unfair to scum

it was, I believe, the American author and critic H L Mencken who quipped, in relation to the tabloid press,that no one ever went broke by underestimating the intelligence of the public, and likewise no one ever went broke by underestimating the self regarding callow cruelty of a Conservative MP. Having being, rightly, heavily and severely castigated on social media following their appalling decision to vote to deprive the poorest children of free school meals.The Tories have reflected and have decided that it’s them who are the real victims here.the poor things, you can’t even steal food out of the mouths of babies these days without someone calling you out for it. It’spolitical correctness gone mad,after all it’s the duty of politicians to take these difficult decisions so that SERCO shareholders don’t suffer and so that the partners and associates of Conservative MPs can continue to rake in millions in consultancy fees. However since a plea for sympathy from aTory MP who has just stolen a hungry wean’s chance of dinner while he himself tucks into a posho six chip fish dinner that is heavily subsidised by the taxpayer is about as likely to succeed as an attempt to get Ruth Davidson to appear in an interview and answer difficult questions about why her Scottish Tory colleagues voted against free school meals just a week or so after promising to guarantee free school meals, the lunch snatchers have decided to try another tactic to divert the well deserved opprobrium which is currently raining down upon their heads. you see, they had to vote against free school meals because they’d only have been used to buy drugs. Now personally I’ve never pitched up at a drug dealer’s house bearing nothing but a Tesco chicken and mayonnaise sandwich, a pack of dried pasta and a pork pie and expected to depart with a gramme of cocaine. And if it had been anyone else who had suggested such a thing I would have scoffed in disbelief, but who am I to contradict Michael Gove’s lived experience? next time there’s s report of a drugs bust on the news we can expect to be told that the polis have seized heroin with a street value of a dozen Scotch eggs and three sausage rolls.

it was Mark Jenkinson, the Conservative MP for Workington, who claimed on social media that in his constituency people were exchanging food parcels for drugs, only now there’s a veritable convoy of drug addicts setting off for Cumbria carrying Greggs meal deals which they intend to exchange for crack. faced with any normal person would have seen as an entirely predictable torrent of ridicule, Mark has been forced to issue a clarification, pointing out that he’d been taken out of context and had only ever said that it was a tiny minority of people who used supplies of free food in order to buy drugs, But Mark’s ‘ clarification’ has only made things worse , because he has in effect admitted that because of the behaviour of a tiny minority he is going to penalise the vast majority of children who are living in food poverty due to the economic and political priorities of this Conservative govern ment, That’s how it works with this government, poverty is held to be the fault of the poor,who are to be collectively punished for the actions of a few. it’s hard to decide whether it’s poor people or people with a drug habit that Mark is smearing by anecdote, but being a Tory the chances are that he doesn’t distinguish between the two, so in order to help him tell the difference, poor people are folk who go to bed hungry and who struggle to keep a roof over their heads because s this government has gutted the social security system and presided over a proliferation of zero hours contracts and gig economy jobs that don’t pay living wage, whereas a person with a cocaine habit sits in the cabinet as the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Mark has so far failed to produce any evidence to support his claims, yet he is prepared to condemn an entire generation on the basis of groundless gossip.but then destroying the lives of tens of thousands on the basis of nothing more than spurious evidence free claims is very much this government’s modus operandi and rationale, That is after all what has brought us Brexit. today Tory Mps are in full on victimhood mode because LabourMP ANGELA raynor called those Conservatives who voted to deprive needy children of a free meal ‘scum’. they’re not scum, scum floats to the top, this lot would need the assistance of a ladder in order to get into the gutter. In response to news that some local businesse were going to step in and help the kids that the government has refused to help. Conservative MP for North Devon, Selaine Saxby, has said that she very much” hopes businesses offering to feed hungry children for free “will not be seeking any further government , because she believes that if they are able to give away ood for free that this must mean that the business doesn’t need help to survive the covid crisis. You could not invent a more perfect illustration of the moral bankruptcy of the Conservatives, not only do they refuse to show compassion for those less fortunate than themselves, but they are determined to punish those who do have a grasp of the concepts of decency humanity and compassion. calling Conservative MPs scum is indeed unfair and uncalled for it is unfair to the single celled organisms which make up pondscum. they are for the most part harmless and innocent snd play a,vital role in the ecosystem  you certainly can’t say the same about Conservative MPs. Thatcher starved the miners, this lot of moral vacuums are starving the minors. Meanwhile Priti Patel is set to hand private firms £28 million in government contracts in order to deport asylum seekersfrom m the UK.This government can always find the money to victimise and punish vulnerable, desperate people – especially when that cash goes to line the pockets of their friends but it won’t find the money to feed hungry children ,Cruel Brittania.

typos, sorry, there’s going to be a lot of them while I learn how to type all over again, please be patient.

