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I was intending to have a wee rant about John Major today, but – bugger that, I have other news, it’s been one month to the day since I had the stroke, and there’s Good news – I am getting home tomorrow, a week early. because they are very pleased with my progress, I’d like to thank all the fantastic staff here at Stobhill, the nursing staff and the physios and the Occupational Therapists, -thank you so much for getting me my life back. I’d also like to thank everyone who has sent a message of support. And huge thanks and appreciation to everyone who has contributed to the crowdfunder to help me find a new home more suitable for my changed needs. Knowing that so many people were rooting for me and wishing me well is what gave me the strength and determination to work hard in therapy and focus on getting better My recovery is due to all of you and I will be forever in your debt. Thank you duggers, you are amazing.

Theyare organising an ambulance crew to get me up the stairs tomorrow, but with a bit of patience and assistance I will eventually be able to manage them myself. I’ll be using a wheelchair for a while as my mobility is still very restricted, but the physio assures me it will only be temporary. Now the next phase of my journey to recovery begins. We will be getting the flat on the market and starting the search for a new home. None of that would have been possible without you. So over the coming weeks and months I will be focussing on making the best possible recovery, because we have a better Scotland to win and I intend to play my part in the campaign ahead. It takes more than a stroke to shut me up!

I have set up a crowd funder in order to ensure that I have a home that is suitable for my changed needs following my stroke you can donate directly to the crowd funder on gofundme by clicking the following link, https://www.gofundme.com/f/wee-ginger-rehab-fundraiser?utm_medium=email&utm_source=product&utm_campaign=p_email%2B2300-co-team-welcome

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238 comments on “going home

  1. That’s brilliant news that you are getting home.

    Good luck with the next phase of your recovery.


  2. Anne Martin says:

    That’s brilliant news Paul! Well done you for your determination to get better and also to the wonderful SNHS.

    Keep up the good work, but don’t overdo it. Onwards and upwards to Scottish independence, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  3. That is excellent news! Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  4. Alba woman says:

    Great news …..take care buying and selling can be stressful but your determination to get easier access will take you through. Rest and relax at every opportunity

  5. Movy says:

    Great news. Looking forward to seeing you out and about again.

  6. poppers4272 says:

    Great news Paul. Good luck with the next phase of your journey!

  7. JSM says:

    Fantastic news, Paul, and good luck with the selling and buying.

  8. dorancaird says:

    Good news. Keep well and safe.

  9. WendyBea says:

    this is the best news I have heard all week, I am so pleased you are heading home, your strength and determination are an example to us all, how can we fail to gain independence with such characters on our side? all the best with the house hunting and the sale of your flat

  10. Margaret Noakes says:

    So pleased for you.Onwards and upwards ! Hope you and hubby find a nice wee place with a sitootery ! Our hearts sank when we heard of your stroke but you have surpassed all expectations and I can’t wait for your next book to be published.More power to your keyboard ! X

  11. Dr Jim says:

    Good to read this Paul, keep wiggling toes and fingers and you’ll be right

  12. Legerwood says:

    Great news. Needed some good news and this fits the bill. Pace yourself.

  13. […] Wee Ginger Dug going home II was intending to have a wee rant about John Major today, but – bugger that, I […]

  14. Rib Knight says:

    I’d advise an advert for a suitable flat. It’s quite surprising what may turn up. A few years back in Wick, one manager if a bar made it known he was looking for a home for his family. The next week, one of the regulars asked him how things were proceeding. The Manager said they weren’t. So the regular said thought not, and told him he’d bought a house the day before that was looking for a tenant.
    Now, I dont know what transpired, as I was only there for the job that day. But necertheless it was a feelgood story that has stayed with me. Your very own Christmas Fairy may just be closer than you think! All good fortune in your quest for a home. You’ve got so many TV kind and caring friend in this land of ours.

  15. Capella says:

    What they’ve all said above. Your mind is clear and sharp as a tack. Which is more than can be said for John Major and his colleagues in Westminster, even without the benefit of a stroke.

    Hope you find an ideal residence to keep on posting from. Keep the fund raiser going to pay for help with removal/decorating/renovating to accommodate a wheel chair or whatever is necessary. May as well be comfortable while conducting the revolution. 🙂

  16. yesindyref2 says:

    You said in an article some time back you really enjoy the writings, and doing what you enjoy as soon as possible after a traumatic health event helps recovery I think. Probably got you on your feet quicker carrying on with this blog very quickly – and The Naitonal articles. With my wife it was cooking (and getting fed up with mine probably), and with me it was my business trips around Scotland, though for a year I couldn’t do as much as I got tired quicker.

    Good Luck!

  17. jfngw says:

    Before you go home, don’t think too much about John Major or you’ll end up tucking your shirt into your pants and thinking about having a Currie.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      I think it was wearing his underpants over his trousers and that I remember anything to do with that is a bit of a worry lol!

      Well done Paul, taje it easy, and good luck with finding your new home you deserve it.

  18. JoMax says:

    Congratulations, Paul. You’ve done so well and you know we’re all there with you. But mind, don’t get carried away, just because you’re home. You still need to take absolute care and watch out for hazards like loose rugs and stuff lyin’ aboot that shouldnae be lyin’ aboot, just waiting to catch you out. It may sound like a bore, but for the time being plan your every move in advance and no’ trying to get doon the stairs via the banisters!! 🙂 We’re keeping oor beady eyes on you!

  19. Bob Lamont says:

    Superb news Paul, but please take it steady and have patience, you’ve a lot more recovery to do despite your undoubted determination…

  20. mumsyhugs says:

    Good news comes in 3’s right enough – Trump’s oot (eventually!), vaccine in the offing, – and The Dug’s getting home!!! Happy days 😆 Just remember – nae chewing gum and walking at the same time Paul! Xxx

  21. Jim says:

    Great news and well done.
    looking forward to the rant about John Major, I’m sure you’ve already torn his idea to shreds.

  22. Tatu3 says:

    Been busy all day, so lovely to come on here and read such good news. Well done you. Very pleased for you, Peter, (and your mum and dad will be ever so happy too)

  23. John Rutherford says:

    Well done Pal! So chuffed that your’e getting home & getting better!

  24. Ally says:

    Great news and hope you find a new home soon.

  25. Brian Watson says:

    Well done , give us a shout if you need a team of sedan chair porters . With long poles , we could maintain social distance and carry you about in grand style . AYE

  26. Ann Christie says:

    Oh well done Paul! And thanks for the shout out to my amazing profession who rarely get a mention. Every success for the future. Just remember you will tire quickly just now, so rest as much as you need to. Hugs to you and hubby!

  27. sophie grace chappell says:

    Mon the Dug!

  28. Hamish100 says:

    Another chapter in your life and for your whole family. Little steps get you far.

  29. Melvin says:

    Well done Paul, delighted to hear it, Scotland finest wordsmith and a great Scot,

  30. P Harvey says:

    Great news Paul but take it easy!
    I’m sure you already know this – But
    Get the contact details of the physio and occupational therapist before you leave
    They are crucial to continuing recovery
    If you need any help or assistance don’t hesitate to contact me
    Keep the fundraiser going – you so deserve it

  31. Arthur Thomson says:

    Enjoy getting home Paul. Be patient and stay strong.

  32. Morna Kirk says:

    Wonderful news, Paul. Our family is very happy for you and wish you all the best in your quest for a new home and getting back to your full strength. Take care, take your time, but keep blogging once your settled home cause we need your wit and wisdom. Xx

  33. I’m so pleased Paul. You are living proof that you can’t keep a good man down. X

  34. Alex Clark says:

    You’ll be so looking forward to being in your own place again. Great that you have made such a good recovery that they feel able to let you return home. Wishing you all the best as you work at getting better.

  35. Alistair Kerr says:

    Delighted for you Paul and best wishes for your recovery. Remember the tortoise and the hare ,so hurry slowly and you will win .

  36. Great news Paul. Big Ginger sized space on the couch now. Get the feet up between exercises. His presence will be with you both.

  37. Stephen McKenzie says:

    Well done and take it easy!

  38. That’s great news! Glad you are feeling positive and recovering 🙏

  39. ScotsCanuck says:

    A1 news, big man …. great progress on the recuperation front …. way ahead of the plan, but don’t try to push the envelope too hard.
    Looking forward to your analysis when your back and “in the groove” !!

  40. Janice Gale says:

    Well done Paul, give yourself plenty of time and don’t be grumpy if things go slowly. Take it out on the Tory
    destroyers 👹 Looking forward to the next onslaught in your inimitable way. 🌟🌈💥💜

  41. Mairead Macdougall says:

    Great to hear! 👏❤️

  42. andyfromdunning says:

    Best wishes from me also. Pleased for you and Peter. He must have been so worried a month ago.

    Hopefully in a good few months down the road another wee ginger may appear. Good to get you walking.

  43. grimjimm says:

    Your positivity does you proud. (I know you are a wordsmith, but if you’re no listenin’ tae the fitba’…?) All the very best Paul.


  44. graemedbruce says:

    Fantastic news Paul, mind and take it easy though.

