Ripping Bunty’s knitting

When albert Einstein developed his famous theory of relativity, one of the realities about the nature of the universe that it proved was that nothing could travel at faster than the speed of light. In this instance however, the famous scientific genius was wrong, there is an observable phenomenon , very close to home in fact, which is easily capable of moving at a speed well in excess of the speed of light, and that is a British nationalist – sorry ‘patriot’ – in search of victimhood status.

There was a perfect example of this the other day i my Twitter feed. A notorious British nationalist troll @Blood politics who calls herself Bunty – although ‘she’ is probably an overweight balding late middle aged male virgin in a stained t- shirt who lives with his mother – tweeted at me that if I wanted to ‘”slot into the close knit community of Maybole” where we have just bought our new house – that I should tone down the seperatism. It was clearly a threat, or at least a transparent attempt to intimidate. It also spoke of a deep seated arrogance common among British nationalists their belief that they own the town an by extension the whole of Scotland. Bunty was never elected the spokestroll for the whole of South Ayrshire except in Bunty’s union flag bedecked – but resolutely non- nationalist – you understand, imagination.

when others responded to Bunty’s passive aggressive attempt at intimidation, she locked her Twitter account and then started to complain about how she was being targetted by those vile separatists, because naturally, she’s the real victim here.

I told Bunty that I am gay and was born and brought up in the East End of Glasgow, I’ve faced down far bigger bullies in my life and I am certainly not going to be intimidated by some anonymous prick on Twitter.I have never “slotted in” with anyone during my life but if others are so inclined they can choose to slot in with me. I have absolutely no intention of toning down anything, but now that Bunty has attempted to intimidate me, I will be making it my mission to rip her knitting. Can you imagine the response from British nationalists if an independence supporter had warned an opponent of independence who was moving to a new town to “tone down” the Brittery? There would have been a front page article in the Hootsmon bewailing the vile and divisive Scottish nationalists and demands from Conservative MSPs for Nicola Sturgeon to condemn. But of course, it’s really Bunty who is the real victim here.

Bunty is merely taking her cue from far more prominent British nationalists – sorry, opponents of nationalism who are British patriots, who delight in finding things that are the responsibility of British nationalists or the British state, then blaming them on Scottish independence and its advocates and then claiming the status of a victim. Clearly they now believe that the best strategy for preventing Scottish independence is to make a bid for the pity vote.

A case in point is the tousle haired one himself, Neil Oliver. Neil had a bit of a sulk over the weekend when he claimed in an article for the Mail that Scottish independence would be a breach of his human rights because it would strip him of his British identity against his will. Poor Neil. Now Neil Oliver is of course perfectly entitled to his own opinions about Scottish independence, no matter how petulant they might be, However he is not entitled to his own facts. Scottish independence would not strip him of his British identity, he would be free to define himself as he chooses, just as the rest of us will remain free to define him as a histrionic attention-seeker.

Indeed Scottish independence would not even strip Neil, or anyone else, of his British citizenship or his poxy blue British Brexit passport. The government of an independent Scotland has no power or authority to tell another sovereign state – in this case the rest of the UK who it can or cannot recognise as a citizen. Just as the UK can’t tell France who gets to count as a French citizen – this being purely a matter for the French, so it is entirely for the British government to decide who is a British citizen – whether before or after Scottish independence. If people like Neil who are currently recognised as British citizens lose their British citizenship following Scottish independence, that can only happen as a result of a decision made by the British government. But that doesn’t suit Neil’s narrative and allow him to pose as a victim of vile Scottish nationalists.

If the British government leaves its citizenship laws as they are just now, then everyone in Scotland or born in Scotland but resident elsewhere in the UK, who is currently a British citizen will remain so following Scottish independence, and any children that they have in the future will be entitled to British citizenship by virtue of having a parent who is a British citizen. These citizenship rights can only change if the British government decides to change them. An independent Scotland can’t tell the British who gets to count as British any more than it can tell the French government who gets to count as French or the US government who gets to count as American. So if anyone is going to breach Neil’s human rights and strip him of his Britishness against his will, it’s going to be the British. If he’s really upset about it -he can always take it up with the European court of Human Rights oh wait – no – he can’t do that because of Brexit, another British decision. But still, I’m sure that won’t stop him from finding a way of blaming that too on Scottish independence. An inability to take responsibility for British screw ups and to perpetually pose as the victim is the defining characteristic of British nationalism. Not that Bunty could ever grasp that truth, because it would really rip her red white and blue knitting.

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303 comments on “Ripping Bunty’s knitting

  1. I really have had it with Neil Oliver! I used to be a fan back in the day … not any more. Of all the moronic things for an apparently well-educated man to say, this just about takes the biscuit.

    • Welsh Siôn says:

      So … ‘UK independence’ of those nasty Johnny Foreigners as a result of Brexit and, to coin a phrase, ‘stripping’ the European identity and rights against the will of 62% who voted against it, is ok by Mr. O., then?

      P.S. 62% is more than 55%.

    • deelsdugs says:

      Is there anybody who actually likes him? 😂 Speaking with an archaeologist not so long ago, she reckons he’s ‘not so bad’ and the bbc keep him cause of the hair. I just switch him off.

  2. Gordon Ross says:

    Dear God, Paul, why on Earth did your new ground floor gaff need to be in South Ayrshire?

    The place is hoaching with union flag underpants-wearing, daily mail / express readers.

    I fear for the genteel Bunty and her crocheted sampler of Britannia.

    You would be like an alien species, invading the planet of the blue rinse.

    PS hope the new house is nice and has space in the front garden for a flag pole and saltire.

    • weegingerdug says:

      so is the east end of glasgow, we have a lot of the orangey persuasion here too – you’re describing just about anywhere in the west of Scotland – and south ayrshire has an SNP MP and an SNP constituency MSP – anyway by the time I am finished it will be a hotbed of pro-indy support

      • Maggie BARRIE says:

        Right on, Paul! Just along the road from you, in the outskirts of Ayr. Originally from Glasgow too and being active in the Ayr South SNP branch during the 70s/80s, met many good activists and good people from Maybole. Can clearly remember being treated like an alien species by some when I first moved to Ayr, but it only lasted about four months and then the friendliness came.

        You are remarkable, Paul. What resilience. But then I would expect nothing less from a Glaswegian! Keep up your great progress.

      • Justin Fayre says:

        Did it ever occur to you that maybe Bunty might be bitter and twisted because he/she/ might have lost relatives during ‘the troubles’ in Northern Ireland.

        Or how about the members of the Orange Order that spend 364 days a year employed in the Armed Forces, Police, NHS and other emergency services but take just one day to commemorate in their own way their debt to their ancestors. Unswerving loyalty is their strength but conversely their weakness.

        A colleague of mine – a member of the Orange Order by the way told me that he disagreed with me entirely but he would defend my rights to have my own beliefs.

        If you watched the latest episode of the Alex Salmond show you would have heard George Reid espouse his views on Scottish Independence (the man, at 82, talks more sense than the vast majority of today’s numpties ( sorry politicians) .

        You would also have heard him talk about ‘Conflict Resolution’.

        In other words sometimes it’s not good to fight fire with fire.

        I know a good few Orangemen who hate football by the way.

        I detest the way the struggle for Independence has deteriorated into a Green V Orange battle. It demeans those of us who marched proudly in 1979 and 2014.

        Please think on.

        • Justin Fayre says:

          Sorry that comment should have read ‘worked tirelessly’ not ‘marched proudly’. although we did do a lot of proud marching, leafletting and canvassing.

        • weegingerdug says:

          If you don’t understand that Orangeism is about domination and intimidation,about hegemony and exclusion, you are a part of the problem

          • Justin Fayre says:

            My guess is that you have had some personal conflict in the past with some of the loonies who attach themselves to the Orange Order that has clouded your judgement. Alas I have had experience with the ‘politically correct mafia’ that ruined my career, badly affected my health and destroyed a loving relationship.
            It has taken a long time to recover from the ordeal and I’m still not quite there.
            As for ‘hegemony’ and ‘dominance’ which basically mean the same thing, a large majority of lodge followers are ignorant, semi literate, manual workers who would be illiterate if they knew what it meant. They are obsessed with the ‘protestant work ethic’ to the exclusion of all else. What you consider abuse and sectarianism, they regard as barrack room humour.
            Think of the children for pity’s sake. How do you think they feel hearing or reading that the fathers and grandfathers they idolise described as monsters.
            All you are succeeding in doing is perpetuating a cycle that needs to be broken.
            Two final sentences:-

            1. If you shut your eyes while viewing clips of Tommy Sheridan, George Galloway and Rev Ian Paisley you would swear you were listening to the same person.

            2. You might want to read my peace dated 7 July 2014 and consider that the wind that affects public opinion can change quickly and I would genuinely, believe it or not, hate to see you accused of a Hate Crime.

            • weegingerdug says:

              both myself and my catholic family have first hand experience of being on the receiving end of hate, discrimination, abuse and bigotry from a group of people and a bigoted organisation that for some unfathomable reason you seem to be determined to defend. If you wish to continue to make excuses for the sectarian ideology of orangeism you can do so elsewhere because you are certainly not going to do it here.

      • katherine hamilton says:

        Hi Paul,
        I’m a born and bred Minnieboler and I read in the National a while ago you were going down there.You’ll be fine. When I was growing up there, 50’s and 60’s it was rid rotten Orange. In excess of 5000 marched through every year for the Walk, a lot from Ireland obviously. My generation began the change from that. Most of my pals were Catholic. We just couldn’t give a f**k. Bunty and co are a dying breed Hell I could probably guess who he is. You’re right it will be male.
        I hope you settle well. My last point on the Ludge. The Maybole lodge was LoL No.1. Yep. No 1.
        It shut in the 80’s and was turned into flats, and so the Ludge died. Continue down Welltrees Street, on to Ladywell Road. Just past the gap on the right that leads up the Glen is a brown 2 storey on the right. That’s it. (Just for proof!). I’m not in the town now so won’t be able to get to know you, more;’s the pity.
        Take care

  3. Louise Nelson says:

    Standing in Maybole last week having my brains rattled oot every time a lorry crashed by it is perfectly understandable why a few residents of this town are hard of reasoning.
    The long awaited bypass is forging ahead and in the not too distant future peace and quite with just regular traffic will afford the residents some peace.
    I commented to my long-suffering that I would be psychotic if I lived near that Main Street for only 1 week never mind a life time!

    I did have a not insignificant smirk on my face at the thought of you coming to live there. The poor wee town has been left behind and I for one canny wait for you to give it a spring clean , will be fabulous.

    We are not all hard of reasoning in South Ayrshire, I welcome you warmly.

    • weegingerdug says:

      thank you Louise, looking forward to being your new neighbour, our new house is close to the old town hall and overlooks Maybole castle

    • Chicmac says:

      I am 70 in January so will not be taking my own advice but it occurs to me that any one considering medium term investment in property could well do worse than buying on or close to a busy road.

      Currently, those properties have long had significantly supressed prices due to noise and more recently, as its effects have become more understood, to pollution .

      However, in the near future (circa 10 years) both those things will be very greatly reduced with the coming hegemony of electric vehicles.

      Just a thought.

  4. jfngw says:

    If Mr Oliver is so concerned about losing his ‘British’ passport I and many others are willing to write on his behalf to Westminster to plead his case, for them to keep him.

    Although when I heard Paul K was moving to Maybole my first thought was red-neck county and duelling banjos.

    • Iain says:

      Maybe Neil and Bunty could get married in Maybole, their hair lushly waving in the breeze as they pout in unison for the photographer.

  5. Republicofscotland says:

    Beautiful Ayrshire has been the seat of Scottish greats, such as Wallace, and of course Good King Robert, however, its in a more modern era, its also been the home in part (not all I might add) to the die-hard British loyalists, who signaled this by painting the kerb stones red, white and blue.

    Thankfully this British loyalist trait has faded in the last few decades, but it still pervades in parts of the country, it is in my opinion, the dying cry of the unions foot soldiers who have nothing left to boast about with regards to the union, so in simple terms they resort to veiled and not so veiled threats towards Scottish progression in the shape of independence.

    In saying that, if you feel threatened by this persons comments aimed at you, I’d advise you to call the police and at the very least it will be logged.

  6. Fougasse says:

    Welcome to Maybole Paul. There are more than a few saltires flying in Maybole and plenty of independent- minded folk living here too.
    I’m not sure if I qualify as part of the “close-knit community” yet though as I’ve only been here four years longer than you!
    PM me if there’s anything I can do to help you get settled.
    BTW, you’re not the only one in Maybole with an American spouse.

  7. […] Wee Ginger Dug Ripping Bunty’s knitting When albert Einstein developed his famous theory of relativity, one of the realities […]

  8. gavinochiltree says:

    Enjoy Maybole, Paul. As long as you don’t attempt a stroll up the High Street. It gets totally congested with a car, a bike and a dug!

    As for Nelly Oliver, what he, and people like Alex Massie and Stephen Daisley fear, is their loss of income after we get our country back.
    In that circumstance, no sensible person in England is going to pay some snivelling “Jock” to bad-mouth their own country.
    Oliver can swish his hair to his hearts content, but he is yesterday’s man as far as TV is concerned.

  9. Jacksg says:

    Originally being from the west coast myself before I defected to Edinburgh. I have many happy memories of Maybole. Many a week was spent during my teenage years circa 1982 at the caravan in Maybole, I seem to remember that there was a long walk from oor caravan to Culzean castle oh and the midges happy days 😊

  10. Dr Jim says:

    I’m sure the people of the Windrush generation thought they were *British* until the English told them they weren’t, still Neil Oliver won’t have far to go if he’s ever deported from Britishland after seeking refuge from we separados , yes separado it sounds so much more exotic doesn’t it, or will they stickist an *ist* on that tooist

  11. grizebard says:

    Well, it won’t be long ere the good folk of Maybole (including the former Unionists) will be celebrating being the place of residence of a renowned pioneer of a resurgent and restored Scotland. (They just don’t know it yet.) It’ll be bunting not Bunty. {grin}

    • Bob Lamont says:

      At a stretch…

      • grizebard says:

        It’s an observable fact, Bob, that in the aftermath of any momentous societal change, it gets harder and harder to find anyone who was against it at the time! {grin}

        A generation after independence, you’ll likely find it’s conservative types who are most assertive of Scottish rights and traditions. (As they used to be when the Union was self-assured and not deep into control-freakery.)

  12. Alex Clark says:

    This character sees you as a threat to their way of life, they cannot defeat you in debate by arguing the merits of the Union so they resort to threats.

    It’s no different from Project Fear pre-2014, no positive case so threats were all the UK had in the armoury that would bring them a victory. Of course, threats at a personal level are a different kettle of fish and not something to be taken lightly. Personal threats are meant to intimidate and are not nice at all for those on the receiving end.

    Bunty and the like are the ones that are scared though, they fear losing their “identity” and so lash out and prominent supporters of Independence are an obvious target. You have more than 56% of the population of Scotland on your side at least and the knuckledraggers that issue threats to individuals are but a tiny minority of those opposed to Independence, the great majority of whom would be horrified if they thought that they personally were to be associated with such behaviour.

    I wouldn’t ignore it though, so even a complaint to twitter about abuse means this episode is recorded, I doubt anything at all will be done but it’s still worth doing.

  13. grizebard says:

    It’s funny how things change. Back when, the patronising BritNat argument was that independence was “heart over head”, but now it seems it’s the Neil Olivers who find themselves having to make the sentimental appeal above the realistic appraisal of the bare facts.

    Not that I ever subscribed to that false dichotomy anyway. This person’s head and heart were always very firmly connected. As the facts for independence keep piling up, more and more people are seeing the hill, despite Oliver’s pathetic attempts to hide it in a mist of false sentiment.

