A useless bit of rubbish passed off as an heirloom

So there you are, watching BBC1 and clutching a Battle of Britain commemorative mug in a living room bedecked with union flags and red white and blue bunting and all ready to break into a rousing chorus of There’ll Be Red White and Blue Birds Over the White Cliffs of Dover in order to show everyone how much you despise nationalism. Because as those young pilots fought and died in the skies above the south of England eighty years ago, they were doing it so that in future years a team of estate agents from Leighton Buzzard would be able to buy broken down auld tat in the hope it could be sold for a profit on a telly show. That’ll show those vile separatists. That was the scene in Jackie Baillie’s house today as she prepared to settle down in front of the BBC and its repeat of Bargain Hunt’s Battle of Britain special.

It would also have been the scene in George Foulke’s home, but he slept all the way through it. Still, buying a broken clock for a hundred quid and losing seventy on it just shows how we’re all Better Together with Labour and the Tories, doesn’t it. Isn’t it lucky that you’re only susceptible to the coronavirus if you live in England and you don’t watch Bargain Hunt. George isn’t susceptible to any perceptible sense of shame.

But wait. Did you hear that wailing noise? That was Murdo Fraser howling as he penned an angry letter to the Director General of the BBC’s Scottish colonial office. Because they showed the First Minister anyway. George Foulkes will do the same once he wakes up, which may be about Thursday. Jackie won’t do it, not after she deleted the evidence of her representations to the BBC from her Twitter feed and denied any involvement.

However the fact that the Scottish government briefing was shown on Monday as before isn’t because the BBC has changed their minds and bowed to public pressure. The BBC doesn’t bow to public pressure. It only bows to pressure from British nationalist politicians who are panicking about how to save their precioussss union. Normal Bargain Hunting service will be resumed as of Tuesday. It’s going to save the Union. The red team and the blue team competing with one another to sell broken rubbish that’s unfit for purpose to an unsuspecting public for personal profit is as close to a metaphor for the UK as you’re likely to get.

The British nationalists are seriously worried. Support for independence has only grown during a pandemic which when it started was confidently predicted to spell the end for any hopes for Scottish independence. There is considerably greater public trust in the Scottish Government than there is in the British Government. Crucially there appears to be greater compliance with lockdown measures in Scotland than in England, and this seems to be because of the clarity of messaging from Nicola Sturgeon during her daily briefings. Labour and the Conservatives are prepared to risk that, to create greater confusion about the public health guidelines, because they are more worried about the political effects than they are about people dying. That is beyond shameless.

What makes it even worse is that a craven BBC has caved in to them. In the process the BBC is showing Scotland that it sees itself as being the voice of the British state in Scotland, and now a public service broadcaster which exists to serve that public which is required to pay a licence fee. No wonder people in Scotland are switching off in their thousands and refusing to pay a licence fee which is spent on the production of British propaganda which is contrary to their own interests.

Over this weekend we’ve seen yet another opinion poll showing record support for independence. The poll from Survation putting support for independence on 53% is the highest from that company, and is the seventh publicly published poll in a row which puts support for independence in the majority. There are reports of unpublished polls for the British Government which have put support for independence in the mid to high 50s. No wonder they are panicking.

However the British nationalists and their pals in BBC management have decided that the best way to tackle this rise in support for independence is not to get their own act together and improve the messaging of the British government about the epidemic. No, their solution is to create confusion in Scotland too. It’s to deprive people in Scotland, especially elderly people who may not be confident about getting their information from the internet, from seeing regular briefings from the Scottish Government which explain clearly and plainly exactly what public health measures are required and what is expected of the public. It’s difficult to think of a clearer illustration of how the British state and British nationalism is prepared to damage the health and well being of Scotland in order to protect their supremacy. And these are the people who tell Scotland that we need them in order to be kept safe and secure. It’s a cruel and callous lie.

The BBC is once again showing that it is the propaganda arm of the British state. It’s an organisation which is institutionally incapable of dealing with a Scotland where a majority of the population support independence. The BBC is an organisation which has defending Britishness written into its very charter. That comes before its duty to act as a public service, because the BBC has defined its public as a British one. We’re seeing here yet another example of how the BBC acts in the interests of British nationalism, a nationalism which it is incapable of recognising as a form of nationalism at all. We saw plenty of this sort of thing during the referendum of 2014, and we’re going to see a lot more of it to come as public opinion in Scotland slips even further out of the grasp of Westminster.

However this time the BBC has gone too far. It has blatantly prioritised the political concerns of British nationalists over Scottish public health. It is utterly inconceivable that a Scottish public broadcaster in an independent Scotland would have prioritised political representations over what is good for public health. In so doing the biggest health damage that the BBC has created is the damage to what’s left of public trust in the state broadcaster. They have only succeeding in alienating a further swathe of Scottish public opinion. The BBC itself has joined that broken clock and that warped wooden shelving unit as yet another piece of useless rubbish on Bargain Hunt that we’re being sold as valuable heirlooms.

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156 comments on “A useless bit of rubbish passed off as an heirloom

  1. Alba Laddie says:

    They should film Foulkes in his cups sleeping off a (heavily subsidized) liquid lunch in the House of Felons. That’ll show those uppity sweaty socks, what?

    • Legerwood says:

      There was a report in one of the papers at the weekend about the food and drink bill for the House of Lords.

      In the past year it was almost £2million a rise of almost £700,000 on the previous year.

      Just wait till Baroness Davidson joins them at the trough.

    • ARCHIE says:

      Why don’t they follow him round. “A day in the life of” ??

  2. […] Wee Ginger Dug A useless bit of rubbish passed off as an heirloom So there you are, watching BBC1 and clutching a Battle of Britain commemorative mug in […]

  3. Billy Watt says:

    The White cliffs are grey in real life.

    Probably a metaphor for something or other

  4. bringiton says:

    The chairman of the Tory in Scotland now decides what will be broadcast and what won’t.
    No wonder they refused to devolve broadcasting,this gives them a big lever to manipulate Scottish public opinion with.
    However,Scots(at least those with a brain)
    can now see that the BBC is answerable to absentee Lords and their wannabes in British Labour,Tories and Liberals.
    As usual,decisions of fundamental interest to Scots,Made in England.
    Much more of that to come.

  5. vivianoblivian7 says:

    Certainly, the Scottish Government should continue to hold Covid briefings Monday to Friday where conditions are changing rapidly as they currently are. That said, our knowledge in September is vastly more assured than it was in late Winter and early Spring.
    To the extent that the Irish Government holds daily Covid briefings, the “headline act” is the Health Minister.
    Scotland has reached a stage of routine around Covid that should, naturally place Jeane Freeman or a rota of other Ministers fronting the Press briefings.
    A “good manager” would at this stage delegate responsibility.
    Nicola Sturgeon was called as an unwilling witness for the defence at the Alex Salmond trial. Justifiably at the time, she was excused from providing a witness statement due to the chaos in the early days of the pandemic and our extremely basic understanding of the virus.
    A cynic might suggest that St. Nicola ™ intends to use her presence at the daily Press briefings to avoid giving evidence to the Holyrood inquiry into the debacle at the Court of Session.

