British nationalist Trumpery

This week, the Scotland Secretary Alister Union Jack,breezily asserted that his party, which hasn’t won an election in Scotland since the1950s, wasn’t going to ‘allow’ Scotland to have another independence referendum for possibly another 40 years. By which time Alister will be in his late 90s and most of those who voted against independence in 2014 will be as dead as the Johnson government’s claim to be a competent administration already is.

In response to this petulant denial of the right of the people of Scotland to decide their own future Nicola Sturgeon tweeted:
As we’re seeing across the Atlantic just now, politicians who rage against democracy don’t prevail. Let’s not dignify this rubbish. Instead let’s keep making and winning the case for independence. Power doesn’t belong to politicians – it belongs to the people. and this is unarguably true. it matters as little as Douglas Ross’s promises to stand up for Scotland against Johnson if Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond had sworn a solemn vow on the front page of the Daily Record on faux parchment paper that they would not seek another referendum until all the weans that Johnson admits to had weans of their own – which they most certainly didn’t but while certain BBC journalists seem happy to to propagate the myth that ‘once in a generation’ was an actual promise made by the Yes campaign or the SNP? it was not a thing that actually happened. Yet even if it had happened it doesn’t matterbecause no politician in a democracy can bind the hands of the electorate. Yet that is exactly what the Tories are proposing to do, on the basis of a mere six chips seats in the House of Commons they are taking it for themselves the right to tell the people of Scotland what we can or cannot vote for. They are not, as they so misleadingly and mendaciously claim, holding the SNP to account, they are limiting the democratic right of the people of Scotland to choose the form of Government best suited to their needs. And if that is indeed the case then Scotland must ask itself if this really is a union because if we are to be forbidden from asking ourselves if we wish to remain in this so called union then it is not a partnership in any meaningful sense of the term. It is a set of shackles on Scotland’s dreams and aspirations.

Surprise Surprise Who should leap to the defence of The Tories denying Scottish democracy but the BBC’s very own, ahem, impartial political editor Laura Conservative sources tell me, Kuenssberg. Well I say surprise, That’s surprise as in The Tories have outraged public opinion again, but to everyone’s surprise Baroness don’t call me baroness Davidson is nowhere to be found. Or surprise as in- to the immense surprise of the viewing public The Prime minister gave a speech during which he told numerous lies, none of which Laura called him out on

The BBC’s ‘impartial’ political editor replied in a way which managed to miss the point entirely, saying: One US politician making wild allegations about fraud is obviously not the same as another in the UK hardening their opposition to another kind of poll taking place which the UK government has the legal right to permit or not. And here we see yet again the BBC uncritically repeating the attack lines of the Tories as though they were established facts. It is not a fact that Scotland can only have another vote on independence with Westminster’s consent. The only fact is that the lawfulness of a consultative referendum without a Section 30 order has never been legally clarified. And it is certainly the case that a Scottish plebiscite election on independence would absolutely be lawful. But you’d never know any of that from listening to the BBC.

it is however a fact that the BBC is to opposition to Scottish independence as Fox News is, or rather was, to Donald Trump.Over the past couple of days even Fox News has been treating Trump’s claims with an appropriate degree of scepticism, We can only dream of the BBC ever doing the same with the anti-independence claims of British nationalism in Scotland.Trump had Fox news, the BBC is ForUKs news.

Mesnwhile the favourit political comic of Tory Brextremism, The Spectator, responded to the legitimate claim that by denying Scottish democracy with a risible piece from Matt Kilcoyne, the deputy director of the Adam Smith Institute which used tactics direct from the Trumpian playbook to assert thait was Nicola Sturgeon who is not so different from Trump. The Adam Smith Institute is of course one of those shadowy right wing ‘think tanks’, which the BBC likes to trot out as neutral and objective whenever it publishes something which The Tories hope is damaging to the independence cause.

The article was exactly like a Trump speech, rambling exercise in self pity and victimhood claiming founded on baseless assertions an lies, such as the following claim”for Sturgeon, there is no societal ill that cannot be blamed on the English. Just recently, she enjoyed claiming, without any evidence, that coronavirus was spread to Scotland in the summer by the plague-ridden English”. This is, as anyone who has been paying attention knows, complete and utter bullshit , The First Minister has resisted demands to close the Border to visitors from England, and has never blamed outbreaks of the virus in Scotland on The English, but that doesn’t suit Matt’s victimhood seeking narrative. Clearly opponents of independence have adopted another tactic from the Trump playbook. They have given up trying to appeal to the middle ground and are now playing solely to their constantly shrinking base

now I am just waiting for a Spectator article from Stephen Daisley telling us why a Biden presidency, Or indeed a two for one offer on square slice in Morrisons means that it’s all over for the SNP – it was over for the Trump Presidency when the election was called for Biden just as Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani was giving a press conference in the car park outside the four seasons landscaping company in Philadelphia. Rudy stood in front of a chemical waste warning sign and uttered baseless lies that the American media has now resolved to ignore. Would that the Scottish media were aswilling to be sceptical of the claims of British nationalism. But no.Today we have the Herald warning us that Scotland can’t get rid of Trident and then go on to join NATO despite the fact that in the late 1970s Spain did exactly what Scotland is being told is impossible. Spain got rid of the American nukes at the U?S base in Rota near Cadiz and a couple of years later went on to join NATO naturally there was no mention of this clearly germane information in the Herald piece, which instead acted as an uncritical platform to amplify the claims of an opponent of independence. 2014 called, it wants its scare story back.

It transpires that Trump wanted the press conference in the four seasons hotel and had already Tweeted out the location when the hotel refused to host the event and Trump’s staff desperately cast about for a way of saving the shameless one’s face. so they settled on the car park of a run down landscaping shop in a seedy part of town, situated between an adult store selling dildos and a crematorium.It turned out t be a fitting end for Trump’s presidency, right next to one place where you can go and get fucked and another where you go when you die. British nationalism in Scotland is going the same way. It has become risible, pathetic and a bit of a joke which is unable to accept that the game is up.

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206 comments on “British nationalist Trumpery

  1. amanda mcginley says:

    I dint know if it’s my setting but I havent been able to see the first few sentences of the last good few posts?

    • weegingerdug says:

      sorry it’s my fault. am struggling with copy and paste with my right hand.I will fix it now

      • grizebard says:

        Not to worry, just do what you can, Paul. It’s still a great tonic to read your pithy comments whenever you’re able. “Onwards and upwards”, eh?

  2. Ken2 says:

    President controls the Media. Legislature. Murdoch illegal war machine. £30Billion. Lost family support.

    Westminster controls the media for support. Official Secrets Act. ‘D’ notices. Non Dom tax evaders. Breaking International trade Law. Bribery, corruption, hacking and surveillance. Breaking data protection and human rights Law.

    Losing support. Criminal. Without a free and fair Press there is no democracy.

  3. bringiton says:

    Glad you are getting fighting fit again Paul.
    Where would we be without you.
    Yes,for some English,the union is all about England and what they will “lose” if Scotland withdraws.
    Never a consideration for what might be best for Scotland beyond their assertion that the only way Scotland can thrive,or even survive, is under Westminster rule.
    None of the countries who have given up the benefit of London rule have decided to return which should tell doubting Scots all they need to know about this particular line of propaganda.
    Now that the Westminster establishment has lost their benefactor across the pond who has been replaced by an Irishman,their tune is going to have to change.
    They are going to have to be very nice to Ireland (no longer threatening to cut off their food supply) and pay more attention to the other countries which make up the British Isles.

    • Petra says:

      ‘Nicola Sturgeon: Scots should listen to Joe Biden read this Seamus Heaney poem.’

      ”NICOLA Sturgeon has urged people to listen to Joe Biden read out a poem by Seamus Heaney about conflict and reconciliation.

      The First Minister tweeted a link to a RTE news broadcast last night which showed the US President elect reading out the Irish poet’s The Cure of Troy in his campaign video.

      Here are the words from The Cure of Troy which Biden quoted:

      Human beings suffer.
      They torture one another.
      They get hurt and get hard.
      No poem or play or song
      Can fully right a wrong
      Inflicted and endured.
      History says, Don’t hope
      On the side of the grave,’
      But then, once in a lifetime
      The longed for tidal wave
      Of justice can rise up
      And hope and history rhyme.
      So hope for a great sea- change
      On the far side of revenge.
      Believe that a further shore
      Is reachable from here.
      Believe in miracles.
      And cures and healing wells.
      Call miracle self-healing,
      The utter self revealing
      Double-take of feeling.
      If there’s fire on the mountain
      And lightening and storm
      And a god speaks from the sky
      That means someone is hearing
      The outcry and the birth-cry
      Of new life at its term.
      It means once in a lifetime
      That justice can rise up
      And hope and history rhyme.”

  4. Ken2 says:

    Westminster Gov got rid of nuclear warheads at Greenham Common in 1992. After protests. The US base closed. 86 miles from London.

    Dumped them in Scotland without permission. 1960’s. Kennedy did not want UK to have Polaris. McMillan dumped them in Scotland. Wanted them at Fort William. Purchased from the US. Dumped 30 mins from Glasgow. Kept reports of damaging incidents quiet. Secretly covered up.

  5. Capella says:

    I think we’ve established, beyond reasonable doubt, that those scribblers are not journalists at all. They’re apologists for whatever decadent regime will pay their wages. Anyone who wants to find out what’s true or false has to search online, to blogs such as this one and Talking Up Scotland and a few others.

    Soon we will have our own broadcasting service, based in Edinburgh, which is the capital, near the Parliament but broadcasting for the whole of Scotland.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Glasgow. It’s not all about Edinburgh.

      Here on the West coast we already have the broadcasting, in terms of BBC Scotland and STV, why should the west coast have job losses to Edinburgh – which will have most of the embassies and consulates?

      • Tatu3 says:

        I agree, needs spreading about – and not just in the central belt either

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Indeed. Independence should come with more devolution within Scotland. In fairness with holding Cabinets in the likes of Skye, the SNP have tried at times, but more is needed, in the Borders, and the Highlands and Islands – including Shetland and Orkney.

          • Ken2 says:

            The Shetlands is one of the best places in Scotland. The best lifestyles. Prosperous, Comes out on top every time.

            The SNP Gov has tried to spread it around. The Borders railways, Edinburgh hospital ( off the trams). Now being extended to Leith. The AWPR waited for for forty years. The NE still prosperous. Glasgow the Hydro. Commonwealth Games.

            Investment in renewables, schools, nurseries, social care, SNHS. Welfare mitigation. No bedroom tax. MUP. Built affordable houses. Protected Scotland from the Tories.

          • And Dundee and Aberdeen Perth Stirling

      • Capella says:

        Edinburgh is the capital city and should be seen to be the capital city, like every other independent country. Of course there should be offices and studios in all other locations. But IMO the head office should be in the capital. Why was the BBC situated in Glasgow? Was it to dilute the status of government in Scotland? Many people thought so at the time.

        • Eilidh says:

          Sorry I think it was a mistake to site the new Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh just because it was capital of Scotland. To a large extent Edinburgh never has been representative of Scotland at least since the Treaty of Union and the vast majority of people in Scotland live in West Central Scotland. Glasgow probably wouldn’t be a great idea for parliament either so I think Stirling would have been a better place for it as it is almost in the middle of the country. Giving Edinburgh the parliament has meant that city has hoovered up an awful lot of money, property prices there have gone through the roof and ordinary people of the city whom I like a lot can’t afford to buy there. There was also the debacle of the trams and of course prior to Covid Edinburgh Airport was getting far more flights than Glasgow even though there there is a far greater population at this side of the country. Edinbrgh is also the most Tory city in Scotland so again gets resources that would be fairer spread throughout the whole country. Too much power in that one place

          • grizebard says:

            Yes, there’s much in that. Opposition parties have made a meal of it also, frustrated and insanely jealous as they are of the success of the SNP as manifested in Parliament, and desperate to “prove” that other parts of Scotland are “neglected” by the Central Belt. Aberdeen City Council being a prime example of this fake grievance politics, and BritNats in the NE in general.

