scotland was independent and part of the EU we would not be able to get the AstraZeneca vaccine. It is only because we are part of the bestest Union ever that we can get the vaccine. Several letters in the Herald today run with this argument.

    It is always interesting watching the coordination behind such themes but this one sinks to a new low in politiicising the pandemic. It is only a few short weeks ago that the UK’s supplies of the AZ vaccine were being manufactured in Europe while the UK production of the AZ vaccine was gearing up.

  193. Jacksg says:

    Indeed, Dr Jim,

    I saw an article a few days ago about folk down south who have carried on meeting people socialising and such. They did adhere to the first lockdown but afterwards, they felt that they had done their bit and that it was the Government’s fault for the chaos.

    One guy has friends for dinner every week, another lady visits her folks and takes her kids.😒
    in hindsight sometimes we in Scotland are not much better.

    Recently my local authority decided it was okay for a well-known bargain shop to open near us in the middle of this present lockdown. 😒 folk have of course flocked to it clogging up the local car park and queuing outside some maskless honestly some days I despair.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The people who behave badly in this manner are one of the main reasons everybody else trying to do the right thing is locked down yet many of them claim oppression by the state even to calling our government Nazis and they see no irony (or do they) in the fact that it’s us who are the ones interred by them

  194. Petra says:

    The James Doleman thread on the Craig Murray case.


    I wonder what the LibDem supporter from Bath will find to complain about in relation to this Bill next?

    Joanna Cherry QC:- ”Bravo ⁦@HumzaYousaf. The⁩ @scotgov have introduced an amendment to #HateCrimeBill to protect #FreedomOfExpression in respect of discussion & criticism of matters relating to transgender identity. A huge victory for #womensrights & #FreedomOfSpeech.”

  195. Petra says:

    Watch … Dr Philippa Whitford:- ”Genomic analysis showed Scotland eliminated virtually all of ~300 #COVID19 strains from 1st wave, before holiday travel imported new ones. SA variant is real threat so need to copy Pacific countries.”


    ‘What will replace EU structural funds in Scotland after Brexit?’

    ”Brexit means that Scotland, as well as the rest of the UK, cannot participate in the next round of EU structural funds. What is proposed to replace them?

    First, what are EU structural funds?
    One of the core policies of the EU is to reduce economic inequalities between its regions. Two funds have been available in Scotland to pursue this policy:

    European Social Fund (ESF)
    European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
    Together these are known as the structural funds.”..

  196. Petra says:

    Video … Alison Thewliss:- ”The Chancellor’s stop-start furlough led to job losses. Cutting the £20 uplift to UC will push families into hardship. Now, the Tories say more austerity and tax rises are coming. With policies like this, it’s no wonder support for Scottish independence is on the rise.”


    Video … Joanna Cherry: – ‘SNP MP asks Priti Patel why she has not stood down following UK border comments.’

  197. Petra says:

    Video … The Nine:- “The main voice in this will be the people of Scotland”. @SNP Depute Leader @KeithBrownSNP discusses the prospect of another referendum on Scottish independence.”



    Marcus Carslaw:- ”Alister Jack has written an article in Italian and Irish newspapers claiming Nicola Sturgeon does not speak for Scotland. Ironic coming from a man whose party hasn’t won an election in Scotland for 60 years.”

  198. Petra says:

    ‘The Irish Times view on Scottish independence: SNP raises the stakes.’

    ..”International law on the right to self determination is evolving. It recognises the entitlement of substantial national entities to secede and requires central governments to negotiate in good faith when such aspirations are clearly manifest. Whatever the merits of that, however, the issue will not go away and Westminster would be better advised to engage constructively and imaginatively on the nature of Scotland’s place within the UK. Avoidance is not a sustainable strategy.”..


    Tricia Marwick:- Thread 1/ ”I do not think the U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson should visit Scotland. Why? It is just not him, it is also his huge entourage. Many folk like me haven’t seen our children or grandchildren in their own houses for months even though they live 200 yards away.”

  199. Petra says:

    Video … Phantom Power:- ”Scotland faces an onslaught of false promises and deceptions between now and May from the British state. Don’t fall for it.”


    ‘Boris Johnson can’t stop Scottish independence with a vaccine.’

    ..”On Sunday, she doubled down, accusing Johnson of being afraid of democracy when it comes to letting Scots have their say in staying in or leaving the UK. And she has laid out a very clear roadmap for independence, one that will fire up SNP supporters and ensure that a new independence referendum is the only issue that matters come May 6. When Johnson became PM, Sturgeon had broadly said the SNP would press him to allow for #indyref2. Not anymore. Now, Sturgeon says that if her party is re-elected in the spring – various opinion polls have it with anywhere between 45 and 55 percent support among voters – it will hold another referendum.”..

  200. Petra says:

    Hitler’s Youth UK style.

    ‘Tory revolt looms over state plans to use child spies against their parents.’

    ”Boris Johnson faces a major Tory revolt this week over plans to allow children to be used as spies by state agencies against their parents.”..

    ..”“It will allow 16 and 17-year-olds to spy on their parents. It also authorises them to commit crimes as well, so it needs to be extremely tightly controlled and those controls need to be greater than what the Government is proposing.”..


    From Therese Coffey the wummin who says the UK 100,000 (PLUS) Covid death rate is down to people being too old and fat.

    Video … Philippa Whitford:- ”Response of DWP Secretary to colleague @PeterGrantMP – Wow! Can you imagine if you had such a poor grasp of YOUR job?”

  201. Petra says:

    Check out Professor John Robertson’s site.


    And Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  202. Golfnut says:

    Just listening to the FM, absolutely outstanding briefing.

    Just received my letter ‘re vaccination, 6th Feb, which I really didn’t expect so soon, I thought maybe end March.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      Golfnut, Yes I agree she seemed to be on top form.

      I loved the interaction with Mr. Sanderson of the Telegraph. A slight taking of the piss by our FM regarding the predicted headlines in the Telegraph regarding Boris Johnsons planned “Scottish Visit”.

      • Tam the Bam says:

        I think the “Mr Sanderson of the Telegraph” you refer to Stephen was in fact one “Simon Johnson of the Telegraph”…..remember him?
        He was the journo who along with Alistair Carmichael attempted to smear the FM over a concocted incident during an election campaign a few years back.
        Alistair Carmichael had to answer for that in court!

        • Dr Jim says:

          Frenchgate, they did their duty and covered up Mundell’s involvement in that one, reported by BBC’s James (I’ve seen the emails) Cook

          The emails that never existed then Cook disappeared to America for a few years only to return to the BBCs flagship *The Nine” that attracts less viewers than any other BBC broadcast in Scotland at around 2.000 viewers

          More people than that see me on a walk to the post office

        • Stephen McKenzie says:

          I apologise to Mr. Daniel Sanderson, that was rash of me and was out of character and I am really sure you will go far in journalism or a suitable career, probably..

          I did in fact mean Mr. Simon Johnson of the Telegraph

      • Dr Jim says:

        What kerfuffling answer will the great and powerful Boz have for the press when they ask why he’s not setting an example for the people he claims to represent and was his journey really necessary

        Scotland’s FM presented him with both a challenge his ego can’t ignore and a manhole to step into when he doesn’t and the whole of Scotland watched her do it and will wait for the answers

        The word Velociraptor springs to mind, clever girl

  203. Jenn McEwan says:

    Our Gaelic Development Officers would love to make contact with you Paul, as they are keen on buying copies of your maps to use with their learners. Please make contact with me!

    • Craig P says:

      Jenny – it’s worth trying again in a week or two, as Paul has said he has no internet access till 8th Feb.

  204. Old Pete says:

    What is the running total of coronavirus related deaths in England, does anyone know ?
    Scotland has a transparent method of giving all figures, but England ? They always give the UK total at their press briefings but never there English only figures, I wonder why 🤔
    Maybe Dug Ross could tell us what his English bestows won’t ?

    • jfngw says:

      They are here, you can view as UK total or by nation. It includes the daily figures and the date of death figures (this one is better for accuracy of the totals but it takes a week or so before the numbers are finalised). You can download them to a spreadsheet.

      • jfngw says:

        Also note the graphs may some days be missing some data if the numbers aren’t available for a nation (no UK or Wales figures currently for date of death, they may appear later).

    • Dr Jim says:

      England’s actual figures are shrouded in deceit because unlike Scotland they never instituted the system of including suspected deaths by Covid 19 on death certificates as a contributory factor in deaths not supported by a test offering GPs the ability to call those fatalities age or ongoing ill health related, at some point in time the ONS is going to have to come clean as to the average excess deaths of the elderly and others in England which at the moment looks to be around 20.000, if those estimates are even close the mortality rate in England alone is considerably more than 100.000

      Also it’s likely one of the reasons they do things in this way is to keep up the pretence to the world that the UK is a country, the world knows this is not the case but much of the population of England don’t so it’s easier for propaganda purposes to disguise their own figures by hiding them inside the collective number of all four Nations

      Typically with the UK government they began the process with a deception and just kept going, and they’re not done yet

      • grizebard says:

        Aided and abetted by the BBC. If you listen to the R4 lunchtime news, you get the UK figures, then for the rest of the programme it’s all about England, and only England.

