The solid ground

It’s very possible that Scotland has reached the tipping point, when it shifts from being a country which is ambivalent about independence to becoming a nation which is resolved that it can only reach its full potential if it has all the powers of an independent state. There have been reports this week of a secret poll on independence, whose results were let slip in an article in the Guardian by a former advisor to the Treasury, Prof Mujtaba Rahman. According to the professor, the cabinet was told that 56% of people in Scotland support independence. While he has refused to reveal his sources, the professor confirmed to The National that the figure was correct.

If all recent public opinion polling had been reporting that support for independence was somewhere in the higher 40s percentile as it remained for years following the 2014 referendum, we could dismiss this latest report. However the 56% figure comes following a series of opinion polls all of which have shown support for independence to be in the 51% to 55% range. That makes it a far more plausible result. If it is indeed true, it confirms that support for independence is continuing its incremental rise as more and more people look upon the British Government and realise that Scotland could do far better, despite the best efforts of the vast majority of the media in Scotland.  There is now, for the first time, a solid ground of majority independence support in Scotland, and that’s before an official campaign has even begun

Meanwhile the Johnson administration continues its descent into the murky depths of the incoherent deceit which is the only thing that it’s world beating at. This government’s Brextremists, which is all of the government, are now complaining that the current deal breaches the UK’s sovereignty. Yet this isn’t a deal which anyone forced on them. It wasn’t Theresa May. It wasn’t remainers. It wasn’t Brussels. This is a deal which was signed by Boris Johnson last year and which he announced as a triumph. He even put it to the electorate in the General Election in December 2019 and won an 80 seat majority on the back of it.

Most objective observers, as well as critics of the Conservatives, believbe that there are no discernible benefits to no deal. It will destroy swathes of the British economy, put hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk, and alienate the UK’s closest allies. Yet so far the British Government has not clearly articulated just why this no deal Brexit that they’re taking us all into is so great for the UK. All we get is waffle about UK sovereignty and the ability to make trade deals freely. Yet they don’t want to explain just how they’re going to manage that after demonstrating to the world that the British Government’s word is worth about as much as a Dominic Cummings assurance that he went to Durham for an eye test.

Today Jonathan Jones, the head of the legal department in the UK civil service, resigned his post over reports that the British Government wants to rip up parts of the Brexit deal for Northern Ireland and trash the Good Friday Agreement. His resignation suggests that there is a dispute within the topmost levels of the British Government about the lawfulness of Johnson’s decision.  Spokesapologists for the Government have claimed that their actions are being taken in a very “specific and limited way”.  Can you break international law in an unspecific and unlimited way?  Asking for a former Empire.

Today former Prime Minister Theresa May, who bears a considerable amount of the responsibility for getting the UK into this mess by going full tilt for a hard Brexit and refusing to take the views of remainers into account, has attacked the Johnson administration. In a speech in the Commons she pointed out that if the British Government takes this step, it will only prove to other countries that it cannot be trusted to act in good faith if they sign a treaty with it.

In an interview with STV on Monday night, part time branch office manager DRoss insisted that a no deal Brexit could offer “great benefits” to Scotland and went so far as to claim that a UK government which rips up international treaties was acting responsibily. But then Douglas only has his job because the bosses in his party decided to rip up the result of a democratic election amongst party members, so he is operating with a very loose definition of responsible.

DRoss made his claim despite the fact that none of the Brextremists in the Conservative party were publicly advocating a no deal Brexit before or during the EU referendum, insisting instead that achieving a deal with the EU would be the easiest negotiation in the world. Some of them even warned that saying there was a risk of a no deal Brexit was scaremongering of the worst sort. And yet here we are, with Baroness Davidson’s muppet on TV trying to sell us a no deal Brexit.

This is the man who asserted that he’d stand up to Johnson when he felt it was necessary to defend Scottish interests. But he can’t even stand up to Johnson when we’re facing the catastrophe of a no deal Brexit on top of the Conservative decision to end furlough payments even though the pandemic has far from run its course. He’s never stood up to Johnson before, he sure as hell isn’t about to start now.

Johnson’s bad faith and untrustworthiness has been noted in Europe. So for example the Spanish newspaper El Pais warns that Brussels has been put on alert by an apparently treacherous manoeuvre which runs the risk of blowing up bridges.

The UK is being crushed to death by its own delusions. The British state of British nationalist Brexit imagination is far removed from what the rest of the globe sees. The Conservatives still believe in a UK that bestrides the world stage like a colossus, imposing its will on lesser breeds and going unchallenged. The reality is a British state which has never come to terms with its loss of Empire, which is lost in a reverie of past glory, and which is blind to the harsh truth that the UK is merely a medium sized European state with pretensions far beyond its abilities. However more and more people in Scotland see the truth and have come to realise that Scottish independence is not an unrealistic proposition. It’s the dreams of British nationalism which are unrealistic, unfeasible, and unattainable.

Scottish independence is nothing more than the desire to live in a normal country which engages with the rest of the world on a basis of realism. As the Johnson administration becomes increasingly unmoored and lost the waves of fantasy which is all that Britannia rules over these days, that 56% support for independence is only going to grow. Only an independent Scotland provides the solid ground of reality upon which we can build a better country.

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121 comments on “The solid ground

  1. smac1314 says:

    You can feel the change everywhere you hi. Some of those most committed to the union in 2014 are now, at the very least, seriously considering voting Yes in Indyref2. The unionist parties are the ones who have destroyed the union. The irony is delicious.

  2. deelsdugs says:

    Excellent as always Paul.

    Speaking with a reformed no voter earlier, who has just returned from visiting family in the deepest south, who was actually discussing Scottish Independence with a family member and said to his brother, that yes, he will vote for independence next time round in the hope of rejoining the EU, if another vote for independence is allowed…what do you mean ‘allowed’ says I, it has to be, to which there was agreement 😊

  3. vivianoblivian7 says:

    Back to the YouGov poll published yesterday that did (sort of) give a Yes vote of 56.5%, albeit on a tiny (152) Scottish sub- sample.
    15% opted for the positions “Don’t know 7%” and “Wouldn’t bother me either way 8%”.
    Those positions aren’t entirely interchangeable.
    “Don’t know” is precisely that, translatable as “haven’t a scoobie”.
    “Wouldn’t bother me either way” translates as “I’ve thought about this and Independence holds no fears for me”.
    To the undecided and switherers, CHANGE is a very real impediment to committing to Yes. The 8% who say “meh, I’m no bothered either way” are already, psychologically three quarters way to fully committing to the Yes camp.

