Cruel Britannia

The UK Government continues its descent into pariah-hood. Today it was announced that the EU is to take legal action against the British Government over the latter’s decision that international law is a particularly unhygienic pick and mix buffet where you can put oven ready pies back in a very specific and limited way after you’ve committed to it by putting it on your plate and Boris Johnson has stuck his fingers in it and used it as an electoral prop. Being sued by the people with whom you’re currently engaged in delicate trade talks is not a reassuring sign that there is sufficient trust to reach a deal. Reneging on a deal that was the cornerstone of the campaign you fought in order to win a General Election isn’t the sign of partner who negotiates in good faith.

It is of course entirely possible that some sort of barebones deal will be cobbled together at the last minute. Johnson and Gove and their cheerleaders in the Brextremist media will cheer this as a fantastic win for the UK. It will of course be nothing of the sort. It will still result in job losses and cutting us off from the rest of Europe. It will still leave the UK open to the predations of global companies who have their eyes on the NHS. It will still see a race to the bottom in the UK in terms of employment rights and consumer standards. But it will be presented with bunting, union flags, and great Britishness plastered all over it and the Daily Telegraph fanboys and girls will be telling us that we won the war you know. And that’s the best case scenario. No deal is still a very real possibility.

Meanwhile there are reports that the UK Government wants to adopt a similar policy to Australia in dealing with asylum seekers. This will consist of taking people who have fled to the UK from war zones and repressive regimes which are abundantly supplied by British arms manufacturers and sticking them on Ascension Island, which is essentially a barren rock in the South Atlantic. This is because being stuck on barren isolated island where nothing can flourish and where every aspect of your existence is controlled by right wing hypocritical zealots who are telling you that they’re doing it for your own good is the perfect life lesson for living in the UK after Brexit.

The British Government has refused to rule out reports that it might be considering some Scottish islands as the location of its detention centres for innocent people. That ought to tell you what they think of us. In the minds of the Conservatives in Westminster, Scotland is pretty much the same as one of the remaining British colonies. It’s far away, remote from power, and none of them care very much about what goes on there. Which is much the same reason why we have Trident.

Other places that the UK is reportedly considering for dentention centres for refugees and asylum seekers include Moldova, Morocco, and Papua New Guinea. This is what Australia has already done, to much international criticism. Australian detention camps in the south Pacific island nations of Nauru and Papua New Guinea have been widely criticised for their poor conditions and for fostering a culture of “deliberate cruelty and abuse” intended to deter others from seeking asylum in Australia.

A report from Amnesty International entitled Island of Despair found that conditions in the Australian camp in Nauru “amount to torture”. (See the full report here: Yet this is what the British Government tells us we should aspire to – a policy of deliberate cruelty and inhumanity in order to reduce immigration statitistics and to pander to the Express, the Mail and the Telegraph. Britain under the Conservatives is an island of cruelty and despair.

Meanwhile in Scotland the British nationalist parties have decided that the real mistake that they’ve been making which has led to increasing support for independence is that they’ve been far too respectful of Scottish democracy. The manager of Labour’s branch office in Scotland, Ragnall Lamplighter, has said that his party’s “pro choice strategy” on another independence referendum is what is to blame for its poor performance. Because what a political party in a democracy really needs to do in order to win popular support is to deny the existence of democracy. He follows the Illiberal Undemocrats in deciding that democracy is too dangerous for Scotland. It risks people in Scotland making decisions that are not to the liking of British nationalist politicians, and that cannot be allowed.

Ronald Lunchpacker really has his finger on the pulse. In an interview with the New Statesman he claimed that people who want a second referendum or an independent Scotland will vote SNP, they won’t vote Labour. However opinion poll after opinion poll has shown that as many as 40% of Labour’s remaining voters in Scotland support independence. RuPaul Lookslesslikelier has pretty much just told those voters that he doesn’t want their support. This isn’t so much a political strategy as it is a suicide note. On the one hand he’s telling a massive chunk of the voters he’s got left that he thinks they ought to vote SNP, on the other he’s telling that majority of Scottish opinion that supports independence that his party will not respect the views of the majority. The lesson here is clear. Scotland can only have democracy as an independent state.

So there’s that UK that Scotland was told that the whole world looks up to and respects. It is world beating at trashing international law. It is a global leader in breaking its own commitments to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The whole world looks to it as an example of a state that treats those who have suffered the most from British foreign policy with cruelty and contempt, proposing to shut them away on an isolated island where no one can complain and no one can easily check if their rights and dignity are being respected. And the British nationalist parties in Scotland think that their biggest tactical error has been to concede the right of the people of Scotland to democracy. Cruel Britannia.

Comments – I’ve had enough.  Moderation has now become a full time job because people, supposedly adult people, just can’t behave.  If you think that the comments which appear are bad, you should see the stuff that doesn’t make it to publication.  I’ve been getting abuse, personal insults, and there have been posts which are grossly homophobic, racist, or misogynistic.  (Apparently this counts as standing up for women’s rights, who knew?) 

The purpose of this blog is to  make a positive case for independence, to attack the pretensions of British nationalism, and to formulate arguments which will help to persuade no voters, undecideds, and soft yes voters to support independence.  It’s also to boost the morale of those of us who are already involved in this campaign.  I do not provide this platform to allow people to attack others in the movement with whom they disagree.  Other people might choose to use their platforms to do so, I don’t.

So if you want to share your favourite conspiracy theories about Nicola Sturgeon or anyone else in this movement – you can go elsewhere.  I am past caring whether you think that this means you are being censored.  You have no absolute right to use this blog and you most certainly don’t have the right to abuse my hospitality by insulting me personally. 

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193 comments on “Cruel Britannia

  1. jennifer daly says:

    As articulate as always Mr Kavanagh 😀😃😍😎 as for your comments post blog. Well said & awesome my Indy bro ✊👊✌💙💚💛❤💙

  2. crabbitgits says:

    As a show of solidarity I would like to offer my appreciation and admiration for your blogging and the fairness you have shown throughout. I echo jennifer above by supporting your post blog statement. You have my appreciation and thanks. As I have said previously, I will not be bothering with what’s BTL any further and will simply be reading what is important and relevant; that is, your blog.

  3. no point in prevaricating about the bush, trying to negotiate a deal while fighting a court case is gonna be difficult. even the much vaunted fig leaf deal is looking very unlikely to be pulled from the last minute hat.

    no deal is on the cards

  4. Doug says:

    There is no logical reason for Scotland to continue in this shameful union with England. There is no logical reason for Scotland’s politicians to continue to participate in the sickening travesty that is Westminster.

    Walk away with dignity.

    • benmadigan says:

      If the SNP MPs remain in Westminster they could be viewed as approving of Westminster’s Treaty breaking.
      In their favour they did speak against it. But so did Theresa May.
      For what the speeches were worth, as the Bill was passed with a large majority

  5. Alex Clark says:

    The UK government as could be expected is making a complete hash of these Brexit negotiations, I also have read now that they have offered the EU a 3 year transition deal over fishing rights where nothing will change.

    No doubt after the 3 years are up things will continue pretty much as before, I doubt the fishing industry up in Peterhead will be much pleased. The damage to their reputation must be incalculable, something you really can’t put a price on but who would trust Johnson or take his word on anything now?

    As far as I’m concerned that will remain their problem, we will be gone and forging new relationships with the EU and beyond and everything the Tories do now actually speeds up that process, so let them carry on shooting off one toe at a time.

    As far the posts that you will allow, it’s your blog your choice and why would anyone let another person personally abuse them and then give them a platform to display their abuse.

  6. Hamish100 says:

    How did England end up in its Brexit mess?

    It is obvious.

    Esssenpeee! Sorry couldn’t resist.

    As for the abuse you have received Paul this is horrendous. True independence supporters should rethink their approach. We are trying to encourage the waverers and the doubters to join in winning the big prize Next year ie Our Country.

  7. Wendybea says:

    Paul, I am so sorry that you have been subjected to such vile abuse, there is absolutely no excuse for it, please just know that for me personally, your blog inspires hope and a much needed moral boost, independence will be ours one day and I always love reading your take on what is happening politically, if it is any comfort there are those of us that care a great deal about you and your work. I know it is easy to say “stay strong” but you are making a real difference to our fight for independence, we are so close and we need you now more than ever before.

    • Margaret Noakes says:

      Well said Wendy.Support every word.Paul’s blogs and dugcasts have kept me sane and I look forward to reading them.He is a great asset to the Yes movement and it would be a sad day if we lost his opinions.

    • Iain says:

      In complete agreement with Wendy. It is worrying that a number of blogs I have followed for years are coming under sustained assault. Keep up the great work, Paul. Thanks.

