British nationalist poutrage won’t stop Scottish democracy

The stench of British nationalist desperation is overwhelming. With seventeen opinion polls in a row showing a majority for independence, and equally consistent indications that the SNP is on course to trounce The Conservatives, Labour, and the LibDems in this year’s Scottish elections after promising to deliver another independence referendum,a referendum which the independence movement is highly likely to win, the parties of the British establishment and their allies have all but given up on making a case for the UK in Scotland and switched their efforts to attempts to suppress the democratic right of the people of Scotland to determine Scotland’s future for themselves.

We saw this over the weekend with Johnson’s shameless suggestion that there should not be another independence referendum until most people who voted in 2014 are dead. He notably refused to answer the question his outrageous suggestion raised, if a British Prime minister is going to block another independence referendum for decades to come irrespective of the democratic wishes of the people of Scotland as expressed through the ballot box, then what mechanism remains left to the people of Scotland which allows them to choose the form of government best suited to their needs.

Johnson has exposed as spurious the Conservative argument that the SNP said in 2014 that that year’s referendum was a once in a generation opportunity as a justification for his refusal because no politician who claims to be a democrat has the right to bind the hands of the electorate. It ceases to be a democracy hen the electorate is not permitted to change its mind, all the more so when it is are not permitted to change its mind in the light of changed circumstances, all the more so when those doing the refusing are the same politicians who created and caused the changed set of circumstances. In effect the Conservatives are arrogantly telling the people of Scotland that they are not going to allow us to hold them to account for taking Scotland out of the European Union and for their abject failure to honour the promises and commitments that allowed them and their Better Together allies to win the referendum in 2014.

Now that the ‘you can’t have another referendum’ line is patently failing to stem the rise in support for independence and is doing nothing to attract back remain supporting no voters who have defected to yes, indeed it shows every indication of being counterproductive and is only succeeding in alienating Scottish opinion even more, Some of the Bitter Together stalwarts are attempting a new tactic. No, they’re not actually suggesting that the British government should pay heed to what the people of Scotland are telling them, don’t be daft. They’re not about to break the habits of the past 300 years. In the British scheme of things it’s the people of Scotland who should obey British governments, not the other way about. Instead diehard British nationalists are airing the possibility of a different kind of voter suppression. Over the past few days, the arch unionist editor of The Times Scottish edition Magnus Llewellin, the equally arch British nationalist former Conservative MSP Brian Monteith – who now edits an online journal giving a platform to the swivel eyed lunacy end of right wing British nationalism in Scotland, have both called for May’s Scottish elections to be postponed, citing the Coronavirus epidemic as an excuse. They would of course have made the exact same call if the polls were showing the SNP to be on course for a historic defeat, and if you believe that you probably also believe that Alister Jack is a great champion for Scottish interests in the cabinet and that the Orange Order is primarily an organisation dedicated to traditional folk music.

The were joined in their faux concern for Scottish public health by Blair McDougall of Better Together who suggested that the Scottish elections should be delayed until next year. Of course neither Brian Monteith nor Magnus llewellin called for Brexit to be delayed because of the pandemic, and neither, as far as I am aware, are calling for the local elections in England, also due in May this year, to be postponed. It’s only Scottish democracy that British nationalism wants to be suspended, just when it appears that Scottish democracy is about to impose a historic defeat on British nationalism. You know, it’s almost as though they are terrified of the verdict of the people of Scotland on whether this UK we are actually living in lives up to the UK that we were promised we’d be living in if Scotland voted no in 2014, Oh wait, that’s exactly what it is. For Better Together it’s only the losing side in the 2014 which must be held to account. Not them, never them. After all the entire point of the Union for Westminster is that the people of Scotland should have no effective means of holding Westminster to account. Their poutrage (and no that’s not a typo ) would be deafening if the SNP was doing poorly in the polls and it was an SNP politician who had suggested postponing the election.

Of course there is no reason to delay the Scottish elections. It is entirely possible for campaigning and voting to be carried out online, via the media, and in a socially distanced way. In any event by May we can reasonably expect that all high risk people will have received the vaccine and vaccination efforts will have made significant headway into the rest of the population.

What we are seeing now are British nationalist parties and media outlets running scared of the democratic will of the people of Scotland now that they can see control slip out of their grasp. In doing so They are merely reinforcing the most powerful argument for Scottish independence, that it is only through independence and with a government directly responsible to the people of Scotland and no one else that Scotland can enjoy true democracy.

This is what a political panic attack looks like. By adopting tactics from the voter suppression playbook of the American Republicans, opponents of independence are merely showing their true anti-democratic credentials and making it all the more imperative for Scotland to escape their malignant political influence. And despite their transparently anti- democratic panicking, that’s exactly what Scotland is going to do in 2021.

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586 comments on “British nationalist poutrage won’t stop Scottish democracy

  1. vivianoblivian7 says:

    I’m increasingly going off the term “British nationalist”. If the United Kingdom isn’t a voluntary union (and by Johnson’s outrageous behaviour this is de facto the case), then the nationalism must be that of the dictatorial state. British nationalism should be dropped from the discussion in favour of English nationalism.
    Just a thought.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      You have a point, but BritNats is more generic, start saying EngNat and accusations of being anti English will be hurled at folk. Some of the BritNats are of course, not English. There are rogues everywhere.

    • Arthur Thomson says:

      It is British nationalism, not English nationalism that drives opposition to Scotland’s independence. The Brits in Scotland, Wales and Ulster are not English nationalists.

      It just delays our progress if we allow people muddy the waters in this respect.

      • gavinochiltree says:

        I think of it as Anglo-British nationalism. London is their capital. England is their spiritual home: the Queen, Parliament, all the fal-de-ral. The DUP may be from Ulster ( and have enormous pride in, say WW1), but they are NOT Irish, but British. Ditto the modern Scottish Tory. They may COME from Scotland, but regard the Britain of the English as their lode star. They have no people with any stature, no pride in Scotland, no backbone. Nothing.

      • robert alexander harrison says:

        Britishness is just a political synonym to impose englishness on the Scottish welsh and irish if your on the side of English dictatorship of Scotland you are being no different than an English nationalist.

  2. perthcol says:

    Excellent, insightful and on the nail expose of the current situation.
    The rabbits are well and truly caught in the headlights.

  3. Gregory R Nunn says:

    Domino theory.
    They see the old anti-commie domino theory of, if one country falls, it carries on to another and another..
    Wales is, I believe, getting itself on track to leave the UK, closely watching Scotland.
    The Irish, well, sooner or later….
    Scotland is in a very powerful position right now, and Westminster knows this.

  4. jfngw says:

    They’ve become deranged, BritNat politicians and journalists tweeting out the Scotgov not preceding the vaccine with the word ‘Oxford’. Weirdly they have the same response when we want to add English to the new strain of the virus, how fickle they can be!

  5. […] Wee Ginger Dug British nationalist poutrage won’t stop Scottish democracy The stench of British nationalist desperation is overwhelming. With seventeen opinion […]

  6. Jim says:

    Absolutely Paul,

    Even now they are moving the goalposts again giving England 10 more MP’s, strangely enough in Tory heartland counties, with Scotland losing 2 and Wales 8.
    Perhaps if we live long enough there will be no representatives at all from the other nations and England will have assimilated us all (Empire 2)
    They are desperate right enough. If the USA and New Zealand can hold elections during a pandemic so can Scotland.
    The polling stations would be strictly policed regarding Covid precautions and in all honesty you are at a greater risk of catching Covid in a supermarket.
    I would definitely be voting in person. I do not trust that the postal ballot wouldn’t be tampered with, there is too much at stake for them in losing Scotland and I honestly believe they would even go as far as illegal means to make it so.

    On a personal note, you seem to be improving quite fast following your stroke, that’s 2 posts out in a matter of days, well done you.
    ‘Lang may yer lum reek’ and power to your pen.
    Stay safe, we need you.

    • Valkyrie says:

      “I do not trust that the postal ballot wouldn’t be tampered with, there is too much at stake for them in losing Scotland and I honestly believe they would even go as far as illegal means to make it so.”

      This. Definitely this.
      They are NOT going to play fair on this one, that much is guaranteed. Tampering with the vote would be their last hope.
      After all, if you’re rich and well-connected, nothing is illegal. Such is the ‘Bullingdon Boy’ mentality…

      • grizebard says:

        “We’re doooomed, I say, doooomed! No election can possibly deliver our liberation, our opponents are just too strong.”

        If you take that attitude, you end up with the unseemly situation that is currently unfolding before our eyes in Washington DC. Which would get us absolutely nowhere.

        Some people just don’t seem to think, look and learn. And some have other motives entirely.

      • Archie says:

        Totally agree. The ballot would have to be supervised by the UN and/or the EU. Otherwise, we’ll have the Baroness counting the votes again.

      • weegingerdug says:

        It’s because people believed nonsense about vote fraud that there’s so much shit going on in the USA just now. If “they” are so determined to commit vote fraud then there is no point at all in voting and we should all just give up and go home.

        Committing vote fraud on a scale massive enough to swing an election or referendum without leaving a very easily detectable trail of evidence is a lot harder than you think. Please leave the vote fraud conspiracy theory nonsense to the MAGA nutjobs in America.

        • grizebard says:

          Besides the easily-led, I fear there are also those who know only too well what they are about, and their agenda is simply to undermine democracy. Such people are not our friends.

  7. Legerwood says:

    Of course the elections should be held. NZ held theirs as did the USA. Whatever you think of the latter the elections for the Prseidency, Senate and House of Representatives still went ahead.

    If they did not go ahead then the SNP has another year in Government. Shh, the Unionists probably have not realised that yet.

    The Unionists are becoming really desperate as the latest witterings from Johnson attest. He has apparently said that if it had been up to the SNP then Scotland would not have been able to get any vaccine! Oh dear! Where to start with that one. Desperation +++

    • grizebard says:

      Oh, they are signalling their fear of Nemesis. One can hope that people will now “translate through” this increasingly anti-democratic leanings of the BritNats to their “no referendum” stance.

      As for BoJo, it’s a tired ploy to claim that we have to depend on “UKNanny” for everything important – why? just because we are forced to depend on them right now. It’s essentially a reductio ad absurdum of the dressed-up GERS exercise. But as people increasingly observe the overall incompetence of the BoJo Circus, they might well conclude that in all these respects (currency, foreign policy, health policy, etc., etc.) we would be far better served by doing it all for ourselves. Just like any other normal small European state. One that is more richly endowed than many.

      • Golfnut says:

        The PPE fiasco killed that notion, if the notion actually existed and I’m not sure that it actually did. Scotland never ran out of PPE and even managed to plug some of the gaps in England’s supply chain, while at the same time encouraging production in Scotland, a diametric opposite to what’s happened in England.

  8. DJ says:

    Does that also mean that the mayor of London vote on the 6th May will not go ahead?? Some how I dont see that being cancelled

  9. bringiton says:

    By May,England will still be struggling with the effects of the pandemic.
    Scotland,hopefully less so.
    There will however be a stark dividing line between the two countries that no amount of Anglo spin will be able to cover up.
    England’s Tories have made it crystal clear to Scots that devolution has no future so the choice for Scots is a binary one.
    England Tory rule or independence.

  10. John Warnock says:

    Spot on as usual. You should speak on the telly or radio debates Paul. Do the powers at be not invite you on? You are so good at putting the case forward.

  11. Bob Lamont says:

    To contradict vivianoblivian7, it is most definitely British Nationalism – “British” is a creation by a clique which hold allegiance to a fifth nation within these isles, the City of London, it owes no allegiance to any of the 4 constituent parts of the UK, not even England. English Nationalist hold no different views to Scottish, Welsh or Irish Nationalists, ie the Union is a dud.

    Excellent synopsis Paul, but your “In any event by May we can reasonably expect that all high risk people will have received the vaccine and vaccination efforts will have made significant headway into the rest of the population” begs the question why “perfidious albion” will not do all in their power to hinder or prevent such a scenario ?
    They’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink at SG and Scots throughout this pandemic via the media (notably HMS Sarah Smith), but (tinfoil hat warning) it would not surprise me if some political “gamer” had worked out if SE England were suffocating in Covid, it’s northward trajectory was inevitable.

    Johnson et al have deliberately and successfully hidden the true state of England re Covid for the last 9 months and not prevented (deliberately ?) diminished compliance, it’s taken months to put constraints on international travel, yet only for non UK residents ? Hello ?
    I’ve every faith SG can pull this off with public cooperation, my concern is the dangerous cornered rats in the City of London…

  12. Julia Gibb says:

    Perhaps Scotland should decide. An idea that I hope will catch on!

    Holyrood decides any change, or not, to the election date.

  13. carolclark1 says:

    Thank you Julia, that was my understanding as well about Holyrood elections.

    They must be getting really feart now by the noise they’re making. I don’t think that it’s dawned on the britnats that they more they do and say these things, the more the indy numbers go up. Dinnae tell them for goodness sake.

    We Scots are o as daft as they like to think, we can all see what they’re up to.

  14. dorancaird says:

    Thank you Paul. Your blog always cheers me up. But don’t overdo things. We need you👍

  15. andyfromdunning says:

    Feart, feart, feart.

    They are all head cases. How can the openly say one thing one day and the opposite the next. No self respect? No self pride? Words fail me.

  16. gavinochiltree says:

    So, Scotland.
    The Beggar Kingdom.
    The junky champs of Europe.
    An economy in ruins.
    Too Poor, too Wee…… etc.
    Dependent on England for hand-outs.
    Anti-English racist nationalists.
    Couldn’t even be trusted to go the shops to buy 5 woodbine and a poke of Turkish vaccine.

    And yet…….they don’t want us to go….?
    They want us to be their “equals” in the awesome foursome…..? No, not really.
    They want to build bridges for us, roads, rail….maybe space ports and starships!!!!!!
    They want to teach the Scots to sing… Britnat harmoneee!….. And cricket…and balmy cycling vicars…..have I lost the plot here?
    The old BBC deflection—look, a Royal! A princess with a……..BABEEEE!

    They don’t like us. They don’t trust us. They don’t want to share with us—not really. They ignore our history as if we never existed.
    But…..they cannot seem to let go.

    Boris + Hi Jack + DRossie + Gove. The Awesome Flotsam !

    What can possibly go wrong for the Union ?

  17. Tam the Bam says:


    Trump supporters storm Congress/Washington DC

    Huffington Post reporting shots heard in chamber.

  18. Compare the size of England
    With the size of U.K.
    consider this, that England considers itself as if it is on its own the U.K.

    Once England is on its own it will be much smaller than U.K.
    Less influential
    Less wealthy
    Less powerful
    This is what England really fears

    England needs Scotland Wales and a bit of Ireland to make it look big to make it more influential to make it wealthier and more powerful than it actually is
    England having control of most legislation in Scotland Wales and NI gives it total control of the U.K.

    Once Scotland and England are independent countries it will be interesting to see if England negotiates with Scotland in the same way it has done with the EU

    Hopefully England once independent will feel that it does not have to send nuclear weapons around the world undersea hopefully it will feel that it does not have to go to war with Middle East and North African countries
    I’m certain that the USA will look upon an independent England as a small inconsequential country

    • gavinochiltree says:

      Well said, Terence. England also has a thing going with France, going back a thousand years, where they are both jealous of them, and condescending to them. Many English people live there, holiday there, own property there, but don’t properly learn French; just talk louder.
      Losing Ireland was bad, but losing Scotland would deminish their ruling elite in a way which we probably cannot really comprehend. They will fight to keep us, and will do so in a manner which may be down and dirty.

  19. Arthur Thomson says:

    Who in the world would have thought that the Brits were undemocratic? Answer, everyone who ever actually knew them and many more people across the world now see them for what they really are and have always been.

    Anyway, the good thing is that every corrupt “plan” they decide to adopt is doomed to fail. The very fact that they are choosing to try to undermine democracy, in itself, will further undermine their despicable purpose.

    Yet again, heads we win tails they lose.

  20. Dr Jim says:

    It’s plain and simple English Nationalism, not the reinvented British nonsense because to claim to be British is to claim you belong to everywhere in these Islands or these Islands belong to you, nobody in Europe ever claims to be European first, a Frenchman is from France and German is from Germany they don’t lay claim to the entire continent they exist within, this is and always has been English propaganda used to expand ownership and claim territory by creating wider expansive identities for themselves, the Raj is ending and they don’t know what to do about it, they just know they hate it and everybody connected with taking it away from them

    There is one saving grace for Scotland in all of this and it’s that most Tories would give up Scotland if they thought their power would increase in England hence the redraw of boundaries to cut the Labour party down to even less chance of ever governing again, the new Tory English raj empire, total dictatorship and return to the St Georges cross, we must help them in allowing Boris Johnson to invade his own tiny country while Scotland joins the very much bigger whole world, but we must do it quickly before he invades us

    Nicola Sturgeon said today there will be an Independence referendum, and I am convinced she means right around the corner virtually any minute because she knows what’s happening, she predicted it in 2014 and unfortunately not enough folk believed her then, they fell for the lies

    They damn well believe her now

  21. Old Pete says:

    Spot on Dr Jim spot on.
    May election should be to decide Scottish Independence. 50%+ pro-Independence votes in constituency election then newly elected Scottish government should declare Scotland free of English dominance once more. So Independence front and centre please and we shall regain our statehood, referendum not required.

    • grizebard says:

      Well, you may claim you agree with Dr.J., but the rest of your post clearly doesn’t. And if you had cared to read our good host’s recent rebuttals in both his previous well-argued article “Act Two” and in his responses to others taking the same view as yourself, you might have wisely taken pause for thought before trying to resurrect the same notion here.

      We have to choose our stands carefully, one push forward at a time, bringing as many unaligned people with us at each step as possible. First is a normal election this coming May to establish the necessary democratic mandate. The ensuing consequences will follow in good enough time.

  22. yesindyref2 says:

    Happy Unchristmas abody!

    Only 352 shopping days till Xmas.

    • grizebard says:

      Unseasons greetings yersel, IR2! Frankly, the best present by far I’ve had (and long may it continue) is that I’m still alive. For which I count my blessings (and not so much the days).

      But first things first. Coming up next is Celtic Connections. If online-only this year.

      • Old Pete says:

        Thanks a bunch, not.
        We need away from London domination and pronto.

        • grizebard says:

          Yes we do. But not by impotently posturing without being able to take the majority of ordinary folk with us. Premature adventurism born of impatience gets us nowhere.

          It may be frustrating – and I feel it as much as you do – but we have to focus on what will work. The May election will only decide independence to the extent that if the SNP lose, it’s game over. If the SNP win, OTOH, the pressure on nay-saying BritNattery immediately ups a notch. And the bigger the win, the better. The BritNats know that full well, and we need to understand that also.

          What follows – and be assured that with a win interesting things will follow – will likely be rather more to your and my liking. And more importantly, will have the approval of a lot more neutrals and former-no’s also.

  23. fergusgreen says:

    Reflecting on yesterday’s events in the USA and the Tories’ denunciation (?) of an attack on democracy, today would seem to present the ideal opportunity for them to support democratic values, declare their support for free, fair and timely elections in May and to publicly distance themselves from the Orange Order factions who have the capacity to undermine democracy in Scotland through orchestrated violence.

  24. Dr Jim says:

    I see Jimmy Buchan the fish president guy who was hand in hand with Boris Johnson Ruth Davidsons no surrender team and Nigel Farage now claim that he wasn’t, (even though he voted for it,) and this bad Brexit is all the fault of the Scottish government, so normal service resumed by the Brexiters

    • diabloandco says:

      Saw that and nearly booted the telly! The neighbours must wonder at my language sometimes!

  25. Capella says:

    Just heard a BBC presenter refer to the “Oxford” vaccine. On the website is is called the “Oxford” vaccine. so is that the end of Astra Zeneca?

    Does anyone know the tame of the town in Germany where the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine was developed?

  26. Alastair says:


  27. Golfnut says:

    Ally for Scotland I hope.

  28. Golfnut says:

    Do you think anyone will ask the idiot posing as pm of England why one of the richest nations on earth wouldn’t have a vaccine.

  29. Capella says:

    I check the newspaper headlines most nights to see what misinformation will be circulating next day. The BBC manages to get the “British” newspapers by midnight. Unfortunately, they never manage to publish the Scottish newspapers until well into the morning. This allows a comparison between the English and Scottish editions.

    For your amusement today the Daily Star (which is more a comic than a newspaper) has changed it’s story for Scottish readers. They usually depict Boris Johnston, Matt Hancock and Gavin Williamson as clowns with red noses and lime green wigs. Today they urge us all to clap for all the heroes except “Bojo, Coco and Thicko”.

    But in Scotland that is amended to “everybody but the fumbling politicians.”
    I wonder why.

  30. Arthur Thomson says:

    The media are all over the Trump debacle. It must be great relief for them to be able to point over there at an idiot who is as stupid as the clowns at Westminster. But it won’t last long. Once Trump is off the scene Johnson will be the number one clown on the international scene and the Yanks are going to be short on patience when dealing with clowns.

    Meanwhile the covid meltdown in London and the South of England continues. The way that mass hysteria on vaccinations is being ramped up by the media is something to behold. Utter shambles generated by “journalists” who have never been held to account for anything in their lives. Nicola was somewhat impatient with the representative from the Sun comic today. No doubt she will be telling herself not to rise to the bait but it must be hard to resist.

    • Eilidh says:

      I wouldnt say she was impatient more like Chris Mussen from that scummy rag The Sun was being argumentative and an obnoxious wee nyaff so she set him straight. Of course media don’t talk to Bojo and his clowns like Chris did

  31. Capella says:

    Richard Murphy makes some excellent videos on money and finance. Here he explains that Scotland must have its own currency on independence. Richard is a good friend to Scotland (and everyone else) IMO.
    10 mins

  32. jfngw says:

    Two stories:
    BBC highlighting the number in hospital almost at early peak (it is about 11% lower).
    Covid patients being transferred to Scottish hospitals from England.

    Is the total including these transferred patients and how many is there. If they are then the stats about hospital admissions in Scotland are useless as it is not measuring the Scotland only state.

    • Legerwood says:

      And were those patients tested for Covid-19 before they were transferred? They were patients, presumably, in hospital for non-Covid conditions but as we all know you can catch it in hospital.

      • jfngw says:

        According to the Independent these were Covid cases being transferred ‘Covid patients in England transferred to Scotland’ is the headline, it doesn’t mention numbers though.

  33. Golfnut says:

    An excellent article from Alex Ross, Scotland rises. Remember this when you hear the nonsense about delaying the Holyrood GE.

    • Arthur Thomson says:

      Thank you for the link to the Orkney News.

      Well worth reading. Spot on and of course underlining Paul’s article.

  34. Petra says:

    MSM_Monitor:- ”Unionists are attacking Nicola Sturgeon & Jeanne Freeman over the vaccination roll out in Scotland because Boris Johnson is bringing in the British Army to help the roll out in England & Wales. Scotland has the *lowest* Covid rate in the UK and joint *highest* vaccine roll out.”


    ‘The head of state is leading a coup in the USA, but don’t rule out that it could happen here.’

    ..”And you think this could not happen here? You should believe it could. Let me provide an example. There is now ample evidence that people in one country of our Union want to leave the UK.”..

    • Johnson is bringing in the English Army to ensure that they are strategically placed to quell the riots when Brexit bites and food stocks run out, car plants lay off workers and ‘Strictly’ is cancelled because Johnson is rushed to the BBC Ministry of Truth to read The Riot Act live to the ‘nation’, the ‘UK’. England.

      This from the Governor of the BoE:-

      “Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey reveals that Johnson’s trade deal struck with the EU will end up costing the UK economy the equivalent of more than £80,000,000,000 – by contrast, EU membership with all its benefits costs just 34p per day per person.”
      We must get out of this union in ’21.

      Sally Magnusson couldn’t get The Linesman Dross, David Pasta Shapes Duguid, or First Lieutenant (RN Failed) Andrew Bowie, in front of the camera last night to explain to Scottish fish exporters why Brexit has completely destroyed their industry?
      Suddenly they are nowhere to be seen.

      There will be riots, as shelves empty, and people starve and lose their jobs.

      Trump and Johnson, New Yorkers born in Queens and Manhattan.
      The Devil’s Insane spawn, both of them.

      Tweo dung beetles feeding off the sanme corrupt steaming pile of corruption.

      Indyref 2 now, no Plan A or B or ‘permission’ sought from our English Oppressors.

      Let’s Just Fuckin’ do it! (Sorry for the French.)
      Where are they all hiding?

      • ArtyHetty says:

        £80 billion, that’s quite a wad of cash spaffed up the wall by the EngGov. Well done.
        Anyway stop complaining people, 34p a day can probably buy you a few spoonsfuls of porridge! Or an egg, but not one tattie because they have shot up in price, get digging people all those thousands and thousands of paved over gardens large and small (what a waste anyway) will be required to grow fruit and veg, do it pronto, when the ice melts. You can buy fruit trees now (in Scotland far as I know) and plant them soon, and get your seeds buying done fast they will sell out again. All those seeds potatoe farmers who are now banned from selling to the EU by the BritNats’ Brexit catasrophe, will need our support. Tandoori spiced/garlic oven chips, best use of tatties ever.
        Just imagine had Scotland not been duped, and conned out of voting for independence in 2014, non of this would be an issue, and no English Eton Tory mess could threaten the people of Scotland during a pandemic.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Stats today show that Scotland is vacciniatuing more of their population per % than England.
      Yep, if not a soft coup, the BritNats and EngGov will invent a reason to oust the SNP and install a BritNat regime at Holyrood. Brexit leaves Scotland wide open to that, broadcasting, telecommunications and the ‘national’ grid are all English controlled, for a reason.

  35. Hamish100 says:

    WIngs of Scotland agrees with Tom Gordon of The Herald.

    How the once mighty has fallen.

    You can read that from being a Herald reader or WOS groupie!

  36. Arthur Thomson says:

    I just watched the covid update. Once again Nicola was an absolute star. Today she was ably accompanied by the Chief Constable and Jason Leitch.

    It is little wonder that the Brits are apoplectic about her communicating with the public. She is everything that Johnson and his motley crew are not. Lolz.

    What makes it even worse for the Brits, is that everything they use to attack her backfires on them. It appears not to have dawned on them that Nicola is not bullshitting, she is the real deal.

    So, come on you Brits, up the ante.

  37. Petra says:

    Gerry Hassan:- ”Nice timing. In today’s @TheTimes. Jamie Blackett of the George Galloway front
    @Alliance4Unity uses the Trumpian language writing that the 2021 elections should be used to “drain the Holyrood swamp.” Such language has no place in Scottish politics.”


