A breakdown of trust

The UK government’s Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Alok Sharma really doesn’t like the idea of explaining his government’s plans to those pesky uppity Scots. He has refused to appear before the Scottish Parliament’s Finance and Constitution committee to explain the impact of the UK Internal Market Bill on the devolution settlement and on Scotland as a whole. The British Government has now told the important Holyrood committee that Alok Sharma won’t be appearing before it this week, next week, or at any time. He’s too busy being an apologist in Westminster for this law breaking disgrace of a bill that trashes the devolution settlement to be able to schlepp to Edinburgh and be an apologist for it there too.

This is the second time in a month that Alok Sharma has run away and hidden from the Holyrood committee. In August the Conservative Business Secretary told the committee convenor Bruce Crawford just thirty minutes before the committee was due to sit to hear from him that he wouldn’t be attending. It’s one thing for the British Government to present its offence of a bill to a supine media, it’s quite another for it to be dissected by MSPs who actually appreciate the impact that it’s going to have.

Now he’s informed the committee that he’s not going to turn up at all, ever. Scotland, you can read about the impact of Tory legislation on your lives in the pages of the right wing press along with everyone else. Don’t dare imagine that your pretendy little parliament can hold the high and mighty British cabinet to account. There’s that respect agenda that we were promised in 2014. How’s it working out for you?

Not even the Conservative Government’s own chief legal officer in Scotland, Lord Keen, can stomach this travesty of an internal market bill. On Wednesday he tendered his resignation saying that he was finding it increasingly difficult to reconcile the bill with the law. Which is a bit like saying that you find it difficult to reconcile a smash and grab raid with a visit to the ATM to withdraw that tenner that your granny sent you for your birthday. But still, better late than never. This is the guy who was happy to plead Johnson’s case during the case about Johnson’s unlawful prorogation of Parliament last year, the internal market bill is too much even for him to stomach. He’s a lot less keen now.

According to a report in the Guardian last week, a leaked UK Government memo showed that the Advocate General believed that UK government ministers would be breaching the ministerial code if they upheld the Internal Market Bill and defied international law. The ministerial code rules that ministers may not break the law in pursuit of their duties. It does not specify UK law or international law, just “the law”. It used to refer specifically to international law, but the code was changed by the Cameron government. The Attorney General Suella Braverman has argued that this means that the ministerial code only applies to breaches of UK law, but in a ruling in 2018 the Court of Appeal found that the removal of an explicit reference to international law did not relieve ministers of an obligation to abide by it. (See here http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2018/1855.html)

No doubt the Conservatives will now have to trawl the Faculty of Advocates for someone without scruples or principles. There’s bound to be a Scottish version of Suella Braverman waiting in the wings, some low grade law hack who will happily do as they’re told for the reward of power and position as they flail about hopelessly out of their depth. That’s how the British state has always worked.

However at the time of writing the Advocate General’s resignation has yet to be accepted. The Tories know that should the chief legal officer of the British Government in Scotland resign because he believes that this Internal Markets Bill breaks the law, then all the twittering excuses and asinine apologias of the Scottish Conservatives become shown up for the lies and deceit that they really are. That’s why they’re desperate to hang on to him. The Forres Gimp’s leadership of the branch office has got off to a grand start hasn’t it. Yet even if Lord Keen does somehow stay in office, reassured by a meaningless blandishment from a government of liars and charlatans, he’s going to look pretty foolish now, his reputation and authority diminished.

Trust between the British and Scottish Governments has now effectively broken down entirely. According to the Scottish Government Constitution Secretary Mike Russell, the relationship – which was already strained – has got significantly worse under the Johnson regime. There have been numerous instances of British Government ministers taking decisions which have an impact on Scotland, but the Scottish Government has only found out about it when it was leaked to a friendly journalist in the right wing British press. This has happened repeatedly, to the extent that we can now be certain that it’s deliberate on the part of the British Government and the Conservative party. In their view, Holyrood exists to do as it is told. They do not regard it as embodying a democratic mandate from the people of Scotland in its own right. It’s subordinate, not an alternative source of authority.

We have a Conservative party in power in Westminster, a party which has never won an election in Scotland since 1955, and even though it has a mere six MPs in Scotland it is embarking upon the greatest change to the devolution settlement since 1997. It is unilaterally diminishing the powers of the Scottish Parliament, and giving Conservative ministers the right to intervene on devolved matters. It is doing so entirely without the consent of the Scottish Parliament.

And what is the response of the majority of the Scottish media to this democratic outrage? We get reporters on Reporting Scotchlandshire wittering on about food standards as though this was mere minor tinkering with abstruse regulations which the majority of us need not worry our little heads about. We get British nationalists insisting that it’s all manufactured grievance even as their own Advocate General tenders his resignation because he cannot justify the unlawful acts that this Tory Government is hell bent on committing. We get a BBC that caves in to the manufactured grievances of British nationalist politicians who demand that the Scottish people be deprived of vital public health information because they’re afraid that it’s making people more confident in the abilities of the Scottish Government.

Meanwhile the possibility of a no deal Brexit at the end of the transitional period grows daily. The UK is going to get rinsed. All trust between Holyrood and Westminster has disappeared due to the bad faith and deceit of the Conservatives. What the Conservatives don’t appreciate, or what they choose to ignore, is that where there is no trust there is no belief, and they want Scotland to believe in their precioussss union. And all this as British nationalism in Scotland is facing a demographic time bomb as younger generations in Scotland overwhelmingly support independence and we are experiencing the longest period of consistent support for independence that Scotland has ever seen. It’s only going to grow. We are living in the end days of British rule in Scotland.

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109 comments on “A breakdown of trust

  1. raineach says:

    The difficulty with a replacement is the high standard advocates have to maintain. Who will put their head into that noose/mess when disbarring is a significant possibility? And having tendered his resignation Keen sets himself up for professional criticism if he stays. This really has to be Hug a Lawyer week.

  2. raineach says:

    Update, it may be Keen felt he had to go because his client [N.I. Secretary] disputed in parliament about the nature of advice given by Keen. No lawyer can continue to represent his client if his client says he said one thing to his lawyer and the lawyer says the client said another thing. It would get the Tories off the hook of illegality and into the safer waters of lawyer/client relationship

    • grizebard says:

      Well, Keen may possibly escape on a convenient “technicality”, but as things stand, any replacement will surely put him/herself equally in professional jeopardy…?

      • raineach says:

        well it would be a tad uncertain for sure

      • Alex Clark says:

        There’s always someone willing to serve the most obnoxious leaders, just look around at the here and now in the UK and further afield. History too shows It has always been so.

        • grizebard says:

          Indeed, but the Faculty of Advocates might have a view too, especially if (behind all this) lies an English attempt to assert hegemony over Scots Law…?