  8. Ex Pat says:

    The perils of success !! : )

    Forgive the digression, but ‘congratulations’.

    > weegingerdug says:
    > September 30, 2020 at 2:53 pm

    > I’m about to adopt a much stricter moderation policy. It’s getting out of hand.

    > You should see the comments that don’t make it past moderation or which are caught by filters. Some of it is appallingly homophobic, misogynistic or racist. I get personal abuse, insults, and even threats.

    I’m sure it’s personally very annoying. But professionally, think of it as a badge of honour. They’re demonstrating a) that you’re succeeding and b) that you have them on the run.

    Personally, shills attacking me and later even replying to my comments told me that I was doing the right thing and I redoubled my efforts. While attempting to not respond to trolling. The result was that they faded away from one lone commenter; it was _always_ better to ignore me than respond.

    Unfortunately not possible when you run the website. Hence the badge of honour!

  9. andyfromdunning says:

    Cruel indeed. Not just in the actions you have highlighted Paul but also in the car of those socially disadvantaged by rules within the DWP.

    If they could see themselves as we see them you would hope that they, WM, would be embarrassed.

    Things are so bad particularly due to the U.K. internal market bill I believe that the SNP should withdraw from Westminster the day the bill gets Royal assent. This would cause a huge media circus and bring the news to many people that are unaware of its implications.

  10. AnneDon says:

    I’m sorry to hear you are getting abuse for writing your blog, Paul. Even if I don’t start by agreeing with you, you always make me reconsider my position, and sometimes I change.
    I wish some folk have a word with themselves about how they’re treating those around them.

    The Yes Movement is huge – we couldn’t possibly all agree about everything. It wouldn’t be healthy if we did. That doesn’t mean those we disagree with, or who disagree with us, are acting in bad faith!

  11. Capella says:

    The British State has long used transportation as a form of punishment. Many Scottish heroes, such as Thomas Muir, were transported to Australia where they were expected to die out of sight and out of mind. His crime was seeking to establish democracy in Scotland.

    But what crime have asylum seekers committed? Fleeing British engineered wars? The cruelty of Priti Patel and her cabinet colleagues is limited only by their incompetence. If they could they would send refugees to the moon with no hope of return.
    But it’s a “reserved” matter. Reserved to the disgraceful, immoral incompetents in Westminster.

  12. Sheryl Hepworth says:

    Oh Paul, so sorry for you having to put up with idiots. Be assured that for so many Indy folks, you are a tower of sense, bonhomie, reason and the icing on that cake is your vastly understated sense of humour! Having attended 3 of your excellent talks I speak from experience of your presentational skills, hold on your audience AND your boss, WGD! Hold your head high and keep up the wonderful work you are doing! Much love to your huby and a big hug to Ginger.

  13. sophie grace chappell says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve been getting nonsense. There’s a lot of hatred around at the moment. I get it too.
    Don’t be distracted from what’s really important! (I’m sure you won’t be.)

  14. grizebard says:

    Oh what a hero we have in Rickety Lamplighter, he’s just told near half his party support that they would be better off by shifting their allegiance totally to the real deal rather than persevering with his reality-denying one. The more public opinion shifts toward independence, the harder he digs down in the hole he’s made for himself! Brilliant!(?) Reminds me of the old Berthold Brecht jibe about the GDR; what he evidently needs is not a new direction, but to dissolve the electorate and elect another.

  15. StewartB from Perth says:

    So sorry to hear of the abuse you are receiving . Please don’t let these snivelling cowards stop you from making the case for independence in your usual articulate and uplifting way .The time to unite and stick together has never been greater .

  16. robert alexander harrison says:

    Ive been saying all along how dirty and underhanded our southern neighbours are and are not to be trusted an inch i called it. England fear us its always been afraid of Scotland thats why there lackeys like duck leon and the mooth will always badmouth Scotland and make us out to be worse than their precious England under the destructive conservatives who are ripping that country apart for no reason but there own selfishness and will do anything to stop us going independent and being a better Scotland without them even go against the wishes of our nation as shown in the eu referendum when we voted remain.

  17. Macart says:

    Another timely post by our host.

    Something those of differing views on an approach to independence might want to bear in mind. When it comes to ANY vote to secure self government, you’ll be expecting those you abuse to vote with you on this singular priority.

    Abusing each other isn’t just ill advised. It’s counter productive in the extreme.

    We’re all friends and we really are all in this galacto**** together. People are scared, frustrated and angry. They’re confused and many are at the point where they feel they don’t know who or what to trust any more. A lot of people need help. REAL help of the practical variety. Roof, food, clothes… friendship.

    Bottom line?

    A little kindness and consideration can go a long way.

    • grizebard says:

      Wise words for us all. I’m sure it would be an especially worthwhile reminder for the denizens over the way, but then you’re another one of the many who have been blocked there, no?

      The same good advice applies with respect to our leadership, whether commentators like our good host or the leader of the SNP. What must it feel like to be busting a gut for the cause, day after day, just to be told by no-accounts online in the most vitriolic terms that you’re a liability?

      Confusion and dismay work only for our opponents, so adding to the incoherence is a profound error. We may differ in degrees over tactics and strategy, but we surely lose if we don’t remain united for the one big thing we all agree upon. (Ben Franklin’s famous “hang together or hang apart”.) So please, no talk about “not voting”. That advice can only benefit the enemies of independence, and is evidently part of a strategy that is being rolled out against us now, our increasingly-worried opponents lacking anything else. To collude in it for whatever “reason” is more than mistaken, it is unforgiveably counterproductive.

      • Macart says:

        I’m not blocked so far as I’m aware grizebard. I haven’t been posting much anywhere this summer tbh. Had a bit of life interrupting kinda thing.

        • grizebard says:

          Sorry about that. Life does tend to rudely intrude at times, alas. Hope it’s (at least on its way to getting) sorted now. Anyway, it’s good to have you back.

        • Hope all is well now, Sam.
          You are one of the most measured reasoned voices in Scotland. Keep safe and well, and your loved ones.
          As may be observed today, I am taking time out from my ‘Nurse Jack’ duties today…

    • Julia Gibb says:

      👏👏👏 along with strict moderation👍

      • weegingerdug says:

        I’ve just permanently deleted over 100 comments from the trash folder without even looking at them. They’re not all recent, but a significant number of them are.

        I’ve set up some new filters in the comments which means that any comments containing certain words are automatically flagged up for moderation. Those words include a number of misogynistic terms. Funny how those claiming to “stand up for women’s rights” are often quite ready to use abusive language about women who dare to disagree with them.

  18. bedelsten says:

    Agreed. Abuse of any sort is unnecessary and unwanted. The blog ‘Throwing it all away’ generated, at the time of writing, 379 comments, many of which Paul spent time replying to. Time which may have been better spent doing something else – pondering, perhaps, the potential evolutionary benefits, as one ages, of hairs growing out of one’s lugs.

    Anyone for kite flying? An age old trick is to announce something horrid or ridiculous, like suggesting a detention centre on Gruinard (or Rona / Rhona as seen from Applecross) then, once the flak for that dies down, implement what was always intended which is then fêted as some sort of magnanimous climbdown. Though that supposes a level of competence that is well hidden. In a toss-up between cock-up or conspiracy, the performance artist also known under the acronym of LBJ, where L is for lying, will choose a toss-up every time. The reality of this stooshie is probably fairly mundane: the pretty vacant home secretary tasked her civil servants for ideas and the more, hopefully, outlandish ones were leaked.

    Is the EU taking legal action against the UK? ‘The European Commission has today sent the United Kingdom a letter of formal notice for breaching its obligations under the Withdrawal Agreement… The UK has until the end of this month to submit its observations to the letter of formal notice. After examining these observations, or if no observations have been submitted, the Commission may, if appropriate, decide to issue a Reasoned Opinion.’ Who knows? I will know sometime next year when the lettuces and other salad stuff grown in Spain or even Morocco doesn’t materialise on our shelves. Time to get used to the old diet of herring with oatmeal with a side salad of kale.

    Pish weather this weekend: are there really 127 different Gaelic word for aimsir, uisge, ceò Steòrnabhagh grian?

    Keep up the good work.

  19. Gregory R Nunn says:

    This blog has become a target of weenies because it is making a difference.
    You are making a difference.
    Your supporters are legion.

  20. carolclark1 says:

    Good article Paul, and thank you for your contributions, on a daily basis, towards my sanity. I used to read almost all of the indy blogs, now, those that have survived have because a cess pool BTL. Mainly because of the britnat trolls, and worse, the silly folk who engage with them. You can’t reason with them. They are only there for one purpose, to disrupt the thread and scunner the decent folk away. Seems to have happened a lot.