    ”A warning to the UK. We made this pre-election, thinking that we’d never have to release it. After the events of today, we decided to post. Video.”

  38. Arthur Thomson says:

    Sadiq Khan on LBC saying that the Mayoral election must go ahead like all the other elections that have taken place around the world 🌎. Interesting. The Brits just can’t stay in message for some reaon. Ah well.

  39. Petra says:

    Andrew Neil no doubt pushing to get this up and running before May 6th.

    ‘American right-wing funders back GB News ready for launch.’

    ..’Britain already has the most right-wing press space in Europe. But now, Britain has decided to go full-on America as bosses of news channel GB News have confirmed two new backers for its 24-hour TV and online service set to launch in the UK in the next few months. This is a very slippery road – and one that will lead the country into yet more social division and friction. And let’s not forget, as TruePublica has been saying for a while now – America is deeply involved.”..

    ..In the meantime, GB News now has links to US billionaires like John Malone who donated $250,000 to Donald Trump‘s inauguration in 2017 and is a board director of the right-wing free-market Cato Institute – itself embroiled in Brexit. The channel’s new CEO is right-wing mouthpiece Angelos Frangopoulos and will be chaired by former BBC presenter Andrew Neil. GB News will take its inspiration from the likes of Fox News and MSNBC in the US.”..

    ..”The channel says it expects to reach 96% of British television households via Freeview, Sky, Virgin Media, YouView and Freesat. It will also have streaming, video-on-demand and audio services.”..


    ‘Debenhams closes online business in Ireland as 50 major UK retailers face EU tariffs.’

    ..”Debenhams has been forced to close its online business in Ireland to avoid the cost of tariffs which are now required under the trade deal agreed between the UK and the EU.”..

    ..”Debenhams is not alone. At least 50 major UK retailers, including Marks and Spencer and Tesco, are in the process of going through their products lines, to establish how many of them will be now subject to tariffs from the EU.”..

    • grizebard says:

      On that first item, just another big reason for independence and soon. So we can establish our own media controls and standards, and not allow ourselves to be dragged down a dangerous UK-targeted ultra-right rabbit hole.

      As for that 2nd item, Petra, I can see a majority of ordinary folk in NI concluding in very short order that life will just be (or “remain”, eh?) so much easier if they stay permanently in the EU via Irish reunification. So the odds of a border poll over there must surely increase steadily from now on.

      Better get our own skates on then, since the last thing we want is an influx of recalcitrant NI Orangists before our own poll…

    • Hugn McSween says:

      Petra, it could be that the tory donor who has been put in charge of the BBC is to the BBC what Beeching was to the railway and Andrew Neil`s new channel is being prepared to take over the bits the new BBC chairman hives off

      • Petra says:

        Nothing would surprise me Hugh. God only knows what gets discussed and planned for behind the scenes 🙄.

  40. Petra says:

    John Burn-Murdoch:- ”NEW: a common response to reports of hospitals struggling this winter is “it’s no different to a bad flu season!” I’ve tracked down historical data on flu ICU admissions, including winter 2017-18, a record high. Here’s how England’s Covid winter compares to a bad flu season.”


    ‘Why has Britain become numb to the horror of deaths caused by incompetence?’

    ”Coronavirus has killed nearly 100,000 in this country, yet Boris Johnson’s dither and delay is forgiven. Shockability is a primal quality. Lose that, and you lose all humanity. Latest figures say there have been 93,000 deaths involving Covid-19 in the UK. I am trying to imagine how high 93,000 stacked coffins would reach, or how deep a plague pit would be to hold 93,000 bodies. Because they are disposed of decorously out of sight, there are no such gruesome pictures to jolt the senses.”..

  41. Petra says:

    C Roberts:- ”Sky, Virgin, and the BBC share about 2.5 billion pounds of Scots money p.a. It’s not added to Scots GDP. They are preventing Scotland’s media output being at least like that of Ireland, or as large as Denmarks. Preventing 3-4 times more broadcasting and filming jobs in Scotland. Each of them have a single medium of broadcast, protected monopolies – by oligopoly. Sky – Satellite. Virgin – Cable. BBC – Over the terrestrial air, plus rebroadcast on the above which Govt regulate. All 3 in regards to Scotland are foreign owned – preventing ours.”


    SB Fish:- ”Exports have now officially stopped for fresh seafood. #BrexitShambles #redtape
    Now we demand accountability for the lies promised.”

  42. Petra says:

    Dr Amanda Sloat: ‘Former Holyrood adviser handed key Biden post.’

    ”A former Scottish Parliament political adviser is set for a key role in incoming US president Joe Biden’s administration as National Security Council (NCS) senior director for European affairs.”..

    ..”In another report – Divided Kingdom: how Brexit is remaking the UK’s constitutional order – Sloat suggested a constitutional route to indy might help an independent Scotland with any future bid to rejoin the EU. She said: “If Scotland votes for independence in a post-Brexit referendum, the UK would be consumed with more messy separation negotiations and diminished as an international actor. The EU would be forced to consider Edinburgh’s application to (re)join the club, with member states more likely to be supportive if independence occurred within a constitutional process.”..


    Joanna Cherry: ‘History shows a referendum is not the only route to independence.’

    ..”One hundred years ago, Irish independence came about not as a result of a referendum but as a result of a treaty negotiated between Irish parliamentarians and the British Government after nationalist MPs had won the majority of Irish seats in the 1918 General Election and withdrawn to form a provisional government in Dublin.”..

    ..”That is why some have suggested using a Scottish election or indeed a further General Election as a plebiscite if a Section 30 order continues to be refused. It is short-sighted to view the question of how we might lawfully end a consensual union of two sovereign nations which is more than 300 years old only through the prism of devolution which has been with us for barely two decades and is not the last word on the constitutional relationship between Scotland and England.”..

  43. Petra says:

    ‘Michael Gove warns of increased disruption at borders, as companies wrestle with Brexit red tape.’

    ”Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove has warned of increasing disruption at Channel ports over the coming weeks as a result of Brexit.”


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  44. andyfromdunning says:

    As Boris says, and we know he is correct ‘this is a good deal for Britain’

    What an idiot. Why oh why do politicians have to lie? In any other occupation you would get a P45.

    Let’s give the U.K. one soon. Bye bye England

  45. yesindyref2 says:

    The attention of course is on Trump, having at first condemned the violence but not the mob itself, having had to change his mind to condemn the mob – his own “supporters”.

    A little less has been on BoJo who did the same in a different way – condemn the violence but not Trump in the morning. By that evening he’d had to give in to popular opinion and the media, and condemn Trump as well.

    So who cares? Well, at the moment he’s saying no to that Section 30 …

  46. Arthur Thomson says:

    So BBC gleefully report that Alex Salmond has accused Nicola Sturgeon of misleading Parliament.

    If this report is true I fear that Alex has made a dreadful error of judgement.

  47. Eilidh says:

    BBC News – Salmond accuses Sturgeon of misleading parliament

    Dont know if above link will work properly as never copied a link onto this site before. I take anything the BBC reports with an extra large pinch of salt but if the report is true any sympathy I had for Alex Salmond (and I used to have a lot) has just been blown out of the water as from has been reported he shows himself up to be a petty vindicative little shit. Yes thankfully he was found not guilty of criminality but he didn’t come out of that court case smelling of roses either.

    • diabloandco says:

      So a man who might have ended up in jail for crimes he apparently did not commit is supposed to suck up the smears and vanish to some quiet cave never to be heard from again ? And have folk like you give the ‘ no smoke without fire ‘ judgement?
      It is time that all the events which led up to the trial and all the folk taking part in it were named and made answerable , indeed I thought that was the purpose of the on going investigation.

      • Eilidh says:

        He hardly covered himself in glory when he tried to get the FM to stop the allegations being made public. I am sure the unionist media would have hung her out to dry if she had done that. Getting drunk and cuddling up to some female in Bute House late at night did his credibility no good whatsoever.I feel sorry for his wife with that being all over the media NS or the Snp are not perfect by any manner of means. I used to think Alex walked on water but not any more I am very disapponted in the whole situation

        • WT says:

          Hello Eilidh – that’s not the point. Salmond isn’t the issue. The issue is did NS break the ministerial code? Hamilton will settle that – we have to wait for his judgement. It is sad to see such prominent politicians involved in this situation. My worry now is how this whole matter affects independence. Have no heroes – stick with the movement.

        • J Galt says:

          And did he deserve to be imprisoned for the rest of his life for “Getting drunk and cuddling up to some female”?

          Who are you to judge, or I for that matter.

          You’ve backed the wrong horse folks.

          • Eilidh says:

            Did I say he deserved to be imprisoned no I did not. I think he is being vindicative that is my opinion and I am entitled to my opinion. Am I judging behaviour that he admitted to yes I am.I admired him a lot I feel very let down that the whole situation happenned. Throwing stones at the FM will do him no good whatsever. It may damage the Indy cause and that can never be forgiven

            • davidwferguson says:

              Alex Salmond’s offer of mediation or arbitration was an attempt to save the government and the SNP from the humiliation of a public climbdown. It was based on the fact that his legal advice was that the government had absolutely no chance of winning the judicial review (legal advice that was confirmed by the government’s own legal team, which ultimately threatened to refuse to present the case in court if the government insisted on going ahead – an almost unprecedented course of action).

              Now either you know this, in which case your allegations are vicious and nasty smears, or you don’t, in which case you’re not well enough informed to be commenting on the matter.

              • Eilidh says:

                Onceagain my opinion and I very much doubt you are any more qualified to comment on this subject than I am. Also in my opinion if the situation had not went to court it would be seen as a cover up

                • davidwferguson says:

                  I’m about a hundred times better qualified than you because unlike you I’m willing to read all the facts that are available, weigh them up and base my conclusions on them, rather than hiding from them.

                  …if the situation had not went to court it would be seen as a cover up

                  This is just rubbish. Initially the Scottish Government had no intention of dealing with the matter through the Courts. It was to be dealt with through their fabulous new “complaints procedure”.

                  When Salmond made the offers of mediation and arbitration he already had legal advice that the SG didn’t have a legal leg to stand on and he knew how much it was going to cost. He was trying to help them not to look like stupid incompetent liars who had conjured up an illegal procedure and were happy to waste £500k of taxpayers money making a public display of the fact. At that point he still thought the SG was acting in good faith – he didn’t know there was already a contract out on him. His offers of mediation and arbitration were rejected by Leslie Evans without ever being put to the original complainants, who actually had the right to make that decision.

                  And it was also Leslie Evans who first gave the instruction that the file was to be remitted to the police – again against the wishes of the original complainants. Laughably, Evans has previously given evidence to the current enquiry that it “wasn’t clear” who gave that instruction – evidence that is contradicted by documents that the enquiry didn’t have at the time, but does now. No doubt Evans will have another dog ate my homework explanation for all this in her evidence today (12th Jan).

                  All facts. And the thing is you don’t even have to go to the blog we all despise to find them out. All you have to do is have enough guts to read the published documents of the official enquiry on the Scottish Government website.

                  Or have the courtesy to listen to the people who have gone there and read them on your behalf.

            • Tatu3 says:

              Mr Salmond comes across as being misogynistic (in my opinion). He appears to have little respect for women. Men who respect women would not cuddle up to female members of staff. It all now looks like he is bitter about Nicola doing so well – not just in the independence polls, but in leadership and personal polls too.

    • Skip_NC says:

      Having read AS’ entire submission to the Hamilton inquiry this evening, it comes across as something he really didn’t want to write. I don’t see anything vindictive – just a concise statement that, hopefully, will be of use to both inquiries going on at the moment.

      • WT says:


      • yesindyref2 says:

        it comes across as something he really didn’t want to write

        Really? From October 28th, aticle:

        “Alex Salmond wants Nicola Sturgeon to be investigated for misleading parliament”

        ALEX Salmond has called for Nicola Sturgeon to be investigated for lying to parliament, in a significant ramping up of the hostilities between the former First Minister and his successor.

        The call comes in a letter to James Hamilton, the independent adviser on the ministerial code, who is probing whether the SNP leader broke strict rules

        He inititated this with his letter to Hamilton, not the other way around. Now he’s playing the “Oh I didn’t want to do this” game. Unfortunately for him some of us can read and remember.

        Personally I don’t care, it has NOTHING to do with Independence, and hopefully the inquiry will reach conclusions rather than a few people arguing futilely over whether Sturgeon is the baddie or Salmond is the baddie.

        • Old Pete says:

          Wondered if anyone would mention the article on 28th October.
          Salmond is a cool operator he will know how this might effect the election in May ? Independence support polling at 58% and now is the time to try and bring his old party down, does that not seem odd ?

        • Skip_NC says:

          The fact that he has felt that way since at least 28th October does not alter my opinion that he did not want to write what he did.

          Have you read his complete submission to Mr Hamilton?

      • Lulu Bells says:

        absolutely correct…

  48. British Nationalists don’t accept that, in a democracy, people are permitted to change their mind. Check out this exchange with this BritNat zoomer:

  49. Arthur Thomson says:

    So I see the Brits are straight in on the conversation. Surprise, surprise.

    Immediately after the Salmond “accusation” on BBC “news”, without faltering, came the statement that people in Scotland in hospital with covid is at an all time high and the highest number of deaths reported in Scotland in a day during this second wave of the pandemic. The connection? I wonder (not).

  50. Terence Callachan says:

    There is no need to take sides

    The britnat Westminster machine will try and pit AS and NS against each other

    Wonder why ? Well of course they will that’s exactly what they are doing

    All to stop Scottish independence

    If someone wanted to bring a case to court against Alex Salmond there is no way that Nicola sturgeon could stop them the legal system decides these matters
    The procurator fiscal decides

    If there was a law that allowed ministers or anyone else for that matter
    to evade court because of their position it is right and proper that such a loophole should be closed so that justice prevails

    Justice has prevailed but one matter needs dealt with and that is the ten accusers who lost their case in court should not be allowed to remain anonymous allowing them to continue shouting their accusations from the sidelines whilst the person found not guilty can’t reply publicly to them
    Natural justice is lost by this
    They should be named now

  51. yesindyref2 says:

    Meanwhile, to get back to INDEPENDENCE, supported by 58% of the Scottish People according to the last opinion poll, including me and this blog, The National today:

    FM to make Indy case to Europe at top event”

    Who’d have thunk it, eh? Something about Independence!

    • Old Pete says:

      “Shite over Scotland” certainly Independence is not a priority for a large number on there. Divide and control it’s the UK method of controlling all its colonies.

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Yep. The BritNat state are very experienced and therefore capable of orchestrating
        events to bring down governments they view as hostile to their own, right wing agenda. Subsidy junkie Scotland is just too important on so many levels, not just economically, to let it slip through their dirty, rotten, lying, scheming, thieving fingers now. The whole Salmond trial and prior to that stinks to high heaven, it’s very sinister.
        Keep your eyes on the freakin prize, independence is crucial to Scotland’s very survival.

  52. Petra says:

    If Alex Salmond tries to bring Nicola Sturgeon down now and in the process our last chance to get our Independence he will NEVER EVER BE FKN FORGIVEN. For SURE. He will become the Scottish traitor that we won’t EVER forget.

    I’ve supported him (and actually loved or more so adored him and still do) from day one. I’ve donated to his appeals. I bought his book. I’ve tried to overlook his drunken and touchy feely behaviour (that he admitted to) that did him no favours whatsoever. Far from it and such behaviour no doubt led to the court cases that he faced. Nicola Sturgeon has at NO time behaved in any way like him but has been left to deal with the (HIS) fallout. As has Moira. Two women faced with dealing with your flack Alex. Time to get real Alex. It’s now or never. You and your big ego or Scotland. Take your fkn pick now.

    • Capella says:

      I agree. However, we still have to wait for them to give evidence at Holyrood. Still – innocent till proven guilty and we don’t know how the media spin may be bending the optic. Unionist and WoS twitterati are positively drooling at the prospect of getting rid of NS. I suspect they will be disappointed. So many cast iron accusations melt like snow aff a dyke as soon as the light is shone on them.

      Time for some sleep – too much news ATM 🙂

    • davidwferguson says:

      I’ve supported him (and actually loved or more so adored him and still do) from day one. I’ve donated to his appeals. I bought his book. I’ve tried to overlook his drunken and touchy feely behaviour…

      Have you tried reading his statement? There comes a point where people like you are just stubbornly playing “Abide With Me” as the ship goes down.

      Read the statement and try as hard as you can to think of some way in which this stuff might not be true. Eventually you’ll reach the answer “There isn’t”. And once you’ve accepted that there isn’t any way in which it might not be true, try as hard as you can to think of a reason why it might be acceptable. Eventually you’ll reach the answer “There isn’t”.

      Her position is no longer tenable. It’s just a matter of time. And with the disppearance of the £500k referendum fund, neither is her husband’s. Sooner or later Douglas Chapman is going to have to confirm what anyone with a grain of financial acumen already knows – that the money has already been spent.

      It would be better for the Yes movement if they were gone sooner rather than later, but I have little hope that will happen. Too many people still in the band.

      • Eilidh says:

        Yawn yawn and thrice yawn

      • Petra says:

        ”Read the statement and try as hard as you can to think of some way in which this stuff might not be true. Eventually you’ll reach the answer “There isn’t”.”

        What might not be true? The fact that Alex Salmond admitted to drinking heavily whilst working with staff members and had been ”touchy feely?”

        It’s not just me that’s saying it. Alex Salmond, himself, admitted in his evidence that he had “a sexual liaison” with one of the complainers, but on a different date to the one alleged in the charges and a “sleepy cuddle” with another individual which he apologised to her for later.

      • grizebard says:

        You’re on the wrong website, pal. There’s another one for unhinged reality-deniers that should suit you just fine.

    • Tatu3 says:

      Well said Petra

    • What Petra says, much more poignantly than my ‘moderated out’ rant.

  53. Hamish100 says:

    Sad to see this happening. Does Alex Salmond believe his behaviours in Bute House residencies was appropriate in his meeting with aides and others?

    What is Mrs Salmonds opinion? If people can question Mr Murrell and his relationship with his wife it is only fair that that applies to Salmond’s wife.

    I am angry that he is now apparently touting he was the victim in this whole debacle. Divert attention away from his activities other than say he is no angel is no longer enough. This is not about the court case- he was found innocent it is about his behaviour as a powerful man with authority with his subordinates.

    Just as we can grasp the nettle of independence again his legacy may be that he has lost as a second opportunity.

    Angry and sad at him. Also the likes of MacCaskill and his pal Sillars who use blogs like Wings as their version of Fox News.

    • Hamish, there are,oh, say, 2 million Plus of us who don’t give a Ross Thomson zip fly about this Salmond The Sex Pest garbage as wee career headlong towards the most important ‘plebiscite’ in the history of the Scots’ nation.

      There are a few anonymous offerings on here, ‘WT’, ‘Skip-NC’, and so on, straight from the 77th Brigade, or MI6, or GCHQ, who are now firm allies of A Salmond, whose aim is clearly to hole the Independence Movement below the water.
      BY undermining the Scottish Government at this crucial stage on then road to independence, he is attacking the AUOB Yes Movement.

      Salmond knows what he is doing.

      He, and McAskill and a withering band of old political whores are out to bring down the SNP, and they don’t give a damn that they stop Scottish Independence in its tracks.

      Well, the man was proven innocent, and there are certainly questions to be asked and answered regarding the whole sorry episode.

      But right now?

      Jackie Baillie, and The Linesman Dross, who will be doubtless running the line at a footie match somewhere this week coining extra loot in , untroubled by the Fuck You betrayal of the Fishing community whose jobs he and the other 5 Blue Tory Tossers destroyed by lying about Better Back Brexit, are ON SALMOND’S SIDE, demanding that ‘Sturgeon’ resign.

      There is no way on this earth that Sturgeon’s actions or behaviour during all of this merits resignation.

      Unlike Salmond and his coterie of hacks and civil servants who seem to have had a jolly boozy old time regardless, allegedly, Nicola Sturgeon has fronted our Government’s fight against the most deadly pandemic ever to engulf this planet, and hasn’t really had time to get drunk and have a half dressed drunken frolic with a lusty big servant as well.

      Or maybe she has…Personally, I am done with the greasy wee hacks and fat idle Brit Nat Jock WM puppets, and the apparent Salmond Dynasty where drunken journos passed out naked on the floor of Bute House.
      I know who he is, but I’m not telling.

      There are 320,000 Scots children living in Better Together Jackie Bailie/ Willie Rennie/ Baroness Rape Clause who support WM ‘Austerity’ cuts Rob The Poor Reward Lord Darling poverty, and one million Scots living below the poverty line, and the madness of Brexit driving us deeper and deeper into Victorian level one of the richest resource and people talent countries in this world.
      And we’re checking the bins and bed sheets?

      Paul is about the only source of reasoned debate.

      Grouse Beater, WoS, Peter Bell, and the like, are out to get the SNP, and as a result crush the Independence momentum.

      I have no doubt about this now.
      Well, there are several million of us who think otherwise.

      No, I won’t give way to the honourable gentleman…

      I have no doubt that there is a case to answer..but not now, when you find yourself siding with Boris Johnson and Michael Gove…

      Now we know that they fear us.
      WE won’t be following the Eamon De Valera Michael Collins route to Freedom, btw.
      I’m sorry, Ms Cherry. Now is the time..not 2024.
      Any body know which game Dross is flying the flag for Free Enterprise today?

  54. diabloandco says:

    Are we to allow the same kind of breaking of ministerial code in Scotland as has happened time and again in Westminster , against which we rightly rail ?

    I seem to remember he was found innocent and yes , he might well ‘ have been a better man’ but there are few of us who can look in the mirror of either sex and say different.

    I find it astonishing that police were given free reign to investigate and interview and came up with some very minor findings, which were ultimately flung out.

    Mr Murrell was damned by texts and e-mails – an involvement I don’t think he can dispute .

    • Hamish100 says:

      Based on behaviours as a married man I think I may be better but it is for AN other to judge! I.e the wife.

      What is more important to Alex Salmond Independence in 2021 or removal of the First Minister. If it is the latter he won’t get Independence either and I cannot believe he would jeopardise that.
      I certainly hope not.

  55. Golfnut says:

    Is this a rehash of a story from Octoer or a completely new comment by AS. If I remember correctly AS held his hands up to the inappropriate behaviour tag during the trial, so that’s not an issue here or a least it shouldn’t be, were just allowing the anti Nicola brigade oxygen. The AS allegation has been before the committee for months but to be honest I wouldn’t trust our media to report the time of day far less report a comment accurately without the usual Nicola/SNP baad spin.

  56. Golfnut says:

    Much better to focus on this and it’s legal implications regards Westminsters refusal of an S30.

    This is kind of detail they can’t argue against.

  57. Paul, I can understand why my rather acerbic opinion on Salmond has gone straight to moderation.
    The therapy of clacking it off was enough.
    But you seem to stand alone among the bloggers in considering the Road to Freedom more important that raking over the ashes of this particular Bonfire of the Vanities.

    Stay safe, and well.

  58. Capella says:

    For Jackie Baillie everything that emerges at the Holyrood Harassment Committee is “explosive”. For the Tories, everything is a “bombshell”.
    For me, most of it turns out to be a damp squib.

  59. Golfnut says:

    AS is/was a shining light for UK politics in comparison to liblabtory politicians, the current westminster cabal have even managed to find a new level of corruption and dishonesty, nor should we forget the bottom feeders( just about all of them) currently posing as journalists in our broadcast and print media.

  60. Golfnut says:

    How about this for an example.

    Not to the best of my knowledge neither AS or Nicola have ever voted for or advocated policies that ultimately could be classed as social murder.

  61. 4,167,000 multiplied by 58 and divided by 100 equals 2,416,860, where 4,167,000 are the electors eligible to vote in May 2021, 58, by 100, is the percentage who will vote for Independence in the latest poll, which concludes that a potential and staggering on all levels Two Million, four hundred and sixteen thousand, eight hundred and sixty Scots citizens even before campaigning starts, may vote for the SNP in May.

    I doubt that many give a tuppenny toss about the ‘he said she said’ Salmond Surgeon debacle…or read twit blogs…

    Most of those millions aren’t members of the BADSNP either.
    We are just wresting our country back/

  62. WT says:

    We must not forget that the Salmond submission is his ‘evidence’ to an enquiry, it is up to all of us to await the judgement by Hamilton in one instance and Fabiani’s committee in the other. Evidence of events is often contradictory and yet is not always completely incompatible. The same is true of motives. People do things for many reasons and not necessarily the reasons we project onto them – this is the case with both AS and NS. Really, we have to wait for the presentation of all evidence and then for the judgements from the inquiries.

    What is worrying to me is the effect this will have on the cause of independence, particularly amongst soft yessers. Both AS and NS have been great for the cause in their time AS lifting independence from mid 20% to 45% and NS taking us well over the line to 50% plus. Unfortunately, as pointed out by Prof. John Robertson some time ago we have allowed independence to be tied to personalities – his assertion was always that it makes it easy for the unionists to attack and undermine the individual and in turn the cause. It also makes it easy for the individual themselves to undermine the cause by their behaviour.

    We are all on the same side here. Our job must be to push for the cause. As Paul regularly points out we will only get independence by converting NO to YES. That is our job. I know there are many who feel loyal to AS and others loyal to NS but really they are just personalities who have their time and then are gone. Independence must be our drive and the ‘who is in the right or wrong’ must be left to the enquiries to judge. We must not let this deflect us from the job at hand.

    I could have done without all of this. I want independence and fear we might just be about to destroy our chances. Factional infighting won’t help us. Let AS and NS deal with their own peccadillos and let us continue to do what we can to push for independence.

    • ‘peccadillos’;

      a strange use of the word when tarring NS with the same brush as AS.
      A slight aberrant error of judgement, usually sexual, a quaint anachronism from the days of Saki and PG Wodehouse.
      NS is not at the same juncture in her political career as AS, as you rather clumsily attempt to argue, ‘WT’.

      Salmond’s ‘time has come and gone’; many would argue that NS is at the height of her political journey, and on the brink of leading the country to Independence.
      My stats whimsy above stands.
      We have been bombarded with Sturgeon lied Murrell cooked the books Trans Nuts taken over the SNP, for a year now; yet this whole raft of ‘piccadillos’ hasn’t seemed to have dented the party in the polls; far from it.
      You que percentages, ‘WT’. Check out NS’ standing with the public.
      Sturgeon will ‘survive’ this latest storm in a blogscup, and you WT, will return under another nom de guerre with more jumped up NS Bad hot air, protesting that we all want Indy, but…
      Our job is to push for the cause, not drive leading champions out of the Movement.

