A week in Britnattery

It’s been a strange week in the crazy world of British nationalism. It was GERSmas, but for the most part Scotland just went “meh”. The days when we all collectively clutched our pearls because Westminster informed us that Scotland was a fiscal basket case are long gone. When you have a government in Westminster which has lied and deceived its way into office, no one is going to put a great deal of credence in anything that it tells us.

Even BBC Scotland was half hearted about it, and in previous years they’ve descended on the annual release of the GERS figures like a vulture finding the corpse of a deficit in the desert. The point that GERS tells us nothing useful about the finances of an independent Scotland seems to have percolated through to a majority, so all that the figures do these days is to highlight the mismanagement of Scotland by the British state.  GERS tells us is that Scotland can’t afford independence if its economy continues to be mismanaged like Westminster is mismanaging it just now. 40% of Scotland’s expenditure and 70% of Scotland’s revenue is controlled by Westminster, and then the British nationalist parties blame Scotland for not having a well run economy.

Of course that didn’t stop the branch office manager of the Labour party in Scotland, Ramsay Lurchhumpher, from trying to channel the good old days when in the imaginations of British nationalists the GERS figures could be guaranteed to strike fear in the black vile hearts of the evil separatists. Unfortunately Rameses Looksunlikelier started off by demanding that the First Minister commit to a couple of policies that she’s already committed to. Romualdo Lambslaughter insisted that the First Minister commit to a “quality jobs guarantee scheme” and then urged her to press Westminster to extend the furlough scheme. She’s already done both those things.

Undaunted, he pressed on, and demanded that the First Minister ask the British Government to give Scotland the money to do those things that she’d already said she wanted to do. Nicola Sturgeon replied by pointing out that if Scotland was an independent country, it wouldn’t need to ask the Johnson administration for funding to keep workers in Scotland in their jobs. Scotland could just do it itself without having to ask anyone for permission. However Raffaelo Lickspittler and his party were insisting that Scotland remain in a position of powerlessness and weakness despite the fact that over 40% of what’s left of their voters now back independence. All that the hapless Rugrat Losevoter had managed to achieve was to point out how the dependency on Westminster which his own party insists Scotland remain in only holds Scotland back and damages the lives and opportunities of its citizens.

No wonder there are rumblings within the branch office that it’s time for a new manager. Speaking to the Herald, an anonymous ‘source’ within the Labour party harrumphed that Rocket Launchdamper was dragging the party down and “putting the union at risk with his ineptitude”. My money for the person who blabbed to the press is on Jackie Baillie, Ian Murray, or one of the others in the fleg waving tendency of the Labour branch office in Scotland. It must be pretty galling for Rickets Landlubber to be attacked by a faction in his party who believe in the suicidal doubling down on a policy that has already caused the party to lose much of its support and which now risks alienating over 40% of the voters it’s got left. And there we were thinking that Labour’s descent into irrelevance couldn’t sink any lower. You live and learn eh.

Speaking of electoral irrelevance. Ed Davey has been announced as the new leader of the Lib Dems following an election amongst party members Although in Scotland that pretty much consists of Wullie Rennie and the vacant space which takes on the shape of Alex Cole-Hamilton. Most of us thought that Ed Davey already was the party leader, which just goes to show how much they’ve dropped off the political radar. The election was called when Jo Swinson lost her seat at the December General Election following a disastrous election campaign which saw the party accused of rank hypocrisy because it wanted to overturn the result of the EU referendum but refused to allow another Scottish independence referendum. So pretty much a normal day for the Lib Dems then. Jo Swinson has announced that when she becomes Prime Minister she’ll revoke Ed’s election.

This week, for once, the weirdest weirdiness of all in the annals of British nationalism didn’t come from the Conservatives. They’ve spent the past week bumbling along at their usual level of base arrogance, incompetence, and chaos. However they’ve been topped in the jaw dropping whattheactual stakes by the sheer outstanding surrealist bigotry of George Galloway’s latest vanity vehicle, the Alliance4Unity.  The party’s official Twitter account tweeted, and this is a direct quote: “I have five young children. The SNP will NOT teach them, with bananas and Nutella, about anal-sex and rimming. It’s time ALL decent people of all political persuasions including Nationalists, rose up against this hideous monstrosity of a policy.”

This is the party whose leader was invited to a meeting to discuss saving the precioussss union by Michael Gove. But then Alliance for Unity is an anagram of “I carnify Nutella”. Perhaps they’ve been trying to subliminally tell us something all along.