  45. Graeme Mill says:

    Magic Paul. Can’t tell you how DELIGHTED I am. Please remember to keep prioritising your ongoing recovery above ALL ELSE. The Blogs can wait, and will be WELL WORTH WAITING FOR. You have been a MASSIVE LIFELINE for me, for a long time, and I know you will be again, when you’re ready.

  46. Welsh Siôn says:

    Good on you! But don’t rush anything.

    “It’s only in a slow way that you catch the hen”

    – Welsh proverb.

  47. son of perth says:

    Great news Paul. Take it easy for a while though. We need you back but not at the risk of your health. I’m glad you now know how much you mean to so many people.

  48. smac1314 says:

    Great news Paul. Take your time and be healthy.

  49. Valkyrie says:

    Glad you’re heading back home! 😀

    Still take it easy for a bit. Don’t worry too much about diving back in and writing blog posts every day.
    Rest assured, Boris and Co. do a good enough job of making themselves into a laughing stock these days that it hardly needs much pointing out.

  50. Golfnut says:

    Good news, best wishes to you and yours.

  51. Electric blue says:

    That put a smile on my face this morning. So pleased for you and glad that you are on the way to recovery. You are an inspiration.

  52. Skintybroko says:

    Great news on getting home, not only a testament to the healthcare you have bee given but also to your own willpower to succeed. Keep up the good work in rehabilitation and hopefully you will be able to find a suitable property soon.

  53. carolclark1 says:

    Great news this morning Paul, so pleased to hear that you are getting home today. That says a lot about you and the determination that you have to get well.

    Good luck to you and Peter with the house hunting, take care and don’t rush it. Health has to come first. Well done Paul.

  54. diabloandco says:

    That is just the best news BUT behave yourself and take the time to further your recovery – as the man said ‘there’ll be no bevvyin’, no hooliganism’ etc etc.

    Keep getting better and better!

  55. Eilidh says:

    Great news you are going home Paul. You have done well to make so much progress so quickly. Look after yourself and good luck with the house hunting

  56. Dr Jim says:

    13th poll in a row shows support for independence in the affirmative, Scot goes Pop’s James Kelly will publish the results later today and let’s just say he has a big grin all over his face

    • vivianoblivian7 says:

      Perhaps 14th poll in a row. YouGov have a full scale poll up (field work 6 – 10 Nov) with a fairly disappointing 51% Yes : 49% No.
      Holyrood voting intentions look good though. Labour sitting on 13% in the Regional list. That won’t get them the MSPs that the Tories are relying on to form an Unionist block.

    • vivianoblivian7 says:

      Also confirmation that the Tories have slipped below the 20% mark in constituency voting intentions. Boris is the gift that just keeps on giving.

  57. Welsh Siôn says:

    Here you go, Scotland:

    Should Scotland be an independent country?

    Yes 56% (+1)
    No 44% (-1)


    This is a landmark poll in quite a few ways –

    * It’s the highest ever Yes vote in a Panelbase poll.

    * It’s the highest ever Yes vote in a poll conducted online by any British Polling Council-affiliated firm.

    * It’s the joint-highest ever Yes vote in any sort of credible online poll (it’s only equalled by the recent JL Partners poll).

    * It’s the joint second-highest Yes vote in any credible poll conducted by any firm (only surpassed by last month’s famous Ipsos-Mori poll, which of course was conducted by telephone).

  58. Welsh Siôn says:

    Forewarned is forearmed:


    When is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and what celebrations are planned?

    The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will be marked with a “once-in-a-generation show” over a special four-day Bank Holiday weekend in June 2022.

    (And there’s that “once in a generation” thingy again.)

    • CageyBee says:

      So does that mean a generation is 10 years tops? Because if lizzie spockles on for another 12 years there will no doubt be another “generation” event. Chuckie would be spewing though

      • Welsh Siôn says:

        Ach, give her another 6 years and they’ll be clutching their plastic UJ’s to wave and wish her Happy Birthday @ 100.

        Such is the fluidity of the definition of ‘a generation’ for some people …

  59. Jim says:

    You won’t see anything about this in Scotland’s media as the MOD have been dumping Nuclear waste in Beaforts Dyke.
    Johnson’s pie in the sky idea to win back the Scots vote by building a bridge over it, but was really a euphemism for a tunnel says Jack, is the most stupid idea since thinking of fitting an ejector seat to a helicopter. Bridge, Tunnel, who cares? These two idiots should be being ridiculed by the media for these suggestions, but Hey-Ho they won’t because the BBC have already been threatened by the Britnat Gov.
    Regular explosions every year due to decomposing arms linked with nuclear waste is an environmental disaster waiting to happen.
    Well seeing it’s not in the English Chanel or anywhere near London.


    • Molly McC says:

      From Calgary, Paul…


      Great news…hugs love 😷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥰

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Thanks for the link, will share that on twitter. Scotland has not only been scammed big time by the BritNats, but left with a few deadly wespons in their seas. I wonder who will be responsible for that clean up job once Scotland is independent, heck of a legacy of the so called union. Scotland has been the EngGov’s rubbish tip, bloody disgusting.

  60. Golfnut says:

    Tory profiteering exposed, apart from the exorbitant cost, it’s useless.


  61. Golfnut says:

    Well done Scotland.

  62. Dr Jim says:

    If it hadn’t been for Donald Trump there’d have been no Brexit, now there’s no Donald Trump so the London dictatorship’s running around trying to repair the damage they caused because the new guy in America Joe Biden is the opposite of Donald Trump, that’s how astute and clever the Tories are, they based their entire strategy for their new English Empire on an idiot American racist misogynistic wall building nut job who could fall out with anybody at the drop of a hat being re elected to the White House for another four years

    Now the rats are deserting the good English ship Britannia because Brexit is now a FUBAR disaster and they’ve got no handers in the rest of the world to save them so U turns and co-operation with the EU has become a last ditch desperate measure too little too late

    Why are there still people in Scotland advocating that we remain in this dictatorship of a Union with England where Scotland is at the constant mercy of the most fickle bunch of profiteering weaklings who’d sell their grannies lives away for a $Buck at a moments notice then make the coffin makers redundant so they could give private contracts for cheaper coffins to companies who don’t have any coffins but they will when England gives them a cash start up grant of taxpayers money, it’s alright though because they’ll create a ministerial position for that like they did with Ferries, PPE, prison contracts, housing immigrants, removing immigrants and on and on

    There seems no bampottery is beyond putting up with for Unionist voters as long as it keeps their imaginary religious or class beliefs paramount in their heads

    • andyfromdunning says:

      It’s dismays me also Dr Jim. I know a few blinkered fanatics.

      ‘Scotland can’t support itself’

      ‘Here look at the trade figures, shows U.K. and England is a basket case’

      ‘No it’s No, they canny be accurate figures’

      ‘They are HMRC source data’

      ‘I know a more accurate source of info showing HMRC data is wrong’


      Silence. Silence. He was happy to believe even when proof was in front of him.

      • Dr Jim says:

        As people get older they’re more likely to vote for maintaining Scotland’s place in the Union because they’re more risk averse, Bollox, this is a lie

        And the media punts this lie constantly, and it is a lie because older people bet on the Bingo, they bet on the Lottery, they bet on horse racing, what happens to *some* older people is they get lazy and can’t be bothered with being told their lives will change, so it’s not risk that worries them it’s the lie that their lives will be disrupted and the UK government and their media know this so that’s why they target older people with stuff that’s designed to *worry* and *frighten* them, and the less well educated they are to what’s actually happening the better and easier that job is made for the UK, and it shows you how despicable the Government in London are when they set themselves up to combat the self determination of Scotland when they actively and deliberately set out to frighten pensioners who are in fact the people who are at least risk of the consequences of change……but they do vote

        From wars to economic changes the people who have to deal with any kind of changes in the world are the young because they’re the demographic who works to pay for the country and its older population, without the young us oldies are toast, so when the UK government try to talk older folk into panicking about Scottish Independence more of us older folk should be deferring to the young because it’s not really our lives we should be thinking about it’s theirs, and if they demand choice then they should have it, after all they’re paying for it not us

        Remember oldies it’s the young who pay for your pension not the UK government

    • Capella says:

      It’s the media. The UK media are expert propaganda tools and always have been. Their only rivals now are online.

      For radio fans there’s an excellent five part series by Eric Vuillard on the Anschluss (Union) between Germany and Austria in the 1930s. It’s on BBC R4. The parallels with current events and our own Union are probably not obvious to the London controllers who are still fighting WWII.


      • Welsh Siôn says:

        An academic colleague wrote a paper about comparing 1535 (our so-called ‘First Act of Union’, subsequently repealed) with that of the German take over of Austria in 1938.

  63. Arthur Thomson says:

    The oldies who still want the union were old 50 years ago – I know because I lived among them. They are unlikely to change their view ever because the height of their self awareness amounts to “aye but”. These were the people who thought the swinging sixties were decadent rather than an attempt to find a better way.

    Let the Brits focus their efforts on their oldies, they can only cast one pathetic vote each. Our focus should be on the relatively young. Those of us who are older Indy supporters will never be influenced by their John Bull crap – ever.

