the priority

Well, now, if nothing else, we know where Johnson and the Tories draw the line. It turns out that there are after all some outrages that they will not tolerate. It’s not the highest death toll from Covid in Europe, They’re fine with that. It’s not that they dole out lucrative contracts to their pals even as the UK suffers the greatest covid related damage to its economy of any state in Europe, they’re fine with that too.
It’s not even the dysfunctional farce that the test and trace system has descended into in England after the Tories farmed out the contract to some of their private sector pals. Nope, that is, apparently, just fine and dandy. No, the real line of outrage that Johnson will not tolerate anyone crossing is calling his girlfriend by a childish school playground name. That’s the moral atrocity that led to the PrimeMalingerer demanding the resignation of self-proclaimed super forecaster Dominic Cummings, who apparently couldn’t forecast that the unstoppable force of his entitled arrogance would eventually collide with the immovable object of old Etonian entitled arrogance. Although given the performance of the Johnson government this year it’s now clear that Cummings would struggle to forecast going home alone in a taxi after going out on a date wearing piss stained jogging trousers.

Immediately following the loss of the guy he’d hired to run the country, The Prime Malingerer did what any resolute great leader would do at a time of national crisis, He buggered off into self-isolation to hide in a fridge because he got exposed to the coronavirus after proving himself incapable of following his own health experts’ advice to hold meetings over Zoom unless a face to face meeting was absolutely essential. Although since we have a government of zoomers you’d have thought that particular piece of advice should have been easy to grasp, even for a prime minister who holds more food and drink than a shopping trolley but who unlike the trolley lacks a mind of his own.

I have just spent over a month in hospital after suffering a life changing stroke and during all that time as I lay frightened and scared and alone in a hospital bed I wasn’t able to see my husband or my mother. But Bozo the Clown can invite a covid positive Tory MP round for breakfast so that they can discuss new ways to screw over the poor and enrich even more of their pals with lucrative contracts which those of us who are being screwed over are going to have to pay for.
We all know that Serco test and trace isn’t working but it’s suddenly working enough to give Johnson an excuse to disappear during the week that he’s supposed to land a Brexit deal. Not that he really needs much of an excuse. If Johnson put even a fraction of the effort into doing his bloody job as he does finding an excuse to skive off, he’d still be widely reviled as an incompetent buffoon, but no one would question his efficiency.

Despite the many crises that the uk is facing, not only is this government pressing ahead with its crazed , divisive and damaging Brexit, it chose to squander even more precious time by devoting the weekend to a schoolboy spat about name calling, egos, and petulant oneupmanship.

And now a series Scottish MPs from this party of greed avarice and right wing xenophobic populist English nationalism have taken to social media to decry calls for another Scottish independence referendum, hypocritically claiming that that their focus is on rebuilding Scotland and healing division, all the while continuing their pursuit of a Brexit that Scotland doesn’t want and deepening the far more significant social divisions between the rich and the poor, the kids with full bellies and those who go to bed hungry. The only reason Scotland needs rebuilding is because the Tories wrecked it with their ideologically driven austerity and their war on the poor. So Douglas Ross and Andrew six chips Bowie, spare us the sanctimonious hypocritical claptrap. We need an independence referendum in order to escape you and yoursocietal wrecking ball of a party for good. You are the divisions we need to heal from. As Barack Obama said, “when ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don’t really have to do anything, you just let them talk.” or you just give them a softball interview slot on the BBC.

Scotland, not the Tories will decide for itself what its priorities are, and increasingly Scotland is coming to the conclusion that its priority is to ensure that it can protect itself from the callous cruelty, greed and selfish arrogance of the Conservatives, who offer us nothing but misery and grief with a side order of Empire nostalgia, wrapped up in bunting and garnished with a poppy. There’s only one way we can do that and at the same time secure our future as a normal European nation. independence is the priority.

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347 comments on “the priority

  1. Stella Falconer says:

    Another brilliant article, Paul, and accompanied by the best news of your rapid recovery. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is wishing you well and urging you to take it easy. It gladdens my heart, the way you get to the heart of the putrid Johnson “Government”; we will all be so glad to leave it all behind as soon as possible and become everything Scotland can be, without the shackles. 💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. Take care and stay safe x

  2. Alba woman says:

    Watching Channel 4 news …looks like Boris has had a total makeover…two smarmy grinning Tory MPs giving forth about how efficient and pragmatic their government is today. No mention of the stupidity of having his unnecessary meeting and apparently unmasked…..This plumbed the depths of Boris the thick and reckless.

    Just great to read your top class piece Paul ….look after yourself big time.

  3. fairliered says:

    If the Scottish tories want to heal division they should resign their seats.

  4. Alex Clark says:

    “The Prime Malingerer” hahaha absolutely love it. Welcome back 🙂

  5. NIALL MANNING says:

    Top form Paul. Welcome back.
    More amazing statistics from the SGP poll. The unionists are rapidly running out of fire power for defending the union. Yeh

  6. Welsh Siôn says:

    As my mum (95) is on the ‘vulnerable’ list, we have received a four page letter from the Department of Health giving us advice on how to look after her during this pandemic and how she should take care of herself.

    It’s signed, “Matt”.

    How in the name of goodness are we take seriously a Health Minister in the middle of a pandemic that has killed more citizens on this islands than during the Blitz (sorry, a slight lapse there into WWII territory, but I think justified in the circumstances) who addresses the vulnerable people he is supposed to be responsible for (not to mention the wonderful medical staff and carers who are in the front line under the sobriquet of “Matt”?

    • Alex Clark says:

      It’s Johnson’s style, everybody’s best chum. He’s bursting with covid antibodies, fit as a butchers dog, and has a huge pair of boxing gloves to wallop the virus into submission.

      How can anybody treat such a serious subject with such flippancy? Only the man child, come clown can do that, the UK led by an idiot in charge of a whole vipers nest of other idiots.

    • Capella says:

      It’s from the cartoonist for the Telegraph?

  7. Dr Jim says:

    Yeah but what name did they call her, this is what we need to know now that we’re in the new age of gossip politics where the UK government says a thing then the BBC repeat it without checking or questioning it first, then when it’s proven to be mince ten minutes later they repeat that too, It’s the new art of churnalism, the UK say something and the media churn it out on a repeat loop every hour on the hour until that’s proven mince as well, confusion to the enemy they used to call that

    I guess the public are now the enemy

    • Ken2 says:

      ‘Princess nut, nut’. Likes squirrels and wants to save the planet. The Tories could not even save themselves.

      Vote Tory to die younger. The average member male and over seventy. The virus and infection,

      Disappearing off the horizon. London S/E will be flooded by the Thames. After all that extra monies being spent on it. A total waste of monies. Public monies misappropriated by Westminster sycophants and their cronies. Wasters.

  8. yesindyref2 says:

    BoJo really is our bestest friend:

    It won’t be long now.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Every time he opens that hole in his face

    • Alex Clark says:

      The BBC’s reporting of it, quoting the Sun.

      “Boris Johnson ‘called Scottish devolution disaster'”

      • grizebard says:

        Oh, that mighty Union, so strong that a wee pinch of niggardly autonomy has totally undermined it…

      • grizebard says:

        … and nothing whatsoever to do with the blizzard of lies, insincere broken promises and malevolent put-downs manufactured by BritNattery (party-political and media) over the decades since the then “settled will of the Scottish people” was honoured.

        Oh, no. Perish the very thought!

      • grizebard says:

        Amazing really that the people of Scotland are now moving toward a new settled will.

        One that, once enacted, cannot this time be dupliticiously undermined by distant strangers for whom they can never vote.

      • Welsh Siôn says:

        Of course devolution has been a disaster … for the Tories – they can’t even win with that.

        They haven’t won a single election or been in Government in Cymru/Wales since 1859. Even with the semi-proportional d’Hondt system for the National Assembly (as was, and Senedd from next May) they have not been in Government since then.

        Talk about not having a mandate … Democratic deficit, anyone?

  9. Alan Taylor says:

    As insightful as ever, as inspiring as ever and a lot less typos. NHS physio must be working 🙂 SAOR ALBA

  10. yesindyref2 says:

    This is quite a long piece which sets the Referendums (Scotland) Act 2020 in context, plus the short legislation needed to actually get a referendum up and running.

    and this piece from February was interesting as well

    but note in the Referendums (Scotland) Act 2020 as enacted, opening out the whole act and doing a search, it doesn’t refer to primary legislation, nor to secondary legislation, it does refer to subordinate legislation. I have absolutely no idea what the significance of that is.

  11. Arthur Thomson says:

    Spot on Paul.

    Johnson is full of mince like a butcher’s dog.

    He will be the architect of his own demise in short time. Personally I prefer that his downfall is dragged out and interesting. He is a prime asset to us as a shambling, bumbling advertisement for Brit stupidity. We couldn’t find better if we tried. Those unfortunate Scots who have internalized the notion of Brit superiority must be questioning their world view every time he stumbles onto the scene.

    Of course, he is anything but harmless but neither would any replacement be and they surely couldn’t be as stupid – could they?

    • grizebard says:

      Well, we used to think that Thatcher was the pits of arrogant self-centred English Establishment insensitivity, poll tax and all, but oh, how innocent we were back then! We never imagined anything as bad as this, with protective devolution under attack and the actual-real-definite Brexit looming, there’s even worse to come. Alas there will be some who have “internalised Brit superiority” (as you put it so well) so thoroughly over the decades that they are irretrievable, but there do seem to be sufficient others who are finally emerging from that mindset to make the necessary difference.

      You have to wonder why people with an iota of self-respect would still tolerate any of their fellow citizens, never mind people from elsewhere, trying to assert that they are all useless dependents of another country, especially when it is governed by a self-evident bumbling incompetent. His faltering but arrogantly interfering stewardship is definitely opening eyes, not least to the despicable efforts of native nay-sayers, who in persisting with their negativity, only succeed in devaluing their own reputation.

      Don’t know how long missing-in-action BoJo can survive politically – he’s on a shoogly peg down south – but regardless, this is a truly historic double-crisis with a historic opportunity next May, and with historic consequences that absolutely must be pursued with maximum effort directly thereafter.

    • grizebard says:

      Great post. I sent a response, but it seems somehow to have ended up in the dunny.

  12. yesindyref2 says:

    “Analysis: with comic timing Boris undermines Scottish Tory fortunes as party prepares for its conference”

    Michael Settle writes some interesting articles in the Herald.

    (last post on something else stuck in moderation with 3 links, doesn’t matter though)

  13. Gordon says:

    Another cracker. Absolutely brilliant. A laugh or two. In terrible times.

    Dom’s reign of terror gone. Cain once dressed up as a chicken to pursue Johnston for the ‘Mail’. More like a pantomime. No more pantos for Christmas. Who needs one with that lot on the go.

    The Tory circus comes to town. With no animals, Carrie wants to save them all. Save the world. The Tories could not save themselves.

    Just home as well. Take it easy. Well done and well done to the SNHS too. Another donation coming along. More than worth a bob or two. Great stuff.

    They called her ‘Princess nut, nut’. She like squirrels. A lot of the Tories do. To pass the buck.

  14. Dr Jim says:

    The time has come when the Tories claim that Independence is an SNP obsession is past, it’s now a Scottish people’s demand

    Theft of assets, deriding our parliament, ignoring our votes, dictating from Westminster, a pound spent in Croyden is worth more than a pound spent in Strathclyde, intercepting powers from Brussels that rightly belong in Scotland, the UK single market bill which breaks the law and removes powers from Scotland’s parliament, the attempt to divert PPE from Scotland during a global pandemic, how about the attempt to exclude Scotland’s FM from COP 26 in her own country, and there isn’t an arm long enough to list the rest

    Scotland has noticed all of it and at long last as with devolution time’s caught up with jolly old England and its Tory rulers both blue and red and we’d like to *take back control* of our own country now

  15. Dr Jim says:

    Tory Minister for agriculture George Eustace tells farmers your sheep will be worthless post Brexit so get yourselves some cows

    The shit’s piling up, literally

  16. Is Ross off on his travels running the line in some foreign football field this week?
    Anybody know/

    • andyfromdunning says:

      Hello Jack

      Did you ever get a nice conversation with the manager at your local food shop? Can’t remember if it was Aldi or Lidl.

      • Unlike Johnson and the Blue Meanies, the Collatin House is sticking to the lockdopwn guidelines.
        I’ll be venturing forth this week for essential vittles, so will update on the Lidl fiasco then.

        I fancy printing off the daily Covid Stats on a big sheet of newsprint and putting it up inside the door of Lidl’s and ‘reminding’ the assholes that they are killing their fellow citizens.

        Every Lidl bit helps?

        I note that Johnson the Mighty has declared war on Jock ‘separatists and nationalists’, among whom I am fiercely proud to be included.

        Can we get up off our knees now, Sub Lieutenant (RN Failed) Bowie?
        I repeat, is Dross off on his travels with FIFA during this latest Blue Tory meltdown?

        The phoney war is over, Duggers.

        • Capella says:

          DRoss will be zooming his Zoom Boss this afternoon to clarify which type of “disaster” Scotland represents.
          Nicola currently printing off posters immortalising Boris’s disaster quote in preparation for the next election. (with her prepaid campaign funds).

  17. Ken2 says:

    The Tories never supported Devolution in the first place. They held it up for 20 years. Imagine the state Scotland would be in without Devolution and the SNP Gov.

    A Scottish Office hiving off Scottish resources and revenues. Tory cuts and coarseness non mitigated. Education, SNHS and welfare ruined like it is in the south. An absolute disaster.

    Brexit looming fast. Another catastrophe.No IndyRef in the horizon to save Scotland from the Westminster imbeciles and parasites. It does not bear thinking about.

    Scotland would not be able to save itself from another Westminster disaster of poor, bad decisions. Instead of mitigating it. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act by the Westminster Gov.

    Save the world. The Tories could not even save themselves. An unmitigated disaster. Out of touch, out of mind. Princess nut, nut and the cronies. Vote Tory to die younger. Unless it is a badger. Spreading disease for the farmers.

    The reason there are more sheep farmers in Scotland is the terrain and landscape. More hills and more mountains. Another ignorant Tory unable to understand a map or even look it up.

    More sheep farmers in Scotland supported by EU grants and Cap payments. Crofters. They will be deprived of their living by Brexit. Without support.

    The Tory ignorance, arrogance and stupidity is breath taking. Another sycophant that does not even know their brief. Or their cattle. Steps into the limelight and shows their complete ignorance. They have to be put right. Out of the misery. Vote them out, especially in Scotland. The harm that they do.

    Another IndyRef coming soon. To sort them out. it can be won at last. In the words of Labour. Lost in the ether.

    ‘Bring it on’.

  18. Tatu3 says:

    Lovely to see that being home with your husband, and able to see your mum too I’d imagine, has helped with the typos. Being home is the best medicine. Great article – spot on in every respect

  19. Golfnut says:

    I suppose the timing of the Johnson announcement was supposed to coincide with the utter collapse of Nicola and the SG. With credibility shattered after the non stop battering from the bbc, media, care home crisis, SNHS collapse, Alex Salmond inquiry etc etc etc, Johnson and those broad shoulders of the uk ride to the rescue.
    I suppose it’s a measure of the sheer stupidity of the Johnson gang, that despite 14 polls showing Yes leading, the popularity of the SNP on the rise, the people of Scotland now demanding a referendum that Johnson thinks it’s a good time to make this announcement, albeit from the depths of the No10 bunker.

  20. Golfnut says:

    And still they rage on and on and on.

  21. andyfromdunning says:

    It amazes me that politicians like Gordy, in fact most Union supporting types can sit and tell a blatant lie that contradicts what they said last week.

    Gordy’s mega lie, up there for the politician of the year deception award 2014 just does not phase him as he won the vote for Cameron. How he can go out in public amazes me. He must see now that his actions have damaged the people of Scotland by giving us Brexit, poor governance from London and that’s before you say Smith Commission. Twat.

    • grizebard says:

      “Twat”? You are far too gentle on him. He is by no means a dummy, he knows full well what he is doing and saying, yet he deliberately chose in 2014 to put the interests of the Brenglish Establishment before those of the people of Scotland, and by his craven complicity since, continues to give cover to the likes of the wee linesman on lunchtime R4 news today to punt the gross lie that Scotland “has the most powerful devo anywhere”, an utterly fatuous claim that is well understood for exactly what it is, as proven by the most recent SGP poll over “The Vow”.

      He has deliberately connived with the Tories to keep us chained within a system that continues to ruthlessly and carelessly exploit us and keep us at a disadvantage, yet Bojo’s latest pronouncement on (Labour’s) devo reveals Broon to be no more than a pathetic dupe who isn’t big enough (despite all his pretension) to admit either to himself or to the rest of us that he was mistaken.

  22. Capella says:

    I have a link to 223 comments at the bottom of this article “The Priority”. These comments are from the previous article “Going Home”. Seems that the link to comments doesn’t update properly when a new article is posted? I found this article by looking at the list to recent comments in the right hand sidebar.
    Time for a bit of technical support?

    • Capella says:

      Update – now showing two buttons. Top one to 223 comments clicks through to comments below “Going Home”. Underneath that a button tp 36 comments clicking through to these comments under “The Priority”.

      • John MacRae says:

        It’s been like that here for the last few missives.

        Probably WordPress up to one of its little foibles.


  23. Bob Lamont says:

    Well done Paul, glad to see the barbed wit undimmed…

  24. Capella says:

    Robespierre shows Gove lying and insulting Neil Grey in the commons. If their mouths are opening, they’re lying.
    Tumbril time.

  25. Hamish100 says:

    So the throwaway devolution line gets the tories interested in the constitution. Still some old cynics like me might think it was a good diversionary tactic away from the internal woes of torydum. Cummings who was he? Brexit? Done deal.
    Let’s not just react too quickly to Tory pronouncements. In Glesga parliance, yir sir sold a dummy.

  26. Dr Jim says:

    Devolution is a disaster and Tony Blair’s to blame, oh no I didn’t mean that I meant Nicola Sturgeon’s bad because nationalism separatism, oh no I don’t mean the voters are bad for voting for it they’re just deluded, oh no I didn’t mean Scottish voters are stupid I meant they have been taken in by the bad woman, oh no I didn’t mean Scottish people can’t tell who’s bad and who’s not I meant where’s Dominic to tell me what I meant

    We know exactly what he meant, don’t we folks

    • grizebard says:

      I think what he really meant was that Labour were a bunch of total dummies to be used as Tory shills back in 2014. (Oh, and ever since.)

