In a specific and limited way

On Tuesday, something remarkable happened. Brandon Lewis, a British Government minister, stood up in the House of Commons and announced that the Johnson administration which blights us all is preparing to break the law “in a specific and limited way”.

You try that the next time a polis stops you for speeding. “Sorry officer, but I was only breaking the law in a very specific and limited way.” After all it’s not like you speed every single time you get behind the wheel of a car, you only did it on this occasion because you were desperate to get home before the chlorinated chickens came home to roost.

Or we could have murderers arguing that because they only offed that one annoying prick in an Audi who had nicked their parking space in the Aldi carpark then ate their liver with a bottle of cheap chianti that they were only breaking the law in a very specific and limited way. I mean you kill and consume just one annoying Audi driver and all of a sudden you get called a murdering cannibal, like you’re Jeffrey Dahmer or something. This however, is the British Government’s defence.

The Attorney General, who’s the top legal voice in the Government should resign. Or at least she should resign if she had the slightest trace of integrity left. But since we’re talking about Suella Braverman here, we already know that she is to integrity as Orville the Duck is to cage fighting. However Suella Braverman and her counterpart in the Lords Robert Buckland have sworn to uphold the law, and now they are the chief legal representatives of a government which has just asserted that the law doesn’t apply to it. They’re either hypocrites, or they are superfluous to purposes, or both. But they’ll keep quiet and keep their jobs.

The professional code for barristers in England makes it clear that if a barrister advises a client that a certain act is unlawful, but their client insists that they’re going to do it anyway in demands that the barrister defend the behaviour, the barrister should not continue to represent that client. The barrister should resign from representing a client who breaks the law in clear defiance of the barrister’s advice. As a senior barrister of many years’ standing the Lord Chancellor Robert Buckman must know this. Likewise Lord Keen, the Advocate General and the UK goverment’s most senior legal advisor in Scotland, hasn’t resigned. Similar conditions apply in the ministerial code which binds all government ministers. You don’t break the law. Breaking the law is a resignation matter. Alternatively, if you’re one of the most senior lawyers or a minister in this Conservative government, you know that breaking the law is just fine and dandy. What’s important is the ability to get away with it.

Surely if the UK was perfectly fine with breaking international law, then it didn’t have any need to leave the EU in the first place. All those laws about the permitted curvature of bananas from all those unelected bureaucrats who get up the noses of Tory Brexiteers along with the cocaine could just have been ignored. Instead we’ve had four years of Brexmess, and now at the very point in time when the UK needs friends and allies the most, the British government has decided to trash what is left of any residual goodwill that the UK might still have left.

This is a government which doesn’t hesitate to break the law. Laws are for little people. It is after all a government led by an Etonian who was a member of the Bullingdon Club for over privileged tossers at Oxford University, one of whose rituals is to trash the restaurants where they book their regular dinners. It’s illegal to commit criminal damage. At least it is for the rest of us. The habits of youth are the habits that Johnson continues in public life. He unlawfully prorogued Parliament and lied to the Head of State. His senior advisor broke lockdown regulations with the risible excuse that he had childcare needs and then that he had to drive to test his eyesight. And now he’s destroying the devolution settlement and the Good Friday Agreement.

When a government breaks the law it breaks the very thing that it uses to govern. It tells the public that laws can be broken. It means that the signal is given from the very top that justice and law do not apply. All that matters is the power of the state. That’s the road to autarky. It’s how democracy dies. That’s what this Government’s internal market bill represents.

As well as trashing international law with regard to Northern Ireland, this is a bill which also unilaterally undermines the devolution settlements of Scotland and Wales. It contains a provision for an unelected committee of Conservative placepersons who will decide whether legislation in Scotland and Wales is aligned with the UK internal market. That unelected committee will have the power to strike down laws passed by the democratically elected parliaments of Scotland and Wales.

Here in Scotland, Baroness Davidson’s sock puppet DRoss has embarked on an attack on the SNP who in his estimation are to blame for the no-deal Brexit that is rapidly approaching. It would be nice to say that we’ve reached the nadir of SNPBad here, but since this is the Tories we’re talking about, problably not. According to DRoss it’s all the fault of the SNP that the EU isn’t rolling over and agreeing to the UK’s impossible and mutually contradictory demands. Which if true can only mean that the SNP weilds huge influence in EU circles who are willing to obey their every demand. So rejoining the EU ought to be really simple for an independent Scotland then, shouldn’t it DRoss. He needs to be reminded of his own logic next time he claims, as he most assuredly will, that Scotland won’t be able to get back into the EU. His idiotic claims might have some traction with his dwindling band of followers, but they will not have any purchase in the rest of Scotland which knows full well that the SNP have consistently opposed Brexit and the fault for the current disaster lies fully with DRoss’s party.

Meanwhile there are persistent rumours that Boris Johnson is planning to stand down as Prime Minister. He’s made a huge mess, he’s taken the UK to the brink of disaster and there’s no apparent way out of it. Reports have been circulating that Johnson will resign citing ill health as the reason. It wouldn’t be the first time that he’s walked out on his responsibilities after nine months. His legacy will be that he’s created the conditions for a Scotland which is ready to walk out of the UK and ready to embark upon the building of a better Scotland – in very specific and unlimited ways.

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132 comments on “In a specific and limited way

  1. Ex Pat says:

    Classic Dom

    > The barrister should resign from representing a client who breaks the law in clear defiance of the barrister’s advice.


    The following has travelled far and wide.

    ‘If a barrister advises a client that a particular act would be unlawful, but the client insists on doing it anyway, the barrister may not continue to represent that client. The barrister is professionally embarrassed and should resign.’ – Dinah Rose @DinahRoseQC Twitter –

    Of course the obvious answer is, “You have been awake for the last four years, so you know they’re lying Tory spivs, shysters and grifters.” So you won’t be surprised, and, no, you won’t be expecting them to follow the law. ‘No change there, then, truly !’

    Truly a move worthy of The Gimp – Classic Dom

    UK lying Tory Brexiteer shysters: ‘May you live in interesting times’, because the twelve months from January 2021 are likely to be very ‘interesting’ indeed. Bring it on ! The outcome ? Our bet:

    ‘Dom will be remembered as a classic case of a smart man shitting in his own nest’, after Hunter S. Thompson’s obituary of Nixon – ‘He Was a Crook’ – The Atlantic –

    Classic Dom – hubris and utter stupidity followed by disaster. No change there, then !

  2. Angry Weegie says:

    The bill also permits the UK government to fund activities and infrastructure development directly, over the head of the Scottish Parliament. Though it doesn’t say so, I would be absolutely astonished if the funds they give to their pet Tory projects in Scotland are not deducted from the money available to the Scottish Government. How long will it take before Westminster decides that Holyrood is an expensive irrelevance?

  3. deelsdugs says:

    Radio shortbread this morning, in the passing, the tory being interviewed even sounded the same as the one that’s supposed to be pm, but is really having his forelock tugged by the one who does the spec savers driving test. Pathological liars.