    We are winning. It might have to go to penalties but our youngsters have got their heads around that one.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I wouldn’t be so sure of older voters either, I know of quite a few who realised too late they got conned in 2014 and are now out for revenge, an errant walking stick or zimmer in trained hands can be deadly….
      The young are certainly more clued up, and as you rightly said, it is their future, that’s why London are terrified to countenance Indy2 as they’ve sealed their own demise…
      Even those in the middle ground who would normally have veered to safety (for the mortgage) have seen Boris and his chums and chumettes tear a new arsehole in the charade of the Union and realise safety isn’t what was once perceived.
      When the City finally get rid of that self-entitled but useless manchild for a more presentable version, that the “system” enabled Johnson et al to get to any position of power is the greater revelation of just how completely bass-ackward the UK has become.
      We are winning all right, but what the schmucks in London haven’t figured out yet is the barrage of negativity they orchestrated for Scots is only having the “Mongo” effect…

  64. Brilliant news! Well done you!

    Sent from my iPad

  65. Arthur Thomson says:

    Of some older No’s are seeing the light that’s great Bob. It’s surely in their interests.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      In their children and grandchildrens interests too. One thing I know though, all of my no voting neighbours’ adult kids live and work in England. I suspect they are still no voters and won’t change, if nothing else then based on that, believing it would be bad somehow for their kids, yet, if their kids lived in Germany, or Australia, it would be fine. That one is hard to fathom re Scotland, and clinging to a dysfunctional, dreadful so called union.

  66. yesindyref2 says:

    Scotland wins and gets through to the Euros, yay! In the same group as England in June, making September the perfect time for Indy Ref 2 whoever wins that tussle, yay! Cummings resigns immediately taking his boxes of secrets out of Downing Street, yay! Symonds is now the effective PM of little England, yay! Gove will be next PM in a couple of months probably, yay!

    Talk about ducks in a row, love a duck!

  67. Dr Jim says:

    STV news thinks a generation is 23 years because they used that word 6 times in their report on Scotland winning at the football
    Michael Gove says a generation is 40 years
    Alister Jack says it’s 25 to 40 years
    Jeremy Corbyn says it’s 5 years
    Northern Ireland has the option of deciding a generation is 7 years

    No normal brained human being believes democracy should remain static for any fixed measure of time because that would not be by its very nature democratic

  68. Arthur Thomson says:

    Same repetitive crap on the BBC. Just garbage as per usual.

    On that basis the footballers who were playing full international football 23 years ago just stepped down this year! Sure they did. How many generations of team have actually replaced the previous generation during that time? Four? Five?

    They think we zip up the back.

    • Welsh Siôn says:

      Adapting the football cliche, that them in Englandshire love so much:

      “They think it’s all over when Scotland voted No in 2014. Well, it isn’t, now!”

  69. yesindyref2 says:

    Spot the difference from Cummings’ totally discredited pet reporter:

    and the FT’s take on it via peston:

  70. grizebard says:

    Another O/T update on the hospital numbers. The hoped-for turnaround mentioned last time has thankfully continued, if alas not very convincingly. With moderately high correlation, the reduction across Scotland since 03.Nov has been linear but at the very unconvincing rate of ~4 patients per day. While it is a relief that things at least are no longer getting worse, we need the power of an exponential reduction (as last time with the lockdown) not a linear one, so unless further positive effects from existing measures are still pending, more will be needed, so the news today from the briefing that the SG is actively considering further measures (at least in some areas) was hardly a surprise. In fact such measures are almost certainly essential, and the sooner they are enacted the better.

    • Alex Clark says:

      I believe that you are right, putting off taking stronger measures against the virus is just kicking the can further down the road and means that even stronger measures are needed for longer because you delayed.

      Johnson’s government were taught that lesson and I see that just yesterday minutes from recent SAGE meetings stated that the current tier system used in England will not be enough to stop the spread of the virus if they return to that system after the current lockdown. They forecast that levels will immediately start to rise again and they have called for another tougher tier to be added above level 3.

      The new tier system in England will be Medium; High; Very High and Ginormous 🙂

  71. Ken2 says:

    The people of Scotland will decide the time of another Ref. They just have to vote for it. Vote out all the Tory unionists and the rest who oppose it. The rest of the UK would be better off if Scotland was Independent. So would Scotland.

    No taxation without representation.

    The Downing Street mess continues unabated. Unelected Dominic and Cain out. Who will be out next? Johnson and the associates for total mismanagement. They will not last till Christmas. Hiving off public monies. Off with their loot. Wasting £Billions of public monies not following the guidelines or rules.

    An ignorant, illegitimate, illegal Gov breaking the Law. Piteous Patel caught out again by the Courts. It is only rule of Law that stops them. Killing even more.

  72. Hamish100 says:

    It is interesting to see the comparison between different big sites and their take on facts. For WoS anyone supporting the snp are Tories- remember that from the 70’s and 80’s and the folk struggle who to vote for. For the first time, ever, we have polls regularly suggesting we can win.The answer stares them in the face yet they seem more worried about the FM dress size.For a moment you think we were in the US dealing with Trump.

  73. Ken2 says:

    Spencer Davis who supporter Welsh National has died. 81 years.

  74. Pogmothon says:

    Fully O/T
    But very scary.
    Be careful People. Just because the DRIVING force behind LBJ has, according to the MSM left downing street for the last time dose not make it so. (factual proof please)
    We now live in an electronic age, you don’t have to be there to be present and influential.
    Remember what some would say was his most spectacular work was done way before this cabal arrived at No10.
    LBJ is a consumate lier.
    Infact I believe he has to stop and think before he tells the truth, if he ever does. But even he could not come up with such a quantity of whappers as we have been exposed to.
    Be honest where do you think brexit came from.

    • Ken2 says:

      He fell out with them for insulting his girlfriend.

      What an administration. Away with their loot. Illegal Gov non scrutinised public contract for their associates. The reason they are in politics.

  75. Clydebuilt says:

    Shareen Nanjianni’s prog. BBC Radio Scotland. Brian Beacom. When the serbs scored . . . He felt that “Scotland was going to leave him again” What a pathetic waste of Oxygen.
    A fan gets behind his team when they struggle.
    After the game Faddy pointed out that NI fans get behind their team and encourage them when they are struggling. Not understanding some Scotland’s fans lack of support for the team. (Largelly engineered by England’s propagand outlets in Scotland)

    Why would anyone pay money to read Beacom’s thoughts in the Herald!

  76. Capella says:

    Prof Robertson continues to provide great fact checking articles to debunk the rubbish in the MSM. The Herald is blaming “too slow” contact tracing for the spike in Covid-19 numbers recently. But DNA tests of the latest cases show it is a Spanish variant that has caused the spike. People holidaying in Spain then not quarantining when they get back.



  77. Capella says:

    Prof Robertson also debunks the coordinated attack on Scotland’s Test and Protect system. Well worth a visit to his site – the lies are coming too thick and fast to be ignored. Is this Gove’s attack team at work?


    • Clydebuilt says:

      There’s WGD and Prof. Robertson’s blogs, best sources for anyone interested in what’s going on in Scotland.

      • barpe says:

        Absolutely correct, these are the first two sites I visit each morning – a wealth of good informaton, consistently.

    • Golfnut says:

      Missing a non existent target, manufactured by the opposition and trumpeted by the media, has now become an SNP baad story. Don’t you just wish these clowns were facing criminal charges for undermining the SG’s efforts to combat covid19.

      • grizebard says:

        Right there.

        We don’t ask for BBC England-style sycophancy – the media have a useful role to play in highlighting pertinent issues – but what other country in the world has to endure a political class and media so earnestly dedicated to “proving” that a decent and largely successful government is “failing” so “badly”? It’s utterly shameful.

        Judging by all the polls, though, the public can see the incessant politically-motivated fault finding for exactly what it is – propaganda. (Self-defeating anti-propaganda, you might say.) In that regard, Nicola’s transparently open and honest sincerity has proved to be by far the most effective antidote to this manufactured poison.

  78. Dr Jim says:

    When you come to think about it we must be making advances because the modus operandi of the press and media in Scotland used to be about making the Scottish government appear worse than the UK government now all their efforts are in engaged in trying to make them look only just as bad

    It’s equality in the making, Scots English Welsh Irish black white green with pink dots we’re all *English* Oh no that’s not right, eh *British* yes that’s it, *British,* No dammit that’s not it *Bringlish* is what we are, and world beating losers every one, now bring on our happy Christmas Covid with all the trimmings and serve that equally right across the UK

  79. Golfnut says:

    Ain’t it the truth.

  80. Golfnut says:

    Hard to believe that a 5yr old understands the rules but the BBC doesn’t.


    • diabloandco says:

      Actually not hard to believe at all – the BBBC in Scotland and the various so called newspapers will continue to undermine and endanger us .
      They are doing what Trump has done in the USA inciting the rule breakers and the cerebrally challenged.

  81. Golfnut says:

    I think we should view the rather public exit stage right of Cummings as part of some sort of just in case the shot hits the fan cover story.

    This is a long read and Cummings, Gove and Johnson must be seriously implicated.


  82. Welsh Siôn says:

    Available now from Amazon:

    A united Ireland – whilst stocks last.