I never knew that Nicola Sturgeon was pitching up in schools and waving nutella covered bananas all over the place in a bid to destroy the traditional family. Has no one thought about nut allergies? You learn about anal sex with cucumbers and humous. Which also has the advantage of teaching children to eat healthily. Maybe the Alliance4Unity just want children to learn about anal sex the old fashioned way, from religious authority figures, sports instructors, or children’s TV presenters.

Obviously it’s a nonsense.  On a serious note, this is a perfect example of how hysteria, misinformation, and sheer outright lies play on underlying and unacknowledged bigotry.  It should not need to be said that the SNP is not proposing to teach children how to perform anal sex. In a modern society it is important that children learn that gay people exist and have a right to live in equality and dignity. That’s a very long way from teaching children about anal sex with bananas and nutella.

The message of equality and dignity is perverted by people who like to scream emotive misinformation in a bid to attract attention and garner support. They seek to appeal to ignorance and prejudice in order to push their agenda. When that is you are reduced to, you have already lost the argument.  Let’s ditch the bigotry and ditch the UK.

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86 comments on “A week in Britnattery

  1. Hamish100 says:

    ‘Nut Ella” was a well known cry in my school. Still she did have big hairy arms and a moustache. P7’s don’t know their living.

    It’s all the Essen -pee- fault.

  2. Hamish100 says:

    The negativeness of unionism. Brit Nats are empty souls.

    The facts are

    Economically if Scotland was a drain on England we would be dumped long ago.

    Scotland has a positive future if independent, it will never have, ever, if held within this lying union.

    We have resources, land, sea and our clean air, forestry, wind, hydro, oil, agriculture, fishing, tourism, our wildlife, whisky etc, our people, young and old, our NHS, our parliament, the richness of our languages, our song, dance and literature and much more.

    We have optimism, hope and faith.

  3. Gregory R Nunn says:

    Bananas and nutella?
    Yep. Better together…

  4. andyfromdunning says:

    Alliance4Unity were given two pages in last Saturday’s Times to display how stupid they are. An unbelievable article. I assume the editor was of work self isolating.

  5. Bob Lamont says:

    As the steam rises off the laptop’s screen to the words etched, and my tears of laughter subside, bravo sir bravo… You are right to be angry, we all of us 55% and rising are, this is not where we want to be nor should we wish it for any…
    None of them get it, the Galloways, the Lumpilstiltskins, the Baillies (nae ice ta), the wee Dougies, the Dames, it’s not a game any more, Scots already had enough of inconsequential charlatans (Swaynseon etc), then along came the Brexit finale/finale/finale and a pandemic to finally make folks realise there is a decent life or the Union, not both.
    Wee Dougie best hang on to his whistle and fleg as he turns up the heat, after 6 months+ of the most vitriolic media campaign ever, during a pandemic, a reckoning is coming…

  6. Republicofscotland says:

    Willie Rennie’s new boss Ed Davey was in the cabinet of the Tory/Libdem alliance of David Cameron and Nick Clegg. I’m sure Alex Cole-Hamilton will have already filled in Mr Davey on the south Queensferry crossing as he’s obsessed with it.

    As for the GERS figures the tables have turned completely now on them, they now show the incompetence of Westminster in its handling of a fairer economic union, lumping in the costs for two aircraft carriers and nukes that Scotland didn’t want or need along with many other South East England’s vanity projects into our guesstimate figures only highlights the multiple inadequacies of this horrible forced union.

    Leonard who?

  7. yesindyref2 says:

    I make that 7 variations of Rottweiler Lunchbait.

    • Chicmac says:

      Roscharch Loonward.

      Q: What does this ink blot mean to you?
      A: SNP BAD!

      Q: What does this ink blot mean to you?
      A: SNP BAD!

      Q: What does this ink blot mean to you?
      A: SNP BAD!

      Ad infinitum.

  8. WT says:

    Hello Paul, I have never liked Galloway but he is consistent: War on Want, the Partick Thistle takeover, Saddam Hussein, The Mariam Appeal, Tariq Aziz, the Oona King debacle, the Mehdi Kazemi disgrace, Viva Palestina and his behaviour towards Naz Shah. I don’t know what he believes – it moves around a lot – but its always contoversial. Today its just has-been stuff, he doesn’t realise he is irrelevant yet.

    One thing about GERS – does anyone know the figures take into account the change in North Sea boundaries that gave some fields to England? AND do they take into account the selling of oil at zero pounds per barrel?

    • Golfnut says:

      Your not selling it if the value is zero, your giving it away. There is a massive reduction in the extraction of oil in the UK because the market contracted so rapidly due to Covid, that’s the reason and the only reason for lower revenue.

