last bell for the Tories

It is a singular fact about the mal-administration of the performance artiste whose stage name is BorisJohnson that the arrogance of British Government ministers is inversely proportional to their ability to actually do their bloody jobs. nowhere is this more evident than in the office of the part time Prime minister himself, especially with regards to the great touselled bloviator himself and to his alleged eminence gris Dominic Specsavers Cummings.As opposed to the oleaginous Michael Gove who’s an eminence grease. this mob of arrogant blowhards have now been forced to put England back into lockdown having failed to foresee a second wave of the virus despite everybody and their granny warning them for months that a dangerous second wave was on the horizon, so much for the supposed super-forecasting abilities of Dominic Cummings. it is now clear that Dominic would struggle to foresast a nippy arse after eating a red hot chicken vindaloo. the new lockdown was announced in a shambolic and much delayed press presentation given by Johnson, which if nothing else taught us that we are governed by idiots who don’t even know how powerpoint works and who couldn’t even manage to ensure that their confusing graphs were formatted correctly for the screen. This came as a surprise, even to those of us with a particularly low estimation of this Government’s abilities, because we had all thought that graphs were the only thing that opponents of Scottish independence were any good at.

We also discovered this weekend, as if we didn’t know already, just how this so-called union really works. repeated requests from both the Scottish and Welsh governments and Northern English mayors for an extension of furlough payment scheme to protect jobs and incomes were rebuffed by Chancellor Rishi Sunak when Scotland Wales and much of Northern England needed to go into stricter lockdown. However the second that London and The Southeast of England needed to go into stricter Lockdown, the cash magically became available. For all these years many of us in Scotland had thought that the fact that bad weather only became newsworthy when it affected London even though it was blowing a gale in Scotland was merely a metaphor for the UK. But now we find that it’s actually an operating principle. And on Monday we discovered that the cash would only remain available as long as England needed it. What was that about pooling and sharing? A union isn’t worth the name if the UK is only willing to assist Scotland in a crisis if London and the South of England are experiencing the exact same issue. Shouldn’t it be the job of Alister Jack, ostensibly the voice of Scotland in th British Government, to intercede with the Chancellor to ensure that furlough funds are available for Scotland when Scotland needs them, and not just when London needs them. You would think so, but Alister has other ideas. useless and self-serving oneswhich are about trying to undermine and subvert the democratic will of the people of Scotland but ideas nevertheless,Still we should be thankful for small mercies, all those British nationalist zoomers on social media who were demanding Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation because she’d shut the pubs have all shut up now that England has gone into an even stricter lockdown. Were they not the same folk who were insisting on a UK wideapproach to lockdown. If they were actually sincere then right now they’d be demsnding more severe lockdown measures in Scotand too, but since they’re not doing that it is safe to assume that the only motivation they ever had was trying to score some cheap political points off the Scottish Government in the vain hope of putiing a brake on the increase in support for independence.
Douglas Ross has been strangely quiet about all this, although when I say ‘strangely what I really mean is entirely predictably. given that in every photo that appears of him Douglas looks like he is auditioning for a role as one of the evil Chimpanzees from Planet of the Apes is now reasonable to wonder if, when the Scottish Tories were looking for a replacement for Surname Surname, What they had in mind was someone who combined in equal parts the qualities of Cesar the unprincipled and power hungry leader of the Ape army, and Lee Evans the rubber faced comedian. Because if that is the case they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams with Douglas, whose unprincipled willingness to do anything for power is matched only by his clownish incompetence.Douglas has made a career for himself in football which consists of watching from the sidelines, not getting directly involved and occasionally waving a flag, he’s now hoping to repeat the the trick n his political career too.
Today, Cesar Evans delivered his big speech to save the Union, during which even he managed to sound bored.It was the usual collection of platitudes and blame shifting thst we’ve all heard so many times before he claimed that devolution has been “found wanting” during the coronavirus crisis and the pandemic has “exposed its weakest points. eh naw Douglas, it’s your Tory British government that has been found wanting. the end of his speech was interrupted an alarm bell which still managed to sound more human and engaged than Douglas did. it was the alarm sounding the end of the British state and the end of the Conservatives’ malignant influence in Scotland.

typos, sorry, there’s going to be a lot of them while I learn how to type all over again, please be patient.

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124 comments on “last bell for the Tories

  1. Welsh_Sion says:

    Bella’s take on this – along with the Doug’s video if you want it.

    • Welsh Sion , it’s rather unclear what is comment by D Ross and what is comment by bellacaledonia,s M Small……Bella has gotten a bit odd in recent times makes me wonder if this was done intentionally

  2. Boris Johnson has completely lost control of the pandemic in Englandshire now, if he ever had it before. Asked in the Commons what the plan was for coming out of the new lockdown, he said Englandshire would be coming out of lockdown, regardless of whatever happens, on December 2nd, for that is the date he hath spoken.

    He added that the R is currently above one, only a teeny weeny scientific bit, and hopefully, having waved some of Dominic’s entrails about, it will come down a eeny spleeny bit to just under one, but even if it doesn’t then the lockdown will endeth regardleth. All haileth Borith for he is the slayer of the Coronaviruth,

    So, just like Iraq, when Blair and Bush passed Go with no feckin’ idea of how to pass Stop, Johnson is going into lockdown again with no idea how, what, who, why, what or when he going to come back out – or in or out, shaking the entrails all about.

    Please, oh, please let Scotland be free of this madness – I am beyond caring how we do it, as long as we go.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Well said M’s M. Was it not a Tory, Liz Truss who said there was ‘no crystal ball’, really, well Doris must have one then if he is expecting the virus to have taken a hike in England be Dec 2nd…just in time for people to start their xmas shopping in earnest. Nope, it does not work like that though does it.
      What I wonder is, just exactly what is the EngGov doing with Scotland’s money, they can’t even bear to send a few quid (crumbs) back after taking the spoils from massive revenues and resources, to help businesses and Scotland’s economy/ Hmmm, full lockdown Scotland, or you don’t get the cash lol! Sounds like bullying at best, blackmail at worst and, what else might they have blackmailed the ScotGov over? Hmmm…
      Scotland you’ve been scammed big time, and now you are being sanctioned, if only you had a way out of the nightmare…

      • grizebard says:

        Why they even imagined it would be over by the end of October is a mystery to me. Not least when both France and Germany extended their support schemes till next Spring or even later.

        It seems the UK’s “broad shoulders” have not only narrowed (to carry the “home counties” alone) but even buckled.

        Is there anyone left who truly believes we couldn’t possibly do better than this ourselves?

    • Derek Rogers says:

      Liked this comment so much that I’ve re-blogged it on

  3. The Gillies says:

    Can any one tell this poor old chap ,(me) when this total mismanagement of a government is going to behave like a responsible group of politicians. When will we be free from this bunch of clowns.
    Why ,at this moment in time do we have here in Scotland people starting ,”new,” political parties,” when no matter the gripes and complaints we have with our own Scottish politicians we need unity!
    Following the recent circus with the uk government ALL my friends ,without exception desperately want us free from the uk .So ,concentration stay as one, set us free.