    Coming soon::

    Deliveries to the sovereign states of Scotland and Wales.


    Amazon accidentally delivers an united Ireland in online response

    14th November 2020

  83. Dr Jim says:

    All these rednecks in America marching for *truth and justice* will be well upset in a couple of years when they learn that Trump was a Russian manipulated plant in their White House and Melania was there to keep him reminded of the reason he exists

    I guess when Trump exits the big job in the Oval office he could well be in line for a Novachok cocktail now that he’s of no use to them even for money laundering, accident? heart attack?, tripped over his own tongue?

    Conspiracies? I’ve got a million of em

    • yesindyref2 says:

      A conspiracy?

      Why are you saying there’s a conspiracy against me? Oh, so you agree with me, there is a conpsiracy against me. What do you know that I don’t? Ebverything? Well, that’s nice! Who started this conspiracy against me, was it you? Oh, so you admit it was you even though you didn’t yet.

      Why did you start a conspiracy against me, was that the conspiracy that you published 85 years ago? Oh, right, it was, well, why did you publish that conspiracy 85 years before I was even born? And everfyone agrees with me it was you did that conspiracy and they all joined in even though it was you.

      Did you say because you wanted to? Don’t deny it, everyone can see earlier in my posting that you agreed with me even though you haven’t even replied to me, that’s what you thought you said I posted you wroted I know and everyone else agrees that was writ large on the printed page. In your dreams!

      Did you know I was going to be born and decided to – RUIN MY LIFE – with that conspiracy against me? By the way, what is the conspiracy, I forget now, thanks!


  84. yesindyref2 says:

    But seriously folks, we need to start taking back the forums from the doom and gloomer Grima Wormtongues. And the Unionists need a damn good thrashing as well, shades of Basil Fawlty 🙂

  85. Just watched two tired old House Jocks, Marr and Brown, chunter through the same old same old dross on Marr this morning.

    Brown looked every inch what he is these days; a Nobody, who like the long list of chancers who ran Scotland in to the ground for half a century, gets on the telly whenever he likes to churn out the usual crap about constitutional conventions, and the need for the ‘nations and regions of this country’ that would be Uber England, the UK, Britain, in the eyes of the dying breed of North Brit Jock sell outs, and lying to Marr’s noddy agreement that the Bad SNP are defying the will of the people of North Britain by agitating for Indyref 2 next year during a pandemic, a million UK unemployed, while Gordon Brown, who is of course still at the very heart of Government and shaping Brexit as he clunkingly fists us all in his Fife garden, gets to muse about whether Scotland could have Indyref2 but rather whether we Scots should have the right to end the Union.

    God Almighty, he and Rennie and Murdo Fraser rattling about in Fife and Perthshire….The most pointless hub of chancers in our land.

    I note that Scotland had a big win the other night.

    I look forward to the Linesman and School Dinner Monitor Dross texting his congratulations, by declaring how proud he is of our boys winning for his nation Scotland, and looking forward to flying the flag at Wembley next June, against the ‘Auld Enemy’.

    No, it has ‘all gone quiet over there’.

    No congrats from Dross, Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause, Rennie, Leonard, Murray, or even Cole Scuttle..

    The Perfect Storm. A Pro Independence landslide Indyref 2 mandate next May, and Hampden and Wembley awash with saltires and the TARTAN ARMY INVADING England.

    Brown and Mar…two tired old ‘traditional’ Scots collaborators.
    Brown, Rennie, Fraser, how about cleaning up Dalgety Bay?
    Oh. yes, and you too, Wendy Chamberlain.
    Never heard of her, duggers?
    Paul. Home is where the heart is. Great that your where your heart lies once more.
    Don’t overdo it.

  86. Republicofscotland says:

    This man must be held to account on this claim.

    “IT’s the signal Yessers have been waiting for – Indyref2 is coming and it will come next year, according to the SNP’s leader at Westminster, the most senior figure to confirm when it will happen.”


    • And Martin Guissler is lined up for the laughingly titled ‘Sunday politics Scotland’ with an 8 minute interview with Sir David Liddington May’s RH Man on Cummings, Brexit and does a he agree with Dross that WM indifference to Scotland is as big a danger as the Welsh and Scottish ‘separatists’?

      I take it that the Linesman, Andrew Sub Lieutenant (RN Failed) who exhorted us Scots to get down on our knees and thank England for our own money back Bowie, B-Lister Union Jack, Willie Rennie, Cole Scuttle, That Dick Leonard,or Baroness Rape Clause Davidson were ‘not available’ to appear on the risible ‘Scottish Politics’ programme today to comment on the Cummings and Govings at Downing Street or Brexit or indeed the intentional omission of the UKIM Power Grab?

      Guissler is being a good little Brit here.

      He even managed to squeeze in a ‘Salmond enquiry’ bit of dirt when talking to John Swinney about Covid Up Here.

      It’s going to be fun watching them squirm.

  87. Dr Jim says:

    Of course an Independence referendum was scheduled for last year but the Scottish Taliban tend not to mention that too much, instead they claim the SNP and Ian Blackford lied about not being taken out of the EU against our will, and of course they didn’t manage that because of the global pandemic Covid 19 and the Scottish Taliban tend also not to mention that as well

    Don’t vote for the SNP demand the aforementioned new Scottish Taliban party, that isn’t and never will be a party, so what do this party demand, well they seem to demand that they uphold the rights of a former politician who behaved badly and was unjustly tried and found not guilty for over exaggerated crimes by the Crown office on the instructions of a current politician which of course is complete and utter balderdash to the stupidest degree and only people who would be normally in opposition to the current leader of the SNP or the SNP themselves would continue to propagate such nonsense, no politician anywhere in these islands has the power to instruct the Crown on what charges they decide to bring or not bring against any person in any legal case

    The constitution minister Michael Russell told all of us who were prepared to listen that regardless of anything a referendum would be held in Scotland on Independence in 2020 but he like the SNP are not psychic, unlike the Scottish Taliban who claim that they are, in fact mind reading appears to one of their greatest talents yet they also could not foresee a global pandemic that would virtually stop the entire world from functioning, but if they did they’d likely claim like Trump that doesn’t matter

    In the past the only people who told us we must not vote for the SNP were the Unionists, I believe that position has not in any shape or form changed, just the identities of some of the people saying it, and why do they say these things, well they want the SNP to lose the next election putting them in the position of not being able to carry out their promises to the Scottish people so that logically it follows that the new shiny Scottish Taliban party that doesn’t exist can claim the SNP lied again

    It’s all a bit obvious and boring to keep conjuring up and endowing the SNP with power they don’t have then criticising the result of not employing that power
    You’ll notice that no matter what happens in Westminster with the politicians who have become more right wing than Trump’s rednecks the Scottish Taliban never have anything to say about those actual criminals, not a word, they never utter a stutter in condemnation about these people, which is kind of strange when they claim to be the champions of truth and justice in their defence of all things Scotland

    You know what the Scottish Taliban stand for? …… Nothing!….. they tend not to tell you that so they can continue telling you not to vote SNP because they lied, now you see the never ending continuous loop the Scottish Taliban party want you to follow to ….nowhere and nothing, just like the non existent party itself….nothing!

    Vote SNP with everything you’ve got and we get…….. something!

    • Dr Jim says:

      Of course an Independence referendum was scheduled for last year

      Correction to that I meant this year 2020, apologies

    • Thanks for keeping it real, Dr Jim.
      There are about 2 million plus of us ‘separatists’ who are not members of the SNP, or any other party for that matter, who will decide.
      Since his ‘interview on RT by Salmond, WoS has been Salmond’s mouthpiece.

      Like you and many others, I have my eyes on the prize, independence in 2021, and then let Scots decide who governs us; a parliament for the people, of the people, accountable to the people of Scotland.

      I need no more of a gee up than contemplating the fact that England will cease to have colonial status over my beloved country, Scotland within the year.
      A thought: if Brit Nat agitator refuse a vaccination to fight a ‘dirty war’ to thwart our Scottish Government’s considerable efforts to contain the virus, and they catch Covid, should they be refused treatment at our NHS hospitals?

      Geissler’s first effort at ‘Sunday Politics’ was the usual limp wristed nonsense.

      Who came up with David Liddington as guest speaking for the Blue Tories?
      Geissler himself?
      And Gordon Brown on Marr earlier?

      They have lost the Last Golden Goose Colony and they know it.
      They’re sending letter bombs to Sturgeon now?
      I don’t think so.

      Is the Linesman Dross off on his travels running the line in Covid infested Europe this week?
      Anybody know?

      WoS and McKenna and MacWhirter have just veered off into irrelevance now.

      McKenna according to a headline which I scanned accuses the SNP of being on the wrong side of a (in his own wee la la world anyway) ‘class war’.

      Weapons grade tosserie, Kevin.

