coming down with a severe case of the bunting

the daily telegraph in its wisdom, Well I say ‘wisdom’, has decided to publish a story which exposes an elderly woman to mockery,and which also illustrates the utterly pathetic nature of modern British nationalism and its desperate attempts to weaponise bunting and to make everything about WW2 because that was the last, an indeed possibly the only, time that the British were unarguably the good guys, and even then that was only because the UK was up against the actual fucking Nazis. according to a woman, Maureen Eames, who was two years old duringWW2 ,we should notpay heed to Covid restrictions because during the war we were bombed in the blitz and we didn’t give in. We didn’t surrender then and we shouldn’t now. We went into shelters then we went back to work. That’s what we have to do now.” opined Maureen I believe that people made quite dramatic lifestyle changes during WW2, or am I missing something? and when they were told to put up blackout curtains and turn out the lights they didn’t take to social media to moan abut health and safety gone mad, although given that the lady in question was only two years old during the blitz, it’s likely that she personally spent the Blitz having a toddler’s temper tantrum when she couldn’t have what she wanted. Not only was Maureen a toddler at the time, but she comes from Barnsley, a town in Yorkshire which wasn’t actually bombed during the war so it is unclear on what basis she is being elevated by the media as a vcoice of authority. she wasn’t in the blitz and she was just a toddler but like a toddler is exactly how some supposedly adult people are behaving right now after being told that they cannae go to the pub, so they are following Maureen’s example after all But just not in the way the bunting fetish ists of the Telegraph imagined. but then the entire purpose of the British media these days, appears to be to find solutions to today’s problems in a war that was fought 80 years ago or failing that in a world cup match played in 1966 . I’m not really getting at Maureen here, Everyone is entitled to say stupid things, however the far greater stupidity belongs to a British media which is as desperate for a hit of WW2 nostalgia as a heroin addict is for their next fix and which uncritically and approvingly amplifies and propagates even the most inane and asinine reference to ‘Dunkirk’ spirit, nd which will not be deterred even when it risks undermining and weakening the vital public health advice which will ensure that as many of us as possible survive this pandemic .Even the most obtuse Telegraph journalist or BBC reporter ought to be able to grasp that the threat represented by coronavirus is not the same as that represented by the pissing LuftWaffe. no one in WW2 went “Oh that Doreen from Number 26 popped down the Post Office and now she’s come down with a terrible case of the Hermann Goerings, coughing up Messerschmidts all over the place so she is. Maureen’s inane Dunkirk spirit opinion is the kind of thing that in a more sensible media evironment would be elegated to the fa rend of Facebook along with the ramblings of your embarrassing racist Uncle, instead in Brexit Britain it gets published in a national newspaper and broadcast approvingly on the BBC whereupon Sarah Smith remarks that Maureen is ‘speaking for the nation. No she’s bloody not Sarah, she’s speaking for a BBC with a WW2 nostalgia fetish and which has a bloody orgasm every time it’s able to shoehorn in a reference to Spitfires. She is most definitely not not speaking for those of us who understand that this is a public health emergency and not an occasion for a WW2 British nationalist circle jerk that undermines vital public health advice. hopefully there will one day soon be a vaccine against Coronavirus, sadly there is no hope of a vaccine against the reflexive British nationalism of the BBC, there is however an off button and a waste bin in which licence fee reminder letters can be dumped. And that’s a remedy which will have to suffice until Scotland has a public service broadcaster of its own,and not one which has as its priotity, ramming a regressive an backward looking British ationalism down our throats, even at the expense of vital public Health information during a global pandemic. they are so desperate to foist their WW2 British nationalist nostalgia on us that they they will be telling us that the inane and asinine witterings of a woman who can’t even remember WW2 elevates her to the status of national treasure, and Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson will offer her an OBE in his next honours list in an attempt to distract us from his government’s rank failure to deal with th pandemic and the institutionalised and oh so very British corruption of a Conservative government which spaffs billions of pounds on clueless ‘consultants’ whose sole qualification is that they are married to or are pals with a Tory MP. while at the same time they allow children to go to bed hungry, and they preside over a 12billion quid so called track and trace system which is less effective than throwing darts at a dart board while blindfolded. But never mind any of that becauseVera lynn, bunting, we won the war, you know. I don’t know if it’s possible for a media to go senile, but the British nationalist press is showing all the signs. is lost in a reverie of former days while it ignores the urine dribbling down its’s a senile media for a senile British state,and the sooner Scotland consigns both to the history books the better we all will be.

typos, sorry, there’s going to be a lot of them while I learn how to type all over again, please be patient.

