Act Two of Brexit is about to begin: Scotland leaving the UK

Sorry I’ve not been very active on the blog of late, but I’ve recently been experiencing severe issues with post-stroke fatigue and have been too tired and wiped out to do anything much. Even so, I couldn’t allow Boris Johnson’s recent bout of arrogant idiocy to pass unremarked.

Speaking on the Marr show over the weekend, the prime Malingerer Boris Johnson suggested that there should not be another Scottish independence referendum until the same period of time had elapsed as there was between the referendum on EEC membership in 1975 and the referendum on leaving the EU in 2016, a period of 41 years, That would mean that there would not be another independence referendum until 2055, by which time the youngest people to vote in the 2014 referendum, those who were 16 in 2014, would be 57 years old. This is of course an obvious nonsense. It might play well with the dwindling band of staunch social media accounts bedecked in union flags which delude themselves that they speak for a majority in Scotland, but it’s anathema to the real majority of Scottish opinion and a final nail in the coffin of the claim that the UK is a partnership.

Johnson was of course speaking to his base and setting out the Tories’ position to the party’s supporters prior to this year’s crucial Holyrood elections. We should not be unduly concerned by his ludicrous and anti-democratic statement, not least because lying isn’t second nature to Johnson, it is his first nature and it’s what defines him. It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many people in the independence movement who take the words of an inveterate liar at face value.

I am sure it’s the constant and debilitating fatigue and exhaustion I’m battling, but the other day I just ran out of patience and the strength and energy to deal with the woe, woe and thrice woe end of the Scottish independence movement. We have record levels of support for independence, the pro-independence parties are on course to win a majority in May, Conservative advisors like the former Scottish Tory spin doctor Andy Maciver are publicly warning that the Unionists have run out of road. In an article in the Herald he points out that it’s not just that there are now consistent and substantial leads for independence in opinion polling, but in addition the demographic data is catastrophic for traditional Scottish Unionism. The only age cohort where there is still a majority against independence is the very oldest, meaning the the longer the Conservatives succeed with the sole tactic they’ve got – which is to stall and delay a referendum, the harder it’s going to be for them to win when a vote finally comes about. Amongst younger age groups, support for independence is the settled will, enjoying overwhelming support amongst the youngest voters. independence also now enjoys majority support amongst the professional classes in Scotland and amongst women, two key groups which were instrumental in delivering the no vote in 2014.

Nevertheless, some supposed independence campaigners can only preach doom and gloom, because they are somehow far more confident in the Conservatives’ ability to resist the growing clamour for independence than the Conservatives are themselves. I just can’t be dealing with such woebaggery any more. I’m too tired for it.

For Andy Maciver The key message for British nationalists is that if they keep focussing on how to avoid a referendum rather than how to win it then have already lost. Yet this is a message which has not registered at all with the Conservatives , instead they are increasingly digging themselves into an anti-democratic hole which will only repel those soft no voters and undecideds upon whom opposition to independence ultimately depends.

Yet in order to win the referendum the British nationalists need a message and a programme that they can sell to those who previously backed No but who are increasingly seeing independence as a better alternative to the Union. They require something which has a chance of attracting back the significant numbers of remain voters who voted no in 2014 but who now see independence as the quickest and most realist route back into the EU for Scotland.

The problem that they have here is that even a cast iron commitment to full fiscal autonomy within a decentralised and federalised UK won’t be enough to allow Scotland the closer ties to the EU that most in Scotland prefer. And that’s even if there was a genuine and sincere willingness on the part of the Conservatives to agree to far-ranging federalism. Instead the Tories show every indication that they intend to double down on their centralising instincts. Their answer to calls from Scotland for self-determination is to deny Scottish democracy and to plaster union flags on everything from driving licences to vaccines.
The May 2021 elections are the most important in the UK’s recent history and will decide if Scotland becomes independent or not. It is vital that we return a pro-independence majority to the next Scottish Parliament elected on a clear mandate for another referendum. To those that say the SNP has already had such a mandate but hasn’t used it – So what? It’s only recently that we have started to see consistent majorities for independence. When polls were regularly returning majorities against independence, it was very easy for the British government to rebuff a demand for a section 30 order, safe in the knowledge that the SNP lacked the political capital and majority support necessary to embark upon an alternative course of action and see it be sucessful.

That equation changes in a Scotland where support for independence is in the high 50% and where the Scottish government has just been re-elected with a strong and unconditional mandate. Under such circumstances the independence cause can be confident that it can successfully pursue alternative action and take the majority support of Scotland and the support of the international community with it.

It is not a question of simply keeping on asking Johnson for a section 30 order in the hope that he will eventually change his mind. and I do not believe that is the view of the First Minister either.

For my own part I’d prefer to see a plebiscite election, although an advisory referendum under the auspices of Holyrood is also an option – a plebiscite election sidesteps the issue of lawfulness as it is unquestionably lawful and is harder for opponents of independence to boycott – but either must come after the election of a majority pro-independence Scottish Parliament in May which then demands a Section 30 order, a demand which is then rebuffed or refused by Johnson. It’s precisely his refusal which legitimises alternative action in the eyes of the majority of the Scottish people and the international community, because Scotland will be seen to have complied with the democratic steps which brought about the first referendum and it will be clear that Johnson is only refusing because he fears the result..

It is because we have not yet completed these first vital stages that Nicola Sturgeon currently refuses to countenance any alternatives to a Section 30 order. In order to ensure that there is sufficient anger and outrage from the majority of the Scottish people to ensure the success of alternative action, she cannot concede that Johnson has any moral, political or democratic right to refuse. Likewise it would be politically foolish of her to discuss the details of any alternative action as that will merely subject that plan to scrutiny and attack and making it less likely to succeed. So we must focus our efforts on continuing to build support for independence and work to return a pro independence majority in May. We must then allow Johnson to refuse a Section 30 order or to put unreasonable obstacles in its way – then it becomes time for alternative action, either a plebiscite election or an advisory referendum held under the auspices of Holyrood, both of which must be accompanied by a mass campaign from civic Scotland and the wider independence movement. The key word there being ‘mass’- and that is why it is vital to ensure that we take majority opinion in Scotland with us, and we ensure we broaden the legitimacy of alternative action beyond those of us who have long been committed to independence.

Under such circumstances, by the time that alternative action is taken. British nationalism in Scotland, which is already weak and hollowed out from within and without any answers or solutions and which is facing a demographic time bomb, will already have lost. Westminster will have lost control of events and Scotland will become independent without Johnson’s permission.  The prospect of losing control of events may prompt Johnson to belatedly agree to a referendum, but by that time it will already be too late and a Section 30 order will be irrelevant.   He will already have lost Scotland.  Act One of Brexit, The UK leaving the EU is over. Act Two is about to begin, Scotland leaving the UK.

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153 comments on “Act Two of Brexit is about to begin: Scotland leaving the UK

  1. Grace Chilles says:

    Take care of yourself. You will be needed even more soon. x

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Isobel Macrae-Wilson says:

    watching today the best of leaders Nicola, (our wonderful FM) and the bumbling LBJ, I went cold thinking, that if this covid pandemic and the Brexit omnishambles had occurred in 1991, then we would have no hope in the EU, and no chance of controlling or even working decisively to combat covid. Where would we be? us in the Highlands, certainly not in the same frame as your new neck of the woods Paul, faced with a shuffling confusing, and U-no-who, a dangerous lunatic. Never in any doubt about the FM, but just realised how amazing it is that we have the government we have, with flaws sure, but against all the odds people here do not listen to the nae sayers, like many I am fed up with the woe, woe thrice times woe wail of the wobblies, I see people I know turning up and applauding the Mike Russels of this country when before they were deaf and fearful of change. Change is coming, Rome wisnae built in a day, most vaccines take 10 years to develop, and indy is still in its mainstream infancy. Going to be a year amongst few others to remember, with pride and joy and hope, tinged with sadness for all those lost, and all those damaged by covid.

