Whatever happened to the positive case for the union?

There are few certainties in life, just death, taxes, and a Labour party that promises that it’s going to listen to the people of Scotland when it’s out of power. There’s also a Conservative party that keeps claiming to be speaking for the majority in Scotland despite the fact that its vote share has been stuck in the 20th percentile for the past couple of decades, but that’s not so much a certainty as it is a delusion and a failure of basic arithmetic.

The Labour leadership has been making overtures to the Scottish electorate again, in much the same way that you keep getting text messages from your creepy ex telling you that they’ve changed. After taking you for granted during your entire relationship, after ignoring what you wanted and only when you threatened to leave managing the most basic lip service to your needs, Labour now wants Scotland to know that it’s listening to us, and that it wants our trust back.

Speaking at the Labour party’s virtual conference, New Leader Keir Starmer did he mention he’s the New Leader with capital letters and everything and that he’s not Jeremy Corbyn, said that he didn’t think that the values of the people of Scotland had changed. And this would be true. It’s just that the values of the Labour party did. Scotland still sees itself as a European nation, the Labour party now accepts Brexit. Scotland wanted greater powers for Holyrood, whether independence or the devo-max promised to us by Gordon Brown, and we got a Labour party which was even less willing to devolve new powers after the indyref of 2014 than the Tory party was. That would be the indyref when the Labour party stood shoulder to shoulder with the Tories, gleefully grinning outside a branch of Asda in Falkirk after David Cameron leant on his pals who’re the heads of supermarket companies to issue a statement claiming food prices would be higher in an independent Scotland. That one image was Labour’s Scottish epitaph, the physical embodiment of their betrayal.

Labour is now promising to listen, just as they promised to listen and to reflect after their defeat in the 2007 Scottish elections, just as they did following their defeats in 2011, the route they suffered in the General Election of 2015, their losses in 2016 and 2019. Yet here we are with a Labour party still promising to listen and showing no sign at all that it has learned any lessons except a burning resentment that the Scottish votes to which it feels entitled have gone elsewhere.

Meanwhile the Conservatives continue to trash any residual faith that people in Scotland might have had that Scotland’s interests can be met within the UK. Despite the Conservatives claiming that they’re the only ones who are standing up for the interests of the agricultural sector, it has been reported in The Times that the real prime minister, Dominic Cummings, has instructed Conservative MPs not to support any amendments to the Agriculture Bill which is currently passing through the Commons. I seem to recall the Leave campaign during the EU referendum demanding that the UK should ‘take back control’ so that unelected bureaucrats could no longer tell British government ministers and MPs what to do, and here we are with an unelected bureaucrat telling British government ministers and MPs what to do.

If passed with no amendments the bill ensures that ministers will be able to enforce lower food standards in the interests of doing trade deals. The UK doesn’t welcome migrants, asylum seekers, or refugees fleeing wars and brutality amply weaponised by the British arms trade, but it will welcome chlorinated chicken with open arms. It opens the floodgates to food produced to lower standards, which is less safe to the public, and which undercuts domestic agricultural producers. There’s your global Britain for you.

Just a few months ago, in news you may have missed what with the apocalypse and everything, leaked emails from Tim Leunig, an advisor to Number 10 and a close associate of Dominic Cummings, suggested that the UK really doesn’t need an agriculture sector at all. This is the same man who also reportedly once suggested that the British Government should pull all state support from “failed Northern cities” and should encourage their inhabitants to move south.

Agriculture forestry and fishing makes a larger proportional contribution to the Scottish economy than it does to UK’s. Food and drink represent the largest single export sector in the Scottish economy. The Conservatives’ new bill risks significant and lasting damage to that sector. They will happily sacrifice Scotland in order to extract some advantage for their pals in the City of London. The Conservatives have no one’s interests at heart except their own. They represent the politicisation of selfishness, the elevation of greed to a religion.