      • WT says:

        Exactly Holfnut and surprisingly while Norway sold at 68 per barrel the UK did (unbelievably) ‘sell’ at zero

  9. George Galloway rejected Scotland many many years ago thinking he would make it BIG in London the problem was that his politics are very very changeable
    he really depends on finding a cause dear to the hearts of those he can exploit by pretending to care about and understand their problems
    London thought he was mad so he looked elsewhere
    He’s running out of corners in England that believe his nonsense and has now latched on to the bettertogether mantra

    bettertogether don’t like him they don’t want him ,
    but because he is based in England and is Scottish
    they let him waffle on
    considered misguided and opportunistic they know he is only in it in the hope that he will get enough popularity in England to make him a viable choice as a prospective MP somewhere else in England but it will be a small window of opportunity and bettertogether would have to win
    He knows they won’t so his heart isn’t really in it

    To him it’s a long shot with no cost to him

    It’s 5 years since he was an MP in Westminster
    and he wants back

  10. jfngw says:

    Galloway should know all about rimming, along with Gove & Farage they are dancing cheek to cheek. Just waiting for the BBC to start promoting them as a grass root movement.

    The Labour, Tories & LibDem’s are parties financed from another country to look after benefits of that country, the closest analogy I can think of is mercenaries.

  11. On the money as ever, Paul. I saw that tweet yesterday and laughed then. Mibby if *she’d* been taught about anal sex and rimming when she was younger, she wouldn’t be stuck in the house with five kids and be spewing her disappointment and rage all over twitter.
    Mind you, if that Nicola Sturgeon really is teaching those poor children about rimming using Nutella, there’s going to be a serious backlash against that essempee when those kids get a bit older and romance blossoms…

  12. “You learn about anal sex with cucumbers and humous.”

    Thanks. I’d often wondered…

    “Maybe the Alliance4Unity just want children to learn about anal sex the old fashioned way, from religious authority figures, sports instructors, or children’s TV presenters.”

  13. (Damn! The bit at the end which said ‘mic drop’ in angle brackets dropped off. WP obviously didn’t like the code).

  14. grizebard says:

    To what possible question is Alliance4Unity the answer?

    (If this is really the best they can come up with, IR2 is going to be a breeze.)

    As for Georgeous, is he well…?

  15. Dr Jim says:

    George Galloway is famed for saying and doing literally anything for money as was proven in his television appearance on the Big Brother show for morons as he dressed up in an extremely tight one piece cat suit which displayed his ample bosoms (about half a dozen of them) and lapped milk from a saucer held by actress Rula Lenska

    The latest we hear about this indoor wearing hat man with no principles is that Rupert Murdoch has decided to hand him some cash to help the Tories continue to lap the freshly squeezed milk of Scotland’s Highland Cows (an already well tapped resource by those people)

    Although an idiot clown Scotland should however beware of this particular milk lapper, he is a populist and like many of his ilk will stop at nothing to gain the amount of recognition he thinks he deserves, including martyrdom

    Galloway was humiliated by Scotland in the run up to the 2014 referendum by almost everyone in Scotland including a live televised debate with Nicola Sturgeon and an audience of School children who booed him loudly, Galloway’s type never forgets things like that so he will seek his revenge mostly on Nicola Sturgeon because, well she’s smarter than him, a woman, and the First Minister of Scotland, all the things that people like Galloway believe are beneath him yet resents whoever holds a position he feels is more befitting to himself

    Yet another ego has landed obsessed with vitriolic hatred of Nicola Sturgeon, there’s a definite pattern amongst these men forming, Trump, Andrew Neill, Boris Johnson, fill in the list folks, there’s a type

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Can’t fault that analysis Dr J…

    • JoMax says:

      Ref your last para, Dr J. There are a few in the indy blogosphere, too, and they couldn’t make it more obvious, but they get lots of plaudits which presumably is what they’re really after because it re-affirms their ‘popularity’ and ‘crediblity’.

      • Arthur Thomson says:

        Misogyny is one hundred percent the basis of much antipathy towards Nicola Sturgeon outside and inside the Yes movement. It is also the basis of antipathy towards the other effective women in the SNP.

        Fortunately that is going to serve us well as we move forward. Scotland’s women are going to have no time for misogyny from Brit political parties that are all led by yesterday’s men. Those days are past.

        The louder they shout, the more aggressive and paternalistic their behaviour, the less they will achieve. The less they achieve the more strident they will become.

        Heads we win, tails they lose.

