The long death of Labour in Scotland


Political funerals most often pass unremarked, and that’s exactly the case with the Labour party in Scotland. There will be no mourning, no eulogy, and few will miss them. But excepting the occasional British nationalist zombie stomping around in Edinburgh South, whose corpse is animated by the tactical votes of Tories, the Labour party in Scotland is finished.

Last week the branch office manager of Labour in Scotland who can scarcely rise to fame in his own living room, Ronald Limpspeaker, made an announcement about his party’s policy for the next Scottish election. Not that anyone really noticed much, because it was also the day that an opinion poll had been published which showed that support for independence was now at 55%. Undaunted, Ragnal Looselubber told anyone who was listening – which was basically a reporter from the Scotsman and no one else – that he had resolved that in the next Scottish elections in May next year the Labour party will stand on a manifesto of opposing another independence referendum.

Unfortunately for Reginald Lickstamper, he made his statement just as that very same poll revealed that 42% of his own party’s supporters also believe in Scottish independence. The party’s overall vote share has plummeted to just 16% according to polling, and now the party wants to alienate over 40% of those voters it’s got left. This is only a winning strategy in Ian Murray and Jackie Baillie’s book. Not even Remington Lucklacker really believes in it, but he has to go through the motions now that what is left of his party branch office has been taken over by the British nationalist do or die faction. And it’s mostly die, if we’re going to be honest about it.

If you’re a Labour voter who believes in Scottish independence, Rafael Lumpsquasher has just given you a very good reason to pause for thought, while at the same time destroying any possiblity that non-Labour voters who support independence would ever consider shifting their vote to the party. The Tories have already got the diehard staunch opposition to independence vote already sewn up, so Labour is fishing in a very small, and shrinking, pool which is already occupied by a large voracious and unprincipled fish.

That was all bad enough, then the party’s woes got even worse yesterday when an internal party memo was leaked to the press. It told us that Labour has already abandoned Scotland, making the decision in the last Westminster General Election not to spend much money targetting seats in Scotland.

But what was really shocking was the revelation that one of the factors which Labour was looking at in order to decide whether it was going to put money into fighting a seat was the proportion of Catholic voters in that constituency. Sectarian politics are alive and well in the Labour party in Scotland.

It has been obvious from previous examinations of voting patterns that people in Scotland from an Irish Catholic background are more likely to support independence. In some ways that’s not surprising. A community which has historically been discriminated against by people who wave union flags and sing God Save the Queen was always going to have a far weaker identification with symbols of Britishness and a British identity. Of late there has been a concerted effort to draw an equivalence between a Catholic family background and support for independence among some of the more orangey and blue sections of British nationalism in order to make support for independence a sectarian issue despite the fact that there are far more supporters of independence who are not from a Catholic family background than those who are. It looks as though this tendency is also very much in evidence in the Labour party in Scotland.

Has Labour decided that people in Scotland from a Catholic family background are more likely to vote for independence and so has written them off? Does this mean that Labour isn’t very interested in doing very much to tackle lingering issues with sectarian discrimination because it’s no longer interested in pursuing voters in Scotland from a Catholic background? Does it mean that the party in Scotland has gone all staunch? Enquiring minds want to know. None of this is a good look for the Labour party in Scotland. The lingering rump of the party has just blown the few shreds that are left of its credibility. It is no longer deserving of any respect.

Labour has given up on Scotland, just as they long ago gave up on any principles that they once possessed. Scotland for its part has given up on the Labour party. There is still a bright future for left wing, socialist, and social democratic politics in Scotland, it’s just that the Labour party will not be the vehicle for it. The party in Scotland is lost, incoherent, and lacking in any direction except a knee-jerk hatred of the SNP. On the one hand Labour demands that there’s greater redistribution of wealth, more steps need to be taken to ensure social equality and the reduction of social divisions, while on the other they stand with the Conservatives in refusing to allow Scotland the powers to do those things.

