The oozing mass of Tory lies

On Monday it was the liar in chief, on Tuesday it was the turn of the personification of smugness to let the UK realise just how big a lie the promises of Brexit had turned out to be. Brexit has proven to be an even bigger lie than the promises made to Scotland by the Better Together parties during the 2014 referendum, which is quite a remarkable achievement considering that there were horses which were donated to Joe Exotic’s tiger zoo on the understanding they’d live out the rest of their lives grazing peacefully only to end up as catfood which have been treated with more compassion and understanding.

So there we all were, wondering whether it would be Scotland or Northern Ireland which left the UK first. Who could have foreseen that it was going to be Kent? As Michael Gove slimed his way through a speech in the House of Commons on Wednesday, with occasional pauses to ooze and gloop, he confirmed that the UK Government plans to close Kent off to heavy goods vehicles unless the haulage company has first obtained a permit.

So if there are long queues of lorries in Kent it won’t be the government’s fault. Oh no. It will be the fault of haulage companies for not applying for a permit which they haven’t been told how to qualify for using an online system that will crash on its first day of usage as some well heeled Tory appointee admits that they didn’t foresee much demand for it. This was all announced to the Commons with his usual oleaginous politesse by a lying mucosal polyp who told the UK before the EU referendum that the UK would remain in a free trade zone with the EU. But then Michael Gove apparently believes that it’s just fine to lie through your teeth as long as you’re terribly polite as you do so.

Effectively Kent will have a customs border with the rest of the UK. Bet you Kent resident Nigel Farage never saw that one coming. And now we can expect George Galloway to pop up on social media daring Michael Gove to prevent him from crossing the Dartford bridge.

The insult to our collective intelligence continued when Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak decided to cancel the autumn budget statement and Scottish Finance Secretary Kate Forbes and her Welsh and Northern Irish equivalents only found out about it on twitter, where it was buried at the bottom of a screen full of cat gifs. When he was challenged about this by Glasgow MP Alison Thewliss in an exchange in the House of Commons, the Chancellor replied that his lackey talks to “his counterparts” all the time. Although on this occasion he’d not been arsed enough, as he was taking his lead from his boss.

It was a clear illustration that just as the shambling abandoned carpet in Number 10 doesn’t want to have direct dealings with the First Minister because he wants to reinforce the message that, in his head at least, he’s her superior, his neighbour in Number 11 has the exact same attitude. As far as they are concerned Scotland’s government is little more than a glorified county council. You’ll have had your respect agenda Scotland. There is now a clear and repeated pattern of behaviour from UK Government ministers who don’t keep their Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish counterparts informed of UK Government decisions. This is no accident. It can only be as a result of a deliberate decision. The Conservatives are setting out to goad and taunt Scotland. And then they insist that there’s no demand for another referendum.

Today we learned that the Scottish First Minister has written to Johnson to ask for greater economic powers for the Scottish Government in order to tackle the pandemic. The news came out as sources in the Scottish Government admitted that they would have liked to have introduced far more wide ranging restrictions in order to suppress the spread of the virus if Scotland had the economic powers to mitigate the damage to jobs and the economy. However Scotland doesn’t have those powers. We are utterly dependent on decisions made in Westminster. As Nicola Sturgeon pointed out, what is holding Scotland back is not the public health analysis, but the financial constraints placed on Scotland by Westminster which deny the Scottish Government the ability to respond fully to the public health analysis.

Many scientists and experts believe that the measures introduced this week do not go anywhere near far enough to ensure success in preventing the further spread of coronavirus. This is the view of Professor John Edmunds, an epidemiologist and member of the UK Government’s SAGE committee. The Scottish Government wanted to introduce far stricter measures, but it can’t because it doesn’t have the powers necessary to protect jobs and incomes. And it won’t get them as a result of Nicola Sturgeon’s letter to Boris Johnson.

Of course we already know what the answer from Westminster will be. But that doesn’t mean that the formal request should not be made. It means that when questions are asked later the Scottish Government can say that it wanted the powers to take more effective action, but it was denied by an ignorant and vindictive Westminster. It helps to establish the narrative that Scotland is being held back by Westminster, a narrative which has already proven to have traction in Scotland during this pandemic.

You can bet however that the likes of Douglas Ross won’t acknowledge any of that when he criticises the Scottish Government’s handling of the crisis. It won’t be acknowledged by those British nationalist apologists who scoff at comparisons between Scotland and England when supporters of independence point out that Scotland is doing better than England under the Tories. But as long as the Scottish Government is hamstrung in its response to the pandemic by decisions which are made for it by a Conservative administration which refuses to allow Scotland to diverge too much from the decision that it is making for England, that is the only valid comparison to be made. When they try to cast aspersions on the Scottish Government by pointing to the fact that Scotland has performed far worse than other countries of a similar size, they want to compare independent nations with a government which they are refusing to allow the full powers of an independent state.

Westminster’s refusal to allow Scotland the full powers to tackle this crisis will only result in a few more people moving from no to yes, a few more people coming to realise that Scotland can do much better once it is freed from the liars and dissemblers who inhabit Westminster. The consequences of the oozing mass of Conservative lies have only just started to make themselves felt. Support for independence is only going to grow.

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131 comments on “The oozing mass of Tory lies

  1. Clachangowk says:

    Don’t see the problem with lorries in Kent stuff. On 1 Jan 2021 Johnson will make major speech announcing that we have done Brexit and fully left the EU behind. At the same time he will proudly announce that after talking with experts he has found easy solution to lorry problem by commencing immediate discussions with the EU to join the Single Market and Customs Union. He will be proud to be first to announce this obvious solution and express surprise that no one had thought about it before.

