Baroness Davidson’s barren mess


According to recent reports, a furious Baroness Ruth Davidson contacted the BBC’s Brian Taylor directly to tell him not to refer to her as Baroness Davidson after he called her Baroness Davidson in a report for BBC Scotland news. A spokesapologist for the Scottish Tories later said that the title Baroness gives the wrong image because it plays into a stereotype of out of touch and unaccountable Conservatives that the Tories are desperate to move away from. However they are not so desperate that they won’t actually stop trying to be out of touch and unaccountable and rewarding one another with seats in the Lords where they can continue to influence our laws and our lives free from being answerable to the public. They just want us to stop talking about it.

So, just to be clear, Baroness Davidson doesn’t want us to call her Baroness Davidson. That’s Baroness Davidson. Whatever you do don’t say Baroness Davidson. What is the world coming to, when you can’t even take a peerage as a reward for defenestrating the guy who took over as leader of your branch office following a democratic vote of party members without people insisting on calling you Baroness Davidson and reminding everyone of your utter lack of respect for democracy and political accountability. Baroness Davidsons deserve more respect.

Normally I don’t use the stupid wee titles that politicians get awarded by their pals as rewards for failure, but in the case of Baroness Davidson I’m prepared to make an exception. Baroness Davidson has worked hard for her title. It’s a constant reminder of Baroness Davidson’s lack of respect for democracy, or indeed her utter failure to grasp its basic principles.

It’s not like Baroness Davidson hasn’t earned it. After all Baroness Davidson did go very far out of her way to knife Jackson Carlaw in the back. She wasn’t even distracted on the way to that secret meeting in Douglas Ross’s house by a bilingual Gaelic roadsign. Did you know that Gaelic for Baroness Davidson is Bana-bharan Nic Dhaibhidh? Baroness Davidson should be told, in case Baroness Davidson sees it on a roadsign and Baroness Davidson’s party wants to complain about Gaelic roadsigns confusing people about the fact that the not-the-leader of the Conservatives in Scotland is Baroness Davidson who has no respect for democracy.

I’m not a politician who’s heading for immunity from democratic scrutiny after overturning the outcome of a democratic ballot for the leader of her own party, but all this criticism of Baroness Davidson for not wanting to use the title Baroness Davidson is really getting a bit petty. Baroness Davidson has every democratic right not to want the title of Baroness Davidson. However it needs to be said that if Baroness Davidson doesn’t want us to refer to her as Baroness Davidson because she’s afraid that if the voting public realise that she’s a democracy denying Baroness Davidson they’ll be less inclined to vote for Baroness Davidson, then surely Baroness Davidson shouldn’t have accepted the title of Baroness Davidson in the first place. Because otherwise Baroness Davidson is a hypocrite who wants the advantages of being an unaccountable Baroness Davidson but none of the potential downsides that flow from voters actually getting to express an opinion about Baroness Davidson’s party.

But then I’m not Baroness Davidson, just an ordinary punter who believes that politicians ought to be held accountable to the voting public, unlike Baroness Davidson. And also unlike Baroness Davidson, I’ve heard of the Streisand Effect whereby complaining about something that you don’t want people to know only makes more people know about it. Or as it’s now known in Scotland, the Baroness Davidson effect. Which is èifeachd Bhana-bharan Nic Dhaibhidh in Gaelic. You know, in case you see it on a roadsign.

Baroness Davidson was always a media construct. Her much vaunted political skills rested largely on the fact that she got a free ride from the media. Now Baroness Davidson is demanding that the BBC do her bidding, and continue to assist her. The BBC seems to have capitulated. Since Baroness Davidson made her petulant demand, the BBC has not referred to her as Baroness Davidson. That speaks volumes about the relationship between the BBC and Baroness Davidson.

This is a politician who plotted in secret to overturn a democratic decision of her own party members, who then accepted a seat in the House of Lords as a reward where she will forever escape being held to account by any voters or any election, and who has the unmitigated gall to insist that she’s going to hold the Scottish people to account for a promise that she claims the SNP leadership made. At the next election Baroness Davidson will join with DRoss in stomping around Scotland, insisting that Scotland cannot be allowed to decide for itself when or if it wishes to revisit the question of independence, as she readies herself to go to the Lords, don an ermine robe, and enjoy a cushy career at the taxpayers’ expense for the rest of her life without ever having to worry about what the voters think. But then she doesn’t care much about Scottish public opinion just now, her elevation to the Lords merely formalises it.