            Thus we also get Labour’s insidious “neo-devo” notion of spreading power right out to local authorities, many of which – purely coincidentally, of course – are still in Labour hands or are more opportune targets for Labour.

            Lesley Riddoch has made much on a similar theme, citing in her case genuine examples from Scandinavian countries (which however have entirely different well-developed democratic traditions while some of us here are still struggling to even get out of the 18th Century) but her propositions do deserve serious considered thought. In the nature of things, though, all of that will necessarily have to wait for independence, and the focus to achieve that prime aim can only be the current seat of Scottish governmental power. All else right now is distraction, even while it may hold the promise of an eventual something better.

          • ArtyHetty says:

            Totally agree. Edinburgh was known as the English city in Scotland was it not? It is still very much so, though of course cosmopolitan as well, I love hearing all the different languages and accents, well maybe slightly less since Covid! As an ex English resident, I love to hear the real Edinburgh accent, but you can go a week without hearing it! When I worked in Glasgow years ago having just moved up to Edinburgh from NE England, I was looking at map for where to go, and a nice Glasgow man came up and tried to help, but could I understand a word? It was like a foreign language which is saying something for a Geordie! It always makes me smile now.
            I also had great friends from Glasgow at polytech in NE Eng, they along with Liverpulians were the salt of the earth, some Irish too…all great, all Celts really. 🙂

            As for hooses in Edinburgh, they are selling like hotcakes right now, and we are talking mega bucks, thinking about why, I wondered if it’s all the English civil servants who will be occupying the scanky BritNat new offices they have plonked in the centre of Edinburgh…maybe. Plenty dosh anyways, money seems to be no object!

            Glasgow and other great cities in Scotland deserve a fair crack at hosting some ScotGov offices and when independent, new broadcasting hubs etc…
            Of course, every city has it’s problems, and Edinburgh has plenty of foodbanks and poverty for all the riches, I always think it’s bizarre how some people are cooped up in rabbit hutches while some
            have massive hoooses where you see a painting on the wall (I am a nosy posey I know) and think gowd, that would sell for so much money and feed a family for a year. Inequality the world over, terrible.
            Scotland’s people have been generally herded into tenements as well, and you travel around, (or rather did!) on a train and see tons of empty land and you think wow, why can’t the people of Scotland have more space for houses and like even gardens to grow veg etc? That’s for another day to discuss anyway!
            I did discover this site recently. Need to dip into to it more to find out which colour of politics they adhere to though.

            Great you are going home Paul, take it easy and we will see you soon. Take your time to recover.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          It’s going to be a hard sell Capella:

          “Hey Glasgow, YES City in Indy Ref 1 (along with Dundee), thanks for that. Now, you sweaty uncivilised jockstraps, can we ask you for a YES vote again along with a loss of 2,000 status jobs, plus the 3,000 that support the studios? And the production jobs around the studios? And Channel 4? And the visitors from overseas to the studios who want to spend money? And the celebrities wot want to visit Independent Scotland? Don’t worry, we’ll give you 10 jobs and a 20 square metre studio back again some cheap part of town (isn’t it all now), some time in the future, run by a travelling high heidbummer from Edinburgh as we won’t trust you to cover political events. But you understand, it’s your simply dreadful accent, your handshake, your irn bru and we need to make Edinburgh even more nicer like what it is in Morningside”.

          Riiiiiigggggt …

          Edinburgh – the black hole of Scotland taking over from London. Yeah, that’ll work. And don’t think Better Together 2 won’t exploit that split in the last few days of Indy Ref 2.

          • Capella says:

            That’s some chip you have on your shoulder yesindyref2. Those thousands of status jobs you mention contribute virtually nothing to Scottish life and culture. What on earth are all those people doing? They are certainly not producing quality tv and radio for Scottish viewers and listeners. TV was more relevant in the days of the White Heather Club!

            The complaint about the domination of the Central Belt goes back at least to the 50s when I was a child and first heard it. Aberdeen City has been Labour led since WWII but there is virtually no broadcasting based there. Even the Beechgrove Garden was mothballed.. Of course it would be good to hear more regional accents as R Scotland is totally dominated by Glasgow. The Tories have been exploiting this for 50 years. They won’t stop now, because it’s still true.

            But the reason to have the media centred in Edinburgh is because it is the capital city. It is the capital city like Paris, Oslo, Berlin, Dublin, Athens, Rome, Madrid. Why should we not be proud of it and want it to be successful?

            (If you think there are no working class areas in Edinburgh you can take a tour of Pilton, Wester Hailes, Broomhouse, Craigmiller, Burdiehouse – apos if now gentrified). That old chestnut should be dead and buried.

            • yesindyref2 says:

              “That’s some chip you have on your shoulder yesindyref2. ”

              Oh dear. What a poor and unneccessary insult, which contributes zero to debate.

              • Capella says:

                You’re right – that was personal and I apologise. But I was not suggesting that Glaswegians are working class and drink Irn Bru whereas Edinburgh is posh and should have all the status. It just is the capital and has been for hundreds of years. I don’t see any point in denying that. I’m from the North East BTW so no particular axe to grind from that POV.

                • yesindyref2 says:

                  And I’m from and of Ayrshire not Glasgow. I lived in Edinburgh for a time, tramped the Pentlands from end to end many times. And drank in most pubs in Edinburgh the odd pint or a few in my day. Fine place, good humour. Also worked there later years travelling through every day, train and car. Long day. And a different life. I remember when Linwood shut, you were in a line of cars, many going towards Edinburgh.

                  The Netherlands is an example, where Amsterdam is the “main” capital, but Den Haag the other capital and seat of government – and has most embassies and consulates, Works for them. I worked in both – I like shoarmas. Maybe time I made some again …

              • Alba Laddie says:

                Edinburgh has ZERO Tory MPs. Just sayin…

            • Ken2 says:

              The NE of Scotland was one of the most prosperous parts. On par with London. Wages and remuneration. The unionists watched while all the revenues went South. To fund London S/E. Thatcher. The McCrone Report. Illegally kept secret.

              Scottish revenues have improved only since Devolution 2000. More powers. No enough. The population has only increased since 2000. 5.4million. It stagnated since 1900. 5million. Dipped in 1950’s. War?

          • yesindyref2 says:

            That sort of thing 🙂

        • Drew Anderson says:

          Because Capital City doesn’t cut it for me Capella. Glasgow already has the facilities & the support network. You’d have to uproot all of it if you wanted it shipped to Edinburgh & Edinburgh just doesn’t have the skills base believe it or not. I’ve been in production for decades & Edinburgh can’t hold a candle to Glasgow in that sector. Sure there’s some trickle down to the locals due to the festivals, but the overwhelming number of production staff & crew come up from England for the duration. That extends to Arts & Entertainment in general. Glasgow has invested in its venues & facilities for decades; Edinburgh has done next to nothing. The SECC, Armadillo & the Hydro can cope with just about anything & can call on hundreds of local crew to make it happen. As a result, if a major event happens in Edinburgh we have to get the Glasgow boys to help out because Edinburgh’s native entertainment sector has been left to wither on the vine.

          So I’d say, that should Scotland decide it needs a state broadcaster (do we?), leave it in Glasgow; they know what they’re about & Edinburgh doesn’t. Bear in mind, that for every face you see on a news or affairs programme there are dozens of people behind the scenes; the jobs add up. In any case, many countries don’t feel the need & some that do (Australia & NZ), don’t headquarter theirs in their capital.

          • Capella says:

            It would be a Public Service Broadcaster – not a state broadcaster – and I say that Scotland desperately needs one. What we have tam is a colonial service run from Westminster.

        • Golfnut says:

          Well said. Edinburgh is Scotland’s Capital, vastly underdeveloped as far as European Capitals go and much needs to be done when we have rid ourselves of westminster and it’s agents in Scotland. That also applies to every city and town in Scotland, our ports and infrastructure a disgrace, vast swathes of land empty and underused. Our institutions polluted by unionism. What a time to be young, what opportunities await them.
          We need though to build from the bottom up, return to Burgh councils, politicians within kicking distance.

          • Capella says:

            I like the burgh councils idea too. Lesley Riddoch has argued for the Norway model with local authority areas the size of parish councils. We, on the other hand, have Highland Council the size of Belgium IIRC. Another colonial mess.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      That escalated quickly, perhaps “Soon we will have our own broadcasting service” would have been adequate, there are enough wee shite volunteers like Bowie and DRoss without creating more….

  6. yesindyref2 says:

    In other news there’s this:

    “NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has congratulated US President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.”

    Seems to me it’s early, but NATO would prefer Biden to Trump. Thing is this, Biden is likely to want better relations with the EU, not just the UK. And with his “racist” comments back in 2016, BoJo will have to eat a bit of humble pie to get back on terms. We’re rapidly into Realpolitiks, where yesterday’s “no” becomes today’s “yes”.

    This is an opportunty for Scotland, as Biden could, for instance, just say to BoJo “What’s all this about denying democracy with this S30 nonsense? Are you being a mini-Trump?” What choice would Bozo have? And perhaps this is why the SNP conference was postponed, who knows. It’s certainly all to play for.

  7. Dr Jim says:

    It used to be Trump unpredictable, or individual, or more of a businessman than a politician so different, that was the way they got around saying he is a dangerous head case with the brains of a child
    Now that Trump has lost his position they have no fear so he’s just plain bad and Johnson was really never that friendly with him anyway, it was all politics, except it wasn’t, it was extreme right wing vile and nasty ignoring of democracy and the demonising of other races creeds and colours

    Boris Johnson is not one whit different to Trump or Farage the opportunist, these people are a blight on humanity

    Today we heard about folk standing on their doorsteps in remembrance of previous wars in the hope that by doing that the people will never allow these things to happen again, that’s a lie, and it’s a lie perpetrated by those with the power to do it all again if they so choose and the people will have no choice in the matter just as they never have had, Scotland can make sure of that choice by voting for Independence from England, a country that completely ignored democracy when we were told we had to vote as a country for or against Brexit when the UK is not a country it’s a *Union* of countries but that part was ignored because the powers that be in England knew they could sell right wing rhetoric to England whose votes would outweigh Scotland’s Northern Ireland’s and indeed Wales if needs be, so in effect Scotland nor any of the three other countries ever stood a chance of democracy

    America got lucky and got rid of their madman, England’s next madman will be right along any minute to slot right into place to continue the madness

    Remain in this Union and Scotland will never have a choice, and will that be Nicola Sturgeon’s fault to if we the people don’t give her the tools she needs, all we have to do is put a cross in a box and she’ll get on with the hard stuff and the madmen will be a memory

  8. gavinochiltree says:

    England has a tradition that it’s parliament is sovereign.
    Scotland has a tradition that the people are sovereign.
    The SNP must make the 2021 election an independence election, and by-pass an English veto.
    We have a potential ally in Joe Biden, who sees Ireland as a historic victim of English colonialism. If we can appeal to his sense of fair play, then Boris will be forced to stand aside, and let Scotland decide its own future.

    I wonder if Boris will comment on the ancestry of Kamela Harris, in the way he did with Obama. I suspect this stills rankles with Biden.

  9. Petra says:

    Brilliant Paul and you haven’t lost that wit of yours either. Articles always chock-full of information and great for a laugh 😀.

    We can forget about the BBC changing in a positive way as it looks as though the Tories are taking care of that one.

    ..”At a time when there is illness, death, child hunger – and government contracts being handed out in darkened corners – BBC staff are warned: step out of line and we’ll come for you. I can say this with confidence, because BBC friends have told me about an email from their new director general, which spells out a new code of practice relating to social media and the way they use it.”..

    And then we’ve got Andrew Neil preparing to launch a new far right-leaning rolling news channel 24×7 to rival the BBC and Sky. High on his agenda will be his attempts to decimate the SNP and our chances of getting our Independence. He actually stated recently that, “The SNP get such a free ride on programmes that come from London.”..🙄



    Take care of yourself, Paul. Your health comes first and we’ll still be here no matter how long it takes for you to rehabilitate. Good luck with the house hunting too 😎. Don’t forget that if we have an idea of the area that you want to live in we could help out with the search for that dream cottage for you and Peter XX

  10. Petra says:

    More jiggery-pokery!

