Douglas Ross’s meal deal

empathy, human decency, and basic self awareness, but no one could ever accuse him of lacking a brass neck, Douglas is the kind of guy who would piss through your letterbox and then chap on your door to ask you how far it went. Yesterday, for reasons of its own, the Scotsman decided to publish an article penned by Douglas – or rather by his press officer which set out in nauseatingly fake blokeish terms how ‘fitba loving Douglas and his Scottish Tories are completely behind the footballer Marcus Rashford’s campaign to ensure that kids living in food poverty receive free school meals during the holidays, by completely behind he means voting against it when it came to a vote in the Commons, and then adding for good measure that the Scottish Tories will vote against it the next time it comes to a vote, this is a very odd definition of ‘completely behind’, but then I wouldn’t piss through your letterbox and then chap on your door to ask you how far it went. but then what do you expect from a party which trashed the Scotland Act and called it ‘strengthening devolution. The Tories are now deep into Trumpian levels of lying, which ,let’s face it, is the only way that a hungry wean is ever going to get a pork pie out of Douglas Ross and the Scottish Conservatives.I have been suffering from nausea since I had the stroke and Douglas’s fitba metaphor laden I’m a dad schtick almost made me lose my stomach lining. if only Douglas can keep up this level of boak inducing bollocks he could solve the problem of food poverty entirely because everyone who has the misfortune to read it will be far too nauseous to eat. Douglas’s claim to support free school meals is about as convincing as the BBC’s claim to be impartial on the topic of Scottish independence, The BBC seemingly wants us to believe that the reason it hasn’t confronted Douglas over his hypocrisy is because he has just popped out to fry up some fish fingers and chips for the weans.

the Scottish government has already committed to free school meals during the Xmas, Feb and Easter holidays, as well as the additional Scot Child Payment, but Douglas tells us he’s going to pressure the Scottish Government to do something that it is already doing which he didn’t do himself despite claiming that he fully supported it, The truth is that the only thing that Douglas fully supports is desperately lunging at any passing bandwagon in what now appears to be the increasingly vain hope that he can avoid the fate of his predecessor, Surname Surname.
Douglas now says that he abstained on the free school meals vote because it’s an England only issue, although had it been approved it would have produced a Barnett Consequential and delivered extra funding for Holyrood which the Scottish Government could have spent on free schoolmeals for kids in Scotland, mind you, being supposedly England only didn’t stop all his Scottish Tory colleagues from voting against, like Andrew Bowie, who voted against because he’s already got his six chips. And it wasn’t what Douglas was giving as a reason for abstention just after the vote when he claimed it was because he couldn’t get a proxy vote. Douglas was quite happy to vote on England only matters last week when he voted on the minimum length that an English fishing vessel needs to be in order to get an English fishing licence, but now all of a sudden not voting on England only matters is a thing. The kids that Douglas’s party has voted to deprive of school meals might not be able to smell any dinners but they can certainly smell all the shite that passes for his excuses.

the best way you can ensure that Douglas Ross and the Scottish Tories feed hungry school children is, the next time you see one of their lying leaflets full of fake promises and outright lies, is to rip it into tiny pieces, throw it in the composting bin, and use it to help fertilise a crop of potatoes. It’s the only way that wyou will ever get a meal deal from the Tories.

health update, in physio yesterday I took my first faltering steps since having the stroke, there is still a long journey ahead in rehab, but the physio did tell me that I will walk again. I don’t mind admitting that I got a bit emotional because last week I was very worried about whether I would ever be able to walk again. The consultant has told me to expect to remain in hospital for the next two to three weeks, and while there is still a long recovery road ahead, I am making good progress and am determined to do what it takes to make the best recovery possible. I would like to thank everyone for all your messages of love and support, and my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has so generously contributed to the crowd funder, which is now standing atover £29,000 of the £50,000 target. you have all boosted my spirits more than you can possibly imagine, Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

typos, sorry, there’s going to be a lot of them while I learn how to type all over again, please be patient.

I have set upa crowdfunder in order to ensure that I have a home that is suitable for my changed needs following my stroke you can donate directly to the crowdfunder on gofundme by clicking the following link,

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118 comments on “Douglas Ross’s meal deal

  1. dorancaird says:

    As ever love your comments. Always on target, But even more was so relieved to see that you are making progress. I have some experience of stroke rehab units and I can assure you that all concerned will do their utmost. Take a telling though and don’t tire yourself out. Hope you are sporting the glitter boa on your support. God bless you and all the best. 😷

  2. Ken2 says:

    You will be reaching your target. Do not worry. People will see to it. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. It will be fine. Sorted Take care. For Independence Day.

  3. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a now 60+ Female and commented:
    Great to hear you managed a few steps.

  4. The Gillies says:

    You seem to be doing great. Proof is you haven’t lost your sense of what’s right and wrong.
    Keep going .You WILL walk again ,the physios WILL make certain. Believe me you will.
    I have been there and had to learn to walk again a couple of years ago after a similar situation.
    Well done Paul.

  5. Ken2 says:

    Ross and Bowie put their foot in it every time they open their mouths, They show what complete fools they are. Going down 10%? in Scotland.

    Marcus Rushford a footballer has made the Tories increase Universal Credit £20 a week. A footballer put the boot in. More use than the useless Tory/unionists.

    The Tories IDS. Ian Duncan Smith cut Welfare £100 a month. The catastrophe move to Universal Credit to cut payments to starve people. They cut Welfare £16Billion from 2015. ConDems. Cut taxes for the wealthier. Tax Evasion.

    Now after the expense and bureaucracy of the change over, leaving people destitute. Wasting £Billions They have had to increase the amount. Typical Tories. Beyond useless.

    The Scottish Gov is intending making £10 a week payment to children in lower income households, in February. It will help eradicate child poverty and inequality.