  14. It must be hard for Scottish people who are unionists , they’re in the minority now and have little to shout about , politics of the last few years together with the internet has opened up a huge array of information to people across the world ,Scotland has seen the true feelings that England’s Westminster has for Scotlands people, uncaring cruel snide and disrespectful .

    The unionists can’t admit this dreadful attitude England’s Westminster has towards Scotland it would shame them , so they act as though it doesn’t happen , people elsewhere look on puzzled how they can support England’s Westminster when they denigrate insult and rob their own country so much.

    I have sympathy for those who’s parents and grandparents fought in wars for British govt perhaps lost their lives in the process but that was a long time ago times have changed.
    The future is a bright positive fairer future one of forward thinking .
    It’s not necessary to mark the world wars in every month of the year one way or another as if it’s great Britishness that needs celebrating when what we should be doing is not celebrating but remembering with sadness , sadness at the dreadful mistake wars are sadness that so many people were killed and we don’t need to mark this sadness over and over every month of every year turning it into a celebration of Britishness.

  15. Dr Jim says:

    It was a cold frosty morning at RAF Brize Norton, quiet and still, yet the air was tingling in expectation of what was to come, then it happened, the British RAF Wellington bombers and their Spitfire escorts burst into life, the props spinning, the powerful British engines growling, it had begun, the biggest lifesaving mission in peacetime was underway and our brave boys and some girls were onboard after having loaded the valuable cargo that we the one Nation of the four Nations of the United Kingdom of the country of Great Britain had invented ready to vaccinate every person in our precious great nation of our four countries of our Union of greatness and all under the direction of our greatest peacetime leader ever, Boris Johnson, their mission, to fly over the territories of our great country where our parachute regiment will make the jump into each of our lands carrying boxes of the frozen sub zero life saving vaccine to keep our people safe even to the farthest reaches of those territories, we wish them good luck and a safe journey on their most important of missions

    God save the Queen

    The BBC will do this, they will, I bloody bet they will, accompanied by a foty of the Queen lookin oot her bloody windae, maybe a shot of some weans lookin up wae wet eyes claspin their hauns thegither as well

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Dr. Jim you must mean when Betty looks outof one her 100’s of windows wot!
      Aye they will do a job on the vax, Scotland be grateful or else! I have no idea how the so called royals can swan about (yes Betty is the only one allowed to eat the poor things) in all their posh cars and garb, while little children are literally being starved by the Tory, red Tory government at WM. Is this the1800’s again? Jeezus christ.

  16. Bob Lamont says:

    Any who take the name of a 60’s girls comic expecting to be taken seriously were on a hiding to nothing 40 years ago, Bunty’s implied threats in the 2020’s even in lil’ ol’ Maybole wouldn’t last 5 seconds before laughter and tears descended….
    Careful on the flitting all the same, Ayrshire’s KKK led by Bunty may be be keeping watch and pounce without warning, or a bus ticket home…. May the farce be with you…

  17. Doon valley lass says:

    Welcome to South Ayrshire Paul.There are plenty of us independence supporters in Carrick Cumnock and Doon as well as in Ayr Town itself and Prestwick.
    There are also plenty of fair minded people of independent mind in Maybole. Hope you get settled in and enjoy the beautiful countryside when Spring comes

  18. The hidden menace?
    Like the idiot who assaulted me in Lidl the other day, this Bunty charcter is clearly a psycho nut job; but report it officially.
    Neil Oliver is well paid by the Brit Nat Establishment to comeout with guff like this ‘I’m British’ cringeworthy nonsense.
    Gets his name in the papers.
    He is nobody’s fool.
    They throw money at him in great diollops to spout nonsense. He ranks with the LinesMan dross, B-Lister Union Jack, and Sub Lieutenant (RN Failed) Andrew Bowwie in churning out stupidity on steroids. They get paid really really wlel to deny the country of their birth. They are in the pay of a foreign power.
    There’s a name for it.

    Never mind; Soon you will be in Burns Country.

    “When chapmen billies leave the street,
    And drouthy neibors, neibors meet,
    As market days are wearing late,
    An’ folk begin to tak the gate;
    While we sit bousing at the nappy,
    And getting fou and unco happy,”

    I am positive that you and your husband will be ‘unco happy’ in Maybole.

    The Brit Nats are losing ground drastically, and falling further behind by the hour, never mind daily.

    Gove has conceded that there will be a border between GB and NI.

    “They run all away, and cry, ‘the devil take the hindmost’.”

    Arlene will not be pleased.

  19. ArtyHetty says:

    Maybe remove that comment.

  20. ArtyHetty says:

    Looks like ‘Bunty’ is a bit of numpty. Suspect they could well be situated outwith Scotland, but who knows. They obviously knew that their threats to you would be called out and shared by the good people of the independence movement, so they backed off. Some rather unpleasant folk around sadly.
    Hope your new abode is a wonderful adventure…maybe we can all come and visit and camp out, once things are back to normal, whatever that is. 🙂

    • Pogmothon says:

      Now there’s an idea.
      Couple o two or three bikes. A few buds (the bidy in, eerrr husband il ken) a dawd o’ Ayrshire an a bit o’ craic.
      Definitely sounds the biz.

  21. Pogmothon says:

    Now there’s an idea.
    Couple o two or three bikes. A few buds (the bidy in, eerrr husband il ken) a dawd o’ Ayrshire an a bit o’ craic.
    Definitely sounds the biz.

  22. robert alexander harrison says:

    I told you this is what they are like English nationalism breeds this level of cowards who pick a fight then instantly play the victim at the 1st whiff of trouble.

  23. Alex Clark says:

    How could 84 cases of Covid-19 arise in a single care home in Scotland without a red flag being waved earlier? The systems in place are either not robust enough or just as likely being ignored, action needs taken.

    • Legerwood says:

      I was surprised at how many people they employed. Difficult to control/stop the virus getting in when there are that many people coming and going.

      Other problem is testing. The SG is in the process of transferring responsibility for processing tests from care homes to NHS labs. The Lighthouse lab(s) have had responsibility for Care Home testing and their record of processing samples and reporting results is far from stellar. If the Lighthouse labs were a source of delay in getting results back then the virus would have time to spread. However, the symptoms are well known so that should have alerted the staff and management.

      More info needed methinks.

      • Private Company with fingers in other pies, mainly fish (pies?).
        So many staff…how many qualified? How many zero hours?
        NHS staff drafted in.
        Surely it is time for care homes to come back in house, under the NHS?

      • Alex Clark says:

        I wouldn’t disagree, with 125 employees any one of them or a visitor could have brought it in. The thing is though it starts with just one person, and yet 84 end up with the virus in what I assume must be less than a two week period.

        Where was the social distancing inside the care home and especially what were the precautions between staff and residents? We don’t know but there are certainly questions to be answered around the use of PPE and interaction between staff and residents I would think.

    • Capella says:

      The article doesn’t say which care home this is and the video won’t play. However, if this is Inchmarlo in Aberdeenshire it isn’t just a care home. It’s more like a retirement village with a mix of bungalows, flats and a residential home. Most of the residents are wealthy retirees from all over the UK. There must be a great many staff servicing the flats and bungalows. Not a typical care home.

      • Alex Clark says:

        It is Inchmarlo but the video is clear that the cases are related to the home itself and not the rest of the retirement village. They report they are 125 staff for 51 residents and of that number 84 tested positive for Covid and 5 others have died though no mention of cause of death.

        Video is still working fine for me, try going to channel 4 itself in your own browser and you should find it there.

        • Capella says:

          Inchmarlo House is like a country house hotel. I was once invited for lunch by a resident who had his own serviced flat. Anyone living in the complex could go for meals, with their guests, to the dining room.
          My host was the elderly son of a Dutch Shell oil heiress and Scottish textile grandee. It is a rather exclusive estate!

          I would hope that the open invitation has been suspended during the pandemic. But I can easily imagine retirees – in their own homes and flats who travel freely out and into the estate – could contract the virus and then pass it on to staff.

          The video didn’t show the large housing estate of bungalows and flats around Inchmarlo House.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Hope Ch4 did a balanced report…otherwise my pals in NE Eng will be all tut tutting at the SNP…

  24. Liz g says:

    So looking forward to “When Bunty Met Jinty” the movie 🙂

  25. Capella says:

    “Bunty, A Study in Tyranny”, by P Kavanagh.

  26. J Galt says:

    The epicentre of what’s left of orange-ness in Ayrshire is along the no 11 bus route from Kilmarnock to Ardrossan, but it’s dying a death.

    Apart fae “Bunty” I think you’re safe enough!

    Nice and handy for Trump Towers though.

  27. Andy says:

    Having driven through Maybole many, many times over the years, it has always struck me as a place to move from, not to. Perhaps I just haven’t looked hard enough and I am sure it has loads of lovely people just like everywhere else. The bypass will make a huge difference to the town and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time there. Good luck. 🙂

  28. Petra says:

    Good one 😀.

    Joanna Cherry QC:- ”My speech on #InternalMarketBill. The debate at Westminster is becoming increasingly irrelevant to the debate in Scotland & soon it will be our turn to “take back control” not at the say so of Westminster but at the say so of the sovereign people of Scotland.”


    Joanna Cherry QC:- ”Today at Justice Questions the Lord Chancellor was unable to give me a cast-iron guarantee that the UK Govt is not planning to interfere with the Scottish parliament’s competences in re #HumanRights & the jurisdiction of Scotland’s separate legal system.”

  29. Petra says:

    Here we go. As expected!

    The Press & Journal:- ”Aberdeen City Council looking to bypass SNP to strike funding deal with Westminster.”



  30. A ha’penny. I look forward to Glenn Campbell feeding the Linesman Dross his lines on Distorting Scotland, Ross fresh from his betrayal of Scots Agriculture and Fish constituents by voting through (at the time, but who knows now that Gove has thrown the DUP under the £350 million Brexit ‘bus) the illegal UKIM bill on Monday night, along with the other 5 traitors Up Here in Oliver’s North Britain.

    Ross will explain the ‘hard choices’ and why recipients of UCS and welfare benefits will see their meagre pittance of an income rise by 0.5% next April. The third child (unless the mother can prove RAPE! to Baroness Davidson’s satisfaction) and any subsequent fourth or fifth child will be left to starve, beg or steal in Dross’ wonderful Tory world.
    There but for the grace of a vengeful heartless middle class Tory God goes he.

    The pensioners’ triple lock has been broken too.

    Pensioners will get a whopping 2 1/2% rise in April 2021.

    The Fat Cat Old Grizzlies, whom Iain Macwhirter often referred to as Scotland’s ‘demographic timebomb’, but not so much now he has become a born again Starmerite, will see their £134 a week Pension rise by £3.33 a week, regardless of what the other variables of the triple lock are, inflation or wages rises.

    The UK still has the third or fourth(?)worse State Pension in the EU, and come April, it will plummet in real terms, as inflation, soaring food and fuel prices rocket, and we dither and hope for WM to ‘allow us’ to hold another Referendum.

    As we stagger out of the Year Of The Plague, in to The Fat Womaniser’s No Deal Dog’s Brexit, it will be the poor wot gets the blame.

    Why are we waiting until next May?

    • Capella says:

      It’s worse.

      Net replacement rates for future retirees from mandatory parts of the pension system will be the lowest of any OECD country; full-career average earners can expect 29%, compared to an OECD average of 63%. Low earners (50% average) will have a replacement rate of 52%, but this is still very low in OECD comparison, only Mexico and Poland have lower rates for low earners.

    • Chicmac says:

      There should never, of course, be a discriminatory child benefit based on the order of birth. Quite inhuman.

      However if there has to be one then the logical system based on family economic needs and on the need of Scotland to grow its population by encouraging more than two children would be the exact opposite e.g. child benefit for all but the first two.

      • Alex Clark says:

        Chic is that not the reason why child benefit was introduced in the UK in the first place. Things were booming, jobs were needing to be filled and growing the population was seen as being of great importance. Hence some financial encouragement being offered to the population to have larger families.

        • Welsh Siôn says:

          United Kingdom

          Main article: Child benefits in the United Kingdom

          The minimum wage was introduced in Great Britain in 1909 for certain low-wage industries and expanded to numerous industries, including farm labour, by 1920. However, by the 1920s, family allowance targeted at low-income families was an alternative method, suggested by reformers, to relieve poverty without distorting the labour market.[19][20] The trade unions and the Labour Party adopted this view. In 1945, family allowances were introduced; minimum wages faded from view. Talk resumed in the 1970s, but in the 1980s the Thatcher ministry made it clear it would not accept a national minimum wage. Finally, with the return of Labour to power, the National Minimum Wage Act 1998 set a minimum wage of £3.60 per hour, with lower rates for younger workers. It largely affected workers in high-turnover service industries such as fast-food restaurants, and people from ethnic minority backgrounds.[21]

          The system was first implemented in August 1946 as “family allowances” under the Family Allowances Act 1945, at a rate of 5s (= £0.25) per week per child in a family, except for the eldest. This was raised from September 1952, by the Family Allowances and National Insurance Act 1952, to 8s (= £0.40), and from October 1956, by the Family Allowances Act and National Insurance Act 1956, to 8s for the second child with 10s (= £0.50) for the third and subsequent children.

          By 1955, some 5,000,000 allowances were being paid, to about 3,250,000 families.[22]

          It was modified in 1977, with the payments being termed “child benefit” and given for the eldest child as well as the younger ones; by 1979 it was worth £4 per child per week. In 1991, the system was further altered, with a higher payment now given for the first child than for their younger siblings. In October 2010, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government announced that Child Benefit would be withdrawn from households containing a higher-rate taxpayer from January 2013.[23] After some controversy, this was amended so that any household with at least one person with prescribed income over £50,000 would lose Child Benefit by a taper which removed it altogether when the income reached £60,000. This came into force on 7 January 2013.[24]

          Today, child benefit is administered by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). As of April 2015, this is £20.70 per week for the first child (including the eldest of a multiple birth) and £13.70 per week for each additional child.[25]


          • Alex Clark says:

            Thanks WS

          • ArtyHetty says:

            Child benefit is non means tested and not taxable, nor classed as income or earnings far as I know, millionaires get to keep it.
            However, and probs still the case(?) it is removed £ for £ from other benefits, (which are way below taxable income levels), some people challenged that years ago I think maybe claimed some back via the courts, but many parent/carers lost out by quite a bit because it was a matter of EngGov giving very little with one hand, and taking child benefit away because it took poorer parents over the threshold of poverty. (what the DWP used to say ‘what you are entitled to according to the law’!)

            That was also the case when Brown was chancellor, who also carried on the EngGovs’ policy of not informing people about DLA, which was always one third UNDER claimed, being from a separate pot of money from the other ‘benefits’ like job seekers allowance. What did governments DO with any underclaimed DLA £’s, (ie not claimed by those who would have been eligible had they known about it) Anyone know?

            Scotland really needs people, and the last I heard birth rates were in decline.

      • arayner1936 says:

        I remember when, in the 60s, you got nothing for the first child, 8/- for the second and 10/- for the thifd and subsequent children.
        We survived but it was hard.

  31. Petra says:

    Good one. You tell them Joanna 😀

    Joanna Cherry:- ”My speech on #InternalMarketBill. The debate at Westminster is becoming increasingly irrelevant to the debate in Scotland & soon it will be our turn to “take back control” not at the say so of Westminster but at the say so of the sovereign people of Scotland.”


    Joanna Cherry:- ”Today at Justice Questions the Lord Chancellor was unable to give me a cast-iron guarantee that the UK Govt is not planning to interfere with the Scottish parliament’s competences in re #HumanRights & the jurisdiction of Scotland’s separate legal system.”

  32. Gove on Breakfast TV this morning. There will be no border down the Irish Sea.
    Yes there will be, oh Posturing One.
    There will also be immigration staff at Cairnryan checking for illegal Furriners flooding in from Eire via the borderless border with Norn Irn.