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68 comments on “coming down with a severe case of the bunting

  1. […] Wee Ginger Dug coming down with a severe case of the bunting isdom’, has decided to publish a story which exposes an elderly woman to mockery,and […]

  2. grizebard says:

    Paul, your writing may be somewhat agley at the moment, but nothing like as crock as what goes for reportage in the BritNat media, for all their ample resources. And your reasoning is as sound and crystal clear as ever, which is more than can be said for any member of the cabinet in London, however hale they may be in body.

    Keep em comin’, champ, provided it’s therapeutic and helps keep your blood pressure from getting too high!

  3. Golfnut says:

    Forget the spelling, just let it flow, let off steam and enjoy the rant, we do. Remember your among fiends.
    Estimated uk civilian deaths 1939 to 1945 were 62,000. Covid 19 killed at least that in 5 months and it hasn’t finished yet, that’s assuming of course we have been given the correct figures. Cummings and Boris were prepared to accept half a million deaths had their herd immunity program been continued.
    The UK government and the media have a lot to answer for.

  4. John Rutherford says:

    Absolutely spot on!!
    (As you always were!)
    Even recovering from a stroke & a bereavement!

    Respect!!! (as always.)

  5. Dr Jim says:

    People will die but as long as it’s not us, eh what
    The problem the elite have with Covid 19 unlike wars when they could sacrifice the poor at will is they can only encourage folk to kill themselves now by making them so miserable and confused they behave with poor judgement and wander around breathing in pretending to deny there’s any problem at all, and if good old Joe and Joan public become worried at any point and begin behaving in any kind of life preserving fashion, the elite can wheel out the Wellington Bombers and the Spitfires with Union flags and red white and blue smoke streaming from the Arse end of them accompanied by some heart warming and moving music of Vera Lynne and a foty of Her Maj complete with patronising smile and Boom! the streets will fill and we’ll all meet again in grateful thanks with our friends and fellow future patients in ICU

    But by Gad sir we’re British and British means world beatingly best even at dying, and we will fight it on the streets, in our homes as we huddle together, but bravely because we’re British, and we’ll do all this and more because our country is the most important thing, so we’ll sacrifice ourselves willingly so that our country may go on…………… to get the deficit down

    • Pogmothon says:

      Deficit…deficit is it????

      Lest we forget…..After 10 years of tory austerity which = jock Tamson’s bairns paying for hedge fund managers and bankers bonuses and knighthoods, by the increased use of food banks or just gratefully dieing……. The Bloody Deficit had increased substansully.

      (bloody being the correct descriptive in this case)

  6. P Harvey says:

    Paul, another excellent blog
    Don’t worry about the spelling, your amongst friends

  7. Stella Falconer says:

    Love your writing, Paul! Never mind about the dodgy typing, it all makes perfect sense. Never stop telling it like it is. Get well soon.

  8. Alex Clark says:

    Unfortunately for the “we won the war” types, a virus so dangerous and easily spread as Covid-19 does not wave flags or sing Rule Brittania when looking for people to infect. It doesn’t do anything other than jump from person to person when they get in close contact for any period of time.

    It’s a fact that maybe around just 3% of people who catch the virus become ill enough to end up in hospital but tragically as many as 1 in 3 of those that do go into hospital will die.

    The Chief Medical Officer for England, Chris Witty said Tier 3 measures on their own would not be enough to get the R number below 1. Then the Chief Scientific Advisor, Patrick Vallance said exactly the same thing days later.

    The Government’s own Chief Scientific Adviser said he agreed with Chris Witty that current Tier 3 restrictions do not go far enough to control coronavirus infections.
    Sir Patrick Valance made the comments as he appeared alongside the Prime Minister at a Downing Street conference today.