    ‘Vaccine tsar married to Tory minister spent £670000 of taxpayer’s cash on PR.’

    ..”Bingham is said to have “insisted” on hiring the spin doctors despite concerns they would duplicate the work of about 100 communications staff at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), in which her taskforce sits.”..

    ..”It is unclear what process Boris Johnson used to appoint venture capitalist Bingham – who is married to Tory minister Jesse Norman, and who went to school with Johnson’s sister, Rachel, and who studied at Oxford at the same time as the prime minister.”..

  11. Ken2 says:

    Neil is an alcoholic. Thatcher’s henchman, telling lies about Scotland for over forty years. Lie, after lie, after lie. BBC and statistics. They have not got a clue. £5Billion cost for absolute nonsense.

    • Petra says:

      And now he’s going to have the opportunity to tell lies about Scotland 24×7, Ken2 🙄.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      I just think poor Neil is at a loose end now that he “has been let go” by the BBC. Even his own permanent guest from one of his earlier shows Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo has the Victorian Railway gig all sown up. So what to do?..

      I would hope he considers doing a “Three men in a pub” nightly light review on what matters like Real Ales, the Evening Times, Scotch Pies, Hillman Imp 998cc engines and maybe the Weather. Maybe with Alan Cochrane of the Telegraph and Baron Foulkes of Cumnock for banter, this could be a winner.

      As for his own TV News Channel, naw, that’s an narcissistic ego trip to try and out-do his former bosses and to highlight his greatness, sadly to himself I fear.

      • Petra says:

        Naw you can bet your bottom dollar that the man from Glenburn, Paisley, Scotland (fairly poor area), who attended Paisley grammar school (fairly bright), is not over and out. FAR from it. He’s got contacts in high places and from all over the world. Forget about Portillo. Expect him to do his utmost to destroy our aims. And who knows maybe his exit from the BBC to set up his own 24×7 news channel has been engineered by MI5? Nothing would surprise me when we take into account that we’re the greatest threat to the break up of the Union.

        • Stephen McKenzie says:

          As for Neils Paisley Buddie roots, Glenburn in the era that Neil went to Paisley Grammar was in decent shape with plenty of employment – not the richest area that’s true but if you liked lots of houses that looked the same it was ok and tidy.

          Was Paisley Grammar really any better than John Neilson or Camphill Schools?

          As for Neils future direction, you might be right Petra. However, I do think a lot of this is bluster from a man who feels he has been slighted by the BBC.

  12. John Rutherford says:

    Brilliant and spot on as usual. All the very best to you Sir!!

  13. Petra says:

    What does the Herald know and for that matter our so-called compatriot who is promoting their article and doing the dirty work for the Union once again by trying to convince people that we should continue to house nuclear weapons on our soil, whilst he lives over 400 miles away from them.

    As to us having to hold onto them if we want to join Nato, I would reckon that ”Edinburgh-born Dame Mariot Leslie who served all the citizens of the United Kingdom as permanent representative to Nato” knows better. She has stated that NATO would welcome a non-nuclear Scotland with open arms.

    Sticking in Tom Gallacher’s craw as you can see. ”Until just a few months ago; she (Dame Mariot Leslie) was presumably happy to be honoured by the UK, presumably also accepting a generous state pension from United Kingdom tax-payers. On Wednesday, she announced, in a letter to the Scotsman, that she would be voting ‘yes’ and that that she favoured a non-nuclear Scotland that would be a full member of NATO.”..


    Craig Murray probably has the right idea.

    ‘Trident Must Be Destroyed, Not Given to Westminster.’

    ”There appears to be a presumption that upon Scottish Independence, the Trident submarine fleet and its incredibly destructive WMD’s must simply be handed over to Westminster by Holyrood. That is wrong in international law; if the weapons remain on the territory of Scotland, a sovereign state, it will be for the Scottish Government to dispose of them as it chooses.”

    • Legerwood says:

      There would be quite a cost to disposing of the nuclear submarines and all the associated infrastructure. Part of that cost would be the long term storage/processing of any nuclear material.

      Better to hand them over to England.

      • Petra says:

        Craig Murray has that all worked out, Legerwood 😀. Personally I don’t know how I feel about this, all I do know is that I want rid of them altogether, World wide, and in the short term removed from Scottish soil.

        Craig Murray:- ”Scotland has a moral obligation to the world to destroy nuclear weapons on its territory. It is also the case that it should be a simple matter to mobilise international aid funding for the cost of decommissioning and dismantling the Trident nuclear fleet and its missiles – a process in which China, Russia, the USA, France and Westminster should be invited to participate. In fact, the decommissioning work would take years and would bring an economic boost to Scotland, providing far more work than the simple maintenance and operation of the nuclear fleet ever has.”

        • Legerwood says:

          “”It is also the case that it should be a simple matter to mobilise international aid funding for the cost of decommissioning and dismantling the Trident nuclear fleet and its missiles – a process in which China, Russia, the USA, France and Westminster should be invited to participate””

          Do you seriously believe that? Seriously?

          • Petra says:

            Not me Legerwood however Craig Murray seems to think so. I’m just the messenger 🙄.

            • Petra says:

              Maybe I should have said that Craig Murray has the right idea in comparison to Stu Campbell, Legerwood. Both zoomers. One from England living in Scotland with one from Scotland living in England. The key here is England at the end of the day.

            • Legerwood says:

              I know it is not you Petra that is why I put the section you quoted from his blog in quotation marks.

              I want rid of nuclear weapons as do many, many people but I don’t want Scotland to become a dumping ground, breakers yard for nuclear subs as part of the process.

        • ArtyHetty says:

          Not sure Scotland should be landed with responsibility and massive costs to decommission WMD’s that have been forced onto them by their neighbour against the will of the majority of the people. The EngGov have the moral obligation to start that process right now. I read that any country which has a deadline for dismantling their nukes can join NATO, Scotland cannot commit to that right now at all. England has these terrible WMD’s stored in Scotland under our mountains, and of course nuke subs sitting rusting in one of our major rivers, you could hardly make it up. THEY must commit to dismantling these weapons and they must pay for that.
          Scotland has not had a choice at all in this matter, why should they be obligated to dispose of these disgraceful weapons, basically doing England’s dirty washing for them. I don’t believe that other countries would stump up vast funds to help either, is that realistic an idea?
          Get onto to it now EngGov, rather than using these deadly weapons to threaten Scotland.

    • Legerwood says:

      Currently there are a number of nuclear submarines docked in Rosyth awaiting decommissioning. They are taking up valuable space and are unlikely to move anytime soon. Cost being a major factor in the glacially slow rate of decommissioning.

      Is it really a good idea to saddle a newly independent Scotland with more of this?

    • Golfnut says:

      One of the few issues I agree with Craig Murray. The first question regards Nuclear weapons in Scotland is ‘ who owns them ‘.

      • Dr Jim says:

        The UK owns the rights to house and use Trident and when Scotland leaves the Union it’s no longer a member of the UK so has no rights or say in the use, disposal or otherwise of Trident and Craig Murray knows that perfectly well, and his reasons for not saying so are transparent

        • Hamish100 says:

          There on our land. Possession is 9/10’s of the law.

        • Golfnut says:

          It’s far from that simple Dr Jim. I’m sure that there were those in the USSR who believed similarly to yourself and Westminster. Three new states, Belarus etc all took legal position of the nuclear weapons within the legal jurisdiction, 2 I believe decommissioned and 1 handed them over to Russia. I’m not a fan of Craig Murray, and I’m neither arguing for, or against his proposal.What we all agree with here, is getting rid of them.Claiming them might just be the quickest way of getting westminster to move them.

        • John MacRae says:

          Surely, by the same token, England also will no longer be a member of the UK and similarly constrained ?
          Or am I missing something ?

        • davidwferguson says:

          The UK owns the rights to house and use Trident and when Scotland leaves the Union it’s no longer a member of the UK so has no rights or say in the use, disposal or otherwise of Trident…

          Absolute nonsense. You need to get rid of that Craig Murray chip on your shoulder. When Scotland “leaves the Union” there will no longer be any UK.

          You also ignore the question of the mechanism by which Scotland regains its independence. By far the simplest and most honourable mechanism would be for the UK Parliament to dissolve the Act of Union, leaving both Scotland and England/Wales/NI as independent countries. In this case all parties will have agreed that there is no longer any UK.

          It is however possible that England will force Scotland into some kind of bogus “UDI”, in which case it will have to take the consequences. One of these being that possession is nine tenths of the law.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      It’s clearly hotting up, so Osmand coming out of the woodwork laying down a line is a good thing, perhaps a great thing. And that’s likely as others have said wherever (here or there), that Mackay did the interview to show PF2 is well underway. As for Craig Murray, he’s either letting his hate of the British state get the better of him, or he’s taking the line Osmand is taking, and throwing it back at him, hook line and sunk subs.

      Either way it’s good, as it shows yet again how vital Faslane and Coulport are to the UK, and ironically I have to mostly agree with the blogger in that other place we won’t talk about, one of his best articles, even if, perhaps, a little devil’s advocate about price and term.

      And that all shows the leverage Faslane and Coulport have; the UK can fairly easily reproduce Faslane – Devonport still has a nuclear licence and as well as the Falmouth option, having explored the maps years ago, there are other places for the Coulport equivalent – which would need a way smaller footprint, with the warheads down to 180 or something like that, and the at sea boat carrying less than before – plus Aldermaston / Burghfield (both licenced) being way nearer than to Faslane. But it would take time, a few years, and that’s where negotiation comes in.

      It is possible this time there will be some arms length pre-negotiation!

      And that’s all I have to say about THAT.

      • Petra says:

        Yesindyref2 there is NO feasible alternative to using Faslane / Coulport as discussed with you previously. Not one that the English and Welsh people wouldn’t highlight as being totally onerous for their wellbeing and would lead to them creating merry hell. And if there was one Westminster would have made at least tentative moves to do something about this dire situation over the last 10 years or so at least, but they’ve not. Northern Ireland is out too for all of the obvious reasons. In January 2015 (following Indyref1) a crowd from the Admiralty set off to Gibraltar to discuss having them dumped there and were told to f*** off by officials in Gibraltar and the Spanish Government. So they f***** off with their tails between their legs.

        And I disagree with you about the article running elsewhere. That’s not a great article at all from the man in the other place, imo. Follow his blogs, one after another, and a wee pattern emerges that demonstrates that they’re all in line with Westminster’s objectives. Get rid of Nicola Sturgeon, decimate the SNP, scupper Indyref2, in any way that you can, and hey work on the Scots on keeping our weapons of mass destruction. If folks can’t see what’s going on there I despair.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Petra, there absolutely ARE other locations for them to be moved to, it’s a question of time and cost, and personally I think some of the background work is being done already. You don’t have to rely on my well-researched opinion, though I did do extensive research during Indy Ref 1, you could look at what Francis Tusa has to say, but from a sheer establishment type of person who is very UK, there’s the Chalmers, all of RUSI. These are actual defence experts, not bloggers, with apologies to bloggers 🙂

          Cost – revised down by him from about £40 billion his first “can’t be done” in 2012, to a mere £7 billion or so, and time, 10 years as at 2014 (probably more like 7 or 8 now if I’m right about some preparation having been done). I didn’t find out about his August 2014 paper till 3 or 4 years ago, but came to similar conclusions about Devonport as he did. It already services Vanguards, so contrary to some opinions, can take the Vanguard (and hence Successor). For instance:

          The most obvious replacement for the Faslane submarine base is HMNB
          Devonport in Plymouth. Here the existing infrastructure used to base
          conventionally armed nuclear submarines, and to refuel and overhaul the
          entire nuclear submarine fleet, provides many of the services currently
          used to support SSBNs. Other elements could be provided through further

          Sorry Petra, anyone who says it can’t be moved has an agenda, and not a defence one. Some in CND for instance would happily disarm the UK, and in general would put that aim before Independence, others would like to push the “sovereign base” idea for a permanent bit of the UK up my Firth of Clyde. Well, they can push off!