    • Bob Lamont says:


    • Dr Jim says:

      When first the cynics and psychics who were determined to dig the FMs grave decided on their course of action they may wish they had remembered to dig their own grave as well

      As to changing the personnel delivering the Covid briefings ultimately the FM would and will be responsible for all decisions taken by the Scottish government as will PM Johnson but the Scottish FM is choosing to shoulder that responsibility by delivering the briefings herself unlike PM Johnson who has avoided them like the plague we already have

    • Eilidh says:

      My how did you get here.You definitely sound cynical. If they had Jean Freeman there every day plenty would moan Nicola Sturgeon wasnt interested in doing the day job/ a public health crisis in Scotland.

      • Don’t rise to the wriggly worm bait at the end of a Brit Nat line, Eilidh.

        To limit damage, and we all know that it was the new Tory DG under orders from Johnson and Gove who ordered the (shy) and,retiring on a big fat payoff and pension, Donalda Mackinnon, who pulled the plug.

        That it took the waddling Baillie and Lord For Foulkes Sake of the bulbous ruddy WC Fields’ nose, to prompt Plantation Quay to plunge Scotland into darkness and fear, is a nonsense.
        The English Iron Heel Oligarchy did it and ran away.

        How many of my rants are now reality?

        I’ll come back later and discuss what I mean by the Indyref Campaign starting now.

        Bikers for Yes drive through in Coldstream yesterday is an example of what can be done even in Covid Days.

        Can anyone give me a link to the 13 Referendum ‘Papers’ produced by the Westminster Scottish Affairs Committee chaired by bayonet the wounded Iain Davidson (Nor relation to the Rape Clause branch of the clan.)

        The Too Wee Too Poor Too Stupid portfolio of lies threats and propaganda.

        This big fat bundle of Brit Nat lies and threats may provide invaluable material, the Project Fear source material, so that YES can anticipate the ‘tiger traps’ of Project Fear 2,and firm up a ‘Retaliate First’ Strategy well in advance of Indyref 2, Truth Over Lies.

        Currency, EU membership, Trident, and so on.

        • Welsh Sion says:


          Here’s perhaps a starting off point.

          Use Google and type in “Scottish Affairs Committee” “Independence referendum” publications, paying specific attention to those invertred commas.


          Glad to be some help.


          • Cheers, WS.
            I note that Kenny Macaskill, Iain Lawson et al., are over on WoS kick starting an alternative tack to asking for a Section 30 order.

            It is much more complex than merely working around WM’s intransigence to arrive at a plebiscite, acceptable to the international community.
            If we postulate that by hook or by crook, there shall be a Referendum in, say, autumn 2021, then the work (campaign) starts now.

            The YES/AUOB movement must take a more proactive role in preparing for battle, and battle it shall be.
            There are millions of us, many of whom are/were experts in a range of disciplines, from Finance, Welfare, Health, Policing, Agriculture Education and so on.

            Project Indyref 2 starts now.
            ‘Independence: Retaliate First. Truth over Lies’
            has a ring to it as a Project Title.

            There will be many strands to such a project, each strand given terms of reference, and answers and rebuttals to the lies and threats which Tom Gordon and the gathered herd of Hacks will be cutting and pasting for the Brits, to order, when the campaign proper gets underway.

            ‘Events, dear boy’.

            The doo doo is going to hit the fan long before May ’21.
            I doubt that we shall see out October before Coca Cola starts calling.

            The Westminster Scottish Affairs Committee Papers will be a good starting point.

            The £10 million which they spent, and the time taken by Brit Government Departments to attack Scotland in 2014, will not be wasted after all.

            MacAskill and co., have the right idea. Now is the time.

            Any thoughts, Duggers, on Terms of Reference for the ‘Retaliate First ‘Project idea?

            We all remember the Europe, oil, £15 billion deficit, GERS, and the whole kit and caboodle of Project Fear.

            We must smash their lies from day one of the Indyref 2 campaign.

            WE managed to effectively ridicule GERS this time.

            Sleeves up, they are at the gates now, not in May ’21.

            I’m staying out of my Everlovin’s way for a wee while. The Hopalong Collatin joke has worn thin, I fear.
            If any bastard attempts to privatise the Scottish Health Service, it will be over my dead ancient body.
            Peace as always.

    • Capella says:

      From Sunday Post 29th March 2020:

      …it is understood that during the last week of the trial her lawyers asked if she could be excused as a witness because she was working on tackling the coronavirus pandemic, and offered to give a deposition. It is also understood that Mr Salmond’s legal team agreed she should not be called…

      The First Minister’s office said Ms Sturgeon would have attended if she been called by the court.


    • Alec Lomax says:

      Day off from Wings, Viv?

    • grizebard says:

      Stir, stir, moan, hint, grumble, moan. With rays-of-sunshine like you, who needs the BritNats? (Of course, it’s maybe one-and-the-same.)

      Here and now, as Paul rightly says, the BBC EBC is wantonly abandoning its publicly-funded public service duty in a naked attempt to bolster ever-fading support for the Union, and instead of focussing on this latest travesty affecting the wellbeing of every single one of us, here you pop up, pay cursory lip service, then wander off on a diversionary little path of your own. (Not for the first time, either, I seem to recall. It’s a thankless task, what with all these self-inflicted BritNat errors that keep on happening.)

      Well, toddle off, you’ll be more at home elsewhere. There’s a festering little bubble over the way that’s now stuffed full of irrelevant misery-mongers like you, all disappearing up their own rear ends to the complete indifference of ordinary folk.

    • weegingerdug says:

      That’s a bit of a stretch there vivian.

      I’m being kind.

      The problem with conspiracy theories is once you go down that rabbit hole, you end up being incapable of accepting that things can happen that aren’t related to your favourite conspiracy theory.

    • Arthur Thomson says:

      We are in the midst an epidemic. We have zero idea as to how it is going to pan out. The elderly and the vulnerable are in what is potentially a life or death situation – I know that first hand. The job that Nicola Sturgeon has been doing has been simply excellent. That is why the BBC is stopping the televising of the daily briefings.

      I worry for people who have been made vulnerable as a result. Bullshit speculation about Nicola Sturgeon’s motives doesn’t change the reality and are singularly unhelpful.

    • Golfnut says:

      The buck stops with the FM, it shows remarkable courage on her part to not delegate that responsibility and allow others to face the constant heckling from a corrupt and bias media. A good manager wouldn’t throw her staff under the bus to avoid scrutiny.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Are you sure you are on the right blog? Conspiracy theorists do better there.

      I thought the FM was there today with the Health Minister and the Interim Chiefs Medical Officer. All were given their place to speak. Delegation at work as well as leadership from the top.

      That’s what the public want.

    • You would have to be more than a cynic to think Nicola Sturgeon will avoid court by saying she has to give Covid briefings .
      The court will get her evidence and answers in time
      There’s no hurry
      I don’t think there’s any evidence she’s trying to avoid it
      Covid19 has and still does top the bill as an urgency

    • ArtyHetty says:

      We see you. Your claptrap demonising NicolaSturgeon and actually politicising the daily briefings comes straight out of the Herod, Scotsman and the whole BritNat narrative. You should have put O/T before writing this rubbish at least.
      Paul’s article is about the BBC silencing the Scottish government during a freaking pandemic, very likely putting the people of Scotland at greater risk of spreading and contracting Covid19, a deadly virus. The actual BBC via the EngGov putting politics and their precious nasty ‘union’ begore peoples’ lives!