  2. […] Wee Ginger Dug The oozing mass of Tory lies On Monday it was the liar in chief, on Tuesday it was the turn of the personification […]

  3. deelsdugs says:

    Grow and grow and grow.

    Radio shortbread, yet again, after FMs questions with baroness bully spouting forth, desperately trying to twist and alienate the FMs response to ‘she said this, and she said that’…whit kinda newsworthy is gossip such as this…

  4. Brian Powell says:

    At some point the Scottish Government is going need to point those things out very clearly and explicitly, naming names, and not apologetically say they are not trying to make a political point.

  5. bringiton says:

    Well their indivisible state seems to be getting smaller by the day.
    So far we have NI,Gibraltar and now Kent remaining within the EU jurisdiction.
    Who next?

  6. Capella says:

    Lies and mendacity – it’s their MO. Does anyone understand Rishi Sunak’s new job support scheme? Employees can work two thirds of their time and the Treasury will fund two ninths of their wages which is a third of the two thirds not covered by the employer who can pay the other third plus the third of full time. Or sack them and keep one third of the workforce for the same cost. Is that clear?

  7. looking forward to the great kentish bake off 🙂

  8. Republicofscotland says:

    Some media outlets pointing out that there might a backlog convoy of 7000 HGV’s a day, and with the UK in a being a “Just in Time” delivery state, a low or no Brexit deal will be a disaster.

    As for the disrespect shown to Katie Forbes, Scotland’s government and parliament haven’t had any input on the Brexit deal. Countless Westminster ministers have either failed to show up at Holyrood Q&A sessions or just completely ignored paperwork requesting their presence to explain Brexit decisions that we knew nothing about.

    Scotland is an after thought in the eyes of Westminster, and if we complain about it we are quickly told that we are grumbling winging Scots who should be thankful for what Westminster gives us.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Scotland is not just an after thought, it is no more important in the ENGGOV’S decision making than a ‘town council’ in England. Holyrood is excess to requirements, hence the shiney new office in the centre of our capital city, housing the 1000’s of English civil servants, no wonder for sale properties are being bought up fast in our city the now!

    • jfngw says:

      It’s deliberate, it’s to reinforce the belief that Westminster and in effect England is the superior nation. I read a good essay by Grouse Beater regarding the similar attitude to Ireland last century, it is still evident when they discuss Ireland.

      It goes hand in hand with the insistence by the three London parties that an independence referendum is a distraction. If you analyse the statement what they actually are saying is Scotland is a distraction and the opinion of the Scots is irrelevant.

  9. jfngw says:

    You forgot to mention the permit system will probably be handed out to another of Cummings connections. Probably to be led by a Dido Harding relation (I think his name is Phalanx, they thought they may as well get a head’s up on any c*ck up allegations).

    The only thing the broad shoulders of the UK is supporting is the continued spread of the virus as we can’t take the necessary elimination strategy. The Britnat’s have seen this as nothing more than a political opportunity to score pathetic points, demand things open, then demand why they have been opened once the inevitable happens.

    The pressure on the FM has been unrelenting from the Britnat’s, the MSM and some people who claim to be independence supporters.

  10. Welsh Sion says:

    Erm … did you mean ‘Dartford Bridge’, WGD? ‘Dartmouth Bridge’ is in Minnesota

    Otherwise, very good as always! 🙂

  11. John McDonnell says:

    Spot on. Just one point: the M25 entry into Kent is the Dartford Bridge, although royalists call it the Queen Elizabeth Bridge. Dartmouth is in Devon.

  12. ArtyHetty says:

    I find this site quite intriguing. DEVO for UK, but only for England. Must have cost a bit to design such a fancy website anyway. Fascinating.

    Check it out.

  13. Julia Gibb says:

    The Westminster behaviour in restricting the Scottish Governments ability to act as they wish actually sums up why they oppose Independence.

    They cannot allow a former part of the U.K. to move ahead in standards of response and governance. They are terrified of an Independent neighbour highlighting that things can be done better. That the social structure can be much better. That the money doesn’t have to be dripped down via an elite group of greedy wealthy people…not that much dripping ever happens in reality.

    Covid19 is an example of what they fear most – the needs of society (people) being put below the needs of the wealth of the elite.
    Covid19 has also shown how the Tories us a crisis to help their friends make money (PPE contract anyone?)…Brexit though is the real moneymaker for the donors and we all know who is going to pay the price for their gain.

  14. Dr Jim says:

    They’re making use of their ability to withhold financial movement on Covid to paralyze and trap the three other nations into powerless compliance

    You have to hand it to the Tories, Covid couldn’t have come at a better time for them, all they need now is a Zombie outbreak and all their dreams will have come true, they truly are the spawn of something

    • Arthur Thomson says:

      Except that their cunning plan is now going to be transparent. They think themselves invincible and world beating. That conceit will undoubtedly, in my view, be their undoing. For that reason I am always happy when they over reach.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      By “Zombie outbreak”, you do realise DRoss and the Baronless one have already been summoned by the blonde lord, allied to the fabled Leotard and Willie Winkie ready to don lycra in their battle to save uncivilization ? No, me neither…

  15. Republicofscotland says:

    The Tories under new plans are to use taxpayers money to bailout a billionaire who owns a fair bit of land and who created a body in the 1970’s to hide her wealth from the public. The Queen who has a Privy Purse of around £43 million pounds (last I looked), and a 770 roomed palace with a gold piano, is once again to drain the taxpayer of their hard earned pennies.

    Hopefully an independent Scotland will be a republic.

  16. Bob Lamont says:


  17. Republicofscotland says:

    Treacherous b*stards, apologies I meant British nationalists, who are Scottish and live in Scotland but, see themselves as British, are downloading the English Covid-19 App instead of our Scottish one. The App was released in England today.