    • The Gilles…it’s interesting to see new Scottish Independence Party,s cropping up but I don’t trust them have we actually heard before of the people running them ?
      Who are they where did they come from what is their background ?
      I do find it strange that any person starting a new political party would not male it an essential element of their communication to the public extensive details of their background and previous political activity so we at least know something about them before people vote for them the Scottish independence vote is not something that comes along regularly like elections

  4. Douglas says:

    In times gone by, we would have had endless news reports from voice of Scotland in the British Government in the form of the Secretary of State for Scotland (think Alistair Carmichael, Jim Murphy, Alistair Darling, Donald Dewar, Michael Forsyth, etc, etc.) to inform (or otherwise) why Westminster was taking a certain course of action. Nowadays, the current SoSfS is as much use as a windsock blowing in the wind acting against the needs of Scotland.

    • Welsh_Sion says:

      Nowadays, the current SoSfS is as much use as a windsock blowing in the wind acting against the needs of Scotland.


      For, Scotland, Read, Wales.
      For Minister for Northern Colonies, Read, Minister for Western Colonies.
      For Minister taking the pith (helmet), Read, Stet.

    • grizebard says:

      Oh, him. Is he actually still alive…?

  5. grizebard says:

    eminence gris … eminence grease

    Priceless! I can see that your recent difficulties haven’t diminished your razor-sharp wit a whit, Paul. (And for which we can all give thanks.)

  6. Alan Taylor says:

    WGD, I love your posts and forget the typos and mistakes. The words are what matter, and what inspiring words they are for the movement. Time will heal hopefully, and you will with the support of the majority of Scots see an Independant Scotland. Keep fighting, but keep well and safe and inspiring us all SAOR ALBA.

  7. hoplite39 says:

    No vows to die in a ditch this time?

  8. ArtyHetty says:

    At one time Scotland might at least have had a Labour politician in Scotland fighting their corner, not so now. I watched again a film clip on the NLS moving image archive, about Thomas Johnston, who was a Labour MP for Scotland and who talks in the film about not allowing hydro power to be privatised, the water belonging to the people of Scotland in 1964. The ref is T2234, it is in copyright so do not share in any way, and it’s only a clip, be good to see the whole thing sometime.
    Here is some info on T. Johnston, by all acounts a decent man with Scotland’s interests at heart, mainly! He was Secretary of state for Scotland, during WW2.

  9. It is worrying when the leader of the Scottish Conservatives talks about the pandemic having exposed the weakest points of devolution and how devolution had been found wanting. Is he laying the groundwork for the tories big plan to do away with devolution and reintroduce direct rule from London?

    • stewartb says:

      Well, given that Queen Elizabeth House in Edinburgh is now available plus the threat to devolution posed by the UK Internal Market Bill, I suspect you may be right about greater direct rule. It cannot be discounted – even if incrementally and by (attempted) stealth.

      Firstly, there is this from the UK government: “The new Hub (i.e. QE House), located near Waverley Station in the heart of Edinburgh, is a seven storey, 190,000 square feet, ultra-modern office space. It will bring together nearly 3,000 UK Government civil servants from a range of UK Government departments.”

      And members of the House of Lords a week or so ago – establishment Unionists across parties – are pointing to severe threats to devolution from this Internal Market Bill. The language of the peers is arguably much stronger than the SG’s push back on this Bill.


  10. wullie says:

    An interesting book by Tom Johnstone.
    Our Scots Noble Families. ISBN 1902831012
    Lots of interesting info. Sadly he did try to have every copy of the book pulped.

  11. Dr Jim says:

    The wee pantomime charade over the furlough scheme was confirmed as soon as DRoss stood up to open his very own whistle shaped gub, and they knew it and had nowhere to hide as their badly scripted plan fell right on it’s coupon
    They tried to bait the trap for opposition politicians like that hated wummin in Scotland but to no avail as she patiently bided her time and and allowed them to push themselves right into squeaky bum territory before they had to give in to growing annoyance in the three colonies and even Tory politicians wading in warning of the consequences of their stupidity

    In other news, noises coming out of Westminster tonight are that his own party want the Clown Minister gone before Christmas because they fear the backlash if they stick to the no deal Brinkshit being tried on with the EU because the EU aren’t falling for the Clown Minister’s nonsense either

    By the end of todays session you could have poured Johnson into a bucket

  12. bringiton says:

    Very convenient distraction from what is happening,or not,with Brexit.
    What is worst for BoJo.
    His swivel eyed Brexiteers going apoplectic about concessions to the EU or
    going apoplectic about pubs being closed?

  13. Bob Lamont says:

    As ever, astute with a dash of barbed wit…

    For sure Tory support is crumbling in Scotland and with it the Union, despite PQ’s desperate platforming of DRoss. The latest wheeze to promote him as some form of intermediary to resolve furlough funding borders on farce, whilst studiously avoiding any mention of

  14. yesindyref2 says:

    What would be incredibly funny is if Ross actually turned out to be genuine.


    • Tatu3 says:

      A tiny wee bit of me wonders if he has seen the writing on the wall ‘re independence and is not actually publically backing it but trying to sound positive with maybe a mind to one day being in charge of an actual SCOTTISH conservative party in an independent Scotland??

      • Yesindyref2…..and Tatu3….you can’t be serious, you must be joking , what the heck are you on about ?
        No way is D Ross anything other than another britnat willing to sell his soul and Scotland for a personal Westminster reward

      • Wash that ‘tiny wee bit of me’ out of your mouth with carbolic soap, Tatu3.
        Ross is a low intellect Yes Man..true.
        Johnson says, ‘Destroy Scotland, compliant Jock’, and the Linesman blurts out, ‘Yes man’, as he bows before his Imperial Master.
        Seriously, in my earlier professional life, this lisping Nobody wouldn’t even make it to the interview stage to join my team.
        That applies to most of the Brit Nat dross using up oxygen at Holyrood.
        Imagine Jamie Greene or Annie Wells fronting the daily Covid briefing?

        They are the sediment at the bottom of the Brit Nat gene pool.

        • Tatu3 says:

          I know ,I know. He is a horrible man and sleekit. It really was just a tiny wee thought 🤣
          However, even though I am a very happy snp member, after Independence Scotland will need other parties. If you were a politician in Scotland – Tory, Labour… and worried about your political future, surely it would cross your mind ? I’m quite sure there is not a lot of honour amongst most of them.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        I’d be interested in a poll question (maybe SGP though I don’t have a blogger ID to post there). Something like this:

        Would you consider voting Conservative in Independent Scotland?

        I think the result of that might make the (Scottish) Conservatives reconsider.

        Terence and Jack – stranger things have happened at sea!

        • yesindyref2 says:

          I forgot the main point of that poll question – if it was say over 20% it could get a lot of publicity and drive current conservative voters to vote YES – currently in the opinion polls it’s up to 10% from 4% in Indy Ref 1.

