Poxy Brexit passport


Today my replacement passport arrived in the post. It no longer says that the bearer is a European citizen. It no longer grants the right to live and work freely in 28 countries. It’s the passport of a rogue state that breaks international law and rips up treaties that it signed just a few months before. It’s the passport of a state that tells its citizens that they can’t meet up in groups of more than six, except if they’re rich enough to indulge in the ritual murder of wildfowl on the grouse moors. It’s a badge of shame and bad faith. It’s a sign that the bearer comes from a pariah state that can’t be trusted to keep its word. But hey, it’s blue!

This point has been made before on the pages of this blog, but it’s well worth repeating. Getting a poxy Brexit passport is not a matter of choice for anyone who lives in Scotland. All of us who apply for a UK passport are getting one foisted upon us whether we want it or not. All of us will suffer the loss of rights and freedoms that it represents whether we want it or not. All of us are having our European citizenship stripped from us whether we want it or not. Simon Pegg’s ‘Scottish’ accent in the Star Trek movies has greater freedom of movement than we do.

This is not remotely comparable to the situation that will prevail in a post-independence Scotland. People who live in Scotland who are currently British citizens will still retain the right to a British passport unless the British government decides otherwise. It won’t be a decision made for everyone in Scotland by those of us who campaign for independence, if it happens it will be as a result of a Westminster Parliament and a UK government lashing out in spite. If the UK – or whatever it decides to call itself once Scotland has removed itself from the malign influence of Johnson and his cronies – does not change its citizenship laws following Scottish independence, everyone in Scotland who is currently a British citizen will still retain the right to British citizenship when Scotland is independent. Scotland will most assuredly grant them the exact same rights within Scotland as those of us who take up citizenship of the newly re-established Scottish state. But removing EU citizenship and EU passports from all of us is a decision made for us all by those who campaigned to take the UK out of the EU.

Meanwhile the Scottish Tories’ very own Forres Gimp, DRoss the MP for Moray, is quite content that he and his equally spineless colleagues concede to the UK government’s internal market bill, which rips up international law and which treats the devolution settlement like wild fowl on a grouse moor. The bill is being opposed not only by the SNP, Labour, and the Lib Dems, it’s also opposed by a range of interest groups. The bill represents a direct assault on the devolution settlement, and goes far beyond its proclaimed aim of ensuring that goods produced in one part of the UK will be allowed to be sold everywhere else. It also grants UK Government ministers the right to intervene and to spend money in devolved areas and as such represents an inversion of the original understanding of devolution – that all areas of government which are not explicitly reserved to Westminster are to be considered devolved.

Clause 32 of this bill gives the British Goverment the power to refer any legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament to a UK Government department. Clause 46 of this bill gives the British Government powers over health, education, and justice within Scotland, despite the fact that these are devolved. Once enacted into law this bill gives the British Government, Conservative ministers, the power to overrule the Scottish Parliament on devolved issues. And yet Conservative MPs like Andrew Bowie go on the BBC and other news outlets and barefacedly assert that this bill doesn’t represent a power grab.

“Scotland’s getting extra powers,” the Tories assert. What’s really happening here is that devolved powers which were previously exercised by Brussels are being repatriated. According to the original devolution settlement all these powers were Scotland’s but were loaned to the EU. Now the British Government has decided unilaterally that it will keep some of these powers for itself, but will permit Scotland to receive some of them back. It’s as though Scotland had money in a trustee bank account. The UK allowing Scotland to get some of it but is keeping the rest for itself. And then they say – why are you complaining you’re getting extra, while they spend Scotland’s money on themselves. If you have £100 in a trustee account, and someone steals £40 of it but allows you to access the remaining £60, you’re not getting extra. You’re still being robbed.

But this internal markets bill goes even further than that, because now the UK Government has given itself the right to decide how some devolved powers will be exercised. This bill gives UK Government ministers the right to spend directly in Scotland on health, education, transport, or other areas, overruling the Scottish Government ministers with responsibility for those areas. Then Westminster will stick that money onto the expenditure column of the GERS figures and tell Scotland that it’s too poor to become independence. It’s a mechanism designed explicitly to by-pass devolution and the Scottish Government.

No one in Scotland asked for this bill. There is no democratic mandate in Scotland for such a fundamental rewriting of a Scottish devolution settlement which was directly legitimised in the 1997 referendum and indirectly in the 2014 referendum during which the Conservatives and the other anti-independence parties promised to strengthen and entrench devolution. Moreover they assured Scotland that no changes would ever be made to the powers of Holyrood without the express consent of the Scottish Parliament. The Tories constantly harp on about respecting the results of referendums, but that only applies to those referendums that they won, and it certainly doesn’t apply to respecting the promises and commitments that they made in order to win them.

All this is symbolised by a poxy Brexit passport. It’s a badge of shame, a passport to disgrace. It’s a passport with no page for Scotland.  Scotland’s patience has run out.   It’s time to get out of here.

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171 comments on “Poxy Brexit passport

  1. deelsdugs says:

    It’s a cac passport for sure, had to renew mine in August, it’s an embarrassment, another butcher’s apron, a thorn in the side, burns a hole in the pocket and something we Scots have no option with…yet…

    • benmadigan says:

      like yourself, I renewed my passport last year. And got my red booklet with its gold harp.I belong to the only nation to have a musical instrument on its passport cover. Maybe independent Scotland will be another one!

      Must have been awful to hold one of those blue passports in your hand, remembering you paid good money for it and it signifies the loss of so many rights that you voted to hold on to.

      It’s up to Scotland and the Scottish Government to make sure you won’t have to use it for long. Like Paul says, “It’s time to get out ”


  2. Angry Weegie says:

    If only there was some way the Scottish Government could do something about changing the passport and keeping European citizenship. If only…

    • weegingerdug says:

      This is a marathon, not a sprint.

      • gerry parker says:

        Unfortunately the distance is not specified and is controlled by people who have no compunction about moving the finishing line.

        • Futurethink says:

          Also they seem to be sprinting ahead, changing the track and the laws so as to be able to take full effective control of the Scottish parliament, economy and resources before the no deal Brexit kicks in, leaving us outside the EU and subsumed in what will be a rogue state controlled and bankrolled by some of the richest and most corrupt people on the planet.

  3. I will be the first in the queue to get my Scottish passport when we are independent. They can stick their BRITISH’ passport where the sun don’t shine. I am not British, never have been nor ever will be.

    • raineach says:

      no you won’t. I’LL be first!

        • Hamish100 says:

          Sorry I’m Spartacus. Here’s my passport……

          • raineach says:

            seriously, we should feel sorry for the staff in the Scottish Passport office on Day 1. That’ll be a hard gig

            • Rolan de Rohan says:

              I don’t see why that should be. Wait for independence and re-induction into the EU and all you’ll need is a Carte Nationale D’Identité which l’ Ecosse should be able to produce quite quickly, er, I’m not too sure if you need to be in Shenghen but I doubts eet, preciousss !
              I apologise for the incoherence and the silliness, (I love the sillines), but it is baking ‘ere, Dave ! Not helped by being on the PC almost all afternoon, evening and yeah, night. Er, and the occasional glass of Corbières. Well, occasional, mm, one needs to keep hydrated yes/no ?