    It comes after northern leaders rejected the PM’s plans to impose stiffer restrictions on the region, claiming that there was no evidence that Tier 3 would get the outbreak under control.
    Sir Patrick today said the “baseline” Tier 3 measures on their own would not be enough to get the closely-watched R rate down to an acceptable level.

    He said: “Where we are now is a different situation. It is crucial that where the R is above one and the numbers are high we get the R below 1.

    It looks pretty clear to me and I hope I’m wrong and that the advisors to Johnson are wrong too, but it looks like numbers of new cases will continue to grow in England until more drastic measures are taken. Which is exactly what Scotland, the NI, and now Wales have already done to try and reduce transmission.

    If you don’t get the case numbers down 3 people will end up in hospital with the virus and only 2 of them are going home again. The BBC don’t tell you that when showing footage of Spitfires flying over pleasant green fields and flags being waved while the good people sing “Rule Britannia”.

    The virus doesn’t care who you are, it does not discriminate. We really need to understand that if we are to live with it with the least possible harm, as we must, at least until…

  9. Alex Clark says:

    Right on cue we have this breaking story tomight which exposes the uselessness of this Westminster Tory government.

    Discussions are underway in Whitehall and local authorities for a Plan B to tackle the second wave of Covid-19 if the three-tier system in England has not made a difference by mid-November, it has emerged.

    Options being discussed include dialling up the already tough tier three restrictions to “tier three-plus” or tier four, as well as the possibility of short-term local circuit breaker lockdowns to bring the R value of transmission below 1…

    But there is concern that the top tier three of restrictions, now in place in several regions of England, will not be enough to bring R below 1 before Christmas.

    Whitehall sources said it would be clear by the middle of November, two to three weeks after the first tier three restrictions were imposed, whether the measures had made any difference to daily case numbers and if extra regulations were necessary.

    I almost cannot believe how incompetent this government are. It’s as if all the civil servants have disappeared or are too afraid to speak up. There are not enough swear words to describe the level of incompetence and corruption in this government led by Johnson.

    I mean “tier three plus” WTF!

    Almost as bad as the failed “Moonshot” £100 billion plan, we are led by donkeys and it’s pathetic.

    • grizebard says:

      I just made a posting on the previous thread that’s somewhat relevant. It’s not so much the framework that’s the issue, I suggest, it’s more about the need to apply it in a suitably resolute and aggressive manner. That’s where the UKGov is patently failing, but it’s very easy to slip, because most ordinary people – and especially politicians trying to compromise between health and eg. the economy – don’t really appreciate the ferocious escalation of an exponential curve. Things get out of control in the proverbial blink of an eye. And you just can’t have a sound economy with an out-of-control health crisis, however wishful your thinking.

      I have the feeling that this applies to the SG somewhat also, hamstrung as it additionally is – as Nicola made very clear in Friday’s briefing – by the UKGov’s increasingly strangulating economic leash.

    • grizebard says:

      A “tier 4” is of course what the SG is already proposing as its “level 4”. Though some journos at Friday’s briefing were already “concerned” that both a lower and higher level than England’s current three was just too much for the poor inferior Scots to comprehend. (Since you need to be able to count up to five.)

      That having been said, I am genuinely apprehensive that our proposed uppermost level – which still falls short of a complete lockdown as we had rather successfully in the spring – will be sufficient to turn things round on any timescale, let alone by Christmas.

      I wonder if in fact it might be useful to let people get to where they need to get just beforehand, during what is otherwise a near-lockdown period, then have a total lockdown between Christmas and the New Year.

      • grizebard says:

        Oh, and immediately thereafter, by merciless UKGov fiat, the phoney war is finally over and the Brexit blitzkrieg begins. And no amount of confected media bunting is going to help us a whit.

        • Ken2 says:

          Christmas will bring lockdown. People are off. Less people at work or going away on holiday. Christmas is quieter in any case. The run up to Christmas is also quieter in the shops. People are getting more off the internet. Food, drink and other retailers are busier. Business and profits? up 20%.

          Retailers are taking on workers. They already take in more at Christmas. Christmas is big business. Retailers make 70% of their profits at Christmas. It keeps them going all year.

          With all the new measures in place. Testing, track and trace. Isolate. People are going about more. Things are a bit busier and ‘normal’ than they were before. People still have to be careful and obey the rules. Follow the guidelines. Trying to get through it. Until there is a vaccine. Hopefully soon. They will develop it.