So yeah, she needs to be reminded at every opportunity that Baroness Davidson is not a title of respect, it’s a badge of disgrace and a sign of her utter contempt for democracy, for political accountability, and for the right of the voters to make politicians answerable for their actions.

If Baroness Davidson really doesn’t want us to call her Baroness Davidson, that’s Baroness Davidson’s prerogative. We can just call her Shameless Opportunistic Hypocrite Davidson instead. Or Rape Clause Ruth to her friends. Or we can just ignore her wishes in the exact same way that she is determined to ignore the wishes of the people of Scotland, and call her Baroness Davidson anyway. If you don’t want people to use a title because you’re afraid that it makes you look as though you have contempt for democracy, then perhaps you shouldn’t have contempt for democracy and shouldn’t have accepted the title in the first place.

Baroness Hypocrite’s hypocrisy will not derail Scotland’s journey to independence, and then her pretty little title will be as irrelevant and meaningless as the barren mess of her political career. She won’t be called Baroness Davidson in an independent Scotland where there is no House of Lords.  So if Baroness Davidson doesn’t want to be called Baroness Davidson, we can help her with that.

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89 comments on “Baroness Davidson’s barren mess

  1. Izzie says:

    So will it be vote for Baroness Davidson Party for more Baroness Davidson?

  2. What I would give at FMQ’s this week for NS to refer to the mooth as “Baroness Davidson”. Can yae just imagine the look on her fizzer?

    • Awww yes, it could be another face twisting, pen slamming moment of sheer temper tantrum thcreaming until she’s thick

      Because let’s face it, Baroness Rape Crime Ruth is the Violet Elizabeth Bott of Scottish Politics

    • grizebard says:

      Oh, not just this coming week. Whether with or without a continuing cozy self-help relationship with the BBC, this shameless title is the gift that could just keep on giving…

  3. Jim says:


    Lost count of the number of times you mentioned Baroness Davidson.

    Her hypocrisy is a massive weapon for us when campaigning starts.

  4. Hamish100 says:

    I’m Spartacus or is it Baroness these days?

    What a horrible, conceited, selfish, bawheid.

  5. I make it ‘Baroness Davidson’ x49 and x1 ‘Baroness Ruth Davidson’. I hope the Guinness Book of Records are keeping tabs.

  6. Alba woman says:

    I can’t get over how entitled these Tory people thinkthey are ….how they assume that they are due some kind of respect for being them …..they are surely deluded but somehow they continue to continue their way forward ….why do they think folk must defer to them?

    The must tell themselves some very delusional lies. The unfortunate thing is they have some influence over Scottish lives including our beloved children.

    As Joe Biden said in an authentic angry voice ‘ Who do they think they are?’

    • Welsh Sion says:

      As Joe Biden said in an authentic angry voice ‘ Who do they think they are?’


      21. (of 21.)

      Wha dae ye think ye are, Li’l Roothie?

      Wha dae ye think ye are, Li’l Roothie,
      If ye think we’re on the run.
      We are yon laddies wha’ll stop yer li’l game.
      We are yon lassies wha’ll make ye think again.
      ‘Cos wha dae ye think ye are, Li’l Roothie
      If ye think auld Scotia’s done.
      Mr. Broon goes aff tae toon on the 8:21
      Bu’ he comes hame each evenin’
      An’ he’s ready fur sum fun.
      ‘Cos wha dae ye think ye are, Li’l Roothie,
      If ye think auld Scotia’s done.

      [With acknowledgements]

      Songs for the New Politics

    • Jim says:

      As my late Dad used to say,
      ” You can’t buy respect and it doesn’t come in a package along with your badge of rank. You have to earn respect from the people you lead”

  7. Oh and two Gaelic references as well so that’s a total of 52. Is Norris McWhirter still alive? Given his extreme right-wing and anti-EU views, I’m sure he and Baroness Davidson would be the best of besties.

  8. Welsh Sion says:

    Seems you have competition of a canine version, Wee Ginger Dug.

    Anagram corner:

    Baroness Ruth Davidson = Bastards’ hound version

  9. diabloandco says:

    oh! Welsh Sion , you’ve got me at it now!

    Substandard Version – sadly there is a spare ‘o’ but I can live with that!