          • grizebard says:

            Oh drat. Beaten to it by a whole host now. (grin) But I claim to be more keen than any of you, not only because of the liberated status we all so desperately want, but also because the photo in my current red one is the absolute worst awful horror I’ve ever had! (Oh vanity…)

            • ArtyHetty says:

              There was a great twitter post recently about an Egyptian pharoah mummy being sent to the US for exhibition. The mummy was only allowed to fly with a passport,
              due to strict regulations. The passport photo of the mummy was, to say the least, less than complimentary. DOB? Age? 2000 years old lol!

          • Rolan de Rohan says:

            I love that ! It’s bastard hot here in the Morbihan and a good laugh has done me no end of good ! Thanks !

    • Margaret Barrie says:

      Will be there with you, Annie!

    • Wee CB from Dumfriesshire says:

      I got a British passport 5 years ago. I held out as long as I could for a Scottish one but I had to get one as I did want to go on holiday. I pulled a face when I read it said I was a British citizen. I will be joining the lengthy queue for a Scottish one as soon as it is made available. I have a good friend who is a Polish Scot and she’s also desperate to get a Scottish passport too. She’s came to a couple of independence marches in Edinburgh with me and she actually cried when she saw all the EU flags. She hadn’t actually realised how much we wanted her to be here until then. She said that she would tell all her Polish friends here to vote for independence.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      As a sign of international goodwill, I think you should give the first Scottish passport to someone not born in Scotland.

      Anybody any idea who I could nominate?

      He he he he he.

  4. Republicofscotland says:

    Rule Britannia, we don’t need those bloody foreigners, erm…except to produce the UK passports which if I recall correctly are made in France. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.

    On the power grab one wonders how Sturgeon is going to counter this, in the courts maybe? Losing doesn’t even bear thinking about, Also what has Johnson and Co got in store for us post the 31st of December? He’ll have four months before our elections to do a hell of a lot of damage to our parliament.

    The end game is less than a year away for Scotland, one way or the other.

    • william purves says:

      Could the Scottish not pass a law, tomorrow, saying it is taking responsibility for all food standards in Scotland before Westminster passes the bill now before it.

      • william purves says:

        Should have read the Scottish Government.

      • weegingerdug says:

        Yes they could, but the British Govt would just insist that their bill takes precedence and overrule it. Opponents of devolution in the 1990s were not told that a power devolved is a power retained by the Labour party for nothing.

        • The Scottish parliament publishing a bill and then having it overruled by England’s Westminster would in my opinion still be worthwhile because it would let many doubters see just how much control England’s Westminster have over Scotland

          I would love to see the Scottish Parliament take control of passports and issue a Scottish passport

  5. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a now 60+ Female and commented:
    Speaking of British passports in the future, have a read of Effie Deans’ blog! Mwahahahahah https://www.effiedeans.com/2020/09/an-easy-way-to-defeat-snp-forever.html

    • Why do you keep posting this Effie deans stuff on here ?
      It’s a good way of getting people to read it perhaps ? especially people who otherwise wouldn’t read her nonsense.
      Best leave it where it deserves to be there’s no benefit in spreading poisonous thoughts like hers.

      • weegingerdug says:

        “Why do you keep posting this Effie Deans stuff on here?”

        Comic relief?

      • Petra says:

        Her poisonous thoughts are no doubt inline with the BritNats poisonous thoughts, in general Terence, and I for one like to have an idea of what they are capable of getting up to. So thanks for the link JSM.

      • Stephen McKenzie says:


        Effie is a Fruitcake of that there is no doubt, however in an independent Scotland we will still need Fruitcakes. James Kelly and History Woman wont be around for ever..

      • vanilla icke says:

        I’ve just read her latest outpouring. Are you *sure* she’s not on our side?
        That post is pretty much Ms Deans’ usual ‘fighting talk’ and, best of all, based on the core dogma that Scotland has no resources to trade.
        And can anyone imagine heading south because the “benefits and healthcare happened to be better than in Scotland”? Seriously?
        In a couple more years, we may be erecting statues of Ms Deans in public parks. Along with every other brit-nat who can’t open their mouth or laptop without another couple of hundred of us googling ‘Scottish independance’ or ‘SNP’.

      • JSM says:

        What do you mean by “keep posting”? This is the only time I’ve posted her blog page, and I did so because I thought it was hilarious nonsence.

  6. […] Wee Ginger Dug Poxy Brexit passport Today my replacement passport arrived in the post. It no longer says that the bearer […]

  7. grizebard says:

    Yes, this whole shoddy Tory betrayal of referendums past has now become a kind of dastardly EVEL-in-reverse, English Votes for Scottish Laws. An unmisakeable indication of utmost bad faith, but also a sign of UKGov panic – all the media propaganda having failed, now a desperate attempt to put a heavy lid on independence before it’s all too late. A high stakes gamble, though, and given the very awakening that has caused the panic, one that might well backfire badly. English Establishment self-assurance might no longer be enough, but in fact prove to be the tipping point for many. There’s only so far you can renege on all previous assurances before more and more people will be forced to conclude that the Union is a deceitful and exploitative sham, and must be consigned forthwith to the dustbin of history.

  8. Alba woman says:

    Just enjoyed Nicola’s Covid briefing…..lovely change from being treated as a peasant.

    Those folk purporting to be the elite have been dragged up as compared to the upbringing and resultant character of Nicola Sturgeon.

  9. Gregory R Nunn says:

    This is like ferret legging, with a crazy UK ferret named Boris running about in your britches.
    Apologies to ferrets.

  10. Dr Jim says:

    I’ve been using a Scottish passport since 1998 and never been questioned about it, OK it’s a stinky British passport inside a Scottish cover but it has raised a few laughs over the years when I lived in Spain, I was only ever told once by English border control that what I was doing was illegal and I shouldn’t do it anymore and of course I vowed I wouldn’t then like the UK government I reneged on my promise and kept doing it, I now have no passport because I don’t intend to go anywhere anymore until I get my real passport

    I have to say to all the Brits in Scotland who think they’ll want to retain their British passports, I think they’ll change their minds on that one pretty quickly when Scotland becomes part of the European community in whatever form because no doubt Scotland will organise a similar health reciprocal deal within the EU which holders of the British document won’t be entitled to access along with the queues they’ll have to stand in that Scottish passport holders won’t, because we’ll just be strolling through waving our coveted Scottish passports that’ll entitle us to everything that’s going being greeted by smiley faced furriners, oh no wait we won’t be the furriners either then will we, we’ll be in the club, in the cluub, the cluuub! just like when everybody ran around tracing their Irish grannies when Brexit happened so they could get one of those passports to get in the cluuub!