  6. Movy says:

    I’ve already complained to the BBC, got the anodyne reply, and recomplained because not one of the issues about who, when and how the ‘editorial content’/’news value’/right and in the public interest’ was to be determined, had been addressed.

    At any rate I then contacted OfCom.

    Under OfCom’s own statement re the Enforcement of Broadcast standards during the coronavirus pandemic, it states
    ‘we recognise that audiences will want to receive, and broadcasters will want to broadcast, content about the coronavirus pandemic, and that the communication of accurate and up-to-date information to audiences is essential’.

    Clearly the BBC has breached OfCom’s standards; yet it would appear that we cannot complain directly to OfCom without having exhausted the normal complaints procedure through the BBC which will then refer us to OfCom.

    This is a Catch 22 situation and, in the middle of a global pandemic, when the importance of accurate and up-to-date information about a deadly virus from the public service provider has never been more urgent, we are dealing with unaccountable faceless individuals and toothless organisations.

    Has anyone any idea how we can get round this?

    I am seriously concerned on the part of those who are absolutely dependent on these frequent timed updates from our First Minister.

    • P Harvey says:

      I too received a standard letter of reply to my complaint
      Interestingly, when I tried to use the systems reply to say I was still unhappy
      It refused to accept the case number that the BBC had given me!
      You have to include this to progress your complaint!

      • Movy says:

        Yes. They do not make it easy.
        It should be in the reply to your original complaint, but they’ve proven themselves so duplicitous, who can say.
        I have now had a reply indicating that they have received my submission indicating that I was not satisfied.
        Maybe start a new complaint?
        We cannot let them off the hook on this one.
        I’m still raging.

      • grizebard says:

        The same happened to me, as I have just found out. Cock-up or conspiracy? Either way, that’s a new ploy to me.

        To indicate it was a follow-on, I included the “old” case number in the body of my text with a wee finger-wag. I’m just sorry now though I didn’t also use use as title:

        “”BBC – acting beyond its station”.

      • A C Bruce says:

        To P Harvey.

        That happened to me this evening. I had several attempts at responding to the BBC’s reply to my complaint. I was told there was either a problem with the Case Number, that the BBC gave me, or my email address which was correct and, in fact, was the email address the BBC had replied to.

        They’re at it, trying to discourage taking complaint further.

        I’ve complained to Ofcom. You can do that if you have already complained to the BBC and have your Case Number. It’s a faff though.

    • grizebard says:

      That’s the usual run-around, I’m afraid. You have to keep on up the complaints hierarchy, which gets successively more complex at each stage, and which in its bureaucracy is almost designed to deter the ordinary Joe or Joan. But if you persevere, you’ll finally exhaust the monolithic inertia, then OfCom awaits! It just takes an awful lot of persistence.

      I think we all received the same pre-prepared statement, which in most cases like mine, I suspect, doesn’t go anywhere near to answering the specific points presented. But then, at least “boilerplate” text doesn’t arrogantly tell you black-is-white, as is usually the case. Ho-hum.

      We all just have to keep on going regardless. But much more effective, to my mind, would be a public licence-fee strike like the poll tax. That has the potential to escalate and really hurt the EBC and its servile management, thereby turning a serious misjudgement into a real public coup for indy, not least among those former-no’s we need to convert.

      • Movy says:

        I’m just a learner, having never felt the need to go this far.
        Run around indeed but I’m heading all the way to OfCom with this – I cannot see how the BBC can justify this action; they have clearly breached OfCom’s standards.
        What I find almost more despicable though is, given this is a clear breach, we are not able to complain directly to OfCom.
        Hopefully once we’re independent we can sort out our own OfComs.

        • grizebard says:

          I agree wholeheartedly on all counts, and I wish you well with it. Don’t take any reply seriously, since it will simply be designed to deter. (Rather mirrors the UKOK as a whole, really.) The “public service” role of the BBC is the main charge, and this fig-leaf of “news management” is just a convenient alibi to cover what would be their management’s embarrassment if there was an ounce of decency in any of them.

          When we finally take our own country back, as we will, there are a lot of things we can and will do far better than this.

        • Pogmothon says:

          We do have a complaints system of sorts.

          Complaints should be made to any councillor, MSP, and MP who is not an SNP member.

          Obviously retaining a copy of your complaint along with dates and times and any response.
          This is a double edge sword.

          1) It consumes their time and resources.
          (if they have half a brain, the fact that you keep records will not allow them to use a cheep
          standard junk mail response)

          2) The more mealie mouthed the response, the bigger the stick they give you to beat them with at
          the appropriate moment, or pass on to your SNP representative for effective deployment.

          Lets all do our bit to keep them honest and focused on the current problems and deficit.

  7. Itchybiscuit says:

    Perhaps we should be thanking the BBC for being so openly partisan during a public health crisis. A thousand blogs won’t have the same impact for independence as the recent actions of the BBC. Folk of all ages and all walks of life can see what’s going on. It would take some hardcore unionism running through their veins for them to ignore this. On the flip-side, folk who aren’t hardcore anything will be able to draw their own conclusions.

    How might it affect the ability of the BBC in future to con folk who can clearly see the BBC is biased against both the Scottish government and independence? They may have poo-pooed claims of the biased role of the BBC in 2014 but surely their minds will be opened by what’s going on today. Surely?

    • grizebard says:

      Just caught up with your posting now, and well said.

      The polls have really rattled them, they just don’t know how to deal with it, and in their increasingly desperate attempts, they just can’t help revealing their true nature more and more.

  8. Interpolar says:

    Don’t worry, ‘Dug, the BBC will indeed very soon be up for sale. Along with everything else, including The NHSes and the Crown Juwels.

  9. Dr Jim says:

    The denial of Bringlishness by those who support it is a ridiculous position to take given that every country on earth celebrates its national identity in some form or another, the problem with the Bringlish Nationalists is they’ve been trying with might and mane for three hundred years to create a different invented nationalism that the population as a whole in Scotland never supported or wanted in the first place so had to be enforced and we’ve lived with a calming down of that enforcement until a political party came along that allowed the people of Scotland to vent their dislike of our political situation

    The Bringlish enjoy blaming the SNP for these feelings but of course it’s not them at all they’re just the voice that we were never given the opportunity to vote for until in political terms fairly recently and that’s where the attacking of the SNP comes in to play because the Bringlish daren’t attack the voters in Scotland for their choices because that would be even bigger act of political suicide by calling us stupid than they’re already committing so they continue to attack the SNP as though Scottish self determination was never up for question until those bad SNP folks came along and Svengali’d it into our thick heads, thus the UK manages to insult Scots twice by saying we were delighted with the whole situation as it was before

    The latest news we hear from the Presidency of Dominic Cummings new Reich is that he has plans to cull the top brass of the military, that’s following the illegal shut down of Parliament, the getting rid of certain key figures in the civil service, and now the breaking of International and domestic treaties, all of these things are a carbon copy of 1930s Germany

    Whatever our government in Holyrood is planning to do to help us remove ourselves from this will need to have been well thought out and I’m 100% sure with the co operation of the EU and other institutions, but mostly it must be us the people who reside in Scotland to make our noise as loud as possible so that those not convinced can hear us before the so called UK government impose upon us things that only those of us old enough to remember what they did more recently in Northern Ireland and are more than likely planning to do again

  10. andyfromdunning says:

    Like many I have signed up to the BAD BBC petition? complained via the Beebs complaints procedure and written to ten newspapers. Mind you I am not expecting change.