    ‘The citizens are British, but the cows are Irish’ quips Gove, quoting Ian Paisley.
    This man is frankly a gibbering fool who will say anything to get through an interview, which is effortless when the interviewer is a BBC Brit Nat propagandist.
    Sammy Nelson was on Newsnight last night spitting teeth. The DUP are no’ happy at all.
    Johnson will sell Fishing down the river today in Brussels, before walking away with No Deal.

  33. Petra says:

    Their propaganda isn’t working 😀.

    ‘SNP is beating the Conservatives and Labour even on their strongest issues, poll shows – Ipsos Mori Scotland.’

    ”After 13 years in power, the SNP enjoys ratings that many political parties across the world could only dream of.”..

    ..”Yet as many as 59 per cent of the Scottish public say they trust the SNP “a great deal” or “quite a lot” to deal effectively with managing education and Scotland’s schools –”..

    ..”two-thirds of the Scottish public trust the SNP to manage the NHS in Scotland.”..


    Rightly reported to the Polis 👿 .

    ‘Rash Royals break Covid Rules.’

    ”The brief Scottish trip obviously saw the Royal duo fall flat on their faces. After arriving at Waverly, where they were reported by concerned citizens to the police for breaking Covid travel restrictions”..

    Next stage on the trip was Berwick where the masks came off, social distancing ignored and reindeer hired for the trip were unloaded to the delight of local children. The North East of England has been one of the worst affected areas of England in recent weeks.

  34. Petra says:

    ‘Staged Brexit negotiations – psychodrama and propaganda.’

    At the time of writing (Tuesday, very early) the United Kingdom is hours from knowing if we are to be cast into the trade treaty wilderness, the only large democratic modern economy in the world that may end up with no formal trade agreement with any of the super-powers. If the deal with the EU fails, so then, will any prospect of a deal with the USA. Right now, Britain has sent the most unreliable and untrustworthy individual it could have chosen to represent it in such circumstances. But this is what Johnson does – showmanship. His high stakes last-minute dash to Brussels is all part of the psychodrama of his Brexit.”..


    It’s becoming really embarrassing, maybe even worrying, for some ”elsewhere” now, for example in Bathistan. No wee cabal involving Nicola Sturgeon at all and Peter Murrell not on the ”conspirators” WhatsApp. I was just thinking that complainants have 3 years to bring out an action for defamation from the date the defamatory material has been published. That should take us beyond Independence Day when complainants have more time on their hands to deal with such issues.

    ”What constitutes a defamatory statement?

    Although there is no single definition of what a defamatory statement is, a defamatory statement made against someone is one which is untrue and has one or more of the following effects:

    lowers them in the estimation of ‘right-thinking’ members of society generally;

    disparages them in their business, trade, office or profession;

    exposes them to hatred, ridicule or contempt; or

    causes them to be shunned or avoided.”

    ”Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints December 08, 2020.”

  35. Petra says:

    Some of my links aren’t appearing this morning, but this is worth attempting to repost, imo.

    Joanna Cherry:- ”My speech on #InternalMarketBill. The debate at Westminster is becoming increasingly irrelevant to the debate in Scotland & soon it will be our turn to “take back control” not at the say so of Westminster but at the say so of the sovereign people of Scotland.”

  36. Petra says:

    Deluded or what? If anything this should see support for Independence rise, imo.

    ‘Royal tour: Sarah Vine claims trip has damaged Scottish independence hopes.’

    ..”Vine, the wife of Cabinet member Michael Gove, is upset with “sour grapes” from Welsh and Scottish leaders over the couple’s “feelgood” tour.

    Royal tour: Sarah Vine claims trip has damaged Scottish independence hopes | The National


    Backstabbing, hypocritical Brexiteers. Do any of the Brexit supporters now see how they’ve been bl**dywell duped?

    ‘Brexit-backing Ineos boss confirms new cars will be built in France instead of Wales.’

    ..”That Brexit is clearly a major factor at play is a bitter pill to swallow. Ineos owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe was a vocal Brexiteer, loudly proclaiming the benefits of leaving the EU. Today, we can see his claims are as hollow as his promises.” Ineos’ founder, whose wealth is estimated at £12bn, officially moved his tax residence from Britain to Monaco earlier this year.”

  37. Capella says:

    BBC’s campaign for the union continues. Good analysis of today’s insidious example from Prof Robertson:

    Using two critical sources, passively accepting their tirades and neither challenging them nor interviewing any balancing sources, this contravened their published editorial guidelines and their charter requiring them to inform and to educate.

    Just as the BBC ran a campaign last week misrepresenting the Covid infection rates so this week they get biased people to say that England does education better than Scotland.

    • Petra says:

      ..”so this week they get biased people to say that England does education better than Scotland.”

      Oh right people like Dorothy McGinty!

      • Welsh Siôn says:

        “Scotland provides us with a counter-example to England – a place with few public schools and a much greater commitment to a national education system. The high level of literacy in Scotland by the end of the eighteenth century could only be matched in Switzerland and New England. It was nearly one hundred years later that England finally got to grips with a national education system that could take pupils from primary school to university. In fact, the Scottish universities committed substantial resources to bursaries and scholarships so that they could offer free places to impoverished students who showed talent or aptitude for learning. It led higher-education historian Robert Anderson to observe that as a result they did not suffer from the social barriers imposed by Oxford and Cambridge. [Robert Anderson, “British Universities Past and Present” (London: Continuum, 2006) pp.92-3]. Proof of the success of the Scottish education system can be seen in how many working-class Scots used their schooling to improve their lives.”

        Source: Robert Verkaik, “Posh Boys: How English Public Schools Ruin Britain” (London: Oneworld, 2018) pp.44-45.

  38. Alex Clark says:

    You would have thought that it might be very difficult for the Tories to make a bigger hash of things than they already have. But No! It is all falling apart and everything is unravelling at the same time.

    Brexit ends badly for Johnson, deal or no deal. to get a deal he will betray the fishermen just as he has the farmers, and his supporters in the DUP with a border down the Irish Sea and checks on the border of Ireland for animal products. Then there’s the fanatical ERG members in his own party who will shout they have been betrayed no matter what happens this week.

    On the news today it has been reported that UK containers ports are creaking at the seams with a huge backlog in every port that could take a couple of months to sort out according to experts, it has also increased the cost per container imported or exported by £3000. These costs will be passed on to us. The delays are so bad that Honda are stopping production at their plants in the UK because of a shortage of parts that come from overseas. This is a disaster in the making and then the cherry on top is of course Brexit. Even having a deal will of sorts with the EU will not prevent the congestion increasing because of customs checks which are unavoidable since we have left the customs union.

    Finally, there performance on Covid has been woeful and it’s about to start to go very badly for them again. Cases are on the increase again with 2/3rds of the 32 London boroughs shoiwing rising rates, many of these areas have higher infection rates than level 3 areas and yet London remains in level 2.

    The vaccine too has hit a problem with the report of two NHS staff having severe allergic reactions after being vaccinated yesterday. They are recovering and have a known history of allergies but it won’t prevent confidence in the vaccine suffering a blow with the general public.

    I hope he is humiliated in Brussels today when he begs Ursula von der Leyen to please give him a deal that allows him to pretend that the UK is now a sovereign nation again and she then politely tells him to get tae, yir on tae plums Bojo! That would be a nice ending to the day 🙂

  39. Republicofscotland says:

    So some English mayors have written to Johnson asking him to save the union, it wasn’t that long ago that the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said that those seeking Scottish independence were akin to racists for wanting it.

    Its more than likely the English mayors wanting the union saved, have in mind more powers for their English regions, via Johnson possibly relenting to their request and giving more powers to Scotland, but even so, if that was the case, we want nothing less than full independence.

    England’s mayors have no choice in the matter but to deal with Johnson, Scotland on the other hand can ditch this awful union for good.

  40. wullie says:

    Dont know whit this Olly punter is on about. His Britishness has denied me of my Scottish identity. An identity I am not allowed to use on any official form. Britain is not recognised as a state or country a anywhere in the wold. So oily wants us all to be stateless.
    He will be much happier after Scotlands independence his wish will come true. A stateless Britisher.

  41. I Wright says:

    The Maybole ward of South Ayrshire Council has 3 councillors: a Tory, an Independent and an SNP one, so unless there’s an enclave of gay Weegies in Maybole it can’t be that unionist.

  42. Jacksg says:

    V-Day FFS why am I not surprised.

    Good article from Finan O’Toole in the Guardian.

    • Petra says:

      Thanks for the link, Jacksg, highlighting the propaganda technique often used to brainwash / gaslight people, that is if one repeats something often enough they’ll start to believe it. Unfortunately for them most Scots aren’t that daft.

      ..It is striking, for example, that the phrase “world-beating” was hardly ever used in the Westminster parliament before 2020. In all of 2019, it appeared 21 times. But since 1 July this year, it has been brandished 148 times. It has, one might say, gone viral in political discourse, precisely because it is a key part of the government’s strategy to vaccinate itself against justified criticism…

  43. Luigi says:

    If Neil Oliver is concerned about his human rights and an imagined loss of British identity, what about the rights of scots to remain EU citizens? Something doesn’t quite add up there!

  44. Dr Jim says:

    What a day of reporting we’re having, the Royal visit scuppers Nicola Sturgeon’s obsession with Scottish Independence because the Royals are nice
    The FM’s husband has an App on his phone that he doesn’t use
    A boat hasn’t been built

    Well that’s it then I’m sold, definite proof right there that Scotland should never be a normal country, so don’t vote SNP in case other Royals visit or other folk get Apps on their phones or sometimes a builder didn’t finish a job on time

    Those are the number one most important reasons for Scotland not to have decision making powers over themselves, I was going to list all of the non achievements by the country of England who hold all the powers over everybody else but there are only 24 hours in a day and I think even the Internet is not sufficiently infinite in it’s capacity to contain all that information

    • JoMax says:

      There was Essex woman phoning in to Jeremy Vine today to let the country know she doesn’t care about a Brexit deal because “they need us more than we need them. Who are they going to sell all their food to if it’s not to us? Anyway, we grow all our own food. We don’t need them.” MMmmm. Thought I, that’s exactly the attitude they have towards us Scots. “We don’t need them, but they need us to subsidise them.” Must be wonderful to have such self-opinion. If only a few more Scots could get a dose of that our future would be done and dusted.

      • SuborbitalPigeon says:

        It’ll be very hard to find any sympathy for these kinds of people when the reality of massively increased food prices sets in.

  45. Jacksg says:

    You won’t see this on Reporting Scotland. 😊

    Dundee student nurses ‘energised’ by letter from Nicola Sturgeon.

    Nicola Sturgeon wrote to student nurses at the University of Dundee

    NURSING students and staff at a Scottish university feel “valued, energised and motivated” after receiving a letter from the First Minister and chief nursing officer.

    Nicola Sturgeon and Fiona McQueen responded to the student president at Dundee University’s School of Health Sciences to praise student nurses’ hard work and dedication during the most testing time in the history of the NHS.

    Carike Barnado had written to the pair inviting them to recognise the work of her peers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Earlier this year more than 300 final-year nursing students at the university graduated early and took up paid placements to help fight the virus, while others chose to complete their Year 2 studies in practice to help increase NHS capacity.

    Not only that they spoke to the 14000 students and thanked them personally for all their efforts.

  46. andyfromdunning says:

    ‘Bunty’ that’s on odd name until I remembered my childhood female school friends reading Bunty comics. So as the Twitter expert called Bunty is harassing Paul I guess she is named after the comic as she acts like one.

    Bunty was a British comic for girls published by D. C. Thomson & Co. from 1958 to 2001. It consisted of a collection of many small strips, the stories typically being three to five pages long. … Bunty published 2,249 issues, and went monthly in 2001 before ceasing publication after a further 5 months.

  47. Terence Callachan says:

    Seen the advert on tv by the RAF Association ?
    Asking for donations of £15 to give RAF veterans a good Christmas

    What is the definition of RAF veteran ?
    They use spitfire and WWII footage in the advert ? Surely there aren’t any RAF veterans from WWII left ?

    Note…the header at the foot f the advert says actors were used in making this advert !!

  48. bewaredistrictengland says:

    Bunty…………just may hail from the independent city of Dundee………

  49. Hamish100 says:

    I know an ex raf pilot. Well to do good pension. What do ex raf need charity. What happened to the tories supporting the military. How will Prince Andrew manage?

  50. Alex Clark says:

    Ursula von der Leyen didn’t half give Johnson a “smack in the puss” in front of the world’s journalists tonight when she told him “keep your distance”.

    He had a right minter, he doesn’t seem to know how to deal with strong minded women. He fears them because his bullshit doesn’t work with them.

  51. Petra says:

    ‘Destitute Britain.’

    ..”As our Prime Minister travels for dinner in Brussels with Ursula von der Leyen and plays with peoples livelihoods for an act of political pantomime the Joseph Rowntree Foundation tells us: “Our new research shows deeply concerning figures on destitution in the UK, with around 2.4 million people having experienced destitution in 2019, a 54% increase since 2017.”


    ‘Destitution in the UK 2020.’

  52. Petra says:

    He never actually answers a question. Just comes out with the same old guff 🙄.

    ‘PMQs: Boris Johnson can’t explain why 15 polls show most Scots want independence.’ Video.

    ..”The Prime Minister finished his response by saying the referendum was a once-in-a-generation opportunity. The Smith Commission, signed by all parties in the wake of the 2014 result, states there is nothing stopping Scotland from becoming an independent nation in the future if it wishes to.”


    ‘It’s all relative.’

    ”Douglas Lumsden is an Aberdeen Councillor and the British Conservative & Unionist Party (BCUPS) candidate for the Aberdeen Central constituency in the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections.”..

    ..”Basically, he wants Aberdeen City Council to bypass Holyrood and seek funding direct from London. Or to be more precise his bosses in the party want him to say he wants Aberdeen City Council to bypass Holyrood and seek funding direct from London.”..

  53. “His official spokeswoman Allegra Stratton insisted the meeting was not a negotiation.
    She said: “It’s a dinner, a conversation between two political leaders.

    “The Prime Minister is going to be clear this evening that he can’t accept anything that undermines our ability to control our laws or to control our waters.

    “He’s going to put that clearly to Ursula von der Leyen to see what her response is.”
    They will be joined by David Frost and Michel Barnier, in the hopes of injecting life into the stalling talks.
    Despite the series of missed deadlines, his spokeswoman insisted this was not one last move, nor would there be further talks next year.
    She explained: “The Prime Minister is focused on this evening’s incredibly important deal and the here and now of the debate he’s having with Europe on these three critical issues – governance, level playing field and fisheries.

    He’s not thinking days or weeks ahead.”

    He’s not thinking days or weeks ahead? He’s not thinking at all. He is going through the last lines and mimes of the pantomime ‘Boris and the Brexitstalk’.

    Johnson and Sub Lieutenant (RN Failed) Andrew Bowie love their WW II Dunkirk Spirit analogies.

    Well, I’ve got one for them.

    The Nazis V1 Flying ‘buzz bomb’ was a terror weapon designed to bring ‘England’ to its knees.
    Londoners quickly learned that when a V1 engines stopped overhead, it was time to take cover as the eerie abrupt silence signalled a massive destructive explosion .

    The droning engine which has driven the Brexit doodlebug cut out yesterday, and the UK should dive for cover. Eurmageddon is here.

    Yet on the news and in the Dead Tree Scrolls, curtseying to the Battenbergs is more important to the Linesman Dross than the destruction of their precious Union.

    It’s no deal. Listen to the sound of silence. Head for the Anderson shelter.