The performance artiste with the stage name Boris Johnson couldn’t be less popular in Scotland if he’d run naked and maskless down the fresh meat aisle in Morrisons and then done a dump at the checkout while screaming about a post he’d read on Facebook from his uncle that proved that the virus is all a lie. Meanwhile Douglas Ross is far too busy opening his gob and putting his foot in it to be an effective Saviour of the Union™. So now the Tories are looking to Rishi Sunak to save them and their precioussss union – by which they mean Scotland’s incorporation into a unitary Brexitland with its chlorinated chicken, its third rate genuine Scotch whisky made in India, and its union flegs plastered on everything. This is because Rishi has spent the past few months spaffing borrowed money around and the Conservatives are hoping that no one in Scotland will realise that we don’t need the UK Treasury to borrow money for us when we could just as easily do it for ourselves. However Rishi’s reputation as the Tory Santa Claus is about to come to an end when the furlough system ends soon and people start to lose their jobs. And all this just as we reach the crunch point in the Brexit process where the absolute best possible outcome we can hope for is a crappy deal that will still do massive damage to an economy that’s already been battered by the lockdown.

So we have a Labour party that always promises to listen when it’s in opposition but which never seems to manage to do anything about it or to show any concrete evidence that it’s actually heard the voters. We get nothing but repeated mouthings about a federalism fairy that never comes close to flying. We have a Conservative party that’s hell bent on the hardest possible Brexit and which will sacrifice even their traditional support base in Scotland in order to do so. Remember when opponents of independence used to promise us that they’d make a positive case for the union? This is where it is now.

The purpose of this blog is to  make a positive case for independence, to attack the pretensions of British nationalism, and to formulate arguments which will help to persuade no voters, undecideds, and soft yes voters to support independence.  It’s also to boost the morale of those of us who are already involved in this campaign.  I do not provide this platform to allow people to attack others in the movement with whom they disagree.  Other people might choose to use their platforms to do so, I don’t.

So if you want to share your favourite conspiracy theories about Nicola Sturgeon or anyone else in this movement – you can go elsewhere.  I am past caring whether you think that this means you are being censored.  You have no absolute right to use this blog and you most certainly don’t have the right to abuse my hospitality by insulting me personally. 

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75 comments on “Whatever happened to the positive case for the union?

  1. andyfromdunning says:

    They are delusional Paul. Head cases all of them. If you have a brain this is all self evident. I wish a few more people would remove their dark glasses and see the real world.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Sadly it’s not self-evident to a significant number of people in this country. That’s why it’s all the more important that we keep pointing it out. We can’t take support for independence for granted.

      • I’d contribute to a crowd fund right now to pay for a letter to be sent to every Moray constituent advising that their MP, self styled FM in waiting is out of the country right now, running about in shorts officiating at football matches in Covid plagued Europe, and getting paid handsomely for it, while still picking up his MP’s wages and expenses.
        The man is an absolute disgrace.
        Pensioners in Moray are dying and he is running about hoovering up dosh rather than doing his sacred duty.
        Nobody voted for him to skive off every time there is a crisis.

        Who does he think he is? Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause? Kezia Be Nice To Politicians Think Tank Dugdale, the erstwhile Fifi Le Bon?

        The EU offered England (I am no longer a member of their defunct UK) breathing space beyond the EU 27 summit 15th October so that Johnson, sorry Cummings, could reconsider the illegal UK IM Bill.

        It was even time lined on Newsnight to reassure us all that the battered old Brexit can had been kicked even further down the green lanes of Olde England, until December.

        Barnier met with Johnson, and Johnson reiterated that UKIM, and the destruction of the GFA, and the death of Scotland will go ahead 1st Jan ’21.

        So, (we all seem to be using that innocent wee interjection these days) by next Friday, we shall have been dragged out of the EU on a No Deal deal, against the wishes of the people of Scotland, by Friday next.
        What are we waiting for?

        It is beyond reason to advocate that we sit tight until the SGE next May.
        There will be no Scotland left by then.

        • btw, Paul, stupendous piece.

          The Red Tory Branch Office has nothing to say on The Rape Clause,the cap on welfare, sickness, and pension payments, the two child UCS limit, the sell-off of council houses, tuition fees, toll charges, the privatisation of the Health Service, prescription charges, the cuts to LA’s , the Bedroom Tax, PFI,which the Linesman Dross will introduce in Scotland when he becomes FM, but only if he’s not needed to don his dinky wee shorts and run about with a fleg at Euro 21.