      • Dr Jim says:

        And that’s it exactly Jack, if we require a sugary something we buy chocolate, the SNP are Scotland’s chocolate, there’s no other brand available at the moment nor is there likely to be any time soon so Independence is up to the people to push for it and that actually pretty much sums up the current FMs plan, enough of us shout loud enough and she’ll get on with the technical stuff because that’s the point of the Scottish parliament, to serve the will of the people

        We can’t *get it done* and the don’t vote SNP Taliban party certainly can’t do it and aren’t even suggesting they can they’re just insisting that we all do nothing but be unpleasant for the sake of it and somehow *That’ll show em*

        This clownfooted attempt to divert people from what we need to do is nothing more than subversion for the sake of it, and the truth is, who amongst us cares a jot about which politician fell out with another they’re big grown up people tasked with doing a job and this whole pretence by the Taliban zero party of unwavering support for someone who can support themselves and speak for themselves if they want to is unbelievably tiresome and completely disingenuous in the extreme and has absolutely nothing to do with the topic now at hand

        If the positions were reversed do I think this same Scottish Taliban leader would be standing up for the so called rights of Nicola Sturgeon, you bet your sweet life he wouldn’t, so no this is not an M&S Taliban party this is a bunch of opportunists and pals with grudges as big as the Blackpool tower prepared to sacrifice Scotland at their alter of nothing

        I really really could go to town on these people but this is Pauls blog and I totally respect his position of behaving in as civil a manner as possible, but sometimes I get a tad irritated at these snottery playground clipey wee nyaffs

        And I’ll fight them at four, Lol

        • Ah’ll haud the jaickets, Dr Jim.

          I note the Indyref Cannae Be Dun in ’21 fatuous timetable from the Breakaway ISIS group or whatever they’re cried.

          Sounds like the usual chancers wanting 4/5 years on the Holyrood List Gravy Train to me.

          £1200 a week plus exes, and Dead Tree Scrolls’ and Martin Guissler EBC fees as a wee homer slagging off the SNP. Kerching !

          Where are the Jock Yoons hiding this week?

    • Petra says:

      Spot on Dr Jim and it won’t be too long now before the leader and many members of the Scottish Taliban Party (some of whom don’t even live in Scotland) are left with egg on their face. What will they find to gripe about then when an announcement is made to the effect that we will be holding a referendum next year?

      • Capella says:

        I’m almost beginning to think that, even if they were handed independence on a plate, they would flatly refuse to accept it. It would be the wrong kind of independence delivered by the wrong person at the wrong time. Dummy spitting competitions and toys thrown out of the pram – epically.
        It’s very sad. 🙂

  88. Republicofscotland says:

    I like many others who want a indyref next year find it very bemusing that Blackford has came out and said this. I’m hoping he is sincere in his announcement but I have my doubts about the veracity of it all.

    For starters, it would be ignoring Sturgeon’s Gold Standard referendum in which she says we must have consent from Westminster, unless of course Blackford knows something we do not on that front. Then there’s the case of the ringfenced indy fighting fund, in which the recently published SNP accounts by the EC appear to show that the SNP are skint, which asks the questions where did the funds go to, and where will the money to fight an indyref come from next year. Then there’s the logistics of putting it all together in such a short time frame after the Scottish elections in May. I’m not saying it can’t be done it can, I’m saying that I’m very sceptical of Blackford’s claim, and that he might just be sabre rattling to win more votes for his party next year.

    If it turns out that Blackford is just stringing us along to garner more votes for his party next year the man must be held accountable for that in some fashion, the SNP cannot be allowed to lie through its teeth to its membership and to those who see it as a vehicle to Scottish independence, a vehicle that was set up for that very reason.

    • Golfnut says:

      The ” Gold standard ” was the Edinburgh Agreement, not the S30.
      There will be a referendum, with or without the S30, and the recent moves put forward to try and keep some kind of control of the process more of less concede that. Whether or not there is another Edinburgh Agreement will depend hugely on what terms the FM publishes in the new year. I’m assuming westminster is not expected to like them.

    • Capella says:

      Also, the money is in the accounts under “Prepayments”. You’ve been told umpteen times.

      • Republicofscotland says:

        Not quite she doesn’t sound too convincing in replies to others, adding, “I can’t show you it with absolute certainty because we can’t see the primary records.” Nice try anyway.

        • Capella says:

          And yet, there it is, in the accounts, page 27, note 20, you can read it for yourself. £879k. Pretending it isn’t there is so not convincing when it is there in black and white. My lying eyes can see it.

          • neil says:


            Prepayments are not used for monies received, they are used for expenses
            that are paid this year but relate to next year.

            For example, a company pays its insurance bill in October and its year end is
            the end of December. 10 of the months relate to next year so a journal would
            be done to credit the insurance account with 10 months and prepayments would be debited. This journal would then be reversed next year.

            A more likely explanation for the prepayments account being so high would be
            conference costs. This expense occurs in October, like my insurance example. and my guess is that conference is treated as next year.

            Conference costs each year about £1000000.00, so 2 months this year, 10
            months next would mean a prepayments figure of about £800000.00 showing
            in the accounts.

            Monies received would more likely, and again this is my guess, be treated as donations or fundraising. This would be an income in the accounts and end up
            as reserves on the balance sheet.

            The cumulative figure for reserves at last year end was £591077.00 in surplus

            Without looking at a breakdown of each balance sheet item its all guesswork,
            but these figures seem to tie in a little better than some of the guesses I have

      • Petra says:

        Thanks for that information Capella and I just wonder if the ”complainer” will use that data to educate those who are being duped ”elsewhere”? It never ceases to amaze me how so many seemingly intelligent people are being manipulated and conned … gaslighted in fact … repeatedly. An article about the Weir family, used in an attempt to undermine Nicola Sturgeon / the SNP, was another load of sinister tommyrot. I know because I have connections with that family.


        SNP video. Worth a watch: https://mobile.twitter.com/marcuscarslaw1/status/1327316325606289408

      • Bob Mack says:

        Prepayments is money that has been spent already. It is in the banks of others as an asset and as a liability in the SN P accounts because there is no guarantee whoever they paid can provide a future service. Bankruptcy etc

    • Petra says:

      It’s really refreshing to see someone talking sense ”elsewhere”. Makes a change from the usual crap that’s been spouted by many people who don’t want independence at all, imo. I’m sure that ScotsRenewables won’t mind me reposting his excellent comments on here.

      ”It is only in the last six months that support has sustained levels over 50% consistently. During that time we have been in the grip of a pandemic, when normal politics has been largely suspended.

      Now however we have that sustained support and the end of the beginning of Covid is in sight.

      And the SNP IS listening. Both Russell and Blackford have said there will be a referendum this year – that’s the Holyrood and the Westminster branches . . .

      And the conference agenda includes a proposed motion warning that the party “will not accept a Westminster veto” on holding a new vote. This is a de facto acknowledgement that there IS a plan B, and I fully expect this motion to be passed.

      It is just two weeks to conference, and I predict we will come out the other side with a firm commitment to a second referendum and some sort of timetable.

      I fully expect this to upset those who now see themselves as anti-SNP crusaders rather than pro-Indy warriors . . . the legions of anti-Murrelites are going to find they have picked the wrong fight for the times. Hopefully they will re-arm for the real fight that is coming, the fight against the next onrushing torrent of Westminster lies, bribes and dirty tricks.”

    • Eilidh says:

      Oh look another little incursion on here from the Scottish Taliban. I am really tempted to join the Snp just to piss people like you off

  89. Republicofscotland says:

    Scotland currently losing 1-0 to Slovakia.


  90. Petra says:

    England still wanting to cling onto the subsidy junckies? I wonder why? Any reporter out there up for asking them this most basic question?

    ‘Former Tory advisor says Scotland’s win against Serbia, and any subsequent good performance in the Euros, will increase Scottish pride and make it harder for England “to cling onto them”. https://mobile.twitter.com/msm_monitor/status/1327286608387858435


    ‘Researching the Northern Research Group (part 1).’ Note David Mundell is a member.

    ..”Most interestingly, however, he described the NRG as a “praetorian guard for the Prime Minister”, evoking the tight-knit bodyguards of the Roman emperor. This is, perhaps, one of the clearest indications so far of the group’s intentions, and something that needs further exploration. And with all these different factions, what does it mean for the future of the party?”


    • Capella says:

      It was usually the Praetorian Guard who stabbed the Emperor in the back. 🙂

      • Petra says:

        Maybe even greater confusion will set in Capella, if that’s possible, and they’ll end up stabbing each other in the back 😀.

  91. Petra says:

    From one subsidy junkie to an other subsidy junkie 😀.

    ..”Philip Davies, a member of the Parliamentary Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, hit out at Lord Hall’s suggestions. The Conservative MP said: “Lord Hall is a subsidy junkie who has spent his whole life relying on subsidies. Rather than just wanting to rearrange the deckchairs on the titanic, Lord Hall and the BBC need to accept the inevitability of the end of public handouts and having to make their own income in the commercial world. I suspect they will need new people to be able to do that.”..



    No mention of this on the BBC online news site. Imagine that!

    ‘Bomb squad called in after a package addressed to Nicola Sturgeon starts to smoke.’


  92. Petra says:

    ‘Indyref2 will be held next year, says Ian Blackford.’



    Delusional DRoss hits out at Iain Blackford’s 2021 Indyref2 pledge.