    • BBC GMS is off the air this morning…No explanation on the site. Dominic Raab Foreign Secretary interviewed by ‘Charlie’, a cosy wee chat with a BBC chum,at 07.35 a.m. talking the uttermost drivel about Brexit. He didn’t recognise the Head of Tesco forecasting an immediate 5% rise in food prices in 20 days’ time, and pooh-poohed that supermarket stockpiling of non
      perishable food stuff in anticipation of shortage from B Day One was a problem

      They have gone absolutely mad. Raab came across as a swivelled eyed loon, babbling nonsense.

      In 20 days time, all is lost.

      I note that the SNP Government ‘lost’ on a vote demanding 2000 extra teachers..Call the Greens’ bluff, Nicola. Dissolve parliament and announce an early SGE In February 2021.
      If Harvie and his wee gang vote with the Tories again, wind up Holyrood and go to the people now.
      Where the feck does Harvie expect to recruit 2000 teachers at the moment, where is the study saying they are needed, and what services does he want to cut to pay for this folly?
      Go to the polls in February I say.
      The Greens will be punished for this stupidity.
      They sided with Rape Clause Ruth….to ’embarrass the BAD SNP?

      People are dying you fools. Food prices will rise by at least 5% in January and the Blue Tories have frozen increases to welfare payments to 0,5 %, the ‘halfpenny insult’, to which I refer above, and the idiot Greens offer themselves as allies to the Brit Nats for no reason, other than to scream, ‘we may be few. but, we can damage the Scottish Government’?

      • andyfromdunning says:

        Our glorious Union has had just over 2,000,000 people classified as destitute over the last three years. Read that yesterday. That is what happens to the poorest in our society after 13 years of low or no pay rises, benefits cut, low employment opportunities etc. An absolute disgrace.

        They can keep there f*****g Union. I am with you Jack bin them now why hang about. The only good thing about delay is that Brexit will help the cause while damaging us all.

  54. Petra says:

    Dominic Raab … ”Four Days to Save Trade Deal.”

    FGS they’ve been at this for over FOUR years now 👿

  55. Petra says:

    ‘Michael Gove claims Northern Ireland is ‘unique’ when challenged why Scotland and Wales can’t enjoy access to EU markets.’

    ..”He added: “That means that businesses in Northern Ireland have the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds; access to the European single market, because there’s no infrastructure on the Island of Ireland, and at the same time unfettered access to the rest of the UK market.”


    Ian Blackford MP:- ”Northern Ireland is getting “the best of both worlds”. Why then is @BorisJohnson denying Scotland access to the EU single market and customs union? We are being utterly shafted. Even ScotTories warned about this, we all await their letters of resignation… #Brexit #PMQs.”

    • grizebard says:

      So much for the Treaty of Union then. There have been infractions through the centuries, as we all well know, but this one is right at the heart of it. Equal trade throughout, it guaranteed, and (last time I looked) NI is still part of the damned UK. Somebody ought to challenge this one in a Scottish high court.

      After all, legal eagles, the only thing left that hasn’t been abrogated is your “guaranteed” autonomy. So you’re next.

  56. Petra says:

    ‘Boris Johnson drops hint of second Scottish independence vote and forecasts results.’

    • jfngw says:

      Have they counted the postal votes already?

    • Republicofscotland says:


      “Boris Johnson has hinted Scotland could be offered a second independence referendum in the ‘future'”

      What exactly is the tie scale of this offer, I wonder, I doubt he sees it in the same time scale as we do, especially when the polls are in our favour.

    • Dr Jim says:

      If Scotland becomes Independent Nicola Sturgeon to be offered EU presidency

  57. Republicofscotland says:

    It looks like Humza Yousaf’s convoluted Hate Crime bill will be shelved unless major changes are made to it. A plethora of notable folk have spoken out against the bills infraction on free speech.

  58. Dr Jim says:

    Gordon Brown tipped to do the Tories dirty work for them ….again! promising more powers to Scotland …..again! that he can never deliver,,,, ,again! and the Tories don’t have to honour

  59. Dr Jim says:

    Tremors, problems passing water, hallucinations, bleeding, bruising fever, ulcers, consult a doctor if pregnant or breastfeeding

    Those warnings are from the leaflet accompanying Lemsip

  60. Welsh Siôn says:

    Some just can’t help themselves, can they?

    I belong to a language noticeboard where learners and others can post questions about the language they’re studying or want a translation into. Fortunately for me, I can operate in three languages.

    Now, yesterday, a learner asked about the tiering system and why it could ‘roll over’. One answer, from an otherwise erudite English teacher began like this:

    “Britain has been divided into three “tiers” – regions with differing degrees of Covid19 infection. Tier 1 is the safest area (a few remote districts) and tier 3 is more than half of the country, where there are severe medical and social restictions.”[sic]

    Fortunately, I was able to put him (and the student) right with regard to the differences between rules and Tiers/Levels in England, Scotland and Wales. (For my pains the initial ‘offender’ acknowledged my contribution with a ‘thumbs up of agreement’.)

    Why do we always have to be on our guard for this? England is a foreign country with a foreign legislature and a foreign government. End of.

    “To Boris, I cannot be a traitor, for I owe him no allegiance; he is not my Chief Minister; he never received my homage; and whilst life is in this persecuted body, he shall never receive it.”

    [With acknowledgements]

    • andyfromdunning says:

      True, in my past working life I spent a great deal of time in England and came across similar wrong statements from many people. Most are simply through ignorance or habit. A total lack of understanding of the U.K., its structure and our history.

      An example. I was in a project with an 8 person team, 2 English, 3 Welsh 2 Irish and myself in Liverpool. In a chat over coffee one of the English people said England when he meant the U.K. It was funny as 5 of us all spoke at once to correct the error. Not phased at all the answer was ‘what does it matter we are the biggest’.

    • Dr Jim says:

      But is Wales a colony, district, region, or otherwise of the UK of Great Britain one nation four great nations of the British isles and Commonwealth of greatness or are the Welsh like the Scots citizens of nowhere if we’re not owned by England according to Theresa May

  61. barpe says:

    I am told Nicola was pretty brutal to the ‘Mooth’ today in FMQs.
    Directly quoting her on Ireland/UK situation, then saying how a seat in the Lords can alter a person’s view!!

  62. It came as quite a shock to this viewer of BBC News that UK citizens ‘could’ be banned from travel to the EU from Jan 1st 2021 because of a combination of Covid and Brexit.

    Also, Alec Salmond was involved in a sex episode in Edinburgh airport in 2009.

    Also the head of Edinburgh airport announced that Nicola Sturgeon was campaigning against the airport just because they wanted to let selfish bastards to travel to Spain and bring more virus back with them.

    The wee lass on Distorting Scotland delivers a Scotland is Shite, deaths in care home SNP BAD bulletin, then with a sickly smile urges us all to enjoy the rest of the afternoon, but to tune in at 6.30 when their Scotland is Crap star turn Sally Magnusson ruins the afternoon we are exhorted to ‘enjoy’ with more turbo charged Scotland is bad, Salmond’s still a ex pest, and Murrell knew.

    If only someone had told us that our EH1C card expires 31st of December, that we would need private medical insurance, a driving permit, and that there would be a 90 day limit on our stay in any one EU country, that our students would no longer be able to study in the EU under the Erasmus programme, that if your True Blue Brit passport expires between Jan and July 2021, you won’t be allowed to travel to work or holiday or within Europe…

    If only somebody had told us.

    Yet on the Brit One O’clock news, it is described as ‘shock’ news that Freedom of Movement ceases, Deal No Deal, or Canada Australia Mongolia style Deal.

    England, the Tribe That Lost Its Head.

    Where’s the Linesman ‘Union’ Jack, Iain Butcher’s Apron Suit Murray and Liar Carmichael, this week?
    Planning what to spend their £4000 a year wage rise on come April?

    BBC Scotland is a joke now.

    The Jock Dead Tree Scrolls must be getting Dark Money from somewhere.

    The Clunking Fist is to front Project Fear 2.

    And the waiting list in NHS South Britain for non Covid urgent operations has increased a hundred fold from 16,000 to 160,000 in nine months.

    Now’s the day and now’s the hour, Scotland.
    I must make sure that I enjoy the rest of my afternoon.

  63. Welsh Siôn says:

    Light relief, I hope:

    The Week

    Aliens ‘have struck a deal with Donald Trump’

    Chas Newkey-Burden 9 hrs ago

    The former head of Israel’s space programme claims aliens have agreed a deal with Donald Trump for him to not tweet about them while they carry out experiments on Earth. “They don’t want to start mass hysteria,” he said. Professor Eshed also claimed that the aliens have a secret base on Mars where they meet US astronauts.

  64. jfngw says:

    Have you a gripe about the Scottish Government or even better the SNP, it needs no proof as we are willing to cover any unsubstantiated story. Do you wish to contradict a qualified expert from a position of little knowledge?

    We are here for you.
    Who are we?
    We are the Scottish MSM, working better together to keep Scotland as another countries possession.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Actually *we* are the Scotsman newspaper who will pay hard cash and we’ll also supply a safe direct email address for secure correspondence and all funded by Boris Johnson from Scottish taxpayers money

  65. Welsh Siôn says:

    Latest from the Western Provinces:

    Fear that attempt to rename Severn Bridge could ‘reignite nationalism’ in Wales

    10th December 2020


    I would suggest that Scots read to the end as we have that darn catchphrase again …

    “The Queen will become the first British monarch to reach the milestone [of 70 years on the throne] on February 6, 2022.

    Last month the Government announced it would be celebrated with a “once-in-a-generation show” and a programme of events over a four-day bank holiday weekend in June 2022.”

  66. Republicofscotland says:

    Some forms of education moving to online in Wales.

    “And it comes after the country’s chief medical officer advised authorities that there was a “deteriorating” public health situation in Wales.”

    Media reporting that the situation in London is quickly deteriorating as well.

    • Welsh Siôn says:

      Follow up:

      ‘Blanket’ decision to close schools across Wales ‘based on what is happening in the south’ criticised

      10th December 2020

      An education chief has criticised a Welsh Government decision to close schools for Christmas a week early because he claims it’s not supported by local data.

      Welsh Government education minister Kirsty Williams issued the advice today, that all of the country’s secondary schools should close at the end of lessons tomorrow and move to online learning from Monday.

      The decision came after receiving advice from Dr Frank Atherton, the nation’s chief medical officer.

      However the move will not affect children in primary and special schools, which will stay open until December 18 as normal.


      • Legerwood says:

        The situation in some hospitals in Wales seems pretty dire going by the report on CH4 last night.

        Closing the schools in that situation is probably the right one after all people/families from the South of Wales may have family in the north of Wales they want to visit over Christmas if they can so a form of ‘self-isolation’ for school pupils before they visit grandparents seems like a good idea.

        I think everyone needs to reduce their number of contacts in the run-up to Christmas if they intend to see family members or not at Christmas.

        • Welsh Siôn says:

          Welsh Government ‘considering second firebreak and tier system’ to curb rising cases

          10th December 2020

          The Welsh Government is said to be considering a second firebreak lockdown from 28 December.

          LBC said a Welsh Government source had informed them that the matter would be discussed by the Cabinet today.

          They also suggested that Wales will move to a 4-tier system that will be reviewed every three weeks.


          More to follow…

        • Alex Clark says:

          I would agree and I think Scotland should have gone ahead with the extended Xmas break taht was talked of, at least for secondary school pupils.

          • grizebard says:

            It’s funny, though. The Labour government of Wales considers a new lockdown in the wake of the most recent one, while the Labour “leadership” numpty in Scotland, with apparently limitless effrontery, is moaning at the SG for supposedly being “cruel” to Edinburgh for cautiously keeping the city in level 3. Even as we should, if anything, be taking a harder line oerall ourselves. (His next complaint, no doubt, in a week or two.)

          • P Harvey says:

            The reason fir is he SG not doing that is entirely political – understandable they are looking to the May election
            Otherwise, Nicola would have moved to a blending model. At this time it would have been politically foolish to do so. We must concentrate on achieving Independence

            • grizebard says:

              In the current rarified political atmosphere it must be hard to plough a straight line on matters of public health (as with everything else), but I have the impression that the SG really does want our kids to have as normal a schooling as possible in the circumstances, and that was one of its principal motives for suppressing the virus everywhere else (for which ambition it got a lot of stick at the time, don’t forget). And personally I have no problem with that. It was taken under sound medical advice which still stands.

              It’s elsewhere that the heavy lifting (still) has to take place. I would shut down every hostelry and public venue from now on right through the holiday season, and the SG reluctance to take that measure may in part be political, but it is surely also because it is trying to give the hospitality sector as fair a shake as they can, especially given the difficulty they are in – despite Kate Forbes’ valiant efforts – to fully compensate those affected by such a decision.

              That’s just one reason why we need independence, so that our government – whichever one – has unfettered financial freedom to act in the best interests of us all.

  67. grizebard says:

    It’s panto season, in Holyrood at least, thanks to the usual suspects. Baroness Boughtup fully in tune with the Bathistan Torygraph in straining to make a mountain out of a molehill, Bouncing Dick Leotard and Wee Willie Wonky with their now-familiar trick of turning somersaults – today it’s Dame Nasty Nicky for some inexplicable motive heartlessly crimping the freedom of the guid folk of Edinburgh and yesterday jailing care home residents, while not so long ago it was Dame Naughty Nicky for letting the selfsame care home residents get infected by casually letting too many people come in. They only want her to take their advice so they get a chance to do another somersault.

    I know there isn’t much in the way of alternative live entertainment on offer at the moment, but this one is the pits (where the orchestra rightfully should be). I give it “nul points”.

  68. Republicofscotland says:

    Gove hinting that devolution will be a priority to roll back after the Brexit saga is dealt with.

  69. jfngw says:

    As the oven ready roaster returns from the EU, he gives a speech to the transport industry as he declares excessive driving hours are not unsafe.

    we shall park on the beaches,
    we shall park on the landing grounds,
    we shall park in the fields and in the streets,
    we shall park in the hills;
    we shall never surrender

  70. Hamish100 says:

    Listening to Oliver Mundell on the radio he doesn’t agree that his old man said that he was going to resign if Northern Ireland got favourable terms over Scotland. He then qualifies it by “well he is no longer a Minister and it was a different PM”. So did he say it or not? Noticeable that he did not jump to the defence of soon to be ermine clad Davidson who must along with so many tories and a few labour and Lib Dem politicians that you look on with complete contempt.

    Linked but not entirely. How silly did the Chief Executive of Edinburgh Airport sound when he claimed that the FM was intentionally attacking his industry. I remember when he was at Glasgow airport. Does he not promote Edinburgh over his old employer and the West of Scotland ? Ask Ryan air.

    • Legerwood says:

      He sounded, and looked, remarkably silly spouting forth against the FM on the day it became clear that because of Brexit and Covid-19 UK holidaymakers would not be welcome in EU countries. Not a good look for him.

  71. Welsh Siôn says:

    A history lesson for Scotland – why 11 December is marked in the Welsh calendar.

    • Golfnut says:

      I stopped reading at ‘the Henry Tudor became King of the whole of Britain’ bit.

      • Welsh Siôn says:

        Badly phrased, I agree that piece in parentheses.

        It’s trying to conflate the ancient prophecy of us (the Welsh regaining the island of Britain (a Welsh or P Celtic word, obviously) with what happened historically in 1485. The Welsh have nothing to thankful to the Tudors for in any case – witness the two so-called Acts of Union aka Acts of Annexation aka Laws in Wales Acts 1535 and 1542 – subsequently repealed by Westminster.

        I’ll have words over the clumsiness of the original construction. 🙂

    • Capella says:

      Thank you WS. That is a fascinating tale of the last Prince of Wales. I’ve been to Conwy castle. It’s an enormous stronghold. How sad for Wales to be so long under the oppressive rule of Edward and his minions.