        • The boy stood on the burning deck, when all but he had fled, comes to mind, yesindyref2,
          Of course there will be Blue, Red, and Yellow Parties in Independent Scotland.
          There may even be a Reunification party headed by Nigel Farage.
          The thing is, there will come a time when the SNP Party becomes superfluous…
          But it is perhaps a stretch to believe that Brit Nat Loon Yoons will ever vote YES.
          Feeling the heat from the matal plates burning the soles of your plimsols yet, Indy?
          I’ll see Terence’s ‘What’? and raise you a ‘Aye, richt’.

  15. Petra says:

    Well that’s me back from my ”break” to find that so much has happened over the last two weeks or so. You Paul having had a stroke and losing that wonderful dog of yours (ours), promptly resuming producing your truly inspirational articles, setting up a successful fundraiser and literally getting back on your feet all within that time frame. Absolutely amazing and when we get our independence we’ll be clamouring for a statue of you and the dug to be erected to commemorate the colossal part that you and he have played in helping us to achieve our Independence. And a great big thank you to Peter too who’s no doubt been holding it altogether for you during this hellish time XX

    Anyway here we go again with BoJo demonstrating that he’s not fit to run a bath never mind deal with a pandemic, Brexit, the breakup of the Union and the North of England so scunnered with him, and his Westminster narcissistic numbskulls, that they’re ready to walk too. Wee Engerland right enough 😀 .

    Oh and, eh, they’re having to deal with an outbreak of bird flu now 🙄. Close the border Nicola.

  16. Petra says:

    Or maybe it’s all about them preferring Nicola to Boris, John.

    ‘Sir John Curtice’s social attitudes survey reveals huge shift in indy support.’

    ‘Curtice said: “For a while after the EU referendum, it looked as though the lack of support for Brexit in Scotland was failing to move the dial on public opinion about independence. Over time, however, the pursuit of Brexit has weakened many people’s views of the merits of the Union. For a significant body of people in Scotland, independence inside the EU has now come to look more attractive than being part of a UK that is outside the EU.”..


    Aw right own up. Who reported him?

    ‘FIFA to investigate Douglas Ross over potential rule breach.’

    ..”If found guilty of breaching the governing body’s statutes, the part-time professional referee could face a ban from the sport.”..

    ..”On Sunday we told how a member of the Scottish Football Supporters Association has now written to FIFA suggesting Ross’s use of the logo questions “the integrity of football”…

    • Welsh_Sion says:

      Just waiting for the headline:

      “Referee faces red card”

      Do headlines still write themselves even when satire is supposed to be dead?

  17. Petra says:

    I see that you predicted that wee ”charade” well in advance, Dr Jim.

    ‘Joanna Cherry: Boris Johnson may break his furlough promise, he has form.’

    …”What’s really going on here? Was the PM’s latest dance of the seven veils this afternoon just part of a carefully choreographed charade to present the new Scottish Tory leader with a concession which can be spun as a good news story in the face of terrible opinion polls for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party and their little helpers in Scotland? And will it be conveniently forgotten weeks down the line?”..

    …”For many it is already far too late. Before this last-minute announcement many businesses had already taken devastating decisions. As a result of Tory policy across the UK thousands have lost their jobs unnecessarily, many good businesses have gone under, and millions have been excluded. We now face a Tory unemployment crisis – and the blame lies firmly with Boris Johnson and the straitjacket of the UK.”..


    Still supporting the Union of course.

    ”First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford says ‘the treasury is meant to be for the whole UK, not just England’ and adds the Welsh government have not had ‘a sufficiently regular and reliable pattern of engagement with the UK government’.

  18. Petra says:

    Ian Blackford:- ”I asked @BorisJohnson to guarantee that full furlough payments at 80% will be available to Scotland whenever it is requested. It was a direct question and I received an answer…the answer was “Yes”. The PM must now stick to his promise, Scotland will hold him to it.”


    ”I’ve not changed my position on furlough’ Douglas Ross and @ScotTories literally voted to end furlough at Westminster and again with Scottish Labour at Holyrood. Now England needs it, Douglas is right behind it. @Douglas4Moray #hypocrisy”

  19. Neil Anderson says:

    “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

  20. Petra says:

    I reckon that everyone in the UK could see right through that one 😀

    Phantom Power:- ”Now we know why Boris was blanking every furlough question from Scotland and other devolved nations – he was waiting to throw lapdog Douglas Ross a treat. Pathetic, cynical, typical Tories.”


    Going round in friggin circles here 🙄

    ”I see @Douglas4Moray’s “Win” is turning out not to be such a win…”

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Welcome back missus…

      The DRoss/Johnson furlough double act was universally panned for the blatant set-piece it was, but clearly nobody told Jenrick of the wizard wheeze, who promptly set the cat among the pigeons.

      The BBC in particular have been platforming the ‘DRoss rides to the rescue’ story all week with PQ’s Mr Enunciation promoting the “in a rare case of unity” line over furlough… This despite MPs and MSP scuppering moves previously to preserve it, an aspect PQ are avoiding like the plague.
      Scots Tories know their coats are not just on a shoogly peg but on a heap in the lobby, and being honest is not in their DNA.

      Interestingly, quite a few opinions in England that the FM and her team should take charge of England’s Covid strategy, the media pile-on of SG-bad news has failed to convince the general public north OR south of the border.
      When you have folks in England openly expressing admiration for the devolved governments, but supporting Scots independence, the Tories are up to their necks in trouble, and Labour’s stance is untenable… Strange days…

  21. Ken2 says:

    Glad yer back. Taking up the slack. Helping Paul.

    • Petra says:

      I don’t know about that Ken. I’ve just taken a look at all of the links that I’ve posted and I’m thinking that I overdo it at times. Anyway ”no likey” just scroll on by. I’ve got a couple of weeks to make up for 😀 (if it’s ok by Paul of course).

      • Too much of a good thing is absolutely wonderful. Liberace.
        You are not ‘overdoing it’, Petra.
        Just reflect on the amount of column inches and TV/Radio space the linesman gets.
        Can Glenn Campbell really take himself serious when he panders to this insignificant little man?
        ‘Overdo’ away, Petra.

  22. Petra says:

    She’ll be popular at Westminster 🤣

    Phantom Power:- ”Scotland – science-led, early intervention that’s working and gives tier system time to develop to avoid total lockdown. England – ignored the science, inadequate restrictions, privatised test & trace ineffective, new lockdown won’t be enough.via @dgurdasani1#bbcgms. #Lockdown2.”


    ”It’s not an English treasury it’s a UK treasury.”

    ”For once, a pretty decent account on TV news of English perfidy…for that’s what it is!”

  23. In recent days, Curtice the Pollster has surfaced providing all sorts of fatuous reasons why Scots are turning to Independence, from Johnson’s Hair style, to England’s Plague Management.

    Every day hundreds die in England, while privateers rake in billions on the back of an English NHS that has been brought to its knees by Ruth Davidson’s and Willie Rennie’s Austerity Cuts.