    I generally don’t bother now with some of the other sites, they’re not good for my blood pressure, As I’m getting on a bit, I don’t need that bilge in my life. I think the biggest problem at the moment is the britnats are campaigning hard, and the indy side are not. Or at least, no large visible campaign at the moment. The troops are getting very restless, hence the niggling. If there is not to be a S30 for us, cause we are very, very bad, just make it a plebiscite election and let’s get on with it. There’s a certain amount of hurry up involved now, all hell is waiting to break loose for us here.

    Sorry to hear of the abuse that you’ve been getting Paul. That is unwarranted, Thank you again for your sterling work trying to keep the yes movement to keep eyes on the prize.

    • weegingerdug says:

      I think it’s also because lockdown is depriving most of us of our usual social outlets while at the same time we’re stuck at home in social media bubbles feeling paranoid and uncertain about the future. It’s a recipe for a pandemic of depression and anxiety.

    • grizebard says:

      The online BritNatterers are highly motivated just now, because they’re getting really, really scared of how public opinion is inexorably shifting against them. While we are rather obliged to mark time, awaiting necessary developments that we are increasingly impatient to see.

      But I know which kind of stress I prefer to live with. Not the panicking loser kind.

    • grizebard says:

      It’s not so much those who engage with them in the sense of countering their carefully-targeted poison, I suggest, but the easily-lead who foolishly accompany their demotivational chorus.

  21. Aileen Ford says:

    I am really sorry to hear about the abuse you have suffered from people who should know better. Well done for taking a stand against it. My husband & I really enjoy & appreciate your blog & all your hard work. All the best to you & yours.

  22. fairliered says:

    We should welcome asylum seekers to our islands. They will be an asset to our independent Scotland. If we could locate 1806 in the Isle of Whithorn, we could use their votes to wipe out Alister Jack’s majority.

  23. Capella says:

    Good article in The National about cruel Britannia.

  24. Julia Gibb says:

    Priti Patel will repopulate St. Kilda. Unfortunately I’m not kidding.

  25. Undeadshuan says:

    Sorry to hear of the abuse your getting, its shocking that people think its acceptable to behave like that.

    I wouldn’t blame you if you suspended comments.

    Metaphorically, this site is like a lighthouse beaming out to guide people to independence, unlike the opposite on certain other sites which are like Sirens, trying to guide people onto the rocks and certain doom.

  26. Bob Lamont says:

    Ah, that’s better, altogether more civilised commentary… That Sin-Bin must be huge….

    Good synopsis Paul, whatever sunny uplands rUK believes are on the horizon, spare oil for the torches and extra pitchforks may be prudent, the Scots, Welsh and Irish are offski at the earliest opportunity….

  27. Dr Jim says:

    When first I heard of Priti Patel’s jolly wheeze of sending *people* to Ascension Island I thought Transport, then Infrastructure for some sort of accommodation or *camp* then I thought well the *people* might try to fashion boats like they already did to get away from their houses being blown up and folk murdering them and I thought Guards because you couldn’t allow access to tools for such *people* and you wouldn’t want them to die attempting to swim for their freedom, but it’s the UK so I remembered they would have to be called *staff* then there’s food, medical provision, then it occurred to me this has got to be more expensive than allowing them to stay and work right here, then I thought well maybe not because if they can do unpaid work right here they can do unpaid *work* on Ascension Island, then for some strange reason I can’t explain the movie Bridge over the River Kwai popped into my head, then I thought has anyone engaged Serco yet for this new and exciting opportunity to serve their country, because as we all know Serco have great experience in taking tax payers money from the UK government and delivering, well we all know what Serco delivers

    • Tatu3 says:

      This is a good series about asylum seekers trying to get into Australia

      • malkymcblain says:

        Tatu3 This production centres around an actual case of the desert detention centres the Australian govt used before they did a deal with the independent Nauru and PNG governments to set up the offshore centres. It’s a good foreign currency earner for both of these countries.

        • Tatu3 says:

          I read it was inspired by true events. It was the bullying from the “staff” and the completely uncaring attitude of the people in charge I found upsetting. The refugees were treated worse than animals in a zoo (and I don’t like zoos!).
          I imagine the offshore places are much worse.

    • malkymcblain says:

      As it happens the Australian govt uses the very same Serco to manage its concentration camps…what a coincidence!

  28. The abuse is unfortunately a sign of the times where even real-world political discourse has been infected with the need to insult, berate and lie about political opponents – vide the Trump-Biden debate (or just about anything that comes out of the mouths of Trump and Johnson). Glad to hear it’s not deterring you.

    But as a pedant I have to direct you to the Ferret article here:

    This claims that 40% is an exaggeration, saying recent polling of Scottish voters who backed Labour in the 2019 election has shown support for independence between 30 and 40 per cent. They also examined a number of recent polls and got an average of 32 per cent supporting a Yes. However, all contain fairly small sample sizes of Labour voters, all fewer than 200 people, so the margin of error is much larger than normal.

    So the figure could be maybe mid-30s or it could be high 20s. I know this may be overdoing things a bit but since we’re discussing how invective and false information are used against us it behoves us to be as accurate as we can. The most we can say is that a substantial minority of Labour supporters are pro-Indy. Though I believe there is better evidence that a majority would support a referendum, on the basis that it is the democratic thing to do – even though some would still vote NO in it.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Sorry, but for some reason your comment had ended up in the spam folder. Hence the delay in it appearing.

      To be fair I did say “as many as 40%”, but I take your point.

    • grizebard says:

      Of course, there’s an inherent contradiction here. The more effectively Ribald Leghorn manages to associate his party with hardline Unionism, the more likely it is that those existing members astute enough to discern The Road to Nowhere will defect, thereby diminishing the proportion of remaining members who support independence. The Unionists become an ever-increasing proportion of an ever-diminishing pool.

      I reckon that this has already happened to some extent. I suppose there must be a finite lower limit to the shrinkage, but what? How low could it go? Just Ricky and Jackie – a party of two?

      • grizebard,
        as I oft observe, Dick ‘Lennon’ is a Marxist. a dyed in the wool enemy of Labour.
        His role is, as was Corbyn’s, to destroy the Labour Party and damage the EU.
        MY assertion is not McCarthyism.
        You may recall John McDonnell throwing a copy of Mao’s wee red book across the Despatch Box in the HoC.
        They openly boast about their Commie Crusade.

        Labour is finished in Scotland, and it will be decades before they rise from the ashes of Corbyn’s bonfire Down There.

        Dick Lennon is a great success in his Inner circle of ‘radicals’ and subversives, and is one of the YES Movement’s biggest assets. No, really.

        He is the modern day Fred Kite from ‘I’m alright, Jack’.

        He was chosen by a gaggle of Shop Stewards from GMB Unison and the rest, because he is a boneheaded drone, which has prompted tens of thousands of Labour voters to consider Independence,
        As they say in the People’s Republic of West Yorkshire, ‘job’s a good ‘un.’

        Of course ‘Lennon’ didn’t do most of the heavy lifting.

        Lord McConnell, Wendy Bring it On Alexander, Kezia Think Tank Dugdale, Iain Sandwich Shop Gray, Johann Branch Office Dinosaur Lamont, Anas Private School Sarwar, Jim The Eggman Murphy, and Jackie ‘Pish’ Baillie, as well as the “fu&king useless”41 MPs kicked out by us Scots, whose numbers included such stellar hangers-on like Mags Curran, Douglas Alexander, Tom Harris, Iain Bayonet The Wounded Davidson, and the rest, and of course the chubby wee darling of the Morningside pensioners’ tea room society, the Red Tory in Blue Tory butcher’s apron clothing, Ian Murray,

        The Labour Branch Office is finished.
        It is dead, but the body still gives off a terrible stench.

        Putin should be proud.

  29. barpe says:

    Yet another great article, Paul, this site is my daily read ( as it has been since 2013) and, as others have said, does help to preserve my sanity in these dark days.
    Sorry you are being put to the bother of stricter moderation – but we are all grateful for it, and the BTL is much pleasanter to peruse.

    Many thanks.

  30. Alex Clark says:

    So Margaret Ferrier the SNP for Rutherglen ahs had whip withdrawn after taking a test for Covid because she had symptoms and then travelling to London before being given the result.

    There was surely no need to break the rules like that, sometimes I have to wonder what these people are thinking of. They must be held to a higher standard because they set the rules for the rest of us.

    The Tories making hay over this but I’ve no doubt one of them will make the same mistake, in fact we already know that others have in the past and gotten away with it. We must maintain the highest of standards though because that is the right thing to do.

    • weegingerdug says:

      It was pretty idiotic of her.