        It’s the diametric inverse of the “Andy Murray Effect”. They just won’t publicly assign any number of deaths to England’s account alone.

      • JoMax says:

        Are we suggesting that England needs the ‘broad shoulders of the UK’ in order to become invisible when things go awry, and as a prop upon which to lean? I thought that was Scotland’s role. We know who’s ‘Better Together’ right enough.

        • grizebard says:

          Well observed.

          But we’ve really known that all along, at least since back in ’14, when it looked for a moment that independence might prevail and the media-led debate suddenly became all about what it meant for England!

          And we’ve seen all that resurfacing again recently, have we not? They had so very readily forgotten, but are once again beginning to feel the heat, and it’s way stronger now.

      • jfngw says:

        The only useful figures in the ONS & NRS figures are the excess deaths, they cannot be disguised. I never compare the covid figures which are based on just a doctors opinion without a test.

        The link I gave only measures tested deaths, they’re the only international comparison which can be made. The numbers there show England’s death rate was 1.47 times Scotland’s per million using yesterdays numbers.

        If we matched England there would be 2724 more people who would have died in Scotland (tested deaths). If England had matched Scotland they would have had 28,174 less deaths.

  205. I’m slowly but surely catching up with today’s events.
    Andrew Kerr’s wee programme cuts away from the briefing as usual, to let the Linesman Dross chunter on, cued by the Bold Andrew.
    ‘You expressed concerns that the vaccine supplies are not being…’ prompts Kerr.
    The Linesman, who was at home, so he must be running the line at the Ross Country Motherwell game tonight (we’ll be checking, Drossie) now declares that we have a million doses up here, and the programme is too slow.’
    No comment from Kerr, who may be pitching for a PR Job at Blue Tort Jock HQ.

    So, the watching hundreds are told by the BBC that there are a million doses in Scotland right now, and only 460,000 are in people’s arms so far, and that ‘s too slow?
    BBC Big Jock Channel…can we have real news rather than a daily Party Political Propaganda Fest chaired by Andrew Kerr and starring the Linesman?

    Prime time viewing from the BBC in Jockland. Lie to Scotland.

    Wee Patrick got an airing too, rambling ‘must do more’ inconsequential generalities.
    Meanwhile, elsewhere, we Scots are getting vital health updates on the progress of the fight against Covid.

    BBC Jockland at Plantation Quay…
    Will the last one aboard the last helicopter fleeing South please turn the lights off.


  206. Hamish100 says:

    Don’t really like doing this as each death is terrible whatever country is involved but if Scotland has x deaths surely you multiply by 12 as a proportion of the overall U.K. population and arrive at a figure proportionally higher or lower than the overall total.So if Scotland was the U.K. 7000 deaths would multiply up to 84000.

  207. weegingerdug says:

    PLEASE NOTE I am now in the process of moving house and will not have access to the internet until 8 february. This means that if your comment is in moderation or gets incorrectly trapped by the spam filters I will not be able to retrieve it until I am back.

  208. Dr Jim says:

    Willie Rennie strikes again with the new Lib Dem PPB, and in it Willie Rennie says that people who want Independence for Scotland are not reasonable, well that’s only slightly paraphrasing, his actual words were that reasonable people wouldn’t want it, I’m sorru but there’s no other understanding of this but that Willie Rennie is just insulting 58% of the population of Scotland

    Of course Willie Rennie would disagree with that number that has been consistently above 50% for 20 polls in a row because Willie Rennie has a Liberal Democrat abacus which incidentally is the same one the Tories and Labour use that only counts as more means less and majority means minority and always comes to the conclusion that everyone is deluded bar Willie Rennie

    That’s why Willie Rennie would never dream of insulting Scots by name calling us as *Ultra Extremists* or *Radical Separatists* or *Narrow Nationalists* Willie Rennie would never admit to using that kind of language, even though he does it all the time he’d never admit to it because Willie Rennie is a *reasonable* man

    So join the Liberal Democrats and be like Willie Rennie……..a liar

    • jfngw says:

      What I took from Rennie was it was unreasonable to expect to have the government you vote for as a country, you should be content to accept a second best democracy as working together (taking another countries orders) is much nicer, and we should be good Brits and get back in our box.

      They are like stick of rock these LibDems, if you cut them in half they would find BritNat running through their body.

  209. Petra says:

    ‘My Sworn Evidence on the Sturgeon Affair.’

    Is there a want with this man? Once again, see me … big ego, couldn’t wait for Alex Salmond or Nicola Sturgeon to have their say. Disgraceful. There’s so much in his article that you could tear to shreds if you wanted to. I, for one, can’t be bothered.

    ..”Alex Salmond was plainly very unhappy. He said that he believed that Nicola was banking on his loyalty to the SNP and to the Independence movement, thinking that he would not split the party by revealing what or who was behind the allegations against him. At this crucial time, a Salmond/Sturgeon split could derail the chance for Independence and have a truly historic effect. I asked him directly whether this meant he did not want me to publish this information at the moment. He confirmed I should not publish. This conversation was in confidence but, as my blog was highly influential within the Independence movement, he thought it vital that I know the truth as matters develop.”

    • Legerwood says:

      I read it earlier today. I think it was mentioned in the below the line comments in the story in the Herald about Mr Salmond’s date to give evidence to the Committee.

      I think the word ‘hearsay’ would be used by any half-way decent lawyer.

      As you say why publish now before Mr Salmoond and Ms Sturgeon give their evidence? Does he think one of them will withdraw?

      • jfngw says:

        There is a lot of hearsay in the article, most of it irrelevant to his charges. Whatever the truth about who did what it is not relevant to the charge of contempt of court. His trial is not about what is truthful between NS & AS, that is irrelevant and I suspect the judges will ignore most of it.

        Personally I don’t think he did commit contempt but if what he has written is not true regarding the case he may have dug a bigger hole for himself, he is throwing a lot of accusation around. Maybe he will need another crowdfunder,

      • Petra says:

        He’s made so many ”claims” he’d better be right or he’ll find himself back in Court, big time. I also wondered if he was trying, in part, to impress Lady Dorrian with his spiel but may find, in fact, that it will go against him. Amazing too that he, the hypocrite, complains about the judicial system and that Alex was found to be guilty before he had his day in Court but Nicola Sturgeon has to be burned at the stake, by people like him, before she gets her say. I doubt that his ”followers” have picked up on the fact that a number of the people that he’s mentioned in relation to Nicola Sturgeon were also closely linked to Alex Salmond before her time. I also wonder what Alex Salmond makes of his ”blog” over and above big ego breaching confidentiality. This will no doubt leave Alex Salmond in a very difficult position now, as he’s due to be questioned by the Committee on the 9th February. Between one thing and another Alex has been proven to be a poor judge of character from the female civil servants that he worked closely with and ”trusted” to the two LibDem supporters that are using him now.


        ‘Joe Biden Hints At No Trade Deal Unless The UK Rejoins The EU.’

        • JoMax says:

          Sadly, Petra, I think there are a number of men in the indy movement who are playing ‘the victim’ card for all its worth and in every case it has been blamed on women and/or perceived rejection by the SNP which for one reason or another may have been well justified. I used to visit 4/5 indy blogs regularly every day or when there were new posts. Now I’m down to one, WGD. I wonder why?

          When you consider what Paul has been through recently, the real victim of a truly horrendous illness and he’s fighting it all the way and determined to be back for Scotland, it makes you sad.

          • Petra says:

            Add to that some of them, most worryingly, seem to be highly unstable, JoMax. Paul’s one of the few that is totally down to earth with his sole focus on getting us our Independence, not looking to get a massive ego massaged. Add to that not looking to get his pockets lined either.

            • yesindyref2 says:

              That other guy was susceptible to flattery and it went to his head, he was putty. But the Lord Justice Clerk did say today “Both articles published were in advance of the trial. If the Crown was of the view these articles created a substantial risk, it seems strange the Crown did not take action at that time.”. He actually button-holed me at the back of a Wings stall at Glasgow Green 2 years ago “I know something” but thank goodness gossip is not my style, I changed the subject or something and he lost interest. Though a nice guy I already had him marked as a conspiracy theorist which is why he was cultivated – gullible and a useful tool. I hope he gets off or treated with mercy – he has a family.

              • grizebard says:

                It is possible that he is simply a loose cannon with a tendency to extrapolate too far who originally fell out with the British Establishment then subsequently with the SNP when the party chose not to select him. Or something rather more organised and disruptive. I just can’t make up my mind on that.

                Personally, I would much rather see Andy Wightman as an independent MSP. He really has earned a place.

    • grizebard says:

      “highly influential”? Self-important pompous ass. He might wish.

      (And even if it were true, to what end? If the wish were truly to remain silent, AS could just as easily have told me. The real intent thus exposed, and merely it seems in order to promote an already-inflated ego.)