  93. yesindyref2 says:

    I think what happened is Scotland in Union set up a shadow organisation called “The Grima Wormtongue Self-Preservation Society” for a laugh, and were astonished how many passed the entrance test:

    “Who is your favourite character in Lord of the Rings?”

    “Grima Wormtongue” – here’s your memebrship card
    “Saruman” – that’ll do fine
    “I’m an orc” – in you come
    “I’m a troll” – yes please, the more the merrier
    “The Dark Lord” – you can be president
    “Gandalf” – ho ho ho, ha ha ha, don’t make me laugh, next you’ll be saying Strider.

  94. Petra says:

    Chickens coming home to roost.

    ‘Shape-Shifting to the New Normal.’

    ..“Many of the people around Biden have been talking about Boris Johnson. The Kenyan remark has never gone away. They see Boris and [Dominic] Cummings like Trump and Bannon.”

    In a TV address on Friday, Biden stressed that tackling “systemic racism” as one of his top priorities – with the campaign reportedly “shocked” at the “dismissiveness of black rights” in Johnson’s inner circle. Particular ire was directed at Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, who called Black Lives Matters protestors taking the knee “a symbol of subjugation and subordination” and said he would kneel only before the Queen or when he was proposing to his wife.

    While the positive short-term advantages for shape-shifting is obvious, it does have a tendency for longer-term reputational damage. Boris Johnson may have (somehow) got away with relentless racism here, but it may have serious consequences for his international standing, just at the very time when Brexit Britain is supposed to be reaching out across the Atlantic for a trade deal.”..



    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


  95. Republicofscotland says:

    According to this there just isn’t enough time to hold an indy ref next year.


    • Petra says:

      ISP:- ..”We lay these facts before you. We leave it to you, the reader to judge whether your particular party has been honest with you and if it has used the parliamentary time it had to pursue the legislative programme for a referendum, in the way that you would have expected. But we can tell you that every party is aware of this schedule and whatever else they might plead, they cannot plead ignorance. That is all.”

      I’ll wait to hear what the SNP plan to do. Other sources say that Indyref2 could be held at the end of next year.

      And that’s a great wee start for the cabal that we know little to nothing about other than they stated that they would work alongside the SNP. Seems to me that they haven’t been ”honest” about that and they aren’t even in a position of power yet, so what to expect from them in the future, eh? Suffice to say I won’t be voting for them.

      I also get scunnered hearing that the SNP have basically wasted time over the years in getting us our independence. All that you have to do is go over the years from 2015 until now, track what was going on step by step and consider the decisions that Nicola Sturgeon made as she dealt with (was hit with) one issue after another. The eejits, and there seems to be increasing numbers of them now, haven’t even taken into account that it’s only during the last few months that we’ve witnessed a majority of sovereign Scots, consistently, support Independence. 2020 that is. 2020 the year of a catastrophic pandemic. Maybe Nicola Sturgeon is to blame for that too. Spreading the Coronavirus as a way of stymieing Independence 🙄.

      So my question is this, could someone point out to me when (what year) they reckon Nicola Sturgeon should have set a date for Indyref2?

      • Alex Clark says:

        “So my question is this, could someone point out to me when (what year) they reckon Nicola Sturgeon should have set a date for Indyref2?”

        The question is not when they should have set a date for a referendum because according to the naysayers we should have had it by now.

        So the question is, in what year they consider we would have won a second referendum and that the SNP by their procrastination, have missed the boat, and by definition denied the people of Scotland their Independence.

        Anybody care to venture 2017, 2018, 2019?

    • grizebard says:

      Since a curmudgeonly majority of the current electorate over the last several years has been ungraciously unwilling to agree to independence, what the ISP evidently need most is an entirely new electorate.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      That sort of timetable has been described before, and has more holes in it than a kilogram of gruyere cheese. For one thing try “parallel” rather than “serial”, and then stick in the word “emergency”.

      “The EC will not allow” – the EC does NOT decide anything, it recommends, Parliament decides and “allows”. As far as the legislation is conernced, the EU Continuity (Scotland) Bill went through Holyrood in 3 weeks, after being declared an emergency bill. Royal Assent – failing an objection – can be done within 24 hours or so. And, of course, parliament can amend existing legislation, for instance as in the GE of December 2019:

      “As a result of this, and an amendment made to the Early Parliamentary General Election Bill 2019-20, the deadline dates for some parts of the timetable which would usually fall on different dates are the same (for example, the postal vote application deadline and the registration application deadline)”,

      The article just goes to show that anyone can start at a conclusion and work backwards to “prove” it, while making a lot of mistakes and working in ignorance.

      Sorry, that article misunderstands the process, and makes presumptions it can’t make. For instance, if the UK Government totally co-operated in getting it done in an emergency. WHT they might do is NOT a subject of such a sweeping incorrect article.

  96. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my above comment, unless of course, we use next years elections as an indyref as well.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      In addition to my above comment, the ISP in that article present incorrect assertion as fact, and are even calendarily challenged, as in this:

      “That gives us 12 +10+ 4+2 = 28 weeks or seven months.

      In other words, given the very best case scenario, the earliest that this referendum could be held with the starting point from mid- May, is mid- January. ”

      Seven months on from mid-May is mid-December, not mid-January.

      Not very impressive. And as stated, the 28 weeks is grossly incorrect.

  97. Alex Clark says:

    It takes all sorts, there are those that are most happy wallowing in muck and that take great delight in making other peoples lives as miserable as possible.

    In the opposite corner, there are those that go out of their way to encourage others through thick and thin, to work with them so that they may achieve their goal. They take great delight in helping those that share the same goal and work alongside them

    The miserable sods on the other hand go through life with the glass half empty, everything is a chore to be avoided and it’s always someone else’s fault that life isn’t working out for them the way they insist it should. They are miserable so everyone else must be miserable too, and if you can’t see that then you are blind and ignorant.

    The achievers and the fighters, they stick in even if the odds don’t look good, they ignore the doubt being spread by their opponents and stand together in support of their cause because they believe it will win through even though the road may be rocky. Knock them down and they get right back up and start off from where they were floored. They recognise propaganda for what it is and laugh at it.

    That’s why support for Independence is at 58%, those that believe in what they are fighting for are persuading those that at first doubted.

    That’s why there are so many moaners. They are losing and they don’t like it!

    • grizebard says:

      There are the outright fakes, of course, but unfortunately there are also the useful idiots. They were supposedly going to “augment the SNP” but they have long since realised that any secret hope they might actually have harboured of displacing it are rapidly turning to dust, and consumed by jealousy, resort to impotent moaning instead. They just can’t bring themselves to put the country first. Shame on them.

      If there’s one incidental thing to look forward to next May, it’s that the country will show everyone these incessant quibblers’ true worth.

  98. Welsh Siôn says:

    Good grief. Was this exactly 6 years ago – to the *very* day? 🙂

    (In case you’re wondering – it’s me with the Welsh flag at around 2:30 into the video.)

    • Petra says:

      Great WS. There to ”exuberantly” support Leanne Wood / Wales, I see. Independence from the Colonial Masters in general. I hope that you’re up here on our Independence Day, with that lovely flag of yours, as many Scots will be in Wales on your big day too 😀.

      • Welsh Siôn says:

        Too right, Petra.

        You don’t see the ‘other way’ shot here – but it’s to me that Leanne is returning the thumbs up here, too!

        • Petra says:

          What a speech, WS. Leanne Wood, ”we are on a journey together.” How right she was / is too. I was there WS. I’m the person waving the Saltire 😀.

  99. Petra says:

    Take a look at this. I’ve just been talking to someone who drives a truck and they’ve said that the trucks won’t be able to move in the mud as they’ll slide. It just gets worse and worse for them. Gone are the days when that crowd at Westminster could cover up their botch-ups and hide how totally arrogant, corrupt and incompetent they truly are. God only knows what they got up to in pre-social network times and in fact God only knows what they are still managing to hide from us.

    ”As a metaphor for #toryBrexit this is quite apt. It’s the #Brexit lorry park in Kent. They built it on a flood plain.” https://twitter.com/g_gosden/status/1327627233624776706

    • Welsh Siôn says:

      We’ve come to expect bog standards from that lot in Westminster.

      They have yet to fail us.

      • JoMax says:

        Boris better be careful if he visits the place, then, because they may have to dig ditches to take the water run-off and we all know about Boris and ditches!

  100. Alex Clark says:

    After Cummings leaving, Boris Johnson is lost and decided the thing to do is go into hiding for a fortnight while the rest of the UK has to deal with Covid and the consequences of lockdown.

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson is self-isolating after coming into contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.

    Mr Johnson met with ab group of MPs on Thursday for 35 minutes, including Ashfield MP Lee Anderson, who has subsequently tested positive for Covid-19. A spokesperson for the PM said: “The prime minister has today been notified by NHS Test and Trace that he is required to self-isolate as a contact of someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.

    “The Prime Minister will follow the rules and is self-isolating.

    “He will carry on working from Downing Street, including on leading the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.


    He’s not shirking his responsibilities, there is no fridge, no sirree, not shirking them at all.

  101. JoMax says:

    Boris better be careful if he visits the place, then, because they may have to dig ditches to take the water run-off, and we all know about Boris and ditches!