    • jfngw says:

      If all the reports are factual then I’m afraid she is toast. It’s a problem with many politician’s, they begin to see their own self-importance as over riding all else.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Should Jeremy Corbyn have the whip withdrawn after breaking the rules and attending a dinner party with 8 other people almost two weeks after the “rule of six” came into force?

      He apologised, so that’s OK then?

    • Julia Gibb says:

      It was a very stupid act. However the difference in coverage between her and Prince Charles is quite amazing. She didn’t insist on a ICU bed being reserved (Aberdeen) at the peak of the Pandemic.
      Selfish stupid behaviour remains that whatever title the idiot has.

  31. I just want to say how much I enjoy you blog, and love your humour.
    The tories are behaving shamelessly and contemptuously. They break laws with impunity, are ramping up the hostile environment they created. Their treatment of immigrants, who by law are not ‘illegal’ is despicable.

    British nationalism is a polite term for Fascism. Unfortunately, this is where we are now. There is no longer an effective opposition to hold the Tories to account. The can, and do, get away with murder. They have killed democracy.

    I completely understand and why Scotland, Wales and Ireland prefer independence rather than remain a part of Bullshit Britain.

    I live in Northumberland and wish the region could be part of an independent Scotland.

    I think the majority of the disunited kingdom would prefer to claim independence from Westminster. If only Westminster could somehow be unmoored from the banks of the Thames and launched out to sea, all Tories aboard, not a moral compass between them. Perhaps in the direction of Antarctica.

    The Tories are ripping off the taxpayer by giving contracts to their mates, who are profiteering from the pandemic, and continue to bank in off shore tax havens. The NHS is being deliberately underfunded and I don’t doubt the Tories are aiming to dismantle the NHS and privatise health care. Many people have lost their jobs and been refused Universal Credit. The Tories have proven they simply don’t care about ordinary people. The majority of working people are seen as cash cows to exploit. Those who can’t work or have list their jobs are treated as if their lives don’t matter.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Yeah, you are right on so many fronts. I don’t know what it will take to get the people of England to open their eyes and for the vast majority to see that the Tories are not their friend.

      I’m afraid that we can’t help as we intend to take our own path, you could of course always move to Scotland where I’m sure you’d be welcomed. You might want to consider that as an option.

      • Ken2 says:

        @BorisJohnston twitter. To see what people in the south thinks of Johnston. Not a lot. Not a lot. All bad. It would be laughable, if it was not tragic.

  32. Eilidh says:

    Just saw a bit on Channel 4 news re Margaret Ferrier. What was she thinking. Not only did she not self isolate when she had covid symptoms and was awaiting test results, after being told she had covid she then travelled back to Scotland by train. Poor Nicola at times she seems to be surrounded by idiots first Derek McKay and now this.
    Sorry to hear Paul about the amount of abuse you are getting. I don’t blame you for implementing a more stringent moderation policy. Don’t let the knuckledraggers get you down. Yours is the only blog I read all the time.

    • It would not be difficult to have a sense that Ferrier was a Blue Tory sleeper, activated by her Brit Nat handlers last week..
      There is no rational explanation for her behaviour. She would certainly have known the shit storm and SNP BAD which her madness would generate. Baroness Rape Clause was on Newsnight tonight, demanding to know when Nikla ‘knew’.
      Cummings was different, and Dross resigned, she argued…
      Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause faking righteous indignation from a moral high ground that exists only in her capricious nasty little mind.

      On one point, Rape Clause is correct; Ferrier should resign.
      Unless she has had some sort of mental breakdown, then she set out deliberately to hurt the independence movement. Inexcusable.

      There is something seriously dark about this episode.

      • weegingerdug says:

        Or just seriously stupid. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the best.

        • Example of Occam’s razor:

          “One of the fence posts is broken. Of possible explanations a) An albino moose, lost on its quest for its squirrel best friend, crashed through the fence in despair, or b) An old nail rusted through, “b” is more likely.”

          The simplest explanation of Ferrier’s behaviour?
          She is seriously stupid. merely an old rusted nail?

          Or an albino moose smashing every YES aspiration to smithereens in her wake as she rampages across two countries like Cummings on speed?

          I admire your charitable take, Paul, but this will run and run, blocking out everything else from Brexit to UKIM madness.

          I sincerely hope that she is getting better.
          But her political career is over.

      • benmadigan says:

        if she had gone back home by car she would have been alone or with probably just 1 person driving if she was too ill to drive.
        Rail travel means she has potentially exposed other passengers to the virus.
        Hearing about a sick person on the train might also frighten some people into stopping their use of public transport

      • Skip_NC says:

        How sick was Margaret Ferrier? I can almost understand her decision to travel down to Westminster, if the reports that she was feeling much better on the Sunday are accurate. My wife is a Registered Nurse here in North Carolina. At the moment she is either working or on call seven days a week and deals regularly with COVID-19 patients. I asked her what she thought. The ability to make sensible decisions can be heavily impaired with COVID-19, as with any viral infection.

        Was Margaret Ferrier wrong to travel back to Scotland? Yes, definitely. Does she have an excuse that is sufficiently strong for her not to take the Chiltern Hundreds? Maybe, maybe not. A quick rush to judgement leaves us looking like Barack Obama in the Shirley Sherrod case.

  33. Gordon Ross says:

    Hi Paul. This kingdom is not united.The extremist Tories are now saying that the excellent written works of leftwing or progressive writers are to be banned in English schools.

    The Anschluss began with similar censorship and ended with book burning and genocide on an industrial scale.

  34. Interpolar says:

    The news today makes me want to cry. I want independence, but not this way. A sovereign and free Scotland in a European Union of democratic states and with a strong and open southern neighbour is what I yearn for. I cannot rejoice about Scotland moving closer to independence if everything round about her is falling apart. But grasp it we must.

    Paul – Thank you for your perseverance and for steadfastly enduring online nastiness. Your wit, analysis and eloquence are what enrage the feeble-minded. But a pen is sharper than a sword, and you wield yours with even and fair strokes. You are part of the edifying counterforce to the entropy of Cummingsian Britain, and for that you have my gratitude, admiration and support.

  35. Tam the Bam says:

    Bad day at the office for my party today…..should keep the anti-indy press going for days I imagine.Just watched The Nine to see the extent of SNP-bad coverage. It was bad.Ah well…tomorrows another day.

  36. Thomas Dunlop says:

    “Britain under the Conservatives is an island of cruelty and despair.” Just to be clear, not only for Asylum seekers but also for all ordinary native people as well.

  37. Petra says:

    ‘Update: Can the UK Government spend in areas devolved to Scotland?’

    David Torrance:- ”This Insight looks at whether anything in the Scotland Act 1998 (the 1998 Act) prevents the UK Government from spending in policy areas devolved to Scotland and the proposed new spending powers in the UK Internal Market Bill.”


    Nicola Sturgeon has been ranked in the top five of the World’s most eloquent leaders (the only one leading a non-Independent country) along with with Angela Merkel and Jacinda Ardern, plus two men … Narendra Modi (India) and Justin Trudeau (Canada).

    ”Experts who drew up the list by examining over 100 hours of press conference footage, speeches and public addresses described Scotland’s First Minister as being “clear, calm and compassionate.” Speaking about Scotland’s First Minister they said: “Nicola Sturgeon has received a lot of praise for her response to the coronavirus pandemic – and it’s not hard to see why. “She is clear, calm and compassionate, is not afraid to be tough or emotional, and she has a great sense of humour. There’s no sense of performance with Sturgeon – she is very real.”

    Now listen to Lisa Nandy. Bl**dywell pathetic. To think that I used to support the Labour Party. NEVER again.

    Robert:- ”Lisa Nandy praising female leaders around the world in dealing with COVID. Does that include Scotland, you ask. What do you think.”

    • Dr Jim says:

      The bitterness is strong in the party of Labour, maybe Lisa Nandy read Robert Liptwist’s call to arms to become more Tory than the Tories

    • David Ferguson says:

      Nicola Sturgeon has been ranked in the top five of the World’s most eloquent leaders…

      People really should check the source of this sort of thing before they start to parrot it. The claim that Sturgeon is one of the most highly-ranked politicians in the world actually results from a publicity stunt carried out by some anonymous nonentity in a two-bob one-man-band training outfit from a tumbleweed English market town in the middle of nowhere.