    Paul , you aren’t supposed to mention Baroness Ruth Davidson that wee Baroness will be fuming at you , much like the photo of yon Baroness Ruth Davidson that you have at the headline.
    It made me snigger so thanks!

  10. Michael says:

    She’s a Baroness who identifies as a commoner. Aye, right. And we are supposed to believe that she isn’t back as leader, pulling DRoss’s strings.

  11. Legerwood says:

    Thee report in the Herald about this wee stushie had this marvellous quote:

    “”A source close to Ms Davidson said the MSP was simply correcting an inaccurate report, as she is not due to become a Baroness until next year.

    “”They said: “Ruth and Brian [Taylor] are old pals and she did drop him a text, in joking way, to say ‘I’m not Baroness Davidson’. That’s as far as the complaint went between two old mates.”

    ‘Old pals’, ‘old mates’, aw bless her wee cotton socks…the ones with the ermine trim.

    Those quotes wont have done Brian Taylor’s credibility much good either, assuming he still has any that is.

  12. Ruth Davidson won’t make it to the House of Lords
    She will only be there if she can persuade enough people in Scotland to vote against Scottish independence
    If she fails and Scottish independence is the choice of our people here in Scotland
    There is no way the House of Lords in England will continue in its present form
    It costs a fortune and controls much of what is decided in Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland

    Once Scotland becomes independent all those Lords in the House of Lords with titles claiming to lord over chunks of Scotland will have their names changed
    Because they will no longer be lord of a chunk of Scotland and England will then declare them obsolete

    If England wants to continue paying them they can but I reckon the English public will ensure that they don’t and ensure that they are kicked out minus their robes and privileges

    I’m pretty sure the huge estates given to these lords by England’s Westminster will be reclaimed by the new Scottish independent government too so not only will they be jobless robeless and useless they will be estateless

    • Golfnut says:

      The question of what happens to the Scootish lards when Scotland dumps the union was asked during indyref 2014. They would be allowed to remain in the Lord’s on condition their main residence was in England and they pay their taxes to the English treasury. So basically what happens now then. It won’t matter if Scotland becomes a Republic or not, they will be nobs, sorry, nobles in exile. Can’t see the English public accepting that particular scenario while austerity decimates public services due to brexit, particularly if Scotland is partly blamed by Westminster for England’s shrunken economy.

  13. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a now 60+ Female and commented:
    Baroness Ruth the Mooth Davidson

  14. Doug says:

    Hard to think of a more odious person than Baroness Blimp.

  15. Bob Lamont says:

    Really chuckled, bravo…
    Barrenless Ruth the Mooth it should remain until she’s elevated, ideally with a rocket from the Scot’s electorate…
    From @legerwood’s comment above, it confirms my suspicions this is not a story but a at all but a confection to focus attention on the Mooth, hilarious that it is backfiring so magnificently

  16. Delia Henry says:

    I think you could have shoehorned Baroness Davidson into the piece a few more times👏👏👏

  17. dorancaird says:

    She sent out a campaign leaflet which was covered in her photo opps. One did mention Theresa May. The leaflet had blue background and borders. Alliance to the Conservative Party was not really featured in large letters. Baroness Davidson is all for Baroness Davidson. She’ll be chummy with Baroness Mone. Both into meretricious product. All flash and no substance.

  18. Gregory R Nunn says:

    Is there such a thing as Gaelic-ish? Like spanglish, Spanish and English blended into a conversational language, usually localized in flavour.
    Because at first glance, I saw Banana Davidson.
    And, yes, I was drinking the evening before, full disclosure.
    And listening to Donovan sing Mellow Yellow.
    “Electrical banana, is gonna be a sudden craze…”
    Or…or my grandkids were singing “The Name Game” song,
    “Ruth, Ruth, bo-ruthie
    Banana-fana fo-ruthie
    Did I mention the drinks?

    • raineach says:

      well yes there is. In The Fort [local name for a town you can’t find on account of the roadsigns] we used ‘ma tha’ as a term of respect and when a person left definitively he was said to have ‘mach a seo’d off’ [seo pronounced ‘shaw’]

  19. Republicofscotland says:

    One wonders what Baroness Davidson’s title will be, will it be Baroness Davidson of East Buffalo Riding, or Baroness Davidson of White Tank Gun Striding.

  20. robert alexander harrison says:

    Lets not interrupt the self entitled clowns when they are trying to look stupid.

  21. M biyd says:

    Political sagas always leave the door open to opportunism.