  11. Welsh Sion says:

    Just to let you know.

    We in Plaid Cymru are also opposed to the Internal Market Bill. Tomorrow (Wedmnesday) we’ll ask WG to consider independence as a way of protecting our country from this power grab.


    Dear Member,

    The Internal Market Bill is bad news for Wales. It’s a blatant power grab that will allow Westminster to override over twenty years of devolution.

    It also gives Westminster powers over Welsh water infrastructure – a worrying echo of the flooding of Tryweryn.

    Plaid Cymru believes the solution to protecting Wales’ democracy is independence. On Wednesday in our Senedd we’ll be calling on the Welsh Government to consider this as a way of protecting Wales from this power grab. But we need your help.

    Here’s what you can do:

    Call on your Member of the Senedd Member to support Plaid Cymru’s call. Tweet or email them:

    “@___ Will you support Plaid Cymru’s call for Welsh Government to explore independence in order to protect Welsh democracy in light of the UK Government’s Internal Market Bill?

  12. Dr Jim says:

    I watched the Welsh minister this morning being questioned along with Michael Russell and both men were of one accord over this and they made it plain to a bunch of ignorant Tories, and when say ignorant I mean it in the correct sense of the word, they had no idea what they were talking about

  13. robert alexander harrison says:

    This is why im not trusting of England whatsoever they do nothing but make promises they have no intention of keeping no wonder japans screwing them over in there trade negotiations.

  14. bringiton says:

    There are now long term consequences for the London junta’s latest cunning plan to force the EU into agreeing a cherry picking deal.
    Everyone can see that their word,written and spoken is worthless and simply a means to getting what they want at any cost.
    The only reason that there isn’t greater outrage is that they are following the lead provided by Trump,the leader of the “free” world,or should that be fake world?

    • Many many people in the USA have been shocked and are sad and worried that the president of the United States has been shown without a shadow of doubt to be a liar .

      It’s been shown in fact that he lies and threatens people often with things that are never going to happen to ensure immediate impact.

      Many many people in USA are embarrassed by all this they can’t believe that the “office” of
      The president of the United States of America has become a laughing stock across the world.

      A dangerous one too that has brought the possibility of World War III closer to reality
      threatening behaviour towards China and Russia and India and EU over trade disagreements has brought world war to the fore once again and it Donald Trump that has caused it.

  15. jfngw says:

    My passport runs out in 2022, it will probably be the last one I renew, I don’t want it to be replaced by this one.

    If it’s a marathon and not a sprint then many of us are not going to reach the finish line.

    • Keep on keeping on , I’m nearly 65 I too would like to enjoy Scotland as an independent country and see it flourish with new freedoms, don’t look too far ahead , keep saying to yourself
      “ next year” x

  16. Alba woman says:

    Thank you Alec ….Spot on!

  17. Dr Jim says:

    Just thought I’d pop this wee nugget in on London’s latest wheeze

    The Brexit bill includes the power for Westminster **to sell Scottish water and or pump it to wherever they deem it’s required**

    They stole our oil, now it’s our water they’re after, as well as the myriad of other assets too long to list

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Scotland – you’re not alone:

      “It [IMB] also gives Westminster powers over Welsh water infrastructure ”

      Source: Email to Party Members from Plaid Cymru today.

    • Arthur Thomson says:

      They are just common thieves.

    • Bibbit says:

      Apparently England will run out of water within 10 years.

    • Petra says:


    • Can you post a link to that please

      • Welsh Sion says:


        Thought I already had – but here you go:

        Dear Plaid Cymru Member,

        The Internal Market Bill is bad news for Wales. It’s a blatant power grab that will allow Westminster to override over twenty years of devolution.

        It also gives Westminster powers over Welsh water infrastructure – a worrying echo of the flooding of Tryweryn.

        Plaid Cymru believes the solution to protecting Wales’ democracy is independence. On Wednesday [i.e TODAY] in our Senedd we’ll be calling on the Welsh Government to consider this as a way of protecting Wales from this power grab. But we need your help.

        Here’s what you can do
        Call on your Member of the Senedd Member to support Plaid Cymru’s call. Tweet or email them:

        “@___ Will you support Plaid Cymru’s call for Welsh Government to explore independence in order to protect Welsh democracy in light of the UK Government’s Internal Market Bill?


        You could get one yourself by joining PC, y’know! 🙂

  18. Grouser says:

    Decorate the front of your blue passport with a large stick on saltire. The UK govt makes no complaint when the Saudi govt covers the whole of the passport cover with a white stick on paper with Arabic writing so why should they object to a nice saltire.

  19. marconatrix says:

  20. gavinochiltree says:

    I didn’t even get a blue passport.
    I got a maroon one—the same colour as Carlots big skelp’it face.

  21. Bob Lamont says:

    “Tories’ very own Forres Gimp” set the tone, bravo Paul, a sizzler….

  22. Macart says:

    The normalisation of deceit and the desensitising of populations. The Conservative approach to politics. The practice of politics as it’s been for quite some time.

    It’s who they are and it’s what they do. They’ve always been this way tbf. Today though? Today they’re coming into every home and more people are taking notice because it’s their home, it’s their lives and it’s their freedoms at risk.

    NEVER become numb to the world around you. NEVER be afraid to show empathy or care for others.

  23. Welsh Sion says:

    Completely o/t.

    Thought I could share with you that the framed letter from YOUR FM which is the monthly prize in Independence Magazine (May-June 2020) has been won by yours truly and has now finally arrived.

    The first one was a long time coming owing to Covid-19 and had the glass smashed (by some nefarious yoon, no doubt) and its replacement now adorns my work study from where I bash my keyboard in order to communicate with the likes of you and the rest of the world.

    There are those who say I have now had Nicola framed and she is hanging in my study … but that is to credit those Members of the yoon community with some sort of (sick) humour.

    For myself, I am as pleased as Punch!

    Thanks Independence Magazine and think you, First Minister, for your letter.

  24. Guybrush Threepwood says:

    It seems that most of the world’s most powerful passports (other than Japan and South Korea) tend to be smaller, European nations. The U.K. and US passports are still very powerful (in the top 10) but lack 3 or 4 ‘free visa on arrival’ status compared to smaller EU nations.

    These countries tend to be:

    1. First-world, fully developed nations
    2. Stable democracies
    3. Don’t get involved in political or diplomatic skirmishes. In other words, they have no enemies.

    Scotland ticks all of these boxes.

    A Scottish passport would more than likely be in the top 5, along with Ireland, Finland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Netherlands etc.

  25. Bibbit says:

    I renewed during February 2020 and it expires in 2030. It is still the wee red version, the only difference being that the EU symbol was removed from the cover. I am told this only happened during February 20 renewals. So I have avoided the dreaded blue passport. However, please God, I will be carrying a Scots Passport long before 2030.

