Perfidious Albion rides again


When the Brexiteers persuaded a majority of people in England to leave the EU, there were still hopes that the UK would remain closely aligned to the single market and the customs union.  A reluctant Scotland might just have been persuaded to accept that.  However now it looks like we’re facing the worst of all possible worlds. We have the clown Johnson as Prime Minister, and his government is very clearly preparing the way for the no deal Brexit which now appears to be the most likely outcome of the talks between the UK and the EU. In October 2019 Johnson was telling us about how fantastic the deal was that he’d struck with the EU. Now he’s telling us he’s scrapping it.

This is the safety and security of the UK that was sold to us in 2014. This is the tragic lie that Scotland don’t leave us, lead us, has turned out to be. The UK is the pariah of Europe, the crazy fools of the planet, gibbering away about bunting and Dunkirk spirit as it sets fire to the future. Everything they told us was a lie.

Remember this will be the easiest trade deal in the world? Remember Michael Gove telling us that no deal would be in no one’s interests? Johnson is attempting to paint this pig and sell it to the public as a “trade deal just like Australia’s”. That would be the Australia that doesn’t have a trade deal with the EU. Australia and the EU are currently in the early phases of negotiating a trade deal, but it will be several years before agreement is reached and deal is signed. This is what Lying Bastert Johnson sold to the public in England in December as “an oven ready deal”. It bears the same relationship to an oven ready meal as some potatoes that have yet to be planted and an egg that’s yet to be laid bear to a chicken and chips dinner. In the meantime untold damage will be done to jobs, livelihoods, and opportunities, coming on top of the ending of the furlough scheme to support jobs during the pandemic and the havoc wrought by lockdown.

The Conservatives are hell bent on antagonising the entire EU and everyone who voted to remain. They’re going out of their way to troll Scotland. And they’re determined to put a bomb under the Irish Peace Process. All for their mythical sunlit uplands, their two world wars and one world cup, their cake with its cherries, their Dunkirk and bunting, their union flags plastered on everything while they lecture us about how much they hate nationalism.

In order to achieve this goal, the British government is even reportedly prepared to trash the international agreement that it reach with the EU to provide guarantees to Northern Ireland in order to secure the Peace Process. If true, it would be a flagrant breach of international law and would turn the UK into a rogue state which no other country can trust in negotiations. Why sign a treaty or an agreement with a UK which is quite likely to tear it up a few months later? The British government is a byword for bad faith. You think, this is insane. This is beyond any logic. This is alien to all reason. Surely they can’t be that callous, that contemptuous? But they are. Just look at the sneering jeering faces of the Conservative benches. They don’t care because it’s us who will suffer, not them.

Some apologists for the UK and the Conservatives are trying to lay the blame for this on remainers, on the SNP and the Labour party for voting down Theresa May’s deal. Blame the victims for refusing a deal that would have seen the UK’s legs chopped off, because now the Tories are delivering something that cuts off our arms and our noses as well. It’s an abject lesson in how the British nationalists will always find some way of blaming Nicola Sturgeon for everything.

The next time some apologist for British rule in Scotland airly claims that a Scotland that walks away from the UK’s debt will never be trusted should be reminded of this, on blast. This is a UK that will never get a Free Trade Agreement with anyone, ever. Perfidious Albion lies as easily as it breathes. It is even prepared to risk peace in Northern Ireland, to rip up a treaty that was hard won and which has saved countless lives. The contempt oozes from every pore. The Conservatives don’t care about anything, except perhaps getting people back to work in order to protect Pret a Manger’s share price. They don’t care about Ireland. They don’t care about Scotland. They don’t care about Wales. They don’t care about ordinary people anywhere. We’re just pawns in their games. We’re just collateral to be damaged.

Scotland has had no say at all in any of this. The Scottish Government and the other devolved administrations have been marginalised, sidelined and ignored every step along the way. Often they’ve only found out what the British Government has been planning because they’ve read about it in the newspapers with the rest of us. This is what the Tories want us to believe is a union of equals, a respect agenda. They are liars. They are charlatans. They are cheats. They took Scotland’s No vote in 2014 and have proceeded to trash the chance that Scotland gave them. They’re trashing the devolution settlement, burning the union in a bonfire of their vanity. If you’re not angry, it’s because you’ve not been paying attention.

It’s hard not to come to the conclusion that is is what the lying mendacious Johnson and the glibly smug Gove always had in mind all along. To get us to here they lied, cheated, and deceived shamelessly and without a care for the consequences. Well there will be consequences. Watch as support for independence continues to grow in Scotland until it becomes a deafening clamour. The Tories can have their hard no deal Brexit, or they can have their precioussss union. They can’t have both. Scotland will not allow them to.

This is how the UK ends. It ends in deceit and lies. It ends in the smug smile on a self-satisfied Johnson’s face as he hums and haws, bumbles and fnaughs his way though a series of lies and fairy stories. It ends in the faux outrage of a Conservative MP who claims that the only reason the Labour party is in the wilderness in Scotland is because of the accent of its branch office manager. It ends in the anger and disgust of millions of people in Scotland who are sick of being lied to, sick of being treated as fools, sick of the corrupt mendacity that passes for this British Government of incompetent charlatans. The Conservatives are heartless, clueless, senseless, and very shortly they will be Scotlandless too. We will not forget their lies. We will not forgive their deceit. We will not give up. A better Scotland, an independent Scotland, will emerge from the ashes of Brexit Britain.

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117 comments on “Perfidious Albion rides again

  1. Ex Pat says:

    The Face of US UK Evil

    A surprising number of people find it hard to look at major evil – the evil of the camps and gas chambers. The major evil that is state evil: the evil of illegal war, of genocide and of torture-to-death. Especially when carried out by their own state; ‘those holding the whip’.

