fifteen in a row

It’s getting to the stage now where we get 56% for yes in an opinion poll and it scarcely counts as news. Today an opinion poll from IPsos Mori which was commissioned by STV was published which placed support for independence at 56% once don’t knows and undecideds are excluded. It is the 15th poll in a row to show majority support for independence. Even when don’t know and undecideds are not excluded this poll places support for independence at 53%, don’t knows are on 6%, whereas opposition to independence struggles in at a paltry 41%.

The poll also shows that the SNP is on track for winning a majority. The SNP is set to hoover up55% of the constituency vote and 47% of the constituency list vote a seat projection based on this poll gives the SNP 73 seats, the Conservatives 27, Labour 19 and the Greens and the Lib Dems 5 each. This would give pro independence parties 78 out of the 129 seats in the parliament versus just 51 for parties opposed to independence. That is a solid and convincing majority by anyone’s standards. We are getting to the point where there is no need I think we might as well to do polls on Scottish independence since the established majority for Yes has been confirmed so many times. Let’s just move on as quickly as possible to the final one where the poll sample is the entire electorate of Scotland and then from that on to independence and an escape from the dysfunctional and damaging mess of Brexshit.

None of the new fringe parties, whether the pro-independence SIP or George Galloway’s anti independence vanity vehicle, appear to be registering with voters outside their respective social media bubbles. unless something changes dramatically between now and May next year, The SNP and the Greens are the only pro independence parties which have any hope at all of wining any seats in the next Scottish parliament.

it’s been a good week, there’s a £500 thank you bonus for NHS workers, which the Conservatives are shamefully refusing to make tax free There’s a vaccine against covid to be rolled out starting next week, meaning that we can dare to hope that an end to the pandemic is starting to come into sight. The Tories are trying to take the credit for it, and are claiming it’s due to Brexit that the UK has approved the vaccine. This is a lie. The UK is still in the transition period and EU law still applies. However EU rules allow for the early authorisation of a vaccine during times of emergebcy like a global pandemic. And far from being a British triumph this is a vaccine which was developed by Turkish migrants in Germany and which is manufactured in Belgium. But that won’t stop the same people who whined about masks and lockdown trying to lay claim to it in the name of British nationalism.

And now there’s the 15th poll in a row for independence. 2020 has been a horrible horrible year in so many ways, but we have good reason to hope that 2021 is going to be a whole lot better. No wonder the British nationalists on social media are raging. You can hear the sound of union jack dummies being spat out from here to wherever it is that they buy their copies of the Daily Express from – a rag which they like to tell themselves is an actual newspaper. Belief in Brexit and the Tories not being the biggest of their delusions.

Most importantly of all The potential end to the pandemic means that there will be an end to the tragedy of losing loved ones to this terrible disease, but it also means that the economy and jobs can start to recover, and that we can look forward to a liberation from social isolation and start to meet up again with our families and friends, to chat, to laugh, to hug and kiss and to be human again. For an independence movement that has pretty much been frozen it means that we can look forward to doing that face to face, one on one campaigning and persuasion that the grassroots movement does best. We’ve seen support for independence surge to 56% even though we’ve not been able to campaign. Now that the SNP’s National Executive Committee has been taken by party members who favour a more robust approach to the pursuit of independence and we can look forward to the brakes coming off the grassroots movement. There’s going to be no stopping us. 2021 is going to be the year that Scottish independence ceases to be a beautiful dream and starts to become a reality.

On a personal level, my mobility is improving far more quickly than I could have dared to hope just a few short weeks ago when I was lying in a hospital bed, paralysed down one side and wondering whether I’d ever walk again. I am now able to get around inside the flat without having to rely on the walking stick and I’ve even been able to get into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea and carry it back into the living room. It’s a significant milestone on the road back to normality, one which I really wasn’t expecting to be able to manage for months to come.

I am still typing very slowly, but it is definitely getting easier, and crucially it is no longer mentally exhausting me to quite the same extent as it would have, even last week. I’m even getting some good movement back in my left hand. It’s still not functional movement ,but it’s significantly better than it was. Crucially it’s still only less than eight weeks since I had the stroke so there is still plenty of potential for even more improvement in the months to come. a lot of the credit belongs to all the regular readers of this blog and the wider yes movement and the team at The National who have done so much to support me and to boost my spirits and morale. Having a reason to want to get better is a huge boost in stroke rehab and there’s no better reason for wanting to get better than to be able to play a full part in the exciting months ahead, months that are going to lead to Scotland once again taking her rightful place among the independent nations of the world.

I have set up a crowd funder in order to ensure that I have a home that is suitable for my changed needs following my stroke you can donate directly to the crowd funder on gofundme by clicking the following link,

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  2. Robert graham says:

    Well done it’s hard to get your head round thinking you are capable of doing something then your body brings you back to earth , anyway all the best for your recovery I know it takes time try listening to your body and not your mind for the time being you do get used to it

  3. Derek G says:

    The vaccine will be available in small amounts, and requires so much cold that it’ll be hard to make widespread. Better news once other companies get theirs out to the public – that’s when old gits like me might begin to feel safer.
    I had a bit of an argybargy with an ISP supporter, because they have far too little time to make any serious inroads in the next Holyrood election. The likely outcome, if they’re partially successful, would be no seats for them and (by taking maybe a couple of percentage points from the SNP) the chance of dropping an SNP list seat. It’s important that the SNP get an absolute majority without green/ISP/whatever support. They need the moral high ground in the upcoming fight with Westminster for indyref2; Westminster will use any excuse to kick the legs out from under the them.
    How’s the new house going? It’s good to know you’re up and about indoors, and the next stage must be to get outdoors as well – in gentle steps – so I guess that means stairs to a flat will remain a hurdle.

    • grizebard says:

      I think you’re right, the only likely effect (if any) of the ISP etc. will be to harm the SNP’s chances. The only way the strategy could possibly have worked – if it could have worked at all – was if there had been a good understanding between the two parties that was reflected in a very strong swell of support for alt-indy among SNP voters, neither of which has obviously happened or is likely to happen. (For which failure ironically enough we can thank – among others – “Loose Cannon” Murray and the Sage of Bath.)

      After May there will be a reckoning, we can only hope it’s not one where the SNP are hobbled.

  4. carolclark1 says:

    Good news indeed Paul, so pleased to hear that you are progressing well. Good news too about the vaccine, we can begin to look forward to getting back to some sort of normality.

    Aye the Britnats are fair frothing at the mouth. Isn’t it great that we seperatists never stop banging on about independence according to them. We haven’t said much about it but Dross and company cannae shut up. The Britnats have done a lot of the heavy lifting for us this year. Let’s hope 2021 we can all get back out and set about winning this fight.

  5. yesindyref2 says:

    It is all going exceedingly well. And in a very understated bit of news, another duck arrives and takes its place in a row – an answer to the Unionists argument that the SNP over-centralise power, something the Scottish Tories go on and on and on about:

    SCOTLAND’S councils are set to get a raft of new powers and protections after SNP ministers backed a Green plan to roll-back centralisation.

    Communities Secretary Aileen Campbell today confirmed the Scottish Government would support Andy Wightman’s bill to give councils European-style safeguards.

    The Green MSP wants to incorporate the European Charter of Local Self-Government into Scots law.

    The change would allow councils to raise court challenges if ministerial actions or Holyrood laws were considered incompatible with the charter.

    It’s actually going to take some time to work out the significance of that.

  6. Iain Hunter says:

    Tax is devolved, this is going to bite us on the bottom

  7. Republicofscotland says:

    Yes its fantastic news that the fifteenth poll in a row shows there’s still a great appetite for independence. I’d go as far as to say independence is now the settled will of the people of Scotland.


    Johnson’s post-Brexit trade deals with Japan have sold out the protective status of Scottish produce. We don’t have say in this union and we don’t matter either.

    • Tam the Bam says:

      So you come to this site to provide us with the details of our Brexit .
      Do you honestly think we button up the back..As if we .dont realise this madness is going to result in massive redundancies?
      But still you have your hounds out for Nicola…(.dont you REPUBLIC OF SCOTLAND!)
      Personally…I wouldnt shed a tear if Paul deemed you@unworthy’…and gone from this site.

    • Most things on your list won’t be sold in Japan

      • Pogmothon says:

        It’s not about what will sold in Japan.
        It’s about what the Japanese will sell here and elsewhere. This is one of the most important aspects of protected status. For small or specialist producers as opposed to multi-national mass production. What is a light shower right now will become a freezing blizzard which is likely to become a glacier over Scotland the brand. Much to the delight of the Torys and Westminster. Remember none of the torys pals gear up to copy and mass produce something which is not successful.

    • Tam the Bam says:

      go away ROS….ok?….you’re not welcome.

  8. Capella says:

    It’s good news week right enough. I don’t know if I can handle much more. But here we all are – recovering health, hope and happiness. Take care Paul and stay safe but enjoy all the good news rolling in.

    • Tam the Bam says:

      I concur Capella …..and just to top off our enjoyment this weekend we can all watch The Mighty Morton v Hearts …on telly…..ok its a live-stream and gonnae cost ye a buck or two but hey!………..(lost my thread).

  9. fairliered says:

    A good news week indeed! Good news regarding the Covid vaccine, good news regarding indyref prospects and results, and most importantly, good news regarding your progress, Paul. Looking forward to you both joining us in sunny (!) Ayrshire.

    • douglasclark says:

      It is great news that your health is improving.

      It this might sound or read ridiculous.

      But I think you are that important.

      Take it easy!

  10. Arthur Thomson says:

    It’s great that you are progressing well Paul. Slow and steady (but none of your shirking mind! 😇).

    It’s really helpful to the rest of us that you are still able to be the catalyst to get us thinking.

  11. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a now 60+ Female and commented:
    Great news about your recovery journey, Paul. Long may it continue.

  12. Legerwood says:

    Delighted to hear about your progress. Well done.

  13. Bob Lamont says:

    Delighted to hear of continued recovery, the rest will come in it’s own sweet time, just keep following direction from the experts.

    This first UK approved vaccine was certified under emergency powers doubtless under pressure from #10, which should worry anyone given their record. The rapid certification certainly shocked the EU, and the Irish media were in WTF mode.
    If it works all good and well, so long as kiss-of-death Johnson and his motley crew are let nowhere near controlling the first data as it fans out. The ultra-low temperatures required present all sorts of logistical problems, but by the time the next batch/phase comes round, hopefully less demanding alternatives will also be more readily available.

    As to Indy, indeed the Unionists have never been more desperate to rubbish anything SG does, frantic to slow what looks to be a landslide.
    A frenetic year ahead, and your observation on the absurdities is as ever needed and appreciated…

  14. Dr Jim says:

    Don’t worry about the slow typing Paul we’re reading everything faster now anyway, put a couple of elastic bands around those fingers and toes and keep wiggling, it sounds like you’re catching up well though

  15. grizebard says:

    Hmmm, maybe this first vaccine should be distributed with the flags of developers/producers Belgium and Germany attached, not that of the superfluous attention-seeking middleman.

    • Dr Jim says:

      As we speak the airwaves are being filled up by paid and unpaid Unionists asserting the width of their shoulders in front of mirrors and their mammies, and for some strange reason they believe the First Minister should be told about individual shoulder widths

      • grizebard says:

        Well, of course, an independent Scotland would clearly have been uniquely unable to source CV vaccine on its own account (or as part of the powerful EU procurement programme, were we back in that fold) just as it would be uniquely unable to borrow money on the international markets. According to our frenemies, we’re uniquely great at being unable.

    • Republicofscotland says:

      I’m not in anyway decrying Pfizer’s vaccine, however the EU’s EMA, is to have a longer approval process which it claims makes it safer.

    • Legerwood says:

      And Turkey. Remember how Farage & Co demonised the Turks during the EU Ref? Isn’t karma a b*tch?

  16. Golfnut says:

    Tory liars called out by the MRA.

    Unfortunately the Tory’s are themselves promoting people to doubt this vaccines safety.

  17. Alex Clark says:

    Good news to read of your continuing progress towards recovery. Good news too on the progress of support for Independence when 56% in a poll is some as nothing out of the ordinary.

    It’s been around this level for a number of weeks now and has become the new normal. I would expect another boost once Johnson pulls us out of the EU for good and it suddenly becomes a reality for most people. Even now there are those that still want to believe that somehow the UK will get a good deal, the reality will likely hurt and the blame will be laid at the door of Johnson and the Tories.

    It’s a sure thing too that there will be those who voted NO and Yes but have since changed their mind to No because of their wish to leave the EU will come back to the fold. A dose of buyers regret might affect more than a few minds when it becomes clear that leaving the EU has turned out to be a terrible mistake. Even the farmers and fisherman will be wishing that they had left things just as they were and that the EU actually had more to offer than the Tory lies.

    Onwards and upwards from here, roll on next May when Scotland will make waves, the world will sit up and pay attention at the support for Independence while Westminster trembles 🙂

    • England’s Westminster are number one in the world when it comes to propaganda.
      At new year we will get the last minute news from them that they have secured a wonderful deal a deal so good that we should re-elect them and thank them .
      The deal will be nothing of the kind it will be the usual shambolic announcement all bells a ringing then as the days and weeks go bye we will soon see that we were sold another falsehood just like so many others we have had over the last few years from England’s Westminster.

  18. John Rutherford says:

    Brilliant Pal! So chuffed you’re improving so well!.
    A the very best tae ye

  19. Golfnut says:

    Just a reminder that there are years of research and data behind this vaccine.

  20. Golfnut says:

    There’s always one.

  21. Hamish100 says:

    Fifteen in a row? Not according to bbc web page

    Silence is golden if you are the state broadcaster. Mind you they do have an attack piece in the FM.

  22. Golfnut says:

    Glad to hear your recovery is going well, small steps, but you know that.

    The latest poll result on the Indy question is good, but the killer, what’s sending the britnats into propaganda overdrive is the response on trust. I’m guessing westminster have known this for weeks, hence the current onslaught on the FM.

  23. dorancaird says:

    Delighted to hear of your progress. I was once a speech/language therapist,in a galaxy far, far away and I know that you have done remarkably well. It’s natural to be so tired. Your brain is having to rethink every movement. No wonder bairns sleep so much. Their brains have to work so much out. Don’t be overdoing it,but give yourself a big thumbs up for determination.

  24. Dr Jim says:

    58% of Scotland wants Independence 42% doesn’t want Independence 25% don’t know what they want, eh wait hold on that’s too many percents, but let’s not obsess over that let’s concentrate on the 25% who don’t know what they want even although no poll ever in the existence of polling has ever concentrated on those people who don’t know what they want except to call them don’t knows then they’re excluded, I seem to remember the Brexit referendum ignored the don’t knows and the no voters, I also remember the 2014 referendum where the only percent the unionist media were interested in was the 55% and everybody else were the smashed into dust crushed losers nya nya nya, so why all of a sudden are the unionist media so interested in over inflated don’t know numbers? it couldn’t possibly be that the next Tory argument is going to be that Scotland isn’t well informed enough to make a decision could it, adding to their list of *Too Wee Too Poor* and now *Too Stupit*

    Even if Scotland were all of those things we still know that 58% 42% and 25% add up to 125% and the only people who think there’s more than 100% of anything are footballers and even they can’t do more than 110% everybody knows that

  25. Excellent news on the health front, Sir! Long may it continue.

  26. Alastair Ewen says:

    Good luck wi’ the rehab….. I live in Canada (ex-Aiberdeen) and I enjoy reading yer blog. Dinna wear yersel oot – twa times i’ week is jist fine… Ah’ve sent ye a wee twenty spot on the crowdfunder fur yer new hoose. Good luck, an’ thanks.

  27. diabloandco says:

    Paul, somebody up thread said ‘Listen to your body’ and that is what you should do. Don’t push yourself on our behalf , take your time and we will all still be here.

  28. Julia Gibb says:

    Paul, a remarkable degree of recovery in such a short time. Obviously it has a great deal to do with your stubborn, forceful nature 😬

    A healthy diet of Unionists should help!

  29. Petra says:

    ”Regulator doesn’t agree with Health Secretary shocker. Matt Hancock: “Because we’ve left the EU, we’ve been able to move faster.” Dr June Raine, MHRA boss: “We’ve been able to authorise supply of this vaccine under provisions under European law which exist until January 1st.


    ‘EU criticises ‘hasty’ UK approval of COVID-19 vaccine.’

  30. Petra says:

    ”Matt Hancock being slaughtered by German health minister over his latest Brexit lie, “We have member states including, Germany, who could have issued such an emergency authorisation but we decided against this and opted for a common European approach to move forward together.”


    ”Given that anti-vaxxers will exploit any uncertainty, it is difficult to overstate how irresponsible it is for UK ministers to associate the authorisation of the vaccine with a demonstrable untruth.”

  31. Petra says:

    From a Tory. Brilliant 😀

    Phantom Power:- ”Please allow me to tell you that I have changed my mind’. A wee flavour of Future Scotland event last night with Dr Bendor Grosvenor.”


    ‘Make that fourteen/fifteen in a row: Ipsos-Mori shows yet another huge majority for Scottish independence.’

    • Welsh Siôn says:

      Just followed your link, Petra and note that it is in fact from November 2019.

      However, if you follow him on Twitter, you will see he’s maintaining his pro-independence credentials and indeed, has recently received “a friendly shot across [his] bow.”

      • Petra says:

        You can see why they want to shut him up, WS 😀.

        Here’s hoping that he’ll donate a few quid to the SNP 😎.

        • Welsh Siôn says:

          C: – I say, old bean. You heard the latest about old “Bendy” Grosvenor?
          F: – No. What?
          C:- Well, seems the chap’s gone native and decided to throw his lot in with that Sturgeon crowd.
          F: – You mean he’s trying to stir some things up with those Jocko wallahs?
          C: – Precisely. Thinks he can restore the Jacobites to our northern colony. Ousting ourselves.
          F: – I say! Dashed if we can allow that, can we Carruthers?
          C: – Absolutely not, Fortescue! Better let the blighter know about it, too. Eh, what, what?
          F: – Damn impertinence, I call it. I mean restoring Jacobite portraiture is one thing … But actually restoring those Highland Caledonian hordes into some sort of power … Quite something else.
          C: – I agree, Fortescue. Let’s send a shot across his bow, eh?
          F: – Consider it done, Carruthers. Now where’s that green ink?

  32. Ken2 says:

    A vaccine developed by Turkish migrants in Germany. Produced in Belgium. UK tax revenues paying for it. An EU triumph. Not the UK Gov just picking up the tab.

    The Tory imbeciles beyond belief.

    Demographic polls increase.

    Thanks for the blog. Get well soon. Even better.

  33. Petra says:


    ..”They had to find a way to change direction. A way that did not damage Nicola who remains a popular leader.”..



  34. Petra says:

    Ian Blackford:- ”Eight people have taken their lives in the last ten days.”

    ‘Boris Johnson’s Disgusting Grandstanding Response On Serious Issue!’


    Check out Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.

  35. Petra says:

    It just gets worse.

    ‘Gavin Williamson: UK got Pfizer vaccine first because it’s a much better country.’


    ‘Gaelic row as Dumfries church tweets spending on language is ‘utter waste’.’