  3. Republicofscotland says:

    There’s been quite few UK ministers that have shown disdain for Holyrood committees and failed to show up. MSP’s like their Westminster comrades Scottish MP’s (specifically SNP ones) are not heeded nor taken seriously by their Westminster counterparts nor UK ministers. We are watching this UK government stretch the boundaries of legalities, and this will set the precedent for future UK governments to also act in this manner, its all down hill from here, even more so for Scotland if we remain in this broken union.

    They’re even blocking them from voting.


    • grizebard says:

      The problem with stretching the constitutional elastic to breaking point as recklessly as this is that – ahem – it will actually break.

  4. Alba Laddie says:

    As you say in your piece Paul, some fudged compromise will be reached and it will all be put down to a “misunderstanding” , that’s way above the heids of us common oiks to comprehend. common

    That’s been my direct personal experience of the Scottish legal establishment who make dithering and obfuscation an art form, and whose silk-collared necks you couldn’t mark with a blowtorch.

  5. Dr Jim says:

    Anybody who has ever read any of my scribblings on Lawyers will know I have no regard for their profession even though I have high regard for the law, the problem has always been with lawyers is that they go to inordinate lengths to circumvent the spirit of the intent of a law in order to create a different outcome to the intended purpose of a law thus creating the necessity for their own involvement in the law makers processes leading to further complications of law leading to more reliance upon themselves ad infinitum and incredibly lucrative for them by replacing law makers with lawyers

    Ask ten lawyers to commit to agree with each other and you’ll get ten different interpretations depending on how much money you can afford to spend then they’ll all disagree with each other in court anyway even if they do agree outside of court, right or wrong plays little part in lawyering

    Maybe you can run a property business like this but running countries in this way seems to me a long way from being right and no wonder many things take such a very long time to get done because of lawyering

    • Golfnut says:

      You can bet your bottom dollar Nicola is having to wade through the constitutional mire with the same kind of obfuscated advice.
      I said yesterday that Nicola should hire a couple of very expensive Corporate lawyers. I would add a very simple instruction, get us out of this union.

      • Dr Jim, Golfnut, lawyers are ‘billable’ whores . Get it? It’s a pun. (A pun o’ mince. Mrs C.)

        THe Lawyers just throw ‘reasonable’ or ‘normally’ into any draft legislation, and you can hear the cheers from Chambers throughout these isles.

        I recall in days gone by the nasty wee ‘in joke’ doing the rounds was that briefs who weren’t good enough to make it in the Real World, joined Whitehall’s Solicitors Branch, rather like Scottish Hacks and Brit Nat MSP’s, our Third Rate Proudscotsbut Fifth Column who couldn’t make it anywhere else out there in the big bad world.

        What’s the difference between Citizens’ Advice Bureau and a law firm? About £200 an hour.

        To all ye Duggers who are legal eagles, can ye no’ take a joke?

        On a more positive note, Barbados has declared itself a Republic.

        This is worrying my wee local alterations wummin.

        While she was turning up a new pair of troosers for this in between sizes short erse, I mooted that if she voted Yes, she’d be getting tons of work sewing wee mini Butcher’s Aprons into the corner of millions of Saltires, reminding her of the Jacks on the NZ and Australian flegs.

        But no need to frighten the wavering seamstress by mentioning the word ‘republic’, eh?

        Where are the RN destroyers and frigates going to visit on winter manoeuvres now that Barbados isn’t in their Commonw…English Empire?

        Scotland, it is simple as that. We just announce Independence, and get on with it.

        A stitch in time?

        NO article from McKenna or Macwhirter on the UKIM power grab?

      • mike1957 says:

        Plenty of Lawyers within the SNP itself without paying the “whores”….Im pretty sure there are quite a few within the Indy movement itself that know what we should be doing rather than waiting for hell to freeze over………………

  6. Alex Clark says:

    The Advocate General appears to have been doing a bit of flip-flopping. Last week in the Guardian it was reported that he diasagreed with the opinions of the governments other two law officers. Yesterday in the Lords he claimed the bill was lawful.

    Today he resigns.

    Legal advice contained in a three–page letter marked “official – sensitive”, seen by the Guardian, summarises the legal opinions of the government’s three law officers, whose role includes ensuring ministers act in accordance with the law.

    The letter appears to show that Richard Keen, the advocate general for Scotland, advised that ministers would be breaching the ministerial code if they defied international law.
    Brexit letter: are MPs obliged to comply with international law?

    The attorney general, Suella Braverman, and solicitor general, Michael Ellis, disagreed with their fellow Conservative minister, arguing the code applies only to UK law, according to the letter.

    The advice of all three law officers was summarised in the letter, which was sent by the attorney general’s office to a senior Whitehall official on 2 September.

    It states that all three law officers agreed that the UK internal market bill, which seeks to override portions of the Northern Ireland protocol in the event of there being no trade deal with the EU, would amount to a “clear breach” of the withdrawal agreement and international law.


  7. Terence Callachan says:

    The office he holds has more than forty lawyers acting on behalf of England’s Westminster and HM QEII their job is to interpret Scottish law for England’s Westminster and QEII and represent them and any of their government offices in court.

    He’s no friend of Scotland
    It’s just that he can’t look people in the eye anymore when acting for England’s Westminster in dismantling the Scottish government

    He’s the one that represented England’s Westminster in court when Scotland wales and NI said their agreement was needed before England’s Westminster could take them out of the EU

  8. Terence Callachan says:

    On another topic..well done to Primoz Roglic in the Tour de France he leads the way
    He’s from Slovenia population two million

    Scotland will see a flourish of sporting achievements too once independent
    No longer will we see people in Scotland having their identity meddled with by those who want to cover them in a union flag and call them british when they win and Scottish when they don’t

    There will be a knock on effect elsewhere too
    Scottish independence will put an end to this nonsense we see with Richard Keen and others where they represent another country ( England ) that subjugates Scotland

    More and more people in Scotland and elsewhere are beginning to realise that Westminster is English and even though it invites members from elsewhere and calls itself British it has no intention of doing anything other than work and legislate for the benefit of England

  9. Alex Clark says:

    Johnson this afternoon appears in front of the Parliamentary Liason committee. They are lucky to have had the chance to scrutinise him as he has had many excuses in the past not to turn up.

    Around half an hour ago, he was grilled by Angus MacNeil SNP and it is absolutely brutal, he questions him on Brexit, trade deals, the resignation of Keen, US trade deal and the GFA, and whether or not he will ever give a Section 30 order. All in less than 7 minutes which is pretty good going as Johnson never answers a question and just waffles.

    I loved watching Johnson while bumbling and stumbling over his answers become Bojo the Clown live before your eyes. This man is no more than a useful idiot for others, he is as useless as he appears and the incompetence he has shown since being in any position of power is no mistake.

    It was unavoidable as he is a walking disaster as a politician, never mind a Prime Minister!

    Best bit is near the end and I won’t spoil it for you 🙂


    • Wendybea says:

      thanks for posting this Alex, interesting to see and listen to.
      It’s a shame Angus did not remind the PM that “once in a generation” was a comment made, very much like the PM’s own comment of “dead in a ditch” are we to hold Bojo to that as he is trying to hold Scotland to “once in a generation”?