  72. Republicofscotland says:

    The BBC now rounding on the EU with regards to the trade deal or the lack of it, BBC news cites China’s new bloc trading group and the Canadian, USA, Mexican bloc trade deal as not being as strict on rules as the EU wants to be with the UK.

    It sounds to me as though the BBC now knows there’s not going to be a low deal or any deal with the EU, and is now preparing the groundwork to blame the EU for our coming misery.

    Scottish independence can save Scotland from British exceptionalism, lets make it so.

  73. Petra says:

    Christiane Amanpour CNN:- ”Leader of the Scottish National Party @NicolaSturgeon says the UK’s exit from the EU, against the wishes of the Scottish people, leaves the country with a key question on independence: “Do we now decide to take our future into our own hands so Scotland can chart its own path?”


    ‘Westminster power grab: explained.’

    ..”It empowers companies with deep pockets while threatening our public services
    The Internal Market Bill means that companies with deep pockets will be more likely to challenge any Scottish Parliament law that threatens to undermine their vested interests. For example, private water companies operating in England may be able to gain “guaranteed right to trade in Scotland” under this Bill – even when the Scottish Parliament rejects that. When the Tories say the Bill is “good for business”, they mean private health companies and the business of Donald Trump – who clearly said that the NHS is “on the table” in a post-Brexit trade deal.”..

  74. Petra says:

    Sneaky wee DRoss, Tory, lies again.

    MSM_Monitor:- ”This week Douglas Ross voted to re-insert the clause that broke international law back into the Internal Market Bill. BBC Scotland hasn’t yet reported this, despite Ross telling GMS on Oct 6th there was no way he could back it being re-inserted.”


    Welsh Parliament:- ”The Senedd has voted against giving its legislative consent to the UK Internal Market Bill. Members have voted by 36 to 15 to withhold consent.”

  75. Petra says:

    Catastrophic doesn’t begin to describe the situation 🙄.

    Stewart Hosie SNP MP:- ”Businesses in Scotland are being given next to no time to adapt to new regulations potentially coming into effect in less than 3 weeks time. The Secretary of State’s dismissal to my question offers no hope to those businesses who have described this as a “catastrophic situation”.”


    Don’t we know it!

    ‘MEP hints Scotland will be ‘better off’ than England if it rejoins EU.’

    ..”The decision won’t just be economic, Brexit was not just about the economy, it was also about England being an independent nation that could do what it wants.This would be likewise for Scotland leaving the UK, a political choice worth doing because of the assumption Scotland can be better off as part of the EU and can therefore benefit both economically and politically.”..

  76. Petra says:

    ‘Port of Grangemouth announces multi-million pound rail investment.’

    ..”The £3m investment will significantly scale up and modernise the port’s current rail capacity to create an extended dual rail siding of 775 metres – currently 200 metres – capable of handling the longest freight trains on the UK network. When operational early next year, Grangemouth’s will be the first rail freight terminal to offer this and provide enhanced container / domestic intermodal options particularly for customers in the food, drink and perishables sectors across the Scottish freight community.”..


    Oh here we go. It’s started already. ”Temporary” my backside. Take a look at the comments btl.

    Rod McKenzie:- ”#BREAKING #DfT announces suspension of lorry drivers hours regulations #brexit to keep supply chains moving Down pointing backhand index @RHANews.”

    • It’s 501 nm from Grangemouth to Rotterdam. A wee cruise.
      It’ll save our 69 year old HGV drivers falling asleep at the wheel as they head South for Tilbury at the end of their 70 hour shift.
      Health and Safety. The English Tories?

      Time to start preparing ports the length of our East Coast in anticipation of re-joining the EU pronto.
      Ireland may use independent Scotland as their bridge to Europe when Merrie England pulls up the drawbridge to the World in 20 days time.

      The BBC News at ten still peddling the notion that there might be a last minute deal.
      All hell is about to break loose.

      Close our border,Nicola.
      We are about to be invaded by English Remain refugees.
      I’m being serious here.
      Scotland is self sufficient in food. England imports 60% of food from the EU in winter.
      If it were me and I lived in Bolton, say, I’d pack the station wagon, and flee North with the family as the supermarket shelves empty.

  77. Republicofscotland says:

    Media report.

    Over a million tonnes of polonium laden mud from Hinckley Point to be dumped in Cardiff bay and around the coast of Wales, Labour chiefs in London are telling their Welsh counterparts to remain tacit on the matter.

  78. Capella says:

    @ Petra – good article on the CNN interview with NS in The National. The comments, for once are readable. The troll rate seems to have diminished. Of course, the first dozen or so are deleted. This response to a troll is very good. I can’t find a way of linking to the comment so have pasted it below. It’s from Duncan Macniven.

    The problem is we can see the propaganda, the BBC are amongst the worst. Despite all of it the SNP are even more popular as the Yoons lies are subject to the law of diminishing returns. 313 years of lies and sneers have come home to roost in the Yooniverse.
    The scandalous mismanagement of UK taxes by Westminster must make the MAFIA gasp in admiration.
    The Oligarchs of Eton are stuffing their accounts as fast as they can, before it all comes down round their ears.
    The Billions of pounds of waste presided over by them and previous Yoon carpetbaggers is mind blowing.

    Carrillion £148,000,000 approx.
    Cross Rail. £18.7 BILLION
    Garden Bridge. £53,000,000 SPAFF
    PPE procurement scandal. £15 BILLION. Much of it on duff equipment, much of it to Tory Party funders, and friends.
    Fantasy ferries. Ramsgate ferries with no boats, by Chris Grayling £83,000,000
    Dreadnought submarines, Barrow. £6 BILLION OVER SPENT AND RISING
    Renovating parliament. £3.5 BILLION. BUT WILL PROBALY GO NORTH OF £10 BILLION.
    Hospital building overspend. £3.7 BILLION AND RISING
    NHS IT scandal. £12 BILLION
    Metronet £1.5 BILLION WRITE OFF
    Banking scandal. £27 BILLION WRITE OFF
    Grenfell enquiry £40,000,000
    Paradise papers Nearly two years since the release of the Panama Papers and now with the release of the Paradise Papers the UK government has done nothing to tackle corruption. Not only has it failed to deliver on its commitments to tackle the root causes of tax evasion, corruption and money laundering. It needs to strengthen its efforts to make good on its overdue promises.
    Lords expenses scandals Figures from last year showed the average peer cost the taxpayer £83,000 with £67.9million paying for 814 members
    Dark Money and the DUP

  79. jfngw says:

    Anyone wondering what the equivalent payment is now compared to 1707 for selling out your country. Well what is the daily rate for the House of Lords?

    One of the reasons Ruth Davidson never had red lines, just lines in the sand. They are washed away when the tide turns.

  80. Petra says:

    ‘Britons face being barred from EU after Brexit due to coronavirus pandemic.’

    ”The EU made clear it has no plans to add the UK to the list of safe nations – which currently includes Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.”..


    ‘Former EU diplomat says Boris Johnson’s last-minute trip to Brussels is ‘just for show’.’

    ”A former EU diplomat (Sir Ivan Rogers) has described Boris Johnson’s last-minute meeting in Brussels as ‘just for show’, claiming the prime minister was adamant about pursuing a no-deal Brexit.”

    • grizebard says:

      And yet all we get from the R4 lunchtime news today is failed ex-Chancellor Norman “Black Monday” Lamont chiding the EU for supposedly being unnecessarily aggressive. (The EU countries should apparently have been more amenable to Brenglish exceptionalism, and to hell with protecting one of its essential foundations, a genuinely free and fair single market. As opposed to the kind of English-dominated abomination we will have to put up with, but of course there’s never a mention of that.)

      With it’s lame one-sided Tory puffery, the BBC is behaving like the public address system on a holed and doomed Brexitannic. (Oh and it’s all the fault of the iceberg, BTW. And probably the SNP eventually as well, somehow.)

  81. Welsh Siôn says:

    Tiers in wales:

    Drakeford reveals new four tier system for post-Christmas period in Wales

    11th December 2020

    The Welsh Government have revealed a new four-tier plan for Covid-19 following the five-day Christmas period.

    Holiday accommodation, bars, cafes, restaurants and non-essential retail are all expected to be closed after Christmas unless cases come down quickly.

    It follows a leak yesterday which suggested that Wales would face more stringent Covid-19 measures from 28 December onwards.



    Are you YES Cymru, yet? 🙂

    Our outward looking indy movement stands in contrast with Brexit’s sovereignty obsession

    11th December 2020

  82. Dr Jim says:

    Oh my and when Scotland is Independent international borders return to Scottish control a country that has the largest fishing waters in Europe , scuse us there are some foreign folk banging on the door what on earth could they want

    Now Scotland can *Take back control*, *Get Indy done*, and they can stick that in their hands face space

  83. Petra says:

    ‘No-Deal Brexit will impact on everything, including an independent Scotland.’

    ..”Scotland will face a substantial hit to GDP growth from a No-Deal Brexit. The impacts will be widespread – from financial and other services losing substantial access to EU markets, to tariffs on fish, food products, cars and more, all causing rising prices. Scottish universities will no longer be able to participate in the EU’s core Horizon research fund. There will be queues and delays at ports for a range of goods, including medicines and pharmaceuticals.”..


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  84. Alex Clark says:

    Covid vaccines: Fears for double dosing as GPs left without up-to-date data amid NHS IT chaos

    • Legerwood says:

      Seems to be more about NHS England. I think Scotland has a more joined up system although possibly not without problems.

      I know my GP can access my hospital records and the hospital doctors access my GP records because patients have a unique ID number that is used in all NHS/health situations.

      Then there is this:

      The deal for the GPs to carry out the vaccinations was negotiated by the BMA and the UK Gov. However, it seems to involve the GPs committing to working 12 hour days, 7 days per week which many think could only be done at the expense of all their other work.

    • grizebard says:

      As soon as I read “across the UK” and “the Government” I knew this was yet another Bringlish piece, and so it proved in reading on.

      I’m not sure that GPs are primarily intended to administer the CV-vaccine here in Scotland this time, at least in well-populated areas. Usually I get my flu jab from the nurse at my GP’s surgery via a routine appointment, but this time I had to wait for formal “call up” papers then troop to an unfamiliar larger health centre as per orders. All of which went extremely smoothly, BTW.

      The change was of course driven by the current crisis, but I’m assuming that the exercise was also essentially a trial run for the big one(s).

      • Legerwood says:

        I read somewhere that the change to the procedure for administering the flu jab this year was down to changes in the new GP contract. GPs apparently were no longer involved in organising the flu vaccination programme in their areas although they were still doing the flu jab for children and house-bound people.

        It was the Health Boards in conjunction with local authorities who were charged with organising it. The Local Councils had the job of identifying venues within their areas where the vaccinations took place.

        As things turned out this has become a dry run for administering the coronavirus vaccinations.

      • douglasclark says:

        Last year my flu vaccination was delivered at my GP’s surgery. This year I attended a Health clinic for the same thing. I would assume that, as grizebard says, this is essentially a trial run.

  85. Hamish100 says:

    I know I shouldn’t have a wee quick glance at the Bath site but I do wonder if folk are so stupid to rip up their snp membership cards ( probably for the 4th time) based on a headline in the English Times. It seems they are willing to believe anything MSM says against the FM as if it is gospel but do not believe anyone who supports independence.
    We also have SSP supporters telling SNP members what to do. The arrogance of the non-members to the members of the SNP is truly staggering.
    Probably explains why they are a busted flush with the SNP riding high in the polls along with Independence.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Normal people’s priorities would dictate that there are vastly more important things going on to all of us right now than that asylum obsesses over, and in a really obvious way it shines a football stadium sized flood lamp on the character of any person who goes to the lengths of typing two or three articles per day concentrating their hatred on one individual who is the only individual who can actually prosecute the case for Independence for Scotland

      But hey, as long as you can get the same fourteen people to read it and tell you you’re wonderful If that satisfies the desperate need for gratification bash on with it so more sane folk can shake their heads and see it for what it is the better, there are already folk talking about white coats and safety jackets

      • Petra says:

        Back to complaining that Nicola Sturgeon should have struck a deal with Theresa May to get permission to hold Indyref2, Dr Jim. Not taking into account that the vast majority of Scots would have viewed this as a horrendous betrayal, that we didn’t have a majority supporting Independence at that time and that the Tories are notorious for reneging on deals. But no matter, on and on it goes. The usual manipulation and gaslighting. Pathetic.

        • Dr Jim says:

          The respondents to that site don’t seem to have cottoned on to the fact they are being dissuaded in voting SNP thus reducing the numbers in support for Independence thus giving the Unionists the advantage of propagandising any lack of support in those numbers

          The author claims that one individual is the reason for his behaviour, but one individual is not a Nation and it’s the numbers of the Nation that counts not the one individual

          It’s the same as claiming the whole of Germany were Nazis because Hitler was, it’s a childish argument presented and surrounded by distracting gossip and innuendo to disguise his own personal hatred for one person, the same propaganda was used by the Daily Express the Mail and the BBC against Alex Salmond when he was FM and everybody remembers that, now he’s using the same tactic the Unionists did on Nicola Sturgeon

          There is no difference to that site from the Daily Express, the desired result is the same from the Unionist point of view, a slimy Lib Dem Tory tactic knowing it’s always easier to incite hatred than reason

          • Petra says:

            Spot on Dr Jim but take heart in that the vast majority of people posting on there now have never, ever supported Independence at all. It’s become a BritNat haven being run by a supporter of the BritNat MSM who’s Westminster’s bestest mate now. What a legacy for a man in his early fifties to live with, especially following the years after Independence.

  86. Golfnut says:

    One to share.

    Useful if you have family member of friend worried about getting vaccinated.

  87. Hamish100 says:

    I prefer the 2nd one!. Thanks

  88. Republicofscotland says:

    British warships to stop EU fishing boats from fishing in UK waters after the 31st of December if no deal is the outcome. Scotland doesn’t have a say in the matter as usual.

    • bringiton says:

      A few years ago,it took HM navy 24 hours to get a ship up from Portsmouth to see what a Russian fleet anchored off our NE coast was up to.
      I see no ships.

      • Legerwood says:

        Bring it on,
        I believe on that occasion the warship in Portsmouth was the only Royal Navy ship in UK waters! One ship to patrol the whole of the British Isles.

        On another such occasion around about the same period the only warship available to shadow the Russians was actually on its way to the knackers yard when it was diverted north to investigate. If I remember correctly, and I may not, it was HMS Liverpool.

        Now the RN has a few more ships but some do not seem to work too well in warm seas which is a bit of a bummer when global warming is raising the water temperature

      • Capella says:

        So are we at war with Eurasia again? I thought we were at war with Eastasia. Or is it both?

  89. Hamish100 says:

    I see Brian Wilson of the so called Labour Party but is more right wing than atilla the hun is complaining about biased history teaching in schools.
    He bleats

    “It may be pointless to expect Holyrood, far less Scotland’s broadcasters, to investigate anything which inconveniences the regime. But anyone who thinks that falsification of history as propaganda is a minor matter fails to recognise the direction in which Scotland is being led – and it isn’t healthy.”

    For the record my teaching at school was about Canada – defeating the French , some sort of massacre of Protestants in England hundreds of years ago and of course we won the wars in WW! WW2. I remember one lesson in primary’s school about some Italian trying to steal the crown from HRH rightful king living in London. The savage barbarians in the highlands got what they deserved.

    Wilson, Brown, Oliver, Mundell, Ronnie are the Brit Nat apologists runt. Proud to be Brit nats cringeworthy of being Anglo Scots.

    • Capella says:

      Wilson correctly identifies education and the media as the propaganda tools of the oligarchs. As editor of the West Highland Free Press he was an influential exponent of unionist myths. His Scotsman column ensures he still has a platform denied to the rest of us.
      How dare those Scottish Separatists interfere in his patrons’ privileged access to the minds of the children. That’s his job.