  4. Bob Lamont says:

    Well done Paul for your much appreciated voice of reason…

  5. Republicofscotland says:

    Johnson has absolutely no problems with reneging on treaties, a trait he has in common with his kindred spirit Donald Trump. If we remain in this union Johnson will squeeze the life out of our economy, which is currently underway, and in the process he’ll roll back devolution. Independence is truly the only way we can protect ourselves.

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  7. L Herrera says:

    Marvellous comment. Focus on Independence and have all plans in place for Scotland as an Independent country with no shackles. The only way forward is Independence.

  8. Millsy says:

    Brandon Lewis ( N.I. Secretary ) stated that Johnson’e Brexit actions ”will break International Law in a limited way .”
    That’s like saying you are a little bit pregnant or a little bit dead !

    The Johnson Brexit strategy is like jumping off a tall building and being hear to exclaim as you pass each floor, ” So far so good , so far so good , ….”

  9. Holly says:

    I can’t make up my mind if, come January, there’ll be a short, sharp dissolution of the devolved parliaments, or if the Tories will continue their slow. steady evisceration. They’ve got their shiny new building up and running, they’ve got their UK Gvmt in Scotland branding. They might just go for it. I hope the Scottish Gvmt are not on the back foot with this. They need to be prepared for a January dissolution.

    I also can’t decide if the Tories at Westminster lack awareness of what’s happening in Scotland, and believe that either a referendum or independence just won’t happen. Doing all the wee visits seems particularly delusional. It keeps popping into my mind that they want the union to go so they can concentrate on England, but they have to keep those on side who love it?

    Ultimately, I think they’re very nasty people, criminal in nature and intent, yet also quite stupid about some things.

    Here’s to independence!

    • Arthur Thomson says:

      Unless there has been a miraculous turn around in covid, the Brits would be stupendously stupid to try to shut down Holyrood any time soon. The wail from the Scottish public would be heard all the way to London, followed by the growl and cries of GIRFUY.

      I await their actions with interest.

  10. Republicofscotland says:

    Porky pie teller, Douglas (Offside) Ross, said four times with a straight face, ( I don’t know how he did it) that he’ll be Scotland’s next First Minister.

  11. carolclark1 says:

    Ah poor wee DRoss, delusions of grandeur indeed. Naw son, you’ll no be the next FM, but we’ve heard it a’ before, Baroness of Lies R Us told us that as well, didnae happen did it, mind you she soon changed her tune. She told us she was leaving Holyrood to spend mair time wi her wean, then LBJ comes knocking, knife old Surname Surname in the back, and get a free ride in the HOL. I think she said she was going to change that as well and make it more democratic. Aye Right.

    Poor wee DRoss, he’s no started very well has he, wonder how long he’ll last. Oh well Ricardo Losevoter is not off the hook yet either, vote of no confidence is being talked about. Jeez oh, it’s tough going being a Unionist these days.

    Thanks again Paul for your thoughtful piece, helps keep me sane in this weird time that we’re living in at the moment.

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, I think that the Baroness of LiesRUs has been well rumbled by now, and her preposterous mini-me muppet is going the same way at warp speed.

      Well, I suppose there’s some advantage (to us) that these delusional morons get easy access to the likes of the BBC, it just makes the process of public discovery all the faster.

  12. Gregory R Nunn says:

    Without relaxing or getting too self assured of a settled issue, independence is coming. Many difficulties remain to get there, including a likely ploy by Johnson to emulate his partner in crime, Trump, and deny votes, voting results, and do everything a despot can do, laws and treaties be damned.
    But it is coming.
    I read stories daily about things going on in and about the country, and wonder what would be different about this story if Scotland was free?
    Everyday issues of drug usage, education, medical care, food, jobs….it’s going to be a different world.
    Now about the Scottish Olympic Team……

  13. Welsh Sion says:


    A Welsh MP who has set up a new Westminster group intent on saving the UK has said they can’t be “dismissed as nostalgic flag wavers, wandering Westminster humming Rule, Britannia!”.


    “[It] seems it is fading, an inconvenience – perhaps even to some, an embarrassment. 70 Conservative backbench MPs disagree.”


    So, 70 Tory MPs have more legitamcy than hundreds and thousands of Welsh and Scots, like you and me? They’re even a minority in their own Party at Westminster for crying out loud! But, hey, this is ‘Ukanian Democracy’, right?

    Tellingly, “… just one-fifth of the group represent constituencies in Wales and Scotland. The rest are English constituencies.”


    That’ll be that Ukanian Democracy, again.

  14. David Agnew says:

    The UK gov has just admitted in commons that it has broken the law. But only in “a limited way”.

    That is a thing that happened. It is an actual thing some demented tory has just stated for the public record.

    I fully expect a full and frank apology from whatever hand wringing yoon shadows this site, and fr them to remind us again of why Britain just needs a good reforming. In the meantime DRoss can be expected to waffle something about using powers Scotland doesn’t have. Rickshaw Lampstand will ask “When will I be famous” and Wee Wullie in his nightgown, will wave his magic wand and with a cry of “izzy wizzy lets get busy”, struggle to find some relevance. The Herald will print something about how yer actual Adolf Hitler predicted the rise of the SNP and that makes them bad.

    This probably won’t happen but after the shit Boris just pulled today, I wouldn’t be surprised by what yoons try to pull to shade this level of stupidity on stilts.

    • Petra says:

      ”Wee Wullie in his nightgown, will wave his magic wand and with a cry of “izzy wizzy lets get busy”, struggle to find some relevance.”


  15. Julia Gibb says:

    So in Summary…

    The Scottish Tories who campaigned for Remain are now enthusiastic Hard Brexiteers.

    The LibDems are now resolute that they will not campaign to re-join the EU.

    Scottish Labour are hardcore Westminster to the point of wanting to give money back to Londoners.

    It is doubtful we can trust Boris to honour his word even if he promises an S30 when International treaties mean nothing.

    All of the above parties think we should be quiet little North British servants who should be grateful for the generosity of England.

    All of the above parties can be “trusted” if the promise federalism…snigger! (Smith Commission)

    Did I miss anything.

    I have to add Baroness Davidson for no other reason that it annoys her and sums up the hypocrisy of a “Tory Remainer”

  16. jfngw says:

    I thought the funniest political delusion I remember was Jo Swinson declaring she could be the next PM, then along came DRoss and I found he could top her delusion.