  36. Petra says:

    ‘Brexit talks heading for ‘crisis’ as EU warns Boris Johnson to stop breaking international law or face no deal.’

    ,,”Speaking publicly on Wednesday afternoon, Ireland’s foreign minister Simon Coveney echoed similar sentiments to those of Mr Barnier, warning: “A second piece of legislation deliberately breaching withdrawal agreement and international law, will be taken as a signal that UK doesn’t want a deal.” He added that there would be no deal if UK did not show “a basic level of trust and goodwill”.”..


    ‘Establishment journalists are piling on to smear Robert Fisk now he cannot answer back.’

    ”Something remarkable even by the usually dismal standards of the stenographic media blue-tick brigade has been happening in the past few days. Leading journalists in the corporate media have suddenly felt the urgent need not only to criticise the late, much-respected foreign correspondent Robert Fisk, but to pile in against him, using the most outrageous smears imaginable. He is suddenly a fraud, a fabulist, a fantasist, a liar. What is most ironic is that the journalists doing this are some of the biggest frauds themselves, journalists who have made a career out of deceiving their readers.”..

  37. xsticks says:

    Hearing of your continuing progress brightens my day Paul.

  38. I’m really pleased to hear that you are making good progress, long may it continue.


  39. Alex Clark says:

    Johnson and his government don’t do detail and that’s why they are forced into one U-turn after another. On top of that, you can add the Test & Trace and the PPE debacles that were handed to the private sector and friends of Tories.

    The vaccination program against Covid might be heading the same way at least according to GP’s in England, it may not get the best of starts and appears to be shambles in the making.

    GPs ‘left in the dark’ over COVID vaccine rollout

    Exclusive: Doctors in England say there’s no government plan in place; and that funding to transform surgeries into vaccine hubs is ‘unrealistic’

    Let’s hope Scotland might be better prepared for the distribution of this first vaccine to be approved, I suspect it might be as Nicola Sturgeon stated today that they have 22 ultra-low temperature freezers across Scotland from where the vaccine can be distributed.

    It has also been stated that all Health Boards and Local Authorities in Scotland have been involved in the planning with the Scottish government for the distribution and vaccination program.

    In contrast, England will be sending its first supply of vaccines to 53 hospitals across England, which looks on the low side to me.

    • Welsh Siôn says:

      Thought you might like to see this as a supplement:

      ‘British exceptionalism’ undermined pandemic preparedness, professor tells MPs

      3rd December 2020

      A professor has told MPs that “British exceptionalism” undermined pandemic preparedness.

      The former chief medical officer for England, Prof Dame Sally Davies, said preparedness for the coronavirus pandemic was undermined by scientists believing that such a disease was unlikely to reach UK shores and spread widely.

      She told a committee hearing that “groupthink” and “British exceptionalism” contributed to advisers underestimating the risk from pathogens that spread from animals to humans, and that this them to focus on the threat from pandemic flu.

      According to the professor emergency planning exercises such as Winter Willow in 2007 and Cygnus in 2016 assumed that the world would be battling a dangerous influenza virus.

      The professor said: “We were in groupthink.”

      She added: “We did not – our infectious disease experts – really believe that another Sars would get to us, and I think it’s a form of British exceptionalism.”


      • Alex Clark says:

        I think we can safely say that British exceptionalism has undermined and continues to undermine the response to the virus. That’s why the UK has had the worst economic impact and one of the highest death tolls in the Western world. Tory ideology has a lot to answer for in my opinion.

  40. Tatu3 says:

    Great news Paul regarding improvement of your health.

  41. Alex Clark says:

    Covid vaccinations at care homes in Scotland will commence on December 14, Jeane Freeman.

    The Unionists are not going to like that very much if it happens, as England seems very unlikely to even attempt distribution in care homes for some time yet going by the current utterings on BBC.

  42. Capella says:

    It’s been a month since anyone posted on the Indyref2 Forum topic What Currency Will You Use. I set it up to encourage use of the Forum as Petra suggests and also to extend our means of keeping touch. It’s not had a lot of traction so far.

    So I just posted a link to a podcast discussion from Common Weal. Jonathan Shafi interviews Tim Rideout on the need to set up a Scottish Currency and keep the discussion moving along. Have a listen and post a comment:

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Cheers for that… I tend to be put off Common Weal output as too often it seems unnecessarily abrasive, but that was an excellent debunking by Tim Rideout yet again.

      Ramping up on the myths (which worked in their favour in 2014) are inevitable from London et al as May’s crucial Holyrood election approaches.
      With their “failing” education and health strategy in tatters with Scots, they grow increasingly desperate to dent rising confidence. Even Starmer is trying to revive devomax despite the stench it left after it’s last outing by Broon et al, they have only the old stuff to recycle from FEAR 1.

      As with Richard Murphy’s bite sized videos, the more these debunking pieces get circulated the better, this time there must be no excuse for being misinformed.

  43. Capella says:


  44. Alex Clark says:

    Chris Deerin in the New Statesman pretty much spells out Unionist hopes and wishes.

    For all this, there are two clear chances to stop the SNP in its tracks. The first is May’s election. If the Unionist parties can prevent Sturgeon – or Sturgeon plus the Greens – from achieving an overall majority then there will be no mandate for a second independence referendum.

    Given the severe discontent within the SNP, so publicly displayed at their annual conference last weekend, it seems unlikely the First Minister would stay in her job for long. The normal rules of political gravity may finally start to apply again.

    The “hope” is to create division in the SNP and the wider Yes movement, the “wishes” are to get rid of Nicola Sturgeon in the belief that the fallout will prevent an Independence majority in May and scuppering any chances of a second referendum.

    We need to ensure that they fail, that’s our job. Do not be taken in by divisive talk from any source, it plays into Unionist hands and gives them hope.

    • There’s no severe discontent within SNP
      People are elected to committees
      And people are deselected
      It’s common

      And those deselected are usually unhappy
      But that life
      Nothing to see here
      Move on about your business
      Business as normal

  45. Alex Clark says:

    This is absolutely astonishing, it’s all beginning to unravel before our eyes without 1 day having passed! They really really really don’t have a clue what they are doing.

    • Jim says:

      I watched ITV news Alex and wondered why they led with Scottish care homes are to get the vaccine starting 14th Dec only to hear that the UK Gov had moved the goalposts regarding ‘Who comes first’. and care homes in England were no longer first in the queue.
      They’re must be thousands of English families right now in utter dismay and anguish regarding their loved ones, who they’ve not been able to see all year, at the complete and utter shambles of the UK Gov.
      ITV news were interviewing staff members in care homes in England and they are effin livid.

    • Legerwood says:

      This little nugget from within the article suggests it might have further to unravel:

      “”Separately, NHS bosses said the 800,000 doses that comprise the UK’s first consignment from Pfizer’s manufacturing plant in Belgium may be “the only batch we receive for some time”, raising questions about how soon further supplies will arrive.””

      There was something last week either in the Guardian or New Scientist that mentioned that Pfizer was possibly having problems with the manufacture of the vaccine and so might not be able to produce the number of vaccines in the initial weeks that they originally suggested.

      The jingoistic hubris of UK Gov ministers may soon come back to bite them. Unfortunately it is the people of the UK who will suffer for their infantile incompetence.

      • Alex Clark says:

        I’m lost for words. What a showing up they are, an absolute laughing stock.

        At least we have adults in charge that in Scotland that despite the constraints placed upon them as a dependent country, they at least make a decent job of joined up thinking!

    • Petra says:

      And trying to confuse everyone as usual! UK?

      ”Change to UK priority list for next few weeks likely to worry and disappoint health workers.”

      • Dr Jim says:

        UK priorities change by the hour

      • Welsh Siôn says:

        And that other non-explainer – ‘the country’:

        “Care homes across the country look set to be disappointed, with the first doses of the newly approved Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine unlikely to be rolled out to residents next week.”

        – ITV News Report

  46. Republicofscotland says:

    A new YES Campaign Group is in the offing with real independence minded activists, this is great news for the indy movement.

    • grizebard says:

      I don’t know what significance if any this group will ultimately have, but if the eventual IR2 campaign will be led by wannabe radical zoomers like Kerevan and Murray with no real appeal among the general public – we’ll lose.

      • Republicofscotland says:

        Murray has spoken at just about every independence AUOB meeting along with several other meeting since around 2012.

        If that doesn’t qualify him as a good indy egg, then I don’t know what does.

        • grizebard says:

          It’s not about being “a good indy egg” or any such nonsense, it’s about being an effective proponent for indy among all those who have a vote and need to be persuaded onside. We don’t want or need to be fronted by old male farts with a great following among convinced diehards, we need someone who is widely respected and truly inspirational for ordinary people who aren’t in the “yes” movement at all. They are the ones who will decide. Otherwise we’re back to “preaching to the choir” and making the same fatal mistake as last time.

          • Republicofscotland says:

            Murray is widely respected outside the indy community, one example is his admirable work and reporting on the terrible persecution of Julian Assange, of whom he’s a friend as well as his father, he’s well thought of in the international community as well from John Pilger to Noam Chomsky.

            You don’t realise it yet but we’re extremely lucky to have him on our side, he also has a wealth of experience as a British ambassador, which brings with it inside knowledge of how Westminster works and priceless contacts within it, and in the international community he’s well respected. Murray also has extensive knowledge on Maritime laws.

            After reading his blogs for close to a decade, I actually think he’d make a formidable FM.

            • grizebard says:

              Pure diversionary bollocks that carefully ducks the fundamental issue. Murray may possibly be a hero to a small coterie of Nirvana-believers, but Joe and Joan Public don’t know him from Adam and don’t give a damn besides. Just another self-absorbed hiding to nothing – typical airless “progressive” theoretical philosophising while the rest of the world is very firmly elsewhere. We need to be elsewhere, where the voting public actually are.

              “Loose Cannon” Murray for FM – you can’t possibly be serious! (But I fear you are. I can’t decide whether you have an inherent political death-wish or you really want us to lose.)

        • Petra says:

          Check out the “good indy eggs” site. Has he actually bothered to use his influential site to promote Independence? No, IMO.

          Over the years he’s had little to say about the corrupt Westminster government’s abysmal treatment of Scotland, hasn’t bothered to rip BritNat politicians or the biased MSM to shreds, has had nothing positive to say about Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP, rather the opposite, and hasn’t even used his site to educate the Scots in any shape or form at all.

          Attending AUOB meetings, etc, is right up his street due to the loose cannon enjoying basking in the limelight. The final straw for me was when he duped people into donating money to him to pay his bleeding rent and then we found out that he owned his Edinburgh home outright. Paid £hundreds of thousands in cash for it. That alone tells me that he’s not fit to be a formidable FM of Scotland at all.

          And by the way we already have prior UK ambassadors who have been supporting independence long before Craig Murray appeared on the scene: relocated to Scotland in 2014.

          • Republicofscotland says:


            You obviously don’t read his articles, pity.

            • Petra says:

              I do read his articles.

              • Republicofscotland says:

                Then how come you’re not aware of the umpteen threads he’s written on Scottish independence over the years, or the myriad of articles on the machinations of Westminster?

                • weegingerdug says:

                  can you not just agree to disagree please

                • grizebard says:

                  None of these latest diversions of yours addresses the central issue, of course. (As you are no doubt very well aware.) If you have to convince even dedicated supporters of independence that they have to read up on “your guy” to “believe”, you have already lost the argument. For ordinary folks, it’s even more so. They are not political nerds and are simply not going to devote themselves to esoteric inducements like yours. They have lives to lead. They will only see people who are seriously in the frame, having earned it in public esteem.

                  As usual, you have this completely the wrong way round. You don’t get anywhere by pitching a leadership proposal based on an appeal to an extreme minority of radical zoomers, however noisy they are. It doesn’t work like that. Get real.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Curly Larry and Mo elect themselves to lead themselves

        Nice but dim Angus, wait while I get a sentence out George and the guy the SNP rejected
        aren’t going to be the front of anything because the referendum isn’t going to be conducted on the same failed terms as the last one

        It seems that now the referendum is definitely coming all the folk who shot their mouths off saying it was never going to happen *under Sturgeon* want a slice of it and please forget all the nasty things we said before, even Alex Salmond want’s in on a piece of it now and that would cost us women’s votes, women didn’t like him last time and they’ll like him even less this time, like him or loathe him he’s damaged now and the media will use it against us and Nicola Sturgeon, of course that’s what some of these so called Independence supporters want so the FM and party will have to make sure none of these self appointed individuals get anywhere near the official campaign, if it were my choice I’d keep them out by informing them of nothing so that the official leaders of the campaign are the one’s who conduct media briefings and not the Westminster led feeding frenzied arrangement by the media that was allowed to take place last time

  47. Republicofscotland says:

    Not normally a news rag that I’d link to, however the below comment is a wee gem, of English exceptionalism at work.

    “Gavin Williamson mocked Europe and the United States this morning as he insisted that Britain beat them to rolling out a coronavirus vaccine because it was simply ‘a much better country”

  48. Alex Clark says:

    To top it all off, Brexit talks going backwards and time is just about over.

  49. Alex Clark says:

    Is the bunfight about to begin?

    “Boris Johnson is facing pressure to speed up the immunisation of England care home residents against Covid after the Scottish government announced it would start doing so on 14 December and logistical difficulties cited by the prime minister were called into question.”

    Does this Tory government even want to prioritise care home residents? It doesn’t look like it to me.

    • grizebard says:

      We need to be circumspect here though. Judging by what Nicola said in Parliament today, there is an issue in getting care home residents and this particular vaccine to meet up, due to the tricky refrigeration requirements. She was saying that it will be the (more mobile) health workers and care home assistants who will likely get the vaccine first here as well, simply due to the logistics. How that evolves we’ll just have to see.

      (Actually, if the vaccine were to prove able to prevent transmission – something alas yet unknown – it wouldn’t be necessary to vaccinate anyone within a care home bubble, just ensure that all incomers had a vaccination certificate. Alas, with current knowledge that’s just too risky.)

    • Jim says:

      UK GOV priority list for vaccine:

      His family
      All the royals
      All of the cabinet and their families
      All English Tory MP’s and all of their family
      All Tory donors and all of their family
      Everyone who works in ‘The City’
      Wealthy people who don’t work in ‘The City’
      Everyone who works at The BBC. especially BBC Scotland.
      All Welsh Tory MP’s/ no family included
      All Ulster Unionist MP’s/no family included
      All Scottish Tory MP’s/no family included
      NHS England staff
      Care home residents in England
      Everybody else in England
      Care home staff in England.

  50. Chicmac says:

    The Chinese vaccine from Synopharm was given trial approval in June and over 30,000 people took part in trials in July and August. In September the United Arab Emirates gave it emergency approval to treat their frontline workers. By mid November over 1 million people have been treated.
    The vaccine is about to be officially made available to the general public although some Chinese cities have already been making it available to the general public.

    The Russian vaccine Sputnik V was given regulatory release in August, again mainly distributed to frontline workers and in India. Despite the Western media claiming it has not been tested enough, the Russians already have orders for 1.4 billion doses and have agreed to open a joint manufacturing centre in India..

    How well known is this by Western media captives?

    • douglasclark says:

      Well, this is all news to me Chicmac. Do you think we are being lied to, or what?

      I have looked at many American sites about woodworking tools – bare with me – and they are said Chinese copies are inferior copies of the THE GREAT AMERICAN originals. I kinda doubt that. The quality of (ahem) Chinese (copies) of superb US designs is impeccable, in my experience. If they say it is 90 degrees, it is exactly 90 degrees. Why would a neutral, like the European Union for instance, pay extra for US claimed patent rights?

      And so, the USA plays patent laws and the world ignores them and moves on?

      If, for instance, the USA had a cure, would they insist on intellectual property rights or would they release it freely to the world?

      I think it is unlikely.

      • Chicmac says:

        I think we are entering a new East/West schism, Cold War at least in extent and generated by American/Anglo delusionism. They thought by introducing ‘capitalism’ to the East they were inviting them on to their preferred ground and would show them what;s what. The reality has turned out that it has been Checkers(Draughts) and Tiddlywinks players versus Chess and Ma Jong players. Oops!

        The media wide ‘D’ notice on relative covid responses, whether containment, therapeutic or preventative, West v East, is just a manifestation of that bigger picture.

    • Republicofscotland says:


      Its the usual antics from the West, anti-Russian in nature, I’m not 100% clued up on the Russian vaccine although I’ve read it has been peer reviewed, and appeared in a Lancet article, but Western bias will make sure that its never used in the West.

  51. Capella says:

    Probably “high value business travellers” will be at the top of the vaccine list. They won’t have to quarantine after Sat 5th Dec on returning from abroad – business class no doubt.
    Applies in ENGLAND:

    • Dr Jim says:

      I wonder if these folk having a political dig at any Chinese manufactured vaccine are saying these things while they’re being filmed on Chinese manufactured cameras and being watched through Chinese manufactured TVs being beamed around the world on Chinese broadband

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Dark days when they start talking about ‘high value’ re some humans, means some humans are considered are low ‘value’, business or no business, and some will be er, no ‘value’.
      Jeezo what a world. Anyone think this whole thing re vaccines etc is akin to some dystopian nightmare film, where governments keep stuff like a cure for a virus secret and some just want tons of cash or the people die.

    • Golfnut says:

      Just in time for the Christmas holidays or am I just too cynical.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      For “high-value” read VIP under cover of “business”, essentially a diversion and an irrelevance to the general public…
      With Brexit looming and only a few extra Blue Stilton exports to Japan to show for it, the Tories are staring at disaster THEY imposed on industry, they’re clutching at straws now…
      Schapps getting the news his massive Kent lorry park (read aircraft carrier – it’s in a flood plain) is scheduled for completion by the end of February at the earliest, will have them all in a flap…
      It’s all going very pear-shaped very quickly, who could have foreseen it….

  52. jfngw says:

    Listening to the BBC News now is a bit like listening to the village announcements in The Prisoner (for those old enough to remember it), TaDa ‘Today we are the first in the world….’.

    I read Liz Trust has just signed monumental trade deal with North Macedonia. Apparently she is now off to Oceania for her next mission, it was supposed to be Eurasia but Rees-Mogg ruled out any country starting with EU.

  53. Dr Jim says:

    Anyone who cared to listen to the media enough would have to by now realise that for 24 hours continuously every day the way they report the *news* is a like a political rescue organisation so the people of *the country* don’t notice too much of the brobdingnagian proportions of UK ineptitude, it hasn’t worked, and it hasn’t worked because despite the efforts of successive UK governments I’m afraid for them the people of *the country* just are not that stupid anymore, even the right wing defenders of the Trumpian Johnsonian Moggian Govian crazies are finding it tough to keep lying and covering up for them

    A few years ago the UK painted Nicola Sturgeon as a thief stealing the money of the English taxpayer out of Ed Miliband’s pockets and England believed it in the same way England always portrays its mortal enemies as people to fear and be suspicious of and in that way they manage to generate the collective divisive hate they seek in order to control and at the time hope to make all of England despise all things Scotland even more than the evil EU or the Germans or well anybody they decide people need to hate at any given moment and it definitely had an effect

    What’s funny these days is the FMs Twitter is always full of folk from England who in their own inimitable backhanded bigoted way praise Nicola Sturgeon extremely highly while at the same time expressing their wish that she were English so she could be their Prime Minister followed immediately by the Tweets from Scotland usually accompanied by a Union flag or a reference to a particular blue football club telling the English folk that they don’t know what they’re talking about because *Sturgeon’s* trying to remove their Proddyness and that makes her worse than Johnson so they can have her, and none of these sets of people seem to notice each others horrendous racist bigotry and sectarianism

    It makes you think about the amount of people out there who are unable to see themselves as others see them, as Mr R Burns might have had to say if he were English

  54. Dr Jim says:

    Equal partners?
    We’ve become the three devolved nations again say the media as they inform us that the vaccine is on its way to us, deliberate? of course it is, a nation of people is not devolved, only the governance is

  55. Petra says:

    Richard Murphy:- ‘Does Scotland needs its own central bank after independence?’


