Scot Goes Pop post-Brexit poll

I’m James Kelly, and I write the pro-independence blog Scot Goes Pop, which has a particular emphasis on opinion poll analysis. Over the course of 2020, I commissioned three Panelbase polls with your help. All three showed pro-independence majorities, and they were all landmark results in their own ways – the one at the start of the year put Yes on 52% for the first time since the summer of 2016, the one in June was the first to show that the events of the pandemic had pushed Yes back into the lead, and the one in November saw Yes soar to an all-time high in Panelbase polls of 56%.
The time is now ripe for another poll. After four and a half years, the terms of Brexit are finally known and will become a harsh reality within just hours. Extraordinarily, and without a shred of evidence, the Conservatives are claiming that Boris Johnson’s last gasp, minimalistic trade deal is some sort of monumental setback for the independence movement. They also seem to believe that the public have been successfully hoodwinked into believing that the SNP “voted for No Deal” – when in fact it was only the Conservatives themselves that put us all at severe risk of a catastrophic No Deal outcome. Who knows, perhaps the public are reacting in the way that the Tories want them to react – but that seems highly unlikely somehow, and they should probably be allowed to speak for themselves.
As before, if the crowdfunder is successful, I will commission an opinion poll from a firm affiliated to the British Polling Council. It will ask the standard independence question, ie. ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’, plus a number of supplementary questions of interest to the Yes movement. I’ll ask for your suggestions before deciding on the final list of questions. Bear in mind that there’s never any guarantee that we’ll get the results that we want – but anything is better than unionist parties presuming to speak for the people of Scotland at such a critical juncture in our national story.
Target figure: I’ve set a slightly higher target figure of £7500 this time – not because the poll is likely to cost any more than the previous ones, but simply to give us a head start for the spring. It would probably make sense to commission one more poll during the Holyrood campaign proper.

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  1. Capella says:

    Well that’s my tuppence worth in. Good luck James with the poll.

  2. Hamish100 says:

    I will contribute later today once my wife gives me permission. -a bit like the U.K. arrangement!

  3. Statgeek says:

    Here’s a question for the poll James. Feel free to re-word it, if it has inherent bias (it probably has, but I’d leave it up to the polling company to come up with a neutral version):

    “In your opinion, how much of Scotland’s print and televised news media is owned or controlled within Scotland?”

    – Less than 25%
    – 25% to 50%
    – 50% to 75%
    – 75% to 100%
    – DK

    Maybe someone more tuned in to the current media status can prep the approximate answer for poll release.

    It would be nice to see what people generally believe on that one. Especially across party lines, and Indy lines.

    • grizebard says:

      The “owned & controlled” aspect is secondary, I suggest. Most ordinary people probably don’t have a clue, nor especially care. What is primary is the degree to which respondents believe that the existing media (print & broadcast) fairly reflects public opinion on the independence issue. I think I suggested something of that kind to JK for a previous poll, but he evidently preferred other questions instead. But I would argue it’s an issue that really needs airing with the prospect of an IR2 looming.

      • Statgeek says:

        Well the point of the question was to ascertain knowledge or not of the subject and inject a little curiosity. Some people never think to even ask such a question of their media.

    • BS636 says:

      Would the answer not be less than 5%?

  4. Julia Gibb says:

    It has been a long time coming….but I can at last look forward to the breaking of the 60% barrier. That will be a landmark.

    However I remember those wise words.
    “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, live in the moment!”

    Donation made in the moment…but I still dream

    • grizebard says:

      Very fine if it happens, but I’m still sceptical that we’ll see that 60% line being passed in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit Rubicon being crossed. The immense harm embedded in the process will remain for some time largely latent, so for many it will probably be an immediate non-event. (OTOH, for some businesses at least the consequences might take a grip fairly quickly.)

      The biggest likely effect will likely be on those no-voting Remainers who ought to feel outraged at being so thoroughly diddled and betrayed. The main thing is to keep these folks hope in a way forward alive so they will “nurse their wrath to keep it warm” into and beyond May. Passive acceptance is our worst enemy right now.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Agreed except the last bit, “passive acceptance” is not going to happen except among those few who are not enraged by what has recently unfolded in terms of Covid and the broader “defence of the realm” bullshit.
        The point James is focussing on is gauging the views Scotland holds NOW as things are ABOUT to change, you’re looking at results he’s looking for trends, hope that makes sense….

  5. Robert graham says:

    Regarding the Media or to give it its proper term
    The English Establishment media
    The only reference to Scots and Scotland on any TV News channel from about 8 am this morning is the Weather , that’s it we don’t exist .
    I don’t expect anything else but it must annoy the people who believe England and English people think of them as equals , sad bloody fools.

  6. jygourlay says:

    I have twice tried to donate to your website via Visa debit. When I click donate the page just sits there. I gave it five minutes but no result. Can I donate by any other means? E.g. cheque etc.

  7. Capella says:

    From Press Gazette – UK media ownership – spoiler – it’s a handful of billionaires and their companies.

  8. Bob Lamont says:

    Aye, in

  9. Dr Jim says:

    Sky news Sonia Sodha says there’s a suggestion that Boris Johnson isn’t too popular in Scotland and that on top of Brexit suggests it’s possible the SNP might want to have another referendum in five or six years

    How’s that for attempted reverse propaganda, there’s no way on earth they’re still putting their fingers in their ears with their hands over their eyes and going La La La it’s no happenin

    Nicola Sturgeon practically shouted it down her Holyrood microphone while looking at her watch, it’s happening

    My nephew and his wife are in Panama at the moment on lockdown, she’s a sort of big noise negotiator peace type person who flits around the world talking to governments about workers and rights and that kind of thing and they’ve been on the zoom and phone telling us about Nicola Sturgeon’s popularity around the world, right now she’s front cover newspaper headlines in Panama on the expert and caring way she handles decisions for Scotland and she comes out in the top five politicians in the world, El Pais in Spain and Der Spiegel in Germany covering the same thing, they’re also reporting that Oprah Winfrey is a fan of Scotland’s FM and they should know, those are the circles they hang out

    It looks like the eyes of the world are on Scotland right now right enough, I’ll put a quid on Boris Johnson not showing up in Scotland for COP 26, by then the embarrassment will be crushing

    Oh Gibraltar has a special deal btw, Oh yeah!

    • grizebard says:

      My sis told me about an impressive celebratory video triplet at:

      and before the mrs could even pass that link on to her family in Flanders, they told her that it had already featured on the news there. Just one instance, but there’s an enormous amount of sympathy going for us worldwide right now because of the SG’s exemplary handling of the virus crisis and because of the dirty deal we’ve had from an increasingly-despised English Nationalist Government.

  10. dorancaird says:

    I believe that some poll showed England was quite happy to lose Scotland ,Ireland and Wales if push came to shove ,but they wanted to hang on to Gibraltar. Drink and tobacco win every time. Mark you Gibraltar voted 90+% to remain.Are the Barbary Apes keeping well?

  11. Ken2 says:

    Scotsman/JP sold.

  12. Petra says:

    Donation made 😀.


    ‘The Scotsman publisher sold to veteran industry player’s group.’

    • Julia Gibb says:

      I don’t really care which Unionist company owns a pack of Unionist hacks that churns out Unionist propaganda.

      They must be really thick if they think ownership or fiscal management is the problem.

      If I wanted to read the type of crap they currently produce I would simply buy the Mail.

  13. Petra says:

    ”Over 20 amendments have been tabled to the #BrexitDeal Bill – inc from the snp so that Scotland can maintain EU standards, protect fisheries & Erasmus, and bizarrely from Lab who wouldn’t support time to debate them. So they all fall – no debate, no scrutiny – no control…”


    Scottish Government:- ”Scotland didn’t vote to leave the EU, but we will work hard to mitigate the worst effects of #Brexit. Here’s what it means for Scotland.”

  14. Petra says:

    Mike Park, Chief Executive of the Scottish White Fish Producers Association, is no one bit pleased 🙄.

    Phantom Power:- ”Time to resign @Douglas4Moray – you banked on delivering for Scottish fishing but ended up reducing catch and threatening the fleet.”


    We know how you feel Wales 😠.

    YesCymru 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿:- ”Westminster doesn’t work.”

  15. Petra says:

    ”Spain to close the border with Gibraltar tomorrow on New Year’s Eve if the British government does not agree to Spanish demands on free movement of people, the Spanish foreign minister confirmed.”


    Tonia Antoniazzi MP:- ”Today I will be abstaining on the EU (Future Relationship) Bill & I have offered my resignation as PPS to the Shadow DWP & Scotland teams. I thank Keir for the opportunity to serve in his shadow front bench team & I remain wholly committed to electing a Labour government in 2024.”

  16. Petra says:

    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


    And Professor John Robertson’s.

  17. Petra says:

    Scotland’s first swarm drone (150) display 😀.