  102. Alex Clark says:

    Johnson is on the run, he could be tested daily and have the results within hours, there shouldn’t be a need for the Prime Minister of the UK to self isolate as all precautions could be taken to ensure that he does not infect anyone else. Something you can do only if you actually have the virus.

    Instead, he’s chosen to hide in his bedroom instead of a fridge this time! He’s a loser.

    • Alex Clark says:

      I forgot about all the 15 minute tests that he’s been punting for the rest of us.
      This will be the end of him and he will be rightly ridiculed for hiding, what a clown.

  103. yesindyref2 says:

    Riddoch interview with Blackford


    I got as far as 4:30 past the prelim waffle, and for anyone else who’s attention wanders with these things and can’t be bothered when reading is just so much faster, the actual bit I found was at 4:00

    “I and we are planning for a referendum and I expect and anticiapte that referendum will come in 2021”

    (Riddoch referred to comments made by Russell about Sep 2021)

  104. yesindyref2 says:

    And what Russell actually said to the BBC in October a few weeks back was:

    “And there will need to be a referendum. And, you know, that could take place, I’m quite sure, before the end of next year.”


    Goes to show though how things get changed in peoples memories, Riddoch said Russell had said September to the BBC.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I remember Michael Russell at committee stage discussing the Scotland referendums bill with the Unionist parties getting themselves all irked when Michael Russell said there would be no need for all this nonsense about a whole year of campaigning on any issue and that 5 or 6 months was an ample amount of time

      They didn’t like it at all, Mike did though, he smiled a lot, so did I

    • grizebard says:

      The two things may well be in effect the same. There isn’t normally much inclination to have a plebiscite once Autumn draws on towards Winter, is there?

  105. yesindyref2 says:

    Yeah. A couple of things there. The 2019 GE was on Dec 12th with a UK 67.3% turnout and as we;d expect, slightly higher 68.1% in Scotand. So no problem with Indy Rfef 2 being as late as mid-December, i.e. Thurs 9th December (at a push, the 16th). So if the UK can do it, so can Scotland.

    And the EU Ref in 2016 had an official campaign period of just over 2 months:

    “Before a referendum is held, there is a formal campaigning period called the ‘referendum period’. During this period, certain rules on campaigning and spending apply.

    The referendum period starts on 15 April 2016 and ends on 23 June 2016. The spending limits apply during this period.”

    The Referendums (Scotland) Act was amended in some stage of the Bill to give a minimum referendum period of 10 weeks. And 10 weeks is long enough – the EU Referendum gives a UK precedent for that. The reason for 2 years for Indy Ref 1 was sensible choice by Salmond and Sturgeon – the idea was new to mainstream politics and the start YES at 23% – 28% depending on what source.

    Oh, and nothing to stop campaigning starting before the official referendum period, as long as donations etc are recorded and controlled.

    The Unionists and some Indy supporters, doth protesteth too mucheth.

    I reckon anywhere from about (narrows eyes and wets finger) 18 weeks after the election and start of session, with processes running in parallel and expedited, and EC told to get their finger out (or question sorted BEFORE the election) – it’s us pays their fees, and Holyrood gives them orders. Let me see, anywhere from Thursday 16th September 2021 onwards.

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, it /can/ be done, but the 2019 UKGE was an exception, and not exactly universally welcomed as far as timing goes.

      Not that I’m trying to contradict your general timing, it’s just that if the SG is determined to press ahead, the timing can surely be ASAP, landing at the earliest point in your calculations. And whyever not?

      Of course, the UKGov will surely try its damnedest to put a spanner in the works (of the timing at least) via the expected court action absent an S30, but maybe that can be taken care of in parallel with the other preps, since all that will stem directly from the expected SNP win in May (your assumed firing of the starting pistol, I presume).

      Of course, in default of an S30 agreement by the Spring, there is still the (outside) possibility of the May GE being made a plebiscite indyref. (hee, hee…)

  106. Petra says:

    A nice start to the day I would say 😀. Scotland too wee, poor and chock-full of stupid people 🤔. https://mobile.twitter.com/jmacdeee/status/1327907112647860224

    • Petra says:

      Oh and Stephen Fry forgot to mention the telephone and television along with a number of other ”omissions” 😎.

  107. Petra says:

    ‘James Kelly: Voters want action to circumvent Westminster veto of indyref2.’



    ‘Scottish sheep farmers blast George Eustice ‘laughable’ Brexit claim.’

    “For a Government minister to suggest on national television that our mixed farmers could diversify into beef in the event of the lamb price crashing is quite frankly a laughable response. The industry has been calling for support packages to be put in place for compensation for the sheep sector in the event of a No-Deal.”


  108. Petra says:

    Gordon McIntyre-Kemp:- ‘A referendum on the Brexit power grab alongside Holyrood 2021 would break the Union.’

    …”So why a power-grab referendum and not an independence referendum on the same day as the Scottish elections? The problem is that an independence referendum would link the Scottish election and the referendum back into historic party loyalties and possibly push supporters of independence from other parties back into their default Labour, Lib Dem and even Conservative tribes as well as lose the SNP voters who don’t support independence. It would also create the only possible conditions for anti-SNP tactical voting and possibly even threaten an SNP majority. Additionally, it would open up two spoiler tactics for Westminster to undermine Scottish independence.”..



    John Swinney:- ”Scotland can choose a different path.” https://mobile.twitter.com/wearescotland1/status/1325788872496861184

    • grizebard says:

      There seems to be merit in not having an indyref in parallel with normal elections in May, but the case is not so clear for declaring the elections themselves a plebiscite referendum on independence. That makes independence a fundamental issue that transcends and displaces normal politics. Not easy to achieve, but possible in quasi-crisis situations. Like in the dark shadow of Brexit and in the optimistic quasi-recovery phase of the virus pandemic, for example…

      (just sayin’…)

      As for a supposed referendum on the Brexit power grab alone, who thought that one up? It’s just stupid diversionary pissing around. We need to be serious here, go for the real deal, not any half-baked posturing that no-one can or will take seriously.

  109. Petra says:




    ”And there’s your boss, Ross, and Lamont complaining of the SNP promoting independence during the pandemic and you’re out promoting yourself, the Tory party and the union for an election that’s still nearly six months away. Talk about hypocrisy!” https://mobile.twitter.com/DorothyBruce14/status/1327985468860993536

  110. Petra says:

    Simon Coveney – “Fish don’t hold passports” …. they aren’t owned by anybody… https://mobile.twitter.com/Haggis_UK/status/1327939176583606272


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  111. Capella says:

    The “no time for a referendum” meme surfaced on WoS earlier this year. I pointed out that in May 1997 the newly elected Labour government introduced their promised Referendums (Wales and Scotland) Act 1997 on 15th May. It received Royal Assent on 31st July 1997. The referendums were held on 11th September (Scotland) and 18th September (Wales) 1997.

    In Scotland 2020, the Referendums Bill has been passed and received Royal Assent thus laying the framework for a referendum. The EC were given the question in March. It’s the same question as in 2014 which the EC had already tested and approved.

    There is no objective reason why a referendum can’t be held in September next year following an election victory in May.

  112. Capella says:

    BTW the WoS opinion that there isn’t time was based on a Libby Brookes article in the Guardian which was based on – who knows? Libby will be pleased to see her memes recirculating gratis the IfS Party.

    Scottish Government has agreed only to the 10 week referendum period, which is a standard timescale specified in the representation of the people act.

    I take the view of Neil Johnston, election specialist at the House of Commons library who relies on the opinion of The Director, Deputy Director and Researcher at UCL Constitution Unit.

    Here’s his view on the time needed to hold a second BREXIT referendum in the UK, pop 65 m. Answer – 22 Weeks or 5 months (could in fact be speeded up)

    Is there time?
    UCL’s Constitution Unit published a report in October 2018 which estimated that it would take 22 weeks between the decision to hold another referendum and polling day. This was made up of 12 weeks to pass the legislation and prepare for the poll and then the 10-week regulated period of the campaign.


    See also the UCL report.


    Why on earth the Electoral Commission thinks Scotland should take over 46 weeks to hold a second referendum while the UK only requires 22 weeks is a mystery.

  113. Petra says:

    I notice that a great number of opinions are now based on Britnat newspaper articles that we were previously told to avoid reading and in fact the journalists involved and the contents of such articles were then torn to shreds. I wonder what led to such a U-turn coming to pass?

  114. Alex Clark says:

    There are people in Scotland who actually voted for this clown, deary me.

    “We also now have two gigantic boxing gloves with which to wallop our foe into submission”


  115. Ken2 says:

    An IndyRef will happen in any time scale. If people vote for it. That is how it will happen.

    Vote SNP/SNP Vote for Independence. Support rising all the time. No matter what. No wonder.

  116. Dr Jim says:

    Here’s a question the *journalists* might have asked today

    Have the police identified the culprit or culprits who tried to kill you with a bomb FM?

    Maybe it’s just me but is that not a relevant question because if it happened to Boris Johnson it’s all we’d be hearing about, or did it just not happen at all and I imagined it

    • Petra says:

      Compare and contrast to Jim Murphy getting hit with an egg. It was reported constantly in all UK newspapers and on the BBC for days on end. Jackie Bird practically peeing her pants whilst gleefully reporting that he had been, ”egged by a mob.”