    Tam Jardine:- ”We’re due a new flowchart on electricity transfers in the UK later this month (which includes Welsh stats), but the Scottish transfers to the rest of the UK are very interesting when you look at the trend. Also notable that Q1 this year was a record breaker #YouYesYet?”

  56. Petra says:

    Angus B MacNeil MP:- ”Watch this and then misrepresent “once in a generation”
    But ignore “I cannot commit the SNP to a subsequent manifesto at a subsequent election, don’t be daft!!”



    ..”Yes, the death rate per million in the US is actually lower than it is in the UK. In Scotland, when you break down the UK data, it’s 704 per million, 22nd in the above table. In England, it’s 935, still in 5th place, just.

  57. Petra says:

    ‘Two Scottish scientists to receive share of £20m UK Government funding for research on artificial intelligence.’,two-scottish-researchers-to-receive-share-of-20m-uk-government-funding-for-work-on-ai



    ”Scotland has had 3 848 confirmed Covid deaths or 704 per million putting her in 22nd place. England with 52 601 deaths or 935 per million would be in 5th place and Wales with 2 638 or 837 per milliom would be in 11th place, just slightly worse than the USA. Northern Ireland with 542 would be way down the list.”

  58. Petra says:

    Hannah Bardell SNP MP 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏳️‍🌈:- ”Statement on the suspension of Lord Maginnis for bullying & harassing me, a member of parliamentary security staff and two other MP’s.”



  59. Petra says:

    ”Simon Coveney on Santa. Best one I’ve heard.’


    Nicola on Santa too.

  60. Petra says:


    ”Of course, you’d never know it from the BBC Scotland reporting but the failure to get care home staff test results back quickly enough is down to the outsourced UK system funded by the Scottish taxpayer, not performing:”..


    ‘Find a present with a purpose. Gifts that give back to Scottish communities.’

  61. Petra says:

    Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp:- ‘Brexit during Covid-19 pandemic threatens deeper economic crisis.’

    ”While countries around the world plan their economic recoveries from the coronavirus pandemic, the UK faces another concerning threat to its economy. The OECD have stated that the UK’s economic recovery will fall behind all other major economies worldwide (apart from Argentina) largely due to the additional damage from Brexit.”..


    ‘Due to ‘unexpected flooding’ ‘unspecified unforeseen delays’ and ‘engineering challenges’ the main Kent Lorry Park for post-#Brexit Customs clearances will not be ready for operations until end of February or early March. (Local Kent source).’

  62. Petra says:

    Joanna Cherry: ‘It’s time to unify and focus on how we win independence.’


    ‘How BBC journalists shut out Scottish MPs to focus on English politicians.’

  63. Pogmothon says:

    A wee bit O/T

    Alex Clark says:
    December 3, 2020 at 6:34 pm

    Chris Deerin in the New Statesman pretty much spells out Unionist hopes and wishes.

    For all this, there are two clear chances to stop the SNP in its tracks. The first is May’s election. If the Unionist parties can prevent Sturgeon – or Sturgeon plus the Greens – from achieving an overall majority then there will be no mandate for a second independence referendum.

    Could one of the more eloquent people please explain to me.

    1 / Does this mean a simple majority of independence seats is enough.

    2 / Or is this just muddying the waters until a tory MP repeats it.

    3 / Or is it just another blatant “once in a generation” lie.

    Confused from Jockland

    • Capella says:

      If the SNP win a majority of the seats then the unionists will claim it’s the majority of the votes which counts.
      If the SNP win a majority of the votes, then the unionists will claim it’s the majority of the seats which counts.
      So the SNP must win both seats and votes – a near impossibility in a PR system.
      So – both votes SNP is my intention.

      • Petra says:

        ”So – both votes SNP is my intention.”

        Mine too.

        • Republicofscotland says:


          If I recall correctly at the last Scottish elections the SNP garnered just four extra seats out of nearly a million votes, which seems a bit wasteful to me.

          There are other independence minded parties this year at Holyrood other than the SNP, of which if you gave them your list vote it might reduce the British nationalist presence in the chamber and remove the likes of Murdo Fraser and Annie Wells, and a few other undesirables.

          • Petra says:

            ”There are other independence minded parties.”

            Parties with an ”S” being the key word, RoS. There’s far too many of them and they will end up mucking things up altogether. The other thing is that I don’t know any of these people from Adam. If there had been one party only led by a well known charismatic leader, focusing on Independence, supporting the SNP and I knew who the candidates were I would have considered supporting such a singular party. It doesn’t look as though that’s going to happen, so SNP x 2 for me.

            Paul also posted an article, not so long ago, that clearly highlighted that what you are proposing is a very bad idea, to put it nicely. Did you read it?

            • Republicofscotland says:

              Okay Petra there might be too many new independence minded parties but come next May, SNP and Greens aside, I’m sure one or two of them will have become more prominent, of course I’m only talking about list votes, no I haven’t read the article but I’m aware of some of the pros and cons to this approach.

              I’m pretty sure the SNP will get a majority next year, especially if a manifesto pledge to hold an indyref next year is secured. In saying that an indy majority whether its the SNP alone or with the Greens included or with ISP etc, is still an indy majority is it not.

              Also Petra, and forgive me I’m getting this second hand, didn’t Sturgeon say at the SNP conference in a speech on Monday with regards to the 2021 elections “And its in that election, I will seek your (The Scottish publics) authority and no one else’s for a legal referendum to be held in the early part of the new parliament.”

              I take from that as long as there’s a indy majority, that we’ll hold an indyref with or without Johnson’s permission, of course by then Martin Keating’s court case should leave us with no doubt as to calls the shots, for me the Scottish people call the shots.

          • SNP 1 SNP 2.
            What sort of rag bag of ‘candidates’ could any Eleventh Hour ‘single issue’ party attract?
            Why would we vote for a bunch of nobodies? There’s enough of them in the Red Blue and Yellow Tory Ranks.

            This is just the usual chancers trying to get on the backlash bandwagon.
            Some aspire to join other ‘minority’ pseudo Nats who emerged from 2014 and became ‘journalists’ in the Brit Nat Dead Tree Scrolls, or others who are now go-to ersatz ‘nationalists’ never off the telly and radio, usually lambasting the SNP and Nikla.

            I’d sooner vote for my hot water bottle than some Johnny Come Lately Nobody.

            SNP 1 SNP 2.
            And I shall not respond to the usual guff from the ”cuckoos” who have landed in WGD’s nest of late.

            • Republicofscotland says:


              If one or two of those “Rag bag of candidates” ousts a British nationalist or two from Holyrood, isn’t that a bonus for the indy movement. don’t quote me on this, but I think Murdo Fraser’s been at Holyrood for around nineteen years without ever having been directly elected, wouldn’t it be nice to see him or others of his foul ilk removed where possible.

              • grizebard says:

                If you don’t think the alt-indy rabble have a hope, why do you keep on promoting? Why even bother to mention Murdo the straw man? It’s not as if the alt-indy lot have a hope in hell of displacing him. As irrelevant distractions they might even make it just a little harder. As long as we have the crocked AMS system for Holyrood, there will always be a scattering of Murdos. It’s built into the fabric.

                • Republicofscotland says:

                  This is where we disagree,I don’t see fellow indy supporters as some sort of alt-indy groups of people in my eyes we’re all independence supporters just coming from different perspectives.

                  • grizebard says:

                    Oh, very generous-spirited of you. Unfortunately, in May each of us only gets two votes, not enough to cover your blessed spectrum of no-hopers in the list. Given the cack-handed way this has been bungled, a pro-indy list vote for anyone other than the SNP (or Greens) is just gonna be thrown away. You would think the lessons of recent history would have been learnt and absorbed, but there’s always some who think they know better. {sigh}

              • SNP both votes is reliable
                Other options are not reliable

                That’s because as was said earlier we don’t know who those other parties are run by
                We have seen how easily WOS moved against Scottish government and Nicola Sturgeon and presumably Scottish independence too WOS never said otherwise

                So we cannot trust newcomers at this late stage
                SNP is dependable

                Personally I find it odd very odd that these new parties arrived so late
                Just when SNP get a majority ….they turn up ? trying to persuade you to swerve SNP

                I don’t trust them
                I have no proof but to get my trust you have to persuade me of your credentials and ISP etc have not done that, not near done that

                They turned up big entrance then went missing
                You would think a serious outfit looking for your trust and most importantly your vote in what is Scotland’s biggest vote would be outing a BIG profile with lots of info and clarity about who they are where they are from where they live what they work as and what they stand for ..silence

                SNP both votes

            • Bob Lamont says:

              Seconded Jack, and I don’t have a hot water bottle…
              Cuckoos are particularly noisy and late to migrate this year…

        • Dr Jim says:

          Those who don’t want the SNP and Scotland to win will now present their convoluted tripe about list parties and how they and only they are correct even though every real polling expert on the planet says differently

          SNP X 2 and we win

    • Alex Clark says:

      What it means is that without an Independence supporting majority of MSPs in Holyrood they would be unable to pass the legislation necessary to hold a referendum.

      Although the SNP have committed to a draft bill that sets out the question and the date for a referendum before the end of the current parliament without a majority after the election next May the draft bill would never become law and it would be scrapped.

      If the bill went through all the stages required, including obtaining Royal Assent before the election, then the Unionists with a combined majority after the election could just scrap the bill and there would be no referendum.

      • grizebard says:

        Which is why we have the current assiduous fake-indy efforts to attempt to diffuse the pro-indy vote in May in the desperate hope of ensuring that there is no SNP/SNP+Green majority afterwards. Since BritNattery is in a cold sweat over the likelihood that independence will prevail in a new referendum.

        And since (as if often overlooked, given the persistent general misunderstanding) the composition of Parliament is determined solely by the list vote, you can easily see how the would-be wreckers’ attention is chiefly directed there, where unfortunately SNP support still lags compared to the constituency vote. Partly perhaps because too many people wrongly assume that this so-called “second vote” (an unfortunate misnomer) is a vote for a second preference alternative. Since it is virtually certain that alt-indy parties will not garner anything like enough votes to achieve any gains, it is essential that (apart from pro-indy Greens, who have their own position to defend) people deliver a vote for the SNP in the regional list just as in the local constituency.

        Support for the SNP in the list comparable with sustained pro-indy polling would begin to deliver further substantial gains beyond the constituencies and guarantee a second referendum.

  64. Petra says:

    ‘Joe Biden says trade agreements are not a priority, in blow to Boris Johnson’s hopes of a post-Brexit deal.’

    “I’m not going to enter any new trade agreement with anybody until we have made major investments here at home and in our workers.” He also insisted that rural America will not be “forgotten”, potentially throwing up another obstacle if the UK resists opening the door to US agricultural goods, such as acid-washed chicken and hormone-treated beef.”..


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  65. Republicofscotland says:

    The Forth road crossing has come under attack from the never directly elected Murdo Fraser, Fraser was given plenty of time to gripe about the bridge being closed this morning due to very bad weather on LBC radio, I’m pretty sure Alex Cole-Hamilton who loathes the bridge would’ve been salivating like Pavlov’s Dog on hearing Fraser.

  66. Welsh Siôn says:

    Plans to start vaccinating people in Wales from Tuesday

    4th December 2020

  67. Republicofscotland says:

    SLAB never learn their latest escapade is to have a London based House of Lords Baroness stand at next years Scottish elections.

    Katy Clarke is known as Baroness Clark of Kilwinning, she’s after the SNP’s Kenney Gibson’s seat of Cunninghame North.

    • Legerwood says:

      She is one of 3 Labour M’Lords who have been selected as candidates for next year’s election apparently

    • Lords have a lot to lose if they are Scottish
      Scottish Lords in England’s House of Lords will be chucked out once Scotland becomes independent

      • grizebard says:

        Not at all. They will be able to keep their new “UK/British/Brenglish/whatever” black passports if they so wish, and many of them surely will. I can’t see many of that lot standing up for their land of birth and choosing to be solely Scottish.

        (Ironically, the most likely Lords to quit might well be the surviving remainder of the genuine article. {grin})

  68. Republicofscotland says:

    “MPs from Scotland and the other devolved nations are being “marginalised” in BBC journalists’ social media circles, a study has found.”

    We shouldn’t be surprised by this, the BBC as we all know is a propaganda machine for the British (English) government. Time to end this horrendous onesided union for good.

  69. This is Kevin McKenna in the Herald Britland the other day.

    “That it proceeded unhindered by Police Scotland showed the extent to which our national police force has been reduced to a private army of the Scottish Government: always eager to harass working-class football fans, less so to collar the boutique warriors who issue threats against women on social media.”

    That’ll be the ‘working class football fans’ who are about to descend on London Road on Sunday illegally to cause mayhem and damage, and draw much beleaguered and stretched police resources to ‘Paradise’ because the spoilt brats support a team who couldn’t win a raffle if they bought all the tickets, Kevin McKenna?

    This, above is lifted from his piece on the SNP NEC draining the swamp of nutters.
    To be replaced by Common Weal/ Football common working class football thugs supporting right on lefties?

    No cigar, McKenna.

    All Under One Banner..does what it says on the tin.

    There is a view that our police arrest and fine every one of these psychopaths, I say, the vast majority say.
    Lifetime ban from their Fortresses of bigotry and hate.
    They don’t give tinker’s curse about society and doing the right thing.
    For those who refuse a vaccination; if they catch Covid, deny them access to NHS treatment.

    I’m fed up of pussy footing about and excusing the behaviour of selfish idiots, be it football thugs or drunks demanding that their pubs stay open so that they can get pissed out of their brains and spread the deadly and kill their fellow citizens.
    Kevin McKenna, Celtic Football Club is not a reason for living, FFS. Get a life.
    There. Off my chest, but somehow not feeling better for it.

    • Capella says:

      I used to like Kevin McKenna when he was in one of his more lucid phases. But, like Ian Macwhirter, he is a Labour man at heart and a unionist who pretends to have an independent mind because that’s what pays the mortgage.. The SNP ate his hamster and he’ll never forgive them. Too bad.

  70. Andy in Germany says:

    “And far from being a British triumph this is a vaccine which was developed by Turkish migrants in Germany ”

    This has the great advantage of really pishing off both British and German extreme right wingers.

  71. WT says:

    Hello all. There’s a good wee article by Robert McAlpine on commonspace. I know a lot of people in the independence movement don’t like him but I find all voices worth listening to. Its a good read:

    • grizebard says:

      Oh dear, more inconsequent whinging on the sidelines from Robin McAlpine (near half the article an extended moan about autonomy movements across Europe being ignored while simultaneously declaring that no “deus ex machina” – including them, presumably – can possibly save us), some staringly obvious apple-pie platitudes (“We need to build a proper campaign infrastructure to be properly ready” – oh, really!), concluding with the hypocritical cheek to call for unity while simultaneously attacking the “Sturgeonites” in the SNP.

      Though implicit recognition at least that it is the SNP who is the player here, which is something, I suppose. (Though scarcely new to the rest of the world.)

      A confused and self-contradictory mish-mash offering nothing worthwhile. Par for the course, in other words.

      • Not that I was tempted by ‘WT’s ‘ ‘good wee article’ review, thanks for the precis, grizebard.
        Unlike WT, I don’t find ‘all voices worth listening to’.

        Genuinely, who is this man McAlpine? What does he do for a living? Think?

        Kevin McKenna got a big hit for him, though, but, mind.

        • Dr Jim says:

          I find the best way to listen to Robin McAlpine is from very far away, if you haven’t heard what he’s got to say you only need to hear it once then it’s on repeat for all time, except when he writes it

          “Listen to meeeeeeee”

          • WT says:

            Cripes! Obviously my reading suggestion didn’t go down too well Gulp – indeed that’s the second time on here in fact. I think I will just keep silent on these things. Sorry to waste your time. Cheers

      • England’s Westminster has worked from inside Scotland for a long long time
        We know that

        What we don’t know is ALL who work for them

        But as we get closer and closer to Scottish independence their cover will fall
        Because their screech for the union will become unhidden and very very clear

  72. Dr Jim says:

    What’s in a name:

    Scotland’s a funny place, the Tories are bad so we don’t vote for them, Labour was bad but not as bad as the Tories except when we found out they were actually worse, the Liberal Democrats exist to hoover up the scraps left behind and are supported by people who are Tories but don’t want to admit it and voters who would like to vote Labour but are far to snobbish about doing it

    The SNP arrived and now almost everybody wants to vote for them because they’re just better and do things in a new way, except that the curse of Scotland strikes again at the SNP, they’ve become successful and Scotland immediately becomes suspicious of success like we do with football, *nah it cannae continue there’s bound tae be sumthin wrang wae them* and when that happens all the wee shity slimy weaslers slither out of their holes and spread the Scottish gospel of doom and because we’re a defeated nation used to 300 years of losing to the Bastirts that actually cause the trouble the infectious wee slime ooze themselves into the corners of our hope for the future and begin to dissolve our will

    Out come the *socialists* with their never ending dream of the reinvention of what the Labour party should have stood for but *lost their way* no they didn’t they screwed us! and they did it deliberately for their masters who held the purse strings in London, but the *socialists* fight on with their new plan of *if the SNP won’t become the new Labour party we want then we’ll get some guys who say they’ll change the party and we’ll vote for them* completely ignoring the fact that the SNP became as successful as they are because they’re not the Labour party

    The problem here is those people don’t know how to accept change *bring back Kenny Dalgliesh he’ll get us a goal* eh he’s 70 years old *Aye but he’s still got goals in him yet* it’s bonkers thinking by folk who keep looking backwards at what they did wrong and not accepting we don’t have a time machine for a rerun but still hanging on to *if only*

    We’ve never had a party in Scotland like the SNP, they’re different, their vision is different, their approach is different yet still the dinosaur mentality persists *They’re no daein it right* *Nicola Sturgeon needs tae dae this or that* and I say why do folk continually want to break the success of a thing just to prove to themselves it was breakable then complain about it after they’ve done it *See telt ye she wiz rubbish* when what they’re doing is bringing about their own downfall by their own hand because they’re convinced by 300 years of Britishness that Scotland and its people are the losers that England says we are, so to all these wee groups of thinkers and bletherers I say for just once in your pathetic wee miserable lives can yeez no just keep yer gubs shut get behind us and let us win this thing

    And if we don’t win it our way then you might have a right to moan, Oh, and we’re not changing the manager thanks

    I wrote this under the influence of drink even though I actually don’t drink normally because I’m fed up with scribblers like McKenna, McWhirter, think tanks of anoraks and patched sleeved tweed jackets set up by themselves to advise us of their political genius the Bathistan Chronicle loony who thinks he’s Columbo except without the charisma or an ounce of principle, and the media in general in Scotland who all behave in the same way with their *it’ll never work and Scotland’s rubbish anyway* attitude

    Let’s dump the lot of them because their attitude of defeatism stinks our country up and the smell of it emanates solely from them but clings to the rest of us as badly as the Corona virus

    • I’ll have what’s he’s having, waitress.
      “McKenna, McWhirter, think tanks of anoraks and patched sleeved tweed jackets set up by themselves to advise us of their political genius”.
      { ; o ) , Dr Jim.