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  7. gavinochiltree says:

    Wee Dougie, with an O level in mucking byres, wants us to believe his tiny band of brass-necked, flip-flopping yes men have “seen the light” and joined decent society.

    If you believe that, then good sirs, I have a bridge to sell you.
    Pristine, never been seen, as “imagined” by King Boris and his bag carrier Hi Jack.
    It’s the bargain of the age–roll up, roll up!

  8. Legerwood says:

    I have a spring-loaded letter-box for the occasions when such as Mr Ross come calling.
    Even if it does not catch his vital parts he’ll no be picking his nose again.

    Glad to hear you are making progress but remember slow and steady wins the race.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      😀 DRoss would have to a contortionist as well in many cases, I guess he is a contortionist with the truth though! Did the Tores really think because he does football, that would fool people into believing he was a man of the people! They should have chosen someone in the line of cricket if they wanted to keep their followers lol!

      • Douglas says:

        Absolutely! It was the same with Messiah Jim “fitba lovin’ ” Murphy, I really do not understand why politicians conflate popularity with a ball game. Just makes me want to boak!!

  9. Susie says:

    Dear Mr Kavanagh-Mosson,

    I am an avid reader and fan of your blog and was deeply saddened to hear of your recent stroke. I very much wish you a speedy recovery and hope that you reach and breach the target for your Fundraiser – I am quite sure that you will.

    Reading your blog and becoming more aware of the struggle you are having at the moment to type and get your articles out, it occurred to me whether you might like some support in this regard? If you would like someone to quickly read and QA your articles before posting, I would be more than happy to help you out.

    If this idea were to be of interest you can check out my credentials at the links below. If not, no problem, it was just a thought!

    Wishing you and your husband all the very best for the future,

    Susie Hardie

  10. carolclark1 says:

    Well Paul, you haven’t lost your ability to hit the nail square on the head. You’re bang on with what you say about Dross and his merry band of lying hypocrites. Since he took over the tories are going down rapidly in the polls. Maybe they should have left Surname Surname in place.

    I’m delighted to hear that you are improving and will be able to walk again, good news indeed. You sound surprised at the amount in your fundraiser, you shouldn’t be. You mean such a lot to the duggers and it’s nice that we can support you when you need it most.

    Take it easy, dae whit yer telt and come back to us when you’re ready. Love to Peter at this difficult time.

  11. Emoting with you Paul…

  12. The Conservative party introduce policies based on their ideology that unemployed people are unemployed because they are too lazy to work
    sick and disabled people have abused their health with alcohol and drugs
    Immigrants only came here because they want benefits housing and healthcare for free

    That is their thinking and their policies come from it

    Of course what they think and what they say are not the same
    Here is a perfect example D Ross Conservative party leader in Scotland abstaining on the issue of feeding children who go hungry
    What an embarrassing sick individual he is for doing that
    If I ever see him I will go to him look him in the eye and tell him what I think of him for doing that
    Children can’t work they can’t provide for themselves they need care and looking after
    For any government official to deny children the certainty of food is a crime people who voted against it or abstained do not deserve to be in government they should be kept clear of public positions that carry responsibility

    What is the world coming to
    When will people act to change things

    In USA we Donald Trump spending huge sums of money on nuclear weapons threatening China by teaming up with Japan and sailing their war ships off the coast of China this in addition to basing nuclear missiles in all the countries who border China and pointing them in China’s direction.
    Trumpet can issue directions to fire these weapons without having to get Congress or any other authority on the planet to agree , so much power so much risk of devastation in one persons hands.

    Here in Scotland some young folk have taken the time to put together this wee video showing the preposterous and archaic behaviour of a few wealthy landowners in Scotland who trash nearly a fifth of Scotland for grouse shooting killing most of our wild animal species in the process


    Scottish independence should have this top of the list of changes alongside a huge house building programme with houses that have a garden being priority , no more flats .
    Flats are not what people need , in a country the size of Scotland we can build nice warm efficient homes with space with gardens and trees in nice areas , not next to a railway line or a giant supermarket or factory
    There’s absolutely no need for Scotland’s people to be crammed into the small areas they are whilst huge areas of land is shut off to the people

    Farming needs sorting too they call themselves the guardians of the countryside but they are anything but guardians of our countryside
    They rip it up fell trees all over the place hedges too adding to flooding because of run off of water from fields that used to have hedges and trees on their edges but maximum production at any cost took over
    We subsidise them and they destroy our landscape, fertilisers run into burns and rivers killing fish and plant life , birds too .

    • Margaret Noakes says:

      Excellent video.

    • Terrific Revive spoof on Dragons’ Den; thanks for this, Terence.
      My ranting views of 1/5th of Scotland given over to killing Fields for the gentry and the filthy rich are well known.

      When I am Imperator Scotiae, I will ban blood sports, and compulsorily purchase the moors at £1.00 an acre.

      It is a farce that we allow the Robber Barons to hold on to millions of acres seized by their ancestors by pillage.

      Tick bliddy tock.

    • Jim says:

      Thanks for that video Terence.
      Very well constructed and professionally done with a current theme.
      That’s the type of video that should be shown on Scottish TV. Fat chance of that happening, but that’s what we’re up against.
      Maybe they can turn Cumbria or the Yorkshire Dales into one giant Grouse Moor once we’ve left.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Excellent comment Terence will watch film a bit later. It is utterly shocking that most of Scotland’s population live in flats, have been thinking about that lately especially with Covid and people having less opportunity to get out of the house, with a lot more time spent indoors, social and leisure activities having to be wound down for safety reasons. Yes some people are out exercising, jogging everywhere etc, but not everyone can depending on circumstances and environment.
      It’s criminal that many of Scotland’s people were herded into what are often very small flats called tenements when so much land was stolen away from them post the clearances. Agree with the idea of taking back the land, it’s essential. Scotland should be growing more food as well, using polytunnels etc, Soil can be improved. Grouse shooting is literally wrecking the ecosystem of our countryside that will not be able to be repaired, it’s sickening to the core. Yes, man made fertilisers used in farming are causing a huge problem with run off into rivers etc, it’s devastating. That’s been known about for years, but just coming to most peoples’ attention now.
      Scotland’s rivers are certainly cleaner than those in England, which are hooching with toxins, as is much of their drinking water, but there is still a problem with toxins in Scotland’s waterways, they should be cleaner. Independent Scotland will have much to repair for sure, the SNP in their job of ScotGov have begun the process in their fews years at Holyrood, and we can’t allow the BritNats to reverse any of that.

