Dugcast fae the dughoose : with Andrew Tickell again


This week I’m joined again by the legal commentator and academic Andrew Tickell. We chat about the UK govt’s decision to break international law and what this means. We also discuss the definition of sovereignty and who is really sovereign in law in Scotland – the people of Scotland or the Westminster parliament. And we also chat about the crowdfunded legal case which hopes to bring clarity to the question of whether the Scottish parliament can hold an independence referendum without a Section 30 order and Andrew’s fears that this case may well end up not giving any clear answer at all.

If the embedding doesn’t work for you, you can access the podcast at the following link : https://soundcloud.com/user-291670852/dugcast-11-09-2020-with-andrew-tickell-2

I won’t be posting anything to the blog this weekend as it’s my birthday and I want a couple of days off!  Normal ranty service will be resumed on Monday.

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200 comments on “Dugcast fae the dughoose : with Andrew Tickell again

  1. proudcybernat says:

    Always enjoy listening to AT – very sharp and knowledgeable legal mind. Haven’t listened yet but will do so later.


    Bojo to make announcement to Parliamentary Tory Party tonight at 5:30pm.

  2. Republicofscotland says:


    Another poll puts yes at 53% for independence, there’s a consistency now above 50% for independence.


  3. carolclark1 says:

    Always worth listing to AT, don’t always like what he says mind,but that’s life ain’t it.

    Happy birthday Paul, have a good one.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Thanks – there was another poll from a different company showing support for indy at 53% so we can now be positive that we’re well in the lead. That’s a pretty good birthday present!

  4. Dr Jim says:

    I’ve consistently said since the beginning of this public legal challenge that I believed it was unwise to do it and now Andrew Tickell has basically confirmed that
    Political and people pressure is the only way to resolve what in effect is a dictatorship system being operated by England
    The law is a vending machine and will deliver from the slot such goodies as you may want depending on how much money you put into the thing, and of course who is doing the inputting, what the law doesn’t do is provide the justice of an American LA Law show or Murder she wrote and everybody goes home happy

    As to Alex Massie and his Union chums difficulty in Yoonsplaining to Scotland that the UK of England has tried really really hard to convince Scots to become English for the last 300 years and have been very patient and tolerant about the whole situation up till now but their patience is at an end and now they must enforce the Englification of Scotland because Scots have been so bothersomely irritating and just refused to comply is the most pathetic attempt yet in the art of the Yoonsplain because you don’t have to dig deep to realise that every word is an attempt to justify some sort of Martial Interference in order to convince us all to become that which we are not, and can they (the UK) push their agenda totally in that direction and get away with it

    Everybody knows this is what England did with Ireland until eventually it became an international embarrassment to them and only the intervention by America who the English are now sucking up to saved them by coming up with the agreement that they (the English) are just about to break

    So will this be the new order in Scotland same as the old order in Ireland until somebody else steps up to intervene before England sucks every last ounce of use out of Scotland they possibly can before the International community shuts them down again, will England at this moment in time threaten to behave in this way again, well yes of course they will, if England thought for a moment they could get away with it they’d slaughter every last one of Scotlands inhabitants and to hell with it, they can always repopulate the land and begin all over again

    There’s only one way to prevent any of this and it’s people powered and it must be now, when I say now I mean politically now which is slightly longer than now

    53% won’t do it we need more and even more than that, Scotland needs to shout very loudly or England will roll right over us like a Chieftain tank on it’s way to it’s new Empire of the sun or Reich might be a more appropriate word

    Those who depend on the law to resolve this, well meaning though they may be are operating under the illusion that Genghis Khan or Adolf Hitler might pay attention to such trivialities and care enough to even accept any findings that might possibly show that dear old Genghis or lovely natured Adolf gives a damn unless those findings were in the affirmative for the wholesale invasions of countries and the dissolutions of their laws and cultures

    Unfortunately even if Scotland wished to retain the status quo that opportunity has left the building

    Either we get involved or we’ll never be involved again…………..EVER!!

    • Dr Jim, when you say

      “ 53% won’t do it we need more and even more than that,”

      I have to say you are wrong

      Anything over 50% will do it
      That is the law
      That is how the voting system works

      Mow you might be meaning that we need even more then 53% in favour of Scottish independence to persuade England’s Westminster to agree to a S30 ?
      If that is what you mean then I could agree with that

      But in terms of deciding if Scotland should become independent anything over 50% is enough just the same as those who vote against Scottish independence expect anything over 50% against Scottish independence would be enough to reject it.

  5. Dr Jim says:

    I’ve consistently said since the beginning of this public legal challenge that I believed it was unwise to do it and now Andrew Tickell has basically confirmed that
    Political and people pressure is the only way to resolve what in effect is a dictatorship system being operated by England
    The law is a vending machine and will deliver from the slot such goodies as you may want depending on how much money you put into the thing, and of course who is doing the inputting, what the law doesn’t do is provide the justice of an American LA Law show or Murder she wrote and everybody goes home happy

    As to Alex Massie and his Union chums difficulty in Yoonsplaining to Scotland that the UK of England has tried really really hard to convince Scots to become English for the last 300 years and have been very patient and tolerant about the whole situation up till now but their patience is at an end and now they must enforce the Englification of Scotland because Scots have been so bothersomely irritating and just refused to comply is the most pathetic attempt yet in the art of the Yoonsplain because you don’t have to dig deep to realise that every word is an attempt to justify some sort of Martial Interference in order to convince us all to become that which we are not, and can they (the UK) push their agenda totally in that direction and get away with it

    Everybody knows this is what England did with Ireland until eventually it became an international embarrassment to them and only the intervention by America who the English are now sucking up to saved them by coming up with the agreement that they (the English) are just about to break

    So will this be the new order in Scotland same as the old order in Ireland until somebody else steps up to intervene before England sucks every last ounce of use out of Scotland they possibly can before the International community shuts them down again, will England at this moment in time threaten to behave in this way again, well yes of course they will, if England thought for a moment they could get away with it they’d slaughter every last one of Scotlands inhabitants and to hell with it, they can always repopulate the land and begin all over again

    There’s only one way to prevent any of this and it’s people powered and it must be now, when I say now I mean politically now which is slightly longer than now

    53% won’t do it we need more and even more than that, Scotland needs to shout very loudly or England will roll right over us like a Chieftain tank on it’s way to it’s new Empire of the sun or Reich might be a more appropriate word

    Those who depend on the law to resolve this, well meaning though they may be are operating under the illusion that Genghis Khan or Adolf Hitler might pay attention to such trivialities and care enough to even accept any findings that might possibly show that dear old Genghis or lovely natured Adolf gives a damn unless those findings were in the affirmative for the wholesale invasions of countries and the dissolutions of their laws and cultures

    Unfortunately even if Scotland wished to retain the status quo that opportunity has left the building

    Either we get involved or we’ll never be involved again…………..EVER!!

  6. Mary Murray says:

    Happy birthday Paul, enjoy your day.

  7. Irene and Alistair Combe says:

    Happy Birthday . 🎂🎂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Sent from my iPhone


  8. Bob Lamont says:

    Enjoyed that exchange, but ended up even more confused as to the likelihood of a definitive response on the Martin Keatings crowdfunded case.
    Andrew’s observation on the latest legal Boris-farce were no surprise, the legal positions of HMG’s legal advisors are borderline nuts, but it would be a Braverman than I to go against the Schwarz, I saw the movie, it didn’t work out well for Rick Rees-Mogg…
    Enjoy your work-free birthday with you and yours….

  9. Alex Clark says:

    Another very good dugcast, this one was like listening in to two blokes talking in the pub while trying very hard not to be nosy. A lot of interesting points and I look forward to seeing how the Internal Market bill progresses or not. If it passes then I expect outrage from the EU and the devolved parliaments, if it doesn’t pass then another display of the shear incompetem=nce of this administration under Boris Johnson’s leadership.

    We couldn’t have wished for a better Prime Minister if the goal was increasing support for Independence, thank you Johnson/Cummings/Gove.

  10. very important that we hear qualified and unbiased legal opinion. tx paul

  11. JockG says:

    Always good to hear Andrew Tickell. There are few better legal commentators out there at present. I say that not just as a punter but also as practicing lawyer.

    Re the court case, he is absolutely correct that Courts shy away form answering hypothetical questions particularly if they are related to politics. Ultimately law is a man made thing. The law of the land is not the law of physics. This was well illustrated by the Supreme Court of Canada back in 1998 when it was asked a similar question in relation to Quebec. The final part that judgement is worth quoting here, namely:

    “The Constitution is not a straitjacket. Even a brief review of our constitutional history demonstrates periods of momentous and dramatic change. Our democratic institutions necessarily accommodate a continuous process of discussion and evolution, which is reflected in the constitutional right of each participant in the federation to initiate constitutional change. This right implies a reciprocal duty on the other participants to engage in discussions to address any legitimate initiative to change the constitutional order….

    Although there is no right, under the Constitution or at international law, to unilateral secession, that is secession without negotiation on the basis just discussed, this does not rule out the possibility of an unconstitutional declaration of secession leading to a de facto secession. The ultimate success of such a secession would be dependent on recognition by the international community, which is likely to consider the legality and legitimacy of secession having regard to, amongst other facts, the conduct of Quebec and Canada, in determining whether to grant or withhold recognition.”