        • Dr Jim says:

          I’ve never understood it, in most of our lives we had primary school teachers who for the most part tended to be women and we respected and loved them almost as surrogate mothers, we moved to the higher level of schooling and still there were women who taught us Maths Languages and other things but all the time we had mothers even if some of us didn’t deserve them half the time, we had sisters who we’d throw ourselves in front of a bus to protect or defend their honour from the bad guys if needed and we were happy if our sisters did well in life

          So what the hell happened to these clowns who have no respect for women the minute they think they’ve grown up, both women and men have been putting up with each others dumbness since time began why can’t these men accept the ones who are smart enough to have jobs they don’t have, women accepted it when men were the ones needed to be in charge but now the world has changed, is it just because men are maybe stronger or taller, traits which are very useful in the jungle maybe but most of us don’t live there so what the hell

          • douglas clark says:

            Dr Jim,

            Dunno, but I, as a man, find the likes of Nicola Sturgeon and Jacinda Ardern to be pretty decent human beings.

            The sort of people you’d want to have leading you in a crisis?

            • Welsh Sion says:

              Ever noticed how the MSM (I’m looking directly at you, the Guardian) always big up Ardern and Merkel (and other females who lead some of the Scandinavian countries) as being cases in point of ‘successful woman leaders of countries who are in control of the pandemic’ – but NEVER, (repeat, NEVER) invoke an equally successful female leader closer to home?

              I wonder why that is … 😉

      • Dr Jim says:

        I continue to deny the luxury of oxygen to that particular grouping of flying psychics

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Willy wavers? Sorry, crude but it’s maybe a way to explain it.

  16. Dan says:

    With every day that passes the shrill-o-meter of britnat desperation reaches new extremes.

  17. Welsh Sion says:

    Sometimes, it’s the little things that you notice.

    I received an email from LinkedIN (the business networking contacts page) informing me of a change to my … and doubtless everyone else’s who has a ‘UK’ address.

    From 12 October 2020, my profile will no longer announce that I am based in the ‘United Kingdom’. Rather, my location will inform the world that I am in ‘England’. I trust those in ‘Wales’ and ‘Scotland’ will likewise be affiliated with their own nations …

    A sign of the times – and another indicator that ‘United Kingdom’ is being binned?

  18. Petra says:

    “I have five young children. The SNP will NOT teach them, with bananas and Nutella, about anal-sex and rimming. It’s time ALL decent people of all political persuasions including Nationalists, rose up against this hideous monstrosity of a policy.”

    FGS, if ever there was something to put people right off supporting Alliance for Unity (bananas and Nutella) that must be it. In fact I had to check out one of the words contained in the tweet, online, as I’d never heard of it before highlighting that I must have led a very sheltered life 🙄.

    ”I never knew that Nicola Sturgeon was pitching up in schools and waving nutella covered bananas all over the place in a bid to destroy the traditional family.”

    Why not? She’s getting blamed, personally, for everything else from producing a new policy to ensnare Alex Salmond, to the death of Mercy Baguma and the imprisonment of Manni Singh: And the rest of course so much so that it’s becoming laughable.


    Let’s hope that they support independence and not just buying a wee holiday hoose..

    ‘Coronavirus pandemic driving ‘exceptional’ demand for homes in Scotland.’

    ..”Chief executive of Edinburgh’s McEwan Fraser Legal, Ken McEwan, said his company currently has 1500 viewing inquiries for properties in Scotland. A third of those came from buyers in England. He told BBC News: “In my 30 plus years in the property market, I have never seen the market so buoyant with so much pent up demand and so many buyers acting irrationally with offers way above the Home Report value for properties in the most desirable areas. English buyers are out-bidding many Scottish buyers.”..


    • Petra says:

      Fraser of Allander:- A Guide to the Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (GERS) Report.

      ”What does GERS tell us about an independent Scotland?

      GERS reflects the position under the current constitutional settlement. It is a backward-looking estimate of spending and revenues in the previous financial year. This means that if an independent Scotland would bring about structural changes to the economy and society, the figures in GERS say little about the long-term finances of an independent Scotland.

      The possible financial costs and risks, or savings and opportunities, of implementing a new constitutional framework are, naturally, not considered in GERS. Similarly, it does not report on the effects of faster or slower economic growth in an independent Scotland.

      An independent Scotland would also be subject to new macroeconomic risks and opportunities that would have to be managed. The role of GERS is not to estimate the impact on Scotland’s public finances of such changes.

      When the new GERS report is published on 26 August, it will provide a picture of Scotland’s fiscal position in 2019-20. It will give an insight into where our money is spent each year, who spends it, and where it comes from.