          All those firebrand Socialists; Leonard, a member of the CND but supports Trident. Findlay, the darling of Tweet, have never once attacked the Blue Tories sitting across from their wee band of kid-on Reds, for Far Right fascist policies which are being forced on England’s citizens but held at bay by the SNP/Green government Up Here.

          They are without morals. They would endanger thousands of their fellow Scots while their arch enemies the Blue Meanies destroy Scotland?
          We cannot wait until Next May.
          There is no Labour Party in Scotland now.
          IT’s time the left realised that their Union is dead.

        • Jack Collatin, I feel the pain too

          But Scotland WILL still be here next May and we will have a Scottish independence referendum
          England’s Westminster can make us leave the EU with no deal they can abandon the good Friday agreement , they can sell Scottish fishing rights to the highest bidder and trash the agricultural industry but they won’t destroy Scotland , we will still be here

          • Perpetual nonsense Graeme, ire caused by crystal ball thinking of what might happen if gender recognition law is improved.
            Here’s some help for you , wait and see what the final decision is before you throw your hat in the ring with the other reactionaries otherwise you will look ridiculous .

            Furthermore it’s in your own interest to desist spreading those rumours about Scottish government nailing Alex Salmond.
            Ten women brought cases against Alex that isn’t Scottish government , as yet we don’t know who the ten are or who is backing them but one day we will and it will not be Scottish government.
            There are other much more likely candidates

        • grizebard says:

          It would in principle be possible for the Scottish Government to resign in protest early (eg. on 01.Jan when the dirty deed finally happens and no cozy illusions remain for anyone) and invite the opposition to try to form a government, which would of course fail, thereby precipitating an SGE. Much though people like us might gladly welcome the long-awaited constitutional challenge, mid-winter in the middle of a likely continuing pandemic probably isn’t the best time to get maximal effect from such an election.

          It’s galling, no doubt about it, and I say this as an impatientista like you, but too many ordinary folk are still not ready for this yet, are even well-distracted by all the consequences of the virus, so we will probably just have to fidget, keep spreading the good word as best we can, and wait it out till May.

          Revenge being best served cold, y’ken.

        • Petra says:

          Phantom Power:- ”Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have ignored and neglected the day job for far too long’ Baroness Ruth Davidson @ScotTories @Douglas4Moray.” https://mobile.twitter.com/PhantomPower14/status/1314594364073693186


          Faisal Islam:- ”Ross down on uefa website as linesman for Luxembourg-cyprus nations league on Saturday too – which is interesting as Lux not on exempt list & Govt advises against all but essential travel because of Covid, so ordinarily would require isolation on return.” https://mobile.twitter.com/faisalislam/status/1314318992882925568

  2. Brian Powell says:

    Members of the Scottish Government should take this as a speech, people need to be told the full extent of what we face and what needs to be done.
    To some extent it has been depending on seepage of info and the daily updates to have an effect.
    There are going to be major announcements at the Conference, they should be highlighting what is in this article.

    • Brian Powell I really don’t think people act on being given information about future consequences of current government action.

      Regrettably people only want to take action once they have seen or experienced the calamities

      I believe that we will have to suffer the reduction in living standards that leaving the EU will cause , before people will call for action.

  3. grizebard says:

    Oh, so Labour (again, for the umpteenth time) promises to listen. But they clearly aren’t, or they would have something more convincing to offer long since. It’s just the same old self-righteous exceptionalism, empty words while fondly hoping that the Scottish Government will falter so that the foolish positive-thinking plebs will lose all self-belief and return to their miserable do-nothing fold.

    We’ve had enough of their institutionalised hopelessness sustained by empty promises that never deliver. It’s time to grow up and take responsibility for our own affairs. We are more than capable, and Labour can take a hike. (A very long one.)