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69 comments on “unfair to scum

  1. Albis says:

    Oh Paul, this is why we love you. After all you’ve been through in the past two weeks and you come up with a line like “the polis have seized heroin with a street value of a dozen Scotch eggs and three sausage rolls”. I laughed out loud and nearly spat my wine out but can’t afford to waste it. But you’re right about the Tories. They won’t be happy till they reintroduce the Victorian workhouses.

  2. David Agnew says:

    Don’t let these shits play the victim card. They are not victims. These people are stealing food from children. Pull them up for it constantly. If they try to talk about balancing budgets. Bring up their subsidised life style. Their 7k a week consultants. The money given way to their friends in contracts they can’t deliver. Their mouths are writing cheques their morality can’t cash. Their voting records mark then out as utter hypocrites. They should be blasted to atoms with ridicule, scorn, derision and contempt. No matter how they try to hide it, they should always be called out for it. There shouldn’t be a tank big enough for Baron Von Ruthless and “boss” Dross to hide from the anger.

    Welcome back Paul.

  3. gus1940 says:

    Is it not a fact that the vote on Free School Meals only applied to England.

    Does it not therefore follow that as far as the right to vote was concerned Cameron’s EVEL should have applied?

    Perhaps we need an explanation as to why 5 Scottish Tory MPs voted to deny free meals with Dross triumphantly voting in favour to cover himself in self righteous glory.

    • We’ll get no explanation . They are way beyond that- 4 years left of the 80+ majority they conned out of English constituencies. They have absolutely NO shame – just more crazy lies and contradictions. They have the power to go on with vicious cynical stuff like this – and they don’t care. It really does seem like the 1930s to me. I think Scotland has to confront them and break this rotten system up – for England’ s sake too.

    • Legerwood says:

      Mr Ross did not vote in favour of free school meals. He abstained. The other 5 Scots Tories voted against free school meals

      • ArtyHetty says:

        DRoss only abstsined because he has already been exposed for his utter lies and duplicity on just about everything. If he had voted against his ‘we will feed the little children’ lie would have been exposed. Let’s not make any excuses for the little troughing twerp, who btw way tweeted when er he was apparently mid refereeing (ie it would have been impossible). This t*rd is really being polished but each time the tarnish of his character shows through. Given his far right wing views on gypsies etc, this guy would think nothing of stamping on a starving child.

  4. ScotsCanuck says:

    aye, you are so right about the Tories in general and this Tory administration in particular …. shame has no meaning nor does it appear in their vocabulary …. utterly beyond contempt.

    I only wonder when they will reach the bottom of their moral abyss …. one could objectively speculate that the answer is they never will, they continue to keep descending.

    Don’t fret about the “Typo’s” ….. I for one am just happy you’re back and getting “tore right intae them” …. keep up the guid work and get well soon.

  5. Gregory Nunn says:

    So, “A Modest Proposal” is now Scottish instead of Irish?
    Independence Monday morning is none too soon.

  6. dorancaird says:

    Yes,I wondered about the Scottish vote thing. David Mundell gave me a very convoluted explanation of why he did what he did and alluded to it being England . A hungry bairn is hungry either side of the border. E mail all 5. Anyway ,keep it up Paul, but be careful. I remember the Grauniad so your typos are fine . Get well.

  7. JoMax says:

    It seems that EVEL has been suspended during the pandemic. No one told us but I picked this up from a very brief foray into Radio 4’s Any Questions this p.m. in which DRoss was jabbering on and there was an argy-bargy, so I switched off. I see that a number of official websites mention it but it has been kept under the radar.

    • JoMax says:

      Sorry, that was meant to be a reply to gus1940 at 8.34 but I accidentally ‘flicked a switch’, the post disappeared into the ether then magically reappeared which may account for the ‘moderation’.

  8. John Rutherford says:

    Well said Sir!

  9. Thank you. Gratifying to read that despite misfortune, you retain your sharp wit and unwillingness to let the bastards away with it.