      • Capella says:

        Worse than that, big factories such as the Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh were built by those same big landowners who then needed a landless workforce to operate them. Hence the influx of destitute Highlanders into Scotland’s central belt. The tenements were hastily built (often by the same landowners) to house the new workforce. Much of the area built over was originally gardens.

  13. Macart says:

    Good news on the health update. 🙂

  14. Mike Lothian says:

    Hi, if you’d like any help with proof reading or reformatting your articles please just let me know. Always happy to help

  15. Golfnut says:

    I don’t know which school in involved in this, but I’ve no reason to doubt this has happened.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Funny way for a teacher to ask for her jotters

    • Doug says:

      Is that for real? If it is The National must get a hold of it.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      3 things that benefit Wales*/Scotland* from union with England:

      1 Zilch
      2 Nothing
      3 Nada

      * Delete as applicable.

      Homework done, Miss!

      • dear SC Croeso i YesCymru.

        Rydych chi newydd ymuno â’r ymgyrch ar lawr gwlad dros annibyniaeth i Gymru.

        Nid oes gennym gefnogaeth busnesau mawr na phleidiau gwleidyddol y tu ôl i ni – rydyn ni’n pwyso i gael annibyniaeth i Gymru trwy gymorth parhaus pobl ar draws ein gwlad.

        Gyda’n gilydd, byddwn ni’n sicrhau refferendwm ar annibyniaeth, a gyda’n gilydd, byddwn ni’n ennill y refferendwm honno.

        Byddwch chi’n derbyn eich pecyn aelodaeth yn y post yn fuan. Ac os hoffech ddod o hyd i’ch grŵp YesCymru lleol i gymryd rhan, cliciwch yma. Gallwch hefyd weld manylion ynglŷn â sut i gael y wybodaeth ddiweddaraf ar y cyfryngau cymdeithasol drwy glicio yma.

        Dros Gymru,

        Siôn Jobbins
        Cadeirydd YesCymru


        • Welsh Sion says:

          And a big ‘Croeso’ from this Siôn as well!

          (I trust you won’t want a translation – otherwise just drop a little line …)

          Nods da a diolch eto – And hoping you can bring some more Scots with you.

          Dros Gymru / For Scotland

      • i think what pushed me into joining was seeing that Michael Sheen had just followed the YES Cymru twitter account today. that’s a game changer WS

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Even a savant could not come up with a single ‘benefit of the union for Scotland’ nevermind three, because savants excel in facts, not lies.
      If I were the parent I’d be down to the school to have a wee word with the head. Kids forced to draw the butchers apron in school, in Scotland, which century is this? Will they be told to stop speaking with a Scottish accent next?
      Be interesting to know which ‘benefits’ the culprit teacher could come up with, they deserve a medal if they can pass that test!

    • Craig P says:

      I’d have thought the benefits of union were obvious?

      It stops England bombing our airports!

  16. Macjim says:

    You’re quite entitled to get a wee bit emotional Paul, you’ve been through a lot.
    You’re words are as always, spot on…
    Keep on fighting the fight to regain your health and mobility, and to keep those Britnats in their place.
    Best wishes to you…

  17. Aileen Ford says:

    Taking your first steps is great news. Take care of yourself.

  18. Bob Lamont says:

    Aye, well said, heard the nonsense being floated on DRoss and like most turned the other way, this the great white hope of Tory superiority, he’s milked better…
    Overblowm media adore Forres Gimp, so does he and his missus the Sarge, after that it rapidly diminishes beyond the Tory machine (Scots media) to looking forward to daisies re-appearing and the next Dulux colour chart, god almighty they’re desperate….

    Have been told it’s a hard lesson to re-learn to walk and you’re getting there but don’t vex it, day by day the experts will help and it will all fall into place, your brain got hit on the mechanical side, the creative side is alive and kicking even with one leg called Gove….

  19. smac1314 says:

    Great news about getting back on your feet. We’re all sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  20. Pogmothon says:

    Sorry can’t agree with you on the way to dispose of dross leaflet drivel Much prefer the Elvis option RTS every little helps especially when the post office charges for the return delivery.

  21. He went out with a whimper, not a bang.

    No surprise retirement cake, no carriage clock, not even a whimsical montage of his 20 years as the politics anchor at the BBC Jock outpost Up Here.

    Poor Old Just To Be Clear cut a pitiful figure, alone in the studio, with dodgy video links to Andrew Kerr, Labour Cllr Paul Kelly of North Lanarkshire Council, Professor Sir John Curtice, Stuart McMillan SNP MSP, Jaime Green and Sarah Boyak, James Cusick ‘political commentator’ and ultimately towards the end of the show, and the finale to his reign as frontman for Better Together, Dr Christine Tait Burkard of the Roslin Institute Edinburgh University who had too much ‘good news’ on the Scottish Government’s progress in bringing/slowing down the spread for Hang On A Minute’s liking.

    The Brewdog had his last vain attempt to ‘Yes But’ a medical expert, and he failed miserably.
    Paul Kelly, Labour, moaned that North Lanark might be put into Level 4, despite ‘local health’ officials arguing for level 3.