      Oh, please, how much more of this malevolent distraction do we have to endure before we move on (as we will) to something actually productive..?

    • Capella says:

      I’ve avoided reading it. My twitter timeline is full of tweets from the usual suspects urging everyone to read it and quoting excerpts which tells me that it’s full of gossip. The principals are all due to appear at the Harassment Committee on 2nd, 8th and 16th February. I can wait.

      • Alex Clark says:

        Alex Salmond has been offered to appear on the 9th with no other date available if he refuses that.

        • Petra says:

          I wonder what Alex Salmond will say if Jackie Baillie asks him if he has informed any individual that Nicola Sturgeon, ”was involved in the orchestration of fake complaints against him” and if he answers yes is then asked for proof to that effect. Loose cannon, braggadocio Murray has in just put Alex Salmond in a most intolerable position, imo.

          Another interesting snippet that came out of Murray’s blog was that he barely knew Alex Salmond at all and has no contact with him. No doubt just like his LibDem buddy from Bath both previously implying that they are all the bestest of mates, instead of the users that they are.

          Alex should shut them up for once and for all and focus on going after the civil servants that seemingly went after him.

    • Tam the Bam says:

      Petra….I trust you…..but I am troubled.

      • Petra says:

        Troubled by what, Tam?

        • Tam the Bam says:

          I’m troubled by the huge distraction (mainly amongst indy anoraks admittedly) that this whole sorry affair has proven to be.
          Whenever I’m asked my opinion on the subject I now say ‘no comment until the Inquiry concludes.’

          • Petra says:

            That’s it Tam, ”no comment until the Inquiry concludes.’’ Additionally pointing out that Nicola Sturgeon deserves to have her say without some blogging braggarts fueling the situation with gossip, speculation and innuendo. It is a distraction, a major distraction, but we’ll get through this and win at the end of the day 😀.

  210. Alex Clark says:

    A legend in his own lunchtime.

  211. bringiton says:

    The most interesting thing from today’s Covid briefing was the divergent views between the SG and the BoJo administration about border controls.
    Seems,no surprises,that the Tories want minimun restrictions of who has to go into quarantine based on their list of safe/unsafe countries.
    Whereas,the SG wants it to cover everyone coming into the country.
    The trouble with BoJo’s approach is that,as we have seenon many occasions,a safe country can become unsafe in a matter of days by which time travellers from that origin have entered the country without quarantine.
    Some people just never learn or more likely,don’t want to,for political reasons.

  212. Petra says:

    Scottish Independence: Tories lose Holyrood vote on Indyref2.’


    Devi have a word in his ear about what’s going on here and tell him to tell Biden it’s SOS time for the Scots. We need his help. That is if he doesn’t know already 😀.

    ‘Biden Covid advisor Dr Anthony Fauci joins Edinburgh University series.’

    • Dr Jim says:

      Scotland’s not going to have to worry about what Jo Biden thinks it’s the Brits that’ll have the problem

      • Petra says:

        I would still like to see Biden intervene, just like Obama (in reverse) Dr Jim, and tell BoJo to behave like the leader of a democratic country and give us a S30 order or else!

  213. Petra says:

    ‘Reporting on the Union Policy Implementation Committee.’

    ..”If they really want to know about 16 year olds they should read their colleague Alex Massie who writes in the same spread: “The United Kingdom is, in a quite literal sense, dying.” … “As Angus Robertson, former deputy leader of the SNP recently put it: each year ‘roughly 55,000 predominantly Yes-supporting 16 year-olds’ are added to the electoral roll while ‘55,000 predominantly no-supporting older voters’ shuffle off the register.”..

    • Golfnut says:

      Excellent article by Mike Small, reminding me why I was once an avid reader of Bella Caledonia. The btl or at least the first 10 comments were of course a joke, Salmond, Sturgeon, division, all there. The trolls live in their own wee bubble, much as the London media do, comforting each other by the Salmond, Sturgeon, division, rinse and repeat.

  214. Dr Jim says:

    James Kelly Scot goes pop has done the analysis and Scotland doesn’t want the status quo nor does it want devious maximus or any other kind of scripted offer

    Scotland wants straight out Independence

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, perhaps the most interesting thing to come out of one of the latest casting of the runes. Another nail in the coffin of Federal Broon’s mouldering cunning plan.

  215. Eilidh says:

    Well according to BBC News App Wastemonters version of Jabba the Hut aka Bojo is still coming up here later today. Why do I think he is like Jabba. Well they are both fat slimy and complete crooks. As a weighty person myself I have no problems with commenting on his weight. The man clearly never listens to any wee wummin particularly not NS more fool him


    Interesting information here about covid19 in U.K. from the media in USA

    • Old double decker buses fitted with oxygen cylinders and masks being used by London hospitals because there’s no room in the hospitals for the huge number of covid19 patients

      • Petra says:

        It looks as though we would have been better off, less deaths, with Trump calling the shots in the UK rather than Johnson.

        ..”The real figures for the daily death toll are certainly higher, as indicated by Office for National Statistics records.”..

        ..”Adjusted for population size, the US equivalent of the UK’s death toll would be 588,000– on January 21 the US death toll stood at 417,211.”..

        • England, the 51st State.
          Soon, citizens of England will be opening an ‘Ambulance Fund’ Account at the bank.
          Ambulances in most of the other 50 States charge upwards of $1000 a mile.
          It will cost thousands just to get to the Hospital..then the fun really starts. $10,000 to deliver a baby?
          Maybe Michael Gove will provide British Army trucks to ferry the poor to MASH units, canvas tents in cow fields, Radar Triage nurses, to treat the poor who can’t afford Private Health Care?

          One of the main planks of Project Fear One is about to come loose…We’ll keep the £ when we take back our nation.

          England, soon to be ‘Old England’ to avoid confusion with the already taken ‘New England’, will be adopting the Yankee Doll-ah when it is subsumed into the USA.
          Biden is not going to stop the inevitable. England will be sold on Wall Street now that Europe doesn’t have its back.
          For all English citizens with asthma, COPD, and breathlessness? Over There Inhalers cost between $250-$350 a go. This is the stuff we must print on leaflets targeted at o/66’s (The age we now have to reach before we are entitled to one of the lowest State Pensions in the Western world.) when we campaign.

  217. Jim says:

    One of the biggest reasons to support Independence. Especially to ‘Sway’ voters.
    I don’t do social media so if others can get it out there, thanks.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Many folk don’t fully understand this even when it’s explained to them, they just can’t imagine the NHS being put up for sale and when the Tories say it’ll never happen they’re partially telling the truth, but it’s concealed within the lie that America wouldn’t be buying the buildings the physical infrastructure what they’d be buying is peoples access to the NHS, equipment drugs insurance putting out of reach treatment that a great many ordinary folk wouldn’t be able to afford access to

      How many times do we see the healthcare system in America where people need all of these things and whatever insurance they do have if any never seems to cover the things they need doing, America may have some of the bestest looking finest stocked equpmenty hospitals in the world but Mr and Mrs Joe and Jean America can’t afford to get in the door

      • Jim says:

        Very true Dr Jim,

        The phrases which scare me when coming from Tory mouths are ” The NHS is not on the table” and “The NHS will always be free at the point of entry”

        These are mealy mouthed ways of hiding their intentions without actually telling a bare faced lie.
        ” The NHS is not on the table”…………Yet!
        ” The NHS will always be free at the point of entry”……….until you require treatment and/or medication!

      • Golfnut says:

        Actually Jim the infrastructure is already up for sale in England. Land and infrastructure have been transferred into a private company, whether set up specifically by the UK gov or not I’m not absolutely sure, but the purpose is to sell of state/ Health board assets. The Health boards will then have to lease back the property and infrastucture. Scam, you bet.
        I’ll try and find the report and post it if I can.
        Maybe someone already has this saved somewhere, but it comes off the back of a report Which T May fully accepted. The sell off was just one of the recommendations.

    • Petra says:

      Thanks for the link Jim and I totally agree with you that the real possibility of our SNHS being privatised would have a massive impact on converting No’s to Yes. In particular the Unionist supporting elderly individuals who moved to Scotland to benefit from our excellent NHS / Social Care services, free prescriptions and so on.

      Harry Burns or Sir Henry Burns from Borrheed 😀. Where’s that? No mention of him being an ardent supporter of Independence on Wiki, as he surely is.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Indeed Petra, many thousands of our elderly population receive visiting care in their own homes as part of our system, if that were to be withdrawn as part of an insurance based system it would become unaffordable because of basic pension restrictions so where would all these thousands of elderly folk end up, it’s likely that shiny new care homes would then be built by the usual suspects to stick these folk into thus robbing them of their homes lives individuality and their pensions and inevitably shortening their lives due to depression at being institutionalised in what would have to be a sub standard cheap alternative unless the relatives of the elderly had *insurance* to afford *better*

        The statistics tell us that older folk of that demographic are more prone to voting NO to Independence because they fear change but if and when the opportunity comes if they don’t vote YES then this is their future or that of the next set of elderly coming along right behind them

        Private care homes always show lovely pictures of happy healthy elderly people having a wonderful time in their establishments and I’m sure their are places just like that but those places cost the kind of money most elderly people do not possess, so if you’ve got no money under the American style healthcare system you’re not of any use to them and quite bluntly you’ve had it

        Boris Johnson’s Mammy and Daddy will be fine though

        • Petra says:

          What’s not dawned on a lot of people either, Dr Jim, is that the insurance companies won’t sign up the elderly, sick and infirm following perusal of their medical records. They want to sign up the young (er), fit and healthy who will pay in for years and then get chased when their situation changes.