    Of course he is being backed by Baroness Mince of Lower Slaughter, soon I suspect to be the unelected Secretary of State. It’s strange how all her achievements seem to be honorary as she can’t win an election or even join the forces properly, the perpetual under achiever promoted beyond her talent.

  17. Ex Pat says:

    The Gimp

    Classic Dom has done it again.

    When you are negotiating with a colossus (EU population 446m vs UK 67m) don’t draw attention to your weakness. Also, particularly don’t ensure that your sole remaining possible ally, ER, mafia don, (US population 320m), is unable to support you by ensuring that the Irish-American lobby will block any possible deal with their chief crook Dump, ER, Trump. And especially, don’t do both. Oops. Too late. Again. Classic Dom !

    Former ambassador Bobby McDonagh on Brexit: The adults are no longer in charge in Downing Street (via @thejournal_ie) –

    It will be interesting to see the position of the UK in January 2022, after twelve months of the UK’s ‘oven ready’ deal, ER, No Deal, with lorry parks in Kent, French fishermen blockading Calais, shortages of essential medicines, no fruit and vegetables. Will it be Prime Minister Tony Starmer (or Keir Bliar) ? Where will Classic Dom be, or even will he be ?

    Is there something about turning the UK government into a laughing stock to help negotiations that only Dom knows ?? Possibly this – Fear not, Dom has the EU just where he wants them ! (Would somebody in Downing St. take away his Andean marching powder before Dom makes the UK look… Too late !) –

    • Craig P says:

      Lord knows what the UK Government is playing at with their latest move regarding Northern Ireland, but anything that jeopardises the Good Friday Agreement will not be tolerated by the US Government. They said so a year and a half ago.

  18. marconatrix says:

    Your penultimate para says it all really.

    It’s easy to see Scotland as a ‘normal’ co-operating European state, but much harder to think of England-as-UK in that mould, especially for those of a certain age and upbringing. “I mean why should we be bossed around by all those foreigners when We Won the War … didn’t we? All those fascists and/or surrender monkeys …” These are not at all rational views, but they lurk somewhere in the subconscious of otherwise sensible Brits, simply as the residue of early conditioning.

  19. Margaret Barrie says:

    Excellent, Paul. Absolutely excellent. Such a truth throughout.

  20. Dr Jim says:

    Scotland can fully expect to be offered *Limited Independence* or some sort of *Frodoalism* so long as we concede all power to the Borson and never again send emissary’s to Londor to dispute the power of the one Borson and Queen Nicola is to remain in the North and not exercise her Elvish powers south of the wall in perpetuity

  21. Republicofscotland says:

    The corrupt Tories doing what they do best.

    “Fourth firm with links to Dominic Cummings awarded £640,000 in government work without an open tender process”

  22. Welsh Sion says:

    Yet more plotting against Ricky Lambswool. ‘Sevvy’ Carroll reports on the latest sharpening of knives.

    • grizebard says:

      What I demand to know is, do the insurgents have a “Plan B” if Rudolph Limpwrist just keeps saying “no”…?

  23. Welsh Sion says:

    Meanwhile, at Westminster:

    BREAKING: Another top civil servant departing

    Rowena Collins Rice – Director General at the Attorney General’s Office – leaving her job

    Dept says part of process going back months, but yet another senior figure leaving

  24. Republicofscotland says:

    It looks like Douglas ( I’ll be the next FM) Ross, if he keeps this up and I hope he does, is going to be the next Golden Goose for the Yes movement, move over Richard thingymajig, there’s a new kid in town.

    • Petra says:

      DRoss the snake with the selective memory.

      DRoss:- “It is pure treachery for the SNP to sell out Scotland’s fishing industry by backing Brussels over the UK Government in trade negotiations.”

      ”Responding to Ross, a spokesperson for Russell said: “The Tories sold out Scotland’s coastal communities on the way into Europe and now they are poised to sell them out on the way out.”

      • Welsh Sion says:

        Dear Petra,

        We represent the snake population of the UK and we were appalled (as were our clients) to see that you have compared them to Mr Douglas Ross of the Conservative Party in Scotland.

        We understand that although our clients do not have a backbone, are generally considered slimy creatures and to be highly devious (they are still trying to live down that episode of one of their number ‘going rogue’ in the Garden of Eden – the claim bad PR and fake news),and are often carriers of poison, the snakes feel that comparing them to a member of the Conservative Party in Scotland to be outrageous.

        We have advised them therefore that they would stand a good case for defamation and character assassination against you, were the matter be taken to court.

        In consequence, we have advised our clients that they should seek a profound, sincere and full apology by yourself for comparing them to Mr Ross. Failure to do will result in our taking you to court on behalf of our clients, where we are convinced that our ssssucccessss will be all to apparent to everyone in SSSSSScotland.

        We look forward to hearing from you sssssooon.

        Your sssssincerely,

        Sue, Grabbitt and Runne
        (SSSSolicitorssss for Snakes UK)

  25. Drew Morrison says:

    “despite the best efforts of the vast majority of the media in Scotland.”

    Agreed, a truly awful bunch….

  26. Petra says:

    ”In an interview with STV on Monday night, part time branch office manager DRoss insisted that a no deal Brexit could offer “great benefits” to Scotland and went so far as to claim that a UK government which rips up international treaties was acting responsibly.”

    Is there no law against this? Deliberately lying to and manipulating the public and when all is said and done people will be losing their jobs, their homes and even their minds. Standing watching their lives disintegrate around them and for some witnessing their families living, trying to survive, at starvation level. And then along come the Council cuts impacting on the most vulnerable in society. Suicide, drug, alcohol, wife (and husband) battering and child abuse rates rising dramatically. In many other countries people like him (LBJ etc etc) would literally be strung up when the sh*t hit the fan, but no not here. They just walk away, without a backward glance, with their ill-gotten gains and massive pensions and then up pops another bl**dy ignorant, uncaring, narcissistic charlatan desperate to rule the colonial roost.

    And when it comes to the EU, the World in fact, being all agog at them, Westminster, breaching an International treaty they should consider that Scotland has been dealing with the self same situation for over 300 years now. Enough is enough. Get support for independence through the blooming roof folks, in whatever way you can, to put an end to this. PLEASE.

    • weegingerdug says:

      No there is no law against it. And if there was the Conservatives would only break it anyway.