    But ‘those under the whip’ have less difficulty: as Noam Chomsky said, “It all depends who has been holding the whip for eight hundred years and who has been under it for eight hundred years.” ‘9-11’ @ 50:00 ‘Rebel without a Pause’ – interview with Noam Chomsky – Youtube –

    Religion and the War Against Independence, Continued

    > ‘Of late there has been a concerted effort to draw an equivalence between a Catholic family background and support for independence among some of the more orangey and blue sections of British nationalism in order to make support for independence a sectarian issue…’

    >> Ulsterisation is the word your looking for. The problem in flying this particular kite/warning/ threat, whatever you want to call it, is that Scotland socially ‘ now ‘ is completely different to the Ulster of 40 yrs ago. The Civic nationalism of Scotland will be a hard nut to crack.

    On the contrary, if the US and UK give in to the evil of the Nazis – give in to illegal war, to murder, to torture-to-death and to genocide, it is remarkably simple. And they haven given in utterly, since 1945. Look at the US and UK in Iraq and Bahrain recently. There are dozens more examples, including Malaya, Aden, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Yemen and Sudan.


    In Iraq, when the US and UK’s Kitson pseudo gangs (US and UK forces pretending to be Sunnis and killing Shias, and vice versa) killed enough from either side it was remarkably easy to turn the Sunnis and Shias of Iraq against each other, despite their living together and intermarrying for most of Baghdad’s history.

    ‘Were SAS men in Basra planting bombs?’ by William Bowles, 23rd September 2005 – Globalresearch –

    In many, many reports, the US and UK were stopping drivers at checkpoints, fitting bombs to their vehicles while detaining the driver elsewhere and then telling them to drive to such-and-such market / mosque / checkpoint to get their papers back. If they did, they were blown to bits and the US / UK announced another sectarian bomb attack, with x dozen killed and y hundred injured. A few drivers noticed that their vehicle were now heavier, or had a tilt, or that they were being shadowed by helicopters and put two and two together and successfully abandoned their vehicles.

    • Ex Pat says:


      In Bahrain, Craig Murray has explained that British support, with a geriatric British torturer from Kenya (Mau Mau Uprising 1952 – 1960) overseeing torture of detainees, has been essential to enable a murderous, torturing regime to maintain power, with the expected likelyhood of continuing for many decades.

      “I think the British government’s calculation is that the regime can survive – and can survive for decades – and that reform and change is not inevitable.” – Craig Murray @ 1:23:12

      See comment by Ex Pat, February 25, 2013 at 08:34, to – ‘Bahrain Opposition Meeting at Frontline Club’, February 23, 2013, Craig Murray Blog –

      An acceptable level of USUK Imperial violence in Iraq and in Bahrain. Just as the British state did in Northern Ireland. No change there, then !

      Northern Ireland

      “There is an amusing article from ‘The War Nerd’ that by-the-way explains how to persuade the British government that they need to negotiate with you. Hint – it involves hitting them where it _really_ hurts.”

      Interestingly, as the War Nerd tells us, it was the fire-discipline of the IRA – their refusal to retaliate in sectarian tit-for-tat murders – that resulted in the UK’s defeat in Northern Ireland. Defeat in the sense that the UK state elephant was utterly unable to eliminate the IRA flea, and a negotiated settlement and today’s peace was the result, after forty years of state-sanctioned death squads and the foulest sectarian torture-to-death.

      Which is very likely to be Scotland’s fate, unless the English leopard changes its spots, imo.

      – ‘ ‘RA VS AL Qaeda: I Was Wrong’, by Gary Brecher aka ‘The War Nerd’ – 27th, April 2011 – The Exiled –

      There you have it. Anglo-American Imperialism as Finance Capital, Plunder and War

      “If you don’t know history, they can tell you anything and you won’t know any better.” – Howard Zinn, paraphrased

      • Margaret McAuslan says:

        I found your comments very interesting and will go to some of these links. As a Scot living abroad I wonder why you call yourself an ex-pat. Surely if you are living in another country you are an immigrant?

        • Grouser says:

          It depends on what ex-pat means. Expatriate (expat) is someone who is living abroad for purposes of work. Patriot is someone who supports his or her country. I am not sure about ex-patriot.

        • Ex Pat says:

          Was an incensed expat living under the ‘iron-plimsole’ that was Cheney’s Reich (2001 to 2009); very much in favour of the peaceful multipolar world that is coming; have opposed the endless illegal wars, murders and genocides of the US and UK since I became aware of them, around 1964; greatly looking forward to an independent and prosperous Scotland, giving Ireland a hard run for its money as a terrific English-speaking base for multinational companies trading with the EU, and as a complete vindication of the amazing Scots genius that is Tom Nairn, who first forecast what we are now seeing – The Break-up of Britain, in 1977.

          Finally, supporting an independent Scotland not least for its role in destroying the crutch, and fig-leaf, that the UK has been for the US Empire and hastening that peaceful multipolar world.

          > will go to some of these links.
          Thanks – it’s the jokes that make them worthwhile, imo. : )

          “What do the Americans want from us?” “From us? Dead bodies !” – @6.48 – Bremner, Bird and Fortune, Iraq – Youtube

          More –

          • I believe brexit is all about USA trying to weaken the EU because USA fears it is losing its grip on world trade.
            U.K. do what USA tell it to do in exchange for military backing .

            • Bob Lamont says:

              Yep, the European Spring..

            • Ex Pat says:

              Agree. Brexit is surely 100% the product of MI6-backed Cambridge Analytica.

              It is certainly 99% the product of Tufton Street’s Anglo-American think tanks and lobby groups. Which Robin Ramsay of Lobster parapolitics magazine pointed out in a different context are all Al-CIA-duh fronts who organise beauty parades of UK politicians in order to find candidates to, ER, promote: as Tony Blair was ‘promoted’, over the conveniently dead body of John Smith.

              So much for Harold Wilson in Number 10 and the unions round for tea. So much for Ted Heath and Jim Slater as the ‘unacepptable face of capitalism’ and an agreed left-right consensus on a social democratic Britain that existed from 1946 to 1979.