    • Capella says:

      I just posted a reply along the lines of Wilson correctly identifying the tools of unionist propaganda. As editor of former The West Highland Free Press and a Scotsman columnist, he has a platform denied to the rest of us

      But it disappeared into the ether. I know not why.

    • Paid by a foreign power to oppress and suppress their own people.
      Classic English Empire management.
      I’m done with referring to it as a ‘British Empire’.
      These men have made truckloads of dosh betraying Scotland.

      There is no other word for it.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Fixed it for you Brian – “But anyone who thinks that falsification of history as propaganda is a minor matter fails to recognise the direction in which the UK and England in particular has been led – and it isn’t healthy” – See, really simple….

    • frangio1958 says:

      Selective quotes from Tom Devine. He actually stated both Nationalists and Unionists used history to support their views!

  90. Republicofscotland says:

    Gun boat diplomacy here we go.

    Former first sea lord, Lord West, we’ll board EU vessels if we have to, and cut their fishing tackle.

    • bringiton says:

      They can catch as many fish as they like (UK fishermen) but if there is no market then there is no point.

      • From Kirsty Wark last night through today’s North Korean Strength bulletins, and the total silence from the Jock Tories and the Brit Nat Jock Dead Tree scrolls, the madness and self denial continues.

        Gunboats boarding French Trawlers?
        England is dying before our very eyes.

      • Jim says:

        This version says it all. The tweets mentioned are superb.

        Boris slated as an English Nationalist by another Tory.

        • Welsh Siôn says:

          He’s not the only one, Jim:

          Boris Johnson ‘not a Tory but an English nationalist’ says former Conservative party chairman

          12th December 2020

          A Tory grandee has branded Boris Johnson an “English nationalist” in a scathing radio interview.

          The former Governor of Hong Kong and Chair of the Conservative Party, Chris Patten, took aim at the UK Prime Minister on Radio 4 Today, as he weighs up a no deal Brexit.

          Patten, who has been highly critical of Brexit, said he “fears” for the country and that Boris Johnson is on a “runaway train of English exceptionalism.”


          • Jim says:

            God only knows where all this is going to end up WS.
            It could make the ‘Fracas’ in the English channel last year between the French and British Scallop trawlers look like handbags at dawn.

            P.S Read you’re link about the last ‘Real’ Prince of Wales, very interesting and also very sad considering all after have been appointed by the English monarchy.

            Was this history taught pre devolution in Welsh schools or were you the same as us in that the DOE in London previously dictated what history was taught in schools all across the UK.
            Strange that I will never forget 1066 burned into my brain.

            • Welsh Siôn says:

              I think I’m a little younger than most contributors here so can state that my history was taught a little more than a lot on here. That said, the history was actually more in the line of skate quarries (our big industry in North Wales) and how that slotted in with other items of the Industrial Revolution (iron and steel and coal in the south of the country, the cotton mills of Yorkshire and Lancashire), the agricultural revolution involving crop rotation and the Tolpuddle Martys.

              Oh, something about the Welsh settlement in Patagonia, too as well as a taste of Crime and Punishment in Victorian England and Wales.

              Nothing about Ireland , Scotland or other countries nor Empire.

              Of course, all this before Devolution. Post-devolution and Education being left in the hands of Labour Governments (and latterly the sole Liberal Democrat in Parliament) you get something like this:

              Education Minister criticised over ‘there’s no such thing as a Welsh history’ comments

              21st January 2020


              Yes, she’s retiring at the next election and the article is almost a year old. But still … Celtic history is wiped off the screen. What I know myself is from extensive reading in 3 languages …

              • Welsh Siôn says:

                Here’s some more reading for you:


                Conservative Party has become ‘the English nationalist party’ says former Welsh MP

                9th December 2020

                Guto Bebb, the former Conservative MP for Aberconwy, has said that the party is now an ‘English nationalist party’.

                “It is perfectly fair to say now that the Conservative Party has become an English nationalist party,” he said in an interview with Barn magazine.

                Guto Bebb decided to step aside at the 2019 General Election after becoming one of 21 Tories who lost the whip after voting in favour of a Brexit deal.

                In the interview, he criticises “those Tories” who believe the break-up of the union is a “price to pay” for Brexit, rather than preserving the union.

                “These are not British characteristics but characteristics of English nationalism,” he said.


      • Petra says:

        I think that it’s finally dawning on them, bringiton 😀.

    • Petra says:

      ”One scenario included Royal Marines abseiling from helicopters onto vessels in the event of a “threat to life”, The Times reported.”

      The world looks on at the sheer madness now and laughs it’s head off 😀. Meanwhile Scotland remains shackled to Bedlam 😫.

      • Petra says:

        It’s high time that ALL sovereign Scots rose up and told the madmen (and women) in England (and BritNats in Scotland) that we DO have the right to choose and that is that we choose to get out of this hellhole, ASAP.

        The Lunatics (Have Taken Over the Asylum) Fun Boy Three

        I see a clinic full of cynics
        Who want to twist the peoples’ wrist
        They’re watching every move we make
        We’re all included on the list

        The lunatics have taken over the asylum
        The lunatics have taken over the asylum

        No nuclear the cowboy told us
        And who am i to disagree
        ‘Cos when the madman flips the switch
        The nuclear will go for me

        The lunatics have taken over the asylum
        The lunatics have taken over the asylum

        I’ve seen the faces of starvation
        But i just can not see the points
        ‘Cos there’s so much food here today
        That no one wants to take away

        The lunatics have taken over the asylum
        The lunatics have taken over the asylum
        The lunatics have taken over the asylum

        Take away my right to choose

        The lunatics have taken over the asylum

        Take away my point of view

        The lunatics have taken over the asylum
        The lunatics have taken over the asylum

        Take away my dignity,
        Take these things away from me

        The lunatics have taken over the asylum
        The lunatics have taken over the asylum

        Take away my family,
        Take away the right to speak

        The lunatics have taken over the asylum

        Take away my point of view,
        Take away my right to choose.

      • grizebard says:

        I think the English Exceptionalist Nationalists are somehow dedicated to proving Marx’s dictum that history is repeated as farce.

        Once it was Trafalgar, now it’s this ludicrous pantomime.

  91. Capella says:

    Wilson correctly identifies education and the media as the propaganda tools of the oligarchs. As editor of the West Highland Free Press he was an influential exponent of unionist myths. His Scotsman column ensures he still has a platform denied to the rest of us.
    How dare those Scottish Separatists interfere in his patrons’ privileged access to the minds of the children. That’s his job.

  92. Dr Jim says:

    The UK government can only deploy ships in Scottish waters by permission of Police Scotland as the legal civil authority, fisheries agriculture and forestry are devolved issues so only an act of war may see UK military vessels deployed, so far Police Scotland have not given such permission and according to justice secretary Humza Yusaf that is not going to happen

    If the UK do deploy such warships in Scottish waters without permission the Act of Union and the devolved settlement becomes breached which then becomes the obvious political matter between Scotland and England, that’s Scotland and England because only those two countries are actually in that Union, Wales Northern Ireland and Scotland have no control over the deployment of the so called *British* navy even though each country pays for it

    • grizebard says:

      The Act of Union has already been fundamentally breached by Gove’s sneaky deal over NI. Dr. Phillipa Whiteford was commenting just yesterday that fishermen on the West Coast will be able to literally watch NI boats grab their hauls as per usual and sail off to their usual EU markets, while they themselves are stuck in a London-induced doldrum. This is utterly insupportable. It’s literally wrecking a strategic home industry. Fancy some cheap premium langoustines, anyone?

      Elsewhere recently I read about some fish merchant (on the East Cost maybe, even?) saying he was “brainwashed” over Brexit and now regretting it. Well, better late than never I suppose, but still, it’s his own livelihood that he recklessly voted away, just like the Biblical “mess of pottage”.

      We need out of this nightmare, and soon, before acceptance of this latest gross affront begins to seep in.

  93. Hamish100 says:

    And if we don’t ask for “help” from foreign fishermen no doubt the Scottish Government will be blamed. The fisher folk of Grimsby, England stop stealing our fish…….. oops some of the Peterheid and Fraserburgh folk will be happy because we are all Brits.

    West Coast and inshore fisher folk have been sold out by the tories. They need the EU markets which are now being denied to them.

  94. Ken2 says:

    A couple of weeks ago there were a couple of navy protection boats off the Banff coast. Hanging about. There was a Russian trawler round about.

    Under EU rules each port had a privilege position for home boats. A several miles limit. Only home boats can use the market. 80% of UK fishing is Scottish, All the best products go to Europe for higher prices. There is a season to inshore prawn fishing from October to March. The worse weather. Fishing contributes £200Million. Other industries will lose much more because of Brexit.

    The £12Billion contribution was more than covered by share Defence costs, largest, nearest market. CAP payments. EU membership cost Scotland nothing but brought benefits. Grants for renewables etc. Investment and funding provided by ECB.

    The UK had to use French naval vessels not long ago. The UK aircraft vessel with no planes.

  95. Petra says:

    Massive news? Anyone heard of this being reported, say on the BBC? Researchers from Edinburgh University made the discovery, so maybe not top of the BritNat MSM agenda, eh?

    Prof. Devi Sridhar:- ”This is massive news & can help in more targeted clinical & public health interventions. Differences in five genes partially explain why some people have severe COVID-19 and others stay healthy. Congrats @kennethbaillie & entire research team!


    ‘Genes could be key to new Covid-19 treatments.’

    ”Potential treatments for Covid-19 have been identified after the discovery of five genes associated with the most severe form of the disease. Genetic evidence is second only to clinical trials as a way to tell which treatments will be effective in a disease. Existing drugs that target the actions of the genes reveal which drugs should be repurposed to treat Covid-19 in clinical trials, experts say.

    Genes involved in two molecular processes – antiviral immunity and lung inflammation – were pinpointed. The breakthrough will help doctors understand how Covid-19 damages lungs at a molecular level.

    Researchers from the University of Edinburgh made the discovery by studying the DNA of 2,700 patients in 208 intensive care units (ICUs) in the UK.”..

    • Legerwood says:

      The Guardian online did report it yesterday and gave Edinburgh Uni’s role due prominence.

      BBC, of course not. Does not fit with their Scotland is sh*t position

  96. Petra says:

    When is Jackie Baillie and her cohorts at Holyrood going to say enough is enough and actually stand up for Scotland, for once? Start supporting Scottish Independence?

    ‘Opponents say Douglas Ross is ‘ignoring Brexit impact’.’

    Helensburgh’s MSP, Labour’s Jackie Baillie, said: “It is wrong of Douglas Ross to ignore the potentially devastating impact that Brexit will have on businesses, both in my constituency and across the UK. The current uncertainty of a no deal Brexit and the lack of preparedness of the UK Government in terms of basic information that businesses require to operate is woeful. However people voted in the EU referendum they did not vote for this shambolic approach.”


    Then again they are blinded by focusing constantly, to the detriment of every other crucial issue, on trying to undermine the SNP. Anyone keen to point out to them that it ain’t bl**dy-well working?

    Cllr Adam McVey:- ”Hi @LabourRichard I’ve just seen your comments at yesterday’s #FMQs
    1. You stated in questions to @NicolaSturgeon that @JohnSwinney told me Edinburgh would move to level 2 prior to the cabinet’s discussion- this isn’t true & I’ve never said that.”

  97. Petra says:

    Chock-a-bloc with signs of Rees-Mogg’s sense of entitlement, fantasy thinking and downright lies.

    ‘Jacob Rees-Mogg: Brexit weakens the case for Scottish nationalism.’

    ..”Despite ongoing arguments between the devolved administrations of the UK and Westminster over our exit from the EU, Rees-Mogg insists that “Brexit actually strengthens the United Kingdom, because it makes it more obvious why the United Kingdom works”.


    That sounds good to me. Should push the YES vote up 😀 .

    THE BLACK SALTIRE:- ”According to a Unionists Twitter feed under the name of Adrian Green the Orange order are planning mass bands to play outside polling stations during the Scottish Parliamentary elections next year. Bigoted organisations must not be allowed to cause division on the day.’

    • 70 idiots (they’re easily counted from the snap, ‘massed at Bute House today Covid deniers and anti lockdown.
      Yet more of our hard pressed Police having to be patient and tactful with the usual mini mob of nut jobs.
      Oh, I forgot, according to anti EU all of a sudden Kevin Weal McKenna, our Polis are the SNP’s Private Army harassing those poor working class honest knuckledraggers who were skulking about in London Road last week.
      These sad idiots rely on us passively ignoring them.
      I note the Orange Bands declare that they will be performing at a polling station near you next May.
      Saves the Polis having to round them up later in George Square when Yes gets a landslide victory.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The cops’ll move that lot if they try it

  98. Petra says:

    ‘It’s time to break up Britain.’ Plus videos.


    Sh*tting themselves? Just wait until we’re Independent and can get 300 years of the truth out there via our own broadcasting service and so on. Sales in incontinence pads will go right through the roof along with HBP tablets.

    TerryAnnG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿:- ”I see , it is dangerous for Scots to read about their own history. It is not dangerous for Scots to read about the English version of their history though. What else would you expect from The Daily Hail, but to spin it this way.”

  99. Petra says:

    The BBC is still at it. Never gives up on it’s anti-SNP agenda.


    ”Two days ago, BBC Scotland reported on three privately-owned care homes with Covid outbreaks and managed to avoid mentioning the owners. They did manage to mention the local health boards and the local authorities repeatedly. Any reader would think they were council-owned. That the health boards and the councils were fire-fighting the outbreaks by providing staff and resources at the tax-payers’ expenses got no mention nor, in one case, did a poor inspection report come to light.”..


    Scroll down to get the latest news from Professor John Robertson. Along with Paul Kavanagh he runs one of the best pro-Independence sites 😀 .

  100. Petra says:

    God you’ve got to feel heart sorry for the Welsh people. The very thought of being left behind and ”attached” to that bl**dy nuthouse is totally unthinkable. Unbearable, in fact 🥺.

    ‘Plaid Cymru pledges independence referendum in first term of government.’

    ..“That Wales is in real danger of being be left behind as part of a rump United Kingdom, in a new England-and-Wales formation – which would be the ultimate worst of all worlds.”..


    davidallengreen:- ”Brexiters once promised the United Kingdom would put in place a free trade area ten times bigger than the European Union. The United Kingdom has actually ended up with a free trade area smaller than the United Kingdom – with a trade barrier down the Irish sea.

  101. Dr Jim says:

    There’s a difference to being anti England and anti English, the media spin the first as being the second and they’re not the same thing at all
    England has 55 million people Scotland has 5.5 million so England always gets what it votes for, not just sometimes but always, so here’s something to think about, had Scotland been allowed the freedoms and equalities of any normal country our population would have increased in the same way England’s did , but our wealth and talent were constantly drained away to England in order to sustain that country’s wealth where most of the people were drawn by the promises of increased wealth if they went there

    Now had Scotland’s population increased say by even x 8 and our voting patterns were as they are now the SNP would be the government of the UK would it not, well of course it wouldn’t because it’s not Scotland who’s anti English or even anti England, it’s the other way round because England would rather bomb Scotland to obliteration than tolerate a Scotland who ran the UK, the very idea of such a thing would drive the people of that country to levels of head bursting, how dare Scotland or Wales ever be equal to England

    Even now England can’t stand the idea of Scotland governing its own self, so who again is it who are the exceptionalists, it sure as hell isn’t us in Scotland we were never *allowed* to even claim equality let alone something as interesting as exceptionalism

  102. Petra says:

    Next stooshie coming up?

    ‘Brexit: Royal Navy will not be deployed in Scottish waters, Humza Yousaf says.’