          • yesindyref2 says:

            With a bit of relatively cheap compulsory purchase, by the way, they wouldn’t even need Falmouth for a Coulport equivalent.

            • Petra says:

              I could dig out data that shows that any other suggestion for sites isn’t feasible, for one reason or another, but I don’t have the time and we’ve been through this before, so we’ll just have to agree to disagree yesindyref2.

              • yesindyref2 says:

                Petra, I’m going to guess that Malcom Chalmers, Deputy Director-General of RUSI (located in Whitehall) – “The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) is the world’s oldest independent think tank on international defence and security.”


                e.g.: “Chalmers was a member of the consultative panel for both the 2010 and 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Reviews (SDSR), and a member of the external advisory group for DFID’s Building Stability Strategy. He is an Adviser to Parliament’s Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy (since 2012).

                is more of an expert than some general purpose blogger – or even save the royal navy dot org.

                And of course there’s Phil Hammond, the UK Defence Secretary at the time (July 2013) who clearly knew it could be moved:

                Trident nuclear submarines will have to remain in Scotland for at least a decade after independence, Philip Hammond disclosed yesterday.

                Removing the British nuclear deterrent from the Clyde would be a hugely complex and expensive process, the Defence Secretary said.

                He added that he was aware of the SNP’s determination to see the back of the Trident fleet, but this would take at least ten years — and that would be from the point of independence, probably two years or even more after the referendum itself.

                Sorry, believe it if you like, I prefer the actual experts and responsible minister – Trident CAN be moved. Do they want to? Of course they don’t.

                We may have been through this before, sorry, can’t remember, but I have not changed my position since 2013, though I do still keep up with defence matters at times, and did delve deeper over the years. As I say, bluntly, some people don’t want to think it’s possible to move it, for reasons other than actual knowledge.

          • Stephen McKenzie says:

            yesindyref2; – Thanks for the link, that was an interesting read!

            • yesindyref2 says:

              You’re welcome. I was looking for one of his early papers, gives “page not found” on RUSI, but here it is on from April 19th 2012:


              Very union-centric, and a “mini-UK” take on our defence forces and capability, but note here he had a very different opinion on Faslane and Coulport:

              “In practice, however, relocation of these bases would be very difficult, if not impossible, to implement. ”

              I guess it’s why I respect his stuff, even while disagreeing on quite a lot – he did move with the times and new information. Many don’t. He manged to move on from his institutional bias.

  14. Petra says:

    I’m just wondering how Joe Biden would react to Scotland getting rid of Westminster’s (and the US) nuclear weapons. Any thoughts on that one?

    ‘Joe Biden on Nuclear Weapons Issues.’


    ‘Where President-elect Joe Biden stands on national security issues.’

  15. Petra says:

    You couldnae make this stuff up!

    ‘Brexit: Liz Truss secures tariff wins with her Japan trade deal – for products UK doesn’t export.’

    ”Liz Truss has been accused of misleading MPs and the public over her new Japan trade deal, because all the tariff “wins” are for goods the UK does not export to the country anyway.

    Just 10 of 9,444 products will enjoy lower taxes, experts say, a list of obscure items such as birds’ eggs, raw hides, fur skins, handbags and ultra-strong spirits of at least 90 per cent alcohol.

    Crucially, none of the 10 have been sold to Japan for at least three years – which means the gain to British exporters is “zero”, the study has found.”

    • Welsh Siôn says:

      Dictionary corner

      truss (noun)

      a surgical appliance worn to support a hernia, usually full of padding which upon closer examination falls away, leaving the original (medical) condition in place – and just as damned painful to the patient as it was previous to applying said truss.

      truss (adjective)

      (Of a politician) not quite trusty or to be trusted.

  16. Sheryl Hepworth says:

    Going back to the start of this thread, you all mention Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Stirling. What about Dundee, Inverness, Wick, Thurso, Fort William? Scotland does not cease at Perth! There miles upon miles to reach the North Coast! It’s all Scotland and it’s time to raise your eyes and see the potential of Scotland as a whole. Time to include us in the North, so sadly neglected and ignored!!

    • Welsh Siôn says:

      Time to include us in the North, so sadly neglected and ignored!!


      You’ll hear many an echo for this in Cymru with regard to Caerdydd/Cardiff as well, Sheryl Hepworth.

      Look, guys and guyesses down in ‘the Bay’, now that we have our own Parliament. Civilisation doesn’t end at Merthyr Tudful, y’know!

    • I agree Sheryl
      Will it stop people voting Tory and Lib Dem

  17. Arthur Thomson says:

    So somebody, who is one body, “thinks” Scotland should commit to destroying of the weapons of mass destruction that have been imposed on it.

    Oh yes, that would be a sensible position for the Scottish Government to commit to at this stage in our pursuit of independence, somebody who is one body “thinks”.

    How very interesting.

    Oh, and now is apparently a good time to get into disagreement about where the Scottish Broadcasting Service should operate from and where the seat of government should be.

    How very interesting.

    On the subject of how the Brits are going to cope with the downfall of Trump, I wonder if they are going to go ahead with their plans to trash the Good Friday agreement? I would love to be a fly on the wall when they work out their secret plans to stick it to both the EU and the USA. I’m guessing that a bit of backtracking is on the cards – even world beating backtracking.

    Little wonder that the Brits are a bit short sighted towards Scotland right now, they have a lot on their tiny minds and they aren’t even close to the eye of the pandemic/Brexit storm yet.

    With regard to Andrew Neil, Jeane Freeman knows how to put him in his place. I recall her handing him his arse on a plate some years ago.

    • P Harvey says:

      Well said!

    • Petra says:

      We can take it Arthur that Jeane Freeman will never be interevied by Neil ever again. He in fact is smart enough to know who to interview or not. He’s highly dangerous, IMO, for our cause more so than any other BBC or SKY reporter. I don’t think that his break with the BBC and his “new venture” in 2021 is a coincidence either.

  18. jfngw says:

    Trump supporters “Stop the count’
    British Nationalists (that’s including London financed politicians in Holyrood) “Stop the vote”

    They see the way to trap Scotland in a dysfunctional union is to prevent us from ever having a vote, totalitarian democracy.

  19. J Galt says:

    Replacing a piece of excrement with an even larger piece of excrement and the naive fools rejoice.

  20. Petra says:

    I’ve just popped in to watch BBC2’s programme about WW1. There’s footage showing Scottish troops in kilts being hacked to death with folks with English accents, EVERY last one of them, commenting on it. If there’s one thing that really sticks in my craw this is it 👹. And yeah I know it’s nothing new but it still gets to me. By God I can’t wait for us to get control over broadcasting for no other reason than to honour our dead.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      I think the BBC ran out of subtitles so they can’t use Scots.

      • Petra says:

        Or maybe there was few Scots left to say anything at all, yesindyref2? Subtitles highlighting that we are foreigners. Foreigners who were used as cannon fodder to achieve another country’s ends and so it goes on to this very day. Waken up Scots.


        Let’s hope that the slug with the face of a toad, the mind of a snake, the heart of a rat and the soul of Satan gets caught out as being the culprit.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Ah well, with Trump gone, BoJo is starting to implement his scapegoat policy, and who better than the backstabber himself?

          “It’s not my fault!”

          • Petra says:

            I would love to see Gove being sent packing by Cummings but will he do so? Gove and Cummings were best mates long before the Cummings and Johnson connection and will Cummings, another snake, see that the writing is on the wall for Johnson and bail out Gove in this instance to keep him in the groove?

            Or will Johnson realise that he’s going right down the stank and ensure that backstabber Gove exits before him?

  21. malkymcblain says:

    Interesting insight into fascism lite in an American context. I think this is what is already underway in the UK.

    Watch Beau of the fifth column who is a southern socialist in the US

  22. Graeme Mill says:

    Glad to hear that you’re prioritising by concentrating on your rehab/recovery, Paul.
    Although I’ll miss your many gems of wisdom for a while, they’ll be all the more enjoyable to look forward to, on your return. As I said recently, because I’m on disability benefits, I can only donate £10 per fortnight, (paid just now via PayPal). I wish I could afford more. My sister, a director of a neurology hospital in London, who has a Masters degree in physiotherapy, annually works in helping “wheelchair athletes”, pre and post participation in the London Marathon, and ALWAYS donates her fee to worthy recipients. This year, she decided to contribute the £300 to your crowdfunder. This is despite the fact that less than 6 months ago, she was anti-independence, being of the misapprehension that it was based on anti-English racism. Because of my gentle and gradual explanation, including quoting from weegingerdug, she is now a “FERVENTLY FANATICAL” supporter. It’s just a pity that she’s ineligible to vote. One last word of advice to you, Paul is…….LAY OFF THE CHEWING GUM.😀😀.

  23. Golfnut says:

    A bit of perspective on defence costs. Excellent article from Stewartb


  24. Petra says:



    Check out Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.

  25. Golfnut says:

    A good article from yoursforScotland regards Osmands ( chief of gchq) ramble on defenceless Scotland.

  26. Dr Jim says:

    If you want to keep your profile high, keep your name in the newspapers, it doesn’t really matter what the story is or if you even agree with it, just keep putting out stories so that you’re continuously on the front page, keep putting yourself in the position of having to reinforce stories or denying them as long as the press and TV are talking about you and keeping your name visible

    There are a lot of folk who read stuff on the internet and believe what’s written there that if it were in a newspaper they’d disbelieve it depending on the newspaper, a high profile person pens an article on something and immediately folk think that person holds that opinion usually in opposition to another senior figure when much of the time the job of these figures is just to present the news with stuff to talk about in order to again keep the profile of something else high

    When politicians talk, remember they’re playing the media as much as the media attempts to play the public, so when one politician appears to be falling out with another leading to headlines like internal rows or fury within the party or civil wars or a row has broken out between this politician or that leader a giant pinch of salt should be taken each time you read this stuff

    It doesn’t matter what they’re talking about as long as they’re talking about you (first rule of advertising)

    The Tories have been doing this for years, now the SNP are doing it better and it’s driving the Tories crazy at being beaten at their own game

  27. David Agnew says:

    When Salmond and Sturgeon said: This maybe, this could be- they were not making any commitments. They were predicting how hard it would be to do this again. Having come this close to losing, the British would use every dirty trick in the book to Keep Scotland under Westminster’s thumb. They would use its establishment. They would use its media. They would use its celebrities. They would use anything “British” to Keep Scotland for themselves.


    Because, quite simply. They cannot afford to lose us. They don’t “pay” Scotland anything. But Scotland is routinely robbed by Britain in exchange for the bigliest of bigly booby prizes that is “British Identity”

    It turns out you don’t transfer debts and deficits to bankrupts with no Money. But criminals and spivs will do it to someone who has money and stuff worth stealing.

    This isn’t a a union. Its a fucking robbery and a proud nation being the butt of a 300 year old “dad” joke no Dad would want to tell.

    Glad to see you back Paul! Be well.

  28. Petra says:

    Welsh Sion:- ”I don’t suppose you have any direct contact with LJ McDowall, Petra? If you do, perhaps you could message me off Paul’s blog with contact details or I could give you mine to pass on. (Details available via clicking on my name here which takes you to my LinkedIN profile.) Many thanks in advance.”

    I’ve just come across your post on the last article, WS, and sorry to say I can’t help you with that one. I don’t have any contact with LJ McDowall, in fact I hadn’t heard of her at all until I spotted her brilliant ”Letter to Boris Johnson” online. At the end of the ”letter” it mentioned that she lives in Burns country, so I’m presuming that she resides in Ayrshire. You might find a way of contacting her via this link? Hope it helps.

    • Welsh Siôn says:

      Reference made with thanks, Petra. We’ll see what becomes of it.

      I was hoping she could have a look at my parable (composed prior to Indy Ref 1) with regard to the abusive relationship Angela Alba (aka Scotland) was suffering at the hands of her errant husband Jack Union (aka you know who).