    • P Harvey says:

      Dr Jim

      It’s Independence and Nicola and the SNP are the only way!


    • Petra says:

      Brilliant Dr Jim. Don’t be fed up. Forget about the cringers, the grovellers and those who follow the money. Let those of us who have some pride in ourselves, have a backbone and a genuine love of our country and people unite and win this; the ultimate battle and our freedom. And yes we’ll remember who they are, we will never forget, and we will dump the lot of them. That modern day parcel of rogues in a Nation. Rest assured of that. Their days are numbered and they know it.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Great comment Dr.Jim.
      Yep, the BritNats did a sterling job on Scotland, 300+ years of telling people they are worthless scroungers, and it worked. Not so now though which is why the Brit state are in a state, bloody terrifed now that Scotland is no longer pandering to the BritNats except for a few lackeys, rogues in the media and in the political arena, taking English coins while the EngGov take Scotland’s black gold, and actual gold.
      So now the lid is off the BritNat scam, the people of Scotland refuse to be conned and lied to anymore.

  73. Michel Barnier tweet 4 hours ago:-

    “After one week of intense negotiations in London, together with @DavidGHFrost, we agreed today that the conditions for an agreement are not met, due to significant divergences on level playing field, governance and fisheries.”

    So that’s it, folks.

    Yet we wait another 5 months to do anything to stop this English Madness?

    I await Yes Alba’s statement first thing in the morning.
    It’s No Deal.

  74. Michel Barnier tweet 4 hours ago:-

    “After one week of intense negotiations in London, together with @DavidGHFrost, we agreed today that the conditions for an agreement are not met, due to significant divergences on level playing field, governance and fisheries.”

    So that’s it, folks.

    Yet we wait another 5 months to do anything to stop this English Madness?

    I await Yes Alba’s statement first thing in the morning.
    It’s No Deal.


    • Dr Jim says:

      A wee birdy told me that the EU asked the Brits to sign a legal declaration if they broke the law in future all deals were void and the Brits refused

      I guess that’s like saying sign this document admitting you’re liars

    • andyfromdunning says:

      Have not a care Jack, according to the EBC our hero Boris is to discuss with von der Leyden today to see if they can break the talks deadlock. The trouble is we all no Boris is not good on detail. Things like how to treat people with respect. As you stated a no deal chaos for us all.

      Can you imagine what history will record about this lot.

  75. ScotsCanuck says:

    … one more step to the goal of Independence … & one more step to your recovery !! .. DOUBLE Victory … keep nailing ’em, Paul !!

  76. Ken2 says:

    Change the electoral system. It was put in place so the unionists would always have an unfair advantage by Leslie Evans. M15 agent who gets more remuneration than the FM.

    The electorate so not understand the system. They dilute their vote. They want Independence but vote for unionists parties, believing they have to rank them. They can be voted in on the list but cannot be voted out. First preference votes go in the bin to let third rate losers in.

  77. Ken2 says:

    Scotland now being compare to Romania in the Press.

    Scottish revenues and resources have been mismanaged and misappropriated by Westminster for years, Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act.

    Iraq, Lockerbie and Dunblane kept secret for 100 years,

    Westminster illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion has cost Scotland more.

    £Billions more on Defence. Scotland has to pay back £4Billion on loan repayments not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Scotland loses £3Billion in tax evasion. Scotland cannot borrow £5Billion to invest in the economy. It would pay for itself in growth.

    Scotland loses £Billions in surplus energy (25%) which could be sold. Scotland pays more because it is colder despite being in surplus and nearer the source. It should be 10% less for parity.

    Scotland is now losing out on CCS. EU countries are developing schemes. Westminster reneged on promised CCS projects at Longannet, Fife and Peterhead. Scotland is covered in coal, with CCS another alternative fuel and energy.

    Scotland raises £66Billion+ in tax revenues but could raise more without Westminster colossal, interference. Westminster bad poor policies and bad administration. Independence will benefit Scotland and the rest of the UK. If Scotland gets better off. So does it’s neighbours.

    Brexit another complete Tory disaster. Beyond belief. So the Tories and their associates can continue to tax evade and misappropriate public monies. Non scrutinised public contracts being handed out to the Tories and their associates, illegally.

    Hinkley Point, HS2 and Trident a total waste of public monies. The list gets longer and longer. Westminster wasteful projects. The Courts having to sort out Westminster illegal actions. Bullying and corruption in UK Gov taking place.

  78. Petra says:

    ‘The steps that will follow a big SNP election win in 2021.’

    ..”But his (Keatings) legal action is not supported by the Scottish government. This is because a win would likely be appealed by the UK government (and there is no guarantee that Keatings, who has 7,000 supporters for a crowdfunding effort, would be able to raise the funds to keep on fighting), while a loss in the case would rob the SNP of any future leverage.

    The terms of a successful action would also be set out in a judgment, allowing Westminster to pass legislation to close the gap. In other words, the Conservative government could enact a new law which would render a future referendum illegal.”..


    ‘Jacob Rees-Mogg tells SNP devolution would work ‘perfectly’ if Tories ran Holyrood.’ plus Tommy Sheppard video.

  79. Republicofscotland says:

    This vile creature just doesn’t know when to shut up, this though really does take the biscuit.

    • Petra says:

      He’s got some brass neck stating that ”Scotland becoming independent would infringe on (his) human rights.” What about the Scots who never vote for the Tories but have been subjected to misery and suffering under their rule for decades now?

      ‘UK in breach of international human rights.’

    • bringiton says:

      Under his thinking,losing our EU citizenship should equally apply.

    • vivianoblivian7 says:

      The eejit has zero self awareness.
      One of these people who get their ideology as a package deal. Avid Brexiteer – staunch BritNat exceptionalist – pusher of All lives matter (an obvious, disingenuous detractor for BLM) – face mask sceptic – etc. etc.
      Lives in that self affirming little bubble of Talk radio, The Spectator, The Times, etc. etc.
      A financially rewarding life choice.
      If he had self awareness he might realise that his hysterics were an effective recruiting Sergeant for those outside his unrepresentative little extreme Right bubble.

  80. Petra says:

    Here we go. We’re on the move 😀.

    Michael Sturrock:-”Pleased this morning to launch what I’ve been working on in the background for a wee while! http://NoToYes.Vote is now up and running! I hope NoToYes.Vote will be a central point of positive conversation to help persuade Scotland from #NoToYes on independence. “THIS is a movement open to all. Welcome” – that’s the message of a new No-to-Yes campaign website launched by a voter who has already made the switch”. (1-5).


    ‘Businessman ‘retiring’ to focus on campaign for independence.’

    ”THE Unionists of Scotland had better beware, because one of the Yes movement’s most prominent activists in the Highlands has just announced his retirement “so I can spend more time campaigning for independence”.”

  81. Republicofscotland says:

    We had the union’s messiah (Gordo Brown) wheeled out during the week, rambling on about how federalism is now the way forward for the UK. Hot on his heels, was the millionaire knight of the realm and leader of the Labour party Sir Keir Starmer, push the idea of a Devo-Max plan, which as we all know is really just the Vow 2.0.

    Surely we won’t fall for this nonsense and deceit again.

  82. Petra says:

    ‘Scottish independence: Keir Starmer’s ‘devo-max’ plan blasted as ‘The Vow 2.0.’

    ”The independence movement have condemned Keir Starmer’s plan to launch a new devolution deal for Holyrood next week, saying it is “The Vow 2.0″.”..

    ..”It comes as Scottish Labour is under increasing pressure to devise a multi option indyref2 that includes a “devo max” proposal that would see Holyrood take control of more powers.”..


    This post comes with a health warning:- Video of Broon and a photograph of Broon and Murphy.

    Is Starmer aware of the fact that it was his party, LABOUR, that shafted the Scots in 2014/15 (before and after)? Even wee willie winkie was up for shopping them 😀.

    ‘Scottish Labour pledges to go further on devolution for Holyrood.’

    ”Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie said that Labour “seem to be making it up as they go along”. He added: “In the Smith Commission they were the most cautious on transferring welfare powers to the Scottish Parliament.”..

    • Petra says:

      Ooops sorry, I see that the Starmer article has just been posted.


      Any idea how Alex is going to achieve this? Is he planning to return to the political arena?

      ‘Alex Salmond’s energy fund for Scotland may reach ‘billions’ in a decade.’

      ”Alex Salmond’s proposal for a “Scottish Pension Fund” as part of a strategy to rebuild the nation’s economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic could be worth billions of pounds within its first 10 to 20 years, according to the SNP MSP who worked with the former first minister on the blueprint.”..

      ..”Neil said they would be sending a copy of their blueprint to Finance Secretary Kate Forbes and would be happy to discuss them with her.”..

    • grizebard says:

      A multi-option IR2 is both an implicit recognition from the Red Tory BritNats that “just saying no” is doomed to fail and there will be an IR2 sooner rather than later, and also that their last defence line in the face of an anticipated loss is to “poison pill” the thing with a new “devo-max” distraction cynically intended to split the vote. Well, they had their Vow and they drank the last-chance saloon dry, so now they can whistle Dixie for another try.

      Labour – take a long hike (and don’t come back). Once fooled, never again.

  83. Petra says:

    Mair signs of blatant cronyism 🙄.

    ‘Carrie Symonds’s best friend Nimco Ali given £350-a-day UK Government role.’


    The latest from Professor John Robertson.

  84. Petra says:

    Wha’s like us? 😀

    ‘Experts from Scotland who led push to criminalise coercive control give evidence to Australian committee.’

    ”Scotland has laws that are considered the “gold standard” for protecting women and children from coercive control and they have caught the eye of Australian politicians.”..


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  85. Republicofscotland says:


    The journalistic giant Robert Fisk died on the 2nd of December.

  86. OT but strangely, not.
    Some of you already know about my Lidl misadventures.

    I reproduce my written complaint to them here.

    “Today at approx. 11.15 am in the Clydebank Mill Road Store, I was yet again confronted by a maskless ‘customer’.

    I am aware that some customers are exempt because of respiratory conditions.

    In the cold meat and cheese aisle I noted a man in his fifties without a mask, and therefore held back while he made his selection and hopefully move on clearing the path for me to continue shopping.

    I was not histrionic, or making a fuss; merely hanging back, until the aisle was Covid safe once more.

    This individual noticed that I was hanging back, then began to dally in the aisle, and eventually turned to me and laughed.

    and continued picking up and putting down items on both sides of the aisle now.

    Eventually he turned and headed towards me, quite deliberately. When he was two meters from me I backed off, asking if he were exempt. He then moved towards me more purposely and I turned and made my escape. He came after me and pushed me, coughed and mock sneezed declaring that he had now infected me.

    I returned to the till area and asked to speak to the manager, who was duly summoned. I described the above, to which the manager listened but said that there was nothing that Lidl could do, that I would need to contact the police and complain as an individual, and that they could provide CCTV footage if the police requested it.

    I was in high dudgeon now, and was reminded by the manager that if I shouted he would ask me to leave the store. I apologised for my ostensibly angry voice, and quite frankly, advised the manager, that I will not be shopping in Lidl again, and would urge my circle of relatives and friends to do like wise.

    This has happened before and I have posted my complaint on this site. No action was taken, and the post has been deleted.

    I shall be copying this across various sites this time.

    I urge Lidl Management to look at the CCTV footage at 11.15 am 5/12/20 and compare it with the description of the incident I describe above.

    I do not visit stores to be assaulted and coughed over ..

    So I won’t be back.”

    Duggers, I urge you all to give this store a wide berth.

    • Golfnut says:

      Actually Jack, the manager as has the retailer a duty of care towards everyone in the store. Keeping you safe is his responsibility, apart from that you were assaulted.

      • Golfnut, there is a whole raft of legislation, predating Covid even, which Lidl disregarded today.
        Health and Safety, Food and Hygiene, Hazardous Substances and Waste treatment and disposal, handling difficult/aggressive customers training, First Aid Training, Fire and Bomb Evac Training, Duty of Care to Members of the Public Training, and so on.

        They are under constant pressure keeping open to supply us with food and vital necessities, so I don’t want to add to their burden by calling in the police to deal with this man, Petra.

        He was clearly 20-25 years younger than this Arthritis ridden customer, me, and although I barely felt in fear of actual assault, he ‘moved in’ on me, and when I turned to make myself safe he followed pushed me, and coughed and sneezed at me. It is on CCTV, should Lidl decide to act.
        One of the till staff, a man in his fifties, confided in me that he had lost his mother to Covid last week….yet he has to put up with this behaviour?

        Lidl need what Asda Morrisons and Tesco have,,, security at the door vetting customers.
        As I comment, I have voted with my feet. Won’t cross their threshhold ever again.
        I’d imagine many customers who witnessed this episode will be back either.

    • Petra says:

      Absolutely disgusting Jack. You should report the assault to the Police.

  87. Bill Boggia says:

    Another excellent blog – thank you. It is heartening to hear that your recovery is making a faster than expected progress – really great news. All the best.

  88. Republicofscotland says:

    The unions foot soldiers in Scotland have produced two Christmas cards one shows the piccy of a snowman, with the caption below sNOw Surrender.

  89. Republicofscotland says:

    Alex Salmond’s fantastic idea for a Scottish Pension Fund, that would see energy companies hand over a portion of their profits they generate to the Scottish state, and in return they would get the go ahead for future projects, a model similar to Norway’s would see Scotland’s coffers swell by billions.

  90. Ken2 says:

    Oil companies already hand over 50% of production. + 30% tax. (20% corporation tax and 10% supplementary tax. Renewables are more cost affective. Turbines print monies. Turning for free.

  91. Ken2 says:

    If Alex and Nicola kissed (after pandemic) and made up. It would really muck up the unionists and other trying to make political capital over the ‘split’. Please let it happen.

  92. Hamish100 says:

    Kiss and make up I don’t think so.

    • Petra says:

      I don’t know about that Hamish. I’ve been reading through the Harassment Committee papers and I’ve yet to find either of them say one bad word about the other.

  93. Dr Jim says:

    Another thing Alex Salmond could do is keep his very own big mouth shut giving out warnings to big business to move their financial assets elsewhere because an Independent Scotland might or might not tax them more, he did too much of that last time and look how that turned out, remember the moving the plaques debacle, every channel and newspaper front paged it, just who’s side is he on

    Now Kate Forbes and Nicola Sturgeon will have to do damage limitation control, the nearer Independence gets the more control over these and other statements from folk who aren’t involved need stifled

    Alex Salmond had his shot, he lost, he mucked it up, call it what you will, it’s Nicola Sturgeon’s turn to do it her way now and I like her way of telling nobody nothing nada zilch

    • barpe says:

      Spot on, Dr Jim.

    • Legerwood says:

      Exactly, Dr Jim

    • Petra says:

      God it’s never ending now with people with one big ego and even bigger mouth springing up everywhere. Time for some to call it a day, especially if they are going to be detrimental to us winning Indyref2. Alex should apply to the UN or whatever for a job and leave well alone, imo. Move on with his life.


      Do the lying charlatans give a damn?

      .Brexit: Final bid to prevent huge new tariffs ruining African farmers amid allegations of UK ‘bullying.’

      ..”Anger is heightened by memories that Liam Fox, the trade secretary in 2017, promised that “nothing would be done to jeopardise trade with Africa”, as Brexit was carried out.”..



      ‘Faslane: Covid-19 outbreak at nuclear submarine base, Royal Navy confirms.’

      ”A NUMBER of personnel at the Faslane base have tested positive for Covid-19, it has been confirmed. The Royal Navy confirmed there is an outbreak at the HMNB Clyde site, but would not say how many people were involved.”..

    • Petra says:

      I wonder if ”big business” is actually listening to him? He’s no longer a politician so what’s going on there?

    • Don’t be daft Dr Jim
      AS will be influential for many years to come

      • Dr Jim says:

        Influential with whom, certainly not as part of the SNP unless we want to lose voters, women voters didn’t care for him before 2014, the polling demonstrated that so why on earth after all that’s happened would the women of Scotland feel more disposed towards him, I understand all the emotion surrounding his not guilty verdict but that will never remove him from the fact he put himself into that bad position in the first place by not behaving as his senior office required of him or you’d be opening the door for a whole load of people who behaved while not criminally but badly to rejoin their previous political parties after having done similar things, Derek McKay for example who did nothing criminal and wasn’t even charged or tried with anything but we all know if he was allowed to return the media would go into overdrive on it as would every other political party, and we’d suffer for it at any subsequent election

        Why is it that some folk think the media would not do the same thing 100 times worse if Alex Salmond were allowed to return, it’s not about whether you like someone or not it’s about the affect it would have on the fortunes of the party

        If Alex Salmond is to return to politics it can never be in connection with the SNP ever again, and I think he probably knows that better than I do

        • Tatu3 says:

          I can’t vote because I don’t live in Scotland. I joined the SNP when the story about Alex Salmond came to light and I donated to his crowdfund thing. I am though sorely disappointed in the man. I know he was found not guilty but he seems to have been a bit of a womanizer and handsy! Personally I think he should retire gracefully.
          I think Scotland and especially the younger generation, want better for Scotland than the sleazy, dirty (and Mr Salmond is now sleazy imo) politics of old. Nicola is doing a great job and will get us our independence and Scottish politics in the future will hopefully be modern and “clean”

          • No no no Tatu, Alex Salmond was not is not a womaniser and not handy either all that stuff is nonsense, in the real world you can pay someone on the back touch their arm and be accused of sexual assault or alternatively be referred to as such a nice thoughtful person.All depends on the intentions of both people .
            As we have found in the cases against AS that came to court the intentions of the ten was to collude and get a conviction through means other than being straightforwardly honest.
            In such circumstances it is wrong to continue to accuse AS he was declared not guilty of being a womaniser and handsy it’s just that the law calls it something else.

            There is great play in the media to try and keep Alex Salmond out of the Scottish independence developments ver the next twelve months because England’s Westminster and their helpers know that Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond together are a force too strong for the likes of Johnston Gove and pals.

            • Tatu3 says:

              I had a boss when I worked in Edinburgh who was married, and very “handsy”, liked a few whiskies at lunch, and overly flirty! I worked there in my late teens/early 20s and it is an awful position to be in. And because he worked well, Personnel would hear none of it.
              I’m not saying these alphabet ladies were not lying, but there must always be procedures in place in every work place to stop the likes of men who “pat someone on the back touch their arm” and think they’re doing nothing wrong. Nothing worse than having some old man “pawing” at you ‘cos they think they can.