    Apparently there was a ‘Blackpool’ spike, presumably arseholes heading off to Blackpool for the September week end and bringing the plague back with them, but that this had passed, according to the Labour Deputy Leader…this pointless SNP Bad sequence rumbled on a bit and led nowhere, except to broadcast another unsubstantiated ‘swipe’ at the FM and the BAD SNP.

    The tried and tested Better Together 3 versus 1 next, with Brewer ‘interviewing’ Stuart Mc Millan SNP Jamie Greene Blue Tory, and Sarah Boyak Red Tory.

    To set the scene Brewer snarled at Mc Millan that the new five tier system might be ‘a marvel and a joy to behold’ in the SNP Government’s eyes, but…he was letting us know that he was with Boyak and Greene here.

    The poor Yoons moaned that they were being inundated with calls from constituents about Covid which they could not answer..bless.

    Boyak moaned about the reams of pages she was expected to read…naw, I’ve lost interest in describing this junk..SNP BAD not communicating or consulting, my brain hurts…too much like hard work for the Brits…ya de ya.

    Curtice was his usually slippery 65% Brit Government funded self.

    He got a knighthood for slipperiness after all.

    The last poll pro-independence , 58% didn’t get a mention, the prof preferring to average out recent polls at 54%, the worst he could do to manipulate the figures.

    He argued that Brexit had turned previous No/Remain Scots to Self Determination, and that, for the moment, NS’ handling of Covid compared with the English Lot was swaying switherers to YES, but that could change when NS makes an erse of Covid.

    No mention of UKIM, power grabs, a Fascist Tory Government for whom we didn’t vote yet again.

    We know it must be bad if even the BBC’s Poll Mouthpiece could not put a Better Together spin on the polls.

    At least we now know that Independence Supporters are viewed as enemies of the UK State.

    It is clear that Andrew Kerr has got the anchor role vacated by Brewdog.

    The daily plug of Dross; Kerr reporting that the Linseman and School Dinner Monitor Ross has been lobbying Johnson to start taking Independence seriously…

    Kerr claimed that because the Fat Owl Johnson was preoccupied with Brexit and Covid that there wasn’t enough ‘bandwidth’ to focus on Scotland and its needs.

    When can you start , Mr Kerr. True Blue Brit; tick.

    Of course James Cusick, political commentator blew Kerr’s fatuous reasoning about ‘bandwidths’ right out of the water.

    He revealed that Gove had set up a Get Scotland unit in June, interviewed and hired 5 or 6 High Flier Civil Servants to take on us, the Jock enemy, and smash the Nats.

    After all in 2014 they used the Home Civil Service as part of Project Fear and got away with it.

    Not this time. TOTO Civil Servants blocked the recruitment of civil sevants working for a political party.

    Gove is now hiring Top Guns from outside to act as ‘attack dogs’.

    Plenty of ‘bandwidth’ after all, Andrew Kerr.

    Who will pay for his Dirty Half Dozen? We shall, of course.

    Despite himself and his mate Andra, the programme closed on a positive note from Dr Tait Burkard.
    There are signs that we are stemming the outbreaks.

    She won’t be asked back, when Kerr is in the hot seat.

    And that was Brewer’s swan song.

    A man alone, in a deserted studio.

    Was it a deliberate snub?

    You betcha.

    Good luck as Op Ed at the Record, Gordon.

  22. David Agnew says:

    Once again Mr Dross demands the SNP do something it already announced. Its not a good look Mr Dross. It makes everyone think you were asleep at the meetings

  23. indygrump says:

    Great to hear you’re making good progress, Paul. Also great that you’re able to keep fighting the good fight. All the best.

  24. Alex Clark says:

    This is totally amazing, well done the Scottish NHS.

    • Alex, my Everlovin’ had a hip replaced at the Jubilee 9 weeks ago this Friday. I dropped her off at 7 in the morning, collected her at 6 that night and she has gone from strength to strength since.
      I’m thinking of getting her a paper round soon. every little bit helps.
      Seriously, she cannot say enough about the good folk at the Jubilee.
      Our NHS is the jewel in Scotland’s crown.
      Yet UKIM will usher in the US Health ‘providers’, and we can do nothing to stop them privatising Scotland’s Health Service?
      Over my dead body.
      I’m to get my annual flu shot next week, as per.
      It is nothing short of miraculous.
      What a Health Service we have !

  25. Capella says:

    Excellent take down of the rubbish that DRoss is recycling. The point about Barnett consequentials is well made. Is it even possible to keep up with the billions of expenditure and whether it has Barnett consequentials? We should be the richest people in the world by now.

  26. malkymcblain says:

    OT however may be worth sharing with friends and neighbours who may be wavering.

    It’s all true I lived in Aarhus DK for 4 years… that’s why I’m so certain that wee countries are far better than big ones.

  27. Eilidh says:

    Great article Paul and fab news to hear you are making progress health wise with taking your first steps since the stroke . Reading your articles always cheer me up. DROSS is an idiot. I did have a moment of catharsis yesterday re him when leaflet from him came through my letterbox and I took great delight in ripping it up into tiny little pieces and threw it into the bin.
    Watching the covid briefing just now and I think the travel restrictions from Monday are ludicrous and most people will not follow them. During the main virus lockdown I could travel 15 miles from home now I am not supposed to travel to another Local Authority area when I live 1 mile from Glasgow City boundary but I can travel to other end of my own area East Dunbartonshire to Twechar around 15 miles away. Crazy!!
    I have been yelling at the tv a few times during the briadcast listening to Ruth Davidson who is one obnoxious poor excuse for a human being and Dick Leotard is like a stuck record not to mention a twat. Ho hum maybe time to buy a punch bag

    • Legerwood says:

      I have seen various reports about the travel restrictions but decided to wait until the definitive version appeared on the Scottish Government website.