    I hope Ginger is well. I have been in halls twice, when he was ‘working the crowd’ and taking the evening in his stride, with great composure. He zigzagged the seat rows, like a lion checking out the local zebra herd for stragglers and promising marks. His regal approach was marked by chairs scraping quietly to let him pass, the true star of the hall’s attention. Occasionally, like a shark’s fin quickly glimpsed, red fur flashed between seats. Seemingly as inevitable as the meeting of the Titanic with the iceberg, Ginger, sniffed out doggie treats in my handbag and I was suddenly fixed with a hard stare to rival Paddington Bear. A wee treat was (tentatively) proffered, to the bewhiskered snout, with gentle eyes. (He’s really quite a big dug). I received an almost imperceptible nod of approval before he padded off to the next row of unguarded handbags, Touched by greatness, ah wiz! Touched by greatness! Thon dug has an auld sowel. Whit a nicht!

    • Eilidh says:

      I renewed my passport in November last year 8 months early so I didn’t get the scabby blue badge of shame. It is a red one but it doesn’t have EU written on it as stocks of those stopped being issued after the original Brexit date which was supposed to be March last year

    • Haha , he is bonnie right enough

    • Capella says:

      Bravo Bibbit! That is a touching account of an evening with the Ginger Dug. I attended one of his audiences but unfortunately Ginger was left in the car because the hall was infested with other bad dogs and Ginger is far too regal to mix with such riff raff. We had to make do with Paul.

  26. Alex Clark says:

    I’ve just been reading a few articles written in the last few days by academics whose specialities are constitutional issues, Scottish issues as well as the UK in general and their thoughts about the internal market bill.

    There is absolutely no doubt that the main target of this bill is devolution and the powers of the devolved nations to be overruled. It is as big an abomination of a bill as SNP politicians and others have warned. You won’t read much though in the Scottish press or hear this discussed at length on the BBC unless to talk crap about “chlorinated chickens” as if that’s about the sum of the threat to Scotland’s powers to make decisions in devolved areas.

    Not only can an unelected body appointed by Westminster scrutinise Scottish parliamnet bills in the affected areas it can overrule them completely, this bill gives Westminster the power to provide so called subsidies that are supposed to replace EU fubnding but it can add it’s own conditions as to how that money has to be spent and as far as I see it, then it also undermines the Barnett formula.

    One of the reason no one is seriously talking about all this is because all the focus of the media has been on NI and the breaking of International Law. One article I read by a Director of UCL Constitution Unit and Lords expert Prof. Meg Russell thinks that the clauses relating to breaking of International Law will definately be thrown out by the HoL, that’s if it even gets past the HoC intact, in her view.

  27. Alex Clark says:

    Having everyone focused on the breaking of International Law in the bill very conveniently takes away from the assault on devolution that is this bills whole purpose. If the Lords through it out and it goes through minus the wrecking of the EU Withdrawl Agreement, then again that’s all that will be talked about in the media and the impact of this bill on devolution will just fade away.

    Here’s a section from the article I mentioned in my last post by Prof. Meg Russell:

    Returning to ‘anticipated reactions’, MPs presented with this bill must bear in mind that the Lords will almost certainly defeat provisions threatening to breach the Withdrawal Agreement. If MPs hold their noses and vote for these, or conveniently abstain, they may be forced to confront them over and over again. The only sure way to avoid that is to defeat them themselves. Looking to the unelected Lords to defend constitutional propriety is, after all, not necessarily a good look for MPs.

    The EU has asked for these provisions to be withdrawn. The law officers’ published legal advice repeatedly emphasises the core principle of parliamentary sovereignty. Hence it is ultimately for parliament to decide what to do. The Internal Market Bill will not, and cannot, die a death in the Lords (though the chamber could, and perhaps even might, delay the bill for a year under the Parliament Acts – something that has not happened since 2004).

    More likely the Lords could, one way and another, help the offending provisions to die a death in the Commons. Given MPs’ own strong opposition, and the innumerable Conservative grandees and international voices that have spoken out, the real question may be whether these clauses die before they get there at all.


    • Ally says:

      That may be a strategy but i do not think it takes away the settled will of the people of Scotland
      if the polls either remain or continue to increase for Independence which if a S30 is refused would then be challenged in the courts.

      • Golfnut says:

        The need for the S30 is already being challenged in the courts, a decision is expected ( I think ) by the end of October.

    • Golfnut says:

      Devolution is dead, as is the union. We really need to avoid being distracted into fighting to save devolution and move to concentrating on Independence.
      During an interview, I believe it was Marr, Nicola was asked about independence. The FM’s reply was that all of her focus was on the fight against Covid and rebuilding the economy and so long as there was a ‘ need ‘ to focus on that she wouldn’t pursue independence. That’s as close to her response as my memory allows. We already new at the time of the interview just what was likely to be included in the Internal Market bill which will effectively remove Nicola and her gov from control of either of those 2 issues.
      Nicola has this covered.

      • grizebard says:

        Devolution is dead, as is the union

        Exactly. And what those ignorant buffoons down in London fail to grasp is that by killing off the former, they are equally killing off the latter, not strengthening it.

        Despite devolution being the clear “settled will” of the people of Scotland by the end of the ’90s, the Tories never wanted devolution, and have never really reconciled themselves to it. Like Labour Unionist diehards also, for that matter, they believe that devolution has only increased the pressure of independence, not neutralised it. But it was by having no faith themselves in the capability of their own damned Union to adapt and change – even taking the option off the table in 2014 – that they have destroyed the only possible means of saving it.

        Their misjudgement, our eventual triumph. And they are only hastening that blessed outcome.

  28. Iain Hunter says:

    Its not blue its black

  29. Shrodingers Cat says:


  30. schrodingers cat says:

    any reason i have been blocked Paul?

    • weegingerdug says:

      You haven’t been blocked. Sometimes people’s comments end up in the spam folder, however I’ve just checked and there aren’t any from you there. There’s nothing from you in the trash folder either.

      Whatever the comment was that you aren’t seeing, it hasn’t got through to this end. I haven’t blocked you or restricted your commenting abilities in any way.

  31. david says:

    “Boris will just say NO”
    I hear this a lot nowadays, usually in connection with Nicola Sturgeon’s Plan A of winning the Holyrood election on a manifesto of indyref2 and subsequently demanding a section 30 from Boris Johnston.

    I find this very tiresome, not because I dont think this is a possibility, I wouldn’t put anything past Bojo, indeed, the £20 million recently spent building a new “Colonial” office in Edinburgh and the 3000 civil servants recently employed are not intended to be a future London embassy, they are a direct assault on the devolution settlement in Scotland, just as the Internal Market Bill passed in Westminster last night undermines the Acts of Union.