      • Alex Clark says:

        Wendybea he did remind Johnson of his “I’d rather die in a ditch” comment! LOL

        Have another look 🙂

      • weegingerdug says:

        He did remind him of that. When Johnson was waffling on about “once in a generation”, Angus MacNeil can be clearly heard to say “You said you’d die in a ditch”

      • Alex Clark says:

        At 16:35 Angus MacNeil says to Johnson “you said you’d die in a ditch” 🙂

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Johnson got far far too much time to ramble on but well done Angus. The chair person allowed Johnson to ramble on leaving angus NO time to counter the lies. Angus could have maybe quickly dropped in that the 2014 vote was secured by the BritNats telling porkies about Scotland’s secure membership of the EU!

        Johnson’s pathetic repetoire of ‘protect’, casket (more likely) or whatever, basket of trade deals around the er er er er globe, is all he has. Let’s just call him soundbite PM because that is all he is capable of, what he says is rarely if ever in context, he never answers a question straight, he is an utter disgrace to any sort of professionalism in high office, in very high office in government, christ if that’s what the Eton’s of this world turn out we really are up sh*t creek without a paddle, because it’s worthless imcompetents like that who are making crucial political decisions, (well with instructions from Cummings et al) and putting national and international security at great risk.
        As if the world is not already in deep doo doo, it’s just bloody bizarre these people get anywhere near power.

        Scotland, given the rubbish about ‘once in a generation’, must keep pointing out what was ‘promised’ in 2014, to keep Scotland shackled to this terrible so called union. ( it’s no union and never has been but we all know that). Any SNP politician must make sure to go on repeat like the BritNats do, say it loud, what they promised Scotland in 2014, reel off the list at any opportunity, any at all, that message needs to be heard loud and clear, all the time from now on, to make even more people aware of just how conniving, lying and thieving the English government are and they won’t stop there.

    • That man MacNeil !
      This is what I mean, Alex.
      Indyref 2; The campaign now, to which I refer over the past few days.

      Independence Project

      ‘Retaliate First: Truth Over Lies’.

      Angus Ogg rammed facts down this bumbling fools throat.

      He is what he appears. A shambles of a human being put in place by England’s (and Scotland’s) Iron Heel Elite to rob us blind and keep us in check as a militailry occupied colony of England.

      Now everybody listen.
      Today Johnson confirmed what we already knew. He will never allow a Section 30 referendum.
      So can we stop all this nonsense about hanging about ’til May ’21 only to be told ‘no’ by this terrible idiot?

      Thanks for leading us to this gem, Alex. I look forward to BBC North Korea featuring this as their headliner tonight, and Glenn Campbell telling us what ‘The Prime Minister’ really meant to say.

      Get Angus and Phillipa Up Here on the campaign.

      • Alex Clark says:

        Jack, he never confirmed he will never allow a section 30 order. That is what Angus MacNeil tried to force from him but he never confirmed anything and refused to answer the question, just rabbited on about “Once in a lifetime” but said absolutely nothing.

        He can’t afford to give a definitive answer in case he is asked for his Plan B LOL

      • weegingerdug says:

        Jack – I listened very carefully, and Alex Clark is correct. Johnson didn’t say he’d refuse a Section 30 order. He waffled on about “once in a generation” a lot but he never gave a direct answer to the question despite Angus pressing him “yes or no”. The “once in a generation” nonsense is a political line that the Conservatives will try to hold until the Scottish elections next year in the hope of discouraging independence supporters and bolstering their own support base.

        After the election of a pro-indy majority in Holyrood that line becomes politically untenable – it’s one thing for a politician to say that they will hold another politician to their word (even if it’s bollocks), but it’s quite a different matter for a politician to say that they are going to bind the electorate to the word of a politician from another party. That’s doubly the case just after the electorate have spoken and backed another referendum and hopefully reduced the number of Tory seats at Holyrood.

        I have no doubt that following the reelection of a majority SNP govt the Tories will try to come up with some other specious excuse, but Johnson didn’t say “no you won’t get a Section 30 order” because he knows that if he did say that he’d only boost support for independence even more than it’s gone up already.

        • I’ll let you clutch at my straw if I can clutch at yours, Paul.
          He mumbled something about a ‘generation’ mumble mumble ..’My understanding of biology is that’ …tapers away to mumble mumble.

          Nevertheless I don’t think we can do nothing, until May’21, s’all.

          ‘Retaliate First’, from now on in regardless.

          MacNeil hurled a pile of truth over lies at him and Johnson melted into a cringing greasy spot on his chair as he realised that he had no answers on anything.

          Johnson conjured up the image of Liz Truss with a ‘cat’s cradle’ of WTO deals which was of course a full blown lie, the cat’s cradle hunting at a regression to the safety of nanny and the nursery.

          Who would use a ‘cat’s cradle’ as a grown up political metaphor?

          Johnson was savaged senseless all day long today.
          He’ll quit when the shit hits,

        • Alex Clark says:

          The very last question Angus MacNeil got to ask again was this.

          MacNeil: So it’s a NO to a Section 30 regardless of the wishes of the Scottish people?

          Johnson: I think it was said very clearly in 2014 that this was a once in a generation “event”.

          That was it, both of them were talking over each other at this final question, when MacNeil pushed for a final answer that he didn’t get.

          I guess Hansard will clear it all up tomorrow and if any of their records are wrong the participants will soon put them right. I’ll update that then. This is the final 30-second exchange and at no point does Johnson utter the word No.


        • Petra says:

          ”The “once in a generation” nonsense is a political line.”

          It’s absolutely pathetic in fact, totally derisible, and even the most non-political of Scots won’t be taken in by this.

    • Petra says:

      LBJ says, ”the union is a great and beautiful thing.”

      It reminds me of that other numpty with his ”grand, great thing at the end of a rainbow” comment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yuj1bKFldlc

      • Welsh Sion says:

        A President tweets:

        It’s a perfect union. The most perfect union the world has ever known. And beautiful, too. Yeah, it’s the most beautiful thing. And I believe that bigly … And those Scotch Nazis want to break it up. SAD!


  10. Alex Clark says:

    A prominent UK QC believes that Keen may well yet be persuaded to stay on as part of the government.


    I take an opposing view, else he will lose face and look weak, he stands to lose any respect he might have left among lawyers in Scotland, especially as this Bill appears also to threaten the Independence of Scots Law which I’m sure is upsetting many in those circles

    • grizebard says:

      Establishment media lawyer Rozenberg has form in IR1. I forget the exact details now, but I seem to recall that in the panic that followed that “52% for indy” poll, on the Graun website he punted some legalistic way of thwarting a feared indy win, a goalpost-moving disgrace that never made its way into the printed edition.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      It will upset them, be good to hear that from them though, most of them are BritNats through and through…would they stand for the destruction of Scots law? An age old, died in the wool, INDEPENDENT Scottish legal system so treasured and covetted by so many in Scotland’s legal and otherwise professions…? Would yon lawyers protest in Scotland or travel down to WM in no more than groups of six, ( they could pretend they are out hunting sheep!) at the English government over riding Scotland’s laws? Not so sure about that actually, aside from Joanna Cherry of course and maybe a couple fo others.