      • Petra says:

        Yeah I know Paul (no law), but it just makes me (and millions of others) sick to the back teeth that they continue to get away with this cruel, callous and destructive behaviour (I’m alright Jack) and there’s absolutely no repercussions for doing so. That is until we get our Independence 😀.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Is there no law against this?


      Have you not heard?

      It’s one rule for them – and another one for the rest of us.

  27. Dr Jim says:

    The front page of the Herald pictures the Baroness and Johnson with the line *two sides of the same coin*
    What’s happening to the world when the Herald turns against its own Tory people, madness I tell you, madness

  28. Petra says:

    ‘Joanna Cherry: Scotland’s Advocate General should ‘show courage and quit.’

    ”The SNP’s Joanna Cherry has called for the resignation of Scotland’s Advocate General. Richard Keen, who has held the position as the nation’s chief adviser on Scots law since May 2015, is rumoured to be considering his position after the UK Government announced plans to break international law.

    The Internal Market Bill, which will be brought to the Commons tomorrow, aims to ensure goods from Northern Ireland continue to have unfettered access to the UK market while making clear EU state aid rules – which will continue to apply in Northern Ireland – will not apply in the rest of the UK (such as Scotland who along with NIreland voted to remain)). However, that means discarding key sections of the Withdrawal Agreement, which sealed the UK’s departure from the EU in January.”..

    “Richard Keen should protect the integrity of Scots law and governance, he should show the same courage of his convictions as Jonathan Jones, the head of the UK Government’s legal division, and quit.”


    Watch:- ‘Brandon Lewis admits Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan will break international law.’

    ”A TORY minister has admitted the UK Government will break international law if it follows through with its plan to renege on the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.”

  29. Petra says:

    Don’t let anyone tell you that our FM, Nicola Sturgeon, and our country is cr*p.

    Watch:- ‘Piers Morgan (and Lorraine Kelly) heaps praise on ‘very impressive’ Nicola Sturgeon.’

    Piers Morgan – ”In a real crisis you find out what leadership is about… & the most impressive leaders have not been the blustering populists like Johnson & Trump… it’s actually been people like Nicola Sturgeon, Angela Merkel & Jacinda Ardern.”


    ‘Top economist explains how Scotland can recover via its ‘leading’ natural capital.’

    ”A LEADING economist has won praise for explaining how Scotland can use its “leading” natural capital to help its recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

    Dieter Helm, author and Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Oxford, told Good Morning Scotland that in terms of natural capital the country is “a class apart from the rest”, bringing opportunities for a more sustainable economy.”

    ..”As I say, Scotland is probably one of the leading countries in the world where its natural environment, its natural capital, sets it in a class apart from the rest. That’s where the opportunities lie.”

  30. Ex Pat says:

    The Gimp, Part Deux

    Who would have thought that policy making while off your head on Andean marching powder could possibly go wrong ! ??

    – Downfall – Downing Strasse: the Final Days of the Dom –

    When you’re a down and out country on your uppers and negotiating with the EU colossus (population 446m ) – the largest and most successful trading block in the world – how helpful is to have a chemically-stimulated SPAD devise your wizard wheeze negotiating policy ? Not so much, apparently.

    ‘Brandon Lewis breaks cardinal law for MPs and tells the half-truth’, John Crac @JohnJCrace Twitter –

  31. Republicofscotland says:

    The Council of Europe slates the UK government for failing to meet key treaty obligations on promoting Gaelic. One wonder just how many treaties the Tories are prepared to break or renege on.

    • Petra says:

      Westminster failing to meet key treaty obligations to Scotland again? Surprise, surprise. Scotland? Where’s that? Gaelic? What’s that?

  32. Republicofscotland says:


    Joanna Cherry pleads with Scotland’s Advocate General to grow a backbone.

  33. Alex Clark says:

    Oh, Baron Keen, former Chairman of the Scots Tories. I’d agree with Joanna Cherry. He should resign, should have done it after losing against Millar in the Brexit Article 50 case and against Joanna Cherry in the proroguing of Parliament case.

    It’s acceptable for Tories though to be useless at their jobs and survive. That’ll mean no change.

    For six Permanent Secretaries now though it’s been different, not any old civil servants but those at the very top of the tree.

    Sir Mark Sedwell out of No 10 since his face didn’t fit with Cummings.
    Sir Philip Rutnam from the Home Office after he tried to stop Pritti Patel’s bullying.
    Sir Simon McDonald from the Foreign Office as he was reported to have fallen out with Johnson.
    Richard Heaton from the Ministry of Justice made redundant afeter review of by Cummings.
    Jonathan Slater from Education to cover up for Gavin Williamsons cock ups with exams.

    And now today, Sir Jonathan Jones the civil sevices top lawyer and permenent Secretary at the Government’s Legal Department.

    This is unprecedented all these senior people have quit just in the last 6 months, quite amazing. Not just them of course there will be dozens, if not hundreds of others such as the boss of Ofqual and Director General of the BBC who have also gone.

    Donalda MacKinnon handed in her notice to BBC Scotland, also in February, Surname Surname went this month, Richard Leonard next and don’t be surprised to see the Permanent Secretary at the Treasury throw in the towel sometime soon as well, he was aleady on a No 10 “S*itlist” according to the Torygraph with Rutnam and McDonald from the Home and Foreigh Offices, seems he has escaped for now only because Sushik saved him, maybe due to Covid.

    Coincedently this article was also from February this year before the dominoes started to fall.

    Top civil servants on Tories’ ‘hit list’

    Downing Street hoping to replace key permanent secretaries over concerns they are at odds with ministers

    Is anyone really paying attention? I maybe we should.

    • Welsh Sion says:


      See my post @5.59 pm.

      They are now SEVEN.

    • grizebard says:

      The chief worry for us being who with any degree of competence and integrity will remain to negotiate the terms of independence with, when the English Civil Service has been so thoroughly gutted by Cummings?

      As for your mention of Donalda’s departure, it somewhat reminds me of Dorothy Parker’s quip on hearing that the utterly ineffectual US President Calvin Coolidge had just died: “how do they know?”.

      • Welsh Sion says:

        An answer to your question, grizebard.

        Have you thought it might be Cummings himself? He seems to muscle in on these committees like SAGE, COBRA and so forth. And he doesn’t have the extra baggage of being accountable to any elector. (That goes for the HoL, too, obviously. Maybe they’ll try recruiting Baronesses Mone and Davidson, into their ‘crack team’. Y’know: “They’re Scots. They’ll do.”)