    ‘Fare Well Part 1 – Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 2020.


    ‘Fare Well Part 2 – Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 2020.’

  18. Petra says:

    Oh well around 5 hours to go to the Bells and nae pairties this year! Bye bye (good riddance) 2020🙄. 2021 is nearly on us and when the clock chimes 12 I’ll raise my glass to all loved ones that have gone before us, to Independence, Paul and Peter and to everyone who contributes to this amazing site 😀. Love and best wishes to all for a fabulous 2021. A year that sees you hale and hearty and preparing to live in an Independent Scotland 🍷🍷🍷


    We’ll be back 😉.

  19. jfngw says:

    I see the BBC have replaced Union Jackie with the Calman Commission for their Hogmanay show, something to avoid I fear.

  20. Capella says:

    Well Happy New Year everybody. Here’s to a spectacular 2021 with independence on its way. Best wishes to Paul and Peter in their new home. Lang may yer lum reek. 🙂

  21. jfngw says:

    Best Wishes everybody.

  22. Tam the Bam says:

    A Guid’ New Year tae ane an aw!

  23. P Harvey says:

    2021 Scotland as an Nation reconvenes

  24. Old Pete says:

    Happy New year to all Scottish Independence supporters and hopefully this year is when our just cause is won.

  25. Tatu3 says:

    A happy New Year to you Paul and Peter, and everybody here. May it be a healthy and independent one

  26. barpe says:

    Best wishes, everyone, here’s to a successful ‘Indy’ year in 2021.

  27. Legerwood says:

    Happy New Year to everyone and to Paul and family continuing good health.

  28. Dr Jim says:

    Well it’s a New Year and most of us made it thankfully, commiserations to those families whose loved ones didn’t and good luck and best wishes to everyone for this year to come

  29. Golfnut says:

    Here’s to you, here’s to me, here’s to us, a happy New Year to everyone.

  30. Petra says:

    ‘Michael Russell tears apart Tory Brexit deal in ‘best speech ever in Holyrood.’


    Ooops we’ve disappeared! 👀

    Angus B MacNeil MP:- ”Happy New Year from the European Cartography Association :)). ”

  31. Petra says:

    Tricia Marwick:- ”Scotland, are you watching? No hard border between Gibraltar and Spain.”


    ‘Sinkhole cordoned off at Manston lorry park.’

    ..”No trucks are thought to have fallen into the sinkole.” 🙄

  32. Petra says:

    That’ll no please ”some” elsewhere 😀.

    Joanna Cherry:- ”So much has been thrown under the bus achieve one Tory aim.’

    ”Yesterday’s debate in Parliament was a historic event and the SNP were right to take a full part in it and to vote against the bill designed to implement Boris Johnson’s deal into domestic law.”..

    ..”I also respectfully disagree with those who argue that SNP MPs should have abstained or stayed away. I toyed with the idea of abstention early on, before I concluded that yesterday’s vote was about what opposition parties thought of the deal achieved rather than avoiding the chaos of No Deal. It is a bad deal for the UK and Scotland.”..


    Pilar Fernandez:- ”A special message for my friends in Scotland. We will be with you shoulder to shoulder until you get your freedom. Happy 2021.”

  33. Petra says:

    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


    And Professor John Robertsons.

    ‘Better Things – Ray Davies.’

    ”Here’s wishing you the bluest sky
    And hoping something better comes tomorrow
    Hoping all the verses rhyme
    And the very best of choruses too
    Follow all the doubt and sadness
    I know that better things are on the way
    Here’s hoping all the days ahead
    Won’t be as bitter as the ones behind you
    Be an optimist instead
    And somehow happiness will find you
    Forget what happened yesterday
    I know that better things are on the way
    It’s really good to see you rocking out and having fun
    Living like you just begun
    Accept your life and what it brings
    I hope tomorrow you’ll find better things
    I know tomorrow you’ll find better things
    Here’s wishing you the bluest sky
    And hoping something better comes tomorrow
    Hoping all the verses rhyme
    And the very best of choruses too
    Follow all the doubt and sadness
    I know that better things are on the way
    I know you’ve got a lot of good things happening up ahead
    The past is gone, it’s all been said
    So here’s to what the future brings
    I know tomorrow you’ll find better things
    I know tomorrow you’ll find better things
    I hope tomorrow you’ll find better things
    I know tomorrow you’ll find better things.”

  34. Doug says:

    Tried to donate several times. Nothing doing. Just unending dots at the bottom of the screen. Any ideas?

  35. jfngw says:

    I see George ‘the hat’ Galloway is rounding on twitter Yes supporters. This is a man who once thought being a cat was the height of sophistication, did he choose cat because it is an animal that spends an inordinate time licking its own arse?


    Look at this nonsense from BBC

    Is it part of the BBC remit to put out silly nonsense like this ?

  37. Dr Jim says:

    It’s amazing sometimes what you can learn from Television documentaries, did you know that you can fit every human being on planet earth into Loch Ness

    Scotland still to wee?

  38. Inote that Ross County and Aberdeen are bothe at home today.
    While the rest of Scotland is held under House Arrest by England, and under level 4 lock down, will the Linesman Dross be running the line and trousering ‘pocket money’ from his hobby again today?
    I am merciless in my condemnation of this unprincipled little man. Moray, you voted for this sad excuse for a human being.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Maybe he’s trying to amass as much cash as he can before he’s voted out, it was the amount of the so called Scottish fishermen’s noise and Ruthie’s sectarian pals that got him the Tory vote, I would suggest at least the fishermen’s portion of that vote has probably gone *oot the windae* now and It’ll be back to the dairy to his udder job for Drossy boy now along with his chum Zowie Bowie

      So Silver linings eh

  39. Dr Jim says:

    Sky news this morning has decided that Scottish Independence is just a thing that *Sturgeon* is pushing for in her ever opportunistic way because apparently that’s all she ever does, and Scotland can’t afford it, and the EU won’t want us because deficits and no prospects and Covid and the man in the Moon says nah it’ll never happen without giving a thought to the fact that Northern Ireland is still in the EU while the UK is not, and yet NI have no money at all, Goose Gander there I think

    Not a Dickie bird that 17 polls in a row and rising show it’s the people of Scotland who are doing all the *pushing* for Independence
    Not a Dickie bird about the FM refusing to discuss Independence with so called *journalists* during the Pandemic, and perhaps they haven’t noticed but Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t have any editorial control over what these same *British journalists* write in their rags

    Also not a Dickie bird about the fact that Boris Johnson and his band of Brexiters have been doing nothing but English Nationalist politics throughout the entire Pandemic

    The English love to insist that politics is about what they say it is and not what politics actually is which is about the will do do a thing and where there is the will then what a people wants becomes the politic or the European Union would never have been formed at all, especially if it had been up to the English empire whose sole purpose in joining the EU was tor take over that Union or destroy it if they couldn’t rule it

    They failed, and look where they are now, pretending they just won a victory when in reality they just lost the support and back up of 500 million people in 27 countries

    Yeah! the English understand politics, dearie me

  40. Hamish100 says:

    Noticed on the Twitter WGD – the doom mongers online.

    Some have just set up their Twitter accounts in the past few months which is a bit suspicious. Some are from Blackburn ( England) making it even more so.

    For those persons who claim the FM does not want Independence I can say with confidence that is a lie. She needs to have a referendum ( consultative or otherwise) and Westminster cannot stop us.
    But it is important that they refuse and are seen to refuse.

    If the “we want action now” brigade want action well we have an election in 5 months.

    What are they going to do to help secure that Independence Parties are victorious and in a majority? Some not in the snp want a new snp leader- well join the party and see how you get on.

    An election battle for leadership will harm the SNP election chances and the chance of victory at Holyrood. Some of course may think disgruntled supporters will flock to the new Indy parties. How many know the names of the new parties and their leaders? Well that went well.
    Whatever thoughts they had setting up and winning are gone. I do suspect the intentions of 1 blogger who set the ball rolling over new Indy parties but has not declared as yet. Will he be disruptive and form another party from engerland on the last day when formal submissions to the electoral commission are accepted? We will have to wait and see.
    Alex Salmond will never lead the party again nor I would suggest the Independence movement. His polling ( maybe we should ask men and women) has always suggested that fewer females like him. That’s a few % points off our current showing for Independence. I suspect some of those britnat infiltrators know this and hence they promote the notion to some gullible individuals.

    So persuade more doubters to Independence
    Get our names on the electoral register.

    Encourage 16 year old voters who were only 9 in 2014 that their future is just like Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Croatia, Portugal, Iceland, Sweden, Netherlands- Independent. Grasp their enthusiasm.