  3. dorancaird says:

    Being tired is normal post stroke. When I was wee it was often called a “shock “by folk. And really it is just that. There’ll be all sorts of mixed messages going on in your brain as it furiously tries to change some of the old wiring. I know it’s nonsense but my ex had a lung removed 40+ years back ( surviving still) and I remember being unable to shake off the imagery of the corpuscles racing to the sealed off artery shouting” hold on chaps, cul de sac ahead”. Your neurons will be yelling “fuse blown R hand side,try another switch!” Take it easy. We need you. You never fail to give me hope

  4. Anonymous says:


    Well thought out and clear.

    My one issue is if the Conservatives were able to side step round more devolution in Scotland from 79-97 in Scotland without budging – when a far higher percentage of the Scottish population wanted it than even current Yes levels- then why not do it again?

    Of course it is not democratic but that has never stopped them in the past.



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    • weegingerdug says:

      because in 1979 to 97 we didn’t have a Scottish Parliament to authorise a referendum and Scottish elections which could be converted into a plebiscite on independence

  5. Alba woman says:

    Fortune favours the Brave Paul and one thing for sure is that you are very brave. You have still got a distance to go in recovery. However once you fully recover from the shock of what happened to you the tiredness will be relieved. It can take the body and the mind some time to fully heal.

    The great thing is that you are still writing at your previous level . You are so spot on about you know who…..he is so deluded as to his abilities and charm level ….

    I like your potential strategies and am currently getting as fit as I can to get out there with the Indy folk.

    Patience is genius and you might consider using your undoubted intelligence in plotting your journey to the peak of patience!

  6. Thanks for that Paul, much needed. So important that you take all the time you need right now, and have the energy we need in the times to come. A guid new year to you and Peter; stay safe, and well.

  7. Another fine article, Paul. Completely agree with all you say. I would add that I think after SNP win an absolute majority in HR in May and are subsequently refused S30 by Bojo (as will almost certainly be the case), then the SNP MSPs must resign en masse (prob also our WM MPs), forcing a 2nd Holyrood election (& WM by-elections) only this time SNP standing on a straight manifesto of Independence. No way I’m waiting until 2026 (or even 2024) to get Scotland away from these Tory psychopaths.

    • weegingerdug says:

      I don’t think they should resign, but I do think they should use every obscure rule and convention in the westminster playbook to gum up the commons and make life as difficult as possible for the Conservatives

  8. carolclark1 says:

    Thank you Paul for that piece. I’m sick to the back teeth of the woe brigade as well. For about a week I’ve been in a dark place as I lost a very dear friend. It’s lovely to come here and read a very cheery uplifting article. I’m ready along with my daughter in law and some o’ the granweans tae get the boots on and get marching.

    Happy New Year to you and Peter. Please rest and take care of yourself, we need you and the indy movement need you. Save some energy for the flitting cause you’ll need all of it.

  9. […] Wee Ginger Dug Act Two of Brexit is about to begin: Scotland leaving the UK Sorry I’ve not been very active on the blog of late, but I’ve recently been […]

  10. helentyates says:

    a plebiscite election sidesteps the issue of lawfulness as it is unquestionably lawful and is harder for opponents of independence to boycott – but either must come after the election

    Maybe it’s just me but if a plebiscite election is lawful as we know it is then where would be the sense of having an election to have another election when the May election would get the job done?

  11. Bob Lamont says:

    Just the ticket, good to hear from you again Paul, despite the fatigue, astutely observed as always.

    Blair’s latest was a hoot, a rerun of “the message isn’t getting through” in full knowledge the Scots had cut the lines. The realisation of Scots the WM jallopy won’t and can’t be repaired v Blair’s “a new coat of paint should get through the next MOT” reminded me of his contrast with ROI’s Ahern over Derv price increases in the early 2000s. Blair – “we will not be dictated to by some third party (the public)” v Ahern – “we’ve put this on hold realising the public anger”. Never was I more impressed by the Irish “healthy disrespect for authority”, otherwise realising who really holds power in a true democracy.
    Yet Johnson flaunts the same mistaken attitude as Blair and the vast majority of politicians, the public LEND them the power to wield every 5 years and they can do what the hell they like between times. Excuse me ? Naw.

    Between Covid screwups in England, an upcoming fiasco over vaccines, Tory members convinced Scots are a drain on their wealth, the Tories have created their own demise, Independence is is the bag bar the signatures, the Turdos and Never-Hurrys have had their day in Scotland.
    As to the woe thrice woe brigade, they’ll join Frankie Howerd and John Laurie as a distant bad memory soon enough.

  12. Remember this
    Only 39.8% of eligible voters voted NO in 2014 to Scottish independence

    15.41% didn’t vote at all and 0.09% didn’t fill in the voting form correctly so their vote didn’t count
    That’s 15.50% not counted

    Add the not counted to the 44.70% that voted YES and you get 60.20% who did not vote NO

    That’s 60.2% who DID NOT vote NO in 2014

    Now that we have 56% or more saying they will vote YES I despair at the gloomy people
    And if you add the 15.5% who didn’t vote last time and the ones who didn’t fill in the form properly you get 71.5% which means the NO vote has shrunk to about 28.5% of all eligible voters

    Let’s kick their ass this time
    Come on get excited about this ,rouse your friends and relatives and workmates we are in the ascendancy now
    We are going to win

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Remember this..
      Tories, Labour and Liberal conspired in 2014 to lie though their teeth over a Union which sell-by date expired 50 years before.
      The Tories won the 2019 GE convincing Labour voters it was all a lost cause by flooding trad and social media with negativity. With Mr Playdough remaining Scotland’s last MP they switched attention to SNP…
      For the thousands of anti-indy comments on BBC HYS, there are probably only about 10 keyboard warriors paid by the hour to pour scorn on anything discussed, for HMS Sarah Smith there will be no quarter given as she believes Labour dominance was usurped…
      Yet this time it’s different, we know who and where the enemy are, the distortions they employ and the techniques they deploy, this time they will not subvert democracy for their own selfish objectives…

  13. Woe Bagger says:

    So you’re giving up until 2026? You want a plebiscite election, but not THIS election, which means the next one.

  14. Iain 2 says:

    Hi Paul, post stroke fatigue is a real thing I should know 11 years ago I had one. Try to take it easy and when you are up to it get as fit as you can. We have a big flight coming up, but I think you are right that the people of England think we are subsidy junkies and they will be happy to let us go.

  15. Clachangowk says:

    Thanks, Paul, for clearly setting out the way forward with which I fully agree. For months now I have become tired of the Know-alls complaining that the SNP should have got Independence long ago and the fact that they haven’t means that the FM ( add any derogatory name) does not want Independence.
    I suspect most of this lot claiming to want Independence are Unionist trolls; if they really want Independence their naivety about strategic thinking is remarkable.

    Keep well and power to your pen.

  16. jfngw says:

    The hole in Johnson’s logic (I’m being generous here) is Westminster could have had a referendum at any time they voted for it, the fact they chose not to was entirely within their power. Even when almost every Scottish MP voted against a referendum it was still held in Scotland.

    Now we effectively have politicians from a foreign country telling us we don’t have the same rights.

  17. gavinochiltree says:

    Are we nearly there, yet? Yes, we are.

    Can we do it? YES WE CAN!