    “GUNBOAT diplomacy will not be welcome in Scottish waters,” the Justice Secretary has said after the UK put the Royal Navy on standby in case of a No-Deal Brexit. Humza Yousaf tweeted this morning that the UK Government had confirmed with him that the navy won’t be deployed unless the chief constable requests so.”


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  103. Petra says:

    Between a no-deal Brexit and Scotland, the energy cow, becoming Independent it looks as though England could be up a lights out sh*t creek.

    ‘Hands up! Your fish or your electricity. Macron threatens to cut interconnector to UK.’


    ‘G.B. National Grid Status.’

    • Golfnut says:

      The UK strategic reserve ( electricity ) is in Scotland, if westminster don’t buy Scots electricity, the lights go out in England. Noteworthy of course is the admission that England will have to rely on imports of electricity, basically at the mercy of the ‘ market ‘, with the French getting a chance at replacing some of the £6 Billion plus worth of power subsidised by Scots connection charges.

    • grizebard says:

      Oh, England again caught between Scotland and France (but on electric supply now).

      Quel horreur! {laugh}

    • Republicofscotland says:


      Its not just Scotland that transfers power to England, EU nations other than France transfer power as well, however the British exceptionalism trail of thought will be one of Johnny Foreigner wouldn’t dare cut off our power supply.

  104. Great to see you on the Big Indy Night Paul; cracking chat with Elaine C. Onwards.

    • Petra says:

      Mmmhh. I missed that one 🙄.

      ‘Big night for independence as stars line up for festival of fun and ideas.’

      ”Singer Karine Polwart and author Andrew O’Hagan have joined the star-studded line-up set to appear at the Big Indy Night In on Saturday.

      Hosted by Elaine C Smith, it will feature some of the most well-known names in Scottish culture and politics including Dougie MacLean, Jackie Kay, Janey Godley, Eddi Reader, Val McDermid, Alan Bissett, Ricky Ross, Lorraine McIntosh and Hue and Cry.

      The night will also mark the first public appearance since his stroke of National columnist Paul Kavanagh, along with the paper’s founder Richard Walker and columnists Lesley Riddoch, Stuart Cosgrove, Ruth Wishart, Gerry Hassan and Bella Caledonia’s Mike Small.

      Others taking part include Kirstin Innes, Carla J Easton, Arusa Qureshi, Sara Sheridan, Rick Redbeard, Joseph Malik, James Robertson, Alex Norton and Chris Dolan.”

  105. Mark Russell says:

    If you haven’t already heard of Donald Crowhurst, I thoroughly recommend ‘The Mercy’ on the iPlayer. The true story of another English tragedy – and well worth a watch, as it provides a wonderful analogy to Boris Johnson’s predicament.

  106. Petra says:

    Everything is tickety-boo according to the Tories 😀.

    ‘Morgan Stanley to Shift $120 Billion of Assets to Germany.’

    ”Morgan Stanley plans to move about 100 billion euros ($120 billion) of assets to Frankfurt, the latest Wall Street bank to shift business away from the U.K.”..

    ”Morgan Stanley’s move is in line with efforts by several other U.S. banks such as JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to beef up their EU operations amid Brexit.”..

    ”The shifts, which for JPMorgan included 200 billion euros in assets and 200 staff, are just the “first wave,” Dorothee Blessing, the co-head of the firm’s European investment banking unit, said in September.”..

  107. Petra says:

    They dump their toxic cr*p all over Scotland and spread CV19 but don’t have a clue about any of it … again.

    Martin Docherty-Hughes MP:- ”On Tuesday I questioned the Permanent Secretary of the MOD about the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak at Faslane. Quite astonishing that the UK’s most senior defence officials in charge of running the base don’t seem to have a clue about the public health guidance they should be following in Scotland.”


    ‘Yes chief says SNP must ‘seize the day’ on indyref2 – or risk losing the vote.’

    ..”As Boris Johnson is fond of Latin quotations, I (Dennis Canavan) would say to him in the immediate aftermath of the Scottish Parliament elections that we are following the dictum: “Carpe Diem “ or “Seize the day”.”..—risk-losing-vote/

  108. Petra says:

    Someone, Alexander Potts, talking sense.

    ‘Boris Johnson knows he can’t keep on refusing a Section 30 order.’

    ..”It’s an open secret that Johnson has appointed his tame Aberdonian, Michael Gove, to lead the anti independence campaign. You don’t appoint someone to run a campaign if there isn’t going to be a campaign! So effectively Michael Gove is going to be leading the NO/Better Together Campaign episode two after helping to win the Brexit referendum.”..—risk-losing-vote/


    ‘No Deal and a National Front.’

    ”The extent to which the politics of the National Front in the 1970s and the politics of Priti Patel’s Tory party mirror each other is chilling. The historic latent and barely concealed racism of the Conservative Party has morphed into a new far-right populism feeding off discontent with the political classes and tapping into an unedifying strain of English political culture that draws on eugenics, superiorism, and neo-colonial exceptionalism. It’s an outlook that’s as hard and bitter as it is detached from reality. All of this has propelled us to this moment when we will, finally, be ejected from the European Union.”..

  109. Alex Clark says:

    Johnson to talk with VDL on the phone around lunchtime today. As far as I can see, nothing has changed since Friday so doesn’t seem much point in carrying on the talks past today.

    We need to move on and to be looking at what Scotlands future with the EU will be after Independence. That’s the discussion we should be having.

  110. Republicofscotland says:

    Tory MSP David Duguid on Politics Scotland suggesting that a no deal Brexit won’t really disrupt Scotland’s economy, Duguid added that the UK government has plans in place to stop shortages.

    Mike Russell then destroyed Duguid’s points, Russell was very animated, and pointed out the reality of a no deal Brexit, its a disaster for Scotland.

    Earlier on Dominic Raab confirmed to Marr that gunboats will be used to deter EU fishermen from fishing in UK waters.

  111. Hamish100 says:

    If Scotland achieves independence and is in the EU or EFTA ( another debate) I would assume the “ English quota” of fish in Scottish waters would return to Scottish fisher folk as they will be all alone out with any deal. No friends even across the pond in the USA.

  112. Gary Robertson, really?
    Interview with David Duguid. Not Alister Jack, Sos or the Linesman Dross, who will be presumeably doing his ‘day job’ for the SFA running the line at the United v Ranjurs at 12.00 o’clock in Dundee or at Kevin McKenna’s spiritual home Parkhead, rather than troubling his brain with the cliffe edge that is the Destruction of Scotland by the Fat Womaniser Johnson later today.
    Robertson allowed Duguid to talk utter rubbish about Norn Ireland, and omitted to grill Duguid about almost all the negative impact of No Deal Brexit on Scotland.
    He then turned his Jock Brit Nat guns on Mike Russell. It’s all the SNP’s fault for not preparing for Brexit. Stranraer not ready; will Scotland board French fishing vessels?
    No I can’t be bothered breaking it all down. Robertson’s interviews were shallow tommy rot, from a man who knows who pays his wages.
    In HOURS we are about to be dragged out of the EU against the express wished of Gary Robertson’s fellow Scots citizens…we are about to get hammered financially socially politically and this BBC Plaeman blames the BAD SNP, not the shameless fascist ‘Junta’ in London, and their Tame Jocks Up Here.
    Where’s Baroness Rape Clause? Where are Iain Murray, Liar Carmichael?

    They are in hiding of course.
    Robertson, shame om you. And who in the Dead Tree Scrolls does he invite on to his programme to review the year. Rachel Watson of the Daily Mail.
    She waas her usual Brit Nat Far Right Blue Tory self…Covid, deaths in care homes, Nikla Sturgeon as bad a Johnson..poor Johnson could not Get Brexit Done because of Covid.

    BBC Scotland Politics…What a pathetic joke and an insult to the people of Scotland.
    BBC pack up, and move back to England..we’re done with this colonial crap.
    Rant over.
    Gary Robertson, have a good look at yourself in the mirror.

    • Alex Clark says:

      I turned off when the Daily Mail mouthpiece started to talk, regurgitating the same old crap that is smeared all over her paper every day. I wasn’t going to listen to her guff.

  113. Republicofscotland says:

    We’ll send in the gunboats Monsieur Macron, once you’ve built them. I recall France withholding a Russian navy ship after they built it. even though they’d already been paid for the job.

  114. Alex Clark says:

    Will this ever end?

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union and Britain are expected to agree to continue trade talks when the European Commission’s head and the UK prime minister discuss Brexit on a call on Sunday around 1100 GMT, sources with the bloc told Reuters.

    An EU official said separately that a statement after the call between Ursula von der Leyen and Boris Johnson was expected between 1130 and 1200 GMT.

  115. Republicofscotland says:

    The vile unionist George Galloway, who advocates independence for all other(possible) countries in the world bar the country of his birth Scotland, is to stand in Margaret Ferrier’s constituency of Rutherglen and Hamilton West.

    Here’s hoping this Tory useful idiot is sent packing when the time comes.

    • Eilidh says:

      What by election Margaret Ferrier hasn’t resigned as an Mp yet despite significant encouragement from practically all of the snp and no doubt a fair amount of her constituents to do so

  116. The stupid grin on Johnson’s face when he announced that he is prepared to go that extra 1.60934 kilometres but that there were still in insurmountable Canada Style No Deal dead lock merely gives his pals more scope to bet on England and the £ crashing, and raking in yet more hundreds of profit in short trading.
    What the hell he thinks is funny about all this beats me.
    He is clearly way out of his depth, and like a true psychopath, cares not a jot that millions will suffer, and many thousands actually die because of this terrible folly.
    It is No Deal, which we predicted and have been discussing here for 4 1/2 years.
    Time to announce the Fight Back, Scotland.

  117. bringiton says:

    British diplomacy no longer carries a big stick so is reduced to shouting loudly.
    Johnson,a man for our times,

  118. Welsh Siôn says:

    Beware of Gove.

    Tory Government plans to ‘modernise’ constitution says Michael Gove

    13th December 2020

    The UK Government plans to “modernise” the constitution following Brexit according to Michael Gove, who is heading a team to stop the break up the Union.

    The comments from the Cabinet Office minister come following a warning by YesCymru that “Westminster is coming for devolution” after Jacob Rees-Mogg pledged to “undo” it last month.

    Mr Gove told the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee that “we do need to look at every part” of the current constitutional arrangement “to make sure that it is fit for purpose”.

    The minister said that the UK Government would be “saying a wee bit more early in the new year about some other ways we can modernise the constitution”.


  119. Dr Jim says:

    You can’t do deals with England’s politicians ever and expect them to keep their side of any bargain, it’s never happened in history and the EU 27 are making that a very clear point right now, they don’t trust Boris Johnson’s England and any deal with the *British*/ English Nationalists is always only ever about how they can *legally* extricate themselves from what they just signed up to, or even illegally claim legality post agreement by going to court forever in the usual Nationalistic way England always behaves

    England lies apologises for the *mistake* then begins lying all over again, look at Boris Johnson’s face every time he talks at the moment, he’s laughing, he doesn’t care about deal or no deal, what’s good or what’s bad, he only cares about gunboats, union flag waving, banners and headlines as long as they’re all talking about him and it doesn’t matter about the people because England will write their own version of Brexit for the historical record as a triumph of yet to be invented adjectives and rhetoric, but you can be sure the words *British* *Sovereignty* and *Territorial* will feature heavily

    If Boris Johnson were the leader of an African Communist or Latin country how do you think the media in *Britain* would be covering this current behaviour, would they be using words like democracy or dictator, possibly even the words rogue government would be deployed as a description, is it any wonder the EU used Ursula Von Der Leyen to deal with Johnson, it’s because she’s only little and can’t throw him very far, that’s the level of trust in England and Johnson the EU 27 have

  120. Petra says:

    Mundell’s been booted out now of course and Davidson is bailing out, but what have these two got to say about the situation now?

    ‘Davidson and Mundell ‘could resign over Brexit deal’.’


    Another breach of the The 1801 Act of Union!

    ‘Brexit: Lawyer claims NI protocol in breach of legislation.’

    The advice argues that the protocol contradicts the 1800 Articles of Union which united Great Britain and Ireland at the time of King George III. The articles, which Mr Howe points out remain in force, state that “in all treaties with any foreign power, his Majesty’s subjects of Ireland shall have the same privileges and be on the same footing as his Majesty’s subjects of Great Britain. They also stipulate that all prohibitions on the export of products of Great Britain to Northern Ireland or vice versa should cease from 1 January 1801.”..

    ..”Mr Howe acknowledged that as the EU Withdrawal Agreement may eventually become law it could repeal or override the 1800 and 1998 acts.”..

  121. Petra says:

    FGS! 1700 more submariners moving to HM Naval Base Clyde. Check it out. The propaganda and the BTL comments.


    Scottish Government France @ScotGovFrance:- ”🎥La Première ministre de l’Écosse @NicolaSturgeon est intervenue au #ForumZeroCarbone sur l’engagement avec nos partenaires 🇪🇺 contre le changement climatique. Nous sommes ravis que Mme @AnneHidalgo ait signé la Déclaration d’Édimbourg sur la #biodiversité au nom de @Paris 🌍.”

  122. Petra says:

    Oh right just pull the plug on them now BBC to shut them up. Disgraceful.

    MSM_Monitor:- ”On Thursday on Good Morning Scotland an academic was cut off when he began criticising media coverage of Covid. The cut-off was one of the most blatant you’ll ever hear. If it was a technical issue the presenter would have said so. He didn’t.”


    Hahaha right enough 😀.

    ”Sorry to disappoint but the business that won the tender to track UK fishing vessels wherever they operate, as well as foreign-licensed boats in British waters, is Collecte Localisation Satellites (CLS), a French maritime surveillance provider. Hahaha.”

  123. Petra says:

    Here we go.

    ‘Growing port chaos threatens food supplies heading for UK.’

    ”The Grocer, an online service and weekly magazine covering the fast-moving consumer goods sector, reports that food destined for UK supermarkets is becoming stuck in Dutch ports because of blockages at Felixstowe. Shipping lines are refusing to release the goods for road transport back to the UK.”..


    Hahaha. Brilliant. From the Crown to the Clown 😂.

    Dr Paul Monaghan:- ”How our friends in Europe view Boris Johnson. You don’t need to speak German to understand this message.”

    • JoMax says:

      Dr Monaghan was our MP until ousted by a ‘pro-EU’ Liberal Democrat on a ‘no more indyrefs’ ticket. We live in a madhouse.

      A long time ago, on holiday in Austria, a friend and I were waiting to board a bus when a stooshie broke out because a couple demanded the front seat despite the fact another couple had already taken it. The poor Austrian driver could not get them to understand that he couldn’t do anything about it, so, of course, they blurted out, “But we’re English”. That was the 1960’s and here we are in 2020 and nothing has changed.

  124. Petra says:

    Andrew Tickell:- ‘Scotland can do so much better than unstable ­Brexit Britain.’

    ”In 2014, the Better Together ­campaign managed – successfully – to frame ­independence as a choice between ­stability and discord, between certainty and ­uncertainty. It wasn’t true then. It isn’t true now. The myth of a stable ­United Kingdom has burst.”–brexit-britain/?c=48q0k8


    Check out Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.

  125. Welsh Siôn says:

    “Exporters and road hauliers are facing mountains of very expensive red tape, to be run on computer systems that have never been tried before. The A55 is likely to be a traffic jam for weeks on end. Trucks coming off the ferry at Holyhead will have to be driven all the way to Warrington or Birmingham for more red tape checks.”

    – Hywel Williams, MP, Plaid Cymru

    For those who do not know, the A55 (aka ‘the road of opportunity’) is the Expressway that ribbons across the North Wales coast all the way from Caergybi/Holyhead to Chester , essentially shadowing the sole railway line linking North Wales with the rest of the world. It is infamous for its summer time delays and traffic jams when the Anglos come for their holidays or stay to retire on Costa Geriatrica (roughly Colwyn Bay and Rhyl to Deeside)..