    After a victory in May the FM has a mandate.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿We then build on the election and take our Independence.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Dead right Hamish

      The people who don’t want Independence are the ones pushing for the return of former FM Alex Salmond because they know support for the SNP by women would drop like a stone

      The current FM has the job and she’ll do it and they fear her because they know she will, all this talk of Scottish popular front list parties is just another ploy to reduce voting numbers for the SNP, only this morning the usual Tory journalists were juggling the voting numbers and comparing different elections to each other and coming up with Scotland’s FM being less popular than she is and the losing vote for the Brexiters in Scotland was actually the winning vote when you compare it to a trapeze artist versus a man on a horse which is the definitive proof that Nicola Sturgeon only represents a coffee machine

      Just barrages of made up tripe and faux indignation slung everywhere hoping some of it will to stick to something or somebody

      Passive aggressive little nappy wearing internet bullies who can’t cut it in the real world so they throw their plasticine and their paints on the floor and stamp their wee feet and squeal at their mammies, just a bunch of big weans

      • There is no way in this world that Salmond will be ‘welcomed back’ into the fold.
        We’d have four months reruns of the trial, while being assured that he had been cleared of all charges..but drunken bedroom romps.. booze in Bute House, and too ‘touchy feely’ to be entirely innocent, which, Glen Campbell Tom Gordon Kirsty Wark Gina Raviolli and the rest of the Jock Brit Nat treacherous hacks will assure us he was..entirely innocent, that is.
        He is yesterday’s man.

        Our FM was snapped in an unguarded moment maskless at a wake…and they went to town on that.
        Salmond Born again has no chance.
        Can we reveal who the drunken political hack caught with his trousers down who was the butt of the below stairs joke was now?
        He’s still churning out Brit Nat nonsense.

        • James Mills says:

          Compare and contrast :
          Salmond accused and given full media coverage ( with appropriate suggestions of GUILTY !!! ), while unknown Tory MP accused of rape remained/remains unknown with no splash by the media nor suggestions that he should be named and tried by the media in advance !

      • grizebard says:

        Actually, I think most of the journos apart from Massie Jr. are Labourite, doing the Tories’ job for them for free, still hankering for a return of the good ol’ bad ol’ days when Scotland was conveniently moribund, supine and quiescent and they had an “in” with their chums in power, always handy for a late-evening chat on the BBC. They are stuck in the denial stage of grief, still hankering for some piece of magic that will give them back what they have lost. Some “scandal-ex-machina” or election ploy that, in the face of each new affront to Scotland from a careless and uncaring UKGov, will somehow deliver an election result that isn’t a new kick in the teeth for their shrivelled ambitions.

        Mind you, the ducks are walking and quacking in unison – “Better Together” in all but name – so it’s hardly unfair to characterise the whole sorry lot of sell-outs as Tories.

  41. yesindyref2 says:

    Anyone remember this from The Herald on December 16th 2014?

    But today an article which would have wanted Scotland to obey BoJo’s lockdown rules, is anti-SNP, anti-Scottish Government, indirectly anti-Sturgeon, and wants us to forget about the EU:and move on

    the Herald now represents the view of less than 20% of the people of Scotland according to surveys and polls, and is going out of the way to hasten its demise. I’ll miss it, many won’t, meanwhile it hasn’t had a penny, not one brown cent, from me for years. And I used to get it for the kids for their closed reading.

    Michael Gove could have written that article and probably did.

    • Hamish100 says:

      YIR2 – Being a west coaster I bought the Herald and foolishly trusted the Herald over the years. Mind you the quality of journalism was far superior with many of the best Independence leaning writers now gone. As for Tom Gordon!
      It will be interesting to see how the new owners of the Scotsman look at the lie of the land. Unfortunately many of the local press are owned by the same crowd and are anti SNP and depending on locality pro Tory or labour.

      Federalism is a diversion , a side show and if it was so good labour and Lib Dem’s should not have lied during “The Vow”. It was never going to be delivered and they knew it.

      • Hamish100 says:

        I wonder why The National allowed all the unionists papers including the Herald a free reign over Christmas and New Year holidays.

        Poor decision on their part.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          In fairness I think Struan Stevenson, Carlaw Jackson, Ruth Davidson, Mark Smith and Michael Gove volunteered to write some articles, and pay for them to be published.

          Herald 1783 – 2021. RIP.

          Can The National kidnap Michael Settle please and promise to repatriate him after a YES vote? I think he has as high an opinion of Westminster as I do *laughs*

        • grizebard says:

          Since The National is run by about three people, the editor these days also helming The Evening Times, that happy few surely deserve a break as much as anyone?

          It’s a sad truth that while independence increasingly has the hearts and minds, BritNattery still has the media and the money.

          • Hamish100 says:

            I understand the need for a break – we all do, but we left an open goal over Brexit, covid and Independence to all of the unionists papers and their headlines in the shops. Look at today’s headlines.

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, it was a pathetic fig-leaf cop-out even back then, but given what has happened since, is thoroughly unsustainable now. Just another example of outright lying hypocrisy to join the BritNat Black Museum of Infamy.

      Maybe the owners think their titles can survive on microcosms of opinion for and agin, and/or maybe the remnant of Herald editorial staff (see my earlier comment above) are living on the fumes of an empty tank of delusional past glories, who knows? But to put your reputation up on show like that then subsequently crap all over it so perversely, that won’t be forgotten or forgiven.

  42. Hamish100 says:

    So whether you are in the SNP or Greens we need to persuade more undecideds to join the independence movement by May. The Tories Labour and Lib Dem’s will now try and undermine up to May. Lib Dem’s going for the Green fringe, tories and unionist labour exchanging votes in constituencies stating SNP out. They have done it before and will again.

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, that was one of the flaws in the Sage of Bath’s sure-fire Recipe for Success, that at least some constituencies may be vulnerable to below-the-counter shady deals as happened with WM. (That mostly involved the FibDems in rural areas, not Labour.) OTOH, as the Sage of Psephology has oft pointed out, no scheme, however cunning, can beat a >50% vote.

      Come May, it’s going to be Get Out the Vote with a vengeance for the SNP. No voter left unturned-out. I can’t see that happening with Jock Puppet Labour, somehow.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Meanwhile he’ll work as hard as he can to convince people not to vote SNP because that’s how you get Independence, oh and George Galloway for President, right I’ve told them George now give me the money

  43. Petra says:

    ‘Officials accused of copying and pasting chunks of text into Brexit deal agreement.’

    ..”Experts have spotted buried within page 921 of the UK-EU trade document references to dated computer software in the agreement which are decades old.,Referencing encryption technology, it mentions Mozilla Mail and Netscape Communicator as “modern e-mail software package” – last updated in 2002.”..


    ‘Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal may wreck an SNP attack line but it also destroys a key plank of unionists’ ‘Project Fear’ – Joyce McMillan (The Scotsman).

    ..”Under these circumstances, and given our own clear majority for a different kind of politics, Scots would need to have a low opinion of themselves indeed not to be considering their constitutional options, perhaps with some urgency. And for unionists, now, the message is therefore a simple one; that defeating the idea of Scottish independence is no longer about buying compliance, flinging cash across the Border, or brushing up the bullying rhetoric for a Project Fear Mark 2. It is about reforming the British state so that it can never commit such an act of folly and corruption again; or accepting that at least in its present form, its time is up.”..

  44. Petra says:

    Sophistry? Out and out lying you mean.

    Steve Peers:- ”There are now specific rules on trade between GB and Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland Secretary can refuse to call this an “Irish Sea Border” if he likes, but that’s semantics, if not sophistry.”


    Mair lying.

    Dr. Bendor Grosvenor:- ”The main headlines on @BBCr4 today saying ‘there will be no new taxes on goods coming from the EU’. This is wrong, there will be 5% import Vat. Pardon, 5% is the reduced rate of Vat (on things like art and antiques). For other goods, it’s up to 20%. More here – but good luck figuring it out.”

  45. Petra says:

    ”UK Government just released 70 pages of case studies today, showing how the borders will operate after 1 January 2021.”


    ”UKGov published the final version of the Border operating model last night. It’s very well-written. But it’s also 160 pages long & was published with six hours to go. Includes the new 18-step process for moving fish to France.”

  46. jfngw says:

    I keep on seeing pictures of Johnson with reference to the Benny Hill ‘Fred Scuttle’ character, what a fucking insult to Benny Hill that is.

  47. Petra says:

    “Recent figures from the UK Government show Luke Graham, head of Downing Street’s “Union Unit”, is paid between £90k-£95k per year to combat growing pro-independence sentiment in the media and “strengthen the Union.”


    ‘Luke Graham.’

  48. Hamish100 says:

    I had to smile at this poster on the other side.

    “What utter liars the SNP have proven to be. ISP all the way from today. Please run as Constituents as well as the list seats ( I know you honorably said you wouldn’t compete with the SNP. Things have changed ISP, all honor has gone within the SNP. So why should you honor them ? My money, votes and faith are yours. Please deliver us Independence, before March.