Labour attacks the Scottish Government for making cuts despite the fact that the Scottish budget must operate within financial constraints set by the Tories in Westminster while it cooperates with the Tories to ensure that the Scottish Government remains constrained. Then it hopes that Scottish voters don’t notice.

Even at a UK level Labour is a failure. Despite the fact that it’s opposing the most inept, most chaotic, most incompetent Conservative government in living memory, it still can’t make a breakthrough in the opinion polls and went down to a historic defeat in last December’s General Election. It has become an irrelevance.

The battle for Scotland’s political soul is now very squarely a contest between a social democratic, liberal, tolerant independent Scotland, and the xenophobic small state British nationalism of the Conservatives. The Labour party in Scotland is over, and with it any chance that the UK can cling on to Scotland.

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70 comments on “The long death of Labour in Scotland

  1. James Cheyne says:

    I will be first to go of topic I have no doubt, but thought I would post it here as you do statistics .
    Go to google, print in a number you feel is correct followed by covid cases, and see what the answer is.
    Now for education purposes pick a number at random following the same procedure and see what your answer is,
    Why not try your house number and follow same procedure,
    Or your kids birthday date, and wait for your answer.
    My point is, I believe that testing for covid virus has been ridiculously low in nearly every country around the world compared to their populations.
    So are we scared there are so many cases, noted without being tested or are some of us beginning to recognise that Google’s algorithms will pump out any old info, that often MSM quote as references in newspapers.

  2. Jim says:

    They blew it as soon as they stood side by side with the Tories in 2014.
    Along with the Lib-Dems.
    All these parties take their orders from London and the Scottish public know it.
    Trying to kid on that they are separate is treating the electorate as if they’re fools, but it is they who are the fools and they’re fooling no one. Not any more.

    • Julia Gibb says:

      Unfortunately I have very sad memories of the period 2012 to 2014. Almost every house I visited and every stall I manned the evidence was Labour and LibDem activists telling the biggest lies and being the most aggressive campaigners.
      That was MY experience and I will never forgive them for their actions.

  3. smac1314 says:

    When they stood with the Tories in 2014 and then eviscerated the Smith Commission was when they died. They’ve been zombies ever since, zombies that will never get my vote again, even in an independent Scotland because there is nothing trustworthy about them.

  4. […] Wee Ginger Dug The long death of Labour in Scotland Political funerals most often pass unremarked, and that’s exactly the case with the […]

  5. Ex Pat says:

    A conspiracy to destroy the UK’s Socialist and Progressive Party.

    ‘The road to Jeremy Corbyn’s political downfall began at Oxford University Labour Club in February 2016.’

    ‘A rogue inquiry by a Labour staffer with close ties to the Israeli embassy included fabricated allegations of anti-Semitism.’

    Jonathan Cook has an extraordinary article that points out that the Israelis weaponised anti-semitism in order to destroy the Jeremy Corbyn led socialist and progressive Labour party.

    ‘Asa Winstanley unearths a 2016 report – written by a Labour activist working closely with the Israeli embassy – that fabricated antisemitism claims against Labour students, kicking off the smear campaign that led to Corbyn’s downfall’ – Jonathan Cook twitter –

    Is this a relevant and important case of the reality of conspiracies, versus ‘tin foil hat’ lizard aliens done it ‘conspiracy theories’ which the deep state / elite / Blairite Labour / Enlish Nationalist Party – the Tories -, never mind the Israelis, use to disguise their actions?

    Or if Google doesn’t work, try Duckduckgo ‘electronic antifada sank corbyn’ – Funny how that works, eh? –

    • Ex Pat says:


      Would it have made any difference to Scotland’s recent history if the Labour party were still Socialist and Progressive and not a Tory-lite neoliberal party, now under Starmer and previously under Blair?

      ‘How the Guardian betrayed not only Corbyn but the last vestiges of British democracy’ by Jonathan Cook, 10th August 2020 – –

      Given that WGD’s Facebook retweet-ability seem to be in inverse proportion to its ‘political dynamite’ potential, I’d be thinking that this story is not going to help WGD’ Facebook retweets today.