      In my discipline, Salmond would have been summarily dismissed for the stuff to which he owned up; under existing Employment Law, his feet would not have touched.
      There is no way back for this tired old war horse; nor are we going to witness Sturgeon being fed to the Tom Gordons of this sleazy world.
      Nice of you to visit WGD. On the way out close the door.tvm

      • Golfnut says:

        Well said.

      • WT says:

        Hello Jack. I accept that pecadillos was not a good term. Sorry. I am not a visitor to WGD I read it almost every day. I do not use social media so I only get my information about independence from Scotgoespop, WGD, WOS, Tusker, Bella and indeed the much detested commonspace. I don’t have twitter or facebook so I do not follow anything. You seem to think I am against NS – and yes I do know her popularity ratings – but I am not. I am not for or against anyone – I am for independence. I do not want to attack anyone but you attack me. Why? Because I want to keep independence first and foremost and not become partisan? I don’t understand. Also, am I not allowed to post on here? What is this close the door stuff? How does your reaction help the cause of independence?

        • Wide eyed innocence and a dime get you on the ‘bus, ‘WT’.

          You see my contribution as an ‘attack’?

          Contrast my wee offering with the quite literally millions of hostile words levelled at Sturgeon over the past 5 years or so.

          I do not tweet twat facejam whatsapp or whatever they’re called either. I am not a member of the SNP, indeed I have never been a member of any party.
          Nicola Sturgeon does not walk on water. It may be argued that bloggers elsewhere are wallowing in sewage of their own making, but, mind, however.
          She will survive this, and Brexit remains off the front page meantime.

          • WT says:

            Hello Jack I don’t understand you. I do see your post as an attack certainly the tone of it is not very friendly and as I have not contributed to the “millions of hostile words levelled at Sturgeon over the past 5 years” I do not see the relevance in that remark. If you read my post again you will see it is about unity of purpose for all of us to push towards independence. I think NS has done a great job of lifting us above 50% – and I have had the same level of hostility on WOS for saying so as I now seem have every time I post on here.

            You seem to want independence so tell me, how does your attitude help promote that cause? You cannot criticise another website for ‘attitude’ when you match it yourself. Every one can be rude but what’s the point? And as a matter of interest what is this ‘Wide eyed innocence and a dime’ stuff?

      • Alex Clark says:

        Cutting and accurate. Same shite different day from the “I don’t really want to talk about this, but…” brigade.

    • grizebard says:

      Have you not noticed yet that it’s only the BritNats and their collaborationalist media who focus on the “personalities”? (Oh, and a certain website which walks and quacks the same way.) They attacked AS when he was FM and they have been positively itching to pin “something/anything” on NS since they have signally failed to dent her popularity among ordinary people due to her exemplary behaviour in trying to get us all as safely and quickly through the current crisis.

      And rather odd that it seems to be just the AS fanboys who now claim that “personalities don’t matter, only independence”.

      • AS and NS are on the same side

        It’s a britnat media construct that they are against each other , they’re not

        NS can’t stop someone bringing charges against another person
        AS can’t be charged with something just because NS wants it

        The legal system is independent and appointed legal professionals decide these matters

  63. P Harvey says:

    Well said
    Independence is the only thing that matters!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  64. jfngw says:

    Salmond’s admitted behaviour was unacceptable for any manager never mind a FM. He says he ‘should have been a better man’, no he should have been a better FM. The Salmond disciples are willing to accept any behaviour as acceptable, hope none of them are your manager as it would seem only criminal behaviour is their red line. They forgive one whilst rounding on the other.

    He is not coming back and if he does you can wave bye to any chance of independence, many will not vote for him now.

    They say independence support is nothing to do with personalities, unfortunately it does, how else do you think Thatcher, Blair and Johnson were elected, and Brown rejected.

  65. Capella says:

    Glowing reports on Nicola Sturgeon’s backing for Europe from our friends in Ireland.

    The First Minister’s recent opinion piece in the Irish Times was received very well. We in Ireland and indeed across the EU are fascinated by the internal politics in Scotland especially following the Brexit process.

    Scotland is a proud European nation and has huge ties to so many EU member states on a direct bilateral level.
    It is important for us to hear Scotland’s distinct position on life post Brexit and how those bilateral ties can be maintained, even strengthened, post Brexit.”
    He added: “Many Irish citizens have made Scotland their home, plenty of us have family there. “We want to know what the near future holds for them.”

    • Capella….Nicola sturgeon is a star a shining light over Scotland she gets up there every single day giving us up to date information and advice about covid then takes questions from idiots some of whom are so rude you just want to smash a custard pie in their face and pour a barrel of sludge over them

      England’s Westminster went after the last leader of Scottish independence
      Now they’re going after the current leader of Scottish independence

      We have had England’s Westminster propaganda machine pumping propaganda into the homes of people in Scotland for decades and decades , our schools and universities too in fact every corner of Scotland has been infected by it but we will kill it off once Scotland is independent

  66. diabloandco says:

    So we can all ignore the alleged breaking of the ministerial code ?
    Nothing to worry about , nothing to see kindly move along.
    No questions – anyone??
    Nobody with any doubt whatsoever??
    Critical faculties blown away with covid presentations?

    Dear Lord!

    • P Harvey says:

      Independence is what matters

    • If Sturgeon broke the ministerial code, I’ve got the number of a wee od job man who’ll come ’round and fix it for a tenner.
      Grow up, diabloandco, indeed all of you in the ‘andco’.

      • diabloandco says:

        Well grown Jack and far to old an cynical to wipe away the inconvenient.

        P Harvey , I agree wholeheartedly but I want that independence built on solid ground.

        • Hugh Mcsween says:

          Ah , a puritan,” if is not to my liking I wont have it”

          Puritans the curse of Scotland

          • diabloandco says:

            If puritan means I want honest ,honourable governance , then yes I am a puritan.
            If it means I want a thriving Scotland caring for all its folk , then yes I am a puritan.
            If it means I want a country capable of looking at itself in the mirror and acknowledging its shortcomings while celebrating its successes then yes I am a puritan.

            • Hugh Mcsween says:

              I get it your a puritan, cut out the goody goody student politics, its real politics that Nicola has to deal with, there are all sorts of views out there, Scotland is no different as the rest of the world in that respect.
              Nicola has to negotiate a path through them to independence. give her support.

              • diabloandco says:

                Student politics? Blimey I will be 75 this year and have viewed many politicians come and go – delighted to see the back of many.
                I’ll stick to my idea of puritan if you don’t mind.
                I support independence for my country and will cheer on the politician who leads the charge and who makes it a reality .

                • Hugh Mcsween says:

                  We agree on that Dia, perhaps I misread your post, I dont know if you agree on this but I cant see any other leader but Nicola to get us independence.

      • scotsmanic0803 says:

        Or Alex Salmond.

    • jfngw says:

      Yes, I’ve spotted the righteous Tories and Labour politicians suddenly become enamoured by the ‘ministerial code’ . The Tories with a leader who cannot make a statement without it containing at least one lie, even to parliament. And Labour who wouldn’t oust a PM that lied about WMD being 45 minutes away directly to parliament. Forgive me for being suspect about their moral indignation.

      One thing I have noticed is many of these bloggers have some gripe about being ‘done wrong’ by the SNP and hold NS to blame. They are like a perpetual country and western song.

    • diabloandco……are all Scotland’s independence leaders bad ? Is that possible ? Likely ?


      Will England’s Westminster and their propaganda machine helpers do their best to undermine Scottish independence ?

      We see it every day , they slag everything Scottish , accuse Scottish ministers of things that we find out later they have not done or what they have done doesn’t break the law or is trivial but of course by then the lies have been painted across all newspapers BBC STV and radio for days sometimes weeks some of it absolutely terrible think back when they accused Alex Salmond of being like a murderer ! Plastered all over the newspapers then reported in news on tv
      we all knew it was over the top lies but who was punished for printing and reporting such terrible lies ? Nobody, that’s what happens when another country controls your media.

  67. Hugh Mcsween says:

    I am getting the feeling that Alex Salmond will lose the love and respect that Scotland had for him over this stooshie

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      Not by the people whose focus is on Scottish independence, rather than those with egos and huffs and papers to sell.

      • grizebard says:

        And the biggest ego here is… Salmond. Some seem to be forgetting that it’s his own actions back in the day that are the source of the current ruckus. Everything else flows from his foolish and aberrant workplace behaviour.

        His actions now are like manna from heaven for the BritNat media. For that totally unnecessary circus made to happen in the leadup to what is probably the most crucial election of the century, Hugh is perfectly correct. Whatever other destruction Salmond may wreak, it will deservedly include his own good name. Even more than he has managed already.

      • Good Stephen McKenzie

    • Hugh Mcsween…some will be taken in by it but I think most are wise about the Westminster propaganda machine and their helpers BBC newspapers and radio

  68. Doug says:

    The independence movement is stronger than any one person. Always has been, always will be.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Indeed, WT’s excellent post earlier made me ponder how much of what is bandied about over AS or NS, however strongly opinions are held or what inside information they think they have, is not a gift to the Empire playbook but a gift from it.
      The Empire was expert in identifying and promoting a figurehead around which the many would coalesce, for the sole purpose of cutting the leader’s head off later leaving the many in disarray, or promoting two leaders and setting one against the other to start an internal war. If the leaders didn’t rise to the bait they’d fire rumours up so the tribes would fall out with each other etc., classic Divide and Conquer.

  69. Arthur Thomson says:

    I’m interested that the BBC chose 10.00pm on a Friday to make their anti SNP pronouncement.

    Seems a wee bit strange to me. Almost as if they have an agenda. Lolz.

  70. jfngw says:

    You have to laugh at these Salmond devotees, ‘at some point people will realise selfies and cult-of-personalty are not a route to independence’. This is a man that put ‘Alex Salmond for First Minister’ on a list ballot paper.

    • grizebard says:

      I was making essentially the same observation upthread at the same time. Very odd that it’s AS hero-worshippers who are now claiming that “personalities don’t matter”.

    • They are ‘testing the waters’ to establish if Salmond could re-enter Jerusalem riding on an ass to the roars an adoring multitude laying palms fronds on the dusty old road before The Great One as he passed by waving presidentially to the throng.
      That’s why Campbell was leaked lots and lots of words and printed Salmond’s written submission, suitably highlighted in red by the Lib Dem Bath Man, for us all to read and scream ‘J’Accuse, Sturgeon!’.

      It has all gone horribly wrong for them.
      Meanwhile, the Brit Nat Jock Glove Puppets have survived the first week of Brexit, because sacking Murrell is much more important than fighting for our country’s freedom.
      Self centred me-ists who consider themselves more important than Scotland’s future.
      I am accused of being rude earlier. Rude doesn’t go anywhere near how enraged I am with this Salmond crap.
      We are a militarily occupied colony of England now…but Humza’s law is shite?
      God, give me peace.

      • jfngw says:

        I don’t think Mr Murrell is important, these positions come and go, will anyone change their vote whether he is there or not. He is a party administrator, he is not as significant as some try to make out.

        You can oppose the GRA and Hate Crime Bill without trying to bring down the whole edifice, if you don’t like something try and change it. Marching off in the huff because they haven’t got their own way borders on childishness. In fact many who demanding what SNP policy is aren’t even members and possibly never have been, they then throw a tantrum when they are told party policy is for members to decide.They are a bit like Brexiteers, demanding a say in EU policy without paying the fee.

      • Jack Collatin…..peace to you Jack….Scottish independence is coming

  71. WT says:

    The point is, whether you are AS or NS devotees, that its independence that matters. Personality populism is a problem. The fact that we are all carping on about this here shows the danger. We are all on the same side yet we argue about who did what. Prof. John Robertson is right to say that it makes it easier for the unionists to attack and undermine the cause by undermining the individual. Keep the goal in sight.

    • grizebard says:

      When are you going to stop with your po-faced false equivalencing? This ongoing distraction, which you keep on fuelling with your posts, all stems from the inappropriate actions of one man. Without that misbehaviour, we would be focusing on far more weighty matters such as the Brexit Betrayal right now.

      OTOH, it’s the words and deeds of one woman who has clearly turned the tide in support for independence. Yet somehow for a small number of disgruntled loose cannons, this is irrelevant? Disposable?

      This isn’t an even-sided issue. Gies a break.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Who’s carping?

  72. Alex Salmond was found not guilty….end of story…or should be

    The britnats extended it and continued bad mouthing Alex Salmond….terrible

    At no point has Alex Salmond blamed Nicola Sturgeon for anything
    At no point has Nicola Sturgeon blamed Alex Salmond for anything

    This is a construct of British media

    The enquiry into how it was all handled by various people and organisations is under way
    Britiish media will try and poison everything to do with Scottish independence

    Those supporting Scottish independence should wait for the outcome of the enquiry
    Try your best to ignore England’s Westminster propaganda machine the BBC and newspapers and radio in the meantime

    England’s Westminster propaganda machine will attack and lie about every single Scottish independence leader we ever have because they desperately want to keep control of Scotland’s wealth

    • Petra says:

      ”At no point has Alex Salmond blamed Nicola Sturgeon for anything.”

      He seems to be accusing Nicola Sturgeon of breaching the Ministerial Code, Terence. A much lesser offence, if true, than what the bullyboy from Bath had been accusing her of. His prior defamatory accusations are forgotten about now by his cult followers, due to brainwashing, as he can see that there’s no evidence to that effect, so focus on when Nicola Sturgeon knew what exactly about Alex.

      It’s actually a sad state of affairs because can you imagine the general publics reaction to hearing that Nicola Sturgeon has had to resign because she lied about knowing about the allegations made against Alex Salmond five days before she said that she did. Alex was found to be innocent of charges made against him but a bad taste has been left in many a mouth due to what ultimately came to light. If she has to resign because of him now that ”bad taste” will descend into absolute detestation of the man. That and the fact that if NS breached the MC in 2018 AS should have reported that at the time. It also begs the question as to why he agreed (or arranged) to meet her in her own home on the 2nd April 2018 rather than at the Scottish Parliament when HE was definitely well aware that it was not party business (if it becomes clear that that was not the case at that time).

      • 2nd hand news Petra… won’t find any direct statement from Alex Salmond accusing Nicola Sturgeon of breaching the ministerial code , what you will find is leaked information supplied by his solicitor to the enquiry panel .
        This makes it to someone outside the enquiry panel who then sells the story to the herald
        the BBC the Sun the times all the Westminster propaganda outlets

        There are spies everywhere and the closer Scottish independence gets the more they try to influence matters whilst keeping well hidden.

        • Petra says:

          So are you saying that the copy of a ”document” reproduced on WoS is incorrect, Terence? That when questioned by the Committee members AS won’t accuse NS of breaching the MC at all?

  73. Tony O'Neill says:

    I am a lifelong Indy supporter and snp,but if it’s proved to be the case that she has broken the ministerial code she must resign. If she was a yoon first minister we all would expect the same outcome. If she does have to resign,she has no one too blame but her self,simple as that.

    • Petra says:

      If you say Tony 😀.

    • Alex Clark says:


    • Dr Jim says:

      Stone her

    • grizebard says:

      “lifelong supporter”, eh? “snp” (lower case), eh? Off with her head, eh?

      You people just can’t help following the same old script, can you…?

    • Eilidh says:

      What part of the ministerial code did she breach – do tell.
      In the meantime do jog on back to your Bathistan Homeland. I am sure your Imperious Leader is missing you

    • Hamish100 says:

      Should salmon stay out of the SNP due to his unprofessional behaviour as FM?

      Maybe he is joining forces with Bathman, MaCaskill and his nemesis Sillars. A vote winner for men everywhere!
      Independence lost for us.
      As lifelong SNP supporter I’ll stick with the only party that can get us independence

    • Tam the Bam says:

      ” I’m a lifelong Indy supporter and SNP…..”

      … and I’m Napoleon.

      • Hamish100 says:


        first SNP meeting 1975 with 3 in attendance. Plus a late arrival with a note taking Trotskyist beardy sort of bloke called Sue who is probably a retired labour / Tory Councillor!

    • yesindyref2 says:

      I’m a secret lemonade drinker
      I’m a trying to give it up but it’s one of those nights

  74. On another subject…..covid19 vaccination
    Please note it normally takes about ten years to create and get approval for a vaccination
    Scientists have to test and make sure a vaccination doesn’t kill you or damage you or make you spread more disease before it’s approved for use

    The covid19 vaccinations have been developed quickly because not all protocols have been followed it’s the only way they could do it in under a year

    the urgency of finding a vaccine that stops this virus killing people , the quick turnaround means that it has not been possible to ensure that you won’t infect other people if you catch it.

    It is very likely that once you have had the vaccination you will not die if catch covid19

    but you will very likely still spread covid19 if you don’t continue to wear a mask and keep your distance etc etc etc

    Unfortunately a lot of people think that once they have had the vaccination they will not be able to get infected with covid19 but that is not the case

    once you have been vaccinated you can still get infected with covid19 and still spread it
    but you just won’t get sick and die from it yourself

    • Indeed, Terence. On News 24 BBC headlined with Auld Lizzie The Second Queen of England and her man receiving the vaccine behind the heavily fortified walls of Windsor castle to which she retreated when it got pretty hairy in London when her loyal ‘subjects’ were dropping like flies and threatening to riot and ‘do a Trump’ and overrun palaces and Oxford Street, and Establishment Treasure Troves like Buck Hoose and the Palace of Westminster.

      There were no face masks, no distancing, just 20 or 30 mainly elderly knee benders and head bowers breathing all over their Royal Beings.

      Even Old Attenborough was there taking a break from saving the BBC Natural History Planet.
      No mask, no distancing.

      The BBC anchor urged us to gush and ooh, and take great strength from our Betters getting the jag, apparently.

      Terence, I am, and shall remain, fervent, calmly raging, and at peace with myself, honest.

      I have no more time left, for Pompous Brit lies, forelock tugging obsequiousness, and I shall not stand idly by while idiots like Jack, Ross, Duguid, Mundell, Lamont, and Bowie, and their equivalents in the Labour and Lib Dem Branch Offices betray our country to the English.

      It is as stark as that.

      The Union, never truly a Union, is dead now.

      Yet we are diverted deliberately by so called pro independent bloggers gnarling over the bones of a man who on his own actions, blew his own political career.

      We are held under House Arrest as conquered colonial slaves of England.

      I am locked out of my continent Europe.

      But in This Place, I shall always find peace.

      Look after you and yours, Terence. There is a bright day coming.

  75. jfngw says:

    If only this was possible, I can’t think of any election where the personality of the leader has not been the focus. Alex Salmond & Nicola Sturgeon personality winners, John Swinney not so much.

    Hardcore Yes will always be hardcore Yes, it’s the 30% in the middle you need to keep onboard, and they see the personality the media project, I don’t think it is easy to change this.

  76. Petra says:

    Living in cloud-cuckoo-land 😀. Worth reading for a laugh 😂.

    ‘Why it’s time for the Conservatives to ask Gordon Brown to help them save the UK.’

    ”Imagine that Johnson asked Brown to chair a national effort to redesign the UK – to bring greater democratic and economic identity to England’s towns and cities, to blow up the Lords and replace it with a modern, regionally representative institution, to give Scotland its head (and greater responsibility for facing the consequences of its policy decisions). In narrow political terms, this would give the PM a legitimate reason to delay a second independence referendum for a few years, as the proposal was researched, drafted and consulted upon.”..


    The dictatorship 🤐.

    Joanna Cherry QC:- ”The Commons committee examining @borisjohnson #BrexitDeal is being shut down because the U.K. Government know it’s a bad deal & don’t want us scrutinising it. Already this week we’ve picked it apart & we aren’t even on the small-print yet #BrexitShambles.”

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Aye, the perspective is borderline lunacy, this part particularly so…
      “From a Scottish perspective, involving the former PM makes complete sense. Brown still counts, and is one of the few major players from the New Labour golden era, when the party dominated the heights of Scottish democracy, who retains his authority and remains engaged with politics. He is a credible figure north of the border, and may well be the best – if not the only – choice available to lead a pro-Union campaign in the event of a second independence referendum.”

      If ever an example were needed of why Scots want to escape the English intellectual mindset, there it is in all it’s clueless pontification.
      If Gordisaurus was to “lead a pro-Union campaign in the event of a second independence referendum” Police Scotland would have no ban milkshakes nationwide…

      • grizebard says:

        I hope he does helm the BritNat cause, Bob, I really do. Another outing of servile rump Labourite kow-towing to Tory vital interests, that will go down well. Among other things, that will surely deliver a coup de grâce to the failing “Scottish” Labour Party.

        At best a serial fantasist has-been, in the event he will be cruelly exposed as just another toom tabard with nothing to offer the people of Scotland.

        “Bring it on”, as the lady once said.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          He’s not that daft.

          • grizebard says:

            Wanna bet (so to speak), Bob? If not “daft” as such, how about grandiosely deluded? The “saviour of the (banking) world” arises to be the “saviour of the Union” – how could the vainly self-important Jock puppet possibly resist when bidden again by his London masters…?

      • Good Bob Lamont

        Got my milkshake to the ready , older ones are better for chucking

    • grizebard says:

      Thanks, Petra. This is what the BritNat media (and some fellow-quackers) would prefer we were distracted from. Real people are literally losing their livelihoods over this objectively self-harming shambles.

  77. Dr Jim says:

    I remember in Yoon world when a man was a liar right up until they won a referendum and the man was gone, now all of a sudden that same man is a bastion of truths and it’s a woman that’s a liar now

    I left out the names because it’s all just Yoon world garbage, oh and the folk they pay to pump it out, I’ll leave those names blank as well, but they can go and take a flying adjective over some other country

    Independence is the word they’re all trying desperately to drown out, is it working, is it adjective

  78. Petra says:

    Heather Caygle:- ”WOW, from Speaker Pelosi: “This morning, I spoke to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike. ”


    ‘BLINDING EXCEPTIONALISM:- The Insidious Attacks on British Democracy Are No Less Dangerous than Trump’s America.’

    ..”No one thinks it could happen here. Britain is not America, India, Brazil or China. Authoritarianism and fascism are the ideologies we fought against and won two World Wars over. We are the mother of Parliaments, the cradle of the rule of law. Our justice system is second-to-none. In this heroic and exceptional formulation of ourselves lies the key to why Britain’s democracy is so vulnerable – by Boris Johnson and forces beyond.”..

  79. Petra says:


    ..”45.2% of the 275 privately-owned homes had an outbreak compared to 27.9% of the 41 local authority and 12.5% of the 32 voluntary homes. 90% of the largest 46 homes, with more than 90 residents, had outbreaks. That all of these are owned by large corporations is not reported in the data but given what we know about the demand for profit margins and economies of scale in that sector we can be sure that they are.”..

    ..”In the last year, to March 31 2020, there were 158 complaints about voluntary sector homes, 2040 about private homes and 146 about local authority homes.”..

    ..”The company was put up for sale in May 2018 for £1 billion. Its immediate owner is Libra Intermediate, based in Jersey and the ultimate owner is FC Skyfall LP, based in the Cayman Islands.”..


    Tam Jardine:- ”Looking at the UK Gov energy report published in December.”

  80. Petra says:

    Oh dear how dare she? Leading to weeping and gnashing of teeth again 😀.

    ‘Nicola Sturgeon will make independence case to Europe at major event.’

    ”Nicola Sturgeon will present the case for independence at an international event organised by a major European media outlet later this month amid a growing interest overseas in Scotland’s future.”..

    ”The First Minister is headlining the event where she will speak on Scottish independence, Brexit and the state of the Union when she takes part in the online Irish Times’s Winter Nights Festival.”..

    “Irish Senator Aodhán Ó Ríordáin:- ”The Scottish First Minister is ranged against it, for which we commend her. At this time of great uncertainty and fear, a time when people are facing off against each other and leadership is needed, she is a shining light not only on these islands and across Europe but also across the world.”


    Ruth Wishart: ‘Why Nicola Sturgeon’s global media strategy is essential for independence.’

    ..”We know Gove’s hapless boss thinks Scottish devolution is a “disaster”. And we know Gove’s Scottish roots are utterly shallow, after a lifetime trying to shin up the greasy Westminster pole. This is the man who thought it droll to do a stand up routine at a party conference comprised entirely of stringing together every damning Scottish stereotype he could dredge up. We will not forget you, Mr Gove. We will not forget how little regard you have for the country where you were born and raised. We will not forget how you knifed Boris Johnson in the front to stop his standing for the job you craved. Or how you then scurried to do his bidding when that particular plot spectacularly blew up in your face. You remind us, Mr Gove, what happens when Scotland’s sons become small-minded. The First Minister reminds us what can be done by her daughters if they aim high.”

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Must be why the BritNat EngGov have appointed Tory Alok Sharma as ‘full time president of COP26’ taking place in Glasgow later in 2021. Is Johnson still banning the First Minister of Scotland from attending?

      On the subject of the environment the EngGov have just approved the use of bee killing pesticides (which are banned in the EU) for use in England. Well done BritNats, what a backward step if ever there was. We must reject that for Scotland at all costs, their internal market bill is set to be detrimental to Scotland in many ways including environmentally.

  81. Petra says:

    They never give up, do they 🙄? They are also on the ball when it comes to publishing the latest Covid deaths stats in relation to Scotland, NIreland and Wales but never a mention about England.

    ‘Newsnight journalist accepts Covid-19 hospitalisation graph could cause ‘confusion’.’


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  82. Alex Clark says:

    Not me guv!

    Northern Ireland-Britian supply chain at risk of collapse, hauliers warn

    The supply chain between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK is a “boat breakdown” away from collapse as a result of the post-Brexit regulatory border, the UK’s Road Haulage Association has warned the British government.

    In a letter sent to Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove seen by Reuters, the RHA said some sectors are “struggling enormously” with the new, complex rules just over a week after the United Kingdom left the European Union’s orbit…

    Yesterday, Mr Gove said that difficulties in moving goods between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom will get worse before they get better.

    The DUP must rue the day they got into bed with the Tories as do the fishermen and farmers of the UK.

    • jfngw says:

      Boris Johnson the Captain Redbeard Rum of politics, an idiot that has no idea how to run a ship and a fixation with women, you end up going round in circles drinking each others piss or possibly your own.

    • grizebard says:

      As I’ve said already, the Brexiteers have sown the end of the UK in the NI deal. It’s not going to take too long for everyone in the place apart from the most diehard Unionists (and even they should, as you say, feel betrayed) to conclude that life would be a whole lot easier and smoother if they just align permanently with the Republic and to hell with Blighty.