      This is what it says for level 3, which is the level that I shall be in:
      * no non-essential travel into or out of the level 3 area
      *exemptions for essential travel for work, education, shopping health etc; outdoor exercise; weddings and funerals; shared parenting, and transit through restricted areas
      *international quarantine regulations apply

      I took it to mean that if you are in Level3 and you are cheek by jowl with another level 3 area then you can travel into that area. But if your area is surrounded by areas at a higher or lower area then you can’t go into those areas. I think it probably needs a few more words added to it to give it greater definition and remove any ambiguity.

      It may have been worded in this way because the placement of areas into specific levels will be under constant review and so areas next to you or your own area could find their designation changing perhaps sooner than expected if we all behave ourselves.

      Maybe needs a FAQ section to clarify and put interpretation of what it means beyond any doubt.

      In the first lockdown the distance you could travel was 5 miles in the first months. The reason I remember was that at the time I could barely walk 5 miles at that time so from that point of view it was not too restrictive – for me at least. But a real pain in the tonsils if I wanted to see my son!

      • grizebard says:

        I got the distinct impression from what the FM said today that level 3 travel would be restricted (with the usual exceptions) to the local authority area. Maybe she was being stricter than the rules actually state, or I simply misunderstood, but anyway I don’t see any problem with a stricter implementation (if that be so) anyway.

        The poisonous media just can’t help itself from trying to undermine the necessary measures, but we need to get real here, this virus doesn’t give a damn how arduous people may feel any necessary restrictions to be, it will jump with glee (so to speak) from one infringer to another and thereby endanger us all, and ultimately make a stricter lockdown inevitable.

        This unfortunate situation tests our understanding and self-discipline to the limit, but that’s the only way we’ll finally win through this with the least amount of suffering overall.

        • Alex Clark says:

          Pretty much echoes my thoughts exactly. We can only avoid another national lockdown much stricter than the current guidelines by following the guidelines and all doing our best to avoid contributing to further transmission.

        • Eilidh says:

          I just checked my recording of the briefing. She said if you live in Tier 3 area like I do in (East Dunbartonshire)
          you should not travel outside your own local authority area unless it is for essential reasons essential shopping or work. I live within 5 miles of boundaries of 3 other local authorities West Dunbartonshire, Glasgow City and Stirling.People in Glasgow can travel 20 miles across the whole City spreading covid as they go but we are supposed to stay in East Dunbartonshire which doesn’t even have a major shopping centre. I am actually in a support bubble with family member in Glasgow nothing said in briefing re how that is affected so will need to check that. Lots of people will ignore the new travel advice and no doubt lots of idiots will still be causing havoc double parking on the road at the Devils Pulpit at Killearn

          • Alex Clark says:

            Eilidh as shopping is considered essential then travel for that specific purpose is allowed, this is stated in the guidelines.

            As far as being in a support bubble is concerned then travel by yourself to your extended family or them to you will also be deemed essential in my opinion.

            To my knowledge this is not explicitly stated in the guidelines and I am making a judgement of what I consider essential, since travel is allowed for example for child care reasons then I cant see why supporting an adult who lives on their own would not be considered as an essential reason for travel outwith your local authority area.

            I’m hopeful that such questions as these will be cleared up in the next couple of days but if not, send an emai, to your local MSP and I’m sure you will receive an answer promptly.

          • Eilidh…So you don’t have a “MAJOR” shopping centre , so what .?
            You have shops where you can buy what you need
            This is a pandemic
            I have not been to the shops for months
            I get everything delivered I use the freezer more but that’s a small price to pay for contributing to the beating of this pandemic

      • Eilidh says:

        I think it was June travel advice allowed us to travel 15 miles At least the 5 mile limit allowed us to go Drumchapel or Clydebank. This time we are condemned to be stuck in East Dunbartonshire and there are still idiots walking about Asda up here today taking their mask off to talk to their pals. Sometimes I despair of people

        • grizebard says:

          As I say, “for every situation there is an idiot”. I prefer though to support the FM’s general line, to “accentuate the positive” and not amplify the media’s typical negativity, which is an intentional self-fulfilling prophesy of failure. For reasons we all know.

          But if the general level of idiocy does become an issue, there will be a government response. It’s not a game, this.

        • Legerwood says:

          This is what the First Minister has been quoted as saying tonight.
          “”The First Minister said: “If you’re moving to a situation where your levels are applied at a local authority rather than a health board area and if you have different councils and different levels then if you have advice not to travel from a high level to a low level,or vice versa, then it is pretty self evident I would have thought that that applies at council level, not a health board level.”

          This seems to be saying something similar to what I said. If your neighbouring Councils are a different levels to your local council whether higher or lower then you should not travel to them unless the travel is essential eg food shopping, medical appointments/treatment and medical would encompass dental and optical.

          The bubble thing is less clear and I think that has to be given more detail because, as written, it looks as if it is all households with only limited exceptions and these may only apply at the lowest levels.

          I probably did not take on board the increase in the travel limit from 5 miles to 15 miles because my son lives further away than that. It was only when visiting family AND being allowed to use their toilet that I travelled beyond our town’s boundaries.

          • Eilidh says:

            Think I will just go with what NS said at the briefing today rather than media reports until I can confirm extended bubble situation. It doesn’t start until Monday anyeay

        • Get an Asda delivery to your home

  28. Capella says:

    Imperial College London report estimates that nearly 100,000 a day are infected with Covid-19 in England. Baroness Ruth will be demanding a public inquiry?

    • grizebard says:

      The BritNat hypocrisy is so thick these days you can almost touch it.

      There are countries on the Continent right now which are having to completely shut down again, yet these petty quibblers in Holyrood can only bestir themselves to vainly rake over recent history in the face of this new report which essentially clears actions taken under extreme duress with the very real fear of hospitals becoming dangerously overloaded with virus cases (something which is indeed now actually happening elsewhere).