    Only an Independence referendum next year will exonerate we know who…

  22. Baroness Davidson is Scotland’s Boris Johnson- the clown figure deployed by the Tory party machine for the last few years to distract voters from the Tory dark side- their vicious policies of racism, cruel deprivation of vulnerable families including-especially- the Rape Clause- and their amoral profiteering including privatising the NHS and Care Homes, the related Covid Deaths all over the UK and the general Tory chaos of Brexit and Covid. She is as guilty as all other Tories- but even more despicable for her sleazy clown act that sits on tanks but won’t ever answer for her vicious, destructive, incompetent party. After messing up her bid to acquire a sinecure with a private company while still drawing an MSP’s salary, she is now -simply and very crudely- after the £300+ a day in the House of Lords. Sleaze. Cynical, amoral sleaze. On the days she turns up her main contribution will no doubt be to support the demolition of Holyrood devolved powers. Baroness Davidson- very simply and crudely -disgusts me.

  23. deelsdugs says:

    Bravo Paul 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
    Anyone got a clip on the radio footage?

  24. deelsdugs says:

    Or maybe it was the box footage?

  25. Julia Gibb says:

    If we are not to refer to Baroness Davidson as Baroness Davidson can we say soon to be Baroness Davidson?

    I am assuming we are allowed to refer to her majesty at all.

    She sees nothing wrong with taking the title for LIFE. The daily payment and expenses for LIFE. She will sit in judgement of all Laws. All of this without once being subjected to the voting public.

  26. Capella says:

    She’s stuck with this ridiculous moniker in Holyrood until May next year. Imagine the buyer’s remorse she must feel. Well maybe not. She is a Tory and ex BBC after all. Remorse isn’t in her dictionary.
    When is the biography coming out? “Baroness Davidson – a Study in Tyranny”

  27. Dr Jim says:

    What’s the betting as soon as Scotland becomes Independent England will instantly reform the house of Lords and all the Jocky peers will decide Scotland desperately needs an upper reforming chamber because the population of England will as usual take the whole thing personally because the Daily Mail will tell them to *Get the Jocks out of our parliament* in big banner headlines

    They’ll have to anyway because the cost of maintaining the Commons and the Lords is subtracted from Scotland’s budget before we get some of our own money and England won’t want to afford to pay for it on their own, so the Baroness of Bovine’s elevation to the ermine might be short lived

    Will Scotland give them a sleepy rest home and free cash? Naw !! they’ll have to withdraw some of their cash from the Cayman Islands and live on it the puir wee souls that they are

    • No we won’t give them anything other than a p… I…. th….. p…..

      Don’t call her baroness she’s not a baroness til she scuppers Scottish independence
      Westminster only rewards successful traitors

  28. Alex Clark says:

    I’d imagine that it was the Baroness’s own choice not to take up her Ermine cloak until May next year in order to stand in for DRoss until he is parachuted into a list seat for the Tories at the next Holyrood election.

    What I also wonder though is whether or not she will also take a position within the Tory cabinet when she takes her place in the Lords, wouldn’t be any surprise at all to see her lined up as some kind of Minister for the Union. A post created for and currently held by Johnson since its creation last year. If it turns out to be a role where the incumbent has to do some actual work then I can’t see him wanting to do it. Baroness Davidson though would welcome a Cabinet Ministers salary that comes with the job alongside her allowance for attending the Lords.

  29. Statgeek says:

    So she’s only a Lady when it suits her?

    Sounds about right.

  30. Statgeek says:

    There’s a thought. Will the speaker of Holyrood be obliged by parliamentary etiquette to call her Baroness Davidson when it’s her turn to speak?

    Imagine it:

    “Baroness Davidson” (question)

    “First Minister” (reply)

    “Baroness Davidson” (parry)

    “First Minister” (thrust)

    “Reginald Longlurch” (Nae Indy!)

    “First Minister” (Aye right)

    “Wullie Rennie” (Fit aboot me?)

    “First Minister” (sit doon)

    “Patrick Harvey” (pollution)

    “First Minister” (less pollution)

    That’ll save you weeks of FMQ watching. 😀

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Ha ha ha.

      If it’s any precedent the Welsh assembly (now Parliament) refers to the following Members, Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas (ex-PC now Independepent) and Baroness Eluned Morgan (Minister Responsible for the Welsh Language, Labour) as Dafydd Elis-Thomas and Eluned Morgan – no titles.