    Boris isn’t the most stalwart of men. He infamously wrote two Brexit letters.
    He waffles, backtracks and u-turns every day of his life.
    I suspect he will find a reason to quit next year, rather than fight a battle he must know he cannot win.
    Refuse a section 30 then leave it to someone else.
    The second a Section 30 order is refused, the Scottish government should go to the country with independence the only issue.
    There is a danger that Holyrood would be cancelled in that event, but as they cannot rule a country without the concent of the public, I don’t believe this would happen.

  18. Dr Jim says:

    In comparative political years the SNP have only been in power for five minutes yet look where they are right now with the UK English Nationalist government swiveling their eyes in all directions clueless about which decision to make to overcome their support, just like with Covid all they can do is react and they’re doing it badly by sticking their heads in the sand and squealing Naw Naw Naw

    If the English Nationalists really had a political plan to stop the SNP they’d be employing it now but they don’t so they do what they always do, nothing! just like they’re doing with Covid
    The FM said Scotland will have a referendum and it will be put beyond all legal challenge, I don’t know what she’s going to do but I do know that it’s a good idea that I don’t, because if I don’t know then neither do the Brits, and I’m happy with that because I don’t want the same mistakes repeated like last time

    The people who count, the voters, are overwhelming in their support for the FM and Independence and they’re just waiting to vote for it when they’re asked, the Internet screamers are a tiny minority just making a whole lot of noise for themselves in the hope of convincing themselves more than they already are that they’re machinations and plots are working and any minute the FM will resign, the SNP will implode and a new and as yet unnamed saviour will emerge from within the Scotlean popular front movement of six or seven people to deliver Scotland the utopian socialist republic of Karl Sphinx that they deserve by changing the SNP into the same kind of insular political party that exactly mirrors Boris Johnsons Tories, but not

    And everybody in Scotland will defo vote for that won’t we, will it be a wee red book this time foreworded by a revived George Galloway who’s changed his mind about Independence because he’s leading the charge now for British Scottish independence in Russia with pictures of Homer and Cycle on our passports, or other characters from the Simpsons, it’s funny how the entire rest of the world regards Nicola Sturgeon as the top politician in these islands and pretty much everywhere else, so much so she’s got the Brits thrashing around achieving nothing yet in Scotland we have the zoomers who think bringing back Kenny Dalglish for another go at scoring when he couldnae score before even when his legs have gone is a great idea

  19. Martin says:

    Well thought out and clear.

    My one issue is if the Conservatives were able to side step round more devolution in Scotland from 79-97 in Scotland without budging – when a far higher percentage of the Scottish population wanted it than even current Yes levels- then why not do it again? 

    Of course it is not democratic but that has never stopped them in the past.

  20. Arthur Thomson says:

    I watched Nicola today. It’s always a relief for me to see her fronting up Scotland.

    She is calm, resolute, informed and in charge. The fact that we have a list of similarly superb women behind her is additionally reassuring in these difficult times.

    Scotland is in the safest possible hands and the majority of Scots sleep better in the knowledge of that.

    The Brits, on the other hand ………

  21. Alba woman says:

    Just checked prices to send suitcase to ROI have done this for a few years. clothes for relatives children

    Suitcase sent December 2020 price £12.30

    Suitcase to be sent January 2021 price….£21. 34

  22. Movy says:

    Take care of yourself Paul. We need you for the forthcoming events.
    And thanks for another great article.

  23. Arthur Thomson says:

    Your post is a breath of fresh air Paul. Inspiring as always and as lucid as any you have ever written.

    For me, you exemplify the same qualities as our FM. No bullshit, no misplaced bravado, no negativity. Just calm and astute analysis of where we are at and how we will proceed positively to the achievement goal.

    Stay safe, be kind to yourself and gather your strength, to play your part in leading us to overcome the challenges ahead.

  24. Dr Jim says:

    If there’s one thing Scots should learn from the English it’s how to stick together and have confidence you can win even if you’re wrong, they got behind Theresa May and she was as weak as dishwater, they got behind Boris the liar and won, well they think they’ve won, the point is they don’t care about doing something right they just care about what they think of as winning

    Scotland is notorious for looking for a bigger gun to shoot off our own foot, they can only suppress us as long as we let them believe they can, their arrogance is their weakness

    • No you are wrong Dr Jim
      I find it odd that some people keep saying things like

      “ Scotland is notorious for looking for a bigger gun to shoot off our own foot, “

      NO …Scotland is not notorious for that

      Scotland is notorious for much greater , better things than that

      • Dr Jim says:

        We invented the phrase *no good can come of it* *aye but we’ll only make them angry then we’ll pay for it* or *don’t get your hopes up we’ll lose the next one* how about the famous Gordon Strachan one *Aw naw we scored too early* or the current version *He’ll just keep saying naw then what’ll we dae*

        300 years of accepting and expecting defeat before the fight is fought

        It’s like a mental picture of Labours James Kelly pointing his finger and repeating the word *doom* over and over on repeat

  25. Hamish100 says:

    I feel confident for Scotland. Just how difficult has this been for all and yet the FM and Independence is more popular than ever. The general public support both.

    The government needs help -Iet it govern in this difficult time and let us pro independence supporters speak/ Facebook/ Twitter/ zoom etc to our friends and wider audience that we are the best people to govern ourselves.

    Paul -small steps -its been a harder time for you. Take care.

  26. Capella says:

    Sums up the current situation perfectly. There are those who tend to advance independence and those who tend to obstruct. Attacking the leadership is definitely an obstruction. I prefer to attack the leadership of the unionist camp who are corrupt, mendacious and greedy. They are bankrolled by dark players with evil intentions. Let’s do everything we can to defeat their plans.

    Take care Paul and take it easy. We don’t need frequent posts, just the occasional morale booster like this one. Thank you.

  27. Doug says:

    “It is not a question of simply keeping on asking Johnson for a section 30 order in the hope that he will eventually change his mind. and I do not believe that is the view of the First Minister either.”

    Well, we all need hope so I hope you’re right about the FM.

    • Golfnut says:

      It’s the British nationalists basing their defence of the union on hope, hope they can undermine the FM, hope to cause division within the Yes movement, hope that somehow they can reverse the polls, hope that the media lies and misinformation will once again achieve traction amongst the people of Scotland, hope that the world isn’t watching, but most of all they hope they can get out of this union without facing retribution.

  28. Bill Hume says:

    Thank you Paul, keep on keeping on. I hope when we can travel about again I get the chance to say thank you in person.
    I’ll be 70 this year and still hope to see Scotland an independent nation once more, but as you have discovered in 2020, we can take nothing for granted.
    I’m missing Wee Ginger but hope to introduce you to my Big Hairy Dug sometime (be aware she’s a bit leery of strangers and does not like being patted on the head……bum scratches seem acceptable however)……she does not bite, thankfully ‘cos she’s a big beasty.

  29. Beatrice O'Neill says:

    What if they keep saying no?

  30. Hamish100 says:

    I see The Press on bbc news spent the whole programme talking about England and their papers apart from 1 small comment that The FM has had the same problem as the PM.
    Noticed The Telegraph top banner has Ruth Davidson on it.
    What nonsense will she spouting forth to the London clique?
    Maybe I’m too critical. Maybe it is Looking for a bedsit. Surely. Dame Moany will oblige.

  31. Mairead Macdougall says:

    Thanks Paul, at the risk of being irritating when you’re not well (I don’t meant to be, but I am impressed by the arguments put forward by Chris McEleny and Angus Brendan MacNeil). I don’t think there is any doubt that a plebiscite election is lawful and would be recognised by the international community. I understand that there would be a need for the strategy of a May plebiscite to have widespread popular support but do you not think, given the popularity of and faith in the FM and the way the opinion polls reflect the support for independence, it could be an achievable strategy if the leadership of the SNP were to get behind it? Hope you’re recovery is going well.