          • Ken2 says:

            In the rest of the UK a total mess and shambles. Brexit mess to follow on. The Tories will be outed. Nicola and Co can call out the Tories. Expose them. Before they just got away with it. No longer.

            Support for SNP/Independence rising. People just need to vote for it.

  10. jrtomlin says:

    Great to see you posting, Paul. I suspect we’re all fluent at reading typo, which many of us ‘speak’ extensively. Take care of yourself.

  11. Bob Lamont says:

    Great stuff again, that brief dose of Orange bigotry would appear to have increased your determination…
    Chuckled at the 2 year old memory of WW2 – It is quite fascinating how often you stumble across -40 year old versions and younger similarly drawing on such “learned experiences”, very often a fictionalised re-write with “we won the war y’know” writ large.
    Fintan O’Toole once described the phenomenon as England’s obsession with victimhood, and one memorable French article described England as Europe’s goldfish bowl, the view from the outside is completely different to the distortions from within.
    In the twenty years I’ve been gone from the UK I’ve seen wave after wave of media propaganda wash over the dominant English psyche, but none quite so targeted as that which led to Brexit, then along came a pandemic, and London’s response is…. to conduct a propaganda war against their own people.
    It’s past time Scots abandoned the goldfish bowl and left them to their madness.

    • I believe the reason so many people who were not even born when WWII took place talk about it as if they were actually there is because they are brainwashed by tv into believing it was a recent event.
      WWII films remade using modern day language actors and choreography together with things like coins to celebrate the start of the war , victory day , the end of the war , the navy , the airforce , the veterans and on and on the list goes, currently we have the national lottery advert on TV showing a huge group of veterans they say are given money from national lottery and I cannot see anyone in the huge group of veterans that are as old as me and I wasn’t born until 12 years after WWII .
      I know there are veterans from falklands Afghanistan etc but you never get the media using the we won the falklands war or we bombed Afghanistan and Libyan people as a reason to celebrate those wars but the national lottery are doing it , they must be , none of the people marching in their advert are old enough to be veterans from WWII.

      On and on it goes this national lottery advert is an early steps move to continue the celebration of war once all the WWII survivors are gone.

      • Douglas says:

        Absolutely. There seems to be a group of people, those born in the 1950s & 1960s, who grew up watching black and white, the British verus the Germans, war movies, reading Commando magazines, and going around “shooting” each other with toy guns who have never grown up and have since become Union Fleg waving howlers!!

        • Peter Lawrie says:

          Not all of us! I am a “baby-boomer” myself. I grew up in the ’50s watching B&W war films, reading Biggles books and the Eagle comic. Some of us manage to grow out of it! Perhaps having had that experience, I can understand the mad jingoism of the less-intelligent Brexiteers – “We won the war y’ know” . Personally I wouldn’t dream of waving their Union-fleg! The sooner Scotland is quit of them the better!

  12. Ken2 says:

    26Million Russians died in 2nd WW saving the West.

    1/2million in Britain died. 1/2million in France. 2Million from US. (1941).

    The EU was formed after 2WW to stop starvation and war in Europe and elsewhere. Russia, Germany and the rest of Europe have had enough of it.

    UK/US have been at it ever since. Breaking International Law. Destroying democracy in the world. Blowing the world to bits, Secretly selling illegal arms. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act. The criminality of it.

    Iraq, Lockerbie and Dunblane kept secret for 100 years.

    Since 1960’s US/UK have been illegally selling arms Io the Saudis. Antagonising the rest of the world. Killing and harming millions of people. Displacing people. Lied about Brexit. Lied about the EU trying to help people. The Westminster sycophants have harmed and displaced.

    Brexit. The Tories are breaking International Law. The Courts have to censor them and their appalling policies. Johnston was trying to start a military confrontation with Russia, who saved the West. Trump would not sanction it.

    The 1WW caused by the British monarchy disputes all over Europe. The divine right to rule. Millions died. Led on to WW2. The flu pandemic 1918, killed even more.

