Getting used to it


Tory Boy Andrew Bowie, who has never knowingly managed to look as though he’s not smug despite having nothing to be smug about, has declared that the Johnson administration’s internal market bill which undermines the devolution settlement is just the start. Get used to it, he smugly declared on Twitter where his account is bedecked with a photie of himself looking smug. You couldn’t read that comment without realising that it’s finished by an implicit “or else”.

It’s an attitude which might play well with the staunch mob who comprise the dwindling base of Tory support in Scotland, to the rest of us it smacks of a rank arrogant colonialist mentality. “The UK Government is back in Scotland. Get used to it,” he declares, not even pretending to hide the triumphalism and the fact that this bill represents an assault on the devolution settlement and an assault on Scotland itself. Eat your cereal, Scotland.

What he really means is that England’s choice of government is determined to overrule and override the democratic choices made by the people of Scotland. Screw you, Scotland, and screw your devolution. We won’t be getting used to that, Andrew. And we won’t be lectured to by a smug over promoted and pompous six chip pretentious fish supper from a Conservative party students association.

In an article for Scotland on Sunday, the smug MP smugly wrote that the Internal Market Bill was good for Scotland. It’s been rejected by the Scottish Parliament. It’s been condemned by the Farmers Union, the General Teaching Council for Scotland, and the Scottish Council for Development and Industry. Theresa May – with whom a smug looking Andrew pictures himself in his tweet – cannot bring herself to support this bill, which threatens to break international law. She described it as reckless and said that it damaged the UK’s reputation. Is she one of those “separatists” that you castigate too, Andrew?

This bill unilaterally makes far reaching changes to devolution despite the promise made by the Conservatives themselves that they would not meddle with the devolution settlement without the express consent of the Scottish Parliament and despite the fact that they lost heavily in Scotland in the General Election of December 2019. The only people who think this bill is a good thing are those Tories who seek to destroy the devolution settlement and who have no respect for the promises that they themselves made in order to keep Scotland as a part of the UK.

The Tories haven’t won an election in Scotland since 1955, but they still think that they have a god given right to tell Scotland what’s good for it. In the space of just six years we’ve gone from “We love you Scotland. Lead us don’t leave us. Let us deliver the most powerful devolved parliament in the world” to “Suck it up. Do what you’re told. We own you.” Despite what Andrew Bowie so smugly claims, this bill will not save the UK, it is another reason why it’s being destroyed. And it’s being destroyed by those who claim to love it the most. Keep up the good work Andrew. That smug grin of yours is the smugness that comes from self-delusion. It’s as hollow and shallow as support for the UK in Scotland.

What is truly astonishing is that at this juncture in Scottish history, the Conservative branch office in Scotland believe that this is the correct tone to take. He represents a minority party, led by a wildly unpopular leader, and clearly doesn’t care that the attitude he displays will only alienate most people in Scotland even further. He displays that classic case of mistaken identity commonly found amongst Conservative politicians – the difficulty in remembering that they are not gods. There is no egoism more insufferable than the Scottish Conservative belief that they are untouchable. It has been said that complacency is the biggest struggle that we all have to fight. The Scottish Conservatives gave up that struggle a long time ago. The biggest problem of the Scottish Conservative elite is that it is neither smart, nor competent, nor capable. In fact they are not an elite at all. They’re simply what floats to the top in a barrel of rot and decay.

Andrew’s smugathon came on the very same day that an opinion poll was published showing that 64% of people in Scotland believe that this country will vote for independence at the next referendum. 53% are currently in favour of independence according to the same poll, and 56% believe that a pro-indy majority in the next parliament provides Scotland with an absolute right to another referendum. What these figures mean is that there is a significant number of of people within Andrew’s own support base who believe that the precioussss union is already lost. Not even his own supporters believe that what this Conservative government is doing is good for Scotland. They’ve given up on the precioussss union just as Andrew and his colleagues have given up on the battle against complacency. Get used to it, Andrew tells us, as Scotland tells Andrew that it has no intention of getting used to his party’s arrogant contempt.

There is now a strong and consistent majority support in Scotland for independence. There’s a growing expectation that Scotland will soon leave the clowns and the balloons of British nationalism to their own sad and squeaking devices. If there was a time for tact and conciliation from the British Government, this would be it. Instead what we get is an adolescent triumphalism from a Tory boy who can’t even manage to stand out in a field of six. A word to the wise Andrew, if you’re going to be triumphalist it helps a lot if you first do what’s needed to make sure you’re going to win. Instead all that your government is doing is to drive ever more people in Scotland into the welcome arms of the yes movement. It started as a trickle. It’s now a torrent. It will become a flood when your Brexit strikes. We refuse to get used to your party’s lies, its deceit, and its incompetent chaos.

Scotland will soon be out of here. Out of the grasp of Johnson and Cummings. Out of the malign cage into which Westminster has imprisoned our aspirations and dreams. Out of the sinking ship of British exceptionalist nostalgia. Your party, your Brexit, and your xenophobic regressive bunting-fest that passes for politics are finished in Scotland – get used to that, Andrew.

The purpose of this blog is to  make a positive case for independence, to attack the pretensions of British nationalism, and to formulate arguments which will help to persuade no voters, undecideds, and soft yes voters to support independence.  It’s also to boost the morale of those of us who are already involved in this campaign.  I do not provide this platform to allow people to attack others in the movement with whom they disagree.  Other people might choose to use their platforms to do so, I don’t.

So if you want to share your favourite conspiracy theories about Nicola Sturgeon or anyone else in this movement – you can go elsewhere.  I am past caring whether you think that this means you are being censored.  You have no absolute right to use this blog and you most certainly don’t have the right to abuse my hospitality by insulting me personally. 

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669 comments on “Getting used to it

  1. David Agnew says:

    to quote the reply someone made on twitter to him.

    “Your arrogance is writing cheques your party can’t cash”

    Or in other words, the boy is all talk and no trousers. His party lost half its MPs at the last election. Going by various polls it unlikely to hold on to any of them. You do have to wonder how far up your own arse your head as to be, to believe shite like that, let alone say it. But I never did credit tories with much smarts. Just another smirking little “tory boy” who is too stupid to know he has nothing to smile about. But then we are dealing with a generation who doesn’t know what Scotland did to Thatcher and Major and all their little Scotland hating minions.

  2. gavinochiltree says:

    “You gave them no alternative but independence or unconditional surrender”

    The words of David Hartley, MP, who negotiated the Treaty of Paris, ending the American War of Independence.

    Bowie, Hi Jack, DRoss, Boris et al are giving Scotland the same choice as Mad King George—with the same result!

    • stewartb says:

      Excellent, apt quote.

      “The UK Government is back in Scotland. Get used to it”.

      So all the pieces may be seen to be coming together from the perspective of the Westminster regime:
      – a big Tory majority in Westminster
      – a weak, ineffectual Labour opposition when it comes to protecting devolution – and of course as much a British nationalist (‘patriotic;) bunch as the Tories
      – the likely passage of the Internal Market Bill, with a media focused on (diverted towards) the international rather than the domestic implications
      – a pile on from the Scottish media on the SG’s re-Covid management
      – the newly created Queen Elizabeth House in Edinburgh – a Governor General’s palace (recall: in 2019 David Mundell stated “The Royal title is hugely fitting, given the Hub will be the focus of the UK Government’s work in Scotland, hosting 10 UK Government departments.”) and
      – by ‘good’ fortune (and perhaps with encouragement), once important actors in the independence movement choosing this time to mount a relentless campaign on social media to bring down the FM and the SNP, and so place at risk the likelihood of a strong pro-indy government in Holyrood after next year’s election.

      There is one positive – and of course it’s a really crucial one, but one that cannot be viewed complacently – the polling numbers! We can be sure that the Tories – Cummings and his allies in the dirty tricks of political campaigning – will be active in seeking to change that.

    • Kangaroo says:

      A quote straight from sun tzu, only it was the general of the smaller army tbat did this. Gave them no way out so they had to fight to the death. The bigger army could leave the battlefield with small losses, so that is what happened. Hopefully NS will give us the same option – Independence or Chains and Slavery.

  3. Bob Lamont says:

    Bowie clearly more interested in impressing his peers than his electorate, but as he knew he wouldn’t survive a next GE even if there was one, this is presumably his petulant swansong.

    • Millsy says:

      ”…his peers ”. You mean other dickless wonders who couldn’t tie their own shoe laces and who think that insulting the electorate is a guaranteed vote winner .

  4. sophie grace chappell says:

    Thank you, Paul, for articulating these things even when I myself am too furious to articulate them. (And articulacy is by no means my weak point…)

  5. […] Wee Ginger Dug Getting used to it Tory Boy Andrew Bowie, who has never knowingly managed to look as though he’s not […]

  6. deelsdugs says:

    Not read this yet but I’m delighted to be back in the email loop…yaaayyyy!

  7. deelsdugs says:

    Wonder if they all sign up to the botox-plasticine-smirk…such horrible, creepy narcissistic smirkers.

  8. bedelsten says:

    Maybe we should thank the unionists for writing the script for indyref2 as it will save the Yes movement having to fork out money for an advertising agency. I can see the billboards of my mind (Bonzo Dog reference); Donald Gatt – Tory – Moray Council – poor people shouldn’t have children; Andrew Bowie – Tory – Aberdeenshire West – undermining the devolution settlement is just the start. Get used to it; A N Other – Tory – We stole your oil, now we are going to steal your wind. Suck it up; L (where L is for ‘lying’) BJ – Tory – There is no such thing as a border between England and Scotland. Govefish – Tory – A picture will do.

    Talking about the Govefish, the weegingerdug’s etymologically inclined owner may be interested in that Scots word for the Acanthocottus bubalis, the Sea Scorpion or father-lasher, where the Dictionary of the Scots Language has it as Cuntie.

  9. Ken2 says:

    Majority 2019 843. Lost over 7,000 votes. Fergus Mutch just lost out. Next time.

    3 years in the navy. No work experience Never had another job, except short term at Divex as a military co ordinator?

    Migrant family. Swedish wife.

    Never have so many been promoted above there capabilities.

    Support for SNP/Independence rising. People just need to vote for it.

  10. Petra says:

    Are you sure that’s not more of a grimace than a smirk on his face? He doesn’t seem to have a great deal to be smug about between one thing and another.

    ..”Bowie was re-elected as the MP for West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine at the 2019 general election, with a significantly reduced majority of 843 votes.”

    And can anyone figure out what age he was when he joined the Royal Navy and when he left?


    Kirsty Hughes:- ‘Scottish Politics Heading Into Turbulent Waters.’

    The demographics of support for independence are not new but also striking, with support growing amongst the middle-aged. YouGov found 79% of 18-24 year olds support independence, 58% of 25-49 year olds, and 53% of 50-64 year olds – leaving only the 65 plus age group clearly against, with only 35% of them supporting an independent Scotland. Opposition parties that are pro-union will not obviously gain support in all these younger age groups by a simply aggressive anti-independence strategy, though more sophisticated strategies are not much in evidence.”..

  11. Petra says:

    ‘International legal body expresses deep concern at actions of UK government.’


    Brexit Air Cargo Ltd:- ”That’s Pritti Patel & Co killing UK tourism from Europeans with one fail swoop.. Most Europeans I know and work with don’t have passports, just National ID cards.”

  12. Petra says:

    Still hanging around like a bad Fascist smell 🤬?

    ”Man of the people, Nigel Farage, setting to buy Talk Radio for £15 mil. Where people does this man of the people get that kind of Dosh?”


    ”The UK is seriously being let down by politicians, this man is a far-right liar & a financial conman. He should be stopped from conning anyone else from their money.”

  13. Petra says:

    Check out the latest on Professor John Robertson’s site.


    Check out Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.

  14. yesindyref2 says:

    In all fairness, it could be that Boris Houston has sent Bowie to destroy the Alamo.

  15. Petra says:

    Thanks for another great article Paul and a great big thank you to Bowie the Bampot too.

    ‘Why Andrew Bowie has today handed the Yes side an absolute gift.’

    ..”What really matters here isn’t the words themselves – it’s the tone. Dripping in condescension, arrogance and that particularly pathetic Imperial nostalgia that defines so much of the UK’s politics, Bowie’s tweet reads like it should have ended with the word “SUCKERS” and a cry-laugh emoji.

    The tweet is ultimately little more than juvenile trolling dressed up as politics – readers may draw their own conclusions about its author – but it still gives us an insight into the mindset that now dominates the thinking of the anti-independence What stands out most clearly is the futile attempt at a tough-guy act, which we are presumably supposed to interpret as a sign that the Tories will now be ‘taking the fight to the Nats’.”

  16. Capella says:

    Unfortunately, this dismal character is my MP. He won the seat from the SNP in the 2017 snap election. His rictus grimace is perhaps based on the belief that, when required, the Tories can gerrymander the vote. West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine is a sprawling rural constituency, but somehow, the Tories managed to drum up an extra 9,000 votes. That must have been hard work. Or perhaps it is the benefit of many holiday homes, time share apartments and Balmoral barracks to boost the roll.

    Simultaneously, the SNP lost 6,000 votes. People didn’t switch to Tory, they just didn’t vote. So voter demotivation played a part in 2017. Whether this was the result of targeted social media messages, lack of a referendum promise, or something else, I don’t know. But I do know that the Tories and Lib Dems colluded in that election to give the Tories a clear field in my constituency and in Gordon, where Alex Salmond was defeated.

    I hope James Kelly can shine a light on these issues before the next election.

    • Ken2 says:

      Voter fatigue. Raining all day. Change from LibDem to Tory for an anti-Independence stance. Deeside likes the Royals. Brings tourists into the area. May’s visit to the hut on an Estate. Landowner’s all around on the Council. Unionists. For favours and privilege. 3rd rate losers.

      • Capella says:

        It’s true that the Liberals fielded a candidate who produced virtually no campaign literature until the last few days. He was an unknown and looked about 16. Collusion.

        Theresa May was parachuted in to the Crathes community hall. Nobody knew about it. The hall was booked for a “children’s party” by the local landowner Alexander Burnett. The bevvy of loyal supporters were estate workers and staff from his Crathes Castle who were dragooned into standing around May with placards for the photo shoot.

        It’s all smoke and mirrors.

    • Petra says:

      Thanks for the ”insider” info Capella. I’m also hoping that someone can shine a light on his ”naval” career. Looks as though he was a teenager when he joined and not much older when he left.

      • Capella says:

        I think it would be a good idea if everyone provided some background info on our constituencies. We can’t rely on the media to be truthful. We need to know who these carpet baggers are and who is funding them.

        • Petra says:

          Spot on, Capella. Let’s adopt their tactics and start exposing them for the charlatans that they are.

  17. bringiton says:

    Captain,or was it Petty Officer,Pugwash clearly has ambitions beyond that of a lowly MP.
    First Sea Lord perhaps,where he can join the other admirals which outnumber the ships under their control.
    Just another British establishment figure with an overblown sense of self importance.
    The Tories may be taking England back to Tudor times but they are going to have a battle on their hands if they try to shutdown our parliament and eradicate the democratic advances we have made since devolution.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Please don’t sully the character of good ol’ Cap’n Pugwash – he wasn’t a bad sort of a bloke y’know, all in all …

      If you *really* must compare this one to a pirate (and boy, are these Tories some really villainous swabs), I suggest you align him with Cut Throat Jake.

      Yours, aye, me hearty,

      Har, har, har!

      • Margaret Noakes says:

        Loved reading Pugwash stories to my class.Now the theme tune is going round in my head.Well, Bowie certainly wasn’t the cabin boy, Tom ? cause he was the one with the brains.👦

        • Bob Lamont says:

          He only made sub-lt, how he made it through Uni is anybody’s guess. Been making a name for himself since, in Arbroath I understand it’s “Erse”…

  18. Capella says:

    Perhaps all the holiday home owners who voted Tory in 2017 couldn’t renew their registration for the 2019 December election. Hence the loss of 7,000 Tory votes.

  19. Alex Clark says:

    If you’re just going to read a single article tonight or tomorrow on Independence I’d recommend this that Petra posted a link to earlier.

    Now, I’m not saying I’m in agreement with her on anything at all, but she certainly points out where the arguments will be going in the coming months. She also at one point, inadvertently in my opinion highlights all the mistakes we are making right now in the Yes movement by pointing out how our “discussions and debates” are not really focussing on the main issues.

    Rather they have been distracted onto “side issues” such as when the referendum should be, plan A or Plan B, Salmond or Sturgeon, while at the same time we are neglecting trying to persuade more people to change their support from No to Yes and that we would be better served working on that instead.

    OK, she doesn’t actually say that, but it is as clear as day that is what she meant.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Thumbs up to that will make sure to read that and share.

    • Petra says:

      ”We are neglecting trying to persuade more people to change their support from No to Yes and that we would be better served working on that instead.”

      And that is exactly what Paul keeps harping on about. Forget about Kirsty Hughes, and the ”distractors” within the Independence movement, and let’s all focus on Paul’s advice. Get the facts out there folks and get support to around 60%. We CAN do it.

  20. Capella says:

    FYI Aberdeenshire West and Kincardine (many boundary changes) is traditionally a Liberal area. Alex Buchanan Smith (CON) – ‘he’s such a nice chap’ – did have a personal following and won the seat for a time. Also, “Mad Mitch”, Colin Campbell Mitchell (CON), was elected in 1970 – 74. He was famous for the “Save the Argylls” campaign which went down well with many WWII veterans in the area. Quite bonkers though.
    Perhaps Bowie is trading on the ex-military connection although almost all of the WWII vets are dead.

    The SNP win in 2015 was a breakthrough on the wave of popularity after the 2014 referendum. There is a high SNP vote in the area so it will be a target for the Tories.

    It is quite iconic because of Balmoral, Braemar and the extensive evidence of the 1745 rebellion and the subsequent 50 years of British army occupation. In many ways this constituency symbolises the political divide between unionism and the struggle to restore our sovereignty.

    • Ken2 says:

      The Mar uprising. Helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape. An attempt at self government After the 1707 betrayal. The Treaty of Union. An uprising all over Scotland. Put down by the London Crown. The Protestant Queen Anne of Orange succession.

      Folk voted LibDem to keep the Tories out. Labour has less chance. Rural constituencies. For some reasons rural constituencies could vote Tory. Not even Labour candidates. Labour in the cities more deprived areas. Labour kept people poor.

      Until the SNP came on the march. Exposed the unionist hypocrites and liars. Gained support. 2000 Devolution onwards.Showed how much better Scotland could govern itself.

      Malcolm Bruce got a nighthood for dozing on the job watching all the Oil revenues going south for over 30 years. Alex Salmond SNP funded the AWPR. A bypass waited for 40 years, The unionists voted against it. Including the LibDems.

      The SNP expose the GERS and unionists lies kept secret under the Official Secrets Act for years, Thatcher. The Barnett Formula. The McCrone Report.

      Alex Salmond always popular. One of Scotland’s greatest statesman. Facts and figures, Analyse. Expose the unionist plot. To try and keep Scotland in illegal poverty.

      BBC Neil kept up the myth. Still getting exposed today. Neil is an alcoholic. Needs help and counselling. Alcoholics make poor, often bad decisions. Like most of the UK cabinet. Only in it for the money. Abusing the public purse with their associates.

      Iraq, Dunblane, Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years.

  21. ArtyHetty says:

    Excellent article Paul.
    Mr. Bowie uses language fitting of an experienced bully, it’s incredibly unprofessional. For an MP, a highly paid public servant, to speak to the people of Scotland with such contempt, shows how this person operates, and it reveals their utter disrespect for Scotland and hatred that they fester towards the people of Scotland. The disdain being displayed by this British Nationalist towards Scotland’s people will not go down well, even with some who might not fully support independence. The people of Scotland will not vote for those who treat them with such blatant disrespect and who ignore their political freedom, not now, not ever.

  22. Petra says:

    As Westminster makes a point of not handing over one additional penny (of our money) to the Scottish Government to deal with the CV19 crisis in an attempt to save lives .. YOUR life ….

    ‘Legal action is launched over missing three BILLION Tories spent on private Coronavirus contracts.’

    “When billions of pounds of public money is handed out to private companies, some of them with political connections but no experience in delivering medical supplies, ministers should be explaining why those companies were awarded the contracts.”..

    ..”The Government has failed to account for £3 billion spent on private contracts since the start of lockdown, new figures have shown. It comes as three cross-party MPs and the Good Law Project, a non-profit-making organisation, have launched legal action against the Government over its failure to disclose details of its spending on contracts related to the pandemic.”


    ‘Mhairi Black fires back at Andrew Bowie over Brexit power grab claim.’

    ..”Rather than standing up for Scotland’s interests and industries and preventing the biggest power grab against the devolved Parliaments, the supine Scottish Tory MPs – led by Douglas Ross – are once again demonstrating their well-practised routine of simply following the wishes of their Westminster bosses no matter what.”..

  23. Alex Clark says:

    All the spivs in the world are running around Westminster making deals with him, her and the other.
    Money is being doled out left right and centre with no oversight whatsoever, a Minister’s signature is all that is needed and another £300 million deal is done with no guarantee of even a product at the end of it.

    Money is not just being poured down the drain it is being poured into the offshore bank accounts of the most corrupt business people in the UK who coincidently are all friends of and Tory diners.


    Johnson is an absolute clown and his Ministers idiotic lackeys that give contracts to ferry companies with no ships, buy millions of untested Covid test kits with cash upfront that don’t fucking work, They order plane loads of desperately needed PPE at the height of the pandemic from Turkey that is delayed on the tarmac and when they finally land here are found not to meet the necessary standards so can’t even be used in UK hospitals.

    FFS what more needs to be said? We are governed by idiots and crooks. We need a change.

  24. Capella says:

    Finally. Craig Murray has posted this tweet claiming that Nicola Sturgeon blinks 133 times during the first 60 seconds. I have counted approx 70 times i.e approx half of the blink count CM claims. I don’t have a stop watch. Is there a national default blink count?
    What is the point of all this cod psychology? It seems to me that all these “gotcha” moments don’t amount to a hill of beans.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Pathetic. So that’s the “evidence” that Sturgeon has been lying that we’ve all been waiting on?

      “I challenge you to watch this interview and still say that.”

      My breath has been baited. Looks like there are no more straws to be clutched at. Pathetic.

      • Capella says:

        A true psychopath would train themselves not to blink! Stare blankly into the camera to simulate normal human behaviour.

        • Petra says:

          Experts point out that, “When you feel stress and you feel that you have to protect yourself, your eyes stay open longer to keep you safe from any danger that may be lurking. On the other hand, when you feel safe, you may blink more often. This symbolizes that you feel safe enough to let your guard down and relax.”

          I’ll need to start watching some Craig Murray videos and see what’s going on with him ”blinking wise”, meanwhile the ”’other” keeps a very low profile, surprise, surprise.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          I just looked at a few seconds. Look at how white and bright her face is, and how the red dress is too red, compared to the background of books. She’s got mini-spots on her face, probably from behind her computer / laptop, and quite simply, she’s blinded by the light. Blinded by the light, Revved up like a deuce, Another runner in the night.

          Errr, I mean, it’s a conspiracy, the other party whose name shall not be mentioned (Voldemort) shone a laser in through her window just before she was due to go on. Voila – job done! She blinks 25.432,378 times a second. Get that laser out of my face!

          Of course, all these madcap conspiracy theorists never actually thought of lighting …

          I’ve got some of those for my product photography, never use them because the contrast is ridiculous. It needs softer lighting but that’s another story, I manage.

          • Golfnut says:

            Agree with the lighting aspect, but it could also be contact lenses.

            • Eilidh says:

              Yep she could be wearing contact lenses. As a contact lens wearer who now also suffers from a dry eye condition I know full well if I don’t blink a lot when my eyes are bothering me it feels like my lenses are glued to my eyes and I am sensitive to bright lights too and my eyes can be exceedingly painful I am watchinh covid briefing just now Nicola blinks a lot when explaining things on one question it was 22 times in 15 seconds.Jean Freeman has a high blink rate too when explaining stuff so that blows Craig Murray’s theory out of thethe water. I came to conclusion a while back that Craigs view of reality is often somewhat lacking

      • Ayeright says:

        A true psychopath would be watching videos on Youtube counting the number of times someone blinks during an interview. Fecking roaster!

      • g m says:

        Is that it that’s as far as you are willing to look into this issue?

    • Petra says:

      FFS and that’s from someone who never ever swears. What the h*ll is going on? We’ve been force fed with the ”Nicola Sturgeon cabal of three women who conspired against AS” running for over a year now. That ”theory” has now been dropped by the loudmouths. Then we had the timing isn’t right and now it’s all down to how often you bloody-well blink. Looks to me as though it’s straight jacket time for a couple of people. Pathetic and bizarre. More so they are totally undermining our chances of getting our Independence. Ask yourself who would want to do that? Who in fact is behind that? Work it out as it’s not bl**dy rocket science.

      • Alex Clark says:

        I swear when I’m angry, it’s a safety valve that reduces the pressure. Try it sometime, it can be effective in bringing a sense of calm after 🙂

        • ArtyHetty says:

          It’s a known fact swearing reduces the pain when you stub your toe! Also apparently intelligent people swear the most, but it depends on the type of intelligence perhaps!

        • Petra says:

          I’m into meditation and visualisation, Alex, to help reduce pressure. Off to get on with it now. Visualising winning Indyref2 😀.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Disappointing to see this tweet by Craig Murray. Whatever has gone on re this, it’s hardly a good look to do the BritNat government work for them. CM is great when it comes to reporting on the Assange kangaroo court style trial, but not so good to find N.Sturgeon guilty on flimsy hearsay. She could have been set up, just as A.Samond was, put nothing at all past the Brit state.

      • Pogmothon says:

        For me that would include putting pressure on specific Independance supporters. To produce anti-essempee/ Nicola Sturgeon retoric in order to muddy the water.
        Let me think now who is it thats going through a contempt hearing at the moment.

    • Petra says:

      And in response to his tweet you get this from, for example, Alliance4Unity.

      ”Alliance4Unity:- ”An Alliance of all who wish to see the defeat of the SNP and an end to the Neverendum on Scotland’s future.”

      Says it all for me.

      David Griffiths @EruditeUnionist:- ”Who would have guessed we would be reading tweets from Craig Murray and Wings predicting and calling for @NicolaSturgeon’s removal from office? Funny old world.”


      ”What a tweet, what a mentality. Alex Salmond conducts himself inappropriately as a man in a position of power and also as a married man. Nicola Sturgeon ‘blinks 133 times’. This is lunacy from Craig Murray.”

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Yes really, CM should not be adding to the attempts to divide the independence movement, not now it’s just stupid to make this a thing, the BritNats don’t need help to demonise NS any more! Depressing,

        • Wee Chid says:

          Aren’t you just shooting the messenger? Surely the ones that provided the ammunition are the ones at fault. Are you seriously suggesting that the unionists would have no knowledge of SNP shenanigans if all yes supporters just shut up about it? If there is corruption at the top – wouldn’t you want to know?

          • Wee chid, we are not shooting anyone.
            There is a tub you can thump to your heart’s content…WoS.
            This is my last intervention on this.

            Campbell has a big following. If you want to howl at the moon, try there.

            Any thoughts on UKIM? The EU summit taking place today and tomorrow?

            Be off, sir or madam.
            You will be added to my ‘scroll through’ list.

            Please, do not waste your keyboard clacking on here.

            58% and rising.
            That’s the story today.

    • Ken2 says:

      Give Alex Salmond his rights to an apology and compensation. For the abusive show trial. Hyndes Westminster civil servant in Scotland and the Advocate General are responsible for It. A total waste of time and money. Any attempt to try and smear the SNP and Independence movement. Unionist controversy and lies. Easily forgotten. In a pandemic trying to keep people alive is more important,

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Frankly disappointed the FM fell into the trap of surmising what may have been Alex Salmond’s perspective, but goodness knows what has been going on in the background.
      Noted that the conspiracy theorists are on a roll again, personally I’d prefer to leave SG deal with the Inquiry, and SNP deal with internal party issues, the only folk gaining out of the chuntering are the Britnats and their pet media.
      With 9 months to go before giving Johnson et al a bloody nose, the propaganda to break unity over independence will only intensify, the rest can wait until afterward.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The new plan is to attract as much attention as possible by behaving in the worst way possible get themselves into legal trouble and go down as Martyrs for the cause of truth and justice, the ambition is to get themselves on TV and radio saying all this stuff, no doubt there’ll be personal accounts in the Daily Mail soon enough, well they are paying for it aren’t they

  25. Petra says:

    With loads of dough, including Scotland’s, to throw around …

    ‘Tory and marginal seats benefit most from PM’s spending, data shows.’

    ..”The Conservatives have made a raft of spending announcements at their party conference in Manchester. But Boris Johnson’s government has been making spending pledges since July and Newsnight has been tracking where that money will go.”..