    It seems the poster is unaware that in Scotland “honour” is spelt thus.
    The regular American phraseology would suggest to me that some unionists are outsourcing their posters and watching too much US TV.

    Still we have only a few weeks to wait as the FM is resigning by the end of January apparently. Remember you heard it over there first.

    Then no doubt they will support Independence.

    • Arthur Thomson says:

      Nicola Sturgeon will have resigned by the end of January 2034. You heard it here first.

      Until then she will lead Scotland with ever increasing competence.

      Gaun yersel hen.

    • Petra says:

      The two critical questions that they avoid answering is when exactly, between losing Indyref1 in 2014 and 2020, would we have won Indyref2?

      And who do they think has the aptitude to guarantee that we win Indyref2, if not Nicola Sturgeon, especially with around 17 weeks to go to the Election?

      That doesn’t matter of course because the fake clergyman’s raison d’etre for living, more so to lining his own pocket (not from donators) right now, is to do everything in his power to scupper Indyref2. If another SNP leader had been elected last year he would be targeting them now too. And if people can’t see that, other than the multitude of covert BritNats that frequent his site, that he’s onside with Westminster, working towards the same goal as them, they’re either needing their bl**dy heads examined and / or their eyes tested.

      • JoMax says:

        Seems as if he’s honed his hammers to become the Hammer of the Scots.

        (Remember the threat with hammers if commenters didnae follow his paragraphing rules?)

        • Petra says:

          Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


          And Professor John Robertsons.

        • Petra says:

          ”Hammer of the Scots.” Look at what happened to him just south of the Scottish border 😎.

          ..”In February 1307, Bruce resumed his efforts and started gathering men, and in May he defeated Valence at the Battle of Loudoun Hill. Edward, who had rallied somewhat, now moved north himself. On the way, however, he developed dysentery, and his condition deteriorated. On 6 July he encamped at Burgh by Sands, just south of the Scottish border. When his servants came the next morning to lift him up so that he could eat, he died in their arms.”

          • JoMax says:

            Replace dysentry with modern day verbal diarrhoea and there you have it, Petra! 🙂 And there’s a lot of it about among the unionists. Must be very infectious. =:)

            • Petra says:


              I was going to say something along these lines too, JoMax. Sh*tting himself ……

              But decided that my ”version” would be a step too far 😀.

        • Hamish100 says:

          “ I intend to vote ISP 2. But for constituencies the ISP should do one thing, and one thing only. That is, field a candidate against Sturgeon and contest no other constituencies this time. Throw all resources for constituency elections into that one contest.

          If the split Nat vote allows a unionist in it’s only one seat, and besides the SNP might even make good the loss by picking up a Glasgow list seat. And think how glorious an ISP unseating of Sturgeon would be. Assuming she’s still SNP leader going into the election.”

          The crazy world of anarchists but more likely unionists britnats. Reference to the “ split Nat vote” is a unionist term not one we would use as seekers of Scots Independence.

          • Petra says:

            Taking one look at the ISP (Who the hell are they? Know one knows. More so what do they stand for? Know one knows. Who do they support? The fake Englified Lib-dem BritNat Scottish traitor Reverend Stu, haha Ref?, who looks like a thug? Not a Reverend of anything at all. Check it out. And no half decent Scot will give him the time of day. Big ego burst. Dearie me. Take a look at my photographs from my teenage years he says when I looked like Micky the fkn Monkey to looking like a low life ars*hole now in my 50’s). He’s detested, HATIED in fact, right across Scotland just like the (I)’m a (S)hit (P)arty. And don’t we fkn know it. So no we ain’t voting for him or for them either.

  49. Petra says:

    Westminster couldnae run a fkn bath. They had to jump right in there bragging about getting the vaccine out before any other country (which wasn’t true anyway) and now don’t have enough of the vaccine to follow through with the 2nd dose 3 weeks later. Read the letter. Totally shambolic.

    Doctors’ Association UK:- ”We have real and grave concerns about these sudden changes to the Pfizer vaccine regime. It undermines the consent process, as well as completely failing to follow the science. Here is our letter to @MattHancock and JCVI today.”


    Who to believe?

  50. Legerwood says:

    Who to believe? The Doctor’s Association, Pfizer, etc. The four amigos? Not so much. They are taking a gamble with our lives and that this untested change wont result in the virus mutating into an even more dangerous form.

    • Petra says:

      It’s just dreadful, Legerwood, and how on earth is Nicola Sturgeon expected to deal with this? Another reason for dissolving this Union.


      Health Warning:- And this is utterly chilling if you have the ”desire” to read the reality of being treated for this virus in an ICU.

    • Petra says:

      Note too, that all of a sudden, Westminster wants to involve the ”devolved” Governments (Dr Gregor Smith, Chief Medical Officer, Scotland). Spread the blame time 🤬.

      • grizebard says:

        Nothin’ new there. The BBC already only recognises and promulgates “UK” stats. (Can’t have them remaining sleepy Scots listeners/viewers realising they can do better.)

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Aye, despite all their propaganda games to strangle information on England’s true condition the story is finally out, they are landed with a monumental screwup costing lives and illness across south, south-east and east of England, but crucially, entirely of their own making, enter mysterious “new variant”….
      I recall vividly Johnson shutting down fire stations and fire inspectorate powers as London Mayor, and within a year of cuts being halted by Khan in 2016, Grenfell happened, dejavu…

      I had no confidence in Johnson then and even less now, the man has a deplorable record on emergencies, now that he’s desperate, he’s ever more dangerous, the trapped snake with only one access..
      To have your CMOs rewrite an untested or verified protocol for a vaccine to address the problem he and his sycophants created SHOULD be alarming everyone, it is unethical and unconscionable except for an Etonian “born to rule” blonde arse wi teeth…
      If Gregor Smith were to publicly withdraw support for this he would in my book gain plaudits, it’s time this blonde blusterbus Johnson was left out on his own limb with his own saw.

  51. Arthur Thomson says:

    If anyone on the planet can deal with this, Nicola Sturgeon can deal with it.

    It is not going to be easy but nothing about this pandemic has been easy. She has risen to the challenge time after time and she will be calm and resolute in safeguarding Scotland’s people yet again.

    • Petra says:

      If I were NS I would take a different route to Westminster, Arthur, but I’m not and I don’t know if she can diverge from the Westminster policy in relation to this. Stick to testing less people following the original 3 week gap. Then again if she did do this she’s be accused of putting people south of the border off of taking the vaccine altogether and endangering lives.

      • grizebard says:

        For all her best intentions, I don’t think the FM sees it as in any way her remit to have regard to what they do or think south of the border. She will listen to medical advice, and we just have to hope that by now her advisors have learnt to walk, talk and think for themselves.

  52. Capella says:

    OTOH Dr Phillipa Whitford endorses the policy of delaying a second Pfizer vaccine:

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Ah but there’s more to this if you read further down the thread where there’s talk of combining vaccines, we’re getting into experiments with an entire population…
      “Cant see any rationale for mix and match and have not seen evidence on that”
      We’re in uncharted waters here…

    • Petra says:

      Thanks for that info Capella. I’m in a rush right now, so will reread the paper later. At a glance though there seems to be some contradictions, for example,”There appears to be some protection against COVID-19 disease following one dose; however, these data do not provide sufficient information about longer term protection beyond 28 days after a single dose.”..


      Philippa Whitford thread. Worth checking out the btl comments too.

  53. Arthur Thomson says:

    She’s always faced with a balancing act Petra.

    I was livid when I heard about this change in vaccine plans in England. However, I am assuming that there is total panic that NHS England is literally going under because of the exponential rise in cases. Scotland is not seeing the same rise and that is great but what is going to happen in Scotland over the next few weeks simply cannot be predicted with real confidence.

    In this situation Nicola can either reluctantly align with England, in the knowledge that if she really is achieving greater stability then the one jab approach will give her even more control, or chance her luck by choosing to stick to the two jab approach but risking seeing a rise in cases and being accused of recklessness.

    Philippa Whitford provided a link to the rationale behind the one jab approach on twitter. I have a lot of confidence in Philippa. I’m sure Nicola will be seeking her counsel too. Having read the rationale I would go with the one jab approach, though on an individual basis I am still livid.

    I use the term jab rather than jag because I hate injections and jab sounds less scary to a delicate soul like me!

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, I know. I have read the letter, and have already written to him expressing my disagreement with the proposed change, at least insofar as it affects those already vaccinated with a first dose. You just can’t wilfully alter a regime without consent, once started. I regard that as a breach of good faith, and FWIW have told him so (copied to the FM and Health Secretary).