    • No, sorry, Mairead, May’s election is a Scottish General Election, and will be contested across a range of issues: Health Education, Police, the Economy, not just a ‘single issue’Nats vote for Independence.

      Each party will campaign on the basis of their manifesto ‘pledges’, as never before.

      The Red Blue and Yellow Tories’ manifesto documents will of course consist of two lines:

      “WE pledge the same stuff as Our English Bosses tell us to promise, oh, and no Indyref 2 until 2055.”

      The problem about being a Jock pet poodle slavishly following England’s orders, is that the ‘Opposition’, in this case the Basturd SNP has a raft of grown up policies, covering all aspects of Scottish civic, economic, social, and international issues, including Self Determination, defence, fiscal autonomy, and so on.

      I haven’t a clue what the Jock Greens will platform on, but I assume that Self Determination and driving the English army/ navy/air force and nuclear weapons from our land, and damning the English imperial post Brexit Iron Heel Oligarchy will feature prominently among their pledges.

      Leonard, Rennie, and the Linesman can offer no promises to us Jocks in a Scottish Manifesto.

      They are powerless to offer us anything, as witnessed by the lies and betrayal of, agriculture….

      They are glove puppets…

      The SNP is governing Scotland and will ‘stand on their record’, not just the ‘single issue’ of self determination.
      We have to win over the switherers, the DKs, the soft Nos. What is in Free Scotland for them?

      The Red Blue and Yellow Tories would introduce prescription charges, the Bedroom tax, remove the Scottish Government’s mitigation interventions designed to stave off the worst excesses of Rennie’s Leonard’s and Ross’ cuts, Coal Scuttle Hamilton would introduce tolls on the New Bridge, and Baroness Ruth of Rape would force through the English UCS cuts , and relentless attack on our poor, if the Blue Tories gained ascendancy (no don’t laugh); and That Dick, Leonard, CND Member will need to explain retaining Trident and flloding our air bases, barracks, and RN docks with thousands more English troops, sailors and airmen and even more nuclear hardware.

      Let this will be a full blown ‘proper’ GE.

      Let Campbell or Macwhirter, explain why Scotland would be better off out of Europe against our will, and one million Scots and one third of a million of our children must continue to live in poverty because our Colonial Masters, and their Eton buffoon, plus a handful of Brit Jocks Up Her declare that this to be so.

      Attack attack attack.

      Compare and contrast the SNP record with what’s happening in England on Health, welfare, and the unfolding outrage of Imperial England post Brexit.

      IMHO, this is how we win. We rip their lungs out in debate.

      WE expose Ross Leonard and Rennie for what they are; trained idiots with no alternative vision for Scotland other than to promise Scots citizens more of the same vicious havoc chaos and Brexit imperialism unleashed on England by their London Masters,

      I am a European, not a Briton, and certainly not a subjugated conquered slave of Imperial England.

      Well, Leonard, Rape Clause, Wee Willie Winkie.

      Where’s the Brit Nat Brexit ‘beef’?

      Dance before me, you Blue Red and Yellow Tories and convince me that starving the many Scots to reward the few Jock Brit elite is best all round and Scotland should just ‘live with it’ under England’s Homeland Security Iron Curtain.

      I’ll stop now, but you get my drift, Mairead.

      What’s on offer, Brits?

      Nothing, is the answer of course.

      This GE is the fight for our very existence.

      Following success in May, then the Deluge.

      A Referendum for which we ask no Foreigner’s permission to run.

      • astytaylor says:

        Well said, Mr <ollatin,
        as eloquent and erudite as always.You have been around the blo<k a few times and know how the world works (or doesn't work, often).
        Talking of work; i'm planning on being ba<k in the spring. If you know of any ragged arsed ur<hins that need some outdoor edu<ation, or old biddies that need gro<eries delivered, or almost any kind of worthwhile job that needs doing, keep me in mind.
        all the best, asty
        (ps, sorry for the ghetto looking typing, letter between b and d is kna<kered).

        • let us know when you hit these shores, asty..
          I’ve not had a Guinness in 10 months…
          That’s powerful thirst right there.
          I too am a bcd short of a querty these days…

    • weegingerdug says:

      There is already a recognised process for Scotland to achieve independence . That’s the process from 2014, I really don’t think that the international community or a majority of Scottish opinion would accept any attempt to short cut that process which is why I think we need to use May’s election for a mandate for a referendum then when a sec30 is refused go for a plebiscite election and/or a consultative referendum under the auspices of Holyrood as soon as possible – which could be as early as the autumn this year

  32. ScotsCanuck says:

    I think James Kelly’s Post Brexit Independence Poll is going to be particularly informative regarding Scottish political opinion …. could be a real insight as to our strength with the Scottish voting public …. and a death knell for the Unionist cabal.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Sadly JK is the subject of dreadful abuse by some at the moment. Gives the impression someone is looking for a fight or provoke a response.

      • jfngw says:

        He should just ignore them, there is no appeasing the Bath Enquirer disciples unless you can find a ‘SNP conspiracy evidence found on the moon’ story.

  33. Bob Lamont says:

    From astute observations from Fintan O’Toole –
    “It is important to remember that the English nationalism that has driven Brexit is not just anti-European. It is anti-Scottish”
    “…this powerfully negative response reflected the fact that “we” (meaning the English) “hate being ruled or bossed by foreigners. French, Germans, Scots, anyone—and it looked as though we were going to be run by Alex Salmond… it is a most powerful thing when people are threatened by government by outsiders.” French, Germans – Scots! In the very uncertain state of English identity (with all the angst that came to the surface a year later), the main partners in the United Kingdom could be lumped in with all the other foreigners and outsiders interfering with English freedom.”

    The Tory chicanery of “Scots subsidy-spongers” founded on that premise has now become their nemesis, saying NO to a referendum is deeply unpopular with Tory members and English Nationalists alike, and adding insult to injury for Scots.
    The problem for Johnson or whoever replaces him is the Scots are going one way or the other, it’s how they save political face which eludes them and time is not on their side….

  34. Dr Jim says:

    Another reason for Scottish Independence became the most clear and obvious we’ve ever had this year

    There will be more Pandemics and Scotland would once again be at the mercy of an English chancellor and the policies of whichever political party that might happen to be meaning we would be reacting to problems and not being proactive because Scotland isn’t *allowed* our own bank card

    At the beginning of this current Pandemic we know that Nicola Sturgeon would have done what every other country had the power to do, close our borders and implement whatever measures Scotland required instantly and pay for it with our own access to borrowing like a normal country

    Right now The Scottish government no matter which party might be in charge cannot proactively decide measures to protect its citizens from harm unless and until England makes a decision and we’ve seen the snail paced attitude towards that during this current Pandemic, not to mention the level of Tory corruption doling out cash to mates and doing deals to enrich themselves on the back of peoples deaths then blatantly lie about that amount

    People will say the FM is or was slow to react but of course she couldn’t pro act because she wasn’t *allowed* to, compared to the speed of Boris Johnson Nicola Sturgeon is a race horse, the rest of the world knows it and cover their front pages with news and respect for her opinions and methods

    Boris Johnson? well we all know what the world opinion is of him and his English Nationalist party

    There will be another Pandemic, what are we prepared to do about that

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Indeed Dr. Jim. There may be another pandemic, or this one will just go on for longer than anyone imagines, I hope not.

      One thing I was thinking about though, look at what happened yesterday. The First Minister of Scotland spent a long time in explaining that, sadly, a full lockdown is now necessary for our country to stem the infection rates of a deadly virus if at all possible. The Prime Minister, of the UK, had to back down from business as usual for the plebs, and follow Nicola Sturgeon’s lead, or be exposed even further as the disaster capitalist that he and his cabal are, where the people are actually collateral. That would not have gone down well, the people of England were getting the heebie jeebies about the way their chosen government, the Tories, were putting money before lives.