              Might it also be 1% the product of Russian money / oligarchs? No idea, but probably only as the propaganda boogie-man who carries the public can and gets the blame. Fooling the UK’s peasants once again. Oh for more anarcho-syndicalist Monty Python peasants. : ) – Youtube –


              Lobster parapolitics magazine – How MI5 infiltrated one-man band Robin Ramsay –


      • William Davison says:

        I lived in Northern Ireland throughout ” the Troubles” and far from maintaining “fire-discipline” as you maintain, the I.R.A. carried out numerous sectarian murders, including those at Tullyvallen in Co. Armagh in September 1975 and the massacre of Protestant factory workers at Kingmills in the same county in January 1976 : these are just the worst of many examples. Perhaps a bit of basic research would be in order before making such inaccurate statements.
        On a wider level the Irish peace process, the Good Friday Agreement, the border, etc, have been used as levers and bargaining chips by both sides in the E.U. negotiations in the most offensive and cynical way imaginable. The current Withdrawal agreement, for example, by creating a trade border in the Irish Sea, far from supporting the G.F.A. actually drives an express train through it, as it clearly breaks the proviso that “it would be wrong to make any change in the status of Northern Ireland save with the consent of a majority of its people.” I don’t know anyone in N.I. who wants a border down the Irish sea. So Johnson is just playing the same cynical game played by others since the start of this saga.

        • Golfnut says:

          Well said, all of it.

        • benmadigan says:

          “I don’t know anyone in N.I. who wants a border down the Irish sea”-

          Only the DUP don’t want it. A lot of people do want it, for several reasons:

          Remember the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement was supported by a large majority vote in N. Ireland. It precluded setting a hard border and is an International Treaty

          Remember a majority of people in NI voted against Brexit.

          Remember the ROI is a full member of the EU and a brexited N Ireland would cause untold difficulties for populations living along both sides of the border, many of whom in NI are Irish citizens

          The long discussed and hard fought solution was PM May’s “backstop” which PM Johnson modified into a “front stop” – the border in the Irish Sea

          • jistjr says:

            When is a border not a border??? When the UK Government say it is down the Irish Sea!!! AYE RIGHT

          • Bob Lamont says:

            “The long discussed and hard fought solution was PM May’s “backstop” which PM Johnson modified into a “front stop” – the border in the Irish Sea”
            In reality the “front stop” was what the EU proposed initially but May/DUP vetoed it.

            This fiasco continues to be about the few obsessed by power games, no connection with everyday reality of people. “Does he take sugar” as one observer astutely observed.

          • William Davison says:

            Have you read the G.F.A.? There is no mention in it of a hard border (something incidentally which never existed and will never exist), and, indeed, no mention of the border at all. The only clause which, perhaps, tangentially, alludes to the border (other than a future border poll ) is the one that hopes that all security installations will be removed. They all, of course, have been removed and will never come back. I’m neither a member of the D.U.P., or a D.U.P. voter and I’m concerned about an Irish Sea border, as are many business people and farmers, my morning paper today was full of their concerns about the uncertainty the current withdrawal deal is engendering. And, of course, an Irish Sea border changes the status of Northern Ireland and breaks the “Constitutional Issues” clause of the G.F.A..

    • Ex Pat says:


      See ‘Religion and the War Against Independence ?’, a comment by ‘Ex Pat’ to ‘The long death of Labour in Scotland’, by weegingerdug –

    • Golfnut says:

      I’m flattered that you quoted me, ‘ Ulsterisation is the word your looking for ‘, but nothing in your comment leads me to believe that Scotland’s civic nationalism will be so easily overcome. We know how the British state works, we know who will be to blame, we’ll know who to hunt down.
      I seem to remember we had similar threats printed prior to Indy 14, so it is no surprise to them surface again.

    • grizebard says:

      You really go big with all this O/T geopolitical stuff, and quite rude actually to start off a thread so egregiously divergent like this.

      Do I begin to smell “bot” here…?

  2. Julia Gibb says:

    Excellent article Paul.
    Not only am I convinced that they want a hard Brexit. I think they also want Scotland to leave the Union.

    Below copy of the post deleted tweet by ACH when he discovered the original comment was actually from a fellow Unionist.

    Alex Cole-Hamilton (liberal-democrat) tweeted :

    Wait, so someone’s accent and where they come from is now a qualifying criteria for leadership of a Scottish political party? So sick of this blood and soil ethnic nationalism.

    Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP🔶
    Deleted 1 day ago after 40 minutes, tweeted using Twitter for iPhone

    • PortJim says:

      Yet the right wing Britnats are the ones now pushing the “blood and soil” criteria for voter eligibility. I haven’t heard that condemned by their Slab / Libdem fellow travellers – not even Mr Oliver of the “moderate unionist” persuasion!

  3. Undeadshuan says:

    The tories actions today have caused the pound to drop.

    I wonder if just like trump Johnson is deliberately causing this to happen so that rees moogg and others who probably shorted the pound last week can make huge profits.

    And in addition the tories with brexit will cause an almighty stockmarket crash come January, which their friends can profit from by buying at firesale prices.

    • Julia Gibb says:

      The Pound against the Euro has lost more than a 1/3rd. of it’s value in 20years

      20th. October 2000 exchange rate 1.72 and today 1.11.

      We should switch to the Euro backed by 500million people. The pound is heading South fast.

      • Undeadshuan says:

        No we should have our own Scottish pound or whatever we call our own currency. To use the euro would be a major mistake.

        It is clear that nations within the Eurozone are unlike nations such as the US, Britain, Japan, Canada, Australia and others. The latter group, which form the majority of nations in the world, are characterised in the following way:

        “1. The national government (whether in a federal or non-federal system) has the fiscal authority to spend and tax to regulate overall spending such that the economy can avoid recession. Such a government can never go broke and can always honour its liabilities as long as they are denominated in the currency of issue.”

        ” a currency-issuing government can purchase whatever is available for sale in that currency, including all idle labour.