    No, I find this very tiresome because it is NOT an argument against Nicola’s Plan A. It is an argument against any plan, from B to Z. This is why people who use this “Boris will just say NO” argument against Nicola’s Plan A are incapable of bringing forward any alternative. e.g.

    We could turn the next Holyrood election into an independence plebiscite!
    “Boris will just say NO”

    We could organise a petition for everyone in Scotland to sign!
    “Boris will just say NO”

    We could appeal to the ECHR or the UN!
    “Boris will just say NO”

    No matter what alternative plan is put forward, the same “Boris will just say NO” argument can be used to blow it out of the water. It isn’t an argument, it is a full stop.

    Also, the statement “Boris will just say NO” is used so blithely and so carelessly that it’s meaning is often overlooked. It’s actually a euphemism for “Boris will suspend democracy”.
    Think very carefully about that for a moment. For many, “Boris will just say NO” is a throw away comment of little importance, but for others it will be seen as a declaration of war! Be very very careful about what you wish for. The Declaration of Human Rights, which all EU countries have signed, including the UK,
    its quite clear

    The High Contracting Parties undertake to hold free elections at reasonable intervals by secret ballot, under conditions which will ensure the free expression of the opinion of the people in the choice of the legislature.
    Everyone has a duty to disobey a manifestly unlawful order

    Having served in many countries where the democratic process was suspended, the initial reaction by most individuals is to abandon the democratic process completely. There being little point in following a democratic process when the results of elections are ignored. This is usually followed by a raft of actions commonly described as Civil Disobedience.

    This is the thin edge of a very very unpleasant wedge. What is considered a legal forms of protest, eg, marching in the street, standing in a lay-by waving a flag etc, can very quickly become “hazardous” operations if not completely outlawed. Civil Disobedience can and usually does, from that point onwards, spiral out of control. I would urge everyone to recognise exactly what “Boris will just say NO” actually means and just how sinister the consequences could be. It is a cliff edge for everyone involved. A cliff edge that everyone should do everything in their power to avoid.

    • this is why i have some sympathy with Peter Bell, Craig Murray and Ian Brotherhood. Not that I agee with them but all of their suggestions are for the eventually AFTER boris says no, eg ian brotherhood talks of civil disobedience a la traditional left wing, the area he is from which historically, with its ties to the trade unions was and still is responsable for organising the most common forms of CD in Scotland, ie Strikes, demonstrations etc, It wasnt Alex that went to jail during the poll tax demos, it was Tommy Sheridan. Campbell on the other hand offers nothing, no plan B, he justs sits in Bath glopping away behind his keyboard bad mouthing Nicola and the snp

      • weegingerdug says:

        That’s precisely why I keep arguing that we cannot concede an inch to Johnson and we must keep insisting that the people of Scotland have an absolute right to determine their own future – and so Johnson has no right at all to refuse a referendum and that’s not a possibility that we will concede to. The reason is that we are in for a real political battle here, and we need to ensure that we maximise public support for whatever further steps prove necessary. It’s not because I believe that Johnson will magically agree to a Section 30 order once support for independence reaches a certain threshold. It’s because I don’t believe that Johnson’s refusal to a Section 30 order is what’s really important here – and neither is it the response of the SNP – it’s the response of the people of Scotland which is the crucial determining factor.

        • i agree with this, i am unsure how bojo will react, other events in Ni and Wales may contribute to our cause, eg demands from stormont and the Senedd for referendums and the fact he seems to be falling out with the EU, the US and everyone else may also be facts which come into play.

          I would also add that I think the SNP manifesto should not only concentrate on indyref2, I believe the concept of holyrood being turned into an indy plebiscite should also be covered.

          this seems like a no brainer. It reminds me of the should or shouldnt we have indyref2 in our 2016 election manifesto when we did know what the brexit vote would be. the final wording enabled us to claim a mandate for both euref eventualities.

          your point about the response of the people of scotland is well made, no matter how much he curbs the powers of holyrood, the people will still vote and express their opinion. their choice cant be wished away. that is why i believe using the election as a plebiscite is worth considering. The unionists will participate in the holyrood election which increases its validity, but by the same logic, we cannot force unionists to vote in indyref2, s30 or not

    • David , I agree with what you say, I’ve lived in countries where this happened
      Northern Ireland , Libya etc
      Parents HM forces

      Your description of how discontent spirals out of control is very good

      It can happen anywhere even in Scotland

      • its the cat Terence, i was having issues posting. but yes, the last paragraph was an appeal to both indy supporters and unionists. after saying that, if democracy is suspended, people do have the right to defend their human rights but in doing so they must keep the support of the majority on their side.

        this is why the next holyrood election is so important. we must turn the 50%+ opinion polls into an actual vote.this is a prerequisite for what happens after, no matter what direction events take us in

  32. Moonlight says:

    Am I wrong or does Westminster have a dilemma.
    Either break international law by reneging on the Withdrawal Agreement which is an international treaty, or by reneging on the Treaty of Union which is an international treaty.
    I refer to the clause of the treaty of union which provides for free trade between Scotland and all of England’s dominions.

    • Melvin penman says:

      The crooks in London have already broken the treaty of union in the past (I’m pretty sure it was the year after it was signed by restricting trade with the colonies)and with the bill now in play. The current bill makes the independent Scottish justice system no longer independent which is the same for education.

      The union is dead Scotland has never broken the treaty the British govt break every treaty they sign , the are lying 🤥 and have always done so.

      • Melvin penman says:

        Oh and the closure of the Scottish mint and destruction of our banking system

      • A. Bruce says:

        As soon as this Treaty of Union breaking Bill gets passed back from going through the Lords which there’s no doubt that it will do, the S G will have to declare that the Union is dissolved and dead.
        That is the time that they should be sending out emissaries to Brussels and the other European capitals, who have witnessed Johnson’s abominable disregard for signed treaties.
        A referendum will have to be held before the end of the year.
        People should be bombarding Nicola, their MP’s and MSPs with e mails. The danger is if we wait too long, Johnson and his cabal could use any pretext to declare a State of Emergency and close Holyrood.
        As Peter A Bell says ” The Union will be the death of Scotland . Unless we kill it first”

        • Golfnut says:

          I made the point on the last thread that there is no difference between breaking both domestic law and International law regards either the Withdrawal agreement or the Treaty of Union, both are Treaties between sovereign states. Treaties make domestic law and Westminster is about to break faith with both of them.

      • Education is an area they will target because such a high percentage of the young people in Scotland favour Scottish independence.
        They will target education in Scotland to try and reverse the thinking of young people in Scotland

    • Petra says:

      Brilliant Statgeek. I’ve posted something similar as I missed this previously. Can’t wait for the day when Nicola Sturgeon stands in front of the World’s media to make a similar (independence) announcement 😀 .