        • Dr Jim people say that before 2014 women did not care for Alex Salmond but let me clarify for you , they didn’t care for SNP before 2014 , he was the leader but it was SNP and Scottish independence they didn’t care for, it’s only since the further betrayals , the VOW and brexit ,the deceptions since 2014 that women and men too have come to realise that SNP and its leader are their route to a better way of life for Scotland I won’t say it doesn’t matter who the leader is because leaders do have an effect but it’s not just the leader that has changed Scottish independence support from a minority to majority it’s the realisation that we have been and are being lied to , people see that this has been going on for a very long time too.

          Furthermore England’s Westminster felt far more threatened by Alex Salmond than they do with Nicola Sturgeon he was much more scathing ,straight to the point and consequently received a much more fierce onslaught from their helpers newspapers radio tv .
          We will see this over the next 12 months as the similar onslaught arrives for Nicola Sturgeon and once it does there will be people who say the same thing about her ,
          “” people don’t care for that Nicola Sturgeon “l
          The magic of Westminster’s propaganda machine

          Together AS and NS will be a powerful force
          I’m looking forward to it

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I think we should bear in mind the powers that be still pursue Alex, what he did or didn’t do, what he says or didn’t say will still be manipulated for nefarious ends, they want a smell to always follow him, what he says dismissed, and if they can smear anybody else as collateral damage they most assuredly will.
      That said, I’m certain he will not want to cause distraction to the current task at hand, he invested too much of his life in Indy to see it scuppered when it’s now closer than ever.

      I was reminded of this “damaged goods” aspect in recent weeks when articles mentioned Neil Hanvey, and on each the same commentator tore lumps out of him over anti-semitism, he hadn’t changed, couldn’t be trusted, he’s never truly atoned, etc., etc.. His very own stalker.

      No party in the UK has ever been under such intense scrutiny and criticism, the smallest thing blown totally out of all proportion, including the blink rate of the FM FFS.
      The Unionists grow desperate, let’s keep them desperate by laughing off the distractions.

  94. Dr Jim says:

    Scotland’s FM announces on Twitter the vaccine’s here and we’ll be jagging next week, cue the Unionists who congratulate the Brits as if they made it themselves or bought it with their own money and not the Turkish German scientists who made it, and they’re not taking it anyway because eh, erm ,ah, well they just urnae, but you know what

    They will, and you know why, because they’re aw pure dead brave hiding on the Internet abusing folk but when it comes down to it they’ll be standing in the queue wae their lips tremblin claiming they were for it all along because being brave on the Internet’s easy, dying’s hard

  95. Petra says:

    Looks as though we’re on the move 😀

    Michael Sturrock:- ”Pleased this morning to launch what I’ve been working on in the background for a wee while! No To Yes Vote is now up and running! I hope No To Yes.Vote will be a central point of positive conversation to help persuade Scotland from No To Yes on independence.”


    ‘Businessman ‘retiring’ to focus on campaign for independence.’

    ”The Unionists of Scotland had better beware, because one of the Yes movement’s most prominent activists in the Highlands has just announced his retirement “so I can spend more time campaigning for independence”.”

    • Welsh Siôn says:

      Oh dear. Call me half-asleep but I honestly read the original posting as a unionist campaign – a sort of Vote “NO” to “YES”. My apologies to Michael Sturrock and similarly-minded pro-independence supporters, I wish you the best of luck.

      But as to your name, “Do you think that’s wise, sir?” (Or is that just me?)

  96. Alex Clark says:

    Taking back control.

    Military planes to fly vaccines in to Britain to avoid ports hit by Brexit

  97. grizebard says:

    O/T Continuing to monitor the hospital numbers, the previous linear decline was broken by a slight bump back up followed by a week of turbulence, but judging by the last 10 days it looks like we are now into a period of fairly stable exponential decline with a halving period of ~32 days, which compares favourably (though the number base was different back then) with the previous “full-lockup” decline of ~38 days.

    Much still to be cautious about, with level 4 areas ending soon and Christmas get-togethers looming, but a very positive and welcome sign nevertheless. The current measures are evidently working.

  98. Hamish100 says:

    Good. We just need to remain virgilant, wear face coverings and the rest.

  99. Dr Jim says:

    Gordon Brown was on Sky news telling us what we don’t want again, and he told us that at the same time as telling us The Tories are bad, Boris Johnson is bad, the Union is bad because of it, Brexit is bad deal or no deal, but Scotland should still remain part of his Union because eh we just should, because it’s not just Scotland who’s unhappy it’s Wales and Northern Ireland and Manchester and Newcastle and other places as well, so Scotland must stay and work together with the Tories who don’t care to talk to us most of the time because they have no respect for us, but still Scotland should stay says Gordon Brown spokesgit for the Conservative and Unionist party

    Of course Scotland can have a referendum if the SNP win elections says Gordon Brown but the question is should it, and Gordon Brown says no Scotland shouldn’t, in other words Gordon Brown doesn’t believe in democracy except when the Tories decide then it becomes the job of the Labour party to *mitigate* situations on behalf of the solidarity of the Union, again in other words the Labour party exists to mollify the anger of the population on behalf of the cackhanded couldn’t care less Conservative and Unionist party

    Footballer Gary Neville was also on Sky news this morning and he put it very eloquently when he said “The Labour party are the opposition it’s their job to oppose the other team, not give them a free run at goal by sitting in the stand and abstaining from the game, but that’s what they’re doing”

    In Scotland we spotted that a long time ago Gary

    • Dr Jim says:

      Lovely, good for you Paul

    • Petra says:

      That’s great news Paul. Coming on by leaps and bounds now and more than anything having a real sense that even more progress can be made. A far cry from those early dismal days, I’d imagine. And just wait until you get into that new house of yours and can walk straight into the garden. Oh happy days 😀 XX

  100. andyfromdunning says:

    Well a no deal Brexit it is although our glorious media has not yet said the words. I have no idea why this is a surprise to some people. If you know how the EU works and understand what the Brexit ideology is there can never be a deal.

    Away back in 2016 and several times since the effects of a no deal have been known. Obviously in a range of possibilities. In 2021 we are heading for a 10% GDP drop. This is horrendous. The bank problems of 07/08 had a drop of 2.6%

    My view is that we will have at least 6 months of food shortages and a chaotic disruption to all supply chains to and from the EU. Business failures or relocation over the next 4 years etc. Very high unemployment by 2023.

    Then people will rebel if not earlier. There will be a government change in London in 2022 if not earlier. But where does the U.K. go as the EU will not have us back. Trust has been destroyed.

    We, Scotland, will get our freedom somehow and have to build our way out of this gloomy future. Pity our biggest market is in decline but we can export our way to other countries.

    We have an exit option as does NI and Wales but England I worry about them in the medium term. Hopefully they will forget their glorious past, create a modern Parliament and stop trying to be something they are not. No longer a global player.

    Despite all this darkness in politics and the economy isn’t the idea of independence exciting. YES we can and YES we must.

  101. Petra says:

    Hahaha. Just as we thought! That’ll throw a spanner in the BritNat and pretendy pro-Independence works 😀

    ‘Michael Russell: We won’t just have Plan B – we’ll have Plan A to Z to get Indyref2.’—plan-z-get-indyref2/


    Why didn’t he ”change the British way of governing” when he had the chance? Mair bluff and federalism bluster from a political has-been.

    ‘Gordon Brown: Unionists would win indyref2 – but we shouldn’t have another vote.’

    ”Gordon Brown has insisted the No side would win any future referendum on Scottish independence, despite the last 15 polls putting Yes ahead. Speaking on Sky’s Sophy Ridge show, the former Prime Minister repeated his call for more federalism, telling the host that the “British way of governing has got to change”. ”..

    • bringiton says:

      The UK state was given the opportunity to do what he is proposing Again but rejected it.
      His party in Scotland were the most fervent anti more powers to Holyrood following the referendum,so… credibilty.
      He should stick to the day job,whatever that is nowadays.

    • Petra says:

      I’ve just checked out ”elsewhere” and panic is setting in now with Mike Russell’s comments being reported in the National 😀.

      ”He’s” asking, ”What, in meaningful practical terms, are you going to have next May that you haven’t had since May 2016 and achieved nothing with?”

      Eh, for one a majority of Scots voting for the SNP and to hold IndyRef2.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        “Eh, for one a majority of Scots voting for the SNP and to hold IndyRef2” – Precisely….

      • Dr Jim says:

        The whiny wee Nyaff talks about the what the majority of the YES movement wants as if he knows,, nobody in the movement talks to him anymore since he’s behaved like a paid skivvy for the Tories and the Daily Express, oh Aye there’s that guy who voted himself into a job that he created for himself along with Mo and Curly, Larry isn’t it, one of the three stooges anyway, he’s the only one who talks to him and that’s on the phone because he lives very far away in Bathistan

        • Petra says:

          I wonder what the whiny wee nyaff will do when the penny drops with many of his ”followers”, that is that IndyRef2 WILL be going ahead. He’s kept that site going by dredging up everything that he can about Nicola Sturgeon / the SNP, exaggerating and lying, and whipping up hatred against so many people (lawyers take note). He’s working his way through the whole party now, John Swinney, Mike Russell etc, and the dafties are falling for it all hook, line and sinker. It won’t be too long until we get our Independence and he’ll be left with egg on his face (but plenty of money in his pocket) and find himself one of the most detested people in Scotland, for all time coming, and for what? Answers on a postcard.

  102. Petra says:

    EU Trade:- ”New #EUTrade Partners Map. 🇪🇺💪”


    EU Trade:- ”Thanks for all the questions and feedback. We are constantly updating our trade map. Click on the link below to find an overview of our trade agreements and other trade negotiations.”

  103. Petra says:

    Onto the latest gripe and trying to wear Nicola Sturgeon down … again … no doubt!. Does no one ever think to complain about what’s going on in England?

    ‘Nicola Sturgeon facing growing demands to take action on Scotland’s care home visiting scandal.’


    Whilst he seems keen on continuing to hang around like a bad smell Gordon Brown should spend his time on ”sorting out” his OWN political party instead of butting his neb into other people’s business.

    ‘Keir Starmer faces trouble ahead, as Labour returns to the tradition of internal fighting.’

    • grizebard says:

      There is indeed a heart-wrenching situation with visiting folk in care homes right now. Across the whole dang world. But only in Scotland do we get Labour-inspired politicisation of it. First it was “why are you carelessly bringing infection into care homes?”, now it’s the diametric opposite.

      Shame on these exploitative issue-mongering parasites.

  104. Petra says:

    Check out the latest news from Professor John Robertson.

    And from Ann at the Indyref2 site.

  105. Republicofscotland says:

    Well I know this will come as a shock to some of the purists in here (ie Plan A and nothing else) but the new SNP president, and long term independence supporter Mike Russell, has other ideas. I hope the purists aren’t too phased by Russell’s admission, which in my opinion is logical.—plan-z-get-indyref2/

    • grizebard says:

      Oh, don’t be silly. If there’s anyone here who’s an agenda-pushing purist, it’s you. You have evidently still not got past the kiddie stage of thinking there’s a wee “Plan A” book somewhere with a single line in it.

    • Petra says:

      No shock at all RoS. If you’ve followed the posts on here that’s what most of us have been saying for months now. Stick to Plan A, as far as the BritNats are concerned, and don’t alert the enemy as to what you could do / will do. Nicola Sturgeon herself mentioned an alternative route in January. Did you miss that too?

  106. Republicofscotland says:

    This is a ridiculous state of affairs with regards to moving Mountain hares.

    The observations I’ve made of a period of years is that the Scottish government has failed our flora and fauna miserably, from the said Mountain hares, to the Raven culls, to the more powers given to farmers to kill Beavers. Sadly the Scottish government have allowed the Grouse community to kill all manner of creatures from Weasels to Stoats, all raptors, and even Hedgehogs to ensure the thriving of a small semi flightless bird that the chinless wonder brigade shoot for sport.

    In the Scottish governments defence, they have begun to introduce more licences in this field to keep a check on what’s going on, and I appreciate that they are dealing with a very powerful and rich section of the community.

    • These gamekeepers wouldn’t move the hares they would just keep a few in captivity and release them from time to time with a great fanfare but the shooting of them behind the scenes would continue unabated.
      These estates and their gamekeepers have killed off our trust along with much of our wildlife over centuries .
      Impose the ban on killing hares as the law says and no exceptions

      • Republicofscotland says:

        I agree Terence, if only it was that easy, behind those Grouse managed estates lies very powerful, and in some cases titled businessmen, who have money enough to tie up the Scottish government in the courts for years to come. Andy Wightman can testify to that at just how quick those folk can be on setting litigation in motion.

  107. Republicofscotland says:

    Sky news again allowing a delusional Gordon Brown to prattle on.

    “GORDON Brown has insisted the No side would win any future referendum on Scottish independence, despite the last 15 polls putting Yes ahead. ”

    After independence is obtained surely one of the first things to reassert our nations identity would be for our country to have its own tv broadcasting channels, for far too long we’ve been force fed another countries culture via the box, even the so called STV channel carries nothing but content from England.

    Oh and John Logie Baird’s statute in Helensburgh could do with a good clean.

  108. Ken2 says:

    Scotland has a ‘right to roam’. Millions of visitors roam over it. Bringing in £Billions in tourist revenues. Not just a few shooters. Mountains out of molehills.

    Scotland was depopulated by Westminster policies

    • grizebard says:

      It’s an interesting point, that. Far greater economic benefit from nature tourism than a select few wannabe snipers or pot-shot bird haters. Seems that ex-colonial Africa could teach the Victorian relics of the big estates a thing or two about how to adapt to a more sensible and sustainable future.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Makes you wonder why people like the Duke of Buccleuch would spend £100.000 on high priced lawyers to save himself paying £25.000 tax when on the face of it that takes four years to break even on
        Scams within scams if you’re rich enough, or maybe it’s simply that they make a damn sight more money than they ever declare

  109. Christopher Rosindale says:

    Aha, it turns out the real reason for the Internal Market Bill was to counteract the growth in support for Scottish Independence, and that Michael Gove was behind it. This is what I’ve suspected since it appeared.

    But the backlash, in the Lords – where an amendment completely gutting the Devolution part of it passed with a large majority, in Scotland and in Wales, where it has increased support for Welsh Independence, has shocked Gove….

    • Petra says:

      In other words they couldnae run a menage, Christopher. It’s clear now that everything that they touch just turns to sh*t and that alone is what’s influencing more and more people to support independence.

      ..”The problem is that the bill has backfired spectacularly and by effectively destroying the authority of devolved areas, the legislation has further fuelled independence demands. The reaction was so bad that even in Wales, where support for a breakaway is much lower than in Scotland, independence has suddenly become a hot topic. Reflecting all this, one of the government’s biggest Lords defeats was on an amendment by Lord Hope, a former Supreme Court judge, that gutted the entire devolution segment from the bill. And I’m told that it was this defeat that finally brought home to Gove just what a mess the legislation was now in.”..

    • Welsh Siôn says:

      The reaction was so bad that even in Wales, where support for a breakaway is much lower than in Scotland, independence has suddenly become a hot topic.


      Dontcha just love that word, ‘even’?

    • grizebard says:

      Well, the devo ramifications (machinations, even) of the Infernal Market Bill may all have passed dozy Kuennsberg by, but evidently some of the noble lords are well awake. Fine thing that. If you didn’t know better, you might have expected it to be the other way round.

      • Welsh Siôn says:

        I wouldn’t go so far as to consider ‘dozy Kuennsberg’ not picking up on the devolutionary ramifications of the IMB.

        She is a creature of the BBC, remember? With a track record. I think it was more like deliberate – and to hell with the countries with devolved parliaments. Mere impediamenta, my dear grizebard.

    • Alex Clark says:

      So Johnson will never grant a Section 30, no referendum for a generation. That’s not the signals in the smoke. (From the above link)

      “Sources tell me that Gove has been looking at ways to either amend the devolution section of the bill, or ditch it altogether. If the whole bill is quietly left to die, he will have avoided gifting a powerful weapon to the independence movements. This matters because, despite Johnson’s official protestations that he won’t grant a second Scottish referendum, Gove’s unofficial task is to line up the No campaign arguments.”

  110. Republicofscotland says:


    Thanks for the link an interesting article, whether or not Johnson and Gove intend to pursue the Internal Market bill is in my opinion neither here nor there, for Johnson has made his feeling very clear indeed that devolution is a disaster, which says it all really, and the first opportunity that he has roll it back, he’ll take it.

    I fully expect the polls to remain at a constant majority for independence, maybe more so post the 31st of December and the Brexit Festival.

    • Alex Clark says:

      I fully expect the polls to show support for Independence increasing after Brexit rather than remaining constant.

      • grizebard says:

        Me too, especially if UKGov reverts to type and jettisons fishing in a last-minute stitch-up. But whatever kind of deal, even supposing there is one at all, it won’t be “oven-ready”, not for Christmas nor any time after, so we’re in for a very hard Brexit whatever happens. It’s going to shatter any remaining BritNat illusions.

        Nevertheless, I’m not sure whether some kind of reluctant acceptance will begin to set in with people at large which could possibly dent support for indy if we hesitate too long. It will likely depend on how persistent and acute Brexit problems turn out to be. But also how the SNP leadership play it, even given the virus crisis. This is a genuine once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that mustn’t be fumbled.

        • Alex Clark says:

          The Guardian is reporting that there has been a breakthrough in the talks on fishing. No details of what that means are provided. However,

          “In an unwelcome development for Boris Johnson, France and Germany have instructed the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier that they are united on the need for the UK to face consequences over future divergence from the EU rulebook as policy changes.

          The EU is proposing that it should have the power to unilaterally hit British exports with tariffs in the event that Whitehall fails to follow Brussels’ upgrades to its regulations.

          UK sources said that the negotiations would collapse unless that demand was dropped within the next 48 hours.”

          Johnson will be phoning Ursula von der Leyen on Monday night (probably in his knees).

          • grizebard says:

            Funnily enough, the R4 news at lunchtime today reported that the previous indications of agreement on fishing are not substantiated. So where we are on that (or anything else Brexit-related for that matter) is anyone’s guess. But we can be sure of one thing: after 01.Jan we’re going to begin to feel the cauld blast of a very hard Brexit. The kind of Brexit we were constantly assured by the likes of “Mr Slippery” Gove that we wouldn’t get.

  111. Republicofscotland says:

    An excellent article from Robin McAlpine, for the first time in a few years I sense some positivity on the independence front from him, mainly due to the change within the NEC.

    • grizebard says:

      Oh, do wake up, and try actually reading what other people post on here instead of constantly self-indulging in monologues. We dispensed with that piece of inconsequential fluff upthread days ago. It hasn’t got any more credible just because you regurgitate the link.

  112. Arthur Thomson says:

    I’m not on Twitter but I regularly read Philippa Whitford on twitter. I strongly recommend this to others.

    It is balm in the face of the narky outpourings of the “superior” elements who claim to know why the independence movement is not realising it’s true potential.

    Listen to her most recent interview – or any of her other contibutions. Pure gold, gracing the movement for independence.

    We’ve surely cornered the market for smart women. A shame about some of the men who need to get a humility transplant.