        The appearance of idle labour, for example, is evidence that the government has not spent enough relative to its tax take – so taxes are too high and/or spending is too low.

        In turn, this means that the unemployment rate is not a ‘market’ phenomenon or a choice of individuals (the mainstream dogma) but a political choice of government. The ideology of mass unemployment is thus exposed by an MMT understanding.”

    • Bob Lamont says:

      You can bet on it…

  4. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a now 60+ Female and commented:
    Very rousing. Excellent, Paul.

  5. Doug says:

    Britnat Westminster deliberately damaging Ireland – again. It’s all about England England England for jaunderin Johnson et al.

  6. Janice Gale says:

    Between yourself and Gordon Ross I have to say you have a complete grasp of the UK’s political situation and dare I say, what the future holds.
    What worries me most is the thought of the 60’s returning to N Ireland with a vengeance while the poor population of England slumber in front of Holby City
    Scotland has to use any guile and intellectual wizardry to defeat the snake pit in Downing St. The longer I stay here in the idyllic Dorset seaside town I live in, the more depressed I become. I feel like an alien and am so sad for my neighbours. I have to find my clan in the north. Soon I hope.

  7. Valkyrie says:

    “The Conservatives are heartless, clueless, senseless…”

    You forgot “meaningless”, “spineless”, “witless”, “friendless”, “gormless”, “feckless”, and “useless”.

    Happy to help. 😉

  8. Julia Gibb says:

    From the latest article on LibDem voice. They are bust convincing themselves that NOT campaigning for EU re-join is a clever move.

    “As passionately European as I am, I simply cannot see us winning hearts and minds by adopting a ‘rejoin’ policy. In fact, the only way I can see us rejoining is by first regaining trust with voters and we do that by engaging, listening and learning about the challenges in their lives and the aspirations they have. That will help us not only persuade on Europe but help clarify a new, radical agenda for the party.”

    In summary the Scottish LibDem policy is now UK only so tough, suck it up North British plebs

    • grizebard says:

      Well, it marks the final betrayal of every core policy they ever had. What a hollow shell of a party. They are even worse than Labour, and that’s sayin’ somethin’.

      Why on earth would anyone who used to believe in them and vote for them have any reason to continue to do so next May? They stand for nothing but their own self-preservation, and deserve an absolute drubbing.

  9. proudcybernat says:

    On a brighter note, private UKGov polling puts Indy at 56%.

    “Ministers are increasingly nervous that a Scottish breakaway is on the cards (the cabinet was recently briefed that the latest opinion polls show 56% of Scots would vote for independence, and 44% to stay in the UK).”

  10. Bob Lamont says:

    Excellent again Paul, your ability to draw on the humour from it is a tonic…
    Now where’s the gin and lemon…

  11. marconatrix says:

    From the way this is written you seem a lot angrier than usual … not that I blame you. Has anything in particular provoked this, I wonder?

    • weegingerdug says:

      I’m fed up with the lies and deception of the Tories.

      • grizebard says:

        Well, given what they all assured us back in 2014 and have never resiled from since, not a paltry single one of them, it’s a fairly close competition between Blue, Red and Orange Tories on that score, no…?

        (The only difference being of course that lying Tory bastert Johnson is currently fronting the regime in London. But as far as we are concerned, it would only be a question of tone if it were any of the other lot.)

    • Tam the Bam says:

      I also noticed Paul was not too pleased.
      ‘Incandescent’ springs to mind?

  12. vivianoblivian7 says:

    YouGov, Scottish sub-sample (152). How would you feel if … Scotland … left the UK?

    Click to access YouGov%20-%20UK%20break%20up%20attitudes%20(Britain%20England).pdf

    48% pleased, 37% upset. 15% don’t know / wouldn’t bother me either way.
    Excludes 16 & 17 year olds (18 to 24 year olds favoured Indy by 79% in the last YouGov poll).

  13. Helen Baird says:

    I don’t agree they are Clueless- they know exactly what they are doing

  14. gavinochiltree says:

    BBC trying to play this down.
    BBC Scotland—not a mention, even though Sturgeon is quoted elsewhere.

    Big, big mistake by Boris. Now he is the turkey voting for an oven-ready Christmas.

  15. andyfromdunning says:

    Thanks Paul. A great truthful article.

    Good to be reminded of past lies, past deception and general misdirection by WM. I am going to print this out and give it to two Conservative supporters I know.

    We are about to get a political and economic whirlwind any day now.

  16. bringiton says:

    They won’t get a trade deal through the US congress if they rip up the guarantees for NI.
    That is on record.
    All very desperate stuff to get something done before Brexit hits the fan and Trump’s possible departure.

  17. Republicofscotland says:

    Johnson has as some journalists say a kindred spirit with Trump, and who could argue differently, Trump is no stranger to tearing up agreements such as the JCPOA, and rolling back parts of Obamacare.

    Lying comes naturally to the Tories, from Baroness Davidsons sixpence turn on Operation Arse, to as you rightly point out the so called Oven Ready Deal with the EU. The Tories in my opinion won’t give a monkeys if they help to roll back the Good Friday Agreement or if there’s a border in the Irish sea. They’ve ruled Northern Ireland through violence and mistrust, as has Westminster in general for decades now.

    The Tories can never ever be trusted, they govern for the benefit of the few and not the many, that is another very good reason why we must have independence.

  18. Eilidh says:

    Another example of Uk scumbag Tory Right Wing Govt not being trustworthy. I don’t see Northern Ireland returning to terrorism in a big way but do see them voting for Reunification of Ireland within 5 years. Hopefully Scotland will be well gone from uk by then too and Wales if it wants to. This is English exceptionalism writ large. The EU will never give in now Boris and his mates are delusional to think so. EU has bigger stones than Bojo and his clowns. The Uk will be an utter shambles by January between Brexit and Covid economic crisis. The idiots are not even listening to business leaders . They think USA will give them a great trade deal – dream on USA only ever does what suits that country they don’t give a stuff about Uk. I imagine there is a lot of sweary words being shouted in Brussels Berlin and Paris right now. Await the EU strikes back !!