    People were promised the vote to join the Allies. Westminster reneged and caused even more hardship over the world. Just as they do today. Lying and cheating causing death and destruction. BBC nonsense and propaganda. People no longer listen to it or believe it.

  13. Ken2 says:

    Fundraiser half way. Keep it up. The target will be reached.

  14. Jess Mitchell says:

    Paul, Your typing fingers may not be working as well as usual but your brain clearly is. Thank you for saying exactly what I thought when I saw this article yesterday but saying it much more forcefully and coherently. My first thought was “The stupid old bint’s not wearing a mask.”- not ageism because I’m an old bint myself. The next was “What is it with the English and their WWII fetish.” Dunkirk was a bloody defeat. The English didn’t win WWII. Half the world won WWII. Thanks for saying much more and saying it so much better. So sorry about the wee dug but also so glad you’re still with us and writing. Hope you and Peter make the target for a better place to live soon. Very best wishes, Jess Mitchell.

  15. gus1940 says:

    We are still subject to a load of nonsense about Dunkirk the spirit and associated heroism.

    There was certainly heroism shown by those who carried out the evacuation but I have yet to see any evidence of heroics when it comes to those who were evacuated – the fact is that The British Army ran away deserting their French allies and while the ordinary Tommy was relatively blameless the officers in charge have over the years received little or no criticism.

    The troops who drew the short straw and were left behind to defend the perimeter and were killed or captured were heroes.

    Bearing in mind that the Royal Navy was the most powerful navy in the world and the German Navy a relatively minor force why was it not possible to maintain a defensive perimeter at Dunkirk and a foothold in Europe.

    What I have always wondered is if it was possible to evacuate in excess of 300k troops why was it not possible to supply and reinforce said troops using the undoubted superiority of the RN.

    Has anybody ever carried out a study of whether or not it was possible to stay and fight.

    I have always suspected that behind the whole affair was a hasty decision by a panicked Churchill terrified of creating WW1 type of trench warfare.

    I would be interested to hear what others think regarding ‘The Miracle Of Dunkirk’.

    • gus1940

      I think you have got it wrong gus , sorry , but every person in WWII was a hero those who survived and those who did not as well as those on both sides who fought and killed on the battlefield .
      There were many good people on the other side too who didn’t want to be at war but just like you and I and others have no method of stopping the Westminster government doing the things they do it was the same in Germany a gradual organised slide into control of the population that makes good people frightened to disobey orders for fear of what will be the punishment inflicted on themselves their wives their children their friends and relatives by the controlling government .
      Once that control and threat is in place people do as they are told that’s why armed forces are trained to obey orders even if they believe the orders are criminal they will carry them out the alternative back then was to be blindfolded and shot

      Terrible things are done by good people
      That is the horror of war
      Because the huge majority of people in a war are good people 99% ….probably more

      After wars governments keep at their dirty tricks
      Persuading you that the enemy was evil or stupid
      Even now eighty years later we still have the media here making out that Germany is evil and is stupid , incompetent.

      New post war films are made with a WWII theme that will include bits about how the British are strong willed ,honest ,caring ,jolly ,fair,
      and how the Germans are stupid , evil , dishonest , selfish , uncaring , serious and unfair the idea is to keep the lie going so that Westminster can use it to continue to control YOU

      Yes the Nazis controlled the German people
      But Westminster was doing the same thing controlling the british people
      There were plenty of bad things done by the British side in WWII and that’s the dichotomy of war
      Both sides do bad things
      WWII happens to be a war where Germany was doing what Britain had tried to do in the past
      Control the world or as much of it as possible
      We often hear about the Nazis gassing people in concentration camps
      We don’t hear about British army forces locking people in concentration camps made of wood and then setting it alight burning them to death but it happened in Uganda

      War is terrible on both sides
      Governments will flee the danger leaving the people to die
      They all do this

    • Golfnut says:

      The key to success of maintaining a bridge head at Dunkirk was air power, not the navy. Had the RN committed major support to maintain the bridge head it would have meant fighting the battle of Britain over France with the advantage given to the Luftwaffe.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Maginot Line
      Belgian neutrality
      BEF not actually very large
      Supply lines
      Belgian surrender
      Live to fight another day

    • Eilidh says:

      The British Army left behind a sizable amount of the Highland Division at St Valery who were assigned to fight a rearguard action with the French. Most of them were captured or killed so not all got away at Dunkirk. They were many heroes at Dunkirk but none were the British Army high command nor the Uk government. My dad was called up into the army shortly after that as were many others to replace the many that were killed

      • grizebard says:

        Or captured. A substantial part of the original HD – the ones who survived but didn’t manage to escape – had to endure the entire long war in the stalags. There is film footage of them being marched away, with Rommel looking especially chuft at capturing a division with one of the highest reputations from the previous conflict.