    All I feel I can do effectively is to highlight all this to everyone I know.

    In a garden centre yesterday and met a space cadet. When I mentioned the cancellation of the briefings he rabbited on about Hancock. I corrected him and he looked confused. He did not know about the devolved situation at all. I had to walk away.

  11. Capella says:

    But, as Robert Peffers used to point out frequently, we are all British by virtue of living in the British Isles. If I, as a British person, wish to vote for independence it is the duty of the British public service broadcaster to reflect the views of the British people.

    OTOH – if by “British” they actually mean “English” then they are not a British public service broadcaster at all. We in Scotland need our own public service broadcaster.

    Best wishes to Auld Bob if he is lurking.

  12. crabbitgits says:

    Personally, I wasn’t surprised when the English Broadcasting Company of arselickers decided to end daily coverage of the covid briefings, what surprised me was that it took them so long. I switched them off in 2014 after my epiphany and haven’t missed their shite since. I never watch anything now; nowt, nadda, absolutely zip that has their grubby Lord Haw Haw paws on it! It grieves me no end that our household still pay for it through the extorted license fee, but, other than a divorce, that isn’t going to change, because my wife/partner/other half ( I’m baffled at what you call it these days) is still in fear of the gestapo knocking on the door and carting us all off to the gulags. I don’t give a pigs arse anymore what’s on MSM TV, it’s all crap, never watch it and never will. What is gratifying about all of this is watching them continually shoot themselves in the foot and convert more people to independence. So keep it up is what I say. Just like Paul said on these pages right after indyref14; let them do all the heavy lifting and be’jeezus, ain’t they good at it? It’s coming, fir’awe that!

    • ArtyHetty says:

      If no one in your household watches the BBC on any ‘device’, you can cancel the license fee/tax. They cannot harass you, they cannot threaten you with prison because unlike in England, you cannot be locked up for ‘debt’ in Scotland. You can have a 100 TV sets, long as you do not watch live tv or their crappy catch up stuff.

      We ditched the BBC years ago, never looked back, no aerial what a blessing
      So they write every so often demanding to know if we watch their stuff, I reply back saying they’d have to pay me to watch any if their propaganda.

      Many more ways to watch good programmes online.

  13. Alec Lomax says:

    Jackie wouldn’t be telling fibs surely? Tut tut.

  14. Gregory R Nunn says:

    How far will “they” go to stop independence?
    Look to Johnson’s brother in arms, Trump, and how far he is going to hold onto office:
    Disrupt the entire postal system, encourage vigilantes, use federal police and military to quell descent, tell followers to commit felonious crimes, use gas agents, rubber bullets, and batons on people sitting on public areas, so he can have a picture taken…..
    Johnson cares about Johnson, and playing feudal Lord over British domains.
    If his government has their fingers in something, from the BBC to zebras, it will be turned against independence.
    Count on it.
    It’s the English way.

    • They will do whatever is necessary to try and stop Scottish independence .
      Yes they will close Holyrood
      Yes they will put soldiers on the streets to stop demonstrations or marches
      Yes they will obliterate anything with a Scottish style
      Yes they will take down Scottish flags

      Yes they will kill people

      Just ask the people of Malta probably one of their most recent examples of curbing independence

      Northern Ireland will tell its story in years to come the troubled times continue there but not the way of past years thank goodness but England’s Westminster would think nothing of restarting the troubles if it suited them.

      The empire mentality is still there being taught to each new generation with the help of the BBC

  15. Alex Clark says:

    @Jack Collatin

    I totally agree with you, in that this decision by the BBC to end the Covid briefings in Scotland was made in Downing Street, and it is not a result of lobbying by minor politicians like Baillie.

    It was done because Johnson was consistently being shown up for the lazy and ignorant git that he is. The BBC was ordered to pull the briefings, there can be no doubt whatsoever as such a political decision is simply too big even for the Director General of the BBC.

    He will do as he’s told though, as after all he is one of them or he wouldn’t be in the role.

    Here are links to the reports you seek, some beauties in there, I’d previously downloaded reports 542 and 863 as part of my research into Section 30. Well worth a read.

    Reports from 2012-13 can be found here:


    Reports from 2013-14 here:


    • Thanks, as ever, Alex.

      I managed to ferret some out, but a lot of sites draw a blank,

      See my abstract of the “United Kingdom, united future:
      Conclusions of the Scotland analysis programme.” below @11.30 p.m.

      Next time Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause denies that Better Together said that the only way for Scotland to remain in the EU was to vote No, the EU Strand of the ‘Retaliate First Project; Truth Over Lies’ need merely quote the following.


      In the EU, the UK currently has the equal highest number of votes in the European Council
      and the third largest European Parliament delegation. The UK uses its influence on behalf
      of all its citizens and delivers on a whole host of issues of particular interest to people and
      businesses in Scotland, such as budget contributions, fisheries, agricultural subsidies
      and Structural Funds. Scotland’s interests are represented at all levels, in discussions and
      negotiations from its position within the UK.”

      Oops. Boy did they get that one wrong.

      The English Parliament has just voted to break International Law by passing the UKIM Bill, and the Linesman Dross declared that the SNP don’t speak for Scotland; the corollary being that he and the Brit Nat 6 Blue Tories do?
      When Aberdeen cattlemen are priced out of the market by Texas chemically bloated steers, and our fishermen and women can’t sell our fish on the continent, and the EU slaps 40% tariff on previously tariff free farm produce because the Lines man voted to break international law and precipitated No Deal, will he be speaking for Scotland, or his spiritual home, England?

      Never mind, oh how Stephen Barclay and Gordon Brown laughed when they assured us on BBC North Korea that the UK IM bill would outlaw ‘gannet on a stick’.

  16. Noirin Blackie says:

    Superb as always paul, right on the nail. It’s Labour’s obsession with political suicide that I really don’t get though. At a time when all “labour values”, and the list is now too long to mention, are being systematically and publicly trashed and their membership is increasingly at odds with party policy the so called opposition push the dynamic duo of Foulkes and Baillie to the forefront…..to get the country’s FM off the telly.

    • grizebard says:

      It’s even more inept than that. There they are, actually crowing in public that they have helped to obstruct and damage the public safety of us all. You just can’t get more politically inept than that.

      If Bailey has indeed now deleted her Twitter record on the subject, at least she will have realised the minefield into which she has wilfully strayed, but it’s all too late. The internet doesn’t forget. Nor do we. Nor hopefully will the voters of Dumbarton next May.

      • The elderly in Helensburgh, Rhu, and Arrochar should get a personal letter advising them that Jackie Baillie is responsible for their beloved BBC shutting down a public service broadcast vital to saving their lives during this terrible time, with reasons.

        It should be explained to the frail and elderly that Baillie hates the SNP and ‘it’s only politics’, which must be worth a few of her constituents dying through BBC and UK Government engineered ignorance.
        This will never ‘blow over, BBC Plantation Quay.