    • grizebard says:

      Hopefully Scotland will be well gone from uk by then too

      Absolutely! Irish reunification is always likely to have some follow-on consequences for us here, and the last thing we want before the eventual IR2 is a large influx of disgruntled Orangist monomaniacs.

    • I love the EU delegatess comment about Johnson and the UK Brexit team:-

      ‘It’s like watching a blind man trying to drive a car’.

      The Young People in Norn Ireland will vote for Reunification within the next 5 years.

      Scotland will be independent long before then even.

      Johnson and his Elite English Band would abandon Northern Ireland TODAY, without so much as a backward glance.

      There’s no money in it., unlike Scotland which is dripping with natural resources and lots of Free Land.
      The IRA and the laughingly described ‘Loyalists’ are an ever diminishing aging relic of the 20th Century.

      As for ‘religious divides’, fanning the flames?

      The God of the terrorist/ bomber/ murderer is dead.

      Only old farts like Mc Kenna with his tired old regurgitation of ‘the Catholic vote’ attempt to wheeze a spark from the dead embers of the Divide and Conquer gambit of 30 years ago.

      Brexit has destroyed the UK, and Johnson, Rees Mogg, Gove, and the Iron Heel Oligarchy pulling their strings know it.

      In fact, that was their Grand Design all along.

      Old England is now in effect the 51st State. I expect McDonalds Taco Bell Cracker Barrel and Coca Cola to infest every village hamlet town and city of England from Jan 2021 onwards, the advance guard of a Granada style invasion of New Jerusalem the Yanks.

      Remember, they want London to be ‘the new Singapore’, the fulcrum of global money laundering and corruption.

      We’ll be out by the autumn of ’21, Duggers.

      But we start the campaign now.

      I understand Paul’s short fuse.
      There has never been such a bunch of insincere money grabbing Brit Nats across all three Better Together Parties as there is at the moment.

      Leonard, Davidson/Ross and the completely pointless useless Willie Rennie are clinging on like grim death, desperately squeezing out their last wage packets for betraying Scotland and the People.

      The avalanche is unstoppable now.

      That’s why Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause is laughing her head off. She’s got the Golden Ticket to Brown Envelope Junction.

      And Kezia Dugdale who is already coining it in on Think Tank wages (aye richt) was on STV reminding us all the we are ‘too poor’ to be an independent country.

      They may be dead and buried but their corpses are still giving off the putrid stench of traitors.
      I admire Paul’s reserve.

  19. UnionMan says:

    ‘When the Brexiteers persuaded a majority of people in England to leave the EU, there were still hopes that the UK would remain closely aligned to the single market and the customs union. A reluctant Scotland might just have been persuaded to accept that.’

    They also persuaded over 1 million Scots to leave the EU. Scotland does not go along with anything, because it’s not an homogenised group. Scotland is a nation filled with people who have differing opinions. The idea that Scotland thinks one way, while England thinks in another way, is just nationalist nonsense.

    The Tories are, indeed, a cruel and heartless party – but there would be Tory Governments in an independent Scotland. Scotland is not a more egalitarian society than the rest of the UK. Social attitude surveys show that Scots have similar opinions to voters in the rest of the UK – particularly on immigration. Scotland is not a panacea of cuddly politics.

    There may well be right-wing Tory Governments in an independent Scotland, enforcing the same policies currently being imposed by a UK, Tory Government. Scotland may not have voted for the Tories since 1955, but things change. Scotland used to be a Labour stronghold, but that also changed. After all, Scotland has always been a small ‘c’ conservative nation. There are many right-wingers within the SNP. Andrew Wilson is an economic conservative, who opposes free tuition fees.

    There is also no certainty that an independent Scotland would meet the conditions for rejoining the EU. I believe in unions of people, working together. The concept of the UK is just as noble as the concept of the EU. It’s not perfect but all the arguments for leaving the UK, are actually arguments for reforming the UK.

    The economic and social fallout from the lockdown measures, have made the arguments for Scottish independence even more absurd. Scotland already has the largest deficit in Europe, no central bank and still no proposed currency. It costs billions to build a new nation-state.

    Breaking up the UK has never made less sense.

    The only party capable of replacing a Tory Government at Westminster, is Labour. Voting for any other party, simply increases the prospect of continual Tory rule.

    Let’s reform the UK and work together.

    • weegingerdug says:

      If this hackneyed nonsense that has already been rebutted a thousand times before is the best that you’ve got, it’s no wonder that Labour is languishing in the teens in opinion polls in Scotland and support for independence is 55% and rising.

      Do better.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I was the “– but there would be Tory Governments in an independent Scotland” that finally had cat and coffee meet, really looking forward to the firm, “Clueless in Salford?”🤣

      • Dr Jim says:

        How could there possibly ever be Tory governments in Scotland who pledge their allegiance to the English Crown, in an Independent Scotland political parties would be required to pledge allegiance to the people and parliament of Scotland, of course there are quite a few Tories who’d pledge their allegiance to a bottle of milk for money and Labour would lap up the Tory droplets like they’ve always done

        • David Agnew says:

          I see that Iain Murray, the last labour MP in Scotland wants the English to demand all their money back in the event of Independence. Imagine someone having the brass balls to come to this site and try to sell someone like Murray and his party of roasters to WGD

          • Bob Lamont says:

            Specifically London I heard, where the “subsidy junkie” myth thrives most…
            Duplicitous bar-steward Murray’s days are numbered…

    • Hamish100 says:

      Union man. The 1million Scots constantly referred too By britnats including English, Welsh, Northern Irish amongst others.

      Please resubmit your new figures downwards. Thanks

      Oops , almost forgot. Labour has no chance.

    • Alastair says:

      There is also no certainty that an independent Scotland would meet the conditions for rejoining the EU.