      We could even say, that at least indirectly, the First Minister of Scotland may well be helping save lives of the people in England by taking definitive action when needed. This virus, you cannot F about with it, but that is what the EngGov have been doing and it is a disaster. They bullied Scotland last year, the SNP are having non of that this year, standing up for Scotland, saving lives across the UK. Keep up the good work Scotland, take no more nonsence from London.

    • Petra says:

      Spot on Dr Jim. This virus and the way that it’s been dealt with north versus south of the border has been a real eyeopener for the masses that are not normally interested in politics and to my mind, even more so than the dire consequences of Brexit, will be the defining factor that ends this Union now. The catalyst for this of course has been Nicola Sturgeon who has not only shown that she’s a leader to be proud of but has managed to get the message across that she and Scotland are shackled by Westminster to the point that she’s fighting to save our lives against all odds.

  35. andyfromdunning says:

    I agree 100% with your logical article Paul. It will certainly be an interesting couple of years ahead of us.

    I have had a good bit of success over the years getting people to open up to the idea of independence by taking time to listen and explain often over quite an extended time period. It seems to me now that there are less people open to easy conversation to the cause.

    To win, to guarantee to win we must talk, talk, talk to non Yessers.

    I like the plebiscite election option.

  36. Hamish100 says:

    I would say that assuming we have a majority voting for Independence parties, refusing a S30 is fine- it shows how unreasonable Westminster is and proves England wishes to control Scotland further. We have every right to move on with the mandate.
    We should date stamp each discussion. For example if Westminster do not respond by 1st June 2021 we shall have a plebiscite by the end of August 2021 early September 2021.
    As with all things we should remain flexible depending on circumstance but we need to take control of our fate.

  37. Capella says:

    OT – Business for Scotland argument for Annual Ground Rent as a means of raising public funds for Universal Credit.

  38. Arthur Thomson says:

    Nicola was challenged to justify a May election at today’s covid update.

    She patiently explained the rationale behind keeping democracy alive while we do everything possible to keep people alive. A study in how to lead a democratic country.

    • barpe says:

      How Nicola manages to hold herself back at some of the inane questioning from so-called journalists, is astonishing in itself – but she rose to the ‘election trap’ question with ease and aplomb. We really do have a world class politician leading us, if only the Sage of Bathistan could see it!!! ( He does, of course, really!).

      • Petra says:

        He does of course, barpe, and has some brass neck sending a message to James Kelly which reads, ”You pathetic, snivelling coward. So you’re happy to let people defame me with lies but I don’t get to reply? What a wretched little c**t you are.”

        Ironic or what? He’s been ”defaming” Nicola Sturgeon for months now and encouraging many others to do so too knowing full well that SHE’S NOT in a position to reply. Sitting on his ar*e taking orders from his ”boss” as Nicola Sturgeon works her ar*e off for us 24×7.

        That’s what I call a ”lazy, sneaky, pathetic, snivelling COWARD. A wretched little c**t.” One who fits the meaning of Burn’s ”To a Louse” down to a T. ”O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!” Hell mend him when his chickens come home to roost, as they most certainly will do.

        • grizebard says:

          I’m just wondering if he’s jealous because while he’s sitting idly on all the dosh we once sent him for actually promoting the cause of independence (instead of attacking near everyone else in it), James has been taking the initiative and doing actual informative polls that have each time to be crowdfunded from scratch.

          • Petra says:

            He’s a typical narcissist grizebard. He goes into a narcissistic rage when he loses a member of his narcissistic supply. In other words if you don’t agree with him he’s got it in for you plus all of the other dire personality traits that he exhibits. Too many to outline on here. And if I did he would threaten to take me to Court 🤔 😄.

  39. Julia Gibb says:


    Tories forever?
    New Boundaries 2023

    New Seat Boundaries – Likely Impact
    As the Boundary Commissions are about to begin their work on redrawing the Westminster seats, Electoral Calculus has drawn its own (unofficial) example set of seat boundaries to see what might happen. This was done by following the same rules that the Boundary Commissions have to follow, and using the up-to-date ward boundaries from 2020.

    Boundry change seat changes based on 2019 vote percentage

    Party 2019 Vote. Seats. Change

    CON 44.7% 365 380 +15
    LAB 33.0% 203 194 −9
    LIB 11.8% 11 6 −5
    SNP 4.0%. 48 49 +1

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, this one has been on the cards for some time. The FibDems stopped it last time when in coalition they got in a strop over the Tory (+Labour) backstab of AMS for WM.

      While the Gordosaur still fantasises about a full federal UK. (Whatever meds is he on?)

      It’s karma really. Tough luck all round, Labourites. This is our year.

      • grizebard says:

        (Sorry, for exactitude it was AV not AMS. Exact same WM reform fail, though, and exact same karma.) {grin}

  40. Arthur Thomson says:

    For anyone who (unlike me who doesn’t care what they say) is upset by the negativity of some who claim to be independistas – I recommend following Philippa Whitford on twitter. I’m not on twitter but I follow her account. She is a true independence star. Her every tweet, comment and interview skewers the Brits. It’s little wonder they are perpetually irritable. Lolz!

    With Nicola in Scotland and Philippa covering Westminster we have got them surrounded.

  41. Tam the Bam says:

    Unbelievable! (in retrospect…totally believable)
    Reporting Scotland have just given Douglas Ross a full 5 minutes airtime to attack the Scottish Government . He accuses Scot Gov of ‘hoarding’ cash from UK Treasury to aid Scots biz.
    Douglas Fraser (BBC Economic corres;) refuses to say whether any of this so-called ‘new money’ announced today by Sunak will be coming to Holyrood.

    Oh…and no right of reply afforded to Fiona Hyslop or any Scottish Government spokesperson.

    Complaint under construction.

    • Just watched this farce on I Player, Tam.
      A free 5 minute party political Lie for Dross the Linesman with the lass whose name escapes me, her main talent is reading the North Korea BBC Plantation Quay Ministry of Truth Propaganda from an autocue every night.
      This followed a mealy mouthed ‘business’ report from Douglas Fraser…why he no’ ‘interviewing’ the Linesman who was allowed to spout an unrelenting stream of lies and SNP Baddery at Teatime?
      Ross still wanders this land unhindered coining in Pocket Money of £30 k a year running the line at football matches.

      He is a Nobody politically, yet gets 5 minutes Prime Time TV?

      It is an utter disgrace that BBC is allowed to continue broadcasting in our country.

      It is now unashamedly a vehicle for the Jock Puppets of the English Iron Heel Oligarchy.

      Ross lies openly, and nobody at BBC pulls him up.

      There’s a name for that. Totalitarian dictatorship controlled by a colonial foreign power.

      I’m fed up with this nonsense being churned out and funded by me.
      Attack attack attack, doesn’t work if BBC Scotland deliberately keeps any opposing views to English Propaganda from air.

      Lord Haw Haw and Tokyo Rose were amateurs compared to this lot.

  42. jfngw says:

    Those BritNats! They want to stop a referendum they are going to lose. There fallback plan is to now try and stop any Scottish elections they think they are going to lose. If they can stop an election they feel they can prevent the referendum. They believe they can have a ‘parliament of national unity’, this is coding to try and shoehorn in a unionist parliament and FM. It’s the BritNat way, when democracy fails you just try and usurp your way to power.