      It’s only a question of time, and not much time at that. The clock is ticking, and we need to get ourselves set to go before we’re gazumped (so to speak). It would be shameful if they beat us to the exit.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      So much traffic has been lost that ferries have cut back sailings in response from Fishguard and Holyhead, no word as yet on Cairnryan etc but imagine they’ve equally taken a hammering as well as truck diners enroute…
      Is Gove ill ? Suddenly the Assassin’s guild chairman comes out with “difficulties in moving goods between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom will get worse before they get better”, it sounds uncharacteristically honest, unless he’s underplaying it again…

      • Alex Clark says:

        I doubt Gove has any other choice than to admit shortages and border congestion is the reality facing businesses and consumers in NI that rely on imports from the UK.

        He doesn’t care one way or the other anyway what they might think of him but he fails to take into account that others are watching on with horror.

        Like Scotland for example.

  83. Alex Clark says:

    This is a very worrying article but likely represents the reality of the situation of the rise of Covid numbers in the most affected parts of the UK.

    I won’t quote anything as I would usually do, better that you make your own mind up.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Some articles here relating to reporting of stats for Covid infection rates. It’s not looking good, reading on Reuters last night about so many countries now seeing a huge spike, some a third ‘wave’. It’s dreadful. This thing is spreading very fast indeed. Of course how it’s reported is open to question. The Covid deniers should be refused treatment if they come down with Covid.

      Have the English civil servants been relocated to Edinburgh yet? Hooses near us right now sell like hot cakes, very expensive they are too. Very many not short of million…

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Staff shortages from Brexit when they were already understaffed has played a large part of in their current crisis, despite the headline “re-opening Nightingales” in the last few days, who the hell is going to staff them ? Retired volunteers ?
      It is a recurring theme of London thinking, Johnson shutting down London Fire Brigade Stations to save money, Tories (and Labour)) running down the NHS and expanding privatisation, selling off analytical divisions of the NHS, along comes a major fire or epidemic and what is left simply cannot cope.
      It was profoundly disturbing to read of nursing staff being abused despite all they have to contend with, the anger is understandable but completely misdirected. These people need to take a long hard look in the mirror for blame – Being fooled time and again by political charlatans then putting Etonian asset-strippers in charge and bleating about the consequence reveals pretty shallow thinking.
      Depending on how astutely SG have read the runes, Scotland will likely escape the worst of it, but it is effects from England we need guard against, it is unlikely they will recover this side of April…
      It is not just Scots who are watching this very English farce unfold with devastating consequence, the entire world is looking on in horror as sunny uplands sink with a dull hiss into the sovereign waters…

  84. Alex Clark says:

    The Unionists are desperate to push the narrative of the SNP civil war between the Sturgeon and Salmond “factions”. That there are no such factions other than a tiny minority who are stirring the porridge is of no matter.

    This is the big thing that will bring down Sturgeon and save the Union from her evil and vile attempts to break up the Union according to them. Wishful thinking.

    Here’s just another today in Johnson’s old haunt as editor from the Spectator, written by a man that claimed in 2013 he was neutral and didn’t know how he might vote in the referendum which resulted in him appearing in many TV shows as a “neutral” haha.

    Now the trial of Nicola Sturgeon begins

    For some months now it has been apparent that the greatest threat to Nicola Sturgeon’s position as the uncontested queen of Scottish politics lay within her own movement. Opposition parties could – and did – criticise the Scottish government’s record in government but their efforts were as useful as attempting to sack Edinburgh Castle armed with nothing more threatening than a pea-shooter…

    This is part of the background to the predicament in which Sturgeon now finds herself. For, remarkably and fairly or not, she is now the politician on trial. Salmond has been acquitted in the courts; now the trial of Nicola Sturgeon begins…

    As a matter of politics – for, of course, politics cannot be banished from this tale – the Salmond affair is the best, perhaps last, chance Scotland’s opposition politicians have of pinning something mucky on the first minister. That explains the ever-shriller tone taken by Conservative and Labour politicians. They cannot quite be sure what is being hidden from view but they are increasingly convinced something is.

    The entire article is a long unadulterated pile of pish that repeats the same crap that has been spun for more than two years now. This truly is the Unionist last throw of the dice.

    Their desperation to pin the blame for Salmond’s fall from grav=ce on B=Nicola Sturgeon rather than the Civil Service and Westminster has gone into overdrive as they have failed to find any traction with the general public.

    Give it a few weeks and it will all be forgotten, very few other than the enemies of Independence care anyway, old news that wasn’t even news to begin with. I ignore all that Westminster inspired divisive crap anyway. Unfortunately for them so too do most Scots, but not all it seems.

  85. Hamish100 says:

    Alex Clark, thanks.

    The Spectator-Andrew Ferguson Neil (born 21 May 1949) is a Scottish journalist and broadcaster. He is the chairman of the television news channel GB News, which will launch in 2021. … Since July 2008, he has been the chairman of Press Holdings, whose titles include The Spectator, and ITP Media Group.

    Salmond supporters work with this rag?

    I smell ****

    • yesindyref2 says:

      That article was by Alex Massie, a guy who by pretending to be neutral has been dining out at other peoples’ expense for years, while never buying a round back. Curiously, that article is assassinated by – yes – Wings.

      • Hamish100 says:

        Yes I see WoS allege that Massie’s article is based on their reporting previously so Spectator sources is WOS?

        Still I think the general public believe that Nicola Sturgeon is still the best person to lead Scotland.

        This must annoy the tories, labour, lid dems and conspiracy theorists no end.

  86. They’re at it again this morning.

    BBC Ministry of Truth, Breakfast UK, has been relegated to the News Channel so that BBC One Scotland (no don’t laugh) can show a couple of hours of English FA Cup Football highlights, beamed in to every home in Scotland.

    Marr’s Memory Hole Hour follows on Beeb One at 09.00 hrs.

    Following Newsnight’s disgraceful Ministry of Truth Covid Graphs the other night, this morning the only news that matters from Salford is English news, with the odd dalliance into ‘UK’ figures.
    UK deaths rise to over 80,000,

    ‘The Government’ (that would be the ‘English’ Government, are considering beefing up English Police Powers, and there will be an augmented push to vaccinate o/80’s in the ‘UK’, when what they are really talking about is a vaccination programme for Englis o/80’s.

    Imagine if you were Swedish and switched on your telly only to have Danish Presenters reporting on Denmark’s vaccine roll out, the Danish FA Cup Highlights, and the Danish Parliament’s take on Trump’s insurrection?
    There would be outrage.

    But we Scots are denied a TV Broadcasting system as a matter of course.

    I cannot imagine what must be going through the heads of English TV Presenters when they airbrush out Scotland, Wales, and the North of Ireland, knowing full well that they are mere Anglo centric propagandists, who when it comes right down to it, keep their jobs by churning out this Britain as the UK as England North Korean strength propaganda for the fascist WM Government and Opposition?

    It is an absolute disgrace that we are treated with contempt like this.

    Imagine RTE in Ireland covering London Hospital crises and ignoring Irish News?

    Yet again we have Brexit Free News England.

    Not a word anywhere. Brexit has got done, so no need to mention it any more.

    Our Scots airwaves and print are now unashamedly Brit Nat England Uber Alles wall to wall Imperial junk.

    I’d get more local news if I were listening to a mechanically powered radio in a mud hut in deepest Africa.

    England is Falling.
    We’re can do better, Scotland.

    • jfngw says:

      Many of these presenters are by definition in the top 1% of earners so you can hardly expect them to voice anything but unadulterated support for a party that wanted out of the EU to avoid any tax regimes that may hurt them personally. Why else would they have been so keen to have a politician who was unable to ever become elected to Westminster perpetually on the screen.

      I watched a Oxford Prof on the BBC a few days ago telling us how well the Westminster politicians had done and we shouldn’t compare countries, after all NZ is just full of sheep. Luckily they didn’t mention Japan which has much fewer sheep, many more people and a much lower death rate. Is this the quality of academia in Oxford? Maybe he wanted a gong.

    • Yet again, the de’il has given more work for these idle hands this dank damp Sunday morning, where the chill seeping through my tired old bones hardly improves my mood.

      Through the wonders of I Player, I scrolled through most of Marr, certain that the ‘papers review would be All About England tackling Covid, Trump, and Liz and Phil raising the spirits of ‘the nation’ (England) by getting the jab before millions of pensioners despite being possibly the two most cosseted individuals on this planet, from the safety of their Top Medically staffed Bunker in Windsor.

      I saw Hancock’s face and scrolled on.

      Brian Cox popped up, the man who seems so full of himself, if he were chocolate he would eat himself, going on about English Schools, distance learning and…scrolled on, then Sir Keir, or is it Kier?, Starmer..

      This should be good, I mused, pressed pause, made a cup of tea, and two slices of toast melted butter and deelishus Lime marmalade, then plopped down to await the inevitable Now is Not the TIme Brit Nat strap.

      On Brexit Starmer agrees the Brexit ‘thin deal’ is here to stay, and Scotland will not be allowed to have any say in anything for the next 4 years, and thereafter, when he becomes PM in 2024.
      He would not reinstate Freedom of Movement when PM despite declaring that he would restore FoM, and confirmed that he was now as one with Johnson Gove Rees Mogg in getting Brexit done…

      Dear oh, dear. This called for a second cuppa.

      The Quality Street Kids have taken over BBC Scotland Sunday Politics.

      No mere grizzled old hacks like Brewer Kerr Taylor Fraser and Campbell.

      Should be fun I mused as I contemplated but stopped myself having, a third slice of toast.

      Lynsey Bews anchored, and opened with a double act review of the ‘papers in two part Brit Nat harmony with David Wallace Lockhart.

      The Right Wing Brit ‘papers that is.

      They opened with the Sunday Times and the Salmond Sturgeon scandal. Usual guff which we have done to death above.
      Then the Sunday Herald..
      Then The Mail on Sunday..
      Both lead on Scotland being ‘behind the curve’ in vaccination programme which is a lie, as Jeanne Freeman has confirmed.

      Then the poor wee Sunday Post reporting that the Scottish White Fish Federation are not happy about Duguid’s Ross’ and Bowie’s Fishy Brexit.

      Spanish customers are now going to buy their fish from Ireland, and not a Brit Nat politician available to appear on BBC Scotland today?

      Is the Linesman Dross running the line at the Aberdeen Rangers game today?

      So, that was BBC Scotland the Cheapskate right wing editorial strategy under the new Political Editor Glenn Campbell.

      Then over to Professor Stephen Reicher of St Andrews Uni, behavioural expert and SAGE member.

      Try as she might, young Bews could not put words into this wily old Prof’s mouth that, (1)because of ‘Lockdown Fatigue’ and the Scottish Government not doing enough to help folks in isolation, compliance was crumbling and (ii) there were more deaths destruction and the end of the world as we knew it before Holyrood, under Merrie England’s control.

      That the Good Prof observed that 90% of Scots are complying, that the media publish the bad news stories of a hundred partying implying mass non compliance, and that the Scots Government’s strategy of not blaming the public (he quoted the Scots students as an example) was a good thing..

      Not the messages that young Lynsey wanted to put across.

      Then on to John Swinney, for a 15 minutes ‘grilling’, not.

      Let’s hope the SNP has learned from the Brewdog days.

      Swinney was ‘live’, as the rather fetching pendulum clock on the wall behind him in his sanctum sanctorum clearly showed, so he was able to counter the previous 15 minutes of BBC Plantation Quay Britaganda

      Ms Bews dived in with the Salmond Sturgeon must resign brouhaha.

      Swinney, always the consummate gentleman, firmly set out his views on this ‘nonsense’.
      That dried up fairly quickly.

      Bews moved on to Covid and schools and distance learning..I’ll not bore you with the Larry Flanagan briefed nonsense about LA’s doing different things, etc., etc. It was just the usual rehashed ‘nonsense’ that has been droning away since March.

      And that was it apart from a wee recorded item by someone, a ‘Darren McCullin’? with a Norn Irn brogue, implying that Europe China and Russia are in chaos regarding vaccination programmes unlike England..or some such..

      Enough from me. It might brighten up May.

    • Jack I agree with what you say , except for be bit , you refer to North Korea in a derogatory manner , it’s a common theme , people who know very little about what goes on in North Korea talk harshly of it , have a think about what happened to Korea and how much involvement U.K. had , quite a lot , U.K. helped USA split Korea more than sixty thousand British troops tanks etc my view is that where USA and U.K. involve themselves and send troops to foreign countries it’s not normally the foreign country that’s at fault it’s usually because U.K. and USA want something and in this case they wanted military bases in Korea a foothold close to China and India .

      In my opinion North Korea cut itself off to save itself
      South Korea might be wealthier with British and USA money
      But North Korea kept U.K. and USA out
      One day North Korea will be free to trade across the world without threats of sanctions from U.K. and USA one day..

      • I bow to your superior knowledge of Korea, Terence.
        Won’t draw that analogy again.

      • grizebard says:

        The United Nations got involved in Korea because the post WW2 Russian-supported Communist-run North militarily invaded the recently-liberated South (Korea was a Japanese colony) and attempted to take over by force. When that offensive was pushed back, the Chinese got involved to prevent the unification that would otherwise have happened. That was the origin and consequence of all the subsequent bother, so let’s just leave out the fake-fact revisionism, please.

  87. Golfnut says:

    Prof Sidar tell it like it is

  88. Alex Clark says:

    The big thing being pushed now is to postpone the May elections, of course, England will do it first and there will be screaming from the usual suspects for Scotland to do the same.

    The Sunday Times has an article this morning claiming that senior figures in the SNP are thinking that they may have to be postponed and of course the Tories are insisting that they must be postponed.

    Apparently, one of the big concerns they have is for the FM to continue giving daily Coronavirus briefings no fair they cry.

    The Times article is behind a paywall so I can’t archive it but here are a couple of articles from today on the same subject.

  89. Dr Jim says:

    The Tories Labour and Lib Dems all want the May election cancelled, coincidentally the senior figures in the SNP who seem to want to cancel the May election appear to be the same two who support the former FM who appears to want Nicola Sturgeon prevented from taking part in any election that could lead to Independence

    Whatever they all claim their motives are I’m sure I can hear ducks quacking all over the place on this, or is that just toooo obvious a quaklusion

    • barpe says:

      Is it any wonder, Dr Jim, that all those other parties want the May election delayed?
      If you were about to get yer erse beaten badly, wouldn’t you want to delay it indefinitely?!

      Are they men or mice?

      • It may be argued, barpe, that you insult mice.
        A six months Bonus which includes two months holiday over summer and half term for Old Dinosaurs like Lamont Gray Marra and Findlay, and Baroness Rape Clause,to name but a few, who are ‘stepping down’?
        WE go in May.

    • Petra says:

      ‘Experts insist vital Scottish Parliament election MUST go ahead.’

      ”Postponing the Scottish Parliament elections due to coronavirus could risk confidence in ­democracy, experts have warned. While concerns have been raised over the impact of new surge in Covid-19 on the Holyrood vote going ahead, academics who carried out a major report into the issue for the British Academy pointed out a number of countries have successfully held ballots during the pandemic.”..

      ”The Electoral Commission says the elections are currently planned to go ahead in May and preparations ­allowed for a “range of restrictions”.”..


      ‘Campaign launched to address postal voting concerns for Holyrood elections.’

      ..“This fear of postal voting could cost us our independence referendum so we must tackle this subject head-on. The question we must ask everyone is what happens to your vote if you are told to self-isolate? The simple answer is if you don’t have a postal vote organised, you lose your vote.”..

      ..”Anyone with reservations about postal voting can watch the event on January 19.”..

      • grizebard says:

        I’m sheltering and I don’t normally approve of postal voting except for those who are really unable to attend in person, but I would do it for May this time if required. But dammit, I would turn up to vote in person wearing a gas mask if necessary, no way am I not going to vote, and no way should this crucial vote be postponed.

        Anyone in the SNP or out who wants this necessary showdown put off is no friend of independence. Now is the day, now is the hour.

      • No not necessarily Petra.
        If people have to self isolate they could have their period of time for making their vote extended.
        In fact generally an ended period of time to make you vote could be introduced perhaps a three day period or seven day period so that we don’t see lots of people in one place at the same time.
        There are lots of sensible options to allow voting to go ahead sensibly and safely
        Countries across the world have done it at peak infection rate time

  90. Hamish100 says:

    A friend works in local government.

    Apparently existing and new polling places are being checked out for covid alterations if necessary.

    The SNP government has put in additional legislative measures for the election including improved postal voting. I believe the party leaders have agreed to the process despite the greetin from the sidelines.

    The USA had their presidential and senatorial elections. Other countries have had elections likewise.

    Prepare for May or if you are a unionist or underminer attack the FM.

  91. Golfnut says:

    Nobody,but nobody is suggesting these elections should be cancelled.
    Between Jan and May 2021.
    There will be 12 General elections in Africa.
    9 in the USA, most are State legislature elections.
    10 in the rest of the America’s
    6 in Asia
    12 in Europe including Scotland.
    2 in the Middle East.
    2 in Oceania.

    Does the bbc and dross know about this.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Yeah but Scottish elections where the SNP are predicted to wipe the floor with every Yoon British party in Scotland and will launch an Independence referendum on the outcome must be postponed stopped, diverted, killed, murdered and even said said bad things about because the erm, eh, the reason is that ahm, well, there’s a darn good reason and it should be obvious to all right thinking democratic protectors of the Yoonyawn, so there, no surrender!

  92. We’re supposed to be on four year parliamentary terms in these parts, and have already had to defer elections such that our last two elected parliaments have each had five year terms.

  93. Dr Jim says:

    I’m afraid the desperation to metaphorically murder Nicola Sturgeon in print has risen to outrageously mentally irregular levels with the drone from the Bathistan Chronicle, the lengths he’s now going to to fabricate justifications for his brain bursts of psychic clarities even surpasses Donald Trump in a George Galloway hat smoking a David Icke lizard in its nonsensical delusional paranoia, whoever’s paying him for this must be getting well embarrassed by now

    • Hamish100 says:

      Dr Jim,
      Too true. The SNP MP’s/ MSP’s who link with that blog should hang their heads in shame.

  94. Petra says:

    NHS DG:- ”Please watch this update from NHS Dumfries and Galloway Chief Executive Jeff Ace on the COVID situation in Dumfries and Galloway. It comes amid a dramatic multiplication of cases, driven by a far higher rate of the variant than anywhere else in Scotland.”

    • Sounds like the ‘English’ variant is taking hold jn the Border. Close the border, Nicola, on Health Grounds and under Scot’s law.

      Stop English motorists, fine them, confiscate their cars, and charge them with driving without proper insurance…and let their insurance companies know.

      Of course, The Linesman Dross, leader of the Jock Blue Tories will be on top of this, and a fightback for his fishing community as I write?

      No, he’s running the line at the Aberdeen Rangers game. While our fishing industry dies, and the English disease seeps into Scotland, this joke of a man is running about in shorts, supplementing his six figure MP wages plus exes with £30 k a year from his wee part time hobby?
      I demand that he resign…can I say that?

      What a sick joke the Blue Tory Jock puppets have become.
      I will crawl on my hands and knees to vote in May. We need to cut this evil Brit Nat cancer out of Scotland’s politics.
      What a disgrace of a man!

      • I’ve just read John Ross’ (any relation?) letter and utter condemnation of Douglas Ross and his Brexit Blue Buddies..and this little man is posted missing running about in shorts at a football match.
        Ta for the heads up, Petra.
        Can you imagine the chaos in the car industry, and Marmite and penguin makers?

        Surely Douglas Ross must resign now?

        • grizebard says:

          Of course, the whole sorry shower of posturing nonentities should quit, if even an iota of principle existed among the lot of them. These spineless layabouts never lost any opportunity to fail to defend their constituents’ interests even when they had the parliamentary heft to do so.

          But even if they were suddenly overcome by the unexpected self-revelation of culpability, who is there among the Tory Party in Scotland who could possibly do any better?

          The BBC can give these morons all the exposure they like, it only helps drive them ever faster into deserved political oblivion.

      • Nowhere else in the world would an MP be allowed to nominate an unelected friend to take their place in parliament whilst they go and referee football matches.
        This is an insult to the Scottish parliament

        This is an insult to Scottish people

        I’m surprised that the Scottish government allow this farce
        Ruth Davidson isn’t elected didn’t represent herself for election and should therefore not be allowed in to the Scottish parliament

        Mr Ross should be told that he either presents himself in parliament or is suspended

    • Alex Clark says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if the seriousness of the situation in England’s NHS was not being fully revealed yet in the media. So far we are just getting little snippets but no real sense of urgency or panic yet in the reporting,

      I really expect that may change in the coming days as there comes a point where the crisis is just too big to hide the truth from the public, Chris Whitty has been giving warnings of the severity but the Tory government doesn’t seem to have a plan to do anything other than prevaricate and dither once again.

  95. Petra says:

    Worth reading the letter that was sent to Sharma, Johnson, Sunak and Truss from John Ross Ltd, Aberdeen. If he didn’t beforehand will John Ross support independence now?

    Glenn Campbell:- ”Our own government has thrown us into the cold Atlantic waters without a life jacket” This letter to @AlokSharma_RDG from a Scottish salmon producer raises serious concerns about #Brexit preparedness.”


    ‘The Tory Brexit sell-out of Scotland’s fishing.’

    ..”Indeed, Seafood Scotland has warned that “in a very short time, we could see the destruction of a centuries-old market which contributes significantly to the Scottish economy.” This was definitely not on the side of a Brexit bus.”.

    • grizebard says:

      Except that it isn’t “our own government”, is it? We didn’t vote for the feckers, and as things stand there’s no way we can ever change that.

      Oh, wait, there is a way. We here have long known it, but maybe it’s now dawning on others too.

      It’s way beyond party politics, this. It’s about the simple democratic principle of “government by the people for the people”. Making sure that government is never further away than a leg’s length, so it can assuredly be kicked out if it ceases to represent us.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      I suspect Glenn Campbell means the only government that the BBC recognises..

  96. Petra says:

    Fly man bails out 😎.

    ‘Alok Sharma takes on COP26 president role full-time.’

    ”Alok Sharma has been appointed as full-time president for the COP26 climate talks, resigning in his capacity as UK business secretary. Kwasi Kwarteng, previously the junior business minister, has been promoted to secretary of state. The climate change summit is set to take place in Glasgow in November, having been delayed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to a report in The Times, Sharma offered his resignation from the cabinet last weekend to be able to focus on the talks.”..,alok-sharma-takes-on-cop26-president-role-fulltime


    Kwasi Kwarteng, daftie, accepts the poisoned chalice 🙄.

    ‘Kwasi Kwarteng, previously the junior business minister, has been promoted to secretary of state.’

    ..”The pamphlet argued that the UK’s culture “rewards laziness” and that “too many people in Britain prefer a lie-in to hard work”. The presence of Mr Kwarteng in a key economic ministry suggests the Johnson government will continue to pursue rightwing economic policies.”

    • bringiton says:

      Biden is very keen on doing something about Climate change.
      The Tories are desperate for a trade deal with Biden.

  97. Petra says:

    ‘Hundreds of Teesside jobs facing the axe as chemical firm moves production to France.’

    ..”Devastated workers have said the decision has come “out of the blue”.”..


    ‘System for getting supplies to Northern Ireland may be five days from collapse due to Irish Sea border, hauliers warn Michael Gove.’

    ..”An 11-page report sent to Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove, which has been seen by the News Letter, presents the grim prospect of “a collapse of the NI supply chain” within five days if ministers fail to act urgently.”..

    • I’ve just viewed a giant skip in Tesco’s fresh food warehouse in Belfast piled high with thousands of oranges dumped because their delay because of Brexit meant that they are rotting and unsaleable.
      Arlene needs to add rickets to the list of Brexit bonuses now.
      It is madness…yet Marr and co., have nothing to say. But auld Lizzie got the jab,aw ra nice.
      England is sinking fast.

  98. Petra says:

    Richard Murphy:- ‘If you aren’t seething now you bloody well should be, and soon.’

    ..”Third, they really don’t care. All they care about is being in office. And whilst opinion polls suggest it’s likely they’ll be re-elected they’ll carry on not caring that people might die. Call it ‘the Generals at the Somme’ attitude, if you like, because that is what it is.”..


    Sounds good to me. Plus he should be locked up for money laundering etc 😀.

    ”Ben Costiloe:- For those wondering if it’s worth impeaching him this time, it means he:
    1) loses his 200k+ pension for the rest of his life
    2) loses his 1 million dollar/year travel allowance
    3) loses lifetime full secret service detail
    4) loses his ability to run in 2024.”

  99. Petra says:

    Our expert on Brexit.

    Chris Grey:- ”Brexit & Beyond: Brave new world.’


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

    • grizebard says:

      By extension of Chris Grey’s case, in effect Scotland is currently chained to a dead man walking, economically speaking.

  100. Petra says:

    Out of curiosity, and sheer ignorance, can anyone tell me if Joanna Cherry MP could take over from Nicola Sturgeon MSP if she resigned, as per the view of posters ”elsewhere”?

    • grizebard says:

      In principle she could take over leader of the SNP, I suppose, but she couldn’t as FM without first becoming an MSP. And just imagine the process by which the latter could somehow be achieved at this late stage before (or during, ‘sakes!) a crucial election.

      We have far better things to do, I would suggest, than go down rabbit holes offered by deranged fantasists with as much political nous as an amoeba.

      • Petra says:

        Thanks for the response grizebard and that’s exactly what I thought. A load of nonsense to say that JC could take over before May but somehow or another their ”big boss’ doesn’t correct them and allows them to perpetuate another ”myth” or pack of lies. That and that Alex Salmond is going to return as leader of the SNP. The blog owner and many of his brainwashed lackeys are now totally friggin deranged, to say the least 🙄.

    • weegingerdug says:

      I shouldn’t really say this in public, but Joanna told me in a private conversation that she does not want to be First Minister or SNP leader because she doesn’t want to deal with the intense scrutiny of everything she’s ever said and done and the vitriol and hatred from certain quarters that the position brings with it

    • jfngw says:

      Can’t see any reason why not as SNP leader but not as FM as Cherry is not in the Scottish Parliament. But that does create a problem, having a FM that is not party leader would presumably result in issues as they would need to consult the party leader about policy if an awkward question arose during parliamentary debate, doesn’t look ideal.

      If the question is could Cherry just take Sturgeon’s seat, then I’m pretty certain that can’t happen, Cherry would need to be elected as NS is not a list MSP, I’m not even sure Cherry could just be put on the list but I’m not sure of the exact rules on that one.

      Then there is the issue of the FM needing to be approved by the parliament, currently it would require the support of another party. Would the parliament approve someone who is not leader of their party as FM if JC was SNP leader based in WM, seems unlikely. So unless JC can get elected to Holyrood I can’t see it happening.