      Really? Which of the Copenhagen Criteria do you believe an independent Scotland would fail to achieve? Geographically not being part of Europe? Not having a democratic form of government with free and fair elections? Not having the rule of law? Not having sufficient respect for human rights? Not having a functioning market economy?

    • David Agnew says:

      The UK had its chance in 2014 and blew it. Labour had its last chance in 2014 as did the Lib Dems. They also blew it. I will never back a party that thinks Scotland needs subsidy to pretend its British. I never want anyone that spineless speaking for me. Labour is the only party capable of replacing a tory government? You couldn’t even beat Theresa May on her worst day or Boris fucking Johnson. The days of your party being able to hold Scotland’s vote hostage are over, and so too is your union.

  20. Capella says:

    Posted this on the wrong thread so decided to repost as it is a common theme lately.

    Excellent article by Prof Robertson on Iain Macwhirter’s assertion that Nicola Sturgeon isn’t serious about an Indyref2. I wonder how he came to that conclusion. Prof Robertson is conducting a poll and finds that approx 75% of people so far do believe that NS means it.
    Some interesting btl comments too.

  21. Ian says:

    Those damn Colonials are getting uppity.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Nobody can say the Poms don’t deserve that, I don’t reckon Australia will be the only country buckling over laughing at Bonson the boink and his crew, it’s just a bit embarrassing that Scotland’s still attached to them

  22. Capella says:

    UPDATE prof Robertson has updated his blog entry on whether independence supporters think NS is serious about holding Indyref2. Now 80% have voted YES on his twitter poll.

    Seems like Iain Macwhirter has been polling the wrong people.

  23. Welsh Sion says:

    Headlines from that YOUGOV poll:

    How do English and Welsh people feel about Scotland leaving the UK?

    Opinion in England re: Scotland

    46% of English people say they want Scotland to remain part of the UK.
    13% want to see the nation pull away
    Most of the rest (34%) have no opinion, saying that they consider it a matter for the people of Scotland to decide.

    Opinion in England re: Wales

    51% of English people are marginally more hopeful that Wales will stay in the UK
    6% actively want the nation to go
    36% see it as an internal matter.

    Opinion in England re: Northern Ireland

    46%: The most common response to the prospect of Irish reunification was that it is a matter for the people of Northern Ireland to decide
    26% firmly say they want Northern Ireland to stay
    20% actively want to see the nation go.


    Opinion in Wales re: Scotland

    39% of Welsh people offer the view that Scotland should stay in the UK, at
    13% saying they think the country should leave.
    41%. say it’s a matter for the people of Scotland

    Opinion in Wales re: Northern Ireland

    48% see it as an internal matter,.
    26% want to see Northern Ireland stay
    18% want to see it join the rest of Ireland.


    Scotland leaving the UK – attitudes

    When asked how they would feel about Scotland leaving,

    15% of English people
    16% of Welsh people say they would be pleased – either for Scots or to see the back of them.

    One in five Conservatives (20%) say they would be happy if Scotland upped and left.


  24. Republicofscotland says:

    Outright lies from the Union Jack suit loving British nationalist Ian Murray, and here’s me thinking the Tories are a lying bunch of bar stewards.

    “SCOTLAND’s only Labour MP said that London should ask for its “money back” when campaigning against Scottish independence, it has emerged.”

  25. Dr Jim says:

    3 out of the 4 countries involved in this Benighted Crapdom don’t agree with England yet it’s down to us to leave and not England, just like the typical bully with no brain everybody else is wrong but them

  26. Man I wish I could get the whole population to sit and read that. The polls would hit 80% for indy in an instant

  27. FreeScotland says:

    The yank/trump takeover mafia are pushing their english lapdogs hard. They both want to hurt and disrupt the EU that is what Brexit was all about and make a killing from the disaster capitalism it will bring. Scotland must leave this madness asap.

    • Golfnut says:

      The U.S. have always had a faction within its legislature that seeks the absolure downfall of the the UK( engerlund ). Don’t remember the details, but I think they were known as the ‘dollar senators ‘ or something. Looks like they have been working hard, maybe Johnson works for them.

  28. Jim Paterson says:

    I also noticed that the WGD was more animated than usual today. I just put it down to a wrong bedside exit this morning. It is hard work being angry about Tories all the time. I and many of your posters suffer from the same tiring condition.

  29. Tam the Bam says:

    Wee Dougie linesman (Dross) on Scotland Tonight STV @ 10-40pm

    Hope he gets a roastin’ (well you live in hope).

    • Dr Jim says:

      If it’s Colin McKay interviewing him he might just get roasted

      • Dr Jim says:

        Turned it it was John McKay and he just gave him a big kiss

        • Julia Gibb says:

          A big kiss would be classed as “aggressive interviewing” in comparison to what actually happened!

          DRoss was a mess without even without a difficult question.

          • Breaking the rule of a lifetime, I accessed this Commercial TV Dross.
            McKay asked a question, Ross churned out absolute nonsense, McKay asked another question, more unbelievable Brit Nat garbage from Ross, and as a finale, Ross confirmed that he would be the next FM in May next year, to which McKay said..nothing.
            It is clear that McKay is clueless, or more charitably, a mere Brit Nat cardboard cut out.
            Ross would have had more interaction with a traffic cone.

            McKay had Dugdale on too (nice little fee there, KD) telling us that Scotland is ‘too poor’.

            McKay tried to ‘Yes But’ Mike Russell, but to no avail. I can only assume that McKay has absolutely no idea what’s going on, or he is under orders to let the Brits get their message across unhindered by any pesky questions from the paid stooge acting as a sounding board.

            STV’s message: Brexit is happening; fuck you, Scotland.

            All those decades when I didn’t tune in to STV were not wasted.

  30. Republicofscotland says:

    Over 40 human right organisations not even allowed to view Assanges trial, as judge throws out defences plea for an extension to January. This isn’t happening in some tinpot dictatorship, no its happening in the UK today.

  31. Republicofscotland says:

    This is quite entertaining I think.

  32. Peter Barton says:

    @ UnionMan 4:07pm..