  43. Petra says:

    Thanks for another constructive down to earth article, Paul, that literally spells out the route to take, step by step, towards us getting our independence. Compare and contrast with the destructive articles that are being spewed out ”elsewhere” like projectile vomit all geared towards attempting to thwart us getting our independence at all. Just as well we’re living in a more civilised time and not one when traitors were strung up from lampposts by the ankles.

    Thanks too for doing this, cheering us up and keeping us all going whilst having to deal with your own challenges right now. As others have said such as Capella, ”Take care Paul and take it easy. We don’t need frequent posts, just the occasional morale booster like this one. Thank you.”

  44. Alex Clark says:

    O/T about the vaccine.
    Now I know that the Scottish CMO and others have advised Nicola Sturgeon to delay the second jag from 3 weeks to as many as 12 in line with all the other CMO’s in the UK and she said as much today in the Covid briefing. However, there is no scientific basis for doing this and that’s why she was questioned on it.

    Such a stratagy may indeed save many more lives but that is just an educated guess and it could, in fact, cost more lives, the truth is that without conducting trials no one really knows and we are working on a best guess. Maybe not the best idea for inspiring public confidence in an as yet unproven vaccine.

    No data to support UK delay of vaccines’ second dose, says WHO

    There is no scientific evidence for a delay of more than six weeks in administering the second dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine against Covid, say experts from the World Health Organization…

    Their conclusion was that the two doses should be given three to four weeks apart, unless there are “exceptional circumstances of vaccine supply constraints and epidemiologic settings to delay the administration of the second approach for a few weeks in order to maximise the number of individuals benefiting from a first dose,” said Sage chair Dr Alejandro Cravioto in announcing their decision.

    The exceptional delay was six weeks, it was later clarified. The data on safety and efficacy from the trials did not go beyond three to four weeks, but there was some data up to 42 days, or six weeks, the experts said.

    My own view is that it should have been administered in full compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, to stray from that is an additional risk and just not worth it at this stage. We should at the least follow the WHO advise and give a second dose of the vaccine no more than 6 weeks after the first. Better to play it safe when dealing with other people’s lives in my view.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I’m sure I heard Jason Leitch explain the JCVI and a host of experts had pronounced it was ok, but I agree their stepping out of line to the manufacturer’s protocols is both unheard of and not a little unsettling.
      All this confusion and panic because a lazy Etonian played political games over keeping Covid under control in England….

      • Alex Clark says:

        I know that Bob, but it is a risk just the same. there will be many who are hesitant or even afraid of taking the vaccine and such chopping and changing certainly won’t help them.

        Such a method can only help in the very short term anyway because if you have a limited number of vaccinators (which we will have) then after 12 weeks we will only be vaccinating those that have had their first dose in order to keep up, with little room to give first doses as they will be too busy with everybody who needs a 2nd dose.

  45. Hamish100 says:

    Just another side of the coin.
    Why should some with possibly 50years ahead of them but at increased risk with dependent children not get a chance with at least the first dose as opposed to someone who has had a good innings maybe 5 years to go and wears a crown on their head?

  46. Julian Asante will not be extradited to USA
    The judge made her decision
    It was unexpected
    Some say it’s a NO to extradition because he might commit suicide
    Personally I think Biden has made it clear he doesn’t want to inherit this issue
    I believe Biden had told Westminster that USA do not want a decision to extradite

    What USA wants from Westminster USA gets……always

  47. Petra says:

    Lochfyne langoustines Ltd & Lochfyne seafarms Ltd:- ”The BREXIT shit show, first time in 9 years we have been stopped from exporting to the EU , this should be a national embarrassment, NO benefits what so ever of leaving EU.”


    ‘First blow for post-Brexit Britain as Australia rejects trade deal.’

  48. Petra says:

    Bloomberg Brexit:- “Europe has clearly won the battle for its own share trading.” Aquis CEO Alasdair Haynes, from London’s second-biggest venue for trading European shares, says 99.6% of trades shifted to the EU overnight — “a spectacular own goal” for Britain post-Brexit.”


    ”Ok, it’s time to blow the bloody doors off the notion that Brexit is somehow benign… It is already HURTING large numbers of companies. Here are 140+ examples of firms in the UK and the EU who have had to drastically change their plans because of Brexit.”

    • grizebard says:

      Following that 2nd link of yours there, it appears that UKGov has now abolished the small-value import exemption, where previously you could buy an item online from overseas that cost less than £15 (previously £18) without having to pay VAT. Now what will happen if an online seller isn’t UK VAT registered? Will a package with (say) a CD just get bounced, or will it (as previously with higher-value packages) be stopped until VAT is paid together with the £8+ “ransom fee” routinely charged by Royal Mail?

      This is bonkers. No small trade from anywhere is viable now.

  49. Petra says:


    The Exploding Heads:”📞”Why is everyone talking this nation down? We have the best Covid variant in the world and we’re ashamed of it! British Covid – best on the planet.” 😡 Colin from Portsmouth is furious that people are talking British Covid down.”


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  50. Capella says:

    Just looked into Scot Goes Pop and had to duck for cover. Sounds as though the tension in the Other Place has caused all of the toys to be thrown ouf of the pram.
    Very sad but not entirely surprising.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Well, SGP says in his last email: “I have no idea whether it’s false or not” which is fair enough, but therefore by his own words means he should delete the comment. You have to be able to prove something is true to make an “allegation”, if you can’t, then it’s defamation. I haven’t been able to post there though since the blogspot changes,

      Life’s too short, SGP should just delete, ignore and move on. Then all that remains is the emails calling him a c**t, which speak for themselves. A win then by default – do the right thing and leave the other in the gutter, unless he retracts at the least. Anyways, that now fully funded next poll could be very interesting 🙂

      The thing is, there’s a whole host of false flags, trolls, and people using or reusing other IDs to stir up trouble, like blog wars. They’re the only winners here. Some of them actually have no interest in the subject, it’s just ripe for their drinking games (ask Macart about mrbvb from Newcastle), or even psychology dissertations. Same poster by the way had a strange pop at me on The National a couple of days back.

      Look out by the way for a very minor change to make a “new” ID – like as happened to me months ago, using a small letter for the second name rather than a capital. It happened after I went quiet for a few days on the Herald, and when I called it out, followed me in its frustration to The National who actually made the ban on it.

      Oh well, back to the last day of Christmas, we did the Little (Women’s) Christmas on the day of the cabinet / Holyrood recall just in case 🙂

      • Capella says:

        I expect JK will delete, once he’s slept on it. Still SC could have asked nicely.
        I agree, the blogosphere is awash with angry trolls stirring up discord. Complete ignoral is the best policy IMO. Normally. 🙂

        • yesindyref2 says:

          I wouldn’t be surprised if SC deliberately framed it so as to be refused – which would go against him if it did come to court. You have to ask politely and reasonably for an action to be performed, not call the person a c**t.

          As I did in the past, final reminder (not final letter) “I still haven’t received payment for invoice number x, please pay the sum of y by return. Thanks in advance”, rather than “pay up you f***king thieving ba***ds”. Even my notice of claim unless paid within 7 days was politely worded – and worked, as expected – 2 days after the deadline to try to cost me the court fee. They failed miserably!

          Yes, I hope SGP does remove it after a sleep, it really isn’t worth the hassle, and the offending comment is indeed wrong – and offensive. I hope someone who knows James has a quiet word in the shell-like.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Oh, and by the way, years ago I checked it out and read the stupid article – stupid in that it was insensitive, same as wishing someone had never been born. He didn’t blame the 96 fans for their own deaths, and the article is called “No justice for the 96”.

        And that’s all I have to say about THAT.

      • grizebard says:

        Just to be correct, JK hasn’t made any allegation. One of his website contributors may possibly have done. But the Wild Man of Bath doesn’t seem to care. Just viciously attack a genuine independence supporter who has had the gumption to fundraise and actually spend it on useful polls. Couldn’t be a case of the green-eyed monster, could it? Perish the naughty thought!