        Yet another wee tweak to Scotland’s freedom, another ‘boiling the frog’ step down the road to a fascist oppressor’s complete suppression and control of Scotland.

        ‘Dear Elderly Frail Person,
        It was Jackie Baillie, your MSP, who got the BBC to take your programme on Covid 19 off air.”

        That seems succinct enough.

  17. Bob Lamont says:

    Eloquently said Paul, since they already made it known ca 300,000 tuned in for the SG Updates, will the 300 viewing figures for any old tat repeated be even close?

    This has got #10’s fingerprints all over it in keeping everyone in the dark while the pandemic escalates, and note how Labour are being pushed forward to take the flak, classic Cummings…

  18. Republicofscotland says:

    I’m a little bit apprehensive that the removal of the FM’s daily briefings on Covid-19 will affect the polls that are currently in our favour. If I recall correctly the polls for independence have shot up due to the public perceiving Sturgeon’s handling of the virus as competent.

    Yes the Scottish public are a canny lot, but out of sight out of mind is in my book is a true saying, and where will the multitude of Scots who watched Sturgeons briefings turn to now, many don’t or can’t access Holyrood’s tv channel.

    I can only hope folk, especially soft noes, when they flick their remote controls tomorrow over to BBC One and see that antiques show on instead of the crucial briefing that could save lives, decide that they’ve had enough and change over to yes.

    I really hope Jackie Baillie is pleased with herself, her constituents will now have less information on the virus which might cost lives.

    • grizebard says:

      Well, the intention behind the removal is clearly that. Whether it transpires or not we’ll just have to wait and see. (It’s not just BBC1 either, the BBC Scotland channel at that time carries nothing but endlessly-recycled old filler, not even proper programming. We are worth a hell of a lot more than that dross.)

      But we don’t have to wait. We should be aiming to turn this outrage to our immediate advantage, not just passively letting it happen. Get on the front foot for once, highlight the situation, publicly shame the BBC, and preferably in a non-party-political way in the same spirit as the briefings themselves. This shameless and unjustifiable political interference threatens us all.

    • grizebard says:

      I did reply before, because it is a very legitimate concern, that being the self-evident motive for the “news management” info-grab. But my wee effort disappeared into the ether, somehow. Rather like BBC coverage of the Covid briefings! (laugh)

      My basic add-on point was that, rather than merely accepting the situation as a fait accompli, we could – and should – try to go on the front foot over this, and publicly shame the BBC as it truly deserves, ideally in a politically-neutral way in the spirit of the briefings themselves.

      Never let a crisis go to waste, eh?

  19. Legerwood says:

    Of course Boris Johnson’s proposed daily televised briefings starting in October will fall foul of this ruling by the BBC that the system must be uniform across the UK.

    Won’t they?


    • Capella says:

      I expect BJs briefings will be as farcical as everything else he does and, like Trump, he will soon tire and drop them. That’s if they ever get of the ground. Now that the BBC have banned Nicola he will probably decide that it isn’t worth trying to be presidential.

  20. Dr Jim says:

    Jackie Baillie nor wine o’clock Fffoukes or Jackpot Carsplint nor any of those have any influence over what the BBC do but the people who supply and channel their public funding tax do
    Remember channel four placing the ice sculpture of Johnson on stage to represent his absence and Johnson subsequently threatened them with removal of their licence to broadcast

    • Jim says:

      I mentioned in an another post that one of the first things Johnson’s Gov. did when they came to power was to threaten the BBC with removing the license fee.
      In other words ” Do as we tell you or we’ll take away you’re funding”
      As a result the BBC are now even more so now a state mouthpiece akin to North Korea or Russia rather than a public broadcaster.

      I think ‘Grizebard’ has the right idea.

      Start an action of refusing to pay the license fee in protest, like the poll tax, but I would state that it is a’ Suspension of payment’ until the public of Scotland are returned to their entitled current necessary procedures and information in the battle against Covid as designated by the democratically elected government of Scotland which is essential with regards to the biggest threat to life since WW2.

  21. Capella says:

    BBC The Nine get roasted for trying to gloss over the removal of covid19 briefings by asking Jason Leitch about lots of related things. Jason’s mum is disappointed. So are the commenteers btl.


    (Removed the http bit to see if it will stop embedding.)

    Jason was on Off The Ball on Saturday as usual so probably Stu Cosgrove will soon get his jotters from that programme too. (He and Eamonn O’Neill used to do the Media Revue on the John Beattie show on Thursdays. Was one of the few things worth listening to. So, off course, it was axed).

    • grizebard says:

      Well, BBC The Nine is the other channel that carried the Covid briefings, and in full, questions and all. Now it’s back to the standard useless afternoon dross that nobody watches. (Could say the same for the rest, but that would be a cheap shot.)

      So anyway, they aren’t exactly neutral on the subject, then.

    • You can still hear Stuart and Eamonn’s weekly media review, over at The Big Light. Thursday lunchtime, usually posted.

      • Capella says:

        Thx Keith – I did hear it by chance but forgot to bookmark. Will search. They provided the best analysis of the media on the BBC so naturally they had to go.

  22. gavinochiltree says:


    British Broadcasting to the Colonies.

  23. Welsh Sion says:

    For those who haven’t signed the petition but want to:


    51,600 so far – and ticking over nicely!

  24. Doug says:

    Don’t pay the bbc tax; it’s the only thing the bbc will take note of. If you pay the bbc tax you are condoning the bbc’s anti-Scottish propaganda.

  25. denmylne says:

    i’m getting weary of folk simply repeating ad nauseam “bojo will just say no” as if this is some kind of argument. it isnt. it is a put down of every indy argument. try it! eg, no point in indyref2, “bojo will just say no” no point in voting a majority snp government in 2021, “bojo will just say no” no point in Paul writing a pro indy blog each day, “bojo will just say no” no point on folk commenting as “bojo will just say no”

    We must not use this “bojo will just say no” to dictate our present actions. We need to turn the present 50%+ snp opinion polls into an actual peoples vote.

    what happens after that is up for grabs. all bets are off

  26. Rab1942 says:

    Should BBC journalists still be allowed the privilege of asking questions at the briefings?

  27. Dr Jim says:

    You’d think that the FM briefings being cancelled by the BBC would be news for somebody to report but it appears all the broadcasters have been *got at* and are too gutless to even mention it

  28. Republicofscotland says:


    Westminster trained Saudi dictatorship fighter pilots in UK then allowed them mock bomb UK cities which the MoD point blankly refused to release the videos of.

    Saudi pilots did drop bombs at UK bomb ranges and Cape Wrath on Scotland was intensely bombed.

    Christ knows what Westminster is and the MoD are up to on Scottish soil.


  29. Republicofscotland says:

    English Health secretary Matt Hancock tried to limit the amount of Coronavirus tests in Scotland so their would be more tests available for England.


    Meanwhile Boris Johnson F’s off out the chamber before Scottish MP’s can question him on the power grabbing Internal Market bill.


    Scotland is treated like shit in this horrendous onesided union.

    • grizebard says:

      Jeane Freeman was very circumspect at the briefing today, but I for one wouldn’t have liked to be on the other end of the phone over that sneaky little ploy.