  4. […] Wee Ginger Dug Whatever happened to the positive case for the union? There are few certainties in life, just death, taxes, and a Labour party that promises […]

  5. carolclark1 says:

    Hear, hear Paul, nail squarely banged on the head.

    Can you please pass the brain bleach, did not need that picture in my auld heid 1st sentence paragraph 9. Bojo running naked and maskless running doon the meat isle in Morrison’s aaaargh.

  6. joe. says:

    I see Jeremy clarkson this morning accusing Nicola Sturgeon of hating
    The English.and also saying she is just creating lockdowns To create
    Economic problems throughout the country.then goes on to say it will
    Be the hard earned money of the English taxpayers that will be used
    To bale Scotland out to survive.because we are to poor and have to
    rely on England.This man is just one enormous bag of wind.like a lot
    more Britnat unionists.The quicker we get our independence the better.
    it cannot come soon Enough.

    • grizebard says:

      I wonder what he’ll say when BoZo is finally forced to follow her good example (as has happened before)?

      These professional Nicola-haters happily expose the realities of how their zombie reactionary colonialism is still alive (if festering) in England. No more “mr nice guys”, “all Union pals together”, the smiley mask is truly slipping now.

      This kind of characteristic hateful arrogance from Clarkson might go down well with the Brexit Brigade in England, but he is probably totally clueless about how brilliant a recruiter he is for independence in Scotland

      • JoMax says:

        There’s a Doctor who was a fairly permanent fixture on a morning TV show (still pops up) who was adamant in the early stages of lockdown about the seriousness of the situation, how everyone should follow the advice and keep themselves and others safe. All continued well with this Doctor until the suggestion was made in the summer, should Scotland which was doing well by this time, close the border temporarily and prevent movement particularly south to north? Suddenly the demeanour changed dramatically. It was a case of ‘Who do THEY think THEY are? THEY need our tourists!!!!’ You get the drift. They simply cannot help themselves.

    • An independent Scotland Will Set All Taxes, Collect all Taxes, and Spend All Taxes, for the benefit of the Scottish people. I do not wish to be a burden on the English taxpayer.

    • Daisy Walker says:

      In 2013/14 on Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson said to one of his ‘Stars in a Reasonably priced Car’ out the side of his mouth re Scottish Indy – ‘they’ll take the oil’.. At the time he was neighbour and pal with PM – David Cameron.

      He may be playing the daft laddie, but he’s not, and he knows fine well the lies he wants to peddle and the reasons for doing so.

      Sorry can’t recall the episode, or the ‘star’.

      For your info.

      • Petra says:

        So many individuals playing the daft laddie or lassie act now. Peddling lies and thinking, wrongly, that people haven’t been able to see right through them from day one.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      He does say our scenery is the best in the world though, and he’s driven over most of it. Good for tourism – there’s another Grand Tour coming out after his previous NC500 one. Western Isles. Applecross ooops, shouldn’t have said that last one, son happened to be there and saw it!

      He’s tongue in cheek mostly, outrageously non-PC. It’s how he gets his publicity. His bark is probably worse than his bite, mostly, and even the Argentinians didn’t lock him up.

  7. Dominic Cummings grandad …in law

    Sir Evelyn Baring. He was governor of Kenya from 1952-59. Perhaps drawing on Sir John Harding’s advice, he set up a system of concentration and slave labour camps, in which tens of thousands of Kikuyu people were tortured and mutilated, beaten and burnt to death.

    Interesting …in the U.K. you will see reports in the newspapers and on tv telling you the criminal who’s relatives have a criminal record but they don’t ever tell you the connections in the relationships of those who govern, they don’t want you to know that it’s the same families decade after decade after decade controlling the government and enabling the businesses intertwined .

    When you see a company given a huge contract worth tens of millions and you think to yourself I’ve never heard of them before who are they ? Who owns it ?
    Look beneath the surface and you will find the same old connections siphoning from the public purse

  8. Ally says:

    Great article again Paul. Also enjoyed this weeks dughoose. You mentioned your stubourn father in the interview and was wondering if we encouraged him to embrace Independence?