  18. Arthur Thomson says:

    The days when their lies were believed by normal people in Scotland are past. Now, the more they lie the greater is the resolve to change and the more our numbers increase.

    We are far from the eye of the storm that is affecting Britland. There is going to be huge unemployment and large numbers of people, who previously felt they were at the centre of something that worked for them, are going to find themselves on the outside looking in. The Brits will, of course, lie about the numbers of unemployed as always but there is going to be a robust reaction from people who have nothing left to lose. Lies aren’t going to cut it when people can’t get the most basic necessities of life. There is going to be much anger and gnashing of teeth.

    I think I the posh boys and girls know this but they are still going to be taken aback by its ferocity. Anyone remember the ultimate public demonstrations against the poll tax? The English cities will be where the outrage is vented. Their social cohesion has been fatally undermined. Far from being divisive, the pressure in Scotland for independence has made Scotland’s population more empowered by information. I predict the Scots will look to the Scottish Government to bring about change – ie through independence. People in England have nowhere to go except the streets.

  19. Republicofscotland says:

    LibDem leader Ed Davey says, it doesn’t matter how big a majority the SNP get at next years Scottish elections, it should be up to Westminster to decide if Scotland can or cannot have a referendum.

    And there you have it, Westminster will tell you when you can chose your destiny.

    • JoMax says:

      What Davey really means but dare not say is ‘it should be up to England. And we can outvote you anytime we want’. I have a LibDem MP in this neck of the woods who will nod his head, shake Davey’s hand and say, “Absolutely, Ed, sir.”

      • Welsh Sion says:

        What Davey really means but dare not say is ‘it should be up to England. And we can outvote you anytime we want’.

        – Yep. Pretty well dying fast in David Lloyd George’s home country.

        0 MPs (out of 40)
        1 Member of the Senedd (out of 60), with the likelihood of losing that one in next year’s election.
        0 Councils controlled in Wales (out of 22)
        63 Councillors (out of 1 254 or 5%)

    • No Englishman will tell any Scots citizen what to do. It is as stark as that. And we should be as brusque as that if giggling bumbling fools like RN (Failed) Sub Lieutenant Andrew Bowie and his leader the linesman and future FM (no stop it!) relay this ‘now is not the time’ garbage from their English masters.
      Ed Davey has no power or authority over me or any Scot.
      To follow his Imperialist argument to its logical conclusion, we Scots are not in a voluntary union, but colonial slaves, a conquered nation, militarily occupied by the English, with no hope but to take up arms and drive our oppressors from our land?
      I’ll stop now.

      • And another thing, Gove lied about my UK pension today.
        The UK will continue to pay my state pension, because I contributed to a UK scheme, just like those who have retired to Spain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
        He lied to Parliament.

        SNP must get this lie expunged.

        • Petra says:

          Pensions? I’m beginning to wonder if they’ll have the money to pay the state pension for anyone in the UK going forward?

          Pete Wishart followed by Gove. 13.56.

          • nging fron just in time car parts delivery to the English West Midlands, to scotland dying because HM Treasury would not be there to fund our excesses.
            A dangerous fool.
            They have still to recruit 50,000 customs officers, with 100 days to go, or less, since the EU 27 meet on the 15th October, to finalise their response to Brexit, which at the moment is No Deal.
            Gove just twitters on in that quasi polite ‘my learned friend’ Oxford Debate drawl..talking nonsense and lies.

            We are within 20 days of No Deal, not 100.

            Stock up on toilet rolls and pasta,guys. It’s doing to be a sh1tty autumn.

            • Oops, a gremlin got in to this one; or MI6.
              But you get the drift, Duggers.
              Gove just spouts lies on top of lies in that cartoon bools in the mooth accent of his.
              He is a dangerous fool. We must act now. By 15th October, all hell will break loose.

              There will be no just in time car parts for England’s foreign owned car industry.

              He actually said that Scotland’s fish catch will be fast tracked through the 7000 lorries in Kent and be in the market place in Boulogne the day after catch.
              The man is as mad as a hatter.

  20. Arthur Thomson says:

    RofS – it’s good of the Lib dems to pin their colours to the mast. What we don’t need is any of the shades of Tory sowing uncertainty. Collectively they don’t amount to anything scary now.. They’re all out in the open now, in their union Jack costumes, clowns to the left of us jokers to the right. A motley crew of British xenophobes, rudderless and congealing in abject fear of being left – alone and unloved – which really is what they are.

  21. Hamish100 says:

    Ot – I praise the snp and government but tonight I will criticise. Granddaughter at Uni last week.

    Her mum and dad pay £480pcm for the pleasure. Now stuck self isolating. Isolation is the word. A few strangers together unable to head home. The universities have locked their common rooms so now to meet you must sit with your “ family” in your bedroom other small kitchen room.

    Matters are now worse as a result. Even Barlinnie is free.

    The risk of infection for the young adult is there every day.

    She can’t come home or if she does she and her parents are breaking the law.

    Foreseeable? absolutely, but should my daughter have given up on her dream ?

    Still the man from a parcel delivery firm entered her residency and no doubt at other unis. No he wasn’t wearing a mask.

    2/10 Prof Leitch

    • grizebard says:

      Jeez, this is the virus. There’s no way round the fact that people who get into close proximity – like uni students, not least those who are not necessarily obeying the well-known rules as scrupulously as they might – will infect each other. The SG can work wonders, but it can’t magic this away. It’s hellish inconvenient to say the least, but do try to avoid the uniquely ScotBritNat fallacy that there is somehow a way to make this all go away. There ain’t (yet), so bite the bullet just like the rest of us and get used to it.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Perhaps once calmed and you reflect on your granddaughter’s situation you might ask yourself why snp SG or Leitch in your mind are to blame or what they might have done within their powers to affect it?