      Even if the direct replacement was possible what sort of look would it be to have an unelected FM, it would be no better than Davidson becoming an unelected Baroness.

    • Alex Clark says:

      As others have said, you can be the leader of the SNP without being an MSP but you cannot be the leader of the Parliamentary Group at Holyrood unless you are an MSP.

      In such a situation, if the SNP were the largest party and assuming the Depute Leader was an MSP then they would be the FM.

  101. Nicola Sturgeon won’t be leaving anytime soon

    • P Harvey says:

      Future generations will be extremely angry with us if we fail to achieve Independence now – because we all got distracted with this nonsense
      Independence is the prize and Nicola and the SNP are the route! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

      • P Harvey says:

        Whoever takes over is irrelevant
        Independence is the most important thing!

        • grizebard says:

          Can we please stop echoing the rabbit hole dwellers elsewhere? It’s getting B-O-R-I-N-G.

          There’s an election coming up. Please let’s focus on that. It’s the gateway to the future, not this insidious distractionalist divide-and-conquer drivel.

    • Legerwood says:

      And when she does Kate Forbes will take over

  102. Dr Jim says:

    Even if Joanna Cherry were to covet the FMs chair which she doesn’t, fine woman and contributor though she is she’d be the wrong person
    It takes a special mix of stuff to do the job of FM and Joanna’s stuff is wrong, she’s a scrapper in the legal trenches, a bothersome nuisance to an opposition, someone to do the job of the retiring Michael Russell for example, we’ll need those abilities when entering the EU
    Remember John Swinney as FM, another fine man and contributor but FM stuff didn’t fit well with him

    The next FM to replace Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland won’t likely be for a very long time and even then how do you replace the FM who’s done what Nicola Sturgeon’s about to do, If she gets this next part right she’ll be massively historical all over again, a virtual female Moses

    They once called her the most dangerous woman in the UK, it looks like their own propaganda might be catching up with them just not in the way they hoped

  103. Arthur Thomson says:

    It’s nice to know that we have Joanna, a superb representative, should we ever need her in a leadership role. Better still we have line of other superb women who could take on the leadership role. It’s always good to count your blessings. Fair cheers you up.

    Tomorrow Nicola will be back on our screens doing the business to protect and project Scotland. Only those who have lost the plot – which encompasses the Brits and their lackeys – will fail to see her value. I am one hundred percent behind her and I have no doubt that the majority of Scots share my admiration for her.

  104. Petra says:

    ‘Hospital beds occupied by Covid patients tops 30,000 in England.’

    ..”The statistics come as a leading paramedic revealed that patients are waiting up to nine hours in the back of ambulances to be passed into the care of hospitals.”..

  105. Old Pete says:

    Have to agree with P Harvie.
    Perhaps for Alex ” The dream will never die ” is even more poignant than he ment at the time. For Alex Salmond it appears the dream has died and his “once in a generation” remark constantly used against calls for another Independence referendum is most certainly true for him. Mr. Salmond has no way back in front line politics, his time has gone and he knows it.

    “Shite over Scotland” might moan, groan, attack and defame the SNP its supporters and especially Nicola Sturgeon. The manner in which he has sided and supported the likes of Davidson, Ross, Fraser, Baillie and all the other anti-Scotland British National trash over this just shows how much his hatred has festered since his “Dugdale” problem.

    Divide, disrupt then control it’s the English way of keeping native populations under their thumb. Why folk just don’t get this God only knows ? We are so close to gaining our Independence and now as the SNP have higher public support than they have ever had there support has to be destroyed with the aid of Independence supporters ?
    Does that not seem odd, does it not seem strange and why can they not see it?

    • Dr Jim says:

      You could probably count the real Independence supporters on that site on the fingers of one hand and if they show themselves they get abused

      • Perhaps Dr Jim…..but independence supporters come in all shapes and sizes
        Some hate NS some love her
        Some hate AS some love him

        And so it goes

        I’m sure there are many many Scottish independence supporters on WOS

        It’s an intense thing and some people get lost in the rush perhaps take on values they don’t really support

    • Capella says:

      Because they are like Trump supporters, seriously deluded and drowning in conspiracy theories, longing for their messiah to lead them to the promised land – once they have got rid of his enemies.
      IMHO 🙂

      • jfngw says:

        Now you’ve got me visualizing them sitting at their computers draped in their Jake Angeli costumers ranting at the screen. To be honest Jake Angeli makes more sense than many of them.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      The “submission” isn’t very good, from the bits I read, and involves a lot of mind-reading and motive assertion. As an advocate Hamilton is likely to demolish it.

      For me though the keyword is “compassion”, effectively draw a veil over it, while fulfilling the purpose of the inquiry. YES is positive, not nasty.

      • davidwferguson says:

        Well for goodness sake stick to reading “bits of the submission”. Don’t under any circumstance ever read the two full submissions concerning the involvement of the First Minister and the Permanent Secretary. They contain all sorts of stuff you don’t want to know – dates of meetings, lists of people who attended meetings, extracts from Scottish Government documents that had previously been withheld…

        You might end up reading things like: “On her previous appearance before the Committee, the Permanent Secretary, Ms Leslie Evans, stated that it was not clear to her which party had instructed that the file be remitted to the police. In the Scottish Government documents newly made available, it transpires that the party who had instructed that the file be remitted to the police was a Permanent Secretary by the Name of Ms Leslie Evans…”

  106. Old Pete says:

    Forgot to mention that Philippa Whitford would make an excellent leader. Doubt it she would want it but she is an excellent MP and we are privileged to have her as the representative for Central Ayrshire where I live.
    Think Nicola will be FM for some time yet and hopefully FM of an independent Scotland in the very near future.

  107. Capella says:

    A thread about a new group seeking to “Inform Scotland” in a very misleading way – possibly one of Michael Gove’s special Union Unit efforts masterminded by that genius who lost his Perthshire seat, Luke Graham?

    Click on the “show this thread ” link to read the whole sorry saga:

    • grizebard says:

      Join the dots. The cause of independence has advanced because of the FM’s effective autonomous handling of the Covid crisis in Scotland, in contrast to the English Government’s continual bumbling. The BritNats have tried to silence her briefings but even the BBC could see that any such attempt would only backfire on them all. They’ve been assiduous in trying (and failing) to find “problems” here-there-and-everywhere, to the extent that they’ve even U-turned on some issues, as the FM has been able to mention in Parliament, not least to amateur acrobat Dicky Leotard. Their activists online just can’t stop themselves from trying to use every available opportunity to assert that Scotland is doing worse than England, as if they positively glory in people coming to harm just to “prove” their own self-assumed inferiority. The only consequence being that they just dig themselves ever deeper in the self-abasing hole they have made for themselves. The collaborationist media are insatiable in demanding ever more statistics – far more being already freely available than eg. in England – in the very obvious hope that something somewhere will eventually “just turn up” with which they can accuse the FM.

      So this seems like just one more attempt to inject more effort into the same old tawdry tired-out line. No imagination, just pathetic scrabbling in the dirt. If they were sincere, they would surely be trying instead to get more information about the crisis down south, where far too much still remains obscure.

    • Petra says:

      That’s strange Capella. I got in touch with a number of people on WoS a few years ago with the aim to set up a website to impart knowledge / data. I came up with the name “Inform Scotland”, the site got off the ground and it went on to include people like Nana, Professor John Robertson and so on being heavily involved, such as having billboards erected etc. Now I see that this so-called new site has links to people like Effie Deans. What’s going on there? I wonder if Professor John Robertson, as one example, is aware of this?

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Robertson’s site is a .com whereas this new one (registered 19th Dec 2020) is a .uk. There is no registered, perhaps Robertson should quickly register it, though a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted – owners of domains are given first rights on the .uk ones – perhaps to avoid “passing off” complaints. I always registered the pair of .com and domains for my important domains, to avoid such a thing.

    • grizebard says:

      Just took a peek at their Twitter feed and it looks to me like a platform for Covid deniers. “Concerned citizens” and all, y’know.

      And their “.uk” domain is a giveaway – just more anglosplaining for Scotland. Ho hum.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        I don’t have any .scot domains – far too expensive! Anyway, I’ll wait for our own 2-letter ccTLD 🙂

        • grizebard says:

          Agreed on both counts.

          (Just as well though you didn’t have any “.eu” TLDs, since all UK owners have now been “frozen out”. More unintended Brexiconsequences, or another case of “fog in Channel, Continent cut off”, eh?

  108. Arthur Thomson says:

    On goody. I am ALWAYS happy when the Brits set up another amplifier to ensure that the Scots know just how good their own Government really is compared to the wallopers who claim to know better.

    I wonder if that twat from the Sun is connected with this? Just an idle thought.

  109. Petra says:

    I see that they changed the name of their site the day after they registered from Recovery Scotland to Inform Scotland. Mmmhh!

  110. Petra says:

    The “original” InformScotland.

  111. Petra says:

    James Withers @scotfoodjames🚨:- ”BREXIT UPDATE, Sunday. More messages from food exporters who are finding the door to the EU is now shut. Haulage firms won’t take their loads; bureaucratic/IT systems failing. A multi-billion pound trade system is being tested for the 1st time, in real time. And it’s going wrong.”


    Tricia versus Hendry 😀.

    Tricia Marwick:- ”Interesting. As a former PO I was contacted & said election should go ahead, with certain provisos, as democracy should continue. Also said it should be a decision for the whole Scottish Parliament as contingency legislation was passed a few months ago.”

  112. Petra says:

    Another problem!

    Prof. Devi Sridhar:- ”Here is the problem -> UK govt has no strategy beyond locking down. No exit strategy. They don’t have testing turn-around times fast enough. There’s not enough support for isolation. Borders remain largely open. There is *much* more they could have done, but no bold leadership.”


    And another.

    Shaun Lintern:- ”An ‘urgent’ appeal has been sent out across London for NHS hospitals to send staff to help London’s Nightingale Hospital open next week. Each ICS area in London has been asked to come up with at least 23 nurses. Similar requests for GPs. One NHS trust source said: “Every decision they have made about the London Nightingale has been wrong – every single one.”

  113. Ken2 says:

    The usual Tory mess. A total shambles. They do not have a clue. Lining their pockets with public monies.

    The Tories will be voted out. Johnston will lose his seat. Scotland will be Independent. People just need to vote for it.

  114. Dr Jim says:

    Can anyone help Henry McLeish by sending him a box of hankies as he groaned his way through an interview this morning on BBC Scotland attempting to persuade us all that every country in the world can have elections but once again uniquely Scotland can’t and shouldn’t and we should be postponing it for six months because according to Mr McLeish there’s *no appetite* for an election in his judgement unless Ricard Lombard of the Labour party is allowed to do daily briefings on the Telly, so no election unless Labour get special treatment then it’s OK, and no mention that the FMs briefings are on Covid they’re not party political broadcasts

    It took him a long time delivering Gordon Brown’s words but he got there in the end

    Remember to send him those hankies folks

    • It is surely a ‘secret society’ thing, or a religious Inner Circle clique, that this man McLeish still gets to tell us all what’s good for us.
      Yet another of the sad old dodderers grabbing fees desperately from any Brit Nat Organisation willing to give him the time of day to rubbish Scotland and the Bad SNP.

      Mc Leish is quite literally a Nobody.
      He left Scottish politics under a cloud twenty years ago.

      Yet he is still in the ‘club’?
      There is now a gaping hole at the bottom of the Brit Nat barrel.

  115. There are, give or take, 5.4 million of us settled and living in God’s Little Acre, Scotland.
    Again through I Player I locked on to GMS this morning, about 06.15 am.
    Gary and Laura reviewing the ‘papers…
    All the headlines from, wait for it, The Daily Telegraph, The National, The Times,The Daily Mail, The Scotsman,The Guardian, The I, The Herald, (Nurses are going on STRIKE !!! ), The P&J, and The Record, and The Sun.

    Let’s be generous, and assume 100,000 Scots citizens take these rags on a daily basis, and another 100,000 or so buy the Record or Sun to check the scores and see if any of their mates have been arrested, then about 5 million two hundred thousand of us don’t read English ‘papers, never mind this dreadful list of right Wing Fascist xenophobic anti Scottish waste of pulp.
    That doesn’t stop Gary and Co.
    Sure, there are probably only a few hundred listening at that ungodly hour (I accessed via I Player after nine) so some may ask, why bother, Jack, nobody’s listening anyway?
    It doesn’t matter to Gary and Glenn of course.
    A statement is being made, throughout the daily schedule on BBC Radio Scotland.
    We are the Establishment Broadcaster.
    We are here for the Top tiers in the Jock Branch of the English Iron Heel Oligarchy.
    The ‘professional classes’ who are Brit Nats through and through, and who know all the words of God Save The Queen when we are thoroughly washing our hands, doing our ‘bit’, queen and country and all that.

    Today Robertson and Maxwell merrily read through the Britaganda headlines from London…

    I’ll not compound the felony by repeating the usual Scotland/SNP shite junk.

    Surely even Robertson must get fed up sometimes reading out this anti Scottish dross?

    So for the millions of us who don’t buy these rags, BBC Jockland is going to ram their content down our throat anyway.

    Roll on Independence Day.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      Jack, I agree it is annoying, but as you say, who is listening and even more who is accepting what they say.

      The Herald and Scotsman now have such dire circulation figures that they are classed as non national publications and no longer have to the provide circulation figures – they are really that bad 🙂

      As for Glenn and the BBC Scotland crew such as is left, they will continue to pump out whatever their masters tell them. They won’t change, they don’t know how to.

      • Stephen, I just accessed BBC News 24, just to see if there is any other news in the world other than England getting a dose of Oxford, trump’s impeachment, and the Indonesian air tragedy.
        The Blonde lass fronting the 11-00 bulletin began by announcing that ‘The Uk’s Chief Medical Officer’ Chris Whitty has.. No He’s not..he’s England’s CMO. There followed the usual powerpoint presentation behind her revealing the main points of today’s English vaccination programme, but was referred to as ‘The UK’s’ vaccination programme.

        They are airbrushing Scotland Ireland and Wales out of BBC.

        I am tempted to stop paying the licence tax..this from a man who has never missed paying any bill/dues in his life.
        I am paying so that they can lie to me?
        80,000 deaths in England is framed as UK deaths?
        Winston Smith-itis.

      • Stephen, I’m sure that there is no truth in the rumour that Craig White is going to buy the Herald for £1,use the projected next ten years’ sales as collateral to borrow £19 million from Paperboysus to pay off the tax man, and sell all the shiny Newspaper of the Year Trophies to raise cash to pay off the Face Painting Guy.

        How can these Blahs survive when no one is abroad to buy their Dead Tree Scrolls during Level 4 lockdown, and nobody is paying for adverts…?
        There’s only so far the free trainee hacks’ money from the BBC will stretch.

  116. Dr Jim says:

    The leader of the British Labour party, the working man’s party as they used to call themselves the Right Honourable Sir Kier Starmer MP delivered us all a great lesson in speech making on the BBC there on how to talk a whole lot but say absolutely nothing, there was nothing to remember or forget in Sir Kier Starmer’s speech because it was devoid of any content whatsoever

    Sir Kier Starmer Labour MP in England wants to be Prime Minister someday which would entitle him to govern our country of Scotland, a country Sir Kier Starmer Labour MP refuses to recognise as a country other than a part of his country that he names the UK but is actually England because there’s no such country as the UK is there

    Another man who tells Scotland what our political appetites are yet refuses to ask us, and were he to ever become relevant would refuse to grant us the right to even speak on the matter

    Trump Johnson Starmer all have different words for the same dictatorship

    • ArtyHetty says:

      They are experts at verbal gymnastics, or as my dear dad would have called it, ‘verbal diarhoea’ which seems appropriate whenever the BritNats speak.

  117. Malcolm Pate says:

    I havnt contributed to writing on this blog for months but wanted to say thanks to Jack, Dr Jim and Petra and a few more for their contributions to the Independence movement. Nicola is doing a fantastic job for Scotland and now is the time for everyone to get behind her and the SNP. I want to ask all SNP supporters to make sure all their families are on the voter’s roll as we need every vote at the forthcoming election and Referendum. My granddaughter went to live in Scotland about 20 months ago and she registered straight away and was told she was on the voter’s roll for the election in December but when she went to vote her name wasnt there. My wife and I are member’s of the SNP although we live in South Africa and cant vote here or in Scotland. We wanted to come over in May to help in any way with SNP support but due to the Covid it looks like we wont make it. Maybe we can for the Referendum here’s hoping. Let’s all give our support to the Independence movement. We must win this one.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Cheers Malcolm and thanks for that and your distant but very welcome support, in our own wee different ways we’re trying to do our best to encourage and inform folk as best we can so that hopefully when the chance comes to choose Scotland will make the right decision

      All the best and stay safe

    • Hi, Malcolm.
      I believe that you are in total overnight curfew in SA at the moment. All movement banned from dusk ’til dawn?

      Over here, we are still relying on the community to pull together, and do the right thing.

      This appears to be holding, as an ‘all in it together message’ in Scotland, although we still have tens of thousands of arrogant selfish malicious litter louts criminals and a well-off elite who think the rules don’t apply to them, or can be easily flaunted because the BBC says its ‘perfectly understandable’ because they are fed up to do what you like.

      There are some who will refuse the vaccine. Good for them. get it in writing, so that if or when they contract Covid, they are refused NHS treatment…they can ‘go private’ if they have the thousands of spare cash, and there are private clinics to treat them.

      WE have been remarkably tolerant to the nut jobs who have flouted the rules, but patience is running very thin indeed.

      The Referendum shall be held, this autumn, probably late September, early October.

      I have no doubt that Scotland will be Covid Free by then.

      Start saving up for the holiday of a lifetime, Malcolm.

      As I write, my phone rang. it was the nurse at my GP surgery, keeping in touch, assuring me that the o/80’s vaccine is underway, and that as a 73 year old, I’d be contacted very soon is the roll out.
      Peace to you and your family.
      We’ll meet in the autumn at the Great Gathering.

    • Petra says:

      Thanks for popping in Malcolm and I just love to hear from Scots who are now living abroad but keeping up with what’s going on in the auld country. Still concerned for us and the future of our country and of course for your granddaughter’s future now too. Take care and keep in touch X

  118. Dr Jim says:

    Tory MSP Michelle Ballantyne has been unveiled as the new leader of the Spitting Image character Nightlite Fagarage’s *Reform party*

    As yet this reporter has not uncovered whether armbands and leather boots have been issued or not…….. yet, …I guess their slogan might go something like *we will impose control*

    • jfngw says:

      Something needs to be done about list MSP that leave a party, the idea that Farage can now claim a MSP although his party received 0% of the vote is an affront to democracy.

      A list MP should be made to stand down if they leave the party that received the list vote. I would also make it compulsory constituency MP’s need to resign and stand again if they wish to change parties, they can only stay on as independents. We want no back door into the Scottish Parliament for what I consider a fascist party.

      • grizebard says:

        Constituency M(S)Ps are elected as individuals, even though they typically represent political parties, so though I sympathise with your POV, I tend to disagree over that. There has to be room for the exercise of conscience eg. when a party departs from its manifesto while the M(S)P insists on sticking to it.

        I’m right behind you on the issue of list MSPs, though. I thoroughly disapprove of party lists, which produce the likes of Murdo and Rumbles, but they are undeniably party lists, so your observation there is right on the button.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          Grunhilde Ballantyne has every right to object to being pigeon-holed, have you seen the size of doocot access these days after metrication? Even for cuckoos ? Enter Mi/Farage…

        • jfngw says:

          My point, it may not have been clear, is they can stay on as independent constituency MSP’s but they should not be able to change parties without an election.

          There also need to be a mechanism to stop parties disposing of MSP’s they have taken a dislike to, that’s why I refer to those resigning from a party rather than someone being ejected from a party.

  119. Hamish100 says:

    I thought the questions by some of the gutter press to the First Minister was disgraceful. Not interested in covid or the deaths just about Alex Salmond.

    In my opinion the FM was far to nice and too long in her response.

    • bringiton says:

      The “split” in the SNP which HM press are trying to exploit stems from those in the Yes movement who think Alex would be a better bet than Nicola as our leader.
      Alex Salmond deserves our undying gratitude for his huge contribution to independence but his popularity is largely confined within the independence movement.
      Nicola has a far broader appeal which is what will be required to get the vote over the line.
      Those in favour of independence and trying to bring Nicola down clearly either don’t or don’t want to understand this fundamental point.
      They need to get real.

      • jfngw says:

        There is no chance they are Salmond cultists, they probably think he is ‘dreamy’. They would forgive any indiscretion, their only red line is it mustn’t be criminal. So sleepy cuddles and hair twiddling with subordinates is all acceptable workplace discipline with them, maybe it will become law or even compulsory in their desired future. I need to ask but was any male employees hair twiddled?

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Sorry for the rant in advance..
      The FM has a long fuse, the extended responses are for the viewers not the Churnalists who have to sit and wait, and wait, and wait..
      Of course the mainstream media are not interested in Covid, few of them have been since the outset, their objective throughout has been to trip up, cause discomfort or score political points, but it backfired with the public, and SG competence despite all the attacks is riding high, BOTH sides of the border. It is the latter part which terrifies them, they are losing their battle against Scots even in England.
      The SNP team have judged this perfectly knowing what was going to come, fight them on our terms on our ground… Now the media tails are up thinking the AS v NS saga may have legs with the public, and bluntly it doesn’t…
      The Napoleon attributed adage “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake” applies, the Tories and their media agents have been unable to halt rising support for Indy, and the harder they try the numbers keep going against them despite calamity in Care-Homes, ICUs collapsing, vaccination programs falling to bits, yada-yada, they’ve lost…
      Quick call to old chum Nige looking for three and fourpence, cue Brunhilde Ballantyne and Tory Party Mk II…..
      THAT is how desperate they’ve become..

    • Dr Jim says:

      James Mathews of Sky news outdid himself with the stupidest of attempts to draw the FM into politics and Holyrood parliamentary business, the FM maintained her patience and manners in her usual way even when the idiot kept trying

      • grizebard says:

        These media vultures demean themselves further each time they try, but they just can’t help themselves, it seems.

  120. Arthur Thomson says:

    Listened to Nicola and the CMO today. I can report that it was a superb display of how to communicate important matters, as per normal.

    Thank goodness we have Nicola steering the ship.

  121. yesindyref2 says:

    Anyways, with recording stuff and skipping ads, missed this till Xmas, best advert for years.

  122. Robert Oliphant says:

    My tuppence worth on the Salmond revelations, I have no doubt that the initial meetings he (and Mr Aberdein) had with NS were all around “make it go away, you don’t want to see a friend go down over nothing”.

    With the benefit of hindsight, maybe she should have just said to the inquiry, “Alex tried to silence the whole thing and I wouldn’t go with that”.
    Alas, that would have ripped the entire Independence movement apart far more than it currently is.

    I also have no doubt that his acquittal from the sexual harassment charges was correct, I can imagine that he is a difficult man to work for/with, verging on a bully perhaps but a sexual predator I very much doubt.

    To me this is all about his ego that he failed to win the vote in 2014, and now that we stand on the verge of righting that loss he wants back in for his glory.
    Therein lies the crux of all this, I get he still has a lot of supporters/allies, but his arrogance as much as the infamous Vow lost the day in 2014.

    I say that with a fair amount of anecdotal evidence from a number of soft no voters I know from then, they voted no because of the infamous “Currency” debate and his arrogance/ego over it. Now they will vote yes next time, and they are doing so because of their perception of NS leading of the country through the Covid crisis.

    Whether folks like this or not, the greatest asset to the Independence cause is Nicola Sturgeon not WGD, SGP, WoS or anyone else in the grassroots movement. I’m not belittling Paul or anyone else, simple fact your average Joe Public voter, that we need to convince of Independence, probably don’t know who they are but they know who NS is and the polls tell us they like what they see.

    I have the greatest of respect for what Alex Salmond did for politics in and about Scotland, at his best he was a formidable politician, a skilled orator who ran rings round the Westminster establishment, but he’s had his day, please don’t become another George Galloway, desperate for the attention.

    • jfngw says:

      Yeh, the thought of someone you consider your protege leading the country to independence and being recorded in history as such could stick in the throat I suppose.

      • grizebard says:

        An old story. First there was Moses, then there was Joshua. It seems Moses was more gracious, even if he also felt that fate had dealt him a dud hand, and with no help from himself withal.

    • Chapeau, sir.
      This from an Observer poll:-

      Nicola Sturgeon best performing leader in UK

      57% (+24%) people in Scotland approve
      97% SNP voters approve
      61% Lab, 52% Lib & 30% Tory voters approve

      and finally…
      63% of Scots think Boris Johnson should resign

      Yet they want her out?

      • Tam the Bam says:

        ‘ Yet they want her out? ‘

        The only people who want her out Jack are the demented sycophantic followers of Bathinistanman ….plus the yoons.

        • Tam, I’ve just read Massie’s Spectator piece which Kevin McKenna, Born Again Socialist Sturgeon Witchfinder General describes a ‘masterful’.

          Massie does what he does, repeats the whole sorry episode..the attempted rape, the ‘if he was such a creep, Sturgeon must have ‘known’, and implies, no states, that she kept reports of his now quite freely admitted disgraceful behaviour towards women employees and colleagues locked away for years until she needed it to destroy her ‘mentor, if he threatened to come back as leader again?

          Massie’s piece is riddled with ‘she must have known’ nudge nudge wink wink twaddle.

          In this wandering Get The Nats piece, he fails miserably to kill two Nat Birds with one stone.

          He luridly sets out Salmond’s fumbling shenanigans, and asserts, based on his ‘must have known’ assumptions, that Sturgeon, with no proof provided by Massie, lied and deliberately attempted to destroy her former boss, even to the extent of sending him to jail for the rest of his life.
          Unbelievable ‘masterful’, Kevin? Really?

          They are crapping themselves. The Union is finished.

      • grizebard says:

        Yup, it’s a strange old inverted world in Bathistan these days. To tweak an old saying, “nothing fails like success”, eh…?

    • raineach says:

      I believe the medical condition is called exleaderitis

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, a lot of sense in that. All this media-pushed storm-in-teacup stems from AS’s workplace misbehaviour, and as you say, a likely attempt to get NS to help him hush it all up. He should be more humble, and suitably contrite over his own fundamental contribution to the issue, instead of trying to pass the blame. Sadly, he’s only further sullying his previous good name.

  123. Hamish100 says:

    Great post.

    Agree wholeheartedly.