    So the rumour of him resigning, will they, the tory-cac, simply put another stoogie at the helm or do we get to have another general election (doubt it, they’re far too infatuated with their own power)…wondered though, why we had a ‘check the details electoral form’ via the postie.

  4. Bob Lamont says:

    Bravo, the “It wouldn’t be the first time that he’s walked out on his responsibilities after nine months” had me in fits…

  5. Margaret Noakes says:

    Thank you Paul for keeping me sane and making me laugh out loud. Dross , the sock puppet,wonderful.Knew he reminded me of something, now I know.Cheers.

  6. Millsy says:

    The Tory Government have set precedents for breaking the Law :

    First Cummings with his away day trip to find a baby sitter during a ”lockdown ” , then his mysterious optical exam during a 30 mile road trip , now ”limited and specific” breaking of International Treaty .by the Government’s own legal team .

    As you rightly say , however humorously , Paul , this is a charter for each and everyone in the UK to cite the PM and his cronies if charged with any offence , not forgetting each country with which the UK has a treaty of any kind .

    Just when you think that they cannot get any more incompetent , they defy all our predictions !

  7. […] Wee Ginger Dug In a specific and limited way On Tuesday, something remarkable happened. Brandon Lewis, a British Government […]

  8. Petra says:

    All that you outline, Paul, is very reminiscent of the actions taken by another extremely corrupt cabal that lorded it over Germany in the 30’s. So how far do they, the Tories, plan to go here in the UK in 2020/21?

    Well worth a read:-

    Messing with the Acts of Union?

    ..”But the independence of Scotland’s legal system extends much further back than 1998. It is rooted in 1707, when the separate states of Scotland and England and Wales agreed to a union, thus creating a new state, that of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Under the 1707 Treaty and Acts of Union, certain Scottish institutions were preserved, including the Scottish legal system, church and education. Therefore, the Scottish legal system was not recently devolved, but has been distinctively and independently Scottish for over 300 years. A separate challenge to a Judicial Review Act 2021 could be brought, arguing that it interfered with fundamental provisions of the Acts of Union. This could also ultimately find its way to the UK Supreme Court. If so, two alternative approaches are possible.”..


    ”Scottish civil justice is devolved, and “the authority and privileges” of the Scottish Court of Session (which include its judicial review capacity) are protected under Article 19 of the 1707 Acts of Union “in all time coming.”

  9. vivianoblivian7 says:

    I suspect that this is Johnson’s, Cleavon Little moment. “Nobody move or the n****r gets it!”. Only Ursula von der Layen ain’t as stupid as the townsfolks in Blazing Saddles.

  10. grizebard says:

    Johnson joining the list of Tory has-been PMs has of course the advantage that the self-destruction of the Union won’t go solely on the account of any particular successor, the honour will be shared by Cameron, May and BoZo.

    So while historians will no doubt build careers and debate for years about how the implosion all came about, and who contributed precisely what, we’ll just heave a collective sigh of relief and toast the sorry lot of them for all their unwitting assistance.

  11. Capella says:

    But these are people of privilege. They have been all their lives. Privilege means private law. The normal rules of conduct don’t apply to Bullingdon Boys.

    The Declaration of Arbroath was, according to Professor Alexander Brodie, based on the theory that it is the duty of the ruler to protect the people from the theft of their property. That’s what a ruler is for. If the ruler fails to do that then the people have the right to depose him and choose another. Let’s do that. Let’s depose those thieves in Westminster and choose a better government to protect our laws, institutions and resources.

    The Past as Propaganda.

  12. gus1940 says:


    On poring thru tonight’s TV schedules it came to my notice that those bastards at the ever so unbiased BBC are showing yet again Wark’s Trial Of Alex Salmond.

    So much for the new Tory DG’s fine words about political neutrality.

  13. jfngw says:

    Scotland’s Advocate General has reportedly said he can live with the breaking of the law by the government, it seems he is a man for all seasons. I can see this Henry VIII power has spread to the legal profession, they will countenance lawbreaking as long as they retain their position, not legal minds but government courtiers.

  14. Gregory R Nunn says:

    Poor lawyers. They get such a thrashing, when it’s just 99% of them that give the rest a bad name.
    Or was that Tories?

  15. jfngw says:

    The EU negotiator returned to the capitols of the member states and declared ‘In my hand I have a piece of paper signed by myself and Mr Johnson which guarantees trade peace in our time, this guarantees we will never have a trade war again’.

    Meanwhile Johnson returned to his Conservative Realm Leader Cummings and planned their next move to dominate the EU and their planned 1000 year reign.

  16. James Cheyne says:

    I am quite happy the uk government thinks it’s ok to end and break international treaty’s,
    Is England’s Westminster not in, just such a international treaty with Scotland, if they think the international laws are there to be broken and changed.
    There are only two signituries in the Scotland/England international treaty,
    And seeing how they have broken the Scotland/England one a few times already, perhaps we could follow their example.
    The phrase, Goose and gander come to mind.

  17. proudcybernat says:

    Sublimely played, Paul. And thanks for keeping us all sane. Unlike another supposed indy blogger site that’s more interested in the SNP’s accounts than holding these bastard WM Tories to account.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Ah yes, and fully reported in Daily Express style with the actual facts missing for maximum effect for the Numpty persuasion who fall for this kind of nonsense because it’s what they think they want to read while lighting their torches and sharpening their keyboards

  18. Julia Gibb says:

    Latest from Ireland – I wish we had those powers.

    Launching the Brexit Readiness Action Plan, the Taoiseach, Micheál Martin TD said:

    “In less than four months’ time, regardless of the outcome of the current negotiations, the UK will be outside the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union.

    Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Leo Varadkar TD said:

    “In 2020 we’ve seen businesses across the country fundamentally change how they do business – whether it’s a restaurant moving to take away, a shop moving on-line, or changing from an office-based business to working remotely. Once again we are asking businesses to take action. Economic Brexit is happening at the end of the year. Free Trade Deal or No Free Trade Deal, the UK will leave the Single Market and Customs Union in little more than sixteen weeks. For companies that trade with Britain, things will not be the same.

    “Making sure your business is ready for any changes to customs is crucial. So, we are making available a grant up to €9,000 per employee taken on or redeployed to enable businesses build their capacity to manage any customs changes. Practical training is available, through Enterprise Ireland which is running an online Customs Insights course and through Local Enterprise Offices which are providing one to one Brexit mentoring. The €2 billion Credit Guarantee Scheme we opened earlier this week, the Microfinance Ireland loan, the Future Growth Loan Scheme, the Restart Grant Plus, the VAT reduction, warehousing of tax liabilities and of course the EWSS will also help as will increased Government spending on public services, infrastructure, education and skills. All designed to help businesses survive this difficult period and protect jobs.”

    The Action Plan provides guidance and advice to business and individuals in areas including the trade in goods and services, customs processes, import duties, EU single market accreditations, use of the UK land bridge, retail trade, including online retail with the UK, the transfer of data, the movement of pets, recognition of qualifications, and many other issues which will arise at the end of the Transition Period.