    Cutting to the chase, the Courts will not force Boris to grant a Section 30 order. The fact that his government has acknowledged that it will break the law in relation to the EU withdrawl dealmeans that even if they did he would try and ignore them. He will not respect the will of the people of Scotland because he does not consider himself bound by the ‘normal’ rules we expect our elected representatives to abide bide. He is more of a Trump or an Erdogan than a Thatcher. Once in power it is what he says. Conventions and long agreed practice count for nothing.

    At some not too distant future some kind of action in direct opposition to Westminster will be required. To be clear, I’m not advocating violence or even suggesting civil disobedience. A referendum which occurs without a S.30 order might be enough.

    The Baltic states independence from the USSR was due in large part to the fact that Iceland recognised them. International recognition has a snowball effect. Once one country does it others follow, even if that first country is a small one. Cultivating the support of the governments of our closest neighbours to the north and west may be a good idea because when that time comes we must be able to point to a it being the will of a majority of the population not just the usual pro-indy voices shouting louder than usual.

    • weegingerdug says:

      That’s very interesting, thanks.

      I think it’s the last part of what you say that is most crucial. We must be able to show that independence is the will of the majority in Scotland. That’s why it is vital to ensure that a majority will still support indy if and when the time comes to embark upon an alternative to a Section 30 order.

      • P Harvey says:

        Excellent podcast
        You said that as it was your birthday you would stop working!
        It’s my daughters 20th birthday and we are just off for a family meal
        You should heed your own words!
        Happy birthday and a quite evening?

    • Golfnut says:

      Well said.

    • Bibbit Blair says:

      Boris has angered so many countries from the EU to Iran. They’ll be fighting to be the first to recognise a Scotland independent from England.

      Don’t forget the Scots diaspora too. Did you know the highest concentration of folks with the surname ‘Blair’ is Texas and that includes Scotland!

      Happy Birthday Paul and thanks for being just being here.

  12. Tatu3 says:

    Happy Birthday.

  13. Alex Clark says:

    Happy birthday, enjoy your weekend.

  14. Alex Clark says:

    So Johnson’s appeal at 17:30 today to his 250 MP’s was all about seeking support for his Internal Market Bill that breaks International Law and grabs powers from the devolved parliaments. He had this to say:

    The Prime Minister hosted a conference call with backbenchers on Friday evening to win backing for the Bill that caused Brussels to threaten legal action.

    Mr Johnson was said to have to have told 250 MPs that controversial clauses in the UK Internal Market Bill are “necessary to stop a foreign power from breaking up our country”.


    No irony whatsoever, despite it being the Tory party led by Johnson who are doing their very best to break up the UK

    • Golfnut says:

      No irony there then. I may have missed it of course but I’m not aware of any foreign power trying to break up England, foreign money on the other hand via corporations and Russian oligarchs do appear to be destroying it, indeed welcomed and assisted by the England’s politicians and media.

      • John McLeod says:

        This is a really important point, that is not sufficiently acknowledged. On the one hand, the actions of the Westminster government are heavily influenced by the kinds of sources that you mention. I also believe that governments such as USA, China and Russia seek to manipulate UK policies in their own interests. By contrast, the Scottish government appears to be mainly impervious to such influences, and dedicated to serving the interests of the people of Scotland. This is something that we all too readily take for granted, and do not appreciate sufficiently. At the same time, even though the Scottish Government is focused on the needs of its citizens, the media in Scotland, and the Tories, Labour and LibDems, are predominantly controlled by decisions made in London. Self-government for Scotland, in terms of being a country that is wholly responsible for its own decisions, and is member of the EU and UN in its own right, would have the effect of quickly aligning all of these forces. In an independent self-governing Scotland, there would be little mileage in the national broadcaster or newspapers being dominated by London news or scheduling decisions made there. Similarly, voters would think it utterly bizarre of the leaders of a truly Scottish Tory, Labour or LibDem party were to look to London to be told what to do and what to think.

        • Golfnut says:

          The U.S. hide behind their ‘ national interests ‘ which of course are Corporate interests and its the US corporate interests which will be front and centre in any trade agreement with England and that includes the retention of Faslane as a nuclear base.

    • Golfnut says:

      Oops, wrong one.

      • Golfnut says:

        Oops, oops, couldn’t even get the an oops comment in the right place. Posted the wrong link regards ‘ Shetland ‘ below.

  15. Ally says:

    Happy Birthday Paul
    Thanks again for all that you do .I rarely make comments to your blog but i read it 2 or 3 times a day and follow any links given by the posters. You provide sanity and hope in these extraordinarily stressing but exciting times where we are seeing the imminent end of the UK
    James Kelly as usual in Scot goes Pop is starting a good analysis of the Survation poll.

  16. Golfnut says:

    Shetland again.

  17. Golfnut says:

    I’ll get the Shetland story later, meantime the bbc don’t seem to have enough staff to cope with the demand for refunds.

  18. Alex Clark says:

    Everyone in Scotland should see this. There are no excuses for the despicable BBC.

    • Ian Small, lying for England.
      300,000 viewers for a mid day broadcast, and he argues that their ‘editorial team’ decided that there was nothing to see here, that we elderly viewers and subscribers should sit tight and die of BBC North Korea generated ignorance; because a wee fat Labour Lord and a woman who has waddled her way through 20 years at Holyrood contributing nothing but a drain on public finances complain.
      Absolute crap of course. The new Tory Boss did a Boris, flew up to Planation Quay for a few hours, spoke to none of the ‘staff’, then the axe fell.
      Why do pip squeaks like Small attempt to insult our intelligence?

      Because they are paid to do so by their English Masters.

      Do they leave his wages and taxi fare on the bedside table?

      Corrupt to the core, selling out their country for English Gold. A parcel of Rogues.

      Think into the near future, Duggers, when the English Iron Heel Elite, and their Scotty pet poodles, have absolutely no influence and power over us Scots, and our lives.

      How do these Uncle Tams face their children over the dinner table at night?

      What did you do at work today, daddy? Like evry other day, I sold Scotland to my English masters,

      They disgust me beyond words.

  19. Petra says:

    Running at the coo’s tail. Belated happy birthday wishes Paul …… by 10 minutes 😀.

    Hoping you’ll have a fabulous year X 💖 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hh1ammLtbGc

  20. Hamish100 says:

    Re the diaspora. Maybe we should email/ write to all local papers in the US seeking support for independence.

    • Petra says:

      That’s an excellent article Golfnut, chockful of facts, however I’m just wondering if that crowd in London are preparing to break another few laws here and there. Nothing would surprise me.

      ”The Continental Shelf Act 1964 and the Continental Shelf (Jurisdiction) Order 1968 defines the UK North Sea maritime area to the north of latitude 55 degrees north as being under the jurisdiction of Scots law meaning that 94% of the UK’s oil resources are under Scottish jurisdiction. In addition, section 126 of the Scotland Act 1998 defines Scottish waters as the internal waters and territorial sea of the United Kingdom as are adjacent to Scotland.”..

      ..”Even under the hypothetical circumstance that this occurred, Westminster wouldn’t be able to retain control of the oil fields anyway. These matters are regulated by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, to which the UK is a signatory. International law specifies that a state controls the continental shelf and associated mineral and fishing rights up to 200 nautical miles (230 miles or 370 km) off its shores. When another state possesses an island within the continental shelf of this state, special rules apply.”

  21. Bob Lamont says:

    These PhantomPower shorts are brilliant, but only seem to appear on Twitter, or am I missing something…

  22. Golfnut says:

    You don’t need to read all of this, I didn’t, I wouldn’t give the times the money, but the first few lines are telling because it includes ‘ monetary union ‘.


    Have a good day everyone, I’ve got a flat to paint. A bit late I know but Happy Birthday Paul, enjoy your weekend.

  23. Golfnut, Doubtless it will appear on the front page of the Police Gazette Daily Raggard as ‘Vow 2’.
    Home Rule; Independence for Shetland. The Salmond Enquiry; Day 407, see pages 16,17, aand 18, for Jackie Baillie’s in depth analysis, as tol;d to our Tom Gordon….

    I never tire of reproducing a list of the ProudScotsbut Brit Nat Fourth Estate Fifth Column, many of the ‘editorial team’ to whom Ian Small refers in his cringe worthy sell out of Freedom of Speech in his ‘inteview with Brit Nat Rugby Lion appeaser, Johnny Beattie, when Small told 300,000 of us all to fuck off, nothing to see here, following his new Tory Boss’ whistlestop visit to the Plantation Quay Northern Stockade in the Northern Colony.

    Brian Taylor
    Gordon Brewer
    Andrew Kerr
    Glenn Campbell
    Sally Magnusson
    Douglas Fraser
    John McKay
    Colin Mackay
    David Henderson
    Andrew Kerr
    The Hon Sarah Smith
    Gary Robertson
    Hayley Millar
    Gillian Marles
    Martin Geissler
    Ken MacQuarrie
    Donalda MacKinnon
    Tom Harris
    Magnus Linklater
    Catriona Shearer
    Sally McNair
    Andrew Marr
    Alex Massie
    Severin Carrell
    Tom Gordon
    Paul Hutcheon
    Andrew Neil
    Kirsty Wark
    Laura Kuennsberg
    Paris Gouteratis
    David Clegg
    Iain Macwhirter
    Alison Rowat
    Alan Cochrane
    Toodle Oo The NOO has announced his retirement.
    Will any of the rest resign their posts in protests/
    Don’t be silly.