          ‘The human cost of insulin in America.’

          ”This is the list of what Laura Marston has sacrificed to keep herself alive: Her car, her furniture, her apartment, her retirement fund, her dog. At 36 years old, she has already sold all of her possessions twice to afford the insulin her body needs every day.”



          “Do patients know – have they even been told by the one in seven GP practices across England that pass on their clinical details – that their medical histories are being sold to multinational pharma companies in the US and around the world?”

  218. jfngw says:

    When Johnson starts talking about the strength of the union in the covid response, remember he has more deaths per million than Donald Trump had achieved. Also if you separate the figures for tested deaths for England from the rest of the UK it is eve worse, 1592/million for England, 1296/million for the USA. Scotland in comparison is standing around 1080/million.

    He is Primo Morte Johnson.

  219. Clydebuilt says:

    Craig Murray is out to damage the SNP. In the run up to an election where Independence is up for grabs.

    A wee chip from him , a wee chip from wings over nuthin. Maybe they can save the Union between them.

  220. Alex Clark says:

    An analysis by Libby Brooks and Severin Carrell in the Guardian on “Plan B” for a referendum with some interesting opinion from legal experts.

    • Alex, this has been done to death.

      The ‘experts’ conclude that when all’s said and done, England will say no, and they have the law on their side?
      So let’s all give up and crawl back into our boxes like good little oppressed colonials?

      Today we are being subjected to a massive Pro Union Media Propaganda assault on Scotland and its people.
      Every outlet, including the National (?) produces Johnson’s and Gove’s Too Wee Too Poor, thank the feck for the ‘Bri’ish Army’ saving Scotland from the Plague, proof positive that England is a Benign Master, looking after its enslaved serfs in the Northern colony.
      Baroness Rape Clause, Jackie Baillie, and the never disappointing Thick Willie Rennie, went through their Btter Together lies and posturing again today, at FMQ, and the Bold Kenny, Presiding Officer who is chucking it in May, allowed these three utterly hopeless Brit puppets to turn their questions in to Bad SNP diatribes…

      Every newspaper, every TV and Radio Station, throughout the UK, never mind Up Here in their Golden Goose Last Colony, has been churning out relentless hours and column inches praising a Fat Womanising sectarian bigot’s lies. The man who led the death march, and eerily, is filmed by an obliging BBC Scotland, with British Troops in a big empty hall in Castlemilk, driving home the message…we own you, Scotland, and we have the muscle in place already to put down any insurrection.
      There has never been a propaganda Machine in history to rival that of the English Iron Heel Oligarchy.

      The ‘Queen Elizabeth University Hospital’? Or as we Glaswegians know it; The Southern General.
      If Iraq had won the Bush Blair War, would out flagship hospital, and indeed all the ~Queen Elizabeth Hospitals and Buildings now be named after the conqueror?
      The Saddam Hussein hospital?.

      They are scar3ed witless.

      All that effort, just to add 100,000 s of votes to the YES tally.
      What idiot pitched that sending this Fat Fool of a man North was a Good Thing?
      Let me buy him/her a drink.

      • Eilidh says:

        Yeah I heard there was an awful lot of sh**e in Govan today only it wasn’t all in the sewage works across the road from the QEU hospital this time. It was Boris talking the unadulterated kind. Here’s something to contemplate how did the British (actually mostly the English) lose an Empire. Only 2 words necessary – Sheer Arrogance. If Bojo thinks his visits up here are making the situation better for the Tories he really is thick

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Thanks for that Alex, a good read and good for us for some odd reason. First he’s differentiated between his second option – wildcat, and the third option 11 point plan. Second he’s associated any boycott with the wildcat but not the 11 point. And third he’s mentioned McHarg on not being able to force councils to co-operate if the SG loses the case, for which the converse is that if they win then they can force the councils as some of us have been saying. Things progress 🙂

    • Petra says:

      Back to being legally valid because of the section 30 order!

      ..”Aileen McHarg, professor of public law and human rights at the University of Durham, has been following the (Keatings) case with some interest, but believes there is a strong chance that the court will simply accept the procedural arguments that the action is premature and not relevant.
      She notes that, from an SNP perspective, the timing of this case is unhelpful. “Assuming the SNP win a majority in May they will be in a much stronger position,” she said. “But a mandate alone, though politically important, isn’t legally relevant. If a court decides that the Scottish government does have power to hold a referendum it will obviously create significant political momentum. But they would still need the UK government consent ultimately to leave the union.” She makes the crucial distinction between a legal referendum and a legally binding one. “The 2014 referendum was advisory only, as was the Brexit vote, but it was legally valid because of the section 30 order.”

  221. Dr Jim says:

    BBC have now joined in with the new approach to attacking Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP by insulting the intelligence of voters in Scotland, and here’s how they’re doing it

    The BBC and others say this “There is a “perception” that Nicola Sturgeon is handling the pandemic better than Boris Johnson, “There is a “perception” that Nicola Sturgeon is more competent in governance than Boris Johnson

    Then they add this bit in “But that doesn’t always “tend” to be borne out” and so on

    This type of attack I guess has been thought up by some Tory spin guy somewhere in the depths of Whitehall in what they think is an ingenious plan to tell people in Scotland they’re stupid without actually using the word stupid

    Like others in the media and Internet who are beavering away trying to figure out new and different angles to undermine and smear the First Minister because it’s their job and they get well paid for it either by wages or brown envelopes passed to them in a park once these people are found out to be just lying and it’s all about preventing Scotland’s Independence the people of Scotland will not forgive them, because even folk who may not desire Independence still don’t like being lied to and told they’re stupid no matter what the cause might be

    • There is no doubt that the English Establishment has spent millions on arranging and publicising today’s farce.
      Every possible outlet has invested vast amounts of time and staff time on this obscene little stunt.
      This is just a taster of what’s to come.
      Glenn Campbell might have mentioned the fate of his fellow Islay residents and cite Brexit as a massive driver in the swing towards pro Independence..but, No.

    • Statgeek says:

      There is a perception that the BBC is objective and unbiased. That doesn’t always tend to be borne out by their articles, reports and correspondents.

      Throw that around in their face. See how long they suffer it.

  222. Dr Jim says:

    Nice of Murdo Fraser the Tory spokesgit for finance and unelected MSP for 20 years Tory bench warmer to congratulate SNP finance minister Kate Forbes on her recent engagement while attempting to have a dig at the benefits of being part of Union, but of course in that particular Union it will be one in which she’ll be an equal partner

    • Bob Lamont says:

      The manipulators are in panic mode DrJ, they’ve finally realised (Turdo excepted as he’s thick) they are dealing with a highly sceptical Scottish public more acutely aware of the bullshit they’ve been fed than at any time previously, the Union has become a death wish, literally.
      I give you as example HMS Sarah Smith – weeks pushing Gove’s instruction to divert public gaze from SG’s strategy to the Covid Vaccination Olympics table with their “Covid in Scotland: Where are the latest cases?” to universal ridicule, less the Pythonesque “nobody expects the English Inquisition” than than “The Black Knight’..”… Enter St Boris stage right with “tis but a scratch”..
      Sonic the #10 hedgehog may know how to push England’s buttons, but it doesn’t translate to colder climes…

      • Alex Clark says:

        That’s the reality. What can a liar do when they know that the lies are no longer being listened to and they are fighting a losing battle no matter what they try?

        Panic is all that’s left LOL

    • Dr Jim, Murdo The Queen’s Eleven Fraser hauled his tired old frame to its feet, and seemed to believe that we were all fooled into the notion that Munificent England via his fascist Masters at WM had given Scotland billions of pounds to furlough jobs and such like.

      He knows fine well that we Scots will have to pay back the money that Sunik borrowed.
      Rather the whole point on our surge for Independence.

      Why am I allowing another adult access to my bank account and debit card to manage my affairs for me?

      It’s our money, not England’s.

      Murdo has been rattling around in Holyrood since 1999; he has failed in 7 elections, and miraculously still gets on the Listory MSP gravy train.

      They are so bereft of Blue Tory talent that this two decade failure still wins the Tory lottery.

      We watched a future FM ,or should I say, President of the Scottish Republic, at the despatch box today delivering a steady as you go budget.

      Her swipe at Murdo when he closed his bumbling feckless response to the Budget, by screaming that the SNP must not waste money on an Indyref, when she scowled that Murdo’s boss was Up Here wasting money and threatening lives, campaigning against Indyref2, was priceless.