  113. Dr Jim says:

    There are people not rejoining the SNP following their resignation from the party they were never members of in the first place, but I suppose if it comforts them to write that on the Internet in the hope actual real members might consider being as stupid as these folk pretend to be, so be it, but the rest of the population has pretty much twigged the false information crew now and in a strange sort of way the majority of Scotland now sees this time now is the closest to Independence we’ve ever been

    2014 was exciting for a lot of folk but most didn’t believe it was going to happen, and they were right

    Most folk do believe Independence is going to happen now, it’s just a pity that some of the folk who say they wanted it in 2014 seem so jealous of the leader who is going to deliver it this time that they spend their time telling people the opposite in the hope of proving a pointless point to satisfy that jealousy so they can *proudly* say I told you so if they manage to put anyone off voting for it

    What is the motivation and what kind of rationale is there to people who behave like that, to wish for and campaign for a people to fail, is subversion more important to them than winning, could it be the Frank Sinatra syndrome, it wasn’t done their way so must be destroyed, is it ego, is it the desire to be right even when they’re wrong, it’s a cruel and special kind of misery that must drive these people and also extremely childlike in its foot stamping tantrums

    • grizebard says:

      As someone on CNN recently wisely commented, “the left eat their own”. T’was ever thus. The right go for power because that’s what fundamentally matters and they never lose sight of it, whereas the radical left dissipate all their energy on self-absorbent theoretical trivia of no popular relevance. And it’s clear to see that all this fissiparous “pro-indy” diversions is coming from the radical left, some of whom are simply malignant Labour shills and others who sadly may be at least vaguely genuine but just can’t shake ingrained habits and suppress their frustrations and jealousy for the sake of the common weal (even as they pay nominal homage to it).

  114. jfngw says:

    I’ve found the perfect financial model. I’m going to buy a new car from our joint account, but it’s OK as I’ve told my wife I will not allocate any of the spending to her. She asked how much was in the bank, well nothing obviously and I needed to take a loan to complete the deal. Obviously she is a bit miffed as her income is now being used to repay the loan, I referred her to the GERS model and told her to brush up on how finance works.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      jfngw @ 9:48pm. I wish you well and your dear wife in explaining the financial planning / repayment stage using the GERS model.

      I would however not expect too much for Christmas..

      • jfngw says:

        I don’t understand, we have a new car (I’ve called it High Speed 2), admittedly she can’t drive but I can get everywhere faster, that’s a benefit to her, in my accounting method anyway. It’s the advantages of have a financial union, well it’s certainly an advantage for me.

    • The Judean People’s Popular Front.. what has the SNP ever done for us?

      Dearie dearie, me, indeed, Petra.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Well I’m sold and ready to drop everything and vote for all of these people and I know all of you are too, it’s dashed exciting isn’t it, lead us please lead us, wot a flamin state of a bunch of (insert adjectives here)

      It’s the perfect example of anybody thinking of voting for anyone other than the SNP has got bits of their heads missing

    • Capella says:

      Ah, the cement-mixer language of the old left (woke edition). I haven’t read Bella for a long time and have now remembered why. Thx Petra 🙂

    • Eilidh says:

      Hilariously bad. They clearly could not organise a menage.I also read in the National yesterday they have stolen the name of another Indy group called Yes Alba who have been around since at least 2014. They are a Gaelic supporting Indy group. This new bunch of chancers have the cheek to say Alba doesnt belong to Gaelic and that it is Scottish. Wrong it is the word for Scotland in Scottish Gaelic. Personally I think this new lot should change their name to Yes Bampots as clearly that is what they are. The whole triumphalism re the NEC results is pathetic. As far as I am concerned Alyn Smith and Joanna Cherry are as bad as each other. I am a feminist but not an ultra one as I don’t like fundamentalists of any kind and I support equality for all. I am not an Snp member and never like to be after all the recent NEC crap

    • Republicofscotland says:

      Yes Petra it was a great result and a boon for Scottish independence Kerevan, Murray MacKay and MacNeil, all independence minded folk, and of course there was the excellent results in the SNP NEC.

      The pendulum has definitely swung back in favour of independence with those recent results, and with Salmond on the verge of coming back into the breach, things are on the up.

  115. Average take up of ‘flu jabs by over 65’s in previous winters…43% plus change.
    Headline in one of the Brit Nat Rags rages that a quarter of o/ 65’s in Glasgow not yet got the ‘flu jab amid ‘shambles’.
    So 75% have been vaccinated, instead of the usual 43% and this is described as a shambles instead of the resounding Covid plagued success it clearly is..
    We are dealing with pensioners health yet these pond life hacks lie like this. May they rot in hell

    • bringiton says:

      All part of the London narrative that devolution has failed in the areas of our responsibilities and the need for London to take back control to “save” the people of Scotland from themselves.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I often wonder Jack whether the media having realised Scots are not swallowing their bull, have switched their target audience to England, keeping a lid on rising discontent by portraying everywhere beyond “sunny uplands” as in catastrophic failure.
      Propaganda Quay etc are clearly still aiming at a rapidly diminishing home audience who believe a word, but by syndication down south it reinforces the false narrative…
      Pond life as you rightly say……

    • Dr Jim says:

      I got my appointment for my Flu jag and turned up on time to receive it but there were fewer people there than I thought there’d be so I asked the nurse who was administering my jag and she told me there were around 50 no shows, later on the news folk were complaining they couldn’t turn up at their appointed times due to short notice, I was given five days notice so if that was an average and folk consider that not enough time they’re the ones who are wrong, and as usual the media blame the authorities for the mistakes or laziness of the public

    • Legerwood says:

      I think you are quoting the figure, 48%, for pregnant women.

      If you look at the ‘flu jab uptake for the over-65s in the Greater Glasgow Health Board you will find that over the last 10 years it has ranged from 74% to 77%. Therefore this year at 75% is no different from previous years. Apart from the rocky start the flu jab uptake is at its usual level. You cannot force people to take it so you will rarely get 100% but overall the uptake of the flu jab in this group across Scotland is amongst the highest in Europe. But shh, don’t tell the Herald.

      Here is a link to the Health Protection Scotland site where I got the figures

      Look under vaccinations.

      • Alex Clark says:

        I hope this is a link to the table you refer to Legerwood. Useful site for putting Unionist right 🙂

        • Legerwood says:

          Yes that is the diagram. I should have told people to scroll down to get to the data.

          A useful site for info. Which begs the question: why did the Herald journalist not use it? Rhetorical question, we all know why but to put such a non-story on the front page just shows how far the Herald has fallen.

      • Alex Clark says:

        The first part of the above link works with the end of the link ignored. Trying this instead.

      • I stand corrected ,guys, but my argument still stands..if 75% is the norm, the pond life hackery are ‘lying’ about 2020 being a ‘shambles’.

        So I was right for the wrong reason. Pond life.

        For some reason, some bean counter has sent my Everlovin’ a letter, under the impression that she is over 60, which no gentleman would ever do.
        The letter guided her online and she intends to attend a drop in centre in Partick at 09.00 hrs Sunday 13th December, no fuss no bother.
        There is a phone number for those with no access to the internet.

        As usual, I am unable to retrace my steps, to recheck the 43% figure in my Fake News retort..I’m sure in my own mind it was 43% for o/65’s…Hysteria as the clock ticks down towards Brexit?

        I loved the cartoon depicting and Englishman with a satchel marked ‘Brexit’ leaving the EU, while a chappie in a kilt, heading in the opposite direction, carries a satchel marked ‘Exbrit’.

        They actually feature a Brexit Countdown Clock on BBC News this morning, ticking off the days minutes seconds..
        And of course as Marr declared on Sunday, it’s the ‘effin’ Froggies fault.

        I am so proud to be an ‘Exbrit’.

        • Legerwood says:

          I actually saw the 40-odd% figure quoted elsewhere which was what prompted me to go looking for official figures.

          As you say whatever the figure the NHS did a good job under difficult circumstances which were made more so by the media and opposition politicians stirring it which got people all worked up about whether they would get the jab or not.

          This was certainly not a front page story.

          • Alex Clark says:

            The circumstances are even more difficult than in other years. Because of Covid, there are many elderly folk who simply will not leave their house especially to go to a hospital or doctors surgery where they may fear coming into contact with the virus.

            This is entirely understandable and in my opinion to achive the same uptake as in previous years is actually a good result.

          • How many pensioners have these hacks deterred from even enquiring about a life protecting ‘flu jab by headlining the vaccination process as a ‘shambles’?

            They are potentially killing their fellow citizens by affording Brit Nats free column inches to mislead frail vulnerable Scots just for an SNP/ Shambles strap line.

            I will dance on their Rags’ graves, when their US/English proprietors pull the plug come Independence.

            Surely to God it is their sacred and civic duty to encourage Scots to get the jab?
            Apparently not. As long as there is a Pro Independence Scottish Administration, the Fourth Estate Fifth Column will endanger life to fight the good Yoon fight?

            Promoting the take up of ‘flu and Covid inoculation should be a given.
            It is not ‘political’. It is a matter of life and death, quite literally.
            I despise them for this.

        • Alex Clark says:

          Jack, you were absolutely right to highlight the attack on the Scottish government that Herald article attempted. No attempt whatsoever to compare with previous levels of vaccine take-up and present something resembling a balanced article.

          Whether previous years were 43% or 75% is neither here nor there, the facts are that as things stand this years uptake of the vaccine is absolutely in line with previous years and WHO targets.

          Only a newspaper with an obsessing in attacking the Scottish government could have found something to rage about in what is actually meeting targetes.

  116. Republicofscotland says:

    So we have the affront to society the royals Kate and Willie touring the UK at the taxpayers expense. This jaunt is supposedly based on them paying tribute to NHS heroes, of course with the coming Brexit disaster just around the corner, and the even more hideous Brexit Festival on the horizon, the royals have been rolled out to placate the masses, and turn our heads away from the coming shortages that have been predicted for months due to Brexit.

    I do hope in an independent Scotland we dispense with this Ruritanian bollocks.

  117. jfngw says:

    As we sit here contemplating our navels the English government in Westminster is currently negotiating Scotland’s resources with the EU, with no input from the majority of the elected Scottish politicians, just a few selected stooges loyal to another country. If you ever wondered what it was like to be a satellite state in the old Soviet Union then we can’t be far off here, your elected representatives ignored by the central block.

    Elsewhere we have a Herald columnist telling us how much of a Anglophile he is, I think we had already worked that out without the requirement of him to tell us. I also like lots of other countries but I don’t think I want the people of that country to effectively elect and run mine.

  118. jfngw says:

    Sorry for another post but I see the Tories are now telling us ‘an oven ready deal’ was nothing to do with a Brexit trade deal. I suppose the give away was those being sold an ‘oven ready deal’ from someone who was in a fridge.

  119. Jacksg says:

    Regarding the Judean peoples front (Yes Alba) the best bit of that article was the heading.

    Reactionaries on the rise! Christ on a bike. 😏

    I had occasion way back in 2005 to have some involvement with what was then called the SSP Scottish socialist party. This was just before the shenanigans with oor Tommy.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, their heads were up their arses and obviously still are. Still fighting their class war and behaving like something out of a 1950s propaganda film for the soviet union.

    Carry on comrade 😏

  120. Jacksg says:

    Ps: As for the Royal visitors. Words effing fail me 😏

    • Jacksg, How about, ‘tumbril’, ‘guillotine’, or this quote from GBS: – ” The more I see the moneyed class, the more I understand the guillotine.”

      Words never fail me when commenting on the Monarchy and their Iron Heel Oligarchy.
      Can I still get locked up in the Tower for this?

  121. Dr Jim says:

    I welcome the Royal visit with open arms and hope they stroll around Scotland maskless and superior in their attitude over all those they survey

    If Scotland ever needed reminded, there we have it, and the excuse will be it’s a morale boosting exercise to see our Royals thinking about us and waving and smiling at us, oh how lovely

    Normal tourists in normal times spend money, these people cost us money, I don’t care whether they’re nice or not, if I can’t go where I please in my own country because of a disease then folk from another country shouldn’t either, but I’m common and worthless and Scottish so don’t count

    We can do something about this very soon and I’m glad the Royals are helping

    • jfngw says:

      Rich people always like to portray themselves as ‘normal’, amiable, so likeable, but always want something for nothing, your reward is just to serve them. To see their real demeanour you just need to suggest they lose their privilege, then you see what lies beneath.

  122. andyfromdunning says:

    My view on Yes Alba, the new non Gaelic one is good. It has to be good for the Yes movement to organise to help with the May21 election and indyref2.

    They are in no conflict with Scotgov or the SNP so why the words against it by some?

    It is my opinion that the SNP as an organisation has done NO active campaigning since 2014 and are still not doing any. I am in an active Yes group with many members also members of the SNP. Even they agree the party had done zilch on the ground. In fact a couple of SNP branches have been less the cooperative.

    I also think the the SNP lost a huge opportunity in not working actively with the Yes movement. The result is that over the last six months the Yes movement is organising ourselves.

    I emphasise I am an SNP supporter but that does not stop me seeing things the way they are. I regret that some who comment in this blog and others need to open their eyes. The SNP is good as a political party most of the time but it is not perfect.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The SNP aren’t a protest party anymore they’re the party of government now and they’ve been doing the job of demonstrating to the people of Scotland that Scotland can govern itself and in that they have been successful that’s one of the reasons why support for Independence is up, along with the Tories helping out, but Independence is for the people to decide and that’s exactly what Nicola Sturgeon said when she took office that if and when the people demanded Independence then that’s what the government would do as an instruction from the Scottish people

      Campaigning generally is for the people to do until the government becomes involved by demand,
      no matter if the people YES movement had a march for Independence with a million people taking to the streets Westminster would still ignore it

      The 2014 referendum was never designed to win, it was more luck than judgement that it got so close, that referendum was organised and run by Westminster for the result they wanted, they knew they were going to win so had no concerns about it until the final couple of weeks when it nearly went wrong for them

      Following that lost referendum you’ll recall Nicola Sturgeon’s statement “I don’t want to just hold a referendum I want to win one” there’s a very serious reason why that statement caused internal conflict within the SNP and some of it is being played out still

      “I don’t want to just hold a referendum I want to win one” all that happened in 2014 was that a referendum was held, I don’t want another one of those kind of referendums

      Westminster was never concerned before, they are now because they know the current FM won’t let them run it, she’s done the homework

    • grizebard says:

      I think what you are failing to recognise in your turn is the chronic lack of self-confidence of the people of Scotland after 300+ years of institutionalisation as a colony of England. That is our greatest vulnerability by far, as the BritNats well know – you just have to look at their constant attempts at denigration and sowing of doubt to see that. Recognise what the enemies of independence see as most potent. You or I might be well-inoculated against that particular deadly virus, but you have to understand that very many people are still not. Waving flags and making bold Braveheart-style gestures may make you feel aglow inside, but these things do absolutely nothing for the waverers. It just leaves them cold. They see that as bluster and empty posturing which only deters them even more.

      What does convince these people is quiet competence, and that is what the SG has been providing these last years, and during the current crisis, in spades. That’s what works with the people who count now, and it is a grave error to ignore or dismiss it. Our opponents are not.

  123. Arthur Thomson says:

    Why do people who are not members of the SNP think they have a right to determine what happens within the SNP?

    If you want to influence how it functions surely the thing to do is be part of it and participate in bringing about change. No?

    Just a thought but could there be a common strain of exceptionalism running through the Brit Brexiteers and the Judean Front? Wouldn’t lower themselves to be part of it but for some bizarre reason have an absolute right to determine how it functions.

    Are these Judeans really EU haters/SNP haters in common cause?

    Of course they are.

  124. Republicofscotland says:

    Looks like Salmond, and Neil’s good idea could help save and further provide jobs in Scotland. It also looks like Salmond is definitely making his way back into the political fold (Possibly the SNP) again, and not a minute too soon I might add.

  125. Jacksg says:

    Sorry, Andy for the language but the following is Bollocks.

    It is my opinion that the SNP as an organisation has done NO active campaigning since 2014 and are still not doing any.

    I joined the SNP in Nov 2014 after the referendum. The first campaigning I and others did was to get our MP elected in the 2015 general election. This we did, I subsequently spent the next four years chapping doors, leafleting, attending conference, arranging and manning stalls. I and many others some well past retirement some young.

    I could go on, as I said I had some issues with what was the SSP and their rose-tinted specs regarding the working classes.

    jack, Yes some of our weegie pals are partial to a wee sunbed LOL 😉

    Oh don’t let the yoons hear you say that! off with his head. 😮

    • andyfromdunning says:

      For ‘independence’ was the campaign work I refer to not party stuff. Yes groups are only interested in independence nothing else.

      My point is the SNP as a party had not campaigned for Independence since Sept 14. If I remember correctly they were a party of government then also and they did campaign for indy on the street with the yellow flag. Why not now.

      The party should have actively worked with Yes groups as a policy from the top. They could have been a guide, a focus point. Regrettably a lost opportunity hence Yes Alba.

      The Yes Alba structure goes down to all Yes groups. We have in my area a Perthshire group feeding to and from Yes Alba.

    • Legerwood says:

      What would have been the trigger for them to campaign for Independence between 2014 – 16?

      As to the ‘no campaigning’ that is not the case. It is just that the campaign has not taken the form of the last one, thank goodness. It is the hallmark of the failed generals throughout history that they ready their army and plan their campaign based on the last campaign not the one to come. Ms Sturgeon is not making that mistake.

      The trigger for the second indyref was Brexit. From the moment that the result of the EUref was announced the SNP leaders have used it to good effect.

      Firstly to network with the EU itself and with the countries neighbouring Scotland. They now know firsthand what Scottish Independence is about and that the SNP are no swivelled eyed loonies. Thus they have neutralised any attempt by Westminster politicians and their compliant media to portray the SNP as rabid nationalists with all the negative connotations implied in that description.

      Secondly, there was Brexit itself and Scotland’s stated wish to Remain. The SG tried to achieve an outcome that came close to Scotland’s wishes and at every turn they were rebuffed. People saw this and it demonstrated to them more thoroughly than anything Scotland’s position in this Union of unequal.

      But that is clearly not campaigning for some people. So what form would the campaign take given we are now deeply mired in a pandemic? Chapping on doors and town hall meetings ain’t going to do it

      • Dr Jim says:

        You said it better than me Legerwood, brains not bluster and noise

      • Alex Clark says:

        All the invisible non-campaigning by the SNP has taken support for Independence from 45% at the referendum to a high in the polls of 58% and a consistent 56%.

        It has also taken SNP support to record highs and spread panic among the Unionists in Scotland and in the English government. Not shabby at all.

        Just wait until the SNP start campaigning visibly LOL!

  126. Republicofscotland says:


    A strong case can made for that support for independence has risen over the last fifteen polls, not because of anything the SNP has done, as prior to this the polling figures were kind of static roughly fifty-fifty. No in my opinion, the polls have swung in our favour because Johnson has been such a terrible PM, so much so that moderate to soft noes have decided independence is the best way forward for them and Scotland.

    • Alex Clark says:

      I couldn’t care less WHY the polls have swung in our favour, only that they have. I’ll tell you this for certain though. If the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon were doing as bad a job as is often claimed by the Unionist media as well as some on our own side then there would have been ZERO increase in support for Independence.