    This tight little group actually believe that they control Free Thought Up Here, because they control the English controlled Establishment out lets.

    300,000 watch the Daily Briefings.

    The Herald and the Scotsman sell a couple of thousand ‘papers…and Gary Robertson ‘reviews’ their dross every morning on GMS. Will that ‘service’ be suspended too?

    The corruption running through the Scots Branch of the English Establishment has surpassed North Korea and the Third Reich levels now.

    We must cease wasting time fighting Brexit and the UKIM Bill.

    Our energies must now turn 100% to Self Determination.

    Start Indyref 2 campaigning now.

    There will be nothing left of Scotland within the first few weeks of January ’21 if we do nothing other than moan and harrumph, and play the English Game.
    As someone observed, why are we arguing with a mad pilot, when we have a parachute?

    What makes me mad as hell, and totally irreconcilable to any counter Brit Nat Better Together argument, is that those listed above take the Scots people to be utter mugs.
    Enough already.

    • Statgeek says:

      “The Herald and the Scotsman sell a couple of thousand ‘papers…and Gary Robertson ‘reviews’ their dross every morning on GMS. Will that ‘service’ be suspended too?”

      That’s a very good point. And the answer is ‘No’, naturally.

      We need to focus less on changing the BBC, and more on showing undecideds / 2014 Naws on how the BBC decides what news Scots get to see.

      Let the BBC waste its time on the devoted hard Naws. We aren’t their audience, and they can’t get us back.

      • Statgeek, the question was rhetorical.
        I wonder why we should just shrug our shoulders and accept that one of the main pillars of a free society, our Press and Broadcasters, is ‘owned’ by one Elite section of that society, which in turn operates on behalf of the Elite of the country next door, rather than the citizens of their own country.
        You and I pay for the BBC, so at the very least, the Scottish Outpost should be accountable to thee and me, through whichever mechanism, we, the citizens of Scotland, set up to exercise that control.

        Health is a devolved issue.
        Yet Ian Small blithely informs one of his Front Men, in this case, John Beattie, that an editorial team of hacks decided what level of access our democratically elected government, our Health and Care Services and appointed medical, police, and care specialists would be allowed to have in the midst of the biggest threat to life and society any of us shall ever face.

        BBC Scotland interviewed itself? Heil,BBC, the Ministry of Truth..
        Can you imagine BBC England pulling the plug on Johnson and Gove?
        Of course not.

        Jackie Baillie is at her weasel word worst ,not denying that she contacted the BBC but lied when she asserted that the SNP had turned the briefings into a political circus.

        This is clearly not true, but the MSM let her declare this SNP BAD unchallenged.
        She is a typical Labour bonehead.
        Deny the voter information and lie to them.

        My life is in danger because Baillie and her fellow Brit Nat puppets don’t like democracy and free speech.
        Oh, that’s ok then.
        The list I produce above is of an almost exclusive club of hacks who manipulate news and information to the benefit of another country, England. We are an occupied colony about to be placed under House Arrest by the English, and this lot of hacks and word peddlers are in their pay.
        I will not shrug and let them carry on destroying Scotland without challenge.

        • Statgeek says:

          Fine. Waste your time and efforts fighting an unwinnable fight. The BBC has not changed its attitude to Aye folk in six years. It’s doing what it did back then. No amount of SNP majority changed it. No amount of Indyref VI changed it. Months of responsible briefings vs the clustershow of Boris didn’t change it.

          Same goes for UK Gov.

          My solution is to ditch the BBC for what it is. A dated product in a modern world. Let it do its thing, and we can do ours. We can throw time, effort and money at a battle with people who won’t stop (they get paid while we do not), or we can direct our efforts at enlightening people, exposing the BBC more, and using other means to inform people.

          I wasn’t shrugging. I was suggesting an alternative strategy to one that does not work. Scottish newspapers should have failed, but the BBC is propping them up with license fee money.

          Of course, the most simple solution is to have STV/ITV or Channel 4 News take on the daily briefings. Then the BBC learns that it has competition for Scottish viewers (something the TV channels seem reticent to demonstrate), and that any future shelving of certain types of broadcasting releases it into the control of others (something they don’t tend to do).

          Regarding the briefings themselves, daily is probably too much, unless there’s something pertinent to say. Mon / Wed / Fri should be adequte, but I don’t trust the BBC’s version of ‘edited’ anything. Not since Nick Robinson’s “He didn’t answer.”

          • Statgeek, my heart soars as I read the energy, righteous anger, and spirit peppered throughout your writing.
            Donalda MacKinnon, whom we were told was ‘standing down’ in August, is still there, apparently, and has gone in to print telling us all what’s good for us.
            There will be briefings, but only when Kirsty Wark and her Majorca mate Jack McConnell, the Laird O’ Cockpen, (he’s prood and he’s great) decide that we the Great Unwashed need to know that that Bad NS is making an absolute cock of it.

            They are even going to invite ‘opposition’ politicians on to ‘oppose’ the Scottish Government’s Covid strategy after every broadcast Public Health Briefing.

            Yes, Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause, and Jackie We Love Trident but I’m still a socialist Baillie, and Willie Rennie, the waste of oxygen in any company, will be invited to talk SNP BAD politics, since the 20 odd Brit Nat Hacks and broadcasters who have diurnally attacked the FM and undermined our efforts to beat this plague have failed miserably in shaking NS from her task, keeping Scots informed and aware during this terrible crisis.
            The tried and trusted formula, three Brits against one pro Independence ‘panel’, with Glenn or Gordon or the HON Sarah or Kirsty chairing.
            Who is using this national crisis as a political baseball bat?

            Donalda Mackinnon, that’s who, on the orders of her new London boss; or should that be Baroness MacKinnon of Plantation Quay?
            I have already mooted that during the Indyref 2 Campaign, (now) the Yes Movement, and the pro Independence Parties, especially the SNP and Greens, must boycott TV, especially BBC and STV, whose Brit Nat form speaks for itself.

            Remember Brewer, Murphy, Rennie and Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause ganging up on NS and taking it in turns to shout her down and tell the viewers that the SNP were Bad and Scotland was shite?

            You are pushing against the proverbial open door, Statgeek.
            But it’s my duty as a citizen of Scotland to challenge the lies and propaganda of our sole public broadcaster. MY life depends on being informed..the BBC is dead Up Here.. but those I list above are still being paid with my cash.

            Jackie Baillie and Andrew Kerr in the studio, tearing to bits the Bad SNP Jason Leitch Covid strategy?
            That’ll be shining bright.

            I have no more time for niceness.

            I will not rest until this corrupt organisation is driven out of Scotland.

            • Just accessed BBC English Breakfast New Where The English Are, broadcast by BBC Scotland but by no means ‘political’

              BBC England announce nearly three and a half thousand cases and 7 deaths overnight in ‘the UK’, followed by England’s new lockdown measures and Voces Pop filming airhead revellers in Liverpool and Soho, with every Covid Social distancing rule broken by the selfish bastards, who are portrayed by an obliging Hackery as the hapless patsies blamed by old fogies for the upsurge as they spread disease far and wide on the piss because it is their god given right to get rocked out of their brains and stretch England’s already austerity cut Health, Care, Police, and social services to and beyond breaking point.
              The BBC voice over coyly mentions that Scotland’s cases have risen, but no figures, and failed to mention that there were no Covid related deaths overnight.
              Job done. Scotland has been taken off the map by Donalda, Kirsty, the Hon Sarah, Glenn, and Andrew.
              We have to tune in to News Where England Is and ‘guess’ how bad it is up here.
              Meanwhile half naked idiots on the streets of England demand that they have the right to do what they like, and fuck everybody else, ‘perfectly understandable’ as Sally Magnusson famously sniped.

              I repeat, I refuse to let these nasty people at Plantation Quay off the hook.

              Scotland has been closed down, and is now a militarily occupied colony and Cash Cow of England.

              We are within weeks of being encircled in barbed wire, blocked from moving through the 27 countries of our continent Europe, and placed under House arrest by an English Government for whom we did not vote.

              England rules, and this morning, the words of ‘Rule Britannia’ rung out from Salford, reminding us all the ‘Britain# (England) never ever will be slaves. Scotland, not so much.

              But hey, the footie’s back!!!

  24. Republicofscotland says:

    The cancelling of the FM’s daily briefings must surely be an attempt to sow the seeds of confusion and doubt among Scots on what’s going on with the virus.

    If we can’t access the info then we won’t know what the latest restrictions or relaxations are, many Scots will then be confused and end up following what England’s doing on the virus as you can be sure that info will be aired on tv.

    Its not just the above but also that Sturgeon did have a few good ideas, that Wales, and a reluctant England then copied, which clearly showed that we don’t need this terrible union, that we can think for ourselves, and implement good ideas, which of course the British nationalists hate to see.

    The briefings were not political in any way, the competency of them upset the British nationalists, that’s why they’ve falsely complained that the briefings are political in nature.