      He comes across as a pudgy tired old man, coining in Money For Nothing, and today, made to look what he is, a third rate chancer, by a bright young committed Finance Secretary at the beginning of what will turn out to be a stellar career in Scottish politics.

  223. jfngw says:

    Ruth Davidson, who moved from operation arse to operation arse licker after being given the promise of a £300 a day backhander and a robe, doesn’t half talk a lot of mince.

    • That this woman is allowed to continue as an MSP by ‘delaying’ taking up her Gold Card seat on the HoL Gravy Train is an insult to democracy, and typifies the corruption and greed of the Failed English state.
      She stood at the podium today and spouted arrant nonsense based on mythical phone calls she has received from a GP in Edinburgh, another in the N East, and another in Ayr, with clearly no basis in fact, or knowledge in how such a massive undertaking in rolling out a programme of vaccinations entails.
      I repeat, can anybody imagine Miles Briggs, Annie Wells, James Kelly, Monica Lennon, or Mike Rumbles as Health secretary during these Terrible tImes? Of course not.
      There is no ‘opposition’ in Scottish politics.
      The remnants remaining are a sludge of driftwood washed ashore following the Great Deluge which swept away Brit Nationalism in Scotland following the post 2014 lies and treachery of the Better Together mob.
      They bought England at least another 7 years of sucking up Scotland’s wealth. Job Done.
      Won’t be fooled again.

      We are taking our country back, and no amount of ‘lawyering’ is going to prevent that.

      • Alex Clark says:

        You do have a way with words that might be described as unique 🙂

        • Tam the Bam says:

          LoL……..dont listen to him Jack…’ a sludge of driftwood’ has a certain ring to it!

          • Alex Clark says:

            That was my point Tam, quite unique and very entertaining LOL

          • Good name for a Duggers Folk Group. I can manage G D C F on the guitar. And I sing a bit.
            Who’ll join my Merrie Band. ‘The Sludge of Driftwood.’

            Sally and Glenn were at their best tonight. Sally even wore her Maggie Thatcher True Blue dress.
            As predicted, Johnson…Glenn interviewing…the Kate Forbes budget..and the Better Together barrage 5 against one. Rape Clause, Baillie, Rennie, Wee Patrick ‘not enough green’ and Douglas Fraser crowding out time to actually talk about what was in the budget, Can’t let the viewers hear the facts from the horse’s mouth now can we?
            Murdo Fraser lied, and by inclusion of a clip of his lie, the BBC lied.
            Fraser blurted that Forbes already had UK cash to extend the business rates relief for a year. She hasn’t, hence her temporary measure of relief for the first 3 months, until Sunak get around to setting a UK budget.

            So Better Together has reformed, and Glenn and Sally will chair the debates as we trundle towards the inevitable…

            The obscenity of every MSM hack falling at the feet of this Horrible Man is quite frankly disgusting.
            How do you guys sleep o’ night, or look your children in the eye?

      • Dr Jim says:

        I’ve just been on James Dornans twitter account and he is being trolled by people who are using a particular logo we’ve all become familiar with as it used to represent Scottish Independence, that logo is now altered and has a Union flag incorporated in its design

      • grizebard says:

        I’m not sure if people do go as far as imagining the horrors of Red-Blue-Orange-Tory pretenders for Health Secretary, they probably get as far as having to comprehend the likes of D.Ross or Daft Wee Willie as FM and immediately recoil at the prospect.

        Alas though there are still far too many people who blind vote the party ticket regardless. There will always be such, of course, but it does seem to be depleting with time.

      • Petra says:

        Did anyone else hear the howl (from Davidson?) when Nicola Sturgeon said that Westminster had asked for vaccine stats to be removed from the ScotGov website and that they had done so … but were now planning to put them back online again. Brilliant especially as this is no doubt due to them countering Rooth the Mooth, et al, telling porkies 😂😂😂.

  224. Jacksg says:

    Good afternoon folks,

    A wee reminder that our esteemed FM will be promoting Scotland this evening. 😊

    Maybe the PM should watch and learn something. 😊 on second thoughts the fat useless tub of lard will probably be knackered after his covid-idiot trip to the visit the ‘verminous race’ he describes as the Scots.


    Scotland’s First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party Nicola Sturgeon talks to Orwell prize-winning Irish Times columnist Fintan O’Toole about Brexit, Scottish independence and the state of the union.

    Winter Nights Festival | Jan 25th – 29th | The Irish Times.

  225. JMD says:

    The process of privatising the NHS began under Thatcher. They always knew it would have to be a process, not an event, incrementally and bit by bit. Keith Joseph was the minister tasked with coming up with how it was to be done and the report, of course covered up by the uk media then and now, was all about doing it “by stealth” which was the terminology used in the report to describe how the process would be carried out.


  226. Petra says:

    Phantom Power video:- ”Contrary to views of Scottish media and those who’d prefer no vote took place, Head of Electoral Commission Scotland Andy O’Neill is confident safe and fair elections can be held in May.”


    Angus B MacNeil MP: ”First meeting post Brexit with @britishpoultry and wow. UK poultry exports are 20% of last January. Office in Carlisle that deals with Export Heath Certs seemingly swamped. EU/UK drivers don’t want to cross the channel. Lot of meet rendered with costs 1/2,”

  227. WOW
    Since this epidemic started there has been a definite drive by England’s Westminster to make sure we don’t see anyone who has covid19
    Right at the start we were shown live reports from hospitals in Italy of the high tension in wards overrun with people very ill with covid19.

    Five minutes ago an ad on sky tv an NHS ad , the voiceover was English not Scottish Irish or welsh so I take it that it was NHS England , the ad showed an NHS logo but I suppose NHS England has a logo that just says NHS ?

    This ad was filming of people wearing masks in a hospital ward
    By the look of them they were real patients and not actors

    This could only have been shown with the authorisation of England’s Westminster because for the last year there has been nothing

    clearly no coincidence that there has been nothing Westminster obviously instructed the media that no footage of covid19 patients was to be put out to the public ….until now

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Yep they never call the English NHS, anything other than the ‘NHS’, so most people believe there is only ONE NHS and it’s another free gift from England to Scotland so be damn grateful!

    • Legerwood says:

      Terence you wrote: “”Since this epidemic started there has been a definite drive by England’s Westminster to make sure we don’t see anyone who has covid19″”

      That is most definitely not the case.

      There have been lots of reports on BBC News, BBC Reporting Scotland and Ch4 news, the ones I watch, from inside ICU wards and Covid wards. Patients and staff were interviewed.

      In the past few days a patient was interviewed – Ch4 news I think – who was clearly very ill but she had a message about Covid she wanted people to hear. At the end of the very short interview we were told she had died shortly afterwards but her family wanted people to hear what were probably her last words so gave their permission for it to be broadcast.

      There have also been recent items on paramedics and mortuary technicians.

      There have also been countless interviews with people who have ‘recovered’ and those who have Long Covid.

  228. Golfnut says:

    The SG is going to publish the figures on vaccines available to Scotland in defiance of UK gov request. This is because of the lies and spin from liblabtory dross and media.

    I’ve a feeling the media will go really quite on this now.

    • jfngw says:

      Absolutely the correct thing to do, the BritNats and their complicit media have used secrecy as a propaganda tool. The media, particularly the BBC, have used it to infer Scotland is worse but ignore or downplay the figures in Scotland being better than the UK when it doesn’t suit them. If they are mentioned it will be prefixed with ‘arguably’.

      Even when the BBC reported the lower unemployment figures they explained this was probably due to furlough, as if furlough didn’t exist elsewhere in the UK.

      I suspect those believing the BBC is now limited to the ultra BritNat, they hear what they want, or those in care homes without access to the remote control.

    • Petra says:

      That was a cracker Golfnut. You could hear the howl from the Tory ranks, in particular, when she said so.

  229. Capella says:

    The MP for the 18th Century is able to predict the future.

    Jacob Rees-Mogg calls Nicola Sturgeon “moan a lot” …. “& moan a lot will have something to moan about when Alex Salmond gives evidence in February.”

  230. Golfnut says:

    I wonder if we will be treated to coverage of the Scottish vaccine, sorry that should be Livingstone, surely?

  231. Petra says:

    WoW trump telling lies. Who would have thought it 😀.

    Martyn McLaughlin:- ”NEW: Before he left office, Trump filed his final financial disclosures with
    @OfficeGovEthics. I’ve had a read through them. The income he is claiming in respect of his Scottish resorts is entirely divorced from the reality set out in black in white in his UK accounts. Thread.”


    ‘Boris Johnson: Scottish independence ‘irrelevant’ to most people.’

    ..”SNP depute leader Keith Brown said Johnson was “rattled” because his party was “losing the argument on independence”. He said: “Scotland didn’t vote for this Tory government, we didn’t vote for Brexit and we certainly didn’t vote for Boris Johnson. Yet, in the middle of a global pandemic, we’ve been ripped out of the world’s biggest single market against our will causing havoc for businesses and piling even more pressure on our NHS.”..,boris-johnson-scottish-independence-irrelevant-to-most-people

  232. Statgeek says:

    More ammo.