    Anyone got any idea why Scotland is not on that list? Oh right it’s because we’re not an Independent country. Amazing don’t you think how well Ireland has done since it got shot of Westminster and it doesn’t have anything like the natural resources, etc, etc, that Scotland has. The UK overall isn’t even on the list so God only knows where they would be without us. Wakey, wakey time Scotland.

    ”By looking at the GDP per capita, or gross domestic product per capita, of each country around the globe, it is possible to rank countries based on wealth and then compare them to each other. From there, you can determine which states are wealthiest and then list the countries in descending order, from richest to poorest. Here is the definitive list of the top 55 most affluent countries in the world, starting with the wealthiest country.”

    Luxembourg (GDP per capita: $119,719)
    Norway (GDP per capita: $86,362)
    Switzerland (GDP per capita: $83,832)
    Ireland (GDP per capita: $81,477)
    Iceland (GDP per capita: $78,181)
    Qatar (GDP per capita: $65,062)
    The United States of America (GDP per capita: $64,906)
    Denmark (GDP per capita: $63,434)
    Singapore (GDP per capita: $62,690)
    Australia (GDP per capita: $58,824)

  26. malkymcblain says:

    Completely off topic news from Australia with international relevance. The former Australian Labour PM Kevin Rudd has initiated a petition to the Australian parliament to conduct a Royal Commission of inquiry into The Murdoch media empire and its nefarious activities in Australian politics. This will undoubtedly have relevance to Murdoch’s UK and US operations. At last someone is fighting back. Watch the video.

    • Petra says:

      Thanks for that Malky however I’m off to bed now. It’s 2.30 am here. I’ll watch it tomorrow. More than anything great to have people like you on here to get the news from around the world.

  27. malkymcblain says:

    Still relevant but the wrong video above. Watch this one too.

    • Ken2 says:

      Australia. 1 in 20 complain 1/5 of the electorate? Murdoch Scottish family. Deserting the firm. Ex wife Anne from Glasgow.

      Murdoch acts illegally the world over. Gets away with it. Leveson.
      Breaks the Law, bribes public official, hacks phones. Illegal surveillance. Evades tax. Breaks international business Laws. Biased beyond description. Thatcher’s henchman. The became millionaire/billionaires. Murdoch away with £34Billion. Tax evaded for trying to ruin the world. Mass murderer.

      Without a free and fair Press there is no democracy. British Press controlled by Westminster Press Office. Complaints to the Editors. To tow the line. ‘D’ notices. The Official Secrets Act. Keeping the Westminster criminal activities under wraps.

    • diabloandco says:

      Most excellent , thank you. Give my love to Sydney , been there once and loved it, beautiful city.

    • Capella says:

      Brave of Kevin Rudd to take on the Murdoch moguls. Keep us posted.
      It certainly is vital for a democracy to have a free and diverse press. We don’t have that in the UK and certainly not in Scotland.
      A group of SNP MSPs are demanding broadcasting be devolved because the BBC are hopelessly biased. In fact, they openly collude with the Westminster Tories to undermine public health information during a deadly pandemic. Unacceptable, in fact criminal IMO.

  28. Petra says:

    Malky give me a break 😀. Off to bed. Hope you have a great day.

  29. malkymcblain says:

    Hope you slept well Petra. It’s just after 16:04 here in Sydney and 06:04 in Scotland as I write. Im glad you appreciate my wee OT bits from Oz. I only send them if there is relevance to the WGD A team over there 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • Petra says:

      Ready to get off to bed once again Malky. How the days just keep rolling on, don’t you think 😎. My father emigrated to Geelong Malky and my only sister emigrated to Toronto and then after a couple of years headed out to Geelong too. God I was totally heartbroken when they left and I never got over missing them, all, especially as two of my four brothers had just died aged 21 (brain tumour) and 33 (massive heart attack). Their reason, in the main, for leaving. Another brother died shortly thereafter. A nightmare.

      I never had any inclination at all to go to Australia (too dried up looking for me) until they went out there and then I set off to see them and just fell totally in love with the place. One year we spent two months travelling from Bali to Darwin to Cairns and right down the east coast to Sydney, onto Melbourne then to Adelaide and back to Geelong. We adored the country, the people, the weather, the outdoor lifestyle (great for young mothers) and my husband loved the grub with his plate constantly piled high. Greedy bstrd 😀. My father is dead now. Ashes scattered in Corio Bay and my sister works in Melbourne Hospital. They loved / love their lives there but Scotland was / is in their blood to the point that my sister is planning to head home now 😀.

      • malkymcblain says:

        Hi Petra my you’ve seen way more of Australia than me and I’ve been here since 82. I’ve been to all of the state capitals and the hop over the antipodean ditch to NZ on business many times but haven’t seen much of the in between bits apart from NSW country camping trips with the kids (now adults) and all the spiders and snakes and stuff and a couple of trips to N Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef as well as snow skiing in the Snowy mountains in winter. The tyranny of distance (See link below) is not really relevant nowadays notwithstanding Covid. It’s only a 24 hour 1 stop in Dubai flight to dear old Glasgow town. I have done the trip many times in the last decade. Thank you Mr or Mrs Emirates…before that it was always Heathrow and either the train or shuttle to GLA. Why didn’t BA think that Glasgow and Edinburgh worthy as final destinations from Asia and North America back in the day. It’s like everything else the world revolves around London…but not for much longer. I’m hoping my next jaunt to Scotland is to celebrate Independence Day in Freedom Square that would fulfil a dream.

        Yes it’s very sad to see loved ones depart this life. I lost my big brother Stuart last year and ma wee brother Ian many years ago. You kind of expect your parents to go first so losing a sibling is always unexpected and in a way sadder.

        I can certainly relate to your sisters love for Scotland. We, well most of us, in the diaspora in many ways become more Scots in mind than those of you who stayed home. I was absolutely gutted in 2014 and cried for two days after the vote. So the interesting times we live in have energised me anew. What I don’t get is the squabbling in the movement it is so disheartening to read the vitriol against the FM and the SNP by some elements in the movement. I can only put this down to nefarious activity from the UK establishment creating mischief and dividing the movement. He’ll mend the dividers if they succeed. I will never forgive them and they will go down in history as modern day Toom Tabards and the parcel of rogues who sold our country in 1707.

        I’m supposed to be working at the moment so I will leave it there and say thank you for the note and for all of the great links and words you post here.

        All the very best Alba gu brath 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🦘

        • Ken2 says:

          Alex Salmond got the direct flights to Dubai going, and direct flights to China. Brings in tourists and students direct. Exporting salmon and whisky etc. The biggest market in the world. It can be protectionist.

          It just shows what can be done with an independent government. Aussie granny lived to 100. All the descendants were deported. Or left for work and better prospects around the world. Built the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Masons from Scotland. Italy. The first persons over the Bridge was a Scottish pipe band. There are Highland gatherings all around the world. Burns nights. Auld Lang syne.

          There is a strong contingent in Washington. Influencing decisions. 8% of voters are of Scottish decent. 5% of Irish descent. 13% enough to swing a US election. St Andrew’s Day celebrations. St, Patrick’s Day. An influential Irish contingent of Senators in Washington. Kennedy’s of Irish/Catholic descent,

          ‘Scotland the land of discovery and invention’. Scottish invention changed the modern world, Chinese premier came to Scotland first in a trip to Britain,

          The 40 million diaporia because of Westminster appalling brutal and aggressive policies, The Clearances etc. Uprisings put down. Even the higher unemployment manufactured by Westminster taking Scottish resources and revenues. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act.

          Bombing the world to bits. There is no end to Westminster unionist imbecile total incompetence. The Brexit mess and shambles unfolding. There will be more unemployment and poverty.

          1984 all over again. They had to get rid of Thatcher for closer ties with Europe, to aid the economy. Now the Tories have blown it. At least Scotland has the chance to fight back. Stop Westminster incompetents destroying the world

          Question Time was from Scotland. Edinburgh? Just caught a glimpse of it. Do not watch it. It was quite informative for a change. Kate Forbes doing the talking, along with another quine. Giving it straight

  30. Capella says:

    OT – Boris’s new presidential addresses to the nation, but Boris won’t be delivering them.

    EVERY exam season, adults on Twitter generously offer their wisdom to young people (who are busy on TikTok and not on Twitter) about how their exam results do not define them. Using the hashtag…

  31. andyfromdunning says:

    The Internal Market Bill is the biggest threat to Scotland since 1999. Two things must happen now. Firstly the Scottish Government must take legal action against it as it breaks the devolution settlement which just over 72% of us voted for. This will also force the Brit Nat media to report it instead of largely ignoring it as they are at present. Secondly we the Yes movement must use it to get the message across to ad many people as possible what it is and also how it will damage our democracy. Many people support Holyrood that do not support independence.

  32. jfngw says:

    Our response should be ‘Independence is back on the menu and it is the only main course. Get used to it’. Maybe someone could phrase it better but you get the point.

    • Welsh Sion says:


      Not quite the same analogy, but here’s one I cooked up before Indy Ref 1 and which is still relevant – if not more so. Enjoy!

      3. (of 60.)

      The two men in the pub

      Once upon a time there were two men sitting around a table in a pub. On the table there was a small tumbler with some golden coloured liquid inside.

      “I say, old chap,” said the first man pointing to the glass, “you seem to have a half empty glass of Scotch there. Let me top you up and dilute it for you with the best unionist water.”

      “Och nae, laddie,” replied the second man. “Ta tae ye, a’ the same. But thon glass is hauf fu’ tae me. An’ Ah dae like my whisky neat. Ah think Ah’ll get masel’ a double!”

      Parables for the New Politics

  33. Francis Lynch says:

    The Internal market scam is Kryptonite for Scotland’s devolution; the powers that be are intent on stealing the powers we have; but sadly not many have a clue what is happening, largely because BBC Scotland have declared an Omerta on the smirking Tories power grab; even as much as the Scots know of it, they disagree with what the Tories are doing

    But not as many in Scotland know of it as should do, just because of the radio silence. It’s not in the print media, likewise Radio Scotland. So why aren’t we being warned by the Scottish government itself? Why the silence on social media? Where’s the leaflet shots? The SNP silence is as worrying as the boldness of the Tories in their theft of Scotland’s democracy.

    • Capella says:

      BBC Scotland have declared an Omerta on the smirking Tories power grab”

      That’s why. You have to read The National or Indy blogs to hear what the SNP and Scottish Government are saying. Mike Russell, Ian Blackford, Joanna Cherry, Mhairi Black and plenty others have called for it to be binned. The Scottish parliament last week voted to refuse consent. But, as you point out yourself, the MSM will not discuss it. If we had a national public service broadcaster this would be topic No. 1 atm (well – after Covid).

    • Capella says:

      Take a look at the BBCs Scotland Politics page. Top item is the umpteenth rerun of the SNP Civil War – this time featuring Sturgeon and Salmond. Next, Margaret Ferrier, next 5 items are poor bar and restaurant owners in tears.

      That’s it. That’s all the politics the BBC can find to report in Scotland today at 10.30 am. Utterly puerile.

      John Robertson does a great job of analysing the mendacious media.

      • Alex Clark says:

        That BBC Scotland politics page looks like it has been produced by a five year old. Five separate headline articles about the closure of pubs due to Covid-19 is way over the top.

        There’s no room on their politics page to inform the public over what the Internal Market Bill will mean for devolution and what that will mean in the lives of many Scots.

        Pubs are obviously considered to be the most important item to inform the public about and that it is that bad Nicola Sturgeon who is closing them, leaving publicans in tears and poor business owners totally confused over whether they own a cafe or a restaurant

        • Capella says:

          Pathetic isn’t it. No wonder MSPs are calling for broadcasting to be devolved (I read about that in The National which is right at the bottom of their list of newspapers today). BBC Scotland news coverage would embarrass a banana republic.
          Can you imagine citizens of other countries wakening up to that infinitely small spectrum of news items deemed suitable. Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden – even Iceland!

      • Alec Lomax says:

        The clue is in the title; BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation.

    • Alex Clark says:

      At least the message of the damage the Internal Market Bill could do to Scotland appears to have gotten through to a fair number of people despite a media blackout.

  34. Ally says:

    HI Everyone
    I am looking for advice and your patience. I want to start posting links to spread the word on Indy and to counteract the lies perpetuated by the mainstream media on social media .I have resisted twitter up to now but feel it’s time to engage with it. After signing up to it, is it just a question of finding a popular or high profile twitter account and posting on it? If so can you let me know some appropriate twitter accounts.

    • Capella says:

      You need to look for accounts you are interested in e.g. politicians, journalists, bloggers, YES groups and hubs, interest groups, topics etc.

      If you follow a twitter account that person will likely follow you. Then you can “Like” tweets from them or “Reply” or “Retweet” – with or without comment. Then when you tweet out links it will go to everyone who follows you . So you might want to build up a following.

      It depends on how committed you are and how much time you want to spend online!

      • Ally says:

        Thankyou Capella for helping me out.

        • Capella says:

          I would say you could follow me but it isn’t really worth it cos I hardly ever tweet anything!
          Sometimes I retweet an interesting tweet. I use it to follow people or topics I’m interested in. I have followers – rellies and friends and tweeters I follow who followed back. But if I was campaigning seriously I would definitely want to increase my followers by tweeting out original content.

          You can also direct message people you follow who follow you. that way you can be more in touch privately e.g. with people who are campaigning.
          But i would never assume twitter is private or secure.

  35. Wake up and smell the coffee ffs Paul.

    • The earliest record of the saying ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ is from the following letter, published in the Akron Beacon Journal (Akron, Ohio) of Saturday 4th June 1927:


      Editor Beacon Journal:
      “In this evening’s edition of your paper the statement is made that a woman black-mailer “gained prominence” through filing a breach of promise suit.
      Also that she had twice attempted to commit suicide and had finally succeeded.
      Allow me to request that you look into the use of the word “prominence” in connection with such a person and such a life.
      Rather think you will find that “notorious” and “notoriety” are the correct words to use.
      Prominence refers to high-principled worth-while deeds and accomplishments. Lindbergh, for instance, gained prominence and fame.
      This unfortunate woman moron gained notoriety.
      Your paper gains “notice” as an example of the use of English as it should not be written nor spoken.
      Wake up and smell the coffee.”

      There, Thomas Potter, is the invaluable spark which your acerbic one liner prompted in this reader’s mind.
      Your 8 words of ‘prominence’ are over.

      Feck all to do with anything, just like your pointless ‘ffs’. never mind Sub Lieutenant (RN Failed) Bowie and his declaration of war against the people of Scotland.

      Busy right now; later.

      • Alex Clark says:

        Ouch! I felt that smackdown from here.

      • diabloandco says:

        Loved that!
        A wee metaphorical ‘sair face’ there!

      • Thomas Potter says:

        Hi Jack@1.32

        Thanks for your comment.

        My comment was re: Nicola Sturgeon being blameless for this disgusting smear on Alex Salmond on Sky Sophie Ridge.

        Not discussing it isn’t going to make it go away,no matter how uncomfortable it makes us all feel.


        Thomas Potter

        • There’s an awful lot of coffee in Brazil, Mr Potter.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          “Not discussing it isn’t going to make it go away,no matter how uncomfortable it makes us all feel.”

          They said that about The Waltons.

        • grizebard says:

          Oh dear, yet more neo-Tory quackery… (Being a conspiracy obsessive – and/or being a real Tory, for that matter – isn’t synonymous with being awake.)

          (Oh, and PS: you don’t need to sign your missives, we can see who is posting in each headline. Don’t you actually bother to review the appearance of your scribbles?)

        • Eilidh says:

          As Paul has already explained several times this blog is not for conspiracy theories re Alex and Nicola but you thought it was appropriate to come on here and make a non sensical comment about waking up and smelling the coffee. You were clearly just bating people to engage you in a discussion the blog owner has defined as not appropriate here. I think it is you that needs to waken up and smell the coffee or maybe have a wee lie doon in a darkened room it might make you feel better.

          • grizebard says:

            (This is a public service announcement, so please don’t take it personally, Eilidh. The curse of the homophones has visited this one upon us repeatedly of late!

            bated (as in abated): reduced, held back, as in breath.
            baited (as in traps): set to lure, as in fishing, or anger, as in setting dogs on a bear

            Hope that helps…)

  36. Dr Jim says:

    How did the BBC a public broadcasting service that is funded by the taxpayer channeled through the UK government in grants manage to set up the private subscription television channel Britbox, and where did that money come from and how did they finance new programming on it when they constantly inform the tax paying public they don’t have enough money to fund more programming on the BBC

    • grizebard says:

      Actually, it’s probably the other way round, the BBC desperately trying to find other modes of funding to escape a UKGov stranglehold which is slowly tightening. The broadcaster has its own institutional bias, of course, but because of the way it’s funded – through a government tax – it’s also a piper being obliged to play its paymasters’ tunes.

      Maybe also even a test run for a fully-subscription service.

      Personally, I still think there’s a lot to be said for a (purely Scottish) public service broadcaster available to all, but it really has to be taken entirely out of politicians’ hands (including the SG of the day, actually). A broadcasting mutual along the lines of a building society, whose management is chosen by licence-payer votes, not state appointees of the government of the day, and whose output is scrutinised by a powerful ombudsman whose prime responsibility is to the licence-payer, not to shielding the organisation behind a Great Wall of bureaucratic rules.

  37. jfngw says:

    BBC journalist tweets:

    ‘Claiming political bias, 4 MPs want to scrap the TV licence fee in Scotland, replacing it with a tax, and direct funding of Scottish broadcasting by the Scottish government… so, then, no political bias? And how does this look to ‘yes’ persuadables?’

    He seems unaware the BBC is financed by the UK government, currently the Tories, the licence fee is already a tax paid to the government. Is his analysis always as flawed or is he concerned their would be no place for him in a proper Scottish broadcasting service.

    • Dr Jim says:

      There are probably still millions of folk across the UK who believe the TV licence is paid to the BBC and that was always the beauty of the UK government con trick in the same way as road tax was until it was shown that only one sixth of the money was actually spent on roads so the UK government changed the title and called it road fund licence when what it is just like the TV licence is in fact a licence to own a car or own a TV that we already paid tax on when we bought it, all taxation is given specific titles to *encourage* compliance in that the public’s contribution to whatever tax it may be is something the public believes it receives in return from the government

      Think of the MOT which is a tax the government tells us that must be paid so we and they know our car is certified as roadworthy, but as any police officer will tell you that certificate of road worthiness is only valid until you drive your car off the MOT station lot then it becomes meaningless because they say you could have changed all the tyres for bad ones and removed the good brakes for bad brakes

      I don’t object to paying taxation, I do object to government lying about what it’s for and where it goes

    • Ken2 says:

      Go for it. It is pay by tax already. Not the licence fee. £5Billion for the BBC. Pays (half) for the estate. Pro rata £1/2Billion from Scotland.

      Imagine all the monies that could be draw in from Scottish programming the world over. Hamish, Taggart, Rebus, Outlander, wildlife country programmes. Farming, fishing etc. Sold everywhere.

      Add to the list all the programmes that bring in viewers the world over. A 40Million diaporia. Music, comedies etc. Sell them programmes throughout the world. Scotland already brings in film contracts and productions. An absolute winner under Scottish Gov control. Programmes can be brought in through the internet. From everywhere.

    • grizebard says:

      Since it’s directly relevant, I would just like to echo my comment here in response to a previous posting:

  38. Alex Clark says:

    Poor Boris. I’m concerned that he might have to stand in front of the journalists and tell them just exactly whta the difference is between a restaurant and a gastro-pub LOL

    The government has been urged to clear up the difference between a restaurant and a gastropub ahead of England’s incoming three-tier lockdown.

    Under the incoming plans, it is understood pubs may be forced to close in areas with high coronavirus infection rates, while restaurants would be allowed to remain open.

  39. yesindyref2 says:

    Why is it NOBODY says “Wake up and smell the tea”?

    Very unfair discriminating against us like that 😦

    If you were really “wake”, you’d say:

    “Wake up and smell your regular hot morning beverage”.

    Ho hum.

    • I too am a tea jenny, yesindyref2. I cannot function of a morning before I have gulped at least 3 mugs fu’.

      From the Scots Dictionary:-


      Jenny means a lot of or a great number of.
      A tea jenny is someone, of either sex, who drinks a lot of tea.
      A jenny-a’-things is a small shop selling a wide variety of goods.”

      I know, I’m dithering, but I just can’t take Bowie seriously.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      I have good grounds for saying “Wake up and smell the coffee” …

      Just having an idle 5 mins when I’m full of beans …

      (Carried off in a strait jacket by yesindyref2)

  40. Hamish100 says:

    So BBC brewer asks for a guarantee that restrictions will be lifted in 2 week. Response is there can be no guarantees with a virus. BBC lunchtime then reports Scots government dithering on whether restrictions will Lifted or not. They are the lowest. I can guarantee however that the state broadcaster will never be fair.

  41. Alex Clark says:

    So the clown-in-chief will make a grand statement in Westminster this afternoon spelling out his new “Tier” system that will make it clear how and when different areas in England will have to go into the different levels of lockdown, presumably the decision will be based on the number of cases in a 7 day period pre 100,000 in a defined area, or maybe it won’t?

    One thing that already looks clear to me before he has even announced anything is that it is certain to go down like a lead balloon, there will be much talk of “confusion” and “lack of clarity” which sounds familiar.

    The thing is though that in the case of this new announcement it looks like the measures are guarenteed to be another unjoined together mishmash of jumbled yp words that meake no sense at all.

    I really think Ciummings writes all these grand pronouncements, he makes up the rules and the guidelines, they don’t need the likes of SAGE or the Civil Service as it’s all common sense and Cummings knows best.

    This is Johsons problem, everything is a half hearted attempt, not too hot and not too cold. he is unable to take decisions so he lets Cummings make them for him and ignores all the other voices that are shouting Noooooo….

    I feel anothe U-turn coming on before the end of the week LOL 🙂

  42. Dr Jim says:

    There’s been a common denominator in all things to do with restrictions because of the spread of Covid 19 and it appears to be alcohol
    It’s illegal to drive with over a certain amount of alcohol in your system because it alters a persons judgement causing them to make bad decisions leading to deaths so why not apply the same rules to Covid 19

    I’d be prepared to bet any government who banned the sale of alcohol immediately without giving the public notice to enable them to stock up would see the rate of Covid 19 reinfection drop like a stone in three to four weeks, but would any government do it and risk the fallout

  43. V8 says:

    Ochone ochone, I don’t think I will be able to find my still as the cailleach threw it in the lochan the last time I got blootered. She was getting pissed off with the excise men chapping at oor door.

    • Legerwood says:

      In the same vein in the Herald online today these two headlines:

      “”SNP accused of helping Mgt Ferrier ‘spin her way out’ of crisis””
      “”Shamed MP Mgt Ferrier ‘hung out to dry’ by SNP.””

      Talk about trying to have it both ways!

  44. Golfnut says:

    Is the UK state now being advised by North Korea.

  45. Golfnut says:

    Prime example of a business adapting to a change of its normal business environment.

  46. Golfnut says:

    Last one

    Glen Campbell starts the Tory Holyrood GE campaign.

    • grizebard says:

      I fear that in these recent two postings of yours there’s a link missing…
      …or are you just being a tease…? {grin}

  47. Petra says:


    ”Reports of smoke coming from sub on Clyde this morning.”


    Keeping an eye on the situation?

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Petra, both of those are actually alarmist conspiratorial fake news for a multitude of reasons.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Sorry, got distracted after quick warning not to jump in, and just remembered to come back.

      Thanks be there’s no damage to limit, as it’s the Mirror and Express largely got the blame, plus an obvious source with an agenda:

      Also, the RAF A400M from Brize Norton is a regular training visitor and there’s a large exercise around our coasts called Joint Warrior which does need to be the first thought for anyone “Is this part of an exercise?”, rather than the “OMG 50,000 nukes going off we’re all dooomed, doomed, we’re gonna die!”. I live on the Clyde and no, I’m not, from a diesel engine starting up some miles away.

      It is of course eminently possible the RN / MOD is taking the p1ss out of conspiratorialists or agendaists.

      The other thing is the – who – btl in a certain other place was pushing the fake info – check it out, Not the first time. It’s no longer any sort of a reliable source of good links.

      Sorry, the truth hurts sometimes, but we do need to be aware, Scotland needs wares.

      • Petra says:

        Thanks for the heads up yesindyref2 😀. Apologies folks for posting fake news on here 🙄. And yes I did get it from ”elsewhere”, yesindyref2 🤔 . You’d think that I’d know better than to do so with the amount of cr*p that’s spread there 😎.

  48. Dr Jim says:

    According to Professor John Curtice the leading polling guru in the countries of the UK the surge in support for Scottish Independence is almost totally down to FM Nicola Sturgeon’s hard work and competence that has inspired more confidence in her and Scotland’s ability to handle Independence

    The Tories have only assisted the cause of Independence by appearing disjointed and undependable, but the main driver is Sturgeon herself, he says

    Well you’d have to go along with the real guru on this and not the wee fakey one

  49. Alex Clark says:

    Here’s Peston’s take on the three Tier Covid rules.

    The new three tier “Covid alert levels” unveiled by the PM are supposed to help all of us better understand how and why our freedoms are being restricted, and improve compliance, at a time when both infection levels and suppressive measures are significantly different across England and across the UK.

    But it is not clear that our understanding will be massively improved – partly because some of the rules remain complicated and confusing, partly because some of them are not exactly intuitive and partly because some of them seem unfair.

    This new Tier system is to be blunt a pile of crap, it does b=not go anywhere near far enough with for the “Very High” level of restrictions. It is absolute bollocks that pubs shut and restaurants stay open.

    Don’t know about anyone else my Tier 3 would be total lockdown again. Maybe there are not enough Tiers and we will get a 3a, 3b, and 3c?

    It’s just another display of utter incompetence from this government and they will pay the price but so too will many innocent people who will die of Covid-19 in the coming weeks.

    England is heading for a meltdown as the pressure keeps increasing in the most affected areas of their NHS. They will need to go further than they have c=hoosen to do today.

    This is what happens when you elect a Prime Minister full of bluff, bluster, and bonhomie. You get exactly what you voted for so no one aught be surprised. They have taken back control.

  50. Eilidh says:

    BBC shortbread on full propaganda mode tonight re the Ridge interview. Glen Campbell engaging in trial by media of the current FM not the previous one whom the allegations were about.Truely pathetic

    • Weeesht for Indy?

    • And The Linesman Dross magically transported from plague ridden Europe where he was he was doing his day jib for a week, running the line at a fitba’ match, filmed on College Green backing Glenn Campbell’s Mud slinger piece on Sturgeon.
      No quarantine for the next FM. Let’s hope David Porter stood two meters away.
      It is a given quotidian now for BBC North Korea .

      Plop a camera in front of the Dross and include his statesmanly utterings in the nightly BBC Pacific Quay News From North Britain.

      And Douglas Fraser wants us to believe that his corrupt wee employer is independent of the Brit Nat Establishment?
      Heard of UKIM, Douglas.

    • Petra says:

      And the sad thing about it all is that the BritNats want to bring them both down, at the expense of each other, and put paid to us getting our independence altogether.

    • grizebard says:

      And likely self-destructive also. When the BBC’s notoriety for impartiality bypass, especially in the form of BritNat Partisan Numero Uno, comes against the high public standing of the First Minister, people are increasingly drawing their own conclusions. Eyes are being opened as never before. And not in favour of the Backstabbers Broadcast Cartel.

      I’m looking forward to catching Campbell once again looking lost and forlorn as the election results roll in next May.

  51. M biyd says:

    I’m surprised the Tory press aren’t asking how many covid-19 tests you could buy from £ 512,000; or how many nurses, Doctors etc. Their silence speaks volumes.

  52. Elmac says:

    The Union will end a lot quicker if the SNP were to rediscover its core purpose which is Independence. Hopefully that will be soon as the days of the Murrell clique appear numbered. If you want your eyes opened read this

    • grizebard says:

      Oh, do take your divisive rubbish elsewhere, you neo-Tory quack.

      • Alex Clark says:

        Straws are being torn to shreds at a rapid rate now, that tends to happen when your narrative is also torn to shreds and the best evidence you have of a conspiracy is counting how many times someone blinks.

        Pharrpppp! Show me the money!

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Elmac, you may have missed this bit at the bottom of the article in big bold letters:

      “The purpose of this blog is to make a positive case for independence,… So if you want to share your favourite conspiracy theories about Nicola Sturgeon or anyone else in this movement – you can go elsewhere. ”

      Hope that helps, have a nice day!

      • David Ferguson says:

        I understand Paul’s position on these matters and try to respect it when I choose to come and comment on his blog. But I would hope that (unlike you apparently) he is open-minded enough to be able to accept that formally documented statements of fact from official legal proceedings cannot be dismissed as a “conspiracy theory”.

    • Petra says:

      Has anyone asked CM who in actuality has the power to make LE resign? Hint: It’s not Nicola Sturgeon and he knows it. Has a psychiatrist released medical records outlining that NS suffers from the effects of ‘abusive patriarchy’? I think not. Spin, spin and even more spin being ”laundered” via some some genuine facts.