      We urgently need political leadership across the board which is genuinely interested in working together for the common weal during this unprecedented crisis, and instead we have (for the most part) a miserable shower whose only interest is manifestly in party-political point-scoring with the insidious hope of undermining a First Minister who is striving her utmost to do the right thing by us all.

      The whole country knows (though some will not admit it) that we’re very fortunate indeed not to have Baroness Boughtup, Dicky Lighthead or Woeful Willie anywhere near government right now. Political Nemesis for these contemptible backstabbers is surely not long away now.

  29. Welsh Sion says:

    Just came across this.

    The amount of dosh sloshing around is incredible – all subsidised by the Taffs and Jocks , of course who won’t benefit from any of it.

    It’s kinda related to the HMG whinge that there’s no money for starving children).

  30. D who would prefer to be anonymous says:

    My uncle had a stroke, many years ago. His was more serious than yours, from what I read. We followed him out of hospital and into respite (what was known at the time as the Ghastly Astley, but wasn’t ghastly at all), and then back home.
    Fond memories of meals in his garden in the summer, with lots of friends and relatives gathered round Organised by his daughter, my cousin. Lopping boughs on old apple trees to bring them back into friuit. These are things that matter. People getting together and improving one’s lot in life.
    Politics may be important but friends and family come first. I hope you get into a place and condition where you are content.

  31. uno mas says:

    so the labour party suspends jeremy corbyn for alleged antisemitism whilst the proven war criminal tony blair gets to keep his membership card and indeed his liberty.

    well that will be a big boost for the party in scotland.

  32. Dr Jim says:

    I reckon the main aim of the media’s constant whinging about restrictions is the hope that eventually the public becomes so miserably fed up that they blame the FM and Scottish government in a kind of shoot the messenger style plan and that’s why they never mention that in fact Scotland compared to England is doing extremely well, because literally just across the border the cases per hundred thousand are more than double what they are here in our terrible badly run colony in the north

    I listened with interest to Professor Linda Bauld as she described the percentages of those people complying with the rules, it turns out that there’s only 45% fully complying with everything and 55% not, interesting numbers those eh

    So apparently under 25s which is 25% of the population appear not to give a monkeys about complying with anything and the rest in that bracket are just belligerently opposed for, lets call it (political reasons)

    In England the compliance number drops like a stone to around only 30% of the population so it’s easy to see why along with some of the geographics of population density and the unpopularity of the Cummings Johnson government that England is probably heading for a total lockdown

    For those concerned about future attack dogs and the role of Michael Gove in the setting of those dogs loose on Scotland, Mr Gove is apparently the most unpopular Tory politician in the Cummings Johnson government and not just in Scotland, in England too, I personally think it’s because he has a face like a gone off Cod, oh and the lying, nobody likes the lying, so that’s all good then eh and not likely to lead to any kind of success for him with the *Stop Scotland having democracy* plan

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Your first point on the media’s relentless negativity on the Scottish condition is well made, the comparative with England is absent for infection/death rates, hospital overload, public adherence, pubs closing, etc, etc.. eg – Borders Peter McMahon says nothing positive on SG strategy, it’s a one-sided gloom-fest with Alister Jack twitching behind the curtains….

      Other than a headline stooshie such as Andy Burnham or Mark Drakeford provoked, Scotland’s media obsess over SG negatives. Dictating what Scots know and think is a monopoly they no longer enjoy, comparisons and conclusions inevitable, the relentless Care-Home campaign the most glaring of all :
      Why are there no aggressive questions to the PM for marching OAPs to certain doom in Care-Homes back in the Spring ?
      Despite the vastly greater proportion of Care-Homes in England and the exact same SAGE strategy deployed, what did Scotland do differently?
      Realising the “disaster” in Scotland as a Union flag on it becomes all too obvious.

      Which neatly connects to your final point on the Gove “attack dogs”, it is with respect misleading. The Assassins Guild’s chairman is displeased at the dog-handlers failing to halt rising Indy support, the attack dogs such as Chris Musson and Peter Smith etc simply need better fed if a miracle is to be found in the next 6 months…
      What Gove, Johnson, etc. fail to recognise is that blatant lying and deception fell out out of favour in Scotland before the latest charlatans took office, it is the UK’s politics which is driving calls for independence as it is incapable of change.

  33. Terence Callachan says:

    More Americans have died in this pandemic – over 220,000 and growing – than died in combat in the U.S. Civil War. More have died of COVID-19 than in combat in World War I, Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, the Iraq War, and the War in Afghanistan combined

    And yet the USA spends huge sums on weapons and armed forces much much more than it has spent on covid19

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, I’ve been making the selfsame grim reckoning ever since Trump appointed himself “war leader”… whilst simultaneously declaring CV-19 a “hoax”. Hmmm.

      I’m now anticipating with growing dread the next sorry milestone in this, their ongoing trail of tears: the 291,557 US combat casualties of WW2. I fear that marker will be passed on Trump’s watch before the next presidential inauguration, whoever wins that race.

      I just can’t shake off an impression from a Roger Corman schlocker: Trump in his Republican cult as played by Vincent Prince in “The Masque of the Red Death”.

  34. Ken2 says:

    US military spend a year $720Billion. Highest pro rata spend. 1/3+ of all world spend. $1917Billion.

    Pop 320Million.

  35. Ken2 says:

    UK deaths 46,000 Pop 65 million

    US 220,000 deaths Pop 320Million.

    More deaths pro rata in the UK.

    UK deaths 1/4- of US deaths % average

    UK pop 1/5+ of US. % average

    Scottish death rate lower, pro rata. Higher no of elderly people (pro rata) % of population

  36. Ken2 says:

    WW2 US military deaths 2Million (1941)

    In Europe. More in Asia? Japan.

    Atomic bombs. The Russian were defeating Japan on another front. US/Russian rivalry.