    “Government also says, remarkably, that finding out whether they acted lawfully in channelling hundreds of millions or billions to their VIP associates, is not in the public interest.”

  233. Golfnut says:

    This is quite funny.

  234. Did the BBC film the caravan of bullet proof Land Rovers and Saracens in Johnson’s cortege zooming from airport all the way along the mile and a half to the Southern General?
    Millions of pounds wasted to sate the inflated ego of this bloated latter day Caligula.

    Looking forward to how Glenn spins this nonsense at tea time.

    Don’t haste back.

    • Petra says:

      It didn’t go down well with the people interviewed by Reporting Scotland … ”I canny travel more than 5 miles but he can travel 500. Ridiculous” … I canny go to Glasgow Central to get on a train but he thinks he can dae what he likes” .. ”He didnae have to come to Scotland. He could have used zoom.” Brilliant 😀.

  235. Dr Jim says:

    Because she’s a Tory Baroness Michelle Moan got a contract from the Tory party to supply the NHS in England with PPE, that contract was worth £122 million
    Baroness Michelle Moan has no factory, no workers and no experience of PPE
    So far Baroness Michelle Moan has delivered zero pieces of PPE

    Baroness Michelle Moan does however have lawyers

  236. jfngw says:

    BBC journalist states ‘there may be some vaccine nationalism going on in Germany’, this from the country that demands we call it the Oxford vaccine, they certainly have a irony bypass at the BBC.

    The BBC story is in essence the EU is trying to steal our vaccines because they can’t produce them properly themselves. If you don’t see this as just blatant UK government propaganda them you never will.

  237. jfngw says:

    Some days you need to step away from twitter. When you read someone who thinks the Boris Johnson’s trip today was organised to protect Nicola Sturgeon from Craig Murray they really are down a rabbit hole. The press aren’t going to start lauding a person who in the past they have labelled a conspiracy theorist, any more then they are going to use WingsOverScotchland as a source of reference.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Now he’s trying to convince people that Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t want to win the May election so she doesn’t have to go for Independence

      No matter how hard he tries he can’t make the SNP take him to court and hand him publicity and a nice wee earner of a crowd funder on top of his brown unmarked envelope

      • Petra says:

        Maybe they’ll wait until we get our independence and his followers (money) dwindle / his site crashes and burns and then they’ll take him to court. Plus get access to his accounts to see what’s been going on.

  238. Dr Jim says:

    Just watched the PPB from the Green party, so that should reinforce the absolute need to vote SNPX2

  239. Petra says:

    I wonder how many Scots are totally scunnered with Johnson’s sh*t remarks about ”the British Army helping the nationalist Government in Scotland”. Has no one ever told him that 25% to 35% of the military (cannon fodder) have been / are made up of Scots, although numbers may have reduced since the Iraq War. Additionally that the Scottish soldiers are considered to be the bravest of the brave and that they’ll no doubt lose many of them when we get our independence. With video.


    ‘Rampant Tory cronyism must come to an end – and I have a Bill for it.’

  240. Petra says:

    The latest from Professor John Robertson.

    ‘Talking up Scotland.’


    And Ann on the Indyref2 site.

    • jfngw says:

      I posted something similar earlier today regard the difference in mortality totals in England if they had matched Scotland, it seems to have gone into moderation, probably my wording.

      I was more conservative with my calculations so I wouldn’t be accused of over egging it, but be it my 25,000 or the Prof’s 45,000 they are both staggering differences. The media has never presented the facts in this manner to the people in England, I wonder how they would react if they knew.

  241. Dr Jim says:

    The FMs being trolled on twitter by the folk she addressed in her video saying that she’ll do something about this for them, I’ll paraphrase one of the complaints……When I was in the Labour party they did nothing, when I was in the Liberal Democrats they did nothing, until the SNP do something I’m not rejoining

    Now you can draw your own conclusions from that but it appears certain folk join political parties for one single issue and if all the attention isn’t on them they threaten to bring that party down, no wonder Jeremy Corbyn was never done scratching his beard, notice though that none of these folk ever join the Tories

    Here’s an idea for folk who behave like this, why don’t they start their own political party? no need to answer that one

  242. Alba woman says:

    Boris Johnston should be had up at The Hague never mind coming here to blatantly insult and patronise us. 100,000 deaths Boris ..that is your reality and responsibility

    This is a man who failed to attend the first five meetings of the emergency cobra committee….he decamped to Chevening and did not chair a cobra meeting until 2 March. Border restrictions were lifted while other countries such as Singapore and New Zealand tightened theirs.

    Tight lockdowns were only introduced when modelling suggested there could be 500,000 deaths if virus not brought under control

    The charge sheet is huge including the total failure test and trace system , not sacking the horrendous Dominic Cummings, and the shambles of further lockdowns…..

    Nicola Sturgeon took control as she had the foresight to understand what it would mean for the people of Scotland if Boris’s lead or lack of, was followed.

    Families in England have set up an organisation to get justice for their COVID 19 deceased relatives …..their grief will mean a reckoning for Boris.

  243. Petra says:

    “No need to answer that one.” Well I’d like to and would say that there is one, or two, who no doubt have absolutely craved, been obsessed about in their dreams, to start up their own political party but are too frightened to do so in case they are exposed for being the charlatans, deluded nut cases, that they are and just fall flat on their erses. Cowards in other words. They’d rather just sit on their bums and whip up hatred (a crime) against particular individuals with the help of their GCHQ support that includes psychological experts. Right now one in particular (rather the lazy B’s team) is working his way through every SNP MSP / MP in an attempt to discredit them all and ruin our chances of us getting independence. Suffice to say they won’t win and we won’t suffer from short or long term memory loss either.

    • Petra,

      Console yourself with the fact that we are talking about a few bloggers with at best a few hundred ‘followers’ and infiltrators.

      On the other hand we are several millions strong, and shall not be diverted from our purpose, independence, by the super egos, and in some cases, neurotic, bordering on psychotic, behaviour of some of the more virulent of the little clique, who have more interest in their own power games than the ultimate goal, self determination for Scotland.

      From now on in, no more name calling from me.

      No more Mr Nice Guy, but, mind.

      Johnson’s power surge North today warns us all that our very existence as a free people is being threatened by the current fascist far right oligarchy in power in another nation, England, who will stop at nothing to hold on to Scotland and its vast wealth.

      The sheer arrogance of Johnson today, who sent the message, I am your Leader, Caesar, come North in triumph with my legions, bow down all before me, was designed to ram home England’s control over Scotland and its people.

      It is not hyperbole to remark on the frightening uniformity of the Scottish and English media, TV, radio, newspapers, and on line, repeating verbatim Big Brother’s message.
      No matter what you do, Scotland, England will forbid it.

      Now there are 350,000 English born who have had the good sense, and honoured us, by moving here, to settle, earn a living, bring up families, and retire here in God’s Little Acre.

      For many, they shall always vote to remain in a Union with England.

      For others, they consider Scotland to be their home now, and like ‘ex-pats’ across the world, in Canada, The States, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere, they have developed ‘dual’ nationality, if you like, and perhaps can support Scottish Self Determination, a return to the EU, but, as we all hope for, want to retain strong ties with the land of their birth post Independence.
      For instance, I have ‘Canadian’, ‘Irish’, and ‘English’, nephews and nieces, whose parents left these shores in the past, and have struck a balance between their ‘Scottish’ heritage, and,say, ‘Canadian’ citizenship and loyalties..

      For us all, no matter how we ended up as Scots, it is surely time to decide once and for all.

      There is no way back for the status quo.
      There is no Federalist solution. England simply will not break their country up into federal ‘states’.

      So, time for some grown up campaigning.
      It is strongly argued that the only option for Scotland now is Independence.

      The May election shall be fought on the record of our Scottish Government and the pledges in the Brit Nat Parties’ manifestos.
      But the toothpaste was squeezed out of the tube today.

      We have engaged with opponents of Free Scotland from today onwards.

      I have no time for the Salmond Saga…
      The well-being of millions of our citizens takes precedence over One Man’s reported Fight For Justice, or whatever the aim of this nexus of principally middle aged men is.

      I am not, and never shall be, a member of any party.

      I am Scotland. I am millions strong.

      The campaign has begun.
      Stay safe, Petra.

      • Alan Howard Baxter says:

        Hi Jack. What a statement, powerful and inspirational – thank you for your posts; they always make interesting reading.

        I’m ashamed to admit that I am english born. I had the privilege of moving to this amazing country nearly 12 years ago. I joined the Independence movement before IR1 and have been promoting the cause ever since, albeit in a very small way.
        I’m grateful and proud that I can be considered a Scot. I just hope I have the good fortune to survive long enough to see the truly wonderful people of Scotland achieve the potential “we” have.

        Keep posting Jack – we need your spirit……….

        • Hi Alan,

          You may be English born, but you are more Scottish in your outlook than some of the natives here who consider themselves “Proud Scots”.

          People like yourself help dispel the myth that independence is just hatred of the English, and it is a pleasure to have you onboard.