    Removing the briefings might cost lives, and allow the virus to spread due to the lack of information on the viruses movements.

    • Petra says:

      ”Removing the briefings might cost lives (in Scotland).”

      Would they care? If anything, imo, it would suit them if the virus became totally out of control in Scotland. They could then use the data to show how incompetent Nicola Sturgeon is versus Coco the Clown.

  25. Dr Jim says:

    If you want to see any of the FMs briefings now you can tune in to the BBCs flagship news programmes that normally only attract half a dozen people and their dogs
    So are the BBC doing this because of *merit* or because they need viewers for their own programmes punting out their unbiased Unionist news so can kill all the SNP birds with the one stone

    They’ll soon be telling the viewers they don’t want to F off and go somewhere else if they don’t like it

    • Dr Jim, that’s exactly what they’ve done. We are told to go elsewhere, buts still pay Small’s wages.
      I’d imagine that the majority watching at mid day are elderly, who don’t own smart phones, or PC’s or subscribe to cable networks.

      They rely on terrestrial tv and steam radio for their information and guidance on Covid.
      Like Johnson breaking international law, the BBC have now torn up their Charter; to inform educate and entertain. In Scotland, really?
      To belittle, stifle, and lie.

      They have pulled the plug on an essential tool combatting Covid in Scotland.

      Yet we still get 3 1/4 hours of English Breakfast TV every fucking morning.

      Via I Player I dipped into News Where The English Are at 08.30. A BBC Politics lass was making excuses for Johnson breaking international law, Govewas on live next, and he was allowed uninterrupted to lie, followed by the sports guy, heralding the return of football, that would be English football…Rejoice brain dead viewers, the footie’s back.

      Three and a quarter hours of English brainwashing and propaganda.
      Switch that off, Ian Small.
      I am beyond rage over this.

  26. Hamish100 says:

    I thought Bbc Shereen felt uncomfortable talking on the issue this morning. Of corse the loudest voice heard was Brian Beacom saying the briefings were political. Obviously they ignore the apolitically astute news media colleagues asking non political focussed only on covid questions.

    The bbc are such liars. Even my better half is now saying to cancel the licence.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The only thing political about these briefings is the person standing there delivering them and that’s what they (the Unionists) have the problem with, the FM can separate the pandemic from the political but the Unionists can’t because they’re fixated on their own hatred of who the person is instead of the information she imparts

      I doubt that even if a million Scots complain the BBC will continue to behave in the same way, the fake interview with Mike Small by Beattie verged on a parody of an *Allo Allo!* script with the Nazis interviewing themselves

    • Hamish, my list above is, as they say, not exhaustive.

      BBC Radio Scotland. The Money Tree that keeps giving to the Brit Nats, Tom Harris, Margaret Curran, Kezia Dugdale, and so on, who have become overnight experts of movies, epidemics, and the lack of public toilets in SNP controlled councils.

      It has gone beyond farce. These people are bordering on treachery.

      People will die from ignorance now and it is the ‘editorial team’ at Plantation Quay who are to blame..
      Roll on the day when this bunch of freeloaders have nothing to write or broadcast.

  27. Welsh Sion says:

    Maybe it’s not news to some of you – but in the same sweep as cancelling YOUR FM’s briefings on the BBC, they have also decided to limit OUR FM’s briefings to the nation, unless “significant announcements are made”.

    Now, I’m no supporter of ‘Welsh’ Labour, but I do think Mark Drakeford has presented a fairly reassuring presence at the podium during the pandemic and there’s a small amount of quiet respect for his approach – not least that he communicates directly with the people of Wales clearly and effectively. He is, by nature, not one given to fnaugh fnaughing and he also respects science, scientists and health officials.

    This is to let you know, Scotland, that you are not alone in this, and annoyed at the State propaganda machine ramping up the English/British agenda – when we’ve already learnt that Johnson can’t be arsed to give his own presentations. Bloody angry doesn’t quite cover it.


    Yours as always.

    Belated Penblwydd Hapus to WGD’s human.

  28. Dave tewart says:

    Didn’t Lord Reith say that the EBC’s mission statement was to:-

    So they’re busy educating us with ‘better together”.

    Just like the Sky news article this morning on the huge rise in attacks on ambulance crews in the UK. A particular item was an attack on a crew based in the North East of the UK. You might think that this referred to Caithness or even Shetland, no it was in Leicester.
    Last wee bit of the article tells us that the Scottish Ambulance Service didn’r respond to Sky’s request for details of attacks in Scotland.

    As lots have said before our problem is that a foreign power controls and manipulates our media intake.
    Even MSN has a picture of Lizzie the Last moving house, the picture was probably taken in the 60’s, don’t they have a more recent picture of a 90 year old?

    This stuff is to cover up the doris and handcock covid extra special measures.

    • Capella says:

      How depressing that Wales too is being kept in the dark about this pandemic and health measures to combat it. I agree that the problem is the complete mess that the Westminster pols have made of dealing with this deadly virus. This puts lives at risk. These people should be in jail, not sitting on the front benches in Westminster.

  29. Hamish100 says:

    I couldn’t place Beacom. Apparently writes for the herald and other. Spotted this wee bit from the 30th August. Is their an underlying unbiased theme in hi writing?
    “.. The Scottish public is ever-growing in its adulation of the FM, (Baby Boomers slightly less so) wallowing in her determinism and delivery – Miss Jean Brodie-commanding and purposeful, but without the Mussolini longing. ”

    WGD would it would be interesting to interview such guys and get their mindset?

    Why do they have a longing for jackboots, facism and now censorship by the state broadcaster?

    • Dr Jim says:

      The British used to tell us the Germans or the Russians or the North Koreans were very bad people now every other country in the world and their leaders have suddenly all become bad people according to the British even to the extent of telling us that the rest of the world wants to break up their United Kingdom country of oneness making all the furriners in the world evil, and
      It’s not just Nicola Sturgeon anymore, it’s the entire world who’s against *us* the lovable lovely British English who wouldn’t ever lie about this sort of thing

      Well except for America as long as Trump’s in charge who actually everybody in the world knows for an absolute fact is a head case, it makes you wonder what and who the English think they voted for and what they think they heard when they were told to *take back control*

      • , Dr Jim,
        On the BBC Breakfast News Where The English Are which I describe above, the anchor actually said that the EU was ‘threatening’ the UK with No Deal…..The whole ‘country’, that country being England, is backing leaving the EU now…really?

        The EU are behaving how any rational organisation would. A deal was struck, legally binding, Johnson boasted that he got Brexit done…yet.

        England, the Tribe That Lost Its Head.

  30. Paul, perhaps a Duggers’ Dugcast.
    I’d love to hear Macart, Petra, and Dr Jim ‘live’, and others too numerous to list?

    • A. Bruce says:

      I would like to see a bloggers Dugcast with perhaps Grousebeater, Barrhead Boy, Iain Lawson from Yours For Scotland, Peter Bell, even Stu Campbell. But I don’t think it’s likely to happen.

    • wm says:

      Jack you read my mind, but I would have you there as well.

  31. Julia Gibb says:

    Very informative podcast presented in a relaxed and informal manner which I like.
    Why not have a little piece of nonsense such as “irritable vowel syndrome” to keep it entertaining.

    Regardless of the success of the crowdfunder court action the main reason I contributed was to let them know we have not gone away. We may not win in a law court but we will win in the court of public opinion.

    Actions such as the BBC acting under political instruction are also cranking up the change in polling.

    People stared the independence fight in 1707. We will never give up!

    Happy Birthday! What age is the dug or do you have no idea given he was rescued.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I scribbled a post yesterday about the law and the use it’s put to but it didn’t appear, so either it was spam foldered or too controversial but either way I would suggest to folk that the law unfortunately never turns out the justice that folk hope for when they begin to challenge the law about the law, the legal profession just don’t like it and it’s why they almost always return judgements that don’t resolve the questions asked thus making everybody unhappy except the lawyers

      Political law makers attempt to create laws for the delivery of justice then the legal profession find ways of thwarting the intent of the law so that they remain in charge of the law

  32. Capella says:

    Good to hear Andrew Tickell on the S30 issue even if he is very cautious about the chance of success, or even if it is successful whether that will move us much forward.

    Taking the Declaration of Arbroath as our founding document, I think there is a good argument that the sovereignty of Westminster is unconstitutional in Scotland as Carwyn Jones has said. There is legal precedent for that.

    Since the people of Scotland are sovereign there can be no legal barrier to expressing their choice of ruler.

  33. Hamish100 says:

    Democracy in its purest form is where the people can exercise its right of being sovereign and are empowered to do so.

  34. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a now 60+ Female and commented:
    Happy birthday, young man!

  35. Welsh Sion says:

    Perhaps we should remind the Johnson regime of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties between States and International Organizations or between International Organizations 1986:

    Article 27 ‘A party may not invoke the provisions of its internal law as justification for its failure to perform a treaty’.


    Article 60: “A material breach of a bilateral treaty entitles the other party to invoke that breach as a ground for terminating or suspending the operation of the treaty ‘in whole or in part’”.

    Source: https://legal.un.org/ilc/texts/instruments/english/conventions/1_2_1986.pdf

  36. Capella says:

    OT – interesting article from Prof Robertson explaining the legal position re Shetland and the islanders supposed wish for independence (supposed in the minds of the Herald and Scotsman editors).