    It’s gonna get a helluva lot worse …

  126. Hamish100 says:

    Isn’t it strange that the bbc in Northern Ireland gives details of new border controls at ports such as Larne. 2 hrs from Stranraer but bbc in Scotland are silent.

  127. Golfnut says:

    Macro economics explained, simply.
    Once you ‘ get this ‘, you begin to understand how vicious and evil, yes evil, the imposition of austerity was/is. Why food banks? Why universal credit? Why underfunding of health provision and social care? why are our pensions among the lowest in the world? Why are 5 million children living in poverty? The list is f#cking endless.

    • Petra says:

      Thanks for the excellent article from Richard Murphy, Golfnut, where he uses language that’s simple enough for ordinary individuals to understand. So what’s really behind the misery that they’ve deliberately created? It wouldn’t seem that it’s not to line their own pockets. Is it being used to control the masses?

  128. grizebard says:

    O/T Just another in my occasional updates on the hospital numbers of CV-19 in Scotland. Unfortunately, during the last 9 days, official numbers are on the up again, increasing linearly (with fairly high correlation) at a rate of ~7.7 per day, and have passed above the 1000 mark again. By no means steep, and thankfully not exponential, but nevertheless in entirely the wrong direction and rising from an uncomfortably high level already, and we’re not even at Christmas (quite) yet.

    Troubling. It will surely need correcting, and (as always) the sooner the better.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Just a thought but maybe if they had just banned the sale of alcohol completely from the start they might only have had to pay out furloughs and compensation to the booze industry, even though that industry insists any virus spreading is not down to them we don’t let people drink and drive because their judgement is impaired so why did anyone imagine drink and Covid avoidance would be different

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Pubs around us all open in evenings, mainly young Eng students, drinking in the streets, don’t bother moving to allow others space to er walk past doing shopping etc…getting sick of it. Germany is in total lockdown very soon, but then they can mitigate any economic fallout, Scotland because of being shackled to the UK, cannot!!!!

      • Dr Jim, you may recall that during the summer I suggested a ‘scratch card’ system to ration the amount of drinks a customer was able to consume at any given visit to their local.
        Based on the 14/21 units per week for Women/ Men the daily consumption could have been restricted to 2/3 units per day.

        Yes, I know, the idiots could still get rat arsed at home on supermarket bevvie, then venture out into the night, rat assed, and get their three units at their local.

        Landlords are forbidden by law to serve drunks, and that seems to work in non Covid times.
        The TV channels portray pubs and inns as quiet warm friendly places where communities gather, slurp a half pint of lager while munching burger and chips or lasagne in a basket.

        They rarely show the reality. Drinking dens overflowing with drunks being served as much booze as they can get down their necks, and venturing forth to spread disease in the community.

        I am sure that there is a way to conduct an audit trail using test and trace data, and pubs and restaurants till receipts, to calculate the footfall and average amounts of alcohol sold to drinkers in Hot Spot areas, right down to individual pubs and restaurants daily footfall..

        I am fed up of TV interviews with holier than thou landlords/ladies and restauranteurs blaming Nicola Sturgeon via the obliging Brit Nat BBC/STV prompter, for their business failing because of Bad SNP Lockdowns.

        If, as I argue, it can be forensically proven that on a given night x Pub had y customers and sold z units of alcohol, to establish the average nightly consumption per drinker, and under test and trace, it was established that Pub x was the source of a local flare up, then, well. that establishment should suffer the consequences.
        Is anybody doing this sort of analytical work?

        The notion that during the worst health crisis in the modern world, we pamper to idiots who want to go out and get plastered, or jet off to Tenerife for some bevvy and a sun tan, grows more and more outrageous and insane.

        The Collatin Christmas will be following the level 3 guidelines.
        A granny is not just for Christmas.

        During this crisis, ‘Capitalism’ is in suspended animation.

        Making money is impossible, unless you are a pal of Johnson and know a Chinese seamstress who can churn out PPE masks in a sweat shop.
        The notion that banks can threaten eviction and foreclosure like ‘normal’ is ridiculous.

        The idea that individuals should be allowed to visit pubs, and the landlords feed them unlimited drink is dangerous and, evil.
        Indeed, getting citizens fighting drunk in normal times was always evil.

        • Legerwood says:

          You may want to read this. It is a longish article but is yet more evidence of transmission of the virus in pubs and restaurants.

          • Thanks for this, Legerman.

            “Epidemic Investigation Support System, a digital platform introduced in South Korea amid the pandemic that allows investigators to access cellphone location information and credit card data of infected individuals in as little as 10 minutes.”

            I am aware that suggestion of any form of Prohibition Lite is regarded by some political self harm, but I had a sense that there was the scope and systems in place to set up our own ‘Epidemic Support System’.

            A dear friend and ex colleague was once asked during a Promotion Board what he thought his weaknesses were; in true PG Wodehouse he quipped:’ a good Burgundy and a well turned ankle’.

            Those who know me on here are aware that I am hardly a member of the Temperance League. Me weaknesses for Arthur Guinness’ life affirming elixir and Bordeaux are well documented.

            After all St Paul urged Timothy to take ‘a little wine for thy stomach’s sake’.

            I am no killjoy, neither am I a libertarian.
            We cannot let the market decide during these terrible times.

            As the South Korean study suggests, people are dying so that others can do what they like, as though it were their God Given right to act as they wish regardless.

            As I argued in Lidl the other day when a clearly disturbed man chased after me when I backed off because he was not wearing a mask, and the store manager ceded that if I lit up a cigarette he would indeed call the police, but was powerless to take such action to protect me and other customers from the risk of infection, licenced premises would intervene if a customer attempted to drive out of their car park in the knowledge that the customer was over the limit, but would readily serve unlimited amounts of alcohol to customers on foot during the current epidemic.
            With freedoms comes responsibility.

            Even more so when tens of thousands die needlessly.

            Keep safe, Legerman, and all duggers.

            • wm says:

              Jack, as a retired publican I can assure you it is hard enough to police your own pub (especially when you are your ain chucker oot), to complicate it anymore would be too much, so I am afraid on this occasion I am with Dr Jim with the banning of the sale of booze and introducing the financial help that the publicans and the workers would need to survive.

              • wm, In my long and multi layered work life, I too have had a modicum of experience in the licence trade.
                I meant no offence to the vast army of landlords/ladies and their hard pressed staff.
                Of course there should be financial support to staff and small innkeepers.

                We shall refrain from exchanging horror stories.

                But chains like Wetherspoons, and Ibiza in the Rain booze halls should be warned, fined, and ultimately closed down.
                Ashton Lane in the summer was alarming, ‘s’all.

                You have indeed earned your retirement, wm.

                • wm says:

                  I don’t have much variety in my working life Jack, as it was equally shared over twenty years down pit, and the rest in the pub, but I am sure we could share a lot more than a few stories.

  129. Petra says:

    Bridges For Indy:- ”Macron comes out for Scottish independence ( in French).”


    Humza Yousaf:- ”On UK Govt gunboat diplomacy, they have made alot of their Royal Navy assets. RN is overstretched with focus rightly on global threats. Far from an abundance of assets UK Govt have asked MarineScot if they can have access to our surveillance equipment if necessary.”

  130. Petra says:

    Russ:- ”So many good points.

    1. We sold our fishing rights. Privatised them, then sold them to EU businesses

    2. Many ships sail under “flags of convenience”, so are technically UK though owned by EU businesses

    3. If sailing from a UK port, they employ Brits and work from UK”

    Bertha (Staying in her Attic) Mason:- ”The Dutch trawler the Cornelis Vrolijk catches 23% of Britain’s fish from the quotas the Netherlands bought. It sails out of Hull, employing British trawlermen and sails under a British flag. Who are they going to arrest?”

  131. Petra says:

    Jenny Gilruth:- ”Watch this & remember it. Oozing with disregard for the people of Scotland, David Duguid, a #ScotlandOffice Minister tries to blame Covid & the SNP at various points in this clip for the #Brexit cliff-edge the U.K. is about to drop.”


    ‘The omelette of strategic naivety.’

    ”So by all means (Wings) criticise the SNP for not doing the things they could have done to bring about independence or a choice on independence. But don’t criticise them for not attempting something that was never in their power, and that would have simply have left them looking a bit foolish, a bit cynical, and above all else strategically naive.”

    • Dr Jim says:

      That particular site criticises the FM for failing to do a deal with the Tories to *get* a referendum yet doesn’t criticise the former FM for doing a deal with the Tories and losing a referendum by allowing the Tories to run that referendum, the only SNP politician who has failed Scotland here is Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon didn’t do any deals with the Tories and lose a referendum, Nicola Sturgeon didn’t get drunk and behave inappropriately around the opposite sex, and if Alex Salmond was innocent of bad behaviour why then did he text Nicola Sturgeon to help him out of something he claimed he hadn’t done, Alex Salmond is not a criminal, the court said so but he’s not innocent of being an Arse and that’s not anybody’s fault bar his

      The Taliban Chronicle’s arguments are a faux cover up for his personal crusade of hatred of the current FM or are paid interventions on behalf of Unionism, take your pick as to which, or even both who knows, but one thing is absolutely clear to advocate that the only way to achieve a referendum is to NOT vote for the only party who can achieve that is a disingenuous lie

      The strategy he claims is the only way to Independence boils down to *don’t vote SNP and that’ll show em* and if they come up short of votes then we’ll all see that his claim is correct, only idiots or Unionists think that’s a good plan and he knows it, he’s a fake little man with a fake grudge or somebody’s paying him for this shit I really don’t care which but when he feels compelled to write up to three articles a day obsessing about how much he hates Nicola Sturgeon there can’t be anybody who’s not reminded of the Kezia Dugdale fiasco which if I remember correctly he lost in court

      • Dr Jim, I’m struggling to think of whom you speak.

      • Petra says:

        Spot on Dr Jim and what I can’t get away with is that some decent and genuine Independence supporters (VERY few now) that have frequented that site for quite some time now, since my days on there, seem to be suffering from gaslighting and being duped big time. On the other hand there are others that showed signs of being BritNats from day one but kept up the pretext fairly successfully. Bob Peffers could spot every last one of them a mile off and you can see them now being the most venomous of posters towards Nicola Sturgeon / the SNP and clearly showing their true colours and that is that they are most definitely anti-independence and always have been.

  132. Petra says:

    Haggis_UK:- ”Niall Paterson – How many people have been vaccinated so far?

    Dominic Raab – No idea

    Niall Paterson – How come the Scottish government can tell us how many people have been vaccinated… why can’t your government?”


    Prof. Devi Sridhar:- ”If this is true raises the question of why certain (fringe & unethical) views got access to No.10 while others were ignored…”

  133. Petra says:

    ‘Joanna Cherry: Brexit is over – now it’s Scotland’s turn to take back control.’

    ..”Presumably this means there is no reason that an independent Scotland in the EU could not also have the best of both worlds – access to both the single market and the rest of the UK market. No hard border. No infrastructure on the border. Only the “light touch, minimal checks” of which Michael Gove is so proud. Well, we shall see. But the Tories must never again be allowed to get away with claiming Scottish independence means a hard border with England is inevitable.”..

    ..”SO, what are Labour doing to preserve Donald Dewar’s legacy? It is to their eternal shame that, earlier this week, whilst Gordon Brown was howling at the moon about federalism they sat on their hands and abstained on the Lords amendments to prevent the hollowing out of the devolution settlement by enabling Westminster to spend in devolved areas, bypassing the Scottish Parliament which is elected by the people of Scotland to control these things. What a way for the handmaidens of the Vow to behave. No wonder they are finished in Scotland.”..—now-scotlands-turn-take-back-control/


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  134. Republicofscotland says:

    The Tory branch office in Scotland doesn’t believe in democracy for Scots.

    “DOUGLAS Ross’ Scottish Tories would refuse to fight an independence referendum run by Holyrood — even if a court said it was legal.”—-even-approved-court/

    • bringiton says:

      For now,people are not forced to vote in Scottish plebiscites,that is their democratic right.
      You cannot deny the outcome just because you don’t like it,unless of course you are a disciple of Trump and especially if you refused to vote in the first place.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      The irony of three-jobs-Ross aspiring to become an MSP while simultaneously railing against it’s democratic processes is priceless.. Forest Gump was clearly brighter than the Forres version – the former played by a professional actor, the latter by a rank amateur audiences would never had heard of but for his promotion by Pacific Quay, now most would cross the street to avoid.
      DRoss has a sharp lesson coming, legality is all that matters in democracy, his attempts to grandstand for St Boris are as doomed to fail as his benefactor…
      Best polish those boots linesman, this particular gravy train is shortly out of service…

  135. Dr Jim says:

    In the wake of yet another survey declaring Scotland supports Independence Labour Lord Fffooking idiot demands the FM be struck off the Telly by the BBC to be replaced by A.N Other more acceptable to Labour Lord Fffookes and his political party the Labour and Tory Yoonyawnist party, trouble with that is Labour FM Mark Drakeford does most of his own Covid briefings in Wales, does the noble Lord Fffookes require him to be removed also

    It is my fervent hope that the BBC might be stupid enough to bend to the will of the ruling classes and remove the FM from Scotland’s airwaves, that should add at least another 5 or 6 percentage points in support of Independence overnight, and while the FM would be as FM disappointed and angry that the public at large would be denied the information she imparts daily, as a politician seeking Independence on behalf of the people of Scotland she will merely say ……….

    I thank you for proving my every point as to why Scotland should be Independent

  136. Capella says:

    An astonishing demolition of Boris Johnston by Rory Stewart;

    Johnson is after all the most accomplished liar in public life – perhaps the best liar ever to serve as prime minister. Some of this may have been a natural talent – but a lifetime of practice and study has allowed him to uncover new possibilities which go well beyond all the classifications of dishonesty attempted by classical theorists like St Augustine. He has mastered the use of error, omission, exaggeration, diminution, equivocation and flat denial. He has perfected casuistry, circumlocution, false equivalence and false analogy. He is equally adept at the ironic jest, the fib and the grand lie; the weasel word and the half-truth; the hyperbolic lie, the obvious lie, and the bullshit lie – which may inadvertently be true. And because he has been so famous for this skill for so long, he can use his reputation to ascend to new levels of playful paradox. Thus he could say to me “Rory, don’t believe anything I am about to say, but I would like you to be in my cabinet” – and still have me laugh in admiration.

    • This man is The Linesman Ross’ Leader.

      They have absolutely no morals. They are the spawn of the devil.

      Ross actually thinks that he can just ‘order’ us to do his English Masters will, because there are more English than Scots, so there.
      They are beefing up their military Expeditionary Force too.
      More squaddies and matelots to vote No next time?

      The gunboats are already in place on the Clyde.
      We are taking our country back, and nothing Pasta Boy Duguid says to an obliging Gary Robertson will change that.
      Come independence there will be a reckoning.
      The Herald plunged new depths of stupidity today. Gordon Brown, son of the manse, who can’t even get Dalgety Bay cleared of nuclear toxins, is their politician of the century?
      Who is paying to keep these Dead Tree Scrolls afloat?

      A Million Scot March on London Easter Week 2021.

      We are at war; a cold war, but a war nevertheless.
      In a Christmas card from a very dear friend, a Preston Lass, and WASPI woman, she writes that that she celebrated her 66th birthday, and finally applied for the State Pension, which morally, socially, and economically should have been granted 6 years ago, but stolen from her by Douglas Ross and Willie Rennie (see what I did there?) only to be told by England’s DWP that there is a 3 to 6 month backlog..the final insult.

      I wonder on what Lord Darling of Flipper is spending his extra 5% tax rebate?

      WE must get out of this vile fascist Union NOW, not next May or beyond.

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