      I think (and compatriots can help me out here) that after the Senedd Election next year, you can’t hold a dual mandate of being a Member of the House of Lords AND a Member of the Senedd (MS). Well, I say, ‘dual mandate’ – we all know there is no ‘mandate to being a Member of the HoL. …

    • Once Scottish independence is secured
      I’m going to make it my mission
      To search for and find all these people
      Then I’m going to confront them
      In public
      Where a lot of people can see me ask the question

      They can’t hide
      We have their name
      Their photographs from the media
      We know all about them ….they told us all about themselves

      We will be coming to speak to you
      But in a different way to what you’ve been used to

  31. David Agnew says:

    Oh we are totally going to keep calling her Baroness Davidson. This is way better than Ruthless Ruth.

  32. Daisy Walker says:

    Barnass Davidson – its the Buffalo I feel sorry for.

  33. bringiton says:

    All Tories have to take the hypocritic oath before being accepted for membership.
    Do you promise to lie,deceive,steal…..
    I do.
    There can only be one reason for the declared BoJo hater being “elevated” to the Lords.
    A cabinet appointment as Scottish governor general must be in the offing.
    The Tories think that she has a popularity in Scotland which will enable them to sell the stripping Holyrood of powers as being acceptable.
    Just another rogue parcel in our nation.

  34. WT says:

    Superb article and absolute hoot

  35. the right honourable baroness davidson of Dross

    some of my best friends are baronesses ……… 🙂

  36. brianmlucey says:

    Dominating the news cycle this morning is the revelation that the UK is planning to in effect there up the withdrawal agreement including the Northern Ireland protocol. This is quite interesting as it is in effect unilaterally reneging on an international treaty.
    leaving aside the question as to why anybody anywhere ever would then ever trust the UK as an interlocutor again, this presumably has significant implications for Scotland.

  37. Steaphan MacRisnidh says:

    “Èifeachd bana-bharan NicDhàibhidh” – not sure what Gaelic road signs have to do with a newly unelected peerage, but you’ve given her too much praise, as it means “the effectiveness of Baroness Davidson” not “the effect”.

    • weegingerdug says:

      It’s a joke.

      While I am always happy to accept a correction to my Gaelic – which is not fluent – from someone who speaks it better, perhaps you could have suggested a better translation and then I could have fixed it?

  38. Petra says:

    Baroness Davidson who doesn’t want anyone to call her Baroness Davidson is begging the people of Scotland to send her, Baroness Davidson and her partner in crime DRoss, some money to fund the attack against such Scottish people. No mention in their letter that they, Baroness Davidson and DRoss, have the ”full power” of Westminster behind them which includes supporting them with dirty money.

    ..”The letter, signed by the duo, stated that they would be challenging the SNP on its record in government “right up until polling day next May”. It then added, in bold: “We are up for this fight. But we can’t do it alone – we need your help. Bluntly, we need to raise the funds needed to compete with the SNP across every seat in Scotland. They have the full power of the Scottish Government to back them up. We have you.”..


    ‘The Treachery of the Scribes.’

    ”He (Gove) regularly meets with Murdoch in secret even though he is in charge of the Cabinet Office, which is arrogating many of the powers of the executive, and rapidly becoming a ‘state within a state’.”..

  39. Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause.

    This from Glenn Campbell’s summary on this terrible person’s defence of starving a third and subsequent child in a Scottish family whose breadwinner is sacked and who happens to have more than two children (The China Syndrome) July ’17.

    “Analysis by Glenn Campbell, BBC political correspondent

    Ruth Davidson’s talk of “reviewing” the operation of the so-called rape clause is not a change in her position.

    She continues to support the two child limit on tax credits. And she continues to support an exception for women who conceive a third child as a result of rape.

    In a Holyrood debate, Ms Davidson committed to “monitor how the policy works on the ground”, and she has previously told the BBC: “If we can do it more sensitively, then let’s look at how we do that”.

    In her Five live interview, she said: “I am completely open – if there are better ways of doing it – to reviewing that”.

    She’s not in a position to announce a review. She’s not even calling for one – just reminding us that she’s not against improving the administration of the policy, if that can be done.

    (Glenn Campbell is another one of her BBC ‘pals’? What a cringe worthy comment, Campbell.)