    Also James Kelly over at Scot goes Pop in doing a crowd funder for a new poll planned for sometime over the next 2 months .As he points out we are not likely to get one comisioned by a unionist outfit.

  9. Bob Lamont says:

    Pretty much on the button with that summary Paul…
    My current understanding of the positive case is that they may pull off the media attack dogs, may come clean with the populace, and may even tell PQ to report on matters important to Scots, so May it is, and hell mend them when the verdict lands…

  10. Dr Jim says:

    That’s how to write them Paul, smack in the face factual stuff that needs read by everyone in our country

  11. Guybrush Threepwood says:

    Off topic ***

    I have been extremely impressed by Devi Sridhar during this pandemic. Her articles and YouTube interviews are fascinating and educational – she is a credit to the University of Edinburgh.

    I would like to see the Scottish Government utilise her more often. Jason Leitch seems to alienate a lot of people and is bit of a ‘marmite’ character (for individuals on both sides of the constitutional debate).

    I know people who literally switch off the tv as soon as he appears. This is deeply concerning whenever you are attempting to put across a public health message. Some people just don’t have the right voice or personality for public speaking.

    Devi is like a ray of sunshine, in comparison to Leitch and has a more agreeable personality. We are lucky to have her.

    • Petra says:

      Sad to say Devi Sridhar seemingly alienates people too Guybrush and has been attacked online by individuals such as Rooth the Mooth.

      ..”Scottish Conservatives and others have criticised Sridhar for political comments such as “it is the tragedy of history that when a serious pandemic hit the world where leadership and good governance were required, Donald Trump was US President and Boris Johnson was UK Prime Minister 😀”.

      Check out her experience and qualifications. Impressive.


    • Don’t agree Guybrush Threepwood

      Jason Leitch is excellent , knows what’s going on, explains it well

      • Legerwood says:

        He has improved as time has gone on. At the beginning he was too much in thrall to Valance and Whitty. I think his exposure to Sridhar, Bauld and Kao and others advising the Scottish Government has improved his grasp of things.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Sorry I know of no one switching off with Jason Leitch. Maybe it is just you.

      A wee bit of undermining. No?

  12. Guybrush Threepwood says:

    Labour have abandoned any hopes of rejoining the EU, in an attempt to recapture seats in the north of England. Their priority is to the electorate in England and Scots should simply accept this, out of some kind of perverse solidarity with English voters.

    It’s funny that this solidarity always seems to flow one-way, with Scottish voters constantly being the ones that must sacrifice what we want, in order to please voters in England.

    • grizebard says:

      Well, duh. Bitter Together were very happy to urge us to remain in solidarity with “the workers of Liverpool”, but you never hear any of the selfsame politicians urging “the workers of Liverpool” to remain in solidarity with us over the likes of our desire to remain in full association with the EU. No, we have just to be grateful for whatever crumbs they deign to throw us from their table.

      Nothing new there, actually, but it’s becoming visible to more and more people through all the usual BritNat smokescreening. Now maybe folks are even beginning to realise that {shock!} we could actually borrow money more cheaply and effectively for crisis support on our own account as an independent country rather than twiddling our thumbs waiting for London to bother to notice us.

      • What gets me is when England’s Westminster tell us no you can’t have money for that !

      • Dr Jim says:

        There was a lot of that kind of talk of how Scotland should be in solidarity with a town in England
        and with that kind of comparison that a town in England is the same as an entire country with its own people and culture just shows you where Labour have actually always been, and it’s never been on the side of Scotland the country

  13. handclapping says:

    What gets me about the way that they are taking back control is that now our food standards will be set by some tin-pot banana republic that we want to do a trade deal with. Even by the standards of those that promulgated the Vow that does not equate with taking back control, as the English and Welsh who voted for Brexit will soon find out. We have known since 2014.