    Is that you, Henry??

    Not Gordon, I don’t believe he’d waste his time on democratic debate.

    Eh, Gordon?

  33. Peter Barton says:

    Just listening to the countries playing footie tonight.

    Why oh why can’t we be an independent country?

    There are so many of them.

    What is so cursed about Scotland that this is the right of so many peoples but not ours?

  34. Welsh Sion says:

    Whilst independence seems to be running @ 56% in Scotland, I can share with you that it’s running @ 32% in Cymru. (You Gov).

    Further, a majority of Labour voters (51%) are in favour of independence.

    However, as shared with schrodinger’s cat in a previous post, we are still waiting for an opinion poll based on the question, “How would you vote in an indy referendum if Scotland was an independent country?”


  35. Republicofscotland says:

    Thank God Scotland’s national football team didn’t come up against the Czech Republic’s first team, we’d have been hammered that’s for sure.

    Maybe we can formulate a plan to play B teams from now on.

  36. Margaret Barrie says:

    Paul, Your raging anger just hit me like a hot blast! Agree with every word said in your summation of the morally bankrupt mob that are currently destroying the whole of the UK. We definitely will not forget … or in my case, forgive, what they have done. England is a powder keg … about to blow up and I sincerely hope we are well away when that happens. Heaven help the decent people there who will live with the consequences.

  37. Ex Pat says:

    Tom Nairn

    Tom Nairn famously forecast the Break-up of Britain, in his book of that title in 1977, but his later work on globalisation has become even more relevant to an independent Scotland. He points out that globalisation means much, much more than now-discredited neoliberal economics.

    Globalisation, of culture, people, labour, trade, communications and economics, enables small countries to be prosperous, independent and globally-linked. Countries like an EU-trading and member, Scotland.

    ‘The lower deck passengers are coming on deck. The wretches are coming on deck and saying “What about us?”. What they’re doing is demanding their tickets. The old system, the 1707 system, is breaking up, it’s breaking down.’

    – Tom Nairn – ‘Globalization and Nationalism: The New Deal?’, 2008 – Youtube –

    Tom Nairn got there by studying Marx’s economics, as did Richard Wolff – also, see Youtube –

    • Ex Pat says:

      David Harvey, Cambridge historian livinging in Baltimore, USA, runs the most widely used free public introduction to the notoriously difficult works of the great man. For the young and the driven.

  38. Ex Pat says:

    Incensed – the Torture of Julian Assange

    If WeeGingerDug is incensed by the negotiating theatrics or the duplicity (or, what is more likely, ‘and’ – both) of the Tories, he has cause.

    And that’s before considering what they get up to that they’d prefer we didn’t notice: as Julian Assange has so memorably informed us – in Collateral Damage, on GCHQ eavesdropping, Five Eyes, and in the UK (Lack of) Integrity Initiative. To which you can add all the ‘major evil’ described above.

    While we consider Perfidious Albion and Brexit, let us not forget the ongoing crucifixion of Julian Assange, a living man who is being tortured to death before our eyes for telling the truth about the US and UK. As the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment has explicitly said.

    John Pilger

    “I have been a reporter for more than 50 years and I have never known a smear campaign like it: the fabricated character assassination of a man who refused to join the club: who believed journalism was a service to the public, never to those above.”

    “Assange shamed his persecutors. He produced scoop after scoop. He exposed the fraudulence of wars promoted by the media and the homicidal nature of America’s wars, the corruption of dictators, the evils of Guantanamo.”

    “He forced us in the West to look in the mirror. He exposed the official truth-tellers in the media as collaborators: those I would call Vichy journalists. None of these imposters believed Assange when he warned that his life was in danger: that the “sex scandal” in Sweden was a set up and an American hellhole was the ultimate destination. And he was right, and repeatedly right.”

    ‘John Pilger: The Stalinist Trial of Julian Assange’, 7th September, 2020 – via Media Lens –

    There’s lots more on Media Lens – link via Tweet, or direct.

    – ‘Media Freedom? Show me the MSM Journalist Opposing the Torture of Assange’ – Craig Murray, Craig Murray blog –

  39. Petra says:

    Another brilliant article Paul and the following just sums it up for me (us). As Kenny has said, ”I wish I could get the whole population to sit and read that. The polls would hit 80% for indy in an instant.” I agree with Kenny but would be happy to be assured of 55% plus support and we’re there already, thank God 😀.

    ”This is how the UK ends. It ends in deceit and lies. It ends in the smug smile on a self-satisfied Johnson’s face as he hums and haws, bumbles and fnaughs his way though a series of lies and fairy stories. It ends in the faux outrage of a Conservative MP who claims that the only reason the Labour party is in the wilderness in Scotland is because of the accent of its branch office manager. It ends in the anger and disgust of millions of people in Scotland who are sick of being lied to, sick of being treated as fools, sick of the corrupt mendacity that passes for this British Government of incompetent charlatans. The Conservatives are heartless, clueless, senseless, and very shortly they will be Scotlandless too. We will not forget their lies. We will not forgive their deceit. We will not give up. A better Scotland, an independent Scotland, will emerge from the ashes of Brexit Britain.”


    ‘Brexit was a fantasy from the start and the truth about leaving the EU is finally becoming clear.’

    ”The truth is a stubborn stain. You can place a carpet of lies over it, but it never goes away. You can fill a room with the smoke of fantasy, but reality is still the room where it all happens. Brexit was a lie from day one and we may now be reaching the point at which the smoke finally clears.”..

  40. Petra says:


    ”That experience brings me to my first point, changing currency is not the traumatic experience that the forces of Unionism would have you believe. You require a central bank, any country can set one up. Your country does not even need to be Independent to do so. Estonia actually set up their Central Bank the year BEFORE they became Independent. They were moving from an economy based on the Russian rouble to a new Estonian currency, the kroon. They pegged their new currency at a fixed rate of 8 kroons to 1 German mark. They introduced their new currency TEN MONTHS after Independence.”..