        • grizebard says:

          Hmmm. I’m not sure he would care to bother, to be honest. And as for elected English politicians such as BoZo, I don’t believe there’s any immediate political downside to any of them to “lose” Scotland, especially if we are seen by the public there to be an irreconcileable “awkward squad” and a drain on their resources. I suspect that when it comes to the crunch, they will let the civil service do all the heavy lifting. The politicians’ main concern will probably be the ongoing status of the immovable nuke storage at Coulport.

          The main driver of English resistance to Scottish independence has, I maintain, always been the potential establishment hurt to its self-pride and loss of face internationally, including the possible jeopardy to positions such as a seat on the UN security council. Not nearly so much the economy, even. The powers-that-be in London may actually believe their own propaganda, and themselves fail to truly appreciate the loss of revenue that Scottish departure would bring. I don’t suppose that each new PM and Chancellor is quietly taken aside by a civil servant and shown a top-secret set of books that truly reveals the deep doo-doo that the UK would be in economically if Scotland were gone. But then what do I know?

          • Petra says:

            “The deep doo-doo that the UK would be in economically if Scotland were gone.”

            I often wonder about how aware BritNat politicians are about the “deep doo-doo” issue? Are they all unaware of Scotland’s wealth (resources and assets) and lack of control over economic levers or are they actually well aware of the facts and are just conveniently acting daft? Or are most of them just disinterested in Scotland and ignorant of the facts? I can understand that many English politicians may have been duped by the state controlled media and their English bosses but where does that leave people like Willie Rennie, Ruth Davidson and Ian Murray? Scots? As an example, Ian Murray has been harping on about Scotland returning furlough money, etc, to the Treasury. Is he trying to tell us that he doesn’t know how England has managed to conjure up the money as Scotland doesn’t have the power to do so? Tell us that he has no idea of how, and by how much, Scotland has been robbed blind by Westminster, that he has no knowledge of the McCrone Report, as one example, and that Scotland has in fact being subsidising England for at the very least decades now?

    • raineach says:

      it’s like Stalin shooting all his generals just before Hitler invaded

  34. Hamish100 says:

    With the Tory minister agreeing that Westminster are intentional breaking part of a treaty where are all those constitutional lawyers when you need one.
    Is the U.K. government not acting out with their power and authority ie ultra vires? And therefore can be challenged in a court of law?
    Their behaviour you expect in Iran, China, Belarus. Russia

    • Welsh Sion says:


      You’re not wrong. But look at it from the other end of the telescope.

      It does kinda illustrate the point why they are so keen to get rid of Judicial Review. Prepare for the unfettered power of the (English) Executive.

      In the meantime:

      I call Jolyon Maugham QC and Joanna Cherry QC as my expert witnesses.

  35. Hamish100 says:

    Thanks Sion. My wife and mother in law say I’m always wrong but that’s another story.

  36. Statgeek says:

    Earlier, I chatted with Mrs. Statgeek and tried to come up with D.Ross’s next big career move. To date:

    – Scottish football referee
    – Scottish Tory MP

    Without interfering with the other two achievements, and staying within the grounds of the law, I struggled to imagine how this guy can make a career move that is even more distasteful to many.

    Surname Surname had car salesman wrapped up. There’s already a plethora of lawyers and selfish land owners. Poll Tax arrears collector, in a new Scotland, ruled from London? Where the poll taxes not recovered in the 90s are once more looked into?

    • Petra says:

      I often think, SC, that I’m fighting now, in my own way, for my ancestors as much or even more so than I’m doing for future generations. These stories really rile me, to say the least. We won’t ever forget how they were treated and with independence the dispossessed and tormented souls will be remembered for all time coming.

      • ArtyHetty says:

        ‘Consider the Lilies’, book by Ian Crichton Smith. An excellent account of the real tragedy of the Highland ‘clearances’, which really were Scotland wide. Whether a few BritNat jobsworths Scots were in on the whole thing, it was still a genocide, in effect, and no glossing over it with the usual ‘and so, the Scottish crofters decided it was best for them and their families to, en masse get themselves onto a few boats to explore new worlds across the pond’, eh? Really?

        The thing is the BritNats have dined out on Scotland’s resources and revenues. I watched a film about the ‘Cheviot, the Stag and the black black oil’ some time back and in the theatre audience, was evident of such a strong people, with great humility, perhaps though far too humble.

        Not any more.

        • Petra says:

          You’re still up too ArtyHetty churning over the current situation 😀. It’s hard going but nought in comparison to past times (hand to hand combat / executions) and we’re getting there in OUR time. After 300 years plus of exploitation and subjugation we’re here right now to see this through to the end and can pass on our diaries / memories to our children and grandchildren. A historical record of an amazing time. Paul of course has constructed a fabulous record already (could be used in schools, colleges and Unis) whilst others will be scientifically analysed and shown to highlight how the Scots were manipulated and brainwashed, big time, on some so-called pro-independence sites. What a legacy, eh? Called karma and all of the money in the world, shrouds have no pockets, can’t halt what’s now coming down the line for them.

          Anyway off to bed AH. Speak to you soon.

  37. Petra says:

    I’ve just been reading through one article after another on the Brexit fiasco once again. The main players, the lies, the dark money, the electoral fraud, Cambridge Analytica, the disgusting treatment towards Scotland and Wales, the DUP bungs, the U-turns, the breach of International Treaty etc, etc. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m totally, totally scunnered with it all now. Nicola Sturgeon was hit with
    this Westminster cr*p and fought tooth and nail for the 62% of Scots who wanted to remain in the EU. Four long and convoluted years later and we’re now getting right down to the No Deal nitty gritty that the bunch of lying, Westminster financial parasites wanted from day one. I’ve had it and just want the EU to kick Westminster into the long grass right now. Today. Tell them to get to you know where. Get it over and done with, FGS, and let Scotland, Europe and the rest of the world move on as England is left to pick up the (their) pieces. And yes England and not just Westminster as those who voted for the Tories south of the border have a lesson to learn. One that will hopefully lead to them ultimately holding their Parliament to account and cleaning out their governmental pigsty, as we in an Independent Scotland get on with running our own country, unshackled, and no longer hindered by them. Ever again.