  14. Steve says:

    [Comment removed]

  15. Golfnut says:

    From today onwards, we the people of Scotland should hold those responsible for every death attributed to Covid 19, whether broadcaster or in print, whether Westminster or Holyrood MP or MSP who have sought to undermine the efforts of the Scottish Government to protect the people of Scotland during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

    • I posted on Chis Cairns excellent cartoon over on WoS earlier:-

      “I’m all for anyone who wants to go to pubs, and all for landlords shovelling as much drink down their necks as they can, and for them to spill out into deserted city centre streets at 2 in the morning, while said landlords till up and rejoice at the profits they are making from the libertines, as they listen to the fights breaking out on the pavements outside their shuttered drinking dens.

      Go for it big time, all on here who blame ‘Nicola Sturgeon’ for everything from potholes to Jackie Baillie’s constituent who caught Covid in a car and didn’t get a test.

      It is of course every libertine’s right to let it all hang out, go maskless to supermarkets, light up a fag in a restaurant, or rifle through a rack of dresses or shirts in a boutique while wolfing a double cheeseburger dripping animal fat and ketchup.

      I’m all for those poor wee souls at Uni getting pissed, some even dying of drug overdoses, and flooding Ashton Lane to ‘Partee!’

      I’m all for Top Gear petrol heads racing through built up areas at 60 mph.

      Go for it, you mad free spirits.

      But when you get Covid, or you get stabbed outside a night club, or you wrap your turbo charged GTI around a lamp post and are lying there with a leg severed and bleeding to death, don’t expect society, in the form of our GPs Hospitals police fire service and paramedics to suddenly kick into gear and save your sorry selfish arses.

      Oh, I reckon that there are in excess of 5 million Scots buckling down, following the medical advice, and doing their utmost to protect themselves and their nearest, and neighbours from the terrible plague.

      The junk that the Dead Tree Scrolls and the BBC Sky and STV churn out, undermining our collective efforts to beat this is quite frankly sinister and evil.

      So go ahead..drink yourselves legless, venture forth without a facemask, light up an Embassy Regal in Asda cafeteria.
      But crawl off into a corner and die if you catch Covid.

      Don’t expect any sympathy or support from this scribe.
      I enjoyed that.”

      The Dead Tree Scrolls and BBC STV and the steam radio feature the ice bucket landlords’ protest; some pub bosses are ‘in tears’.
      I hope they save some for the 7 who died in a Lothian Care Home.

      Linesman Dross will not undergo 14 days quarantine on his return from Europe despite footballers dropping like flies on international duty.

      The Jock Brit Nat Elite don’t give a monkey’s how much damage they do to our efforts to tame this virus. I’m sure the pensioners of Moray will give the Linesman a big welcome home hug.

      We know who the enemies of the people of Scotland are now.

      • Jack Collatin…what have you been doing today ….?

        That is some outburst…you are awful ….but I do like it

        Well done you’ve said what a lot of folk are thinking

        The kind of people you have described have always been around since time began
        and they will still be around when we are long gone
        But it’s good to let them know that they do wrong and the rest of us don’t like it

        • Tel boy, I know, I know. Nil bastardum carborundum and all that.

          Patel has opened a secret concentration camp in Wales, the RAF bombed a Scottish island, and six Trident missiles were transported across the Kingston and Erskine bridges in broad daylight on their way to the ‘relatively remote’ corner of England’s militarily occupied colony, Brown’s ‘North Britain’, and Johnson informed Macron that he’d taken back control of Scottish waters so no Froggie fishing boats, but will France please buy our fish after 15th October?

          By the middle of next week Covid and Brexit will suddenly be upon sun bathing binge drinking face mask shunning Johnny Furriner hating England.
          Expect riots.

      • Golfnut says:

        ‘ quite frankly sinister and evil ‘


    • jfngw says:

      They’ve gone from ‘clap for the NHS’ to ‘throw ice at the NHS’, being portrayed as some civic bravery by the media. The night of the broken ice, where the message is just let the vulnerable take the risk.

  16. Gregory R Nunn says:

    The current losers (and future losers), the pro-union crowd, are wanting “intellectual” debate, discussions, and general worthless talks and chats, as if their opinions amount to some import. It’s only now, as they circle the drain, that they are “willing” to talk about independence.
    Too late. A solid majority wants independence.
    The time for intellectual chit chat, armchair pipe-puffing aristocratic do-nothing’s, looking down their noses at everything that’s not about them, is over.
    Labour and conservatives belong in a museum, dusty relics of a lost empire.
    Scotland is in the catbird seat now.
    We’re just working out the details, and that is a Scottish matter.