      Final bit of cheekiness. Have I directed you to my collection of parables, yet? 😉

      Thanks for everything you do.

      Approaching 17K at YES Cymru, now!

  29. Petra says:

    ”London Police assault a (Scottish) veteran. Remembrance Sunday.”


    Jason Michael:- ”English lout pretending to be a Scot making a pathetic show of the Poppy Fest … and here’s the swine explaining it was all meant to provoke a riot (third video down).”

  30. Petra says:

    Ooops I’ll repost that one.

    ”London Police assault a (Scottish) veteran. Remembrance Sunday.”

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Figured it from the original already, the English far right will blame any for their victimhood but that arrogant and deliberate sharp left toward the police was obviously intended to portray a Scottish piper which he most definitely was not, and probably the Police had a fair inkling judging by the reaction and camera officer frantically filming up the front-line.
      My offence at the Scottish piper slur is probably intended, Fromage and his BNF BNP mates put on a great show but Fromage is still pissed at being penned in back of a pub.. A pity Donny couldn’t make it, he was busy counting the days he remains Prez and remains outside prosecution and the only crayons left were white..
      Farage will have his day in court, and I hope this clown also…
      Disgusted to be honest…

    • I do not agree
      The person playing the pipes just made an abrupt turn from a metre away from a line of police walking straight into a policeman .
      The policeman was wearing a mask
      The piper wasn’t
      The policeman pushed the piper away
      The piper fell over

      My opinion ? The piper was in the wrong
      The line of police was there for a reason to stop people congregating at a memorial it’s been known for days that people would not be allowed to congregate at memorials and yet this piper decided to walk straight into a line of police

      Describing him as a veteran ? Why ?
      Because he was wearing a kilt playing the pipes ?
      A veteran of what war ?

  31. Alan Howard Baxter says:

    Great to see Paul on the mend – keep it up, we need you!
    This is not intended as a direct response to David’s post but his post serves as a platform.

    I appreciate all the views that relate to Scotland’s contribution to the UK. However, I think we are focusing on the short term. I believe the real reason that westminster refuses to let go is based on longer term thinking. Wind the clock forward twenty five years – maybe less – and England will need our space and our water. Already, climate change is beginning to impact on water supply in some parts of England. If climate change is not challenged then huge areas of the globe will become uninhabitable. The tiny trickle of less fortunate folk migrating north today will become an unstoppable torrent. So our space becomes invaluable for either the Rich & Famous as a playground as they move north; thus leaving the poor souls down south to squabble over a few square meters. Or, our space becomes the dumping ground for the displaced folk that will arrive in droves from all over mainland Europe. That may not be a bad thing for us to boost our economy but If I was a betting man my money would be on the R&F seeking to expand their playground.

    So, Independence is imperative. Get behind the SNP, forget any other independence party, give Nicola a massive boost next year and set us on course. This must be achieved before the state engineers an incident that would justify declaring a National Emergency that requires the suspension of all devolved governments.

    • Petra says:

      You’re seeing the ”big picture”, Alan, and as far as water is concerned I read somewhere that England is going to start facing real problems in around ten years time. And yes the only way forward now is to get right behind Nicola Sturgeon / the SNP to achieve independence and then we can deal with any disconcerting ‘issues” when we’ve got total control of our own country. I find it frankly sinister that we’ve got some who purport to be on our side attempting to destroy the SNP at this critical juncture in our history.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Whilst agreeing with most of your synopsis, may I respectfully correct a common misunderstanding over water supply – parts of England were already “stressed” for water in the 1970s when London was infamously circulating the Thames 6 times before it went to sea, successive governments did nothing about it because they were busy looking to Thames Water etc share returns, ditto flood predictions, etc.. Short-sightedness has been London’s affliction since the 1950s, only when global warming, sea level rises and land mass loss were recognised did the “oh shit” hit the “oh fan”, but only for the “oh what a lovely profit” brigade noticed.
      England cannot sustain it’s current population in water without massive investment in energy production (Hinkley) and ROs, the problem for Scotland is it cannot sustain it either for export of water or influx of people in the short or medium term. We already export massive energy at robbery rates to England, where does it end, “ye’ll no tak oor Irn Bru?”.
      I agree completely we need to get out of this deranged state asap, the Eton Rifles are on the turntable…..

  32. Dr Jim says:

    The invention of *British* identity was always a pretence to the other nations that they were included in the great project of assimilation, but of course we’re not included at all, in fact it’s the opposite, every step was always taken to exclude the other nations from decision making or England, the architects of the *British* project would have made sure that each nation including themselves had a proportional system of representation to ensure equality and weight of opinion amongst the nations

    England always made sure that they outweighed the other nations by retaining all power thus denying power to the other nations to progress any opinion without permission from England, which has always been answered with a very large NO

    So we do not have a UK government or indeed a *British* government, we have an English government who every now and then dons a disguise and claims they represent us, the other nations, they invented positions for themselves like secretary of state for Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland from within their own ranks and not representatives from the actual so called devolved governments thus only representing themselves within the various other nations

    If England votes for the Chimpanzee party as their government no amount of votes in Scotland Wales or Northern Ireland can make any difference to that outcome, and in Scotland hasn’t happened since 1955, so how then can anyone possibly in their wildest imaginings believe that the government in England represents any of the other nations on anything unless you happened by luck to vote for the Chimpanzee party and were conned into thinking your vote made a difference

    It didn’t, and it never will, they designed it that way, it’s not an accident that Scotland is outvoted by ten votes to one

  33. Welsh Siôn says:

    Just a passing thought. I guess regular Duggers will know I’m not overly-found of the Windsor-Battenberg-Saxon Coburg und Gothas, but here goes. You also have to bear in mind that part of this household is yoon – but we acknowledge our differences and plod on. (Well, if Baroness not-the-Baroness can live with an SNP MSP, why shouldn’t lesser mortals like us? But I digress.)

    Anyhow, to appease the yoon wing yesterday we watched the Cenotaph proceedings in London. As you’ll all know as well as major players in the aforementioned family, you also got the politicians (including blood red hand Blair and other ex-PMs and Westminster Party Leaders). Plus, the usual smattering of High Commissioners representing the dead of the Commonwealth (not of the Empire as Dimblebore neglected to inform us … another piece of BBC spin.)

    Now, let’s return to the Windsor lot. There had already been pre-warning that Harry wouldn’t be there (apparently his grandma had vetoed his presence. Phil the Greek was also absent (but no reasons were given, but we may assume that he had/has some sort of chill – Royals don’t get ‘colds’ they get ‘chills’. This is only an assumption – until Pravda and Nick ‘Carrot top’ Witchell combine to give the masses the latest.)

    However, my main concern (Not the right word, obviously!) was – Where was Randy Andy? His mum was there, all his brothers and his one sister as well as a clutch of Dukes and Duchesses. But of Prince Andrew – not a whisper nor an excuse for his absence. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not ‘worried’ by his absence, even less for the man himself, but hey, with all these other things (Epstein etc.) swirling around, you’d be forgiven to allude to some conspiracy theory. Or am I just promoting my own?

    Apologies for an uninteresting and unenlightening post. Will return later with good news stories about YES Cymru, the lifting of Drakeford’s lockdown and more appealing stuff later.

  34. Gregory Nunn says:

    I certainly hope the FM has called Biden to congratulate him.
    Biden is no fan of Boris, plus it will get the lines all mapped out nicely on US support for Scottish independence.
    Scotland recognizes Biden, Biden recognizes Scotland.
    It’s there. I predict it will be a “thing” in America to support and welcome a free Scotland.
    While it is disturbing that so many supported Trump and still support Johnson, the reality of the world is that we should take the good news and run.
    Nutbags have been around forever, and don’t seem to be going away anytime soon.
    Besides, they keep comedians gainfully employed.

  35. Golfnut says:

    Worth reading just as a reminder it’s not just the economic straight jacket we leave behind when we ditch this union with engerland.

    • Welsh Siôn says:

      Maybe a wee Health Warning/High Blood Pressure content before you start, Golfnut?

      • Jim says:

        My blood pressure’s just went through the roof.
        Loved the comments section though, that also shows their absolute ignorance.
        It’s as Paul often mentions, they play the victim card all the time but don’t have the common sense to realise that they are the ones who are spewing the hatred.
        I’m so going to pass this on. Thanks Golfnut.

      • Golfnut says:

        He,he,he. I’ll keep that in mind WS.

    • andyfromdunning says:

      The Unionist campaign over decades to say we are a basket case has backfired, even they believe their own lies.

      With those two pion polls in the autumn showing that 49% of Labour voters and 52% of Conservative voters want us hone is great news.

      • Dr Jim says:

        The folk in England who are so angry with us in Scotland should really be more angry at themselves for not being good enough at educating us as to how marvelous being ruled by England is and has always been

        It’s all really a failure on their part, or as was said to a famous inmate of a prison camp *a failure to communicate* I think he escaped that camp in the end

  36. Ken2 says:

    The Thames will rise and flood London S/E. Totally congested because of Westminster economic policies. North/South divide. Taking revenues and resources from Scotland to fund London S/E. Instead of equality throughout.

  37. Arthur Thomson says:

    What Trump would have given to be able to take credit for this apparent vaccine breakthrough. Lolz, isn’t that just how life works? How often has the unexpected changed the course of history? I am always highly aware of this in the the context of our pursuit of independence. Luck is inevitably going to be a factor that will determine when – not if – our goal is achieved. It’s a reason not to get unnecessarily pessimistic in the face of what appear to be intractable difficulties.

    Onwards and upwards.

  38. Capella says:

    John Major makes a speech. He thinks there will be anther indyref. But after that there should be a second vote to see whether we want to accept the offer from Westminster.
    I wonder what they would offer us?
    Arrogant what? But the obvious assumption is that we will vote YES.

    Sir John also warned that Brexit divisions increased the risk of the United Kingdom breaking up.

    While he remained an avowed unionist, he said the UK government could find it difficult to stave off demands for another independence referendum in Scotland and should consider a two-stage process, where a vote on the principle of independence was followed by another on the terms of separation offered to the Scottish people.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Maybe they’ll make us an offer we can’t refuse

      Bloody cheek!

    • Golfnut says:

      If I remember correctly that was the process put forward by AS. That the people of Scotland would decide whether or not they accepted the whole deal or sent our negotiators back to the table.
      I think what we have here is an attempt by the establishment to gain control of the process. We must make sure that we control the agenda, not westminster.

      • Capella says:

        Imagine if the EU behaved like that:
        “Yes of course you can vote on BREXIT in principle. Then we will offer our terms and you can take them or leave them.”

        Westminster doesn’t really do negotiation, just “cakeism”.

        • Dr Jim says:

          Searching the shelves for more cans to kick, it’s what they do, they’re still not out of the Chagos islands yet
          A nation of people with low expectations of themselves yet over inflated belief in their self entitlement *because*

        • ArtyHetty says:

          The English elite who occupy Westminster only do empire and bullying. The EU will have the last laugh though.

          • weegingerdug says:

            sorry david, but right now I really don’t have the energy for this. I have far more pressing and important personal battles to fight

            • davidwferguson says:

              I think this may have been meant for me Paul. I appreciate you posting my comment. I’m well aware of your situation and would not expect you to respond personally, and that is also the reason why I said I wouldn’t respond to answers to my comment on your blog. I respect you and have no intention of turning your blog into a slanging match when you need your energy for other things.

      • Listen to yourself, Go;fnut.
        ‘ attempt by the establishment…’
        You mean yet another ancient English PM who ‘rose without trace’ to follow in the footsteps of the Anti Christ Thatcher?
        The man whose strap line was ‘back to basics’, harking back to a time before the brutalism of Thatcher and Regan, and the sell off of every public asset which they could,from telecoms to Scottish Oil, and Tell Syd, that Buzby and Council Houses, are up for grabs at knock down prices.
        Major, the man who invoked Family Values, the slap of willow on leather in summer on the village green, warm beer, and…oh,yes, a grubby wee affair with Edwina Curry, who single handedly destroyed the UK Egg Market.