  19. Kieron says:

    If Westminster can break international law and walk away from the EU with no deal, surely Scotland can just repeal the act of union and walk away from the U.K. without a deal and pay them nothing?

    • grizebard says:

      Copying a bunch of lying internationally-reneging feckers hardly seems like a great strategy to me.

      • john burrows says:

        Considering the route of a legal referendum is the FM’s preferred strategy, and only an s30 can give her government the authority to do so, explain to me how she gets one from these feckers? If you say it is democratically unsustainable to deny Scot’s their freedom to choose, I would suggest you wake up and smell the coffee. These feckers use democracy, they don’t do democracy.

        Their next logical step will be to repeal the s30 legislation to forever remove the path of legal independence.

        Their internal market bill doesn’t even require oversight by Westminster. Parliament doesn’t even have to be consulted. A single Minister can make any and all decisions – to preserve the internal market. Henry VIII would be proud of them.

        Please explain what you think would be a great strategy to counter this duplicity? Righteous indignation? Take it to court?? Theirs irony for you.

        Their appointed Lord Advocate of Scotland, defender of the law, is said to have opined that he can live with breaking treaty law and trashing an agreement he was party to.

        These people are brigands. They don’t even honor their own word, in a limited and specific way.

        Laughable naivety.

        • weegingerdug says:

          Section 30 is a mechanism, it’s not legislation.

          If as you say the Conservatives can ignore a demand for a Section 30 order forever, they can also ignore the result of a referendum without a S30 order. They can ignore the result of a plebiscite election. And they can ignore a declaration of independence made unilaterally by Holyrood.

          The key here is to ensure that a majority of the Scottish public will support the next step should Westminster refuse a referendum. The first step to that is not to accept that Johnson has the political or moral authority to refuse because we have a rock solid belief in the absolute right of the people of this country to decide their own future for themselves, at the time of their own choosing. That is what builds up a sufficient amount of political capital to ensure that alternative steps gain majority support because it fosters widespread public anger and revulsion in Scotland should Johnson attempt to overrule us. See Craig Dalzel’s excellent explanation of this

          When we concede that Westminster will refuse and can keep refusing, all we do is to strengthen Johnson’s hand. This is a battle of wills, and you’ve already blinked.

          Clearly you are not amongst those who would need to be persuaded of the need to support an alternative step. Unfortunately you don’t represent a majority of Scottish opinion. That’s what we need to change – because alternative steps will only succeed when they are supported by a majority.

          • john burrows says:

            I have read the review by the Law Society. The Internal Market Bill supersedes both International treaty and domestic law. If it is passed, all law and/or mechanisms of governance in the Union will be subject to its notwithstanding clauses. Up to and including dispensing with existing law. By Ministerial fiat.

            After it becomes law, they could literally outlaw discussion of independence as it is a threat to the UK’s internal market. A stratagem I wouldn’t put past them at this stage.

            Even before they have passed this bill, they are already in the act of plastering the place with Union Jacks and, in the Borders, outlawing flying the Saltire on council property – in Scotland. They also propose to bypass Holyrood entirely by moving to direct funding from the UK Treasury to councils. Effectively bankrupting the Scottish Parliament, as all will be deducted from the Block Grant.

            If they succeed in removing the legal means of securing a referendum, I do not see how the justified outrage of Scot’s can express itself in these circumstances other than by resorting to Ireland’s solution to this impasse.

            I would be very happy to be wrong, but it occurs to me that moral outrage is a feeble defense against a UK government that has no morals.

            • Alex Clark says:

              “I would be very happy to be wrong”

              You are wrong, so be happy.

              What you are suffering from is a bad dose of the cringe, the remedy is to get off your arse and get out there and persuade one more person to become an Independence supporter.

              I can guarantee that when you fulfill that duty as a supporter of Independence then you will feel a whole lot better.

              Give it a try, and increase the support for Independence at the same time. A win win situation then so what’s to lose by being positive for a change 🙂

            • weegingerdug says:

              It’s not a question of moral outrage as our only defence John. It’s a matter of ensuring that we have majority support when – or if – it’s time to take the next step, whether that’s legal action, a referendum without a Sec30 order, or whatever.

        • Alex Clark says:

          I’ve lost count of the number of times posters here that I’ve never heard of have been telling us to “wake up and smell the coffee”.

          I smell it and it smells good, so good I’m going to savour it while I sit back and watch the UK move more and more voters towards supporting Independence.

          I smell the coffee here on the side of Independence and it smells really good. It smells like we’re winning.

          The Unionist coffee smells pretty shit though, so would agree with you there, nah, I want none of that. Their coffee is bitter.

  20. Dr Jim says:

    The mistake the UK government made was not getting round to passing the law that says they can break the law before they said they were going to break the law then everything would have been hunky dunky
    I can’t see the EU falling for this fairly obvious last ditch attempt to make them buckle, meaning the UK government may just be forced to carry out their threat to avoid looking even more ridiculous than they already do, then if they do the entire world will sigh and dump the Empire of Englands word on anything which will lead almost immediately to the unfortunate ill health of Johnson and his heroic retirement having at least achieved the will of the people on getting Brexit done, well the people of England anyway, step up Michael Gove until the people of England realise he’s not English but a traitorous Scots devil who can’t be trusted like all those damn Johnny Furriners who aren’t one of them, but they’re not racist because Scots are white people and apparently white people can’t be racist towards other white people, one wonders when that changed, perhaps they passed a law I didn’t notice

    However it all now seems of much less importance to the *British* press who have moved on to the big news that Boris is banning half a dozen people having a party in the hoose from the thirty that he was allowing before and why doesn’t awkward bugger Nicola Sturgeon just do the same as England says the Daily Express even though the FM pointed out that Scotland had never allowed thirty people in the first place

    Prediction: England in full lockdown in two months time then opened up again for happy Brexmass
    Not saying they’re planning it of course but what’s a few deaths and some sick people in the bigger profit making scheme of things if you’re a Tory

  21. Alex Montrose says:

    I don’t think Bozo is going to resign, the chaos of Brexit added to the chaos of Covid-19 give Cummings the perfect clusterfuckstorm to move forward with a whole raft of looney right wing policies.

    Proroguing Parliament and reneging on International Treaties is just the start.

    It’ll be tough going for any Scottish negotiating team to deal with they shower of bastards.

  22. Petra says:

    I don’t know what happened to my post? I’ll try again.


    All that you outline, Paul, is very reminiscent of the actions taken by another extremely corrupt cabal that lorded it over Germany in the 30’s. So how far do they, the Tories, plan to go here in the UK in 2020/21?

    Well worth a read:-

    Messing with the Acts of Union?