    • Nice, thanks for showing us this Statgeek good on Barbados

      • Statgeek says:

        Looks like the Beeb have caught up at last. So maybe it’s not that they won’t do certain news. They’re just slow. They probably need an extra day to do their own interviews, check their sources (aye right), and let their correspondent come up with a slant.

        Meanwhile, some news outlets report the news. 🙂

  33. Dr Jim says:

    Boris Johnson very likely won’t say NO because it’s very likely he’ll be gone in January and that’ll give the Tories a chance to elect somebody else to say NO and the Tories will claim everything will be alright now that the latest newest shiny version of Boris Johnson will be a new and more betterer sympathetic Prime Monister than the last Boris Johnson, and this new Boris likely won’t have gone to Eton school, this new one might even have gone to a Scottish school so that’ll be an excuse for us Scotch to love him more because blood and stuff (they like doing the blood thing they think it makes all the difference) and the bad man Cummings has gone too they’ll say, of course he won’t have, he’ll be living in the back garden of number ten under a big rock hibernating until spring then they’ll bring him out again to suck Scotland’s life force dry with his continuing *keep Covid going* strategy so he can use it against Scotland’s campaigning for Independence by the despotic vile ruler that is Nicola Sturgeon and how could she put Scotland through another unwanted referendum during a global pandemic the callous heartless be’atch

    I doubt very much that Nicola Sturgeon will allow Westminster to control the next referendum the way that was agreed and allowed pre 2014, some complain she’s slow, I’d rather be slow and win than snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

  34. David Agnew says:

    Another shitty little geegaw to add to all the other pish British artifacts. A badge of shame. A polished turd painted blue and they charge you as much as 85 quid for it. An economy shattered. A union reduced to a laughing stock…for BLUE? for fucking BLUE?

    You’re dead to me Britain. Get yourself buried.

  35. Robertge8@gmail.com graham says:

    A bit repetitive that’s 3 nights in a row caller’s to LBC London reporting having access to testing centres in Scotland without any difficulties. The first minister saying we have problems and are experiencing a backlog. A university degree is not required to link both .Question why are our hard pressed test facilities appointments being offered to people who don’t have a Scottish post code.
    And Petra short truce and Apologies for any bad language or insulting comments made .Old impatient man in a hurry thats my excuse anyway

  36. yesindyref2 says:

    Rewording a posting I saw elsewhere, along with criticism of the SNP stance on things like GRA, it goes like this:

    “We need to be able to vote for the party that has the usual policies we want, not this constant independence / union yes / no stuff”.

    It’s a theme I’ve done but just a little in the past, though I don’t hesitate to criticise the SNP when it’s needed. It gets us closer to those we hope will change from undecided or NO, to YES.

    But there is perhaps a stronger purpose to it that can be used, as in that posting from someone who I respect even if I don’t agree a lot. Independence is not the priority for most people in Scotland even now. It’s maybe 5th on the list for the great majority.

    Fine then. Push for Indy REF 2 if you’re NO or undecided but don’t really care, vote YES when it comes and get it out of the way. THEN we can get back to more important politics.

  37. Calum says:

    I see an English Lion and a Scottish Unicorn on that passport.

    Only one of them is wearing a crown.

    Union of equals?

  38. Golfnut says:

    Goves logic.

  39. Golfnut says:

    A highly respected Prof and commentator who doesn’t understand the constitutional position of Scotland in the UK.

  40. Petra says:

    Joanna Cherry:- ”I trust @joannaccherry. They will break the treaty of the union and will give the legal ability to end it. https://mobile.twitter.com/Scotswillbefree/status/1305634887081308160

  41. Petra says:

    Richard Murphy:- ‘The UK Internal Markets Bill effectively ends many devolved powers within the UK. This Bill is an international affront externally and within the UK.’



    ‘Hey folks, anyone got a spare massive warehouse in Scotland for October and November, equipped with PCs, and a volunteer taskforce willing to sign Confidentiality Agreements, receive full training, then process National Covenant signatures? *asking for many friends* Please DM!” https://mobile.twitter.com/YesDayScotland/status/1305496047557451777

  42. Petra says:

    MSM_Monitor:- ”If Good Morning Scotland is going to promote political stories from ‘Us For Them Scotland’ spokeperson Jo Bisset that attack the FM then it should make clear Bisset is currently raising funds to pay for a PR firm to promote her political agenda which includes opposing face masks.” https://mobile.twitter.com/msm_monitor/status/1305399958590414849


    Check out more of Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.


  43. Ken2 says:

    They cannot grouse shoot in Scotland over numbers. Different rules.

    The Tories mess and shambles they will be voted out. Who wants the poison chalice. Another day another mess. People are sick of it. Destroying living standards.

    Vote Tory to die younger.

  44. Petra says:

    Michael Gray:- ”Interesting to see the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford had a conference call on Brexit implications with ambassadorial representatives from Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, & others. (Dutch ambassador tweeted picture of the Zoom call!😅) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺.” https://mobile.twitter.com/GrayInGlasgow/status/1305933059674472448


    Karel van Oosterom:- ”Useful virtual meeting of @EUdelegationUK and other EU member states with @ianblackford_MP of Scottish National Party #SNP on his assessment of current state of play in EU-UK Brexit negotiations and its implications.” https://mobile.twitter.com/KvanOosterom/status/1305857182836101121

  45. Petra says:

    FGS, the usual Westminster shambles. They couldnae run a bath. Or are they just wanting to fiddle the figures again?

    Dr Philippa Whitford:- ”This ridiculous idea, which I also heard from MPs in HoC today, of registering someone tested in England as LIVING in Aberdeen, will completely undermine data and make #ContactTracing & managing #COVID19 outbreaks a nightmare!” https://mobile.twitter.com/Dr_PhilippaW/status/1305921513925808129


    Sam Coates Sky:- ”Four senior congressmen write to Boris Johnson to reiterate there will be no US-UK trade deal if the legislation to override the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement isn’t pulled.’ https://mobile.twitter.com/SamCoatesSky/status/1305988117036445698

  46. Petra says:

    Tata Queenie. That’s you lot telt.

    ”Barbados moves to become a Republic and remove UK Queen. The time has come to fully leave our colonial past behind. Barbadians want a Barbadian Head of State. This is the ultimate statement of confidence in who we are and what we are capable of achieving.” https://mobile.twitter.com/ScoPoliticsNews/status/1305945213878370309


    Check out the latest links from Ann on the Indyref2 site.


  47. Clydebuilt says:

    The BBC in Scotland’s Morning Moanin

    Call Kaye: Is it time to discuss the delicate balance between keeping people safe in carehomes with their quality of life.