      There may be good reasons for a change, especially in England where the NHS in some places is beginning to falter. That’s possibly justified in an extreme emergency, down south at least. I am concerned as well though by issues relating to the Oxford vaccine, which although much easier to distribute in quantity, seems to be considerably less efficatious for older people, and subject to rejection of its viral vector in a second dose. Those issues seem to be being overlooked in public discourse due to the perceived extreme need for some kind of extended coverage.

      Here in Scotland I’m not so sure it’s quite the same calculation, but what do I know? We have a poor history though of “4-nations” joint recommendations.

  54. Capella says:

    Dr PW doesn’t endorse the mix n match approach, only the delayed 2nd dose as argued by the paper she circulated.

    I think an element of blind panic has overtaken the South of England. The number of infections is soaring and the Xmas boost hasn’t filtered through yet. I’m reading that ambulances are queuing up outside A&E for hours and they are decanting patients from London all over England. ICUs are running out of oxygen.

    Sounds chaotic. So spreading the vaccine over a larger number may well be best in a dire situation. I’m no medic but I do trust Dr PW and Gregor Smith.

    • grizebard says:

      I can’t say though I have much faith in these so-called “4 Nations” recommendations. They have a poor history as relating to us and are inevitably heavily-skewed to English needs, even if the dire presence of Cummings in such deliberations is no longer a factor. This is all happening now because the UKGov was (as usual) “too little too late” in its decision-making.

  55. Capella says:

    Richard Murphy on his Tax Research twitter says it’s the lack glass phials to store the vaccine which is the block on rolling it out fast enough. There seems to be nothing Westminster can’t screw up:

    • Bob Lamont says:

      He’s spot on,,,

    • Legerwood says:

      Yet India, which has a licence to manufacture the AstaZeneca vaccine, has 50 million doses ready to go. They have just licenced the vaccine for use.

      A number of weeks ago the New Scientist did an article on preparations for the roll-out of the various vaccines. One of the issues they mentioned was the glass vials required and how this would increase the demand for borosilicate to make the glass to the specification required for the vaccine. But I have not seen anything since raising a shortage of vials as an issue affecting current supply. But feel free to correct me.

    • Petra says:

      Now now Capella, let’s not be too hard on Westminster 😉. This is all down to Hancock’s neighbour, Alex Bourne, who used to run the Cock Inn. Now in charge of the Cock Up 😀.

      ‘NHS deal with Hancock’s former neighbour a disgrace, says Labour | World news.’

      ..”Labour’s deputy leader, Angela Rayner, has described as “a disgrace” news that a former neighbour of the health secretary, Matt Hancock, is supplying millions of vials for NHS Covid-19 tests, despite having no previous experience of producing medical supplies.”..


      ‘Boris Johnson’s pledge of ‘normality’ by Easter to be hit by vial supply issues delaying the vaccine roll-out.’

  56. Dr Jim says:

    Remember when we all used to complain bitterly about the telly repeating shows two and sometimes three times per year and the telly bosses kept telling us they wouldn’t do that in future because they were listening and understood our annoyance, now we have channels that repeat the same things one hour later then repeat them the next day on another channel ad infinitum and the same news 24 hours per day one the hour over and over and over until any one of us could read the script and do it ourselves, have you noticed the powers that be ever actually listening to anything the public says, they just keep saying the same things as the Telly bosses used to say then they carry right on doing the things we complain about

    I feel subjected to this shit more and more these days because Covid has kept us at home more than normal and I’m less than surprised now as to why many older folk have such difficulty in altering their views on certain subjects, because they mentally can’t get away from the same constant outpouring of whatever the powers that be want to mercilessly push on us day after day without let up

    For the last week at least we’ve had wars on all channels either by way of documentaries or movies and the downfall of Adolf Hitler and Nazi camps and on and on

    None of this looks like TV bosses trying to entertain the public to me, this is something else and it’s not even sinister or covert, it’s right there in your face over and over, and it all reminds me of Boris Johnson and the Tories attitude to everything, verbal platitudes then they press on with whatever they want, rinse and repeat begin again

    It’s like global better together, every time the FM or Scotland is to be mentioned they immediately follow it up with journalist or expert opinion to dismiss denigrate and deny anything is actually happening at all like it’s just in the minds of people who don’t count and is to be ignored as something that happens regularly in Scotland but means nothing, over and over again

    Until the brains of the public finally switch off, beep beep beep beep beep beep beep nothing but a monotone drone, there’s a website run from England that’s employing the same shit

  57. Capella says:

    They might as well appoint Korky the Kat to organise the vaccine roll out. Nothing would surprise me.

    Re Cummings, I also heard via twitter that he is going to spill the beans on the mess they made of Covid 19 and claim he was against herd immunity and advised a lockdown but was overruled by the geniuses in the cabinet.
    Can’t find that tweet now – sorry.

  58. Hamish100 says:

    Interesting take on Scotland by CNN

    • Dr Jim says:

      Bankrolled by England the Union party says, but even if some folk believe that they still have to admit it’s because Scotland and its government isn’t *allowed* access to the bank

      This is 2021 when even children have their own bank accounts

  59. Jim says:

    Can’t sleep, body clock’s all to pot with lockdown fever, but came across this new poll headlined by the Guardian.
    “Government to lose 81 seats and Johnson to lose own seat if election held tomorrow.
    SNP to almost sweep the board in Scotland winning 57 of 59 seats.”
    They also said ” the SNP could form coalition with Labour to be new Government.”
    This smacks of carrot dangling in the hope of swaying the SNP away from Independence.
    I’m quite sure Nicola wouldn’t bite but not so sure of some who have become quite ‘comfy’ at Westminster.
    Anyway, it would never happen, can you imagine the outrage of the English electorate at the thought of Scots politicians in power down south. No way.

    Good to see Johnson getting a kick in the Chinos though.

    • J Galt says:

      The problem is, the election is not going to be held tomorrow.

      Johnson and his handlers have plenty time on their hands and when the time comes will turn on the spigots of plenty and good times, which, by that time, might well be just letting us out for a few hours and delivery of an extra big food parcel!

  60. Capella says:

    Radio Scotland has abandoned all hope. They have no news and current affairs programming these days. We are all supposed to be comatose with drink I suppose.

    Instead of news we are invited to listen to someone playing records. Mornings and evenings are dominated by records, mostly American pop and jazz.

    Afternoons are devoted to fitba. If you don’t like records or fitba don’t bother tuning in.

    You can listen to Broadcasting House and hear all about what’s going wrong in English schools and hospitals.

    One ray of hope – very early in the morning you can listen to three short programmes which may actually be interesting. At 6.00 am there’s “Witch Hunt” examining the witch hunting craze. At 6.30 there’s a look at the Scottish legal history on the Douglas case, which may be the case of the black slave Fred Douglas. Then at 7.00 am we have In the Footsteps where Val McDermid follows Arthur Conan Doyle.

    End of my occasional look at the direness of the BBC.

  61. Dr Jim says:

    Andrew Marr becomes impertinent to his Lord and master

    As Boris Johnson bluster and bluffs his way all over the top of Andrew Marrs questioning this morning in the most English superiorsplaining manner possible Andrew Marr finishes off the interview by saying

    “There you are and Englishman talking to a Scot”

    It took him long enough to say so and boy didn’t we notice

  62. Dr Jim says:

    All the folk complaining about the we demand the details of the SNP plan ABC or D for Independence should perhaps note that when Theresa May was asked the same questions she said “Brexit means Brexit”, then Boris Johnson was asked the same thing and he said “It’ll all be fantastic and a wonderful opportunity” so no details of anything and eh, they won

    Perhaps these fake Independence supporters who are using this as a tactic demanding details from Nicola Sturgeon on Independence and if she doesn’t supply them she’s not being truthful might take note of that, or those who’ve been taken in by these purveyors of doom might ask themselves why England got what they wanted by not talking, so why then should Scotland be any different

    The man who demands a plan didn’t get one in England from his actual own government what right does he think he has to one from our Scottish government

  63. Capella says:

    If the SNP are soaring in the polls it must be time for Jim Sillars to put a spanner in the works.

    Ex-SNP deputy Jim Sillars says Nicola Sturgeon should ‘deprioritise’ indyref2

    Sillars said in the run up to the Holyrood elections in May that Sturgeon should place independence and a referendum sixth on the list of priorities for the new parliament.
    He went on to criticise the SNP’s record in government, describing it as “the epitome of incompetence” due to the Ferguson Marine ferry contract, care home and hospital deaths and the “woke-inspired Hate Crime Bill”.

    Has he joined the Tories? Or George Galloway’s pop up party?

    • Dr Jim says:

      When the FM wasn’t doing anything about Independence Sillars was demanding it now she’s doing it he doesn’t want it, like Henry McLeish once Labour always gutless

      I’ve figured it out, the FM’s the wrong woman because she’s not a man

    • douglasclark says:

      Or Stu’s mob?

  64. Ken2 says:

    Johnston will lose his seat. The Tories will lose any election.

    Scotland will vote for Independence.