  124. Yes , it’s all Alex Salmond’s fault for having the temerity to be found INNOCENT OF EVERY CHARGE by a jury of his peers and to compound the fault by not slinking off to obscurity suitably chastened and counting his blessings he wasn’t sent to jail for , possibly , the rest of his life , what an ingrate eh ?

    • Tam the Bam says:

      Owing to Covid-19 travelling restrictions…I’m afraid citizens of Bathanistan are not permitted entry.
      Please follow quarantine guidelines at all times.

      #stay safe.

    • Eilidh says:

      Do you not think we are sick to death of folks like you repeating the same old garbage. A lot of people who comment on this blog have different opinions from you (that is allowed) and the rest of the Invasion of The Body Snatchers that invaded this site in recent days so jog on back to your Imperious Leader that bloke who hasnt lived in Scotland for years but is the biggest know all I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.

    • grizebard says:

      Don’t be silly. AS himself (and his advocate) had to admit that he had serially indulged in workplace misbehaviour, and it certainly looks like he then tried desperately to “pull strings” with his successor to try to hush it up. If NS had agreed, she would definitely have been out of order, and the opposition and the media would have crucified her once they found out. What’s so hard to understand about all that?

    • Legerwood says:

      He was found Not Guilty but claiming ‘innocence’ when your defense is that you behaved inappropriately but it was not criminal does suggest that the term ‘innocent’ does not apply.

    • jfngw says:

      You seem to think we are too stupid to know the difference between criminal and inappropriate behaviour for a FM. Most peoples feet would not have touched the ground if they had been having ‘sleepy cuddles’ with a subordinate in the workplace and it became known.

    • Robert Hughes …good point….the thing is there are a lot of people who believe that the BBC is honest , it’s not .

      A lot of Scottish independence supporters believe that the BBC and the newspapers might make mistakes but they still do not accept that the BBC and the British newspapers are part of England’s Westminster propaganda machine

      Alex Salmond,s bad press the way he was demonised by the media including the BBC was awful and completely unfair and dishonest.It’s in the past now but these bad things were repeated over and over and over they stick in people’s minds.
      In an independent Scotland we will put it right.

      There is no war between AS and NS
      It’s a British media construct part of England’s Westminster propaganda war against Scotland

    • Petra says:

      No it’s not all Alex Salmond’s fault at all Robert, especially if we overlook the fact that he was ”frolicking” about in the lead up to Indyref1. He’s not an idiot and must have heard of honey traps, so why on earth would he not only do the dirty on his wife but put the referendum in jeopardy if it had transpired that entrapment had been the case?

      And yes when all is said and done he’s been through h*ll and has every right to address the Committee to clarify what went on from his point of view. So far however from reading through the data a number of let’s call them ”serious mistakes” were made by Civil Servants which should be dealt with, no doubt will be and heads may roll.

      What I don’t get is why Alex Salmond is trying to put Nicola Sturgeon in the sh*t for supposedly knowing about the accusations 4 days before she said that she did. Why would that matter to him? For all we know Geoff Aberdein may have limited what he said on the 28th March to ”accusations have been made against Alex” and then the full sorry saga was outlined in detail for the first time on the 2nd April 2018 by Alex himself.

      Nicola Sturgeon is also being accused of failing to tell Leslie Evans about conversations that she had with Alex Salmond up until hours before her third conversation with him, also potentially in breach of the ministerial code. Involve the Civil Servants? Don’t involve them? Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Try to help a good friend or keep your distance? Nicola Sturgeon didn’t ask for this, hadn’t been accused of doing anything wrong but has been put in this utterly preposterous position nevertheless. The bottom line here is that the only people that are benefiting from this divide and conquer tactic are the BritNats and Alex shouldn’t have fallen for it. It’s a crying shame, imo, especially as this ”scoop” will no doubt be dragged out now until the end of April.

      • Hamish100 says:

        Why didn’t Salmond come clean after the nights in Bute House as soon as they happened?

        Did he believe his behaviours was less than acceptable already if it became more widely known?Is that the Nicola Sturgeon fault? I think not.

        Difficulties for her is her formal head of government role, snp leader and longstanding friend. What meeting was happening? Work? Internal snp matter? Confidant?

        Who created the original mess?

        • Petra says:

          ”Why didn’t Salmond come clean after the nights in Bute House as soon as they happened?”

          Because he would have been out on his ar*e, that why.

  125. castanet2020 says:

    ” when love breaks down the the things you do to stop the truth from hurting you – when love breaks down the lies you tell that only serve to fool yourself ” replace ” love ” with ” trust ” and these ( Prefab Sprout ) lyrics sum-up the attitude of some people here . I have no argument with fellow Independence supporters , the truth is there to be acknowledged , or not

    • castanet2020 says:

      For some reason my other AKA castanet2020 was applied in the above comment , the 1st being under my actual name Robert Hughes .

      • grizebard says:

        It was because you selected it, duh. (Browser form field retention. Unless there is a bunch of you, of course.)

        I’m still trying to work out your obscure inference, and it may well elicit less responses, but it certainly isn’t any more convincing than your more direct efforts, alas.

        • No inference , obscure or otherwise ,was being made , my comment was to clarify both previous comments were made by myself , despite the different names attached

  126. Dr Jim says:

    Had Alex Salmond had his own way and David Cameron had agreed he would still more than likely be FM of Scotland right now but Cameron shafted him by refusing the devo max third option on the ballot paper then shafted him again by turning the entire British state on Scotland which was against every UN recommendations as to how referendums are to be conducted and I’m afraid to say Alex Salmond did nothing, hence following the 2014 defeat Nicola Sturgeon said loudly and clearly “I don’t want to just *hold* a referendum I want to win one” Alex took offence and that’s when the trouble began between Alex Salmond and not just Nicola Sturgeon but the whole party except for the three or four who are still whining today, Alex Salmond was found not guilty of a crime, he was not found innocent, that’s something different

    The fall out isn’t just about the former FMs bad behaviour, it’s about the current FM refusing to get him off the hook and just downright doing the right job for Scotland with no deals with the Tories, full Independence, and she’ll win it too, all the official opposition knows it

    • castanet2020 says:

      Jim – he was found innocent of all the charges he faced . THIS is the only salient part of the issue , the rest is , in legal terms hearsay , in common terms gossip , yes he admitted and apologised for what sounds like a drunken , consensual remember , fumble , by two adults , let he or she who has never fumbled drunkenly cast the first accusation of ” abuse ” ,The issue under consideration is the culpability – or lack of – of the FM in all aspects of this debacle . I don’t know the full , accurate story , but neither do you or anyone else not directly involved , we have our perceptions ,and perhaps our biases , nothing more , as yet , possibly we’ll never know .

      • yesindyref2 says:

        At his trial, Salmond’s counsel launched the special defence of consent to charges (3,5,7,8)

        Charge 3 indecent assault Woman B – NG
        Charge 5 sexual assault Woman D – NG
        Charge 7 sexual assault Woman F- NG
        Charge 8 sexual assault with intent to rape Woman F – Not proven

        Many employers would have sacked him for that.

      • grizebard says:

        What are you on about? In almost any other workplace, someone behaving as he admitted to doing when obliged under oath, would have been severely reprimanded or even summarily dismissed. So why are you still defending him for what everyone and their dog knows he actually did?

        And what about his apparent attempt to “sweep it up under the carpet”? You think that is unworthy of censure? What workplace do you inhabit?

        And all this ordure is having to be dealt with by the FM, who refused to collude with him and hasn’t been “touchy-feely” with anyone at work.

        Double standards, mister. You’re on an obvious sticky wicket. Quit before we begin to lose patience and just start to laugh at you.

        • Grizebard don’t be stupid ,,he was found not guilty end of ……
          You are conducting your own retrial just like the British media and the ten accusers

          • grizebard says:

            Read the later replies by others to this nonsense, you complete ignoramus.

            I just hope you haven’t any daughters who are pestered by a “wandering hands” at work with the attitude you’ve expressed.

  127. Bob Lamont says:

    What amazes me is how despite years of trying the AS v NS suddenly occupies minds despite imminent showdowns yet folks seem oblivious to the transition..
    We have a battle on all fronts coming in from the Bringish Inquisition yet we’re actually falling for the he said she said routine ? We we were smarter than that in 2014..
    There is a time enough to address the alleged Nicola v Alex divide, I suggest we play to the Eton handbook at our peril///

    • Dr Jim says:

      I don’t believe it occupies that many minds Bob except for one and the followers of that one
      Scotland by huge majority prefers Nicola Sturgeon that’s why we are where we are, with some assistance from the opposition of course

      “I’ll do everything I can to put the country first” Nicola Sturgeon said today, and we all see that she’s doing that, all this other stuff is an attempt to prevent her doing it, and we see that too

      • Bob Lamont says:

        I concur.

        • I think Dr Jim you are correct it’s not a huge issue for people in Scotland
          Who’s best AS or NS
          Both have large support

          The point is NS is first minister and leads the campaign for Scottish independence

          I still do not think there is a war between AS and NS
          I think the British media are trying to construct one

          NS as first minister had a job to do and has done what was required by law

          AS was accused by ten people yes ten people it’s still incredible to think that ten people got together to take him to court for things that the court found him not guilty
          For that to happen there needs to be a huge chunk of coincidence that ten people came together at the same time without coercion or there were other people who sought them out and brought them together

          I believe the latter and I believe they thought that ten accusations with little evidence would carry more weight than ten individual cases with little evidence

          The court had to make a decision based on evidence provided
          The court found him not guilty
          I Bellevue he’s not guilty

          I also understand that there are guilty people who get found not guilty because the evidence wasn’t strong enough
          I don’t think that was what happened in AS case

          I think England’s Westminster are behind this and we’re out to get AS convicted all part of their propaganda war against Scottish independence

  128. Petra says:

    DRoss jumping on the bandwagon.

    ‘Douglas Ross fury as Leslie Evans rejects SNP ‘propaganda’ claim.’

    “As Permanent Secretary, I would urge you to publish an immediate apology from the Scottish Government and request the removal of the posts. Furthermore, Scottish taxpayers deserve an explanation around the authorisation of the social media content as well as the overall costs incurred. In order to reinstate trust in the civil service in Scotland, I would request you formally launch an investigation into this matter. The public rightly expect the highest standards from civil servants and strict levels of impartiality yet it is clear the lines between the Scottish Government and Scottish National Party have been blurred to the point that action must be taken.”


    Watch:- ”Covid in Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon’s blistering rebuke of lockdown protesters.’

  129. Hamish100 says:



    You are more likely to be sacked or demoted for such things.
    Disciplinary hearings and then Industrial tribunals are the “courts” in most situations.

    The alleged criminality is a separate issue.

    If I punched someone and got sacked as a result I could appeal on the grounds of provacation. I could also be charged by the police and in up in a criminal court.

    What comes first? I can let the deniers make up an answer.

    • Hamish and others… employer is going to sack someone for offences they were found not guilty of by a court of law
      AS was found not guilty

      • jfngw says:

        He shouldn’t have been removed for what he was found not guilty of but for the things he admitted he did do. Most employers have a code of conduct and this is not related to something being criminal, bringing an employers name into disrepute is used by many employers.

        Looks like many want to turn back the clock 50 years were male managers could behave as they liked and the women would just have to accept it, possibly they should think ‘maybe he could be a better man’.

      • Hamish100 says:


        Go and attend a HR course or something similar. There are none so blind…….

        Not being prosecuted or jailed does not exclude you from internal actions.

  130. Petra says:

    Too bad that the Labour Party, foisted on Scotland by London, don’t have anyone of the calibre of Clive Lewis in their ranks.

    ‘Scottish independence: Labour MP Clive Lewis says Scots have ‘clear choice’.

    Clive Lewis tweeted:- “Post-Brexit it now seems increasingly clear the Scottish people have two clear choices before them: 1. Union with a declining imperial power, ruled by hard-right, neoliberal English nationalists – or … vote for Scottish independence and look to rejoin the EU, an emerging power with democratic institutions gaining in power, not receding. Hmmmm.”

    ..”During last year’s party leadership contest Lewis said people in Scotland should not be “dictated to” by MPs representing constituencies in England and that they should have the right to determine the form of government best suited to their needs. He also called for Scottish Labour to be fully autonomous from the UK party. “It is little surprise … that many Scots see themselves not as partners in a union of equal nations, but as a country shackled instead to a dysfunctional political system that is costing them dearly,” he said, pointing to the experience of Scots being governed by Conservative administrations they did not vote for.”


    ‘US finance website says Scottish independence is ‘only a matter of time.’

  131. Petra says:

    Aw right I get it. You can drive from one end of London to the other London (by road, about 45 miles E-W and 35 N-S) and then cycle for 5 miles and that’s okay. No wonder the virus is out of control in England 😏.

    ‘Boris Johnson: PM’s bike ride leads to Covid guidance breach accusations.’

    ..”The Mirror reported that a Downing Street source had “very firmly” rejected the idea Johnson broken any rules. They said: “There isn’t anything in the rules that says you can’t drive somewhere in order to take exercise. It says is that you must exercise locally. We very deliberately never put a distance on it.”


    Already reported on here I know, but what do you make of this?

    ‘Lockdown sceptic Michelle Ballantyne becomes Reform Party Scots chief.’

    ”Michelle Ballantyne has been unveiled as the leader of Nigel Farage’s Reform Party in Scotland.”

  132. Petra says:

    ”Starmer demands UK Gov has daily Covid briefings saying they are essential for public safety and ministerial accountability, whilst Labour in Scotland are doing everything they can to stop ScotGov daily Covid briefings. What a sham of a party Labour are.”


    Alan Ferrier:- “Scotland will become independent. For me, that’s one hundred percent certain.”
    – Labour MP and former cabinet minister Ben Bradshaw, in Germany’s “Der Tagesspiegel” newspaper.”

  133. Petra says:

    I see that the bore from Bath is bragging about the popularity of his site again 😄. Does he really think that the vast majority of “visitors” like and agree with him? I’d say that it’s more than likely that the vast majority actually abhor him as a person and disagree with his blogs / tactics. I visit that site around three times a day to basically see what he’s getting up to now and ascertain who he and his lackeys are defaming. I guess I’m not alone in doing so 😎.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Now why brag about your own popularity unless you’re trying to convince folk that you are

      The smell of the crowd funder begging bowl is in the air, you can’t keep up all this hatred unless you have loadsa money now can you, I believe it’s more expensive to live in England

    • Tam the Bam says:

      ^^^ This!
      Absolutely Petra….I also visit Bathistan a few times daily for precisely that reason.I imagine there are many more who follow suit.You…like me..must also have noticed the growing number of ‘new accounts ‘ infesting that wasteland.
      Apart from his band of ‘diehards’…I very much doubt that this new breed of Winger is there to foster the imperative of Independence.

      In summary..I imagine it would be more accurate to say that somewhere in the region of 40% of those daily ‘clicks’ he receive are from actual wingers.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      I keep an eye on the site – and the comments. There’s been a few good articles there tackling the unionist tropes, like cancel the election, storming congress is like the YES marches, and others if you ignore the anti-Sturgeon bits. It could be argued he’s suckering in a new readership who visit to see some anti-Sturgeon stuff and in passing get subjected to the rest. Plus getting quoted by the Tories, currently at 10% support for YES and growing. For some of it too, I’d use my phrase “praising with faint damns”. But hey, I always look, on the bright side, of life, tee tum, tee tum.

  134. Capella says:

    I visit occasionally and usually regret it.

    A couple of days ago the theme was that the unionists want to delay the Holyrood election because Nicola Sturgeon is about to be dragged out of Bute House in handcuffs after which a new leader will emerge truly committed to the independence cause. So the unionists want to give themselves time to regroup.

    Brilliant logic don’t you think.

    Craig Murray also tweeted that Nicola Sturgeon is corrupt. Scottish people still support her. To support a corrupt leader means that you’re immoral. Therefore, you are a fascist. He rests his case.

    I can see a few logical fallacies in both of these assertions. They read more like the prophecies of the Brahan Seer, Kenneth Odhar.

    “There’ll come a time, however long it be, when a boss-eyed lame sheep from Kintyre will be crowned King of Scotland. After which the people will return and take peaceful occupation of their country.”

    He got burned in a barrel of tar for his predictions. Riled the wrong people.

    • Every high ranking politician is corrupt in my opinion I just do not believe they can be successful at the top without telling lies on occasions sometimes telling lies is for the greater good if only that were not the case but it is, business is the same , sometimes people tell lies to succeed and go on to provide a better service or product.

      Lawyers in court lie every day they just have to do it where it can’t be proven as a lie.
      Donald Trump and Boris Johnston are well known for doing it, they’re not alone .

  135. Enough already.

    While the Salmond nonsense gets big licks, a million pounds worth of fish rot on docksides.
    Tonight on Distorting Scotland, the headlines were that our Hospitals are approaching breaking point, that the vaccine programme is underway, but will we be getting enough doses, with Glenn Campbell getting his brand new BBC Scotland Political Editor Crombie coat soaked outside Holyrood, and ten seconds of The Linesman Dross, back at work from his Day Job running the line for the SFA, lisping earnestly that the Conservative Party had insisted on daily updates….It took 18 minutes to report on the collapse of Scottish fishing in week one of Brexit.
    Did they ask Dross about that? No.
    In other words, the Brits, and particularly the Blue Tory Jocks who have destroyed the Fishing industry can dictate when, and what questions they will allow Glenn and his team to ask…
    Lord Haw Haw Campbell?
    They have taken over the so called Public Broadcasting system. The Ministry of Truth.

    They must be laughing their heads off at this Sturgeon witch hunt.

    Give it a rest.
    Salmond was not hounded out of politics…he admits to touching women inappropriately in the work place. In Employment Law that is defined as gross misconduct, subject to summary dismissal.

    Meanwhile David Duguid, MP, Banff and Buchan, is sitting at home checking pasta shapes unable to believe that we are not ripping his lungs out over his betrayal of our Fishing industry.
    Nicola Sturgeon will lead the SNP into May’s election.
    That is hard and fast…
    Glenn Campbell will do as he’s told. That’s why he got the job.

    • grizebard says:

      I get the impression that he doesn’t need to be told anything, Jack. He’s already “on the right wavelength”. No strings visible. That’s why he got the job.

  136. Petra says:

    We don’t just get hit with the Alex versus Nicola saga on some sites. They also seem to be keen on spouting the Joanna versus Nicola tall tale too and yet Joanna Cherry has also stated categorically on a number of occasions, like Nicola Sturgeon, that obtaining a S30 order is the ideal route to take to achieve Independence. She has also pointed out, most notably last January, that Nicola Sturgeon, like herself, is also up for considering an alternative route (Plan B) too. Both points outlined once again in this article.áil-could-be-template-for-scottish-independence-says-mp-1.4453639

    • Golfnut says:

      The truth when inconvenient is ignored Petra, apparently we’re ‘tipped’ to use the Norwegian Krone as an Independent country, courtesy of the Telegraph. The old currency debate, again.

  137. Golfnut says:

    Meanwhile, courtesy of Janey Godley.

    This is England,

  138. Dr Jim says:

    ASDA are now rationing certain foods to three per person and making announcements that this will be an ongoing situation and apologising to their customers for the inconvenience

    My local ASDA yesterday was around 15% short of visible items on the shelves, most hit appeared to be fruit and veg and some tinned goods

  139. jfngw says:

    Good Grief! Crash Gordon and Prediction Pennington are on the media again running down Scotland, real BritNat Bravehearts. Broon is a man that couldn’t see the biggest financial crash in history approaching so I would take any of his analysis with a particularly large pinch of salt. He loves the people of England, the feeling was not reciprocated.

    What can I say of Pennington, not sure but I’m off to watch ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They’.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Well, at the risk of being annihilated

      “Second lockdown not enough to curb virus, warns Aberdeen expert”
      “Coronavirus: Second wave of deadly virus described as ‘very unlikely’ by Professor Hugh Pennington”
      “Coronavirus: Expert ‘would not put money’ on finding vaccine”
      “Expert claims Scotland may not need Covid-19 vaccine”
      “Disease expert optimistic of Covid-free Scotland by Christmas”
      “Prof Hugh Pennington: We have not seen evidence to support claim new Covid variant is more transmissible”

      Ah right, THAT Prof Pennington.

      (courtesy of Wings article: ” Deadpan Of The Year 2021″ – well, he is good at some things!)

      • “Prepare for the worst.”
        warns Prof Donnington. No, not Covid, bt Mad Cow Disease in 1999.

        “We’ve been exposed to the BSE agent in the past and so, in a sense, we have to prepare for perhaps thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, of cases of vCJD coming down the line.”

        This was the BBC Report 20 years ago when the good Prof was even then their Go To We’re Doomed Harbinger.

        To date, ‘cos I’ve just checked, there have been 178 CJD deaths in 20 years in the UK….

        Tired old BBC Jockland…

      • yesindyref2….why even put this stuff up about Pennington
        All you’re doing is giving him airtime he doesn’t deserve

        Just don’t mention him
        He’s irrelevant

      • grizebard says:

        If the SoB just stuck to what he is good at, we would all be in a better place, no…?

  140. andyfromdunning says:

    It amazes me that we are used to lies and distortions from politicians. Any any other job if you kept lying you would get sacked.

    With independence and a written constitution we must address this. There is no need for it. We must make it an offence for anyone in public office to knowingly lie to the public. Anyone who does has three strikes and your out. Seems doable to me but unlikely.

    • jfngw says:

      There is a difference between telling a lie and not telling the truth, I’m afraid in politics it is not always possibly to be open with the truth. The world would be in turmoil if we were all obliged to tell the truth.

      It’s the same position as being aware of rumours and being told officially when you are in a position of power. Being aware of something and being officially informed of it are not the same thing. You can’t run things based on gossip, although I have known managers that do, there decisions were always suspect though.

  141. Dr Jim says:

    How do you describe Gordon Brown and his anti Scottish political think tankers of being a bunch of Buffoon biscuits, how do you describe Hugh Pennington as being a wee Nyaff of an anti Scottish Buffoon biscuit and discrediting both of them without using those words

    Well both FM Nicola Sturgeon and Prof Jason Leitch did a bang up job of that just moments ago at the daily briefing

    I also had to laugh when the FM decided to speak in Scottish “The virus disnae care” she said

    A last word on Gordon Brown, it rhymes with a big fuel boat

  142. Golfnut says:

    Something for the Nicola bashers to chew on.

    Whoops, got that right at least

    • Dr Jim says:

      Yeah but Jackie Baillie and Alex Cole Hamilton the new king and queen of honesty to be worshipped by the Twonkistan Chronicle say different stuff, the say Sturgeon bad so that’s now become a fact

      What a world we live in, give me a few quid and I’ll say whatever you like, or write it, or print it, or text it, instagram, facebook, whatsapp the worlds toilet and you don’t even need lavvy paper to smear it all over the gullible public’s faces

      Some folk’s time could soon be up, and not the FMs

  143. Arthur Thomson says:

    Watched the covid update as usual. A tough shift for Nicola but she dealt with it in her usual accomplished manner.

    Is there really a human being who believes that England’s test and trace system is superior to the Scottish system? Well, the flat earth society I suppose, covid deniers, Johnson supporters, Gordon Brown, the bampot from Bath and his acolytes … Nutters in other words.

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating. England is a shambles; Scotland is under pressure but coping well with the increased virulence of the new variant.

    • Legerwood says:

      You missed out Anas Sarwar. I think he was spouting on about it today.

    • Alex Clark says:

      I just downloaded the spreadsheet produced by this Labour “think tank” which accompanies the report. I had heard what Jason Leitch had to say in relation to the Northern Ireland number of cases traced.

      According to the spreadsheet, NI traced over 150% of the number of actual cases in NI for the last week up to Jan 5th where they traced 161% of actual cases.

      Some going, what magic do NI work that means they can trace 61% more cases through testing than actually exist. Utterly ridiculous assumptions all made to make Scotland appear in a bad light. Unfortunately it does the entire opposite when you focus on the actual reality on the ground so to speak with ONS figures showing Scotland performing better in every Covid metric than any other UK country.

  144. Golfnut says:

    The Home learning ‘ debacle ‘ not quite as it seems either.

  145. weegingerdug says:

    just back home from a physiotherapy assessment. Am wiped out. I’ve been experiencing a lot of issues with post stroke fatigue of late. Had hoped to write a blog article today – but that won’t be happening. Going to need a while to recover

    And to the person posting as “Penguin” – you are a vile racist covidiot conspiracy theorist arsewipe. You are permanently banned. Every single one of your comments goes straight into the trash where they belong without me or anyone else having to sully our eyes by reading your insane gibbering drivel. You’re only wasting your own time, you sad and pathetic loser.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Take it easy Paul, don’t read any of the crap that those you ban continue to send, straight into the spam folder and forever ignored.

      Get your health back first is all you should be focusing on for now. All the best.

    • Easy, my man,
      It’s not as though we Duggers are stuck for words…

    • Petra says:

      Paul you must be totally frustrated having an article in your head that you want to get down on paper, but can’t because your body won’t let you 🙄. It must be hellish for you but take it easy and focus on making a full recovery. That’s what’s really important right now and it’s also important for you know that we’re all right behind you in dealing with the challenges that you face at your own pace. Nae rush X

  146. Hamish100 says:


    Rest more often- we can keep going.

    I used to like Penguin books, thankfully we don’t see the all the nonesense produced by the conspiracists.

  147. P Harvey says:

    Listen to your body and rest
    Those Idiots are not worth the energy you expend on them
    Straight to the spam folder

  148. jfngw says:

    If you want a flavour of what it was like in the US with Trump supporters, just have a visit to twitter today. The Salmond courtiers are frothing at the mouth, everyone should be sacked, arrested, in prison. Everything is a lie, Jackie Baillie is to be venerated, ACH is the voice of reason, it’s vomit inducing.

    • Capella says:

      I watched the whole session (which is where I’ve been for 3 hours this morning). I had a look at some of the twitterati comments and there are some seriously deluded people. Trumpian as you say.

      Leslie Evans is the epitome of the professional civil servant IMO. Calm, articulate, accurate on detail, not easily sidetracked or fooled into having words put into her mouth. Everything the anti-NS brigade detest. Her evidence is well worth reading over when the transcript becomes available. It demolishes more conspiracy theory talking points.

      Of course, it could emerge that she is lying. But it is a bold person who lies about facts that are easily checked.

      Jackie Baillie and Alex Cole-Hamilton, as usual, did their insidious insinuation and sneer routine. But Leslie Evans was well up to their tricks and put them right.
      Three hours for the geeks out there.