    ..”But the independence of Scotland’s legal system extends much further back than 1998. It is rooted in 1707, when the separate states of Scotland and England and Wales agreed to a union, thus creating a new state, that of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Under the 1707 Treaty and Acts of Union, certain Scottish institutions were preserved, including the Scottish legal system, church and education. Therefore, the Scottish legal system was not recently devolved, but has been distinctively and independently Scottish for over 300 years. A separate challenge to a Judicial Review Act 2021 could be brought, arguing that it interfered with fundamental provisions of the Acts of Union. This could also ultimately find its way to the UK Supreme Court. If so, two alternative approaches are possible.”..


    ”Scottish civil justice is devolved, and “the authority and privileges” of the Scottish Court of Session (which include its judicial review capacity) are protected under Article 19 of the 1707 Acts of Union “in all time coming.”

  23. Republicofscotland says:

    Seems the EU are looking for an urgent sit down with the British government (Possibly David Frost again) on the UK backsliding on Brexit deal.


    Just read that Donald Trump has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, if he wins it, it will go down in history as an infamous win, as bad as that as Obama or Kissinger awards.

    Satire is surely dead as a Dodo if Trump wins.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Trump has been nominated by a far-right Norwegian MP, Christian Tybring-Gjedde.

      The same guy nominated Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018. Trump didn’t win then and he won’t win now.

      • Republicofscotland says:

        Mind you Hitler and Mussolini were also nominated by crackpots for Nobel prizes in the past, hopefully this modern day crackpot and his nomination will also be passed over.

        • grizebard says:

          I wouldn’t waste any precious time even bothering about it. It’s clearly a deliberate hard-right attempt to gain some international attention for their evil ways, and consequently the less publicity they get for it the better.

          We have far more directly relevant and pressing matters to consider.

          • Republicofscotland says:

            President Obama holds the dubious title of POTUS longest at war, his entire two terms to be precise, Henry Kissinger Nixon’s sidekick, helped prolong the Vietnam war costing many more human casualties than there needed to be. Both won the Nobel Peace Prize, though Kissinger’s co-winner refused to accept the award.

            • grizebard says:

              Ho hum. All of which has diddly squat to do with Scottish independence. You clearly have too much time on your hands (or your real interests lie elsewhere)…

              • Alec Lomax says:

                Yeah, well you’ve enough time on your hands to post two comments

                • I Wright says:

                  Trump could have got the Nobel Peace Prize for keeping the warmonger Hilary Clinton out of the White House. He could have got it, along with the North and South Korean Presidents, for ending the Korean War.

                • grizebard says:

                  Yup, and I want to see independence promoted and progressed. That’s worth a lot of my time, and I’m not in the least ashamed of that, if that’s your concern. My time though is too precious to waste participating in a self-indulgent little knitting circle of frustrated global warriors, as – to the point – neither do the vast majority of people we need to convert and hopefully come by here.

                  This blog is a precious and scarce resource for the promotion of independence, and there’s no shortage of places elsewhere on the internet full of pointless axe-grinding by Nirvana believers and interference-running bots.

  24. Dr Jim says:

    For anyone who thinks the FM doesn’t mean it when she says Scotland will have Independence take a look at her Twitter and the video on it, and the names she calls the UK, this could come even earlier than next November

  25. jfngw says:

    I see Johnson has labelled his new virus testing target ‘moonshot’, a bit strange as it takes around eight days to get to the moon and back. I suppose it was better than his alternative idea, Apollo 13.

  26. James Cheyne says:

    I was just reading an article in the magazine “Prospect” debating legal challenges to the uk union.
    Interestingly the had a photo of Joanna cherry As supposed legal challenge,
    Sorry I don’t know how to link to to article, perhaps someone with better computer skills will be kind enough to help me out.

    • Golfnut says:

      I read it this morning, the narrative fails somewhat when it takes as read that Westminster is sovereign rather than discussing or even acknowledging that any legal challenge on this matter would actually be based on refuting Westminsters claim to sovereignty.
      What is perhaps missed in this matter is whether it is lawful to bring this bill before Parliament since it actually breaks the law.

      • william purves says:

        Westminster is only sovereign in England. Read the treaty and the agreements before the signing.

        • weegingerdug says:

          There is certainly a widespread view in Scotland that Westminster is only sovereign in England (and Wales) whereas in Scotland sovereignty rests with the people. That view was seemingly confirmed by the famous 1953 court ruling referred to in the article in Prospect magazine.

          Westminster however clearly has a different view. One of the interesting points in that article is that the issue has always been fudged and never directly confronted head on.

          • Bruce MacDougall says:

            The fact that Scots Law is specifically enshrined in the Treaty of Union, should be clarification enough without further testing in Court. To overrule Scots Law is to invalidate the Treaty and render it worthless.

          • Ealasaid says:

            As I understand it, the sovereignty of Westminster is an English concept. Sovereignty always remains with the sovereign. It can be lent, but it cannot be removed from the sovereign. In England the monarch, the Queen, is sovereign and traditionally she lends her sovereignty to the Westminster Parliament.

            However, the Queen is not sovereign in Scotland. In Scotland the people are sovereign, as evidenced by the Declaration of Arbroath. So where is Scotland’s sovereignty in Westminster? It is held by our elected representatives, our MPs, who hold our votes. So if all our MPs walk out of the Westminster Parliament they take our sovereignty with them. This was why the SNP was careful to leave at least one MP when they walked out a few years ago and why it caused such shock waves and the world press turned up.

  27. Meanwhile over on that other place there’s a scandal , the SNP,s accounts are LATE !!

    But hang on , there’s worse …..the SNP have been getting regular payments from the Westminster government

    You would be right to say ALL party’s get regular payments from Westminster government so what’s the problem ?
    Looks like the other place wants SNP to refuse the money or send it back

    But hang on …isn’t that what they criticised Labour for ? Sending money back to Westminster
    YES absolutely they did

    Waiting for the actual accounts is obviously too excruciatingly painful for those bods over in the other place

  28. Petra says:

    Nicola Sturgeon on Twitter and Ian Blackford in the Commons (video).

    ‘Nicola Sturgeon slams UK Government as ‘bunch of incompetent and unscrupulous chancers’ over new Brexit bill.’

    Responding to the remarks, Ms Sturgeon said the Government’s “incompetence” was “trashing the UK’s international reputation”.

    Earlier, Ms Sturgeon said the new legislation setting out trading arrangements within the UK after the Brexit transition period was a “full frontal assault on devolution”.

    “The Internal Market Bill that the UK Government will publish today is a full frontal assault on devolution,” she said on Twitter. In the General Election it was, according to the PM ‘oven ready’ – now, when they want to jettison it in breach of international law, it was ‘signed in a rush’,” the Scottish First Minister tweeted. What a bunch of incompetent and unscrupulous chancers – and they are trashing the UK’s international reputation.”

    At forthcoming @ScotParl elections, @theSNP will make case for independence. And more and more this is not about independence v the status quo of devolution. It’s about independence as the only way to protect the Scottish Parliament from being undermined and its powers eroded.

    And added to all of the above, this is a Bill that, by the government’s own admission, breaks international law. This UK gov is the most reckless (& to make it worse, incompetently so) and unprincipled in my lifetime. Scotland can do better and we will have that choice.”