          • Petra says:

            I’ll second that Highland Tiger. And don’t feel ashamed about being English born Alan. What Westminster does has nothing to do with the ordinary English people many of whom are also suffering under this Tory / Labour regime. I’m hoping that more and more likeminded English people will make their way north to help make Scotland the powerhouse that it will surely become with Independence.

        • Cheers, Alan.
          To go all biblical briefly,

          John 14:2
          “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. ”

          In the mid sixties, many Scots English Welsh, and Irish young citizens began to leave these shores for a new life abroad, principally in English speaking ex ‘colonies’, like Canada, Australia, new Zealand, and the US.

          I know that our own experience on the Clydeside was repeated throughout the industrial cities and towns of all nations on these islands.

          My elder brother and dozens of his classmates, who had gone through the ‘conveyer belt’ of Junior secondary education, the curriculum of which was designed to prepare most of them for engineering careers on the Clyde, in the shipyards , and industrial complexes like the giant Singers Sewing machine factory, were among the first casualties of the unrelenting deindustrialisation of the UK from the late ‘sixties onwards.
          My brother and his mates ‘served their time,’ came out as journeymen, electricians, turners, carpenters, plumbers, and were almost immediately, made redundant.

          The deliberate deindustrialisation of the UK is well documented elsewhere. It was deliberate. The Money Men could build ships in Taiwan more cheaply, with no pesky TUs and Health and Safety to worry about.
          So my brother’s tier of Youngs Turks were forced to leave. He moved to Toronto. My youngest uncle, his dear wife and their four small children headed West to Vancouver.
          It broke my sainted mother’s heart.

          I have travelled the length and breadth of these British Isles over the past four or five decades, mostly through work.

          ‘The story’s the same one’, to quote Neil Diamond.

          I know that The Proclaimers’ ‘Letter from America’ resonates as poignantly in Merseyside, Tiger Bay, Tyne Tees, Belfast Lough, as in Linwood and Bathgate.
          The Free Market, and the Invisible Hand of Boris Johnson’s Capitalism does not care that it crushes communities. splits families, destroys societies.

          Fast forward to, oh, the late ‘eighties, when Charter Flights flew us all off to Canada to visit the Long Lost, and see our new nephews and nieces in the flesh. (Yes, young Duggers, there was a time before Skype and Zoom.)

          Before my first visit to Acton Ontario, I was given a ‘shopping list’, and arrived, and miraculously got through Customs with a large suitcase full of homesick curing goodies like square slice sausages, HP Brown Sauce, Fry’s cream bars, and ahem, a bottle of cheap tonic wine for someone, and many many more delights from home.
          A party gathered, the suitcase of delights opened, and a bliddy good time was had by all.

          There was Big Ted, from Blackpool, an Eric Morecambe look alike, who had his own haulage company over there. A saint of a man who gave me a baseball cap with the company logo on it, which I treasure to this day.
          There was Dougie, from Belfast, whose fleet of trucks were torched because he had volunteered their use to transport Catholic Families from their burnt out homes during the ‘Troubles’.

          And of course Scots ‘exiles’…

          A band of brothers and sisters brought together through adversity, hardship, and the cruel Iron Heel Oligarchy playing a macabre board game with the citizens of the planet as their pieces.

          They were Scots English and Irish, but over there, they were the New Canadians.

          That’s how I see us in Scotland today, Alan.

          We are a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns.

          In Independent Scotland there shall be citizens in ‘many mansions’. There will still be conservatives, socialists, humanists, even Kaffliks and Proddies.

          What we have in common is that we all live in Scotland, and together we shall endure.

          Stay safe, my fellow Scot.

          • Alan Howard Baxter says:

            Thank you Jack, Petra & Highland Tiger for those kind words. Words of wisdom and welcome. Words that build a strong and stable foundation for a truly great nation to rise again. Can’t wait to be part of it………..

          • Petra says:

            God that brought a tear to my eye Jack thinking about the relatives that I have living abroad and those who left years ago and are now dead and gone. I’ve actually got more relatives living abroad than are living here now. It reminds me of my father who remarried and left Scotland for Australia and eventually died there before I had time to get to his side. One last phone call from across the miles and that was it 😩. I’m hoping that things will buck up here with independence and that many of the individuals who feel that they have to leave to get a better life will decide to stay.

            • ArtyHetty says:

              Same, most of my family are in Australia, better standard of living to say the least. Thatcher put the nail in the coffin for communities and the job losses were horrific, so many had to leave to try make a life for themselves and they did. In Scotland it’s been going on much longer of course the people having to leave, even forced in the days of the clerances, horrendous.
              In NE England if you could get out, all for the better, when my brother and sister went abroad, parents hearts were broken.
              I have lived in Scotland for over thirty years and feel more Scottish than English and we never felt British. My father loved Scotland, ( he had been in the army (no other jobs) after WW2,’ fought’ in Malayia and he saw then just how cruel the English higher ranking officers etc were, they treated innocent women and children appallingly to the horror of the lower ranks. That’s all I will say about that.

              He felt an affinity with Scotland so we had some cheap bus journeys to Edinburgh which were a treat when we were kids. Edinburgh rock!

              Family in oz don’t get it though, they live in an independent (free of English rule) country, thriving, and very prosperous, but they quite clearly have no idea about Scotland and why independence is crucial to the people living here, so we do not discuss it, they are unionists but not for themselves!
              I will fight for Scotland to be free of British Nationalist rule, for a prosperous and thriving country, for the young folk especially now who are (temporarily!) locked into a dangerous, backward, so called UK, we can’t allow the BritNats to remove their rights, and their opportunities, only independence can save Scotland now.

      • Alex Clark says:

        Last week’s Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times with a sample of 1206 had those polled broken down by country of birth as well as the usual referendum vote, Westminster vote 2019 etc.

        There were 3 categories, born in Scotland, England, or Other.

        For the standard question “Should Scotland be an independent country” 54% of those from Scotland said Yes, 33% of those from England and 55% from those born in “Other” also said Yes.

        So in this poll, a third of English born people living in Scotland who have an opinion say they would support Independence which is a very similar % of those polled that voted Labour in 2019 at 35% who say they will vote Yes. I think surprisingly, more people born in “Other” support Independence in this poll than those born in Scotland.

        • Petra says:

          That 33% may change Alex when we get the word out there about the proposed privatisation of our SNHS.

          • Alex Clark says:

            I think 33% is a very good figure for English born support for Independence and all support is welcome. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that support for Independence from Scots was substantially lower than 33%.

        • ArtyHetty says:

          We need more people who are moving into Scotland to vote for independence, a lot of folk from England do buy up houses because it’s cheaper and of course all of the benefits like better healthcare, cleaner water (!), free prescriptions, and a government working in the interests of the people, is an added or maybe the main attraction! Those things will all be dismantled if the BritNats have anything to do with it though.
          In 2014, most EU citizens from abroad voted no because they were told they would be chucked out of Scotland if the result was a yes, the opposite would be true today. Also we need to make sure that 16/17 year olds can vote, after all they are offficially adults in Scotland at 16, (it’s 18 in England), and, it’s their future.

      • Petra says:

        ”Petra, Console yourself.”

        You’ve consoled me Jack, as you always do, with another inspirational post 😀.

      • wm says:

        Jack first class post again, like you although I have been political from a very early age, I have never been a member of any party. My reason for that is for example take the labour party when it was formed it was a party of home rule, that lasted no time till it was filled with spies. Same can be said about all parties they must be governed against corruption.

  244. Petra says:

    Hi Peter and Paul just wondering where you are now? The 29th … the day that you had to get out of your flat. Still in Glesga or in Balloch now? Your property in storage, packed up, so half way there and knackered no doubt. Enjoy your wee break in Balloch in preparation for the final move next week. Take it easy Paul. Rest up and focus on the beginning of a wonderful new start. A new life together. You so, so much deserve it XX.

  245. Golfnut says:

    For all the chin dribbling waffle yesterday about Scotland not wanting Independence there were one or two wonderful moments of unintended irony to savour. He visited a vaccine lab and manufacturing plant in Scotland while telling us we wouldn’t have been able to have a vaccine in an Independent Scotland. He highlighted the roll of the British army, all 135 of them, helping with the set up of vaccine centres forgetting of course that had we been independent the 11 to 15 thousand strong SDF would have been patrolling our closed land,air and sea borders, preventing disease ridden eejits like him from entering our country. The best for me though was his question on the constitutional arrangements post independence. What’s the plan he asks. Last time around they were telling us we wouldn’t be allowed the Queen, now they are asking what we intend. Just sook on that for a moment, and think on why that might concern them.