    Dross is a mere lisping puppet, who still thinks that it is more important for him to run about Hampden Park last Sunday, than do his actual job, representing the good folk in Moray, in particular, defend scots citizens in general.

    No, it’s not for Curtice to concede that the majority of Scots concluded that England treats us as their Last Colony, and as yesterday’s farce set piece in WM, when the linesman the Flaxen Mop acted out their wee Scottish Furlough set piece demonstrated, the Brits continue to insult our intelligence, and openly insult the representatives of our elected Scottish Government as though the deaths of tens of thousands were some sort childish sniggering playground game.

    Liar Carmichael was on his pins in London yesterday too, peddling the usual SNP ‘manufactured grievance’ toss, and acting as warm up act for the Linesman and Johnson’s wee furlough routine.

    Professor Sir John Curtice…paid twister of facts…darling of BBC Scotland.

    If only England had voted to stay in the EU, if only there were no Covid, if only..


    If only the Church of Scotland ‘s 15 backroom boys hadn’t chosen a Lib Dem English lord to be Moderator..
    If only…

  24. Petra says:

    Close the border Nicola.

    ”Travel agents have demanded an end to Scotland’s quarantine “hokey cokey” after it emerged that more people returned from Blackpool with coronavirus than from all foreign countries combined.

    Some 189 people who tested positive for Covid-19 in the week to October 25 had been to Blackpool, compared with 27 from Turkey, 14 from Spain, ten from Poland, eight from Greece, six each from Cyprus and German, five each from Italy and the Republic of Ireland, and 16 from other countries.

    A further 296 cases had recently travelled to other parts of England, including 33 to London, 28 to Yorkshire and 20 to Manchester, according to the Public Health Scotland data.”


    LBJ, DRoss and R*pe clause Ruth will be bealin again 😀 .

    Child of Alba Flag of Scotland:- ”Was that David Davis in HoC praising ScotGov for sending supplies of Vitamin D to shielded after favourable studies and suggesting PM follow suit?”

    • I don’t envy a family in a VW Caravanette with Lancaster plates pulling in to a car parking space outside a tea room in Avoch in the next few weeks, do you ?
      I totally agree; close the border.

  25. Golfnut says:

    There is nothing incompetent about the uk gov policy use of Furlough. If their intention, and it is, was to create debt and increase unemployment they are playing a blinder. The delays to announcing extensions creates uncertainty in the business world and that predictably is all that is needed for business to cut what for many is its largest expense, people.
    Good to see you back Petra, hope you enjoyed your wee break.

  26. robert alexander harrison says:

    Thats typical England warn them of whats to come and they will blatantly ignore it and make some stupid arrogant claim it wont happen or the English can survive anything spiel ive heard to many times before then when the warned disaster comes that they ignored they act like headless chickens its a constant theme with them and its a bad one at that.

  27. Petra says:

    ‘A second independence referendum:- When and how could Scotland
    vote again?’


    Check out Ann’s latest links.

    • “Before any possible referendum takes place, there should be far more clarity
      on the Scottish government’s proposals for an independent Scotland (including
      its future relationship with both the UK and the EU), on how post-referendum
      negotiations between Holyrood and Westminster would work in the event of a vote
      for independence, and on how the negotiated terms of independence would be
      ratified. Despite assertions by the SNP that the EU would welcome Scotland as a
      new member, that cannot be taken for granted.”

      And why would newly Re – Independent Scotland be hog tied in how ‘how post Referendum negotiations between Holyrood and Westminster would work’?

      From Day One, We the People of Scotland will decide…not WM.

      Since this Brit Nat Think Tank imperial view of Scotland’s Claim of Right was produced, it is clear that Scotland would be a shoo in for continuing membership of the EU/EFTA/EEA.

      As usual, our ‘enemy’ expects us to have produced limitless plans for taking forward Scotland as an independent nation, presumably so that they can approve or veto what, de facto, an independent country which is no longer their militarily occupied colony does going forward free from English colonial oppression

      The arrogance of the Brit Empire never wanes.

      In the near future, BBC can no longer broadcast English propaganda into every home in Scotland. And that smarts if you are a Brit trapped in an independent Scotland

      • andyfromdunning says:

        Regarding your last sentence Jack I know a couple of nice people, moved to Pitlochry 22 years ago to escape the rat race in Essex. Love it here. Both Unionists who vote No, see no need for Holyrood and voted Leave.

        I asked them to put aside political rhetoric and consider where they live and why they moved. Then I asked that when Scotland is independent and about to join the EU or EFTA what would they do? Move to Northumberland was the answer.

        Well I said you are not getting any younger, best to move soon.

        • Just back in from the shops, andy.
          I’ve sent this to Lidl. It is self explanatory.

          “‘People are dying all the time’.

          This was the rather chilling comment of the check out clerk at check out 2 11.20 am today at the Lidl superstore at the foot of Mill Road in Clydebank Dunbartonshire.

          I was there on my Covid restricted shopping trip, Day 2 of Central Scotland’s level 3 lock down.

          A man in his thirties with a mobile pressed to his ear was mask less, so I politely reminded him that it was illegal to be in a store without a mask.

          He mumbled that he had left his mask in the car, and shuffled off into the store anyway, and maskless, continued to shop.

          When processing my groceries at Till 2, remember the time ,Lidl, 11.30 am 3/11/2020, I politely and gently pointed out to the check our clerk the maskless visitor who was now in a queue to pay for his purchases and was committing an offence and should not be served.

          The young man behind the screen said that it was not his job, that he was not paid to confront customers breaking Covid laws.

          I reminded him that people were dying, and that FACTs guidance demands that stores comply in all but medically exempted cases.

          ‘People are dying all the time’.

          ‘People are dying all the time’.

          People are dying all the time’.

          This was delivered with a cold shrug.

          I ask: what training are front end Lidl staff given to confront awkward customers. If I lit up a cigarette would he have just shrugged and carried on, because he is ‘not paid’ to protect the health and welfare of the vast majority of Lidl’s customers, and ensure that the produce displayed is not exposed to Covid transfer from rebel Covidiots?

          I write in complaint.

          I am 73, and have ventured forth fleetingly during the 7 months’ lock down.

          But this young man seems to believe that as ‘people die all the time’, then, I should just shut up, and die through his neglect and others, whom he seems willing to serve regardless.

          I am really angry about this episode.

          I hope someone at Lidl is reading this.”

          There are many many cold heartless bastards walking our land.

          I’ll give Lidl a few days, and then demand a meeting with management in Clydebank.


          • andyfromdunning says:

            SELFISH inconsiderate twats refuse to wear masks. Have you noticed also that some people have such huge noses that their masks can’t cover it.