        Is it that ‘establishment to which you subconsciously refer, Golfnut?

        Unlike the Brexit Referendum, which turned out to be an arch right wing fascist Tory Deal, with all other shades of political opinion, and public bodies, shoved aside, disregarded, including the Vote Remain Scotland and Northern Ireland, when we Scots vote Yes, then that’s it.

        England’s influence over us Scots ends once the results are known.

        We. Scots will subsequently decide who among us will constitute the Divorce Team.

        Not England, and Fifth Columnists like Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause, or Lord Moneybags Jack McConnell, or even Lord Jim Wallace, incredibly appointed Moderator of the Church of Scotland.

        It is a nonsense to imagine the Red Blue or Yellow Brit Nats, Leonard, Rennie, Carmichael, Jack, Murray, and the long list of Jock Brits as being on ‘our side’ negotiating with Merrie England in any split.

        In my eyes, they are anti Scotland, ergo, will sell us down the river in a heart beat.
        Alister Jack, an unknown Nobody a year ago, declared that there will be a ban on Indyref 2 for 40 years, and the Glenn Campbells of the Jock Fourth Estate Fifth Column nodded sagely in agreement.
        He has a big empty Union Jack Office to cram 3000 Brit Civil Servants into and tha should take decades after all.

        The notion that we vote YES, then accept from that day on that England has any influence on us going forward from DAY ONE is a nonsense, at any level.

        The Dead Tree Scrolls are getting desperate and will print any old clickbait junk nowadays. Who reads Mc Kenna and Macwhirter these days?

        The tired old junk these two in particular are churning out these days says it all.

        To paraphrase Del Boy, Dead Tree Scroll hacks are like street lamplighters praying that gas makes a comeback.

        Indyref 2 will be the end of their Union. At close of polling on I Day, that will be it.

        England no more.

        John Major? FFS

        • Golfnut says:

          I’m not sure Jack whether your disagreeing with my comment or elaborating on the two simple points.
          Major hates Johnson and Cummings, he’s not speaking for them. Major is is flying a kite on behalf of the movers and shakers, deep state, whatever you want to call them, trying to establish a protocol that establishes westminster as the arbiter of the referendum and negotiation process. His article is pretty clear, if we vote yes in ‘ principal ‘ they will make us an offer which we can refuse and which they will take as a rejection of leaving the union. What major is offering is a pig in poke.

          • Sorry, Golfnut, of course I agree with your points.
            No matter who hates whom, among the English Iron Heel Oligarchy, they all speak as one when ‘discussing’ Scotland.

            We are their militarily occupied colony, theirs to dispose of or retain as they see fit.
            How many of the tens of thousands of Air Land and Sea ‘British Armed Forces, billeted or moored in Scotland are English born, on ephemeral tours of duty Up Here, who will be returning ‘home’, just like any other from any other foreign posting, when their tour is up?
            I’d venture that 90 to 95% of ‘UK’ armed personnel in Scotland, are British/English, and view their stint in Scotland as ephemeral, a little corner of England in a foreign land, in defence of England/Britain.

            Johnson made a point of visiting Faslane and Lossiemouth during his last two whistlestop visits to Jockland, with soup and a sandwich at a Tory Donor whose brand I refuse to publicise here.

            If I raised an army with pitchforks and garden shears and marched on Stirling Castle, how far would we get before the English Army of Occupation sprung into action?

            Liverpool is getting a couple of thousand sojers helping out with administering Covid tests. Aye, right.

            London even fears its own citizens Oop North rising up.

            No , Golfnut, it was your perfectly understandable Freudian use of ‘establishment’ which gave me an ‘ouch, ‘s’all.

            At COB Friday 13th November Brexit stops, and England will be out of Europe with no free trade or customs deal, the GFA in tatters, and Scots fish rotting on the quayside.
            All medical supplies from Europe will dry up, and Scotland will be held under House arrest by Priti Patel’s Homeland Security goons.
            And we wait until May 2021 before acting?

            Will the Linesman get his diurnal slot on BBC North Brit Stockade on the day England surrounds his native land with barbed wire?

        • Golfnut says:

          This ‘ proposal ‘ which if taken at face value appears pretty reasonable, I think we will hear a lot more of this, it may well be the focus of the Liblabtory campaign for the Holyrood elections, federalism is dead in the water so they need something else. The ‘ offer ‘ could be toxic, retention of trident, military bases in Scotland( occupation), oil and gas retained by westmister, retaining Sterling, toxic enough for us to refuse the offer. It looks as if they realise a referendum is going to happen but even now Major is more worried about refusing a referendum and damaging the union than he is about losing it.
          Nicola’s terms may well be causing a bit of panic even before they are published.

          • It’s our oil/gas/ forestry//fish/wind/ wave/ whisky/ beef/shoreline/mountains/valleys/moors and so much more, Golfnut.

            On Day One, England has no more say in any aspect of Scottish life than Uzbekistan has.

            Independence; it does what it says on the tin.

            That some so called SNP Think Tankers suggest that anti Scots zealots like Lord Darling of Flipper be on our divorce Team stretches credibility beyond reason.

            Henry McLeish?
            Aye, richt.

            We will not experience an internal ‘civil war’ like the Irish over this.

            And I note that the proprietor of WoS ,safely living 400 or so miles distant from Faslane, floats the notion that we ‘rent’ Faslane to the rUK post Independence, because it will be a nice little earner, betraying that site author’s Lib Dem philosophy; money before morality.

            Just reflect on the absolute mess and English obduracy over Brexit talks, or any other Brit Empire management when loosening their grip on one of their colonies.
            India, Ireland Palestine.

            It would not surprise me if the Brit Army were ordered to loot our museums and vaults and flee South in armed convoys on I Day.

            I can imagine vast stores of bonded whisky ‘disappearing’ South too.

            Be in no doubt, it is going to be very nasty indeed.

            The thought of Ruth Davidson and Ian Murray being on ‘our team’ is simply ridiculous.

            And a’ they Lairds?

            “Ye see yon birkie, ca’d a lord,
            Wha struts, an’ stares, an’ a’ that;
            Tho’ hundreds worship at his word,
            He’s but a coof for a’ that:
            For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
            His ribband, star, an’ a’ that:
            The man o’ independent mind
            He looks an’ laughs at a’ that.

            A prince can mak a belted knight,
            A marquis, duke, an’ a’ that;
            But an honest man’s abon his might,
            Gude faith, he maunna fa’ that!
            For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
            Their dignities an’ a’ that;
            The pith o’ sense, an’ pride o’ worth,
            Are higher rank than a’ that.

            Then let us pray that come it may,
            (As come it will for a’ that,)
            That Sense and Worth, o’er a’ the earth,
            Shall bear the gree, an’ a’ that.
            For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
            It’s comin’ yet for a’ that,
            That Man to Man, the world o’er,
            Shall brothers be for a’ that.”

            We’ll be taking back our grouse moors, streams and mountains too.

            There’s going to be a revolution.

    • Pogmothon says:

      I think that’s a great idea. So let’s expand on it and have 3 referenda first 1 immediatelyto decide if all parties lived up to their promises made in 2014. Second one on the renegociated terms for that. Third on the renegotiated, renegociated terms and whether we just stop and tell them to BUGGER OFF.

  39. castanet2020 says:

    With respect , is the glaringly obvious point about Jack’s recent pronouncement from his agrarian Olympus that there is ZERO chance of the UK Gov ” granting ” a S30 no matter how often or loudly it’s ” requested ” ?

    • Golfnut says:

      Obviously I missed Jacks ‘ glaringly obvious point ‘ obviously.

      • castanet2020 says:

        And yet not a single comment questioning the SG´s insistence on adhering to the S30 route . I have no wish to get into an argument , I don’t belong to any ” side ” , Just wondering where the strategy to deal with the almost inevitable WM refusal of a S30 is

        • grizebard says:

          Waiting to be deployed when the circumstances warrant it. And in the meantime not signalling it to the opposition. Why give them advance notice?

          People like you seem to have this odd notion that there’s a book somewhere with “Plan A” written on the cover that has a single entry in wobbly writing inside “1. Ask nisely for a S.30 ordir.”

          Thankfully the SG is rather more grown up than that.

          • castanet2020 says:

            ” People like you ” are people who would just like to have some reassurance that we’re not going to have another unused mandate . I’m glad people like yourselves are so confident the SG has a game-plan if WM continues to refuse . Maybe you can understand my and many others concerns given that even discussing a Plan B at the forthcoming SNP Conference has been discounted , doesn’t exactly fill one with confidence does it ? I would remind you we are all working to the same end , so , no need to jump down people’s throat for expressing a legitimate concern .

            • grizebard says:

              In the midst of doing something more immediately useful this afternoon, in passing I caught someone on the radio – Wee Willie possibly or at least someone who sounded like him – observing that people in the UKGov are now increasingly panicking at the ever-deteriorating (for them) consequences of relying on their “Plan A” of “just saying no”. That its passive negativity is driving those in Scotland with nowhere else to go straight into the arms of independence. {boo hoo} The opponents of independence are rapidly running out of road, but you have evidently been looking elsewhere and missed the rather obvious signs of flailing such as John Major’s recent helpful {ahem} little proposal.

              So in this current test of wills, instead of undermining the independence movement – which you are supporting, right? – maybe you should be facing the enemy and asking them, not least the Tory UKGov, “what’s your Plan B…?”

              • grizebard says:

                Oopsie, another case of “escaped italics”; sorry for that. (We mustn’t have free movement of italics, must we? {grin}).

                But somewhat apposite nonetheless, it seems.

            • Castanet2020, chill , I don’t know what you mean by just another mandate there is never just another mandate as far as Scottish independence is concerned.
              Every mandate steps us closer to our goal

        • Golfnut says:

          If the S30 nonsense is all you’ve got, then the union is in big trouble, besides we dont need an S30 to hold a referendum, they’re included in the Scotland act. The S30 applies to a temporary transfer of power which pertains to any function reserved by westmister, in this case we are talking about the Constitution. The obvious question is of course which constitution. It surely can’t be the one that some Muppet who when presenting the Magna Carta to a Scottish court only to be promptly told it had no standing in Scots law, or could it be the one, the only one, that has legal jurisdiction in Scotland.

        • Dr Jim says:

          And whatever strategy exists or doesn’t I would certainly hope the Scottish government didn’t decide to have an online conversation about it or even announce it at all, because if they did I’d be thinking they’d be every bit as incompetent as the Tories for blabbing their mouths off

          I used to fight, I never phoned up my forthcoming opponents and advised them as to how I was going to go about beating them

          Is maybe the desperate need to know details like that created as the strategy formulated by those who don’t support Independence

  40. Dr Jim says:

    First there were Irish separatists then there were Basque separatists and in between a multitude of other separatists and now there are Scottish separatists, funny how England sees everybody else in the world as separatists and Nationalists, but they’re just fine and dandy perfect and it’s everybody else who’s wrong, I’m sure that’s a sign of something

  41. davidwferguson says:

    I’m a regular reader and an occasional commentator. This may be my last contribution – if it ever sees the light of day.

    I’ve always respected Paul’s position on internal SNP matters but I’m done with that. For months accusations of “conspiracy theory” have been thrown around by commenters on this site. Well the conspiracy theory ball is now firmly in your court.

    It is now indisputable, from evidence provided to the investigation, that John Somers, Private Secretary to the First Minister, met with one of the AS complainers (Ms A) twice, on 21st and 22nd November 2017.

    I have two questions about this. The first is “Why?”

    What conceivable reason could Ms A have had for discussing her complaint with John Somers? He was Private Secretary to the FM. He had no line responsibility; he had no responsibility for investigating or being involved in any way with such complaints; he was not involved in the redrafting of the complaints procedure. Why on earth was Ms A talking to him? Not once, but twice?

    The second is more pertinent. Why did John Somers say nothing about it to Nicola Sturgeon?

    I cannot think of one single remotely plausible and legitimate reason why he would not have told her. And there are several compelling reasons why he had a duty to tell her.