      • David Ferguson says:

        Has anyone asked CM who in actuality has the power to make LE resign? Hint: It’s not Nicola Sturgeon and he knows it…

        This is specious nonsense. I don’t know whether it stems from intellectual dishonesty, or a genuine lack of any understanding of the subject you are talking about. While the FM does not recruit the permanent secretary, (s)he has the right to choose the new candidate from a short list provided by Westminster, and the right to extend or terminate the appointment at the end of the contract.

        “I am writing to inform you that documents produced at the recent judicial review have demonstrated beyond doubt that the permanent secretary is a scheming, manipulative, incompetent liar, who chose to engage in conduct which she knew very well was unlawful and would be judged so by any competent authority. The Scottish government has had to withdraw from the proceedings at the outset, at a cost of several hundreds of thousand of pounds to the Scottish taxpayer, in order to prevent even more embarrassing information about her actions from entering the public domain. A subsequent text she sent that has been made public – “We may have lost the battle, but we will win the war” – indicates no remorse whatsoever at the consequences of her actions, and suggests that Ms Evans sees the role of permanent secretary as engaging in personal vendettas against individuals that she dislikes rather than working for the benefit of the people of Scotland. I do not wish to have her contract extended. Please provide me with a short list of new candidates…”

        Or this:
        “Nicola Sturgeon’s most senior civil servant, who led the Scottish government into a losing legal battle with Alex Salmond that cost it more than £600,000, has had her contract extended.
        Leslie Evans, the permanent secretary, will remain in post until spring 2022after the first minister and Mark Sedwill, the UK cabinet secretary, decided that she should extend her stay…

  53. Alex Clark says:

    I’m hoping that the tories keep the walking disaster that is Prime Minister of the UK in power right up until Independence supporting parties win a humungous overwhelming majority of seats in the 2021 Holyrood Election.

    This half wit is the best advert for Independence we could ever have wished for, he has the anti-Midas touch where everything he touches turns to shit. He really cannot come to any decision by himself and allows others to walk all over him. He is subservient to anyone more knowledgeable and that is just about everyone he meets.

    He is no match for Nicola sturgeon and in fact, he fears her, you saw that when he last went to Bute House and sneaked out the back door. Everyday now, our FM gives him a showing up with her leadership and authority in comparison with his dithering.

    I couldn’t believe the first couple of sentences in his speech tonight to the UK public, “flashing lights in cockpits sending warning signals” “squashing the virus” and other bullshit that a five year old would say.

    So, I welcome the clown staying as Prime Minister of the UK, the Worzel Gummidge of World Leaders, an ambassador for Independence for Scotland, and a lesson in how not to chose a leader.

    Really couldn’t have wished for more, or had things come together so perfectly. Thank you Brexiteers in making our path to taking back control of our country so much smoother.

  54. Alex Clark says:

    It’s looking very much like Wales will be the first of the home nations to introduce border controls between Wales and those from the most infected areas in the rest of the UK. I’m talking of course of, the Liverpool and Wirral region which has been put on Tier 3 but travel outwith that area is advisory only.

    Bob Lamont posted on the talking up Scotland site a video of Mark Drakeford saying he would wait until Monday to see if Johnson would introduce restrictions between the countries himself before making any decision. Well now he will have to make a decision, when you consider that he has already banned travel within Wales for the most infected regions it looks likely he will do the same for the most infected regions in England and use the police to enforce it.

    This is something well worth watching what might happen, any decision will resonate in Scotland too. Channel 4’s take on this tonight.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Maybe we now have leverage and FM Drakeford is listening to us:

      (This article is earlier than Alex Clark’s news story).

        • Petra says:

          Nicola has to step up and save our country now too, no matter how much the BritNats crack up. The rate of Covid 19 in the North of England is going right through the roof and is a dire threat to the populace north of the border. If it had been up to me, if I had the power 😀, I would have followed the New Zealand model from day one. No one allowed to enter the UK, face masks worn by all outside of their homes at all times, other than the medically exempt, and I’d have closed the border. Then again Scotland isn’t independent, I’m not in power 😛 and Nicola Sturgeon is bound, gagged and shackled by Westminster to a great extent 🙄. And as such this could just drag on and on.

          • grizebard says:

            All of what you say is true, but I suspect that Nicola would still have been slower “on the ball” than strictly necessary, and away from the current ratbaggery of Scottish politics, I’m sure she would be big enough to freely admit that herself.

            Despite the confected brouhaha from the loony right, it’s in the nature of politicians to hesitate to suddenly impose heavy restrictions on peoples’ lives, precisely because of the likely immediate political fallout. (It’s not exactly popular.) And who can blame them? Just look at the initial reaction to the latest partial shutdown in the Central Belt to see why. (Though oddly – not! – it all magically fades away when England does the same damn thing a little later.)

            Which is why she amply deserves to be “cut some slack” as she recently put it. It’s a daunting enough task already without having to deal with 5th columnists in all forms of media.

      • Alex Clark says:

        Here is the Mark Drakeford announcement from Friday I referred to earlier. Looks like your government means business WS.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      If the ScotGov even mentioned restricting people from England p’s hot spots coming into the country, there would be uproar from the BritNats and claims of Scotland being ultra ‘anti English!’ on every channel everywhere every hour!

  55. Alex Clark says:

    We will be hearing a good deal more of this later, no National paper on it yet tonight.

    The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has responded tonight (12 October 2020) after a crucial clause that imposes a requirement for agricultural and food imports to the UK to meet domestic standards was voted down in the House of Commons as part of the passage of the Agriculture Bill.

  56. Jim says:

    Tory’s have just overturned a House of Lords amendment to protect food standards in the UK.
    Opening the door to chlorinated chicken and hormone injected beef from the US.
    This is the same US that up until last week had banned all beef from UK for the last 20 years due to ‘Mad cow disease’.
    I wonder how the all the Scottish Tory’s voted?
    Oh, don’t be stupid Jim, of course they voted for it. Sycophants!
    I’ll wait with baited breath for the BBC to announce it.

    Isn’t it strange that they do all their dirty work late at night in the hope that no one is paying attention.

    • Jim says:

      Beat me to it Alex.

      • Alex Clark says:

        You said it better JIm, the more that we all pay attention, then the more chance we have of opening the eyes of others as to what is actually going on with this Westminster government. I hope you’ll beat me to the next “scoop” 🙂

    • grizebard says:

      Wrong homophone, Jim. {sigh} WS upthread was only joking!

  57. Julia Gibb says:

    While sections of the Independence movement continue to focus their attack on the SNP we will have only one winner….Boris

    blink count…jeeezzzz!

    “we shall cut off our nose to spite our face”

  58. Petra says:



    Check out Ann’s links on the indyref2 site.

  59. Petra says:

    Joe@MrJoeGooch:- ”I used to be an Actor, but I decided to retrain … as a Tory MP.”

  60. Alex Clark says:

    Before I hit the sack, I’ll leave you with this one thought. Tomorrow, Johnson will still be Prime Minister of the UK.

    Fortunately, Scotland has another option. Persuade just one other person and we will be free.

  61. Statgeek says:

    “Get used to it.”

    Hoping this guy has received re-training as something other than a Scottish politician. He’d better get used to it. He’s quite young and clean cut to be thinking he can threaten seasoned Scots and come out looking good.

  62. Petra says:

    Oh let’s just get out of here. Get out of this snake pit, ASAP. The most vulnerable individuals in the UK are being hammered, as per usual. Another bl**dy Westminster ”loophole” has been found to rob poor and disabled people who can’t fight back. Any Scottish journalists keen to question DRoss and his equally obnoxious mate Rejectamenta Rooth about this? Naw I didnae think so 🥱.

    ‘Thousands of vulnerable disabled people face benefit cuts during pandemic.’

    ”A policy change implemented on Friday means that a sum of money provided to help people with severe disabilities on top of their regular benefits – known as the severe disability premium (SDP) – is now included in the claimant’s universal credit payment, rather than as a separate payment alongside it.”..


    Will AS return to front line politics? What do you think?

    George Kerevan:- ‘Will Alex Salmond make a grand return for Holyrood election?’

    ..”But will Salmond run? Nobody truly knows his intentions, although some conspiracy theorists point to the early retirement from Holyrood of several leading independence hardliners as proof they are preparing to jump ship should Salmond declare.”..

    • grizebard says:

      What does Kerevan mean? Alex Neil??!! {raucous laugh}

      This feverish AS speculation from wannabe populists just gets sillier and sillier. Whatever personal grievances he may now harbour as a result of being a bit of a silly billy and thereby gratuitously tempting Providence, he should be man enough to shut down all this indy-damaging speculation with a suitably statesmanlike comment, and PDQ.

      • Dr Jim says:

        There’s a strong desire and hatred amongst these people to kill Independence stone dead, one wonders how much Johnson is paying for this garbage, it will not end well for some of these people and they’ll deserve it

        Thank goodness Nicola Sturgeon’s numbers are way out in front of these people amongst the real voters who aren’t interested in this stuff

  63. yesindyref2 says:

    Some person who authors “Wee Gingerbread’s Wee Nic Fanzine” according to someone who urges people to come here and disrupt talk about independence, wrote a new article:—yes-winning/

  64. Golfnut says:

    While a Guardian article informs us that Europe is implementing the same Covid 19 measures as Scotland, this comes to light…

  65. Golfnut says:

    No hiding place for the organ grinders.

    • Dave tewart says:

      Looks like the muddles.
      One on the lest is the retiring one.
      One in the middle is the one that got ejected from Hollyrood for bad boy tactics.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      And does the colour scheme remind you of anything?

      (Very similar to my ‘House that Jack built’ if you remember from a few days’ back, too …)

    • Ken2 says:

      They want to kill people prematurely. Drink yer selves to death, if corona does nae get yer first. The Tories mucking up the economy. Vote Tory to die younger.

  66. BBC Scotland has a list of ‘go to’ spokespersons on everything, a clique of SNP BAD mothers of nursery/school/ university kids who are suffering because of that terrible woman Sturgeon and the evil SNP.
    They invariably are filmed in splendid houses or gardens, and many, curiously, have English or White Heather Club Mary Marquis BBC Scots accents.

    A comfortable ‘middle class’ Edinburgh centric gang of rentaquotes.

    BBC Pacific Quay Brit Stockade has taken to giving the Linesman Dross a nightly 30 second soundbite, and Glenn Campbell is now the Brit Nat Better Together TV campaign manager.

    Larry the Militant Flanigan pops up regularly to undermine his own EIS members’ valiant efforts to provide as normal an education for our youngsters as possible during this terrible time, and the tired old Queen Margaret Drive veterans, the diminishing male contingent, of Brewer, Taylor, Kerr, Geissler, Henderson, Fraser, Robertson, and Porter just shamble along reading out any old Brit Nat propaganda and toss churning through their autocue.

    I repeat; will the last helicopter leaving the rooftop of BBC Pathetic Quay please turn the lights off.

    How the Brit Nat MSM and broadcasters are managing to pay the wages and bills Up Here is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, Iain Macwhirter…not the Salmondgate saga.
    There is a reckoning now.
    This week, their fallacy of a Union is about to come crumbling down around their sorry little heads.

  67. Ken2 says:

    Nicola and Alex should get back together. Ace. Just let it happen. Put out the flags. Unbeatable coalition. YES, YES, YES. Nicola and Alex are vulnerable when they talk about each other because they care. Get emotional. Not blinking. Blinking back tears to hold it together.

    Give Alex the apology and compensation. Forget about the alphabetets and reconcile. It makes sense. Unbeatable.

  68. Ken2 says:

    You know you want to
    Get on with it. Get the band back together. Really annoy the dissenters.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Scotland’s female voters didn’t like Alex Salmond before 2014 and they’d like him a lot less now irrespective of guilt or innocence of anything he was just not popular with women voters

  69. Capella says:

    BBC Scotland continue their campaign to undermine the Scot Gov public health measures.
    “Data Journalist” asks misleadingly, “What’s Helping Us to Understand the New Rules?”.
    He then quotes extensively:

    David Paton, chairman of industrial economics at Nottingham University’s Business School, believed evidence presented in the government document failed to adequately vindicate the restrictions placed primarily on the hospitality sector.

    He argued: “There’s no sense of proportionality, Shutting down hospitality is quite unprecedented and extreme with huge implications for livelihoods, jobs, and public revenue.”

    So a chairman of industrial economics at Nottingham University’s Business School thinks we shouldn’t restrict pubs and that’s the message the BBC wants to highlight in Scotland.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Disgusting report that undermines the public health message.

      The BBC is behaving like an enemy of public health in Scotland and they had better start reining their neck in. They need to get behind the government of Scotland and on message so as we can live with this virus with the absolute minimum restrictions necessary until we have a vaccine.

      The BBC in Pathetic Quay is a public service broadcaster that is fronted by Lord Haw-Haw and Tokyo Rose types, working to undermine the Scottish government on the orders of their masters at Westminster at every turn.

      Don’t pay the telly tax that funds the wages of these so called journalists.

  70. Capella says:

    Nottingham’s New University’ in Pansies (1929)

    In Nottingham, that dismal town

    where I went to school and college,

    they’ve built a new university

    for a new dispensation of knowledge.

    Built it most grand and cakeily

    out of the noble loot

    derived from shrewd cash-chemistry

    by good Sir Jesse Boot.

    Little I thought, when I was a lad

    and turned my modest penny

    over on Boot’s Cash Chemist’s counter,

    that Jesse, by turning many

    millions of similar honest pence

    over, would make a pile

    that would rise at last and blossom out

    in grand and cakey style

    into a university

    where smart men would dispense

    doses of smart cash-chemistry

    in language of common-sense!

    That future Nottingham lads would be

    cash-chemically B.Sc.

    that Nottingham lights would rise and say:

    -By Boots I am M.A.

    From this I learn, though I knew it before

    that culture has her roots

    in the deep dung of cash, and lore

    is a last off-shoot of Boots.

    D H Lawrence

  71. Republicofscotland says:

    Sorry to read that you’re in hospital suffering from a stroke Paul, get well soon.

  72. Hamish100 says:

    Speedy but cautious recovery. Best wishes to you and your family

  73. sophie grace chappell says:

    All best wishes, Paul, to you and to Peter. Get well soon. We need your sanity!

  74. Capella says:

    So sorry to hear that Paul is in hospital – hope he makes a good recovery.

  75. Bob Lamont says:

    Stunned by the news, but seconded, take it easy Paul…

  76. Alex Clark says:

    Awful news, I’m lost for words.

    Paul, I wish you a full recovery, nothing is more important than health.

  77. Welsh Sion says:

    Oh no – much love and best wishes for a speedy recovery to WGD.

  78. PictAtRandom says:

    Best wishes to WGD from “a dissident”.

  79. David Agnew says:

    just heard the news – hope all goes well. we need the WGD

  80. Tatu3 says:

    Oh no. Just heard. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Look after yourself please

  81. CATHY says:

    Just heard….all the best …..made a wee donation….

  82. Legerwood says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Really sorry to hear the news.

    Now up to us to keep things positive and forward looking until Paul comes back.

    • Petra says:

      Devastating news but wishing you all the best, like SO many others, for a full and speedy recovery. Thinking of you too Peter, at this time, and the dug. Take care of yourself and keep us up to date whenever you can XXX

  83. proudcybernat says:

    Terrible news. Prayers with you, Paul. Recover well – we need you.

  84. Son of Perth says:

    Just heard the news about you Paul. Get well soon. You mean an awful lot to us in the independence community…more than you would probably believe. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  85. Capella says:

    Meanwhile… Kate Hooey LAB right winger and Brexiteer is inducted into the House of Lords today.

  86. denmylne says:

    get well soon Paul. 😦

  87. susan says:

    Oh Paul. Please make a full recovery x

  88. Chicmac says:

    Best of luck Paul, for you and us.

  89. andyfromdunning says:

    Best wishes for your speedy recovery and also for Peter.

  90. Guybrush Threepwood says:

    Get well soon!

    Live long and prosper, Paul 🖖

  91. Ally says:

    Very sorry to hear about your stoke Paul. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  92. carolclark1 says:

    what awful news, so sorry to hear it. Paul, get well soon, we need all the good guys in this fight, and you’re certainly one of them. Your positivity amongst so much negativity at the moment is much needed.

    Remember Paul, health comes first before anything else take your time away from the keyboard and return to us all in good health.

    Love to Peter and the dug..

  93. Eilidh says:

    So sorry to hear about your illness get well soon Paul Take it easy

  94. Arthur Thomson says:

    Get well very soon Paul. You are one of few honest brokers out there and we benefit so much from your work. Love to you, your partner and the dug.

  95. Mark Russell says:

    All of the above, Paul. So sorry to hear this news. All the very best.

  96. Dr Jim says:

    Best wishes for your full recovery Paul

  97. Thomas Dunlop says:

    Just heard about the Stroke, Paul. Get better soon.

  98. Golfnut says:

    Sorry to hear about the stroke Paul, wishing you a full and speedy recovery, perhaps Peter could give us the occasional update.
    This site is a haven of sanity and it needs to continue as such. Sam did a first class job last time round, though I know he’s expressed openly that he would prefer to be less actively involved, perhaps he could provide some guidance to those willing to help keep things going. Perhaps there are others with some experience of blogs who could help us out. Though completely out of my depth I would be happy to help.

  99. diabloandco says:

    Paul , every good wish for a speedy recovery , you are much respected and loved , we need you.

  100. Liz g says:

    Sending you, Peter and the Dug my very best Paul xxx

  101. Really saddened to hear about your stroke, I wish you a full and speedy recovery and my thoughts are with you, Peter and the dug.

    Take care, HT.

  102. Kenneth Meldrum says:


    Get well soon
    We need you


  103. Lenny Hartley says:

    So sorry to hear of your stroke Paul, gws soon, Lenny and Timo (the Collie) Arran

  104. Macart says:

    Just got back online and heard the news.Take it easy and take your time Paul.

    Thoughts are with you and Peter.

    • Molly McC says:

      Do you have time to keep the blog open and going Sam, until Paul is up and running again?
      As Petra says below…just to keep people posting. This one is now too long.

      • Macart says:

        Hi Molly. 🙂 Hugs right back.

        Wish it was possible, but I’m afraid that I have a fair dose of personal issues myself currently. It’s all I can do to have a read of sites every few days and I’m pretty much a guest like most other visitors.

        Gutted when I came across the news yesterday.

  105. ArtyHetty says:

    Oh no, so sorry to hear that Paul is unwell. Wishing all the best to Paul and partner, and fingers crossed for a good recovery. Get well, Paul, we will miss your writing but most important is your health above all else. X

  106. Capella says:

    What are we to do while Paul is recovering? I do hope there are some guest posters to keep the blog refreshed. Paul needs time for R n R without any pressure.

    Meantime there are some great resources out there – Learn with Lorna for example:

  107. barpe says:

    Devastated to hear this news, take care of yourself, we are still going to need you in the months and years ahead. Still have fond memories of the night you spoke in Dumfries (some years ago!), and the surprise at how big the wee Ginger actually was!!
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  108. graemedbruce says:

    So sorry to hear of your stroke Paul, get well soon.
    My thoughts are with you, Peter and the Dug.

  109. Jim says:

    So sad to hear this news.
    All our thoughts are with you and your family.

  110. bringiton says:

    Good luck Paul and take it easy.
    Health is more important than politics.

  111. Craig P says:

    Take your time recovering, Paul. Scotland will still be here when you get back!

  112. ronaldgray61 says:

    Sorry to hear of your stroke. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. We need you.

  113. JoMax says:

    Just logged on and got this sad news, Paul. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. We’ll all be waiting for you as will ‘the wee dug’ who’ll be missing you. Best Wishes to yourself, Peter, and the dug.

  114. Tam the Bam says:

    Haste ye back Paul….but only when you’re well recovered.

  115. dramfineday says:

    Best wishes for a speedy and successful recovery Paul

  116. chocolass says:

    All our love and best wishes from the Isle of Arran,xxx

  117. Peter Lawrie says:

    Get well soon Paul. My wife and I send our very best wishes for your recovery

  118. Millsy says:

    Awful news ; best wishes to Paul and his husband .
    Don’t be rushing back too soon , Paul . You are a giant in the Indy movement but your health is paramount .
    There will be plenty of others ready to step in during your recovery … but NOT Jack Collatin unless we intend to invade England tomorrow ! LoL !

    Best wishes , Paul !

  119. benmadigan says:

    I was shocked and horrified to hear of Paul’s illness.
    My sincere best wishes for a speedy recovery and successful rehabilitation. His voice will be sorely missed in the Independence movement until it can be heard once again, ringing out loud and clear.
    I hope support is at hand for Peter to bear up throughout this very difficult period of their lives as he is just starting to make Scotland his home.

  120. wm says:

    Just heard the news Paul, what a shock, you are in our thoughts and prayers, get well soon.

  121. Skintybroko says:

    Sorry to hear about your stroke. Take your time and get well, we need you fit and healthy for what is to come

  122. Bob Agassi says:

    Hellish Paul, God love you and Peter. Wishing you all the best.

  123. Gariochquine says:

    Very sad to hear of your illness, Paul. Best wishes for your recovery.

  124. Doug says:

    Just like to add my best wishes for your full recovery, Paul.

  125. Elmac says:

    Would like to echo the sentiments expressed by so many above and extend my best wishes for a speedy recovery. Scotland will need you more than ever but look after yourself first.

  126. Mandy Lawson says:

    Get well soon Paul -and take it easy – plenty others out here to keep up the good fight. You and the Dug and Peter already have a seat at the top table at the Indy celebrations….best wishes for a speedy recovery…

  127. Paul, just catching up with news, being out in the sticks, well Dross County actually. No sign of Forres Gimp but I will be speaking to his constituents. Anyway rest up, recover at your own pace. Long game. Pretty sure Ginger will be just fine with Peter, and vice versa. Speak soon XX.

  128. wullie says:

    Financial help may be required. Can a crowd fund be set up to help Paul in his recovery.

    • Petra says:

      ”Financial help may be required.” You are right Wullie. I don’t know the ins and outs of Peter’s situation with less money coming in. but if you need our help just call on us. We’re all here for you and Paul.

    • Tam the Bam says:

      Excellent suggestion Wullie.

  129. Cassie says:

    So sorry to hear you are in hospital, Paul. Get well soon, you are a voice of sanity on the interwebbies.

  130. We’ll all still be here when you get back, Paul. No rush. Dae as ye’re telt for once!
    Love to you and Peter, and WGD.

    • Molly McC says:

      I put a card in the mail today Paul as soon as I read the article in the National.
      Please, please, take it easy, recover fully. We need you. I know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of everyone here.
      Molly/ Calgary.

  131. Clydebuilt says:


    Very best wishes for a full recovery.
    We’re all rooting for you.
    Big pats to the WGD.

  132. WT says:

    Shocked to hear that you have had a stroke. As Golfnut says “This site is a haven of sanity and it needs to continue as such.” We desperately need a big voice of positivity in the independence movement at present and yours has probably been the most influential and loudest. Take your time and concentrate on recovery, but I look forward to your return as soon as is sensibly possible. Best wishes and take care.

  133. Janeymac says:

    Wishing you all the best for a full and speedy recovery Paul. You have been a constant beacon of light and sanity.

  134. Pat Harvey says:

    Get well soon Paul and do what the doctors tell you!
    Come back a month later rather than a day early
    Health and family are what matters
    Everything else is a distraction

  135. Shaun the sheep says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  136. bigjon999 says:

    Get well soon 🙂

  137. Stephen McKenzie says:

    All the best in your recovery Paul

  138. Alan Thomson says:

    Sending you best wishes for a full recovery Paul, thinking of you, Peter, the dug and your Maw & Paw.

  139. Paul says:

    Get well soon Paul, Scotland needs you now in our hour of need. Saor Alba.

  140. Petra says:

    I don’t know what to do now. What would Paul want us to do now? Are we continuing to post data … the latest info, for example, on here?

    If so, it looks as though there’s another squabble going on.

    ‘Why ISP Won’t Be Joining Action For Independence.’

    ”This was a post that we didn’t want to write. It isn’t becoming for parties to argue, especially when they have the same goal – independence. And people have very little patience for the quarrels of political parties. However, the behaviour of the Action for Independence party (AFI) towards ourselves and the constant questioning as to why we have ruled out aligning ourselves with them, requires a fuller answer than we can give in tweets or quotes. We also feel it is important for Yes voters to understand what they are buying into and what it is likely to deliver.”..


    Richard Murphy:- ‘I can accuse the government of being corrupt without fear now, because the evidence supports my case. And that’s profoundly worrying.’

    • Golfnut says:

      Richard obviously hit a sore spot, I would guess that the troll was assigned rather than just a random indignant Johnson fan.

  141. Petra says:

    ‘National columnist Paul Kavanagh, the Wee Ginger Dug, suffers stroke.’

    ”Having spoken to those close to Paul, The National understands the Wee Ginger Dug has vowed to bounce back as quickly as possible and get back behind the keyboard to do what he does best.”..


    Please read Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site. Loads of enlightening information on there.

  142. grimjimm says:

    Missing your scribbles already Paul. Just get yourself better though!

    All the very best to you.

  143. Petra says:

    Reposting in case anyone missed them.

    wullie says:
    October 13, 2020 at 6:48 pm
    Financial help may be required. Can a crowd fund be set up to help Paul in his recovery.

    Petra says:
    October 13, 2020 at 9:40 pm
    ”Financial help may be required.” You are right Wullie. I don’t know the ins and outs of Peter’s situation with less money coming in. but if you need our help just call on us. We’re all here for you and Paul.

    Tam the Bam says:
    October 13, 2020 at 10:16 pm
    Excellent suggestion Wullie.

  144. malkymcblain says:

    Just logged on here on a Sydney spring morning. I’m shocked at the news and at a loss for words. Please follow the doctor’s orders and get well soon Paul. To Peter and Ginger, stay strong.

    • Tam the Bam says:

      We’re all a bit stunned Malky.

      Love to Gymea Bay (got family there.).

      • malkymcblain says:

        Gorgeous place Gymea Bay. I’m in the inner city area at Alexandria..can’t afford a water view here in Sydney 😕

  145. Iona Easton says:

    Get well soon, Paul.

  146. MIKE ROBERTSON says:

    Aww Paul so sorry to hear about your illness but both you and Peter are in my thoughts and prayers and knowing yow are a fighter hope to see you back at the chalk face to fight the koz soon xx

  147. Capella says:

    @ Petra – I feel Paul would want us to keep calm and carry on. Perhaps there’s someone in Paul’s circle who can manage the website meantime and drum up new articles to keep the threads reasonably short. There’s also a need for moderation.

    If that’s not possible then we can post new links btl as you already do – for the next few days at least.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Good idea Capella, Petra always comes up with plenty of topics to give folk the info on what’s happening day to day to keep the blog flowing, if that’s OK with Paul

  148. Alba woman says:

    So sorry to hear the news Paul …..stroke care has improved a lot …..hopefully you will be back home as soon as possible to be with Peter and that lovely dug…..waiting to hear how you are .

  149. malkymcblain says:

    Just to lighten things up a wee bit… I think. See the latest broadcast from Jonathan Pie.

  150. yesindyref2 says:

    Anyone wondering where Mars is, click Mars on this:

    currently at 197.5 (SSW) 38.4 altitude (nearly halfway up). No idea if you can pick other cities! I’m about 2/3rds cloud cover so get to see it every so often.

  151. fergusgreen says:

    Hello Paul. I hope you had a restful night. Sending love and healing to you, your husband and the Dug x

  152. Golfnut says:

    The Herald did an article on this, needless to say they missed the out on the Tory hypocrisy. The BBC will surely pick up on it.

  153. Julia Gibb says:

    Get well soon Paul – best wishes

  154. fionamacinnes says:

    Get well Paul, we will endevour to be on our best behaviour while you are recovering.

  155. Capella says:

    I see that GMS is implying that delays in Care Home testing are the fault of the Scottish Government when the Care Home tests are the responsibility of the UK Government’s Lighthouse Labs which they handed over to private sector Deloitte and which suffer delays of up to 8 days.

    What the SG is doing is taking these tests into the Scottish NHS where they can be done speedily.

    Thread by Stephen Dedalus

    • Ah, portrait of an artist as a young man; Stephen Dedalus.
      Last night Distorting Scotland did a RAF puff piece about the new £75 million runway and giant hangar, and gushed about how vital the British Colonial Outpost was to the Moray economy, and that the Phantoms would ward off ancient Ruski planes which had inadvertently wandered into UK airspace.
      MY glass always being half full of 21 year old Macallan, it is good that Lossiemouth has been up graded in time for our Independence. Ywst and it will help the good folk of Moray even more in Independent Scotland.
      In the same bulletin, the Scottish Potato head honcho warned that No Deal Brexit would destroy the Scottish potato industry.

      Tomorrow, the 15th, should be interesting.

      Whit a time to pull a sickie, Kavanagh.

      Or, why are you reading this?