  65. Hamish100 says:

    It must be the cold weather!

    Sillars and now we have Wings online stating that we are lucky that the Unionists haven’t weaponised the Salmond Surgeon affair.

    The unionists do not need to. It has been served up on a plate by wings and by Salmond’s less than professional behaviour.

    Time they stop blaming everyone else and look at their own extreme views which are a gift to the britnats.

  66. Petra says:

    She’ll be popular 😀.

    ‘Scotland cannot adequately protect its population’ claims country’s Covid expert.’

    ”Professor of Public Health, Linda Bauld, has hit out at the UK government for its ‘abdication of responsibility’ during recent weeks of the pandemic.”Devolved nations cannot adequately protect their populations. Borders and limited powers are the main constraints.“Decisions (or lack of) in England affect all of the UK – really worried.”


    ‘Sturgeon set to recall Scottish Parliament to consider ‘further action’ to tackle Covid surge.’

    “Following a meeting of the Scottish government resilience committee yesterday to assess latest situation, the cabinet will meet tomorrow am to consider further action to limit spread and I’ve asked for Scottish Parliament to be recalled tomorrow afternoon so that I can set out our decisions in a statement.”..

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Talking up Scotland has a couple of articles about Prof Bauld’s comments, and on her twitter the BritNats were shall we say, a little insulting, they don’t like the scientists having a political view point at all, no no no, especially not female professionals.

      • Petra says:

        Snap ArtyHetty 😀.

      • Legerwood says:

        I don’t think Prof Robertson does irony.

        In the last couple of weeks or so he has had a couple of posts critical of Prof Bauld based on an interview on Sky news, if I remember correctly, in which the Prof was apparently less than fulsome about Scotland. His comments and the comments and insinuations below the line were less than complimentary about her. Not nice.

        • stewartb says:

          Credit given when it is merited: credit withheld and adverse criticism given, hopefully politely and respectfully, when backed up with an objective assessment of content.

          Academics accept this as part and parcel of their professional existence. And the bar on assessing the quality of the content they present should not be lowered for media appearances.

    • Petra says:

      And sure enough 🙄.


      ..”At 8:36pm on January 2nd, Professor Linda Bauld tweeted: Abdication of responsibility at UK level during the most recent weeks of this crisis. Devolved nations cannot adequately protect their populations. Borders & limited powers are the main constraints. Decisions (or lack of) in England affect all of the UK – really worried.” Within seconds, angry rebuttals appeared accusing her of being ridiculous, unscientific, non-academic, playing politics, and a member of the ‘Sturgeon fan club’.”

      ..”In July and August, another Edinburgh professor of public health, Devi Sridhar, had experienced similar social media attacks to those of Professor Bauld, last night. On that occasion, Sridhar felt obliged to block one of the worst trolls, Murdo Fraser MSP.”..


      Who needs a First Minister when we’ve got Andrew Keatings 🤡?

      ”My proposal to the movement on the way forward is quite simple and is a hybrid of both Plan A and Plan B. Which should bring together all sides of the movement.”..

  67. Hamish100 says:

    I see the Scot goes Pop poll fundraiser has surpassed its target. Well done. Should be interesting

  68. Arthur Thomson says:

    So Sillars has farted again?

    Labour is still the unionist reserve team it always was and it is working overtime for the Tory first team to defeat independence.

    Sillars and Galloway are two of a kind – egotistical twats. It should be no surprise that the bampot from Bath and the failed Diplomat find common cause with them because they too are egotistical twats. They find further cause with yesterday’s “Scottish” elite who have been displaced by the rise of the SNP.

    Fortunately, it doesn’t matter a toss because anyone who knows any of them knows what they are. While they spew out their bile the public see that Nicola and her team are actually getting on with the work of safeguarding Scotland’s present and future. Ordinary people can differentiate between decent people and baw heedit bastirts who are to be ignored.

    Ultimately, our independence relies on just one thing – a majority of Scots throwing off the cringe and committing to taking control of their children’s future. Nicola and her band of Amazons are facilitating that by virtue of their fearlessness in the face of the Brits and the parcel of rogues who are working for them.

    We are winning and we won’t be thrown of course by a motley collection of second rate no marks who, in truth, are as left wing as Genghis Khan.

  69. Petra says:

    ‘Imprisoned at the border.’

    ..’The message of a dramatic situation of the drivers sparked a huge response. The first to come with help – all the way from distant Coventry – was a Sikh charity that delivered water and small snacks. Just hours later Siksh from Khalsa Aid arrived with thousands of hot meals. “You don’t have to be a Christian to believe in the season of goodwill” its chief Ravi Singh told Sky TV. English people also came with many initiatives, for example, thanks to a crowdfunding effort organized by Catherine Allen, local fish and chips bars in Dover were able to provide hundreds of hot meals to drivers stranded there. The Polish diaspora in the UK showed enormous solidarity. They coordinated their help on Facebook.”..


    Yeah I know it’s an article by Alastair Campbell who also worked for one of the worst PM’s of all time.

    ‘With the worst possible PM at the worst possible time, Britain’s got no chance of a happy new year.’

    …”His turd-polishing on COVID-19, presenting one of the world’s worst death rates and worst recessionary impacts as some great triumph, helped set him up for a huge turd-polishing operation on the Brexit deal, helped by the opposition announcing it would support the deal before it had seen it (provoking a rebellion not among Johnson’s ranks but Labour leader Keir Starmer’s), the limit of a single day of parliamentary scrutiny for a 1246-page document covering huge swathes of our lives, and by several national newspapers which would not look out of place on North Korean news-stands, covering the Great Triumphs of Kim Il-bojo.”..

  70. Petra says:

    ”On a bicycle parts ecommerce merchant’s website in the Netherlands…”


    ‘Changes to VAT treatment of overseas goods sold to customers from 1 January 2021.’

    • Capella says:

      OMG – I’m not even going to begin to pretend to understand VAT regimes but that sounds like an absolute nightmare for traders. 😦

  71. Petra says:

    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


    And Professor John Robertson’s.

  72. Arthur Thomson says:

    Professor John Robertson’s efforts are brilliant.

  73. Dr Jim says:

    We’re nearly there, all we need is for the Union party to keep insisting that democracy is something that England has the power over and they’ll decide whether they *allow* it, and when they insist they won’t *allow* it, that becomes dictatorship, and as soon as the FM says that publicly all kinds of messy will hit the fan and it’ll be played on every channel because the media won’t be able to contain it and themselves

    So far Boris Johnson has never actually said NO, what he has said is a load of weasel like he doesn’t believe or think a referendum should be necessary, even today he still couldn’t bring himself to say an outright NO and in part it might be because the majority of the Tories would rather be without Scotland politically anyway so Scottish Independence with a co-operative deal on defence and some major laws would be a more comfortable arrangement for England, it’s the Labour party who come out the biggest losers on a deal like that because in their minds they’ve always hoped to *take back control* of Scotland to support themselves in England that’s why all the wee Labour pretendy Independence supporting minions are the most upset right now

    Independence for Scotland means the end of the Labour party in England with no chance ever of recovery

    • grizebard says:

      Na, na, Jim, you’re falling for Labour propaganda in that last sentence of yours there. With relatively few exceptions, Labour has achieved power in WM with English votes alone. We’ve normally been there just for the ride, win or lose in England, as always until recently.

      I don’t think there’s any prospect of the SNP holding the balance of power to the advantage of Labour for a forseeable future where we’re likely to remain in the UK and thus have a presence of any kind in WM.

      Ignorant Labour acolytes may believe their self-generated myth, of course, and if so that would indeed cause panic in the ranks, but that’s something else entirely.

      You are bang on though about their wanhope to restore their “stolen fiefdom”. If they don’t forswear it soon, and face up to harsh reality, that forlorn pipe dream is going to ruin them.

      • Dr Jim says:

        I didn’t mean Labour needed Scotland’s MPs to survive but their hope has always been they could get back what they think the SNP stole from them, what I really meant without making myself clear enough was the confidence factor in English Labour supporters would vanish due to the total no hope of return rejection by Scotland because Independence would put the last nail in their already rotted coffin making them virtually unelectable down south

        I know that since 1955 Scotland has had no direct influence on whoever has been elected as government in England
        I can’t remember who said that a man in Middlesbrough has ten votes to a man in Midlothian’s one vote, or something like that

        • grizebard says:

          Well, it could be that the famed Labour “solidarity” cracks first on the English side, as they increasingly begin to conclude that Scotland is a lost cause to the party whatever the situation in England happens to be. (And whatever the wilting rump up north might wish or think.) I suspect that the leadership down south is already beginning to reach that point, though they are unlikely to ever admit it. The membership and union paymasters might well conclude in parallel that the reality for them* is that their precious northern subsidies are a total waste of money, and better kept for themselves and their own hard-pressed struggles to come. Why throw away good money after bad..?