  17. Ken2 says:

    Imagine someone wanting people from the North to the South. The south is over crowded and congested. The North is empty of people. The clearance and higher unemployment because of Westminster policies. People had to migrate. The south is so congested it comes to a stand still. Ruining the economy. The North needs people to help the economy.

    The Westminster unionists have been taking monies out of Scotland to fund their appalling policies. Trying to ruin the Scottish economy. Trying to keep it secret under the Official Secrets Act. They are shameful.

    It is only since Devolution 2000 the Scottish population has increased. The population remained the same from 1900 to 2000. 5million, it dipped in 1950. War dead?

    These Tories are so ignorant and arrogant. It is unbelievable.The damage they are doing. To line their pockets.

  18. Ken2 says:

    Johnston’s father abused his mother. She had mental health issues. He broke her nose. He was unfaithful all the time.

    Johnston was unfaithful and had a few children. One he did not acknowledge. He was taken to Court. Sued to establish parental responsibility. They only divorced not long ago. So he could become PM. All his indiscretions have been covered up. His children are grown up. At university. He must provide for them. Murdoch sacked him for telling lies.

    Johnston was born in the US. Brought up in Brussels. His father was an EU diplomat. Johnston was brought up in privilege. No uni fees. Until Thatcher/Blair came along. Now £9000 in the south. Massive debt.

  19. Bob Agassi says:

    The party born of Scots with founding principles to abolish the House of Lords and give dignity to the working man and woman. Founded on the manifesto promise of Home Rule for Scotland they were our saviour from the ignorance of London rule.

    But the Brits infiltrated and ingratieted the Labour party and they left us behind whilst accepting British baubles and Lordships to the places they vowed to disband.

    To my eternal shame I voted for these shysters on the promise that only a socialist government in London could help Scotland’s mining and farming communities. Voted for them in 92 and was as devastated as everyone else when Kinnock failed (where is he now?)

    Voted for them in 97 and was elated when they won only to be affected straight away when they introduced tuition fees. But because it was Labour we accepted it and voted them in again and they repaid us with Iraq.

    I cant explain 2010 maybe it was the ‘Ok this is the very last time but you’re warned’ and they left us behind again with a coalition of chaos Tory and LibDem.

    That was the last time I voted Labour, I have subsequently voted SNP at every election as they are the only party who reflect my hopes and beliefs.

    There is no Labour Party fit to carry the name or the founding principles, the sooner they are gone the better.

  20. yesindyref2 says:

    Not much to say really on the article, but on the whisky angle I remembered this (1989):


    ” Nikka is interested in importing bottled spring water from the Campsie Fells to be on offer for mixing with its own Nipponese nectar.” and kind of remember rumours water was actually to be exported by the tanker load.

    Then this or similar (2015):


    “Japanese whisky is taking on Scotch – and winning
    The nascent Japanese whisky industry was built on Scottish components: Scottish stills, Scottish barley and even, it is alleged, Scottish water, were shipped to Japan. Likewise, the Scotch whisky industry has been complacent about foreign competition.”

    So basically speaking if you see someone furtively setting up a standpipe in the street and your household water pressure drops – it might be another step in stealing our whisky industry.

    • Dr Jim says:

      There are 25 Whisky distilleries in England, and the brand is *British* Whisky and will soon be ready just in time for England to attempt to crush the life out of Scotch Whisky

      The biggest selling Whiskey in the world at one time was Irish until Ireland took their Independence form England who then crushed the travel and trade routes for that Whiskey and set about promoting Scotch Whisky that they did not want to do because it would increase Scotland’s economy and boost confidence in Scotland, but England needed the revenue from it to replace the loss of the Irish money

      • J Galt says:

        The attack on Irish Whiskey began well before their independence, in the mid 19th century, and allowed the Scotch Whisky industry to obtain a dominant position well before the Great War.