    Poland handed over to Russian dominance at Yalta. WW2 started because Germany invaded Poland. Russia tried to keep out of the war.

    1WW started Russia invaded Germany. Tsar and Kaiser. Finished them off. Relatives of British Royals. ‘Divine right to rule’. Religion used for State control. Millions died. A Spanish Flu pandemic killed even more. 1918. Universal Suffrage 1928.

    Russia and Germany have had enough of war.

    Japan and Germany were not allowed a military after 2WW. Disarmament. Treaties.

    • grizebard says:

      You keep on parroting this utterly disgraceful fake history (distortory, you might call it). WW2 started as a direct consequence of the Molotov-Ribbentrop secret pact, and Poland was invaded simultaneously by both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Total complicity. The former got the western half and the latter the eastern (and at Katyn massacred all the Polish officers they captured). Oh, and as “icing on the cake”, the Soviets took the opportunity so offered to also invade and occupy the Baltic States. (All of which, on the collapse of the Soviet Empire, got out from under as soon as they were able.) All well-known FACT. So take this disgraceful dreck you peddle about “Russia [sic] trying to keep out of the war” and flush it down the khazi where it belongs.

    • WW1 started before Russia and Germany , the Austria Hungarian empire wanted to expand but the expansion was taking them to close to Russia plus there were existing treaties between several European countries that put countries against each other that didn’t really want war with each other nevertheless those treaties held strong and so it was Russia Germany GB got involved.

  37. Dr Jim says:

    Our new strategy is that “we’re leaning in” says Dominic Raab on Sky news when asked about how the UK government intends to deal with the rapid rise in Corona virus cases in England
    The Sky interviewer didn’t seem to have a problem with the phrase “leaning in” so didn’t bother to ask Mr Raab to explain what “leaning in” means

    I must just be thick because “leaning in”?? eh? what is that?

    • bringiton says:

      I think it means a list to port,holed below the waterline.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      We’re inclined to (make yet more cock-ups and U turns).

    • Golfnut says:

      It’s bubble speak, think of labour’s go to phrase ‘ we need to learn lessons/ listen ‘. It’s as meaningless. So leaning in can mean work harder, lead, get closer to the problem. Maybe the Sky reporter didn’t want to show his ignorance, or maybe he was told to just not challenge Cummings.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Well it surely can’t be as bad as their hokey cokey, turn around, turn around again and shake it all about tactics they have used so far eh…and of course the BritNat media and their dodgy pals abroad seem to be happy with the shambolic and criminal handling of the pandemic by the BritNat gov.

  38. andyfromdunning says:

    Yet another opinion poll, this one run by an organisation linked to the Conservative party shows indy support at 56%.
    Lots of other information on opinions. Looks like Gove’s new Union department had their work cut out for them.

    Paul I am pleased to get promising news about your mobility.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Take care in downloading the spreadsheet. I’ve tried twice now. It takes an awfuul long time and then it freezes the computer. Far better to rely on a skimmed reading in The National or on here.

    • vivianoblivian7 says:

      Support for Scottish independence among Labour voters (that state an intention to vote) at 42%.
      Scottish (New) Labour is unlikely to be a comfortable home for Neil Findlay. Gwan, make the leap to RISE or Solidarity and use your profile to gain a seat in the Lothians list, 2021.

  39. mumsyhugs says:

    Gosh – hope this is genuine – someone’s donated £20,000 to get Paul’s fundraiser over the line 😊😘

  40. MARTIN EDMUNDS says:

    Absolutely brilliant to see the fundraiser hit it’s target … well deserved. Anything that takes the pressure off and enables the brilliant writing to continue at the level its been at for years is money well spent. Hope you and Peter find a nice place.

  41. Capella says:

    Great news about the fundraiser hitting the target, although a wee bit extra wouldn’t go amiss either (legal fees!). Also good to hear that you are managing to walk with a stick. Something to whack “Gove” with when not doing as told.

    On another topic – I have just added an article on the Indyref2 Forum called “What Currency Will You Use?”. It is meant to promote discussion and educate ourselves about relevant issues so that, when we are hit with the questions, we have an answer.

    I am not an expert, quite the opposite. It is in the spirit of “Good idea – why don’t you” or practising what I – or more accurately Petra – preach. It’s more in keeping with a Forum format.
    Feel free to add comments, opinion or info. We need a civic discussion now so that by next year all that’s left to do is open the door. You don’t need a PhD in Economics.

  42. Arthur Thomson says:

    John Swinney performed well at the covid update today. Again the honesty of our people shines through. Of course it will be presented by the Brits as evidence of weakness rather than strength but I am confident that the populace will see through it.

    I am hoping against hope that the numbers in Scotland will flatten and fall in the next few weeks for the wellbeing of our people and to evidence the sound decision making of our government.

    If the crowdfunder has achieved the target that is great. If not then I will follow what is happening and contribute again if it is necessary.

    Be strong Paul. We need your thoughts as the spark to ignite ours.

  43. vivianoblivian7 says:

    In the poll released this morning, 58% of Scottish Labour voters (excluding don’t knows) would consider voting SNP (24% fair to good chance, 32% slight chance, 40% no chance). Internal strife from Starmer’s play for total power will turn an already dire situation for Scottish Labour into an existential threat.
    Scottish Labour are rated for Holyrood 2021 in the poll at a fairly poor 13%.
    Under D’Hondt, the Scottish Tories are depending on Scottish Labour making a strong showing in the Regional lists (the Tories have too many constituency seats in the South of Scotland to rule the Regional lists themselves).
    Holyrood 2021 could see a voting chamber with a two thirds majority.

    Also from the poll. Advertising tip for Holyrood 2021. Put Boris Johnson’s ugly mug on the front of every pamphlet and poster.
    Q. Boris Johnson is not the leader I want for my country. 59% strongly agree, 20% agree, 8% disagree, 3% strongly disagree. Excluding don’t knows, an astounding 88 to 12 split.