      Despite what we might think, 95%+ of the Scottish population associate Independence directly with the performance of the SNP in governing and in the performance of their leader. That is borne out by the polls that show an extraordinary level of support and belief in the competence of Nicola Sturgeon as SNP leader and the trustworthiness in the SNP compared with the Unionist parties.

      The rise in support for Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP and Independence that has occurred in parallel is no coincidence, the SNP campaigning or not. The 95%+ see with their own eyes that Johnson is a disaster as PM, they also see that they have an excellent FM in Nicola Sturgeon and that she prefers to do things differently.

      If it was Richard Leonard, Ruth Davidson or Willie Rennie in charge of the Scottish government from 2014 until now, do you think support for Independence would have increased to the same extent just because of Johnson’s incompetence?

      I think it takes a bit more than your opponent’s incompetence to persuade people that you are worthy of support, it takes leadership and proof that you, yourself are competent. Nicola Sturgeon has shown such competence, a competence that is rarely seen in any politician and that has been pivotal in increasing support among the ordinary voter, especially support from women.

      Her success as a leader has been a success for the SNP and consequently for Independence. It’s not me saying that, it’s the people of Scotland as shown by their support for leader, party and Independence!

      • grizebard says:

        Never mind the three popular “anti-favourites” for FM, recall that this character’s notion of leadership in place of Nicola is Craig “Loose Cannon” Murray. About the quality of his (alas too-frequent) pronouncements on here, ’nuff said!

      • Republicofscotland says:

        “I couldn’t care less WHY the polls have swung in our favour, only that they have. ”

        Well Alex, if we knew why for absolute certainty why the polls have shifted in our favour then it could be improved upon. In my opinion, the perception that Sturgeon has handled the pandemic better in Scotland than Johnson has in England, was the impetus that saw the polls move in our favour.

        People saw, and still do, Sturgeon on tv on a daily basis explaining in a humane manner the daily ups and of course the downs of the virus, whilst Johnson didn’t bother his backside to do any of that. sturgeon was also one step ahead of Johnson on the lockdown front, which was also perceived by the public as being handled well.

        Throw in the disaster that is Brexit, the power grab, and a myriad of loose derogatory comments on devolution, the SNP and Scotland in general, which we have seen converted into pro-independence support since the beginning of the pandemic, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that Johnson is the gift that never stops giving to the independence movement as long as he’s PM that is.

        • grizebard says:

          Oh, there goes your “Sturgeon” again. Your factionalist petty jealousy keeps on showing. Try to get over yersel.

        • Alex Clark says:

          I really couldn’t care less WHY support for Independence has increased just that it has.

          I have my own opinions as to the WHY but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try other things as well as keeping on doing what we are already doing since it is clearly working!

          Any further improvement in support will be most welcome, and I’m sure that the time will come when we see that. Let no one be complacent, it was never going to be easy to win Independence, we knew that, but we are surely heading in the right direction with the current Scottish government and leader.

    • grizebard says:

      More corrosive silliness from our persistent Judean Frontist, mean-spiritidely trying to discount everything the SG has achieved since 2014 to convince ordinary people by dint of competence that the people of Scotland are not preternaturally unable to organise anything. A competence which has absolutely shone during the current pandemic. Which situation causes your absurd theory to fall at the first hurdle. Thankfully though, ordinary voters are entirely unmoved by your assiduous (and increasingly desperate?) efforts to demean and diminish.

      Thankfully, you’ll disappear after May’s elections. It won’t come soon enough.

  127. Alex Clark says:

    There are still far too many who look upon the Independence cause as an opportunity to further their own agenda. They are all over it like a rash and pushing what are in the main, minority views that they see as being more important than Independence itself, they aught to reign their necks in.

    Without Independence first, passion for any cause is going nowhere.

    I believe simply, in keeping our eyes on the prize. The bar room brawling can wait.

    • jfngw says:

      How do you achieve this when passing law that is patently controversial and divisive. If you do this then you can’t expect people just to shut up if they are virulently opposed to the changes. These changes should be after independence and the voters given the choice then, not bundled into any manifesto where people are choosing independence as the main objective. Unity is a two way street.

      My main concern is we are going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

      • Alex Clark says:

        You mean like the changes to the GRA that every party in Scotland supported and that support was in all their manifestos in 2015?

        I also thought that this was supposed to mean that women would not support Independence because of SNP support for these changes to the GRA. What has gone wrong with that view then since support from women for Independence now exceeds that of men?

        I thought too that you were meant to put in your manifesto those things you stand for so that people know what they are voting for when it comes to putting their X in a box.

        Virtually any proposed law will be opposed by at least some of the population who like things just the way they are thank you very much, that is to be expected. Just because a small minority can shout very loudly doesn’t mean their issue is the most important, just the one that attracts the most attention.

        Especially of the media can wrap it up in a juicy SNP Bad headline and it is for that reason that such issues grab so much attention and cause division. It suits the Unionists to make it so otherwise, you would hear very little about any such issue unless looking for it.

        • jfngw says:

          The 2015 manifesto is irrelevant to Holyrood, that was a Westminster election. The 2016 manifesto has no mention of it, the only mention is in the accompanying ‘The Next Steps to a Better Scotland’ it is so woolly and does not spell out any of the changes in detail.

          Click to access SNP_Manifesto2016-web.pdf

          ‘A distinctive part of our equal marriage law was our more progressive approach to Transgender recognition which allows married transgender people to obtain a full Gender Recognition Certificate, and stay married. We must now build on this to help end discrimination. We will review and reform gender recognition law, so it’s in line with international best practice for people who are Transgender or Intersex.’

          It’s not unionist that are making the noise but people that took part in Yes in 2014, just labelling people as unionist who disagree is not unity. WoS was seen as a great asset but he was always intolerant to those that disagreed with him, it’s just he has now trained his sight on an area we would prefer he doesn’t examine.

          I’ve said in a previous post throwing in ‘best practice’ to any document is a way of shutting down debate and the manager getting what they want, who would disagree with ‘best practice’ even when it rarely exists. I was in a corp that followed best practice to choose the most desirable company to outsource to, the company chosen then sold the contract to another company that was thrown out in the first pass as being unsuitable, but it was best practice.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        “How do you achieve this when passing law that is patently controversial and divisive.”
        Perhaps look at WHO among the 5 million Scots thinks it is “controversial and divisive” before looking at “patently” again ? My guess would less than 1% for the first and 0.01% for the second.

        The intent of SG is no different to what most all western countries are attempting to thrash out, the unique SG aspect is a construct by a WM Government who shelved their own legislation, allowing a clear field of fire.

        In hindsight I’m struggling to think of any legislation passed by SG since SNP took power which wasn’t described as “patently controversial and divisive”, so must be a Scottish thing..

        • jfngw says:

          If you believe less than 1% will be concerned then put it up front in the manifesto, not hidden in a attached document and make it clear exactly what it entails. If that attracts the voters then you have a mandate. We are no better than the unionist parties if we try and sneak legislation through the back door.

          I support independence because I support democracy for every country, I don’t follow devotedly any politician. My measure of Nicola Sturgeon will be if she delivers independence then she has been a success, if not then she is a failure. That is the whole point of the SNP, I’m not interested in being the best run devolved government.

          • Bob Lamont says:

            My point is that 99% of the populace don’t give a toss, so there was no need to put in a manifesto any more than the Tories didn’t and shelved it when it hit problems in the house. This is not an issue unique to Scotland, ALL governments are grappling with it, but only in Scotland has a massive stooshie been created over it…
            With building momentum for Indy that is no accident, THAT is my point…

            • jfngw says:

              And my point is your 99% is just a made up number unless you can point me some data that proves your point. The Tories ditched it I suspect because they saw it as a vote loser, they are a election machine (in England) whether you like it or not. They can smell what their supporters want.

              It’s not unionist that are split on this but people from the independence movement who are in disagreement, unless you are going to tell me they were all fake supporters in 2014.

              I agree all governments are struggling with the issue but it needs to be in the open and transparent how the final legislation has been arrived at.

              Personally I have no ball in this game, my children are all old enough to make up their own minds. It is an issue that in essence is about women and I will support whatever the majority of them see as acceptable on this.

              • Alex Clark says:

                The rising support for Independence among female voters and support for Nicola Sturgeon are not made up numbers. According to the opponents of GRA who wished to attack the SNP for this policy this was to be the death knell for Independence because women simply would not support this because their rights were being infringed.

                That hypothesis has not stood the test of time. How can that be explained?

                • jfngw says:

                  You are conflating two things that are not directly related. You can be totally pro independence and anti GRA (or the apparent attempt to slip it into legislation unnoticed), you can think Nicola Sturgeon is a great leader but still disagree on this subject. It’s never just black and white.

                  I didn’t say it was the death knell to independence, I said I fear it could be and should be left until after independence(or its rejection).

                  I also have some reservations regarding the Hate Crime Bill, because although it has good intentions, good intentions don’t always equate to good law. You have to judge whether these laws could be misused in the future. I always think back to an old guy being dragged out of a Labour conference under terrorist legislation for just heckling.

                  • Alex Clark says:

                    You didn’t say it was the death knell for Independence but you are arguing the line that WoS puts forward and the Rev Stu says exactly that. He also has the same to say about the Hate Crime Bill and you are parroting that as well.

                    You have completely missed my point, the GRA and hate crime bill mean absolutely nothing to people who can’t tell you who the politician is when you stick a picture of Richard Leonard under their nose. They don’t know and couldn’t care less. None of these bills are of any importance other than as ammunition to show so called division and civil war in the SNP and Yes movement.

                    I have no argument at all in support or against either bill and I’m an anorak yet I couldn’t care less. I see both bills very much as side issues. Not just to Independence but to everything about how we should be governed in the future, They have little relevance to me and even less to everyone I know.

                    You are arguing over the pennies while Westminster steals the gold.

              • Bob Lamont says:

                True 99% is a guesstimate, but a reasoned one, it really is not on most folk’s radar. It certainly was of no personal interest to me or any I know, it was the anti-SNP “victimhood” which piqued my curiosity.
                Unlikely the independence movement are split on this, as above, most probably don’t even know what all the rumpus is about, that is what I keep coming back to, perceptions rather than the issue itself.
                In the SG case it was put out to extensive consultation, much more so than WM, there was nothing hidden, WM had shelved it before SG started on it, and not for electoral reasons, there were no baying mobs. If anything SG went too far to be seen to gather evidence and the vitriol was flying, not what might be termed reasonable exchange of opinion.
                Had SNP been sensible it would have shelved it (essentially it’s in stasis), but someone wanted the problem kept alive, but that is ultimately my central point, somebody wanted and still wants this CONTROVERSY kept alive.
                I have no personal stake in this either beyond hopeful agreement among all those affected, but it is pretty obvious the issue has been hijacked and hyped to the rafters for political ends, and I suggest, not by the SNP.

                • jfngw says:

                  I’ll make this my last comment on this as I think I am flooding this thread.

                  The only polling I have ever seen on this was a while back on what some see as the dreaded wings site. Those polled were quite pro the idea of inclusion but then became very against the actual reality of what the consequences were. So they may not give it a minutes thought as it is passed but you should be aware of the possible backlash when the reality bites.

          • Alex Clark says:

            “if not then she is a failure”

            Do you consider Alex Salmond a failure too then since he failed to deliver Independence or was that different?

            • jfngw says:

              Ultimately yes in the context that he failed to deliver independence. If you are trying to label me as an AS camp supporter then you will fail. As a leader he had attributes and deficits the same as NS, but what’s the point of raking over AS as leader, it’s past I don’t expect his return.

              If you wonder what I think NS deficit is, I think she is at times too much of a consensus politician. But I’m no strategist, I can’t even outwit the computer at connect 4.

              • Alex Clark says:

                My point is that I do not consider Alex Salmond a failure because he failed to deliver Independence, and neither would I consider Nicola Sturgeon a failure if she never either.

                A leader can only do so much, finishing the job of winning Independence will be down to us. I deliberately say “us” because every one of us that supports Independence has a job to do in persuading others. It’s not always about politics or politicians, mainly it’s about people, pretty sure you’d agree there.

                • jfngw says:

                  I’m talking about political terms only, the objective of the SNP is independence, in that measurement you can only achieve success or failure on achieving this. As people in politics they have been successful, they have run devolved governments well, but to me if we are still in the UK then it means little.

                  It’s true it is down to people, but if not now, when. Brexit, the internal market bill, the removal of Scotland’s power, the instructions to stop the SG have access to UK facilities abroad, the exclusion from discussion regarding Scotland’s resources. If we can’t win now I don’t think we ever will, not in my lifetime anyway.

                  Much as I wish we could all persuade people I don’t believe everyone has the attributes to do this, there’s more to it than just hitting them with facts, it’s about presentation of those facts and unfortunately whether you have the demeanor that people take to.

                  • Alex Clark says:

                    Your glass is often half empty.

                    “My main concern is we are going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.”

                    “If we can’t win now I don’t think we ever will, not in my lifetime anyway.”

                    Whereas I prefer to see things differently. Without belief in yourself then you are doomed before you even get out of the starting blocks.

                    We will be Independent and in your lifetime too. Believe me 🙂

                    • jfngw says:

                      I hope you are correct, and yes I’m a pessimist (although my previous manager, I’m retired now, contradicted me and said I was a pragmatist). It’s not all bad news though, I can never be disappointed as the outcome is nearly always better than I expected.

                      I did learn something though, never only have one way of achieving something in your arsenal, plan for what could go wrong and have alternatives at your fingertips because there is always unforeseen circumstances that pop up.

    • grizebard says:

      Well said. Some people, apparently not being satisfied with anything less, have to erect their own forest in order not to see the wood for the trees.

  128. Dr Jim says:

    As if things weren’t bad enough trying to fight one enemy of Scotland the usual suspects attempt to create more enemies inside Scotland with their completely insane bogus argument of Salmond versus Sturgeon, it’s a stupid argument deliberately constructed out of favour of one over another supported by conjured up *reasons* as to why one support is better than another, it’s infantile and the facts and time has shown it doesn’t bear scrutiny

    There are a dozen good and important reasons why the former FM (like him or not) cannot return to any position within the SNP and I won’t rehearse them all again because that time is past and the current FM has demonstrated by her personal approach and business like manner that the people of Scotland by increasingly larger majority favour that approach yet there are still some who refuse to accept that time marches on and it’s 2020 now and the people of Scotland have become more aware of the situation regarding politics now and that’s as a result of Nicola Sturgeon’s administration and conduct in all she does

    There are also the personal ratings, no FM ever has been rated so highly by the population and indeed the world as Nicola Sturgeon and as far as the folk concerned constantly trying to whip up dislike of the current FM for their *reasons* I have to inform them that Mr and Mrs Scotland couldn’t give a monkeys about one politician falling out with another over who cares what as long as the current incumbent of the position as FM is doing the job, and on that score she is the heavyweight champ of FMs

    The I hate Nicola Sturgeon party I have no doubt will continue to bore us to death with their constant whining, smearing, and attacks on the FM until like most of us the rest of the population will see it for what it is, It’s tiresome petty and pointless from a tiny group of petty individuals making as big a noise as they can to subvert what can be in an attempt to reverse time pretending everything will be different now and somehow the whole former FM debacle his behaviour and subsequent court appearances will all be swept aside on a tide of love and emotion and Scotland will wave flags with joy at the return of the once great leader who lost

    Not going to happen in anybody’s tiny mind and they know it, Alex Salmond would be paraded front page in every newspaper every TV programme and would cause nothing but embarrassment to Scotland as the British would be heard laughing all the way from London and they would be able to stand down their plans to fight a referendum in Scotland because all they’d need to do is laugh at Scotland’s stupidity on falling for Westminster’s number one plan and all it would’ve cost them is a few quid in an envelope

    There are certain individuals intent on that happening

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Yep A. Salmond had his day, he took things forward for Scotland and that was a great platform to take Scotland forward to independence. The BritNats though are intent on taking things backwards for Scotland, politically, economically, socially,and politically, they will do anything to ensure that happens, but we will make sure to get the message out that Scotland is an internationalist, outward looking, life affirming, socially responsible country, one which rejects the Tories at Westminster and has had enough of all the BritNat parties’ duplicity in Scotland.
      Scotland is not going to be silenced again, Nicola Sturgeon is not perfect who is, but she has made a bloody good job of running a country, dealing with a rabid right wing next door neighbour who hold most of the cards and levers of power, and dealt with a deadly virus at the same time.
      I wouldn’t like her job, mostly because it’s not only a matter of being FM, but also being able to keep your cool when all about are taking the absolute p**s out of your government, people and country while thieving away your massive wealth and chucking a few crumbs back, begrudgingly at that.
      It will take nerves of steel to cope with what’s to come as well so we all need to get behind the FM and work hard as poss to ensure facts and info get out to people, and reject the disgraceful lies of Brit state and their pals’ media.

  129. Hamish100 says:

    Dr Jim.

    Spot on. Time moves forward not back. As I have said many times before I and many others are so disappointed by Alex Salmond. For women he was not a positive choice but even less now I would think. Unfair? It doesn’t really matter as people can vote for who they want.

    Anyway our First Minister attracts popular vote from all walks of life outside of Bath and we sit on 56% for Independence. To undermine this is utter folly but for the Unionists that is their game plan.

    Any Independence voter wishing to remove the FM are doing the Unionists work.

    • Republicofscotland says:

      “As I have said many times before I and many others are so disappointed by Alex Salmond. For women he was not a positive choice but even less now I would think.”


      you obviously haven’t been paying attention for the last couple of years, as to what the SNP have been doing, such as pushing the GRA and Self-Id agenda, which seriously infringe on women’s rights.

      Thankfully though recent changes within the SNP’s NEC have hopefully knocked those particular, and frankly unpopular agendas on their heads.

      • Alex Clark says:

        Strange then that an awful lot of women appear not to have noticed this and have switched from being No supporters to Yes as well as increasing support for the SNP regardless.

        I do wonder if a woman, Nicola Sturgeon, might have played a part in them changing their mind.

      • grizebard says:

        Have you ever considered that it’s actually the reverse? That people like Hamish are well sick of all the pestilential quibbling by hyperactive nobodies over matters that can readily wait until after the one goal is achieved that makes everything else possible? (Including more-meaningful quibbling.) That you and your fellow-travellers have cried wolf so much that everybody else who has been exposed to it all is so deafened now that they just want you to gie’s a break and focus on the essentials like the rest of us?

        • Republicofscotland says:


          Have you considered just how a women possibly with a child would feel if a large tattoo covered bloke with a beard wearing a dress and ruby red lipstick sauntered into a ladies toilet, and leaned over to the mirror to check his make up whilst giving the terrified mother and child a sardonic grin, or hadn’t that thought ever crossed your mind?

      • Legerwood says:

        The moves to reform the GRA came from an inquiry into the Act undertaken by the House of Commons Committee on Women and Equalities in 2015.

        Both the UK Gov and SG then drafted proposals based on that report and carried out consultations on the proposed reforms. The UK Gov had 100,000 and the SG garnered 15,000.

        In response to concerns expressed about the proposed changes the SG withdrew the Bill in June 2019. A new draft Bill was drawn up and consultation on that was started around about Dec 2019. The consultation was due to end on 17th March 2020.