    …”For a bit of fun I compared the exchange rates of the Great Mighty Pound in September 2014 with the pound today. In 2014 the pound was worth 1.63 dollars. Today as I write this the exchange rate is 1.32 an almost 20% drop in value. So sticking with the pound as advocated by Better Together has been another decision that cost Scots money as well. We can do better. Much better.”


    ”They Never Learn.’

    ”Rather than adapt their policies and politics, all of the English registered parties employ the same failed tactics, SNP/Scotland Bad! They constantly rubbish every statement, bill, initiative, law, Cabinet Secretary of the SNP. They think by shouting SNP Bad and demanding resignations will somehow have people change their opinion on the paucity of the British Union. In my own way I have demonstrated this often by asking countless Unionists this simple question. ‘Name just three things that can only be achieved by the British Union that cannot be achieved by an independent Scotland.’’..

  41. Jim says:

    Article in The Gaurdian laying the blame on Home Farm Skye deaths firmly at the feet of HC One and the UK Gov. unlike BBC Scotands agenda.

  42. Petra says:

    ‘State of (Unilateral) Independence.’

    ..”A popular myth on social media is that UDI is a protected right in international law. The source of this myth is Craig Murray but he’s not really to blame for the way he has been misunderstood and misrepresented. The myth arises from a case at the International Court of Justice of the United Nations concerning Kosovo’s independence. The ICJ was asked to rule on the lawfulness of Kosovo’s UDI. It ruled that there was nothing in international law that makes UDI unlawful. This is absolutely not the same as UDI being a protected right: it merely says that the lawfulness of UDI is a matter for domestic law and not a matter for international law. I think we can all agree that UDI presents plenty of opportunities for accusations of unlawfulness. If you believe the myth then you believe that a higher law takes precedence over domestic law and that accusations of unlawfulness have no force. This is important because it changes the way that Scotland would be internationally recognised as a sovereign nation.”..


    ‘What makes a state a state? Why places like Kosovo live in limbo.’

    ..”Kosovo has also had to face a recent trend of states withdrawing their recognition, following an orchestrated effort by Serbia which still refuses to recognise its former province as an independent state.”..

    ..”This trend of de-recognition illustrates very well that what we think of as sovereignty is neither static nor absolute.”

  43. Petra says:

    ‘Johnson is proving himself to be utterly untrustworthy.’

    ”But much more significant is the national and international consequence. Apart from the fact that the people of the UK now know that they have a government led by a person whose word is worthless, internationally this has massive repercussions.”..

    ..”This is a bad day. It is a thing badly done, as Jane Austen might have put it. The price to be paid will be substantial. And there is no happy ending to this one. Johnson is leading the UK into a wilderness from which, for England at least, there is no obvious exit at present.”


    ”In context: Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints.”

    ”What’s come out so far?

    Here are some of the revelations from the inquiry so far:

    The complaints policy was not drawn up to “get” Alex Salmond, but investigating complaints was “the right thing to do”, according to Permanent Secretary Leslie Evans (18 August)

    But a draft of the policy was sent to two women, one of whom went on to complain about Salmond, it was confirmed (25 August)

    The decision to include former ministers in the policy was “the right thing to do,” the man who helped write it said (25 August)

    A former permanent secretary revealed that he “took actions” to investigate the behaviour of ministers “a number of times” (28 August)

    At least 30 complaints had been made against ministers in recent years, Dave Penman, the head of the civil servants’ union, said (1 September).”,in-context-committee-on-the-scottish-government-handling-of-harassment-complaints


  44. Petra says:

    ‘UK seeks Irish intervention on NI Protocol in exchange for help with land bridge.’


    Check out Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.

  45. Capella says:

    Scottish Parliament Hearing of the Committee on Harassment is about to start;

    Kezia Dugdale tells us that the No to YES voters have increased about 5 or 6 points in the past few months. She attributes this to – under 40s, centre left on social policy, want to own their own home and have a car in the driveway and a good holiday, value a pension, REMAIN voters who find the economic insecurity of BREXIT and Boris Johnston frightening.

    Oddly, Pat Kane misses out the “centre left on social policy” bit. Wonder why? Too telling an attribute pehaps for the Scottish left?

    • Dr Jim says:

      Kezia Dugdale based her analysis on a guesstimate of a paper study and not a survey or questionnaire of actual people, it’s what think tank people do then call it fact, so her conclusions are no more weighty than a case of *Eh em this is whit ah fink* and everybody does that and comes up with *wot they fink*

      Economists do this all the time crap in crap out

    • Petra says:

      Edited from a piece where she bleats on about the divisiveness of referendums. So what’s the answer to it all Kezia? For Scotland to remain part of the Union?

  46. Ex Pat says:

    UK Gov Brexcretins

    ‘Ok, I think we can take the UK government threat to tear up an international treaty seriously now.’ – David Henig @DavidHenigUK Twitter –

    ‘HUGE news from @GeorgeWParker @SebastianEPayne that Jonathan Jones, Head of UK government legal department quits over Brexit moves. Tomorrow is going to be VERY interesting. “A man of huge integrity,” per source.’ – FT Public Policy Editor Peter Foster @pmdfoster Twitter –

  47. Statgeek says:

    Dinna hud back. 🙂

  48. deelsdugs says:

    Pathological liars…they lied and they cheated and they spewed out deceit…they will never stop the lies, the lies are even more contrived than thatcher’s, cameron’s and blair’s lies bound together in a forked tongue along with all the other parasitic liars adhered by their spineless bodies to the same lies. Liars are the worst kind of anything.

  49. Republicofscotland says:

    Douglas (I look bemused) Ross, thinks there’s nothing wrong with his London boss Johnson reneging and breaking treaties. Ross who previously vowed to stand up for Scotland, if Westminster acted against its interests ( What a whopper of a lie) says that a no deal Brexit wouldn’t be be disastrous for the Union or the Scottish economy.

    This guy makes Walter Mitty appear like a paragion of truth.

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