  30. Arthur Thomson says:

    Whoever made the decision to stop televising the briefings, it is still illuminating that Labour’s Baillie and Foulkes are happy to be associated with it. These are people who belong to a Labour party that claims to be the champions of the vulnerable. Charlatans is what they and their party are.

    Anyone who despite this continues to support “Scottish Labour” – and there may be some who dip into this blog – is in truth no better than a rabid Tory. They masquerade as people who have a social conscience but in truth they are just signed up supporters of the Labour Mafia. Better together to exploit the vulnerable for their own ends, just as they have done throughout my lifetime – and that includes every last one of them that protests their innocence.

    Yet, how long before I see some people coming here and extolling the virtues of the new Red Tory Godfather as an alternative to the up front exploiters in the blue Tories – just as they did with their idiot Corbyn?

    Hopefully they’ll just GTF and peddle their hypocrisy elsewhere but I doubt it somehow because they apparently know no shame.

  31. Republicofscotland says:


    Meanwhile the millionaire Knight of the Realm and leader of the Labour party Sir Keir Starmer, who was also involved in the legalities against Assange and who declared that the policemen who shot Charles de Menezes (an unarmed man) dead had nothing to answer for, says Scotland doesn’t need another independence referendum.


    • grizebard says:

      The obvious conclusion to that is, Scotland doesn’t need Keir Starmer.

    • Golfnut says:

      He also chose not to prosecute Saville, was he knighted before or after that ‘ favour ‘

    • Yet another English citizen tell me, a Scot. what I need and don’t need.
      Their arrogance knows no bounds.
      perhaps Jackie Baillie should have a word in his ear; a dose of Baillie ‘pish’.
      They just don’t get it, do they?
      We are asking no foreigner’s permission to exercise our democratic right, as Scots, by birth or choice.
      Why would we abdicate our country’s future prosperity and its citizens’ well being to an English politician.
      When you say it out loud, it’s as stark as that.
      This is my country, not Starmer’s. I am 5,400,000 strong.

      I am done with playing their Imperialist colonial game.
      The citizens of England have no say in the future of Scotland.
      It is just daft to listen to any more of this ‘now is not the time’ fascism, and fascism it is.

  32. Dr Jim says:

    What are the odds that two supposedly unconnected companies arrive at the almost word for word same conclusions and answers, well the BBC and STV news manage it every night, which is odd seeing as how they both have armies of so called journalists out there scouring the entire country of Scotland for interesting and breaking news that they consider *relevant* to the people of Scotland

    So which one of these organisations is worth keeping if all they do is swap scripts and report the same thing night after night, well I’m thinking that should be the free commercial one that earns it’s living from advertising the DFS sale is still on or get your Saltire carpets now, then we can choose to watch it or not because unlike the BBC the UK government can’t tax us to not watch STV whether we like it or not

  33. Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    Thank goodness for WGD. This is so bad.

  34. Statgeek says:

    BBC all agog at Ed Miliband’s telling off of Boris, while it doesn’t give a sniff of Blackford’s contribution (Boris walked out). Can’t have the PM being seen to walk out during the EssEnnPee’s leader giving Boris a telling.

    The news where you are…

  35. Welsh Sion says:


    YouGov/ITV Wales latest poll – Westminster election with changes since 2019 Gen. Election.

    Labour: 41% (n.c.)

    Conservative: 33% (- 3%)

    Plaid Cymru: 15%* (+ 5%)

    Lib Dem: 2%** (- 4%)

    Brexit Party: 4% (- 1%)

    Green Party: 3% (+ 2%)


    * Best ever score
    ** Worst ever score

    Senedd Poll to follow …

    • Capella says:

      Looking good WS. A 5% increase for PC takes them to where Labour in Scotland were just recently. But – oh dear – why the big Tory vote?

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Wales has a big Tory following, partly migrants from England, look at the map of voting back in December, split in half, the part of Wales bordering England, all blue, the rest, a mix but not blue. Presume the borders there is the well off part of Wales.

  36. Republicofscotland says:

    So Richard Och, I’ve forgotten his name, said First Minister Nicola Sturgeon should make daily updates on Covid-19 to MSPs, rather than at media briefings. so we the people shouldn’t receive vital info via Sturgeon’s briefings but MSP’s should…hmm.

    The Scottish Energy firm SSE has hired a Danish firm to construct at £580 million Shetland renewable energy project. Didn’t we (Scotland) once have, or still do the have the capacity to build renewable energy hardware? why not give the contract to a Scottish firm if we do?

  37. Wee CB from Dumfriesshire says:

    I have just returned home from staying with my elderly parents for a few days which was very enjoyable. They are very old school “queen and country” types who still believe everything they watch on BBC news and read in the right wing media. I have a degree in a partly media based discipline. I have repeatedly tried to explain to them that everything they read and watch is very carefully edited and presented to provoke a certain type of reaction and promote a certain type of view. Anyway, I don’t watch BBC news or much live TV anymore so the last few days have been eye opening in a bad way. Everything on the BBC seemed to be geared towards World War 2, the blitz spirit and a halcyon time that is probably viewed through rose tinted glasses. The Last Night of the Proms came on the telly on Saturday night and I retreated behind my laptop and used my headphones because I just couldn’t take it seriously, far less watch it. The BBC are definitely NOT impartial broadcasters. I knew they were always a bit biased but I don’t remember them pushing/promoting “Britishness” in the overt way that they are doing so now. It feels ramped up. I’ve submitted my complaint over the daily Covid-19 briefings being scrapped to the BBC. Even my parents are not happy at this being stopped which surprised me. The sooner we are away from all of this the better. I voted Yes in 2014 and I’m a Hell Yes in 2020. Thanks for your blog, Paul.

    • Legerwood says:

      It has been like this for some time now and references to WWII pop up in the most unlikely programmes. For the last couple of years or more every episode of the Antiques Roadshow has featured at least one item of WWII memorabilia produced by a member of the public. It is then usually discussed in hushed reverential tones by their resident expert on such matters. Sunday’s edition was wholly given over to WWII – Battle of Britain and the Blitz I think. Did not watch it.

      Sometimes when you look at the scheduling for the BBC channels you begin to wonder if we are still in the 1940s. The BBC as cliche.

  38. Legerwood says:

    Channel 4 news tonight covered the UK labs debacle and made clear Scotland and Wales were not happy bunnies.


    • Statgeek says:

      Noticed one person commenting on the local aspect of the systems being better. Twas always thus, as local autorities have practice at dealing with small-scale outbreaks of communicative diseases (e.g. TB).

      Frankly, the governments should just get on with procurement / staffing for excess demands of whatever the health services need, enforcing lockdowns, and step back from centralised testing and data twaddle.

      The local authorities can collect the data, pass it up the chain, and governments can look at it and allocate resources where best. That’s how things tend to work normally. It’s what people are good at.

      Just keep spaffer away from anything important and we have a chance.

  39. yesindyref2 says:

    mmm, BBC1, “The Cops in the North”. About Newcastle.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Ah, but WHICH Newcastle?

      There’s a Newcastle in Shropshire – which is still North of Watford (“Here be dragons”) … Even more southerly than what you had in mind! 😉 52.4 degrees North in fact.