    I guess you will want to learn how to type again, but if you ever do feel need of a proofreader, it is what I do ….

  10. P Harvey says:

    Fantastic post Paul
    You describe the Tories as they are- inhuman
    The denying food to starving children – in 2020 – as they feast on subsidised food and drink
    @rseholes the lot of them
    Keep well and keep on posting. Legend

  11. 2p3rf3ct says:

    Well – you seem to nail this on the head – as usual. The Tories and Labour can call the SNP whatever they want at Westminster – well documented, but ‘scum’ is too harsh for our Tory snowflakes.

    Get well soon old bean, you are an asset we cannot do without.

  12. uno mas says:

    Here´s Jonathan Pies´s take on it all.

    One of the btl comments hits the mark as well..

    Maggie, starves the miners.
    Boris, starves the minors.

  13. bringiton says:

    The Tories came away with the same b/s relating to baby boxes.
    They claimed that the plebs would just use them to swap for drugs or alcohol on a Saturday night down the pub.
    Unfortunately there are a number of would be pats (patricians that is) who agree with that nonsense.
    Social democracy it ain’t.

  14. Legerwood says:

    Seems that ‘being taken out of context’ has become the go to excuse for the Tories these days.

    Paul, please stop sweating the typos. As I said previously we are all fluent in typos so no problems. It is just great to read anything you write. Take care.

  15. jfngw says:

    Under EVEL all MP’s get to vote at the third reading, this is the final vote and no amendments are allowed at this stage. All prior procedures are confined to MP’s from England (there presumably is some differentiation for Wales as they have less areas devolved). EVEL legislation can still fall at this stage even if it is passed by England’s MP’s but it is a bit unlikely.

    It in effect it gives MP’s from England a veto over any legislation before it reaches the third reading. Even if it didn’t it is usually academic as Scottish MP’s rarely hold the balance of power. It did demonstrate though between 2017-19 when the Tories had no majority that the Tories MP’s in Scotland were merely England’s placemen in Scotland, they achieved nothing for our country, they had less backbone than the DUP (although backbone and David Mundell in the same sentence is surely an oxymoron).

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Not followed it in much detail, but I’d guess this wouldn’t affect us either. Remember, Education (and Health) are both devolved to Wales and that we are continuing our own FSM policy, as we always have done. (I translated some paper about this some time ago.) Further, FM Drakeford’s Government have maintained that they will continue with the FSM policy advocated for England which the HoC rejected.

      As always, it is England which is the outlier in these things. Family of Nations? Pah!

  16. Dr Jim says:

    Who would have thought food banks would end up being as valuable as Fort Knox that gangs of criminals would be planning to rob to make their ugly trade in swapping cornflakes for class A drugs, even the Yakuza and Columbians didn’t think of using school children to hang around swing parks dealing Weetabix for amphetamines or there’d be boatloads of assorted cereals crossing the high seas under cover of daylight, school dinner ladies the new enablers of the Coco Pops for Temazepam, it’s no wonder the kids line up for seconds, it’s just as well we have the clever Tories to keep our kids from lives of crime eh

    The yoof of today are a dastardly lot

  17. Capella says:

    Spot on. It’s difficult to satirise this Beano style cabinet of Lord Snooty & Co. Every day they sink to a new level of gross incompetence.

    Their “job support” schemes are funnelling billions into the pockets of their chums while children starve. Dickensian is an understatement.

  18. yesindyref2 says:

    This sort of unacceptable behaviour becomes normal, and encourages others to do the same. There’s a similar thing I’ve noticed below the line on forums, where the claims of the unionists become further and further from the truth, and they pick each other up and run with it. I think because it’s so common, we just can’t be bothered challenging them most of the time. And the advantage of that is that for them, it’s self-feeding, kind of a vicious outward spiral, getting wilder and wilder.

    I think ordinary members of the public become a bit immune to it also, and just let it ride. There’s too much else going on in life, the need to survive, the hope to keep a business running, to keep a job.

    That’s the advantage of articles like this that put it all together; if “normal” people read it rather than aware activists, it’s kind of like, yeah, yeah, wow, you’re right, and makes a strong impact. The closest I can think is that for 4 weeks for some reason you don’t look in a mirror, and when you do think “jings, I need a haircut”, whereas if you look every day you don’t notice it grow.