      This presents a useful starting point for a discussion regarding the challenges and opportunities that Scotland would face under new fiscal and constitutional arrangements.”



      ”Based on GERS, the UK would save £288 million a week if it ejected Scotland from the union. Why has no brit put that on the side of a bus” https://mobile.twitter.com/SaorAlbannach/status/1298555103805419520

    • deelsdugs says:

      Crossed my mind too Petra, the surge in those all wanting a little piece of the Scottish countryside, it’s a worry.

  19. T McDaniel says:

    I think the man might be fundamentally decent but the problem labour has is that they are compelled by a UK wide narrative that no longer works in Scotland. The SNP shouldnt become overly complacent however in its schadenfreude. The narrative of Independence, or lack thereof, under Sturgeon has become so warped, misconstrued and indolent that Boris doesnt see them as an existential threat.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      I can’t see First Minister Drakeford rushing to Ricardo Legstrap’s defence … Come to think of it, I can’t see First Minister Drakeford rushing anything or anywhere …

    • douglas clark says:

      T McDaniel,

      Boris would be wrong, The desire for independence can be expressed through a political party, but it is far wider than that. The SNP has a right to say it has battled to where we are now, and that would be true, up to a point.

      What the Party has also said is that it can give us a vehicle to claim our independence. The electorate has to agree, the SNP cannot force the electorate to agree. Boris seems to see this as party politics, perhaps he is right, but I see it as more visceral than that. It is really not about personalities, rather it is about ideas of self worth, In the meantime we appear to be proceeding down what the definition of what ‘self worth’ actually means. To that extent our politics –mine and his – differ enormously,

    • Dr Jim says:

      Nicola Sturgeon is no threat to the Union, so much so the Tories and Labour are having joint meetings panicking about what to do about the level and strength of her popularity and how she’s going to proceed to use it to remove Scotland from the clutches of the pretendy UK

  20. Petra says:

    Maybe Toodleoothenoo sees the writing on the wall now alongside an early retirement package?

    ”SHOCK: BBC’s Brian Taylor tells listeners that GERS is anti-Independence propaganda. It is too.”



    Andrew Marr too?

    ‘Andrew Marr: Scotland is slipping away from the Union.’

    ..”The SNP may be having feuds but they are self-confident, vigorous and optimistic. Unionism seems muffled and tired by comparison. But if independence happens, the end of GB is going to be a more traumatic moment for England than today’s ministers seem able to grasp. It’s going to feel much more significant than Brexit. The future of basic aspects of identity, like the Union Flag, the name of the country, its defence system, and the scope of its territory will be in question. Perhaps the PM grasps this. But his premiership may be defined by this and Unionists will need a far cleverer and more passionate politics than anything we have seen so far from Boris Johnson — or indeed, Keir Starmer. Nothing in politics, as in life, is inevitable. But at the moment, the Scotland my father knew is slipping away.”..


    • Welsh Sion says:

      For someone who is a figurehead of British political punditry and, as many of you here will point out, a ‘House Jock’, as well as having written a book called ‘A History of 20th Century Britain’, it’s rather disconcerting that he is loose with his terminology about GB and the UK.

      Hint to Mr Marr: GB is an island: You know, a land mass surrounded by water. When Scotland becomes independent, then unless the Jocks are armed with pickaxes and shovels at Berwick and Carlisle, then there will NOT be,

      ‘ … an end to GB …’

      Thank you for your attention.

      (PS I did NOT study ‘O’ Level Geography.)

      • diabloandco says:

        I will be planting a large digger or two at the border and as a means of improving the weather here I will also be shoving Ireland up to give us a barrier from the Atlantic storms – sorry Ireland.

    • M biyd says:

      Hi Petra,

      Just a quick question that I hope you can answer: when does Nicola plan to hold the next Independence referendum? I dont need any preconditions I just need to know the date or at the very least the year. Many thanks, deeply concerned Yes voter.

      • weegingerdug says:

        Stop trolling, Mbiyd.

        I’m fed up with people who only comment in order to start a fight. From now on your posts will be premoderated.

        • Mbiyd says:

          I’m perfectly happy to just stop commenting. If having a contrary view is to be subject to censorship what’s the point. I asked a legitimate question when does Sturgeon plan to hold a second referendum?.

          • weegingerdug says:

            No you didn’t. This isn’t about “censoring contrary views” and you damn well know it. You were trying to troll and start an argument with Petra. Stop with the passive aggressive crap. I’m not impressed.