          *(As opposed to the generality for Scotland as a whole, where we subsidise England.)

  74. Alex Clark says:

    I’ve been reading about this idea of mixing vaccines that a PHE official has supposed to have said would be a “reasonable” thing to do if the vaccine someone had for their first dose wasn’t available for their second dose.

    I just thought WTF!

    This has to be the most idiotic thing I have ever heard in relation to public health vaccinations, it is simply ludicrous to assume that you can boost a first dose of a vaccine with a second dose of a completely different c=vaccine.

    Not only that, it is undoubtedly illegal. Who has approved this vaccination? No one of course, the MRHA in the Uk who approve the use of vaccines do so based on their review of the trials, the vaccines are only approved for what was submitted by the manufacturers.

    That definitely rules out any “mixing” of vaccines but just as importantly, it’s my view that it rules out the idea of a second dose after 12 weeks rather than 3 weeks as was trialed.

    There are questions to be answered here, but I don’t here anyone asking them.

    • grizebard says:

      I suspect that this “mixing” thing is coming from the Oxford vaccine and its use of a viral vector which in itself invokes a rejection response the second time around (no matter the delay). That’s why there was some talk recently about pairing with the Russian “Sputnik” vaccine, which uses a different virus vector (two in fact), thus in principle avoiding the otherwise reduced uptake on the second shot (whichever way round). If so, why this should just be discovered now is rather disconcerting.

      The mRNA-based vaccines don’t have this problem, I think, so they should be proceeding as planned. There is an argument for spreading the distribution of the first jab as widely as possible, even if not tested as such, but you still have to have the second jab available to all first-timers and there is no obvious justification for mixing these types at all.

      It all rather smells of panic down south in a face-saving attempt to avoid a serious second lockdown in order to apply the vaccines as planned, in a situation of the UKGov’s own making where there is insufficient trained medical personnel available.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        It is without doubt driven by panic in England – Scientists are being asked to come up with solutions to tackle multiple fires raging out of control with limited buckets of sand and water, and a few fire extinguishers turning up, because the lunatics “in charge” allowed the fires to get out of control in the first place (I’m also convinced the horrors visiting Wales are collateral damage to England’s politically driven and mishandled strategy)
        One opinion read claimed that 90% rather than 60% vaccination would be required under this revised protocol (no guarantee it will work without clinical trials) and prevalence, that’s 90% of 67 million times 2 doses, 120 million doses….
        Even if by some miracle of production, Johnson’s latest SWAG “expect 10s of
        millions of vaccinations by April” were in reality become 1 million, that’s years not months, all because they were concerned with controlling the news for political ends rather than the pandemic itself…..
        Odd that I’m reminded of Johnson’s tenure as London Mayor shutting down fire-stations….

    • Hamish100 says:

      This is fake news over the vaccinations. They are developed via different routes and this cannot be allowed without a clinical trial.

  75. douglasclark says:

    Can I just say that I have learnt a lot by reading the comments here. You guys are pretty amazing.

  76. Dr Jim says:

    England’s accounting trick that keeps Scotland owing money till the end of time

    You have a son or daughter living at home, they’re working and an agreed amount of money is received by you for household expenses, you then embark on a spending spree buying a lawnmower, a garden sprinkler system, new double glazing, maybe a new car, then you say to your son or daughter they’re indebted to you for 10% of these expenses that you incurred for your home so create a debit or deficit column in which to place that money owed to you, your son or daughter tells you this is unreasonable and they’re moving out because none of this was ever agreed that percentages of expenses they didn’t incur and don’t benefit them are placed upon them, you then inform your offspring that they can walk on the grass enjoy the greenery because of the water sprinkler, look through the windows, and see the new car in the driveway plus you have control of the bank card so what are they going to do about the money they owe and subsequently are too poor to ever leave

    This is basically how England describes *Our family of Nations*

    The moral of the story is: How does Scotland’s house ever get built or grass tended or new windows, maybe a car when we’re never endingly paying for the upkeep and spending on England’s house and garden that they tell us benefits us by looking nicer than ours

    England is not our family, it’s a rogue landlord

    When I reference England I mean political England which is more far reaching than just Westminster

    • andyfromdunning says:

      Very good Dr. Jim. I like the analogy.

      You are spot on with the last paragraph. I have been retired for just over 10 years now but back in the day when I worked my jobs took me all over England. Some people there are a weird bunch politically. The big issue is that they have a poor understanding of the State (UK) they live in and think accordingly based on misconceptions.

  77. gullaneno4 says:

    Dr Jim @ 7.41.
    Good stuff, a great explanation of how UK finances work.
    Do you mind if I copy it ?.

  78. Petra says:

    The Labour Party will sort it 😀.

    ‘Tony Blair: Independence is not in Scotland’s interests.’

    ..”I also think it’s incredibly important, the single most important thing politically to my mind, is that we get a really capable opposition in Scotland – which should be the Labour Party – that’s capable of contesting the Scottish nationalist position in Scotland in a way that prevents them from doing what they do at the moment, which is govern Scotland but pretend they’re in opposition.”..


    ‘Former Tory cabinet minister issues appeal to Keir Starmer to build Progressive Alliance to reform politics.’

    ..”With the May 2021 elections to the Scottish Parliament currently forecast to deliver another majority for a Scottish National Party running on an independence ticket, the Labour leader must offer voters north of the border an answer to the sense of injustice they feel over being forced out of the EU against their will, he said.”

  79. Petra says:

    ”The way I see it there are six unionist and Brexiteer arguments against Scottish independence. Let’s debunk them one by one.”


    Manipulated or what? 😀


    ”76.7% of nearly 20 000 in a poll organised by pro-Union twitter group Save Our Union (202 followers) has expressed support for holding a second referendum on independence. The group now insists the poll has been shared in the main by Scottish Nationalists and may even have been manipulated.”

    • Dr Jim says:

      Poor Effie Deans, she’ll have to resort to blaming the SNPs secret police for subverting her results

      I can assure her, *We didn’t*

  80. Dr Jim says:

    Here’s one I just heard on Ian King business Sky news

    “The National grid is investing £5billion in North sea wind and tide renewable energy to bring that power down to the people of the UK to show that the UK is serious about meeting the challenges ahead”

    That answer was given by the director of the National grid in response to a question about COP 26 which is taking place in Glasgow next year
    Now on the face of it that looks and sounds like a pretty innocuous statement until you read it again,

    ” To bring that power *down* to the people of the UK”

    In simple terms Scotland has paid out fortunes for all this stuff and England is going to pay out two and a tanner to divert it to the lower portion of the UK of England Great Britain who didn’t bother investing in enough of it around their own shores, once again England decides to steal an industry from Scotland and Scotland pays, and it wouldn’t be so bad but 10% of that £5 billion will be charged to us anyway, so we pay twice, oh yeah the director did mention the thousands of jobs that would be created in the *UK* because of it, £5 billion is probably only enough to pay for a big long wire from us to them

    I think they think it’ll make Boris Johnson look good at COP 26, firstly I don’t reckon he’ll even be Prime Minister by then, and secondly if they can’t fool me what chance do they think they have of fooling the worlds clever clogs

    • andyfromdunning says:


      The National grid covers England and Wales only, not Scotland or Northern Ireland.

      Yet again a person in England cannot understand the State he lives in. Pathetic. I had a working life dealing with this mind set.

    • Alastair says:

      COP 26.
      Scheduled for THIS year presently, but the way things are going with Covid, you may be right.

    • Dave tewart says:

      Have a look at the new HVDC cable between Hunterston and Wales, 2200MW.
      The Channel has 2 systems , one from France and now one from The Netherlands, currently providing upwards of 20% of the consumption.
      On low wind days over 50% of the load is produced from Natural Gas, wonder where they get that from?

  81. Petra says:

    Colin Dunn:- ”In these pre-apocalypse days of stockpiling, just a reminder that Scotland is a net exporter of fuel, power, food and drink. #BigEnough #RichEnough #SmartEnough.”


    James Kelly:- ‘New article, and Somerset stalker update.’

  82. Petra says:

    Great news 😀.

    ‘WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange cannot be extradited to the US, British judge rules.’

    ”Assange will now remain in British custody pending a bail application, and the US government is free to proceed with an appeal against the decision. This particular ruling is only related to the US request for extradition under an extradition treaty between the UK and US. The full ruling is available here.”..


    ‘WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange extradition to US denied by British judge.’ VIDEO.

    • Jim says:

      I wouldn’t even consider extradition until they in turn deliver up that Sacoolas woman for trial here.
      Justice has to work for the Dunn family also.

  83. Petra says:

    ‘The Government of the United States of America -v- Julian Assange. Before District Judge Vanessa Baraitser 4th January 2021.’