    • Eilidh says:

      So what exactly do you think Prof Leitch should have done maybe he needs a new crystal ball or something. Delivery people shouldnt be allowed in there without at least wearing a mask
      What appears to have happenned is loads of students didn’t heed advice about social distancing during freshers week. What a surprise! In shared accommodation it only take 1 to get the virus and it spreads like wildfire. I think it is perfectly sensible not to allow them to go home. If they disperse to other places they will spread the virus. Blame the idiots who had parties in their halls of residence etc. We are all sufferring to one extent or another I had to cancel a trip to Skye this weekend that I booked months ago because we are not allowed to car share.

    • Petra says:

      What would you suggest they should do Hamish because I’m trying to figure out how to get round this but can’t think of a safe alternative?

      And I’d also like to say that any student seen to be consistently breaching CV guidelines, especially with other students having to take the flack, should be kicked out of Uni altogether.

    • Golfnut says:

      Check out the Uni web site on Coronavirus advice. Some if not all have the UK gov advice listed, not the SG.

    • Julia Gibb says:

      Prof Leitch is an advisor. He does not decide the guidance, rules or laws. He, with others present scientific data and assessments.
      I am neither agreeing nor disagreeing with your comment merely pointing out his role.
      If you wish to award a 2/10 then it goes to the FM…I’m certain she would agree it is her responsibility.

  22. Hamish100 says:

    Should have delayed access to campus. The rules introduced a few days in basically imprison the students including the majority to their new family.
    I don’t have firearms so biting any bullet is just silly. Looks like the government thought unis were like schools. Self harming

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Far as I have read via Prof John Robertson ex Uni prof, university’s are autonomous, and make these decisions outwith ScotGov anyway…anyone know more on that??

      • grizebard says:

        In their internal arrangements – including the organisation of university-owned accommodation – yes they are, though the SG could always have set conditions such that a restart even partly in person was impossible. It definitely didn’t wish to do so because resumption of education is its No.1 priority. Arrangements for welfare due to ensuing lockdowns also lies with the universities. Yet somehow, just as with care homes, people (especially the usual suspects) somehow expect Nicola Sturgeon to be fairy godmother and Santa all rolled into one, like some cheap TV show: “Nicola’ll fix it”. It must be frustrating for her, but still she “womans up” and takes it on her broad shoulders. We should live up to that fine example.

    • grizebard says:

      You are obviously a stranger to metaphor, but if a cheap shot makes you happy, fine. (Oops, I forgot, you are also bereft of a shooter.) If the SG had decided to stall the opening of the academic year, you would no doubt have joined all the BritNat whingers in complaining about “the unwarranted delay”. It affects everyone, and impacts most of all on those who ignore the well-established simple rules (and alas also those with whom they come into unwitting contact). It’s not that hard to understand. Try to deal with the reality like a grown-up.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Also looks like ScotGov would be being much stricter now re new rules to reduce numbers, but they just can’t afford to cushion the blows to businesses etc! It must be costing a bloody fortune so far and with hugely reduced £’s via the so called ‘grant’, and limited powers plus NO borrowing powers because the EnglishGov refuse to devolve that, Scotland really is going to struggle to contain and manage this over the coming months. Winter had better be mild and uneventful, no major storms etc, because Scotland’s emergency funds may not suffice at all. It’s just tragic really is.

      EngGov must be looking on with glee at ScotGov right now, hell mend ’em.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Sorry, Hamish I really can’t agree with your argument here. I do sympathise for anyone that finds themselves having to self isolate through no fault of their own. The outbreak in Glasgow at the halls of residence is on a different to scale to any other outbreak we have had in Scotland recently.

      As of today 124 from 600 have tested positive with the numbers expected to increase in the coming days and that is over 20%. There will be some who actually have the virus but will not test positive for a few days yet, it would be foolish to allow students to return home under those circumstances. You can be absolutely certain that if they all returned home and there were further outbreaks when students with the virus who may not yet have tested positive infect their parents or other family members all over Scotland, there would be hell to pay.

      You can be certain that it would be equated with releasing the elderly from hospitals back into care homes and spreading the disease there. There have been stricter lockdowns already in Scotland, 1200 factory workers and their families were asked to self isolate after the outbreak at the chicken factory in Coupar Angus. This outbreak in Glasgow is bigger percentage wise than that one, yet so far it’s only the students that need to self isolate and not their families.

      Allowing them to return home risked putting more people under self isolation and that’s something best avoided, why would the government deliberately put others at risk?

      Two weeks is not long, and she has company within her own accommodation. I hope she will get over this without any problems as I do for all the students. I hope we can find better methods of living with this virus but for now our best chance of keeping numbers manageable and deaths to a minimum is to follow the rules, even as they change as circumstances change.

      I suspect that if you ask your granddaughter in two weeks time what she thought, then you might be surprised to find that she agreed with the lockdown and at the end of the day it wasn’t all bad since it gave her a chance to get to know her new roommates really well. Silver lining?

      • Hamish100 says:

        I appreciate your kind comments. Grand daughter is not on the Glasgow Uni campus. I still believe this was avoidable.

        • Alex Clark says:

          Hamish, there is also no doubt a bit of being seen to hammer home the message here right at the start of a new University year.
          To be honest I think it was needed judging by the number of outbreaks in Universities. Not just in Scotland but England too. Until we have a vaccine we need to change our behaviour to minimise contacts to reduce the spread of the virus, not something we want but the alternatives are few.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          I agree it was badly handled. Students will be students.