    Responding to Ms Davidson’s latest comments, Ms Sturgeon said: “I don’t think you can operate the rape clause in any way that is acceptable because it’s wrong in principle that any woman should have to prove that she’s been raped in order to claim support for one of her children.

    “The rape clause is wrong in principle, the two-child cap is wrong in principle and I think it is shameful that Ruth Davidson can’t bring herself to say so.

    “The fact that she’s being mealy-mouthed about reviewing how it works, I think, shows that she knows she’s on the wrong side of the argument.”

    And Ms Dugdale said a Labour prime minister would mean “an end to the rape clause and to the bedroom tax” and ask “the richest people to pay more tax to fund our public services.”

    The UK government has said it wants to limit child tax credits to the first two children because it wants “people on benefits to make the same choices as those supporting themselves solely through work”. ( Your third child will starve under the Blue Tories, if your boss lays you off.)

    As well as rape victims, exemptions to the changes have been put in place for people who adopt children, are involved in kinship care or who have multiple births.

    Scottish Greens MSP Ross Greer said Ms Davidson’s defence of the clause showed she was “just another cruel member of a cruel party” “.

    Oh, and even Alex Coal Scuttle was ‘angry’ about the Rape Clause without having to read his rage from a script this time.

    Davidson will say anything, do anything, lie about Scotland, for money. And the HoL in the Mother of all Gravy Trains.
    Baroness Davidson of Rape. ‘A cruel member of a cruel party’ .

    Yet there she is laughing her fucking head off at FMQ, bombproof, another 8 month’s Free Wages courtesy of thee and me.
    They don’t care; they think that we, the people can’t do anything to smash this Elite Con Game once and for all.

    She is laughing in our faces.

    Their privileged little world is about to come crashing down around their ears.
    Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause?
    Sounds about right.


  40. andyfromdunning says:

    Off topic. Sorry Paul.

    Looks like the idiots are now going to rip up parts of the EU withdrawal agreement particularly regarding the Irish Sea customs border.

    Can you imagine what the EU will think if this happens. Good for the cause but not the economy.

  41. Petra says:

    Richard Murphy:- ‘We have to acknowledge the fact that we have a corrupt government, here in the UK.’

    ..”How do we deal with having a corrupt government in the UK? The first thing to do is name it. Don’t say it is hopeless, or incompetent, or gaff-prone, because it is none of those things. It’s corruptly using power to advance the self-interest of those running it. It is corrupt.”..


    Fionna O’Leary:- ”Council of Europe issues media freedom alert (as it did to Russia!) over UK government blacklisting of investigative journalists | The Independent | Independent. Just when Tory MPs are pretending to support a free press!”

    • I’ve just finished reading Will Hutton’s Imperialist England piece in the Observer 6th Sept.

      It is frightening that he and his like actually believe that they can talk about Scotland like this.

      Englund Uber Alles.

      He clearly hasn’t got a clue what’s happening.
      Johnson and Starmer are about to smash any EU Deal. We are heading for NO Deal Exit in 5 weeks’ time, and Northern Ireland has been thrown under a bus, along with Scotland, as part of their twisted UK Internal Market legislation.
      There will be ructions in October. we can’t hang about until May 2021. There will be no Scotland left by then, and that, to be frank is the ‘reading between the lines ‘ of will Hutton’s Imperial nonsense in the Observer.
      We begin the campaign now, not next spring.
      First Up, bang a few heads together, and stop attacking each other.

      The Good Friday agreement is about to be torn to shreds by the Most Evil WM Administration in history.
      Any thoughts from Baroness Davidson of Rape Clause who assured ‘business leaders’ knocking on he mythical door in 2017 that Theresa May will bring home a Brexit agreement ensuring Free Trade, on goods and services, and FoM for citizens of the UK in Europe, and the 3 million EU citizens working in Merrie England?
      Thot not.

      It is about to kick off in a matter of weeks. we must be prepared to campaign for Self Determination now.

      Breakfast beckons.

  42. Petra says:

    ‘Scotland must, and will, have the right to choose its own future.’

    ..”And if a majority of MSPs elected to Holyrood next year back a referendum, no UK Government has the right to block the will of the people.”..


    One for those who keep trying to tell us that the SNP has done nothing for Scotland. Check out the LONG list.

    Grousebeater:- ‘The SNP’s Achievements.’