  38. A secret poll on Scottish Independence.

    Hmmm….I’ve always thought that polling can be done in various ways asking whoever the pollsters wish to ask

    I do not trust the authority that is supposed to check the validity of polls and their methods

    A secret poll ? Well it’s not secret if we all know about it
    And it’s not secret otherwise is it because all those people who were polled know about it
    Do they sign secrecy agreements ? Nah I doubt it , they wouldn’t hold water how could you ever prove a leak ? You couldn’t , not one that would stand up in court
    so this story of a secret poll is just more nonsense

    I think it’s very possible that’s it just another trick let’s see what develops from this story and what direction it takes

    I do however believe that support for Scottish independence is increasing and you bet your life that England’s Westminster and their allies including all the newspapers under declare how high support for Scottish independence is

    They lie about most everything


    Interesting information from another Scottish independence site showing the BBC screaming about increases in covid19 infection in Scotland but saying nothing about the much much MUCH worse figures in many English towns and cities

  40. Petra says:

    ‘Fury as Tories order for Saltires to be removed from Scottish high street.’


    ‘Current rash of Union flags on food is surely no coincidence.’

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Borders should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for buckling to this pettiness, presumably a complaint by a Unionist agitator or visiting SiU scribe from Kelso…
      The precedence was established over years, but I’d guess Coldstream folks will get their own back shortly unless the Council see sense and give him formal permission…

    • Dr Jim says:

      The placing of Union flags on all produce was a David Cameron order to supermarkets

      • Robert Lamont says:

        I’m pretty sure what spurred it was the increasing success of the Saltire branding, and other pally producers probably complained setting the ball rolling which now has a political edge…
        My only source of Mature Scottish Cheddar (one of my many addictions) here is via Lidl or Kaufland, in both cases made in NI bedecked with a Union fleg, but I don’t have the options Scots do… Given losses rotting on the shelves the supermarkets will force a change, the Tories listen to money…
        However, given the way Johnson & Co are increasingly pissing off the european public, I can see exports being shunned shortly, hell mend them and their English Deceptionalism…

  41. Legerwood says:

    Apparently Baroness Ruth Davidson is to join LBC. She, Baroness Ruth Davidson, will have her own radio show on a Sunday evening.

  42. Welsh Sion says:

    This will probably be our theme today: UKIM Bill.

    ‘The day devolution died’: Westminster to give itself power to overrule Wales on key issues

  43. Republicofscotland says:

    Well there you go the Tories admit the power grab breaks International law, but they don’t give a monkeys its only Scotland after all.

  44. jfngw says:

    Looks like Dominic Cummings should have driven for his eye sight test slightly sooner, before he read the EU agreement and instructed Johnson to sign it.

    Meanwhile the response from the FM I’m afraid looks inadequate, why would a government that is willing to break a international law worry how Scots vote or how the world will react to their behaviour, they don’t care, they never have.

    Mañana is not good enough for me.

    • grizebard says:

      It’s all about letting people reach the necessary conclusion for themselves that a government that can break international treaties at will hasn’t a leg to stand on over their parallel insistence on the “once in a generation/lifetime” figleaf. And the contempt that will follow.

    • Julia Gibb says:

      Look at how Ghandi succeeded in the days of Pathé News. He wore them down despite their power and media control.
      If he could do it then. Why can’t we do it now?
      He was polite, and resolute.
      Too many people want to storm the barricades at the moment…the Unionist would love that. It is logical arguements presented calmly that win over the people who will recognise ( don’t underestimate that step) our Independence.

      Winning a Referendum is one thing. The next is other Nations recognising that Scotland is a Nation. To make it an avalanche on day one it has to have been done in a manner recognised by other Nations.

      P.s. I expect Iceland to be the first country to give official recognition.

      • jfngw says:

        India and Scotland have no real parallels and the Indian people took quit a beating before the UK left. They left because they could no longer afford to continue the occupation, not because they wanted to. Also the US government wanted the British Empire ended, at this time they want Scotland inside the UK for their own and their Presidents personal advantage.

        My point was it makes no difference what the outcome of the election next year is if Westminster decides they can just ignore it. If they can ignore an international treaty, why would dismissing the votes of the Scots worry them. And if they ignore it what are we going to do then?

        Not sure why countries would object to the ending of a treaty if it is demonstrated not in the best interest of one of the countries. There is plenty of evidence to prove how unbalanced this treaty is and how Scotland has effectively no real democracy. All it needs is the majority of Scots to say they want it ended.

        • Alex Clark says:

          “My point was it makes no difference what the outcome of the election next year is if Westminster decides they can just ignore it. If they can ignore an international treaty, why would dismissing the votes of the Scots worry them. And if they ignore it what are we going to do then?”

          Another woe is me post.

          None of us have any idea what the future may hold or what Westminster might or might not do. Why would any supporter of Independence focus on an imagined negative instead of concentrating on the here and now and doing whatever you can to encourage greater support for Independence?

          That’s how we win, by increasing support. Moaning that they will never let us as your post implies is the very epitome of the cringe.

    • Eilidh says:

      Oh great the whingers are back.
      Paul I don’t imagine the blog redesign will allow a block button to be added. Pity!! the amount of time I spend reading so many moronic comments on here these days is really impacting on the time I have set aside for watching paint dry ☹

  45. David Agnew says:

    Saw this posted on David Allen Green’s twitter feed today – very funny

  46. Willie says:

    Here is a question for the Dug worthy of an article.

    Currently our economy is is major difficulty due to, but not exclusively Brexit. This is costing jobs, reducing living standards.

    At the end of December we exit the EU transition period with no visibility on a deal or otherwise. This most commentators agree will cause more economic misery.

    Out of the EU all manner of standards from food production to crops growing, to meat production, to environmental standards, to worker protection will all be liable to change. This is currently a sticking point with the EU who are opposed to a low standards off shore country selling into their markets.

    Currently and as we speak the UK Internal Market Bill progresses through Parliament. Designed to homogenise UK standards the Bill strips bare and removes Scottish authority over just about every aspect of life in Scotland leaving a powerless Scottish Parliament.

    Concomitant to this the Westminster Government has set up the civil service hub of the UK Government in Scotland, and a service very much intended to initially mirror and then replace the existing Scottish Parliament controlled bodies.

    So where next Dug for a hapless Scottish populace as it wakes up to a ruined economy and Direct Rule.

    Time we started preparing, or do we just sit on our hands waiting for the Prime Minister, maybe sometime after we give the SNP their next God given right to another, yes another, mandate .