  84. Petra says:


    ..”One more reason to marvel: The Netherlands is a small, densely populated country, with more than 1,300 inhabitants per square mile. It’s bereft of almost every resource long thought to be necessary for large-scale agriculture. Yet it’s the globe’s number two exporter of food as measured by value, second only to the United States, which has 270 times its landmass. How on Earth have the Dutch done it?”..


    The current population of the Netherlands is 17,154 million. Netherlands total land area is 33,720 Km2. The population density in the Netherlands is 508 per Km2

    The current population of Scotland is 5.46 million. The total land area is 80,240 Km 2. Population density in Scotland is 67.2 per Km 2.

    If they can do it. We can do it 😀.

  85. Dr Jim says:

    I posted this the other day but I will again because it’s sort of relevant, every human being on planet earth could fit into Loch Ness, how’s that for an idea of scale

    • Petra says:

      Now Dr Jim, get your facts right 😀. You missed out the ”10 times over” 😎.

      ‘Amazing Loch Ness Facts,’

      ..”Loch Ness holds an estimated 263 billion cubic feet of water, which is more than all the water in all the lakes, rivers and reservoirs in the whole of England and Wales combined! Loch Ness’s deepest points are over 800ft deep which is twice the average depth of the North Sea. Being some 37 km long it means the volume is sufficient for every single person on earth to fit inside the loch 10 times over.”..


      ‘How Scottish independence campaigning ‘changed the narrative’ in 2020.’

      ..“To this day we’ve got people on the streets doing socially distanced campaigning, selling books and giving away leaflets,” said MacIntyre-Kemp. “We distributed a quarter of a million leaflets just before lockdown on Scotland’s wealth, so basically that means households throughout Scotland … were given a really positive message about the economy and I think that really has helped.”..

      ..”And Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp said he is ready for the next stage with billboards, posters and a mobile app – all paid for through a “pledge” as opposed to a crowdfunder.”..

  86. I had it in my mind that Marr would still be on holiday, so only tripped across yesterday’s edition by accident.
    Arlene was on given a free ride by Marr extolling the virtues and benefits of the Union which given NI’s border with the UK down the Irish Sea no longer applies, since the #North of Ireland’ is now part of the EU for all intents and purposes.
    There was much talk of Scotland and Independence, among Marr and two London based English journos, and the Poundland Mop Head Johnson.
    That Alister Jack, Douglas Ross, Andrew Bowie, David Duguid, David Mundell, John Lamont, Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause, and the gaggle of Listory MSPs look to this babbling buffoon of a man as their leader stretches credibility beyond breaking point. He is, and came across as an utter fool, blubbering incoherent rambling nonsense from School closures in England to his declaration that Scotland won’t be allowed to exercise democracy for a ‘generation’, because this fat big shambles of a man says so.
    I accuse the Jock Brit Blue Tories of hypocrisy. This man, their leader, their boss, is a fool, yet, they argue that his regime, and for Scotland to be held in chains as England’s Cash Colony, is what the people of Scotland want, really?
    We are out of their precious Union now. It’s only who gets what CD left for these pathetic Jock Field Bosses.
    Seriously, Johnson blithered as only an Eton blithering idiot can.

    The campaign starts now.

  87. Capella says:

    Well that’s us in lockdown again until the end of January and the vaccine programme is underway in a race between the virus and the vaccine – as Nicola Sturgeon has just announced. I watched it on scottishparliamenttv as I had no faith that BBC Radio Scotland would be diligent in letting us know the latest. Hopefully, they won’t confuse people too much.

    Julian Assange is not to be extradited to the USA. The verdict was on health grounds rather than the sheer mendacity of prosecuting journalism and freedom of speech. I suppose it is to save face of the British authorities. It is the least they can get away with.

    • bringiton says:

      Yes and interesting that Nicola said that people can not travel either into our out of Scotland.
      Does that mean that passengers arriving into Scotland at airports will be sent back if they can’t demonstrate their essential need to enter the country?

      • Hamish100 says:

        If you watch an app with flight radar it appears to me that there re more private jets going from point A-B in the U.K./ Europe and the use of helicopters between Glasgow and islands on the west coast. Isle of Bute is busy.
        Holiday home anyone?

        Still the royals are keeping a low key in the past day or so. Maybe the train and the royal flight are on hols too?

        • weegingerdug says:

          most of the helicopters are either servicing the rigs or are air ambulance flights

          • Hamish100 says:

            I must have a better app as it tells you who they are!

            The Bristow helicopters are easy to spot concentrated on the north east. Scottish Ambulance Service flights are usually out from Glasgow to the islands. Still it’s better than watching the One Show!

  88. Jim says:

    While Johnson blithers as England burns Nicola once again shows how to lead.

    FULL LOCKDOWN from midnight.

    She’s has obviously seen the cretins at Glenshee yesterday and came to the same conclusion as the rest of us that they are not all Scots flouting the Tier 4 rules.
    English people are coming up for a wee skiing jaunt because Switzerland and Austria are closed.
    Travel restrictions now put into law, effectively closing the border with England without the Britnats being able to shout that she doesn’t have the power to close the border.

    Way to go Nicola!

  89. jfngw says:

    I still see those claiming to support independence promoting tweets were the person claims they will not vote SNP in the constituency unless they do as they tell them. But they will vote ISP on the list ‘because they want their vote to make a difference’.

    The difference this is likely to make is more unionist MSP’s as the SNP may not win the constituency seat and they are now splitting the independence list vote. They think they are being magnanimous in their support but only reveal their lack of ability to deal with the reality of numbers, either that or they are actually unionists (some are the ‘bring back the king’ brigade, not realising the king is dead).

    • Dr Jim says:

      Yep, all of that, the not voting SNP *threat* in order to cast votes for totally inconsequential parties that will achieve absolutely nothing but the creation of space for the Union party is the plan A in the removal of Nicola Sturgeon from office that they say is going to happen anyway because she’s bad is supported by their dear leader who only last year admitted that both votes SNP was the only way to maximise the chances of Independence but has since changed his mind on that for reasons of infantile foot stamping *grumphy* disposition even though all the polling experts everywhere tell you emphatically it’s a stupid idea and doesn’t work, so draw something obscene on your ballot paper or throw it down the toilet the result is the same, a wasted vote to prove that the bigger political objective is less important than a personal grudge, these are definitely folk with brains, except the brains are their own and they’re eating them off a plate because Hannibal Lecter told them to

    • grizebard says:

      These people simply demonstrate the fatal flaw in the Sage of Bath’s prognostications, namely that politics is never about spreadsheets. Once a party exists, like a virus it can’t help but try to spread, and to do so, sooner or later it will try to pinch votes from the others, even those it started off by supposedly intending to help. And that’s without the “helpful assistance” we here have to endure from the inevitable fakes.

      Alas, the SoB has shown himself to have as much political acumen as the proverbial bull in a china shop. He’s even taken to launching a new broadside at JK of SGP again, FFS. He would serve everyone better by sticking to what he does best: deconstructing BritNat fake news.

  90. Hamish100 says:

    I do smile at this as one who was blocked from wings away back in 2019 for disagreeing with him. I got some pretty terrible and abusive blogs from others.
    Funny that they demand to be heard be it in The National or other blogs.

    Crucially the general public do not care about us “geeks” interested in politics or conspiracies. They are interested about their future and what it may entail. Selfish, yes, but we all are to some degree.

    The original mentor of the first minister Kay Ulrich passed away at the weekend. I have no doubt she would be the first to say that we should not underestimate the FM nor smear with the clarion call that she does not wish independence and is a MI5 plant.

    WoS has deteriorated into a Trumpish type group of conspirators and you are correct Jack, maybe a maximum of 200 devotees in the max.

    Apparently the FM was cancelling the election today- not true but that doesn’t stop the sad, the lonely and the devious to continue their attacks on the FM and the SNP.

    As with all of this the question to be asked is, who gains and profits from this?

    Certainly not the Scottish people.

  91. Capella says:

    I was banned from WoS for insisting on the principle “Innocent till proven guilty” and expecting to see convincing evidence . So far, none has been supplied, quite the opposite. Witness after witness at the SG Harassment Committee has demolished the accusations.

    I have no doubt that there are people who want to get rid of Alex Salmond AND Nicola Sturgeon. Tories, Unionists and the British intelligence community are assiduously working to that goal. Some useful idiots in the independence community have been fed spurious information and egged on to demand her resignation IMO.

    AS has been found not guilty. NS has yet to give evidence. But I still see no reason to call for her resignation and am prepared to wait until I do.
    I’m a very patient ballerina.

    Meanwhile NS piles the pressure on Boris Johnston and his band of desperadoes. I hope she continues to play her cards close to her chest.

    The gung-ho chorus are certainly not chess players. They forget that there are two players in this war. Publishing you strategy and moves in advance is stupid. Let the opponents whine for clues.

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