    The Continental Shelf Act 1964 and the Continental Shelf (Jurisdiction) Order 1968 defines the UK North Sea maritime area to the north of latitude 55 degrees north as being under the jurisdiction of Scots law meaning that 94% of the UK’s oil resources are under Scottish jurisdiction. In addition, section 126 of the Scotland Act 1998 defines Scottish waters as the internal waters and territorial sea of the United Kingdom as are adjacent to Scotland.

    However, if Shetland decided to breakaway, under International law and United Nations convention (UNCLOS) regarding small islands / enclaves they would only be entitled to six miles of territorial waters meaning no oil and not much fish.


    • Petra says:

      Just wondering how long it’ll take for the Tories to attempt to expunge these acts too, Capella?

      • Capella says:

        Just heard David Leask on Sunday’s GMS say that nobody on Shetland wants independence from Scotland. He comes from Shetland (allegedly) so he should know.

        I think all debunking services need to stay on top of these memes now and until May 2021 at least.

  37. Dr Jim says:

    BBC Scotland has found the perfect replacement programme for that horrid elected First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon woman, sound the fanfare and beat some drums, yes folks the health and well being of Scotland and its people is to be replaced with *Bargain Hunt* which is obviously from England, so very nice for them

    Really it’s not even a replacement it’s just the same programming as England would get normally except we in Scotland, with the exception of a few of course aren’t terribly interested in a bunch of English folk wandering the flea markets of that country looking for junk they can excitedly sell on for two bob more than they paid for it

    One wonders if the BBC in England decided to replace say *Strictly come dancing* with episodes of *River City* if the people of that country would be as absolutely delighted as we are

  38. Republicofscotland says:

    The BBC will replace Scotland’s crucial Covid-19 daily briefings from the FM with Bargain Hunt, a antiques show.


    Meanwhile a rally is to be held outside the BBC HQ in Scotland(Glasgow) demonstrating against the removal of the vital Covid-19 briefings.


  39. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile Johnson is to arrange another jaunt North of the border as the polls are beginning to worry him. The Tory government has secretly commissioned polls on Scottish independence, but will not share their findings even thought the polls are taxpayer funded. I take from that, and Johnson’s planned visits to Scotland that they’re still polling above fifty percent.


  40. Petra says:

    ‘Nicola Sturgeon reminds BBC of their role as ‘public service broadcaster.’



    ‘What to do if you’re angry about the BBC axing Nicola Sturgeon’s briefings.’


  41. Petra says:

    Just watch their support drop even further 🤬

    ‘Labour peer takes credit for BBC decision to stop broadcasting briefings.’

    ”Labour peer George Foulkes has claimed credit for the BBC’s decision to take the First Minister’s coronavirus briefings off-air. The Cumnock Baron took to Twitter to claim the decision was a direct result of “representations” made by him and Labour MSP Jackie Baillie.”..


    • Eilidh says:

      George Foulkes is an old dinosaur and Jackie Baillie is a sad bitter woman both will lead to the extinction of the Labour party in Scotland Shame that. Not!! I am sure the voters in Dumbarton have good memories and will repay Ms Baillie in full in May at the Scottish election for her crass stupidity re complaining about the Covid Briefings

  42. Petra says:

    Then again SLab are now in second place 😱 😀.

    SNP 51%
    Labour 21%
    Conservatives 20%
    Liberal Democrats 6%

    So for the first time in any poll from any firm in around eighteen months, the Conservatives are no longer in second place as far as Westminster voting intentions are concerned. This is particularly embarrassing for Douglas Ross, who angrily demanded a BBC presenter supply proof that his party has gone backwards since he became leader. Here’s the proof, Douglas..

    ‘Support for independence soars to 53% in sizzling Survation survey.’

    ”Scottish voting intentions for Westminster:

    SNP 51%
    Labour 21%
    Conservatives 20%
    Liberal Democrats 6%

    So for the first time in any poll from any firm in around eighteen months, the Conservatives are no longer in second place as far as Westminster voting intentions are concerned. This is particularly embarrassing for Douglas Ross, who angrily demanded a BBC presenter supply proof that his party has gone backwards since he became leader. Here’s the proof, Douglas.”



    Scottish Secretary Alister Jack’s letter to the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, about the UK Internal Market Bill.

    Correspondence:- ‘How the UK Internal Market Bill will help to boost the Scottish Economy.’

    ”Dear Nicola,

    I am writing to correct the false claims you have made about the UK Government’s Internal Market Bill, introduced to Parliament on Wednesday, 9 September.”..

    ..”Finally, you claim the Bill would ‘break’ or ‘cripple’ devolution. I’m afraid your Government is never less convincing than when it purports to champion a system it unashamedly wishes to overthrow.

    Independence would destroy devolution, ending our system of two governments which was backed overwhelmingly by the people of Scotland in the referendums of 1997 and 2014.

    The UK Government emphatically supports devolution and our Bill will strengthen the Scottish Parliament and create new opportunities for Scotland.

    Your colourful description of the Internal Market Bill as ‘an abomination’ is deeply regrettable.

    In my view, it would be abominable for the people of Scotland to be misinformed about a Bill which has such potential to improve lives and strengthen our country.



    • Dr Jim says:

      One wonders if Alister Jack sent the same letter to Wales and Northern Ireland, apparently they’re just as wrong as Scotland in disagreeing with England, oh, and the French and the Germans and the Belgians and the and the and the, well everybody in the world is in fact wrong except England

      • Capella says:

        Sinister Jack is one menacing character. I recall his prediction that Nicola Sturgeon would not see a second independence referendum “in her lifetime”.
        How does he know what her life span will be?

        His latest communication is equally threatening in a quiet “nice country you’ve got – pity if anything happened to it” sort of way.

    • Legerwood says:

      Maybe they saw the recent poll results that had Labour in second place ahead of the Tories and decided they might be on to a winner after all.

      Of course Labour might be in second place because the Tories’ support has fallen rather than Labour’s support rising.

      Either way they are not doing well are they?

      • Dr Jim says:

        Typical Labour looked at the polls and thought do nothing, we might be losing but maybe not losing more than the Tories so we’ll just take that and sit still

  43. Petra says:

    ”Do the Swiss know something we don’t? The bureau de change at Geneva’s main rail station is already listing the Scottish Pound as a separate currency. I took this photo today.” 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
    📸 Matthew Ross.” https://mobile.twitter.com/MrYesWeCan/status/1304083882107637761

    Click on the exchange rate chart 😀.


    ”Missing from discussions around #operationmoonshot has been any mention of the govt’s proposal to change medicine regulations to make it possible to use unlicensed #COVID19 vaccines. This would ensure manufacturers & suppliers couldn’t be held liable.” https://mobile.twitter.com/StefSimanowitz/status/1304177310787137540

  44. Petra says:

    ”BBC One Scotland has no live coverage of the FM’s daily briefings scheduled for next week. BBC One Wales has two live broadcasts of the Welsh FM’s daily briefings scheduled. The Welsh FM typically holds two briefings per week. There appears no change to BBC Wales’ live coverage.” https://mobile.twitter.com/msm_monitor/status/1304457269854318593


    Check out Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site. You’ll see that a number of individuals and associations are complaining about the scrapping of the CV 19 briefings, such as Age Scotland and the SCPHRP.


  45. Alex Clark says:

    Ewan McGregor is the latest to come out in public and say he has gone from No in 2014 to yes now. Who will be next?


  46. Norm. says:

    Something going on guys and girls, maybe it’s just an insult to the southerners but take a look down the link to the currencies available.


    • JB says:

      So who’d printing the SCP (Scottish Pound?) that they’re offering?

      When one goes to the actual exchange section, it is listed:

      1 CHF = 0.795412 GBP
      1 CHF = 0.795412 SCP

      1 CHF = 1.025811 USD
      1 CHF = 0.870875 EUR

      So the same as Sterling.
      Maybe they’re simply offering and accepting Sterling notes from Scottish banks?

  47. I can’t resist it, Alex. Renton’s rant from Trainspotting:-

    “Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol, and dental insurance. Choose fixed interest mortgage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose leisurewear and matching luggage. Choose a three-piece suite on hire purchase in a range of fucking fabrics. Choose DIY and wondering who the fuck you are on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing fucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pishing your last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked up brats you spawned to replace yourself.

    Choose your future.
    Choose life.”
    Ewan McGregor has at last chose an independent ‘life’ and Self Determination for Scotland.
    I’d venture that I’m not the only one who’ll pull this famous pop poem up in the next day or so.
    You read it first on Dugsville.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Excellent Jack, thanks for the reminder of a great piece of writing from a great Scottish author who “gets it”.

  48. Alex Clark says:

    The 2017 version of “Choose Life” maybe life has changed beyond all recognition since 1993 when Irvine Welsh wrote this book.

    • Wow, Alex.
      The boy can rant with the best of us.
      Thanks for tracking this down.
      If we could get Ewan and Martin Sheen to share a platform at a joint Scots/Welsh Independence rally, job done.
      What a powerful orator McGregor has become.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        The video of McGregor’s comments really sets the tone, not just what he said but the US audience hilarity at his conclusion, demonstrating just how far the world view of London, Johnson and his chums has fallen…

      • Legerwood says:

        Good that he has come out for Yes.