    He had a party duty because she was the leader of the party and he was her Private Secretary. He was in possession of information that could have done devastating damage to the party’s image if it became public. But he said nothing.

    He had a professional duty to tell her, in particular after the procedure was modified on Nov 22 to include former ministers, because she would be responsible for investigating the complaint. And even after that responsibility was removed, she still had a right to know. But he said nothing.

    I am supposed to believe that the Private Secretary sat on this information for four months, and said nothing to his boss the First Minister about it, for no reason that makes any sense. Well I don’t. By November 2017 Gillian Russell knew. Barbara Allison knew. Judith Mackinnon knew. Nicola Richards knew. The “HR Team” (whoever they are) knew. Leslie Evans knew. John Somers, (who had no earthly reason to know) knew. I haven’t the slightest doubt we’ll eventually be told that Liz Lloyd knew.

    And all of these people decided to say nothing to the one person who most needed to know, and who had a right and a duty to know? She didn’t find out until Geoff Aberdein told her on the 29th March 2018? I wonder – did all these people come to their decisions to say nothing individually, or did they “conspire collectively”?

    Anyway, after 46 years, I’m done with anybody who has any connections with the current leadership of the SNP. I’m not voting for liars and charlatans. It certainly won’t be that difficult not to vote for Angus Robertson.

    It’s not my business to muck up Paul’s blog. If this post does get published I won’t be responding to any comments. Anybody who wants to explain that I’ve got it all wrong is welcome to do that on Gordon Dangerfield’s blog. So go for it. Win me back to the fold. Answer my questions. I don’t need the actual reasons why Ms A spoke to John Somers, and why he said nothing to the FM for four months – which you obviously can’t know. But any explanation that isn’t utterly stupid, ludicrous, and implausible will do for a start.

    • Golfnut says:

      No, I think we’ll leave you to wallow in whatever pit your in.

    • P Harvey says:


      To paraphrase I think, Clinton’s comment
      “It’s the economy stupid”
      I would say you should see the bigger picture
      “ It’s about Independence……”
      All else can wait until this is achieved
      Why risk it when it’s within our grasp?
      No reply required

    • I have no sense that I am in a ‘fold’, sir, and ergo, I feel no obligation to win you back to it.

      We are not sheep, we are not penned in, we are Scotland. We are 5.4 million independent souls.
      You’ll never get the four or five minutes used to type your opus back, you know.
      No need to respond.

    • grizebard says:

      Hello. Are you the same monomaniac who infests SGP these days…?

    • Capella says:

      Paul posted this above but I think it was meant to reply here:

      weegingerdug says:
      November 10, 2020 at 9:58 am
      sorry david, but right now I really don’t have the energy for this. I have far more pressing and important personal battles to fight

      Which is why I won’t respond to comments from the “Guilty till proven Innocent” school of jurisprudence.

    • Petra says:

      Answer my questions? Why not wait for Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon to answer your questions instead of believing everything that you read online? Taking that approach would mean that you’d be affording Nicola Sturgeon the same fundamental right that we all demanded for Alex Salmond, that is that he was deemed to be innocent until found guilty, or not. Adults getting involved in an online game of Cluedo is a total embarrassment to say the least and at worse highlights a veritable witch hunt or Kangaroo Court being played out in front of our eyes. If you are happy to go along with that you don’t deserve to be in the “fold” in the first place and will be no small loss to an Independent Scotland, IMO.

    • davidwferguson…..there’s a lot you say you don’t know
      A lot you say you are supposed to believe
      And a lot you say you cannot think of

      That’s a lot where you need clarity David
      But then , strangely , you commit to calling people you don’t name , liars and charlatans

      No need to win you back David , you have to settle your own mind do it yourself

      Some advice – use facts – here’s one to help you-nobody knows who met who or what they talked about but that hasn’t stopped people guessing and putting 2+3 to get 4

      It will all come out in the wash but until then a bit of advice – don’t guess what happened or try and fill in gaps or listen to those who proclaim they know what happened because they don’t know , that includes WOS who has done a lot of guessing

      Never make important decisions on the strength of a guess and nothing more

  42. Capella says:

    Ronnie Cowan, SNP MP, advocates getting rid of Westminster and the House of Lords, and the Monarchy and starting from scratch. But since that isn’t going to happen….
    Good article pointing out how the “movers and shakers” operate, and it ain’t democracy.

    • Capella says:

      Great to hear that Paul is maybe getting home on Friday. Fingers crossed. Sad that Wee Ginger won’t be there. I just noticed his photo at the top of the page again.

      Good time for a house move and a fresh start. I just put a wee extra into the fundraiser to bring it over the £52,300 mark. If there’s a bit extra Paul and Peter could hire a removal company to do all packing and carting so he can move in style on a chaisse longue. 🙂

  43. Dr Jim says:

    Boris Johnson has been sacked from every job he’s had for telling lies then being caught doing it, as foreign secretary he failed dismally and even caused more problems by making the situation worse over Nazanine Ratcliffe by declaring her a virtual spy leading to her being incarcerated longer in a country she doesn’t want to be in, Johnson then went on as Prime Minister to sell the biggest lie to the population of the British Isles on Brexit and he wasn’t finished there he went after the law and prorogued Parliament and ended up losing a court battle over that, but wait, PM Johnson was still not done, when Covid 19 arrived he botched up everything he touched and even was found to have ordered PPE to be denied to Scotland and in between all of this he bounds around having affairs with strange women and we still don’t know how many kids he has fathered with who knows how many women, Mr Johnson’s poll ratings are about the lowest of any previous Prime Minister ever and yet the people in England just shrug their shoulders and recognise that well that’s politics eh, what can you do there’ll be another Prime Minister along in a minute, and on top of that the press and TV media in England just don’t make a fuss about any of it, why? well because it’s really not all that important to them

    It’s funny how in Scotland we have people demanding the head of Nicola Sturgeon because of some unprovable internal row she may or may not have had with someone else in her own party and that means that Nicola Sturgeon is going to live forever and be the first immortal Scottish Prime Minister for the rest of time thus denying the people of Scotland a more betterer somebody else who they like morerer, so these folk refuse to vote for the Independence of their country on that basis (they say)

    Do we really think these folk are telling the truth about what they object to, I don’t

  44. Dr Jim says:

    Poor old ex PM John Major says stuff about a second Scottish referendum and nobody in England listens and most of Scotland laughs but he dares to say England isn’t and won’t ever be a world power again and England goes into a rage

    It tells you a lot

  45. Arthur Thomson says:

    Aye Dr Jim but John Major knows what we can’t be expected to know – that we don’t really want independence, we just think we do. Once we realise that we will understand that our partner does know best and that we could never make it in the real world. Let’s face it guys, the Brits know best.


  46. Arthur Thomson says:

    On the subject of twats, just half listening to Hancock twittering on about the Brits being on the verge of solving every problem known to mankind by carrying out billions of tests and all sorts of world beating actions.

    Does anyone, anywhere believe a word he says? Are there really people who are that stupid?

    Earlier in the day he was justifying obscene payments to private “experts” who are apparently prepared to sacrifice six months of their ever so special lives in the public interest!

    Are people in Scotland listening? I hope so. Anything to speed up our move to independence.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Sadly many people listen and believe. It is the easy way out from thinking.

      • grizebard says:

        Sort of. It’s the mindset of those who continue to blithely assume that the UK “just is”, as it “always has been”. I think it was Paul himself who once pointed out that much of this “Brit ID” was largely forged with the establishment of the post-WW2 welfare state (NHS, etc., etc). But the assemblage of common British institutions has been insidiously dissolved away over recent years by successive English Tory governments, so all that remains of that identity is a hollow husk. It still persists, mainly with Tories and the older generations (plus BBC Scotlandshire management), but it’s fragile, and once broken, can’t be mended. Then an abrupt personal re-evaluation typically dawns.

        The Covid crisis is evidently assisting that, as is Brexit, but everything helps, not least astute re-framing to reveal to these folk that they are hanging on to a (possibly fond but utterly misleading) delusion.

  47. jfngw says:

    I’ve nothing against a second referendum but it should just be to accept the negotiated deal or reject it and go for no deal. The impetus then is to negotiate a deal rather than try and wreck any negotiation.

    If we vote for independence once then it’s up to the opponents to get themselves elected and propose returning Scotland to a vassal state and taking that to a referendum.

  48. Golfnut says:

    At last some one has defined britishiness.

  49. Welsh Siôn says:

    I’m sure Scots will add to this list, including the fact that this Brit’s car tyres (and indeed the road he travels upon) are Scottish, the TV he is watching was also invented by a Scot – as is the coat hanging in his hallway.

    But, hey, in keeping with being allowed to fly the red dragon flag here, I will also add that as he watches his Scottish-Japanese TV, our hero takes out his microphone (invented by David E. Hughes born Corwen) and sings along, karaoke-style. He then moves to the table, thumbs his mail-order catalogue (Pryce Pryce-Jones, b. y Drenewydd/Newtown) in order to see what he should buy. He retires to bed to read up on Bertrand Russell (b. Tre-llech/Trelleck) and upon his demise the following morning is cremated (instigated by Dr Wiliam Pryce of Llantrisant) according to his own wishes.

    Over to you, Scotland! 🙂

    • yesindyref2 says:

      All of this trade made possible by Celts from Wales travelling all over the world plying their trade. Not forgetting that that land to the west was settled by the Welsh centuries before Columbus was even a twinkie.

  50. yesindyref2 says:

    I’m actually getting a bit sick of this sh1t, so having scanned through a pdf of “Scotland’s Future” looking for the word generation, the answer to Alister Jacks’s effing lie or totally thick and illiterate understanding of the word “many” which is way more than 3 in my book, where he says:

    “Alister Jack: “Once in a generation was mentioned many times in the SNP’s White Paper for the independence referendum””

    this is the truth. The short answer is 3 times:

    “A once in a generation opportunity to follow a different path”
    “A once in a generation opportunity to follow a different path”
    “a once-in-a-generation opportunity.”

    the long answer is this:

    1. Page i – “If we vote No, Scotland stands still. A once in a generation opportunity to follow a different path, and choose a new and better direction for our nation, is lost. Decisions about Scotland would remain in the hands of others.”

    2. Page viii – “If we vote No, Scotland stands still. A once in a generation opportunity to follow a different path, and choose a new and better direction for our nation, is lost. Decisions about Scotland would remain in the hands of others.”

    3. Page 556; “It is the view of the current Scottish Government that a referendum is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. This means that only a majority vote for Yes in 2014 would give certainty that Scotland will be independent.”

    We’re so used to BoJo and all his lying liar ministers lying their heads off, we’ve got out of the habit of proving they’re lying with a simple reference to the truth so people can look it up for themselves. Well, here it is:

    Download the pdf and “find” for “generation”, something lying liar Jack and lying liar Johnson are incapable of, the lying liars.

    • Dr Jim says:

      At the last GE Jeremy Corbyn used the same phrase saying it was a once in a generation chance to get rid of the Tories, but Labour of course lost that election so how come they’re standing for election again and a generation hasn’t passed yet, although I’m still not sure who and how the time distinctions for generations are decided, even Alister Jack didn’t really seem to know that answer either, Michael Gove knows though, he says a generation will have been reached in 2054 when the oil runs out then Scotland can have its referendum

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Here’s one in a comment I called out (I’ve seen it before a few times):

        “…’Scotland’s Future’ with its unqualified, unconditional commitment to no further referendum for a generation”

        There wasn’t any “unqualified, unconditional commitment”, the word used was “opportunity”. But the poster seems to think his interpretation is OK.

        I’m just going to do that sometimes, at random, and when done, move on, and let the lurker make their own mind up whether the poster is being dishonest or not – specially if they repeat it after having had the actual quotes pointed out. All the Union has is Lies and Liars Lying.

        And the Truth shall set us Free.

    • Petra says:

      Good one calling him out yesindyref2. I just wish that the MSM would do so too.

      Taken from the latest Scotgoespop article. Not only do they lie constantly but change their minds consistently too.