  11. Alex Clark says:

    Confirmation now from No 10 that Keen has resigned.

    • He can go back to his speciality now; house conveyancing for First Time Buyers.

      No really, that’s the breadth of his legal experience before defending the Legal Poison Chalice, the Lockerbie bombers.
      The pellet with the poison is in the vessel with the pestle….

  12. Dr Jim says:

    If any of the English political parties actually needed Scotland’s votes to win elections in England they’d care a damn site more, but they don’t so they won’t, and the three political parties representing England in Scotland are just there for window dressing complaining and collecting wages
    How Nicola Sturgeon has the patience and tolerance to co operate with the UK until this thing is on the way out is beyond any patience and tolerance I could ever posses, and on top of that we’ve got folk in our own country complaining that more or less the FM should just dae sumthin aboot the virus and make it go away as though somehow it’s now becoming something she’s responsible for creating and it’s no fair to me ma uncle Tam and ma granny or ma weans or ma mental health and on and flamin on, and in between having to listen to so called *journalists* from the Daily Express constantly trying to fit her up by twisting her words to create their headlines, then she’s got to go home still tweeting instructions and information to help folk and be trolled by the internets idiot brigade into the bargain, then there’s a certain section of the so called independence movement behaving every bit as badly as the Daily Express offering nothing, no answers no insight no nothing except to express the desire to remove and replace her for the previous guy who cocked it all up the last time, who’s never coming back anyway because the truth is the majority of the party don’t want him to
    You want hope of a referendum? you want to win a referendum? then she’s it, and the only it, the rest is fantasy conjured up in the minds of loonies and troublemakers

    By now I’d have walked away and said dae whit yeez like and die, I’m outta here, Frank, get the door

    • william purves says:

      She hit out at the Express journalist today, she told him I do not expect you will quote my EXACT words in tomorrows paper, insinuating they will fabricate something else.

    • Petra says:

      Another great post, Dr Jim. I was also thinking that Nicola Sturgeon and Janey Godley could take turns each giving the briefings 😀.

  13. jasonnrussell1 says:

    Donald Findlay as next Advocate General? 😀 😀

  14. Alex Clark says:

    Lord Keen of Elie resigning over the illegitimate Internal Market Bill.

    Where does that leave the comedy duo DRoss & More DRoss in leading their merry band of Tory misfits? Somewhere between here and oblivion it looks, they’re as useless as Johnson. I couldn’t bring myself to say “worse than”. There surely cant be a “worse than” Johnson, though DRoss have gotten off to a good start and may yet pick up the mantle.

    I wish him luck in doing so.

    • Where’s Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause/ She’s the ‘leader’ Up Here.
      Is there a Great British Celebrity Pimple Squeezing. episode being filmed this week?
      BBC News Where England Is spent 22 minutes tonight on Covid, and the complete breakdown of Call Centre Privatised Test and Trace.
      Yet BBC Plantation Quay’s ‘editorial team’ are apparently headlining with visits to care homes. UKIM? Johnson declaring that he will say N until he dies in a ditch? Keen’s resignation?
      Nothing to see here..move on.
      Why don’t they just get on with it/ Close up shop in Scotland and head back to the Death Star?
      No Leonard? No Rennie? No Murray? No Jack? No RN (failed) Sub Lieutenant Andrew Bowie?
      They are all in hiding.
      Are our gannets safe? Can Brewer reassure us that gannet on a stick is permanently off the menu?

      Johnson looks every inch a battered old fool tocay. He came across as completely done in.
      Resignation soon?

      194 cases per thousand in Oldham.
      Close the Scottish Border now.

      Independence Project: ‘Retaliate First; Truth Over Lies.’
      Now the day, now’s the hour.

      Boris tel’t us today. Never, not ever, No.

  15. Julia Gibb says:

    We (Scots) have accepted this type of treatment, and much worse, for centuries

    Yes they had a scare in the lead up to Indy 1 but the NO vote confirmed in their mind all was back to normal. The very next morning EVEL was the first order of business.

    We will never change that entitled arrogance within the Union. I doubt we will be respected as a Nation AFTER Independence.

    How much longer will we tolerate this treatment by Westminster?

    Do not assume it is only a Tory Party issue. Stammer wishes he could support the internal market bill and vehemently opposes even a Referendum on Independence.

  16. Welsh Sion says:



    Owain Glyndŵr Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated in Wales on September 16. It is dedicated to the national hero of Wales who was the last native Welshman to hold the title Prince of Wales. Many considered him an unofficial king of Wales.

  17. Republicofscotland says:

    It must be great to have a country next door, that you’ve quelled using the guise of an equal union, that you can asset strip for over 313 years. From oil to gas to minerals to people, and in the process you also control their immigration.

    To the outside world, because there was only one parliament until 1999, you can proclaim that its the most successful union of all time. Scraps from their wealthy table taken from the exploited country are thrown back to its people, and the media owned and controlled by that country praise them for doing so.

    Just why would the country that grown very wealthy from exploiting the other country’s resources, ever consider letting that country out of the union. The exploited country has no army, no navy and no airforce, and no real media representation, nor does its small amount of politicians at the other country’s parliament have any real ability to affect its policies.

    Its the perfect scenario, bar devolution, which is a minor irritant, soon to be rolled back, for the country doing the exploiting, it has everything to gain with the union and nothing to lose.

  18. Oops, wrong handle, hence ‘await moderation bin.

    Where’s Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause/ She’s the ‘leader’ Up Here.
    Is there a Great British Celebrity Pimple Squeezing. episode being filmed this week?
    BBC News Where England Is spent 22 minutes tonight on Covid, and the complete breakdown of Call Centre Privatised Test and Trace.
    Yet BBC Plantation Quay’s ‘editorial team’ are apparently headlining with visits to care homes. UKIM? Johnson declaring that he will say N until he dies in a ditch? Keen’s resignation?
    Nothing to see here..move on.
    Why don’t they just get on with it/ Close up shop in Scotland and head back to the Death Star?
    No Leonard? No Rennie? No Murray? No Jack? No RN (failed) Sub Lieutenant Andrew Bowie?
    They are all in hiding.
    Are our gannets safe? Can Brewer reassure us that gannet on a stick is permanently off the menu?

    Johnson looks every inch a battered old fool tocay. He came across as completely done in.
    Resignation soon?

    194 cases per thousand in Oldham.
    Close the Scottish Border now.

    Independence Project: ‘Retaliate First; Truth Over Lies.’
    Now the day, now’s the hour.