        These two clips give a useful compare and contrast in fluency between scripted and in his own words.

        In one it is acting in another sincerity however halting.

  49. Willie says:

    “ Choose Life “ – we really should do that. What’s stopping us. No doubt the very same constraints that lack of vision through circumstances brings to so many in our community.

  50. Julia Gibb says:

    The Ramondo Liposuction vote of no confidence.

    I suspect a deal has been done to save face. The “No confidence” motion is withdrawn on the basis that he “Retires for family reasons/ health issues/ etc” in a few weeks.

    With Labour nothing is ever what it seems

    • Oh,please, let him stay; until at least he completes Primary 4 English Reading Out Loud in a natural voice and is cured of the irritating habit of running his index finger along very line of his script.

      I can only imagine the outrage in Manchester Bolton Lancaster and Blackpool that a nasty wee blue Tory thought that this proud Yorkshire man was a Lancastrian.

      BY an accident of birth, he is a white Rose, not a Red Rose, which is surely the ultimate in irony for a Marxist Leninist Trotskyist anti Trident (but not yet) CND (non) activist GMB backed destroyer of Tony Blair’s/Clunking Fist Brown’s New Labour Cool (Rule) Britannia Party.

      He’s doing what his idol Corbyn did in England. Destroying the Labour Movement in Scotland.
      He’ll surely me the next FM.
      Oh, I forgot. It is the Blue Tory increasingly chubby faced Linesman who will rule Scotland next May.
      What a serious band of third rate dross fill the Brit Nat benches at Holyrood these days.

  51. Golfnut says:

    It’s fast and furious now, RAF intercept Russian bomber or something.

    We’ve still the Russian subs to come, Westminster will have to bomb our airports, we’ll be flooded immigrants( we know), we’ll have austerity on stilts and oil is worthless( again) even more worthless than before.

    Back to the painting.

    • Julia Gibb says:

      If the Russians ever decided to invade the only thing that would slow them down would be their boots wearing out!

  52. Capella says:

    “Choose Life!” Hmmmm. I can see that on lot of banners in Indyref2.
    Thx Alex for the link to Ewan McGregor’s 2017 reprise. So glad he’s come over to the bright side.

  53. Hamish100 says:

    Glad McGregor has finally seen the light but to suggest the Union was working up to Brexit is so clearly bollocks it does make you wonder the mindset.

    It has never worked. From the Unionists highland clearances, to the slums of the 19th century towns and cities, the wars illegal or not that drained a nation of its lifeblood to keep an empire going, hunger, the economic straight jacket placed by London control, causing untold misery to young and old and of course to their lies and deceit to this day.

    Most of us campaigning for independence didn’t need a Brexit vote to see the real cause.

    • grizebard says:

      You are right about all that, of course, but there were many who were locked in to the UKOK mindset and who thus could only see problems with indy and none with the (then) status quo. It’s only when they get unlocked from that firmly-ingrained assumption that the proverbial scales fall from their eyes. Then it’s a revelation. BoZo and the England Firsters have helped greatly in doing the unlocking, but there are still many who need to be jolted out of their familiar old groove. That is our essential goal in order to proceed to win.

      • Welsh Sion says:

        … there are still many who need to be jolted out of their familiar old g(ro)ove.

        – Couldn’t resist a re-punctuation.

        (WS is also a professional proof reader.)

  54. Jim says:

    Totally agree Hamish!

  55. Welsh Sion says:

    Quote of the day:

    “A disaster Brexit occurring in the months immediately leading up to next spring’s election to the Holyrood parliament will be all their Hogmanays at once for the SNP.”

    Andrew Rawnsley
    Observer, 13/06/20


  56. Petra says:

    ”This is circulating at BBC Scotland….” https://mobile.twitter.com/pmcm1355/status/1304739909299777536

    Btl:- ”So the Tory appointed BBC head will decide what’s useful, informative and “appropriate” for the elected First Minister to broadcast to the people. This should raise things up to the enviable English standards of transparency and clarity.”


    “Johnson set to opt out of human rights laws,” reports the @Telegraph. A reminder below of the rights and freedoms which the ECHR protects. If you’re not worried by this, you don’t understand what’s happening to the UK.” https://twitter.com/alanferrier/status/1305037490085130248

  57. Capella says:

    I listened to GMS today to find out whether the BBC would continue to broadcast the FM’s Covid briefings on Radio Scotland. But there was no mention. Zilch.

    As a non licence payer, I used the radio to keep up to date with the latest stats and advice. Of course, I can also go online. So I went to the SNP website as a first port of call to see whether it would be good substitute for the BBC. Sadly, the SNP Covid 19 web pages are out of date. Their latest press briefing is dated 24th August. Their advice on how many people can meet in or out of doors is out of date.

    Surely they are missing an opportunity to guide as many people as possible to a reliable source of news now that the BBC has abdicated its responsibility as a public service broadcaster.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      True that it could be better advertised, as I’m outside the UQ my link is via subscription on Youtube so always updated…

    • Petra says:

      Looks as though there’s up to date info here Capella.


      • Capella says:

        Thx Bob and Petra for the links. 🙂

        I do think the SNP website could be kept up to date though. Not only can they now go ahead and “politicise” the briefings since the unionists have now done just that, but they could also gather a few new members while they’re at it. At the very least, a link to where people can access the live webcasts would be useful. Free tablets to everyone over 60 in Scotland to get the latest advice (and I don’t mean statins).

        • Petra says:

          Some great ideas there Capella, in particular a link to live webcasts. I hope that someone from the SNP who visit the WGD site (and I’m sure that they do 😉) will take them on board 😀.

    • Bob Agassi says:

      You can get the briefings on the Scottish Government twitter feed – https://twitter.com/scotgov
      It’s the Governments responsibility for Covid19 briefings not the SNP.

      • Capella says:

        That’s true Bob. However, since the Labour Party and the Tories have politicised this public health crisis the SNP have every right to tell the Scottish people what their public health priorities are and what resources they a reallocating to them. Contrasting that with Westminster’s approach is also acceptable now.

        Thx for the link. I am actually following the scotgov twitter feed but have not had a tweet from them for weeks. I wonder if they have been deboosted? Looks like a media blackout is in place.

    • Legerwood says:

      Capella @ 1.16pm
      Why would the web site of a political party be your first port of call for up to date info on Covid-19 even if it is the party of Government?

      The Scottish Government together with the relevant public bodies such as Public Health Scotland and NHS Scotland as well as the relevant medical officials provide the most up to date information to the public That is one of their primary responsibilities in a public health emergency such as this.

      Politicizing the briefings now is the absolute last thing that should be done. It is the very fact that the SG has not politicised these briefings is what has made them so effective in disseminating the necessary information to the public and by and large keeping them on board with the measures put in place to combat this pandemic. It is also the very fact that the SG has not politicised the briefings that has garnered so much kudos to the SG and by extension, the SNP.

      Now is not the time to descend to the politics of the playground.

      Here is a link to today’s data plus links within that will take you to other info on Covid-19 on the SG web site


      • Capella says:

        I take your point Ledgerwood, however, the unionist parties have now politicised the daily briefings by removing them from the public service broadcaster. I would argue that the SNP has every right to put their case to the public and the only avenue they have is their own social media and website. That doesn’t reach older people who overwhelmingly rely on the BBC for news and current affairs.

        The covid 19 daily data for Scotland you link to in no way compensates for the immediacy of the daily briefings. I would be amazed if many members of the ordinary public access information via that page. Even if they do, there is no additional comment from the Chief Medical Officer, Health Secretary, National Clinical Director and others who regularly appear at the briefings. Nor are there questions put by journalists who, in theory anyway, represent the public interest.

        There is no substitute for the BBC TV broadcast for the elderly, those most at risk.

  58. Petra says:


    …”I hope that any family affected by this decision consider suing the BBC for recklessly making it easier for the virus to spread in our communities. Crowdfunders are available.

    This is not the action of a reputable public service broadcaster rather it is the actions of a Soviet controlled media. If you didn’t think our freedoms were under attack you know better now. We might not need to wait for the ballot box, everyday gets closer to outright revolution being justified. They are now officially and blatantly taking decisions designed to kill our people. Those who work for BBC Scotland should rebel and tell their bosses this is a step too far. The public are very angry about this make no mistake.”..



    ‘The Next Tipping Point is a Public Broadcasting Travesty.’

    …”We are now in the farcical situation where – as Blair Jenkins (the former head of BBC Scotland News) – has laid out, SKY News currently carry the daily briefings and are likely to carry on. Are we really to be in the situation where a commercial tv station deems the First Ministers public health announcement but the public broadcaster doesn’t? On a further technical point Jenkins points out that leaving the sat vans and kit in place but not using them is a serious misuse of investment. That’s expensive equipment not to use.”..

    ”If the actions taken by BBC Scotland were intended to prevent the exposure of the First Minister to the wider public and put the Scottish Government in a bad light it has spectacularly backfired. It is a travesty to threaten pubic health for political interest.”