    This does have an advantage for us, as long as we keep our own act clean, in that we can perhaps control the game. We don’t interrupt them straight away as they’re making their mistakes, they grow in confidence, get worse, and then we pounce, as publicly as possible. Then their credibility is nil, and it’s a bit of a shock to the “normal” people who were implicitly accepting the unacceptable. Fool me once, but don’t do it again.

    If you see what I mean! But I think people are becoming more aware of this. Hope so.

  19. I have been wondering why employers are not compelled to tell their employees when one of them goes off work sick with covid19.
    Sure we have test and trace which will inform employees when a colleague has Covid but it’s well known that some people don’t use the test and trace app and there may be some who don’t declare that they are working if they get covid19.

    I can see why employers might say they can’t reveal personal details about the health of a member of staff to other employees but these are exceptional circumstances and surely for the one reason that an employee can actually have covid19 for days and days spreading it amongst their colleagues before they actually know they’ve got it , is reason enough for special circumstances forcing employers to tell their staff when they become aware that one of their staff has gone off sick with covid19.

    There may be some employers that are informing their staff when they become aware that one of them has gone off work with covid19 but looking at the evidence of the last seven months I’m sure that most are not doing so.

    It’s said that it is impossible to trace exactly where a person contracted covid19 , employers will therefore not be worried that employees might bring legal cases against them for failing to inform them when other employees go off work sick with covid19, employers will say its impossible to say exactly where those employees contracted covid19 – that will be their defence.
    However , in an office or factory perhaps with no ventilation where it’s found that many many employees have contracted covid19 over a period of weeks or months and its found that the employer was aware that employees had gone off sick with covid19 but didn’t tell other employees until perhaps they were eventually shut down I believe the employer is negligent.

    Why are employers not compelled to inform their staff when an employee amongst them goes off work sick with covid19;

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Why are employers not compelled to inform their staff when an employee amongst them goes off work sick with covid19;


      Terence Callachan,

      Part of your answer lies here:

      Section 2 HASAWA 1974:


      (Takes me back to my undergraduate days – when we studied this Act in detail.)

      There may be more specific legislation to particular industries ..

      • Thank you Welsh Sion , having read that link it doesn’t really compel employers to tell their employees that a colleagues has gone off sick with covid19.
        I think this is why so many employees are still going to the workplace rather than working from home

        There is evidence that immunity is not necessarily a certainty if you get covid19

        As time goes bye and more and more people are infected you would expect a rise in the number of people working from home if employers were informing their employees of colleagues who have gone off sick with covid19 unless after sickness they are just returning to work and nobody is telling their workmates that they’ve been off sick with covid19

        I think if I was an employee I would want to know who in my work was off sick with covid19
        and who has returned to work after having covid19

        • Welsh Sion says:

          Not in so many words, Terence.

          But consider the wording of the Act and how lawyers can use the terminology to suit their particular client’s case. Believe me, I’ve done this in a past life as well as studying HASAWA 1974 and the various Regulations and court cases made under it …)

          That said, you should check though if the Act applies to Scotland. (I only qualified under English [sic.] – i.e. the Law of England and Wales. Not Scots Law.)

  20. Ken2 says:

    They are testing and tracing successfully. When there are symptoms and contacts. Everyone people know are being tested and traced.

    All of people’s families and workplaces. Just about everyone people know. People are isolating etc. If people are being sensible and following the guidelines and the rules. Or they are shut down. People are still working from home.

    Test kits are available on the internet. There are temperature guns available. People are moving about more freely, by following the rules and guidelines. People are being careful to protect others. People are more cautious. The Scottish Gov is giving clear guidelines and rules for people to follow. Keeping deaths down.

    Testing and tracing are being done successfully. The information being passed on. The flu jab is being rolled out. The most vulnerable who need them are getting one.

  21. Bob Lamont says:

    Wonderfully pilloried, the Tory perspective of “them and us” has been become less guarded of late (80+ majority = dutch courage?), and for the social media backlash the “taken out of context” line is always available for an airing however illogical.
    Even in the “sick man of Europe” days of the 1960s, none would have dared say what is now being said, national health, welfare, industry and housing were sacrosanct, WW2 still a raw memory, any attempt at starvation, penury or housing deprivation would have resulted in a civil war.
    60 years on it is the end of British Summer Time in more ways than one, the Tory dream of the 1930s inequalities is within their grasp, time for Scots to leave them to their grim present past and rejoin the future.