        There is an interesting story of one character who managed, with the assistance of some French folk, to dodge the Germans. Tired and hungry, at one point he tried to give himself up to a lone German soldier, who just wasn’t interested, so he carried on, and eventually did make it back home. But he was very much the exception.

        The (reconstituted) HD had the last laugh, though. Post the Normandy breakout in 1944, care was taken that they were in the front line to liberate St.Valery. On commemorative occasions, the community there still fly a Saltire up on the headland along with the UJ and Tricolore. They have never forgotten.

  16. Brilliant Paul, and progress way beyond expectations which must give you great hope. And a real boost from our friends at The National too. Hugs.

  17. Dr Jim says:

    Sky news does its level best yet again this morning to dissuade any people suspecting they may have Covid symptoms from having a test as the brainless male presenter removes his shoe and wedges it straight into his very own big mouth as he announces to the entire population of the UK who might be watching that the Covid test is “Eugh horrid, awful, horrible, eugh brrrr” and follows up with a visibly over acted shudder

    That’s the spirit Sky news solidarity with the people there, such a help

  18. bringiton says:

    Thank you Paul,excellent that you are still managing to keep your mind busy.
    I wouldn’t believe much that is printed in the Torygraf.
    They employ some dodgy reporters who simply make up stuff e.g. their recent claims that Michel Barnier was being sidelined in negotiations with Blighty.
    Oh really!
    Just another Dad’s army propaganda outlet.

  19. deelsdugs says:

    Great stuff Paul. I’m currently writing an essay on Island Realites and I’ve come across Tuvalu (then Ellice) and how (as and when) it was a colonised set of Islands alongside the Gilbert Islands (now Kiribati), that they were having none of being a disenfranchised minority Island nation when both sets of Islands, lumped as one – GEIC – were being ‘released’ from colonial rule, so the UN stepped in, held a referendum in 1974, 92% voted for total independence from the Gilbert Islands, and in 1978 they gained their separation and independence.
    An interview with a Tuvalu official in 2006, discussing the terms of agreement from the British government trying to dissuade them separating from the Gilbert Islands, ” the scheming bureaucrats in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London of Her majesty’s government” offered a second-hand passenger and cargo vessel…in other words, that’s all you’ll get if you vote for independence.
    So sure was the British government that they had ‘saved face’ and ‘won the fight’, they did not anticipate that a small island nation would wish to be independent from a noose.

  20. Aileen Ford says:

    Don’t worry about typis. It’s just brilliant to hear from you. Take care.

  21. jfngw says:

    I suspect this wartime spirit is more mythology than reality, certainly didn’t get this impression from my parents who were in service during the war (most from my mother as my father refused to ever talk about his experience, so I can only assume it wasn’t the life enhancing experience the BBC like to portray). What I do know is when he was shipped back from Italy and in hospital all his personal possessions were stolen by the, all in it together, people in the ward.

    Another thing to remember is, when watching any old wartime movie they were not doing it for Britain but for England. This glorification of Britain seems quite recent in reality, goods I remember nearly always said ‘Made in England’ on them.

  22. Andy in Germany says:

    “typos, sorry, there’s going to be a lot of them while I learn how to type all over again.”

    Maybe, but it hasn’t taken the edge off your writing…

  23. Doug says:

    I’m positive liar Johnson, glaikit Gove and commandant Cummings spend all their time in the No.10 bunker watching endless reruns of every WWII films that’s ever been made.

  24. Hamish100 says:

    I feel sorry for the journalists on the bbc Shereen show. They are confused. Is 2 bigger than 1 but less than 3? What can I do? Can I go from a to b without being arrested. Christmas is ruined. Shereen refers ungraciously to “Sturgeon” and pushed the confusion line. Let’s attack Jason Leitch.