  59. Bob Lamont says:

    Does this new BBC Scotland policy of not broadcasting FM Covid Updates mean that the FM will no longer have to answer the insufferably stupid questions from PQ such a “journalists” Glenn (Antisemitic Hunter extraordinaire) Campbell or David (Plastic) Wallace Lockhart ?
    That should boost viewer numbers if so…

  60. Petra says:

    ”In 2014 the better together campaign told us if we voted yes we would not get the BBC anymore. I bet in the next referendum they won’t be saying that as it would be a plus point for the YES campaign.” https://mobile.twitter.com/apaterson1302/status/1304737266246578176


    ”It’s just clicked. The Tories ‘Internal Market’ is GERS2 on turbo. It’ll enable them to keep and spend an even *larger *part of Scotland’s contributions and apportion an even *larger* part of UK debt to Scotland, whilst giving them a bigger ‘black hole’ club to thump Indy with.” https://mobile.twitter.com/Zarkwan/status/1304696575281815557

    Plus a three year old video with Alan Bissett as ever absolutely on the ball. .. ”Even if we stay in the Union – it’s curtains for Scotland.”

  61. ‘Gannet on a stick’; oh how Stephen Barclay laughed at Hang On A Minute Brewer’s jokey take on the UKIM and the US Trade Deals threatening us all with chlorinated chicken suppers.

    Brewer was the man who declared that Brexit would result in the Scottish Government acquiring a ‘shedload of new powers’ returning from brussels following Brexit, some of you may recall.

    Since it has been announced that the new BBC Blue Tory DG has ordered that all broadcasters and reporters will have their contracts terminated, and that Brewdog and Sally will need to apply for fewer jobs in a slimmed down rightsized downsized BBC Scotland, I can only assume that YesBut was behaving like a Brit Nat Court Jester in front of Barclay to beef up his pro Brit credentials. The alternative is to harsh to bear; that he is a shallow nincompoop.

    His discussion with Barclay centred on gannet on a stick and chlorinated chicken, and Barclay’s refusal to rule out the Domestos flood of Yankee burds into a supermarket near you.
    The Brewdog waffled on about the SP getting its retaliation in first by fast tracking legislation through Holyrood banning gannet on a stick in Scotland, which he then followed through to its logical conclusion that WM would merely over ride Holyrood’s law.

    It was all deliberate of course. US Health Providers could challenge Scots Health Service in court, the Yanks could sell Kentucky Scotch, and your beef burger would be swollen with steroids if the UK IM legislation deemed it ok to poison Scots.
    Barclay wittered on about ‘Scottish Businesses’ welcoming the UKIM Power Grab…and so on…

    24 areas of devolved lowers grabbed by Johnson and the English Parliament, and Brewer has to make up a fictional example, to entertain one of his English Masters.
    Ian Blackburn was led the same old Merry Dance by Brewer, but managed to point out to Brwer On A Stick that this bill would destroy devolution, that WM would ride rough shod over schools hospitals and infrastructure programmes, devolved areas, now.
    PFI schools anyone ? Virgin GP surgeries? Tolls on a UK funded bridge?

    Not a mention of the stooshie surrounding the Covid briefings…

    BBC North Korea.
    Make the English Minister laugh, good chance to hold on to your miserable downsized job.

    On Marr Simon Coveney would not let Marr peddle the UK Brexit lies. He gave Marr a doin’ on air, live, in full colour.

    I wonder if Marr will have to audition for his new rightsized job. I don’t think so. Take Jock Number One.

    Gannet on a stick. FFS.

    ‘The anger of European leaders has not surprised Number 10. Some there, those who think spitting in someone’s face is an effective form of diplomacy, report that it was a deliberately incendiary act. ‘

    Brewer, you spat in Scotland’s face today.

  62. Petra says:

    If you get the chance watch Politics Scotland on the iPlayer with Brewer interviewing Steven Barclay MP 🤬. With a rebuttal from Ian Blackford. As per usual the focus for Brewer is on chlorinated bl**dy chicken where there’s so much more at stake.


    ‘Full Scottish – 13/09/2020. Welcome to the Full Scottish from our Cowcaddens Studio in Glasgow.’

    ”On the Full Scottish this week, Kenny McBride is joined by guests, Dr Philippa Whitford MP and by journalist and former Labour spad, Simon Pia to discuss the big stories and events in this week’s news.”



    Check out Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.


    Plus one for you WS…. ”UK Government is limiting Rhondda coronavirus testing centre to just 60 tests.”

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Plus one for you WS…. ”UK Government is limiting Rhondda coronavirus testing centre to just 60 tests.”


      The power grab has already started, Petra.


      Wales’ Health Minister has criticised as “unacceptable” the UK Government’s handling of distributing Covid-19 tests in Wales.

      Vaughan Gething said that he was only told the night before that the number of tests available to Rhondda Cynon Taf, which is at the centre of a coronavirus outbreak, would be reduced to 60.

      • Petra says:

        Do you ever get the feeling that they want the governments of NIreland, Scotland and Wales to fail as badly as they are at Westminster, WS? Want to see CV19 cases and deaths rise at the same rate or much more so than in England?

        “I came back to see that there had been a decision made at an official level within the UK Department of Health to reduce testing and it affected Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland,” Vaughan Gething said.

  63. James Cheyne says:

    Wait an see, with rumours going around about Boris health and maybe retiring as prime minister.
    if we don’t all have another brittish election just at the time of the Scottish election is due,
    Similar to what Teresa May did.
    Nice to see another no to yes, no matter what sparked the change, it’s welcome.

  64. Republicofscotland says:

    Yes bikers roll through the town of Coldstream, where Tory council jobsworthy had Saltires removed from high street.


  65. Republicofscotland says:

    Constitutional expert wars Tory power grab will make Holyrood redundant


    • Petra says:

      This is the singular issue that could really convert some staunch NO voters to voting Yes next time around and it should be promoted at every turn, imo. Brewer as an example harps on about chlorinated chicken as the BBC’s ”way” of actually addressing the power grab situation, whilst people sit at home thinking well I don’t eat chicken or I’ll double check the kind of chicken that I buy, so job done. Power grab? Not a problem for me.

      ..”It’s exceptionally bad because what it means is that you can talk all you like in Edinburgh about the NHS and other devolved areas but a minister in London would decide what happens,” said Drummond. It would mean a minister in Westminster, if asked by someone if they could buy the NHS, could immediately agree without consultation. That is what this legislation is. It gives authority to a minister, any minister, in Westminster complete authority over devolved areas. It is cataclysmic as it is the biggest, most enormous move to gross centralisation that one could ever conceive of.”…

  66. Welsh Sion says:

    In other news.

    Did you think that he (and they) had gone away?


    Senedd Member Neil Hamilton becomes UKIP leader

    UKIP’s last remaining member in the Welsh Parliament, Neil Hamilton, has become the party’s UK leader.

    He became leader after Freddy Vachha, the former leader, was removed as UKIP leader under circumstances that remain unclear.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      And for all you political anoraks out there, here’s the latest position of the Parties in the Senedd. (Hellishly confusing, I guess … But deep breath …):

      Government (31)

      Labour (29)

      Liberal Democrats (1)

      Independent (1)


      Opposition (29)

      Conservative (11)

      Plaid Cymru (10)

      Brexit Party (3)

      UKIP (1)

      Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party (1)

      Welsh National Party (1)

      Independent (2)

  67. JoMax says:

    Apologies for a totally o/t comment, but I picked up a news item online earlier in which a man who is a confidant of Donald Trump, Roger Stone, is suggesting that if he loses the next election he should declare martial law and seize power anyway because the election is already ‘corrupt’. He wants certain prominent US figures arrested.

    There’s scary stuff going on over there, and the UK Govt cannae wait to sign deals and treaties maybe because they’re every bit as crazy and dangerous, which, of course, they have been for centuries while selling themselves as jolly honourable gents and frightfully decent with it.

    • Donald trump has a website now where you can sign up to become an election poll station watcher the idea is that once you sign up you are allocated a poll station on Election Day where you are sent with a bunch of posters and stickers and you watch out for people you think should not be voting.All the poll stations on the checklist are in areas where poorer people black people Hispanic people etc etc live none are in the affluent white areas .
      It’s crazy that they are actually allowed to stand at poll stations and intimidate people.

      I hope it doesn’t happen here too.

  68. Arthur Thomson says:

    As I see it, JoMax, as the saying goes – after all is said and done there’s a lot more said than done.

    In my view, Trump and Johnson are just a pair of useful idiots. Nothing they say comes to pass except that which their shadowy, unscrupulous, rich backers want to happen. They don’t want Armageddon just enough of a shambles to enable them to asset strip the world. That wouldn’t include all out civil war leading to the collapse of the USA. They will dispense with Trump when he is past his use by date.

  69. Dr Jim says:

    Annalise Dodds of Labour and Christine Jardine Liberal Democrats both attack Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP for not using powers that are reserved to Westminster and once again no one in the media corrects them or even asks for proof of their statements, the media hoping the public are stupid allow blatant lies to pass unquestioned and just flow out there

    • Petra says:

      ”Annalise Dodds of Labour and Christine Jardine Liberal Democrats both attack Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP for not using powers that are reserved to Westminster.”..