      • jfngw says:

        The fact that Leslie Evans has taken responsibility for the procedure is driving them mad, they want NS incriminated even if it is not true. Some have changed focus to NS is culpable because she signed off the procedure, they are clutching at straws because they want their leader back.

        They want to cloud the issue of this enquiry with the criminal case result, if it was not criminal then it was acceptable. Using this criteria then Boris Johnson is the paragon of virtue as he has never been charged with anything.

        • grizebard says:

          It’s like the media questioning in the briefings, their desperate desire to find “something-anything” to “prove” their visible partisan prejudices is ultimately self-defeating. If they just followed the facts wherever they led, no-one could complain, might even begin to listen, but it’s their oh-so-obvious need to find fault (whether it exists or not) in order to cover their own political ineptitude that is the only thing that people notice.

          Keep digging, chumps. It will be your political grave in May.

        • Alex Clark says:

          I very much doubt that those making the most noise about getting rid of Nicola Sturgeon want Alex Salmond back, they know that has no chance of happening. They really don’t care who is the leader of the SNP just as long as it isn’t the most popular political leader in Scotland by a country mile.

          Anyone but Sturgeon is what they’re after as she is the greatest threat the Union has ever faced..

      • Tam the Bam says:

        The Laird O’ Bathistan is quoting you Capella.

      • Petra says:

        ‘FDA union leader defends Leslie Evans against ‘hounding.’

    • People defending Alex Salmond are not similar to trump supporters to say they are is stupid and insulting
      I support Alex Salmond
      I also support Nicola sturgeon
      Nicola has handled the British media better than Alex but Alex has greater knowledge of the workings of British government he’s older and wiser

      NS and AS are not at war
      It’s a British media construct to say they are
      Don’t fall into the trap of either or
      We are lucky we have them both we don’t have to choose

      By choosing one and denigrating the other you play into the hands of the British media
      neither AS or NS have broken the law

      Appreciate both

      • jfngw says:

        It is not the British media I’m watching on twitter but well known independence supporters, it is they who are creating the split, they want NS removed from office. You can’t blame the British media, who will quite happily feed on this, for the actions of independence supporters.

        Someone has fed places like WoS with information and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t NS.

        • grizebard says:

          Note that last sentence there. Likewise Craig Murray. They “know things” that they can’t say out loud in public, doncha know…?

          These insidious unsubstantiated “nods and winks”, that’s vile. Trumpian. If you can prove something, out with it and be justified. Otherwise, find something more positive to contribute.

          • grizebard says:

            Sorry, just to avoid any misunderstanding, the “you” there was (obvs?) the generic one, not your actual self.

          • Petra says:

            Not always just vile ”nods and winks” grizebard, albeit I’m in agreement with you that their bile can often be identified as being insidious and unsubstantiated. Sometimes they come out with downright slanderous/libelous/defamatory comments which lead to one not being one bit surprised that they often seem to find themselves on the wrong side of the Law, involved in Court cases and so on. Craig Murray in fact is the last person that I want to see involved with Scottish politics, as he’s a very divisive, vindictive and dangerous man.

            annabel macrae:- ”Replying to @CraigMurrayOrg. However, to undermine an extremely popular leader who is rated across the political spectrum in Scotland is inexcusable if your aim is Independence.”

            Craig Murray:- ”She conspired to fit up Alex Salmond on false charges and attempted to have him sent to prison for the rest of his life. Some of the most vicious people in history have been popular. I would ask yourself if that really is the criterion you most value in a leader.”

            • grizebard says:

              Besides everything else, Murray seems to positively invite martyrdom of late from one source or another. Besides being untrustworthy for self-evident recklessness, one can’t help but wonder if a messiah complex is involved. Let’s hope we get past Easter and on to May without any escalation, eh..?

      • Alex Clark says:

        Capella has not stated anything at all remotely like what you claim, she didn’t even mention the name Salmond.

        Why not go and watch the three hour session from the inquiry for yourself like Capella has done and then come back and give us your educated opinion on the evidence presented today?

        • jfngw says:

          I don’t think was Capella he was referring to but me. I used to post on WoS, until he decided I was a troll because I disagreed with him, and being called stupid is fairly mild to what I received on that site.

          • Alex Clark says:

            I was replying to Terrance, or I believe I did 🙂

          • Hamish100 says:

            Maybe jfngw we could wear a badge “I was banned by WoS”. Kind of gives us a badge of honour an edginess!
            Maybe not!

            • jfngw says:

              I wasn’t banned, I left before he had a chance, I suspect the writing was on the wall though. There are many more on here that have been banned by him. I’m no Spartacus I’m afraid.

  149. Capella says:

    Hi Paul – A lie down on the sofa with a radio drama or such like usually puts me to sleep. “Tracks” is very good and there’s hours of it.
    Take care.

    • The opening bars of ‘the Archers’ tune does it for me, Capella.
      Radio Horlicks.

      • Capella says:

        Careful now Jack, you may absorb it subliminally if you fall asleep with the Archers on! In our house we trip over each other in the rush to switch it off before the first bars are even broadcast.

        It used to come under the Education budget and for years the story lines were about filling in your EEC forms to get the farm subsidies. Maybe the theme is now BREXIT and COVID and our world beating track and trace system.

        • JoMax says:

          The last time I heard ‘The Archers’ Jack and Doris were still alive and some old guy called Walter Gabriel! I believe they were building an ark or something, it was that long ago.

          • It is frozen in time, guys. The posh upper class Archers and the ‘Oo Ahrr’ Grundies.

            There’s no upward mobility down Ambridge way.and of course the plebs are there to provide comic relief and be ‘lorded over’ by the Upper Class Archers..rather like Scotland…but not for much longer.
            I am not a fan, but when travelling the highways of England, I’d catch the R4 news, then frantically reach for the off button…
            Everybody knows their place in Ambridge….

  150. Capella says:

    Good new from Com Res polling – 17th poll in a row shows majority support for independence. Looking like the settled will.

  151. Capella says:

    Talking of Trump. If you haven’t seen Arnold Schwarzenegger’s address to the American public following the attack on the Capitol, it is worth listening to. He spells out what is dangerous about accepting fascist behaviour. He was born in Austria and grew up with the aftermath. 7 mins 38 secs.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Good on big Arnie those words could apply to every country where subversion seeks to break democracy and replace it with the other thing

      We have some of it right here in Scotland bought paid and directed by England’s Westminster government

      • Hamish100 says:

        Next presidential candidate for the Republicans?

        am I cynical or what?

        • grizebard says:

          You’re cynical. It was the unvarnished truth, whatever the motive. And with the Republican Party infested by neo-Nazi entryism and populated by self-interested wimps with no backbone, he would have a real fight on his hands even if he were. So shame on you, not everything is dirt, even in politics.

        • Liz g says:

          Naw Hamish yer jist badly informed or haven’t paid enough attention.
          You have to be Born in the USA to be eligible to run for President.
          That’s what the Obama birth certificate stooshie was all about .
          So Arnold Schwarzenegger can never run for President of he USA .

          • Petra says:

            Where have you been Liz? Bl**dy-well gallivanting 😀? Anyway Happy belated New Year to you.

            • Liz g says:

              Oh I’ve been right here the whole time Petra … but I’ve been behaving 🙂
              Happy New Year to you and yours too my friend…

          • Hamish100 says:

            I said I was a cynic.

            Still, Conan the barbarian as president would have been different.

            • Liz g says:

              Hamish , I think the USA is at the point where even Mickey Mouse would be the sensible choice and Minnie a classy’er First Lady to be sure 🙂

  152. Tam the Bam says:

    BBC Misreporting Scotland has just announced AS is not intending to appear in person @ Harassment Committee next Tuesday because of Covid restrictions.

    Everyone appeared ‘virtually’ today so whats the problem?

    Something brewing methinks.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      The problem is probably with BBC Misreporting Scotland..

    • Capella says:

      BBC Philip Sim has the detail:

  153. Petra says:

    Aw naw that’s going to upset the applecart ”elsewhere”, Capella 😀.

    Maybe it’s beginning to dawn on Alex that the BritNats on the Committee aren’t just determined to dig up dirt / oust Nicola Sturgeon but will make sure that they put questions to him about the meetings / phone calls, etc, between him and Nicola Sturgeon that ensure that he’s seen in a less than favourable light. If ever this was a conspiracy at all it was to kill two birds with one stone, imo.

  154. Arnold Swarzenneger’s thought provoking comments on video about the storming of Capitol Hill, and his childhood recollections of Austria in ruins, got me thinking, as usual.

    In 1938, Austria was incorporated into Hitler’s Reich.
    Known as the Anschluss Österreichs (Annexation of Austria), refers to the annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany on 12 March 1938.
    The Austrians wanted to hold a referendum on the idea of an Anschluss (a united Austria and Germany that would form a “Greater Germany”)

    Hitler was having none of that and threatened to invade.

    There was still significant resistance in Austria—even among some Austrian Nazis—to suggestions that Austria should be annexed to Germany and the Austrian state dissolved completely.

    In early 1938, under increasing pressure from pro-unification activists, Austrian chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg announced that there would be a referendum on a possible union with Germany to be held on 13 March.

    Portraying this as defying the popular will in Austria and Germany, Hitler threatened an invasion and secretly pressured Schuschnigg to resign. The referendum was cancelled. On 12 March, the German Wehrmacht crossed the border into Austria, unopposed by the Austrian military; the Germans were greeted with great enthusiasm. A plebiscite held on 10 April officially ratified Austria’s annexation by the Reich.

    Hitler’s army marched unopposed into Austria.

    Fast forward to Scotland now.
    We are on the cusp of achieving Independence by means of a referendum/plebiscite.

    There is no doubt that we shall be independent .

    Only the diehard Yoons and Uncle Tams would deny that now.

    It has been obvious since the Brexit vote in 2016 that Scotland would not put up with being forced into Making Britain Great again.

    Brexit is a very English Right Wing Fascist Coup.

    Some of the Brexit zealots would not have been out of place in Hitler’s Gang

    I have referred many’s a time to us Scots being considered a conquered militarily occupied colony by England.

    In the past 2 or 3 years WM has ‘beefed up’ its military presence in Scotland, big time.

    This is Faslane, now that all the nuclear powered attack subs plus support have been moved to the Gare Loch

    From Wiki:-
    The following notable vessels and units are based at Faslane.

    Royal Navy

    Vanguard-class SSBNs
    HMS Vanguard
    HMS Victorious
    HMS Vigilant
    HMS Vengeance
    Astute-class SSNs HMS Astute
    HMS Ambush
    HMS Artful
    HMS Audacious

    Trafalgar-class SSNs
    HMS Talent

    Sandown-class mine countermeasures vessels HMS Penzance
    HMS Pembroke
    HMS Grimsby
    HMS Bangor
    HMS Ramsey
    HMS Blyth
    HMS Shoreham
    Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron HMS Tracker (Archer-class patrol vessel)
    HMS Raider (Archer-class patrol vessel)
    Northern Diving Group
    Royal Marines (3 Commando Brigade) 550 strong unit
    43 Commando Fleet Protection Group Headquarters Squadron
    O Rifle Squadron
    P Rifle Squadron
    R Rifle Squadron
    Island-class patrol vessels

    Meanwhile up in Lossiemouth, The Linesman Dross’, Sub Lieutenant Andrew Bowie’s, and David Pasta Shells Duguid’s neck of the woods, the RAF have been busy wee bees digging in for the long haul.

    Again, from Wiki:-

    RAF Lossiemouth in Moray has been reopened to aircraft following a £75m revamp of the station’s runways.

    The runways were constructed for fast jets such as Tornadoes and more recently Typhoons.

    After being stripped and resurfaced, they can now handle the take off and landings of larger, multi-engine aircraft.

    RAF Lossiemouth is to be the base for a fleet of nine P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol planes, as well as Typhoons.

    The first of the US-built Poseidon aircraft have been stationed at nearby Kinloss Barracks, a former RAF station, and arrived at Lossiemouth on Tuesday afternoon.

    Sorry, this is getting too long.

    In short, tThe Brit Army has garrisons all over Scotland, and B-Lister ‘Union’ Jack has just built an eight Storey Brit Stockade to house 3000 Brit Civil Servants doing God Knows what, or when, even.

    The English Iron Heel Oligarchy is digging in for the long haul.

    The sense I have is that England is invading Scotland bit by bit, boiling the frog, if you like.

    They are ramping up military installations; Naval dockyards, air bases, army garrisons, which will be the devil to dismantle when we negotiate the divorce agreement.

    Johnson, like Hitler before him, has declared No Referendum…and marched his armies into Scotland regardless.

    My view, to be sure.

    What think others?

    • Petra says:

      Spot on Jack. Great post. They’ve been doing this over quite some time now. Drip, drip drip to full on invasion. Too bad, for them, that they’ll be told to p*ss off when we get our independence and don’t forget that we could make use of the airbases and dockyards. Your post also clearly highlights what’s at stake here and why ”they” want rid of Nicola Sturgeon. Money no object when it comes to recruiting traitors who are more than willing to do so. Money talks.


      ”Interesting to look at how the performance of @NicolaSturgeon during the Covid pandemic has changed the level of female support for Scottish self-determination. Doing the ‘day job’ that most people would run a mile from. Who else could have delivered that?”

    • Dr Jim says:

      Johnson could be gone in a matter of weeks and his pal Trump is already gone so to coin a phrase if they were thinking about it, the gemme’s a bogey and England’s doomed

      I wouldn’t be surprised at all if in the coming months Scotland doesn’t get smothered in Luurve by the English and the promises of wealth beyond avarice are slung at us if we just please shut up and don’t leave their English Empire because all their efforts to get rid of Nicola Sturgeon will have failed and unlike every other Scottish FM before her Nicola Sturgeon will not do the usual deal with them all the previous FMs did and that’s why they fear her, she’s for real and by hook or by crook Scotland will have freedom and self determination, and if it upsets the Grand Mufti of Bathistan that’ll be a Brucey Bonus

      • grizebard says:

        I’m not sure the “luurve” ploy has any steam in it now. The “fear-uncertanty-and-doubt” ploy is far more likely, and another of which I predict we’ll see a lot more in future is the “guilt-trip” ploy. That goes something like “we’ve been chums for years and now we in England are in something of an economic pickle but you in Scotland are positively swimming in natural resources so how can you be so selfish as to walk out on us now in our hour of greatest need?”

        Kind of the inverse of the “subsidy junkies” ploy, intended to appeal to our sympathy and kindheartedness. We’ve seen a hint or two of this already; Tim Farron had a punt at it the other day. I caught an early example of that some time ago on (I think) the Graun BTL, an Englishman who directly accused us of being selfish and greedy.

        But you could bet your shirt and your house that if we are foolish enough to fall for this ploy, the day after we’ll have another EVEL announcement and it will all be “UK” (for which read English-controlled) resources again.

    • grizebard says:

      They are ending in Scotland as they started, then, eh…?

    • Capella says:

      Anschluss is translated as “Union”. Hitler and his backers studied the techniques of the English ruling class and copied their methods from concentration camps in South Africa to propaganda techniques everywhere in the Empire. See Reinhard Heydrich’s methods in occupied Czechoslovakia.

      But they still lost the war…bigly. 🙂

      • Archie says:

        And we Scots are the “Untermensch”, being slowly eradicated to make way for “lebensraum” for the Greater England project. Sounds familiar, but can’t quite remember where I have heard this before…

    • Jack Collatin.
      I agree , the invasion has been going on slow but sure for a long long time not just militarily but in the civilian population too especially at the core of our institutions

    • M biyd says:

      I think you been checking Jane’s again and our current leadership wouldnt risk being sent to a concentration camp for the independence of our Nation unlike Schuschnigg.

  155. Petra says:

    MSM_Monitor:- ”Why is BBC Scotland concealing the political allegiances of people behind so-called ‘parents groups’ that attack the Scottish Govt’s remote learning plans?”


    MSM_Monitor:- ”Douglas Ross was on BBC Scotland this afternoon and allowed to attack the FM using the Salmond allegations. Scottish Tory MSP Dean Lockhart was on Good Morning Scotland this morning attacking Indyref2. Neither of them faced one single question about this Tory Trade chaos.”

  156. Petra says:

    How is this wee runt being allowed to get away with this? Is Linda Fabiani not going to kick him out on his ar*e?

    ”Given Murdo Fraser is a member of the Committee investigating allegations concerning @NicolaSturgeon & Mr Salmond who have still to give evidence on oath these Tweets are totally unacceptable. He makes a mockery of purpose of Parliamentary procedure ☹️.”


    Check out even more of Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

    • If ear that it is deliberate, Petra. He wants off the Committee. Too much like hard work.
      Of course he is a blithering fool, so his tweets may just be sheer stupidity.
      Salmond won’t turn up.

  157. jfngw says:

    What coincidence the same day Gordon Brown tries to undermine the track & trace BBC Scotland suddenly has a FOI to reveal which also undermines the track & trace. How convenient for them.

    Whose watching the watchers?

  158. Petra says:

    Watch:- ‘Sean Connery makes the case for independence to a young Boris Johnson.’


    ‘Expert says independent Scotland could be ‘top of the list’ to join EU.’

  159. grizebard says:

    I suddenly struck me as peculiar that while we have a host of BritNats demanding that the May elections be postponed on account of the Covid crisis, simultanously we have another anti-SG bunch of rightists on the loose who are demonstrating and protesting that Covid is a fake. Then there are the “school mum” astroturfers – are they for “back to school” or agin these days? Or just knee-jerk contrarian to whatever the SG decides in conjunction with the Education Recovery Group?

    Should the opposition maybe co-ordinate their messaging better..? {grin}

  160. Capella says:

    A reminder of Reinhard Heydrich’s methods for annihilating the Czechs’ sense of nationhood in his project to “Germanise” Czechoslovakia,

    Heydrich said:

    deprive the people of their national consciousness

    treat them as a tribe and not a nation

    dilute their national pride

    do not teach their history

    propagate their language as inferior

    imply they have a cultural void

    emphasize their customs are primitive

    dismiss independence as a barbaric anomaly

    Ring any bells?

    • Capella…LOTS

      It’s such a sinister policy , to think of all the sacrifice made by Scottish people over many years and then realise that England’s Westminster always intended to erase Scotland’s identity and its independence is a solemn realisation of where we stand

  161. jfngw says:

    It should be remembered that as far as the BBC is concerned BBC Scotland is a regional broadcaster, it’s remit is to only cover ‘regional’ stories the same way as any English regional station cover local government. The only difference is it will be able to put BBC Scotland logos on network programmes regularly made in England but allocated as Scotland spending (you know a lot the crap you see on BBC1 in the afternoon).

    That’s why it isn’t allowed to have any in depth coverage on Brexit, that is for the big boys (many are not boys but it’s an old terminology) in London. If you want to progress to become one of the big boys you need to learn to doff your cap and stay in line, after all that’s were the big money is.

    The BBC works like the treasury model, BBC Scotland gets a budget, a substantial amount is then sent back to London (this is virtual of course the same way as London GERS spending) to pay for all the systems run remotely from England, and of course the people to run them. These jobs outside Scotland are all allocated as Scotland spending.

  162. diabloandco says:

    Paul I wondered how you were , if the hospital visit went well and if you are continuing to improve.

    I don’t need you to stress yourself over an article , I just want you to pop in and say that you are OK.

  163. Dr Jim says:

    I listened to a Labour guy complain about drugs policy in Scotland on BBC radio Scotland and it went a little like this : Nicola Sturgeon should just break UK law and do whatever’s required to mitigate against these UK bad laws then worry about court challenges and consequences later, she has the powers to do it

    Practically every word of that is stupid but the BBC interviewer decided not to point that out allowing Joe public who doesn’t understand statements like that to believe that somehow it’s correct, these are the same folk who demand Scotland remain within the Union

    I’ve got the power not to tax my car this year and worry about the consequences later, how do we think that’ll work out

    • Dr Jim, so many people still think that England’s Westminster can only have its control of Scotland broken by disobedience they still are not convinced that elections and referendums can do it but that’s changing and gradually we have reached a majority who will vote for independence and see it through

  164. Dr Jim says:

    FMQs today at 12.20PM

    The Baroness is set to demand the FM focus on the *day job* instead of obsessing blah de blah blah, question for the Tory voters here, what is the Baroness’s actual day job, night job, any job, what does that woman actually do, so looks like we’re in for a laugh then eh

  165. Dr Jim says:

    A Westminster committee is today is questioning the Minister for rolling out the vaccines and he’s refusing to disclose how many vaccines the UK government has purchased, he claims it’s for reasons of *National security*? The drug companies were also questioned on the same subject and they also refused to give numbers as to how many the UK are purchasing or have purchased, they also say those numbers are *security sensitive*?

    It was put to the Minister that he was being numbers phobic, the Minister denied this by claiming the Prime Minister had said there would be sufficient numbers, along with a whole load of best in the world rhetoric

    Make of that what you will but what can be *security sensitive* about telling us how much of a thing you’ve bought with tax payers money and how much it’s costing, the Minister who I’m sorry to say I’ve forgotten his name sounded like a second hand car dealer just like Boris Johnson but without the pig Latin

    • juliagibb says:

      When the National Security card is played it normally indicates a big lie is being covered up.

  166. Alan Howard Baxter says:

    All a bit off topic but I wanted to raise two points. I saw a picture of LBJ being vaccinated (the implication being that it was against Covid) and I understand betty windsor has also been vaccinated. Surely the mark of a true leader is to ensure that everyone else is vaccinated first before they take the jag. That way they ensure no one is left behind.

    Second point. My wife had to have a covid test last Friday. I can’t emphasise enough how brilliant the whole process was. She started displaying non covid related symptoms on Thursday. Worse on Friday. Very helpful call with 111, they advised we call the GP. Rang the surgery – very helpful receptionist, very concerned call back from the GP who suggested we have her tested. Simple, on line procedure to arrange a test at the drive through at Prestwick airport for a time of our choosing. Arrived at a very well organised centre. Amazing process with marshals to guide you in and out of the site. Can’t sing their praises highly enough. So well done and thanks to all concerned and fortunately a test and email on Saturday to say all clear!!

    Sorry for being off topic but just needed to share some good news. In my view this was a small snapshot of the caring country we have the privilege of living in and a sign of what it will continue to be come Independence

    • Capella says:

      Good to hear of a positive experience to counter all the nonsense from the MSM. Keep safe 🙂

  167. Hamish100 says:

    Good news.

    Imagine Willie Rennie, Ruth Davidson and Richard what’s his name turning up to be tested for stupidity.
    Positive result I think.
    Isolate for a long time would be the advice.

  168. Arthur Thomson says:

    My message to Alan Howard Baxter above – thank you Alan, I like to read good news and I’m really happy it worked out well for you.

    Message to Paul, I hope you are taking good care of yourself pal. We so need you, healthy and fit for your sake and ours.

    A lighter shift for Nicola at FM Questions. I worry for her, facing a daily onslaught of tripe over and above working her way through this pandemic. I look forward to her being able to be the bearer of good news. She deserves it – as too does Jeane Freeman and the rest of her team. We are well served.

  169. Petra says:

    George Monbiot:- ”Over the most recent recorded 7 day period, the UK has suffered the world’s second highest rate of Covid-19 deaths/million. Considerably worse even than the US. Why is our death rate so high? Because we have an incompetent, irresponsible government, without a clear strategy, constantly surprised by events, that put more effort into enriching its chums than into crushing the disease. It handed crucial tasks to profiteers and appointed unqualified people to highly sensitive roles (eg head of test and trace). Even to this day – and this is the crucial fact – it has *no plan* for ending the pandemic. Just a string of reactive, disconnected policies. So we have the worst of both worlds: a public health catastrophe and a social and economic catastrophe. Taiwan has twice our population density. But, without any lockdowns, has had just 7 deaths. How? Through a genuinely world-beating test, trade, isolate and support programme.” ETC ETC …


    ‘COVID-19 deaths worldwide per million population as of January 13, 2021, by country.’

  170. Petra says:

    Watch:- ‘PMQs: Speaker has issues with ‘hypocrites’, but disrespect for the SNP gets a chuckle.’


    ‘German newspapers put focus on Scottish independence with Union set to ‘fall apart’.’

    ..”In Dresden-based Sächsische Zeitung the headline reads: “Is Britain turning into Little Britain?”..

    ..”Speaking to Curtice, they say Nicola Sturgeon is seen as “much more competent” at tackling the virus than Boris Johnson. Curtice told the agency that while Johnson doesn’t seem to care about the details, the First Minister “sounds like the chief medical officer, like a top scientist”.’…

  171. Petra says:

    Tories and Labour still working (Better) together 🙄. And note that Ireland is set to receive over a billion euros this year from an EU fund set up to help the countries worst affected by Britain’s exit from the European Union. We’re probably the most negatively affected of all countries but are losing out once again! 😫

    Watch:- ‘Shameless Boris Johnson repeats debunked Tory lie about vaccines.’


    ‘Covid: Jason Leitch debunks Gordon Brown’s Scots virus test claim.’

  172. Petra says:

    Amazing to see how Jeane Freeman can trot out Scottish stats as Hancock, et al, don’t seem to have a clue about what’s going on in England.

    ‘Jeane Freeman shares locations of Scotland’s first Covid mass-vaccination centres.’


    Oh wait Hancock seems to know that 24% of care home residents have been vaccinated 🙄.


    ..”How have they overtaken Scotland?, It’s clear from comments yesterday. In the Commons yesterday, replying to a question, Matt Hancock said that 24% of care home residents had been vaccinated. Sufficiently stupid or just callous, he didn’t think to conceal the figure. On the same day in her media briefing, the First Minister announced that the figure for Scotland was 80%.”..

    • Dr Jim says:

      Any minute someone will say “But Scotland’s smaller”

      We’ll get Father Ted to explain

  173. Petra says:


    ..”Millions of travellers to the UK are not being checked to see if they have followed rules to self-isolate after arriving in the country, the Department for Transport has admitted.”


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  174. Dr Jim says:

    The Scottish Conservative and Unionist party (I didn’t know there was such a thing) has a new PPB and in it Dross claims that Nicola Sturgeon is about to break up Scotland, I thought it was a mistake till he said it again *break up Scotland*?

    Here was me thinking Nicola Sturgeon was offering Scotland a referendum that all the opinion polls say Scotland wants which his bosses in England say we can’t have yet they seem to accept we’re having it anyway whether they like it or not, even Boris Johnson admits it now

    Dross needs to get himself up to speed and adopt an*udder* attitude

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Oh aye the SCU exists all right. On their office wall, in Edinburgh New Town, the big in your face brass plaque used to just say ‘Conservative party’ until 2014, they then added ‘unionist’ to a brand spanking new plaque. I don’t think they really know who they, do they want to be ‘Scottish’ or British, or UKOKish, it’s a mystery.