  27. Dr Jim says:

    Isn’t it a bit funny now that a huge majority in Scotland blame the BBC for not telling them the truth and facts about the resulting catastrophe of Brexit because I seem to remember Nicola Sturgeon and the entire SNP along with the Greens and at the time even the Tories and Labour in Scotland virtually united in their opposition to Brexit and folk who were determined to vote for the damn thing said the FM was lying, then when the Tories in Scotland reversed their position and supported Brexit the same people said ah that proves the SNP and the Greens and Labour were lying without batting an eyelid at the fact their own Tory party had reversed its position so by that logic they surely must have been lying too, but that became eliminated from their memories on the grounds that the Tories were now pursuing the madness that the mad people wanted

    There’s no doubt that the BBC and other media didn’t do their job but I would suggest it’s a tad disingenuous to now lump all the blame on to them, rather these people who have now seen the light over Brexit should be apologising to the FM and the Greens for not believing them in the first place, y’see you can’t apologise to the Tories because it’s clear that they lied and are still doing it, and you can’t apologise to Labour because just like always they buckled under Tory instructions and did what they’re always do, fold, oh and you could never apologise to the Liberal Democrats because like they always do they tried to manipulate the situation to make Jo Swinson the new Queen of Scotland and ended up as they always do by saying we must accept the situation even though we don’t like it because the Bringlish voters voted and Scotland is only a colony of the greater shining soon to be offered federalism of the future England the *grate*

    On the Liberal Democrats Mike Rumbles insists it’s more important to die doing your Christmas shopping than being prevented from buying our yearly baubles and bangles fur the weans because civil rights and all that

    Is Amazon shopping too modren fur the Liberal Democrats then, dae they no sell leather patches fur jaikets elbows

    • And Ken Macintosh allowed Mike Rumbles to heckle. Our FM had to demand that Macintosh intervene. Rennie, his ‘leader’ and Cole Scuttle could have told this boorish little Nobody to shut the feck up, but they didn’t.
      Tacitly ergo, they were quite happy for their bloated little gang member to bellow out nonsense as it suited him.
      Not for the first time did Rumbles appear to be ‘under the weather’.
      perhaps it’s time to introduce ‘test and trace’ breathalyser measures at HR.

      Even Baroness Rape Clause had the nous to play this one low key, whereas Leonard made an absolute idiot of himself by not having the Covid stats for Lanarkshire at his fingertips, and had to sit meekly while NS Father Ted/Dougall explained to the sad man that figures don’t lie, and Johnson, the Green Machine. moaned about ‘test and trace’ again, and Rennie, well, he is Wee Wullie Winkie, sleepwalked his way through his usual generalised Bad SNP guff.

      Macintosh had a dozen years at BBC Jockland in his past…says it all.

      Again, I marvel at NS’ energy, oratory and patience with this Bitter Together Gang of Losers.

      • diabloandco says:

        I would wish she as a little less patient and bit a little harder.

      • grizebard says:

        Rumbles – a prime example of nominative determinism.

        To think that the NE FibDems put that empty barrel on top of their regional list in place of the assiduous and effective Alison McInnes. Well, we all know what floats to the top…

  28. bringiton says:

    The difference between Johnson and Trump is that Johnson is a narcissistic sociopath and Trump is a sociopathic narcissist.
    Both completely unfit for public office and if I was a share holder in any private enterprise in which they had a say, would be looking to offload my holdings PDQ.
    In the Trumpverse or BoJoverse,lies are truth,down is up etc,in fact the complete opposite of the reality most of us experience.

  29. JoMax says:

    “Devolution is a disaster because it means we in England have little control left over one of our last colonies and these pesky Scots never do what they’re told anyway. Thrawn. That’s what they are. Thrawn. I learnt that word from some Scotch Tories who have to translate for me what the SNP are saying in the Chamber”, added Boris from under his mask in a fridge which fell off the back of a lorry and landed in a ditch in Kent.

  30. Alex Clark says:

    This article by Tom Peck in the Independent is quite scathing of Johnson and his tendency to open his gub and put his foot in it. This time over his comments on devolution.

    He remains, as ever, Nicola Sturgeon’s favourite ever Christmas present. The embodiment both of Brexit and of the kind of old Etonian Toryism are found to be so repulsive in Scotland that support for independence seems to grows by half a per cent or so with every passing week.

    And all this before the cold, grim realities of Brexit have even begun.
    It will be no surprise to anyone if trademark Johnsonian indolence comes to break the union. His is the story of a kind of coprophagan King Midas, where all he touches turns not to gold but to something rather different.

    Where his handling of coronavirus ranks in the grand scheme of it all is too early to say, but it is regularly and accurately foretold that Scottish independence would make Brexit look like a mild hiccough. His grandest disaster is quite possibly, probably even, still to come.

    An enjoyable read, if you support Independence and can’t stand Johnson that is.

  31. Alex Clark says:

    Had a post disappear so this is just a test.

  32. Republicofscotland says:

    “A new Plan B to achieve independence – backed by Joanna Cherry – has been rejected for debate at the SNP’s conference later this month, The National can reveal.”

    Hmmm…This isn’t good, rejecting options when Johnson refuses to grant a S30 is in effect painting yourself into a corner. Unless of course there’s another plan of action waiting on the sidelines, that Blackford and Sturgeon already know about.

  33. Republicofscotland says:

    Listened to an article on Times radio, it used to be Talk radio, on Scottish independence and Johnson’s remarks on devolution. The presenter and several interviewees comforted themselves in the knowledge that Johnson will never grant an S30 order, even less so now that independence looks like the settled will of the Scottish people, and the SNP are looking hot favourites to do well in next years Scottish elections.

    Just why would Johnson grant an S30 when he just has to keep saying no, its not as if Sturgeon will change his mind by calling him undemocratic, Westminster will never willingly give up a third of the UK’s landmass, and all the assets that goes with it.

    I think Johnson will move quickly next year post 31st of December to hinder and weaken devolution, and in the process remove our parliaments ability to hold an indyref for good.

    We’re running out of time.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Johnson couldn’t move quickly if you stuck a rocket up his arse.

      • diabloandco says:

        And I am convinced he will be exiting stage left pursued by a bear or at least irate tory voters of the lesser , poorer kind.

    • Arthur Thomson says:

      FFS we might be running out of time in your mind RoS but you’re surely not running out of pessimism. Let’s jist shoother oor packs and heed back tae oor wee Scot but an’ ben.

      It might just have escaped your notice that achieving even the simplest objective is rarely a matter of marching in a straight line between your starting point and your goal. Real life tasks usually involve a degree of problem solving enroute. Complex tasks obviously require more thought. Lamenting the fact that the task is difficult rarely solves it – unless, of course, your unspoken goal is actually to give up.

      You might achieve that but you’re not going to find any takers on here to join you. Lolz.

    • grizebard says:

      He doesn’t “have to just keep saying no”. It’s like Trump pretending he won the election, it’s an unsustainable farce. The longer BoZo tries it, the better. Just like his Gerald Ratner moment yesterday, it exposes the true Brenglish attitude and as such it’s a great vote-winner for indy.

      Look-at-the-polls. Duh.

  34. Ken2 says:

    Johnston will be gone before long. Like all the rest of the deniers, who did not support another IndyRef. Some folk never learn.

    Who wants the poison chalice? Not Labour. They campaigned against winning an election. Frit. The Brexit mess. Inheriting that. The virus is bad enough.

  35. Arthur Thomson says:

    Is Johnson an SNP plant? Lolz.

    Of course, his comments have provided the opportunity for Dross to pretend that he is standing up for Scotland but it is all going to backfire as usual. Already the Brit media have been reporting it widely, in their usual patronising manner, underlining the original patronising statement. Nothing succeeds like excess in Britland. By Jove, a few more of those damned Jocks deciding that enough John Bull shit is definitely enough can’t get in the way of a gold plated British insult.

    What next? What botch ups are to follow?

    It is genuinely hard work watching them digging the world’s biggest hole. I should really be grateful that they are digging their own grave but I have to admit that my blood pressure rises each time I hear their despicable oaths. It is undeniably discomforting to watch as the verbal diarrhoea of a degenerate half-wit is apparently taken seriously by a whole State apparatus.

    Jings, is this really the level to which the Brexit Brits have descended in pursuit of money?

    Yep and there is much more to come.

    • Legerwood says:

      Channel 4 news tonight led with the devolution story. It was not too bad a report but the best bit was Gary Gibbon getting his teeth into D Ross who is clearly not used to that type of agressive questioning. More used to the soft sycophancy of the BBC Scotland.

      • Stephen McKenzie says:

        Legerwood, Agree with all of that. I notice Gary Gibbon didn’t let D Ross waffle either and kept it on track.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Even in the DRoss interview Gibbon gave him free rein to imply the SNP are doing something against popular will in Holyrood, despite winning for 13 years in an election system specifically designed to provoke coalitions.
        The WM process may be FPTP but there again the SNP majority shows for Scotland, Gibbon really should not allow him to platform this piffle without countering with the question, “are they not democratically elected?”.

        • Legerwood says:

          Sometimes certain questions do not have to be asked when there is such a glaring hole in their argument that everyone can see it. The result being the person being interviewed looks stupid and people have arrived at that conclusion for themselves which is always the most effective way to implant an idea in people’s heads.

          Garry Gibbon has a way of doing that with Scottish politicians of a Unionist persuasion. I watched him once dismember Ian Gray with one question. Too easy especially when the Unionist politicians in Scotland are conditioned to the soft questioning of the usual interviewers up here.

      • grizebard says:

        I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a subversive lurking in the BBC. (Well, it’s a toss-up between that and rank ignorance or desperation.) On the lunchtime R4 news today, striving to repair BoZo’s reputational own goal, DRoss was allowed to freely assert that we have the bestest possible devolution anywhere, which anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows is a complete fiction, and reveals the utter absurdity of the muppet.

        Meanwhile, Federal Broon seems to have emerged from his crypt yet again to champion the Union, and try to poison-pill the inevitable IR2 with a third “devo-max” option that will be roundly ignored afterwards if we’re stupid enough to concede him his disgraceful scheming and vote for it. Just to give a wee reminder to anyone who might have missed or forgotten his last duplicitous attempt:

        Gordon Brown backs federalism in event of No vote
        GORDON Brown has said talks on extending devolution should begin the day after the referendum if independence is defeated as he stated that the UK would be a “federal state” within two years with Holyrood and other regions of the UK handed equal status to Westminster.
        The Scotsman, Friday, 15th August 2014

        Now, does anybody recall how that wonderful assurance came about in the last 6+ years, because I for one surely missed it? It happened in some alternative universe somewhere, maybe?

        I truly hope that this contemptible lying old fart does lead the BritNat opposition in IR2. He’s left a sorry trail of hostages to fortune just waiting to be resurrected.

  36. Dr Jim says:

    Rejected this rejected that, we can’t do this we can’t do that, and the moaners complain that the SNP aren’t telling them anything so that must mean,,,,,, wait for it,,,,,,the psychic intervention that is resolutely stood by as fact by somebody who just made stuff up and hopes people will fall for it

    Y’know I don’t know when folk will get this intae their nappers Nicola Sturgeon will not open her mouth and tell anybody anything about what’s going to happen, because unlike how most things are normally conducted she fully understands the minute she does speak the entire narrative will change from Covid to Independence and that’s what’ll become the entire news agenda and the leaks would come thick and fast with rumours abounding that she’ll have to spend her entire time answering and she’s not going to do it and play the game to suit the opposition the media and the online Scottish Taliban, so until the time she does make an announcement folk will have to content themselves and wait

    Of course you could pay some folk to make stuff up, there are enough of those people around

    • Golfnut says:

      Well said.

    • Petra says:

      Good one, Dr Jim. Can you imagine what it would be like right now if Nicola Sturgeon had to get into full blown ding-dong debates about the many issues relating to Independence when people are sitting at home bl**dy-well self-isolating and scunnered out of their minds right now worrying about the future. Many in fact wondering if they will survive this virus: If they are going to be here next year. The other issue of course is that after 4 long years we have no idea if the UK is going to forge some kind of a deal with the EU or not, which impacts on what Nicola Sturgeon can say or not about an Independent Scotland. And yet we’ve got the usual subjects demanding that Nicola Sturgeon should inform the whole world as to what she’s planning to do right now. Have been demanding this for quite some time in fact. And of course we are constantly being told that Boris Johnson will say no to a S30 request again. Boris Johnson will probably slope off like his boss Cummings with the two of them disappearing into the sunset come the New Year. All planned. Job done.


      James Kelly using his noggin as he utilizes his polling questions to educate.

      ‘Scot Goes Pop / Panelbase poll: Staggering three-quarters of voters think the BBC have failed to make the public aware of how the Internal Market Bill will reduce the Scottish Parliament’s powers.’

  37. Arthur Thomson says:


  38. Petra says:

    Great to know you’re settled at home with Peter now, Paul, and no doubt house-hunting for your wee but’n’ben 😀. Take care of yourself X


    Just wondering what LBJ is going on about when he says that Tony Bliar made a big mistake by granting devolution when in fact it was the EU that demanded that this should be done and it was Bliar’s bad luck that he was in charge at the time.

    Bliar agrees with LBJ.


    Philippa Whitford putting the record straight in relation to Bojo and his devolution faux pas.

  39. Petra says:

    ”With PM isolating & travesty of excluding MPs with cancer from Cancer debate, Rees-Mogg may extend virtual participation. But says WON’T include ‘Shielding’ MPs – so who decides?! #DemocraticDeficit #COVID19.”


    Check out Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.

  40. Petra says:


    ‘Boris Johnson sparks row, calling Scottish devolution a ‘disaster.’


    Might be a repeat? Sorry I don’t have the time to check it out.

    ‘Scottish Tory leader says union will remain despite independence referendum fears.’

  41. Alex Clark says:

    The same old arguments about how the fight for Independence is in dire straits because Johnson will never give a Section 30 order, there is no plan B and the SNP are effing useless have been circulating for more than a year now.

    Hahaha, it has resulted in support continuously rising, I despair! I despair!

    Well, some do if they fall for the Britnat propaganda that tells you to give up all hope, your leaders are useless and Independence will always be beyond your grasp because..

    WHY? well because we say so and want to convince you of that too, so ignore the polls, listen to Gove and Johnson they tell the unadulterated truth. You can trust them lol.

    I think we’re actually doing very well in closing in on our goal of Independence, it needs the support of the majority of the electorate of Scotland and we are already there. More of the same, for now during this pandemic as support is still building.

    Smell the fear now of the British state, it’s pungent, we just keep doing what we are doing, their power over the media is having less and less effect in Scotland where we know propaganda when we see it. That worries them so expect the rhetoric to be ramped up. It won’t make a dent in the support for Independence which will continue to grow while the Tories paper over the cracks.

    We are over the event horizon and past the point of no return. The Union will soon be history.

  42. Welsh Siôn says:

    Oh, good grief!

    Don’t they understand they are making us more pro-independence on a daily basis? (Then again, no complaints, eh?)

    Boris Johnson to launch ‘Union task force’ to ’emblazon a Union Jack’ on every policy

    17th November 2020

    The Prime Minister Boris Johnson will launch a new ‘Union task force’ to make the ’emotional’ case for the UK.

    The new task force will consist of Conservative MPs from England, Wales and Scotland, according to the Financial Times. [LINK IS BEHIND A PAYWALL]

    One senior Scottish Tory MP told the newspaper: “We have to make sure the union is at the heart of everything we do, every policy needs to have a Union Jack emblazoned on it.”

    While the main ail will be to encourage Scotland to stay in the union – where recent polls show a majority for independence – it will also focus on Wales too.

    The plan will include new No 10 press secretary Allegra Stratton broadcasting from the devolved nations.

    Carry on, Boris! Independence will soon be ‘oven ready’ 🙂

    • Alex Clark says:

      “The plan will include new No 10 press secretary Allegra Stratton broadcasting from the devolved nations.”

      That’ll do it. Dad’s Army planners are now in full control of the UK government LOL

      • Dr Jim says:

        Will Allegra Stratton be broadcasting on the British state run media with or without co-operation
        Isn’t it odd how they can announce they’ll be doing that without prior consultation with the so called impartial BBC who were quite prepared to switch the FM of Scotland off if she strayed into politics yet for the Imperial government it’s all fine when they do politics opposing the political preference of Scotland

        Tokyo Stratton

    • Petra says:

      “Allegra Stratton broadcasting from the devolved nations.”

      What on earth does that mean? I thought that she was to cover for skivving LBJ on giving CV19 briefings on his behalf?

  43. Dr Jim says:

    Let’s slap even more Union flags on even more stuff than we already do, that’ll teach those damn Punkah Wallahs, eh no er Jocks yes damn Jocks by Jove, tell em their great white mother in England will be displeased with em that’ll sort em out, as bad as that damn Bogtrotting Irish lot don’t you know, can’t trust a bally one of em as far as you can throw em, or to keep their damn mouths shut insolent Bastirts that they are, we’ll be having that bloody noisy Welsh shower with their damn singing mouthing off next
    A dose of good English steel’s what we need shoved upem by God

    Even the language they use hasn’t changed one bit

    • Petra says:

      They don’t have a clue do they? Slap Union flags on everything is the answer they say. The way to hang onto our prrreeccious Union. Well seeing that they’ve got absolutely no insight whatsoever into the Scottish / Welsh mindset.

      • As I have observed many times before, Petra, the Butcher’s Apron in now the Blue Red and Yellow Brit Nats’ modern day swastika.

        They intend to hoist this symbol of Imperial Mastery on every building bridge and UK Civil service building they can; just like the Nazis of the Third Reich, The Iron Heel English Oligarchy are attempting to crush Scotland and its people by simply marching in to every town city and hamlet in our beloved country hoisting their flag and declaring victory for England, no matter how we Scots vote in any election.
        Dross wandering about the TV studios yesterday was as humiliating for him personally as it was the ultimate embarrassment for his party, and Murray’s and Carmichael’s, as he squirmed and,even spoon fed by the Glenn Campbells and Hon Sarah Smiths of the Yoon World, came across as a complete nincompoop, as he trid to explain to us all what Boris Johnson really meant, that it was The SNP Government which was a ‘disaster’, who somehow got into government 13 years ago, despite, presumably, we Scots voting Tory?

        The very sight of the Butcher’s apron stamped on everything from eggs to Lasagna in the Big supermarkets is no accident.
        Can someone with graphic skills fashion a swastika with the Jack embedded, so that we can get the message rammed home Up Here.
        ER are bring invaded by England now…

        How many ‘Queen Elizabeth II buildings hospitals and schools have appeared recently?

        Englund Uber Alles.

        • Golfnut says:

          There’s plenty of them Jack, just type in ‘ union flag with swastika ‘, I wouldn’t post them here and they may be subject to copywrite anyway, but they have been busy.

          • Thanks for this, Golfnut

            What I was mooting was producing a swastika, with the red white and blue union jack colours integrated into the swastika itself, instead of the usual black.

            Some may even be tempted to produce a few hundred sticky backed copies and superimpose them on Jacks packaging in supermarkets to ram home the real fascist Imperialist message of the blanket ‘Jacking’ of supermarket stuff with the butcher’s apron.
            Some might be tempted, but not I, officer.