    • Dr Jim says:

      And I for one believe 100% she will make it so, and who knows with a fair wind maybe even earlier than the predicted next November as long as more of Scotland gets behind her

    • I tire of pointing this out. We cannot wait until May 2021 and get ‘permission’ from the elctorate to approach WM fo their permission for a Section 30 plebiscite. There will be nothing left of Scotland by then.
      The UKIM bill has set in motion the dismantling of devolved Governments across tyehe uK.
      WE must begin the campaign now. No more name calling, NS. Start the ball rolling before it is too late.
      We have 5 weeks until No Deal is confirmed and Scotland is put under House arrest by our imperial neighbours to the South.
      It’s as imminent as that.

      We, the citizens of Scotland demand action, not yet more tiresome name calling.
      I am a Scot, a European, and demand that we drive this Imperial Oligarchy out of our country once and for all.
      Leonard, Murray, Ross, Davidson, Rennie, and Coal Scuttle are traitors, in my view. No more,no less. They are betraying their country for cash.
      But we must move from name calling, to direct action. Now, not in June 2021.
      We had 6years of it and we are on the same woeful merry go round.
      Well, no more.

  29. James Cheyne says:

    Thank you everyone who posted and helped.

  30. Alex Clark says:

    Oh FFS as well as “Home Rule” rearing it’s ugly head again, they’re now bringing up Independence for the Shetlands on the BBC Against Scotland. Fighting the same old battles again, it has started!

    • grizebard says:

      Aha! The “first cuckoo” of the upcoming election. When “Shetland” appears in the media once again, totally out of nowhere, we can be certain that the opposition is getting itself prepared for IR2, whatever denials they may issue in public (and the cringists faithfully believe)…

      • Petra says:

        And of course the BBC has been broadcasting a fabulous programme about Shetland on a regular basis. ”Island Medics” highlights the beauty of the island, the low crime rate, great hospital, close society and so on. One wonders if their main aim is to encourage people from rUK, other than medics, to relocate there?

        ”Make Shetland your next career move

        Becoming an ‘island medic’ really is a job like no other. Not only will you get to work in one of the UK’s most beautiful island communities, you’ll have the chance to work in a busy healthcare environment, where no two days are ever the same. If you’re looking for job variety, career satisfaction, plus that all-important work/life balance, then why not move to Shetland?

        Get started by signing up to our monthly newsletter. We’ll send you all the latest NHS job opportunities and news about life in Shetland.”

    • Of course because they will then say ALL Scottish Oil and Gas and Fish and Wind&Wave power will belong to Shetland which will in turn belong to England .

      The BBC is pathetic

  31. Petra says:

    Let’s hope that Boris hangs on in there. Send him all of your best wishes folks 😎.

    ‘Poll – Boris Johnson is a key asset for the Scottish independence campaign.’

    ..”One of the most striking findings of the research is that – of those that said it would make a difference – 83% of voters in Scotland were more likely to vote for independence due to Boris Johnson being the UK Prime Minister.”..


    Nicola Sturgeon being interviewed by Piers Morgan (again) plus btl comments .. ”great leader”.

  32. Petra says:

    Some brass neck but not a bad idea. Maybe we should think of targeting folks with begging letters in the rUK, better still the US etc?

    ‘Outsourcing Unionism.’

    ..”This email, from Douglas Ross and Baroness Davidson, is a plea to Conservative supporters, in England and Wales as well as Scotland, to donate money to fight the SNP and Scottish independence. To my mind, outsourcing unionism in the form of a begging letter to English and Welsh voters goes against the principle that independence is a matter for the Scottish people. Furthermore, it undermines Douglas Ross’ claim that the Scottish Tories are distinct from the UK Party. If you’re distinct, then raise party funds from your own members.”


    ‘Britain in Ruins, the Dark Irony of Brexit Nationalism.’

    ..”What the Unionist media elite is faced with now is a movement made up of people who had never voted Yes, never supported independence, people from all walks of life and parts of Scotland and people who are members of all parties and none. What they don’t yet realise is this isn’t a nationalist movement any more, this is a movement for democracy.”

  33. Petra says:

    ‘Follow The Money.’

    “We can strike a deal as the Canadians have done based on trade and getting rid of tariffs. It’s a very, very bright future I see.” – Boris Johnson, June 2016

    Chances of a no-deal Brexit are “a million to one against”. – Boris Johnson, July 2019

    “We can get that deal through in days. It is oven-ready and every single Conservative MP elected at this election, all 365 of them, have pledged to vote for this deal immediately.” – Boris Johnson, December 2019

    A no-deal Brexit is “a good outcome”. – Boris Johnson, September 6th 2020

    ..”But my second concern is this. We suspected six years ago – the politicisation of the Treasury, the Civil Service and the Head of State, vote No to stay in the EU, postal vote tampering – that Westminster was untrustworthy. Yesterday, the entire world learned the scale of their shameless duplicity, and I’m surely not the only one concerned about how honestly they would act when faced with the reality of a Yes vote. This is a political class that would gladly rip up the withdrawal act, the devolution settlement and the Good Friday Agreement. They wouldn’t think twice about gerrymandering the new referendum. They are not to be trusted.”..


    ”The Tories are using the Palace of Westminster to film and Broadcast Party Political Broadcasts against the Government of Scotland. And this is not on.”

  34. Petra says:

    Anyone else reckon that Brandon Lewis makes the case for Scotland withdrawing from the Treaty of Union?

    ”Later in his answer Brandon Lewis cites international precedents for reconsidering obligations when circumstances change. Problem is circumstances haven’t changed. At all. Prospect of there not being an FTA was entirely foreseen & accounted for. So this doesn’t hold water (1/3).

    Indeed the renegotiation of the backstop into the new Protocol made it even more explicit that the Protocol applies in all circumstances. As I (and others) said at the time, it became a front stop. This also hints that the Govt may be eyeing up using Article 62 of VCLT…(2/3)

    Which allows for treaties to be withdrawn from if unforeseen circumstances arise or change. But they haven’t. Indeed this has been looked at previously in Govt around the backstop & rejected as entirely legally unworkable. (3/3)”


    ‘Scottish Government announces £1.6 BILLION investment for jobs and fuel poverty, to media silence.’

  35. Alex Clark says:

    I couldn’t imagine a government that could be more incompetent than that with Theresa May as Prime Minister, neither though could I ever have imagined that the UK electorate would choose Boris Johnson as Prime Minister with a majority of 80 seats.

    They will be those that now regret voting for the most useless Prime Minister that the UK has ever known, as the article points out rumours abound that he might step down using Covid-19 as the reason for him being unfit to govern.

    The truth is though that he was unfit to govern before Covid-19 even came to these islands. He has always been unfit to govern bu that didn’t stop the Tory party making him their leader and then inflicting his incompetence to govern on the entire UK.

    Now the people of England and Wales voted to have their countries because a laughing stock throughout the rest of the world, Scotland did not and yet here we are being dragged down along with them since we are seen as being part of the UK. I refuse to accept that Johnson governs for Scotland and most of our country now agree with me.