      Chill, man.

      If No Deal is finalised this week, for what are we waiting?
      John Wayne and the cavalry?

      MY tuppence worth? Just let this thread run until Paul’s back in the saddle..we duggers can slap down the trolls…let’s go for 1000 btl for starters.

  156. David Hutchison says:

    Hoping that you get better soon.

  157. Capella says:

    Message from Peter:

  158. J Galt says:

    Paul, you have achieved much for the cause of Scottish Independence and I am sure you will go on to achieve even more.

    It is a mark of civilised behaviour that you can respect a person even though you may not always agree with them.

    Therefore I hope you will accept my best wishes for your speedy recovery.

  159. proudcybernat says:

    Paul – your graphic needs updating (when you’re back and well). Indy Support now polling at 58% via Ipsos Mori.


  160. Alex Clark says:

    Another very interesting result from the poll is that 45% of voters who were not born Scotland say they will vote Yes, this exceeds the 42% who say they would vote No, there are 13% undecided.
    This is positive news indeed.

  161. Dr Jim says:

    Apparently the “What’s the currency” question has now become so boring to most Scottish voters because they know there’ll be one no matter what Westminster says that they don’t even care if it’s tea spoons as long as we’re Independent

    UK fear strategy crumbling at every level

    • JoMax says:

      But whit aboot the alien attacks? The Russian subs up the Clyde? The oil ran oot last week. Naebody on the planet will ever speak to us again. There’ll be nae supermarkets left because they all ran away and Mrs McDeid’ll no’ get her cornflakes. It’ll be the end of civilisation as we know it. Orkney and Shetland will float away to Norway. We need to be told!

  162. Iain Ross says:

    All the best Paul.

  163. Petra says:

    Hi folks. Some good news about Paul I see 😀. Fingers etc crossed for a full and speedy recovery. And when he returns, when he is fit and well that is, he’ll need to take it easy and get some help to give him a break.

    Meanwhile some links from Ann on the Indyref2 site to keep us going.

    ”Sums up England. You’re £2.5 Trillion in debt. You can’t feed, power or water yourself. You’ve no natural resources & have sold everything. You’re a net importer that makes fuck all. You tax spare bedrooms for revenue & parking spaces earn more per hr than 50% of your workers.”


    ”Can we trust anything labelled ‘British’?”

    • JoMax says:

      I see that the UK Govt is having to pump yet more money into HS2, another £800 million, because it’s already way over budget again, despite work having just started. No doubt our ‘share’ will be included as usual.

  164. Petra says:

    ”Richard Murphy (Interesting comments on thread).”


    Maybe posted already?

    Scotland goes Pop:- ”Progress Scotland poll: By 3-1 margin, voters want the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government to have control over all decisions affecting the people of Scotland’s lives.”

  165. Statgeek says:

    58% Aye Paul.

    Chill and relax. This will keep people talking for a few weeks. 😀

  166. Petra says:

    ”So the Scouts are annoyed that the SNP had a scout leader in their broadcast….Yet the Scouts were not annoyed when Bear Gryls popped up in a Scout uniform at the Tory party conference a while back.”


    ”Scouts and the Tories.”

  167. Petra says:

    I missed NS’s CV19 briefing today however the news reported, that NS had stated, that it’s been established that a high number of cases in Scotland have now been linked to Blackpool, England. Did anyone watch the briefing today? Another sign of course that we should be closing that damn border, imo.

    ”Here’s the letter Mark Drakeford has sent to Boris Johnson calling for a travel ban to Wales from high risk areas of England.”



  168. Robin McHugh says:

    One for Paul.

    Our Scottie, Dugal, was speaking to a wee ginger dog in the park yesterday. He asked the ginger dog, who looked older and wiser, ” why are our humans all wearing muzzles these days?”.
    “Ah” came the reply,” That’s because many of them never learned to sit and stay”.

    Get well soon Paul, we’re missing your wit and wisdom already.

    • Statgeek says:

      * claps *

    • Welsh Sion says:

      And one in return for you and your Dugal, Robin McHugh and also for WGD and his human family. (Original dates from 2013, so prior to Indy Ref 1 and so a little dated in places … but …)

      4. (of 60.)

      Scottie and Jon Bull

      Once upon a time, there lived in a town not so far away, a large fat man called Jon Bull. Jon Bull owned a little dog called Scottie. Every day, Jon Bull used to take Scottie for walks at the end of a tight leash. Then, they would come home, and he would open a tin of dog food and give it to Scottie. Scottie ate the food and stayed quiet. He remained faithful to his master.

      Then one day, as Jon Bull and Scottie were walking in town with Scottie on his tight leash, they passed outside a butcher’s shop. Inside the shop was a big, juicy bone.

      “I want that bone” said Scottie, all of a sudden.

      “What?” exclaimed Jon Bull, “You have a voice? Scottie, you can speak?”

      “Yes, I can” said Scottie, “And I’ve been quiet long enough.”

      “B-b-b-ut”, stuttered Jon Bull, “Why are you speaking now? Think of all that tinned dog food I’ve been giving you all these years – you don’t need that bone. I’ve taken good care to give you food regularly. I’ve taken you for walks. I provide you with a nice warm home in which to live and sleep. And I do know what’s good for you.”

      “Oh yes, you know what’s good for me” retorted Scottie bitterly. “And as for the food, why, it’s been the same old, bland dog food day in, day out. Sometimes it comes out of a red tin, another time it comes out of a blue tin. You’ve even tried deceiving me into thinking the new food – from a yellow and blue striped tin – is different. But quite frankly, Jon Bull, it’s the same old recipe hashed up every time. And I’m sick to death of it.”

      “Why you impudent, ungrateful cur!” roared Jon Bull.

      “All the other dogs have bones” replied Scottie, “I don’t see why I should be any different. And you know as well as I do, the traditional image of a dog is with a bone between its teeth – not lapping away at some meat mixture in a bowl given to him rather condescendingly, I might add, by his master. I’ve seen it in the books you read.”

      “Fiddlesticks!” cried Jon Bull. “Are you trying to tell me, your master, how to look after my own dog – after all I’ve done for you?”

      “Yes”, said Scottie softly, “you might learn something from me.”

      “Such cheek!” blustered Jon Bull, his face reddening and his fat belly wobbling. “I’ve a good mind to thrash you, Scottie. Just because some mangy mongrels are allowed bones, you think you’re entitled to some bones too! Well, I won’t stand for it, do you hear? I’m your master and you’re my dog – I tell you what to do, not the other way around!”

      Scottie was not listening. He was obliged to get the resentments he had been feeling for years off his chest.

      “And another thing,” said Scottie, pursuing his argument calmly, “you say you’ve taken me for walks. Yes, you have – but always on your terms. The other dogs are left off the leash and are free to roam. You keep me on this tight leash, day in, day out. It’s not normal.”

      Scottie thought by appealing to Jon Bull’s ideas of fairness and the treatment which other dogs had that he would win the argument. He thought Jon Bull commended exercise, fresh air and freedom for dogs. What Scottie hadn’t realised that these rules only applied to other dogs – not to him.

      Jon Bull was having none of it.

      “Not normal? Damn your impudence, Scottie! I won’t have you speak to me like that! You know full well that if I did let you off the leash, you couldn’t possibly survive by yourself. You wouldn’t get any food – you’d die of starvation. And you have a nice warm home with me. Enough of these ideas of freedom!”

      Scottie was quiet for a bit. Jon Bull smirked. He had won the argument. He was right. He was always right. How dare that impudent, ungrateful puppy think that he knew best! I, Jon Bull, hold the leash. I, Jon Bull feed you well. I, Jon Bull give you a nice, warm home. What more could you possibly ask for, Scottie?


      Some days later, Jon Bull and Scottie were in town again. Scottie was on his tight leash and they were walking past the butcher’s shop again.

      “I want that bone” said Scottie.

      “We’ve had this conversation!” growled Jon Bull. “You’re not getting it and that’s final!”

      Scottie weighed up his options. It was now or never. He bit Jon Bull hard on the ankle.

      “Yyyeeeeooowww!” screamed Jon Bull, letting go of the leash.

      This was the opportunity Scottie wanted – and he took it. He ran into the butcher’s shop and onto the counter where the big juicy bone was. He could hear Jon Bull bellowing after him,

      “Come back here, you ungrateful, vicious mutt!”

      (Two possible scenarios to this story now present themselves. Which one is it to be? I leave the final decision to my readers).


      Scenario 1

      Having jumped onto the counter, Scottie surveyed the big, juicy bone. And then he sniffed it. He sniffed it again to check and then he realised, with bitter disappointment, that the bone did not smell very nice. It was not going to be very nice to taste either. Scottie’s dreams were crushed and he sat on the counter with his head between his paws and cried his eyes out.
      This gave Jon Bull the opportunity to recover his dog.

      “Don’t you ever run away from me again!” cried Jon Bull. “In fact, I’ve got the very thing to ensure that you will not.”

      Jon Bull proceeded to tighten the leash a couple of notches around Scottie’s head.

      “That should ensure your obedience in future,” said Jon Bull. “Such a silly dog to have notions of juicy bones when he was fed so well at home by me.”

      “Was fed so well…?” whimpered Scottie through his tears.

      “Oh yes” said Jon Bull maliciously, “you must be taught a thorough lesson for your behaviour, Scottie. And as for biting your master on the ankle – after all he has done for you – that is really beyond the pale.”

      Scottie gulped.

      “Yes, my doggie friend, you will go back to your usual diet of tinned dog food. Only this time, I won’t be quite as generous in my rations. You will live on half a tin a day – not your usual full tin. You understand don’t you, Scottie? And in this period of economic austerity, you must appreciate I can’t afford to give you a full tin every day, in any case. We must all make economic savings – we are all in this together!”

      And goodness, how Scottie howled!


      Scenario 2

      Scottie surveyed and sniffed the big juicy bone.

      “Mmmmmmmmmmmm” he sighed, “better than I expected. So much better than that boring, samey dog food I’ve been so used to getting from my master, Jon Bull.”
      And with that Scottie seized the bone between his teeth – as he had seen so many other of his canine friends do in the past – and trotted out of the butcher’s shop, his tail wagging furiously and happily. He was now just like them, a free doggie with his own bone, not attached by a tight leash and controlled by a surly master who always made all the decisions on Scottie’s behalf. Scottie could look forward to a new life for himself – and one where he called all the shots.

      Dear readers – which scenario is it to be for Scottie and Jon Bull?

      Parables for the New Politics

  169. Dr Jim says:

    Think of the Union flag says DRoss, we’d have to change the colours of the Union flag and that would change our standing in the world

    Yeah, I have sleepless nights about that one myself DRoss, I wake up sweating and having panic attacks

    • yesindyref2 says:

      OMG, we’d better jack it in then.

    • Julia Gibb says:

      I take it he has heard the term “Butchers Apron”
      It may give him a clue.

    • grizebard says:

      “We” wouldn’t have to do a damn thing, since it’s not “our” flag. What a Jeremiah Heep.

      But if it bothers you, Drossy, in your eventual new home in England, just load a Disunion Jack pic into your favourite photo editor and use the “flood fill” tool to replace Scottish blue by English white. It’s not that hard to do, even for you.

      The result is a far fairer representation, even, of what exists right now. No wonder DRoss is unhappy, it would starkly manifest a very unpalatable truth.

  170. deelsdugs says:

    Wishing Paul a good and promising recovery, the dug needs you, we need you!

  171. Capella says:

    We can still listen to Paul’s message:

    • Petra says:

      Great link Capella and funnily enough I was just thinking about the article Paul wrote on broadcasting and Moldovia, earlier today, and all of the other informative articles that could be regurgitated right now to keep us going.

  172. Capella says:

    That Ipsos Mori poll by age breakdown is a great boost for YES:

  173. Welsh Sion says:

    This from Mark Drakeford, First Minister:

    Wales announces it will close borders to people from high-Covid areas of England, Scotland and NI

    14th October 2020

    The Welsh Government is preparing urgent action to prevent people who live in areas with high coronavirus infection rates across the UK from travelling to Wales, First Minister Mark Drakeford today confirmed.

    The new restrictions are planned to come into force on Friday October 16 at 6pm.


    Whither Scotland?

    Jack Collatin – over to you …


    • Welsh Sion says:

      Scotland and Wales as one:

      Diolch, Mark, Thank you, Nicola.

      Nicola Sturgeon backs Mark Drakeford on Covid-19 travel restrictions within UK

      14th October 2020

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Scotland and Wales as one:

      Diolch, Mark, Thank you, Nicola.

      Nicola Sturgeon backs Mark Drakeford on Covid-19 travel restrictions within UK

      14th October 2020

      Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced today that she’s backing Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford on travel restrictions within the UK.

      Sturgeon said that she had received a letter from Drakeford calling on restrictions from high-Covid areas of Scotland, England and Northern Ireland into Wales.

      Her response comes as speculation mounts that the Welsh Government could take its own steps to close Wales’ border to those from high-Covid areas.

      “The First Minister of Wales is seeking agreement between the four UK nations on travel restrictions where necessary from high prevalence locations in one UK nation to lower prevalence areas in others,” Nicola Sturgeon said.

      “I want to be clear today that I back the calls from the First Minister of Wales and I’ll be writing to the Prime Minister today to seek urgent talks on that issue.


    • WS, I once spent a brilliant night in the lounge of a smallish Cardiff hotel, in the company of a group of Welsh Postal Workers who were in town overnight attending a training course or summit.

      We were on the lash and the craic and singing were legend.
      By Christos, can you guys sin ! and drink, and then sing some more.

      I also recall a ‘lock in’ in a Bar Tabac in Riec Sur Belon in Brittany, where the locals had clocked the Ecosse sticker on our bone rattler. That my Everlovin’ was from Ireland cemented the Celtic bond. Much vino and singing that night too.
      We are brothers, WS, Celts peppered throughout the British Isles and the coasts of Europe.

      I have travelled up and down the M74/M6 many hundreds of times. There are a dozen or maybe more cameras mounted on the flyover at the border with England, filming us rebellious Scots as we motor South.
      Strangely there are none filming English insurgents heading North into Jockland.

      It should be easy enough to clock licence plates and issue fixed penalty notices. Ask the Cumbrian Polis. They must make a fortune with their speed cameras every September week end.

      You and I are are the Lost Tribe, WS. The Chosen people. We are Celts, WS, a special tribe.

      I’d shut the border with England tomorrow.

  174. jfngw says:

    With independence now polling at 58% it’s time for those clinging to No to decide if they want to be part of the future or remain stuck in the past shackled to a collapsing country wrapped up in the delusion of empire, embroiled in corruption and led by public school elitists.

    Best wishes to Paul for hopefully a speedy recovery, he is unlikely to be reading all these posts just now but they may be of some comfort once he is able.

  175. vivianoblivian7 says:

    First and foremost, haste ye back after a full recovery. If thoughts and prayers can influence to the good, I’m sure you’ll be back sharper than ever.

    The age, demographic breakdown for the Ipsos Mori poll isn’t exactly the same as the groupings used by YouGov, but the results are fantastic.
    Every age group other than 65+ favours Indy. From the last full YouGov poll, the 65+ group have moved from 35% Yes to 40% Yes. Quite a leap. At last, the auld yins are getting the message.

  176. Bibbit says:

    So shocked to hear of your stroke.

    Please get well soon, Paul.

    We need you.

    But not right now.

    The only thing you must do right now, is concentrate on getting better. And relax. And breath. And, fur aince, dae as yer telt, fur the luv o Goad!

    Heartfelt best wishes to you and yours. In my prayers. xxx

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Yeah, not bad, thanks for that. I happened to see your reception elsewhere 🙂 From that article:

      The first minister is accused of colluding with her predecessor and conspiring against him. The two are mutually exclusive

      Indeed, and after going into the inquiry which I think most would say is neccessary,. she ends with:

      In an era where a succession of (male) politicians have made terrible decisions for selfish reasons, and brazened it out, demanding her resignation for errors made in good faith would be a travesty.

      Indeed again.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Considering it was only published 17 minutes before your post presumably 1 minute after reading, probably not…
      Does anybody care of Dani Garavelli’s “honest” opinion after the brutally dishonest Wark TV Salmond re-Trial scandal involvement, also probably not…

    • Alex Clark says:

      A pathetic attempt at a hatchet job by a Britnat politician. The headline:

      The Salmond inquiry matters, but its purpose is not to topple Nicola Sturgeon

      Then into the meat in the article which is an attempt to topple Nicola Sturgeon.

      A few weeks ago, the first minister appeared unassailable. Her handling of the pandemic, while not without its missteps, was viewed as superior to Boris Johnson’s and so her approval ratings soared, as did support for independence.

      But as Sturgeon fumbled over the closure of pubs and restaurants in parts of the country, her approach to Covid-19 has looked less surefooted. The inquiry too is beginning to take its toll…

      Sturgeon says she simply forgot the earlier meeting. But sceptics have asked how such a significant event could have slipped her mind. There are also subsequent meetings with her predecessor, which some believe put her in breach of the ministerial code. Such matters are eroding trust…

      None of this is to suggest that Sturgeon’s actions should not be scrutinised. Nor that what we have seen so far does not leave her government tarnished. But equally, it is important to guard against the inquiry being hijacked by those whose principal aim is not to establish what went wrong but to bring down the first minister by any means necessary…

      Unless the inquiry finds Sturgeon acted maliciously or that she was motivated by a desire to keep her predecessor out of frontline politics, she should keep her job…

      That last paragraph is an absolute peach, Garavelli has set out the detail for whether or not Nicola Surgeon should remain as First Minister. What fucking arrogance, typical of the Britnats.

      They are raging at her popularity and the absolute fact that the general public doesn’t really give a shit about the Salmond inquiry. These reporters are full of their own self importance which resides entirely in their own imagination.

      There will be more Scots that will read this post on Wee Ginger Dug than will read her crap on the Guardian. This lot will have nowhere to go after Independence, like cornered rats they defend their position. Too late, trust has gone with the media for the majority of Scots. They are now surplus to requirements.

      We will have a Scottish based press that reports truthfully, Britnats need not apply.

    • Capella says:

      Does anyone know when NS is supposed to have lied to parliament about when she first heard about the Alex Salmond charges?

      I’ve trawled through all the FMQs and statements from 2018, 2019 and 2020 and can’t find when she was asked this and by whom.
      She does, on two occasions, say that Alex Salmond first told her about it on 2nd April. But that’s an entirely different construction and most likely true.

      Considering the song and dance that is being made of this in various venues I would be interested in finding out when this “lie” was uttered and under what circumstances.

      • Legerwood says:

        I don’t know the answer to that but I did notice just now that the 58% for independence story on the Herald online has disappeared to be replaced by a story about the meeting being ‘removed’ from Ms Sturgeon’s diary.

        They just won’t give up. Any pretence that this inquiry is in any way being conducted properly or is about anything other than bringing Ms Sturgeon down has gone completely.

        • Capella says:

          I agree – both Geoff Aberdein and A N Other (who can’t be named) were old colleagues, formerly special advisers to Alex Salmond in the run up to the 2014 referendum. Alex Salmond’s biography, “The Dream Shall Never Die” says so. That is in the public domain.

          Why would meetings between old colleagues be in Nicola Sturgeon’s diary.

      • Petra says:

        I’ve trawled through all of that ”stuff” too Capella and what I make of it is that NS may have heard at the end of March that something was in the offing (and prior to that about the airport affair) but didn’t know about the ins and outs of the investigation until Alex Salmond told her on the 2nd April and showed her the relevant documentation. The sooner the committee call her and Alex Salmond to have their say in front of them the better.

  177. yesindyref2 says:

    It gets me when results of polls are just about always given with the don’t knows excluded, because the devil is in the detail. From the National (and similar Herald):

    “75 per cent of Scots will back independence – if the economic case is right”—economic-case-right/

    but from Progress Scotland and the poll itself:

    would vote for independence if I was convinced that it would be good for the Scottish economy.

    Strongly agree – 37%
    Somewhat agree – 26%
    Neither agree nor disagree – 14%
    Somewhat disagree – 6%
    Strongly disagree – 15%
    Don’t know – 3%

    Which actually means the maximum hardcore NO vote at this point is not 25% as implied by the headline and article, nor even 21% adding the “Strongly” and “somewhat” together, but actually 15% and dropping.

    I don’t think in fact there is any such thing as a hardcore NO voter.

  178. Alex Clark says:


    “Does anyone know when NS is supposed to have lied to parliament about when she first heard about the Alex Salmond charges?”

    This is what you are looking for, it’s from 8th Jan 2019, also worth looking up FMQ’s from 10th and 17th Jan for the follow up questions from Carlaw which can be found easily enough on parliament tv. Tells the whole story from the FM’s point of view and I can say that nothing has changed from then to now.

    Carlaw opens his questions to the FM with SNP “Civil War” crap, the FM puts him back in his box very neatly I thought.

    • Capella says:

      Thx Alex – I had read the transcript of this statement and the following FMQs and nowhere can I find someone ask her when she first heard about the charges against Alex Salmond and she answers with a lie. She does say that AS tells her about the charges against him on 2nd April but that is obviously true.

      Where’s the “lie” that s being alleged, with no evidence that I can find? Does anyone know?

      • Alex Clark says:

        Capella, I don’t think anyone ever asked, this was it a voluntary statement to Parliament, you would have heard Jackson say that “today was the first time we learned you met Salmond on 2nd April” I’ve used quotes but am paraphrasing as I am not going to watch it again just to get it exactly right.

        So, I’m with you. I do not believe that she was ever asked that question directly and she obviously never lied about anything that day in her statement because she was speaking about hearing the accusations directly from Alex Salmond and not of hearing a rumour of an investigation from his former advisor a few days earlier.

        The SNP Civil War from Jackson gives it all away, it is a creation of theirs and one they wish to encourage, their biggest error was in misjudging the FM, for a politician, I doubt you will find a more honest one. The great big Salmond/Sturgeon conspiracy has fallen flat on it’s face and has been reduced to counting how many times Nicola Sturgeon blinks in a minute that “proves she’s lying” and if she’s lying then she must be guilty of trying to send an innocent man to jail.

        What a load of shite, won’t stop those with an agenda of their own trying to tell you otherwise.

        • Capella says:

          Agreed 🙂

        • Petra says:

          ”she was speaking about hearing the accusations directly from Alex Salmond and not of hearing a rumour of an investigation from his former advisor a few days earlier.”

          Like others on here such as Capella who have read through all relevant data that’s how I see it too. The bottom line of course is that most of us decided that AS should be deemed to be innocent until found guilty or not, but NS has to be treated differently. What a nasty bunch of hypocrites, eh?

          • jfngw says:

            When you are FM it is when you are officially told of events that they become relevant, rumours, meetings with anyone not directly involved do not count (they are effectively heresay). Only when Alex Salmond or someone representing those with the complaint telling you is when you officially are informed.

            I know Wings over Salem are getting all excited about this, I still haven’t seen any conclusive evidence. They are BTL crew are desperate for a vote of no confidence and believe the Green’s will vote against her, I’m not so sure on that unless they see some political advantage, because that’s how politics works.

  179. Alex Clark says:

    Jobs for the boys, nice work if you can get it and are in the know. Know a Tory that is.

    The UK government is paying some management consultants the equivalent of more than a million pounds a year to work on the coronavirus test and trace system that its own scientists have criticised.

    Some senior-ranking consultants at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) are being paid around £7,000 a day, Sky News reported. That would amount to around £1.5m a year.

    BCG, which has offices around the world, is a prestigious management consultancy. That is, a business that advises on how to run organisations more effectively.

    The gravy train is picking up steam, the rest of us will have to get by with what we can scrape together. We can be better than this.

  180. Welsh Sion says:

    Ricky Loafspinner is slipping further – even amongst members of his own Party as the 3 Unionist Leaders in Scotland make no headway

    Key takeaways:

    – LESS than half of Labour voters think Scottish party leader Richard Leonard is doing a good job.
    – A new Ipsos MORI poll for STV News found just 40 per cent of Labour supporters are satisfied with Mr Leonard’s performance, while 33% are dissatisfied.

    And as for other leaders:

    – 93% of SNP supporters are satisfied with Nicola Sturgeon
    – The First Minister enjoys a net satisfaction rating of +49 among all voters

    – Just 19% of Scots are satisfied with his [BJ’s] performance
    – 76% are dissatisfied

    Mr Ross, Mr Leonard and Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie all have negative net satisfaction ratings among all voters.

    – 40% saying they do not know whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with Mr Ross
    – 38% saying the same of Mr Leonard
    – 41% saying the same of Mr Rennie

    Ipsos MORI polled 1,045 Scots between October 2 and October 9.


  181. Dr Jim says:

    Don’t you just love the BBC having to mention these polls at all is painful enough for them so when they are forced to report them they’ve thunk up their own snappy phrase for doing it

    “These polls seem to suggest”

    Do we all remember in 2014 when the polls suggested Independence was at 51%, the BBC went berserk there was panic stations at every level, they sent out for experts of every kind to refute these terrible polls, we had Sir Hugh Pennington we had Sir Ian Wood we had Alistair Darling we had Gordon Brown, we even had Barack Obama for Christs sake all jumping out of our television sets surrounded by guys in black swirling shawls and waving scythes at us predicting the doom and destruction of Scotland should we dare to pay any attention to such unbelievable happenings

    Now the polls just “Seem to suggest”

    So in 2014 the polling didn’t just suggest they were a dire warning and threat to the UK and they’re reaction to them was concrete proof of that but now in 2020 the polls only suggest like meh mibbees aye mibbees naw who knows whit diz it matter ye cannae depend on polls they could be outliers and they might mean nothing at all

    A week ago Professor John Curtice the pseph guy who’s now a Sir because he interpreted the polls the right way for the UK in 2014 was positively convinced the main reason for the massive increase in support for Independence was Nicola Sturgeon’s performance on Covid Brexit and Johnson’s incompetence, and of course the confidence the FM was instilling within the nation, tonight on the BBCs flim flam channel 9 *news* he decided to become lukewarm in his attitude over the polling results as though he really wasn’t terribly *expert* at all and we’d all have to wait and see how things played out over time, he even produced a Kevin Hague style *graph* that showed barely any difference at all between YES and NO

    Still I’m sure the BBC got their £350 quids worth of expertise there, plus expenses, I mean you have to get your dinner, the BBC aren’t savages after all

    • Statgeek says:

      In fairness to Curtice, he stays above the politics and just reports the data. It’s one poll, and without other polls of 56%-60% to back it, it’s an outlier.

      Had it been 3-4% lower than the previous half a dozen, at say 49%, the yoons would be dancing in the streets, and nats would be accusing the polling company of bias.

      Let’s wait and see.

  182. jfngw says:

    I spotted Alan Ferrier (hope he’s not a relation) posted story linksj from papers around the world about the 58% support for independence in the polls. But here in Scotland from the BBC and Scottish media:

    Hello darkness, my old friend
    I’ve come to talk with you again
    Because a vision softly creeping
    Left its seeds while I was sleeping
    And the vision that was planted in my brain
    Still remains
    Within the sound of silence

    • Alex Clark says:

      I’d be surprised if STV didn’t lead with the story, it’s their poll, Scrub that, maybe not lol

  183. grizebard says:

    I’m just gobsmacked to discover, on rejoining just now, that Paul is in hospital. This is dreadful, whether from the admittedly selfish aspect of the independence movement, where he has been an online asset IMO that is head-and-shoulders above everyone else in clarity of thought and positivity, all delivered with great sharp wit, or whether from the more directly personal aspect of his own health and well-being.

    I don’t know when you will be able to properly appreciate all the sentiments expressed here, Paul, but I would like to append my own heartfelt wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

    (All on a day too with otherwise such heartening news.)

    • Petra says:

      And who knows grizebard maybe the heartening news, of 58% support, is in no small part due to, over and above Nicola Sturgeon, Paul in particular.

    • Alex Clark says:

      An absolute shocker to hear that bad news. You can never know when fate will strike. Thankfully the latest news is of a little improvement which of course is welcome.

      I do believe Paul would wish for the blog to continue until he can take over again, so I intend to carry on contributing and await his return to the keyboard. I’d also hope that it might be possible to get a guest post or two going but there’s time for that to be sorted.

      Meantime let’s wish Paul a speedy recovery and send our best wishes to him and those closest to him. Get well soon, don’t rush back. just let things tick over, we will all still be here when you do get back.

      • grizebard says:

        I agree.

        Though Paul is absolutely irreplaceable, it would indeed be nice in the interim if someone were able to stand in somehow and keep Paul’s place warm for him, be a voice for him. A bit daunting, mind you. Big shoes to fill.

  184. Petra says:

    Just wondering if any research has been carried out to establish exactly how many cases of CV19 are linked to Scots travelling to places in England other than Blackpool? And in turn, of course, the number of cases linked to English people travelling to Scotland.

    ‘Covid: Nicola Sturgeon opens door to banning travellers from high-risk UK areas.’

    ..”She said she will be writing to the Prime Minister to “seek urgent talks” on the issue of travel within the UK.