  44. Tatu3 says:

    OT – Finally got a Saltire face mask. Delivered yesterday to us here in Extremadura (Spain), from the SNP shop online. Got a Scotland in EU one for my husband. Proudly wore them this morning whilst doing our shopping

  45. JMD says:

    Disturbing news in an email today about the conduct of the “Scottish Government” relating to the Martin Keatings case which seeks to establish on firm legal ground Scotland’s position on holding a referendum without the WM regime’s “permission”, also questioning the validity of the so-called “draft bill” on it.

    • andyfromdunning says:

      Agreed. This is a real worry. Previous emails from the legal case team paint a poor picture about the Scottish Government. They are trying to delay the case, increase its costs etc.

      The draft referendum bill the SNP will bring up just before May is not a Bill it is a draft. It will be challenged by Westminster if it is put up for the statute books. Another block just like the continuity bill.

      Seems to me this is linked somehow to the fact that there will be no plan B vote either next month.

      We can only get independence with clause 30, win this legal case or take disruptive action.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Peeps, I gave to the fund, and don’t regret it. But the organiser is a bit of a hothead and it’s his opinion is being expressed, that doesn’t make it fact. He’s also standing as a candidate for the ISP, so isn’t giving an unbiased opinion.

        • Capella says:

          I contributed too though I am ambivalent about it. Maybe it is better to leave a question mark in the air. The Supreme Court can only deliberate on law as written and if they decree negatively that would hand the unionists a great advantage.

          Maybe the SG already knows the answer.

          Both could explain the wish to distance the SG from this project.

          • yesindyref2 says:

            Yes, I didn’t put that right. I don’t regret doing it then, but wouldn’t do it now!

            I can see all sorts of reasons how no matter what the judgement, it could be a pain for the ScotGov. And perhaps they didn’t know that at the time. It could even be a cse of “now is not the time” in which case we’ll probably see more delays. I could also see a move yet again to have it thrown out as not competent, as it seeks a judgement on parliament but doesn’t come from parliament. Perhaps it should have been on the first part of O’Neill’s opinion which was more about ancient rights rather than the Scotland Act. I think, I am getting a bit forgetful!

        • Liz g says:

          That’s not true Yesindyref2
          Martin Keatings is not standing for ISP, not even a member as far as I understand it !

          • yesindyref2 says:

            Sorry, yes, I remembered it wrong, it’s AFI I was thinking of as in:

            “Martin James Keatings – Independent Candidate for Mid-Scotland and Fife alongside Action for Independence – Convener @ForwardAsOneYes
            – Head @PeoplesAS30”

    • Golfnut says:

      It’s all turning a bit sour for Keatings, though I wish him well, he’s thrashing about like a fish in too shallow water. This is the wrong fight, for now.

      • David Ferguson says:

        This “not the right time” stuff is just nonsense. Keatings isn’t trying to organise a referendum for God’s sake. He’s trying to confirm the legal priniciple that the Scottish people are sovereign and have a sovereign right to decide their own destiny – something that should be self-evident to anyone who has any interest in independence.

        If he loses we’re not one whit worse off than we are today. Because if we don’t have the right now, then we don’t have it full stop. We’re not suddenly “going to have it” just because a S.30 order is refused. And it means we will need a Plan B. Because we we will need to know what we are going to do when (not if) a S.30 order is refused.

        And if he wins, we’re a million times better off. Because we will then have established as a matter of law that the matter is entirely in our hands. We can forget S.30. We don’t need to beg anyone’s permission. That doesn’t mean that we have to go running off half-cocked and organising a referendum the next day. It does mean that it will be the people of Scotland who will decide exactly how, when, and by whom the issue is to be decided. Not Bozo the Clown and his pals.

        • Golfnut says:

          I didn’t bother reading all of your comment. You obviously don’t understand just what Keating is in court for, which is whether the Scottish Gov can hold a ref without permission, instead of getting confirmation in court of the constitutional sovereignty of the people of Scotland. A constitutional position that cannot under Scots law be argued against.

  46. Dr Jim says:

    The National reports that Craig Murray a former British diplomat and now blogger has put himself forward for the role of SNP president against Michael Russell who occupies the role of constitutional minister

    So should be a slam dunk for Michael Russell there

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Indeed. The other candidate is supposed to be Corri Wilson, ex-MP and councillor.

      A bit of a puzzler, I’d have thought Russell would ahve other things on his mind after May, but I guess being president would give him great status with the media.

      I love it when a plan comes together …

    • Elmac says:

      There’s none so blind!

  47. Arthur Thomson says:

    Have a wee look on the women for Indy Twitter feed at the poems by Miss PunnyPenny and the Makar. Fair cheered me up. Hope they will do the same for you.

    The Makar is a great ambassador for Scotland.

  48. P Harvey says:

    Fantastic news about the fundraiser!
    Well done, to the anonymous person who pushed it over the line
    And all the other too!
    Very pleased Paul – you are greatly respected

  49. Ken2 says:

    That is amazing. Someone put in £20,000 to the fundraiser this morning. 11am. That is brilliant. Well done.

  50. Ken2 says:

    Craig Murray tore up his membership card.

  51. diabloandco says:

    I had been keeping a weather eye on the fund raiser and willing it towards its target but it seemed sluggishly inclined to stay below 30,000 – it is absolutely cracking that it has reached its target and whoever the benefactor was well done indeed!

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  53. Ken2 says:

    Spare a few words for Michael. Get lost. Off you go.

    Along with the M15 civil service agents trying to cause havoc in Scotland.

  54. Elmac says:

    Delighted the fundraiser has been successful and hats off to the mystery donor who got it there. Now you know how much your efforts are appreciated Paul. Keep up the rehab, you are needed.

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