    Aye OK Kaye lets do that as long as you and your colleagues promise not to label the resulting deaths in these carehomes due to Covid-19 as “The Crisis in Scottish Carehomes”

    • Petra says:

      If Kaye Adams is genuinely concerned about care home deaths she should be analysing the CV19 death rate between privatised and nationalised care homes and asking the public if they agree with Nicola Sturgeon that in going forward they should be renationalised. Problem is that her focus is more about doing the SNP down rather than actually caring about what happens to the elderly at all.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Neil Findlay Labour MSP in a rare moment of honesty and monumental stupidity when speaking about Covid 19 on Kaye Adams programme admits he wouldn’t like to be in government to make decisions about Covid

        So what did he become a MSP for

  48. Dr Jim says:

    Covid 19, a disease nobody can do anything about until there’s a vaccine except to either mitigate in an attempt to save as many lives as possible or accept the ongoing tragedy and cover up the consequences in order to keep money flowing

    The FM is trying to do the first thing, the UK government is doing the second thing

    Faced with that choice before Covid who would you vote for

    So sick of folk whining and moaning and blaming and employing hindsight to do it

  49. Dr Jim says:

    The Brexit bill will remove all of the Scottish parliaments powers and competencies and transfer them to Westminster control but our intention is not to use UK authority to do that is more or less what the UK government are saying

    People of Scotland should remember the two infamous words in the Smith Commission inserted in just the right place which the SNP spotted and demanded removed but were voted down by the rest of the parties

    The UK would *Not Normally* interfere in devolved competencies were the words inserted in reference to the UK overruling competencies from Holyrood, and what’s the first thing the UK government did once that document was signed, they exercised the *not normally* clause and immediately overruled

    Following the 2014 referendum they introduced EVEL English votes for English laws thus excluding Scottish MPs (SNP Scottish MPs) on the grounds that Scotland had it’s own parliament which of course the UK put themselves in a position of overruling anyway, the effect being the loss of access to both parliaments should the English MPs so decide

    How does one spell racism again, I think it’s spelt *laughing their arses off* at the stupidity of the Scottish population

  50. Marybel Tracey says:

    In a similar vein to the new passport my new driver’s licence has a Union Jack on it. The driver’s licence was previously free of such symbolism. At the shops the same flag emblazons many food items. I carefully select food now on a Scottish basis. It is quite an undertaking. These are the small ways I uphold the Scottish identity. I think when my passport lapses I may not renew it. I was born in England but have lived in Scotland so long I no longer identify myself as English and distance myself from being called British too. My feelings about Scottish independence has not altered in fact I am more and more convinced Scotland will be better for it. I believe …. one fine day!

  51. Robert Innes says:

    Since nobody appears to have commented on it yet Paul, I’ll congratulate on your “Forres Gimp” quip. Pure genius.

  52. Capella says:

    R4 reporting a rumour from Scotland that the Advocate General for Scotland, Lord Keen, has offered his resignation because of the Withdrawal Bill.
    About time, if true.

  53. Petra says:

    Beggars belief!

    ”Ruth Davidson has refused to say whether she will take her full daily allowance from the House of Lords. On Monday, peers begged for a “hardship fund” after daily allowance was cut to £162 (A DAY) due to the pandemic.

    Unelected members had their tax-free payment reduced from £323 when the crisis hit, with only those who “actively participated” in debates eligible.

    In emails released through a Freedom of Information request by the SNP, lords complain that they’re struggling to keep up with payments on their second homes, with others threatening to resign because “the financial pinch is so horrible”.

    Despite the coronavirus crisis coinciding with skyrocketing food insecurity among the UK’s poorest people, one peer complained the new rules are taking food out of their mouths, with members coining the phrase: “if you don’t speak you don’t eat”.”


    • Dr Jim says:

      This Covid pandemic has been criminally hard on the Lords and Baronesses and Earls and all of those other noble folk, what has the world come to when our nobles and betters can’t access quite as much money as they did a few weeks ago, surely something must be done to *level up* the flow of money from the common people, who let’s face it don’t have to eat *every day* to those who have served our imperial nation and do it selflessly by the way of giving of their time and efforts to educate us as to what the past and British history is all about, the pooling and taking away from everyone who’s not them as much as they possibly can

      The common people of Great Britain must be made to realise that but for the sacrifices of the noble Lords and Ladies of our great realm we as the great British nation we are could not exist

      In the 1800s the average age of Londoners was 40 years of age and all over London mass graves with bodies buried up to 9 deep are being dug up by scientists and the causes of death analysed and the percentage of deaths due to old age are almost nil, the causes, and there are many, are mostly attributable to poverty poor hygiene and many kinds of horrible preventable diseases which I won’t list because most of them are disgusting

      The noble Lords and Ladies of the great British realm oversaw all of that yet didn’t slow down their consumption of their pleasures then so why should they now, I mean who do these common people think they are

    • Jim says:


      This makes me sick to my stomach and I’m glad the SNP have highlighted this.

      My daughter who has multiple ailments and lives with constant pain had her DWP payments stopped for the incredulous reason that she was able to get married.
      She has now been on jobseekers allowance of £79 per week and has applied for almost 60 jobs for which she has been unsuccessful due to her medical condition. Her jobseekers allowance stops next week.

      Also, many, many pensioners have to live on £162 per week and know the true meaning of ‘Heat or eat’.

      I am so F…….G angry at these troughers who think their so called entitlement gives them the right to take money out of the pockets of the people who need it most.

      To coin a great line from ‘Scent of a woman’


      • Petra says:

        Really sorry to hear about your daughter’s plight, Jim, and of course this lazy, greedy ‘Lard’s Con” is just absolutely disgusting. These parasites (potentially over 800 of them) also get their food and drink, at Westminster, subsidised by the taxpayers. All I can say is that your daughter’s (and others) situation should improve when we get our independence. And I’ll add that many of us who are fighting for independence are in fact fighting for those vulnerable people in Scotland who aren’t fit enough to take Westminster on and we’ll WIN. Tell your daughter to keep her chin up, Jim.

        • Jim says:

          Thanks Petra,

          She keeps trying and give the guy at jobseekers his due when she was on the phone to him the other day. He was appalled at the treatment she’d received and says he’s going to take it further.
          As you say, and everyone else on this blog, we are fighting for a fairer just society which will never be attained sticking with this union which caters only for ‘The class society’.

          I’m sure I will cry with joy when we get independence.
          Nicola Sturgeon has for me one of the finest attributes in a human being, she has compassion.

          • Petra says:

            Pleased to hear that she’s getting some help, Jim 😊.

            As to, ”Nicola Sturgeon has for me one of the finest attributes in a human being, she has compassion.”

            Confucius said, “Wisdom, compassion, and courage are the three universally recognized moral qualities of men.”

            To my mind she has all three qualities in bucket-loads, hence so many people trying to get rid of her.

  54. grizebard says:

    Hmmm, and I thought that enoblement was a (supposed) honour and a passport to a handy wee sinecure, not a paying career.

    (“Elected members”? That’s the residue of hereditary peers, I presume. If so, a very elite electorate, that. Nothing to do with the hoi-polloi like you or me.)