    • Dr Jim says:

      You have to laugh at England’s attitude even to their own Queen, she’s the much loved pretendy Monarch head of her much loved family and if England’s media decides there’s a crisis they demand she gives succour and comfort to the Nation with some kind words and smiles, but if she or any of her family dare to speak out about anything they’re not told to the full weight of the how dare they media goes into overdrive (The death of Diana) and instructs the Royals to keep out of whatever any of them might have had the temerity to speak about, or God forbid one of them marries inappropriately according to the media’s description of how beloved England’s Royals should behave the crushing weight of English exceptionalism and bigotry is dumped upon them

      The Royals suffer a bit like Scotland in a way the English love to say they love them and us as long as we remain silent and out of the way but available for the use of when England calls, but by God we better do as we’re told, and Buckingham Palace like Scotland are places most English people have never set foot in but they are ever so proud they own us

    • Petra says:

      There were some wonderful moments Golfnut where they slipped up in fact by exploding the myth of us being too wee, poor and stupid and of course as you say that an independent Scotland wouldn’t have a vaccine. When BoJo was filmed in Livingston they mentioned that a Covid 19 vaccine was being developed there that could cater for millions of people. I can’t remember how many million now but know that it was more than the whole of the UK population. I’ve been trying to find the footage of that visit to no avail. If anyone else comes across it maybe they could pop it on here.

  246. Golfnut says:

    Get the state of this.

  247. Dr Jim says:

    If you watched the Sky news press preview last night you’d have seen newspaper reviewer and Tory supporter Carol Malone throw one of the biggest English Nationalist rants live on TV that I’ve seen in a long time
    The news was of course about Nicola Sturgeon’s promise to republish some of the evidence that the UK had a *hissy fit* over being published just a couple of weeks ago and claimed it was security sensitive about the facts about how much vaccine Scotland is getting and where it is and when it can be drawn down to then launch attack after attack on the Scottish government for not rolling out the vaccine speedily enough

    Mz Malone totally lost the plot just like the English press have done over this and accused Scotland’s FM of every traitorous act against her English state and off with her head for helping the EU get one over on what she saw as wonderful England getting one over on the EU, which of course is conflating two different stories

    The other paper reviewer was the grandmaster himself David Clegg, now normally you would expect Mr Clegg to side with the great and powerful Boz and all things England but surprise surprise he defended Nicola Sturgeon’s position by stating the facts and that Mz Malone was just wrong in her attacks which drew Mz Malone’s attacks on himself as he became her target to which David Clegg replied that she was being a *Nationalist* which went straight over Malone’s head because the only Nationalists are the Scottish variety whereas the English are *ra peepul* and everybody within their realm should be fighting the evil enemy that is the EU

    If Carol Malone had had a bomb handy she’d have launched it there and then in her screeching shouting anger straight towards Scotland, boy does that woman seethe with hatred towards Scotland’s people and the FM in particular

    I have to add that Carol Malone is not blessed in the intelligence department but combined with her English Nationalism it’s a hell of a noise live on the telly twice in a row

    • JoMax says:

      I heard this lady referred to as a ‘brilliant journalist’ the other day. I laughed. It doesn’t say much for the rest of them. She took her life in her hands and ventured into the wild country in 2014, travelling from one end to the other, and could only find one or two YES voters and they were going to vote YES because they didnae like the English. The rest of the 1,600,000+ YES voters must have been out on the moors haggis-shootin’ that day.

    • Tam the Bam says:

      I also witnessed that rant Dr Jim … how ironical that ‘Cleggy’ was the unsuspecting recipient of her venom.
      Maybe she cant tell the difference between a ‘N’orn Ireland’ accent and a Scots accent,,,lol

      • Old Pete says:

        Me too, the woman has no idea about Scotland its people or government, she is a typical right wing English Nationalist. She is constantly given free rain to spout forth her ridiculous opinions on all main stream channels on the tv. Malone is a know nothing windbag and not worth bothering about.

  248. Legerwood says:

    Interesting. You have to ask what is the important work that requires their presence in this UK Gov office in Edinburgh rather than working from home.

  249. jfngw says:

    Labour demanding £15/hour for some workers in public service, let’s wait and see what happens in Wales. Is this a genuine desire by Labour or just a bit of politics they would never deliver if they were in power?

  250. Dr Jim says:

    Sky news reporting on England’s newspapers going with a new sovereignty story, apparently the UK is now unhappy at being *imprisoned* by the America special relationship where the UK has not enough say in foreign policy

    And all without the least sense of irony

  251. bringiton says:

    Are the Tories going to strip Baroness Davidson of her title having revealed “secret” details yesterday in parliament about the number of vaccine doses being supplied to Scotland?
    The English establishment is going full on with the “treacherous Nicola Sturgeon” publishing those figures in the interests of transparancy.
    The natural reaction from the Tories will be to cut off Scotland’s supply of vaccine so that they can’t reveal what they are up to but the political fallout from that action may give them cause to reflect (the PPE supplies fiasco still being fresh in our memory).
    Not the first time Davidson has landed her bosses right in it.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The Livingstone vaccine is in production now and if passed will be rolled out in September and daft Johnson stood there and advertised it as part of his great Union

      Looks like wee poor Scotland managed to do something for itself, will they call it the Livingston vaccine or the part of the Union great nation vaccine

  252. Dr Jim says:

    James Mathews Sky news says he’s read some of the so called secret information on the Alex Salmond affair and has concluded this was not a conspiracy by Nicola Sturgeon it appears to point to *others* within the Scottish government, so it appears we’re back to the civil service again

    • Julia Gibb says:

      IT did state Senior figures including special advisors ( The Vietnam Group)
      It did state that the FM was not on the list.
      However the possible involvement of Senior figures, Special Advisors and Civil Servants is quite a concerning development

    • Petra says:

      Crikey. Someone will be greetin in his glass of milk this morning following that news, Dr Jim 😀.

    • raineach says:

      You mean it’s not Nicola Sturgeon and her secret Masonic Lodge after all? 2 Former Liberal supporters, one from Bath the other from Oxgangs die and go straight to heaven. God persoanally shows them around and then asks if they have any questions. The Heavy Revvy asks, ‘tell me God, how much did Sturgeon lie to imprison Salmond?’. God replies, ‘she had nothing to do with that case at all’. The ambassador turns to the Reverend and say ‘This conspiracy goes far higher than we’d imagined’

  253. Dr Jim says:

    Covid briefing at 12.15pm can the journalists contain themselves, we shall see

    • Bob Lamont says:

      With Jeanne (don’t flaunt your stupidity) Freeman at the helm 🤣
      No journalists unexpectedly exploded, even Tom Gordon maintained his natural “seething” composure…

  254. Petra says:

    ‘Nicola Sturgeon outlines ‘Plan B’ to European newspaper readers.’


    Olaf Stando:- ”@KateForbesMSP delivered a #ScotBudget for a progressive COVID recovery and record NHS funding. Tory @murdo_fraser whose leader is on a panic trip to Scotland, chose to make it all about independence. He’d probably prefer Kate’s response to go unnoticed… so here it is.”

  255. Petra says:

    ‘You can’t trust the Tories: Boris Johnson’s lies and broken promises.’

    NHS privatisation:-

    November 2019: Boris Johnson dismisses claims the NHS was at risk from a post-Brexit trade deal with the US as “nonsense”, and offers a “cast iron guarantee” that the NHS won’t be on the table.

    January 2021: 357 Tory MPs vote against an amendment in the House of Commons to to legally protect the NHS from being sold off or undermined by the government’s trade deals with other countries.

    Tory MPs rip out NHS protections from trade bill

    — The Independent (@Independent) January 20, 2021.”

  256. Petra says:

    Back to Scotland would have nae money, vaccine or army without BoJo’s permission 🤣🤣 .

    Video:- ‘Michael Gove claims Boris Johnson is a ‘huge asset’ to Scotland.’


    Carwyn clearly has some insight into the Scottish mindset 😀.

    Carwyn Jones:- ”This is a govt. that wouldn’t work with others for months and a PM who only provided extra money when London entered lockdown. In his mind co-operation means doing what he says. Never mind, I’m sure this visit will be a success. Just not for him.”

  257. Petra says:

    ‘Covid: Manufacturing of Valneva vaccine candidate begins in Scotland.’

    ..”How many doses of the vaccine has the UK ordered? If the vaccine is given regulatory approval, it could deliver up to 60 million doses to the UK by the end of the year. There is an option to acquire a further 130 million doses if the vaccine is approved. Valneva will potentially have the capacity to supply up to 250 million doses internationally.”..


    Video:- ‘Jacob Rees-Mogg calls Nicola Sturgeon ‘Mrs Moan-a-lot’ over concerns about PM’s Scotland trip.’

  258. Petra says:

    ‘Boris Johnson’s Scotland trip proves essential to nobody.’

    ..”Boris didn’t get off to the best of starts by talking about all the ways the rest of Great Britain had gone out of their way to help the Scots. But then he presumably saw one of his minders doing a throat-cutting gesture and was reminded that the reason he had come to Scotland was to highlight the mutual benefits of the union. So he then came up with something rather more placatory about how wonderful the Scots were.”..

    ..”This was the UK’s very own Cicero talking. Sturgeon must be counting down the days until Johnson makes his next essential visit to Scotland. Much more of this and indyref 2 will be in the bag.”..


    Deidre Brock:- ”The UK Government has no idea how much fish is being caught in Scottish wa