      The only value in the claim is demonstrating the atrocious depths to which our MSM have fallen. Not a single outlet whidh repeated thisstory bothered to ask themselve “What, exactly, is “The Development Academy”, and who, exactly, are “Acuity Training…”

  38. Hamish100 says:

    Re the idiotic behaviour of ferrier, Glenn Campbell of bbc states that..“ Her behaviour is far more serious than the lockdown travel breach that cost Catherine Calderwood her job as Scotland’s chief medical officer.
    It is also more serious than the lockdown travels of the prime minister’s advisor, Dominic Cummings, who Mrs Ferrier called on to resign.“

    Does Campbell think Cummings who returned to 10 Downing st from his home with symptoms and his wife the journalist trying to fool the police and public by printing lies in the Tory press, travelling to the north of England, did not self isolate, travelled in his car to test his eyesight and returning to London is worse than Calderwood? We will never know as he doesn’t offer an opinion. Isn’t that weird.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The Baroness squealed her loudestest at the badness of Margaret Ferrier and that’s what you’d expect her to do until the Cummings debacle was put to her then her tone changed as she admitted he was bad but nowhere near as bad as Ferrier who should be charged with endangerment of life (I don’t know if that’s a thing) the upshot was that she and the SNP should be hanged drawn and quartered then rubbed down with sandpaper and their knees nailed up to posts in the village square, now all of that stuff is to be expected as well but on a bit of reflection one hopes that Margaret Ferrier for all she’s done wrong in this matter stays lucky enough not to succumb to the worst of this disease and God forbid the worst does not happen to her for being ridiculously foolhardy and probably terrified and alone in London when she got the news that nobody wants to hear and then compounded it by running home to feel safe but possibly infecting other people on the way

      Some weeks ago I had an abscess on my gum and my dentist prescribed the usual antibiotic Amoxicillin, I collected my prescription within minutes and was home again minutes later and took the first tablet of my course, within 20 minutes I went into allergic shock turning red all over sweating and shaking uncontrollably and hit the floor, even though I knew what was happening to me I still panicked because I was alone in the house as I was vomiting and phoning 999 simultaneously

      Fortunately the paramedics arrived promptly and sorted me out and I didn’t have to go to hospital as they stayed with me for around an hour, I dread to think how I might have been if someone had rung me up to tell me I had Covid, and even though I’m built like Captain America I reckon I’d probably greet like a big wean and run around in circles, and I’ve been shot at blown up stabbed and even died once, so like most things in life, who knows what’s in a persons mind in such circumstances

      • Dr Jim says:

        I forgot to add I’ve never been allergic to penicillin in my life but am now, who knew that could happen, I know stuff and yet I didn’t know that could happen

      • Petra says:

        ..”and I’ve been shot at blown up stabbed and even died once.”

        What part of Scotland did you say you came from, Dr Jim 😒? To help me customise my post-Covid travel itinerary 😃.

        • Dr Jim says:

          I actually live in the leafy suburbs of Bishopbriggs where life is tranquil and slooow with lovely elderly neighbours who I’ve been converting over time to the way of the light

          Believe it or not I actually earned my living as a musician, but I have travelled and had some colourful experiences in foreign lands

      • “and I’ve been shot at blown up stabbed and even died once,”

        Isn’t that a line from a Johnny Cash song?

        The lady in question had no excuse for her behaviour.
        Like McAskill, she knows what she is doing.
        How many more moles, sleepers, and Black Ops spooks have infiltrated the SNP?
        There is something rotten in the state of Denmark, and it ain’t bacon.

        I do not believe that Trump has Covid either.

        200,000 US citizens have died during Trump’s war on Covid, in seven months.

        In the 19 years of the Viet Nam insurgency (1955 to the Fall of Saigon in 1975) it is estimated that 58,318 US personnel were KIA or non-combat deaths (including the missing and deaths in captivity).

        Hence my gnawing doubt about Trump catching it. Fake news?

        It gets him out of live debates as the death toll rises.
        He’s 74; if he really has been laid low, the VP must surely take over.

        Has he had his Domestos jab yet?

    • Ah, Glenn Campbell….with his head up Ruth Davidson’s arse.

      Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause…the woman who gets £1200 a week for seven mintes graft on a Thursday ….

  39. Petra says:

    ITV Wales News:- ”The First Minister has written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson calling for travel restrictions to stop people coming into Wales from Covid hotspots in England.”


    Eff off Wales.

    ‘Boris Johnson dismisses Welsh calls to stop coronavirus hotspot holidaymakers coming to Wales. Video.” SAVILLE ROBERTS

  40. Ken2 says:

    Obviously? Scotland is not in the UK. Or soon will not be. The ‘UK’ conglomerate. Determined by Westminster arrogant ignorance.

    Or just jealousy.

    Who will throw the first stone? People in glass houses.

  41. Petra says:

    Phantom Power:- ”You’re admitting money that came to Scotland and was spent by the Scottish Govt will now be spent by the UK Govt. Paul Scully, MP for Sutton and Cheam fronting for the cowardly @ScotTories admits power grab. #bbcgms #InternalMarketBill.”


    Another individual with a massive ego. Where on earth are they all coming from?

    ‘All hail the former ‘Chief Political Strategist!’

    ..”Leaving aside the worrying narcissism, he (Robin McAlpine) was Deputy Director at the principals’ therapy group Universities Scotland which they sometimes let represent them, he should know just how autonomous they are.”..

  42. Petra says:

    Forget about the rich. Ian Murray would side with Satan himself to get at the SNP.

    ‘Another so-called Labour politician sides with the rich,’

    ..”In some ways the worst of them, Ian Murray, above, joins the campaign to somehow blame the SNP for the student campus outbreaks. Of course, he’s wrong, so wrong.

    Like his associates he senses the opportunity to try to blame the SNP for the maltreatment of students. To do so, he must protect some very affluent institutions like the universities of St Andrews, Edinburgh and Glasgow and the academic elites of Universities Scotland, predominantly Unionist and disproportionately non-Scots. Scotland’s universities are autonomous institutions. There is little any Scottish government can do to force them to follow a path they do not like.”..


    The little liars.

    ‘Ministers condemned for hiding £61m aid package for Nissan to build new cars in UK (England) after Brexit.’

  43. Petra says:

    ”Some evidence from BASF regulatory affairs manager Neil Hollis at the Future Relationship with the EU Committee. He was asked about the impact of the UK having to come out of the EU’s REACH system for registering chemicals, and having to create a new one for the UK: thread.”


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  44. Ken2 says:

    Westminster unionists took Scotland revenues and funds to fund London S/E. Illegally. Kept it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Congesting London S/E. People in Scotland had to migrate to find a job. Depopulating Scotland. Ruining the UK economy. The North/South divide. No balance.

    The UK Gov settles migrants/asylum seekers. in the North and Scotland. (Glasgow). Not London S/E. Asylum seekers are not allowed to work and have to depend on charitable support.

  45. Petra says:

    Another reason for getting out of this Union, ASAP.

    ‘Whales remain in Garelochhead after attempts to herd them out to sea.’

    …”A pair of whales first seen in Loch Goil were spotted at the mouth of the Clyde near Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae some weeks ago. Since then five whales have been spotted in separate locations in Loch Long, with some entering smaller lochs nearby.”..

    ..”Rescuers were trying to shepherd the animals out of Loch Long amid concerns over the impact that Exercise Joint Warrior (a major international military exercise) planned for the area could have on them…”

    • Welsh Sion says:

      These news stories tend to show the only interest shown in ‘w(h)ales’ by the MSM is when it involves these sea creatures – hardly ever, the wee little country on the western seaboard of the island of Great Britain.

      • Julia Gibb says:

        Unfortunately your Nations geographic position has caused much of the problem by diluting your National identity. Wales has been colonised over several hundred years ( much like China is doing to Tibet).

        When people immigrated to Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc they remembered their roots but embraced their new country.

        However at France and Spain to see the opposite model – little enclaves of UJ’s ( the same people who criticise immigrants to the UK for doing the same)

        Your task is much harder than Scotlands but possibly even more critical to save your identity when the Empire mindset is so established and so close.

  46. Ken2 says:

    Blowing the world to bits. That’s all they are interested in. Illegal wars.

    UK/NI military spend $50Billion. Pop 67Million. Will increase out of the EU shared Defence.

    US military spend $720Billion. 370 million pop

  47. Statgeek says:

    They should be suing no one other than those who created this mess. The Tories. Farage. The rich folk who backed them.

    Yeah, sue the government (the British taxpayer – i.e. The Scottish Tax Payers despite them not voting for it).


  48. douglasclark says:

    Just on your problem Paul.

    Rather than you having to troll through the posts, pehaps every post ought to be put into moderation? You could set that up if you had a team of moderators willing and able to act objectively and quickly on what passes the smell test and what doesn’t. That might take a burden off of you.

    I, personally, think that you speak for me. The amount of effort that you bring to the cause is, well, pretty unbelievable.

    I read this web site because I gain something from it every time I read it.