  55. Republicofscotland says:

    Johnson refuses to deny that he wants to roll back devolution, I’m sure he’d rather we were referred to as North Britain rather than Scotland.


    • grizebard says:

      That’s a misreading of the situation, I think. The last thing that Bozo needs is a rebellion from the Scottish legal establishment. Or do you know of a desired replacement?

      • raineach says:

        good question as to who would take the job. There’s a strong requirement for Advocates not to be involved in law breaking so I reckon volunteers will be few

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Keen resigning is probably one of the most significant things to happen in the last month or two.

      It rightly puts Douglas Ross MP, and the Scottish Conservatives up the creek without a paddle. And the Infernal Market Bill in the cludgie.

      We’re going to need more bog roll.

      • Alex Clark says:

        Yep, Tories in Scotland are in a bit of a pickle when their Ex-Chairman and Advocate General no less, has to resign from the UK government because the bill clearly breaks International Law.

        Leaves them in a bit of mess arguing in support of this bill at Holyrood, shame LOL

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Well, a wise general studies his or her opposing general and sets the strategy accordingly. I didn’t, well, just a bit, I did carefujlly look up Keen when he was appointed AGforS, after the dreaded previously respected Wallace disgraced himself drawing attention to the potential importance of the role.

          But you can bet the SG or their legal bods have studied him, Wolffe even in the UKSC for what I think may have been a dry run. And the IMB could probably have been predicted 4 years ago, even with May let alone BoJo.

          It won’t be long now!

  56. Terence Callachan says:

    Passports used to distinguish which country you came from Scotland England Wales or Ireland this U.K. stuff is not the way it has always been.
    I remember when I was a wee lad travelling the world with my parents who were in hm forces I was on my mothers passport and it said place of birth Scotland

    A wee story about my travels recently

    Last month I went to Greece flying from Edinburgh to Athens
    I returned to Edinburgh 9/9/20 to find Scottish govt telling me to quarantine at home for 14 days which I am currently doing.

    I have flights booked to go to Corfu on 17/9/20 booked last year , flying from Edinburgh with Ryanair
    but of course I cannot go

    I contacted Ryanair they said they will not give a refund
    They said I can move my flights to a different date
    I thought I would move them to May 2021
    When I went on to the Ryanair website to move the flights I found that Ryanair add to the original cost of the flights

    Firstly they add extra if the flights in May 2021 are more expensive than September 2020
    which they are but only by about ten pounds total

    Then they add a charge for each passenger (2) x £120 just to move the flights to a different date

    Then if you had paid for extra legroom seats on the original flight
    they charge you extra just to move your extra legroom seats to the new flight
    they charge two amounts
    One for going and one for coming back
    with an addendum that if they cannot give you the exact same seats
    they will still charge you for the extra legroom seats
    and add a further charge for moving you
    plus if there are no extra legroom seats to move you to
    they will not refund you for the extra legroom seats you can no longer have
    but will still charge you extra for moving you to an ordinary seat.

    Then if you have paid for bags to go in the hold
    they will add a charge for each bag each journey there and back for moving your details to the new flight and recording in their own records that you have baggage to go into the hold

    All in all the cost of the flight has doubled from £450 to £900

    I phoned them
    Couldn’t speak to anyone couldn’t get through they cut me off saying they’re too busy
    Did online chat
    Told a very nice lady that I can’t fly to Greece because Scottish govt have put me in quarantine for 14 days like all people recently returned to Scotland from Greece
    She said they can’t give a refund or change flight costs or extra charges and that’s that

    So let that be a lesson to me ..!!

    I’ve decided not to move the flights
    I don’t want to give Ryanair anymore money

    So I will take the hit of £450
    But look forward to never using Ryanair again

    • grizebard says:

      Shouda listened to Nicola…

      • Terence Callachan says:

        You are so right , I did think about cancelling my trip but it was to a wee town in the middle of nowhere didn’t see anyone most of the day .
        Should have listened right enough though

        • grizebard says:

          Sorry about that. Lovely country, Greece. I’m watching the Tour de France just now and just pining to be there in the sun…

        • Petra says:

          Too bad that you couldn’t have stayed on in Greece (mainland?) for another 8 days and then headed off from wherever you were to Corfu, Terence. I just love the Greek islands but will just sit and wait until this bl**dy CV19 fiasco ends and then go straight there and stay for as long as I can😀😎 .

          • Welsh Sion says:

            Why don’t you say you’re going to your villa to make it Covid-proof, Petra?

            Worked for Johnson pater, eh, what?

            • Petra says:

              I could just say that I’m Dominic Cummings niece, WS, and that I have a rare eye complaint 🤓hence me travelling all over the world constantly seeking expert help and in the process doing what I bl**dy well like 😀.

    • Robert Oliphant says:

      Last time I used Ryanair was a day trip Edinburgh to Dublin and return, actually found the “sale” prices and got £2 return and no extras. That’s about as much as I would ever risk with O’Leary’s pension fund!

      But yes in principle just now, don’t book any foreign holidays, just no worth the risk!

  57. Dr Jim says:

    Dominic Cummings is in *consultation* about the culling of military top brass positions who do not agree with the current governments position

    Now somebody must have informed the military top brass what this position is for them to disagree with it, and that intention can only be what the UK want to use the military for or the top brass wouldn’t know in the first place and have to be gotten rid of if they don’t agree

    So what don’t the military top brass agree with, can you see it coming, I can

    • Petra says:

      ”Can you see it coming, I can.”

      Me too, Dr Jim.

      This is from Richard Murphy. Looks as though he can see it too.

      …”All the hallmarks of fascism exist then, excepting, as yet, two things. One is a religious element common to such movements, but maybe much of society has moved on from that need, so I am not sure that absences is significant. The other is any significant promotion of military power, which I admit is a curious absence. My suspicion is that the leaders of our armed forces may not be in alignment with our government as yet. Worry when a cull of the military top brass happens in that case. Cummings has already announced the review that will set that in motion.”..


  58. Terence Callachan says:

    How about our Scottish universities

    Here is the confusing advice given by St. Andrews university to new students

    “Do not attend or organise large social gatherings or parties. Socially, no more than 8 people may gather inside, no more than 15 outside, from no more than 3 households.”

    Click on “ what do I need to know” to it
    The link from their website to more information takes you to the gov.uk website and not to the Scottish govt website

    Here is the Scottish govt advice


    Meeting others: indoors and outdoors
    No more than 6 people in total (from a maximum of 2 households) may meet at any time in such settings, except as explained below.

    Other Scottish universities are doing the same
    Referring people to the gov.uk website where advice and rules about social distancing differ from those in Scotland

    WHY ?

  59. Gail Macfarlane says:

    I always find myself agreeing whole-heartedly with the views you express in your articles. You have a unique talent for articulating the challenges, for want of a better word, we Scots find ourselves facing on a daily basis: today’s piece is no exception. Frightening times indeed. Keep up the good work Paul.

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