  21. Petra says:

    ‘Currency questions.’

    ”In July 2016, just over three months after stepping down from his treasury position, Sir Nicholas Macpherson said in a Times article, Architect of No campaign now backs Scottish independence (this article was based on one in the FT on 8th July 2016 – The case for Scottish independence looks stronger post-Brexit), that Brexit presented an extraordinary opportunity for an independent Scotland to attract skills and investment and that the UK’s decision to leave the EU “changes terms of debate north of the border” where Nicola Sturgeon had bolstered the Scottish government’s “fiscal credibility” since she took charge.”…



    A law unto themselves.

    ‘Scottish Tory MP snapped in Aberdeen pub ignoring social distancing rules.’

    ..”In the photograph’s caption, Bowie asks people to make sure they “follow the rules” as the city’s pubs and bars reopen.”..


  22. Petra says:

    ”@GlasgowLovesEU has joined with other pro EU groups to encourage people to write to their public representatives. The latest letter is focused on the Irish Sea Border and the about the impact on Scotland of the de facto border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.” https://mobile.twitter.com/GlasgowlovesEu/status/1298394096596406272


    Check out Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.


  23. Frazerio says:

    Please, can these articles come with some prior warning?
    I thought this might be your best ever line – “Jo Swinson has announced that when she becomes Prime Minister she’ll revoke Ed’s election.”. Ouch.
    Then I got to “You learn about anal sex with cucumbers and humous.” and thought, jings, he’s beaten his all time best already.
    Then you round off with “Maybe the Alliance4Unity just want children to learn about anal sex the old fashioned way, from religious authority figures, sports instructors, or children’s TV presenters.”. Ouch, ouch and ouch again.

    Bravo Mr K!!!

  24. Petra says:

    Jo Maugham QC;- ”Just remarkable that the Government – at this most delicate moment for the Union – is considering stripping from the Scottish Courts powers explicitly preserved for them by the 1706 and 1707 Acts of Union. Just, wow.” https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1299028049879543808


    Martin J Demagogue Keatings:- ”GERS – the magic trick of Scotland generating 65.9bn in revenues, sending it to Westminster who only gives us back £32bn, holds on to 34bn and the tell us that we now owe them £15bn because they “spent it on our behalf”. This clip from Southpark pretty much sums it up!” https://twitter.com/MartinJKeatings/status/1298962839080759296

    • grizebard says:

      I thought for a moment that you were being somewhat sarky in your attribution there, Petra, but having followed the link you kindly provided I see that it’s just a bit of self-deprecating humour from Mr. K himself. (No doubt a little tweak at someone who has failed to appreciate his recent efforts to defend our inalienable rights. Y’know, those rights that were going to be legally guaranteed and even enhanced in the wake of the Smith Commission…)

      If even UK Marr can smell the indy coffee, the UK Gov is definitely venturing onto extremely thin ice. Testing their precious Union to destruction. (And will likely succeed in that at least.) But someone should kindly tell Marr that it’s not Scotland his father knew that’s changing, it’s the greatly metamorphised England that he clearly doesn’t recognise.

  25. Mbiyd says:

    Nicola must be palpably outraged as the Unionist establishment try to pick off her supporters one by one. First they came for her mentor and she did nothing; then they came for her supporters and she did nothing; and finally, no doubt, they will come for her. ( probably not because she seems to contain the zeal for independence more adroitly than any Unionist could ever hope.) But we wait and see……

    • grizebard says:

      Oh Big Yawn. Roll on indy so (among other benefits) we no longer have to endure this kind of transparent (and increasingly pathetic) attempt at backstabbing and diversion.

    • Petra says:

      Well it looks as though Nicola Sturgeon has nothing to worry about in relation to the Unionist Establishment Mbiyd. “They” didn’t succeed with her mentor and they’re not succeeding with her, her objective or her supporters, as support for the ScotGov, Nicola Sturgeon herself and Independence is rising. The greatest threat to her mentor, her supporters, her objective and Nicola Sturgeon herself are *so-called* independence supporters: The covert Unionist Establishment who seem to delight in thinking that their aim of picking us off is working when in fact they all believe what they read within their own wee online bubbles that in the main actually consists of BritNats, IMO. As soon as a date for Indyref2 is announced, as it will be, the campaign will begin (at 55% support .. imagine that 😄) and everyone will get right behind her. Then we’ll win. You meanwhile can as you say just wait and see whilst those who want to scupper Indyref2, and we know who “they” are, will be palpably outraged. Too bad, eh?

    • Hamish100 says:


      You may wait and see. The rest of us get on with our lives.