    Dominic Cummings, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson have planned well.

    • grizebard says:

      I just wish that there was an anti-cringe pill. Anybody who thinks that Brexit – and the gross insult to Scotland that it represents – works in any way against independence surely needs a course.

      • Willie says:

        I wish there was an anti Westminster pill Grizebard. Sadly there isn’t one.

        As to the outrageous extraction of Scotland from the EU, the absolute undermining of the Scottish Parliament through the UK Internal Market Bill, and the setting up of a U.K. Government in Scotland civil service, have you got any suggestions for negating that.

        Remember the Feeble Fifty. These days recur. Now, as Nicola says, is not the time?

        • grizebard says:

          It’s not the SNP and least of all Nicola Sturgeon who is being feeble here.

          As more and more people in Scotland are thankfully beginning to realise.

          It’s “we the people” who will ultimately decide our future, not that decrepit chamber of horrors in London of which some here, incredibly, still seem in such awe.

  47. Tam the Bam says:

    Scottish Questions … Parliament Channel @ 11-30am

    Get ready for a ‘Power Grab’ rammy!

    • grizebard says:

      Thanks for the heads-up, but after a few tortured minutes of this dismal pantomime I gave up for the sake of my health. Starts off with a selection of English Tory nonentities (whit?) telling us how grateful we should be for their gracious largesse (with our own money), Union Jack reading out pre-prepared answers to their questions, followed by a half-decent startoff from Murray that fizzled in the same old Unionist forelock-tugging, then Marie Black being given the bum’s rush from our supposed Great Defender. The UKGov is going to ask for a Sewell Motion from the SG for their Brexity shenanigans, are they? Then when they don’t get it, they’ll do what they damn well please anyway, thanks to that weasel word “normally”.

      Damn this charade. I couldn’t take this for any longer, let alone for a parliamentary term, my brain would melt. Chapeau though to our reps who have to endure this for our sake. The sooner they’re hame for guid though the better, not least for them.

  48. Dr Jim says:

    So the law on the UK government breaking the law appears to be that if the UK government break the law the UK government can being the sovereign parliament of the UK make a new law to override that law thus making it legal to break the law, and they can proceed to do that with any and every law that currently exists

    As we know the conventions that exist between Scotland and the UK government are broken with regularity already so the creation of this new law that overrides all previous laws means the UK government no longer even need to explain why or when they intend to break the law

    These new moves by the UK government over the devolved governments of the UK effectively converts the administrations of Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland into post offices of the UK authority without decision making powers in any area whatsoever

    All and any existing responsibility of powers of the three aforementioned devolved governments is erased because nothing cannot be overridden by the UK government, which in turn means that no institution or authority in Scotland Wales or Northern Ireland cannot be sold bartered or indeed dissolved on the overall authority and decision of any UK government Minister

    If we as a people of any of our respective countries give way to this form of dictatorship by Englands Nationalist government we will enable England to return us all to the days when England could invent such ridiculous laws as Prima Nocta and before the Unionists say such a thing could never happen it should be remembered that every one of them said Brexit would never happen and wouldn’t affect Scotland one whit anyway so vote NO to Independence and feel safe in doing so

    They’re every one of them saying Brexit is wonderful now and Scotland should shut up and just get on with it, it kinda fits in with Tory controlled borders council ordering the removal of Scotlands National Flags from the streets of Coldstream

    But nothing bad will ever happen surely

  49. Arthur Thomson says:

    I’m sure that many others would share my wish that the EU would withdraw from the talks and declare the Brits pariahs but realistically they are highly unlikely to do that. They will do whatever they perceive to be in the interests of their member states and Scotland will not be part of the equation.

    We will have to fight our own battles.

    Nicola Sturgeon is doing the intelligent thing, using her head rather than her heart to guide her actions. She cannot openly attack our adversaries until she is sure that she has the backing of a resolved majority of Scotland’s population. Getting that backing is the key, the only key, to enable us to escape the coercive control of the Brits. Until enough Scots are brave enough to make the decision to break free of the Brits it is all an exercise in damage limitation. She is doing all she can to convince people and to minimise the scorched earth policy of Cummings and co. The best hope we have at this time, in my opinion, is that the incompetence and callousness of the Brits in dealing with mass unemployment that is about to hit will focus the minds of the populace.

    The notion that the sociopaths – Cummins, Johnson, Gove etc. have planned well, as commented above, is a pathetic observation. They have no interest in the wellbeing of people, just their own interests. They have control of massive resources and work in the basis that their ends justify the means. They have no respect for democracy or the rule of law. As such they are not clever, just criminal. Anyone who has any admiration for the efficiency of sociopaths needs to get a grip.

    • Willie says:

      OK Arthur Thompson what are you going to do about the criminal actions that you say Cummings, Gove and Johnson are putting into place.

      Remove the powers of the Parliament, create an alternative Westminster Civil Service, rip us out of Europe, reduce standards in a race to the bottom to create an offshore Europe sweat shop and your solution is to let it happen and hope that mass unemployment will focus minds.

      Come over here man so I can metaphorically kick you like a dog to focus your mind. Even the wee ginger chap would be doing somersaults at the though of that type of metaphorical strategy.

      You don’t half get some nonsense on these sites. But hey ho, it’s for the readers to decide. They’re the ones up for the kicking.

  50. Wynn Thorne says:

    Just to return to the ‘tipping point’ mentioned in Paul’s article I think you should have a look at an interesting article on Labour Hame to see how the conversation might be changing in reaction to the polling reality. The article is by former MP and chair of the Scottish Labour Party Mark Lazarowicz,

    • raineach says:

      and read the comments , which are far more instructive

    • Petra says:

      Good find Wynn but too bad SLab did everything that it could in 2014/15 to ensure that few powers were transferred to the Scottish Parliament at that time. More so than the Scottish Tories in fact. If they had taken a different approach then they may have found themselves to be in a totally different position now … going through its death throes. Then again it’s never too late to change course, as Mark Lazarowicz points out. I’m also wondering what’s happened to big mouth Bottler Brown? What does he recommend SLab should do now since it’s was he who contributed greatly to the parties demise.