            I agree, Golfnut, it would offend all our sensibilities posting an image of the ‘Jackstika’ on here.

            I’ve coined a word? ‘Jackstika’?

  44. Hamish100 says:

    Still the doppelgänger WGD namely WoS has had a flush of honesty. ..” This is a Sturgeon/SNP Bad Forum.” It states.

    In all honesty how do some independence supporters believe the only way to win independence is without the snp or the FM. Folk not interested in the minutiae of politics but may vote snp next year in increasing numbers must wonder what is this all about. 56% not good enough for some. They prefer 45% and call it a glorious failure. Oh to be pure in heart.

    • Petra says:

      “Must wonder what it’s all about”..

      Anyone with a modicum of commonsense knows what it’s all about. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. Around 56% of Scots support independence and I’m sure that many within the 44% at least admire Nicola Sturgeon in relation to the job that she’s doing and yet around 99% of people on that site are anti-SNP / NS now 😀. It’s actually become quite hilarious seeing one person after another battling to outdo the others with their SNP Baad comments in an attempt to get their great big egos massaged and of course to scupper Indyref2. And you can spot those I’m referring to a mile off.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Aye, read all about it in the Bathistan Chronicle

    • grizebard says:

      Hmmm, never mind the vipers, what about the nest? We could do with a flush of honesty over the visitor numbers and financing of WoS these days.

  45. Petra says:

    ONE Tory seems to get it 😎. Altogether now “The Union is dead.” 😀

  46. Petra says:

    Haughty? Arrogant, dismissive bustards with a sense of entitlement more like 👹.

  47. malkymcblain says:

    Completely OT antipodean update on Australian battle against Murdoch. See another former small c conservative PM in full throttle against Murdoch’s main man in Oz.

    • Golfnut says:

      Not sure that anything to do with media bias and propaganda is ever OT, great to see a politician getting stuck in, and telling it like it is.

      Thanks for sharing.

  48. Petra says:

    Piers Morgan is getting right into the Tory’s once again this morning by putting it to Alok Sharma that the government is lying about the CV19 figure being around 50,000. He said that the ONS can’t understand why the government is hiding the true figure of it being around 75,000.

    He then showed footage of Matt Handcock stating in the Commons in January that the chances of the virus impacting on the UK had been predicted to be very low to low and that we were well prepared for this virus etc etc. Asking him why they are focused on lowering restrictions over Christmas to find that it creates a massive surge in cases and therefore deaths. Why are they only concerned about Christians and hadn’t been bothered about people of other religions. On about the 3 million people who have fallen through the cracks and aren’t getting any financial support and why are the tax-payers paying £21 million pounds to a Spanish middle man (one of many) for PPE. He’s one of the few people who is actually holding the Tories feet to the fire, in particular BoJo.

  49. Ken2 says:

    Governments are responsible for stopping bias and unfairness. Not colluding with it for unfairness and bias. They are required by Law to enforce non biased fairness in the Press and otherwise.

    Murdoch should have been stopped long ago breaking every Law rule in the book. Breaking International Law. A monopoly of untruth.

    Surveilling, hacking, bribing public officials. All illegal under International business Law and business practice. Governments just let on get away with it without any sanction, Total corruption. Supporting illegal wars. Killing people illegally. An unelected ring leader. A public disgrace.

    A monopoly of collusion. To illegally increase their wealth and tax evade. No Dom tax evading owners are influencing destroying the world economy. Brexit etc.

    Thatcher illegally handed over the press to Murdoch. Times and other titles. For news influence. An unfair monopoly. For colluded support. Bribery and corruption. She interfered illegally and denied it. It turned into a right wing monologue of unfair disadvantage. Illegally removed any balance.

    The Leveson recommendations not implemented and disregarded. Murdoch is a criminal. Breaking International Law. Business and otherwise, Bribing public officials. Tax evasion.

    Murdoch got away with £30Billion for destroying the world and economic fairness. His family have abandoned him for his ignorance, arrogance wickedness. He should have been stopped by the Law long ago. Brexit will finish him off. Or the virus?

    Without a free and fair Press there is no democracy. Governments have a legal responsibility to ensure it. Not collude in avoidance. Lie, after lie, after lie. Destroying the economy and costing people’s lives. It is tragic. The harm that has been done. Those who collude are responsible. Vote them out. .

  50. Ken2 says:

    Government colluded illegally. In right wing bias in the Press. Thatcher interfered illegally and denied it. Gave Murdoch a bias monopoly in the Press. Undue influence to destroy the world. Killing people. Illegal wars and Brexit. A catastrophe.

    Murdoch a criminal. Hacking surveillance and bribery, bribing public official. Leveson not implemented and disregarded. Getting away with it. A monopoly of the right wing, Too much power and control. Some of the titles should have been sold.

    Governments are supposed to ensure a free and fair unbiased Press. By Law. They have a legal responsibility. Not collude with it. To line their pockets.

    Without a free and fair Press there is no democracy. Government are supposed to ensure it. Not collude with it. Worldwide.

  51. Petra says:

    ‘Scottish General Election (Coronavirus) Bill.’

    ”Legislation to ensure safety of 2021 poll during pandemic.

    New legislation has been published to make sure next year’s Scottish parliamentary election can take place fairly and safely during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.”


    ”Legislation setting out contingency plans for next year’s Holyrood election has been published – with the potential for voting over several days, an all-postal election, dissolution one day before the poll or even a delay of up to six months..Thread.”

  52. Ken2 says:

    Redwood is a liar. He lied about Brexit too.

  53. Ken2 says:

    Murdoch is a criminal. A liar. Breaking International Law. Thatcher’s henchman. Supporting illegal wars and Brexit. His family have abandoned him.

    Governments should have kept him in check. A legal responsibility. Not collude to line their pockets. The reason they are in Gov. Misappropriating Gov funds. A cabal.

    Without a free and fair Press there is no democracy

  54. Petra says:

    Spot on Richard. They are petrified 😀.

    Richard Murphy:- ”The reality is that little England knows that it is sucking value from Scotland as hard as it can. And it does not want that to stop. And the chance that it might is what petrifies them.”


    Richard Leonard:- ”Last night, Boris Johnson displayed his utter contempt for the devolution settlement. The people of Scotland have reaffirmed devolution time and time again. If Johnson wants to see the biggest threat to the union, he should look in the mirror.”

  55. Petra says:

    Angus B MacNeil MP:- #Timing😁 Soon my letter yesterday to Boris will be landing on his desk.
    The letter tries to get Scot Gov #PlanA to work, by asking if the UKPM will “cooperate with Scot Gov” for Sec30 #independence ref. SNP can raise point at #PMQ too.”


    It looks as though BoJo never ever liked us Scots 😭 😎.

    Jim Pickard:- ”apropos of nothing, a Boris Johnson column on Scotland from the year 2001.”

  56. Petra says:

    There’ll be friggin riots if they even think about doing this. Dragging radioactive material all over Scotland. Return them to Barrow in Furness.

    ‘Alarm over plan to break up nuclear submarines at Hunterston.’


    Kenny McBride:- ”The Nine of the BBC Scotland channel only gets around 4000 viewers per night. With your support, Scotland’s independent broadcaster, @broadcastscot, can top that. Please dig deep and please RT this appeal widely!”

  57. Petra says:

    ‘Grouse Beater:- ‘Scotland’s Central Bank.’



  58. Petra says:

    ‘UK police and law enforcement will lose access to key EU databases even if a security deal is struck before Brexit, officials have confirmed.’


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  59. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile Johnson will invite his interlopers to Downing street today the interlopers are from all corners of the UK. Their task to crush Scottish independence by creating plans using UK resources such as policy ideas, Union Jackery and giving English press briefings from Scotland, all in the name of destroying Scottish independence.

    We are at war people not with rifles, or bombs, but with propaganda, Westminster is our enemy and it wants to destroy your children and your grand children’s futures.

  60. Republicofscotland says:

    Jesus, that buffoon of a SNP MP Stewart MacDonald has called on the MoD to permanently base major Royal Navy warships in Scotland. Doesn’t MacDonald realise that we’re trying to break ties with the union and not strengthen them.

    MacDonald gives some woolly and very unconvincing reason, that the ISC Russia report somehow converts into a threat to Scotland, Russia is not our enemy Westminster is.

    I wish SNP MP’s would stick to helping to remove Scotland from this unfit for purpose onesided union and leave everything else to Westminster.

    Another Stewart, Stewart Hosie SNP MP is on the ISC panel, and you don’t get on that panel unless the PM vets you.

    • Golfnut says:

      I agree that Stewart MacDonald is a completemuppet, why he’s defence spokesperson is beyond me. The EU has a mutual defence policy, so sharing one with England is neither necessary not desirable. That would be the England that has tried over the last 300 yrs to wipe Scotland off the map, the England that has conducted campaign of cultural genocide for the last 300 yrs while looting Scotland. Handing over control of our skies, seas and basically allowing an army occupation into an Independent Scotland isn’t the brightest of ideas. If anyone is under the sad impression that westminster won’t try to interfere in the democratic process in an independent in exactly the same way as America does in the middle East and South America needs their head looked.
      By the way I heartily disagree with just about everything you post.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I think what’s being pointed out here is that if Scotland is in a Union that the Unionists say we are then where’s Scotland’s share of defence spending which is more that twice that of Ireland that is an actual Independent nation

    • yesindyref2 says:

      “you don’t get on that panel unless the PM vets you”

      That’s absolutely wrong, members are elected by Parliament from both houses, and previous members from the SNP were Ian Blackford and Angus Robertson.

      This is very useful for Independence as it gives knowledge and information very helpful to the formation of our own security services.

      Defence and security is against any threat, and the Russians have made and make a lot of moves in the Arctic.

      And as has been pointed out this presents a blueprint for future Independent Scotland, all done with research, written questions, short money, paid for by having 46 MPs at Westminster. Bless em!

  61. Petra says:

    ‘Remember that the Scottish people were fearful about the future of devolution even *before* Boris Johnson called it a “disaster.”

  62. Republicofscotland says:

    So Boris Johnson’s loose lips on devolution, has sparked an outcry from the bucket of sewage brigade formerly known as Better Together. Confirmed liar Alistair Carmichael railed that Johnson’s words on devolution (even though he spoke from the heart) were damaging the union. Next up was die-hard unionist Ian Union Jack suit Murray, who said that Johnson was a tremendous threat to the union.

    Richard erm…Thingymjig, actually made some sense when he said Johnson’s remarks belies the underlying thinking of Downing street. However the award for arse licking must surely go to Douglas Ross who actually had the brass neck (A Tory necessity) to say that Johnson, (who lauded a poem that called for the extermination of Scots) supports Scottish devolution.

  63. Dr Jim says:

    Yep, it’s all full on assault on *NIC* in today’s so called Scottish media *The nightmare before Christmas* some of the usual press call it *Scotland forced into lockdown by NIC* *NIC* enforces travel ban with fines*

    None of these publications seem to want to mention that *BOR* has already done all of that and more in the country of England or that Wales is having its lockdown procedures as well as Northern Ireland, and in fact Scotland is the last country to be employing these measures now from a much lower baseline of cases of the virus to help the people of Scotland in helping themselves towards a more safe environment around Christmas that very likely will not be the case in the other nations and almost definitely will not be the case in England where up to 1000 people per day are dying and no one there seems to have noticed, and what do the press concern themselves with asking *NIC* the FM *are you effectively closing the border with England* to which she has to answer “I’m asking people not to travel into areas of higher prevalence of the virus from a lower level or to travel into lower areas of the virus from a higher level, in Wales and England that is already happening”

    Perhaps it should be our mission in life from the Scottish side of the Interweb to educate the good folk of England in history and geography as their schools and government appear not to want to do that, and first on the list might be that Scotland is not a colony of England nor is it a region of an invented entity called the United Kingdom that England has bestowed that title to upon itself making it appear that England is the United Kingdom which is the entity known as *the country* that in turn owns all others

    Here’s another one, the UK government is in fact the English government because if it claims as it does that it represents the will of all four nations why then does it appoint someone from within its own ranks of England’s chosen political party representatives then claim those people represent somewhere else, surely for example the Secretary of State for Scotland should be chosen by Scotland and God forbid maybe even voted for y’know in a sort of democratic fashion
    as opposed to a Reich Fuhrer in another country appointing a chosen Lieutenant to be Viceroy or Governor General over its colonies

    Do the people of England not think we’ve spotted that and if the population of Scotland had outweighed that of England would those folk be delighted if we Scots did the same to them or treated them as a colony and do they not wonder why Scots Welsh and Northern Irish say things like who the hell do the English think they are, do the people of England not understand why their own government is wholly and totally responsible for the unpopularity of their nation abroad

  64. Petra says:

    There was a excellent link on WoS yesterday that showed that LBJ was totally against devolution in 2001 (and no doubt back to 1999) and when I went back to copy his sneering, condescending comments about the Scots it had been removed. Strange one, eh!

    And just a reminder of what LBJ thought fit to publish in 2004, now removed from the Spectator magazine’s archive. Signs even then of his Nazi leanings. I just wonder what Scottish Tory voting Jews make of it?

    ‘Friendly Fire’ – By James Michie

    ”The Scotch – what a verminous race!

    Canny, pushy, chippy, they’re all over the place,

    Battening off us with false bonhomie,

    Polluting our stock, undermining our economy.

    Down with sandy hair and knobbly knees!

    Suppress the tartan dwarves and the Wee Frees!

    Ban the kilt, the skean-dhu and the sporran

    As provocatively, offensively foreign!

    It’s time Hadrian’s Wall was refortified

    To pen them in a ghetto on the other side.

    I would go further. The nation

    Deserves not merely isolation

    But comprehensive extermination.

    We must not flinch from a solution.

    (I await legal prosecution.)”

  65. Welsh Siôn says:

    Latest poll:

    59% would support ‘devo max’ for Wales in a referendum, new YouGov poll shows

    18th November 2020

    A new YouGov poll has shown that 59% of respondents who had a view said they would support ‘devo-max’ for Wales in a referendum.

    The so-called devo-max option would see powers transferred from Westminster to the Welsh Parliament in Cardiff, including the right to control taxation and welfare in a move that stops just short of independence.

    The question asked was: “If there was a referendum tomorrow on the transferring of more powers to the Senedd (Welsh Parliament), including control of tax and welfare, but excluding defence and foreign affairs, how would you vote? Should more powers be transferred to the Senedd (Welsh Parliament)?”

    The poll was carried out by YouGov on behalf of YesCymru, the cross-party campaign for Welsh independence.



    Are you YES Cymru, yet?

  66. Welsh Siôn says:

    Why Devolution IS a disaster … For LBJ.

    Boris Johnson is right, devolution has been a ‘disaster’ – for him

    18th November 2020

    • grizebard says:

      Indeed, we understand that very well. Comparisons are inevitable, and they don’t stack up in favour of The Bumbler.

      Which causes collateral damage to BritNattery in general, hence the general dismay in that camp, since it does rather get in the way of the usual flow of psych warfare against Scotland, which has long had – far predating BoJo – to endure a sustained exercise to rubbish and diminish our achievements in an attempt to assert and maintain English dominance. (What kind of country is it that feels it can only sustain its integrity by routinely diminishing its constituent parts?) From the neo-colonial mindset of some in England that is regrettable but comes as no surprise, whereas the sad fact that this is cravenly echoed by some Scots is a shame – on them, that is.

      We saw this (all-too-predictably) in action in the Covid briefing today, with more than one journo asking “what about enforcing the law on cross-border travel?”. In the circumstances, the FM’s response was a breeze – “you’ll have to ask the English, they’re in total lockdown, doncha know”. The timing of this once-controversial step was absolutely impeccable!

      It can be refreshing as well as sobering to see oorsels as ithers see us. There was a very positive article in a Dutch paper recently – as just one example – whose headline was “The Scots can stand on their own two feet”. And that’s reality. We simply need to liberate ourselves in our own minds; the rest follows like day follows night.

    • Welsh Siôn says:


      With respect, if you click on my brown name on this blog, you will see that I am not Mr. J. and so consequently, I am not the Chair of YESCymru. For those who do not know, our shared first name is essentially pronounced like the late Mr (Sir) Connery, and we have dined out on that fact in our separate ways over the years.) The name of course is a common Welsh version of, Iain, John etc.

      Now whilst acknowledging that (with apologies to Shaggy), “It isn’t me” above the line, I’m not sure if it’s below the line, either. Sure, Scots will have known me for years on various blogs, Facebook pages (even adminning some pro-Scottish indy groups thereon), a writer of parables and songs and Member of both Plaid Cymru and the SNP.

      However, unless the ‘real’ Peter Piper stands up (and we can recognise each other), I am not going to claim this comment as referring to me. Yes, indeed, *this* Welsh_Siôn is delighted with these figures – and still travelling northwards, lickety-spit. But, it may well be (and he deserving of more praise than I, a mere YESCymru artilleryman) that the Welsh_Siôn referred to is again, Mr. J., the Chair. (He is delighted too, I have no doubt on YC’s progress.)

      And I repeat the propaganda: “Are you YESCymru, yet?”

    • Welsh Siôn says:

      I have replied to you, yesindyref2, but the comment is in moderation. (I don’t know why). Look out for it … 🙂

  67. jfngw says:

    D.Ross being presented by the BBC as the ‘Defender of Devolution’.

    • Petra says:

      FGS jfngw. We’re getting RIGHT down to the nitty gritty now.

      A MUST watch.

    • Legerwood says:

      Have you noticed that no matter how DRoss is photographed or filmed on TV or interviewed via Zoom you always end up looking straight up up his nostrils? Yucky or what?

      • Welsh Siôn says:

        Some sort of pun on ‘bogeyman’ conveys itself to me here, Legerwood.

        To which Legerwood replies, ‘Snot funny, W_S’.

      • Petra says:

        I’ve noticed that too Legerwood. The man with his yucky nose in the air, hopefully putting everyone right off of him.


        ‘PMQs: Boris Johnson scolded by Speaker for getting SNP name wrong.’


        ‘THE Union could be over within the decade, Gordon Brown has claimed.’

        ”The former Labour Prime Minister says that without reform, including a new constitution, the “United Kingdom will follow the British Empire into the history books as an anachronism whose time has passed”.”

        ”He says it was “naive” of his party not to have seen that devolution could create “a megaphone for intensifying resentment”.”

        • Bob Lamont says:

          ”He says it was “naive” of his party not to have seen that devolution could create “a megaphone for intensifying resentment”.” – When Brown substitutes “democracy” for “resentment”, is it any wonder his party is reduced to a last Murray-mint and a dummy in a Leotard…
          But at least he is in the choir with Johnson and DRoss, the London chorus…

        • grizebard says:

          I’ve already made my comment upthread on the latest Broontervention so I’ll just reference it here:

          How that man can keep avoiding the giant vacuum in the room where the fruits of his 6-year old fairy-tale federal promises ought to be, never fails to leave me astonished at the enormity of his egotistical Trumpian mendacity. The one consolation is that the more he spins these wilful fantasies that he surely knows are totally bereft of reality, the lower slumps his already-tarnished reputation.