    “Fully support [Drakeford] on this. These are public health decisions, and nothing to do with constitutional or political debates. [The Scottish Government] will also take whatever action we consider necessary to control Covid,” she tweeted.

    At her daily briefing on the pandemic yesterday afternoon, the First Minister advised Scots against travelling to high-risk areas of England as she singled out Blackpool as “associated with a large and growing number of Covid cases in Scotland”…


    Nicola Sturgeon ‘never been more certain’ Scottish Independence is coming.’

  185. Alex Clark says:

    That Dani Garavelli article today in the Guardian was the absolute pits. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel now, but you know what? Nobody cares, we all know that Johnson is wearing no clothes. We all know how much the Unionist media lie, it’s all the time and they know nothing else.

    It really doesn’t matter now, the momentum is with the Independence movement and this democratic rock is rolling down the hill fast, nothing can stop it now from smashing the UK into pieces.

    Then Scotland can take its rightful place in the modern world with a forward looking, progressive society that believes in more than just profit and “the market”.

    Thatcher was wrong, there is such a thing as “society” and Scotland will prove her wrong.

  186. grizebard says:

    Can I just say that in accordance with Paul’s own recent exhortations, we would be better not to be falling down the AS-NS rabbit hole as the occasional tricksy visitor keeps trying to lure us into.

    With ordinary voters, this whole cowardly project is a boring flop, despite the best efforts of BritNat Broadcasting to the Colony and fellow jackals of the 4th Estate 5th Column.

    • Petra says:

      ”Can I just say that in accordance with Paul’s own recent exhortations, we would be better not to be falling down the AS-NS rabbit hole”..

      You’re right of course grizebard. Paul, as far as I could make out, wanted to wait until the investigation was finalised and the ”facts” were made available.

  187. yesindyref2 says:

    That Ipsos Mori poll about satisfaction with Sturgeon as FM is in itself bad news for Labour and the LibDems. Page 18.

    Labour Satisfied 62% dissatisfied 33%
    LibDems Satisfied 54% dissatisfied 39%

    Even one-third of the Tories like her as FM:

    Con Satisfied 32% dissatisfied 66%

    The devil is in the detail, and the unionists are between the devil and the deep blue sea. All aboard Indy! Plenty of room, pass the lifejackets, the Union is going down, down down, with narry a soul left aboard.

    (trying to stop it imbedding as the page jumps up and down for long seconds with the imbeds, hope it works taking off the https bit)

  188. Petra says:

    Another wee court case in the offing?

    ‘WATCH: Joanna Cherry takes Tories to task over failure to respect the law.’

    ..”She said: “In Scotland judicial review is part of our system of civil justice which is a devolved matter under the Scotland Act and therefore the preserve of the Scottish Parliament.”

    Referring to Article 19 of the Treaty of Union, Cherry went on: “Legislation which sought to narrow the scope of the court’s powers and to curtail the right to judicial review could scarcely be described as ‘for the better administration of justice’.

    “Accordingly, should this UK government seek to circumscribe the scope of judicial review in Scotland they would be interfering with not only the devolved powers of the Scottish Parliament but also the Treaty of Union.”..


    Here we go again and their pathetic response is getting bl**dy embarrassing for them, don’t you think?!

    ‘Scottish independence: UK Government reacts to bombshell 58 percent poll.’

    …”Asked about the findings at the lobby briefing today, a Number Ten spokesperson said: “The issue of independence was settled when the Scottish people voted decisively to remain part of a strong United Kingdom, it was a once in a generation vote and it must be respected … the UK Govt will continue to uphold that decision.”..

  189. Dr Jim says:

    I thought it was awfully funny when STVs Colin McKay said that Nicola Sturgeon was more popular with Labour supporters than their own leader Richmond Longblether

  190. Petra says:

    It’s well seeing that LBJ knows nothing about the state of Scotland during the time that the Labour party (and the Libdems) was in power. Plus the 300 years that they’ve been ruling the roost over Scotland. The word ”stagnation” doesn’t even begin to describe the untold damage that they’ve done. Decimation more like.

    ‘Clear majority in favour of Scottish independence, poll shows.’

    ..”Boris Johnson has consistently rejected calls from the SNP to grant the Scottish Parliament the powers to hold a second vote, insisting in January that it would “continue the political stagnation that Scotland has seen for the last decade”…


    Hey wait a minute did nobody tell you that we’ve got Scotch pies here in Scotland 😀.

    ‘The virus is out of control, and only a (Cornish) pasty with chips and/or side salad can save us now.’

    ..”And that actually, the only thing you can do, at this point, is to make pubs in certain parts of the north only serve alcohol with a Cornish pasty and chips and/or side salad. Because that is the way ahead at this point. You can expect to see it on a Downing Street lectern possibly within 24 hours.

    Hands. Face. Pasty. Chips/side salad.”..

    Well I better head off and get a couple of things seen to and then get to bed. Last but not least I’ll be praying for Paul, Peter and that WGD who are like family now.

  191. Dr Jim says:

    I remember well when in 2014 the polls showed 51% for Scottish Independence and I remember well the reaction to that poll which was blind panic and the airwaves stinging our eyes with hand picked Lords Sirs and American presidents riding to the defence and rescue of the Union

    I also remember well Professor John Curtice (before he was given a Sirship for services to the Union) warning of the imminent and looming certainty of Scottish Independence, and funnily enough he was warning of the same thing up until around two or three days ago, now all of a sudden when polling shows 58% for Independence he’s not so sure it actually means Scotland wants Independence, when polling was 51% he was dead certain stick on this was serious now with 58% meh mibbees aye mibbees naw we’ll have to wait, we’re not sure

    This tactic of ignore it don’t make a fuss and it’ll all go away won’t work if this is the best they’ve got, if Westminster thinks they can pull a three wise monkeys over this they’re on to plums, my guess is the media in Scotland and elsewhere haven’t been given their instructions yet as to how they’re to proceed with their next undermine Scotland campaign

    Plus the internet smears aren’t working, so Johnson has wasted his money on that because nobody is paying the slightest bit of notice to the he said she said campaign, the public have sussed it for what it is and aren’t listening, it’s SNP all the way and they can’t stop it

    Isn’t it lovely

  192. Petra says:

    Ooops before I go I see that another Scot is heading MI5 now. It’s wee Kenny fae Glesga.

    ‘New MI5 chief says UK facing ‘nasty mix’ of threats.’

    ..”The new man (Ken McCallum) at the top of the UK’s domestic intelligence agency since April is a slim, youthful Glaswegian mathematician by training. He likes hiking up mountains when his parenting and work allows.”..


    Oh sh*t! Just imagining 7000 truck drivers all needing to go to the loo at the same time 💩😎

    ..”Transport Minister Rachel Maclean said “detailed plans” for Portaloos and other facilities have been “worked up”. She said the plans were “not only [for] Kent” but “should it become necessary, should there be stationary traffic, also in a range of other areas throughout the country”…

    • ArtyHetty says:

      That would be perfect on the side of the bus, ‘portaloo Britain, taking the loo, to the port’. Taking back control, of the bowels of Britain. My god, the Tory plot to take back control, plonk some portaloos around the ‘country’ for the lorries that won’t be going anywhere fast, jeezus fkg christ.

      Did the BBC really use words like slim, youthful, mathematician, and Glaswegian all in the same sane sentence. Anyway, John Muir hated the term, ‘hiking’, he said it ruined the whole idea of what it is to enjoy the mountains. The new ‘UK domestic unintelligence agency lackey can take a hike. It’s of no relevance that he is Scottish, no matter how the BBC describes him.

    • Ken2 says:

      Full of dirt totally mucking up the economy. Cons,

  193. john mclaughlin says:

    Hi Folks,

    I would like to associate myself with the positive messages sent to Paul and wish him a safe return to health and happiness . I don’t often post messages here but read all your messages and posts at least 3 times a day. ( Fairly recently retired Charge Nurse RMN,RGN) . I recently rejoined the Covid register for Nurses to see if I could help .

    I am concerned not only regard my health ,but also with the health of you all . Please follow the Scottish Gov guidelines and keep travel to a minimum if possible. Lecture Over !!

    Todays 58% Poll was just such a tonic to us especially under the circumstances. We I believe ,are well past our tipping point and we could reach 60-65% around Dec . I thank you all for the excellent posts and information you share, and wish all of you happiness and health for the future in OUR Independent Scotland.

    • Golfnut says:

      More lectures needed John. 3weeks ago I moved from Kilmarnock to Ayr, at that time I had absolutely no one in my social circles self isolating because they had tested positive or had been in contact with anyone testing positive, now I have 2 new close neighbours, both elderly couples, both because of young relatives testing positive. The third, school related. All three relate to travel outside Scotland.

      • grizebard says:

        Yes, Wales has lead the way on challenging that apparent taboo, but judging by her fulsome support yesterday and her statement to parliament today, Nicola seems to be inching her way towards travel restrictions between Scotland and England also. (Data-driven, naturally.)

    • Petra says:

      It would be nice to see you visit and post more often John 😀.

      • john mclaughlin says:

        Thanks Petra, as I said I visit here 3 times a day at least, but don’t often post as the majority of posts and comments are exactly what I think and would post .

  194. malkymcblain says:

    Further to me posting about former Australian PM Kevin Rudd’s war on Murdoch. Some of you asked to be kept updated. Well the petition to the Australian Parliament to hold an inquiry has reached 1/4 million signatures so far. Watch the latest from Kev below.

  195. Ken2 says:

    Good on yer mate. Good luck with that.

    The Leveson commission cost/wasted £millions of public money. Another cover up. The recommendations were not implemented. They could have been in Scotland but disinformation can be beamed in from anywhere. Murdoch got away with it. Got away with £34Billion.

    Murdoch one of the biggest crooks in the world. A psychopath. Breaking International Law with impunity. Mass murdering, greedy low life, Even his Scottish family are deserting him. A total crook, now getting exposed by his own family. A reprobate. The damage he has done to the world is immeasurable. His ex wife Anne from Glasgow.

    He will be shielding from the virus. He could keel over. What a shame. A total sham, scam. A total fraudster, You can’t take it with you. Non Dom, tax evading Press owners invading society. Towing the line for monies and privilege. Deceiving people, What a total disgrace. Thank goodness for the internet. It can be beamed in anywhere with the right connection.

    Iraq, Dunblane, Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years,

    Thatcher lied and illegally gave over the Press in Britain to Murdoch for support. To make them both extremely rich at the expense of others. While people starved. Died alone and lonely. The government is supposed to ensure a free and fair Press. Or there is no democracy.

    The UK one of the most unequal places in the world. Lead by a bunch of incompetent imbeciles. Accomplished criminals. Breaking the Law with impunity. The Courts have to sort them out. Cheating lying psycho bastard in control of the Press.

    Vote them out. The total mess and shambles. People are entitled to better than this crass, gross mismanagement.

    Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence.

    Hope Paul gets better soon. Weegingerdug is safe. Know he will. Take care. Stay safe. Follow the guidelines. An per usual.

    In the meantime. The Tusker – Standing up for Scotland is more than OK. Get over there. Plenty of great articles and good information. Prof Robertson. An excellent blog. Just what is needed while others are failing.

  196. interesting, WOVS now promoting the idea of a independence plebiscite for holyrood 2021……… wish i’d thought of that…

    • Juteman says:

      It’s about time he started focusing on indy, as that is why I contributed to his fundraisers over the years.
      I joined the ‘banned by Wings gang’ yesterday. 🙂

      • he banned me for proposing exactly what he is proposing today. ???

      • jfngw says:

        He seems to have moved to the blitzkrieg of banning people. It used to be a comment about your posts (usually it’s someone disagreeing with him), followed by an indication he thought you were trolling (he highlights the bit of the comment that is is error but ignores the bits you correctly point out he was wrong), then ‘that’s enough’ and bans you. I reached the troll level but opted out myself then, the writing was on the wall.

      • Capella says:

        Welcome Juteman, you are never alone as a WoS exile.

        • It was The Chairman of the Board, Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, the kid from Hoboken, who mused:-

          The Best Revenge is Massive Success’.

          58%..tick tock.

          The six blue Tory placemats, Union Jack, who has very kindly provided a 3000 strong office block, to be renamed Winnie Ewing House come I Day, The Linesman Dross, David Mundane, Second Lieutenant (RN Failed) Andrew Bowie, who has a lot of ‘used to it’ to be getting as self Determination careers with unstoppable force down the track towards him, David Duguid (who, you ask?) and John Lamont (no, I’ve not heard of him either) all held on to constituencies heavily reliant on agriculture, fishing and CAP subsidies.

          The other night this Gang of Six betrayed Scotland, betrayed their own farming and fishing communities by voting to block a UKIM amendment introduced by to ensure that any post Brexit deals out there in the Big Bad Tory World would need to meet Simon Hoare’s amendment:

          To move the following clause:-
          “Import of agricultural goods after IP completion day.”

          1. After IP completion day agricultural goods, imported under the Free Trade agreement may be imported to the UK only if the standards to which these goods were produced were as high, or higher than, standards which at the time of import applied under UK law relating to :

          a. Animal welfare
          b. Protection of the environment
          c. Food safety, hygiene, and traceability,
          d. Plant Health

          Simon Hoare, a Blue Tory representing Dorset, tried and failed because of our Jock Blue Tits selling Scotland to the highest bidder lowest food standards US carpetbagger who’ll give them a non Exec Seat on the English subsidiary’s Board in the fullness of Brown Envelope time.

          Douglas Ross MP
          Leader of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party
          David Duguid MP
          Banff & Buchan
          John Lamont MP
          Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk
          Alister Jack MP
          Dumfries & Galloway
          David Mundell MP
          Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale & Tweeddale
          Andrew Bowie MP
          West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine

          The Tyranny of Six.

          When Moray Banff Buchan Berwickshire Roxburgh Selkirk Dumfries Galloway Clydesdale Tweeddale West Aberdeenshire are flooded with oven ready Texas steroid steaks and bleached chicken fed on GM grain, pricing out our Scottish produce, then this lot’s work will be done. Destroy Scotland for their English Masters.

          I paraphrase, and apologies for quoting Eric Blair again, but you don’t get more Orwellian than this.

          ‘If you want to predict the future, think of a boot constantly crushing your face.’, or words to that…

          And this is in essence what the Failed RN Sub Lieutenant meant with his ‘get used to it’ stupidity.
          A brief glance at this idiot’s CV tell you all you need to know about this vacuous wee man.

          While I’m in on a quotations roll, Marx, the comedian, nor Richard Leonard’s wet dream, Karl, observed when hearing that a golf club would not accept him as a member because he was Jewish:

          ‘I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.’

          I note the ‘slow creep’ trolling on here while Paul is off recuperating.

          Campbell runs the Get Nikla site.

          He seems to be the go to guy for SNP Baddery these days.

          Ignore any infiltrators on here, Duggers and friends.

          It is a Twitter storm in a Bristol tea cup.

        • Clydebuilt says:

          I’ve not been banned yet, hope I never am . . . But recentley it was requested (politely. . . . That’s true btw) that I stop posting.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        I saw that, looking through the comments last night. I’d have been banned for a third moniker on the thread where he says “Remarkably, even SNP voters aren’t buying Sturgeon’s tale – fewer than half of them (45%) told ComRes that they believed her” – implying most don’t – but without pointing out 32% don’t know and 4% are other, leaving just 19% who “aren’t buying” it.

      • Petra says:

        A great big welcome to the WGD site, Juteman.

  197. malkymcblain says:

    Just a thought and no aspersions cast but I think we should be mindful that this is Paul’s blog and we should maybe try to second guess under the circumstances how Paul would edit and view the evolution of the topic. Maybe let the other sites to do their thing and not get hung up on it here. Just saying.

    • Petra says:

      I’ll second that Malky.

      And a reminder from Paul.

      ”The purpose of this blog is to make a positive case for independence, to attack the pretensions of British nationalism, and to formulate arguments which will help to persuade no voters, undecideds, and soft yes voters to support independence. It’s also to boost the morale of those of us who are already involved in this campaign. I do not provide this platform to allow people to attack others in the movement with whom they disagree. Other people might choose to use their platforms to do so, I don’t.

      So if you want to share your favourite conspiracy theories about Nicola Sturgeon or anyone else in this movement – you can go elsewhere. I am past caring whether you think that this means you are being censored. You have no absolute right to use this blog and you most certainly don’t have the right to abuse my hospitality by insulting me personally.”

  198. Alex Clark says:

    An article from the Spectator to brighten Welsh Sion’s start to the day.

    Wales is beginning to split from the rest of Britain

    Mark Drakeford insists that he hasn’t undermined the Union by creating his own Welsh Wall. Rather, the blame lies with Boris Johnson. Drakeford says that despite sending two letters to the prime minister calling on him to make internal travel from hotpots illegal, there was no response. Relations between the two governments have hit a low point…

    For centuries, Wales has defined itself against its larger neighbour – it is now charting its own course. The consequences for relations across the UK are profound. Never has Wales’ place in Britain looked so fragile.

  199. Wee Chid says:

    Any further word on Paul? Is he still in hospital?

  200. Petra says:

    The last we heard Wee Chid was that Paul was still in hospital. Peter also mentioned that he couldn’t visit Paul but had spoken to him on the phone.

    • Petra says:

      And this from Peter too.

      ”I want to thank everyone for the kind words and well wishes, it does mean a lot. Paul has been moved to the rehab ward which is a good sign. He’s still very tired and speech is slow, but he’s slightly improved from just yesterday, but have a long way to go.”

  201. Petra says:

    ‘Scots should decide own future relationship with EU, fresh polling finds.’


    And once again 58% folks. Let’s get it to 60% 😀.

    Scotland goes Pop

    ”58% Yes: Writing is on the wall for the United Kingdom as support for indy hits record high in telephone poll.”

  202. Petra says:

    Gravity and urgency now? 🤣🤣🤣

    David Lidington:- ”I don’t agree with everything in @lewis_goodall thread 👇but he’s on the button about gravity & urgency of the challenge to the Union & need for Unionists (in all political parties) to do some rapid, serious & creative thinking.”


    Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp:- ‘58% Yes support recorded in new landmark poll.’

    ..”Another poll published today by Progress Scotland states that 75% of Scottish voters would support independence with the right economic message. We now need to get that message right and that can only mean a Wellbeing led economic approach that will carry voters from both the left and the right of the political spectrum. The Yes campaign now needs to be as much about nation-building as it is about winning independence.”

    • grizebard says:

      Unionists […] to do some rapid, serious & creative thinking

      Well, if that happens, it will be a first. (Their last main chance, with the Smith (non-)Commission, being the all-too-predictable betrayal. A competition among BritNat parties to see who could renege the most.) So far all we get for “creative thinking” is “we’re still in charge of you, get used to it” from the likes of “Commander” Bowie (RN, retd.).

  203. Petra says:

    Listen to this ignorant erseh*le. You too Welsh Sion. MacKenzie won’t be so bl**dy cocky when his lights go out.

    Kelvin MacKenzie:- ”Finally the Jocks will be off the payroll.”


    Crikey that’s dire news for the BritNats. Willie Rennie 🤡 is polling higher than DRoss or Richard Leonard.” 😀

    Dan Vevers:- ”Job satisfaction levels for @NicolaSturgeon as FM are very high in today’s STV/Ipsos MORI poll. 72% satisfied and 24% dissatisfied – net approval of +49. The complete opposite story for @BorisJohnson on -58. Keir Starmer on a steady +16 among Scots.”

  204. Petra says:

    What do you think about the Neil McGarvey article?

    ‘Local government’s place in the Scottish polity: time for a re-think?’

    ..”Covid19, of course, is not something that respects national, territorial, health board or local government borders. The Scottish Government in March and April 2020 learned an early lesson that following UK Government timelines and practice was not an effective approach. It is time for Scotland to develop its own approach to local government. ‘Scottish solutions to Scottish problems’ should not mean the continuance of inherited traditional Westminster and Whitehall approaches to governance. It is time for Scotland to chart its own course and find its own Scottish approach to local governance.”


    ‘Scottish companies out perform UK shares over last quarter.’

    ”Scottish companies listed on the London Stock Exchange have outperformed other UK markets over the last quarter, with smaller firms leading the charge.

    Scottish AIM listed firms boasted a strong recovery during the last three months, according to analysis by wealth management firm Brewin Dolphin.”..

  205. Petra says:

    ”Sounds like the just the experience needed to work with the Scottish Conservatives.”



    Janey Godley:- ”You’ll not be going to (effin) Blackpool.”

  206. Welsh Sion says:

    I don’t know if anyone here subscribes to The Oldie magazine (you may be far too young for such things), but as the wife does, I thought I’d draw your attention to a letter I’m hoping to send regarding an article in this month’s (November 2020) issue.

    (At least this way, thanks to WGD, I will get published here if not in the magazine itself.)


    Dear Sir,

    Oh dearie me! When two Oxbridge Wilsons meet, it seems often to be the case that whilst they may well have some expertise in a particular field, it is evident that there are others in which their ignorance is particularly stark [A N Wilson – the man who knows so much, the Oldie November 2020].

    One is tempted to regard Frances Wilson’s puff piece as an applicant for an OBN, but that would detract from the malaise and inaccuracies that lie behind it. Whether such ineptness is due to the interviewer or the interviewee, we are not in a position to know. What we do know however is that A N Wilson himself is prone to basic historical inaccuracies in his printed works.

    Taking the article in the Oldie first, we are led to believe that the interviewee has, ‘voted for more or less everyone, including Plaid Cymru, whose founder [Sinclair Lewis] was one of the great political figures.’ One assumes that A N (if it is his error) has confused the American award-winning novelist, short story writer and playwright, (1885-1951), with Saunders Lewis, the Welsh political activist, poet, dramatist, historian and literary critic, (1893-1985).

    Whilst therefore it is moot whether this confusion is to be appropriated to A N as opposed to Frances, it is clear that a reading of the former’s Our Times reveals his ignorance as to aspects of British history. This is rather unfortunate if we are to consider the volume in question to be some sort of standard reference history book to the period from the Elizabethan Coronation to the Premiership of Gordon Brown.

    A N refers to the downfall of the then Welsh Labour Leader, Ron Davies, following his ‘incident’ on Clapham Common in 1998, which put paid to his chance of becoming the first First Secretary of the National Assembly for Wales, as was. He writes: “Most of his constituents continued to support him … but this was not enough to suppress the rise of his rival, Rhodri Morgan, a Blairite placeman, to the position of Welsh First Minister.” Apart from the elision of time that this entails, it is also the exact opposite of what actually happened. Alun Michael, a true Blairite placeman, replaced Ron Davies, only for himself to be ejected before a vote of no confidence in his administration, and for Morgan to take over, despite Blair’s attempts to constantly prevent his accession.

    With a previous mentioning of members of the Free Wales Army also appearing in the book and “enjoying blowing up bridges” (another factual inaccuracy), one is left wondering how much else of Our Times is either made up or just plain wrong.

    A N’s fluency and readability and presumed knowledge which is then compounded by the fawning articles that is Frances Wilson’s are so indicative of a metropolitan Anglocentric elite, who sadly have very little understanding of what goes on outside their little, parochial bubble. It is with great sadness therefore, that I note that the Oldie happily gives space in its magazine to perpetuate this ignorance and share it with its readers.

    Yours faithfully,

  207. Petra says:

    Dearie me. Who would have thought it?

    ‘A survey of UK food and drink companies found that just 3.5% were ready for Brexit.’


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


    Did anyone hear Mundell putting a question to Nicola Sturgeon earlier? I just turned up the sound when I spotted his physog on TV and heard NS’s reply only. Sounds as though he was harping on about her considering closing the border with her responding by saying that this is normal procedure around the world and that he should basically grow up.

    • Capella says:

      He was opportunistically whingeing about the possibility that NS would close the border over which so many of his constituents travel and seeking assurance that under no circumstances would she contemplate such a treasonous action.
      (I paraphrase)

      Got slapped down as you say.

  208. vivianoblivian7 says:

    Alex Massie’s thesis is basically, Scotland’s Independence will be less a natural birth of a nation and more a C-section administered by Boris Johnson.

    “…For no ministry [that’s Boris he’s referring to] that actually cared about the United Kingdom’s long-term integrity would behave as this ministry has done. The recklessness would be breathtaking if it were not for the suspicion that it is, in fact, a product of scandalous indifference. Time and again, I have been told that the government ‘gets it’, that henceforth it will be paying attention, and every time this is revealed as a worthless commitment that doesn’t even rise to the level of a promise. …
    … No wonder it is now possible to find Scottish Tory politicians who will sigh as they pour themselves a late-night Laphroaig and confess that, miserably, it’s all over. …
    … Flag-waving is not the answer. …
    … For this is a three-legged crisis for Unionism. Covid is one leg and Johnson is another but the third, and most significant, leg is Brexit. …
    … Once Brexit was pursued, and especially once it was decided to pursue it at all or any cost, some of this crisis became inevitable. For Brexit must happen even though two parts of the United Kingdom — Scotland and Northern Ireland — voted against it. But the manner in which Brexit is happening, with little regard for those who rejected it and still less interest in the privileges enjoyed by the devolved administrations, is placing the Union under renewed strain. …
    … Even now, most politicians at Westminster — and especially most so-called Conservative ones — do not get it. You might think the survival of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland should be considered a modestly important issue but plainly very few Tories at Westminster really think it is. …
    … There is something melancholy about all of this and a keening sense of Scottish Unionists being, as I have observed before, abandoned by the people they mistakenly considered their co-religionists. Verily, what do they know of the United Kingdom, who only England know? …
    … Boris, Brexit and Covid is a combination of potent toxicity. Any two of those would have been dangerous; adding the third ingredient may prove lethal. If the United Kingdom dies, it may not do so on Boris Johnson’s watch but the conditions for its demise will have been created during his hapless spell at the helm.”

    Strong stuff from Massie there, but who among his intended audience is listening? Johnson’s just too damn lazy to bother. Cummings won’t care. Perhaps Dross will take heed, “give up son, it’s not worth it.”.

    • Yet even Massie clings on to the notion that the Union will survive Johnson’s term in office?
      ‘…it may not do so on Boris Johnson’s watch.’

      I wonder what glimmer of misguided hope prompts Massie to attempt to kick the Indyref can down an old English lane for at least another 4 years?

      Scotland is at bursting point now.

      It is laughable to believe, or to peddle Massie’s Unionist agenda, to suggest that we Scots will endure 4 years out of the EU bloc, suffer privations, tens of thousands of job losses, and held under House Arrest in our country surrounded by barbed wire and kept in check by gun towers operated by England’s Priti Patel’s Homeland Security.

      There is only so far Massie and the vast army of ProudScotsBut Hacks and broadcasters working for a foreign government, Westminster, can stretch this Unionist elastic before it snaps and smacks them in the face.

      It is happening now.
      58% is now.

      If there had been no Covid, and Theresa May had negotiated her Brexit Deal, the grounds for Indyref 2 would still have applied

      ‘A material change, for example, Scotland being forced out of the EU against the express wishes of the people of Scotland.

      We voted 62% Remain.’

      The Covid/Johnson variables do not affect the underlying argument for Self Determination.

      We voted Remain, and the English Government has ignored our Government’s efforts to minimise the impact on Remain Scotland.

      WE did not vote for the Tories.

      We kicked Labour and the Libs out of Scotland at the ballot box.

      320,000 Scots children are living in English UCS poverty, and but for our government’s intervention, our nurses doctors police firefighters and civil servants would have seen their wages cut to their English counterparts’ English austerity levels, our hospitals would be on the road to privatisation, prescription charges would be introduced, toll charges on our bridges and roads, University tuition fees of £9000 a year and more, and so much more.

      It is a red herring to argue, like Sir Professor John Curtice suggests, and has been sent scurrying about the TV studios and dead tree scrolls that it is Sturgeon’s performance on Covid alone which has led to the upsurge in the polls.

      He and Massie will try their best to blame the 58% poll on any thing other than the fact that we Scots have had enough.

      To ‘hint’ that we would sit out this Tory Government’s term before acting is risible beyond reason.

      I’ll have what Massie’s drinking.
      It shall be done by twenty one.

      • vivianoblivian7 says:

        Yes, Massie makes a fundamental mistake in postulating that Indy can be postponed for a few years while himself promoting a defeatist sentiment. Once defeatism takes hold, all control of the dynamic is lost.
        French surrender (at least the timing of) was not inevitable in WWII. Their infantry and armoured brigades were largely intact. The defeatism of the geriatric Generals led to surrender, not events on the ground.

    • grizebard says:

      It’s cheering really to see the more aware Tory NorthBritNats discover that sinking feeling when they finally realise that their supposed chums in England don’t actually give a toss about them when the chips are down. Something we have long known, of course, but when even hurt & betrayed ScotTories reach the tipping point, it really is the last days of the damned Union.