    Boris tel’t us today. Never, not ever, No.

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, constitutional crisis may follow crisis, but Plantation Quay just can’t move on from care homes. The sorry shower are as bereft of initiative as the North British Labour Party. (Not entirely coincidentally, of course.)

      • Keen’s resignation 3rd up.
        Glenn Campbell telling us all what Dross was saying about it; well, nothing, but that there was still time to amend the UKIM bill next week.

        Perhaps Campbell should take Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause’s place at FMQ as well?
        I bailed out before Santa and the 100 days until Covid Christmas item.
        What utter garbage.
        They have lost any credence now.
        Will the last helicopter leaving the roof of Planation House please turn the lights off.

  19. Sheryl Hepworth says:

    ”We are living in the end days of British rule in Scotland.” Your final sentence Dug is a prayer that every true Indy believer is now screaming every day!!

    • diabloandco says:

      Dear God , I hope he is right.
      I am beyond disgust and disbelief at the actions of the Westminster government and the fatuous , lying bastards that promote them.

  20. Movy says:

    I guess, bottom line, Keen’s professional reputation mattered more to him than the power of being a Westminster stooge.
    Interesting that some compromise amendment seems now to be doing the rounds at Westminster to pacify the Tory ‘rebels’ – all 2 of them + a collective of abstainers.
    Keen MUST have known about this and he still resigned, which says a lot about that compromise.
    As for the Dirty Half Dozen, they are now left looking even more traitorous given that they supported a Bill which their own law officer in Westminster cannot support.

  21. Petra says:

    Thanks for the up to date info Paul highlighting once again that Westminster doesn’t give a sh*t about Holyrood, our politicians, the Scots in general or our country other than what they can continue to pilfer from Scotland.

    Keen’s resignation will be a body blow for the Tories, in the here and now, and then they’ll just move on as they do and continue to implement the malefic plans that they have prepared, well prepared, for Scotland. Most of this will be going right over the head of the vast majority of Scots, the EU/UK (illegal) dispute will be seen as another Brexit bore by many in the UK and as far as the internal market issue is concerned it’s all about a bl**dy chicken. People like Brewer have made sure of that.

    We’ll have to get the word out there, by hook or by crook, as to what’s at stake here. Even a simple list of what they are going to have control over in future (such as our precious water) and by the looks of it right now we’re talking about just about everything you could possibly imagine.

    Joanna Cherry:- ”This bill will put a final nail in the Union’s coffin.”


    • JB says:

      Is that supposed to play her speech? It doesn’t for me.

      The interesting part is that is says clause 45 in seeking to restrict judicial review (including by the Court of Session), violates Article 19 of the Treaty of Union.

  22. Alex Clark says:

    There was an interesting exchange between a Lib Dem Lord and Keen yesterday in the HoL when he was called to respond to a question on the “Rule Of Law”. I got the following exchange from Hansard, the entire short debate is worth a glance for comedy value.

    Lord Thomas of Gresford (LD) [V]

    My Lords, the noble and learned Lord told the Scottish Public Law Group in Edinburgh in June 2018:

    “If the rule of law is disrespected, and falls into disrepute, elected governments will not be able to govern effectively—any government is simply shooting itself in the foot if it undermines the rule of law.”

    The contingent powers in this Bill to change the Northern Ireland protocol unilaterally trash the dispute resolution provisions in the treaty that Boris Johnson signed, and on any sensible reading undermine the rule of law, as Brandon Lewis candidly acknowledged.

    Will the Minister acknowledge that for him to promote their use by introducing a statutory instrument under these provisions in this House would violate his overarching duty under the Ministerial Code to comply with the law, including international law and treaty obligations, as the Court of Appeal found and as the noble and learned Lord is reported by the Guardian correctly to have advised the Prime Minister?

    Does he acknowledge that it would also violate the law officer’s oath that he took as Advocate-General of Scotland, and would be a gross dereliction of his duty?

    The Lord Speaker (Lord Fowler)

    It would be helpful if questions could be kept brief, in which case we might be able to get through the list. We are not doing too well so far.

    Lord Keen of Elie (Con)

    My Lords, with great respect, I adhere completely to my previous observations about the importance of the rule of law, and I have no difficulty with those statements. What is contemplated is a contingent situation, one in which we find that the EU has materially breached its treaty obligations and in which we find that it may have acted in such a way as to fundamentally alter our obligations under the treaties.

    In those circumstances, we have Article 16 of the Northern Ireland protocol. We also have Article 62 of the Vienna Convention with regard to withholding our operations. However, we have to look at our dualist system: not only do we have obligations at the level of international law, pursuant to Article 4 of the withdrawal agreement, but we have drawn them down into domestic law by virtue of Section 7A of the withdrawal agreement Act.

    Article 16 of the international treaty does not confer upon the Executive the power or right to ignore that primary legislation. That is why an instrument and means of dealing with this matter rapidly and effectively needs to be in place lest there should be such a material breach.


    Lord Thomas seems to have got it right, Lord Keen denied he got it right. Belatedly he was forced to admit that he was wrong and that his own opinion from 2018 was the right one. International Law was being broken and no doubt he now accepts that the Scotland Act is also being ripped apart by this bill and devolution torn up and wrecked?

    This bill strengthens the Union? Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? Only sheep led by a clown would believe such a thing. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear 😦

    • grizebard says:

      Keen very recently asserting that black-is-white by claiming that “the EU has materially breached its treaty obligations”? Whit? But maybe he heard von der Leyen opine very forcefully on that matter today and was suddenly wrenched from his cosy daydreams?

      • Alex Clark says:

        He did caveat that by stating “,What is contemplated is a contingent situation.
        His arguement apparently being that this bill will protect the UK government in any hypothetical situation where there may be a possibility that the EU breeches the Withdrawal Agreement before the UK do.

        Paranoid or what LOL.

        • grizebard says:

          Is this then a legal example of “getting your retaliation in first”? (grin)

          What a way to conduct international relations. Whatever happened to that “oven-ready deal”. (Oh, that was just written on the side of a bus, I suppose.)

          How low have we UKGov now sunk.

    • Golfnut says:

      What was interesting there,, change EU to England and read it again.

      England has materially breached its Treaty obligations and in which we find that it may have acted in such a way as to fundamentally alter our obligations under the Treaties.

      Nicola needs some Corporate suits.

  23. Dr Jim says:

    I’m sure the Tories will come up with a compromise amendment it’ll go something like

    *We the Tories promise all these powers will go directly to Scotland to be employed solely by the Scottish government and the UK government will *not normally* overrule that*

    And guess what, Labour the Lib Dems and Tories in the Scottish branch will all rejoice and vote for that again

    • Dr Jim says:

      God help us, even as I finished scribbling the Tories come up with the amendment, this time they’re calling it the *not withstanding* vote, meaning they will still overrule Scotland but they’ll have a vote to pass that which they’ll say they won’t use *normally* except *normally* will be every time

  24. Hamish100 says:

    I see some bloggers are hinting that maybe Kenny MacAskill MP may join/ form a new Independence Party. If so can he resign his SNP seat now as he was elected on that ticket.
    If he joined with WoS that would only help the tories.