    • Dr Jim says:

      DRoss is attacking not only the SNP with this statement but democracy itself, and that affects every one of us of every political persuasion, he’s attacking Scotland as a country

      • Petra says:

        There’s been an absolute furore created over LBJ coming out with his ”disastrous devolution” comments. DRoss’s comments have totally outdone his boss’s by FAR, are a 1000 times worse, and he has just ignited something that is historically earthshattering, imo. TBH I can hardly believe that he’s been stupid enough (great for us) to say what he’s just said that is, ”The only way to strengthen the Union is to abolish the Scottish Parliament and return to a pre-1999 situation or severely constrain it’s powers.” FGS!!

  68. Republicofscotland says:

    The Met police force to take no further action against Margaret Ferrier, however the COPFS has instructed Police Scotland to continue to pursue her vigorously. Ferrier is standing as, or will stand as an independent.

    Salmond and MacDonald’s witch hunts spring to mind.

  69. Republicofscotland says:

    Scotland losing 1-0 to the military oppressive apartheid regime known as Israel.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Just looked like another football team to me

      • Alex Clark says:

        Haha Dr Jim, I think you would recognise an Emporer with no clothes if you saw one.

        If it looks like a duck then it’s most likely a duck and not a militarily oppressive apartheid duck.

  70. Republicofscotland says:

    This really is an excellent article from a Mr Ingram in the National newspapers letter section.

    In it he says the Scottish parliament wasn’t abolished in 1707 it merely stopped sitting, and that since the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320 sovereignty has resided with the people of Scotland.

    Mr Ingram adds that the terms of the Treaty of Union doesn’t indicate anywhere that the recall of the Scottish parliament has to be organised or sanctioned by Westminster.

    Mr Ingram then says, that Westminster does not have the constitutional authority to counter the expressed will of the Scottish people. There was no union of national parliaments of Scotland and England under the Act of Union of 1706, and the 1707 Treaty of Union.

    Its worth a read.

    • grizebard says:

      Well, good ole Mr Ingram, whoever he is. Though he’s only telling us what we all knew fine already.

      The only small inconvenience is the one you and your pals keep “forgetting”, that until very recently the “expressed will of the Scottish people” (as you put it) was to remain part of the UK.

      • Alex Clark says:

        That little detail is often conveniently forgotten, only NOW are we ready to win our Independence.

      • Petra says:

        Sovereign Scots have had one opportunity to vote for Independence since 1707 and they said NAW. That followed over 300 years of the Scots being treated like muck and thousands of Scots losing their lives in their quest to free their country from Westminster shackles. Many of these Scots over the last 300 years or so were renowned for being highly innovative and extremely intelligent; firebrands in fact but they essentially failed to achieve their objective.

        Six short years later, following Indyref1, a bunch of absolute numpties are demanding that Nicola Sturgeon should have achieved, over the last five years, what Alex Salmond and those who went before him failed to do. Yes failed to do let’s not forget and also set the precedent of requesting an S30 order which puts Nicola Sturgeon in a bind.

        Alex Salmond, with Nicola Sturgeon at his side, didn’t have to deal with massive issues such as Brexit and a pandemic as he chased Independence for Scotland nor did he have to deal with a scandal involving Nicola Sturgeon being accused of sexual abuse. More than anything as grizebard points out the sovereign Scots have for the very FIRST time in that hellish 300 year old history indicated, consistently this year … 2020, that they support independence thanks to Nicola Sturgeon, IMO, who has faced practically insurmountable odds.

        So I ask once again when exactly do the couch potato whiners, the wee key board warriors, reckon that she should have announced a date for a winnable Indyref2? What year? And can anyone explain to me why so-called Independence supporters are doing the BritNat’s dirty work for them now? I’ll also add that I doubt that Alex Salmond who’s whole life was dedicated to freeing Scotland supports the trash that’s being spouted “elsewhere”. Trash, with an agenda, that’s jeopardising our chances of winning Indyref2. If not he’ll have gone right down in my estimation.

        • Skintybroko says:

          Spot on Petra, so good to see a voice of reason among all of the crap from so-called independent supporters

    • Petra says:

      Winnie Ewing, “The Scottish Parliament which was adjourned on the 25th March 1707 is now reconvened.”

  71. Alex Clark says:

    The Douglas Ross clip is NOT a fake but it is a clip taken entirely out of context and that pisses me off. When we stoop as low as that then we are no better than them. Here is the section of the speech and this time I won’t archive the link.

    There are those who see devolution as a massive strategic error. As a pandora’s box that once opened was a “process, not an event” not towards a stable settlement but towards independence.

    One that has given the SNP a platform from which it has the resources and the exposure to destroy the British state.

    And therefore, the only way to strengthen the Union is to abolish the Scottish Parliament and return to a pre-1999 situation or severely constrain its powers.

    I say to them firstly, we live in a reality where devolution enjoys widespread public support. And secondly, our problems lie not with the machinery of devolution but with the SNP Government that is controlling them. And they will not vanish with the removal of the Scottish Parliament.

    So, I say to those people to keep their eye on the prize of defeating the SNP rather than attacking a settlement that the Scottish people support.

    We will not strengthen the Union by turning back the clock. We will only strengthen support for independence. And my party will not win by putting itself on the wrong side of that argument again.

    Best leave the lying to the experts and that’s the Tories, they are better at it.

    • Capella says:

      Well spotted Alex – we can all stand down now. DRoss is just an idiot but not entirely. 🙂

      • Dr Jim says:

        He does have a degree in cow milking so must be taken seriously when talking pat

      • Alex Clark says:

        “So, I say to those people to keep their eye on the prize of defeating the SNP rather than attacking a settlement that the Scottish people support.”

        I take it Johnson never heard or read his speech then 🙂

    • grizebard says:

      I’ve said it already, but I’ll say it again, it’s a pathetic kind of state whose apparatchiks believe it can only maintain its integrity by greedily sucking all power to the centre and ignoring the legitimate concerns of its constituent parts. A hollowed-out relic that has become so enfeebled that it can’t tolerate any kind of adaptation to changed circumstances.

      Make no mistake, whatever the context, and whatever the party, these BritNat enemies of democracy are bleating with fear at their own likely demise, and blaming everyone and everything but themselves and their own arrogant cupidity. By their very reactions, they are signalling to the whole wide world that the Union is dead, suffocated to death by their own possessiveness.

  72. Petra says:

    Oh well that’s that one done and dusted 😀.

  73. Alex Clark says:

    I think we have to be careful of what we post online as fact when it might well not be is something worth thinking about. I’m thinking of the Douglas Ross clip that may have been made by an Independence supporter or it may have been made by an opponent of Independence.

    We can’t know, but the fact that it was out of context makes me believe that it could have been the latter, it’s purpose to whip people up and have them raging. Then it’s “exposed” as fake and we are made to look like idiots spreading “fake news” which is intended to create doubt about anything we say.

    The safest solution, just tell the truth and be careful of what you are being sold, the goods might not always be genuine. If in doubt, don’t buy.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Seconded, leave the misleading editing to Nick Robinson and the BBC.
      I’d posted a link above to the entire appearance including follow on questions.

    • Petra says:

      I doubt that we have too many idiots posting on here Alex. If anything it was an exercise that made us all take a closer look at the issue, as a team, and get to the bottom of it all just as we do with data being spouted by the MSM. We don’t actually have a clue if anything that we read or hear is the “truth” at all until we dissect it and even then we might get it wrong. All we can do is follow up with what “seems” to be the truth, post it on here and together establish if we think it is true or not. In other words there would be very little posted on sites like this at all if we had to sit at home and analyse if everything that we were preparing to post was truthful or not. No harm done to this site I would say.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Yes thanks for sorting that out. I guess if something looks too good to be true – then it probably is.

    • Welsh Siôn says:

      Apologies to one and all for referencing the D Ross video. It was resourced in good faith and I will try to be more careful in future.

      As to the ‘two’ Welsh_Siôn’s (there are doubtless many more) at YESCymru, I refer yesindyref2 to my earlier post which has now come out of quarantine.

    • jfngw says:

      It’s fake in the sense that it is out of context, but why present the argument in a speech, so you can claim plausible deniability. The proof of the pudding is how did he vote when Scotland’s powers were being removed and where would he position himself if his masters in London went down this road. Would he suddenly change position as his predecessors did on the EU.

      Anyway the plan is not to close Holyrood but strip it of any actual powers to become a talking shop. They are not stupid enough to close it completely, unless they can make the Scots vote for it.

      I posted the clip before I checked the full speech, I found it on what is normally a reliable indy supporters twitter feed.

      • Petra says:

        Thanks for posting the video jfngw. It gave us all food for thought.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Hey no worries, nobody is questioning your motives but are most certainly questioning the motives of those who came up with the idea and edited, it’s so very “Nick Robinson”.

      • grizebard says:

        Good point: don’t judge by what they say, but by what they do.

        It’s not as if the Tories don’t have history on this. Some of us have been around long enough to remember the Tory party opposition under Heath committing to a Scottish “talking shop”, which was promptly shelved after they won the 1970 UKGE, then a decade later in the ill-fated first devo ref, having Living Skeleton exPM Alec Douglas-Home encouraging people to reject Labour’s own talking shop for the Tory promise of a better one under Thatcher. And we all know what transpired with that.

        We have had more than enough of Tory lies and false assurances over Scottish autonomy. They have never wanted devolution and have clearly never reconciled themselves to its eventual introduction. The proof is there for anyone to see: as soon as a vacancy at WM has arisen, any one of their number in Holyrood is off like a shot, including their current Little Puppet Leader.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          “They have never wanted devolution and have clearly never reconciled themselves to its eventual introduction”
          Spot on, and if memory serves correctly it was from that stance that Ian Lang GERS concoction was traipsed out, and has been used as a cudgel by every Labour and Tory Secretary of State for Scotland is Shite right through to the present day…

  74. grizebard says:

    I’m just wondering when an edict will come down from on high at Plantation Quay that on no account let DRoss anywhere near a TV camera.

    • Dr Jim says:

      That’ll happen right after Scrooge McJohnson is visited by the three Christmas ghosts and Scotland will still end up with a Norfolkin good Turkey

      God bless us every one

  75. yesindyref2 says:

    Thank goodness Kenneth Gibson has been reselected as the candidate in my constituency, a hard worker as is Patricia. In my 3 years as a member from Sep 2014 I never saw a problem with him. Except they’re politicians of course 🙂

    • Capella says:

      That’s good news. I’ve seen him in committee speaking up for women’s rights. Then he was accused of bullying just before the selection process began – likely designed to prevent him being able to stand. Sounds like the wokists have not prevailed on this occasion. Not in favour of bullying. Just against trumped up, suspiciously timed charges.

  76. Petra says:

    The let’s get rid of the SP must surely be the long (or short) term aim for the Tories. Truth or not? Wee DRoss’s comments (it’s no me that’s saying it) may have been made in a way, propaganda technique, to plant or reinforce that seed. And let’s face it Dross’s speeches will be constructed by BoJo’s aides in London. Meanwhile moving back in time here’s LBJ’s thoughts on the Scots / Scotland.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      It looked to me that Dross was saying (what he had been told to say) yous can either have your wee pretendy devo light lol, or go back to bowing to your masters full time in London. Devo light, or direct rule that’s your choice lol. To even mention dismantling the Scottish parliament was a threat, simple. Robert Burns had a word for turds like DRoss.

  77. Golfnut says:

    I posted a few days back a link to a Twitter thread report which dealt with just one of the dodgy ppe contracts, it was a long read as warned, no idea if anyone read it, and apologise for banging this particular drum.
    This link shows the scale of the corruption.

    Way back at the start of lock down I warned about the setting up of the procurement process through a UK government owned company, note that that this company was set up 2 yrs before covid19 hit the scene but just after the last pandemic response exercise.

  78. Ken2 says:

    Never have so many been promoted above their capabilities. Ross and the Tories are beyond belief. Ignorant, arrogant, coarse and nasty. Lying to try and save themselves at every opportunity. They can’t count or read a balance sheet. Misappropriate public funds. Premature deaths of their voters and supporters. Killing people. Vote Tory to die younger.

    Devolution is protecting Scotland from their ravages. Beyond the pale. The SNP Scottish Gov protects the citizens against them. It will be even better Independent. Vote out the unionists for better governance,

    Johnston will be gone before long. The absolute mess and shambles. Especially in Scotland without the SNP Gov to mitigate the Tories appalling policies, The Tory/unionists have not got a clue.

    The illegal Barnett Formula. Introduced by Thatcher. To hold Scotland back and cause devastation. Illegally taking Scottish resources and revenues and wasting them. Wasted on London S/E and every other wasteful policies. Hinkley Point, HS2 and Trident. A total waste of monies.

    Tilbury Docks, Canary Wharf and Whitehall totally subsidised. Tax evaded subsidies. London HQ’s draining Scottish funds. To benefit their cronies. Keep the sycophants illegal administration going. The North/South divide. London S/E totally congested. A negative affect on the economy. People cannot get anywhere fast. Takes hours to transport anything.

    Thatcher centralised transport/traffic around London. Heathrow subsidised. Unfairly. London Transport subsidised. Tilbury Docks (26 miles) subsidised. Shut all the Docks and alternative ports and routes around Britain. For import and export.

    Scottish imports and exports are more balanced. A better balance sheet. Without Westminster Treasury unfair, illegal interference.

    Scotland empty. A negative affect on the economy. Westminster negative economic policies. Scotland has been depopulated by Westminster illegal policies. Instead of equality. No taxation without representation.

    Scotland has to pay for things it does not need. Then does not have more to pay more for what it does need. Without Independence. Losing £Billions of Westminster misappropriated funds. Illegally kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Thatcher’s lies for 30 years. McCrone Report etc.

    Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Illegal Press and Media breaking the law and rules with impunity. Leveson not implemented and disregarded.

    The UK Gov has failed to sign up to a UN nuclear disarmament Treaty due in January 2021. It has been ratified by over 50 nations. The Tories have not complied. Selling illegal weapons all over the world. Causing war and destruction.

    The Tory/unionists are a disgrace. The do not comply with the Law and act illegally. The Courts have to sort them out. Their appalling ill thought out policies. The Scottish Gov does so much better to protect Scotland. Independence would be even better for prosperity and fairness.

  79. Ken2 says:

    Devolution is good but Independence will be even better. No taxation without representation. The illegal Barnett Formula introduced by Thatcher to hold Scotland back. Then lied about it.

    It was kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. The McCrone Report etc.Corrupt Westminster Gov. Devolution and the SNP Gov mitigating and protecting Scotland from the Tory/unionist ravages.

    Ross etc cannot count or read a balance sheet. Never have so many been promoted above their capabilities,

    The illegal Westminster Gov. Misappropriating Billion/Trillions of funds. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion.

  80. Ken2 says:

    The Tories are spending £16Billion more on Defence. To kill more people prematurely. Backhanders to their associates. Illegal redundant weaponry. A law unto themselves.

    They already spend £50Billion+ a year, and the rest. Scotland has to pay disproportionately. Too much.

  81. Republicofscotland says:

    So Johnson is to splash the cash from the magic money tree and spend £16.5 billion on the military, the British nationalist media area already salivating like Pavlov’s Dog, broadcasting that Scotland will build thirteen new British warships.

    Its the same old story every time the natives up North become restless to decide their own futures a PM at Westminster reveals a spending spree to thwart our desires, well not this time the carrot can dangle and dangle we’re not for taking it.

  82. Hamish100 says:

    Another world beating announcement for “ our defences”. Churned out every now and again when Westminster is in trouble. More ships for Glasgow to build . What happened to the last lot? Question for the unionists in UNITE, UNISON, GMB. We will to build 13 from memory? Is this the same ships as before?

    And British Internationalism won the day. The Queen Betty is going on a tour next year (the aircraft carrier that leaks). just to prove gunboat diplomacy is not dead. Don’t worry the Stornaway ferry is on standby to defend us.

  83. JMTaurus says:

    Funny how we Scots are rebuked when talking about any potential second independence referendum during the Covid pandemic but apparently , for Tories, it is deemed somehow timely and appropriate to announce that billions are going to be spent on defence.

    Or am I missing something ? (Rhetorical question ).

  84. Dr Jim says:

    Today’s FMQs from the opposition parties went like this:

    Will the FM stop putting restrictions on people and causing harm to them and the economy?
    The Answer came back: It’s the virus that’s causing the harm not the restrictions

    All and any kind of restrictions in England are apparently totally fine and dandy up to and including if Boris Johnson decided to eat children live on air an excusable reason would be found to support this deeply necessary move to preserve the preciousss yoonyun until such time as England can extract every drop of water free electricity drip of oil and barrel of cod contained within the colony of Scotland, because now is not the time for Independence until like every previous colony of the British empire everything is gone then Scotland can look back and say *look at what we could’ve won*

    • grizebard says:

      I particularly liked Nicola’s reply to Bouncing Man by cheekily quoting the FM of Wales, which, as is currently happening in Tory-run England, had a full-scale lockdown. These opposition party leaders seem to live in a self-generated vacuum where Covid is only happening in Scotland.

  85. Welsh Siôn says:

    Here’s a new verb for you, Scotland:

    “to Sturgeonise”

    This approach aims to Sturgeonise the argument, showing an intense grasp of detail and ineluctable logic. This would be fine and dandy if Wales had Scotland’s genius stateswoman’s electoral numbers, but we don’t.


  86. Republicofscotland says:

    Hallelujah, in a sort of relief sense, that if Sturgeon is found to have broken the Ministerial Code, and has to step down, which she quite possibly could have to, that 73% of Scots would still vote yes to independence. The question came from a recent Panelbase poll questiion, over on the site some love to hate.

    At least the most important fact remains intact that Scots in a majority would still vote for indy.

    • grizebard says:

      It’s also something of a relief that the people of Scotland are not paying any attention whatever to the industrious backstabbing efforts of “useful [unionist] idiots” like you or the monomaniac BTL on SGP.

      • Dr Jim says:

        The Bathistan Chronicle’s interpretation of polls are as useful as the Daily Express

      • Republicofscotland says:

        Well actually it does prove to a certain extent that Scots don’t see Sturgeon as the be all and end all to independence, which surely must be a good thing after doubt has been cast over her part in the inquiry. That aside, it also disproves the often put forward idea that Sturgeon’s personality has led to a rise in Scots wanting independence.

        Effectively it means that if she fails to deliver independence she can be removed and it will probably not damage the cause, which is far more important than one politician.

        • grizebard says:

          I’m looking forward to the reaction of people like you when things move smartly forward after next May, despite your futile best efforts to harm the SNP beforehand. But my guess is that the miserable wee bunch of whiners will simply melt away as quickly as they appeared.

          And won’t be missed.