        Not that I approve but the legendary Para Handy himself often referred to Scotch Whisky as “Brutish Spirits”!

    • In Japan they don’t buy or drink Japanese whisky
      They prefer the real stuff from Scotland

      • Guybrush Threepwood says:

        Touché! I can confirm this to be true, as I live in Japan.

        Scottish whisky is even sold in local convenience stores, such as Family Mart.

        • “Scotch Whisky exports grew 4.4% to a record £4.91 billion in 2019, with 1.3 billion bottles exported to 180 markets, according to the latest figures compiled from HMRC export data.”

          Even with the 25% tariff slapped on exports to the US of America and Olde England (the 51st state), which reduced exports by £300 million, it remains the UK’s largest food and drinks export.
          Too poor?
          Scotland is self sufficient in food drink and energy, and operates a net trade surplus.

          What the heck is holding us back?

          I may apply for political asylum and an EU/Scotia passport any day now.

      • J Galt says:

        A lot of it is exported here, and it obtains premium prices I can assure you!

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Jings. All they’d have to do is change English to British on the label – and do the same for ours.


      “Plenty of English whisky was produced in the 19th century, but when the stills of the Lea Valley Distillery fell silent in 1903, nothing happened for almost exactly a century. Now whisky is being made from Cornwall to Cumbria. ”

      That’s just not right.

  21. David Agnew says:

    If it weren’t for the British: Scotland couldn’t:

    Take part in world sporting events
    Be taken seriously in trade
    Be genetically disposed to making decisions
    Do science and thinking and stuff
    bail out RBS (missing the point that an independent Scotland would have required roasters like Darling and Brown to be in charge)
    Understood culture and stuff
    Had a language and history of its own
    Know what art is
    known the difference between a sausage roll and a roll and sausage and wee dugs.

    Note that Scotland is never identified as being “British” its just benefits from “Britain”

    Its never contributed anything of value. It lives on charity of the “British” It is a scrounger. A whiner and a force of darkness that the evil rulers of evil lands would love to see being independent. Its the land were Mr Mackie of Mackie’s ice cream lives in terror that should the “British” ever learn he was Scottish, they wouldn’t buy anything he makes. Its the land that has a deficit and debt greater than that of the entire world. Despite the fact that it cannot spend more than it has and cannot ever be in debt. Because you wouldn’t steal money from someone who has none, now would you? That is essentially what the union is. A dirty grubby little spiv, nicking money out of its partners purse and “spaffing” it up a wall.

    and that dear friends, WAS their positive case for union. They could have lost had they not shat themselves and made the “vow” which they broke immediately, first chance they had. They didn’t win. They had a stay of execution. nothing more. They lost control of Scotland from that day on and what little grip they have on it, is slipping away.

    Boris Johnson is going to destroy the UK and astonishingly, unionists would still see themselves and the rest of Scotland hung out to dry along with “Britain” or whatever the fuck “Britain” is supposed to be these days. Precious union my arse.

  22. Hamish100 says:

    Nice take on the arrogance of britnats.

  23. Craig Macfarlane says:

    My biggest worry (apart from covid-19) is if our FM continues with her May 2021 timeline…there will ge no Scottish elections to hold as our parliament will already be gone…

    • weegingerdug says:

      If the Tories try to abolish Holyrood it will guarantee a massive majority in Scotland for independence.

      • Craig Macfarlane says:

        That’s true but would we have a mechanism to implement a referendum without a parliament…its fairly obvious what the internal market bill is going to cause…

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Perhaps go back to basics :
      How quickly could the Johnson regime close Holyrood short of military occupation? – Decades.
      With 80% support among Scots for Holyrood and rising due to this pandemic, how long would it take before they’d changed the public’s mind ? – Decades.
      This is the Pissup/Brewery HMG still struggling 4 years after Brexit to put infrastructure and systems in place with a deadline 10 weeks away, so Years or Decades are the order of things.
      We afford so much authority to London through habit, in this case piloted by elitist wasters supported by 10-15,000 members of the blue-rinse club… Really ?
      We’ll do fine, and we’re off..

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