  49. Liz g says:

    Lizg says:
    2 October, 2020 at 2:37 am
    Fireproofjim @ 12.00 am
    That’s a good point,but I’d be very wary of attributing any explanation to the Woman right now.
    Somebody fucking up needs addressed … of course it does nae arguments there!
    But we wear a Yes hat here (apparently hat change is a thing and unlike sex can actually be done )
    So, I’d say we have to be very aware of a few things first

    The timing of these announcements needs looking at.
    If we are being manipulated here we need to temper our response with that in mind !

    The strength and length of the current resignation calls should be viewed in the round ….

    Firstly … In comparison to all the others who have disgraced themselves, because as we know one of our own ( and she is one of our own of that there’s little doubt) never ever gets a fair shake and we shouldn’t give that particular troupe any further assistance.
    But mainly from our point of view here how risky is that seat ?
    This IMHP is actually forgivable especially if it is in the interests of Scotland to do so.
    And here’s why

    …. She Messed up Yes…but she Fessed up and I’d be very wary of setting the precedent that to lie and front it out like all the others keeps yer job but to own up and apologise means ye are punished.
    That’s arse backwards…. and very British as far as I can see.

    The Woman didn’t claim bad eyesight here or anything like it ,while , no excuse ,the virus and the thought of the death sentence it could be may have affected her judgment and on that I’ll not be judging her either .
    Because, I know I’d not want a London hospital to be my last I’d want to head home, maybe even to the exclusion of all other thought ….. there but for the grace of fate or deity go any one of us… Aye ?
    We need to look at this with cool heads and thinking of actually taking the test and not really believing it could happen to you and the reaction of getting a positive result ….. would we do differently could we do differently….. I wish I knew for sure!!!

    Jist sayin it’s another way to look at it

    • If she wanted to get home she should have got a friend or relative to drive her home.

      A long way I know, possibly a long two way journey for the friend or relative to drive but quite possible to do.

      • Liz g says:

        My point was she could have done a lot of things Terrace, but she is a human being and just got news she had a potentially deadly virus… If her instinct was to get home…. mibbi just mibbi she wasn’t thinking all that straight and who among us could guarantee that they would either ?

      • Eilidh says:

        Quite possibly she didn’t have friend or relative in London to drive her home. I am guessing she can drive but driving 400 miles with Covid symptoms even when she was feeling better would not be a good idea. The point is she should not have went anywhere until at least her test result was known which as it turns out was positive so she should have been self isolating anyway. Should she resign- probably but how do you hold an byelection in middle of a pandemic don’t Westminster byelection’s need to be held within a certain time period. Nicols Sturgeon has tweeted she should resign

        • Julia Gibb says:

          a) she has a residence in London
          b) she should have asked for assistance/ help/ advice from Westminstet officials and her party leader.
          c) she should never have travelled after feeling unwell and taking a test. We all know “feeling better” is not an indicator.
          d) above all else she should have raised alarm of the health threat ASAP.

          She has zero defence as an individual never mind as a Politician.

  50. Liz g says:

    Apologies Paul I copied the above post over from Wings ( I’ve only just learned how to do that and was quite chuffed ) and failed to notice that there was a barb of the kind you don’t want on WGD within the comment.
    I will be more careful next time promise…

    • Petra says:

      That’s it Liz. You’re on the naughty step 😃.

      • Liz g says:

        Oh Petra I know…. after all that’s been going on I was horrified to have messed up.
        I was just so concentrating on copy and paste I never looked…
        And I always do my best to respect the ” Blogmister” 🙂 rules no matter where I am posting … It’s embarrassing…. but I will do better next time ….( says she hopefully 🙂 )
        Mibbi he’ll not notice!!

        • Petra says:

          I think he’s skived off somewhere Liz and missed it 😃 .

          • Liz g says:

            Keep him busy when he gets back hunni and I’ll be off the hook 🙂
            I already owe him one box of sweeties and I’m no minded to make it two

            • Petra says:

              That’s what I’m doing Liz to save your skin. One link after another on here to push yours back into oblivion 😃. And forget about the sweeties for Paul. Sook in with the wee dug (the boss) and get him a doggy treat 😎.

              • Liz g says:

                Ginger turns his nose up at treats as I know to my cost 🙂
                But the Paul treats are from my Daughter and I’m just the messenger here but obligated to thank him….. and the best bit….he most likely has no clue what for
                🙂 Ha

                • Petra says:

                  ..”and the best bit….he most likely has no clue what for.”

                  That’s probably what he’s being doing all day Liz. Sitting in the hoose wracking his brain trying to figure oot who you are, who your daughter is and what the sweets are all about 🤣🤣.

  51. Ken2 says:

    For goodness sake give it a rest. Take the nonsense somewhere else. The rules are there to be followed by everyone. Or people die. End off. Simpleton. No rights, no privileges. No excuses. Just follow the advice wherever possible.

  52. Ken2 says:

    They should all resign but they won’t. Total lying hypocrites. The Westminster cabal of low lives. Full of nonsense. Double speak. People are sick of it. The nerve of it.

  53. Ken2 says:

    No one should be above the Law. Or the virus. Trump has coronavirus. In the target group. Not good?

      • Jim says:

        Absolutely Jack!
        Trying to play the sympathy card to garner more votes because he knows he’s losing.

      • Julia Gibb says:

        👍 Amazing timing

      • Petra says:

        We’ll soon find out, Jack. He’s not exactly in the best of health as it is 🙄 .

        All (crammed) aboard a helicopter with not a face mask in sight.

        • It has the potnial to delay, nay scratch that, will delay the Prez election, if he is indeed in the early stages of Covid.
          He intimated before that he wanted a delay.
          There needs to be independent medical evidence that he has indeed got the bug.
          BY independent, I mean independent, not a GOP quack.

          • Skip_NC says:

            Presidential elections are run by the states, according to the provisions of the United States Constitution. Postal voting has started in many states, even for those who are not military abroad. President Trump can use this to garner sympathy but there are no provisions in law that will allow him to delay the election. He can, to an extent, delay the count but, at noon on January 20th next, someone will take the Oath of Office and become the duly elected and qualified President of the United States.

            States that are controlled by Republicans may try to delay the Electoral College count but, if they do that, it will end up at the Supreme Court. We have seen recently that the Chief Justice will uphold a law he vehemently disagrees with. If Joe Biden demonstrably wins 270 votes on December 14th he WILL be president on January 20th.

            • Unless they mount a ‘Wag The Dog’ fake crisis, with footage of Trump in IC?
              Or invade Iran?

              • Skip_NC says:

                As the constitution stands, it would be unconstitutional not to hold an election. There has been one every four years since 1788, including in wartime. To change the Constitution requires a vote by two-thirds of each house of Congress. As the Democratic Party holds a cohesive majority in the House of Representatives, I struggle to see that will happen. In addition, at least three-quarters of states have to approve it (thirty-eight states minimum). That can be done by state legislatures or constitutional conventions in each state. The Democratic Party holds both chambers of the legislature and the governor’s office in sixteen states and both chambers with Republican Party governors in the historically moderate states of Vermont and New Hampshire. Both governors are up for re-election this year.

                A Constitutional Convention can be called at the request of two-thirds of the states. So thirty-four states would be needed. It would take both Vermont and New Hampshire governors to force the issue in their states to get the necessary states.

                Presidential elections are very local. In most states, the work is delegated to county elections boards and the totals are merely submitted to the state boards for ratification. Here in NC, one must appeal to a county board, in most cases, with any protests over the count. Only then can it go to the state board. As a matter of practice, here in NC, the state board is very reluctant to overturn a decision of a county board. Most cases are not reviewed de novo, but for abuse of discretion or faulty interpretation of law.

                Will Trump try to delay the counting of votes? Very possible. Will at least one state’s count end up at the US Supreme Court, like 2000? Also very possible. There are several states, including North Carolina, where the race is too close to call and which will not, therefore, be settled until the postal vote deadline. If a federal judge signs off on the settlement of a lawsuit today (unlikely, to be honest), that date is November 12th. Other states have adopted rules that will see them count almost up to Electoral College day on December 14th.

    • God save America is what trump will say and by that he means god save him

      But he’s old and he’s too fat so if he really does have covid19 he’s in big trouble

      BUT.. I doubt he has
      I think it’s an election stunt

      • Skip_NC says:

        He is on his way to hospital as I type this so either he really does have it or it is an even bigger stunt than it was this morning.

        Given the recklessness with which he has gallivanted about the country, i am inclined to believe he has COVID-19 (to be henceforth known as White House Plague).

    • Eilidh says:

      I am surprised the virus found enough human DNA to latch on didn’t think demons had human dna .He gets Covid 4 weeks before an election- how fortuitous

  54. Petra says:

    ‘Scottish independence is inevitable and nothing to worry about, UK CEOs agree.’