          • Eilidh says:

            Jack I get why you are angry re the situation in Lidls and I think the way the check out operator at Lidl dealt with what you said to him was stupid as were his comments re people die all the time. However it is not the job of shop staff to confront customers not wearing masks and Nicola Sturgeon has said that on at least one televised covid briefing I have seen. To do so puts them at risk of threats or violence and that is what has been happenning in some small corner shops. The respinsiblity to wear a mask lies with that customer who is clearly an idiot.The person at Lidl definitely needs a lot more customer service training though

            • grizebard says:

              While you’re right about what Nicola has said, it’s peer pressure that makes necessary social adaptation happen, and not least among the ill-informed and/or egregiously self-centred.

              Large stores such as Lidl typically have a security person hovering by the entrance anyway, so it would cost nothing simply to instruct them to refuse admittance to anyone not wearing a mask as required by law.

              • Bob Lamont says:

                Correct, it should be a case of “no mask no entry NOR exit”.
                It may not be the staff’s job to enforce the rules but I’m willing to bet the vast majority of clients would support it to the point of a few well aimed but entirely accidental collisions between client trolleys and gonads or heels, the vast majority are supportive of “the rules”…
                Caught bonny here twice recently, both occasions in a hurry and forgotten a mask, no mask no entry, back to the car and return masked, temperature checked, enter..
                It’s not rocket science to consider others, but a prick with a trolley full of groceries after half an hour shopping refused sale will only make that mistake once… 😉

              • Eilidh says:

                Never seen security in that Lidls or my local one. Asda and Morrisons do that but Lidls are a discount supermarket with minimal staff. That is why they have cheap erprices . Maybe time they got security

                • Golfnut says:

                  All of these stores did just fine controlling access during lockdown. You queued, you wore a mask, no problem. Stores like Lidl, Aldi, Homebargains all used staff to control access, Tesco etc used Security staff, some still do. What’s changed, not the message from the Scottish Government for sure.

            • Hence my complaint to Lidl, Eilidh.
              They either train their staff, or have security at the door stopping Covidiots getting in.
              This particular young man was cold and indifferent, not under any pressure at all.

              Asda have ‘greeters’, as do B&Q and the like.

              There is a management team at Lidl Clydebank, surely.

              The alternative is that we all cower for fear that the perpetrators turn violent?

              Where do we stop and say ‘enough is enough’.
              Two well paid footballers were whooping it up at a party in Devonshire Terrace..flat prices range from third to half a mill these days.
              Rich spoiled brats laughing in our faces.

              This young man at the till actually suggested that I don’t come out at all…

              As I say, who is right?

              Assholes whom the media consciously egg on to break Covid rules, because they are Brits who want the Bad SNP to fail, or the rest of us, who want to save lives and get through this terrible plague?
              I refuse point blank to say silence would certainly not be out of fear of being harmed by some dolt.
              I’m not that daft..but I will not stand by and say nothing..that’s how fascism wins.

            • Hamish100 says:

              Big sign outside the shop -. No mask , no sale.

              Lidl and other staff would do something if the public were drunk, smoking on the premises, taking drugs in the toilet, shoplift, minors buying alcohol or tobacco. Not wearing a mask or using hand sanitizer could make someone ill or die. Too many excuses by shop owners.

              Also if you can’t wear a mask I sympathise but don’t go into a shop. Get someone else shop for you. Don’t take it personally. I wear mines it protects you.

        • ArtyHetty says:

          Northumberland will welcome them with open arms, they should emigrate there without delay, it’s all Tory so they’d be right at home.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      The opening “The Scottish government is demanding a second independence referendum, but the UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, has ruled out giving consent for one. He has the
      legal right to do so ” sets the tone for the rest of the piece, but is founded on the presumption of legal right from an English Law perspective, which in turn presumes Scots Law is subservient which is incorrect.

  28. Petra says:

    Interesting don’t you think, Jack? You can see how one sided it is with the SG having to accommodate them at every turn. No mention of purdah being breached (etc) or of how unfair and unjust the situation is for us in comparison to other countries they mentioned (caught in a trap). Another reason for them having no written constitution, no doubt, so just quote Cameron, Major, Thatcher et al saying that if we want to leave nae problem. Aye right.

    The authors of the piece are Akash Paun, Jess Sargeant and Kelly Shuttleworth. All English with links to English universities and their mates at Westminster.

    ..”In some countries, secession is permitted because specific national constitutional
    arrangements allow for such a right. For example, in the case of Montenegro, which became
    independent following a referendum in May 2006, the option of secession was expressly
    outlined by the Constitutional Charter of Serbia and Montenegro. Article 60 provided for a
    three-year referendum-free period, and following that “member-states shall have the right
    to begin the process… to secede from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro”.
    The independent state of Montenegro was promptly recognised by the majority of
    the international community, including by the EU Council, which took a co-ordinated
    approach that led to all its member states recognising the country’s independence in
    June 2006.

    Similarly, the Greenland Self-Government Act 2009 provided a process
    and conditions for Greenland to become independent from Denmark, starting with a
    decision made by the people of Greenland and followed by negotiations between the
    respective governments.

    The Canadian province of Quebec has also twice voted on independence, in 1980 and
    1995, rejecting the proposal on both occasions. In 1998, three years after the second
    Quebec referendum, the Canadian Supreme Court acknowledged the province’s
    constitutional right to secede: A clear majority vote in Quebec on a clear question in favour of secession would confer democratic legitimacy on the secession initiative which all of the other
    participants in Confederation would have to recognize.

    The international community appears to be supportive of secession where this is
    consented to by the central government or provided for through the relevant state’s
    constitution. Self-determination and independence debates are generally regarded as
    domestic affairs, as also articulated by the Canadian Supreme Court: “[In democratic
    societies] peoples are expected to achieve self-determination within the framework of
    their existing state”.

    The UK has no written constitution or domestic legislation in which the principle of
    self-determination is explicitly recognised for Scotland, however it was acknowledged
    specifically for the “people of the island of Ireland” in the Good Friday Agreement 1998.”..

    • It reads the way it’s meant to read.
      We have to seek another country’s ‘permission’ to vote on breaking up a Union?

      I have had enough of this patronising English superior tosh, Petra.
      And so, I firmly believe have millions of Scots citizens.
      I’ll dance to no imperial tune.

      • Petra says:

        There’s also a number of interesting facts contained in the document, Jack. Still worth a read, imo, for a number of reasons.

        • I know, Petra, I know.
          But as you can see from my post above, I’m in the foulest of moods right now.
          I’ll get ’round to it, eventually, promise.
          But the notion that we would have to present low level chapter and verse how and what we were going to negotiate as part of the divorce settlement to the other side, England, before we cast a vote, is imperial nonsense.
          Day One, a Free country, then the negotiations start.
          I’m still beelin’ with that lad at Lidl.
          ‘People are dying all the time’.