      As for top-down Labour, forever missing in action, bypassed by history, ho hum…

  209. Dr Jim says:

    I’m sure Boris Johnson will get there eventually in his one country that is four great nations of our country of our preciousss Union of four nations that is one country that has no borders except when we cross those borders to go to another part of our great nation that might be Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland which are countries within our country of one nation in our Union

    Every time he does this I keep hearing a big sookin sound as he turns himself inside out and vanishes up his own back bottom like a Monty Python cartoon

  210. jfngw says:

    D.Ross tweets out:

    ‘We are fighting a pandemic and 100,000 jobs are at risk. The big issue facing Scotland today is not the labelling of beef in Marks & Spencer.’

    Which is a bit strange as he seems to think it is fine to label everything with a union flag, have all the produce described as British, they never stop using it at Westminster. It is unadulterated British Nationalism, which is fine, it’s just they can’t seem to accept what they are, just as long as you don’t refer to Scotland they are fine.

    It doesn’t work of course because when I buy things like tomatoes from the supermarket and they have a choice of Dutch or UK produce I take the ones that don’t stamp their produce with a flag, I can read where they come from.

    • Dr Jim says:

      One wonders if the Tories imagined that if say Skoda stuck its badge on Mercedes cars that the Mercedes manufactures might not get a tad pissed off

      Labelling is a big thing because England is attempting to label Scotland out of the food manufacturing business this pretence and bogus indignation from the Tories is typical, counterfeit labelling in any other market is a criminal offence we see it with designer goods all the time

      This move that was started by David Cameron is not aimed at Scotland specifically, it’s aimed at foreign markets to buy *British* from a *country* that doesn’t actually exist thereby obliterating Scotland from conscious thought, although it helps to serve the notion within Scotland that we don’t have much of a food manufacturing sector (strip away the confidence)

    • grizebard says:

      I wonder what the twerp will come out with when local farmers discover their beef is being replaced on the shelves by cheap hormone-fed meat (alleged) proudly bearing a US flag.

  211. David Brackenbury says:

    Hi Paul (and dug) pleased to see the political banter is still going on apace here but even more pleased to see that you are on the mend. Remember though that these things take time, be kind to yourself we all need you fit and well – and if that takes a bit longer than you’d like then so be it, it takes time. Meanwhile use and enjoy the enforced R+R with its opportunity to be more with friends, of both the two legged and four legged variety. Nevertheless, get well soon!

  212. Undeadshaun says:

    Just caught up with blog today, so sorry hear about you Paul.

    Please make sure you get as much rest as possible.

    We need you back by the next referendum, so take your time getting rest, theres no hurry just now.

    Wishing you a full and speedy recovery!

  213. Dr Jim says:

    If Skoda stuck Mercedes badges on their cars they’d be in court, replacing Scotland’s produce with a political flag that does not signify which country in the UK produce came from, which was brought in by David Cameron btw is a political abuse designed to undermine our overseas food and drink industry, in our particular case Scotland

  214. JGedd says:

    Good news that you are making progress after your stroke. Best wishes for your continuing recovery & for the eventual return to your home & loved ones.

  215. Ally says:

    Great news Paul and wishing you well on your recovery. Haste ye Back ….to the blog

  216. Statgeek says:

    Just following on from the Phantom Power vid linked above, I’ve taken to watching Broadcasting Scotland in the evenings now. It’s not too bad, and at least it tells us a little of what’s happening in Scotland, without the London-centric point of view, or the shortbread tin twaddle.

    Youtube (7pm every night) –

    • Capella says:

      Thx Statgeek – just finished watching. Another great programme to fill the vast chasm left by the BBC.

  217. Petra says:

    That’s that wee, troublemaking, BritNat numpty (don’t give a sh*t who dies) getting telt. The border will ultimately be closed, so he, and his ilk, had better start ”getting used to it.” 😀

    Publicity about this issue is worth at least another 2% support as I’d imagine that the vast majority of people in Scotland agree with Nicola Sturgeon and not the Tories and Mundell. So thanks Ollie you’re doing us a great big favour 😎.

    ‘WATCH: Nicola Sturgeon tears into Oliver Mundell over travel restriction claim’


    Who’s on QT tonight? Virtual edition coming from Edinburgh. Looks as though it’s the usual majority of BritNats versus minority Nationalists. Strange one when we know that around 58% of Scots support independence 🙄.

    1. Douglas Ross

    The leader of the Scottish Tories will appear after another disappointing set of polling results for his party. Ipsos MORI put the party on 19% for the Holyrood election, down a percentage point since Jackson Carlaw’s leadership. Ross will have been hoping to see a bit of a boost since taking over, but this has not happened.

    2. Kate Forbes

    Scotland’s Finance Secretary will appear on the programme representing the SNP. She is likely to focus on pushing the UK Government for further borrowing powers for the country and their plan to terminate the furlough scheme at the end of the month.

    3. Miriam Brett

    Economic adviser Miriam Brett will appear on the panel, and is likely to be critical of the Tory Government’s plan to axe the furlough scheme. The director of research and advocacy at Common Wealth will probably focus on economic matters during the debate. The adviser previously ran as an SNP candidate for Orkney and Shetland in 2017 and regularly contributes to The National.

    4. Ian Wood

    Businessman Ian Wood is a Scottish businessman and philanthropist worth an estimated £1.7 billion according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2020. The North Sea oil tycoon has spoken out against Scottish independence previously, objecting to a new referendum on the matter.

    5.Mark Walport

    Mark Walport was the UK Government’s chief scientific adviser from 2013 to 2017 – he is likely to focus on issues relating to the coronavirus pandemic.

    6.Seema Malhotra

    Seema Malhotra is a Labour MP for Feltham and Heston. She has been critical of Scottish independence, claiming holding a new vote would make “no sense”.

  218. Petra says:

    ‘Greenpeace stops supertrawler fishing in UK marine protected area.’ Scotland that is.

    ..”Greenpeace activists have stopped a supertrawler from fishing in a UK protected area. The 117m long supertrawler, Helen Mary, was caught by the Greenpeace ship Esperanza fishing in the Central Fladen protected area, east of Scotland.”..


    It just gets worse for them 🙄.

    ‘Scottish Labour ‘can’t find candidates’ for 2021 Holyrood election.’

    • Statgeek says:

      Waiting to see if the Lib Dems and Tories have similar problems, but coincidentally, never in the same constituencies…

    • Capella says:

      Thx Petra – you’re providing a great service today – will be reading up the links till tomorrow. 🙂

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Scotland will be better placed to protect their own territorial waters when independent. At present it’s a reserved power to the English government. It is clearly not working nor being policed at all by the BritNat gov, going by that Greenpeace article.
      Yet another mismanaged, damaging and destructive power that is outwith Scotland’s control. Scotland needs to take back control, before it’s too late to stop the destruction of the environment of Scotland.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        It’s as clear as mud actually, enforcement that is. The 12 nm Scottish Territorial Waters is easy enough, that’s Marine Scotland. But the Scottish Offshore Waters (further than 12 nm) seem to be kind of joint, under the Joint Nature Conservation Committee.

        So basically, the 12 nm Scottish Territorial Waters (The Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 Scottish Parliament) is patrolled by the 3 ScotGov fishery protection ships, MPVs Minna, Jura and Hirta. You see one often off Arran or in the Clyde. Plus two Reims Cessna Caravan II F-406 aircraft (Watchdog Alpha and Watchdog Bravo).

        And I’ve seen from MarineTraffic that the Scottish Offshore Waters (The Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 UK Parliament) are patrolled by whatever the UK has around, sometimes an OPV, long time since I looked. But the Orders for the likes of Central Fladen NCMPA are requested by the ScotGov, with the agreement of the Secretary of State (Mundell / Jack presumably).

        So yeah, with near zero co-operation from the UK Gov, and indeed few if any RN ships based in Scotland, the RN could send a nuclear powered conventional submarine if in the area and fire a torpedo at a trawler – or Greenpeace get to board it. So basically anyone can mostly do what they want, regardless of Orders, and there’s naff all the ScotgGov can do about it except “Please pretty please”, even though it’s their Order originally. Shared responsibility with the Scottish Office, not a lot.

        Yet another reason for Independence.

    • fionamacinnes says:

      sorry but to confuse legal fishing with potenitally illegal acts to disrupt fishing is not a good take. Marine Protected Areas are NOT devices to stop fishing whenther you like or dislike large, legal and regulated ‘supertrawlers’. MPAs are to protect marine features and are not tools to end fishing although some well healed (often American funded) groups have blatant anti fishing agendas.MPAs are negotiated and consulted on by fishermens groups, gove and environmentalists. It is perfectly legal for fishing to continue within an MPA as long as rules are observed. Having been involved in fishing most of my life and as a lifelong indy supporter its important that red herrings (sorry had to pun) are not cast into the mix to muddy the waters.Many fishermen are indy supporters. Dont alientate them.

  219. Alex Clark says:

    The people of the UK are being robbed blind with Coronavirus esed as an excuse to rip everyone off.

    Amid claims that England’s crucial COVID-19 contact tracing scheme has failed, Sky News can reveal that the government is paying a five-person team of management consultants £25,000 a day to work on the system…

    Two members of the team are being paid day rates of £7,360 while the remaining three are being paid £4,160 – though the consultancy has given the government a 10% discount for the job…

    There are around 40 BCG executives in total working on Test and Trace, on day rates ranging from £2,400 to £7,360…

    Fresh figures published by Test and Trace today show that in the latest period for which there is data, the week to 7 October, the proportion of contacts successfully reached in England dropped to 62.9% – the lowest since the creation of the system.

    This is exactly the kind of scheme that Scottish taxpayer’s money is being wasted on. Tory ideology of the “free market” emboldened them to award billion pound contracts to private companies such as Deloitte and Serco. They are just the tip of the iceberg and there are many many more such as BCG feeding at the same trough.

    Such corruption is utterly disgusting, under the cover of a global pandemic there are those that will use their power in office to rob the taxpayer blind. The useless feckers getting £7000/day cannot even trace 62% of contacts compared with over 95% in Scotland where we are using the NHS and Public Health departments in local councils.

    What you see in front of you is “the market” in action, totally useless and way, way overpaid. They are ripping us off and the worst of it is. They will not be held to account for the thousands of extra deaths that their incompetence will ultimately lead to.

    Those responsible for this complete shambles must be held to account when this is over.

    • Jim says:

      Great scoop Alex!

      The way the UK GOV dishes out ridiculous contracts to these spivs is probably one of the biggest reasons we need to get out of this so called union and build a socially just society.

    • Ken2 says:

      A Panorama Report showed how people were paid £40,000 for 4 months work. Tracing testers. They did nothing for 4 months. The computer systems did not work. It was a complete shambles. They could not get through to people tested positive. There were little contact details or information. They informed one person a week later that they had it. They should have been isolating.

      It was a complete and utter shambles. A total waste of public monies. An utter disgrace. The woman in charge. Dido Harding was in charge of Talk Talk when all the customers details were stolen. Broke data protection Laws.

      People got calls from India trying to defraud them. Getting their computer details. Forever after, even though they changed suppliers. An utter shambles. She was on video praising people for all their hard work. They had done nothing but earned a fortune.

      Still on catch up?

  220. yesindyref2 says:

    Well, I have absolutely nothing interesting to say at all.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Naw, I don’t believe you 🙂

      • yesindyref2 says:

        You might be right not to! Looking through posts elsewhere I found a reference to this:

        “In an indication of a possible opening, Barnier had told MEPs on Tuesday that Downing Street needed to offer Scottish fishermen an opportunity to develop fisheries in their own waters, in light of the growing independence sentiment in Scotland.”

        a few places e.g.

        and taking a wild guess this is connected:

        “NICOLA Sturgeon has made a plea to the EU for support for independence in a German newspaper, saying Scotland needs “an alternative way forward”.”

        (confirmed in “Die EU soll Schottlands Wunsch nach Unabhängigkeit unterstützen, schreibt Regierungschefin Nicola Sturgeon in einem Gastbeitrag.”)

        things seem to moving in a very interesting way 🙂

        Unabhängigkeit = Independence

        • Alex Clark says:

          That’s a bolt from the blue, that article for a German newspaper will really put the cat amongst the pigeons. It is blatant in its attempt at canvassing support for Independence from the EU.

          She is not holding back at all and this is a challenge to Westminster.

          • yesindyref2 says:

            Yes, I think there’s been a lot of groundwork, and the pace is accelerating. Couldn’t be done too soon.

            From the point of view of the EU-27, what’s the point of an agreement that falls apart a year or so later when we go Independent?

            • grizebard says:

              Hmmm, it must sit at the back of their minds, at least. But at the front is the more immediate likelihood that there will be a no-deal UK Brexit, thanks to BoZo and his money pals.

              I suspect that the EU won’t take us seriously until we’re independent (or to be more precise, when we’re definitively on our way, ie. after some kind of plebiscite result but not necessarily after any agreement with England is signed-and-sealed).

              Then they will treat us very seriously indeed.

              (It will be a sheer relief for them after all that Brenglish double-dealing.)

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Thanks to someone else somewhere else, full English version:

  221. Alex Clark says:

    Another article from the Spectator that shows they just how desperate they have become, clutching at straws, any straw will do when you have nothing else.

    Only a ‘good’ Brexit can stop Scottish independence

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Thanks. I’m actually getting to really love the Speccie, because I see its arguments being used by ignorant people and laugh laugh laugh. I think it’s only 50-50 the Previousss Onion lasting beyond the end of this year, frankly. It fair brings tears to the e’es!

      • Alex Clark says:

        James Forsyth and Stephen Daisley also had articles in the Spectator today. They were crap, I archived them but didn’t bother to post links here as they weren’t worth reading. Begging for English Unionists to pay more attention and didn’t they care what was happening.

        A cry for help and there’s no one listening, they are in dire straits LOL

        • grizebard says:

          Like I said already, BritNats are just beginning to realise what we here have known long since, that we’re disposable as far as London is concerned.

          The question is, what are they going to do about it, instead of just whimpering in the dark? An epiphany even, at least for some…?

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Sorry, I’m kind of up to high doh tonight, 58%, a previous comment about ducks in a row which seems more and more right, and the Barnier thing is kind of half-anticipated as logical ages ago, but still a huge surprise and hopefully a meaningful one, and also maybe parables about Hamish and John Bull, but substitute maybe countries for cities and that I’ve supported Indy since between the two elections in 74, and I found this earlier on meanings of songs which was always kind of my feeling about skateaway – and life in general sometimes for those born without a silver spoon in the mouth, and I’ll pack it in for the night and not plague this board till next time! Phew 🙂

          “There are two references to her being like a bullfighter/toreador. This is a role where someone faces a physically superior force and overcomes it with agility and evasion.

          There is a reference to rollerball. That is a fictional sport from the 1975 movie of the same name, and in that, also, someone uses agility to dodge threats. That was fairly recent when this song was written.

          There are numerous other quick allusions to threats to her, and that she overcomes them… “no fear alone at night,” “taxi drivers,” “big truck.”

          Overall, the tone is of cities being threatening environments but the roller girl, like the heroes of the bullring and Rollerball, rises above it, and therefore “has her whole world in the city.” Knopfler audibly laughs with glee. She’s a hero for her times. ”

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      It is a bit of a rambling “how stupid you must be” to consider leaving your rightful home and join the EU who wont ever like you as much as the UK.

      • Alex Clark says:

        Yeah, it’s also another attempt to have Scots that no longer live here get the vote while EU citizens don’t. That most recent poll that should support for independence also showed that a majority of people born outside Scotland would now vote for Independence. This is why they are playing games and trying to force a change in the voting franchise.

        They are on to plums, we’re no plat=ying by their rules any longer.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          It’s funny. With 58% YES now, the odd person around pretending to talk about the franchise, as though they’re xenophobic YES supporters, Scots parents only, Alistair Darling’s blood and soil nationailsm, so the other way around from that. But none of them seem to realise that as part of a Bill going through Holyrood there’s a consulation, then the Bill, then the Act,

          “Scottish Elections (Franchise and Representation) Act 2020

          The Bill for this Act of the Scottish Parliament was passed by the Parliament on 20th February 2020 and received Royal Assent on 1st April 2020”

          which means if the Scottish Government organise Indy Ref 2 as planned, the franchise can’t change for basically 5 years, consultation, examination of replies, draft Bill, Holyrood stages, Royal Assent – unless an Emergency Bill which won’t happen.

          The only other way to change the franchise is if Westminster jumps in and takes it over, and even Cameron shied away from that one.


  222. glad to hear yer on the mend Paul, um, you fancy hiving out yer blog for a few weeks for others to write a few articles??? i’m free 🙂

  223. Capella says:

    Sounds like the English midlands is on the edge of civil disobedience tonight. Tories have lost control of the “North” Oh and London too.

  224. I wasn’t going to, but I was sucked in to watching QT from Edinburgh, and witnessed a florid faced Linesman melt into a greasy spot in his chair as two young Scots women, who knew their stuff ladled into Dross and Ian Wood ‘philanthropist’ oil billionaire.

    Kate Forbes especially knew her stuff and even the Arched Eyebrow Bruce didn’t dare Yes But when this wee firebrand was in full flow.

    Miriam Brett was stellar.
    Dross is clearly way out of his depth in this company, and it was there for all his precious UK viewers to see on ‘national’ telly.
    The Labour MP lass from London was just a joke.
    Wood’s big speech centred on the Bad SNP only being interested in Independence and not governing for the people of there..
    Even the audience saw through this Dross…

    • Tam the Bam says:

      noticeable wee Dross got the ‘prime’ chair next to Fiona.
      Who took responsibility for removing Ian Woods from his care home?

    • john mclaughlin says:

      I totally agree Jack, Kate played a blinder, Dross was out of his league . I thought Fiona Bruce looked tad unhappy at the end of the programme .

      • The Arched Eyebrow tried to squeeze in a Salmond Sturgeon mud sling, but Kate was having none of it.

        I genuinely believe that Bruce was overwhelmed by the tenacity passion and authority of Forbes and Brett.
        They talked sense, had all the facts at their fingertips, and were in no mood to be ‘yes butted’ by anybody.

        • Petra says:

          I didn’t watch QT so great to hear that these two young women managed to hold their own and more with the BritNats, and that includes Bruce of course.



          ‘BBC blasted over SNP blackout on Politics Live.’

          ”THE BBC has been told to “get its act together” after a flagship politics show broadcast discussions about Scottish independence without any input from pro-Yes contributors for two consecutive days.

          Politics Live aired a three-minute segment on the constitutional debate on Wednesday after a new poll recorded record levels of support for independence.

          However, only hardline Unionist MPs had been invited on the panel. They dismissed the survey results and suggested the UK Government should block a second referendum, irrespective of next year’s Holyrood election results.”..


          ‘COVID-19 Barnett funding: £7.2 billion for Scotland now guaranteed.’

  225. Hamish100 says:

    If you think some blogs have been taken over by the unionists you are right.

    Stan Broadwood says:
    15 October, 2020 at 1:12 pm
    I had a brilliant dream the other night.

    Sturgeon was up a very high ladder cleaning her gutters, she over stretched and came crashing to the ground.

    Landing head first, she died instantly.

    Then like all good dreams, you waken up and find that the little bastard is still alive and still arrogantly ignoring the voices of the Scottish people.

    She doesn’t walk on water, and very soon the world she lives in will come crashing down around her.

    Any decent independence supporter should denounce the blog without question.

    • grizebard says:

      Hamish, why on earth are you reproducing this kak on here? Giving it further publicity? Opening another rabbit hole? This is a flagrant breach of Paul’s own injunction at the end of each article, when he is in no position at the moment to can it. Poor judgement. We should be better than this.

  226. Capella says:

    I see Neil Doncaster, whoever he is, has insisted SKY will not broadcast the “Old Firm” football game on Saturday for free in order to help save lives. Nicola Sturgeon urged SKY to do this but Doncaster says fans can get a NOW TV day pass for under £10. Why should SKY give up their crown jewels, says Doncaster.
    Another reason for Broadcasting to be in the hands of the Scottish Government. This is a public health emergency and all sectors of society are making sacrifices – except football tycoons, apparently.

    • Petra says:

      From the BBC article posted above Capella.

      ..”In response, the SNP have called for Westminster to hand over broadcasting powers to Holyrood.

      Depute leader Keith Brown told The National: “The BBC needs to get its act together – this Westminster-centric coverage being beamed into our homes from London without a Scottish majority pro-independence voice just isn’t good enough.

      All Politics Live is doing here is highlights the need broadcasting powers to be devolved.”


      Another brilliant video from Phantom Power.

      Phantom Power:- ”The most surprising thing about Scottish independence is how little will change initially. The governance, education, health, and legal systems are already in place [for now]. The exciting part comes when we discover Scotland’s potential…together.”


      And another ..

      Phantom Power:- ”Douglas Ross busted on his Scottish business funding fib by by

      • Statgeek says:

        The thing is, Tory politicians like DRoss get to make their point, knowing that the BBC will air it, and then cut off Kate’s response midway to give the former a better look.

        Hence why the broadcasting powers are of paramount importance.

    • Ken2 says:

      Scottish football (sports) is totally underfunded by Westminster corruption. Totally unequal and unfair. Tennis missing out on £6Million. Pro rata.

    • there will be running battles in Blackpool tomorrow as Knuckledraggers on Tour clash with Grunts On A Bus, just like the good old days before Scotland rose and told the Sellick and Ranjurs stupid cults that they are not, and never have been, important to the lives of 5 million or so Scots.

      Somebody may die.
      Then it will be Sturgeon’s fault for shutting pubs….

  227. Petra says:

    Tommy Sheridan:- ”Independence Support Reaches Record Level – A Sense of Urgency Required.”


    Another myth buster.

    ‘Poverty levels and trends in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.’

  228. Petra says:

    Dr Philippa Whitford:- ”Today @MarcusRashford has launched a public petition calling on the UK Gov to do more to #EndChildFoodPoverty. Investment in English initiatives would increase available resources for expanding already extensive food & activity programmes in Scotland.’


    ‘Rashford starts petition over UK’s free school meal extension refusal.’

    ”The UK government has rejected a call from Manchester United star Marcus Rashford to extend a scheme that would give disadvantaged children free school meals over the October half term and Christmas holidays.”..

  229. Petra says:

    Includes a James O’Brien LBC video.

    ‘Flights between UK and EU could be grounded after Brexit, admits minister.’

    ..”Both sides agreed prior to the first scheduled Brexit date of March 29 last year that flights would continue for 12 months even if no trade deal was reached. But Shapps revealed that the UK is still waiting to hear if the EU will consider a similar scheme for the end of the transition period on December 31 as Brexit talks continue.


    Jonathan Ashworth:- ”We learnt that consultants working on test & trace were being paid over £6,000 a day to run this failing service… why are such huge sums of money being paid to consultants? Matt Hancock doesn’t answer the question.”

  230. Petra says:

    Oops in moderation so will split up.


    Includes a James O’Brien LBC video.

    ‘Flights between UK and EU could be grounded after Brexit, admits minister.’

    ..”Both sides agreed prior to the first scheduled Brexit date of March 29 last year that flights would continue for 12 months even if no trade deal was reached. But Shapps revealed that the UK is still waiting to hear if the EU will consider a similar scheme for the end of the transition period on December 31 as Brexit talks continue.


  231. Petra says:

    ”We are one single United Kingdom.” Aye right enough Jacob.

    ”Jacob Rees Mogg reveals deep Tory anxiety over Welsh border checks. The very idea Wales has the autonomy or temerity to impose restrictions and ‘other’ England is something Tories can’t get their head around.”


    Jonathan Ashworth:- ”We learnt that consultants working on test & trace were being paid over £6,000 a day to run this failing service… why are such huge sums of money being paid to consultants? Matt Hancock doesn’t answer the question.”

  232. Petra says:

    Links constantly going into moderation. So splitting again.


    ”We are one single United Kingdom.” Aye right enough Jacob.

    ”Jacob Rees Mogg reveals deep Tory anxiety over Welsh border checks. The very idea Wales has the autonomy or temerity to impose restrictions and ‘other’ England is something Tories can’t get their head around.”

  233. Petra says:

    Jonathan Ashworth:- ”We learnt that consultants working on test & trace were being paid over £6,000 a day to run this failing service… why are such huge sums of money being paid to consultants? Matt Hancock doesn’t answer the question.”

  234. Petra says:

    This is more to do with being anti-English than anti-Covid”. Conservative MP AlunCairnshas criticised FM Wales for the “divisive nature” of his travel ban announcement, which prevents people from UK Covid hotspots visiting Wales. Video.”

  235. Petra says:

    Ann has taken the time to post numerous informative links on the Indyref2 site today. Please check them out.

  236. Capella says:

    @ Petra – apos I forgot the link. On reading again it says Mr Doncaster is the CEO of the SPFL.

    This is a game that everyone wants to see and you can see it through subscribing to Sky or buying a Now TV pass, which is less than £10, so it’s very accessible

    So that’s the CEO of the SPFL telling football fans to get lost. You can listen on BBC radio too like in the 50s. I don’t like football so it’s of no consequence to me. But I am surprised that footbal fans put up with the abysmal service they get from the state broadcaster.

    • BBC should show England’s mighty 1966 triumph instead. That’ll at least get the Knuckledragger loyalists (whit the feck is ‘loyal’ about vicious psychopaths?) off the streets.
      STV should show Ray Houghton’s winning goal for Ireland against England in 1988.
      That’ll root the Republican Green whatever they’re called these days Brigade Platoon their sofas for a couple of hours.
      The rest of us, that’s about 5.3 million Scots (the very vocal vast majority of the population) which in reality does not remotely think that tomorrow’s Hatefest is the game everyone wants to see.

      There are more important events; like me spinning my jam jar full of belly button fluff into yarn and knitting a scarf for next door’s cat.

      There will be the usual battles stabbings wife beatings… Suddenly it’s Blackpool September Week End 1963.
      If somebody dies, well done,you..the saddos who peddle this crap.
      Of course it will be ‘Nicola Sturgeon’s’ fault for closing the pubs.
      Roll on tomorrow evening when the Dark People crawl back into their evil private little dens of hate.

  237. Dr Jim says:

    QTs other *impressive* Tory plant was *Sir* Ian Wood the oil and gas man who told us all in 2014 the oil and gas would be running out by 4 o’clock on the following Tuesday afternoon if Scotland became Independent was of course just plain old Ian Wood then

    Just like Professor Sir John Curtice who was plain old John Curtice till he psephologised all the polling to say that Scotland would all die of poverty in a fortnight if it became Independent

    Or how about Lord Alistair Darling of the fencepost on a remote abandoned Island when he told Scotland we’d be bombed attacked and killed off by attackers from around the world and we’d never have two pennies to rub together if Independent, he was just plain old Alistair Darling the failed Labour MP ex chancellor at that time, or ex Tory leader in Scotland Ruth Davidson who has actually never achieved anything at all except bumping her gums shouting no surrender on behalf of the Orange Lodge, she’s got her Baronessship in advance of failure because they’ve pinned the next failure on the referee before it happens, but I’m sure he’s got his fingers crossed for at least a few quid because at the very least somebody slips you a brown envelope containing some wads if you do as you’re told, at the moment the Tories have got George Galloway slipping the cash into some pockets for them

    It really pays off in honours and rewards from your betters if you run down Scotland, lets see who gets offered the next set of honours for running down their own country, and remember the more bad things they say the more cash they get for saying it

    • The Linesman will be changing his name by deed poll to Lee Harvey Ross as atribute to the biggest patsy before him in Dallas 1963.

      He was an embarrassment on QT last night.

      The student in the virtual audience whose comments closed the show summed up the mood of Scotland.
      Why stay with England and lose the vast advantages of remaining within the EU as an equal sovereign partner?
      I believe that the lad was from London, and spoke on behalf of his Uni mates.

      Perhaps Ross should have opted out of running the line at Wembley and did some prep, knowing that he was to star on QT?
      He came across as the shallow dim but nice Tory boy he surely is.
      There must be a book depository hiring stockmen when Ross finally decides to stand down and, like Bore-On-Us Davidson of Rape Clause, spend more time with his family and SFA flag.

      Even this tired old veteran was taken aback by how hopeless he really is.
      I wonder what viewers in his ‘nation’ (England) thought of his bumbling faha fah routine?
      Oh, wait.

  238. Dr Jim says:

    Scotland is all about anti Englishness say the opposition to Scottish Independence, well if it was we’d have been hammering away for years for proportional representation in the governing of the UK rather than have English political parties constantly running all of our four great nations then wouldn’t we, but we in Scotland know that proportional representation would never be accepted by the English population because the possibility could then exist for a party like say the SNP to be elected as the government of the UK

    Now ask the same question to any English person how they would feel about Scotland having a turn of being the *UK* government and watch that English person reel back in horror at the very idea that their UK of England Great Britain preciouss could ever be run by the ghastly sweaty socks

    Equal my Arse, Anti English my fat Arse

    • Bob Lamont says:

      It has been galling and at times horrifying to read reactions to Mark Drakeford’s travel restriction moves, most prominent comments being of the “anti-English” variety from the “proud to be British” brigade, how often that cuckoo appears of late, England expects every carrier to do his infection…

      In any national emergency previously there were no politicians trying to score points it was all hands to the pumps, nowadays they’re everywhere sticking their oar in and muddying the waters, but contributing absolutely nothing else to the immediate problem for the general public…
      “Let them eat cake” is a recurring thought…

  239. Capella says:

    Hail the new Advocate General for Scotland. The Tories managed to find somebody to accept the poisoned chalice. Straight into the Lords for Keith Stewart QC.