    Still maybe WGD could interview him since he seems not averse to publicity and gain his thoughts?

    • Dr Jim says:

      I don’t know what the heck Kenny MacAskill thinks he’s doing posting anything to do with Independence or the SNP on there for , the readership has gone from hardly anybody to even less, all that’s left is comedy value tinfoil hats and the daily dose of woman hating bitterness, of course come to think of it Kenny’s had a lot of that since nobody asked him to be FM and that wee lassie Nicola Sturgeon got the job

      • grizebard says:

        Kenny MacAskill fronting one of these new independence parties? Well, we’ll see. But if he does, it will merely signify he has the curdled ambition to be the new Jim Sillars. Whose only prospect the same old dead end.

      • Petra says:

        When he did that Dr Jim he dropped even further in my estimation. You just wonder what the man is thinking about.

        • Dr Jim says:

          What Kenny is thinking about?

          The kind of left wing shouty populist socialism that Scotland dropped along with Capitalist Toryism and replaced with centre left democracy, and Kenny’s not keen on that

          Think Neil Findlay and you’ve nailed it

    • grizebard says:

      “…some bloggers are hinting…”

      Yeah, they said the same about Alex Salmond, and in the same places too, I suspect. Sounds to me like a whole lot more of the same pie-in-sky wishful thinking. These Nirvana believers are desperate to get The Great Leader without whom next May they will sink without trace.

      Likely will anyway, so why would anyone with any reputation worth a toss wish to suffer that ignominy at their head?

  25. Statgeek says:

    Browsing Twitter for daily gossip. Keen gone. No doubt Boris is ploughing ahead. Then I saw these:

    Given that there’s probably a few spare seats, I wonder if the EU could be charmed into having an empty table, with a wee Saltire flag on it, in anticipation of future events?

    Hintity-hint EU.

    • grizebard says:

      With all due respect to the man, besides being arguably premature, what Angus MacNeil needs to keep firmly in mind is that it’s not the SG who will need to realise that “the S30 route is dead”, it’s the people of Scotland. Nothing else is possible without that essential precondition.

    • Dr Jim says:

      It’s OK for Angus Brendan McNeil to say this stuff because he’s in the enviable position of being able to say anything and the English won’t pay a blind bit of notice to it, if the FM so much as mentions the word Independence or how she’s intending to go about it the whole of the British state it’s media and allies would swing into instant action and immediately go on to their pre prepared war footing against Scottish Independence

      I have no doubt whatsoever the FM will keep it light until it’s time to go dark, until then she’ll haud her wheesht

  26. andyfromdunning says:

    A very good article Paul. Thank you.

    Thank you also to all you contributers above. Some great facts and comments. Much appreciated.

  27. Alex Clark says:

    I’m shaking my head right now in disbelief at what I have just read on the SKY News website which is their report on today’s Liason Committee at which Johnson appeared. I cannot believe the way that, in what for them, is a long article on how they have reported the confrontation between Angus MacNeil and Johnson. This is it:

    “After some slapstick exchanges with the SNP’s cheeky chappie Angus MacNeil on Scottish independence, it was the turn of the Internal Market Bill rebel-in-chief Sir Bob Neill.”

    This level of ignorance is astonishing, are not Scots also Sky subscribers? Are they even British!

    No wonder Scots are sickened by the UK media propaganda mouthpieces that cover over the incompetences of the useless feckers that sit on the Tory side of the green benches in Westminster.

    Have a read of this, a not too bad report considering the source other than when it comes to reporting on the Scottish angle. Cancel Sky if you haven’t already, it’s crap anyway and Netflix and Prime are way better for cheaper. I did years ago, same goes for the TV license.


    • Dr Jim says:

      That’s us Scots eh, cheeky chappies with our bonnets worn at a jaunty angle, bottle of whisky in hand doing a tartan jig atop our shortbread tins then nipping outside for a swig of heroin from our disguised Buckfast can

      • Alex Clark says:

        That will be us. In their eyes anyway. Man have they made a mistake!

        I reckon both you and I Dr Jim can be “cheeky chappies” too as described by Sky. That’s because we prefer to treat people with respect and expect the same back. Not forthcoming?

        Respect works both ways, their disrespect of Scotland and Scottish views, wishes, opinions, points of view makes me think. Fuck them.

        That is the only way to think of someone who will disrespect your every view and opinion. We can do better and they know it, looks to me like they are scared and just lashing out. I pity them for the losers they are and will be proven to be.

        We will be Independent and it won’t be long coming. Westminster trembles in its boots at the prospect of Independence because it will demean them in the eyes of the rest of the world. Not our problem and England had better start now, getting used to having a lower status than it currently thinks it has in International circles.

        Never mind Scotland leaving, the current administration is doing all it can to fuck up its standing with the rest of the world all by itself and needs no help from Scotland whatsoever to do that. They are an embarrassment to themselves never mind anyone else.

        I’ll get serious for a minute, this government is screwed as far as Scotland is concerned, other than the diehards by the time we leave the EU on New Years Day next year it will be all over for them even if they have a deal. Then the fat lady gets to sing and the whole of Scotland will join with her. We stick with it, we wait for the word and that word will come from an overwhelming majority for Independence supporting parties in the May elections.

        See those that are impatient, can I kindly ask that you calm your jets, what’s a few months after 314 years? It is nothing, let’s get all the floaters without a lifebelt on board, those stranded in the water. Let’s make sure we can give them what they need, reassurance most of all and a blanket to keep them warm. Then we become Independent.

  28. Capella says:

    I wonder whether any self respecting Scots lawyer can be found to take on the poisonous role of Advocate General. Does Dom even know that Scottish law is diffrent and separate? Can’t really shoo in someone from the Shires.

    • Alex Clark says:

      They might struggle Capella to find someone willing to fill his dead mans shoes, after all Lord Keen before he became a Lord, wasn’t just any old Lawyer in Scotland was he?

      “After taking silk in 1993, Keen became dean of the Faculty of Advocates in 2007 — equivalent in Scotland to chair of the bar in England and Wales. He remained dean until 2014, when he became chair of the Scottish Conservative Party. In 2015, he was appointed advocate general for Scotland by David Cameron and given a life peerage.”


      The Scottish Tory party weep in unity tonight at “WTF are WE going to do now” LOL.

      • grizebard says:

        At first glance, I read that potted history as “He remained c-l-ean until 2014, when he became chair of the Scottish Conservative Party”.

        The on-screen lettering is small and my eyes are obviously not what they used to be, but dang it, my first reading still seems more apposite somehow!

  29. Alex Clark says:

    Jawdropping from Peston and ITV, the evidence of government incompetence gets larger and larger. When there eventually is an inquiry there will be nowhere to hide. That’s if we still live in a democracy.