    This latest ruse of admitting in the House of Commons that his government plan to break International Law in a treaty signed with the EU less than one year ago will be the last straw for many more and I expect we will see a further rise in support for Independence.

    It was certainly the last straw for another two of his most senior civil servants in the Legal Department of the government and the Attorney Generals office, as they both immediately handed in their resignations.

    This is a FAILED government, it just doesn’t recognise that yet. We in Scotland already have.

  36. Petra says:

    Joanna Cherry:- ”The UK Govt’s disrespect for their international legal obligations is deplorable. They are taking us into a period of lawlessness. The head of the Gov legal division has resigned today, UK Gov law officers should consider their positions and resign too.”


    Adam Tomkins cracking up too 🙄.

    ”Brexit must be delivered, but it must be delivered compatibly with the rule of law. Senior Scottish Conservative @ProfTomkins warns his Westminster colleagues not to tear up commitments made to the EU.”

    • Alex Clark says:

      🙂 at both of those tweets, they really are up shit creek when even Tomkins squeaks his objections.

  37. Petra says:

    Iain Blackford’s speech in the Commons:- ”The legislation being brought forward not only breaks international law it breaks domestic law. This is a dangerously out of control government launching an attack on Scotland’s Parliament. @BorisJohnson is lying to you, he doesn’t care. Its time for Independence #PMQs #Powergrab.”


    Iain Blackford:- ”This clause means the UK Govt can go over the heads of the Scottish Parliament in health, education and transport to name but three. This could be the end of devolution as we know it. The Tories tried to kill devolution at the ballot box. They are now trying to legislate for it.”

  38. Welsh Sion says:

    Westminster ‘power grab’ – Wales and Scotland as one:

    “Independence now ‘the only solution’ to stop ‘Westminster power grab’ say Plaid and SNP”

    The Leaders of Plaid Cymru and the SNP have said that independence for Wales and Scotland is now the “only way” to resist ensure their democracy is protected.

    They were responding to the publication of the UK Government’s Internal Market Bill, which aims to create a new “internal market” within Scotland, England Wales and Northern Ireland.

  39. Petra says:

    Any other masochists on here care to join me in smashing up our computers? 😀

    I’ve just been trawling through the Parliament Live site and listening to politicians putting questions to Alister Union Jack, the Secretary of State for England (Scotland). One politician after another stands up and complains about Scotland, for example Mr Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi MP (Slough, Labour) complaining about Scottish care homes,
    Joy Morrissey MP (Beaconsfield, Conservative) complains about Scotland being the highest taxed part of the UK and then one Tory numpty stands up and asks what are they doing about hanging onto Scotland in light of the fact that our renewable energy sector is worth £2.5 trillion. I’m not a celebrity but get me out of here anyway 🤬. ASAP.


    Check out Ann’s links on the indyref2 site.

    • Dr Jim says:

      One Twitter user from England put it “Sturgeon’s a swaggering arrogant cretin like all the Scotch, England should just take them over”

      These are the comments from a people who have never been to Scotland, never intend to come to Scotland and who probably couldn’t locate Scotland on a map yet they feel they have the right to some sort of ownership of an entire country because their upbringing has indoctrinated them in this way and they don’t even realise it is they who are the proud and ridiculous possessors of cretinous swaggering arrogance for even suggesting such as though we’re some race of inferior beings they need to expel from one of their distant lands or be brought into line under the great white mother in England, you can’t ever tell me racial prejudice is only about colour

      Also some of the people who are most opposed to the hate crime legislation seem to be *journalists*, now if they’re always impartial and tell the truth without fear or favour why should they be concerned about the stirring up of hate part, of course if you watch the BBCs 9 with James (I’ve seen the email FM) Cook, that might answer your question, remember the email that never existed before James Cook was spirited away to America till the heat died down on that lie

  40. Petra says:

    ”Inconvenient Ruth” programme on the way from Baroness Davidson commonly known as lying, dark money Davidson. First interview with Tony Bliar where they can discuss which political party has created more death, mayhem and misery worldwide than the other. Tony BLiar, Labour, with Iraq or Cameron with Libya? Oh forgot this is going to be a one sided affair. No one will be questioning, holding to account, Baroness Davidson about anything at all.

    ”Ruth Davidson – Leader of the Conservative party in the Scottish Parliament – also joins LBC to host a new Sunday night show (9pm to 10pm).

    An Inconvenient Ruth will see her interview some of the UK’s most notable figures, discussing their successes and failures.

    First to face Ruth in the hot seat, on Sunday 13th September, will be former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

    An Inconvenient Ruth will also be available as a podcast on Global Player.

    Ruth Davidson said: “Some politicians take time out at weekends by hitting the gym, reading books or going hillwalking. I’m excited to spend an hour on LBC talking to fascinating people about their life, their work and the change they’re making to the world. From scientists to celebrities, artists to athletes and all sorts of world-beating figures in between, I’ll be asking them to share their story – the hard times as well as the good. It should make absorbing listening.”


    A petition to sign:-

  41. Millsy says:

    I take it that ”Inconvenient Ruth” has managed to squeeze this LBC show in before or after her local MSP surgeries ?

    She is a very busy wee wummin , what with a wean to watch , a partner to feed , a job in Edinburgh that takes up so much of her time , a Party to lead ( while Dross is discovering more ways to make a tit of himself ) , articles to write about democracy ( look it up , Ruth ! ), fittings for ermine robes ( wouldn’t want to look less regal than Baroness Mone ) , surgeries of constituents to skip … how does she do it ?
    And all done with no thought of self aggrandisement or payment .

    • But, Millsy, she’s doin’ it all for charidee, not for herself, according to the go to pink fluff piece peddler of Brit Nat PR, Tom Gordon.
      Aye, right.
      The woman is out for no one but herself. I sincerely hope NS refers to he by her titile tomorrow: Baroness Davidson of Brown Envelope.
      On a day when the UKIM shit hits the fan, the Jock Hacks seem to have no comment…
      What a corrupt little Brit Nat Jock servants they truly are.

  42. Petra says:

    Onto another article now with the Rev. Stuart Campbell continuing with his anti-Nicola Sturgeon / SNP crusade. That guy and his site are clearly being used (by whom?) to totally undermine our chances of getting our independence and if you can’t see it, sorry to have to say this, but there’s something far wrong with you, imo. He’s also using his site to whip up hatred against Nicola Sturgeon / the SNP but as he has pointed out already the Hate Crime Bill, if ever enacted, wouldn’t apply to him because he lives in England. He is however sailing close to the wind in relation to defaming individuals. Time for all genuine independence supporters to give him and his site the cold shoulder and leave Mings over Scotland and the fake Rev …. Stu Campbell to get on with leading the charge for the BritNat Brigade.

    Bryan Ritchie:- “Why on a day like today with blatant criminality evident in Westminster are you again trying to disparage the SNP. If in 2014 you’d done this some people would have accused you of working for MI6.”