  240. Arthur Thomson says:

    Just watched Nicola Sturgeon do it again – deliberately explaining the nature of the covid threat and the rationale behind the measures she is taking to defeat it. There can be no doubt now that she does this deliberately and with a focused eye on safeguarding the lives of Scotland’s community. It must be so upsetting for those whose only wish is to use the pandemic to continue to exploit people.

    Poor Brits. It must be hard for them. How can people support a leader who actually cares what happens to her people? Every Brit knows and understands that selfishness is at the core of every cold British heart – it’s just human nature, you know.

  241. Welsh Sion says:

    The mind whirls at the latest developments at Cardiff Bay in the Senedd.

    But hey, ho. If it manages to split the yoon vote – why not? I won’t complain.

    And in other news, that fount of UK shamocracy, the HoL has ticked off LBJ about his Internal Market Bill.

    Feart for the Union are we, you unelected, unaccountable dinosaurs? Oh, diddums.

  242. Movy says:

    Get well soon Paul.
    We miss you.
    But don’t rush back until you’re 100% fit.
    Hope Peter is taking great care of Ginger as well as you too – otherwise he’ll have to answer to us!!!

  243. grizebard says:

    Another portend – if only a faint one still – of good things to come. SGP is reporting a local election in Ellon and District – rural Aberdeenshire thus – where there seems to be clear (net) slippage from FibDem to SNP. So it seems the camel’s back is creaking ominously if not quite broken yet, with at least some voters beginning to give the Tories a shunt on their second prefs in favour of the SNP. Labour has never been a contender here, but even their support has taken a further squeeze!

    (That’s the great thing about STV voting, if you’re willing to examine the entrails, you get a lot of info about where people’s sympathies are lying beyond their prime allegiance.)

    Mind you, if I were a former FibDem voter, I would be wondering why I would bother to continue to support that useless shower after they abandoned every principle policy position they ever had. The bigger surprise, even in a part of the country where old allegiances die hard, is that it has taken people this long to realise. But maybe this is just the trickle before the flood.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The very thought of examining a Lib Dems entrails, ahv’e no hud ma tea yet

      • grizebard says:


        Apologies for that untimely unsavoury image, DrJ, though I thought you were made of sterner stuff! {grin}

  244. Ken2 says:

    People voted LibDem to keep the Tories out. Until the SNP came along. With a better alternative, especially for the young, who vote in smaller numbers. Norman Bruce, sat and slept while the Oil revenues went south for thirty years. Got a knighthood for the non existent endeavours.

    Alex Salmond/ SNP supported the building of the AWPR. Brilliant.The unionists voted against it for 40 years.The wind turbines in the bay and the Golf resort got support. Expansion of the airport and the harbour. To help the economy.SNP policies. Others businesses had closed down because of the Oil slump caused by Tory high taxation when prices were low. Total mismanagement. Renewables taking over.

    ACC spent £300million building empty shops and offices. A total waste of public monies. £1.2Billion in debt. A corrupt Tory/Labour disgrace. One vote. An elected LibDem became an Independent to go in with the Unionist Alliance.

    A non existent Political Party. Not on the electoral roll. Or registered with the electoral authorities. The usual unionist graft and corruption for what they can get. Defrauding the public. STV -voters can’t get rid of them. Two job Tory enabling the corruption. Lining their pockets.

    They have ruined the City. £30million on an Art Gallery tier. No one notices. £300Million on an Exhibition Centre with major traffic problems. Once traffic gets in, it can’t get out. Takes hours. Parking is totally expensive. Too big. Sitting empty most of the time. Three parking pay meters for thousands of folk. Queues out the doors.

    SNP MP Richard Thompson got elected, squeezed through. Great effort. Fergus Mutch just missed out 837 votes. Next time. Tory vote down 7,000. Bowie.

    Landowner’s dominate the council for what they can get. Rural. STV lets the 3rd losers in. Voters do not understand it. Tory used anti Independence to gain votes. Davidson. Trying to ruin the local economy.

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, we already know fine that you are an old fossil who wants to roll back the clock to FPTP. The system that gives the Tories the “right to rule” over us with hardly more than a third of the votes across the whole UK. Duh.

      Voters do understand STV. You just stick your preferences down 1-2-3… for as many or little as you please. It’s true that some anoraks on social media don’t understand how the system actually operates, but it works just fine without them, and ordinary voters don’t give a damn.

      Compared with the “two votes” nonsense we had foisted on us by the LibLab coalition for Holyrood this is an absolute dawdle, and it’s worked well eg. for voting in Ireland for decades.

      The sooner we stop looking back and start looking forward the better. Voting arrangements included.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        grizebard, it doesn’t cost anything to have a bit of courtesy towards fellow posters.

        Ken via his names has been posting pro-Indy on the Grun, Newsnet and other places since 2012 and probably before, and a useful set of statistics during Indy Ref 1 saving people the bother of having to do it ourselves – like the £4.4 billion for instance, based on the 2011-12 GERS.

        He’s just as entitled to his view about FPTP, as I would be for having a 3rd list – just the one for all of Scotland to let perhaps 3 or 4 real minority parties get a seat.

        The only thing we probably all agree on is – Independence.

        • grizebard says:

          He’s perfectly entitled to his own view, but not to his own “facts”, as he regularly trots out every time he gets the chance. On that he can rightly be challenged, and he doesn’t get a free pass no matter how wonderful a supporter of independence you say he is.

          To promote a system of “dictatorship of the minority”, as is currently perpetrated upon us right across the current UK, with all the damnable consequences we can readily see before our very eyes – and what is more, to actually mean it as a way of achieving independence and even beyond – is directly damaging to the cause of independence. It feeds straight into the BritNat calumny that the SNP is intent on creating a one-party state with Nicola as some kind of führerin, and as such does serious actual harm to the cause of independence, not least among the very non-zealots whom we now have to convince in order to win.

          • yesindyref2 says:

            Hmmm: “Yes, we already know fine that you are an old fossil …”

            • grizebard says:

              It’s metaphor, dammit. Since there is no prospect whatever of going back to FPTP, neither before nor after independence. It’s prehistory, a dead duck, a non-functional stuffed parrot. So why keep harking back to what is long gone and will never return? And whose only consequence meanwhile is to harm our chances with the very people we now need to convince, by attempting to assert a thoroughly-disreputable false primacy?

              Not least when we are actually in the process of establishing a very real one!

  245. Ken2 says:

    Irish Political is corrupt too. Fraud and corruption. Some of them ended up in jail. Land and financial fraud. Banking corruption. Tax evasion. Broke EU rules,
    Multinational company fraud. Still going on. Irish Gov fined.

    NI exactly the same. To keep Sinn Fein out. Corruption,

    • grizebard says:

      All of which has diddly-squat to do with the electoral system, if that’s what you’re trying to imply. Non-sequitur.

      Even on your terms, the record of economic probity in FPTP England is wholly admirable, right? That’s why we’re so utterly desperate to stay in their orbit, eh?

      Gimme a break!

      • Ken2 says:

        Out voted 10 to 1 might have more to do with it. That is why Devolution has to be introduced. Lack of democracy. Westminster would have been sanctioned by the EU. Look at it now. Out of the EU undemocractically. FPTP there would be no unionist opposition in Scotland. Scotland would have been Independent now, Leslie Evans M15 changed the electoral system to try to keep unionists in control.

        It didn’t work because of overwhelming, unprecedented support, which is not represented fully, because of the imposed without a mandate changed electoral system. First preference votes go in the bin to let 3rd rate losers in. Not one person one vote. People end up voting against their own preference. It is a scam.

        In the US Hond’t let’s the loser in. Not FPTP. Trump lost by 3Million votes. Electoral college.

        • grizebard says:

          As usual, you pivot away from the point into irrelevant tangents. So you’re perfectly comfortable with the Tories running England (and therefore us) on not much more than a third of the votes? They – and thus we – get Brexit eg. because of that? I can’t believe you’re so doggedly blinkered, but every time you prove me wrong about that if nothing else.

          FPTP=is=not=coming=back. Not just me sayin’ it – it’s for very good reason.

          Just try to adapt to that reality instead of pining wistfully for a crooked electoral system that confers an unfair and anti-democratic advantage on the privileged. We don’t need your wished-for artificial boost, it’s an implicit admission of weakness, and we’re better and stronger than that. We’re winning anyway, and we’re winning honestly.

  246. Ken2 says:

    Louise McAllister SNP won Ellon by election by 25 votes. Low turnout? 3,000+? By election, Richard Thomson SNP won GE by small majority. Former MP Alex Salmond.

    LibDem vote down. Folk used to vote LibDem to keep out the Tories. Labour vote non existent. Rural community.
    Coronavirus restrictions in place. Disposable pens etc. Might have put some people off.

  247. Petra says:

    We’re winning them over and that’s what counts 😀.

    ‘I used to love the Union – but now I see it’s stacked the cards against Scotland.’

    ”Last night, in the final minutes of BBC Question Time, I was given the opportunity to articulate my position on Scottish Independence. I suspect many viewers were surprised with my answer. I was born and raised in North Yorkshire. All I have ever known is a United Kingdom. My personal identity and position on independence represent what should be irreconcilable positions.”—now-see-stacked-cards-scotland/


    Journalists like Tom Peck would no doubt be considered to be in a league of their own in mainland UK (and he’s still rubbish) and then you can compare him with Paul and there’s absolutely no competition. The more I think about it the angrier I get when I see people like Paul Kavanagh and Lesley Riddoch going nowhere (other than getting us our independence 😀 ) because Westminster and their wee Scottish lackey’s block them from making career advancement at every turn. Haste ye back Paul. We’re missing your great informative articles and brilliant wit.

    ”On coronavirus and Brexit, Boris Johnson is a prisoner of his own artless drivel.”

    ..”It’s hard to know which of the two world-beating disasters entirely of his own making the prime minister finds more torturous.”

  248. WT says:

    Hello all,
    First, can I just say how glad I am to hear that Paul is in recovery – Paul, please take your time and get well. Much as we would like it do not rush back prematurely. I just thought the following might add an interesting adjunct to the general conversation. I have here a couple of interesting links that might be of interest to those who retain some curiosity about the Labour party and our constitution. The first appeared a couple of hours ago:

    Its an interesting read considering Labour List is pretty thick in the UK Labour movement. The following is from a day earlier on the same website:

    This article was from a Martin McCluskey who was Labour’s candidate for Inverclyde in 2017 and 2019. If you view all articles from him you can see he has been saying the same stuff for 9 years – yet he persists.

    There does seem to be a good debate rearing its head within the Labour movement over Scotland – a month ago this excellent article by Mark Lazarowicz, formerly an MP and chair of the Scottish Labour Party appeared on Labour Hame (I linked to it before):

    These three articles seem to demonstrate that even in the rusting wreckage of the Labour Party some life is stirring and indicates that in the wider non-yes society, there is a growing acceptance that seismic constitutional change is inevitable. And between the lines they know, but cannot yet accept that independence itself is inevitable.

    • P Harvey says:

      Not interesting in labour – post elsewhere!

    • grizebard says:

      Thanks for the links, WT, which in their totality make an interesting read. Though one can hardly conclude much from them except that Labour can now feel the approach of electoral Nemesis in May and don’t seem to have a clue how to meaningfully respond to what is becoming an increasingly-existential threat (for them)!

      We’ve been through all this before, beaten our brains out and worn our keyboards out trying to convince dogmatic Labourites online that a change in direction would actually assist their party’s survival. All in vain. One of the articles has the temerity to mention the Smith Commission and ‘Federal’ (my appelation) Broon, but if that fellow was sincere he would long ago have disowned the thorough betrayal by the UKGov and all the BritNat parties in what has happened (and not happened) since. Let us not forget that it was the Labour Party in the Sloth Smith Commission proceedings who worked hardest to cripple any further autonomy!

      So Labour have a serious credibility problem, and I honestly can’t see any amount of gilded promises from any of them in May that will be worth a plumb nickel. They won’t have the capability of doing anything about it for years, anyway, and that is even if they had a coherent view, which they clearly lack.

      No more Labour pigs-in-pokes,please. Any stirrings in their ranks now, interesting though they may be, merely originate from an increasingly-desperate need for self-preservation, and don’t offer sincere or credible progress in a timescale of any utility.

      In the meantime, back in the real world, with the likes of Brexit we have seen with crystal clarity that even with any kind of UK twiddling – including full confederalism as at least some of us fruitlessly urged upon Smith way back in 2014 – we would remain prisoners of English defence and foreign policy priorities over which we would have no say whatever. This pig won’t fly, no matter how big the promised paper wings.

      (Thanks anyway WT. None of the above is intended to impugn you. It’s good to know what your opponents are going through. Slow-mo self-destruction, mostly, it would seem! But with independence we may save their remnants yet! {grin})

      • WT says:

        Thankyou grizebard and apologies P Harvey. I only posted for interests sake. My late father – a communist – used to say to me ‘don’t read the people you agree with – read your enemy, you know what they’re thinking’

    • WT, Thanks for pointing us in the direction of these three pieces of spitting on the pot bellied stove and watching it sizzle Labour musings.
      It is without malice that I observe that Scottish Labour is so out of touch with mainstream politics in Scotland, that this collection of arguments for Brown’s Home Rule. a promise to do better if they win in 2024, and well, a complete absence of accepting the fact that most of the SNP/Green policies are areas Labour would have supported before Clause 4 Tony.

      There is frankly nothing new in any of this, ahem, series of ramblings.
      Until Scottish Labour come out for Self Determination, and get rid of that clutch of hangers on and never beens, including the ludicrous GMB Shop Steward Placemat leader Leonard, then the life support will be switched off, not in May 2021, not in 2024, but within months, now that Johnson has announced NO Deal.
      There is no ‘Scottish Labour’.
      If your aim was to convince some of us to back Gordon Brown’s Home Rule, but not just yet, then..well, nice try,but no cigar.

      Labour in Scotland must break away from England and support Independence.
      The sad truth, as I look at the benches at Holyrood, and the antics of Iain Murray, I don’t think any of them even care any more.
      Holyrood is an ATM to them. Take the money and run.

      A UK Government slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Iraq men women and children, saddled Scotland with crippling PFI contracts and have been soo abject and feckless since 2010 that a Tory Government at UK level is guaranteed for at least another 10 years.
      20 years of Tory Rule, with Johnson dragging us out of the EU?
      WE wait no longer. We are independent now.
      But thanks for confirming what we Duggers knew.
      Scottish Labour is dead.
      And yet, they threaten us with a vengeful rUK playing hard ball when it comes to the Divorce settlement.
      This, from your contributions.

      “All these proposals tend to share one feature, however, namely the view that new constitutional arrangements are something that have to be taken forward on a UK wide level. That is also my view, but with an important qualification. I still believe that the interconnections – economic, fiscal, and social–between Scotland and the rest of the UK are so close, complex and interrelated that it would be best for those to maintained in a manner which is closer than would be the case if Scotland and the rest of the UK were separate states. I also think that it requires a giant triumph of optimism over reality to assume that a good relationship with the rest of the UK after independence could be easily worked out and agreed. The experience of the last few years, particularly the Brexit negotiations, does not give one much confidence in the competence and good faith of the British state if it was required to enter into negotiations into such questions; or, of course, that it is even prepared to countenance Scottish independence.”

      The minute that a Yes result is announced, WT, then we are free do live as an independent nation as we like.

      England’s Brexit has been a shambles, and they are leaving Europe empty handed and hundreds of billion of pounds poorer.

      Send up David Davis, or dominic Raab, or Johnson the Bo Bo Doll.

      It actually makes for sad reading.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Mark Lazarowicz was one of the very few good guys, his speech when the draft Scotland Bill was introduced to the HoC was the only one from Labour, with Charles Kennedy’s from the LibDems. which was respectful. Remember Margaret Curran laughing? Labour really thought the whole purpose of Smith was to “Hold the Scottish Government to account”, not about real more powers. Remember the Select Committee of 2014-15, where the only SNP MP, Eilidh Whiteford, was bullied off by Ian Davidson, MCP? Second page gives the list of shameful members:

      Click to access 835.pdf

      Look at this for sheer unadulerated snot-nosed arrogance in that report:

      “Draft clauses
      1. We are surprised that the Scottish Government did not raise its concerns ”

      Where are they all now? The ******* *******s actually representing Scottish Constituencies all got voted out on May 7th 2015, good riddance, along with Curran.

      And Labour think they can just waffle on about Federalism or Confederalism? Their offering to Smith was the worst of all 5 of the parties, even the Tories, Davidson and Tomkins were better. And if it had been left to them, who knows how much more Smith would have been whittled down in the Scotland Bill / Act?

      But that was what 56 SNP MPs were elected for in 2015, on a promise over implementing Smith, holding Westminster’s feet to the fire – NOT Independence.

      Labour still don’t get it – even Lazarowicz. Scotland trusted Labour, and Labour let us all down. But “the electorate just don’t understand”, and Labour think we’re all as thick as mince. Well, look in a mirror, get down on your hands and knees and beg for forgiveness. That would be a start.

  249. Alex Clark says:

    This is a brutal assessment of Johnson’s performance as Prime Minister in the negotiations with the EU over Brexit by German broadcaster Deutsche Welle. It is not flattering and neither is it meant to be. It just states the facts.

    By Monday it will become clear whether Barnier will actually find anyone willing to engage in further talks in London, or whether the UK government really intends to pull the plug.

    That is possible, but not necessarily probable. Johnson’s behavior reeks of playacting, a swaggering display to win over a home crowd. But there he can only impress those people already determined to believe their own propaganda. But that, unfortunately, lies at the heart of populism. It is a show for those Britons who are completely devoid of irony and blessed with very short memories.

    During the election campaign just last year, Johnson kept on boasting that the trade deal with the EU was “oven-ready — like a dish you would put in the microwave. He has also said that the chances of leaving the EU without a deal were less than a “million to one.” Taking on more serious tones during a visit to Dublin, Boris Johnson declared that a no-deal Brexit would be “a failure of statecraft.” But not even his supporters, surely, still take him for a statesman.

    • grizebard says:

      Ach, the Germans are only now discovering just how perfidious Albion can be. We’ve known it for years. Centuries, actually.

      (Nicola’s recent venture into the German press was a very welcome and eminently well-timed initiative. Should do the same with France, if it hasn’t happened already.)

  250. Dr Jim says:

    The Tories don’t need Scotland’s votes to win elections in England but the other two Bringlish parties desperately need Scotland’s votes just to survive, so both the red and peughy coloured Tories are even worse than the blue lot because they’ll say anything to get votes and it stinks of begging and folk can see it and them for what they are

    Just listen to Sir Barely can cope Stammerer *yous are no gettin Independence well mibbees yeez might wance ahv’e hud a think aboot it but vote fur me furst gonnae please, whit wiz that promise ah made again, oh aye mair powers and that’s a mibbees defo efter a generation’s away*

    Next May there’s every likelyhood that Rupert Limpwrist and Willie Rennie with hardly any votes between them will still stand there telling us the Union’s the only way to go while at the same time condemning the Tories for it all being their fault because they colluded with the SNP, they can’t change because there’s nowhere for them to go and nothing for them to change in to

  251. WT, Thanks for pointing us in the direction of these three pieces of spitting on the pot bellied stove and watching it sizzle Labour musings.
    It is without malice that I observe that Scottish Labour is so out of touch with mainstream politics in Scotland, that this collection of arguments for Brown’s Home Rule. a promise to do better if they win in 2024, and well, a complete absence of accepting the fact that most of the SNP/Green policies are areas Labour would have supported before Clause 4 Tony.

    There is frankly nothing new in any of this, ahem, series of ramblings.
    Until Scottish Labour come out for Self Determination, and get rid of that clutch of hangers on and never beens, including the ludicrous GMB Shop Steward Placemat leader Leonard, then the life support will be switched off, not in May 2021, not in 2024, but within months, now that Johnson has announced NO Deal.
    There is no ‘Scottish Labour’.
    If your aim was to convince some of us to back Gordon Brown’s Home Rule, but not just yet, then..well, nice try,but no cigar.

    Labour in Scotland must break away from England and support Independence.
    The sad truth, as I look at the benches at Holyrood, and the antics of Iain Murray, I don’t think any of them even care any more.
    Holyrood is an ATM to them. Take the money and run.

    A UK Government slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Iraq men women and children, saddled Scotland with crippling PFI contracts and have been soo abject and feckless since 2010 that a Tory Government at UK level is guaranteed for at least another 10 years.
    20 years of Tory Rule, with Johnson dragging us out of the EU?
    WE wait no longer. We are independent now.
    But thanks for confirming what we Duggers knew.
    Scottish Labour is dead.
    And yet, they threaten us with a vengeful rUK playing hard ball when it comes to the Divorce settlement.
    This, from your contributions.

    “All these proposals tend to share one feature, however, namely the view that new constitutional arrangements are something that have to be taken forward on a UK wide level. That is also my view, but with an important qualification. I still believe that the interconnections – economic, fiscal, and social–between Scotland and the rest of the UK are so close, complex and interrelated that it would be best for those to maintained in a manner which is closer than would be the case if Scotland and the rest of the UK were separate states. I also think that it requires a giant triumph of optimism over reality to assume that a good relationship with the rest of the UK after independence could be easily worked out and agreed. The experience of the last few years, particularly the Brexit negotiations, does not give one much confidence in the competence and good faith of the British state if it was required to enter into negotiations into such questions; or, of course, that it is even prepared to countenance Scottish independence.”

    The minute that a Yes result is announced, WT, then we are free do live as an independent nation as we like.

    England’s Brexit has been a shambles, and they are leaving Europe empty handed and hundreds of billion of pounds poorer.

    Send up David Davis, or dominic Raab, or Johnson the Bo Bo Doll.

    It actually makes for sad reading.

  252. grizebard says:

    whit wiz that promise ah made again, oh aye mair powers and that’s a mibbees defo efter a generation’s away

    That’s about as neat a summary of the situation as is possible to get! {laugh}

    But in increasing numbers we’re not buying that airy-fairy “cake tomorrow” guff any more. Limpwrist as FM with Wee Wuilie as tea boy? Not even a majority of alt-coloured Tories can thole the very notion!

  253. Alex Clark says:

    Who would have thought it possible before the Tories came into power?

    The ratings agency Moody’s lowered the United Kingdom’s sovereign debt rating by one notch to Aa3 from Aa2 on Friday, citing weakening economic and fiscal strength stemming from Brexit woes and coronavirus-induced shocks.

    Boris Johnson’s government has tightened restrictions as the country grapples with a second wave of Covid-19 infections, and the stricter measures have heaped more pressure on an economy already weighed down by Brexit uncertainties.

    “Even if there is a trade deal between the UK and EU by the end of 2020, it will likely be narrow in scope, and therefore the UK’s exit from the EU will, in Moody’s view, continue to put downward pressure on private investment and economic growth,” the agency said.

    The UK is sinking fast, no longer does it even command any respect from most of the world but it is losing respect all across the UK itself. It is bust, we will be the first to go and followed quite quickly by NI and Wales.

    The UK as a concept is doomed, that’s what happens when you treat your partners with contempt. We will be well rid of governance from Westminster where corruption is the order of the day.

    Hell mend the lot of them, we need be no part of it.

  254. malkymcblain says:

    Nicola Sturgeon caught on camera plagiarising! Now she really must go. Wait till the WOS crew get a hold of this!

  255. yesindyref2 says:

    Just had a look at that Lords report on the Infernal Market Bill, and it’s worth looking at this, remembering that Dunlop is the UK Government’s man, look at his exchanges with the witnesses, particularly I guess the Scottish one, Professor Nicola McEwen, Professor of Territorial Politics, University of Edinburgh.

    You can kind of imagine that playing out in court in a few weeks time 🙂

    Another duck in the row I think.

  256. Ken2 says:

    Great script. Get more money for the TV appeal. Than the tax evaders. Going to donate now.

    If any Ref is held in a pandemic. It could be less people would vote. People still self isolating. No taking risks. Or looking after people avoiding social contract.

    Ellon by election. 33% turnout. (Approx) Tory vote the same. LibDem vote down 10%. SNP up 10%. Labour down (low vote) 50%+ Rural constituency. Lower turnout than last time?

    LibDems vote went to SNP. Won by 25 votes. Shows how important SNP members, campaigning, donating can be of influence.

    More people should join, donate and campaign with the SNP who want to make a difference. Even just till Independence is achieved. It would make a difference. Along with all the other folk who get involved. Support for SNP/Independence rising,

    It’s weird how low the turnout is for local elections. Yet it affects the council tax, the local services, the local essential services. Every aspect of people’s lives. People often moan, but do not vote. Even though they could make a difference. SNP good policies. Often there is only 1 vote in it. Swaying major, important decisions.

  257. Kangaroo says:

    There is NO Pandemic, at least NOT in the Netherlands or Ireland. WHO knew, eh, who knew?

    • Hamish100 says:

      Only those numpties. I notice the us of a flag there and then it transpires it is weird bunch of right wing fruitcakes linked with left wing fruitcakes.
      Whether you wish to call it flu or not it is a killer and more infectious. SARS, MERS, Influenza all have their particular characteristics.
      I now know of at least 20 folk including work colleagues With Covid. 7 got it really severe. Two still in hospital with breathing problems one of which is under 40, fit, non smoker. Families so worried.

      Sorry, I believe the World Health Organisation long before these numpties.

    • grizebard says:

      Oh, another visitation from our occasional faraway (in more senses than one) conspiracy propagandist. (“Theorist” wouldn’t really cover it.)

      Are you actually real, even?

  258. Ken2 says:

    Ellen by election

    Labour 2.9% down from 7.5%. Semi Rural. Green 2.8%. No votes last time. They could have cost SNP winning. Tight.

    Tory roughly the same. 42% to 41%. SNP 37% to 43%

    • Capella says:

      Thx Ken – interesting change of direction for the heart of the farming industry in the NE. In 2017 the Liberal vote went to the the Tories to “get Salmond out”. Now the Liberal vote is going to the SNP. Very significant IMO.

  259. Capella says:

    For anyone wondering about how the d’Hondt system works, here’s a video made by YES Argyll which someone posted recently. It’s a Zoom meeting and John Curtice explains the system with slide show at the start. This is followed by members talking and Q&A.
    It is long, 1 hr 50 mins, but you could just watch the John Curtice slide show if pressed for time.

  260. malkymcblain says:

    The Antipodean report:
    NZ General election: Jacinta Ardern wins in a landslide. But more interesting in my view is that there were two referendums held as well. Questions were on euthanasia and cannabis legalisation. I like the fact that the Kiwis are down to earth practical people. Take a look.

  261. Ken2 says:

    The Independent vote would have risen in any case. The unionist vote fallen. The reflection would have been higher, without d’hondt to dilute the SNP/Independence vote. Ie unionist voters vote for other unionist parties,

    SNP/Independence voters go and vote for other unionist parties. 1-2-3 etc Some think it is compulsory. Or to get the best of two evils. Ie diluting the SNP/Independence vote. When support is rising. Let’s the 3rd rate losers in on the list. Voters cannot get them out.

    Often voters do not vote candidates in. They vote candidates out. Their motive is to get rid of a annoying someone.

    Ellon by election. Turnout 33.7% First Pref

    Tory vote went up 40.9% to 41.7% (1658)
    SNP 31.8% to 42.4% (1683)
    LIbdem 19.7% (1087) to 10.2% (405)
    Labour 7.5% (415) to 2.9% (114)
    Green 2.8% (112) non last election (no candidate?)

  262. Hamish100 says:

    BBC Dateline London. Sean Lay? Chairing. We have journalists from Italy and German and Simon Jack (bbc)who’s British by the way.
    Lay sounds off about Covid and Johnson’s new covid rules. He refers just to Wales and Northern Ireland. No Scotland. Move on to Brexit. Lay has a hearty laugh that the fish around our waters are French. Jack sounds of that most of the fish we eat are from Norway and Iceland. It takes the German to bring up Scottish territorial fishing waters.
    BBC journalists divert and play down their importance. Move on. Scotland doesn’t exist.

  263. Capella says:

    Article today in The National on Paul and how he is feeling atm.:

  264. WT says:

    Hello to all. My links to Labour sites seem to have been misunderstood. Thanks for comments though. For future reference in case anyone thinks I am a troll or infiltrator, I have been an independence supporter ever since since I could think. I am one of the few people I know who need no other justification for independence than “I want it”. I never need to go into the world of currency, fiscal deficit, defence as I don’t care – I just want independence. I don’t care if I am worse of or better off. I don’t care if we are going to have period of austerity or instant wealth. I just want independence. My father was a communist, ship yard worker who started voting SNP in the early 1970s – still a communist but believed Scotland could only achieve its full potential by being free.