    ”ONLY 4% of the UK’s most senior business leaders believe Scotland will not become independent, with most chief executives and finance directors relaxed about the prospect, according to a dramatic new poll.

    The survey carried out by leading research company Ipsos MORI found 95% of the top executives are confident their company would adapt to the consequences of the new constitutional arrangement.”..


    ‘Joanna Cherry: Let’s not waste time on a devolution battle we cannot win.’

    ..”To those who say we should not wash the party’s dirty linen in public I say: Yes. I agree. We should not do that. But given the amount of misleading information that has been briefed into the public domain by anonymous sources, I have had no choice but to set the record straight.”..

    • Jim says:

      You’re first link about the CEO’s is interesting Petra.
      It blows the lie of 2014 out the water that all the English companies would pack up and leave Scotland following Independence.
      They’re business people, they’re not about to wipe off 10% of their bottom line out of spite.

      • Petra says:

        Another myth busted Jim 😃.

      • I fully expect Nissan to be in the vanguard of car manufacturers in England looking North to Free Scotland and relocating from Sunderland to Bathgate (?)
        I’d offer the Sunderland workforce Scottish/EU nationality, and relocation grants in the first instance,
        Scotland will expand rapidly in the EU, when even English companies will rush to Scotland to open EU branches.

        It’s not rocket science. It’s Johnson’s ‘invisible hand’ of the Free Market, his much lauded capitalism at work.

        I am deadly serious.
        join the queue of 7000 lorries stuck in Kent, or ship your goods manufactured in your new Scottish factory from Rosyth to Rotterdam?
        it’s a no brainer, and Johnson ,Rees Mogg and Gove have left even their die hard Tory Donors with no option.
        Open Up in Scotland within the EU or die.
        The French Indian Korean Japanese and German car manufacturers have no such dilemma.
        They’d pull out of England in a heartbeat now.

        It’s all frothing up despite Newsnight’s attempt to kick the battered old Brexit can past thee 15th October No Deal date into mid December last night.
        There is the mother of al sh1t storms about to break out in England, and Trump has pulled a sickie, so no deals with the US any time soon.
        To all citizens of England soon to be economic migrants; come to Scotland, all are welcome, There’s plenty of room, plenty of work, more when we ban bloods sports.

  55. Ken2 says:

    If more of them had to resign. More people would take the advice and follow the rules. Everyone knows people who are flaunting them. It could be a wake up call. Saving lives.

    Prima donnas and hypocrites. Not defend the indefensible. The irony of washing the dirty linen in public when it suits. Suits you aye. Calling for unity and then flaunting it. Doing as they say not as they do.

    Independence is too important. Than the white noise surrounding it,

  56. Arthur Thomson says:

    What a sad event.

    Margaret Ferrier has made a serious mistake and the consequences for herself and others are potentially terribly serious. I hope she hasn’t infected anyone else and that she has the support of good friends to see her through this. We all make mistakes but this is obviously a big one and her world is collapsing in on her right now.

    She seems to have no choice but to resign asap but she needs to take advice first.

    As to those looking to capitalise on this, I hope they rot long before they go to hell.

    • Julia Gibb says:

      I have a simple test on such issues.

      “What would a rationale, responsible person, in that position, have done in the same circumstances”

      When you seek the stage of public life the duties and responsibilities magnify significantly.
      Prince Charles, Cummings, Ferrier and many more have the increased burden of role model. Unfortunately so many fail us.

      Are the rules, the laws, just for the “little people”

      • Capella says:

        Timely reminder about Prince Charles. I forgot that he and his household flew to Birkhall while symptomatic and got a test from the local health service when very few people had access to tests.

        Two rights don’t make a wrong. However, it is interesting to observe the press and BBC treatment of Margaret Ferrier in contrast to others who have broken the rules. Well, not very interesting and not at all surprising.

        Nevertheless, she did act stupidly and unnecessarily broke the rules and I think she will have to resign.

        • Capella says:

          Ha, ha – getting my maxims muddled – it should of course be that two wrongs don’t make a right!

        • Petra says:

          Too bad Ian Blackford didn’t ask about that this morning when he was being interviewed by Naga Munchetty, who was getting her hate filled knickers in a twist about it …. the Baad, Baad SNP.

          ”Should Prince Chic stand down as a future King?”

    • ArtyHetty says:

      The ‘media’ will not leave M. Ferrier alone, they will demand she resigns, and use this all to attack the SNP even more than usual. A huge mistake, but the media frenzy is sickening.

      • Alan Howard Baxter says:

        Just listened to the FM Daily briefing. The way she handled questions regarding the acts of this MP clearly shows what a great leader she is and will prove to be in our soon to be independent country. She was OUTSTANDING. We have no reason to be concerned about the recycled toilet rolls that pretend to be Newspapers imho

  57. Ken2 says:

    Will Charles, Johnston, Dominic, Corbyn, the UK cabinet etc and etc resign. Double standards and inequality. Absolutely. The usual. White noise. Yak kitty yak.

  58. Paul, on a personal note, regarding the Invasion of the Brit Nat Body Snatchers who are attempting to bring down this essential Journal.

    You have thrown more out of the road to get to a fight.

    The Brits know that Scotland is well on the way to Self Determination.
    It is unstoppable now.
    I have witnessed you in action live (and the Dug).
    You are a passionate man, and subject yourself to, frankly, health threatening lengths to promote and further the cause of Scottish Self Determination.

    Your incredible articles and BTL comments which you generate are a force for good.

    If you require to take on ‘staff” to help you combat this vile assault on free speech, perhaps we, the public can help financially?
    What do other Duggers think?

    I know that is hard to keep calm sometimes.

    When we are out the other side of this terrible time breathing Scotland’s Free Air, a rally, a bash, a party, in your honour?
    Any excuse for a beano.
    Of course your money will be no good.
    Look after yourself.

  59. Ken2 says:

    A President getting a virus could swing an election in favour. Unpredicted times. Some of this stuff could not be made up.

    A President winning an election while quarantined or deed. It would be laughable if it was not so tragic. The germs and gems sweeping the world. Exterminate. Exterminate. Still quarantine when and where possible. Be a good example.

  60. Ken2 says:

    Give a donation of appreciation

  61. Julia Gibb says:

    If Ferrier does not step down then she may be removed by petition.
    I know which route I would chose in her position.

    The Recall of MPs Act 2015 (c. 25) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that makes provision for constituents to be able to recall their Member of Parliament (MP) and call a by-election. … Successful petitions force the recalled MP to vacate the seat, resulting in a by-election.

    • Bibbit says:

      The Speaker of the House must first ‘give notice’ if any of the 3 conditions apply whereby an MP can be recalled.

      Condition 1. An MP receives a prison sentence. Inapplicable to Ms Ferrier.

      Condition 2 The Commons Standards Committee issues a Report recommending an MP be suspended for at least either 10 consecutive sitting days or 14 sitting days.

      Alberto Costa Tory MP (with a visceral hatred of the SNP) is on that Committee stuffed with 3 other Tories. This could be the means by which Ms Ferrier is recalled.

      Condition 3. An MP breaches MP expenses rules. Inapplicable to Ms Ferrier.

      Ms Ferrier may be waiting to see what the Standards Committee Report recommends.

      If suspended for 10 or 14 days sittings, then the Speaker instructs a ‘Petition To Recall’ in Ms Ferrier’s constituency. Then at least 10% of Ms Ferrier’s constituents would need to vote to have her recalled. Once 10% of her constituents so voted, Ms Ferrier loses her seat. It is declared empty and a by-election is called. Ms Ferrier would be free to stand again in the by-election, if she so wished. She could then stand as an independent as it is unlikely the SNP would restore the whip to her under such circumstances.

  62. Petra says:

    ”There’s a bit of confusion with people saying that the SNP should ”sack” Margaret Ferrier. An MP can’t be sacked, i.e removed as an MP, by their party. The party can only withdraw the whip and suspend/expel them from the party. Thread”


    ”This is utterly indefensible. It’s hard to express just how angry I feel on behalf of people across the country making hard sacrifices every day to help beat COVID. The rules apply to everyone and they’re in place to keep people safe. Ian Blackford MP is right to suspend the whip.”

  63. Petra says:

    ”400 hundred lawyers from around the World outraged.”

    ”This is Trumpism’ Dame Helena Kennedy on the Internal Market Bill #bbcgms.”


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  64. Ken2 says:

    Just another diversion by some total hypocrites. Some people really are complete fools to be taken in by it.

    More people might start obeying the rules. If any good comes out of it.

  65. jfngw says:

    Has Donald Trump had the light bulb inserted yet, he believes it kills the virus doesn’t he. I’m sure there are many willing volunteers to be presidential inserter.