        • RoS, really?
          Time you rejoined the Lib Dem Bristol set.

          • Republicofscotland says:

            I’m 100% a Scottish independence supporter, the only difference between us, is that I don’t see independence through rose tinted glasses, with regards to the SNP leadership that most in here do.

            • grizebard says:

              You don’t seem to have any grasp that your oppositionalism is a self-fulfilling prophesy of failure. Like it or not, the SNP is the necessary vehicle of progress, and you would serve the cause in which you profess to believe far better if you could only wait to see what the SNP actually do with the opportunity that the upcoming election presents, and judge accordingly. Not pre-judge beforehand. It’s not as if you have any alternative to offer, have you?

              Furthermore, you should consider what has happened to Labour since they aligned themselves with the Tories in BitterTogether. By aligning yourself with obvious BritNat trolls and attacking the SNP, you are providing succour to the enemy, with the same likely consequence for your reputation and influence.

              That moron on SGP is another instructive example. The local pub bore, nothing more.

    • To quote, your hero the Rev, RoS, ‘fuck off’.
      No one on here is interested in discussing Day 1461 of the Baillie/ Cole/ Fraser Muckfest.
      Nice to know you.

      • Republicofscotland says:

        Jack. I won’t say anything negative towards you or anyone else who gives me stick for my thoughts in here, we are on the same side, its just that you don’t yet realise it.

        Oh and sadly I have no heroes.

    • Petra says:

      And you can bet your bottom dollar that if NS was replaced a certain person would go hell for leather after them too. It’s high time that people like you woke up to the reality of the situation. As to breaking the ministerial code. They are broken every solitary day, and worse still, with the Westminster cabal but there’s never any mention of that. No standing down for them either.

  87. Golfnut says:

    Here’s Labour in Scotland’s take Scotland’s finances. Summary by Richard Murphy.

    • Dr Jim says:

      They don’t want the cure so they won’t take the medicine

      • grizebard says:

        I don’t think they even properly realise yet that they’re unwell.

        Rather reminds me of those sad cases in the US reported by a hospital nurse, patients who are dying of Covid while angrily exclaiming “this can’t be happening, it’s a hoax”…

    • grizebard says:

      Much obliged for that link. What an eye-opener, though sadly no surprise at the sheer defeatism on display, economic, political and constitutional. The Great Graphologist trying to lecture Prof Murphy on economics – priceless! NorthBritLab stuck in permanent oppositionalism, a vessel lost at sea without a rudder.

      You might think that visitors like RoS would have a far more deserving target to aim at there, but it does strangely remind me of him in the opposite way instead.

    • Petra says:

      Thanks for the link Golfnut. A must read, imo.

      FGS! Jackie Baillie and Kevin Hague 🙄. Richard Murphy must have the patience of a saint having to sit and listen to those two (plus the others) spouting a load of old guff.

      She, Jackie Baillie, then acknowledged that she has no economics training. 🤣🤣🤣 ”The contempt for Scotland, its people and their abilities on display in this comment was quite staggering.” No surprises there. 🤬

      ..”I was invited to sit in on a meeting of the Young Fabians in Scotland last night, where they were discussing whether Scotland could afford to be independent, or not. I was aware that two people with whom I have crossed swords in the past, being Kevin Hague, who is amongst other things the director of the profoundly pro-Unionist think thank ‘These Islands’, and Jackie Baillie MSP, who is deputy leader of Labour in Scotland, had been invited so I expected some difference of opinion. But what I had not expected with the scale of economic illiteracy that was on view from all those who were asked to speak. Nor had I expected the sheer level of contempt for Scotland that was on display.”..

    • Petra says:

      I replied to your post Golfnut but it went into moderation and has now disappeared.

  88. Dr Jim says:

    Sky news is providing yet another manipulated poll without context which they say shows that supermarkets are the biggest transmission points of Covid 19 with Schools second and care homes third, but of course as with all manipulators of polls they omit the fact that everywhere else that previously were the hot spots for transmission are all closed, I guess the booze industry commissioned and contributed these findings

    Sky news are citing English track and trace authorities for the information used

    It’s like saying there’s more chance of getting wet if you stand in the rain, but the portion of the population who leap to justify such nonsense are usually members of DENSA

    • grizebard says:

      It’s like finding a treatment for any common mortal condition. Another promptly presents itself.

      As Hank sang, you never get out of this world alive…

      (I just love the throwaway “DENSA”, BTW.)

    • Golfnut says:

      It would appear yet again that science is being ignored by brit tv, for instance the majority of infections in Scotland are from the Spanish strain, from holiday makers returning and not self isolating, basically selfish bastards meeting up with friends, neighbours and family. The media have a lot to answer for, no wonder they are pointing the finger elsewhere.

      • Dr Jim says:

        BBC Scotland have adopted the Kaye Adams John Beattie approach to news which is based on the *We’ll just have to wait and see because we’re not clever enough to understand the important people at the top of the UK* principle

        Coz we is the subservient people who must wait and do the bidding of the masters because it’s for our own good even if we don’t understand it

        But we F*****g do BBC

      • Tatu3 says:

        I don’t understand why in the middle of a global pandemic people insisted on going abroad on holiday! Holidays are not essential.
        I live in Spain. My children and grandchild live in England. We all decided at the beginning of this epidemic that we wouldn’t travel. Keep each other safe. I would have loved to visit my family and have them come here. We haven’t seen each other in person in almost a year now. It is very very hard. Especially when we hear of others going back and forward, then we hear of the spikes in cases afterwards and know we have done the right thing.
        If there had been no non essential travel allowed over the summer, maybe, just maybe, we could travel now and I’d get to see my family. Some people are very selfish

    • Alex Clark says:

      I haven’t seen the report but supermarkets are definetly not the “biggest transmission points”, The Daily fail is running with the same story, it is impossible to tell where someone caught the virus, you can make a best guess such as at a chicken factory outbreak and the person works in that chicken facory.

      In the general community it is not possible at all to know where someone contracted the virus. What supermarkeys are though is the most likely visited place in the past few days given by respondents to test and trace. Which is pretty obvious being it’s an essential place to go if you want food. Doesn’t have any relationship at all to where someone may have become infected. The UK media is absolutely pathetic and guilty of spreading disinformation. They are despicable.

  89. Welsh Siôn says:

    So, you’re going to get a rocket launch, Scotland.

    Puns at the ready, please …

    Boris Johnson has announced he will plunge £16.5bn into the Ministry of Defence while pledging support for the creation of “inexhaustible laser” weaponry, and a “space command” capable of launching the UK’s first rocket by 2022.

    Marking the funding as an end to “the era of retreat”, Mr Johnson laid out a four-year financial deal for the Ministry of Defence to develop cutting-edge capabilities in the future battlefields of cyber and space.

    • grizebard says:

      You mean we’re not going to get more battleships? I’m shocked, truly shocked, I say…

      • Dr Jim says:

        Spaceships with photon torpedoes to *project* our power and goodness around the globe
        I’m putting in for the Captain Kirk job, but you can call me Jim

    • Golfnut says:

      I’m guessing this is the next tranche of Tory donors eligible for gov funding using dodgy contracts. The satellite system for phones and navigation was revealed as a company heading for bankruptcy because they had non compatible systems. We’ll have to wait and see which companies are awarded contracts, perhaps the same ones involved in the UK nuclear settlement and about to loose their current funding like Serco amply compensated with a £12 Billion test and trace contract.

  90. Petra says:

    ”Scot Goes Pop / Panelbase poll: Scottish public think Nicola Sturgeon has outperformed her fellow world leaders in her handling of the pandemic.”


    ”Boris Johnson Suffers Another Lords Defeat Over His Hardline Brexit Bill
    Peers reject “power grab” by London over Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

  91. Welsh Siôn says:

    I’ll drink to that:

    10% increase in support for Welsh independence in a year, YouGov poll finds

    19th November 2020

    Support for Welsh independence has jumped 10% in just a year, a new poll by YouGov suggests.

    The latest poll puts support for independence at 33%, compared to 22% in early December 2019.


    Independence polls over the last year have shown a steady increase, they say. All figures are with ‘don’t know’ removed:

    YouGov /YesCymru: 11 – 16 November (2020) – 33%
    YouGov /ITV Cymru Wales & Cardiff U: October 26 – 29 (2020) – 32%
    YouGov /ITV Cymru Wales & Cardiff U: August 28 – September 4 (2020) – 32%
    YouGov /YesCymru: 24 – 27 August (2020) – 32%
    YouGov /ITV Cymru Wales & Cardiff U: 29 May – 1 June (2020) – 32%
    YouGov /ITV Cymru Wales & Cardiff U: 20 – 23 Jan (2020) – 27%
    YouGov /ITV Cymru Wales & Cardiff U: December 6-9 (2019) – 22%


    Are you YESCymru, yet?

  92. Petra says:

    Whilst people like Jackie Baillie (see Golfnut’s post 3.47pm) state that an Independent Scotland can’t support itself Scotland continues to send it’s energy south of the border 🙄. Enough energy to power Scottish homes twice over.

    ‘Scottish super-highway will take offshore wind power south.’


    A wee reminder of what the SNP has done for Scotland, JACKIE.

    Unionists ask “what’s the SNP ever achieved except talk about Independence?” …well this is what they’ve achieved