  29. Asda Dundee much the same it’s always men in the 25-40 age group not wearing a mask even when they are with their wife and children who ARE wearing masks and nobody confronts them.
    I’m tempted but it’s very likely you would get met with aggression and I’m never one for backing down in the face of aggression so I just look and watch their behaviour it’s as if they are actually waiting for someone to confront them so they can do the “ big man “ tough act.
    Shops and supermarkets and the police should be doing something with these people , I agree with Jack Collatin if it were someone smoking a cigarette something would be done right away and let’s face it here if you go maskless even just once and give a vulnerable person covid they could die whereas if you smoke a cigarette in a shop or supermarket just once it is not going to kill anyone.
    People going maskless is a much greater danger than passive smoking

  30. Arthur Thomson says:

    Who are these people who aren’t wearing masks? True Brits. No Scot would knowingly put others at risk in that way – even if they had doubts as to the correctness of the policy. Does that open me up to the accusation of Scottish exceptionalism? I don’t think so because I really have no doubt that the people in England who would behave in a similarly irresponsible way would also be “true Brits”. By definition they have no regard for others. In the USA they would be Trump supporters, in the UK context they would be Brexiteers. Thick as mince and sociopathic with it.

    With regard to Scotland’s right to “secede” – these deluded Brits are just engaged in a rearguard attempt to stop the inevitable. Their skill in doing that will be on a par with their miserable, scurrilous attempts to date. They are a shower of incompetent shysters who think they are dealing with an uneducated community. In fact they are actually up against a better educated community of Scots who will successfully navigate their way to independence. We will turn their weasel words and actions back on them and – as with the pandemic – we will always be one step ahead of them. Heads we win tails they lose – that is where we are now.

    Let’s not attribute undeserved credence to their John Bull crap.

  31. Dr Jim says:

    When Ireland took their Independence from the Imperialists if the Union had posed the same questions like *what currency will you use* or *you can’t manage without the broad shoulders* or *you’ll have no pensions*
    the Irish would have just laughed in their faces so that strategy was never tried on them because they knew it wouldn’t work so the Imperial English just went straight to threats of doom and destruction

    In Scotland our problem is not what’s outside of us, it’s what’s going on inside our country manipulated from outside

    Begin with a cause and campaign aggressively for it and supporters gather to your cause so keep feeding those supporters until they become *followers* then the next phase is *subversion* of that cause, remember you don’t care about the result of the cause only the cause itself because that’s how you collect your followers, then you move to the *radicalisation* of your followers who by this time believe every word you say because remember they think you stood by them in their original cause, but of course you didn’t because your cause was to ultimately *build* a belligerent style of Taliban devotee thereby increasing support for yourself

    Donald Trump uses the same technique, create as much hate as you can, alienate the non believers by insult or abuse then you have your own little Kingdom and followers to revere you, meaning you no longer have to engage with or prove anything to anyone you just insult everyone who’s not a supporter of the *word* and the word becomes Me Me Me Me and all that I say

    There are a lot of people prepared to pay for this, look familiar does it?

    • Ken2 says:

      The punt (Irish pound) was linked to the £pound (same value) for years. Then they joined the euro. 1st Jan 1999. Withdrew Irish punt by 1st Jan 2002.

  32. Alex Clark says:

    I’m glad that the Scottish government worked hard into the summer to sign up manufacturers of PPE with local companies based in Scotland and where the items will actually be made. The alternative sourcing from Tom, Dick and Harry doesn’t bear thinking about.

    A UK company that had been due to deliver millions of masks to the government has claimed it was defrauded by an offshore firm based in the British Virgin Islands after the protective equipment failed to materialise.

    Hertfordshire-based Purple Surgical was handed a contract to provide £45m of medical-grade face masks to the government in April – with the delivery due to be made the following month during the height of the UK’s first spike in coronavirus cases.

    However a lawsuit filed by the firm claims it was defrauded by its own supplier Win Billion Investment Group, a firm who had offered to provide the protective equipment in a deal worth $27m.

    The two firms entered into an agreement in March, however papers submitted to the California court system allege that while the cash was handed over, the masks were never delivered to Birmingham City Airport as agreed.

    Note too, the $18m dollar potential profit from working as the middle man. Another PPE scandal.

  33. Dr Jim says:

    Katherine Samson of STV news says on furlough that the Tories are “playing into the hands of the SNP”

    Shouldn’t that statement be more like “The Tories are proving to be the liars everyone says they are”

    It should not be inferred that the SNP should somehow be shouldering any blame that the Tories can’t be trusted, that’s just news twisting

  34. Bob Lamont says:

    An England perspective… 🤣

  35. Bob Lamont says:

    Try 2 with the link, sorry, was still laughing and suspect I forgot…

  36. Dr Jim says:

    The new draft referendum has been leaked ahead of the manifesto and states the SNP will accept no veto from the UK government on Scottish Independence

  37. yesindyref2 says:

    Okey doke. Everyone’s maybe seen the SSAS result in the National; the SSAS broke down Independence / Devolution / Abolition (and don’t know). But Mark Diffley who is used by Progress Scotland thinks it’s all the EU. I disagree.

    From 33% in 2014, 39% 2015 and 46% in 2016 (survey done before the EU Ref), that’s 13% in just 2 years, 6.5% per year, to match the Indy Ref actual result.

    But from 2016 to 2020 at 51%, is just 5% in 4 years = 1.25% per year. That’s less than a fifth of the pre-brexit increases.

    I think it’s more a reducing belief in the status quo, including because of the Smith Report and its partial and grudging implentation, followed by the power grab being big news. Which would, if right, and that’s possibly backed by the increase in YES support since March this year. be good news. The Infernal market Bill is only going to make that worse.

    Correlations don’t work if cause and effect haven’t been checked out.

    Off now to watch SW II again – attack of the clones. That’ll be the Tory party I guess.

    Hi Petra!

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Emm, the Hi Petra had no connection with the previous line! It just happened that way 😦

    • grizebard says:

      “Power grab”, “infernal market bill”, and such are all really still “EU”, are they not?

      But (as mentioned in the article) the highly-visible demonstration of real power held by the SG on matters such as health has surely been the most significant driver recently of increased support for indy. That would of course fit into your “reducing belief in the [UK] status quo”.

      • Alex Clark says:

        Where the Scottish government hold the “powers” in devolved areas, such as over health, they have been seen as being used more competently than in other parts of the UK.

        It has also highlighted very starkly the limit of the powers of devolution, unable to borrow and fund our own furlough scheme, for example, I think both matter equally in the opening of people’s eyes.

        It shows Scotland can govern itself just fine given the powers to do so, it also shows that within the UK we are restrained from making decisions that would benefit our people and businesses in times of crisis. The Scottish government should make ALL the decisions that impact on the life of the Scottish people.

        We rejected Johson and his tag rag bunch of incompetents at the last General Election, yet they can dictate and make decisions affecting all our lives without any consideration of the effects these decisions might have. That is just wrong and needs to change.

        Vote Yes and ensure that the people you elect are fit to govern and you consent to them making decisions on your behalf, if they don’t, then you get rid of them. We can’t do that yet in Scotland as the government is almost always decided by the electorate of our neighbour, and that needs to change.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Well, what Diffley said in the National article was “evidence from polls and the SSAS showed that the country was still largely split at around 55:45 in favour of the Union”. But the SSAS doesn’t show that in its time series, whereas polls do. So what he should have done is indeed, consider the “time-series back to the establishment of devolution in 1999”. Or at least, since 2012.