      ”Alister Jack, in his capacity as Secretary of State for Scotland, said that the 2021 Scottish Parliament election would determine whether a second independence referendum is held. Just to leave us in no doubt about what he was getting at and the full implications of it, he specified (absurdly) that only an overall single-party majority for the SNP would be deemed a trigger for a referendum, and that a combined majority for different pro-independence parties would not be sufficient.

      Why wasn’t it the end of history when the Tories made those statements? Why do the media allow them to continue making up the rules as they go on, without holding them accountable for crystal-clear undertakings they have already given? Why, in a nutshell, is it only SNP politicians who aren’t allowed to change their minds?”

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Yes, in a comment I also said “And if the broadcast media don’t call them out on their lies, then the broadcast media is complicit in the “generation” of a lie.” and I’m going to do that every so often too.

        I’m just going to do it occasionally, it’s quite tiring to make sure facts are right and I don’t trip myself up !

  51. Petra says:

    ‘Why don’t the media hold the Tories accountable for *their* past statements on when and how a second independence referendum can be held?’

    ..”We all know why the claims that the 2014 indyref was a “once in a generation” vote are bogus. The words were not contained or implied in the Edinburgh Agreement, and whenever Alex Salmond used them, he was always at pains to point out that he was only expressing a “personal view” about likely timescales, rather than making a commitment that the SNP would be bound to for decades to come. Indeed, on one occasion when Jeremy Paxman pressed him to go further, he pointed out that no government can bind its successors, and added “don’t be daft”. And as no less a person than Professor John Curtice pointed out just the other day, it’s also not possible for an SNP leader to bind the electorate – it’s up to voters to decide how often they want to have referendums, and their democratic rights cannot be curtailed by a personal opinion that one particular politician happened to hold six years ago.”..


    ”Here’s the man (if you can call him that) who is at the centre of everything that is wrong within the private care sector within Scotland. We need to rid our care homes of private corporate bodies & return them under the stewardship of the regional health boards.”

    • Dr Jim says:

      If Scotland is to stick to the generation nonsense then I want Boris Johnson killed right now,
      he said he’d rather be dead in a ditch if he had to extend the Brexit deadline, then he did extend it and the Bastirt didn’t die, I feel cheated by the lack of implementation of this promise and demand his death at once

  52. Petra says:

    ‘UK Government suffers defeat in House of Lords over Internal Market Bill.’

    ”The UK Government has suffered a heavy defeat in the House of Lords over its controversial Internal Market Bill. Peers voted overwhelmingly – by 433 votes to 165 – to remove the part of the bill that would allow ministers to break international law. They also voted by 407 votes to 148 to remove another clause that allows the UK Government to override parts of the Brexit withdrawal agreement relating to Northern Ireland.”..,uk-government-suffers-defeat-in-house-of-lords-over-internal-market-bill


    28 comments from John Major.

    ”Sir John Major: “Complacency and nostalgia are the route to national decline.” … “We are no longer a great power. We will never be so again. In a world of nearly 8 billion people, well under 1% are British” … “We are a top second-rank power”

  53. Petra says:

    😀😀😀 Biden’s crew have got Johnson’s measure.

    “Your boss is a “shape shifting creep””. How do you respond?” *creep shifts shape* “Well,… “


    ‘With just 53 days to go, leak reveals Irish Sea border shambles – and unravels government spin.’

  54. Petra says:

    Strange one. I didn’t want to end free movement of people and I live in the British Isles. It would seem that Patel forgot to ask me 🙄.

    ”After many years of campaigning, I am delighted the Immigration Bill which will end free movement on 31st December has today passed through Parliament. We are delivering on the will of the British people. — Priti Patel (@pritipatel) November 9, 2020.”


    ‘Reaction as Priti Patel confirms the end to freedom of movement.


    STUC:- ”We have managed to campaign for decades for decent work in Scotland without resorting to blame mongering and anti-migration rhetoric. The Tories are in favour of free movement of wealth and profits. Just not of the people who make the wealth.”

  55. Petra says:

    FGS, he’s saying that he was only joking now.

    ‘Alister Jack was ‘joking’ when he ruled out indyref2 for 40 years.’


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  56. Petra says:

    Hahaha. What an erse.

    ‘Boris Johnson’s message to Joe Biden originally congratulated Donald Trump.’


    Oh right Jimmy Buchan’s angry now!

    ‘Brexit: Angry food and drink chiefs demand compensation in PM letter.’

  57. Welsh Siôn says:

    Anyone know what this is about?

    Battle lines drawn again over Scotland’s future

    (In case you’re wondering, I’m getting an error message saying that the BBC site is not secure and that hackers may be attacking my passwords there. So it refuses to open the page for me. Now real loss, I suppose.)

    • Dr Jim says:

      Strange when you read through the BBC style of expression that it could have been written by a supporter of the Union as opposed to an *impartial* broadcaster
      The suggestion throughout is that England once again is the UK and Scotland is one of the parts of it that they own

      Then when you move to the comments section the tone from the contributors is one of how dare the peasants of one of our colonies answer back to us their owners

      The bedroom internetting keyboard warriors of England have spoken so ahm positively quakin wae nerves so a am

    • WS, worry not. It is merely Nick Eardley repeating Laura Kuennsberg’s Glenn Campbell’s The Hon Sarah Smith’s verbal merry go round that Johnson will say No next May, and that ‘the SNP’ will be stymied once more, while the English ride out the storm of Jock protest ‘cos there’s fuck all Uncle Tam scribes’ fellow Jocks can do about it.

      They are bought and sold for English Gold…like Marr Neil and Egan before them.

      The drivel from Eardley is followed by hundreds of BTL Brit Nat garbage…too wee too poor too ‘who the fuck do these subsidy junky Jocks think they are?’ Brit Nat Trollery, which the Beeb allow to appear on their website un moderated.

      They are all of course kicking the Indyref 2 can further down the garden path until May ’21, in the hope that we Scots buy this rather clumsy Fabian tactic, and sit on our hands and share Priti Patels ‘delight’ that we are to be held under English House arrest as her ban on freedom of movement within our own continent Europe became English Law on Monday; and No Deal No Trade Deal No Customs Deal no Good Friday Agreement becomes fact this Friday 13th November, and Belgium stops supplying little trinkets like inhalers to Britland in weeks.

      Eardley makes no mention of Brexit at all, except to refer briefly to John Major’s Magna Carta Land of Hope and Glory Middle Temple rant, but only en passant.

      It’s all about England having the legal right to say No to its militarily occupied colony to the North, for evermore.
      The BBC hackery who survived the ‘voluntary redundancy’ cull Up Here, and Jocks in the WM Bubble are fully paid up Brit Nat Unionist Propagandists…they get paid to lie to Scotland..and Wales btw, WS.

      They are actually convincing themselves that if they can keep Indyref 2 at arms length until Next May, and 40 years beyond, that we Jocks will get fed up, and cool our fedrvour for the aberration which Independence from England clearly their English eyes.

      Meanwhile each day the BBC and STV will parade the bunch of Nobodies who represent slavery and subjugation to the English, Jack, Davidson of Rape Clause, The Linesman Dross, the RN (Failed) Sub-Lieutenant Andrew Bowie of Boolsvoice, Richard GM Leonard, and the utterly farcical excuse for a human being, willie Rennie, as the voice of reason amid this Jock Nattery cult madness.

      58% and counting; 62% Remain.
      What makes little twerps like Eardley think the message is Up Here in his homeland?

      Land of Dope and Tory?

      • And right on cue, Macwhirter is in the Herald praising Major’s ‘best of three’ Indyref proposal.
        Macwhirter who is now ‘political editor’ of the centre right Herald, the US owned dying swan of the Dead Tree Scrolls.
        Onwards to May ’21 and beyond !

        Starve and do without ’til then, ye Jock peasants.
        I await Mc Kenna’s ‘Catholic’ piece on Biden and the GFA with less than bated (or even ‘baited’) breath.

        Our hacks write in fear now.

        • As it’s bucketing down, I’m surfing the net speed reading headlines.

          McKenna’s ‘scourge of Scottish Politics’ offering in the National.

          Rambling ‘Edinburgh Bubble’ tossery, Kevin.

    • Capella says:

      Archived version WS. It summarises the SNP v the rest of the UK, all of our yesterdays, common decency etc etc agenda.

    • Capella says:

      I noticed that Petra. Funnily enough, the BBC overlooks the fact that the actual vaccine research was done in Germany by Turkish refugees who set up their company Biotech, funded by EU funding.
      It will be manufactured in Belguim.

  58. Welsh Siôn says:

    I thought I hadn’t (and don’t miss) missed much in the BBC article … Wityh thanks to Jack collatin, capella and the other usual suspects.

  59. Golfnut says:

    Westminster stooge in Scotland was asked what discussions he had with the Chancellor regards support for Scottish businesses.

  60. Golfnut says:

    A wee reminder as to why Scotland will do just fine as an Independent Sovereign state.

  61. Dr Jim says:

    Almost every day Unionists accuse Scotland’s FM of using Covid as a political tool to achieve her dastardly ends yet almost every day Aberdeen city council’s belligerent Unionist political refusal to co-operate with the Scottish government is a topic of questions to the FM as to their *understanding* of the Covid pandemic which the FM is almost daily having to address

    The latest political misunderstanding by Aberdeen city council is the instructing of teaching staff in schools to switch off their test and protect app from their phones, which once again the FM has to reissue the correct advice which is switch the damn things back on because they aren’t protecting anybody in the off mode

    The people of the city Aberdeen regardless of how they vote should be looking at the behaviour of their elected councillors right now and perhaps thinking that their interests are not being best served by these councillors constantly prosecuting a political agenda of compliance refusal when there are voters becoming very sick and dying at the same time as their council can’t stop putting stupid political games above their lives just so they can get daily *menshies* on the Telly

    Wake up Aberdeen folk your council’s behaviour is a snapshot of exactly why Scotland must be self determining

  62. Chicmac says:

    There are folk who were too young to vote in indyref 1 who will be great grandparents by then.

    For Northern Ireland they can have referendum on unification every 7 years if they want.

    There has been more political stupidity from Westminster in the last 6 years than the previous 40.

  63. yesindyref2 says:

    And then The National gets it flaming wrong, clumsily implying it says “once in a generation” 3 times in the Edinburgh Agreement WHICH IT FLAMING WELL DOES NOT, it doesn’t mention that at all.

    Yes The National half-corrected that after two of us pointed it out btl, but still leaves it as a ‘”once in a generation” event‘ which is STILL WRONG.

    event: a thing that happens or takes place, especially one of importance
    opportunity: a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something

    totally different – “makes it possible”

    I seriously feel like giving up completely, the only Independence supporting newspaper giving the unionists ammunition by its carelessness stupidity and ignorance.

    [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored]
    [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored]

  64. Arthur Thomson says:

    In what world is it argued that a whole population get imprisoned because of a turn of phrase?

    Answer – the Walter Mitty world of the Brits.

    Is there a single Scot who takes it seriously? No. Only the Brits.

    Don’t credit their crap with credibility that it doesn’t have. Just ignore it.

  65. Ken2 says:

    ACC is acting illegally. The Deputy giving out illegal licences to bars breaking the Law. Breaking the rules and guidelines. Censored for breaking confidential information, People are dying. Bars owners, funding Tories, and breaking rules and guidelines.

    9 ex Labour councillors in coalition with the Tories. An illegal administration. Unionist Alliance. No such Party. Kept in place by a two job Tory. A convicted Tory offender. A LibDem who immediately became an Independent on election. Absolutely no principles.

    The administration selling the City on the Stock Exchange. £1.2Billion in debt. Refused a gift of £80million to regenerate the City centre. Wasting public monies like there is no tomorrow on empty shops and offices. Wasting £Millions, but nit funding essential services properly. Cutting them.

    Gross mismanagement. An absolute disgrace. Breaking Covid19 rules and guidelines. Instead of enforcing them. Constantly complaining about the guidelines. Put in place to keep people safe.

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