    As a socialist I still have an interest in Labour because they used to be socialist but – and this is important – I have an interest in the debate amongst the Labour movement as it offers a glimpse into the thinking of the last vestiges of the failing party. These articles display a new realisation that the constitutional change is inevitable and that the federal fudge is not going to work, that the Brown and Starmer lies are not good enough. It seems that very slowly the penny is dropping that this cannot be stopped – that Scotland’s freedom to control its own destiny is an inevitable destination that we are all travelling toward. I particularly like Paul’s views on our road to independence as it is similar to mine – that the only route is to convince more NO voters to change to YES. What I see (although I could be over-estimating this) that even in the darkest dungeons of the Labour cave a glimmer of light is creeping in. And we need this – the more NO voters we change to YES now becomes a double benefit from 58 – 42 we can get to 60 – 40 pretty quickly. That Labour’s 13% can be lowered further as their hard-core voters (42% of which would back independence) change from NO and YES.

    One other thing, I am not a great fan of us having to ask for a Section 30 referendum, I go along with it fine but I am more a “have one any time we want to whenever the SNP gain a majority” type, or even just a plebiscite election.

    Sorry if I have caused any controversy on here as I know that WGD is website that allows debate but prefers to keep negativity at a minimum.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      I wouldn’t worry about it WT, a new poster appears (September), with a total of about 9 posts including the 3 rude ones to you in this thread, and appoints themself as site policeman …

      • P Harvey says:

        If your referring to me
        Your wrong
        I was simply expressing my opinion
        Now that WT has clarified his comments and cleared up any misunderstanding I welcome his participation
        I too support Independence in and of itself – whatever the future brings. Poorer or richer, we will have full control

      • P Harvey says:


        If your referring to me
        Your wrong
        I was simply expressing my opinion
        Now that WT has clarified his comments and cleared up any misunderstanding I welcome his participation
        I too support Independence in and of itself – whatever the future brings. Poorer or richer, we will have full control

    • yesindyref2 says:

      WT, I watch Labour a bit as well. For instance, they are supporting the SNP on the refusal for the legislative consent on the infernal market bill, and they did on the EU Continuity Bill – and on the latest one (June) as well. On that they’re between a rock and a hard place, as they know that makes Independence more likely, but at the same time they have to defend devolution. They (Murray and Martin and others) also supported Cherry on the revoke A50 case at the ECJ. Publicly Labour slag the SNP, but do have many interests in common. And more than 40% I think, support YES.

      They have a very difficult few months ahead of them, and should be encouraged where possible, even if it doesn’t result in an actual endorsement of Indy!

  265. Arthur Thomson says:

    You’re comments are interesting WT. Like yourself, there are are no if’ s or but’s for me when it comes to independence. I have a lifetime of reasons for supporting it, too many to even begin listing. My position is absolute. Nothing the dependence supporters put forward has any impact on my position.

    That leads me to a position where I don’t believe that the minutiae of the arguments of the opposition are worth looking at. On the contrary, I think it is counterproductive to credit them with importance.

    The cringe is by definition the hollowing out of the self confidence of the Scots. It has been the policy of the Brits since day one to exercise COERCIVE CONTROL over the Scots. That is the same policy that has been adopted by colonialists the world over to subjugate those they have overpowered. It is not overcome by discussions about currency or using logic to counter the constant tsunami of demeaning statements that have been internalised by a people who have been systematically disabled.

    We are in period of great flux at the very time when increasing numbers of Scots are throwing off the cringe because they are experiencing – in practice – that Scottish government, their government, is superior to the British alternative. The effects of that state of flux are enabling increasing numbers to see that ever more clearly. THAT awareness is what, in my opinion, is growing support for independence. When people throw off the cringe they never turn back, which is why our numbers have stayed rock solid and then grown.

    For those reasons I think that the antics of Labour should be viewed as no more than mildly entertaining nonsense – and I mean nonsense in the most literal sense. For far too long Scots have been deceived into attributing a value to a party which – aside from a very small minority of genuine people – has been no more than a protection racket. I won’t be distracted by them. I know that they will continue to try to undermine independence because dependence is what they thrive on. We have to pursue a policy of promoting confidence, to brush aside and laugh at the negative behaviours of all shades of Brit. We surely don’t need to credit them with a significance that they actually don’t posses.

  266. Petra says:

    Auch well we canny get a Canadian type deal from the Baad EU, so let’s just opt for an Australian. From the blithering bl**dy idiot 🤡 .

    Philippa Whitford:- ”What a letter for Prime Minister to write, as he drags UK and Scotland ever closer to the edge during the global #COVID19 pandemic! Didn’t find bits in Canada Deal about data sharing, financial services, haulier licenses or ro-ro ferries – must have missed them! #BrexitShambles.”


    ‘Statement on EU and UK Government talks by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.’

    “The Scottish Government view is clear – the best future for Scotland is to become an independent country.”

  267. Petra says:

    You only have to take a look at that map again to see, at a glance, how poor, wee and stupid England (Westminster) wants to hold on to us.

    ‘Come to Edinburgh Michel Barnier.’



    “It just so happens that making the British prime minister happy isn’t the vocation of sovereign leaders of the 27 member states that chose to remain in the EU.”

  268. Petra says:

    Robert Buckland QC:- ”I do not intend for any reform to undermine the Acts of Union”…
    I bet you don’t 😎.

    Joanna Cherry QC:- ”The Lord Chancellor has replied to my letter defending the independent Scottish legal system saying “reform” of #JudicialReview will focus on “procedures relevant only to the jurisdiction of England & Wales.” Ref to UK wide powers means vigilance still req’d.”


    Philip Pullman:- ”We could do the same in England. I say England because I can’t see the Union lasting very long.”

    Phantom Power:- ‘‘I think Scotland will probably have some form of independence – demand it and at that point what we used to call The Union, the United Kingdom will fall apart’ writer Philip Pullman on how Scottish independence can trigger better democracy for England. @PhilipPullman via CH4News.”

  269. Petra says:

    ‘SNP’s victory in Ellon & District by-election is proof that the surge has reached Tory-friendly areas.’


    ‘The Scottish Tories suddenly have a Lib Dem problem.’

    ..”Nobody could ever accuse the Lib Dem leadership of being equidistant between the Tories and the SNP, but it looks like their voters suddenly are. And if you think about it, that’s perfectly logical, because Lib Dem voters are typically opposed to both independence and Brexit, so there’s no longer any particular reason why the Tories would automatically be the more attractive option.”..

    • grizebard says:

      Besides anything else, maybe this shows that the FibDem strategy of engaging in de-facto Unionist pacts in 2017 and 2019, by deliberately fielding no-hoper candidates in FPTP WM elections and thereby wilfully conceding traditional seats to their former sworn enemies the Tories, is now coming home to roost. Their own version of BT bad karma, with the same potential dire consequences for them in rural areas as for Labour in urban ones.

      After all, if you previously voted FibDem because you honestly believed in their policies, why on earth would you continue to vote for a party that has cravenly abandoned all of them? And if you’re “BritNat-first”, why vote for the monkey when you can vote for the organ-grinder?

  270. Petra says:

    Well it goes without saying that Paul is constantly in our thoughts and that we are all willing him to get well X

    ”I’ve just had a lovely call from my friend @weegingerdug. Please keep him in your thoughts & 🙏 as he recovers in hospital. As you can all imagine his humour and determination is in abundance, his blog will be back. Buy the @National tomorrow for an exclusive interview with him.”


    Paul needs us now. Let’s show our support folks X

    ”Thanks to all who have helped Paul. He is grateful for your kindness. If you are fortunate enough to be able to donate directly to his WeeGingerDug PayPal account (You don’t need to have a PayPal account to do so) pls leave a brief message of support.

  271. Dr Jim says:

    Sir Keir Starmer who is a MP in England and is the leader of the Labour party in Britain *insists* that Robert Lipman who is a MSP and branch manager in Scotland for the main political party in England *can* be the next First Minister of Scotland and you know what, technically he’s correct

    If every man woman child and Ape in Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland is wiped out by Covid 19 then yes Mr Limewire of the Labour party *can* become FM, and can rule until Priti Patel sends him some asylum seekers to control for her then they’ll vote out Mr Leopard for a guy who was bombed out of his home in some country that ends in Stan and then those folk would be even more determined Scotland was Independent than we indigenous lot already are

    The problem all Unionists have is their arrogant insistence that what they believe over what we believe is right, and that’s just wrong, because this insistence always comes down to the same thing
    England rules whether Scotland likes it or not, they believe they have the divine right to keep changing what’s on their menu to serve us up what they decide they want us to eat and refuse to accept our right to eat whatever the hell we like and thus have the ability to create our own menu

    I’m getting really fed up with trying not to be anti English when the English keep telling me if I dare answer back then I’m anti bloody English, it’s 300 year old depressingly boring when here we are in 2020 and still having conversations about how to reasonably make the English understand stuff they’re too damn arrogant, deliberately ignorant of, and or too stupid to understand, there’s a communication problem because they don’t communicate, they decree, they order, they decide, and we are forced to *benefit* from it whether we in our own country of Scotland like it want it or not

    England is a next door neighbour who comes into your house gets drunk vomits on the carpet rips the couch with the comb sticking out his pocket swipes the tenner you had on the mantle piece then *insists* he’s always been your best friend and you can’t throw him out because he’s got the keys to your car and won’t give them back

    • JoMax says:

      And the danger with Labour is they try to wheedle their way back into the psyche of traditional Scots Labour voters and the unsure-but-easily-influenced, by downright lies.

      You know the sort of thing. Promise us the Earth – give us Mars, little evidence of life, but hey it’s Red.

      Remember Ed Miliwotsit and the Vow.

  272. Petra says:

    As per the norm more Tory lies with, as is the norm, the BBC colluding with them. What a team, eh? 🙄.



    ‘Matt Hancock told the Commons last week that he had ordered a trial that showed vitamin D did not “appear to have any impact”. Officials now admit that no trials took place. He lied.’

    • J Galt says:

      “He lied”

      Indeed he did.

      and at the same time NHS staff are being urgently advised to take strong dose vitamin D to protect themselves against coronavirus in guidance that they are told specifically is not for public consumption.

      What are they playing at?

  273. Petra says:

    Bye, bye Brewer bye bye 😀.

    ‘BBC Scotland newsroom talent lead mass exodus amid cost-cutting measures.’


    Another couple of charlatans 🤬.

    ”Mundells taking credit for @Scotrail Business Plan. “We plan to have free Wi-Fi in every station & on all train routes. For now you can enjoy free Wi-Fi in over 50 stations & on 18 different train routes across the ScotRail network Look out for our Wi-Fi Zone stickers.”

    • grizebard says:

      Hmm, not all, it would seem, and not all the right ones either. I would cheerfully keep Isabel Fraser and equally-happily personally escort Glenn Campbell to the door (and deliver him a friendly kick up the backside on the way out). But I guess BritNat-in-Chief will be a fixture until the last helicopter leaves Plantation Quay.

      • grizebard says:

        Ach, and the Brewster had his moments. I do fondly recall him absolutely eviscerating Cathy Jamieson back in the days when she was something in the late-unlamented LibLab “Executive”. Mind you, it wasn’t difficult, she was doggedly digging away in the hole she had made for herself, and I guess his native journalistic instincts just got the better of him. {grin}

    • Alex Clark says:

      It would be nice to have heard the last of Kay with an e and Kirsty Wark too. Both are really boring with little useful to say.

      When commenting on Scottish matters, it’s basically just end to end Unionist propaganda that would put most people to sleep or as a minimum give them a big yawn as we’ve heard it all before.

      • grizebard says:

        Oh, indeed about those two.

        But I’m wondering if the EBC, by persisting with its overtly partisan agenda, is now only succeeding in proverbially shooting itself in the foot. As more and more people cross the indy threshold, they begin to see what’s going on. and once they see it, they can’t un-see it.

        It seems the BritNats are still cleaving desperately to their old “win or bust” agenda. Last time it worked – just – but this time it looks more and more like it will be “bust”. (And with their unintended assist!)

        • Alex Clark says:

          How could I forget about Sarah Smith? She needs the boot as well LOL

          • grizebard says:

            Come to think about it, an across-the-board clearout truly fits the bill, both in front and (in management) behind the cameras.

            Come the dawning of independence, PQ will need a host of helicopters, methinks!

    • Capella says:

      Isabel Fraser and Ken MacDonald were usually very fair IMO. They were sidelined in 2014. Ken used to do a newspaper review and was very perceptive and witty. So that was the end of him.
      Anyone know who this chap Carson is?

      I don’t know why they need all this cost cutting – they take in £320 m in licence fees from Scotland and spend approx £85 m. Grossly over funded for the measly rubbish we get back. The rest is spent in London on the “national” network i.e. England.

    • Golfnut says:

      BBC newsroom talent is not probably how most Indy supporters would describe them and I’m pretty certain they know it.

  274. Petra says:

    ‘Internal Market Bill allows UK Government to ‘alter the competences of the devolved administrations in significant ways’, House of Lords committee concludes.’

    ..”The committee raised doubts about the need for the bill at all because “mechanisms already exist to provide a foundation for preserving a strong and functioning UK domestic market”…,internal-market-bill-allows-uk-government-to-alter-the-competences-of-the-devolved-administrations-in-significant-ways-house-of-lords-committee-concludes


    Check out Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.

  275. Capella says:

    There’s nothing to stop us watching Poldark, Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey and a host of English police procedurals and courtroom dramas if that’s what you like. Not to mention English premiere League football, news and current affairs.

    But don’t bother looking for anything relevant to Scotland because Scotland “went out of fashion in 2014” according to producer Alan Clements (Kirsty Wark’s husband). He was giving evidence to the HoC Culture Media and Sport committee on their away day to Glasgow. The chairman was stunned to find that there had been practically no Scottish drama for over 20 years.

    As far as the BBC is concerned we’re not even an outpost. An electronic cash transfer virtual machine is roughly our status.

    • grizebard says:

      Aye, 2014. Funny coincidence, that.

      Can’t fault your conclusion. Just another facet, doncha know (of course you do!), of being mere colonials.

      (But becoming very restless ones… )

  276. Capella says:

    @ Petra – I was looking at the Indyref2 site earlier and wondering if it would offer a temporary home for WGD commenteers . I don’t like the “forum” format used by Indyref2 much. But this blog may not be able to cope with thousands of comments on one thread. Moderation may also become a problem here.

    Forums are fine for things like technical support. Each post is a permanent post with an ever increasing number of comments on that particular topic. If you want to find out how to install the latest version of linux than you can read through hundreds of posts and fixes for your version.

    Political blogs OTOH – are daily reflections on the latest developments. The host provides the topic according to the news of the day or week. The comments amplify that and contribute links to related blogs, videos, papers or podcasts.

    What do others think? Shall we wait and see if there is any news about how WGD will be managed for the next few weeks? Or shall we think about an alternative venue meantime? I don’t know if Paul managed to arrange for volunteer moderators.
    I don’t want him to feel any pressure to do anything about this either.

    • grizebard says:

      Much good sense there. Don’t know the answer myself, though, except to directly agree with your thoughts about Paul.

      (WoS never had this problem because it was “flat”, and posters just had to back-reference themselves as best they could. So BTL could rumble on for thousands of postings when new articles were absent – as was all too frequent latterly, of course.)

    • Hamish100 says:

      Still early days yet. Happy to wait and see any decision. Health comes first and foremost.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        I see Paul popping in periodically so clearly reading, perhaps let him chew over the options and draw his own conclusions, it will be as much on his mind given his current circumstances.
        A couple of days won’t make much odds…

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Well, if anyone was able to do it, it could be just a blank article with the title “New article 1 …etc” so as the threads were shorter.

    • Petra says:

      Capella I totally agree with you. The Indyref2 site would have been ideal, however Ann and Nana before her got nowhere on there. I tried too to attract others to the site to no avail. Tbh honest I can’t believe it. There are thousands of independence supporters online and yet one of the most informative independence sites in Scotland (two including Pauls, imo) attracts most days only myself responding to Ann who is working her butt off for us. I feel really sorry for her. It’s heartbreaking to be honest. Time for some folks on here to get off of their bl**dy erses and do something about it.

      I’m on a weeks break overlooking the sea right now (because I’m stressed out of my bl**dy brainbox between one thing and another) and have brought my computer along with me to ensure that I can reply to Ann and post her links on here on a daily basis. Holiday? No way.

      If you can do anything about this situation, Capella (or others), it would really be appreciated. The guy who set up the Indyref2 site may be able to help us.

      All that you and I (and others) want to do is to keep this site going. Crucial, imo, in particular as other *so-called* pro-independence sites are totally and most deliberately attempting to destroy our chances of ensuring that our country becomes independent. More so to support and protect Paul of course right now as he recovers to the point that he can take over

      In other words .. HELP NEEDED.

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Have registered with indyref2. Anns links always good to read and share. Thanks to Petra and others who are more than doing their fair share. Have a good week away Petra.

      • Legerwood says:

        I visit Ann’s site every day and often post some of her links on my Facebook page but I don’t post any comments or links on the Forum anymore.

    • Capella says:

      Thx for comments, I think the problem with Indyref2 is the forum format. Also, Paul’s articles are what makes WGD unique .

      Grizebard I agree about the WoS style of comment without individual replies. Also the page length of 500 comments. Also a scroll down arrow. I find the page taking longer to refresh.

      Petra, RELAX and enjoy the seascapes.! There’s nothing we can do atm. But maybe we need to think about continuity.
      Will get back if I have a bright idea – not at this time of night though!

      • Petra says:

        Thanks for the replies folks (Capella, Legerwood and ArtyHetty). I’ve just returned from a brisk walk ridding myself of the cobwebs 😀. I’d hardly got through the door when my phone went and I was informed that someone (so-called friend of the victim) has just stolen £thousands of (more) pounds from an elderly relative … part of an ongoing saga that I’ve been trying to deal with. Anyway I’m staying on here and will let others get on with it until I return, as I’m bloody-well determined that I’m going to RELAX, as per Dr Capella’s orders 😀😎.

  277. Ken2 says:

    Scottish programmes are sold worldwide. Bring in £Billions. Taggart, Hamish McBeth, Outlander, Trainspotters, Braveheart, Endless list. Music, literature, Films Burns, Rebus, McIlvanney.

    Sold all over the world. Bring in tourism as well. Castles and location. Scotland is a big seller. Fashion design, tartan, whisky food stuffs. Cooking programmes.

    In Scottish control they would do even better. The film industry expanded. There are studios bring built. Cumbernauld? North Lanarkshire.

    A 40million diaporia. A worldwide market,

  278. Ken2 says:

    The Tusker/Standing up for Scotland. Prof Robertson is a great site. Good comments and analysis.

  279. Ken2 says:

    Brewer leaving the BBC. Good bye and good luck. Good riddance to most of them.

    • Hamish100 says:

      The hardcore unionists left such as Smith, Wark, Magnusson, Robertson.
      Getting ready for next years fight.

      • Ken2 says:

        Yesterday’s people. No one in Scotland watches them anymore. Support for SNP/Independence rising. The BBC is flawed. Pumping propaganda all around the world. People have had enough of it, They get their information on the internet and share it,

        Scottish invention changed the modern world. TV, radio, telecommunication, led on to the internet. To make the world a better place. The Tories have mucked big time. Who wants the poisoned chalice. Vote them out.

        Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Make the world a better place. More equal, prosperous, cohesive and caring. Tell one other person. Job done.

        The BBC is contracting. Massive budget has to be cut. The News programme get such few viewers they are not worth the time, effort and expense.

        The Tories are cutting it to hand over to commercial units for profit. Murdoch and the other reprobates want a cut. To support the right wing ideology.

        Even Sky/Fox News are being called out by the Murdoch family. The end is in sight. The end is nigh for the right wing philosophy, especially in Scotland.

        The prima donnas have had their day. No one believes a word they say. Neil is away. An alcoholic needs proper rehab counselling. Or they make poor, bad decisions. BBC propaganda is not working. Worldwide. People are sick of it. It makes people sick. People switch.

    • Yes but do realise they are leaving the BBC not because they are giving up but because the BBC is likely to become one channel for the whole of the U.K. after 31.12.2020
      Expect departures in Wales and NI too

  280. yesindyref2 says:

    I don’t know if this is cheeky or not but hey, never stopped me before.

    e.g. “A great way to transform your speech into text without actually typing the content. Although it will be working only in blog posts and not in web pages, it can surely help website owners to reduce their load of using keyboard. Just dictate it, and this WP plugin will write the content on your blog.”

    • Petra says:

      Not cheeky yesindyref2 rather something that occupational and speech therapists will be discussing right now, no doubt.

  281. Capella says:

    I’ve posted a forum topic over on Indyref2 on a possible interim venue for posting comments. Feel free to add your tuppenceworth. It may be that “wait and see” is the best option and that is also fine.

  282. Capella says:

    Dr Elliot Bulmer in The National on why a Scottish Constitution is our only solution to Westminster lies and false promises:

    • Petra says:

      And this one on the Constitution too, Capella.

      ‘Developing a Written Constitution for Scotland.’

      ..”This means a government with a majority (like we have now in the UK) can get laws passed and change a citizen’s rights. You might think this is fine but bear in mind that the House of Commons is elected on a First Past the Post system which means that MPs are elected who many not have the support of most of the electorate. Also to consider is that there are 650 MPs sitting in the House of Commons but they divide up as follows: Scotland 59, Wales 40, N Ireland 18 and England 533. This means that legislation can be passed which suits one part of the UK (say England) and not suit the other 3.”..


      Have your say.

      ‘The Interactive Consultation: – Constitution For Scotland.’

      ”Dedicated to conducting and administering a public consultation on the content and subsequent promotion into legislation of a Constitution endorsed by credible numbers of Scottish citizens.”

  283. jfngw says:

    Mr Globby: ‘Hello sky I want to cancel my subscription’

    TV subs: ‘OK, but we can offer you a deal’

    Mr Globby: ‘What I want is no subscription but still have access to your sports channel’

    TV subs: ‘That’s not possible’

    Mr Globby: ‘Surely both sides need to compromise, I’ve done my bit by still committing to watching your channels’

    TV subs: ‘That’s not a compromise but a unrealistic demand’

    Mr Globby: ‘Well that’s your loss as your advertisers will have less viewers and it will hurt your income, you do realise I hold all the cards’

  284. Capella says:

    As Petra is RESTING I’ve taken the liberty of copying the link to Ann’s links over on Indyref2. Have a look around – it may become our autumn hutte.

    • Petra says:

      Thanks Capella. I’ll leave a wee message for Ann and then I’ll get off to ”rest’ … on doctor’s orders 😀. I’m beginning to feel like an old crock, bejesus 🙄🤣.

  285. Petra says:

    I can’t wait to see hundreds of thousands of independence supporters take to the streets again … Covid willing 😷. And let’s hope that they won’t be necessary beyond the 1st of May which means that we’ll have to ensure that the Arbroath and Glasgow marches are absolutely spectacular 😀😎



    Arbroath – 3rd April 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
    Glasgow – 1st May 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
    Peebles – 12th June 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
    Bannockburn – 26th June 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
    Elgin – 3rd July 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
    Kirkcaldy – 7th August 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
    Stirling – 11th September 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
    Edinburgh- 2nd October 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    #AUOB #NowIsTheTime #OneScotland
    All Under One Banner @AUOBALBA

    • Capella says:

      I was so looking forward to Arbroath this year as it marked the 700th Anniversary of the Declaration. I thought that would probably kick off the independence campaign for a referendum around now. But Covid-19 arrived. I only hope we are clear of the worst of it before April 2021.

      • Alex Clark says:

        “I only hope we are clear of the worst of it before April 2021.”

        Me too and I’m sure all of us hope for the same. Being realistic it is unlikely that we will be clear of the worst. I do believe that we need to get our heads around that scenario, other than a vaccine the only thing that stops this virus from spreading is reducing contact between people.

        Hopefully, a vaccine is on the horizon and there are positive noises being made around this, still, it’s not a given and it’s my view we need to be better prepared to live with the virus for an undetermined time. That means following the guidance, China has managed it so why can’t we?

        Just six months ago, Wuhan was home to one of the world’s first, and strictest, lockdowns.

        The city was sealed off from the rest of China, with people discouraged from leaving their homes except for groceries, and face masks were mandatory. During the 76 days of strict lockdown, Mr Lu only went outside occasionally, to collect deliveries from the entrance to his residential area.

        However, now with measures largely lifted, more than 18 million tourists flocked to the city for China’s Golden Week at the start of October.

        Despite the mass movement of people, the country has not reported another large outbreak of Covid-19 cases. Mr Lu told the PA news agency there was a significant cultural difference, with Chinese citizens more likely to follow the rules mandated by their government.

  286. Alex Clark says:

    The Tory cherry on the top of their handling of the Covid-19 pandemic will be a no deal Brexit and the UK falling off a cliff with regards to trade with the EU at the end of the transition period on New Years Day.

    If it does come to that then the UK is going to be in a very bad place indeed, just imagine scarcity of various foods and medicines on top of the imposed restrictions due to Covid. Many people are totally struggling already having lost their jobs, this is about to accelerate with the end of the furlough scheme.

    Those most affected will be anyone working in hospitality whose earnings are on, or near minimum wage, they will not manage on the proposed replacement giving them 66% of their normal week’s wages. Stick a no deal Brexit on top with everything that entails and it is not an exaggeration to say that the peasants are revolting.

    You might want to read this summary of the current situation. This blog has been discussing Brexit since the UK voted to leave and along with the Chris Grey blog has been a good source of accurate and relevant information related to Brexit.

    I think today’s article gives the clearest picture yet of where we are likely heading with regards to a Brexit deal. It doesn’t give you the answer, you have to fathom that out for yourself.

    • Capella says:

      I have to admire the infinite diplomacy and patience of Michel Barnier. All that expensive training at the École normale supérieure has paid off – better than Eton and Oxbridge anyway. How they must want to tell Johnston and Gove to “shut up and go away”.

      But this is a text book example of Perfidious Albion’s negotiation methods. Our negotiators will be studying this in preparation for our departure. Every trick in the book and few not yet published is being deployed with the usual press barons cheer-leading.

  287. Welsh Sion says:

    From today’s Observer:

    The voice of Scottish youth:

    Another Broontervention:

    “I believe that the minute the immediate crisis is over, the UK needs to be rethought and rebooted – starting with a convention engaging all nations and regions and built out of local citizens’ assemblies to discuss how, through joint working and the sharing of power, we manage practical challenges like disease control, social care, regeneration and employment.”

    And how pray, is the following going to work? What does it actually mean?

    “If constitutional options for better joint working and the sharing of power were brought forward, the many Scots who, out of frustration, now say they want to go it alone, may discover they have much more common cause with Wales, the north and the Midlands than any “us versus them” nationalist alternative.”

  288. Alex Clark says:

    This is today, another UK balls up and a prime example of how the UK holds Scotland back.

    We were notified late last week of a testing capacity issue with the UK Government Lighthouse facility in Glasgow.

    This has meant around 64,000 tests from across the UK, including Scotland, will be rerouted this weekend (Fri-Sun) to other testing sites in the UK and Northern Ireland, including tests from our physical testing sites, for example Regional Tests sites. It is important to note that the majority of these tests are still well within the 24 and 48 hour timeframe for results albeit we do expect to see an increase in the level of positives on Monday and Tuesday when the results are reported.

    The Scottish Government is urgently trying to establish with the UK Government what exactly is causing the delay in testing but this is mainly due to demand from out with Scotland.

    We continue to reroute routine testing of care home staff through NHS Scotland testing facilities to ensure prompt turnaround times.

    • Legerwood says:

      This is at least the 3rd time that there have been problems with the Lighthouse labs. Very little, if any, detail is given about what has gone wrong.

  289. Alex Clark says:

    This is what panic in Unionist circles looks like after the recent polling. Even they can see that it is over. Scotland has had enough of being governed by Westminster and will make its own decisions in future. We will be Independent and even the most committed Unionist now sees it’s inevitable.

    “There’s no oven-ready deal, only a PM’s ugly self-interest – Euan McColm

    • Dr Jim says:

      Notice how Euan McColm of the Scotsman, alias the suspected Brian Spanner uses his entire piece on British Nationalist lying incompetence to mean that Scottish Nationalism is just as bad as English Nationalism because of the similarities between Alex Salmond’s gambling style and Boris Johnson’s bumbling approach, but guess what, Alex Salmond isn’t in charge anymore, Nicola Sturgeon has that job and McColm uttered not a stutter about the current FMs capabilities in the leadership department, why not? because she’s been found to be the most competent political leader in these Islands and the person who will lead Scotland to Independence and the main reason why the Tories are so angry with themselves? because they know unlike her predecessor when Nicola Sturgeon says “Independence now?” Scotland will answer with a resounding YES and there won’t have any doubts about it or her

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