      • And another on in County Down, Norn Irn, WS.

        Yes, tThere is also Newcastle Under Lyme in Staffordshire, and Newcastle Upon Tyne, home to the Cops in the North, to which BBC1 refers.

        Shropshire is in the Midlands but is of course not the Midlands either, if you are a good Brit Nat nationalist’ ,Newcasle upon Tyne is the Midlands of the UQ.

        I tried to track down Scottish Affairs Committee Referendum Papers. They no longer appear on the site.

        Hue and Cry, and not in a Pat Kane way.

        • Found them, WS
          Comedy Gold. Below is just a wee smidgin of the lies they were peddling. Remeber when England was a member of the EU?

          “United Kingdom, united future:
          Conclusions of the Scotland analysis programme

          Chapter 5:
          Place in the world. (Stop that laughing at the back there !)

          5.1 The UK has a unique and historic role in world affairs. On behalf of its citizens it pursues its
          international interests, enhancing the UK’s security and prosperity and promoting its shared
          values. The UK is the second largest aid donor in the world. Its collective influence and reach
          is helping to end extreme poverty, saving lives during humanitarian crises and making vital
          contributions to peacekeeping missions.
          5.2 The UK is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, a leading member of the EU
          and a founder member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). It is the only state
          in the world that is a member of these organisations, as well as the G7, G8, G20 and the
          5.3 As a new, separate state, Scotland would have to apply to join these international
          organisations, and it would not qualify to be a member of all of them in its own right. It would
          also need to align its international policy with the policies of the organisations it sought to join,
          or negotiate to secure specific terms of membership.
          5.4 For example, all 28 NATO Allies have agreed that NATO will remain a nuclear alliance. The
          current Scottish Government’s policy of seeking to join NATO whilst expressing opposition to
          nuclear weapons would be likely to make it more difficult to join.
          EU membership and costs
          5.5 In the EU, the UK currently has the equal highest number of votes in the European Council
          and the third largest European Parliament delegation. The UK uses its influence on behalf
          of all its citizens and delivers on a whole host of issues of particular interest to people and
          businesses in Scotland, such as budget contributions, fisheries, agricultural subsidies
          and Structural Funds. Scotland’s interests are represented at all levels, in discussions and
          negotiations from its position within the UK.
          5.6 The EU is a treaty-based organisation and the UK – not its constituent nations – is the
          contracting party to the Treaties of the EU. The UK’s EU membership would continue on
          existing terms in the event of Scottish independence. That includes the important opt-outs
          the UK has secured, allowing it to keep the pound and control of its borders and immigration
          policy, as well its rebate from the EU budget.
          5.7 By contrast, since an independent Scotland would be a new state, it would have to go
          through an accession process to become a member of the EU. It would also have to enter
          into negotiations on the terms of its membership. It cannot be assumed that Scotland would
          be able to negotiate the favourable terms of EU membership which the UK enjoys.”

          No, don’t laugh.
          We ram absolute nonsense down their throats; there are reams and reams of this crap to be harvested.
          There is so much more Project Fear McKenna’s Gold littered throughout these laughable ‘papers’.
          No metion of Gordon Brewer’s ‘gannet on a stick’ right enough.

          Let’s get bizzi.

          Project ‘Retaliate First; Truth Over Lies’.

          Thoughts, Duggers?

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Yes, I should have been more descriptive of which one!

        Well, have a look at this:


        Interesting the northern one of the 3 Flight Information Regions is called the “Scottish FIR”, but look how far down it goes. It wouldn’t surprise me though if after our Independence there were cries for help from the “North” to make that the real border. Strangely it includes Northern Ireland already.

        Sadly you’re in the London one, you might have to consider Independence …

    • grizebard says:

      Ach, they should just give up on us, then they could return to indulging in their age-old self-centredness entirely guilt-free. No longer any need to “mind their p’s and q’s” and having to say “Britain” when they really mean “England”. It took them a very long time to learn to (mostly*) suppress their natural inclinations, but I doubt it would take anything like as long to revert, and it would be such a sweet relief for them I’m sure.

      Actually, I sense that many of them already half-anticipate we’ll soon be gone. It’s just the political establishment who are digging in, mostly out of self-pride.

      *(I came upon a company website recently that really managed to confuse itself, declaring that its premises are in “the north-east of the UK”, when it’s actually located – taa-daa! – in Durham. Or conversely, maybe they are simply in the vanguard of anticipating us gone. It can be expensive having your fancy website updated, I suppose.)

  40. smac1314 says:

    The British Nationalists campaigning to stop public health broadcasts is as low as they’ve sunk since the Broontasaurus’s lies about the transplants. They are despicable.

  41. David Agnew says:

    As Alex Massie once snootily observed, it is called the “British Broadcasting Corporation” – the idea that it should be impartial with regards to Scotland, is simply seen as nonsense. Since the campaign began the BBC has been the main voice for Union. It is a propaganda organisation operating in increasingly hostile territory. It is in fact as anti-Scottish as the tories and is actively working against the wellbeing of Scots be they for union or no.

    I know I said it before, but I’ll say it again. I quit paying the “British” telly tax quite a few years ago. Best decision I ever made. Not just for my pocket, but my sanity.

  42. Statgeek says:

    Stuff BBC news. Tuning in to WGD news now. 😀

  43. Dr Jim says:

    Another way to gain Independence of course (not that I’m advocating it) is to use against England what Nigel Farage used against them, they’re own fears and hatreds
    Brexit proved what England hates most, foreigners and people of colour, and Farage used that to con them into doing what he and the Tory party exceptionalists wanted, he told them swarms of immigrants were coming to destroy their way of life and the evil EU were behind it and they bought it so Brexit became a guaranteed winner just like in America where Trump whipped up the right wing extremists over there and now they have cops shooting black folks all over the place followed up by demonstrations against them and total civil unrest and disobedience

    Again not that I’m advocating it but the English in general don’t particularly care for us lazy drunk benefit scrounging Scots spending all their money on our free stuff that they believe they pay for
    so it wouldn’t take very much for someone to do a Farage on them about Scotland to have the English folk demonstrating on their streets to get rid of Scotland

    What do the British Nationalist politicians do then, after all it is they who have always told English folk that Scotland sponges off them, they couldn’t exactly deny it now and look like the liars they are because they need English voters to win elections

    It’s just a thought

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Indeed Dr.Jim, it is a dilemma for the EngGov. How can they keep spouting the myth of subsidy junkie Scotland, living in luxury off the backs of hard working folk in England, and deal with a volatile situation when Brexit hits people in the pocket hard, then the ‘subsidising’ Scotland myth becomes a bigger issue.

      The EngGov have it covered though, with their power grab, removing ‘funding’ (Scotland’s huge revenues) from the Scottish government, and allocating a few bob to who and where they see fit, ie, Tory councils will be flush compared to those nasty nats controlled councils.

      I have lived in Scotland for thirty years, I don’t want to live in North Britain. Under BritNat rule, Scotland was kept poor and begging, but very productive indeed for the English governments’ treasury. A lot of people have gotten rich off the backs of the people of Scotland, is the reality of it.

      Since Holyrood and the SNP started to repair the damage of decades of the unions’ neglect to Scotland’s economy and society, we have witnessed a great surge in the confidence of the Scottish people. That just cannot be allowed to be reversed and I am sure that the Scottish government have some back up plans to be implemented when needed.