      Ps how can you be palpally outraged? Genuine question lol

    • Eilidh says:

      Do you ever contribute any positive- no thought not.

  26. WT says:

    Exactly Golfnut and surprisingly while Norway sold at 68 per barrel the UK did (unbelievably) ‘sell’ at zero

    • Golfnut says:

      I’m sorry WT, you can’t sell at zero. Oil extraction costs between 13 and 18 dollars per barrel, that cost has to be covered. Either the oil was given away making a loss or it was sold at cost. If neither of those things happened a zero entry has only one explanation.

  27. Tam the Bam says:

    Alliance 4 Unity have apparently had their Twitter account suspended.

    • i think it is the parody account tam not the real one unfortunately 😦

      • grizebard says:

        Does it matter? (The real one is self-parody enough, surely?)

        • fair point grizebard but i merely pointed out that this comment was widely posted on social media yesterday. closer investigation revealed that this account hadnt been suspended, mores the pity.

          my comment wasnt a dig at Tam but it is important that incorrect info is highlighted, it wouldnt be the 1st time that people, mps etc, have retweeted comments etc, only to be forced into embarrassing apologies after the fact

  28. Dr Jim says:

    69 year old SNP MSP Sandra white is standing down at the next elections so the usual suspects immediately frame this as another SNP MSP deserts the FM, I guess they imagine a 69 year old should just stay on forever, or could it be they fear who the next crop of younger even smarter group are going to be, because guess what there aint no genius’s joining the Unionist parties in Scotland

    • grizebard says:

      ScotBritNat genius, now there’s an oxymoron. She may be retiring, alas, but Sandra has more life in her still than many a former Scottish Labour MP of any age ever had.

    • Petra says:

      And just wait until the SNP MPs at Westminster return home plus the up and coming younger crop 😀. Smelling salts and incontinence pads anyone?

  29. Mike Lothian says:

    Say it again but louder (with bananas and Nutella) for the people at the back

  30. Petra says:

    Just having a look at the WoS site. Yeah I know 🙄 just searching for a nugget amongst the dross. So what did I find? Latest article highlights Mr Campbell blaming the SNP, SNPBaad AGAIN, for the diminishing number of pro-Independence sites, bragging about his and his site’s popularity and dragging WGD into the “reveal” as Mr Murray also did recently.

    Taking it that Mr Campbell loves spending loads of (others) dough on his “iffy” polls you’d think that he’d actually carry out a poll to find out who exactly visits his site. I think if he did (and he probably has) he’d find that a substantial number of people don’t rate him or his site too highly at all and / or are actually BritNats or people like myself just being nosy. As he’s pointed out beforehand, such as when he wasn’t too pleased about his ultimate crowdfunding target not meeting his “needs”, around only 1% of people who visit his site actually post comments and we can see that a large number of them aren’t Independence supporters at all. So what about the other 99%? Who are they, who or what do they support and where do they come from?

    And as to a number of pro-independence sites just disappearing I wonder if he’s ever considered the fact that it’s got nothing to do with the SNP at all and maybe more to do with him? He to my mind has managed to accumulate around £1 million alone in relation to crowdfunders. How much more through donations? Many of the “disappearing” sites disappeared due to no doubt being unable to survive financially. I remember one guy, as an example, practically pleading for help to pay for flags that he had ordered. Mr Campbell could have resolved that situation practically overnight but did nought. In other words if Mr Campbell hadn’t been so manipulative, foul mouthed, needy and greedy some of the money that went to him could have been distributed amongst others and kept them afloat.

    And when it comes to the WGD site it looks as though it’s coming to the “attention” of others. I wonder why?

    • Hamish100 says:


      I think it’s is a like a wee child saying look at me , look at me how important I am.
      Attention seeking behaviour shows they feel vulnerable.

      Folk go onto blogs for various reasons, nosiness For some, seeking out information but for me it is to engage in the independence debate.

      The fact that I and others comment on WoS shows just how negative some of it’s followers are to the snp and the FM in particular and should be a warning to all. People are entitled to disagree but all the misogyny, foul mouth rants are really from independence supporters?
      WoS benefits the unionists.

      The attack by Westminster and the unionists, whether it be the discredited GERS or our legal system is fat more important. I just hope more pro independence supporters find other blogs to turn to including WGD.

  31. robert alexander harrison says:

    Galloways alliance for unity have descended futher into madness when tweeting on Twitter that the snp are Catholic haters completely forgetting that the orange order whos on the same english rule brigade side as him and his new faction of England supremacists is the real Catholic haters here in Scotland as its the orange order giving protestants a bad name with there anti Catholic hate.