      …”So I suggest that while there does need to be a fundamental reform in the constitutional arrangements across the UK, Scottish and UK Labour also needs, now, to commit itself to changes for Scotland which would truly bring about ‘home rule’ for Scotland, as was promised by Keir Hardie, at Labour’s very beginning, and endorsed by Gordon Brown after the 2014 referendum. What ‘home rule’ means is something on which there is no unanimity either, of course, but if the political will is there, Scottish Labour could agree its policy within the next few months and UK Labour could commit itself to support and push for that policy at UK level.”..

    • grizebard says:

      Interesting link, thanks. But oh dear, now it’s “Federalism Mk.2”.

      Back in the aftermath of IR1 and all the assurances we were served at the time by the likes of Federal Broon, and in good faith with the unwelcome result, I made a submission to the Smith (non-) Commission along those very same lines, and because it was the only practicable way forward for enhanced autonomy within the existing UK, I doubt I was alone in proposing such a solution. All of which proposals were unceremoniously suffocated at birth, not least by the assiduous efforts of the ultra-reactionary “Scottish” Labour Party.

      So all I can say to those latterday converts in the Labour Party now desperately clutching at straws to save their electoral arses come next May, I frankly doubt your corporate sincerity or the willingness or the ability to get this delivered by an English Labour Party much distracted by other matters and which would just prefer to add it to the dusty shelf of long-forgotten promises like the abolition of the HoL. (Once fooled, their fault, twice fooled, our fault.)

      As at least one BTL commentator to the article has rightly said, it’s all too little too late. And all too unbelievable besides. Even now, still not favoured by the “leadership” (huh) – present or likely – of NorthBritLab. Nothing more, one suspects, than a desperate ploy to stem a further – and possibly terminal – round of member defections. Only postponing the inevitable, one might suspect.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Interesting read, same old same old though from Labour. The comments do say a lot about what many Labour supporters think of the “Home Rule” proposal. Every comment see it as being too little, too late.

  51. Dr Jim says:

    It’s not even cleverly written, it can’t disguise itself from what it is, just another high pitched piece of whining from a Labour party who can see their fiefdom has slipped away and punts around desperate imaginings as to how to promise things to make people fall for more promises if they make them imaginative enough sounding, quite insulting really

  52. Willie says:

    And another thought for Arthur Thomson.

    His underworld namesake would certainly not availed himself of getting a criminal kicking and then hoping for it to focus minds.

    One suspects that the other Arthur would have had another strategy before he got his mind focussed. But there you are , the old Arthur and the new Arthur, aside of criminality, are clearly quite different in outlook. And so I suspect are the mass of folk you now anticipate hopefully will be chastened by the mass loss of their jobs, their livelihoods, their very social fabric.

    You’ll be a Nicola Sturgeon supporter then. Now is not the time.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Willie – I told you to stop threatening kickings, metaphorical or otherwise. I’m not telling you again.

      Number one moderation rule on this site is not to attack other people who post here.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Nicola Sturgeon is the most popular politician in Scotland according to 72% of Scots in a Yougov survey from last month. You’re not a fan then LOL

      “Secondly, there is a massive gulf between the popularity of pro-union and pro-independence politicians. A jaw-dropping 72% of Scots think Nicola Sturgeon is doing well as First minister*, compared to just 22% who think she is doing badly. Even a majority of those who voted No in the last referendum (59%) support the job she is doing.”

      • grizebard says:

        Another confirmation of the ~25% irredeemable supporters of the Union, who would refuse to recognise any merit in a perfect saint leading a country to independence from a totally unambiguous disaster of a UK.

        The rest are all to play for.

  53. Wynn Thorne says:

    What I found interesting was that this had entered the conversation in the Labour Party now. For me though, the problem with the article is that there is still no good reason given for there to be a UK. Why limit your independence?

    • grizebard says:

      Indeed. But painfully slow and blinkered thought, puffed up with self-entitled claims of High Principle, seems to be a leitmotiv of the NorthBritLab Party.

  54. Tam the Bam says:

    Seems to me unless you (one) agree with The Rev’s Moneybox conspiracy ..then you are part of the pro……….yeh yeh mair bullshit.

    here is what ISNT bullshit….caught it on US TV last night……armed MILITIA (WHITE)………roaming the streets… Police or NG to be seen….Holy fuck……this is America?

  55. Christopher Rosindale says:

    If the Tories are doing private polling up here then I am not in the least surprised. It has probably been going on since before last year’s General Election, or even earlier.

    If they’ve kept it secret then the results must be not that good, or they would have been bragging about them.

    With the way things are going, both with the rising support for Scottish Independence and the Johnson government’s criminal actions, it is a wonder that Douglas Ross even took the job as Scottish Tory Leader. He is surely smart enough to know that he may well be on an 8-month journey which leads to crashing into a brick wall next May, because if the Scottish Tories get thumped by the SNP despite his leadership it will be a direct result of his bosses actions down in London. Despite it being Johnson’s fault, it will be Ross who will get thrown onto his sword for causing an SNP majority. Why would he take the twin jobs of trying to stop Sturgeon from winning big, and trying to put lipstick on the Brexit pig? Given that doing the latter will probably lead to Sturgeon getting a majority, does Ross have a political death wish?

    There is only one reason that I can think of for the Scottish Tories’ slavish devotion to Johnson, despite the well-reported fact that they tried to stop him taking over as Tory leader. After the DUP were betrayed over the Irish Sea border they knew that, if he thought that doing so could benefit him politically and personally, he might do the same to them. Their irrelevance in his 80-strong majority re-enforces that fear:

    Johnson would re-assure them that he would never grant a S30 order, many times. Then, as he did to the DUP, he abruptly stabs them in the back by granting one. If Tory MP’s were whipped to support it then the 6 Scottish Tory MP’s (more likely 5 because the weak Alister Jack would not dare vote against his own boss’s decision in case he ended-up joining Julian Lewis as an Independent (sacked) Tory MP on the backbenches) could not possibly stop it getting through the Commons, as the Tory MP’s plus the SNP MP’s would easily ensure it passed with a sizeable majority.

    Dominic Cummings was surely behind Johnson’s betrayal of the DUP, so it is not hard to guess that he is unlikely to care much about the Scottish Tories if they get in the way of his Right-Wing, tech-obsessed vision for post-Brexit Britain. In other words, if the Scottish Tories upset Johnson and Cummings by attacking them over Brexit, Cummings will advise Johnson to grant a S30 order to get rid of them…… And if that breaks up the UK, well it just means more Tory power over England……..

    So the Scottish Tories are trapped. Forced to cling to a man that they know might betray them for his own ends. How are they sleeping at night?

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