    • Legerwood says:

      And now they, the UK Gov, are repeating the mistakes of Feb/March by once more rowing back on testing. It is likely that it will be restricted to certain groups just as it was after March 12th with all that implies for the community at large. Their much vaunted Pillar 2 UK wide system run by a tax accountancy firm is imploding and cannot cope with the demands being placed on it. So 6 months on we are back to square one.

  30. Petra says:



    ‘Nuclear convoy passes near Glasgow ‘laden with six warheads.’


  31. ahem, I give you the next POTUS….

    Joe Biden @JoeBiden
    We can’t allow the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland to become a casualty of Brexit.

    Any trade deal between the U.S. and U.K. must be contingent upon respect for the Agreement and preventing the return of a hard border. Period.

    should we put him down as a maybe 🙂

  32. Petra says:

    As discussed previously on here, is this what it’s all about? The penny just dropped recently for LBJ that he’s caught between a rock and a hard place?


    ..”However, the eminent Martin Howe QC, Chair of ‘Lawyers for Britain’, has written an article for the DT which puts the whole thing into proper perspective. That article had the great title “Forget the foaming indignation, this Brexit bill is perfectly justifiable” (paywalled link) and was published on Sept 10th (2020). It doesn’t seem to have penetrated the skulls of Remain Tories, nor does it seem to have entered much into the current debate – perhaps because it is paywalled. Here are some vital passages which set the record straight. Mr Howe QC starts with the important historical and constitutional context:

    “A single unified internal market is a key block in the constitutional foundations of the United Kingdom. The 1707 Articles of Union between England and Scotland, and those between Great Britain and Ireland in 1800, abolished all customs duties between the different parts of the United Kingdom. They also declared that the citizens of all parts should be “on the same footing in respect of trade and navigation, and in all treaties with foreign powers”.


    • Petra says:

      In other words p*ss off the EU and Ireland overall (USA etc) with a hard border or have an Irish sea border, with differing customs duties, and end the Union. There’s the keys Boris, take your pick and open the (Pandora’s) box 🤣🤣🤣. And let’s face it if we knew it Nicola Sturgeon knows it 😉.

      ‘Brexit: EU threatening ‘full-scale trade border down the Irish sea’, claims Johnson.’

      ..”In the article, Mr Johnson claimed that his negotiators had discovered there “may be a serious misunderstanding about the terms” of the withdrawal agreement he signed last year.

      ”We are now hearing that unless we agree to the EU’s terms, the EU will use an extreme interpretation of the Northern Ireland protocol to impose a full-scale trade border down the Irish sea,” the prime minister wrote.

      “We are being told that the EU will not only impose tariffs on goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, but that they might actually stop the transport of food products from GB to NI.

      “I have to say that we never seriously believed that the EU would be willing to use a treaty, negotiated in good faith, to blockade one part of the UK, to cut it off; or that they would actually threaten to destroy the economic and territorial integrity of the UK.”

      The prime minister added: “If we fail to pass this Bill, or if we weaken its protections, then we will in fact reduce the chances of getting that Canada-style deal,” he wrote. “Let’s remove this danger to the very fabric of the United Kingdom. Let’s make the EU take their threats off the table.


    • Alex Clark says:

      Petra I’m surprised at you posting a link to that rubbish, I hope you won’t be offended but there are right wing blogs/magazines/opinions all over the place spreading the same kind of crap.

      Here’s an example. Full of easily reputed mistakes and lies but they don’t care about that. I’m using this as an “example” but there are many. This particular one claims to be “a new monthly magazine” well believe me from what I can see with my own eyes there is serious money behind it. I hope you will indulge me and read it then you will see my argument clearly, maybe 🙂


      The author is Jamie Blackett who is also deputy leader of the Alliance for Unity party that George Galloway is leader of. They are chalk and cheese those two, but that’s for another post.

      I thought of posting a link to that article here because it was so obviously wrong and easily proven to be wrong. I choose not to because it just gives their views the attention they seek.

      • Petra says:

        Oh right Alex maybe I’ve got it all wrong with this 😳. I was going to say that the article was full of guff in my first post on the subject, however I just reckoned that the part about the “articles” highlights that they would be in breach of the 1707 Treaty if they were to go ahead with the Irish Sea border scenario as I said in my last post. Maybe I’ll have to think again 😀.

    • Golfnut says:

      Not so daft right wing Brexit nutter careful not to mention the Treaty of Union, instead uses the word ‘ articles ‘. They must realise surely that they have opened the door for Scotland. Joanna Cherry is the only MP/MSP that I have heard speak regarding the Treaty of Union, why?

      • Legerwood says:

        Because she is the Justice and Home Affairs spokesperson for the SNP MPs in the House of Commons therefore it comes under her remit. Horses for courses.

        • Golfnut says:

          When you consider just how many of Scotland’s devolved powers are being affected, health, education, environment etc, there is more than Joanna Cherry with an axe to grind and they should.

    • arayner1936 says:

      That would suggest that any fiddling with the terms of trade with Northern Ireland which make that differ from the rest of the UK, would breach the Articles of Union. So why can we not declare the Treaty void?

      • JB says:

        Except that the “United Kingdom” as mentioned in the treaty is referring to Scotland and England, so differential customs, taxes, etc with respect to (Northern) Ireland could not breach the intent of the original treaty.

  33. yesindyref2 says:

    OK, so Keen objected to 42-45 of the Infernal Market Bill in his resignation letter and said “good luck with that!”. So finally I looked it up. I guess it can be summarised by this:

    “45 Further provision related to sections 42 and 43 etc
    (1) The following have effect notwithstanding any relevant international or domestic law with which they may be incompatible or inconsistent”

    Yeah, see all those inconvenient statutes, conventions and treaties on the books, well, anywhere? Just ignore them, who cares, eh?

    I’m the Jolly Roger and I’ll go on Jolly, errr, Jollying wherever I go.


  34. Dr Jim says:

    On the BBC tonight they had a good go at trying to trick John Swinney into naming the date for Indyref2 and he knew it so he answered by saying it will be within the term of the next parliament

    Tory MSP Jamie Greene tried his best shocked and horrified expression of how very dare you in the midst of a global pandemic face then added only if the SNP win and we will say no and then what’ll you do, this expression was echoed by the Labour MSP Pauline McNeil, Mr Swinney disguised his confident smile and agreed yes the SNP would have to win then said no more

    Other than that it was the usual terrible boring misery it always is perhaps except for Prof Linda Bauld the medical American lady who had to body swerve the silly attempts made on her to take a political side which she of course declined but however agreed with John Swinney in her cleverly worded reply that yes there were examples of democratic processes carried out in the middle of pandemics and even conflicts so there would be nothing new in whichever political party having referendums or elections and by next spring the medical situation would very likely be much more favourable as she predicted science hopefully would come to our rescue by then on the Covid front

    So next November it is, or possibly sooner?