  22. vivianoblivian7 says:

    We got competition. Senior DUP officers are in a kerfuffle over the prospect of a Border poll.
    Peter Robinson writes; “I know there are border poll deniers who think such a referendum will never be called or believe that to talk about and prepare for a plebiscite creates momentum that will speed its arrival.
    I do not subscribe to such complacent and dangerous thinking.”
    Expect the Unionists in NI to succumb to inevitable defeatism, rumoured to be rife in Scottish Conservatism.

  23. Arthur Thomson says:

    Great to read your stuff again Paul. It’s a vital catalyst to keep our brains functioning. As to typos – forget them.

    The Tories are hanging out their ugliness for the whole world to view. That is a good thing. Nobody then has any excuse for supporting them. They can’t claim they didn’t know better.

  24. sophie grace chappell says:

    You’re a phenomenon, Paul. What a recovery you’re making.
    Gaun yersel big man.
    We’re all rooting for you.
    And prayers were said for you this morning in at least one church 🙂

  25. yesindyref2 says:

    So Gove is to be given charge of an anti-SNP team to stop Yes movement. It’s called the Tory Party. But you have to wonder if giving an inquisitive and not too bright toddler a pile of overused nappies to guddle through, is really good for his health. Oh well.

    You have to wonder the wisdom of permission to do this being given by Boris Johnson whose lifelong ambition was to be given the keys to the girls bike shed, only to be handed them on a platter by the dancing queen, Teresa May. On yer bike. Wouldn’t it have been better for Douglas Ross to carry on whistling anti-SNP, the guy who won a pea whistle in a miniature Christmas cracker larger than himself, and has been vainly trying to blow it ever since? Referee!

    Or Rishi Sunak who got so used to being called Santa Claus he is now relying on Puffy and Patch to make him some policies, and Rudolf to deliver them faster than the speed of light?

    Or why not Alister Jack – oh, I see, yes, sorry, forget that idea.

    Don’t mind me by the way, it occurs to me that if The National is going to inflict WGD on its readers THREE TIMES A WEEK, it’s maybe up to us to give him a wee hand with the hyperbole. He can pick and mix if he wants to! Or just ignore it of course as the work of somewhat ungifted amateurs. Nurse!

  26. barpe says:

    Watched Brewer’s final Sunday show, expecting the worst, but felt he gave the SNP a fair shot!!
    John Swinney was hardly interrupted, as was the Green’s man, but ‘Union Jack’ was given a pretty bad time (and the connection was poor as well (quite the reverse of normal)!!).

    Surely the Brewster is not attempting to ease up on his unionism as he nears the end??

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Wouldn’t surprise me if Brewer was a YES voter from long back. It’s not the first time he’s give Swinney, the quiet man, the chance to speak. I think he worked within the editorial limits as best he could. I think he’s a sad loss as well as Brian Taylor. Didn’t watch it by the way, never do, short attention span! Sorry, where was I?

      Don’t forget that statistically, 58% of BBC Scotland workers are YES voters now.

    • grizebard says:

      The more logical explanation is that he’s simply “demob happy”, and no longer feels he need comply with partisan BBC management directives. We have little idea really of the actual personal preferences of those in front of the camera (Glenn Campbell probably excepted). The real villains of the piece are the faceless ones who lurk behind the camera and set the agenda.

  27. Wee Chid says:

    Great to see you back on form – don’t overdo things though. Gently does it.

  28. Capella says:

    Isobel Fraser and Bill Whiteford signed off for the last time from GMS this morning. On Saturday it was Isobel and Gordon Brewer. They seemed genuinely sad. I wonder if they were handed their jotters, because why would so many leave at the same time?
    Ken MacDonald tweeted that he was going voluntarily. However, it is quote common for employers to make it a condition of getting your pension that you keep your mouth shut.

    • As I’ve said before I really do think they are preparing the way for the dismantling of BBC regions including All those regions in England and Wales , Scotland , Northern Ireland , The Channel Islands , Soarview ( Republic of Ireland )

      Once brexit day comes on 1/1/2021 I think they will announce that there will be one BBC broadcast for all

      • Alison Duncan says:

        That last line sounds awfully like one from either Brave New World or 1984 (or Animal Farm?) – so long since I read them at school, all a bit of a blur now – didn’t appreciate they were predictions!!