    The leading question on Christmas set up courtesy of Good Morning Scotland earlier in the week.

    The political line of the bbc to sow confusion is pathetic.
    If I live on an island where as a result of the new regime -( read it before saying it doesn’t work) I can look forward to less restrictions if the infection is low.

    BBC doom, confusion, more confusion I don’t understand its esnpee fault, get rid 0f sturgeon and leitch- cut to publican -it’s no my fault all the pubs were full of inebriated nutters. Profit before death is my view. I have a right to profiteer-ask dross.

    Public information broadcast.

  25. Alex Clark says:

    Here’s something that might make you laugh, I did 🙂

    Nicola Sturgeon is more popular than Boris Johnson in England as well as Scotland, new polling has revealed.

    YouGov found that in every region south of the border bar one the first minister’s net favourability ratings are now better than the prime minister’s.

    Similar polling undertaken during the height of the general election last November found that the reverse was true, with Mr Johnson beating Ms Sturgeon in the favourability stakes both across the whole of Great Britain and even in Scottish seats.

    But the pandemic has instigated a role reversal with Ms Sturgeon enjoying an approval rating of four points across the UK – compared to Mr Johnson’s -19 score.

    The SNP leader has an impressive rating of 11 points in London, where the UK Prime Minister lags behind by 50 points on -39.

  26. Francis Lynch says:

    Paul, don’t apologize for typos etc. You have had a stroke for goodness sake! Your post stroke blogging contains infinitely greater logic, empathy and sense than this execrable Tory government since 2016 and probably before.

  27. wullie says:

    The Blitz Spirit
    Why the British Shelled their Own Cities During World War II
    History Debunked
    40.9K subscribers

    This video discusses the use of heavy artillery in Britain between 1940 and 1944. This piece of mine gives details of some serious incidents involving artillery in Britain;

  28. Bob says:

    If we go into next year with nothing resolved on the blockages to independence it will be of much importance that as many people as possible do not pay the BBC licence.

    We will be fighting on many fronts by then and this is one of them.

    Stay safe and get healthy Paul.

  29. Dr Jim says:

    Can you imagine all 27 countries of the EU being confused as to what their country’s rules and restrictions are because of Covid just because many of them happen to located geographically to the same land mass
    Can you imagine all the German folks being totally confused because the rules are different in France, nope neither can I, yet here in our little tiny land mass of the UK of England’s Great Britannia one of the only things the English government and their bound slaves the media seem to be able to pursue with great vigour is who is the most dominant nation on this little land mass and therefore entitled to make all the rules then subsequently change them at will soley because they are the English and no devolution, no country, no other leader, no damn nothing is going to diminish the appearance of the great England power

    Damn those Scots and Welsh with their damned uppity big mouthed devolution

    It’s only banter though, we all know that, because they always remind us of how much they love us before they threaten us

  30. Capella says:

    I missed the musings of Maureen, fortunately. She’s not the first person to be exploited in Westminster’s wars against The Rest of the World, and she certainly won’t be the last.

    Good to see that Alex Salmond has sent a message of support. It’s well deserved but acknowledgement from a fellow fighter for independence is very encouraging.

    And Typos R Us.

  31. Golfnut says:

    Totally off topic, but
    Just a reminder that the rest of the world sees Scotland differently to the picture painted by Westminster and the media.

  32. Welsh Sion says:

    O/T as well

    They’ve joined their Scottish cousins. Well done them 🙂

    Wales Green Party vote to back Welsh independence at conference

    24th October 2020

    The Green Party in Wales has voted in favour of backing Welsh independence at a future referendum.

    At the Wales Green Party conference today, members voted in favour of the amendment: “In the event of a referendum on Welsh independence, the Wales Green Party commits to campaigning in favour of seceding from the United Kingdom.”

    • Capella says:

      Great new WS. I don’t know much about Welsh politics but it is beginning to look as though Labour, Plaid Cymru and the Greens are on the same page on so many issues..

      • Welsh Sion says:

        Happy to help, Capella (as I’m sure are compatriot lurkers and occasional posters on here.)