        I have known the same situation to arise on WaS, and Hypocrite of Bath didn’t lift a little finger to apply the same standard then. Ultra-touchy concerning himself, concerning others, not so much.

    • Petra says:

      I’ve just paid a visit to Scotgoespop and what I’ve read there just beggars belief. A case of the pot calling the kettle black 🙄. The guys losing the plot now.

      • Capella says:

        Perhaps they will simmer down in the morning and realise they are actually on the same side. 🙂

      • Julia Gibb says:

        I doubt it!

        I only wish people would stop calling it a two sided arguement. It is like telling the victim of a mugging he must stop fighting.

        I have seen before how initial popularity impacts on ego and that eventually negatively impacts people’s behaviour.

        Scotland should come first and the damage being done lies with one person.

  51. grizebard, yesforindy2, Capella, and others.. we are not in the slightest bit interested in what Kelly and Campbell are up to hurling insults at each other, on their own blogs.
    The only reason that I can think of for you to contaminate WGD, while PK’s eye is slightly off the ball, is to promote WoS or SGP Drowning Not Waving Bad Nikla Bad SNP anti Independence crap churned out in Those Places.

    If you want to ‘he said, she said’ argue the toss about other blogs Super Egos, fuck off out of here.
    I scroll past this junk about the Bath Man, SGP gaming d’Honte, and Sturgeon Must Resign turgid dross.

    • malkymcblain says:


    • Capella says:

      Jack – I am interested in what is happening to the Scot Goes Pop blog. Only two days ago it was the lead article on this blog with a link to the SGP fund raiser. I and many others on here will have contributed to that fund raiser. So it matters to me.

      Happliy, the immediate cause of vitriol, a comment by Douglas Clark, has been deleted by its author. Lets hope peace will now break out.

      I am looking forward to the results of James Kelly’s indyref poll.

  52. malkymcblain says:

    Has anyone seen this yet?

    • malkymcblain says:

      Sorry I should explain you need watch a wee bit into the video to get the US commentary on oor wee wumin fae Irvine making news in the USA.

      • Sturgeon quoted as one of the ‘other world leaders’. Lovin’ it.
        Surely Jenny Mara should have a word with her man about the Sunday post Fake News?

        • Dr Jim says:

          Nice to see more respect and exposure for our FM but it’s also kinda cute that this guy named a bunch of duds as Scattish *officials* though, I mean Alex Cole Hamilton for God sake, he’s only the Lib Dem *unofficial* ice on the bridge watcher, what if the Americans look these people up, what an embarrassment, somebody phone him up and tell him we’ve got more betterer real “officialsy” peoples than those not officialsy peoples

          You have to giggle

  53. Jim says:

    Scotland leading the world on renewables.

    World’s first planning application to heat homes with 100% Green Hydrogen in Fife.
    Scottish Government assisted with funding.

    Not to be heard anytime soon on BBC North Korea.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Shht Shoosh Pfft don’t go reporting stuff like that say the BBC editorial managers, wait until 4am in the middle of the night and put it out on a fishing forecast then we can confirm it was reported fully on one of our many platforms and the BBC is in no way biased against Scotchlind, eh? OK Scotchland, oh alright then bloody Scotland, who the bloody hell gives a toss

      Of course I’m just guessing that’s how that conversation might go, I could be completely wrong and the BBC just Luurves Jockland

      • The new BBC Scotland political Editor Glenn Campbell got off to a flying start.

        Last night on the 6.30 Distorting Scotland Bulletin The Linesman Dross got a free five minute PPB right smack dab in the middle of the broadcast to SNP Bad Name Call Lie about the Covid business support and this morning, just before 07.00 hrs on GMS Gary Robertson let 7 times political reject by Scots voters Murdo The Queen’s Eleven Fraser lie and name call SNP Bad uninterrupted…

        Gary Robertson hadn’t even researched how much of the £30 million Business Covid relief money had been distributed ,or even if or why there were delays;
        he just took Murdo the 21 year unelected List Blue Tory’s word for it. No right of reply of course from the Scottish Government, last night, or this morning.

        The Ministry of Truth at the Colony’s Tobacco Plantation Quay is in full Better Together Project Lies throttle already, and today is only the Epiphany.

        This is the future under Campbell…the Tartan Goebbels…

        Energy from extracting hydrogen from water powered by wind generated electricity?

        Fake news, surely.
        Quite literally we can turn water into wine.

        Somebody at the Courier is heading for the exit for reporting this in a DC Comic, surely?
        Cracking first 24 hours, Glen. Knighthood in the post.
        By Christ am I up for the fight.

      • Julia Gibb says:

        I often compare the excellent programmes on Scottish Hisory and Scottish documentaries with the VOID that is the BBC Scotland Channel.

        The BBC output reminds me of all those War Movies produced in which the leading actors referred to “England” instead of the UK.

        On a serious note (more serious) it is critical to ensure our primary media is not the BBC, Herald, Scotsman etc post Independence. Building a successful Nation cannot be done with the drip, drip poison of these cretins.

        Not reporting topics is one tactic. However the selective distortion of data is far more damaging.

        • Julia Gibb says:

          I forgot to say on Alba at the start!

          • Stephen McKenzie says:

            The good thing is we don’t get that boring daily update on the North British pandemic at 12:15 even though things are bad and we are almost again in full lockdown.

            Today we have the BBC Scotland flagship program “Bargain Hunt” – yippee, c’mon the Blue Team….

      • Alex Clark says:

        “A group of Scottish engineers and researchers will deliver a production-ready and safety certified hydrogen-powered train by November 2021.

        Scottish Enterprise, Transport Scotland and the Hydrogen Accelerator have been appointed by Arcola Energy and a consortium of industry leaders to deliver Scotland’s first hydrogen-powered train.

        The consortium will be led by hydrogen fuel cell integration specialist Arcola Energy and will draw on the expertise of world-leading rail engineering experts.

        Arcola Energy will develop the technology platform for the train’s new powertrain from its planned new Scottish base.

        Project partner Arup will use the learnings from this project to develop a roadmap to roll out hydrogen trains to support the decarbonisation of Scotland’s network.”

        Shouldn’t need Hydrogen powered trains if the entire rail network was converted to run on electric power. On second thoughts, when the wind isn’t blowing like the past few days it would be good to have an option to switch to hydrogen created using excess energy from wind.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      This site is good for energy news, but you have to register to get all articles and those specific to Scotland. Worth a dander though. News is Scotland to have first hydrogen powered train during COP26. I think I know who will try to tka eht ecredit for that, and COP26 has already been hijacked by the EngGov, with an all English ‘team’ to head the whole thing, fabulous.

  54. Dr Jim says:

    Each country that’s unfortunate enough to get a variant of Covid gets it named after that particular country so that everybody is clear where it originated, notice how that didn’t happen in England, they called it the UK variant, and given that the UK is not a country why is that, nobody calls any variant elsewhere an EU variant

    The use of the phrase “the UK is the first country in the world to roll out the vaccine” again is referring to the UK as a country, when it’s clearly not

    One wonders why the powers that be in England never want to even say the name of their own country out loud or do they still hold to the the belief in their propaganda to the world that continuing to repeat UK, UK, UK over and over or British British British is eliminating the existence of the country of Scotland or more to the point the people of the world’s memories of the word England

    They didn’t used to do it when they repeated ad infinitum that “England stood alone” and they don’t do it when they refer to *the Capital* as though it’s the Capital of the UK

    Maybe it’s why they don’t like Mel Gibson, he used the words England and the English a lot in his Braveheart movie and in his American version of the same film The Patriot

  55. Petra says:

    Will this be reported by the BBC, ITV etc?