  44. Ken2 says:

    Everyone is still paying for the BBC. Never mind the licence fee. It costs £5Billion to fund from taxes. To fund the land estate. It gets in some revenues selling programmes worldwide.

    A colossal waste of monies. Overpaid prima donnas. Propaganda news.

    Johnston will be gone soon. Along with the rest. They could not make a bigger mess. A complete and utter shambles. There will be another Independence Ref to be won.

    How can people still vote Labour in Scotland? There is still the Tory core best forgotten. The people still voting Labour are unbelievable. Although many of them will vote for Independence.

  45. denmylne says:

    The European Union is set to delay a decision on allowing clearing houses in London to continue clearing euro transactions for EU-based clients due to Britain’s plan to breach part of the Brexit divorce settlement. The delay is one of the first warning shots from the EU . Without legal certainty of access to the EU, the LSE’s clearing unit LCH must give its clients in the bloc three-months’ notice to move billions of euros worth of swaps positions out of Britain.”


  46. Golfnut says:

    I’m back to the decorating so I’ll leave this as my only contribution till after tea time.


    A good article and interestingly identifies one of my own theories regards Tory motivation for Brexit. The smash and grab theory, the last great raid on public finance with no thought or care as to the consequences inflicted on you or I.

    I don’t listen much to constitutional experts anymore because few if any give the Treaty of Union the prominence in this debate it should have. The stooshie developing over the UK gov trashing the EU withdrawal agreement breaking both domestic and international law makes that position nonsensical.
    I don’t have time to post a long spiel regarding this, sufficient to say that both Scotland and the EU share aggrieved partner status against the the UK gov, the EU won’t ignore this the way the great, the useless and spineless have over the last 300 yrs in Scotland.
    If I was allowed one piece of advice to offer Nicola, it would be to ditch her constitutional experts and hire a team of very expensive corporate lawyers. For clarity, a Treaty is nothing more than a contract between sovereign states.

  47. Petra says:

    What a bl**dy shambles south of the border. People are travelling around England trying to get a CV19 test, to no avail, and that includes NHS and Care staff. In some cases they require to be tested because they’ve been informed that colleagues have the CV. In these instances they can’t go to work now. One expert said that the online form had been altered last week. It previously had a tick box to prioritise NHS, Care, Emergency Service staff from the hoipoloi. That’s been removed. Meanwhile everyone is calling for transparency from the Westminster Government about the situation but are being fed the usual pack of lies. It’s no wonder they’ve done their utmost to further gag our FM. As every day goes on it’s becoming clearer that we have to breakaway from England, ASAP, to basically just minimise the risk to life and limb.

  48. Republicofscotland says:

    BBC in Scotland to show sturgeon’s Covid-19 briefings all this week.

  49. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile Michael Gove has made the gathering of 30 people who want to shoot Grouse on estates exempt from the gathering of six or more folk. The privileged chinless wonders can continue to blast small birds out of the sky en masse.

  50. Republicofscotland says:


    Johnson’s Scottish lapdogs that voted against Scotland’s interests on the power grab bill.

    Andrew Bowie, West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine

    David Duguid, Banff and Buchan

    Alister Jack, Dumfries and Galloway

    John Lamont, Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk

    David Mundell, Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale

    Douglas Ross, Moray

  51. Capella says:

    Peter Howsden giving evidence now at the Holyrood Harassment inquiry.

  52. Dr Jim says:

    BBC 2 right now showing Michael Russell and his Welsh counterpart on a zoom call answering questions to Tories in England who clearly have no clue as to what they’re talking about

    I have never in my life seen Michael Russell look more bored and disinterested in anything they have to say, plus his answers to them are fairly short curt and to the point, Phillipa Whitford and Joanna Cherry are also on the call, Phillipa Whitford knows what she’s talking about as well
    The Welsh minister is almost as bored as Mike Russell at the deliberate and even ridiculous lack of knowledge displayed by the Tory representatives, the whole thing smacks of couldn’t care less Tories going through the motions of having to talk to us colonialists and our side knows it so the complete breakdown of trust and communication is definitely oot the windae

    Michael Russell was pressed to talk about Independence and he more or less said GIRUY I’m not telling you anything

  53. Welsh Sion says:

    This for marco – if he’s in the house. (But anyone else is also allowed ..)


    Almost a third of the fines issued for alleged breaches of Covid-19 laws in Wales have not been paid, according to the UK Government’s Attorney General.

    In a letter to the Justice Committee, Suella Braverman revealed just 1,555 fixed penalty notices in Wales had been paid.

    Figures published in the letter, dated August 25, showed that 629 in Wales had not been paid in time and can be considered for prosecution.

    The figures were even poorer in England where only 7,375 of 16,329 fines had been paid.

  54. Jeez, what happened to Bargain Hunt…

  55. Petra says:

    Some propaganda mouthpiece on the BBC was discussing the testing shambles in England and how it’s impacting on Scotland. He says that when there was a upsurge in testing in Scotland recently that impacted negatively on England 😳.

    And we’ve got a reporter, at the CV briefing, asking if children can no longer go guising at Hallowe’en, FGS. They’ve tried to depress everyone by discussing the potential of Xmas being put on hold. You know Nicola Sturgeon the big bad wolf. Now it’s dawned on them that Hallowe’en is coming up before December, so making the most of that now.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I think it’s the UK government and their media that are the Guisers

      • Dr Jim says:

        No doubt it’ll be about the gunpowder plot shortly

        • Petra says:


          Now Dr Jim you’ve just given them something else to harass Nicola Sturgeon with. Next up .. will Guy Fawkes be put on hold, if not how many can attend, what if it’s used as 300 person raveup, will they have to wear masks, if so should they be inflammable or will you take responsibility for any deaths and injuries, if the Guy is Boris Johnson you may be accused of being political, will the Emergency Services be able to cope, what about the NHS? How she can suffer that lot is beyond me.

  56. Robert graham says:

    Two related comments if I can

    Firstly Callers to LBC a London based radio station now having a nationwide coverage all recent callers have been offered and successfully made appointments at Scottish test centres even if it means traveling hundreds of miles because No not difficult to get but none available Tests in high risk areas of England,

    Secondly the First Minister has raised concerns about difficulties with raised calls for testing and a holdup with results,

    Doesn’t take a Brain Surgeon to link the Two , maybe time we adopted the English way of protecting our own first , Immigration was the driver of Brexit as is a distinct distrust of any and all Foreigners , it’s not the way most Scots behave but I am sure that English people would accept us doing what they do and not be upset with the results , good for the Goose etc , the generally accepted way of ” do unto others what you would have done to you ” in other words sometimes actions come back to bite you in the Arse .

  57. Petra says:

    Great idea for them to travel hundreds of miles from England to Scotland for testing spreading the virus far and wide. I read recently, last week, that Westminster had a list of testing sites for English people to attend which included St Andrews. If only the no voters had had a crystal ball in 2014 when they let Alex, Nicola and Scotland, in general, down and left us open to this bl**dy health threatening debacle.

  58. Ken2 says:

    In Aberdeen tests right away.

    Keen quits. Another one gone. Another one gone.

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