      What next, Nicola just wants to break up everyone and everything, whaaaa! I don’t know. SNP the party of divide and rule eh…oh wait, being divided and not ruling anything at all if the BritNats have anything to do with it! No thanks.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Pull the udder one, DRoss is milking a bull….
      The hapless yet ever confident linesman has a mandate to rescue Scotland from certain ruin but for some reason left himself and fellow chancers close to #10 as cause, off the hook…
      The Forres Gump, Gordisaur, Citizens Smith & Wark still cling to the hope nobody noticed the lies and simply die off or give up under their shlock and awe tactics.. It ain’t gonna happen…

    • grizebard says:

      Ach, it’s the old “what if a majority in [fill location in here] vote to stay in the UK?” ploy. So an independent Scotland would supposedly be riddled with little UK enclaves, maybe even deprived of Edinburgh. As if.

      It’s all part of the expected “fear uncertainty and doubt” agenda. Get people so confused and distracted about a host of ever more unlikely trumped-up “possibilities” that they revert in mental exhaustion to the supposed (but no longer actual) “status quo”.

  175. Petra says:

    Lies, lies and mair lies 🙄

    ‘Coronavirus: how Scotland split from England in its Covid-19 response.’

    • Alex Clark says:

      Covid deaths in Scotland today were 79, the “UK” figure as reported just now by the BBC for today is 1564, an absolutely tragic number of deaths in a single day.

      Yet there are idiots such as that reporter in the link you provided writing today:

      In November, the Financial Times (FT) reported that “weeks of official statistics suggest that proportionately more people have actually been dying of coronavirus in Scotland than in England”…

      Death rates began slowing in November, according to monthly data published by the National Records of Scotland. But that month, after weeks of stronger restrictions than those seen in England, deaths “recently outpaced” those seen south of the border.

      All this absolute rubbish is written so as to make Scotland appear to be doing “worse” than England. This is disgusting, it is not a contest but these cretins certainly want to make it into one.

      As you said, Lies, lies and mair lies, it’s all they have.

    • Legerwood says:

      Indeed and errors. The ‘higher death rate’ is given an airing, without details of course and without mentioning that it has been debunked.

      The article also said Scotland went into the current lockdown on 5th January. It was in fact on Boxing day when all of mainland Scotland went into Level 4 was it not?

      • Alex Clark says:

        I would have said we went into lockdown on Boxing Day when all of the mainland went into level 4. The main difference on 5th Jan was that these restrictions were tightened further just as they have been today.

        • Legerwood says:

          Today’s death toll is more than the death toll on the Titanic apparently.

          Much of Central Scotland has been in Level 3 or 4 more or less since the beginning of October. Additional regulations were added as time went on and the numbers remained at a relatively high, but no longer rising, level.

          Goodness knows what the numbers would be now if steps had not been started in October.

    • Arthur Thomson says:

      That is some pile of crap.

      Are the Scots daft enough to believe it?

      Only those poor souls who are still afflicted with the cringe. Those Scots who have discovered their true worth know that pigs will fly before the Brits will outperform us on anything meaningful. They will just shake their heads and say “aye, that’ll be right”. Grist to the mill.

  176. Dr Jim says:

    Remember in Yoonyawn world 40% is more than 60% and less votes are more than the most votes and the winners are the party the people didn’t vote for because only they know what the people really really really want, we have to be thankful for small mercies though, at least they can’t claim to know what people are saying *on the doorsteps* because nobody should be on anybody’s doorsteps

    You’ve gotta laugh at the Baroness today with her claims of a bulging email box full of people contacting her about Covid, I mean as if c’mon

    • Petra says:

      More to the point, if true, would she even bother to answer them, Dr Jim? As you pointed out earlier, ”the Baroness is set to demand the FM focus on the *day job* instead of obsessing blah de blah blah, question for the Tory voters here, what is the Baroness’s actual day job, night job, any job, what does that woman actually do?”..

      That ultra-lazy, wee wummin gets paid megabucks for job sharing with DRoss, with both doing less than nought, and is now preparing to head off to the Lords: The most undemocratic institution in the World. That’ll suit her down to a T. £323 a day (tax free), expenses and as much subsidised grub as she’s able to stuff into her already fat face, as millions of kids starve across the UK due to her political party’s Dickensian policies 🤬. On a positive note we’ll be getting rid of her 😀.

      ‘Daily allowance in House of Lords set to rise to £323.’

  177. Petra says:

    Does anyone else find this perplexing? It would seem that, ”it would be highly problematic for Alex Salmond to attend the committee without “the full evidence” being available” and yet both sides seem to be hampered by what they are legally allowed to submit. ”Elsewhere” this is being made out to be Nicola Sturgeon’s fault 😀 that is that the Government is holding back material. Is it her fault that Alex seems to be doing so too?

    ‘Alex Salmond declines Holyrood inquiry invitation.’

    ..”They (Alex’s lawyers) want the government to publish key material from its legal battle with Mr Salmond and the criminal case against him – which ultimately saw him acquitted of 13 charges of sexual assault. In a separate letter to the committee last week, they insisted that he wanted to “cooperate fully”, but had been warned that he “would be committing a criminal offence” if he referred to material which was obtained from the government by his defence team during the High Court trial. It said Mr Salmond – who previously said he was prepared to go to court to force the release of certain documents – could only give a “complete account” with this key material in hand, adding: “The idea that he gives evidence before that material is produced is highly problematic.”..

    ..”The government contends that it has provided thousands of pages of documentation – and that it has been prevented from disclosing some other papers due to objections from Mr Salmond’s legal team.”..

    ..”The Scottish government has also been involved in lengthy exchanges with Mr Salmond’s lawyers about the release of documents, as well as an ongoing row with the committee about the release of legal advice.”…

    • Dr Jim says:

      It’s OK the grand Mufti of Bathistan has cleared it all up using his imagination and Oliver Mundell’s co-operation and fully agrees with whatever the Express and the Daily Mail say

      • Petra says:

        Not only is he a supporter and promoter of right wing newspapers, but also a great admirer of Johann Lamont, Jackie Baillie, Alex Cole-Hamilton and Murdo Fraser, to name but a few BritNats that impress and influence him now. The very people and newspapers that he pointed out, over and over again, were totally against an Independent Scotland and would do everything in their power to prevent it from happening. Looks as though he’s well and truly joined the Unionist turncoat club. Phantom Power should think of interviewing him to, conversely, film a ”Journey to NO.”

        • Dr Jim says:

          They’ll have to pay him, everybody else does

          • jfngw says:

            Just needs a crowdfunding video, I think it’s Kezia and Murdo, could be wrong though.

          • Petra says:

            Well I did at one time too, Dr Jim. Pay him. More fool me. Last donation from me related to the release of the WBB2. Still Waiting as Diana Ross would say and if I find out that I was conned into giving him money and that his wee whatever coloured (yellow) book is going to be used in an attempt to destroy Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP there will be hell to pay. And I doubt I’ll be on my own.

            At one time I suggested, in fact shouted my mouth off on his site, that we should fundraise to buy him a REALLY expensive home of his own here or abroad. Send him on a well deserved cruise etc. Well my excuse now is that that he seemed to support Scottish Independence then even although he had chosen to live in England. That threw me at times, especially with comments from him to the effect that cowardly Scots had put him off of returning home. I thought oh right but what about us the so-called non-cowardly Scots who voted for Independence and are now throwing money hand over fist right into your bank account in Bath, England.

            It’s becoming clear now. Anyone who wants to bring down the most popular and influential FM of Scotland and the only political party that has any hope at all of getting us our Independence is just another rogue happy to take English (or in his case any countries) gold. He in fact outdoes EVERY right wing newspaper and BritNat politician or activist in trying to destroy our chances of getting our Independence now. In saying “he” I’d go along with his constant use of “we”. There’s a team there working on producing his articles. Who are they? Where are they from?

            Rather than go on and on it’s suffice to say that I reckon that he’s now on the point of joining that old gallery of rogues that Burns identified centuries ago and was updated recently. Can he live with that? To my mind that’s not living at all and he’ll find out to his cost (and his astrological chart) that karma will come back very soon indeed to hold him to account.

    • Capella says:

      I would summarise it thus:

      Women accuse Alex Salmond of wrong-doing – “Burn the Witches”
      Alex Salmond accuses women of wrong-doing – “Burn the Witches”.

  178. Legerwood says:

    O/T sort of

    It would appear that the SG has thrown a wee spanner in the attempts of the UKGov to keep secret the supply situation with regards to the vaccine.

    The SG has published a schedule for the supply of the vaccine which, together with other evidence from manufacturers etc suggests that UKGov won’t meet its targets for vaccinations

    From the Daily Telegraph online.

    • jfngw says:

      That’s amusing, the unionist parties at Holyrood continually demanding more data is published, the unionist parties at Westminster complain the SG is publishing too much data.

    • bringiton says:

      Wasn’t it Dross who demanded that the SG publish these figures?
      Will the Tories in London be outraged with Dross?

    • Golfnut says:

      Thanks, well if the supply chain is controlled by the UK gov I’m not surprised that the SG has gone public particularly when there are 3 weeks where there are no supplies available. That’s an organisational cock up for a start.

    • Capella says:

      That’s priceless – thx for posting it Legerwood.

      On Wednesday night, ministers were privately furious that Nicola Sturgeon had unilaterally published the Scottish vaccine delivery schedule, fearing it could endanger supplies.

      Vaccines minister, Nadhim Zahawi MP, founder of Yougove, famously heated his stables at the taxpayer’s expense. Knows a thing or two about finance.

  179. bringiton says:

    The Citizen’s Assembly have issued their report.
    Some good stuff in their recommendations.

  180. Arthur Thomson says:

    I wonder if this publishing of the vaccine supply schedule is payback for the Brits reneging on their agreement to have a four nation approach to vaccination?

    I like it anyway.

  181. I’m off to bed.

    I leave you with this.

    Boris Johnson once more insulted Scotland’s Fish Industry by refusing to respond to Ian Blackford’s question about the now very real crisis in the Scottish Fishing industry.
    In a quite disgraceful display, this fat bloated man boy reverted to Eton Schoolboy idiocy by again getting the SNP name wrong, and ” responded to news of a Scots community facing hardship because of Brexit, by ranting about independence.

    In an astonishing moment in the Commons, after being told about a seafood firm hit by bureaucracy at the border, the Prime Minister shared a social media conspiracy theory about the Scottish Government being too petty to use the word Oxford when referring to the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.”
    In the laughingly titled ‘Politics Scotland’, Andrew Kerr, back as anchor, interviewed Jimmy Buchan, arch Brexiter’ ex trawlerman, who moaned that ‘paperwork’ had led to catches worth between £5000 and £250,000 being left rotten somewhere along the supply chain en route to EU markets, but, as Kerr reminded him that he was all for ‘taking back control’ during the EU Referendum campaign, Buchan ‘lost it’ and blurted out that given time, the industry would get the hang of the new system and..aye, right.
    A million pounds worth of Scots fish wasted, livelihoods threatened and the Fat Owl smirks at the Despatch Box.
    By teatime, the story was dead.

    It was clearly an editorial decision by Islay born Glenn Campbell to bury this PMQ insult to Islay trawlermen.
    Well done, Glenn; Local Boy does bad.
    More tomorrow, I promise.

    A parting glass: why are dozens of middle aged men with blogs and newspaper columns bullying and harassing a woman, Nicola Sturgeon, in defence of AS of the wandering hands?

    Again, more tomorrow.

    I’ve been sanding down and varnishing the inside sills of the rear windows of Castle Collatin today. (south facing and bleached).
    A ‘meaning to do’ chore for, oh, 18 months now.

    Thank the Chief for any distraction from the madness of Britland.
    MY foot might have gone through the telly screen otherwise.

    Dormez-bien, mes braves.

  182. Petra says:

    The poor versus the rich. Especially impacting on our Scottish weans. Once again. If you voted NO in 2014 get real now, get off of your backside, if you REALLY give one whit about the children of Scotland.

  183. Old Pete says:

    Well said Petra, the folk that voted No in 2014 have a lot to answer for.

  184. jfngw says:

    How Tory can you become, I presume when you start writing articles and tweeting articles from the Telegraph or tweet ACH comment you are almost there.

    I wonder what their plans is if their coup succeeds?

  185. Capella says:

    @ bringiton – I’ve just read the summary and recommendations of the Citizens Assembly report. It gets off to a good start in recommending greater involvement in decision making and scrutiny of parliament.

    But I was disappointed in the lack of ambition in the rest of the report. Is this a Labour led organisation? All the aims were around devolving a bit more power, tinkering with tax and spend, and a lot of pious hopes about apprenticeships for young people and investing in libraries!

    Nevertheless, well done for getting something out there to criticise!

    Click to access Citizens-Assembly-Summary-Report.pdf

    • bringiton says:

      I agree.
      However,in order to implement most of the recommendations,people will soon find out that it can only be done through independence.
      A Tory government in London would never agree to this so long as we are under their control.
      Also,compromise was required to produce the findings.
      Not everyone involved was an independence supporter.

  186. Capella says:

    Indyposterboy – Colin Dunn – has a great 10 page Z poster ready to download and print off (though distribution would be problematic atm). He says that Ayemail may be able to print it off in bulk too. Looks excellent for campaigning.

    • jfngw says:

      He’s been doing this type of stuff for some time, it all looks really profession, I wish I had the talent to produce this quality of work.

  187. Alex Clark says:

    Tory Fisheries minister, Victoria Prentis (who she?) was too busy on Xmas Eve organising a nativity trail to bother reading how the Brexit deal would affect fishing.

    Asked during a Lords evidence session if her jaw had dropped when she saw the deal with the EU on Christmas Eve, she said: “No, the agreement came when we were all very busy on Christmas Eve, in my case organising the local nativity trail.

    There have been calls for her to resign, including from Dr Philippa Whitford who described her position as “untenable”. Despite boats being tied up and fish rotting in the back of lorries…

    A Downing Street spokesperson told the Press Association that the prime minister had confidence in Prentis.

  188. Alex Clark says:

    The second Scotsman poll by Savanta ComRes has support for Independence at 57% compared with 58% in the first poll so pretty much support is holding up.

    The SNP are forecast to win 71 of the 129 seats in the May election with the Tories potentially losing 14 seats and down to just 17.

  189. Capella says:

    BBC misleading everyone again. On the website live update:

    The first minister confirms a further 1,707 people have tested positive for Covid-19, 8.3% of the tests carried out yesterday.

    which is a DECREASE on the percentage of people testing positive.

    On R Scotland the Westminster correspondent reports that 1,707 positive tests are an INCREASE of 8.3% on the previous day – which is nonsense. No correction.

    • Legerwood says:

      The Herald has reported it in its headline as ‘a rise of 1707’ when it is actually lower than the day before although overall it has increased the total number of cases. It depends on how you phrase it – for clarity or obfuscation?

      But 1707 – is that a sign or is that a sign?

  190. Capella says:

    Also, they did report that the SG had to take down its information on the vaccine schedule because the BG demands it for commercial confidentiality reasons.

    Also too, the SG is delaying the restrictions on airport arrivals because the BG has delayed until Monday as it hasn’t got the guidelines out yet.

    Also three , Andy Murray has Corona virus and is self isolating 😦

  191. Dr Jim says:

    Business questions in the HOC:

    Jacob Rees Mogg repeats his once in a generation mantra to Tommy Sheppard then moves on the repeat the words of the Grand Mufti of Bathistan in his smears on Nicola Sturgeon

    They’re all reading from the same script now and it’s not about defending the former FM it’s prevent Nicola Sturgeon from bringing about Scottish Independence at all costs

    The flaw in the *we hate Nicola Sturgeon* strategy is selling the notion that people shouldn’t vote for the SNP or Independence because FM Nicola Sturgeon is bad and will live forever and always be the FM of Scotland, of course as everybody knows politicians are voted in and out all the time but Scottish Independence is a much more important event than one politician because it’s about the future of a country not a person, so the splitters who are attempting to railroad voters into thinking the former FM will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes to do what Nicola Sturgeon cannot or won’t do is a complete and total fabrication, because they’re trying to sell the former FM as that personality vote which is the thing they say they oppose Nicola Sturgeon for, the SNP as a party will never ever welcome the former FM back so the only route imaginable for a return such as this would be to form an entirely new party and begin again, I won’t even begin to dignify that nonsense because it just could never succeed for at least a *generation*, sound familiar?

    When you have such people as these spending most of their daily time trying to convince a population that they shouldn’t do something that they clearly want by basing their opposition to doing that on someone else’s particular dislike of one particular individual or politician then people must logically assume there must be some other reason for the motive of these people, or person

    The Internet is a wonderful place but also a ghastly place where disaffected deranged or even cowardly nasty people roam freely to express their views or indeed someone else’s paid for views
    Following 2014 many thousand of people joined the SNP to help support the only party in Scotland who can realistically take Scotland forward to Independence, then after 2016 support grew once more following the Brexit vote by England dragging Scotland out of the EU which Nicola Sturgeon had warned us that the Westminster cabal would do, those warnings have all come true now and Scotland right now is screaming out for Independence, so this any sane person would think is the exact time to be personal likes or dislikes on whichever politician male or female is to your particular taste, and most people are ready to do that because the evidence is there and it’s as clear as day that it’s not only Scotland who prefers FM Nicola Sturgeon it’s the rest of the world too
    so the only people who desire the removal of the most popular politician in Scottish history are Unionists and every other piece of nonsense they cook up to cover that fact up is a lie

    If the late night last 47 bus can take you to Castlemilk that’s the bus you get on or you won’t be travelling to Castlemilk, you’ll be left standing in the rain with your fingers crossed that another bus might come along, but it won’t, and you’ll still be soaking wet and in a bad temper because you didn’t get on that bus because some clown on the Internet lied to you that you should’ve waited for another bus that was never coming, and guess what, he’ll be laughing his head off because he doesn’t even live in Castlemilk

    • Dr Jim says:

      Couple of typos there but I hope you get the overall gist

      • Capella says:

        Sure did.
        I had a look earlier but couldn’t bring myself to read the BTL nonsense. Uncritically reproducing the demented tweets of Jackie Baillie, Murdo Fraser and Alec Cole-Hamilton has to be a new low.

        Reproducing Telegraph articles without pointing put the obvious weasel words and techniques which, once upon a time, would have been the point of the article, is just devious.

        Dear oh dear, it’s very sad – all that’s left of a once proud blog.

    • Ace, Dr Jim.
      Distorting Scotland reporting on Fish disaster. Douglas Fraser waffling about red tape…it will all sort itself out eventually.

      No David Duguid, or B-Lister Union Jack or The Linesman Dross to be seen.

      BBC Scotland, the whore of The Tories, Blue, Red, and Yellow.

      On yesterday’s laughable Blue Tory PPB, the Dross is filmed with his wife and young son, the lad who inspires him to sell his country into English slavery.
      I wonder if young master Ross will ever have to rely on two raw carrots, a couple of over ripe black speckled bananas, a loaf of bread and some limp weeping processed cheese slices as his supper, when Dross becomes FM and The Blue Tories carpetbaggers start skimming off the top, and let English Fascism seep throughout Scotland?

      Tom Gordon just lost it today at the briefing.
      Was he ‘under the weather’?

      57% and counting, before the campaign begins.
      Where is Sub Lieutenant Andrew Bowie hiding?

      • grizebard says:

        Oh no, the shameless partisan managed to turn up at the very
        end with more of his ever-predictable insinuations. And the way Nicola disposed of him so effortlessly was another masterclass in how to deal with such overt enmity.

        (Oh, and not to forget either how she easily swatted away that other would-be shit-stirrer from The Sun. “Do you have a Covid question?”)

        The irony is that while the BritNat politicos were mightily straining themselves to get Nicola off the telly, currently the hyenas of the BritNat press are lusting to get a forum where they can ask Nicola about you-know-who. (As if anybody but them really cares.)

    • jfngw says:

      Brilliant, Ress-Mogg uses WoS, WoS uses the Telegraph, it’s the perfect circle.

      There’s going to be a lot of foot stamping if they don’t get their own way.

  192. Alex Clark says:

    Rees-Mogg delighted in highlighting the Westminster and media inspired “civil war” in the SNP.

    Watch him crow after he dismisses concerns raised by Tommy Shepherd over fishing and repeats the other Westminster inspired garbage of “once in a generation” referendum.

    Unfortunately for the Ree=ss-Mogg’s and Johnsons of this world 57% of Scots at least can see right through them and their plan isn’t working as support continues to grow and the popularity of Nicola Sturgeon, not just in Scotland but in the EU too also continues to grow.

    These people are helping us open the eyes of fellow Scots which once opened to their shenanigans cannot be shut. They are too thick to see that, long may they carry on.

    • Capella says:

      Indeed – The National today reports that the SNP will increase votes from disaffected Labour and Tory supporters:

      LABOUR and Tories in Scotland could face an exodus of voters to the SNP in May’s election, new figures suggest.

      A Savanta ComRes poll, carried out for the Scotsman, shows significant a proportion of Scots are reconsidering their voting intention based on the SNP government’s response to the pandemic.

      It comes amid ever-increasing admiration for Nicola Sturgeon among backers of all the main parties.

  193. Statgeek says:

    Latest poll on Indy VI is steady on previous month’s poll:

  194. Alex Clark says:

    This is a very good article explaining the legislation that the Scottish government have put in place so as the Holyrood elections can go ahead as planned during the pandemic.

    Much there that I never knew of, especially the statement that the election must take place by November 5 2021 regardless of any postponement.

  195. bringiton says:

    The fishing expedition today on Covid Update from some of the press re. vaccine supply data being published was interesting.
    The cover story from London is that they didn’t want the supply data to be published because other countries would find out and demand more from the manufacturers.
    Something fishy about that.
    Are they using PAYG contract arrangements or have they signed up to a total number of vaccines?
    We should never,ever be in a situation where we are dependent on England’s Tories honouring commitments to Scotland and always have a plan B to hand (PPE supply is a recent example).
    I suspect there is more to this story than meets the eye.

    • jfngw says:

      I suspect it has revealed the numbers promised by BJ are bullshit and they want it hidden, I’m sure a saw a tweet yesterday were someone had extrapolated the Scotland numbers and found they didn’t match the promises. Wish I had kept a note of were I read it.

      The crap about other countries is obvious nonsense, they will all be demanding the maximum supply already.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Perhaps your vaccine numbers extrapolation was on John Robertson’s TUSK, I recall multiple such analyses but that’s what I recall.
        As to dubiety over HMG’s justifications for vaccination availability being commercially sensitive, I suspect this best summarises what most folks’ believe…

  196. Jacksg says:

    Free school meals/ food box fiasco in England.

    Be aware this is a rant. 😠

    The fiasco of giving kids a free dinner/ lunch during the half-term breaks continues today when schools in England were told today not to provide free school meals. you can read the article here.

    Now I am incandescent about this government at the best of times but they are deliberately putting obstacles in the way of schools and local authorities helping out families which are struggling. The devolved nations in NI, Scotland, and Wales funded local authorities with enough cash to provide food during term time and half-term holidays until April 2021 and beyond,

    in merry old Tory England, they said no wait a minute we are not giving out free food, we are not giving out vouchers either the feckless poor will spend it on fags, booze, or worse use it to feed their crack habit. So a famous footballer who was no stranger to poverty as a child intervenes. After much celebrity and public outcry, they do a u-turn. Oh but wait the platitudes are for the media. What they do is they give lots of (taxpayers cash) to their pals to send out a food box (despite the distribution costs) cause that way they ( the poor feckless bastards ) will be grateful for what they are given.

    Turns out said boxes contained 5 quid’s worth of food instead of the equivalent 30.00 which is what the vouchers should have been. The box was so bad you would have been lucky to get a pot of soup out of it as it contained few vegetables. Cue much disgust from the public, and more platitudes from the Tories. Now today it turns out that they are not funding local authorities and schools to distribute the meals no this is coming from a grant which is very difficult to administer. As the union guy says in the article it’s a logistical nightmare.

    Of course, it is pal, its deliberate. It’s the same with Universal credit. The aim is to make it as difficult as possible for people to access welfare. David Cameron called it ‘Responsibilisation’ basically the Tories ideology is that the individual is responsible for themselves and any offspring they have, so if ma works at say the Asda on a minimum wage and is solely responsible for her family (As Marcus Rashford’s mother was) then it is not up to the state to help them. Even during a global health crisis.

    It is now bordering on fascism. I grew up in The Thatcher years when they systematically destroyed our industries and demonized our working-class culture to the point where is now barely recognizable. They were bastards, but they were clever with it. This mob are beyond parody, the lunatics have indeed taken over the asylum’ 😠

    • Exactly, Jacksg.

      Vote for Douglas Ross and feed our weans raw carrots and rotten bananas.
      They are Bits ,Tories, and are committed to Boris Johnson’s Starve the Poor Reward Our Mates destruction of civic society.
      The deserving and undeserving poor.
      If willie Rennie mentions the mental welfare of our poor kids and the attainment gap, somebody has my permission to laugh in his face. This is his United Kingdom…
      Leonard has bailed out, I see.
      Three fucking wasted years.
      And we paid for it.

  197. Hamish100 says:

    The population of each country is known x 2, = the answer

    Why would you not promote that you have met your promise, Johnson?

  198. Alex Clark says:

    Rupert Lipsucker has resigned from Labour.

    • grizebard says:

      One is somewhat reminded of Dorothy Parker’s quip when it was announced that Pres. Calvin Coolidge had passed-away: “how do they know?”.

  199. Alex Clark says:

    Anas Sarwar to take over LOL

  200. Alex Clark says:

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      It has to be Jackie Baillie, just think of the strength, charisma and weight of argument that both Ruth and Jackie could bring to the debate in Scotland.

      Aye, were doomed.. 🙂

  201. Dr Jim says:

    As Rumpole of the Labour exits stage left Scotland Hee Haws and awaits the next sacrificial Bam to park their bahookey on the front bench of shame, how much can the next bleeder of the Labour party continue to reduce their lack of popularity and how little shame they have about themselves for still existing as puppets of the Baroness who’s Arse might be made for bull riding but her feet are fleet as hell as she makes the final dash for her home in Westmingerland where she can escape any blame for what’s about to happen to her own Toppsy Tory party

    The cling is dead and so will be the next one

    • grizebard says:

      Aye, they could go through the whole lot of them and it wouldn’t change a damn thing.

      Not that I can, but I vote for La Baillie. Test Jock Puppet Labourite collaboration with the Tories to destruction.

      May just can’t come quickly enough.

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