        The first thing I think that happened was consolidating that pre-ref rise from 23% or 28%, depending which starting point to take, to the 45% in Indy Ref 1, because much of the increase was because while happy with devolution, many wanted more powers – as shown in the SSAS detail. That catching up had pretty well happened by 2016, but it showed up more of course in the SSAS than straight YES / NO polls.

        A danger in stats (which I did), is where people see two connected things – like it’s cloudy, and the washing on the line is likely to get wet, so think that clouds increase the probablility of the washing getting wet, so there’s a direct correlation. Whereas when it’s cloudy it increases the chance of rain, and it’s the rain that wets the washing not the clouds! So it’s a secondary effect.

        I don’t think most people have felt the bite of Brexit yet, even as a very small business my sales if anything have been a bit higher to the EU as they stock up just in case. So yeah, I think it’s more the SG recently, and very possibly stretching right back to after the Ref, and the SNP rightly concentrating on implementing Smith, and thereby respecting the will of the 55% even while wishing they didn’t have to!

        Anyways, food break over, back to Star Wars 🙂

        • grizebard says:

          You could be right, the Brexit phoney war is still not (quite) over yet. Conveniently for the BoZo regime, its incompetence over CV-19 is currently masking its utter f-wittery over Brexit – how ironic! – but the Brexichickens are surely still mustering for their journey home!

          • yesindyref2 says:

            Well, I hope it is right. Once Brexit is done. then there’s a short window where Indy Ref 2 needs to be held, but beyond that people adjust and get used to it. I’m already for my wee business looking at how to handle any tariffs, and paperwork (electronic for some). Whereas the increasing belief in devolution and the increasing bad effects of the power grab carry on going. All Westminster can do is stop the grab which means our legislations drifting further and further apart, and give us more powers – which we’ll happily use until we need more. Which will be in about 5 minutes flat.

            Anyways, I’m calling it for Trump. This is a win-win prediction as either I’m the great predictor, or we all win.

            • grizebard says:

              I agree – there is a short window for success in IR2 before sullen acceptance here over Brexit sets in. My predictions are that the BoZo regime won’t do a U-turn over its power clawback and start ceding more power to devo – except maybe during IR2 itself in another purdah violation – and given all Bitter Together’s burnt bridges, support for indy will add at least 5% support during the IR2 campaign.

              • yesindyref2 says:

                It’s possible that most things that happen can increase the support at this stage, given the lack of trust in UK Gov, and continuing trust in Sturgeon. And she even got her tweet about the US election spot on this time in terms of neutrality:

                “Every politician knows the butterflies in the stomach feeling as close of poll looms…even when it’s not our election. But of course the outcome of US elections matter to the whole world. Good luck, America”

      • ArtyHetty says:

        ‘Infernal’ market bill, sounds about right, much more apt description of the BritNats’ ploy. Things will be hotting up in the next few weeks and months for those who rely on Scotland as their gravy train.

    • Drew Anderson says:

      With the greatest respect, I have to say you don’t understand how percentages work. Your direct comparison of 6.5 & 1.25% p.a. are meaningless without context.

      Take the 33% > 51%, 6.5% for instance; that’s a 50% increase in support and also a 25% dent in the available pool of potential support.

      As support increases, the number of potential supporters decreases & each becomes progressively more difficult to convert as we reach further into the hardcore.

      Here’s a recent opinion piece from the Grauniad on the subject:

      • yesindyref2 says:

        For % read % points where appropriate, if you want to be pedantic. Otherwise, for the overall trends and timings in what I said, 100% stet. The rest of your reply is a veritable tyro statement of the obvious like, hey, when you reach 100%, you can’t go any further!

        • Drew Anderson says:

          Sorry, but you’ve lost me; what’s a “tyro statement”? Without knowing, I don’t know if “touché”or “touchy” is an appropriate response.

  38. Petra says:

    Surprise, surprise.

    ‘US election: Dominic Raab refuses to call out Donald Trump fraud claim.’

    ”Dominic Raab has refused to criticise Donald Trump for falsely claiming to have already won the election.”..


    Another surprise…. Not.

    ‘Brexit: Boris Johnson misses EU deadline to explain breach of international law.’

    ”Boris Johnson is facing further legal action from the EU after he missed a deadline to explain why he is planning to break international law over Northern Ireland.”

  39. Petra says:

    Dr Philippa Whitford:- ”How dare Rees-Mogg claim that MPs like myself, at high risk from #COVID19 are just shirking their duty in calling for FULL digital participation so we can fully represent our constituents during #COVID & #BrexitShambles.”


    And from the Harassment and Complaints Committee ,

    ”Legal firm Levy & McRae, representing the Former First Minister Alex Salmond, submit documents relating to the Judicial Review for the Committee’s consideration.”

  40. Petra says:

    Mundell and Barclay getting their usual nasty wee ”grievance” quip in about the SNP. Every time the former opens his mouth it helps support for independence to rise, imo.

    ”David Mundell (Scottish Tory) seeks clarity from Steve Barclay that furlough support, for Scotland, will be available after 2nd Dec if a lockdown is needed. He doesn’t get it from Barclay.”


    Alison Thewliss:- ”Why are Treasury ministers unable to answer whether #furlough will be extended to any part of the UK that requires it after 2 December? Seeking assurances on furlough and SEISS isn’t about grievance, it’s about securing a vital lifeline for people right across these islands.”

  41. Petra says:

    Jeezo Trump levelling up with Biden now 🙄.


    A couple for you WS.

    ‘The Campaign for an Independent Wales YesCymru has gained 3000 new members in the last 3 days.’


    ‘Majority of Labour voters would vote in favour of Welsh Independence.’

  42. Petra says:

    ”Important to appreciate the significance of this. A Norwegian state owned mainly hydro generator has bought a UK owned solar energy company. Norway with the same population as Scotland is running rings round the UK in all Net Zero sectors.”


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  43. Welsh Siôn says:

    Thank you, Petra.

    But don’t forget YES Cymru is not just for me – it’s for all indy supporters regardless of nationality – you included. Heck, if I can be a member of YES Scotland, you can be a member of YES Cymru, right?

    16.2K Members now and growing!

  44. Petra says:

    ‘Why is the Union So Special?’


    ‘SNP conference motion says party won’t accept Westminster veto on indyref2.’

    ”The SNP’s draft agenda for the party’s annual conference has been leaked in full to The National with a proposed motion on renewing the party’s commitment to hold an independence referendum and a warning the party “will not accept a Westminster veto” on holding a new vote.”..

    • Petra says:

      Trump and Biden neck and neck now.The worst case scenario. I’m just wondering who on earth is actually voting for Trump. Friggin scary.


      Health warning or one for a laugh.

      Forty three minutes of guff from DRoss on why the Union is special.

      • grizebard says:

        Quoth DRoss:

        The UK is a partnership of nations just like the European Union.