        On 1st April 2020 the SG announced that work on the GRA draft Bill would not proceed. This was one of several pieces of legislation put into abeyance due to the pandemic. The UK Gov had also shelved their work on the reforms.

        The SG’s position is set out in a response to an FOI request can be read here

        People seem to be determined to keep stirring this pot and misleading people as to what is happening.

        • Republicofscotland says:

          Thank you Legerwood for that informative reply, the bill from what I can find is on hold due to the pandemic but not quashed. Now I’m not in any way advocating less right for trans folk, however when over 50% ( If memory serves there are more women in Scotland than men) of Scotland’s society is affected by this bill, a bill that in my opinion isn’t popular to begin with, then very careful thought needs to be give to it by the Scottish government.

          “The Scottish Government continues to have a strong commitment to reform the Gender Recognition Act 2004 and improve the current process for trans people. It also remains committed to improving the lives of trans and non-binary people more generally. Trans people continue to suffer poorer outcomes relative to the wider population, and this needs to change. ”

      • Golfnut says:

        An agenda, as you put it, being persued by just about every European nation, all at different stages of developments. It’s not unique to Scotland, and definitely not unique to the SNP. Liblabtory and Greens all have a finger in this pie. That in no way excuses the behaviour of a vicious and vociferous faction using the SNP to further their own agenda, not least for presenting our enemies with an opportunity to SNP baad.

      • Eilidh says:

        You know something ROS I am seriously bored now of your bollocks posts,your arguing with other people that black is white,constant whinging about the Snp leadership and your pontificating about the glorious Alex Salmond etc. You are clearly the latest representative of the Bam from Bath and his bizaare teachings so I have decided to hit the imaginary block button and will be scrolling past your posts from now on and I suggest others do that too. I really wish we had a real block button. I can dream!!!

        • Dr Jim says:

          The argument these people use to further their agenda of anti SNP is *they made a law we don’t like so don’t vote for them* laws can be repealed changed amended as was the case with the OBFA when the Greens decided to exercise some of their new found power and vote with the Unionists just because they could

          Now it doesn’t matter whether you believe a law is good bad or indifferent, the fact is as with any government of any colour laws can and are changed, so to use this as their banner of don’t vote for Sturgeon is basically them saying that the SNP are going to be the government forever and Nicola Sturgeon will be immortal so don’t ever ever vote for them is puerile drivel and they know it but hope that folk will have an instant reaction to something they don’t like or are told they shouldn’t like and in goes the subversive boot to create the trouble they want to create

          There will always be people like the Bathistan Chronicle who seek out opportunities to subvert, it’s what they do and they have fun doing it but all they’re doing is deliberately twisting folks melon either for money or bitterness or simply because they are twisted individuals themselves
          no different to the Internet troll who dishes out abuse all over Twitter

          Until they’re caught and chucked off, Hmm

      • Hamish100 says:

        Ros. I read enough of what you put on wings to realise you and I have different opinions. Fair enough.
        I am more than aware as to current positions on policies past present and future. As for stating what the snp agenda it is just that. An agenda. Nothing approved nor through the Scots parliament. The fact that some wish to corrupt the debate makes me suspicious of the real motives.
        My granny always told me never to trust guys with beards. I suppose these days that also means wimmin with beards, folk from Bath, Brexit negotiators amongst others.
        The truth is I make my own mind up and suggest folk also do likewise.
        My aim like many others on here is focussed on Independence.

        My brother has a beard, just proves our grannie was right all along.

  130. Alex Clark says:

    Rumours that Johnson will be heading to Brussels to personally seal a deal with the EU. That’s that all gone tits up then, he will be flung out on his arse!

    • Dr Jim says:

      He’ll maybe get tea in one of the SNP mugs Nicola handed out, I believe Ursula’s got one of the tea towels

  131. Alex Montrose says:

    for 47% of the list vote the SNP are projected to win 3 seats.

    for 38% of the list vote the conlabs are projected to win 45 seats.

    independence supporter should consider voting Green with their 2nd vote, this will increase the indy majority and decimate the conlab list MSPs.

  132. Alex Clark says:

    Some seem to think it’s all over. It isn’t, not by a long chalk.

    Londoners might be facing Tier Three lockdown restrictions just a week before Christmas as data shows infections are up in two thirds of the capital’s boroughs.

    A second firebreak lockdown is not being ruled out by the Welsh Government as public health bosses warn it may be the only way to prevent a ‘catastrophe’ for the NHS at Christmas.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      It’s almost as if it’s all being deliberately engineered to coincide with Brexit eh ?

      • Alex Clark says:

        Then there are idiots like this in a quote from the first article above.

        However, NHS England chief executive Sir Simon Stevens said Tuesday, when the vaccine begins to be rolled out across the country, could mark “a decisive turning point in the battle against coronavirus”.

        They can’t all be government propagandists in positions of authority sitting at the top of the tree throughout the public sector and right across the UK, can they? LOL

    • grizebard says:

      Yup, these last two days there’s been a nasty turn-up here in hospital cases also, from where I don’t know, even though most of the central belt is still in level 4.

      As far as the vaccine is concerned, getting CV-19 now is on a par with getting yourself shot a month or so before Armistice Day 1918.

      • You got it in one, grizebard.
        I’m not going to be the old NY cop within days of retirement whose dream is to open a bar in the Florida Keys, who goes out on one last patrol with the hero of the flick, who ends up riddled with bullets.

        Many of us wrinklies have been under self imposed house arrest for 9 months now. The mass vaccination will take months.
        I won’t be going to a karaoke bar any time soon…
        Yet again on the news we are bombarded with tales of woe from pub and restaurant bosses and their need to get open NOW to make money, or they will go out of business?
        I dread Christmas. and puis, le deluge…

    • Welsh Siôn says:

      Re: 2nd post, Alex.

      The news west of Offa’s Dyke.

      News in brief: Health official warns increase of Covid deaths after Christmas ‘is inevitable’

      7th December 2020

      Dr Frank Atherton, the Chief Medical Officer for Wales, has urged people to plan for a low-key Christmas this year and warned the easing of Covid restrictions over the holiday will lead inevitably to “an increase in cases, hospitalisations and deaths in January and February.”

      Last week the Welsh, Scottish and UK Governments, and the Northern Ireland executive, agreed proposals to ease travel restrictions between 23-27 December and gave permission for up to three households to form an exclusive “bubble” for the holiday period.


    • ArtyHetty says:

      Looking at Travelling Tabby London seems to be seriously in need of full lockdown now. Anyone recall the pics of people gathering at Soho in bars no masks, etc a few weeks back? Yep, they were so defiant and adamant that this virus would not seek them out, so were out celebrating…
      Now London, and SE Eng in fact, looks really bad re infection levels and deaths FFS.

  133. Alex Clark says:

    Michael Barnier and the EU’s nation’s final message for Prime Minister Johnson and David Frost.

  134. jacksg says:

    Ledgerwood, in reply to your earlier comment.

    Yes, many things can constitute ‘campaigning’ including chapping doors etc.
    Here’s my take on the many forms our campaign has taken since 2014.

    First of all, we lost the referendum. But haud oan what did the people of Scotland do? did we crawl back under our tartan blankets? No, we joined the SNP in our thousands and we waited.

    2015 general election we took our revenge on the treacherous Labour MPs who had decided that we as a country didn’t exist without the rest of Britain, So instead of crawling back we fought back and sent over 50 MPs back to Westminster to show that we had not gone away.

    Some of those mp’s we lost in 2017 ( including of course Alex Salmond) but since then despite the infighting within the SNP and tantrums from the yes side we have gone from strength to strength. Politics is a strange game at times, its feast or famine.sometimes you win sometimes you lose.But there is no doubt that whole political map has completely altered since 2014 and not only in Scotland.

    When not long after the referendum Alex Salmond resigned he knew that he was not going to win another referendum. So he played his masterstroke and put Nicola Stiurgeon in his place knowing that if he couldnt galvanise the people of scotland to win a referendum she would.

    Nicola despite the constant critisism has put Scotland on the map. She treats us as if we matter.Yes i dont always agree with her methods, but she behaves for want of a better word statesman like. Of course this infuriates the English parliment because the rest of Europe knows full well how capable she is and that the people of Scotland trust her. This is one of the reasons that the EU are touting Nicola as the president of the EU council ( once we are independent and back in the EU)

    So in my mind the SNP have been on the campaign trail since 2014 although not as you pointed out Ledgerwood (thankfully) in the same way as previous. They along with all the grassroots folk have been fighting every day since 2014 and will continue to fight along with us to achieve our ultimate goal.

    I have no doubt that she and her collegues in the SNP will along with the grassroots yes folk and the people who went from No to yes will get us our independence. I will leave the last word to the lady herself.

    In her closing speech last week she said. ‘We must never forget this, ‘We serve the people they do not serve us’

  135. Alex Clark says:

    Robert Peston has decided that deal or no deal is all down to Johnson’s personal choice though few really knew what he really wants.

    One senior Tory sees him as the equivalent of Life of Brian’s Stan, a member of the People’s Front of Judea, who insisted that the sect should pass a motion acknowledging his right to have babies, although there were conspicuous practical reasons why he wouldn’t be having one (he was a man).

    Whereas members of the ultra Brexiter European Research Group see Johnson – for now at least – as the keeper and protector of the true Brexit flame.

    Reference to the People’s Front of Judea seems to be gaining popularity these days 🙂

  136. Alex Clark says:

    What’re the chances of Johnson gonig to Brussels and pulling a Brexit deal out the hat?

    I don’t know why he’s even going, appartently we don’t know when he’s going but it wont be tomorrow for some reason, wont be Thursday because that’s the day of the EU summit.

    Kuenssberg says it will have to be Wednesday or Friday, Barnier says deal by Wesdnesday or it’s all over! I have a feeling of deja vu. It all semms creepily familiar.

    There is only one certainty in all of this, when Johnson gets involved it all falls apart pretty quickly. We should therefore know in a couple of days what fate Scotland will be in for under this Tory government out of the EU.

    Then the fightback begins, so sharpen your pitchforks and oil your torches we are approaching the point of no return!

  137. Alex Clark says:

    There is a talking head on BBC paper review right now saying Boris Johnson “thrives in Brussels” and has to go there to get a deal, I really can’t believe that LOL

  138. Petra says:

    Straight from India that, eh, got it’s independence from the dysfunctional Union over 70 years ago.

    ”Scotland’s First Minister has issued an ‘Independence warning’ to the UK seeking a referendum at the earliest. Why has the issue of #ScottishIndependence resurfaced again? @mollygambhir
    gets you a report.”


    MSM_Monitor:- ”BBC Scotland’s headline news attack on Jeanne Freeman today was a perfect illustration of how to manufacture a news narrative in order to deflect from a genuine issue. The clip below is from tonight’s Reporting Scotland.”

  139. Petra says:

    National Yes Network:- ”We’ve started curating a map of everything Indy related. You can help. Each marker can include an image or video, text and hyperlinks, and even a custom logo. Please send all suggested edits, and any unfortunate omissions, to”

  140. Petra says:

    The Ferret:’Revealed: fire safety and staff problems at nuclear sites.’

    ”Nuclear bomb sites across the UK have fire safety problems as well as shortages of safety regulators and engineers, according to a new report from the Ministry of Defence (MoD). But most of the MoD’s latest internal assessment of the safety of nuclear weapons has been kept secret for “national security” reasons – prompting fury from politicians and campaigners.”..


    Goodness, gracious me. Water? That’s another thing that we have in abundance with over 31,000 freshwater lochs in Scotland. How lucky are we? 😀

    ‘Water Futures to Start Trading Amid Growing Fears of Scarcity.’

    ”Water is joining gold, oil and other commodities traded on Wall Street, highlighting worries that the life-sustaining natural resource may become scarce across more of the world.”..

  141. Petra says:


    ‘Scotland remains the envy of its UK counterparts in its efforts to eradicate bovine Tuberculosis (bTB), however, a post-EU era presents a new farming landscape and farmers have been urged not to get complacent in their efforts to control the disease. Scotland was officially granted bovine TB free status (OTF) from the EU in 2009 and with the exception of a few isolated incidents in the south-west and north-east parts of the country, this has stood strong for over a decade.”..

    Professor John Robertson:- ”I’m reminded, leaping from one species to another like a virus, of this by reader Legerwood:




  142. Petra says:



    Nicola Sturgeon the ”Disuniter” hopefully moving on to become the ”Lynchpin.” 😀

    ‘The class of 2021.’

  143. Petra says:

    ‘The other famine: Scotland and the potato blight.’

    .”His despatches from Barra made clear exactly where he stood in relation both to what he had seen and to the failure, as he saw it of Barra’s absentee owner, Colonel John Gordon, one of Scotland’s richest men, to offer any assistance – either by way of food aid or employment – to his tenants.”..

    ..”During January 1847, it became evident that from the wider Moray Firth region’s many productive farms, more and more grain was being sent by sea to southern Scotland and to England.”

    ..”We started on Monday morning for South Uist,’ MacLeod reported, ‘The scene … which we witnessed, as we entered the estate of Colonel Gordon [who owned South Uist as well as Barra], was deplorable, nay heart-rending.”..


    ”John Gordon Scottish soldier and Tory politician.”

    • Petra says:

      Apologies. I left out the link to ‘The other famine: Scotland and the potato blight.’


      And the misery continued under Emily Gordon Cathcart.

      ”The Cathcart family seat was Killochan Castle near Girvan in Ayrshire but the couple lived mainly in Titness Park, Sunninghill, Berkshire.”..

      ..”Known for her stance against Catholicism, she played a leading role in the Highland Clearances as she continued the clearances initiated by her father-in-law.”..

      ..”Lady Cathcart never lived in the highlands and is thought to have visited only once. She took ten Vatersay crofters to court in 1908 after they refused to vacate their cottages. They were sentenced to serve two months imprisonment but released two weeks early.”..

  144. jfngw says:

    Time to raise your glasses, it’s the fortieth anniversary of the ‘oil running out’ news. Mind you it’s coming from Andrew Neil who probably started the story in the first place. Anyway to Mr Neil, touché (or is it toupee, I’m never sure).

    Don’t correct me on the forty years, I just made it up for effect, it’s probably longer in reality.

  145. Petra says:

    We’ll dae what we like they say. No for much longer, we say! Who the F do they think they are?

    ‘Fury as royals flout Scottish Covid travel ban warning for train tour.’

    ..”However, it is now an offence to travel to Scotland from England for non-essential purposes.”


    ‘Nicola Sturgeon’s comments on royals’ trip to Scotland anger Tory MP.’

    ”A furious Tory MP has hit out Nicola Sturgeon who accused her of being rude to Prince William. The comment came after the First Minister revealed that the Scottish Government had warned the royal household in advance about the ban on travel between England and Scotland.”

    ..”That infuriated an unnamed Tory MP. He told MailOnline: “This man is the future King of Scotland. She has no right to try to stop him. It is very unsubtle and I think it will backfire on her because there are a lot of loyalist Scots who would be pretty appalled that she would behave in such a rude manner. She should know better.”

    • Welsh Siôn says:

      Rumbles and grumbles from the Taffs, too:

      Royal visit ‘unnecessary’ and should not be an excuse to behave differently, says Wales’ Health Minister

      8th December 2020

      • Alex Clark says:

        Comments are closed on the article? Take it the royals have mixed support in Wales too.

        • Welsh Siôn says:

          Comments on Article at have been closed for some time. I don’t think we were forewarned. Although the overall tilt is towards pro-nationalist and pro-independence articles and editorials, it does feature pieces by unionist politicians on occasion an has also had its own share of swivel eyed loon yoons contributing below the line. (Maybe that’s why the editor closed the comments section – or he’s busy doing other things and can’t moderate effectively.)

          In anyhow, to answer your comment, it’s obviously the case, although a generalisation, if you are Welsh speaking you are more likely to be anti-Royalist than if you speak English. Bear with me – I am generalising. We also know that Leanne Wood the former leader of Plaid Cymru is a loud and proud republican and was once sent out of the Debating Chamber for referring to Betty Battenberg as ‘Mrs Windsor’ – and that by the Welsh-speaking Llywydd/Presiding Officer. (I don’t think he’s ever forgiven her for becoming Leader and he now sits as an Independent Minister in the Labour Government.)

          I think there is also a growing awareness in younger generations that the Windsors are an anachronism. But still plenty of work to do. William is due to be appointed ‘Prince of Wales’ by his father (subsequent to his grandmother’s death.) It will be interesting to see how that pans out – and how much support there will be for any Investiture (last one in my home town of Caernarfon, 1969), but note that the title (English) PoW is not strictly hereditary. The Monarch has to create their eldest son this as Elizabeth I/II did in 1958, I think). It is not automatic and there has to be this flummery (a word derived from Welsh) of ceremony to present him to his people. All this is post-imperial nonsense of course, but there are still plenty who extol the virtues of Big Ears aka The FA Cup aka Carlo to sustain the mythos for some decades to come.


    • Dr Jim says:

      Of course there’s no such title as King of Scotland and the English titled Prince William cannot ascend to a title that is non existent

    • Unnamed Tory MP incites the ‘loyalists’, their blackshirts to be ‘pretty appalled’, at the treatment of their ‘king of Scotland’.

      The undercurrent and constant reminder that the ‘loyalists’ are primed and ready to ‘act’ from some anonymous little Tory Boy is not lost on the rest of us Scots..

      Today’s only news was about Covid Jabs.
      Nothing on UKIM bill passing its next stage, and our pet Jock Tory boys backing it.
      So much for their constituents, the fish and farm folk, who are about to lose their jobs and businesses.

      King of Scotland? When did that happen?

  146. Petra says:

    ‘Kelvin MacKenzie told to ‘grow up’ after offensive Nicola Sturgeon comments.’

    ”A former editor of The Sun has been blasted on social media for branding Scotland “Jockestan” and the First Minister a “nauseating dwarf”…


    ‘Wee Ginger Dug: It’s not the grassroots that need to ‘wheesht for indy.’

  147. Petra says:

    Bad news for Boris 😀

    Janey Godley:- ”Covid can leave men with ‘floppy boabies’ and we are stockpiling because of Brexit.”


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  148. jfngw says:

    When do you know it’s time to stop reading a story any further, probably when you get to the point where Alex Cole Hamilton is being quoted as a reliable source.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Yes indeed and other reliable unequivocal and impeccable sources are now the Daily Mail and Express, even the Scotsman is now being quoted as a source of important truths when a year ago and before not one single person who desired Scottish Independence would even line their budgie cage with these rags

      Seems it doesn’t take much to manipulate some folk into believing stuff only Unionists would read

  149. Old Pete says:

    Shite over Scotland,really, really hates Nicola Sturgeon and Independence ain’t his main focus these days. Divide, disrupt and destroy it’s always been the UK way to control its colony’s. Beginning to wonder if some supposedly pro Independence sites are actually against rather than for Scottish Independence and taking a fair whack of pennies to do it ?

    • Petra says:

      ..”Beginning to wonder if some supposedly pro Independence sites are actually against rather than for Scottish Independence and taking a fair whack of pennies to do it?”

      You’re no the only one, Old Pete.

  150. Arthur Thomson says:

    Maybe person or persons have been compromised.

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