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says 9 September, 2020 at 2:01 pm:- ”At the risk of dignifying such a fuckwitted question with a response:

    (1) This is a Scottish independence website.

    (2) It exists to fight the enemies of Scottish independence, whether they be Unionists or closer to home.

    (3) The Westminster goings-on have nothing directly to do with independence, and are being more than adequately covered elsewhere. If you want a site to just remind you every day that the Tories are bad, which the rest of us already know, there’s always Wee Ginger Dug.

    If you don’t like what we write, or if you don’t want to know that the SNP are selling the entire movement down the river, the answer is the same as it’s ever been: I don’t see any chains holding you down, sonny. Feel free to piss off.”


    Ruaridh: – “Unless you can provide evidence that the money taken from short money was spent significantly on expenses outwith the purview of Westminster-related operations of the SNP (staffers, etc.) this strikes me as fundamentally baseless innuendo that is just a cheap jibe at the SNP from someone who seems to be increasingly desperately trying to throw any mud that will stick at the SNP. Is this really a story of interest to anyone? All parties in parliament use short money. The SNP gets a lot of short money because it has a lot of MPs, so now has a larger Westminster operation than it did (and more staffers, correspondingly). This shouldn’t be news to anyone who pays attention. Trying to infer the SNP is now a short money laundering machine is very peculiar indeed if your genuine focus is campaigning for independence. What’s your point, caller?”

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says 9 September, 2020 at 5:24 pm:- ”What an extraordinarily dim-witted, completely point-missing response. The point is that the SNP is dependent on UK state aid to stay afloat. The party is skint and no living person wants to donate money to it any more. That’s why it’s desperately scrabbling around for pennies anywhere it can find them: sending out embarrassing plastic piggy banks, clawing back the 25% branch allowance, asking people to pay their subs early and – I think we’re about to discover – pissing away all the “ring-fenced” indy campaign money on paying the likes of Peter Murrell huge salaries nobody is allowed to know anything about.”

    Meanwhile join the SNP and / or donate to put a spanner in the Unionist works.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Think about it for a second, this is a man who refers to himself as *we*

      • Petra says:

        Spot on Dr Jim. ”If you don’t like what we write.”

        I’d go as far as to say that ”someone else” is controlling the site now (has been for quite some time) and that the ”going-ons” there will come out in the wash, as someone, not his ”someone”, will be keeping a close eye on him.

        He says that the site exists, ”to fight the enemies of Scottish independence, whether they be Unionists or closer to home.” In other words he’s inferring that the SNP are the enemy. No holding back now, eh? Getting desperate? What he isn’t so forthcoming about, for all his venomous yakkety-yak, is telling his followers who exactly is going to get us our independence, with our help of course, other than the SNP.

        The Britnats have ascertained that Nicola Sturgeon poses a real threat to the Union, ”the most dangerous woman in Britain” and ”the most dangerous woman in the world” and if they had their way they would get rid of her in a heartbeat and yet here we have a mountebank who is attempting to do just that. Do the British Establishment’s dirty work for them.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Well, it is possible he’s deliberately doing it extremely, inaccurately and irrationally to achieve the opposite effect. All part of the plan. Running interference. Which might explain the absolute sheer incredibly ignorant stupidity of this: “both of really weirdly specific sums (£88,622.93 and £92,732.47)”. Ummm, has he not heard of being mentioned in wills? Or of course the conversion from say, 100,000 euros at different times. Forensic, someone said!

      Anyway, enought about the Vicar of Dibley.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Petra – giving him the cold shoulder doesn’t include going on at length about him here. All that happens when people bang on about a certain blog is that it makes its owner feel vindicated. It tells him that he’s still influential. As far as he is concerned, that means job done.

      The best way to deal with people who are not helpful to the cause is to ignore them and to concentrate on arguments and information which will help to shift undecided people or soft no voters to supporting independence.

      I sent you an email on Aug 23 – did you get it?

      • Petra says:

        The thing is Paul he is influential, more so than the BritNat MSM I would venture to say. We expose them so why not him? I don’t think that he sees it as ”job done’ either’. He can’t stand being criticised and shown up for the charlatan that he is. Anyway I’ll take your advice of course and ignore him and get on with concentrating on arguments and information to further the cause.

        My email? I only use that particular email address for this site and feel that I never actually have a need to check it. I’ll check it out now.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Yeh Wings is just a terrible site. The fact he has ran down other sites such as Scot goes pop, WGD etc shows it is impacting on his ego. I think I should get a wee badge of honour to wear. “Banned from WoS”🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

      The snp get monies for being the 3rd largest party. Maybe wings thinks the lid dems deserves it?

    • jfngw says:

      Also a bit hypocritical, did he not blow a fortune on a vanity prosecution that was doomed from the outset. Could have been his own money not from donations of course, he must be one wealthy individual if that is the case.

  43. yesindyref2 says:

    His actions speak for themselves – BoJo is volunteering to be the Christmas Turkey.

    Seems to me we should accept his kind offer and give him a good stuffing.

  44. ArtyHetty says:

    Excellent indeed.
    Just one wee thing, I didn’t know that DRoss had a ‘band of followers’, lol, he is surely a one man band, well apart from his stand in, untRuth. 😉

  45. Jim says:

    On now on Newsnight, Sir Bernard Jenkins lets the cat out of the bag on being questioned about the Tories breaking the agreement they signed with the EU.
    ” The EU are offering a trade deal with the UK but not with services”

    In other words, this is all about the ‘City’ getting access to EU markets.

    The UK government like to pretend that they want to protect UK jobs and industry but it matters didley squat if the bankers and hedge fund managers can’t keep making their billions.

    This is not about fish, when oh when are the fishermen in the north east going to hear the penny drop.
    Honestly guys, you would be better protected within the EU. 80% of your catch is sold to the EU.
    What if the UK gov. tells the EU ‘You’re not getting our fish unless we get unfetered access to the money markets.
    Where are you going to sell your catch?
    Are you prepared for a an 80% drop in your income?

    The Tories sold you out before.

    Remember that.

    This is all about the city of London.

    The rest of us don’t matter, never forget that.

  46. Willie says:

    Quite honestly if the fishermen can’t sell their catch into Europe who really cares.

    Yes the fishermen will lose out. You can’t make money out of catch you cannot sell if 80% of your market goes. So job losses for them. That’s what they voted for. Let them enjoy it for they were the greediest most self interested opportunistic opportunist work group in Scotland.

    And for the rest of us we’ll all enjoy cheaper fish happy also that fish stocks are being conserved.

    Win, win really with the fishermen going to become conservationists rather than the eco destroyers who traditionally would have plundered fish stocks to extinction.

  47. Statgeek says:

    So does it really come down to power, not truth?

    Is that Westminster’s answer to everything now?

    If Westminster can break the law. So can anyone. So can Holyrood. Time to go.