      Meanwhile when you check online there’s not a mention of this story about the First Minister of Scotland in English newspapers, nor on the BBC site.


  117. Tatu3 says:

    Apologies I’ve forgotten how to archive 😔. This is another reason Westminster will try hard to hang onto Scotland!

    • Alex Clark says:

      I’d only just read that when you posted. You’re absolutely right though, this is just one more example of the potential for an Independent Scotland to thrive once free to make all decisions without Westminster dictating and controlling the pursestrings.

    • Shug Curtains says:

      Tatu3. re “Apologies I’ve forgotten how to archive 😔. This is another reason Westminster will try hard to hang onto Scotland!”
      Go to https://archive.is and paste the URL into it. Wait a wee while then copy the URL showing you the page you wanted to archive. Paste this as your archive link where you like.


    • grizebard says:

      It’s also hard proof for IR2 that Scotland has a gold-plated future as a continuing energy provider, and way better than oil. Can’t ever run out (even in the imagination of Ian Wood).

    • Hamish100 says:

      Already happening. Oil pipeline borders the M74 heading south. Renewable energy has site at Hunterston with renewable energy from Kintyre and is taken by undersea cable to England ( Lancashire). The Welsh provide water we provide energy, England provides us with the colonial mindset

  118. Ken2 says:

    Scotland surplus resources and revenues being taken from Scottish funds. After the investment by Scottish Gov funding good policies and governance.

    Scotland in surplus pays more despite being nearer the sources. Another energy gap. After the £Billions taken before secretly and illegally from Scottish resources and revenues.

    The Westminster Gov corruption. Wasting Scottish funds. Scotland could earn £Billions from fuel and energy under Independent control.

  119. yesindyref2 says:

    They’re STILL quoting that totally duff ISP article about Indy ref 2 can’t be next year.

    Haven’t they had an active brain cell to simply type this into google:

    when is 28 weeks from 13 may 2021

  120. Alex Clark says:

    The Tory media cheerleaders are abandoning Johnson just like Cain and Cummings have done. Now he is in hiding again, shirking his responsibilities and the rats are deserting the sinking ship.


    • Welsh Siôn says:

      “The Daily Telegraph, Johnson’s former employer, and the once loyal Sun have turned on Downing Street and are now less sympathetic than the BBC.”

      “Johnson’s best (least negative) coverage has often come from the BBC”


      What happened to that oft-touted “impartiality”, BBC? You suffering from the Kuenssberg Effect, eh?

  121. Petra says:

    I wouldnae have given Piers Morgan the time of day previously, however he’s started to go right up in my estimation 😀.

    Watch:- ‘Why haven’t you resigned?’: Piers Morgan grills Matt Hancock over government COVID failings.’



    At it again. Going full tilt to get the BBC to end the CV19 briefings, imo.

    ‘Covid: Nicola Sturgeon hits back at journalist for indyref2 comments at briefing.’


    • grizebard says:

      Yup, the Scottish Secretary’s representative on Earth courtesy of ITV Border was at his familiar old game again. (Panic is definitely setting in.)

      That was the most overt (and richly deserved) slap down by Nicola (though she did manage to slip in a wee promo anyway), but today’s briefing was a masterclass in the art. You have to pay close attention to realise when she’s delivering a sharp rebuff, it’s so quietly and inoffensively done. The assassin’s knife so silently wielded. I just wonder if these dodos always realise it.

  122. […] 223 Comments Posted in Uncategorized Edit […]

  123. Petra says:

    Do they give a damn about what’s being said about them?

    ‘BMJ lashes out at ‘state corruption’ and ‘suppression of science’ in UK.’

    ”One of the world’s oldest and most respected medical journals has published a damning attack on the UK Government, saying “science is being suppressed for political and financial gain” in the mould of “some of history’s worst autocrats and dictators”…



    ‘Scotland’s famous Black Watch regiment faces axe under Tory cuts.’

    ”Stewart McDonald MP, defence spokesman, said that “”To dismantle this ancient regiment would be a serious betrayal of all who serve and who have served in the past. It would be unconscionable for any government to scrap the historic Black Watch and it would fly in the face of the promises made to the Scottish people, and those Scots serving in the armed forces, during the independence referendum – a promise that the government is already falling far short of.”..

    ..”Former Lib Dem leader Lord Campbell warned: “Fighting an independence referendum off the back of disbanding famous Scottish units would be a very unwise political decision.”


    • grizebard says:

      Oh, I’m sure that BoZo will be paying close attention to Ming. Just like the rest of us.

      The tone-deaf UKGov campaign to alienate and humiliate the Scots must continue regardless, it’s just the nature of the scorpion in the fable…

  124. Petra says:

    Heartbreaking but truly inspiring.

    ‘Moving moment when an old lady plays the piano (Auld Lang Syne) in her house destroyed by the explosion in Beirut.’


  125. Republicofscotland says:

    In light of Ian Blackford’s claims on when a indyref will be held, Angus B. MacNeil has written to Boris Johnson asking if he’ll grant a S30 order for Holyrood to hold a indyref.

    FM Nicola Sturgeon has said she will publish a referendum bill in the current Holyrood term, setting out the timing and question for a new indyref vote.

    I suppose we should all try to remain positive for now at least.

  126. Bob Lamont says:

    Ooooh, colour me surprised – “Do you think the BBC have done enough to make the public aware of the changes to the Scottish Parliament’s powers proposed by the Internal Market Bill?”

    89% of SNP voters, 68% of Labour voters, 74% of Liberal Democrat voters, 62% of Conservative voters, 86% of Yes supporters, 63% of No supporters, 77% of people born in Scotland and 76% of people born in England all agree that the BBC have failed to properly inform the public.
    Doubtless PQ would say the public have no appetite for such divisive information 🤣


  127. Republicofscotland says:

    Well what a surprise that Johnson thinks devolution isn’t working, this from the man who lauded a poem about exterminating Scots. Of course the British Nationalist parties are blaming each other for devolution, Blair’s name has cropped up a few times.

    That sage of man George Robertson, or should I call him Baron Robertson of Port Ellen, also claimed that devolution would kill Scottish nationalism stone dead. Robertson in his wisdom also claims that Scottish independence would cause the Balkanisation of Western Europe.

    These statements alone should’ve had Sturgeon declaring UDI years ago. Make no mistake Westminster is an enemy of Scotland from the McCrone report to the stealing of 6000 square miles of Scottish waters to incorporate oil wells, to the Vow, the dragging us out of the EU and beyond, and the coming rolling back of devolution via the Internal Market bill, Westminster cares not for Scotland in this onesided unfit for purpose union.

    • grizebard says:

      These statements alone should’ve had Sturgeon declaring UDI years ago.

      Whit? UDI without anything like majority support of the people of Scotland? The Catalonian road to nowhere fast? Are you mind-bogglingly stupid or plain mad? Or just mischief-making?

  128. JMTaurus says:

    I see Scotland Tonight….or rather Scotland TooSh*te’s Kathryn Samson gave Dross an opportunity to broadcast a Tory party political broadcast tonight under the thinly disguised joke of a supposed interview…..

    Dross tried to state …..he wisnae there when the comments were made by Boris……a weak excuse and a very sad version of a BIG boy at HQ did it..and then ran away…. to self isolate.

    Perhaps there is a job for Kathryn as a weather girl…..because her clear inability to interview politicians is so patently obvious it verges on embarrassing…….what is the opposite of forensic ?

    Her interview style tonight was …ask a question….get an answer (or party political broadcast)…move on to next question…..get an answer (or party political broadcast)….remember to never interrupt interviewee, challenge them or have any facts ready that will dispute answers being given by interviewee…..Job done…or rather job done for the person being interviewed but not for the public.

    Dross is on telly more times than soap operas………rehashing the same old story lines , same old script and same bad acting….where he is the villain pretending to play the good guy.

    Obvious question today to Tories in Scotland…..if , as the Tories say, the SNP are doing such a bad job with devolution in Scotland, does that mean that the Tories think Scots voters and those other nationalities who live in Scotland, and who vote by a majority time and time again for the SNP, are thick……seems to me that is what they are saying…..cause you cannot argue one without the other…can you ?

    Cause the SNP do not vote themselves in…..and it’s pretty hard to hoodwink a population by being a disaster as a devolved Govt for 13 years is it not……though in all honesty and to be fair the same cannot be said for the Tories down south and those voters who constantly vote them into Govt…….(Refer to Tory HQ record since coming into power at WM to verify this)…Ha Ha

    Dross needs to research the Tory HQ’s record on gaffes, brutal policies, catastrophic mistakes (Windrush one example), dark money, Brexit, cronyism, peerages for Brexiteers, brother etc etc ….I’m sure WGD has a list he could write to counter Dross and Tory HQ’s accusations currently being aimed at the SNP……..and enabled by the Scottish media…surprise surprise.

    Dross was on a mission today…called…damage limitation…..breaking news….It failed.

  129. Here we are a review by SNP

    SNP Governance Review – Discussion Paper – October 2020

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