        However, the FM, Drakeford, is still a Labour Unionist (even if the majority of Labour supporters – 51% I think in the last poll – support independence.) That said, I think even his patience with ‘the Westminster model’ must be wearing a little thin now, considering how he’s been treated by LBJ and those other shysters.

        I fully expect that we will be proven more and more right that the union is teetering on the brink and that come the May elections a lot of nation loving candidates will be elected to the Senedd/Parliament. The yoons have divided into very small groupings indeed and will hopefully split the vote, rendering themselves even weaker than before.

        We will look often to Scotland for guidance, support and sharing of ideas.

        Remember, too thsat support for indy is growing and this can only help. YES Cymru invites our Scottish friends to join us. Some of us already have dual accreditation.

        Pass the popcorn – and roll on yet more interesting times!

        • Capella says:

          Indeed. Carwyn Jones, who is a Labour man but also a QC I believe, was very clear about the terms of the Treaty of Union and the sovereignty of the Scottish people. Welsh Labour seems to be far more objective about the Union and its limitations than Scottish Labour. Less Blairite? More Bevanite?

  33. Dr Jim says:

    Gaining Independence is the easy part, the hard part comes when the UK government refuse to co-operate in the correct timely fashion to power and fiscal transfers

    Many people in Scotland seem to conveniently forget that problem as they whine and chunter on about the FM and the SNP being too slow to do this or not wanting to do that because of stupid reasons made up by nutters who’ve convinced them of scheming behind the scenes drivel for their own separate agendas

    These people just pretend we can vote and then declare Independence as though it were a local election and everything else will fall into place because the UK government will just have to get used to the idea and co-operate immediately, they won’t and they’ve said they won’t, those are the cards the UK holds over our heads as the threat they’ll use to grind Scotland to a halt because at the moment Scotland doesn’t have the institutions required and ready to complete Independence without first having access to our own finances, *Catch 22*

    So when you read and hear the garbage spouted that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP don’t want Independence ignore it, because these people are lying and depending on people’s lack of understanding as to why this thing must be carried out in the right way, this divorce is not like we’re asking our ex spouse to hand over our TV and CD collection but they can keep the budgie and let’s be friends

    The UK government’s belief and case is that Scotland is attempting to steal what’s theirs, not what’s rightfully ours
    It’s all assets and property at the end of the day, and once again the lawyers will be rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of protracted legal wranglings for decades which as everybody knows is every English government’s wet dream as they reach for that can to kick again and again down the longest road they can possibly find

  34. fionamacinnes says:

    my thoughts too great writing Paul. horray for typos that cant dull the message!

  35. Ken2 says:

    Taking others countries assets and trying to keep it secret under an Official Secrets Act is illegal. The illegal Barnett Formula.

    The EU and UN support self determination and self governance. People just have to vote for it.

    No taxation without representation. One person one vote. A free and fair Press. Without which there is no democracy.

    The Tories have to be sanction by the Courts all the time. They will be voted out. Liars always get found out.

  36. Bibbit says:

    I enjoy your new James Joyce ‘stream of consciousness’ style.

    With your indefatigable energy and courage, a full recovery is unavoidable.

    My dog died, aged just 4, in his sleep. I was watching a late night film and when it finished I got up to go to bed and called my dog to get up.He was lying, as he always did, at my feet I thought he was just in a deep sleep but realised he had died when I tried to wake him. I was alone at the time in the house (a remote farm). I think I went a bit mad with grief. Screaming ‘No!’ repeatedly, hysterical with shock.

    He was the bonniest, kindest wee dug I ever had.

    The vet said it must have been a brain tumour or something. We’ll never know but when I read about Ginger passing away, I did cry. They leave a dog-shaped hole in your heart that never really heals.

    I hope in an indy country there will be a statue to Ginger. He would have the shiniest, patted nose, (next to Bobby’s, of course), in all Scotland.

    I’ll not forget him. Thank you for sharing him.

    As you say, Ginger was loved and lived a long and latterly very happy life, cared for and knowing he was wanted. What more can any of us ask for?

    • Capella says:

      OMG Bibbit – that is a very sad story and how shocking. Thank Goodness the wee dog didn’t suffer. But I do think another pet does help fill the pet shaped hole, when you feel ready to invite one into your life.

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