    1/ Baby Box – a jam-packed box of baby essentials to help new parents at the start of a child’s life.
    2/ Childcare – 600 hours of early learning and childcare, saving families up to £2,500 per child per year
    3/ Free Tuition – students in England face tuition fees up to £27,750 – Scottish students receive university tuition free
    4/ Period Poverty – Scotland is the first in the world to make sanitary products available free to all pupils and students
    5/ Prescriptions – prescription charges abolished in Scotland – now £9 per item south of the border
    6/ Cheaper Council Tax – every Scottish household benefits from cheaper tax bills – on average £500 less than England
    7/ Care For All – Free personal and nursing care extended to everyone who needs it, regardless of age
    8/ Free Bus Travel – Over one million Scots now enjoy free travel, including over-60s and disabled people
    9/ Record Health funding – over £13.9 billion in 2019/20, £4 billion more than when we took office
    10/ 13,600 more staff in Scotland’s NHS, that’s over 10% more since 2007
    11/ Health spending in Scotland is £185 per person higher than in England
    12/ Patient satisfaction is at a five-year high in Scotland, with 86% of patients rating their inpatient experience positively
    13/ Scotland’s A&E services are the best performing in the UK – for almost four years running
    14/ We are investing £110 million to support implementation of a new GP contract to support wider primary care reform
    15/ We are investing £200 million in a network of elective and diagnostic treatment centres across the country, as well as expanding the Golden Jubilee, to help meet the needs of an ageing population
    16/ Over £5 billion has been invested in Scotland’s health infrastructure since 2007, including
    Scotland’s super-hospital in Glasgow, Dumfries Infirmary, Orkney Hospital & Aberdeen’s Emergency Care Centre
    17/ Most nurses in Scotland are better paid than anywhere else in the UK, and none are paid less than their counterparts in NHS England
    18/ We’ve committed £40 million for 2,600 extra nursing and midwifery training places over this Parliament, & are investing £3 million more to train 500 advanced nurse practitioners
    19/ Scotland has the highest number of GP’s per head of population in the UK.
    20/ We’re training more paramedics, with a commitment to train 1,000 more by 2021
    21/ We’ve expanded IVF to more families – making access in Scotland the fairest and most generous in the UK.
    22/ Scotland is leading the world on alcohol pricing, being the first country to implement minimum unit pricing
    23/ Our patient safety record is amongst the best in the world, infection from C.Diff and MRSA has dramatically reduced in over 65’s by 88% and 94% under our government
    24/ We are implementing our new Cancer Strategy, investing £100 million to improve the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
    25/ The risk from cervical cancer for the next generation of young women has been cut by providing the HPV vaccine for girls in second year of secondary school
    26/ Parking charges at all NHS-run hospitals scrapped – saving patients and staff around £27 million.
    27/ Scotland led the UK by introducing a mental health waiting times target, and our spending on mental health services exceeded £1 billion in 2018.
    28/ 94% of the Scottish population are now registered with an NHS dentist – double what it was when we took office in 2007
    29/ Free tuition and bursaries for student nurses have been scrapped in England.
    In Scotland, we’ve protected free tuition and the nursing and midwifery bursary rises to £8,100 for 2019 and £10,000 for 2020.
    30/ Irresponsible alcohol discounts in supermarkets and off-licences are now banned, and we’ve raised the legal age for buying tobacco to 18.
    31/ We’ve made it illegal to smoke in a car with anyone under the age of 18.
    32/ Everyone who uses social care services can now control their individual care budget through the Self-directed Support Act.
    33/ We’ve provided extra funding for Scotland’s veteran charities, and ensured our ex-service men & women receive priority treatment in the NHS and other services.
    34/ We are investing record amounts in schools to close the attainment gap – £120 million going direct to schools in 2019 alone.
    35/ All 135,000 pupils in primaries 1 to 3 now benefit from free school meals, saving families around £380 per child per year.
    36/ We’ve launched the Scottish Attainment Challenge, with investment of £750 million over the life of this parliament.
    37/ We’ve provided extra resources to local councils, allowing spending on education to increase in real terms for the past three years, up by £189 million in 2018/19.
    38/ 847 schools upgraded since 2007, providing well-designed, accessible and inclusive learning environments for pupils.
    39/ Record number of Scots are being accepted to study at university with record numbers from our most deprived communities too.
    40/ We’ve launched the First Minister’s Reading Challenge to encourage all children to read for pleasure.
    41/ We’ve introduced a national £100 school clothing grant to help relieve family pressure.
    42/ Since 2012, we have invested over £1 billion per year in Scotland’s universities.
    43/ We have protected the Disabled Students Allowance and bursaries for students, both abolished elsewhere in the UK.
    44/ We’ve expanded the Education Maintenance Allowance in Scotland- now scrapped south of the border – to support even more school pupils and college students from low income families.
    45/ We maintain the funding for at least 116,000 full-time college places.
    46/ We’re providing our further education students with record levels of support. £111 million in 2018/19 – up 33% under the SNP.
    47/ We are supporting the college sector to maintain colleges and to deliver new campuses, including investment of over £228 million in the new City of Glasgow College super campus.
    48/ The number of higher education qualifiers from college is at an all-time high.
    49/ Graduates from Scottish universities are earning more than their counterparts in the rest of the UK.
    50/ Full-time college students in Scotland can now benefit from the highest bursary of anywhere in the UK.
    51/ Scotland provides the best package of support for university students in the UK – with free tuition, low interest rates for student loan repayments, and a minimum income guarantee of £7,625.
    52/ We’ve introduced a £20,000 bursary for career changers aiming to become teachers in priority science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) subjects, with home-economics included for the first time this year.
    53/ Scotland’s unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest rate on record, under the SNP.
    54/ Scotland is the top destination in the UK, outside of London, for foreign direct investment.
    55/ We have delivered a new progressive tax system, supporting additional investment in our public services while safeguarding those on lower incomes.
    56/Scotland has the most generous business rates relief package in the UK – worth more than £750 million.
    57/ Scotland’s international exports are up 57.2% under the SNP – valued at £32.4 billion in 2017.
    58/ We’re leading the way on fair pay. Over 1,300 organisations are now accredited Living Wage employers – over one quarter of the total across the UK.
    59/ We’ve met our target to reduce youth unemployment by 40% – four years early.
    60/ Business research and development spend in Scotland increased by 13.9% in 2017 to reach a record £1.25 billion, compared to a UK increase of just 2.9%.
    61/ To help protect jobs and businesses through the recession, we’ve slashed or abolished business rates for over 100,000 premises – saving small businesses around £1.7 billion to date.
    62/ Scotland has the highest pay anywhere in the UK outside of London, the South East and East regions.
    63/ Scotland’s productivity is outperforming the UK as a whole. Since 2007 productivity in Scotland has grown 10.3%, compared to growth of 2.9% in the UK.
    64/ Over 230,000 young people have had the opportunity to undertake a Modern Apprenticeship since 2007. And by 2020, a further 30,000 opportunities will be available every year.
    65/ We’ve made relentless efforts to protect manufacturing job, notably saving Scotland’s remaining steel works from closure.
    66/ The number of private sector businesses in Scotland is at the highest level since records began.
    67/ £500 million to stimulate and support economic growth in Glasgow and the Clyde Valley.
    68/ £125 million to stimulate and support economic growth in the city as part of the Aberdeen City Region Deal, £254 million more for infrastructure projects across the north east of Scotland.
    69/ £135 million in the Inverness and Highland City Region Deal – two and a half times the UK government investment.
    70/ £300 million to deliver inclusive economic growth in Edinburgh and the south east of Scotland.
    71/ £200 million for the Tay Cities Region Deal, focusing on innovation, internationalisation, connectivity and empowerment.
    72/ £45 million for the Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal to unlock investment, deliver new jobs and economic growth, alongside an additional £5 million for infrastructure projects in the region.
    73/ £85 million for the Borderlands Growth Deal – £20 million more than the UK government.
    74/ By the end of 2021 we will have committed £1 billion to tackling fuel poverty, and over one million energy efficiency measures have already been installed in almost one million households across Scotland.
    75/ Our reforms to Land and Buildings Transaction Tax mean that more than 80% of taxpayers either paid less tax compared to Stamp Duty Land Tax or no tax at all.
    76/ We are establishing a Scottish National Investment Bank, with funds for pre-cursor activities of £130 million.
    77/ Public sector procurement has been simplified, with more small and medium-sized enterprises now competing for and winning public sector contracts.
    78/ Scotland’s tourism industry is going from strength to strength – spending by tourists in Scotland generates around £12 billion, and in 2015 the tourism industry accounted for around 8.5% of employment in Scotland.
    79/ We have established innovation and Investment Hubs in London, Brussels, Dublin, Berlin and Paris.
    80/ We have introduced a new £50 million fund for regenerating run down high streets.
    81/ We are providing support for our manufacturing sector – £48 million for the National Manufacturing Institute to deliver benefits for companies of all sizes in sectors across Scotland.
    82/ We are investing a further £60 million to deliver innovative low carbon energy solutions, such as electricity storage and sustainable heating systems – to improve energy efficiency as we look to a low carbon future.
    83/ We have begun delivering new and improved social security benefits through Social Security Scotland, the first new Scottish public service since devolution.
    Our mission is to bring a new culture of fairness, dignity and respect to Scottish social security.
    84/ £226 carers allowance paid twice yearly to over 77,000 carers.
    85/ Best Start baby grant paid to over 7,000 families – £600 on the birth of a first child, and £300 on the birth of any siblings. From 2019, low income families will get a further £250 when their child starts nursery, and the same again when their child starts school.
    86/ We have delivered more than 82,000 affordable homes since 2007, including 55,920 for social rent.
    87/ Scotland’s same-sex marriage legislation is widely considered to be one of the most progressive equal marriage laws in the world.
    88/ Scotland is best in Europe, second only to Malta for LGBTI equality and human rights.
    89/ We introduced the first gender-balanced Cabinet in the UK, one of only a handful of gender parity cabinets around the world.
    90/ In 2011, we became the first government in the UK to pay the real Living Wage to our staff, including all NHS workers.
    We have now extended the real Living Wage to all adult social care workers.
    91/ We have mitigated the Bedroom Tax, protecting over 70,000 Scottish households from the charge.
    92/ We have introduced a Fair Work Action Plan to support employers to embed fairer working practices.
    93/ Over 316,000 low income households in crisis have been helped to buy essentials such as nappies, food and cookers through our Scottish Welfare Fund since it was established in 2013.
    94/ We are investing £50 million to support the delivery of our Ending Homelessness Together action plan.
    95/ We have passed a Child Poverty Act that set targets to end child poverty by 2030, and introduced a new £50 million fund to tackle poverty at a grassroots level.
    96/ We’ve kept Scottish Water in public hands.
    Customers pay less for a better service in Scotland – saving £46 on average compared to the privatised services in England and Wales.
    97/ We have introduced the Scottish Government’s first Gender Pay Gap Action Plan, with steps to tackle gender discrimination and inequalities in the workplace.
    98/ We are investing an extra £5 million over the next three years to support around 2,000 women to return to work after career breaks.
    99/ Almost 600 companies have signed the Scottish Business Pledge – a voluntary code for companies to commit to policies that boost productivity, recognise fairness and increase diversity.
    100/ A £300,000 Sports Equality Fund has benefited 14 projects with the aim of increasing women’s engagement in sport.
    101/ Councils have been enabled to build new homes for the first time in years – with 10,943 council homes delivered since 2007.
    102/ We have passed a new law requiring public bodies to work towards gender balance on their boards – the only part of the UK with such a statutory objective.
    103/ 15,500 social houses for rent have been safeguarded by ending Right to Buy.
    104/ Last year, almost half a million households were supported by Scotland’s Council Tax Reduction scheme.
    105/ We have safeguarded the rights of 2,600 of the most severely disabled by establishing the Scottish Independent Living Fund.
    106/ Since 2007, more than 28,000 households have been supported into affordable home ownership through our help to buy scheme.
    107/ We are helping first-time buyers get on the property ladder by lending them a chunk of their deposit. The new £150 million scheme provides loans of up to £25,000 to those who have managed to save up to 5% of the value of their first home.
    108/ Since taking office, recorded crime is down 42% in Scotland – this is the lowest level ever estimated by the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey.
    109/ We are protecting the police revenue budget in real terms – delivering an additional £100 million of investment over the course of this parliament.
    110/ Police forces in England and Wales have lost more than 20,000 officers over the last decade.
    In Scotland, officer numbers have increased significantly since the SNP came into power.
    111/ We have invested more than £17 million in violence prevention since 2007.
    112/ Violent crime is down by 46%, and property crime by 41% since we took office.
    113/ The Scottish Crime Campus provides a focal point for excellence in intelligence-sharing, evidence gathering and forensic science to tackle serious organised crime.
    114/ Automatic early release has been ended, meaning that long-term prisoners who pose an unacceptable risk to public safety will serve their sentence in full
    115/ The reconviction rate has been reduced to its lowest level in 19 years, thanks to tough community sentences
    116/ Since 2008, £92 million has been seized from criminals and has been reinvested in community projects for young people across Scotland
    117/ We’ve introduced the world leading Domestic Abuse Act that makes psychological domestic abuse and controlling behaviour a crime
    118/ HMP Low Moss opened in March 2012 & HMP Grampian opened in March 2014, two major parts of our prison building programme.
    119/ Since 2012, we’ve invested record funding of £13.5 million to support anti-sectarian education in schools, prisons, workplaces & communities
    120/ The new Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has been created.
    121/ We have made the sharing of so-called ‘revenge porn’ a specific criminal offence, carrying a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment.
    122/ Scotland has the UK’s first national action plan on human rights, showing our ambition to be an example of how to realise human rights and tackle injustice at home and abroad.
    123/ We have introduced a Bill to the Scottish Parliament to raise the minimum age a child can be held criminally responsible from eight to 12, keeping children out of the court system and reinforcing Scotland’s commitment to international human rights standards.
    124/ We have doubled the walking and cycling budget to £80 million per year.
    125/ We delivered the £1.35 billion marvel on the Forth – the Queensferry Crossing.
    126/ We’ve connected Glasgow to Edinburgh with continuous motorway for the first time.
    127/ We scrapped bridge tolls on the Forth and Tay crossings – saving individual commuters around £2,280 to date.
    128/ £8 billion has been invested in our rail infrastructure since 2007.
    129/ We delivered the Borders Railway, the longest new domestic railway to be built in Britain in over 100 years. 4 million passengers have used the service to date.
    130/ Our £5 billion investment programme in Scotland’s railways will deliver longer, greener trains, new stations, new track upgrades, more seats, and more services.
    131/ The first section – between Kincraig and Dalraddy – of our £3 billion project to dual the A9 from Perth to Inverness has been completed.
    132/ The £745 million Aberdeen By-pass opened in February 2019, cutting the 36-mile journey time by half.
    133/ In the South of Scotland we’re taking forward the construction of the Maybole bypass on the A77, making further improvements to the A75 and exploring how to better connect Dumfries and the M74.
    134/ Scotland has now achieved 95% fibre broadband coverage – and we’ll reach 100% super-fast coverage by 2021.
    135/We have demonstrated global leadership on climate change, and were the first part of the UK to declare a ‘climate emergency’
    136/ Scotland is to target net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, by far the toughest statutory target in the world.
    137/ Scotland outperforms the UK as a whole in cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Only Sweden has achieved greater reduction in Western Europe.
    138/ Renewable energy generation in Scotland reached record levels in 2018, providing the equivalent of 75% of gross electricity consumption.
    139/ In 2016, our low carbon and renewable energy sector supported 49,000 jobs and generated £11 billion in turnover.
    140/ No fracking and other unconventional oil and gas activity can take place in Scotland.
    141/ We are on track to achieve our target of recycling 70% of all waste by 2025.
    142/ Scotland was one of the first countries to commit to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
    143/ Carrier bag use was reduced by 80% – the equivalent of 650 million bags – in the first year of the carrier bag charge.
    144/ We have passed a law to ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses in Scotland.
    145/ We’ve helped make our communities safer from flooding with investment in flood defences and new measures in the Flooding Act.
    Since 2008, we have made £42 million available each year to help local authorities invest in flood protection measures.
    146/ By 2021, £21 million will have been distributed through the world-leading Climate Justice Fund, which is now supporting projects in Malawi, Zambia and Rwanda
    147/ We are ensuring the clean, green status of our valuable food and drink sector is protected by opting out of the cultivation of genetically modified crops.
    148/ We passed a law to fully devolve forestry to Scotland, helping us make more effective use of Scotland’s land.
    149/ We are introducing Low Emissions Zones in our four largest cities by 2020 to improve urban air quality.
    150/ We invest £20 million per year in support of animal health and welfare.
    151/ In 2017/18, Scotland created 78% of all new woodland in the UK, and we are on track to meet our target of creating 15,000 hectares per year from 2024/25.
    152/ Scotland’s Natural Capital Accounts estimate that Scotland’s natural capital is valued at over £273 billion – 34% of the UK figure.
    153/ Scotland’s independence referendum was the biggest democratic exercise in Scotland’s history – with a turnout of 85% of all electors.
    154/ 16 and 17 year olds now have the right to vote in Scottish Parliament and local government elections.
    155/ We launched a £200,000 Access to Politics Fund to help disabled people stand for the 2017 local government elections – continuing the fund for the Scottish Parliament elections in 2021.
    156/ Local communities have been given a voice in the planning and delivery of local services – backed up by an annual £20 million of funding – through the Community Empowerment Act.
    157/ The Scottish Land Fund has already helped over 100 communities across the country to purchase land.
    158/ The radical and ambitious Land Reform Act has been passed to transform rules around the ownership, accessibility and benefits of land in Scotland.
    159/ A record £1 billion has been invested in vessels, ports and ferry services since 2007 as part of our commitment to our islands and remote communities.
    160/ We introduced and are implementing Scotland’s first ever Islands Act to help our island communities thrive.
    161/ Road Equivalent Tariff has been rolled out to all ferry routes in the Clyde and Hebrides network, delivering significantly reduced ferry fares and the highest passenger numbers since 1997.
    162/ Residents of Caithness and north-west Sutherland, Colonsay, Islay, Jura, Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles are eligible for a 50% discount on air fares.
    163/ With produce output worth around £2.3 billion a year and around 65,000 people directly employed, we work tirelessly to get the best deal for Scotland’s farmers, crofters and growers.
    164/ We are legislating to create a new South of Scotland Enterprise Agency to support businesses, jobs, economic growth and skills in the region.
    165/ With food and drink worth almost £6 billion in 2017 and 14,000 new jobs estimated to be created in the sector by 2020, we strive to promote Scotland’s top quality produce.
    166/ Through funding from the EU and the Scottish Government, we are investing over £92 million in our fisheries fleet, in harbours, equipment and facilities.
    167/ The clean, green status of our valuable food and drink sector has been protected by opting out of the cultivation of genetically modified crops in Scotland.
    168/ Scotland’s first National Marine Plan aims to achieve the sustainable development of our seas.
    169/ We are investing £6 million in a Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund to help ensure the services and facilities tourists and communities need are provided.
    170/ To support the building of new affordable housing in island communities, we are investing £5 million in an Islands Housing Fund.
    171/ We have published a new National Forestry Strategy and invested over £20 million to plant trees on Scotland’s national forests.
    172/ In 2018/19, we invested nearly £118 million to help grow Scotland’s food and drink sector – supporting production, marketing, promotion, collaboration, research and innovation.
    173/ We are investing almost £270 million in Scotland’s culture and heritage.
    174/ Free access has been maintained to our national museums and galleries, which now welcome over five million visitors every year.
    175/ We have provided £21 million investment in Edinburgh’s major festivals since 2008, and have now opened up funding to Glasgow’s Celtic Connections.
    176/ Following the success of the Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup in 2014, we are ensuring Scotland is on the centre stage for major events, providing funding for the European Championships in 2018, the Solheim Cup 2019, and the UEFA Euro 2020.
    177/ We invested £38 million in the construction of the world-class V&A Museum of Design in Dundee which opened in 2018.
    We are investing an additional £1 million a year for the next 10 years to ensure it reaches its full potential.
    178/ Glasgow will host the inaugural UCI Cycling World Championships in 2023 – reaffirming Scotland’s place as a world leader for major events.
    179/ Over 900 schools and nurseries take part in the ‘Daily Mile’ challenge.
    We want Scotland to become the first ‘Daily Mile Nation’, with all nurseries and schools plus colleges, universities and workplaces involved across the country.
    180/ 99% of primary and secondary schools across Scotland are now providing two hours of physical education a week – up from just 10% in 2005.
    181/ Since 2007 our screen sector has gone from strength to strength and production spend in Scotland has increased by 200%.
    182/ We have invested £20 million to support the establishment of Screen Scotland – a dedicated unit for film and television – and funded the establishment of a National Film & Television School for Scotland in Glasgow.
    183/ We have improved the supporting infrastructure for sport in Scotland, including investing £24 million in the National Sports Performance Centre, Oriam.
    184/ We are committed to supporting MG Alba, which operates BBC Alba and receives £12.8 million a year from the Scottish Government.

    A Healthier Scotland
    A Smarter Scotland
    A Wealthier Scotland
    A Fairer Scotland
    A Safer Scotland
    Investing for the Future
    A Greener Scotland
    Empowering Communities
    Supporting Rural & Island Communities
    Enabling Creativity & Sport

    • Ken2 says:

      That’s a long list of achievements.

      Never ending improvements. Remarkable.

      Well worth printing off for any deniers.

      Even better Independent.

      Long posts often disappear into the ether. Make two posts – instead of one. Of information.

      • Petra says:

        It’s short or fairly short posts that have disappeared Ken. However Paul’s got enough to contend with right now so no big deal.

    • Ah, but, what about the ‘day job’?

      We should crowd fund full page adverts in the Blahs with this list, Petra.
      Just think what we would be like with Leonard Rennie and (take your pick) Baroness Rape Clause, The Dross Linesman, B-Lister Union Jack, Andrew RN Failed Sub Lieutenant Bowie, or Mundo the Michty in charge for the past 13 years.

  93. Petra says:

    I see that a number of my posts that I posted earlier haven’t appeared. Anyone else encountering this problem?

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, I lost one in this thread a couple of days ago. And Alex likewise. It just seems to happen arbitrarily without obvious reason, and alas it’s usually down to Paul to notice (as if he didn’t have better things to do, even in normal times) and manually rescue them from the dunny.

  94. Welsh Siôn says:

    An earlier post of mine on who was the true Welsh_Sion (replying to indyref2) was held back for a wee while earlier, Petra.

    Otherwise, they all seem to go through, ok. (What’s the betting this one won’t? 😉 )

    • Petra says:

      Thanks WS. Yours made it 😀. Maybe mine will too such as responses to other people and their posts.

  95. Republicofscotland says:

    So according to STV news the IFS, has dug (no pun intended) deep into Johnson’s spending figures for the MoD of £16.5 million pounds, and reading between the lines the IFS has found that the actually spending figure is closer to £7 billion pounds over four years and not the £16.5 billion pounds as promised by Johnson.

    Am I surprised at this deception by Johnson and his cabinet, not in the slightest, on the funding of the project its unclear where the cash will come from.

  96. Petra says:

    Westminster is a disaster and so say all of us.

    The SNP:- ”🔎 Boris Johnson thinks devolution is a ‘disaster’. 👀 Westminster has brought decades of disaster with Brexit, an illegal war in Iraq & austerity – in Scotland, we’ve been delivering progressive change.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Only with independence can we protect our Parliament & place in Europe.”


    ”Dutch man says; “BBC? no thank you. F*ck off BBC.” AHAHAHAAHAHAA!! #Newsnight 👏👏👍👍”

    • grizebard says:

      Except that this guy with the “DEFEND EUROPE” t-shirt is a neo-nazi among a bunch of similarly-clad scum. So not coming from the same place as us at all.

  97. Petra says:

    National Audit Office:- ”Our new report on government procurement during #COVID19finds inadequate documentation on key decisions for some contracts, such as how suppliers were chosen or how potential conflicts of interest were managed.”


    Government’s Rushed, Biased Procurement Process Exposed By Spending Watchdog.’

  98. Petra says:

    Tommy Sheridan:- ‘Devolution Has Been A ‘Disaster’ – For Johnson and the British Union.’

    ..”On at least fourteen separate occasions now Johnson’s cabinet has been forced into policy U-turns indicating not just an inability to lead but rank incompetence. The Internal Market Bill endorsing the breach of international law and the usurping of Scottish Parliament powers is just the latest in a long line of failures which justifies the canny Scots rejection of his party last December.

    We never voted for him and we refuse to hang around and suffer the real and material consequences of his government’s inability to govern properly. The chasm between rich and poor, North, and South, employed and unemployed will continue to grow and hardship will spread deep. Scotland rejected the narrow neo-liberal politics of the Tories and their Brexit adventure. We want to pursue a different future and we will not be denied.”..–for-johnson-and-the-british-union/?__twitter_impression=true


    Another U-turn anyone?

    ‘Global Britain is about to collide with Brexit realities.’

    ..”If the UK government during the final weeks of 2020 negotiate a deal with the EU, which preserves an open border on the island of Ireland, they will have the support of the new US administration. If Boris Johnson fails to conclude an agreement on the future relationship between the UK and the EU, and in those circumstances seeks to row back on the commitments already made in the Withdrawal Agreement, they will face hostility from Washington after 20 January 2021. It would then subsequently not be possible for them to secure a free-trade deal of any kind with the US unless they are willing to make concessions on the question of the Irish border.

    So far Downing Street insists that it has no intention of backing down from its Internal Market Bill and the clauses that are not only in breach of international law but that threaten the fragile peace on the island of Ireland. Behind the scenes though, there are signs that some Conservative politicians are getting worried and may look for a government rethink. The ‘Global Britain’ vision is about to collide with Brexit realities. Boris Johnson has so far chosen to ignore the implications of Brexit on Northern Ireland. With the election of Joe Biden to the US presidency, it is becoming ever more apparent that the repercussions of Johnson’s Brexit stance will go much further than Brussels, Dublin and Belfast.”

  99. yesindyref2 says:

    I can’t believe that even seasoned defence commentators are, it seems to me, getting taken in by this “biggest programme of investment in the UK’s armed forces since the Cold War” nonsense in their excitement.

    Yes, it fills funding gaps (or partly anyway) identified by the NAO. Yes, it confirms that 5 T31 frigates will be built, hence ending the idea floated that there would be a 6th which people seem to have forgotten about. The T32 isn’t even a design concept yet, so that is just a placeholder to put future funding not included in this budget, into place.

    Yes, the T26 building will be finished in the mid-30s, at the same time as the planned out of service date of the T45 air defence destroyers, and it’s very likely the “T32” will become the “T4X” the replacement for the T45, on a T26 platform or even a T31 one (hull designs). Yes, Albion and Bulwark weren’t even mentioned as far as I know, meaning that the Royal Marines might still be under threat along with the Black Watch.

    And yes it talks sexily of cyber doodah and space wotsits.

    And Yes, BoJo is on his way out and is desperately trying to call a budget increase including inflation neccessary to avoid cutting existing programs, a “military boost”.

    And what’s sad is that people seem to be falling for it, like the three bears falling for Goldilocks. Or maybe you can just call me an old cynic.

  100. Petra says:

    Newsnet:- ”Boris just pulled the pin out.’


    Yes for EU:- ”Every Wednesday 12-2pm we protest at UK Govt building – aka British Colonial Office – an unwanted intrusion in Edinburgh’s Old Town. Why not join us in your lunchbreak for an hour/ half-hour/ or just a few minutes! #HandsOffHolyrood #indyref2 #DissolveTheUnion #ScotlandForEU.”

  101. Petra says:

    Listen to this arrogant wee runt.

    ”No love lost between Scots Tory leader Douglas Ross and Scottish Government minister Mike Russell, Video.”


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  102. Petra says:

    That’s Leonard telt …. again!

    ‘FMQs: Nicola Sturgeon has perfect response to Labour travel ban complaint.’


    ‘Douglas Ross accused of peddling ‘fake law’ over emergency worker assault claim.’

  103. Legerwood says:

    Ian Murray being taken apart by Krishna Guru- Murthy on Ch4 news just now

  104. Alex Clark says:

    He will be a sad loss, irreplaceable I’m sure lol.

    “Scottish Conservatives’ rural economy and tourism spokesman Oliver Mundell has resigned from the party’s front bench after refusing to back the position on coronavirus travel restrictions.”