    ‘Covid patients in England transferred to Scotland as more hospitals become overwhelmed.’

    ”Coronavirus patients needing urgent medical treatment in northern England are being sent to Scotland as an increasing number of hospitals now face being overwhelmed. Patients in Cumbria who would normally be taken to the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle have instead been dispatched across the border to Dumfries, The Independent has learned.”..


    ‘Johnson called out for following Sturgeon’s lead as UK heads into third lockdown.’

    “We’re following the science but only if you replace the ‘ience’ bit with ‘ottish’.”

  56. Petra says:

    Douglas Fraser BBC:- ”Breaking @hmtreasury £4.6bn more to help retail, leisure, hospitality firms into spring £375m to @scotgov. Scheme for England (likely also in Scotland): £4k for premises with rateable value £51k + £594m UK/devolved discretionary fund.”


    Kate Forbes divulging the truth.

    Kate Forbes MSP:- ”It has since transpired that this isn’t actually ‘additional support’ because it isn’t additional to previously allocated funding for the Scottish Government from the UK Government.”

  57. Capella says:

    Meet the new Chair of the BBC – from Goldman Sachs:

    Sharp ended up as Chair of Goldman’s Principal Investment in Europe. That is, guiding partners with their investments, rather than on the trading side.

    Sharp worked with Chancellor Rishi Sunak during his time at Goldman Sachs. Crucially, one of Sharp’s closest relationships at Goldman was with a young man called Rishi Sunak.

    Sharp – who was on the board of the conservative think tank, the Centre for Policy Studies – described Sunak to a friend as the best young financial analyst he had seen. More recently, Sharp has been working for his old mentee, helping the government with loans to business.

    Should fit in just nicely.

  58. jfngw says:

    Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Tweet and Remove All Doubt.

    Apparently an elected SNP politician has declared a plebiscite election would have no democratic legitimacy, I’ll let you guess which one. A fool and his twitter account is seldom parted. I know we are not supposed to criticise the SNP but all parties have their share of plonkers.

  59. Petra says:

    They must think that all Scots (in fact anyone outside of England) are as illiterate and innumerate as Jackie Baillie 🙄.

    And from Colin McAllister:- ”You know how the Conservatives claimed Scotland would receive “extra” consequentials as a result of the Chancellor’s announcement of funding today? How much “extra” do we actually get? Zero.”


    Lee Waters MS:- ”It is now clear that there is NO NEW MONEY FOR WALES from this announcement. This is pure Tory spin.”


    Hi Welsh Sion. How are you doing? Haven’t heard from you in a while. Give us a wave to let us know that you are OK. That applies to a number of people that we haven’t heard from recently 🤗. On the other hand maybe taking a well earned break? If so apologies for intruding 🤐.

    • jfngw says:

      The question that needs answered is, is there new money for England which is not coming to the parliaments of the other countries (no doubt it will be added to GERS even if we don’t receive anything). Or is it just the Gordon Brown trick of allocating the same money already allocated but trying to give the impression it is new money by devious wording of the announcement.

      • Petra says:

        ‘Boris Johnson pushed on vanishing £375m lockdown cash promised to Scotland.’

        ..Ian Blackford:- “Can the Prime Minister explained to Scottish businesses why, by the end of the day, it turned out, there was no new money at all? “Can the Prime Minister now give a personal commitment that the Scottish Government will get this money, this new money for businesses in Scotland?” Responding, Johnson dismissed the SNP politician’s complaints, saying the “Barnett consequentials for Scotland from the new money will of course be passed on”.

  60. Petra says:

    Vincent Kearney:- ”BREAKING: Fresh dispute over #Rockall after Scottish patrol boat blocks County Donegal fishing vessel from entering its waters, with skipper told it’s result of #Brexit Full story coming up on @rtenews etc.”


    ‘May election ‘should go ahead’, Nicola Sturgeon says.’

    ”The Scottish Parliament election should still take place in May despite concerns about COVID-19, the First Minister has said. Nicola Sturgeon suggested it was “more important” now than in normal times for people to be able to vote, given extensive restrictions on civil liberties.”..,may-election-should-go-ahead-nicola-sturgeon-says

  61. Petra says:

    The BBC’s favoured propaganda technique: Lying by omission.



    No they’re no being misled by the Tories Fiona. They’re in cahoots with them.

    ‘Scottish Economy Secretary tells BBC they’re being misled by Tories.’

    ..”Presenter Laura Maxwell interrupted: “Murdo Fraser says that was just a mistake and that it was corrected within minutes.” The Tory MSP had also appeared on the programme earlier. Hyslop responded: “Well, if it was corrected within minutes the BBC was running the story all day and into the evening, saying that this was new money that was being made available to the whole of the UK. So I’m afraid that they were obviously misleading yourselves as well as business, and I think that’s the problem.”

  62. Dr Jim says:

    Scot goes Pop: Take a look at Tim Farron getting angry at being called English I’m not English I’m British erm Northern more like you erm eh ooh eh not a Tory just don’t call me English right Grrr


    • grizebard says:

      “Northern”? Did he actually say that? If so, that’s a straight tell…

      Whatever, after Scottish independence, these folk from Cumbria (and the Geordies) are very welcome to refer to themselves as “North British” if they really want. It never did us any good.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Would a French bloke ever say to a German man he was just like him because he lived not too far away, talk about the Scots cringe these folk in England have a huge identity problem, they seem to want to own everybody else but don’t like being themselves, call for the psycho quacks to read those heads

  63. Petra says:

    NS did thank the Armed Forces however Neil still isn’t happy because she didn’t mention the word ”British.” Another pathetic, lying wee man with a massive ego. We seem to be overrun with them right now 😫.

    ‘Andrew Neil caught out after This Morning claim about Nicola Sturgeon.’


    If it’s good enough for Margaret Ferrier to be arrested and charged with culpable and reckless conduct by Police Scotland, it’s good enough for Trump (Prince Chic etc).

    ‘Trump ‘should be arrested’ if he tries to enter Scotland while fleeing US.’

  64. Alex Clark says:

    There’s been a noticeable increase of Unionists, media, and politicians questioning whether or not the Holyrood elections should go ahead in May in Scotland, provided Scotland is not under an entire lockdown then in my view they should go ahead.

    There are also local council elections due in May right across England but there is now some doubt as to whether they should go ahead.

    Local elections across England planned for early May are being kept under review, Boris Johnson has said, amid the worsening Covid-19 crisis.

    Voters are due to go to the polls on 6 May for a series of council and mayoral polls which were due to happen in 2020 but were postponed by a year.

    The PM told MPs the date was set down in law but would be kept under review.

    The BBC understands local leaders in Manchester have spoken with the government about a further delay.

    They and other elected officials across England are understood to have discussed delaying the elections until June or July, with some urging a delay until the autumn.

    The final decision will be taken by the government.

    Would Johnson postpone these elections in order to put pressure on the Scottish government to cancel theirs? The only thing that we can be sure of is that they fear the result of the Scottish election and if they could be postponed indefinitely then that would suit them just fine.

    • Capella says:

      Yes – of course he would. But that would confirm the fight is for democracy now and that’s a battle none of us can afford to lose.

      • Dr Jim says:

        They fear a whole new generation of young Scots who couldn’t vote last time, anyway if anybody’s concerned about safety by then given that almost half the population will have been vaccinated there are always postal votes

        Also I’m not sure that England has the authority to cancel Scottish democracy, but if they did they might as well say goodbye to a chunk of their union Arse

    • Capella says:

      The Head of the Electoral commission says the May election is safe.

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