  32. Golfnut says:

    The Treasury dumps English debt on Scotland.


    In other words, they’re peeing up our legs while telling us its raining.

  33. deelsdugs says:

    Not bananas and nutella, but nuclear and radio shortbread earlier on this non rainy morning, and SJ with his best petticoat tail on his shoulder to whoever he was conversing, ‘so, Scotland will have to import nuclear power from England…’ there’s that union again…
    Didn’t listen to anymore in the passing after that aggressive challenge. He’s an unsavoury character…nuclear no more.

    • Dave tewart says:

      Hunterston is well past it’s designed life of 25 years.
      Have a look at the transmission to englandland and you’ll find that Scotland sends more south than englandland send North.
      We still have a foreign owned Nuclear station at Torness that generates some 1200MW when running.
      The experimental reactor station at Dounreay still has the Prototype Fast Reactor facility that was abandoned.
      There’s a DC cable link from Hunterston to Wales in use as well.
      So more misinformation from the EBC.

      • Golfnut says:

        Power to the value of £6 billion exported to England annually, which actually makes it Scotland’s largest export not counting oil of course, which we send south at the rate of £200 million worth a day by pipeline using the ST Fergus pipeline, which represents less than 40% of Scotland’s daily output.

        • Dave tewart says:

          And the secret gas field output from West of Shetland taken directly.
          The Grid operators charge the Scottish generators EXTRA for use of the Grid to export the energy to them. We get charged for the delivery losses as it’s so far away from the point of use.
          The French and the Dutch also supply englandland.
          A new Dutch North Sea gas pipeline is under construction.
          Scottish Power sold off the Hydro stations to Drax, based in Yorkshire, they used coal to generate in their stations based north of the Humber.

  34. Republicofscotland says:

    The crux of the matter on Britnattery, in the not so distant future is that we’ll have no EU input whatsoever come the first on January next year, as no deal looks inevitable. That leaves Westminster several months until the May elections to reek havoc in Scotland, via the EU power grab etc, the positive on that is such actions will surely increase support for Scottish independence, the negative is our parliaments ability to function properly to govern, will probably have been severely hindered.

    Is Johnson likely to attack our parliaments sovereignty as soon as a no deal is secured? One would think so, what are our options, is there a Plan B, that can be set in motion without the S30, when Johnson begins his assault on our parliaments powers.

    A hell of a lot of damage could be done to our parliament after the 31st of December until the May elections, and later if Johnson refuses the S30, and Sturgeon remains adamant not to progress without it.

    Attacking our Scots laws which is currently a focus of Westminster might be a way of weakening our defences via the courts on the coming assault on our parliament.

    I hope for our sakes the SNP government has a contingency plan for this scenario in the back of some filing cabinet.

    • Golfnut says:

      The Scots Parliament isn’t Sovereign, it certainly isn’t and never has been the prerogative of Westminster to make it so, that would be us, the people of Scotland. Lord Cooper reminded us that the principal of Parliamentary Sovereignty is English, nor is it recognised in Scots Constitutional law. That brings us to what might be the real purpose of the attack on our legal systems. The new Act of Union has as its core aim making Westminster legally sovereign over the entire UK, Scots Constitutional law and the Treaty of Union stand in their way. I’m not sure that they realise that by making this aim public they have admitted that Westminster isn’t legally sovereign.

    • grizebard says:

      “Attacking our Scots Law” is the surest way yet devised of bringing about independence. I hope the BoZo Regime are desperate and foolish enough to try it.

      Instead of keeping on asking the SG to spill the beans of their “Plan A..Z”, we should be asking what BoZo’s “Plan B” is. Because it’s already clear to all with eyes to see – with all this frantic goalpost shuffling going on – that his “Plan A” of simply saying “no” is already falling apart.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Once we leave the EU with no deal on 31st December I also believe a hell of a lot of damage can be done. Unlike you, I believe that the damage will all be done to Westminster. It is them that are responsible for dragging Scotland out of the EU against the will of the sovereign people of Scotland.

      I fear nothing they might try and do because it is doomed to fail and i therefore welcome them to do the damndest as they only succeed in turning more Scots against them, including now Scots Lawyers that will not be too happy with the antics on Johnson and Cummings.

      The best thing that pair could do is put down the shovel and stop digging, making the hole deeper will not help their cause. Why would I fear them to do their worst? I will embrace it.

  35. Pentlander says:

    Enjoyed your podcast with Richard Murphy. Keep up the good work,both of you.

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