  48. Golfnut says:

    Now this is interesting and relates to my comment yesterday at 6:04 pm. I was referring to Westminster not the the devolved governments, so well done Patrick Harvie for asking for a ruling from the Presiding Officer. I’m not sure that the actual question was answered, which was basically should this bill even be debated, far less voted on by this parliament

  49. Hamish100 says:

    Good point by Harvie. It appears Holyrood can withhold consent from illegal laws being imposed by Westminster.

    I think the Courts may also agree.

  50. Golfnut says:

    John McDonnell is without doubt a hypocrite and those of us who support Independence for Scotland have every right to call him out on his double standards on democracy. However in this video where he highlights the very real danger to democracy in general and Julian Assange in particular he deserves to be applauded.

    • Petra says:

      Yeah he does deserve to be applauded, Golfnut. Credit where credit’s due.

      And he says, ”The media haven’t been kind.” The media, in fact, has been a bl**dy disgrace in this country (and others) and don’t give a damn about the current torture of and long term repercussions for Julian Assange because they’ll never find themselves in his position namely because they don’t have the brains or the backbone to do what he has done as a journalist (which many crucially dispute) and publisher. And don’t let’s get started on the Tory politicians that bend over backwards to sook up Trump’s backside. Pretty difficult to do, I know 😀.

      Then again some seem to have bucked up this morning.

      ”Julian Assange is not on trial for his personality – but here’s how the US government made you focus on it.”


      Don’t we know it!

      Richard Murphy:- ‘Scotland should not expect a UK government to play fair if it votes for independence.’

      ..”There is a word of warning implicit in. this: Scotland should not expect a UK government to play fair if it votes for independence.”..

  51. Petra says:

    ”Anyone watching PMQs today (yesterday)? Scottish Lib Dem MP Alistair Carmichael just made the point that if the UK Government can now openly break the law, then he sees no reason why the Scottish Government shouldn’t be able to call a 2nd Independence referendum without a section 30 order.”

    On at 12:34pm.

    • Petra, so that Johnson the Classicist may understand, ‘Cave Danaos et donna ferentis’, or for the plebs among us, ‘Beware Greeks bearing gifts’, which is of course a reference to the Trojan horse left at the gates of Troy during the siege.

      That was Carmichael’s crafty wee game.

      To paraphrase ‘Yes Minister’, always avoid ‘looking a Trojan gift horse in the mouth’.

      He was not backing a ‘wildcat’ Indyref2; he was merely saying that any Indyref 2 without his Brit Nat Puppet Masters’ ‘permission’ would be as illegal as Johnson’s UKIM wheeze.

      He looked every inch the fat bloated Brit Nat fellow traveller as he hauled himself from his seat at PMQ .

      Perhaps he had more than fried spuds than Six Chips Failed Sub Lieutenant Andrew Bowie had in his £30 HOC lunch?
      Liar Carmichael attempted to play the ‘Two Birds with One Stone Gambit’, bash Johnson and the Bad SNP with one mighty swipe.
      It failed badly. He is still a self declared, judicially determined liar.

  52. Pardeep says:

    I do find all the pearl clutching and fake horror about a British government openly breaking international law hilarious. British governments have always broken international law, does anyone remember Iraq, it’s just that they don’t usually admit it.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Were all those that marched against war in Iraq “pearl clutchers” were they consummed with “fake horror”? There is nothing hilarious about breaking International Law, it is embarrassing and a disgrace for any government to break International Law.

      That is, other than for this government who have no shame and could never be embarrassed.

      “Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of London to voice their opposition to military action against Iraq.

      Police said it was the UK’s biggest ever demonstration with at least 750,000 taking part, although organisers put the figure closer to two million.

      I thought I needed to show that we were against the war so the prime minister can’t say that he has the backing of his people

      There were also anti-war gatherings in Glasgow and Belfast – all part of a worldwide weekend of protest with hundreds of rallies and marches in up to 60 countries.”

    • Golfnut says:

      International law is the least of Britnat problems. Bin the GFA and you don’t get a U.S. deal or a EU deal or any of the countries that have a deal either of them.
      They know that, so what is the motivation behind this, either way they are screwed by the Treaty of Union.

      • Alex Clark says:

        As Undeadshaun posts further down the thread, there are already talks of financial penalties and even trade sanctions from the EU if the UK chooses to continue down this path. I doubt the gruesome twosome Cummings/Johnson have the balls to carry this through.

        The EU won’t be for backing down or they will become a laughing stock in the eyes of the other superpowers in the world, just as the UK has already become.

  53. amimmortal says:

    Hi Paul, I’m intrigued about these persistent rumours you mention. This blog is the first place I’ve seen this reported. Can you clarify where these rumours are coming from? Thanks.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Johnson’s father in law first mentioned it. It was later repeated on Twitter by Jolyon Maugham on Twitter who said that he’d heard it from “well connected” sources.

      • Alex Clark says:

        I think it was Cummings father in law who said he would be stepping down early next year after he had “got Brexit done”. That was to be his legacy, which I think would be a very suitable legacy for a clown. Destruction of the UK will be a fitting monument for Johnson’s time in power.

  54. Willie says:

    We do because we can.

    What part of that do people here not understand.

    Its simples really. Why all the jaw, jaw.

  55. Willie says:

    Why has my comment about doing because we can put into moderation.

    What is offensive, unacceptable, or what about that Mr Dug.

    • weegingerdug says:


      I’ve put all your comments into premoderation because the other day you weren’t behaving yourself. When I can be confident that you’re not going to threaten other people who comment here then I’ll stop premoderating you Willie.

  56. Undeadshuan says:

    The Eu has said the internal markets bill, breaches the withdrawal agreement and Leaked legal opinion says bloc already has grounds to take ‘legal remedies’ that could lead to financial and trade sanctions.

  57. John says:

    Feel a reaffirmation of my understanding of Democracy.
    As an old Greek guy declared and martyred himself to state.
    Our democratic government does not work for the people. It’s comforting to believe they do , but judging them by their actions says they work for the deepest darkest self serving amongst us , not protecting us from them .

  58. Legerwood says:

    BBC’s Brian Taylor retiring at the end of October.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Not surprised, maybe he feels guilty at his role as another UK state propaganda mouthpiece.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        A few below the line at the National think he’s been a Nationalist waiting to get out, and I tend to agree. There’s a few things he’s said that make you think “did he really say that?”. I’d say he pushed the editorial script to its limits.

        Certainly with him BBC Scotland have lost someone a lot of people would trust, and that in itself has to be good for Indy I guess. Can you imagine Sarah Smith telling it straight up and honest? No, me neither!

        I liked him.

  59. Christopher Rosindale says:

    Be careful if you watch this, as it might raise your blood pressure.

    It raised mine because this guy is my local MP.

    Here we have Alister Jack defending his boss’s trashing of the UK’s international reputation:

  60. Mark Robertson says:

    It’s quite sickening to read that Barbados wants to remove the Queen as head of state and become a republic so as to “leave its colonial past behind “ and here we are us dumf@ck Scots Not even close to being an independent nation !
    How did we stoop so low

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