          But it is 2 weeks, and yet none of the articles including in The National have that in the headlines. Nor do they make much of a point of it, so the implication is that it will go on and on.

          Communications badly handled by ScotGov, not for the first time eitiher. They need to think things through to the end and then back again, and the key starter, middle and end should have been:

          “For 2 weeks … for 2 weeks … if every student observes the 2 weeks, then we’re cooking with gas”.

    • Legerwood says:

      The rules were not introduced ‘a few days in’. They are the standard rules for anyone testing positive or being in contact with someone who has tested positive: self- isolate.

      All the Scottish Universities have information on their approach to organising university activities around the virus and, importantly, links to the SG government’s web pages detailing the guidelines in force. All of this was available for the students to read before they came to Uni. Furthermore students from Scotland should already have been familiar with much of this info. Students from outwith Scotland were well warned that the regulations etc in Scotland would be different from those in force where they came from.

      If they cannot understand these regulations nor follow them then how are they going to manage their course work?

      • Ally says:

        Thank you for pointing out the reality and FACTS of the situation

      • Thank goodness they changed their websites
        Up until 23/9/20 the links they had were to Westminster gov
        After last weekends big party infecting lots of people they made a change to their websites linking them to the Scottish government website advice on covid19

        • Golfnut says:

          I posted up thread that some if not all uni’s were displaying UK gov advice and not the SG advice. Glad to see they have changed this but you have to wonder why it was there in the first place.

    • jfngw says:

      Amazing the number of people who want strict virus controls until it starts affecting them personally. It’s a bit like climate change, everyone else should change their behaviour. It’s why there is little chance of avoiding any of these catastrophes in the future, they are in effect Thatcher’s ‘no society’ children. Maybe she was correct, under the veneer we are all selfish b’s.

      On a more amusing note I see some Britnat’s in Scotland are staunchly boasting they are downloading the English ‘Trace & Protect’ app. Maybe they don’t realise it will be useless to them in Scotland, it won’t protect them or their family.

  23. ArtyHetty says:

    The sites I go to for truth, balance and abit of Paul’s humour thrown in, well WGD and this. I think Prof John is a bit despondent not so many folk reading his articles, support required ta.

  24. Statgeek says:

    “a lying mucosal polyp”

    You paint a vivid picture. Can’t be unread either. 😀

  25. Petra says:

    ”He (Gove) confirmed that the UK Government plans to close Kent off to heavy goods vehicles unless the haulage company has first obtained a permit.”

    Just wondering how many Scottish companies / drivers of heavy goods vehicles will find it difficult to get a permit?


    ‘Hauliers leak Michael Gove letter warning of 2 day delays at the border and 7,000 truck-long queues.’

  26. Petra says:

    Bad news for DRoss, Rooth the Mooth and Farcear*e 😀.

    Phantom Power: – ”Latest polling shows Douglas Ross and Baroness Ruth Davidson’s 6 @ScotTories MPs would be completely wiped out – every last one of them including Douglas himself [via Survation 16/09/2020].”


    ”Kent Border”

    • grizebard says:

      The only snag being that the clearout is only virtual, there not being another WM election for some years yet, barring unforseen events.

      One much wished-for unforseen event of course being that we’re well gone by then. That’s the best defeat possible for DRoss & Co. An irreversible one at that.

  27. Petra says:

    Prof. Stephen Reicher(SAGE) – ”The real difference between Johnson’s & Sturgeon’s messages was how they related to the public. Johnson blamed the public, where as Sturgeon treated the public as a partner.”


    Please check out Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.

  28. Alex Clark says:

    Davie Clegg ex-political editor of the Daily Record and the one who was fed the “dirt” on Alex Salmond is now editor of the Dundee Courier but today he gets to make a rare foray into the big UK world with an article in the Guardian.

    He’s now started to wake up at all hours of the night in a cold sweat, as are his Unioniat pals LOL

    Pro-UK Scots are tired, angry and confused. They are convinced the last six months should have exposed what they see as the fundamental foolishness at the heart of Nicola Sturgeon’s campaign to break up Britain. Instead, the Scottish first minister’s approval ratings have soared, support for independence is at a record high and a creeping sense of dread among unionists has morphed into something closer to blind panic.

    The doubt is now setting in and they can see the writing on the wall. We just keep doing what we are doing, because we most definitely are getting something right and have them on the run.

    • Petra says:

      Good enough for them, in particular NIrish Clegg (say no more) and his prior (current?) cohort Torcuil Crichton from the Daily Rag. Over time (and as history will record) being known as a couple of scaremongering liars. God only knows how they are going to deal with the current Westminster cabal totally decimating the UK. The sweat will pouring off of them 24×7. Anyone on here up for dunking them in a bath?

  29. Have you interviewed Stuart Campbell yet with the Dugcast?
    It would be very interesting and seems like a big omission if not. Considering you have interviewed some folk twice. Give it a go

    • grizebard says:

      Why? The man has enough opportunity for his latterday bitter-and-twisted disengagement messaging on his own site, we hardly need more. (And all of it generously funded by many who must by now feel completely duped.)

  30. JoMax says:

    “Pro-UK Scots are tired, angry and confused. They are convinced the last six months should have exposed what they see as the fundamental foolishness at the heart of Nicola Sturgeon’s campaign to break up Britain.”

    That’s the daftest thing I’ve ever read. The Cleggs of this world just can’t get their heads round the fact that maybe, at last, the majority of Scots are beginning to see the light. To the Cleggs, it’s all about the ‘breaking up’ of their beloved Britain, a Britain which in reality means domination by England, its political parties, its ‘UK’ Govt, its overall control of everything, and nothing to do with what the Scots themselves may actually want.