    ”No government gets uncritical support especially one elected to govern a nation of hyper-judgmental, compulsive nit-pickers. We’re quicker to criticise than praise. The SNP has a lot of accomplishments to choose from if you don’t like the policies they espouse.

    Continually under attack by well-armed enemies of civil rights and democracy, I thought it fair to reproduce their achievements since they took office. We have an administration that has powers hobbled, deliberately so to keep control elsewhere, yet it has achieved a considerable amount never imagined by the rag-bag of opposition parties.

    Scotiaphobes will dismiss the lot. But there’s one thing they can’t deny: the SNP altered Scottish political life and discourse in a profound way – for the first time in 300 years we have a political party prepared to fight every inch to protect Scotland’s interests. We are empowered as individuals. Our voice matters. We’re heard, not treated as the herd.”

    • Alan Howard Baxter says:

      Wow! That is a truly staggering list to be proud of. I only hope some one is creating a similar list of the current WM Shower Lies, U turns, Deceits, Half truths etc that could be prepared as an effective campaign leaflet. Oh, wait a minute – you would need a wheelbarrow to carry the leaflet!

  43. Petra says:

    ”Alex Cole-Hamilton rightfully tweeting in condemnation of blood and soil nationalism, only to delete that tweet when he found out that the person doing it was a fellow unionist politician, is almost as peak Alex Cole-Hamilton as his complaints about a bridge.”


    Check out Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.

  44. Alex Clark says:

    In an article in the Guardian today about Johnson’s latest pronouncement on a deal with the EU there’s an interesting paragraph.

    “Ministers are increasingly nervous that a Scottish breakaway is on the cards (the cabinet was recently briefed that the latest opinion polls show 56% of Scots would vote for independence, and 44% to stay in the UK).

    Anybody hear of such a poll result?

  45. Dr Jim says:

    97% of Englands rivers are used for sewage overflow or they are unable to prevent it because the sewage systems are over 150 years old, and in 40% of Englands rivers levels of e coli are over the danger to human life level

    Bristol is found to be the cocaine capitol of Europe following a report from Sheffield University that tested the waterways around Bristol over several weekends and found the concentration of cocaine to be the highest of any country in Europe, the people of Bristol are literally peeing out the popular party drug in massive quantities, you can literally get high as you die if you drink the river water in England

    Do you see these reports on the news, of course you don’t, the BBC bury them in middle of the night transmissions so if questioned they have fulfilled their journalistic responsibilities

    If you’re a poor sleeper like me the news where we aren’t can be quite enlightening

    • Dr Jim says:

      I forgot to mention when you see the Union flag on produce that claims *British* remember English cows and sheep are drinking this stuff

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Ehm, sorry Jim, that shit passes through all normal water treatment, so it’s not just cows and sheep affected… It might partially explains England’s demand for Brexit though…

    • Legerwood says:

      To be fair Dr Jim, Countryfile did a piece last night – Sunday 7pm BBC 1 – on the Sewage going into rivers. They tried to disguise that it was English rivers by occasionally saying ‘Britain’ or ‘UK’ but the only rivers actually mentioned were in England.

      I don’t think it is the first time that Countryfile has dealt with the topic and it is of course niche viewing but sometimes things slip out like this

  46. Alison Neave says:

    This one’s a keeper. Great piece that we can keep reminding Baroness Davidson about.

  47. Republicofscotland says:

    Baroness Davidson and her sidekick Douglas (offside) Ross have sent out a multitude of begging letters looking for cash donations including leafleting Sturgeon’s constituency.

  48. Me Bungo Pony says:

    Alister “Union” Jack has been very quiet for some time now. Perhaps he knows who’s hiding in the shadows, slowly closing in on him …….

  49. Willie says:

    Well a Baroness is what she accepted, what she is.

    Elected by no one to Lord over us maybe we should genuflect when we see her passing. Me, I think she is an odious piece of shite, all so typical of her kind.

    Lime pit for her and her ilk. Or is it slime pit.

  50. Willie says:

    Haggis, tattles and neeps now being branded with a Union Jack.

    The destruction of Scotland the brand, Scotland the product is well underway.

    The Baroness will approve.

  51. Julia Gibb says:

    liberal-democrat) tweeted :
    Wait, so someone’s accent and where they come from is now a qualifying criteria for leadership of a Scottish political party? So sick of this blood and soil ethnic nationalism.

    Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP🔶 Deleted 1 day ago after 40 minutes, tweeted using Twitter for iPhone

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