        Does this twat really believe such patently false equivalencing? Did UKGov eg. have to get “gracious leave” of the EU in order to have its exit referendum? Does Scotland really sit at the table as an equal with England? What manifest tosh.

        DRoss even undermines himself shortly afterwards, in mentioning as a supposed advantage of the Union, that before 1707 there was “already a tight web of connections”. Oh right, Dougie, so while Scotland and England were entirely separate countries, they somehow managed to conduct trade and maintain relations, so where then is the likelihood of the total breakdown that your Tory pals keep threatening?

        The man is either a mendacious UKGov puppet or a self-deluded fool.

        • Welsh Siôn says:

          The man is either a mendacious UKGov puppet or a self-deluded fool.


          Why not both? 🙂

        • grizebard says:

          Oh, he then goes on to criticise the EU for being “too rigid” (because it didn’t give in to Cameron’s special pleading on top of Thatcher’s job lot, apparently), then goes on to consider the appropriate response to tackling this unfortunate rise in support for independence by discounting both the diminution of devolution and and its strengthening. Stasis, in other words. Rigid thinking or just clueless?

          This Union of his is so wonderfully sound and ultra-flexible, but strangely it just can’t bear the weight of any greater distribution of power. Meanwhile his puppet master in London is busily planning to claw back as much power to London as he can get away with.

          “Taking back control”, Dougie. That’s what it’s really about, you moron, not wistful tin-roofed shacks in Monymusk.

        • Dr Jim says:

          Every country in the EU gets one vote whether a country is large or small, in the UK Scotland gets one vote and England gets ten

          Every time they say we’re in a Union of equals I’ve got one word for them *Wallonia*

          At no time does the EU ever tell the citizens of those countries that they’re *all one nation*, each country has its own laws rules culture and identity Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland only have culture and identity when we’re *allowed*

  45. I have a sense that BBC North Britain Stockade will regret engineering School Dinner Monitor Dross ‘I’m Really In Charge Of Scotland ‘ wee stint into the FM’s Daily Briefing.

    Through the wonders of i Player I can watch the Full Metal Jacket version of the FM’s Daily Dance with the increasingly tired Dusty Old Hackery as they ‘Yes But’ their way through a litany of moans on BBC Scotland, then trace back to where EBC cut short the FM’s Update, to let the Linesman and School Dinner Monitor ‘shine’.

    The Part Time MP was glad that he got the PM’s ‘commitment’ to extending the furlough scheme in Scotland on Monday, which apparently the PM reaffirmed today at WM.
    So The Linesman is taking the credit for getting the scheme extended in Scotland?
    What a load of Dross toss.

    When asked who would decide whether or not Scotland would go in to Full Lock Down, the FM or PM, Dross squirmed and wriggled like a baggie minnie on the end of a fishing hook, and waffled that it was the scientific advice across the four nations that determined if full lockdown were necessary.

    He couldn’t even bring himself to say out loud that the FM as leader of the governing party in Scotland would decide.

    When pressed, and asked if our democratically elected FM, who is fully accountable and responsible for Health in Scotland put Scotland in Lockdown, was the one insisting that the English Chancellor would provide 80% furlough for as long as our FM deemed necessary, the Linesman quivered and spat out a mumbling ‘Yes’.

    Of course this Dim Tory Boy has no authority to make such a commitment to open ended 80% furlough for as long as it takes in Scotland, as it would surely come as news to the English Chancellor that the Linesman was announcing Treasury policy Up Here live on the telly, but as usual EBC Planation Quay let him off the hook once again.

    We are to credit Dross with pressurising his boss, the Womanising Racist, into a blank furlough cheque for the Jocks?
    We have to listen to this madness rather than receive vital information of Covid, hidden back there on BBC Jockland?

    I’m looking forward to the Linesman making an absolute fool of himself again tomorrow.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Jack, the title of this piece is “last bell for the Tories”, why do I get the distinct impression from observations on DRoss, you’ve highlighted two of Paul’s unfortunate typos, a missing “end” and “in Scotland” 😉

      • Bob, you ,ay call him that, but I couldn’t possible comment.
        I’m sure that John Smith’s widow’s Think Tank has produced guidelines on how to be polite to politicians, doubtless drafted by Kezia Fifi Le Bon Dugdale, and the Hon Sarah Smiths sister, (surprisingly, can’t remember her name) to justify their six figure Dark Money funded salaries.

        I struggle to find Kezia’s Polite Recipe Booklet on line.

        BBC Plantation Quay sets up this nonsense, portraying the Dinner School Monitor as some sort of leading figure and Ultimate Arbiter over our Scottish Government, powerfully intervening for us colonial serfs’ behalf with the Great White Father in London.
        He is a Blue Tory MP, one of only six, in Scotland, hanging on by his finger tips to a majority in the hundreds, who spends more time filling in SFA fees and hotel/travel expenses claims than he does commemorating VJ day.

        Yet BBC Plantation Quay goes along with this farce, fooling no one, not even themselves.

  46. Welsh Siôn says:

    Let’s hear England’s Tories squeal against their own Government now – as they howled against Drakeford previously:

    England to follow Wales with non-essential goods aisles cordoned off

    4th November 2020

    Supermarkets in England will be told to refrain from selling some goods such as clothes and books during lockdown, following in Wales’ footsteps after similar measures were introduced here.

    According to industry publication The Grocer, stores have been instructed to cordon off aisles which contain only non-essential products only.

  47. Capella says:

    Great to see you back Petra and in good form. Great links as usual.

    @Alex Clark @ Golfnut – only two more episodes of “The Queen’s Gambit” left to watch so that’s me for the rest of the evening. Good call. Netflix is quite impressive in the films it produces. There could be scope for a Scottish producer to launch a series.

    I’m studiously avoiding the US elections and the Tory disaster zone for one evening. Although I did endure Radio 4’s Pm at 5 PM Evan Davies interviewing right wingers such as William Hague droning on about the special relationship.

    Sorry – did I say William Hague – I meant The Right Honourable The Lord Hague of Richmond, PC FRSL – FFS!

  48. Petra says:

    Thanks Capella. Nice to be back 😀

  49. Ken2 says:

    Biden had an Irish mother. Kitty Finnigan. Supports Ireland. So he might support Scottish Independence.

    Kennedy did not want McMillan to have Nukes. Dumped in Scotland unlawful and illegally. Without permission, secretly.

    McMillan wanted them at Fort William. Ended up 30mins from Glasgow. They got rid of them at Greenham Common, 86 miles from London, in 1992. Reagan and Gorbachev signed a Nuclear disarmament treaty 1986. Limited weapons in Europe.

    Now they are out of the EU. The contract could be terminated. No strategic purpose.

    Biden might start International war again. US politician war machine.

  50. James Fleming says:

    Just to exercise my inner geek, I have to point out that Ceaser in Planet of the Apes is a wise and compassionate leader and is the protagonist of the films. Exactly the opposite of DRoss, so not really a good comparison 🤓😉

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