    The BritNats make me tired, angry and confused by their very attitude to our northern territory. Maybe they should take a long, hard look at their own ‘fundamental foolishness’ for a change.

  31. grizebard says:

    It must be a very uncomfortable time right now for the BritNat holdouts, not least those in politics and the media. Their own world view is coming under more and more of a challenge that is out of their control, and whose consequences they can’t process.

    Back six long years ago they scraped by with an assemblage of deliberate single-use lies and thought they could then sit back and reap success with a return to their bad old ways. Having taken a big winning gamble on bluffing it out, they believed they could even afford to cynically ditch even the shallow promises they had made. It was bad enough (for them) that the then 45% didn’t raise their arms in despair and sink back into obscurity, but maybe even they never imagined that their beloved feudal masters in London would jump the shark as madly as they have done since, heading blindly for an economically-suicidal Brexit while a virus burns all relentlessly before it. (And as an incidental byproduct, very visibly separates the political wheat from the chaff.)

    But they’re hamstrung. They know in their hearts that they do not have the nevessary political wherewithal to make the fundamental all-UK changes that might possibly save the day, their old bluff is long discredited, their false promises are returning to haunt them, and anyone willing to see can amply judge for themselves that even in these perilous times we’re perfectly capable of running our affairs, thank-you-very-much. They’re caught in the cross-hairs of history, their smokescreen generator is on the blink, and they have nowhere left to run.

    Tough times to be caught in a political landslip where the ground under your feet is moving, and in a direction you don’t want and can’t control. I almost feel pity for them.

  32. Arthur Thomson says:

    “Pro UK Scots are tired, angry and confused.” Not to mention predatory, obsessed with the second world war (but not their war in Iraq for some reason), inveterate liars, devoid of integrity etc. The poor souls must be exhausted – it really must be hard work being pretentious, self-seeking bastards day in day out, only to find that others now see right through your act. That’ll be why they are always alternating between aggression and hand wringing.

    Who would be a Brit?

    They could try being respectful but then they wouldn’t be Brits.

    Ah well. Suck it up.

  33. Melvin Penman says:

    I cant even type this without clearing the tears of laughter from my eyes.. a Border around kent….hahahahahhahahhaha the Brexit Bonus….Fantastic stuff, the British state has outdone itself….hehehehe. Its just amazing, talkaboit shooting themselves in the foot…..they blew there bl***dy head off

  34. Dr Jim says:

    IPSOS MORI have a sub poll showing SNP at a blockbustering 60% for May elections

    • Statgeek says:

      For balance, it was subset of 143 out of ,1013.

      It was then weighted all to hell by the usual methods, and also to bring it in line to being population balanced to the UK.

      Frankly it’s an ok sub-sample, but was weighted down to UK levels and probably weighted even more according to a raft of previous voting (which is kinda pointless if voting intention has changed). In the end it would need a margin of error of +/- 12%, so could be anything from 48% to 72%.

      Still encouraging to see such high numbers, but I wouldn’t trust any poll under 1,000 right now. There’s too much emphasis being put on polls for them to be low quality.

  35. No outbreaks in Open University campuses?

    Blended learning, distance learning seems to be working there.

    • Dr Jim says:

      It’s the Scottish government’s fault said one student, they should have known we’d break the rules
      Interviewer: But you didn’t break the rules before and the numbers of infected were low, Student: Yeah but we’re young so what did they expect

      I think in law they call that the *I killed him because I don’t care your honour* defence

      There is another side however in that there seems to be a cohort of students who actively arranged and encouraged the contravention of the rules for the usual *student power* politics

      The FM tried as hard as she could to cajole folk to into keeping to the rules but she can’t cajole everybody, and there are those who politically want to cause trouble, and it only needs a few to take the opportunity then boom! everyone suffers, Job done!

  36. Petra says:

    He’s actually cottoned on now 🙄. Scotland the Cash Cow11. Wind power, wave power and MORE so tidal power is even more lucrative, **MUCH MORE**, than our (SCOTTISH) oil and gas. Then there’s our bl**dy SCOTTISH water. The only wind power, of note, coming out of England at the moment is out of the BritNats backsides, imo. So much gas they may actually find themselves in the position of keeping the lights on in Westminster. Forget about the English hoi polloi overall. Brexit plus Scottish Independence = lights out all over England.

    ‘UK can be ‘Saudi Arabia of wind power’ – PM.’

    ..”Mr Johnson said the UK (SCOTLAND) had “quite extraordinary potential” for wind power. Mr Johnson said this was a technology he “barely believed was possible, but I am now a complete evangelist for”.

    ..”Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he wants to make a “big bet” on renewables, turning the UK into the “Saudi Arabia” of wind power.”..

    • grizebard says:

      He’s well behind the times, then. The real future is not in wind power, but water power, because the far greater density of the medium carries far more energy even if at a somewhat lower speed. Not forgetting the familiar hydro power, there is huge potential in electricity generated by sea currents and tidal movements. We in Scotland are of course uniquely blessed by those also, as eg. in the Pentland Firth.

  37. Petra says:

    Mhairi Black SNP booted him into oblivion now Broon’s Labour Party bully boy, ONE of them, has been dumped by Unicef. Dearie me.

    ‘Unicef UK chair Douglas Alexander resigns amid bullying allegations.’

    ..”The chair of Unicef UK, Douglas Alexander, has resigned after being accused of bullying behaviour towards staff.”..

    ..”Third Sector reported allegations from about 10 staff members, including that Alexander “repeatedly displayed aggressive language and behaviour, including shouting at staff” and that sources claimed the charity had limited the number of staff in contact with Alexander to avoid further complaints.”