  29. Hamish100 says:

    In bbc terms we still have Smith, Wark, Magnusson, cook and co

  30. malkymcblain says:

    OT but compulsory viewing. Monbiot really nails the problem again. Watch

  31. yesindyref2 says:

    I’ve seen some comments all over the place about the levels 0 to 4 of the Coronavirus thingy, and having looked it up, it’s far too fujll of waffle, without having just an A5 one-sided summary of what the whole thing is about first, and detail for those who can be bothered.


    Just looking at foreword, summary and introduction, it basically launches straight in to all the fluff without first setting up the external and overall framework – if I have it right.

    Because the lowest, level 0, is NOT normal life i.e. the pandemic is over, it is DURING the pandemic. When the pandemic is over (presumably vaccine), there will be no levels, there will be no framework. And I’d think the pandemic isn’t over until there’s some sort of international concensus that it’s over.

    And secondly 4 is NOT the maximum, it’s the highest level of a per region approach, and the point is that one region could be on 4 and another one on 2 – it’s to make it clearer what the two regions need to do, differently from each other.

    But if it gets really bad there would be no levels 0 to 4, it would be back to overall lockdown. The levels approach is to hopefully avoid that.

    And the other thing is, this guff about “the four harms” – what a load of old cobblers, as far as the general public i.e. me, is concerned. I didn’t even read it.

    They really need to get this stuff proof-read by some plebian thickoes – like me.

    And yeah, I did used to participate in writing high and low level plans in a previous life. The first rule of communication is write to communicate. KISS.

    night night zzzzzzz

    • Legerwood says:

      It would appear that people are wilfully misrepresenting the SG’s position about the various levels.

      The levels summarised on an A4 page are to all intents and purposes a draft or outline framework that will be the subject of consultation with various groups, local councils and stakeholders and then debated in the Scottish Parliament and thus reach its final form.

      Level 0 is equivalent to phase 3 which applied during the exit from lockdown.

      Implementation, for example, which region is at which level will be decided in consultation with local councils and public health authorities.

      All of this is set out in a straightforward, clearly written summary of the process here

      The more detailed document to which you refer must perforce deal to a degree in generalities because much has still to be consulted upon in order to reach agreement on the fine detail. This is not necessarily a document for the lay person whereas the summary linked to above gives for now a general picture of the direction of travel that will be of more use to the general public.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Thanks. That’s more readable, though iin the news section. I guess since it’s not finalised and not to be implemented to the 2nd November, I might be being a bit hasty in my criticism! Sometimes I give feedback at the botttom of pages, but I’ll not bother at the moment.

    • Alex Clark says:

      I downloaded the document and read it when it became available, I didn’t really have any concerns at the time in understanding the aims and purpose of the new Tiers. To be honest I agree with you that there is a lot of detail that not everyone will absorb but I doubt the general public needs to. I also think that the 0-4 label rather than 1-5 was a bit daft but understand this was to make Tiers 1-3 more or less the same as England’s Tiers 1-3. I have a suspicion that by the time the debate on the guidance is over it will become Tiers 1 to 5.

      However, when you compare the Scottish draft guidance with the mess that Westminster have introduced as their 3 Tier guidelines (shortly to become 4 Tier guidelines), the Scottish government guidance is a work of art.

      Tier 3 in Liverpool meant Gyms were ordered to close but Tier 3 in Lancashire allowed Gyms to remain open. Liverpool appealed and now their Gyms are open again.

      The best of all though is that pubs/bars who serve “substantial meals” can remain open, the guidelines don’t even attempt to define what a “substantial meal” might be. People are confused over the lack of clarity LOL.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        I like the levels 0 to 4. 0 has a good psychological feel to it, while still actually being a bit restrictive. And 4 is more than the rUK levels, with 1 to 3 approximately similar. I could see the opposition saying “You’re just copying the England levels for the 1 to 3”, and Sturgeon, patiently, with a smile, saying “Yes, that’s the whole point of it!”.

  32. robert alexander harrison says:

    Victimhood is the favourite postion of those south of the border they never the bad ones they never do anything wrong yeah the conservatives are the wrost for it as they overuse it but they are not the only ones south of the border using that tactic.

  33. Alex Clark says:

    Some lighthearted observation on the lack of clarity over the definition of a “substantial meal”.