    • Arthur Thomson says:

      John Swinney saying “yes, the SNP would have to win, then saying no more” is exactly the right approach. The Brits are apparently doing a good job of publicising the issue of independence. Let them huff and puff. They are full of wind and piss, signifying nothing. Nobody knows what issues will be around before, during and after the election. The one certainty is that the the Brits will be spreading lies and up to their miserable necks in the proverbial.

      The Brits are doing a lot of shouting and threatening. Our response should be “aye, sure you will – bring it on”. We shouldn’t be engaging with their obscenities as if they were genuine comment. We know they are and will be nasty.

      Coercive control is their method of exploitation. The cringe is the natural response of those who have learned to fear them. Our focus needs to be on raising confidence levels in Scotland. That is what FM and her team are trying to bring about by their actions. In our discourse we need to be focusing on positivity. We have heard all the Brit crap before, day in day out.

      Still our numbers increase.

  35. Ken2 says:

    Johnston is an absolute liar. Fleecing the public purse for him and his cronies. The Barnett Formula is illegal.

    Scotland loses £3Billion to tax evasion. Pays too much for the Military. Loses £4Billion in debt repayments not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Can’t borrow £6Billion to investing in the economy. Paying for growth and increasing revenues.

    Scotland raises £66Billion+ in tax revenues. It could raise £80Billion like Norway without Westminster interference. Westminster bad, poor decisions cost Scotland more. Brexit will cost Scotland dear.

    The EU costs Scotland nothing but brings benefit. Scotland gains from grants (renewables), CAP payments and shared EU Defence costs.

    Westminster illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion have cost Scotland more. Blair caused Brexit with the illegal wars. Migration used as an excuse for Brexit. Westminster caused it.

  36. Alex Clark says:

    That Jamie Glaiket article I linked to above is a real belter, here’s an example of his superior knowledge.

    “The SNP would give the vote to a sixteen year old criminal, born overseas but residing in a young offenders’ institute, but the captain of the Scottish football team, who invariably plays for an English Premier League club, would be disenfranchised.

    The ad hoc nature of the legislation also meant that Scottish servicemen serving outside Scotland were denied a vote on a referendum that would have turned them into foreign mercenaries in the British Armed Forces.”


    Here’s the reality of the franchise for voting in the 2014 referendum:

    Eligibility to vote

    Under the terms of the 2010 Draft Bill, the following people were entitled to vote in the referendum:[16]

    British citizens who were resident in Scotland;
    Citizens of other Commonwealth countries who were resident in Scotland;
    Citizens of other European Union countries who were resident in Scotland;
    Members of the House of Lords who were resident in Scotland;
    Service/Crown personnel serving in the UK or overseas in the British Armed Forces or with Her Majesty’s Government who were registered to vote in Scotland.

    Convicted prisoners were not able to vote in the referendum. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) had ruled that this restriction was unlawful, but Scottish judge Lord Glennie said that he believed the ECHR judgment would apply only to parliamentary elections. Appeals against his ruling were rejected by the Court of Session in Edinburgh and the UK Supreme Court.


    Their goal with these lies is to try and convince enough people that the franchise was “unfair” and that it must be changed for any referendum the next time. Changed, to their advantage of course which would mean no 16-17 olds, no EU citizens, votes for Scots living in England and anything else they can think up that will help gerrymander the result.

    In fact, in that article is just about every wheeze they could possibly think up that they believe will help their cause. Make it a leave/remain question. impose a minimum result such as at least 55% for Yes. It reeks of desperation on their part hahaha.

    They’re too late though for any of that rubbish, smell the fear!

  37. Republicofscotland says:

    So David Cameron another who has no input in what Scotland thinks or does, has been given airtime to say that another Scottish independence referendum would be inappropriate. Who cares what Cameron thinks about Scotland, he’s in the ranks now of the Blairs and Browns etc.

    Meanwhile Labour leader and millionaire Knight of the Realm, Sir Keir Starmer, is visiting Scotland today, Starmer adds that there’s no need for another independence referendum, even though around 40% of Labour voters want one. Again who cares what an out of touch Westminster Lord thinks about Scotland.


    Meanwhile as Baroness Ruth (I love the rape clause) Davidson, stay stum on taking her £300 quid a day from the unelected undemocratic House of Lords. Her fellow spongers at the stuffed full HoL, are bemoaning that their allowance has been trimmed a bit due to the pandemic. The greedy unelected quaffers are complaining that they’re not getting enough cash to pay for second homes, and that food it being taken from their mouths because if they don’t speak in the HoL they don’t get the full £300 pounds a day allowance.

    It must be terrible not getting £300 quid a day for nothing, and not continuing eating the best of food subsidised by the taxpayer, whilst you have 40 winks on the red benches and dream as you sleep soundly all at the taxpayers expense.

    Another good reason why we must end this farcical union.

  38. Republicofscotland says:

    Professor warns that power grab bill leaves the door open for Westminster to tamper with the Barnett Formula, allowing Johnson to take control of much of Scotland receives in capital.


    Meanwhile the BBC in Scotland claims the Covid-19 briefings aren’t crucial, the BBC too are so obsessed with keeping the union together that by axing the briefings they’re prepared to put Scots lives in danger, another good reason to exit this horrendous onesided union.


    • Legerwood says:

      Yet events this week prove the BBC wrong. The testing system, Pillar 2, set up by the UK Gov and handed at great cost to a private , tax accountancy firm, Deloitte to run, is imploding. Once more there is talk of rationing the groups tested this time to health workers and teachers. No care home workers? Back in March testing was restricted to NHS workers, when they could get a test, and hospital patients. Six months on we are back to restricting the testing but no one seems to know what is causing the problem: lack of lab staff? lack of reagents? lack of swabs and personnel to collect the samples?. Which is it? No one seems to know.

      Under these circumstances it is even more essential that the briefings continue

  39. Melvin penman says:

    The time has come to announce the Scottish elections will be held this year. Call an end to the government in Holyrood and withdraw the mps from Westminster, campaign hard for independence and make it our policy to negotiate independence and dissolve the union . This charade has gone on long enough, the British are trolling Scotland and making us look like fools, Stand up Scotland before the harm to our country results in violence, do it now and don’t look back.

    They just stuck the knife in the back of fishing again and are busy trying to split off Orkney and Shetland, the British will stop at nothing to keep us prisoners.

    No one has ever regretted leaving the British empire, it’s our turn now, it’s our time and it’s our country.

  40. Alex Clark says:

    Even Johnson’s normally loyal journalist pals in the Spectator magazine, which he is the former editor of are getting very twitchy about Johnson’s handling of the Covid crisis and especially what he can do next if the numbers of positive cases continue to increase.


    The honeymoon is truly over for him and it looks all downhill from here.

    Even his own side are wakening up to the fact that the Emporer is wearing no clothes.

  41. Hamish Scott says:

    Congratulations to you both, Mr and Mrs Mosson.

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