    Looks as though Mr Alexander didn’t exactly fit the bill. We deserved better than him, FAR better, representing the Scots and by God the children in over 190 countries across the World will be well shot of him.

    ”UNICEF works in over 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfil their potential, from early childhood through adolescence. And we never give up.”

  38. Petra says:

    Labour / Tory …. Tory / Labour for over 100 years now. FGS let’s get Scotland out of this Union, ASAP.

    ‘Labour trio sacked for voting against Overseas Operations Bill.’

  39. Welsh Sion says:

    Look out for Facebook and Twitter at 11.30 this morning:

    The Independence Commission

    In 2019 Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price established the Independence Commission which would look in detail at creating a pathway to Welsh independence.

    The Commission, under the chairmanship of the Rt Hon. Elfyn Llwyd, former MP for Dwyfor Meirionnydd, has worked tirelessly over the past year and today launch their report.

    Plaid Cymru will now consider its recommendation over the coming months.

    You can read the report by following the link below.

    Something is happening in Wales. Support for independence is at the highest it has ever been. Our nation is on the march and people are waking up to the idea that independence is possible. This report will play a crucial role in the national conversation on independence because after all, creating a new Wales is the work of an entire nation, all of its people and all of its perspectives.

    Read the Report here:

    The report’s launch will be live streamed on the Plaid Cymru Facebook and Twitter pages at 11.30 am.

  40. Dr Jim says:

    Independence would be worse than the worst no deal Brexit says Michael Gove

    Up till now Gove has been saying a no deal Brexit is fine, so does Gove mean a no deal Brexit is good for England but bad for Scotland but Independence would make it worse than they’ve already made things?

    So the Tory Bastirt agrees with every word Scotland says, then he went onto the what currency and pensions threats, in short he couldn’t give a flying F***, ENGLAND RULES OK

    They’ll keep this up until somebody in Scotland presses *enter* on their computer and drops planes out of the sky……again!

  41. Arthur Thomson says:

    So Johnson has discovered that Scotland is an environmental gold mine. Not sufficient to have voluminous supplies of black gold but Scotland has infinite supplies of wind and fresh water and seas of natural potential energy.

    If he shouts loud enough the natives are going to hear him and those with more than two brain cells are going to see that they aren’t ugly ducklings at all, they are Swans – Scottish swans.

    The Brits are in quicksand now. As they sink they know that doing nothing isn’t an option but everything they do makes matters worse. No wonder they are in a panic.

    Re the students spreading covid around, does anyone know how many of their teddy bears have been infected? The children, the children is what I hear. And there was I thinking they that were young adults with normal levels of intelligence. Two whole weeks of discomfort, how will they cope? I bet they will learn more in that fourteen day period, about themselves, their peers and about responsibility than any other two week period at uni.

  42. Republicofscotland says:

    Well, as usual most of the British nationalist radio stations reporting on how bad things are in Scotland, the latest from them is to report in a dramatic fashion that university students in Scotland have not to socialise outside the campus.

    Of course there’s no mention or focus on, of how bad things are in England with regards to the virus, but you can be sure, whatever’s happening up her in Scotland with the virus that its a lot worse South of the border, its just that its not being reported on.

  43. Republicofscotland says:

    The Chancellor of the Exchequers new plans of paying only 22% of workers wages will devastate Scotland’s economy says our own Finance Minister Katie Forbes. The Tories are attempting to destroy Scotland’s economy ( we have very little borrowing powers) to force an independence referendum off the table.

    Today however the British media reported that the UK, not England that holds the purse strings, is over £2 trillion pounds in debt.

    We can’t afford to remain in this unfit for purpose union.

  44. Petra says:

    Watering down the teaching profession in Scotland.’

    ”General Teaching Council for Scotland chief executive, Ken Muir ⁦@GTCSKen wants exemption from UK internal market bill. That’s despite assurance from UK Govt the Council would keep control of who can teach in Scotland.”


    Michael Dougan Professor of European Law, University of Liverpool:- ”I’ve had 2 Scottish Parliament Committees in 2 days on UKIM Bill. Always give credit where credit’s due: the quality of preparation, questioning and scrutiny in Edinburgh is *seriously* impressive. Testament to a strong political culture & commitment to public service. Amazing.”

  45. Bob Lamont says:

    Indeed RoS, had a quick look at the BBC website –
    For Scottish viewers:
    “LIVE Covid in Scotland : 558 new virus cases confirmed”
    “Covid-hit university students: ‘Why have they sent us here?'” ”
    “Covid: Scottish university students told not to go to pubs”
    “Covid in Scotland: Household mixing rules at holiday lets ‘confusing’ ”
    All on the main Scotland page, on Scotland/Politics the latter replaced by “Scottish university outbreaks ‘should have been predicted’ “.

    Meanwhile for the UK
    “Covid: Coronavirus cases in England up 60% in a week”
    The Scottish article repeated “Covid-hit university students: ‘Why have they sent us here?'” ”
    Otherwise nothing, and nada on the UK politics page.

    Meanwhile for England
    “Covid-19: What has it meant for the ‘busiest’ trains? “…

    The News where you are is not the news where we are was never so patently and blatantly obvious, Scotrail should be demanding Glenn (antisemitic hunter) Campbell do a feature on their busiest trains….

  46. Petra says:

    You can see why they want to get their claws on our water! Not looking great for NIreland either.

    ”Drinking water quality in UK.”


    ‘New USDA Ruling Allows for Chicken to Be Produced From Diseased Birds.’

    ..”Now, as a direct result, the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service said it will allow the sales of chicken meat made from birds that have had diseases. And yes, that’s for human consumption.”..