    Giant pizza slices added to list of ‘substantial’ meals after restaurant appeal

    But today, police U-turned on their decision and told the bar their slices are considered substantial. Greater Manchester Police admitted to Metro.co.uk they are ‘still awaiting clear guidance to be given around what constitutes a substantial meal’ but confirmed Common is adhering to the rules.

    There appears to have been confusion among officials over the new three-tier rules, including the prime minister mixing up regulations over parental visits, and the policing minister not knowing whether Manchester gyms were forced to close.

    A council official also told the Sunday Times they were finding the rules ‘impossible to interpret’.

    The unnamed source said: ‘We’ve been having some ludicrous conversations with bar owners about pasties, beans on toast, toasties, bowls of chips with gravy. ‘What is a substantial meal? Surely that depends on the size of the person?

    What if they’re skinny and they like salads?’


  34. Alex Clark says:

    Are the Unionists giving up on the Union?

    Is Labour finished in Scotland? There has been an assumption by many, particularly those in England, that the SNP behemoth will start to roll back at some stage; being in government in Holyrood will inevitably cause political gravity to take hold.

    Yet the SNP’s political humbling seems more remote than ever before, with a large gain in Westminster seats in December combining with huge polling leads for both themselves in Holyrood elections and for their side of the independence question itself.

    I believe Labour needs to strategically give up on Scotland – at least for now – if it wants to govern after the next general election and indeed, give themselves any prayer of winning big again in Scotland anytime in the future.

    Well worth a read, the author at least seems to have given up in keeping Scotland in the Union and there are many who feel exactly the same. We are at the beginning of the end game and we are dictating events.


  35. smac1314 says:

    Aneurin Bevan’s quote about the Tories has never had more resonance than it does today.

  36. Dr Jim says:

    We all get really annoyed at times with headlines in Tory so called *newspapers* like the Sunday Mail because they appear to have such loud voices, but when you look at the readership statistics of that particular *newspaper* 98% of Scots don’t read the Sunday Mail, so if you make the comparison of 50 people in a pub, the Sunday Mail guy is the person everybody else moves away from

    On another exciting note I’ve had my leaflet from the leader in chief, DRoss, of Scotland’s Conservative and Unionist party dropped though my letterbox and true to his word he doesn’t mention the Independence word, instead he lists a Q&A session with himself wherein he talks about his vast dairy cow experience of udder pulling and his inability to play football thus why he became someone who enforces the rules of that game, and that of course is the experience he is proud to bring to his leadership of the Conservative and Unionist party which will prove to stand him in such good stead that he will become the *big cheese* (my description) in Scottish politics

    So DRoss the new leader of the Tories in Scotland believes that virtually no experience is the exact required amount to go head to head with Scotland’s National party leader FM Nicola Sturgeon who has under her belt 30 years of political experience, is a qualified lawyer and has been First Minister of Scotland for 6 years so far, DRoss has the ultimate obnoxious arrogant cheek to insult the voters in Scotland on insisting that he is what we need to be the next FM of our country with a CV that would see him lucky to pass an interview in ASDA for a car park trolley collector

    Could there *BEEE* anyone less qualified than DRoss, off the top of my head I can’t think of a single person, even Annie Wells is qualified to work a cash register and pack clothing into a bag neatly, learned from her previous experience with Marks and Sparks, DRoss’s total work experience is a dairy cow and waving a flag

    • Welsh Sion says:

      DRoss’s total work experience is a dairy cow and waving a flag.


      Reminds me of that rhyme I earnt at school. Here it is, suitably adapted.

      Doug Ross Tory man went to milk a cow.
      Doug Ross Tory man didn’t know how.
      Doug Ross Tory man pulled the wrong t*t.
      Doug Ross Tory man covered in sh*t.

      [With apologies to those of a sensitive disposition]

  37. Welsh Sion says:

    *learnt, even. (Typos are contayjuss.)

  38. vivianoblivian7 says:

    ‘T’is a pity the sub-samples of polls don’t have a population sample large enough to produce a high confidence rating.
    Most recent YouGov, Westmonster voting intentions, field work 21 – 22 Oct., Scottish sub-sample.
    Con 16%, Lab 16%, LibDem 3%, SNP 58%, Plaid Cymru 3%, Brexit Party 1%, Greens 2%, Others 1%.