      That’s one of the reasons why they wanted the CV19 briefings scrapped, Dr Jim. It was becoming clear, even although Nicola Sturgeon stuck to covering CV19, what was devolved or not to Holyrood through Nicola Sturgeon’s answers to journalist’s questions. I reckon if polling was carried out we’d find that very few people in Scotland have any idea of what’s been devolved to Scotland or in fact of how much control the ScotGov has over the Councils.

  70. Petra says:

    ”You’re a lying sack of shite @jackiebmsp. The daily briefings have nothing to do with party politics and you know it. Now many elderly and vulnerable Scottish citizens will be at risk. You should be ashamed of yourself. Just resign before you get booted out next year.” https://mobile.twitter.com/landofsunshine1/status/1305065804229206016


    Oh look they’re not discriminating against Scotland right enough, WS 🙄.

    ‘News in brief: BBC cuts back on coverage of Welsh Government Covid-19 briefings.’


    • grizebard says:

      The Covid briefings have everything to do with politics – now. The BritNat opposition and the BBC have made it so. Who can possibly take any glee at deliberately endangering public health? Oh, Labour for one, the utterly contemptible hypocrites.

      This censorship is an outright abuse of our mandatory licence fee, and a neo-Trumpian assault on the health of our people.

      Don’t pay the BBC poll tax

  71. Petra says:

    Mike Russell’s take on the Tory power grab in contrast to the BBC’s, and lackeys like Gordon Brewer’s, focus on chlorinated chicken:-

    “An assault on devolution” – Michael Russell’s statement on the Tory power grab
    by Michael Russell.”

    ”Presiding Officer,

    The UK Government’s Internal Market Bill that was published yesterday represents the biggest threat to devolution that Scotland has seen since this Parliament was re-convened in 1999 after 292 years of adjournment.

    That threat comes from a gang of hard-right-wing anti-devolution Tory Brexiteers who said during the Brexit referendum – in which people in Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU – that they wanted to take back control.

    And now we know what they wanted to control – us. Our country of Scotland and our right to make our own decisions and choose our own future.”..



    ”Stephen Barclay @SteveBarclay MP says the Internal Market Bill can pass as legislation, regardless of whether the Scottish Parliament refuses to support it, as it’s the responsibility of a U.K. parliament.” https://mobile.twitter.com/BBCScotPolitics/status/1305074544449814528

  72. Clydebuilt says:

    Call Kaye . . . Working hard to encourage her audience to “revolt” against the Scot. Gov’s “rule of six” .
    Questioning it’s requirement, effectiveness,, the Gov’s messaging. Every aspect questioned and rubbished.
    It will be becoming harder to get their messaging out to the public thanks to the BBC in Scotland pulling the plug on the FM’s Covid-19 updates.

  73. Bob Lamont says:

    Also from Ann’s Indyref2 links today, buried in Munguin’s Republic, utterly priceless…

  74. Dr Jim says:

    Two types of vaccine are being developed for Covid 19, one type is an eradication vaccine like Polio the other is like a flu vaccine you have every year

    Guess which one the most money’s going into and who is going to profit, yep! you’re right

    • Legerwood says:

      The type of vaccine developed depends to a large, possibly very large extent on the virus you want to vaccinate against.

      If like the influenza virus it mutates rapidly then you have to have an annual immunisation programme using a different cocktail of viral strains. The strains used in that cocktail are decided by WHO based on the strains of the flu virus prevalent in previous season’s influenza outbreaks. It will never be 100% effective because there will always be minor strains at large in the population not present in the vaccine. The flu vaccine has such a high mutation rate that it is impossible to immunise against all of them.

      The smallpox virus on the other hand hardly mutated at al thus the same vaccine could last year after year and eventually by a converted effort the virus was eradicated.

      The coronavirus currently on the go has its own problematic characteristics that make a single shot vaccine more difficult to develop. Prime among them is a low immune response to the infection and to a vaccine. In some vaccine trials this low immune response to the vaccine being tested has meant that the trial subject was still infectious. Secondly, and just importantly is whether the immune response triggered by the vaccine is a lasting one. Data from infected Covid-19 patients indicates a degree of variability in the duration of the antibody response produced. Thirdly, mutation rate. Mutations have been identified and these can be used to identify different strains and track their spread. The mutations do not appear so far to occur in major coding areas such that they make a significant difference to its virulence, infectivity and transmission but that might change.

      Taken together therefore these characteristics would appear to mitigate against a single shot vaccine for this coronavirus.

      • Thanks for this, Legerwood. But our hacks, who keep banging on about them being professional journalists, as opposed to ‘keyboard warriors’ like thee or me, who are busy disclosing what filling Billy Connolly prefers on his morning roll.

        And Hang On A Minute Gordon Brewer assured us that gannet on a stick will be illegal under the UKIM legislation.
        Like hundreds of thousands of fellow wrinklies, I await a successful vaccine…but poor students won’t be allowed to gather in their hundreds and chuck flour and shaving foam at each other. Poor wee souls…

        WE have the most sinister Fourth Estate in the Western world now.

        Keep digging…

  75. Dr Jim says:

    It’s funny listening and watching all the media broadcasters at the moment constantly trying to advise the public to display ignorance of the rules on Covid 19 by promoting their own fake ignorance of the rules in order to create confusion in the public by telling them the rules are confusing

    When you look back into history when the world was at war the media were responsible for promoting the messages that kept the people safe from death and destruction, now they’re doing the opposite

    So get back to work and normal behaviour but don’t get back to work normally in order to avoid spreading the virus, and if you do spread the virus it’s your fault because you were told you to avoid spreading the virus when you went out to behave not normally, in any event if you become poor because you wanted to stay alive by avoiding work and busy places it’s your fault the economy’s crashing and you become unemployed and it’s also your fault if you catch Covid 19

    The UK Government is like some evil Geppetto waving millions of discombobulated Pinocchio’s around on strings using the media to distract us from what they’re doing

  76. Eilidh says:

    First Minister covid briefing on now on BBC Scotland Channel freeview channel 9 virgin media 108

  77. Petra says:

    The more they try to subjugate Scotland the greater the support for independence now. If the BBC go ahead with scrapping the CV19 briefings it’ll have a greater impact and influence on the Scots than Brexit and the power grab put together, imo, and yet they just can’t see it.


    Richard Murphy:- ‘We now have what looks on the basis of all reasonable analysis to be a fascist government.’

    ”Fascism does not gain power by way of revolution. Nor need it take to the streets, at least in its early days. That only happens when the vestiges of opposition need to be eliminated. Instead fascism gains power through the democratic process. It wins an election, offering simplistic falsehoods that seek to divide society as the basis of its appeal. And then it sets out to not lose power again.”..

    ..”The other is any significant promotion of military power, which I admit is a curious absence. My suspicion is that the leaders of our armed forces may not be in alignment with our government as yet. Worry when a cull of the military top brass happens in that case. Cummings has already announced the review that will set that in motion.”..


  78. Dr Jim says:

    Sir Kier Starmer Labour party leader in England says nobody in the Labour party wants to see Independence for Scotland, well that’ll be except for the 40% of Labour party supporters who do then, so lie number one and we move on to lie number two when Sir Kier Starmer says Scotland doesn’t need another Independence referendum, well that’s not for him to decide, that’s up to the voters and they already have decided that they do

    Now we move on to the arrogance of Sir Kier Starmer when he states that Boris Johnson is a rubbish Prime Minister and Scotland would wish to remain in the UK if he (Sir Kier was the PM)
    And lastly in his supreme exceptionalist arrogance Sir Kier Starmer rejects the UN charter on human rights that a people, any people of any country demonstrating a desire for Independence should be afforded the opportunity to vote on that proposition

    So Sir Kier Starmer Labour leader in England has exactly the same position as Boris Johnson Tory party leader in England, both determined to twist bend or break any ruling or treaty or convention even to International law then conjure up an excuse for the right to do it

  79. Petra says:

    Alliance Party:- ”‘The Protocol does not break up the Union. That decision can only be taken by the people of NI. If Michael Gove would like to pick up his copy of the Good Friday Agreement, and take a cursory glance through it, he would see that.’’ https://mobile.twitter.com/allianceparty/status/1305124949577920518


    Michael Dougan Professor of European Law, University of Liverpool: – ”Lots of requests for a step-by-step explanation of Johnson’s plans to breach Protocol on Irish border. No problem. And by the end, you’ll understand why this man is totally unfit to hold public office.” https://mobile.twitter.com/mdouganlpool/status/1305170706934751234

    • Dr Jim says:

      All of this is Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson on his own couldn’t manage to fry an egg

    • grizebard says:

      Good man, Prof Dougan, he predicted the complete f-up of Brexit even way before the referendum vote. But even he probably never imagined the extent to which a UKGov would descend, breaking international agreements and all.

      It is said that the proposed “minor” breaches are merely a Trumpian negotiating ploy, but if so, once again in its exceptionalist BritNat arrogance, the BoZo Regime totally misjudges the foundational principles and superior economic clout of the EU. It won’t end well.

  80. Petra says:

    Could someone verify if Nicola Sturgeon intimated at the beginning of this year that she would consider holding a referendum without obtaining a Section 30 Order to the point in fact that Joanna Cherry actually lauded her statement. Additionally that there was no mention of a Section 30 Order when she committed recently to holding a referendum following receiving a mandate to do so next year. Just asking as I’m wondering if my memory is failing me 🙄 😀.

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