  47. Petra says:

    The Tory priorities 🤬. And just wondering if Scotland will be forking out around £1 billion for their failed trace and track scheme?

    Richard Murphy:- ”£12 billion has been spent on a failed track and trace scheme, simply to profit Serco. But just £5 billion is to be spent to prevent mass unemployment and save hundreds of thousands of employers.”


    Check out more of Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.

  48. Welsh Sion says:

    As promised, Scotland – keeping you up to date on ‘Trace and Track’ in this part of the word. In particular, with regard to my mum’s intended cataract operation on Monday.


    So … we had been reliably informed that the ‘Trace and Track’ people would phone us 72 hours before the operation in order to arrange a swabbing of my mum.

    I phoned the Eye Clinic this morning (there’s no contact number for T and T) and they were surprised that T and T had not been in touch. They tried to contact them and only got an engaged phone. They then suggested I phone them (the Eye Clinic) after 11 am this morning if I hadn’t heard from T and T.

    Thus, when I received no reply from T and T at 11 am, I phoned the Eye Clinic again. Eye Clinic said that T and T had contacted us (untrue) and had deleted my mum’s name from their list. (Will this go down in the statistics as a ‘done’ test?). Eye Clinic then told me to get down to the local hospital by 12.30 pm today at the T and T Test Centre so that my mum could have her test. They didn’t believe the Eye Centre that we had not been contacted.

    At extremely short notice then we ordered a taxi and arrived at the Test Centre. We had the test (nose and mouth swabbing) at 12.25 pm (i.e. 5 minutes to spare) – having queued in cars for over 1 1/2 hours. We confirmed my mum’s date of birth and surname and that was it. A normal return taxi fare of £10.00 amounted to £35.00 (to include the waiting).

    We now, I guess, wait to see if T and T find my mum negative or positive for Coronavirus. If the former, we return to the hospital on Monday for her cataract operation. If the latter …

    This, Baroness Harding and Matt bloody Hancock is the shambles you are overseeing here in England. And this is an urban centre and the T and T facility is local (3 miles away, tops) to us. I’m guessing that those more isolated and further away from their T and T outpost are having even worse times.


    Will keep you posted, Scotland …

    • grizebard says:

      What a palaver, and a horrendous expense. When things are tough, all the more reason for the system to be efficient and not making elementary mistakes like dropping people between the cracks. But anyway, hope your mum is declared clear and can finally have her op.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Jeez – Horrified at the account of that experience to be honest WS, and it will not be a unique instance in these Tory times, but no less scandalous.
      Don’t blame you for being bloody furious, particularly over the blatant lie of “T and T had contacted us”, it’s not as if even you weren’t “in”. Lies do indeed appear to have become a only signature of this administration..
      Good luck to your mum all the same, truly dreadful what England has to deal with, it was all so easily avoidable bar dogma…

    • Legerwood says:

      Hope all goes well. Just what you don’t need before an OP.

  49. David Agnew says:

    The tories are the party of privilege and will crawl over broken glass to protect that privilege. Brexit is the axe they will wield to protect that privilege. Under the mask of “Getting Brexit Done”, they will destroy the NHS. Destroy public services. Prey on the elderly. Torment the sick. Steal food from the mouths of babes. Make you work a dead end job until you die from illness or starvation. They want to raise the age of pensions to 70, not because it can’t be afforded, but because they want you to die before they have to pay you a pension. They want to spend that pension money on what they regard to be more important…themselves.

    They are not the party of business…they are the party of “fuck business”.

    They are not the party of the NHS. They have always hated it and want to sell it to Trump.

    They are not even the party of Union. They are a party of thieves who want to steal money that simply doesn’t belong to them. While dumping “British” debt on Scotland. You wouldn’t do that if we were an economic basket case. There is a reason the “British” don’t want Scotland to borrow or spend more than it gets in funding. They want us to pay to protect their “British” privilege. And unionists will accept this luke warm cup of piss, passed off as love, because they think the “British” are doing us a favour.

    So to the people of “Britain” who voted for Brexit and taking back control. What the fuck where you thinking? If you work for a living and struggle to make ends meet, why in the name of the wee man did you vote tory? You are exactly the kind of person Tories love to fuck with. Who thinks your elderly relatives are a burden. That your kids should be denied an education and opportunity. Who think you shouldn’t even have a roof over your head. And don’t even think of getting ill or planning on retiring anytime soon. But don’t listen to me Mr & Mrs Turkey…you go right ahead and vote for an early xmas because “Democracy, innit?”

  50. Col says:

    Indy won’t happen until the next general election or there after now! If someone could explain to me how it will come about otherwise I’d love to hear it. There is not going to be an indy ref 2!
    Also please tell me how the SNP are going to deal with all the pissed off members and former members who are so disalousened with them for walking us into a trap and in so doing causing suffering beyond most people’s imagination? I’ve been swinging between being positive and a harsh reality facing us all.some more than others! . I hope I make it through myself. These are truly desperate times, huge moves have been made by the UK government! Where’s the kick back? SNP are looking limp in the face of a huge hurdle at the moment. Only god can save us now. We’re doomed!

  51. Col says:

    Remember how quicly Labour fell! We don’t have the luxury of that time frame! I think the SNP could fail quite spectacularly and I don’t mean that in a gleeful way. Do they even register the frustration of their electors? Some seem to be on the ball and too many the opposite to be honest. I’m sick of being shouted down by the faithful I was faithful something would be pulled from the hat in 2013. The media onslaught was met with almost nothing.. We’re on the wrong path I fear! Again. No fight, no highlighting of major issues in the media when opportunities arise. Frustration is at boiling point again!

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