    • grizebard says:

      Am I right in thinking that wee Mundell just quit his portfolio because he doesn’t want the border closed?

      Has he therefore also resigned from the Tory Party or called on BoJo to resign because England is already in shutdown so did his presumed dastardly deed first? (Or hasn’t he noticed yet?)

  105. Alex Clark says:

    Northern Ireland politicians doing a bit of bouncing around over Covid restrictions, not really a good look.

    “Northern Ireland is set to face a two-week period of tougher Covid-19 lockdown measures from Friday, 27 November, BBC News NI understands.

    Non-essential retail will have to shut, and the hospitality sector will have to remain closed.

    The measures were agreed by the executive on Thursday. Schools will be allowed to stay open.

    Close contact services can reopen this Friday, but will have to close again the following week.”

    Political infighting is not a good way to deal with this virus, we really need more grown up politics when dealing what what is actually decisions affecting the life and death for many people.

  106. Dr Jim says:

    You have to laugh at Labour’s one and only MP from Scotland who represents about half a dozen members 24 pigeons and a dog when he says the Labour party are “Going to come up with plans for Scotland” they don’t even listen to their own dog when it barks at them let alone their rapidly diminishing membership

    The absolute insolent brass necked affrontery of these people in the Labour party is beyond staggering, the third party in Scotland only slightly ahead of the Green party and with zero chance of ever returning to power in Scotland and next to zero chance of ever being in power in Westminster, and most of that’s because they much prefer being in opposition in London so they can blame the Tories for everything then vote with them when they’re told to, so what’s the point of Labour at all when even England aren’t daft enough to vote for them

    Even if Sir Kier Stumbler were to creep up his numbers in England the first thing the Tories will bring up is how he was the guy who allowed Jimmy Saville off the hook and Boom! that’s the end of Sir Stumpy Stumbler, so the odds, and there’s a lot of them, that Labour as a political party might be better off joining the Green Party and settle in to complaining about filling potholes with really thick cow pat to save the planet from excessive use of tarmacadam, they could get DRoss as Minister for milking spokestwonk we understand he has a degree in uddering statements

      • Legerwood says:

        Welsh Sion,
        Thank you for posting the link. I watched it ‘live’ and Krishnan Guru-Murthy was having a hard time concealing his contempt for Ian Murray’s answers, or more accurately non-answers to the questions asked. Not been a good week for Unionist politicians from Scotland being interviewed on Ch4 news.

        The focus group Ch4 put together was of previous NO voters and was not a weighted panel of YES/NO voters as IM kept implying.

        Not his finest hour but then when has he ever had one of those.

        Just wish they had someone from the SG on too.

        • grizebard says:

          Re your last point there, the media, even when in quasi-neutral mode like this dealing with obvious dead-ends like DRoss and Plastic Tory, always somehow find themselves talking about the SNP, telling us how it might or might not affect them, without ever, it seems, having the courtesy to give someone from the SNP a chance to tell us for themselves. Are all its reps strangely unavailable, or simply unwanted? It’s slightly wierd, like a bunch of people in a room talking about someone who’s actually present!

          • Why Ian Blackford agreed to go on QT beats me. Has he no political street smarts?
            They all had a great time lying to England about Scotland; and Fraser Nelson is just a traitor to the country of his birth.
            The Arched Eyebrow just sat back and watched the Scotland is Shite and the SNP is Bad rubbish unfold.
            I repeat, boycott these put up jobs.

            Ian Murray on Ch4 described himself, the One Red Tory left, as the ‘only major party’ in Scotland supporting devolution.
            They have one MP, him, and have to borrow money from England to keep their party afloat in Scotland.
            He is an arrogant sad lonely grubby wee Nobody spouting utter nonsense…he has no idea how ridiculous he sounds, telling us Scots what to do and think, as long as it isn’t to emerge triumphant in our fight for Self Determination.
            2026 says Anas, so there.
            What imbeciles.

            By Christ, the sheer exalted release when we become Independent that we will no longer have to listen to Murray Nelson Marr Neil and BBC/STV Brit Nat collaborators evr again will add five years to our life expectancy.

            Fraser Nelson is the House Jock creep whom John Cleese described thus:-

            “Why do we let half-educated tenement Scots run our English press? Because their craving for social status makes them obedient retainers?”

            Sums up this odious little man neatly.

            • Dr Jim says:

              When you look back on the success of John Cleese the Monty Python series was completely and totally based on the ridiculously stupid behaviour of the stiff upper lipped imaginings of English stereotypes, the knights of the round table sketch being a case in point, while hilariously funny was a glaring example of the incompetent *Britishness* of today, I won’t even go into Fawlty Towers

              Every nation has it’s traits and silliness but for John Cleese to criticise Scotland on any basis whatsoever as to our competence or intelligence does not stand scrutiny well in comparison to his own country and how he earned his living exposing it’s frailties

              Comedy actors make money from the public by helping us to laugh at exaggerations of ourselves, some of them aught to remember when to tell the difference between reality and the exaggerated stuff

              • Don’t mention John Cleese. I did, but I think I got away with it.

                Imagine the outcry if the BBC broadcast a QT during which five Scots and a Scots audience lambasted every aspect of English life, while Bruce passed the parcel, and demanded that the sole Brit Nat ‘explain’ themselves’ confronted by a merciless litany of lies and insults spat into the English viewers’ living rooms by a gang of Jocks bellowing that England was shite?

                It was the usual evil set up.
                Goebbels’ strength lies and racism, designed to feed English superiority over their Northern Colony.

                I will continue to pay the BBC tax until September 16th 2021, I Day.
                Respect for the law of the land is ingrained in my old Judeo Christian values bones, I’m afraid.

                However, that I personally pay for QT to lie and traduce Scotland like this has tipped me over the edge.
                I shall dance the danse macabre when Plantation Quay Stockade is forced to close down.

                It is time for Blackford to step down, btw.
                He cuts a sorry figure nowadays, the butt of Brit Nat jokes.

                • Jim says:

                  ” It is time for Blackford to step down”

                  I think you’re right Jack. Following the onslaught from Nelson of the strangulated vowels syndrome he had to be saved by the bishop saying to Nelson that it was wrong to heap all that on the SNP as poverty has been endemic for decades and that there were many areas of the UK still suffering due to years of austerity.

                  We need more firebrands in the SNP like Kate Forbes and Mike Russell who would have both ripped Nelson a new one.

      • Welsh Siôn says:

        Anyone else notice how he called the interviewer ‘Christian’, at least twice?

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Indeed, thanks to WS for posting the link – The brass-neck of Murray was the only thing shining in that C4 interview, even his own constituents must be cringing at electing him these days…

  107. Alex Clark says:

    A bit more detail on Northern Irelands decision to re-introduce restrictions next week. A 5 week circuit break has only just ended tonight and tomorrow cafes, hairdressers and the like can re-open from tomorrow but pubs and restuarants were not due to reopen until next Friday.

    But from next Friday there will be a further two weeks of lockdown so the pubs and resturants will stay shut. There had already been a one week extension to the original lockdown but it has been deemed not to have been enough.

    Governments are facing a really difficult task dealing with this virus, the most important thing I believe is to have the support of the people behind your decisions and getting their cooperation. This is proving to be a bit of a problem and it could happen here too. We can’t afford to be complacent.

  108. Ken2 says:

    Another one gone, another one down. Another one hits the dust. Wants to spread the virus, across borders, rather than save lives.

    Priti Patel been bullying everyone in sight. Killing migrants. Against the Law. Courts keeping her right. Right wing sycophants, More monies wasted on illegal, redundant arms. Aid cut.

    Princess nut, nut. Wants to save the world. The world would be saved without the Tories misappropriating public funds. Illegal contracts for their cronies. Backhanders.

    The Tories are making money out of the pandemic. People are dying prematurely. Giving contracts to venture capitalist without proper public scrutiny. Illegally. They have invested in these drug companies previously. Not declaring it. Stuffing their pockets with misappropriated public funds.

    The Chancellor is given contracts to companies linked to a hedge fund he set up, To make profits when in Office and trying to cover up connections. Graft and corruption.

    It is illegal to use his position to make personal profits and try and hide it. In an private fund with no open access for scrutiny. Assets and connections should be declared. To prevent insider dealing. Or illegal privilege.

  109. Ken2 says:

    Priti Patel has been shouting and swearing at civil servants. Civil servants forced out. Patel is small minded. Princess Tut Tut. ‘Did not know what she was doing’. Breaking the Law, treating people with competent and causing premature deaths.

    Defence funding increased. Austerity but more for Defence. Killing people. Unlawful killing. The Tories making money out of Defence contracts. Illegally. Graft and corruption. The Royals involved in illegal wars. ‘Killer Wales’.

  110. Ken2 says:

    Vaccine coming next month? Vulnerable first. Millions ordered.

    The NHS needs £6Billion more a year. It’s going on the Military. Scottish funds misappropriated. Too much on the military. Not enough in Scotland.

  111. Ken2 says:

    Ian Blackford one Question Time.

    Not Nelson. Talking nonsense.

  112. Ken2 says:

    Fraser Nelson lying again. Bruce pathetic. That other woman again. How do they chose these people. Absolute out of touch rubbish. They do not have a clue,

  113. Ken2 says:

    Turn off. Out of date. Out of time. Rubbish Pathetic. How do they get away with it. BBC illegal propaganda.

  114. Petra says:

    Posting without comment, however worth reading, imo.

    Click to access Nicola_Sturgeon.pdf

  115. Petra says:

    Ooops I don’t know how that happened! 🙄 I’ll try again.

    • Dr Jim says:

      We await the Bathistan Chronicle’s headline naming Scotland’s FM as a Russian Red Sparrow double agenting for British Intelligence while unredacting the redacted bits and replacing them with the David Icke version

    • Thanks for this, Petra.
      It will keep Baillie Cole-Scuttle and Fraser in work for another 10 years, if nothing else.
      Yet again, giving them an otherwise blank sheet of A4 paper with ‘PTO’ written in the bottom RH corner would also mesmerise their pusillanimous wee noggins for a decade.

      Nothing to see here; move on.

  116. Petra says:

    Scot Douglas Stuart has won the Booker Prize for his first ever novel entitled Shuggie Bain 😀.

    • Petra says:

      Seems that Shuggie Bain’s family, and hundreds of thousands of others across Scotland, were negatively impacted upon by Tory Maggie Thatcher.

      Imagine that 🙄.

      The novel is said to be politically motivated hence to my mind well worth a read. The novel outlines the hell experienced by many living in Glasgow in the 1980’s: Glasgow controlled by the Labour Party.

      Imagine that 🙄.

      Compare and contrast with the long list of positive measures (posted earlier) the SNP have implemented since they got into power. Thank God.

      And the latest “The Crown” series will also totally scunner many, many Scots. All in all, between one thing and another, the planets are now in total alignment for us winning Indyref2 next year 😀.

      • Petra says:

        And we Scots, en-masse, should be contacting the BBC and demanding that Outlander should be broadcast right across Scotland, ASAP, taking into account the £320 million that the Treasury screws out of the Scots every year via the TV license with little of that spent on Scottish programmes at all. Get off of your knees Scots and fight back FGS.

        • Dr Jim says:

          Aw c’mon Petra we’ve got, eh, the Nine and eh Jack and Victor for the fourteenth time because they don’t want any of us to miss that, and we’ve got erm, let me think, Oooh! Scot Squad with Chief Inspector Cameron Meikleson, and of course the hedgehogs being released and Des Clarke not liking dogs or that nice wee Clare Grogan wae the fat chef and the carrots in a tin, there’s the fellas in the oary boat who forgot the gas canister for the coffee

          My God Petra the list of Scottish programming is endless, especially that bit about Dundee being a failed city every five minutes, it feels like that Loki guy lives in ma hoose and ah cannae get him oot and he won’t go voluntarily until I guarantee him ahve got nae board games invented by the Scottish government or a thesaurus for him tae read

          • Petra says:

            You jist brought me back doon tae earth wae a bump Dr Jim. How on earth could a forget all of that, especially that guy who shows us how to cook fish whilst poking it aboot wae his manky hands. We’ve also got Jackie Bird, she’s Scottish, on the telly at New Year, so apologies fir moanin aboot nuthin like a typical Scot. It’s a bad habit o mine.

        • Jim says:

          Remembering of course that Cameron delayed Outlander being broadcast in 2014 for fear of increasing the independence vote.

          • Dr Jim says:

            These programmes just inflame us mentally fragile Jocks to paint our faces blue and hate the English, it’s a well known fact amongst Tories and that’s why they’re forced to control and exercise discipline over our inability to distinguish between a television time travelling show and reality

            Thank God the Tories look after us and control our viewing with down to earth realities like Gogglebox and shows about eating worms in Australia or cake baking for critics

  117. yesindyref2 says:

    To deter or not to deter, that is the question.

    “The US Missile Defense Agency has confirmed the successful interception of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile in space for the first time as part of an exercise.”

    Luckily for me and my family Hober Mallow owed me a favour when I gave his stranded ship a jump-start, and we all got personal force-shields in return. Just the Job.

  118. Tatu3 says:

    The Spectator is not normally on our side, but this article written by Andrew Wilson is not too bad

  119. Ken2 says:

    The US/UK have refused to join the anti nuclear disarmament Treaty due in Jan 2021. Ratified by 50 UN members. The Tories on the warpath again.

    Johnston, as foreign secretary tried to start military action on the Russia border. Tried to get US involved. Trump would do it. So Johnston had to pipe down. Trouble causing liar.

    Johnston does not know what to do next to cause trouble. He has been sacked, for lying, in every ‘job/placement he has ever had. A lying opportunist. Princess nut, nut got sacked when £80,000 in Tory funds went missing. Another lying opportunist.

    What a way to run an administration. Despicable.

  120. Petra says:

    ‘Prattling away in his padded cell in Downing Street, Boris Johnson is the SNP’s greatest asset.’

    ”Increasingly, to watch Boris Johnson face questions in the House of Commons is to see an ageing Bilbo Baggins catching a glimpse of the ring at Rivendell.”..

    ”Lord Hope – “It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that this Govt regard devolution as an inconvenience that can simply be ignored when they want to… I am afraid we see here an uncompromising, careless & centralist style of Govt, which divides our United Kingdom into pieces.”

  121. Golfnut says:

    Next time you hear unionist warblers( media included) that Scots oil isn’t worth anything, remember this.

    And it’s just one company among many.
    Sunak just announced that they had to claw back £360 Billion ( this figure includes the £12 bi!!ion given t o Servco for a useless test and trace system )to fill the black hole created by the gov pandemic response, this is a non existent black hole because a gov can’t owe itself money. Guess who is being asked to fill this black hole, it certainly isn’t the oil companies or their share holders.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Scotland is the only country on planet earth where it’s people pay oil companies to extract oil. Sorry, that is England decided that.

      Just as it decided on the Iraq war.

      Independence is our only way out

  122. Petra says:

    ‘First COVID-19 vaccinations expected in December, says Jeane Freeman.’

    ”The first vaccinations against COVID-19 are expected to take place in Scotland next month, health secretary Jeane Freeman has announced. Those working in the NHS, care workers and people over 80 are expected to be first to receive the vaccine, with up to a million people treated by the end of January, if the health service is given safety approval. Those over the age of 65 and younger people with extra clinical risks will be prioritised in February.”’..,first-covid19-vaccinations-expected-in-december-says-jeane-freeman


    The end of the UK? How broken promises are fuelling a new nationalism in the North.’

    ”Perhaps it was inevitable: the North of England will apparently soon have its own political party. As the name suggests, members of the Northern Independence Party want nothing short of a country to call their own. This is against a backdrop of majority support for independence in Scotland and the rapid growth of the Yes Cymru movement in the last year.”..

    ..”Their central claim is that “the United Kingdom is a fiction designed by Tory Westminster to cloud centuries of Southern exploitation over the North”.”

  123. Ken2 says:

    The BBC costs £5Billion. It brings in some revenues. Half goes on maintaining the estate. The building. News worldwide. A propaganda machine. Controlled by Westminster lies. £1/2Billion from Scotland pro rata.

    No one watch the Nine. Few viewers. Or any one news outlet (Sky/Press) in Scotland. Get information in exchange on the internet.

    Hamish McBeth, Taggart, Rebus etc go all over the world are sold to different places. Outlander etc. A massive success. Along with Scottish films. Braveheart sold worldwide. Everyone knows it. The Scottish brand is recognised as quality. Financial, insurance services etc.

    A 40million diaporia. The international Oil, food, drink films, music, games, medical industry.Excellent graduates. People work world wide. People have had to migrate for a better life because of Westminster interfering, appalling wasteful policies.

    The Clearances, higher unemployment created by Westminster. Thatcher Scottish revenues and resources taken illegally and mismanaged. Polaris dumped in Scotland without permission.

    Johnston will be dumped out before causing even more trouble. The Brexit mess and shambles. Scottish invention and discovery changed the world. (Chinese).

    Radio, TV, telecommunications led on to the internet. Changed the world worldwide. It benefits for information and interconnection. Worldwide, Language is used worldwide because of Scottish invention and support for education. Smart. One of the first countries to have tertiary education. For those with ability, not the ability to pay. To this day.

    Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence for a better world. Stop the Tory unionist collusion to destroy the world economy. More redundant military and illegal activity. Killing people. Wasting public funds,

  124. Ken2 says:

    Stop the Tories illegal invasions. Killing people. Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence for a better world.

    The Brexit mess and shambles. They want to start another illegal war. As a diversion. More chaos.

  125. Petra says:

    Angus B MacNeil MP:- ”MP briefing today from Road Haulage Association had many worrying messages and zilch good about Brexit. UK-EU trade has tripled over last 40 odd years. UK has only 20% of needed customs agents. Expected customs Declarations = 200m to EU, 50m to NI, 20million Rest of World.”


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  126. Ken2 says:

    The North of England was offered an Assembly with more powers. They voted against it. Then they voted Tory and Brexit. Cutting off their nose to spite their face. They got what they voted. A Brexit disaster.

  127. Petra says:

    ‘Boris Johnson slammed for ‘inappropriate’ Union bid with £16bn for military.’

    ”Boris Johnson’s Government has been accused of “totally inappropriate” priorities after he announced a renewed commitment to Trident and a boost to military spending by £16.5 billion over the next four years – insisting it would help strengthen the Union.

    The Prime Minister provoked fury when he unveiled the huge increase to the Ministry of Defence’s budget despite refusing to support school hunger programmes or rule out a cut to overseas aid to the poorest countries in the world.

    His plans also included a commitment to launch the UK’s first space rocket from Scotland.”..


    Meanwhile even more impoverished Scots can marvel at the UK’s first space rocket blasting £millions into Kingdom Come.

    ‘DWP told cutting £20 Universal Credit boost could put 60,000 Scots in poverty.’

  128. Petra says:

    ‘Covid: Holyrood backs cross-Border travel ban as two million enter level 4.’