  39. Welsh Sion says:

    3% – in a country where one of my Parties isn’t even standing, Vivian? 😉

    What’s the subset for where it IS standing? 🙂

  40. Welsh Sion says:


    Once you were a ‘nation’ …
    … Then you became a ‘region’ …
    … Then you became ‘part of the UK’ …
    … Now, according to the Guardian, you are ‘the home crowd’.

    “Davidson has been no fan of Johnson and any apparent attempt by Ross to differentiate himself from No 10 could play well with the home crowd, given the prime minister’s popularity in Scotland is questionable.”

    Source: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/oct/25/scottish-tory-leader-dominic-cummings-resign-durham-douglas-ross

    Whither Caledonia?

    (PS I thought linesfolk and referees were impartial. Not given to ‘pleasing the home crowd.’)

    • Dr Jim says:

      The best DRoss could manage is to *milk* the crowd, well the udder lot

    • Bob Lamont says:

      The Grauniad are surely having a larf, “No 10 could play well with the home crowd, given the prime minister’s popularity in Scotland is questionable” – Questionable ? The man-boy is loathed.
      The Grauniad appear to be labouring under the illusion Ruth the Mooth was a force to be reckoned with, blissfully unaware that despite BBC Shockland’s best and consistent promotions, Davidson was broadly regarded with contempt,.
      The Linesman is under Davidson’s tutelage and contacts, what could possibly go right…

  41. Ken2 says:

    The reality of people’s lives is that the Scottish Gov. Nicola and co are doing a good job. Or as best as can be expected by following the rules and guidelines to keep people safe. To keep people alive. The most important job of any government keeping people safe, well and alive.

    Test centres are being set up. People with symptoms or contacts are being tested. People are informing others and isolating. People are being tested negative but they are still being tested.

    A grandson is tested with symptoms before they can go back to school. Tested negative. Members of family who are school workers are regularly tested. Patients are tested before they attend hospital. Or only for urgent appointments by choice. School children are isolating if they test positive or have been in contact.

    Office workers are being tested with symptoms or contacts and isolating. Or working from home. Bar workers are being tested if there has been any contacts. Neighbours are being tested. Distant relatives and friends are being tested. Isolating if they have to.

    Many are testing negative but they are still being tested. People are isolating by following the guidelines. That is the reality for most people. Following the rules and guidelines to save people’s live. The flu jab for those who need it are being carried out.

    That is why the Scottish Gov. Nicola and co are seen to be doing a good job and keeping deaths down. They are putting in the procedures and guidelines. That is why it is appreciated. It is the reality of people’s live. Until a vaccine can be found. Hopefully by Christmas.

    The testing and isolating is working. Some place do have to close down for a period. To save people’s lives.

    Things are going back to a bit of ‘normality’ and people going about more freely because of the testing. Kits can be found on the internet. There are temperature guns being used by businesses. People are following the rules and guidelines. Responsibility pays dividends. In perception and reality.

    The testing, guidelines and rules are being put in place. People are following them to save lives. People do care about others. In fact it has shown how important families and friends are to each other. People helping each other out.

    The same thing cannot be seen about Westminster. Starving kids. The chaos of Brexit unfolding. Bad, poor decisions. The Law being broken with impunity. The Courts have to put things right. The higher death rate. Life expectancy falling in the south. Austerity. Misuse of public funds. The Tory Gov muck up of everything. The lies. Liars always get found out.

    Even in the experience of people’s lives. If a vaccine is found by Christmas or there about. It will have lasted for less than a year. Until things can recover and get back to ‘normal’. In the human existence of thousands of years. A year is a relatively short time from which to recover.

    Even waiting two years for an IndyRef is a blip on existence. After waiting nearly 100 years to win it. Universal Suffrage 1928.

    It is the reality, experience and existence of people’s lives that matter. What they experience. Not what the watch or hear on the TV or in the ‘news’. That does not matter. It is what they experience that does.Their experience is unique in encountering others. That is what forms their opinions. Their reality. Not what someone tells them to believe. Unless they are conned.

    Support for SNP/Independence rising because of people’s experience and perception not affected by outside influences. Except for the internet. Facts and figures can be found more accurate and objective. Quite quickly than they were before. Communication more affective.

    With efficient governance. It makes a great difference to people’s lives. A government that cares can make all the difference. It improves people’s health and prospects, immeasurably. It is their experience that forms the reality of their existence. No matter what others do or say. Doomsayers or otherwise.

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