  66. Capella says:

    Radio Scotland is going to discuss nothing else but Margaret Ferrier for the forseeable future. So I’ve turned it off. I don’t think the unionists realise what absolute idiots they make of themselves with their hysteria. NS handled it very professionally at her daily briefing, in contrast to the complete incompetence of the Westminster unionist politicians.

    How they wish they could switch Nicola Sturgeon off.

  67. Hamish100 says:

    Margaret Ferrier….. I will resign when Cummings resigns to avoid any hypocrisy.

  68. Hamish100 says:

    I’m not sure the FM asked Cummings to resign rather she said it was up to the PM. Is that fair?

  69. Dr Jim says:

    Today the FM set up the entire British press media and public to monster any political figure that dares break the rules and gets caught doing it, and which political parties break the rules more than any other party, well we know who they are, and when they do the whole of the British media will shove Nicola Sturgeon’s actions down their throats all over the Telly

    It’s just a matter of time

    • yesindyref2 says:

      I think she should have left it alone with the whataboutery, stuck to the Ferrier problem. And all of us should also stick to the one issue – the truth will set us free. What Ferrier did was appalling, and dangerous. And here’s a very good reason for us to do this – leave it to the normally unionist MSM to do it for us. A quick example:

      “From Corbyn to Cummings: the public figures who have broken lockdown rules

      Pressure is growing on Margaret Ferrier to resign – but she is just the latest in a long list of public figures to break the lockdown rules”

      Daily Telegraph, By Catherine Neilan, Politics Live Editor 2 October 2020 • 1:40pm

      “but she is just the latest in a long list of public figures to break the lockdown rules”.

      Let them do the whataboutery and keep OUR act clean. And the truth shall set us free.

  70. Nicola Sturgeon was quite simply superb today in the way she handled the gathering hyenas, carrion crows and vultures of the Brit press and broadcasters.
    They were all having a good giggle, or so they thought.

    The ‘gold standard’ is now set in stone, formulated by the loaded questions of the gathering hacks and snigglers.

    No MP can be in any doubt how the Dead Tree Scrolls will treat them in future. Aye, right.
    Ask Ross Thomson.

    The Hacks thought that they had gathered to tear our First Minister’s carcass limb from limb, by repeating the same ‘message’ over and over again, that Ferrier was a bad wummin and the BAD SNP is made up of Covid breaking MPs and MSPs….Will the FM sack any more SNP MPs MSPs when they break the rules?

    I’m sure they’ll be as diligent with the Brits when they fall from grace, now that they have set out the rules of the game in the quite tedious leading questions they hurled at our First Minister.
    They couldn’t lay a glove on her…

    The sight of this ugly little bunch of hacks snarling and attempting to goad our First Minister has had the opposite effect.
    We all witnessed her dignified stalwart performance.

    The Hackerie managed to raise her already positive profile to new heights.

    By the gods, they really are terrified that they are losing their cash cow colony now.

    On a lighter note; have any of the whales tried to mate with a Nuke sub yet.

    ‘Make love not war.’ would be an excellent chat up line.

  71. Dr Jim says:

    While America decides whether some of them care whether Trump has Covid or not Sky news dispatch the sniffer of sleeze news James Mathews to get doggedly on the case of the track and trace system they have in that country to track down the exact moment Trump was alone with his aide Hope Hicks, because that’s way better news than a sick President, that kind of *news* sells for months and years

  72. Dr Jim says:

    Far from the piffle yapped about that the FM and SNP are doing nothing about Scottish Independence the SNP have engaged the services of former financial adviser to Bernie Sanders Professor Michael Mosler who says Scotland could have its own currency within months of becoming Independent

    The SNP would hardly engage someone like this if Independence wasn’t going to happen

  73. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Acceptable use of Party Funds?

    Make no mistake this saga will run longer than the MSM attacks on Ferrier (whom I think will end up getting charged due to MSM vilification ala Michelle Thomson) and then a by-election by Recall Petition (championed by the BritNats)

    It is also more damaging, membership numbers have been dropping since the high water mark of 125k in 2019.

    This type of behaviour in regards to what the executive decide membership dues get spent on (ie: not furthering the cause of Independence) is self defeating and will inevitably see more leave!

    • You seem to have turned left at Greenock by mistake, Jockanese Wind Talker.
      You want to head due South: M74, M6, M5, M4, M32 to Bristol, then A4 to Bath, the Mecca of Doomsayers all.

      Make love elsewhere, in Anglo Saxon.

    • Capella says:

      Another Tom Gordon hatchet job. We used to eviscerate this type of journalism. Now some repeat it as if it were gospel truth. It may well be. On the other hand it may be the usual unionist hyperbole. Some of us have the patience to wait and see.

      Political party hires a lawyer. Wow.

      • Capella says:

        At the very bottom of the article you find:

        “Mr Salmond has also hired a law firm, Levy & McRae, to represent him.”

        I don’t know if this is a big Scottish law firm or not. What is odd that it isn’t part of the headline.

    • Petra says:

      And from the same article JWT.

      ”Mr Salmond has also hired a law firm, Levy & McRae, to represent him.”

      • Capella says:

        That article is full of non sequiturs and logical fallacies. Not worth spending time debunking. But a glaring case of sneaky editing should have been easily picked up by the anti NS brigade – and once upon a time, would have been. Remember “the headline is always a lie”? “The truth is buried at the bottom where few readers venture?”

        • Dr Jim says:

          Do we remember the people who used to rail against every word the Herald the Daily Mail and the Express printed as lies and damned lies

          Golly gosh awmighty now these rags are the gospel according to these same person s

    • Eilidh says:

      Oh look another conspiracy theorist who arrived here via the twat entrance.
      I thought Nicola did very well yesterday against being berated by that paragon of virtue Roothie the tank commander. To expect NS to answer for WhatsApp messages her husband allegedly sent was ridiculous and everyone here knows that.I am suspicious re the Whatsapp messages allegedly received by that chancer McAskill as Whatsapp is encrypted so did original recipient copy them or are they fake

  74. John says:

    You have repeatedly said there is no cost attached to moderation of the site , only time.
    In a reality where time is all we have surely then amongst all other things it is sure that time is also , but not exclusively, money .
    I intend to make a contribution towards your time and efforts to maintain the civility you wish to keep this Scotland Independence driven blog of yours.

    Fuck embdy that disagrees with my reality .

  75. Ken2 says:

    The SNP membership (pro rata) is by far the biggest membership of any UK political party. Huge. Without dispute. Huge support.

  76. Ken2 says:

    Scotland needs a central bank. Relative easy to establish

  77. Ken2 says:

    Any worker in any work place is entitled to legal representation. That is the Law.

  78. David Ferguson says:

    Paul I think you have a perfect right to delete whatever you want on your site, and if its views that you find too stupid or offensive to tolerate fair enough. But speaking from personal experience I genuinely think you should let direct personal abuse and threats appear. Nobody who reads your work is going to think any less of you based on abuse thrown at you – on the contrary, it demeans the abuser rather than you, and it will let the rest of us see the kind of stuff people like you have to put up with. And at the end of the day if it’s extreme enough to qualify as hate speech or criminal threat the abuser will face serious consequences.

    • weegingerdug says:

      I get what you’re saying. However the problem is that other people respond. Then the original person replies. It goes back and forth and escalates. Then you end up with a deeply unpleasant and repellent atmosphere which poisons the entire blog – putting off others from contributing. I’d rather keep this a civilised space.

      And to be honest – some of the stuff that’s flagged up and which I don’t allow to appear is not just offensive, insulting, and abusive, it’s also defamatory about third parties. If I were to allow it to be published I’d be putting myself at risk of being sued for defamation by the people who are being defamed.

      • Dr Jim says:

        You’re quite right to keep a lid on what you believe to be the right way to conduct your own blog it’s content and the behaviour of the posters who are allowed to contribute their views therein
        Many people read online blogs while not themselves posting and it’s a reflection and representative view to people who may as yet not support Independence and that’s an important task showing others that those who do support Independence are not a bunch of rabid lunatics gnawing at each other, to allow it to become a forum for the purpose you didn’t design it for would defeat the object you’re trying to achieve

        So good on you for upholding the principles of being reasonable

      • grizebard says:

        Indeed, the posting of inflammatory material is deliberately intended to fill the BTL with such toxic interchanges that it poisons the whole site atmosphere and deters many from even visiting. Which is the prime intention. That’s exactly what was happening over at SGP until JK put a merciful end to it. (With something of an over-reaction, alas, since there’s now only three or four surviving posters {sigh}, one it seems for each of the major strands of opinion.)

  79. Margaret Barrie says:

    So well said, Paul. Keep up the great work.
    So much appreciated by so many.

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