    ”Tough legal rules curbing travel in and out of Scotland and around many parts of the country will come into effect this evening as the Scottish Government ramps up efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus.

    Under the new law travel to and from the Republic of Ireland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland is banned unless for an essential reason.”..

    ..””Restrictions on entering Scotland

    “2.—(1) A person who lives in a place within the common travel area mentioned in paragraph 4 must not enter or remain in Scotland.”


    ‘Joanna Cherry: Ignore bumbling Boris Johnson, we need a concrete indy plan NOW.’

    ”NEVER interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. It’s a good maxim. Boris Johnson and his hapless Scottish Tory chums have spent the week digging themselves into a big hole over devolution. Even the Speaker had had enough when he finally corrected the Prime Minister this week for his sly and recurrent misrepresentation of the SNP party name.”..

    The wider independence movement, like my colleagues in the Westminster group, are brimming with ideas. This was clear from the readout of the AUOB event last weekend at which it was good to hear Ian Blackford embrace the need for the SNP to work with the wider movement. How we do this needs work and we need to see concrete moves by the party now to put this commitment into practice. No political party is perfect, but the SNP are the best vehicle to deliver independence. We are a formidable campaigning machine with a very well-respected leader and, according to the polls, the confidence of around half the electorate in the country. This is almost unprecedented across Europe, particularly after 13 years in government.

    The SNP are the political wing of the Yes movement. You don’t need to like or agree with all our policies to support us although I would encourage people to join the party, become active and help us move those policies forward to the sort of radical agenda the wider independence movement wants. I can assure you that many of us within the party share your views.”..

  129. JMTaurus says:

    Now that report on Priti Patel bullying been released today and found she did break ministerial code it is with great relief and viewed as a pure coincidence by Tories that the announcement on defence spending was made yesterday (as assumption was that defence news announced yesterday would trump today’s negative news regarding outcome of Patel bullying inquiry).

    Plus I am sure that Boris thinks his Brexit Make Britain Great Again Defence of the Realm announcement yesterday makes it wholly acceptable to disregard the actual outcome of Patel bullying inquiry’s conclusion, which he has sat on for months, by confirming his confidence in Patel continuing as Home secretary and dictating to all that the matter is now closed.

    The fact that Boris’s adviser on the ministerial code has resigned over this is neither here nor there as we all know a suitable replacement will be found perhaps someone with the same sycophant qualities as Andrew Bowie who is so desperate to be noticed that he will condone and uphold anything Boris decides to implement as I believe he thinks the Tory government should regret nothing they have done ( including I am sure this sorry incident ).

    One of the shocking things about this incident is that some people are actually shocked by it .

    How can anyone be shocked when this is but only one of the many similar travesties committed by this UK Tory Govt.

    Meanwhile DRoss will just happily continue to perform his Tory HQ assigned mission of Operation Deflection which the media in Scotland will happily promote.

    Unfortunately for DRoss his mission for us NOT to look over there but to look here only (to his fabricated version of politics in Scotland) is not working as shockingly we Scots are actually able to view and access UK news so we see the reality of how his party governs in the UK .

    Poor Dross he is desperate to move forward but Tory HQ keeps dragging him back.

    So let’s all clap for Tory HQ as they are doing a great job of undermining DRoss and his mission impossible ( i.e. to keep Scotland in the fake Union of unequals).

    • Legerwood says:

      I think the news about Priti Patel was actually released today to overshadow/hide the news that the Chancellor is going to/maybe going to bring in a pay freeze on public sector workers – apart from nurses and medics – maybe/possibly.

      Priti Patel is not popular so it was a racing certainty that they would concentrate on that story at the expense of the pay freeze

  130. Alex Clark says:

    This Priti Patel business today is just another example of how this government completely ignores breeches of the law or the expected standards of government when it is “one of their own”. It’s an absolute disgrace that the civil servant who advised the government on standards and was responsible for producing the report into Patel’s bullying behaviour has resigned and Patel is still in her job.

    Johnson is expecting all the furore to blow over just as it eventually did with Cummings behaviour, he is wrong though as all this becomes more and more apparent to ordinary punters that there is one rule for them and an entirely different set of rules for the rest of us.

    I am sick of being governed by the most disgusting politicans I have ever encountered, No voters and especially Tory voters in Scotland need to open their eyes. Are they really in support of such attrocious behaviour? If so, then they are complicit in keeping this lot in power to the detriment of the rule of law and for the misery inflicted on the poorest in our society.

    Power that they use to enrich themselves and their cronies. The lot of them should be in court for their crimes against the ordinary person in the UK. It won’t happen though so we in Scotland need to take matters into our own hands.

    It’s time we elected our own politicians to make all our decisions in an Independnet Scotland. Without Independence we are powerless to hold these criminals to account for their behavior. I’ve had enough and will redouble my efforts to persuade No voters that the right thing to do is join us and rid Scotland of such corruption. They don’t even try to hide it anymore, they are that brazen.

    • Dr Jim says:

      You know the Tories received an official complaint about Priti Patel’s smirking attitude and the official reply was that that was her natural facial expression

      • Alex Clark says:

        She is like many in Johnson’s cabinet and the wider Tory party, she exudes arrogance and entitlement and is an utterly vile disgusting excuse for a human being.

      • Pogmothon says:

        Priti Pratel’s constantly smirking coupon, used to gate on my nerve ends as well. But the official reply to the complaint “that it was her natural facial Expression” has prooved to be some what inacurate. Since for months now in fact from around the time of the complaint. The smirk has been slowly but surly wiped of her fisser. Look back through the photo and video record it is incredibly satisfying. As granny would have said more to be pitied than scolded. Well maybe……..

    • Jim says:

      Excellent post Alex.

      Sums up my thoughts to a tee.

  131. Alex Clark says:

    The Tories are revolting.

    “It’s not devolution that has been a disaster. It’s the Prime Minister that is one.”

    Allan Massie (father of the other Massie)

    • bringiton says:

      Johnson is a stunt man (political that is).
      His problem is that he isn’t very good at it,the whole point of a stunt is to create the appearance of reality.
      In this he regularly fails to CONvince.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Tories are also a scream when they begin to talk about the FM and the SNP, because they have to constantly reference the SNP being bad at the same time as they admit they themselves are worse but they would be better if they had other Tories than the ones they’ve got then neglect to mention that they’re all the same, but the SNP are still bad, phew! nearly forgot to mention that again

    • “Douglas Ross correctly remarked that, in general, the four constituent peoples of the United Kingdom share the same values.”
      You don’t get more Tory than Massie Snr., Alex.

      The ‘same values’ my arse.

      You can see from where his son gets his haughty faux superior intellectual waffle.
      The ‘Old Border’ indeed.
      Would that be Blue Tory dog eat dog values?
      Would it be Red Tory lie to the masses and scoop up wages expenses knighthoods and peerages values?
      Would it be Yellow Tory values where serial paedophiles are protected and a eulogy to the obscene offender read out by a Yellow Tory Lord at his funeral, in full knowledge that the man he praised was an evil lifetime abuser?
      Massie Snr denies the facts. We have not voted Tory Up Here for 70 years.
      Their values are the devil’s work.
      There will be no 20,000 bobbies on the beat, or 50,000 nurses and 40 new hospitals in England, and public service workers Down There will pay for Covid.

      No wage increase for 3 years at least while prices go through the roof with a No Deal Brexit crash and burn in 7, yes SEVEN, weeks’ time.

      The use of the noun ‘values’ to describe Blue Tory vicious fascism is a joke in itself.

  132. JMTaurus says:

    The BBC’s Tory PR spokesperson Laura K tweeted this :

    “Worth saying the report also makes unusual criticism of Home Office, says Patel didn’t always receive support she should have from her officials”.

    This kinda links with what Tory Brexiteer Bernard Jenkins said on SKY this morning stating victim of bullying by Patel was kinda to blame as weak and unsupportive thus somehow made Patel act in the way she did i.e. bully.

    So in a uniquely Tory roundabout kind of way it was the behaviour of the victim(s) that prompted Patel to act in the the way that she did however her actions were inadvertent and unintentional apparently .

    Are we gonna clap for bullies now as they are to be perceived as the real victims in bullying?

    Who will support the bullies ?

    Why are bullies in positions of power so misunderstood ?

    Who, apart from the Tories, will speak up for the bullies ?

    Questions upon questions about this but the answer was staring us all in the face.

    Apparently It’s the victims of bullying who incite bullying not the bullies and it’s the bullies we should support and believe not the so called ‘other’ victim/s.

    Who knew.

    Should we start a crowdfund for them or do a Walk for Bullies along the lines of Captain Tom’s walk for the NHS.

    I ran out of gasted to be flabbered by a long long time ago courtesy of Tory HQ and branch office staff too .

    Bring on the DRoss spin or silence. Same thing really.

  133. Alex Clark says:

    Stephen Bush in the New Statesman hits the nail on the head with his article on the Patel scandal.

  134. Alex Clark says:

    There will be no free school meals over the Xmas holidays for the poorest school children as we cannot afford it, very sorry but the extra £20/week to Universal Credit claiments must end in March, can’t afford it you see. Some of you may be unhappy about this but you 5.5 million Public Service workers will have to have a pay freeze for the next 3 years as we can’t afford it, sorry (snigger).

    Oh look what I found down the back of the seetee, £16.5 billion for tanks and bombs. The UK government Takes Back Control!.

  135. Welsh Siôn says:

    Broonterventions alert today, folks.

    Appears on Sky News and writes an opinion piece for the Guardian. You’ll find them for yourselves, but if you desperately wanna hear what the old dinosaur has to say, I’ll locate them for you. (Just ask nicely.)

  136. yesindyref2 says:

    Well, it’s sopabox time again, and just to show that those who generally support the SNP in general, our beleagured but successfully nominated MSP candidate and Sturgeon in particular, still disagree on vital matters of safety and principle, here’s me about this:

    “which I’m glad to say passed by 64 votes to one, with all SNP MSPs abstaining”

    Isn’t that disgusting? That the SNP MSPs don’t care at all about the teachers, and that none of them had the courage to stand up if they do care about teachers, and vote FOR a measure of protection for the vulnerable amongst them?

    Keep going Ross, you seem to be in the words of Star Wars, the teachers’ only hope. But there’s a lot more needs doing for the safety of non-vulnerable teachers, in classes of 33 young kids cheek to jowl, incuding enforcing rules such as PPE, perhaps ordinary plastic screens such as enjoyed by shop workers, and distancing for the teachers that other workers enjoy.

    Perhaps SNP voters should write to their SNP MSP expressing disgust at their abstaining on such a disgraceful issue as this:

    “More than a thousand teachers have had requests to work from home rejected and I’ve been contacted by dozens with vastly reduced lung capacity, with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, with heart conditions and severe asthma who have all been told that they must attend in person.”

    I know of some too. What is wrong with the heartless merciless SNP Government?

    • Is Nicola Sturgeon in charge of Teachers’ Personnel issues?

      ““More than a thousand teachers have had requests to work from home rejected and I’ve been contacted by dozens with vastly reduced lung capacity, with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, with heart conditions and severe asthma who have all been told that they must attend in person.”

      This statement is just an out and out lie.
      If any worker in Scotland suffered from the illnesses and diseases described above, they would be entitled to stay off work, Covid or no Covid.

      There are evil men and women doing their utmost to destroy our Government’s efforts to conquer this plague.
      Ross in one of them.
      No Scottish worker can be forced to attend work when ill. Fact.

      Our teachers receive full pay for the first six months of any illness. Fact.

      The Greens will be creamed in May.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Jack, you didn’t read. It’s not about teachers off sick, it’s about the vulnerable, those with COOPD and reduced lung function, who, if they catch Covid-19 are far more at risk of dying than others. Yet they are being forced by some to go into work,

        “Within that context there is a subset of concerns for the EIS around paused – shielding teachers, many of whom are currently being forced to attend workplaces by employers who have set themselves against clinically based advice that working from home should be the option used. ”

        I suggest you read it before calling anyone a liar, including me.

        Click to access DFM%20261020%20Framework.pdf

        • Ah, Larry Fanagan, tired old Militant of this Parish.

          How can we help Scotland overcome Covid?

          ‘Everybody out!

          Threaten 1960’s strikes!

          I watched BBC Scotland tonight. A young lass with half a heart, and a teacher with cystic fibrosis, who appears to have used up her six months’ sick pay entitlement, and now anonymously argues that she could come back to work doing something remotely….
          And that’s it.
          No feature on the ‘dozens’ which you cite, YfI.

          It is a lie to assert that teachers, unlike all other workers, are ‘forced’ into working to meet the Bad SNP’s political diktat despite their health condition It is simply not true. It is misspeaking. It is prevarication. It is a big bad fib..

          Any Scot can consult their GP, and if the underlying health conditions warrant it, can register sick.

          The thing is, Teachers get full pay; cleaners £93 a week.

          Your SNP BADness and Momentum/Militant hyperbole (lies) and threats of strike action, which of course would destroy education in Scotland entirely, are classic Up Ra Wurkirs 1960’s Fred Kite Dross.

          Magnusson featured the poor landlords as they closed their pubs and grubs until 11th December.

          A feature live in Aberdeen on the Bar (the name escapes me) refused an extension to their licence following the disgraceful scenes last week during the Scotland game ruined the whole ‘Poor Me’ message from pub and grub merchants.

          Three drunken lads, with no face coverings came out of the bar, surrounded the BBC reporter and sang into the camera.

          These yobs are the arseholes who are killing Scots; not John Swinney.

          I am fucking fed up of this holier than holy toss, stage managed by Magnusson and well, you, designed to undermine our efforts to conquer this terrible plague.

          Teachers are educated well paid individuals.

          They have tremendous conditions of employment, and most if not all are articulate enough to communicate to their GP their concerns, and mental and physical health problems.

          It is a lie to assert that there are thousands of faint hearts who rely on Larry Flanagan, and frankly, you, to fight their corner for them.

          Over Christmas, teachers will be off work for two weeks on full pay.

          Cleaners, supermarket staff, bus drivers, won’t.

          I really tire of all this Bad SNP crap, and so apparently do 74% of your fellow Scots.
          Never mind, you and Bowie and Dross and Rennie and Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause are as one. Great company you are now keeping Indyref..

          • Legerwood says:

            Totally agree. I saw the reports you mention and Magnusson laughing at the antics of the yobs surrounding the reporter. Also the teacher saying she would be on half pay if she shielded. Don’t think so.

            • yesindyref2 says:

              And WTF has the BBC got to do with it?

              you defend this from moron Jack:

              “Never mind, you and Bowie and Dross and Rennie and Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause are as one. Great company you are now keeping Indyref..”

              Go fuck yourself.

              I’m out of here, the likes of you and Jack are worse than Wings.

              • Legerwood says:

                I did not defend any of the statements by Jack Collatin that you mention. I agreed with him about two specific items that were reported on Reporting Scotland at 6.30pm tonight and described the specific items.

                When I replied to Jack’s post at 7.37pm I had not in fact read your earlier posts. Having done so now they appear singularly incoherent and, in the case of your post at 7.57pm, singularly offensive.

              • Stephen McKenzie says:

                yesindyref2: Why the abusive language? “Moron”, “Go fuck yourself”?

                Ok, Jack and Ledgerwood’s replies are not want you wanted to read – big deal. do you expect everyone to agree with you?

                Chill, let it pass and post again without the ramping up please.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        And this of course, Jacl, as in “Fact”, though teachers themselves seem to be reluctant to go to blended learning – despite what some teacher haters say, it’s very hard work to perform remote teaching.:

        There’s plenty of other stuff on the EIS website Jack, as in “Fact”:

        • grizebard says:

          As Nicola has made clear, including in today’s briefing, the general level of CV-19 in schools is largely reflective of the level in the wider community. Schools are not a reservoir or driver of infection, if that’s what you or the EIS are trying to imply. Levels of infection in schools are being very closely monitored because of the fundamental importance of education. It would be easy enough to close the whole caboodle down, in which case we would immediately be assailed by the likes of the EIS “whitaboot a the puir wee sowels and the damage the heartless SG is doing to their futures?” Our kids shouldn’t be turned into a political football by the cynical ambitions of no-hope losers.

          Teachers with shielding status automatically get sick leave recognition on production of the official letter they will shortly receive, just like any other worker in the same position.

          We are in the midst of a truly historic crisis, in case you hadn’t noticed. It’s hard for plenty of people – nearly everybody, in fact – in so many different ways. Work-related issues can’t be magicked away, and certainly not on the say-so of Labourite union agenda-mongers.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Hyperbole such as “What is wrong with the heartless merciless SNP Government?” is not analysis but political ranting. I’ve no idea why SNP MSPs abstained, you offer none, yet insist it’s an outrage despite passing 64 to 1, hello?
      Read Greer’s article but was stumped by – “I say that with huge reluctance. I do not want to undermine confidence in official statistics but I cannot ignore what so many teachers are telling me with such consistency” – Hearsay does not trump stats, if an issue is suspected demand it be investigated or direct the “victims” to confidential contacts where such may begin. None of this is rocket science.
      By contrast this was an interesting read

  137. Republicofscotland says:

    So Trumpism is rife at Westminster as the not so Priti Patel, who broke the Ministerial Code keeps her job and the person who submitted the report on her excessive bullying of Civil servants resigns, after Johnson ignores the report and backed Patel.

    Patel sings from the same hymn sheet as Johnson, and every Civil servant at Westminster will now be wondering if their going to face excessive bullying from this out of control Tory government with no recourse to protect their rights at work.

  138. Republicofscotland says:

    The language might not be as colourful but we have been described as separatists, divisive, etc, it all adds up to the same we are demeaned by the British nationalist media on a daily basis, and we have no means of recourse as we do not control broadcasting. At least the Catalans have their own tv channels to defend themselves.

  139. Dr Jim says:

    One sniff of a vaccine and the politics race is on

    It’s the Tory Labour pincer movement, Tories do the Telly propaganda and tell their mates in Labour to go for the Union misery and pain

    It never matters what the SNP Scottish government do, it’s always too little too late and never enough no matter what, and most importantly always pretend the Scottish government has had *the money* all along but they just refuse to spend it, the Greens? they’re just politicking terrifically hard to finish third ahead of Labour

    No one in opposition is ever genuine, and everyone’s in opposition to the SNP
    It’s comical how they all accuse the FM of doing the politics that they, the opposition never stopped doing
    Pick your horses the jockeys are all limbering up for the race

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, and the unions and Red-Blue Tory-run local authorities get in that act as well. The EIS, for example, is fully part of the Covid education setup and signs off on the measures decided, then right away pops up as angry dissidents and slags-off the measures they’ve just agreed-to!

      There’s nothing in Scotland right now, not even issues concerning the pandemic crisis, that isn’t tainted by rank oppositionalist manoevering for narrow political advantage, aided and abetted by the usual suspects in the media, and straight dealing for the sake of the country be damned.

      Thankfully though more and more people are wising up to it.

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