      Does seeing how UK liberal and progressive supporters have been cheated and disenfranchised help to ‘suddenly rearrange all the facts in your head’?

      Remember Robin Ramsay memorably describing his sudden waking up to how MI5 had successfully and subtly and cleverly infiltrated his one-man publishing enterprise, Lobster UK parapolitics magazine?

      – See ‘Denounced by a former IRD head’ –

  6. raonni Laine says:

    I believe former Labour supporters in Scotland know the best chance they have of gaining a left-of-centre government in Scotland is to get independence first. I believe most of them are ashamed of Labour as it is at the moment. Understandable since Labour brown-nosed the tories all through the 2014 referendum.

  7. Dr Jim says:

    When the Labour party stood shoulder to shoulder with the Tories against democracy in Scotland in 2014 they only proved what people suspected, that they are just the left wing branch of the Tories
    Both parties always talked differently but the result was always the same

    Here we are in 2020 they’ve given up talking differently and they’re openly admitting they’re the same party

  8. Republicofscotland says:

    There was a time in Scotland especially in the slums of Glasgow, that Labour could’ve put a chimpanzee in a suit with a red rosette up for election, and it would’ve won convincingly. Those days are long gone, but the still prevelant mindset of entitlement remains within the Scottish branch office.

    Joanna Lamont’s infamous Scots are too stupid to look after their own affairs, and the Scottish branch offices side by side stance with the Tories in 2014 put them on the slippy slope to insignificance in Scotland. They just don’t appear to have the ability to adapt anymore and like a broken record they mostly repeat their no to independence mantra as if by repeatedly doing the same thing that leads to failure will one day lead them to success, as we all know it won’t.

    I can’t recall who said, the Labour party never a socialist party, it just had socialists in it, that statement would be true today I think.

    It might have been Tony Benn, but I’m not sure.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      I can’t recall who said, the Labour party never a socialist party, it just had socialists in it, that statement would be true today I think.

      It might have been Tony Benn, but I’m not sure.


      See page 3:

      Click to access socialist-studies-90.pdf

      The need for Socialism is urgent but the Labour Party is not a Socialist party, never was and never will be.

  9. Willie Lawrie says:

    ‘There is still a bright future for left wing, socialist, and social democratic politics in Scotland’. Of course there is and I for one will vote for that in an independent Scotland.

  10. andyfromdunning says:


    Who cares?

  11. Welsh Sion says:

    19. (of 20.)

    Onward Labour lemmings

    Onward Labour lemmings,
    Marching o’er the cliff,
    With the mark of Leonard,
    Leading them skew-whiff.
    Dick, the chief of numpties,
    Heads his band of woe;
    Forward into hist’ry:
    See those bampots go!


    Onward Labour lemmings,
    Marching o’er the cliff,
    With the mark of Leonard,
    Leading them skew-whiff.


    [With acknowledgements]

  12. Bob Lamont says:

    Well stated, very surprised by the catholic linkage, yet not within the context of somebody else must be wrong, not us…
    From my own perspective, traditional politics died not when Politics and Economics accelerated as a subject to be studied, churning out a stream of graduates the majority of whom played the same game in public life with only a political shade to differentiate. The public became the patsies, the players were on a cushy number no matter what they did as that is how the system works. This no better illustrated by “Never Hurry” and “Ronald Limpspeaker”, acutely aware of their imminent political suicide, but financially secure.
    Having seen so much bunkum spouted by both Labour and Tory over Scottish affairs there is only one shovel ready project and it is their political funeral, and Poison Pennington & Co are not far behind…

  13. The ‘dish the nats at all costs’ tendency is just as strong down here in England’s First Colony(TM). At the last imperial election, Labour bussed in loads of party workers and supporters from Liverpool to campaign in Arfon against the incumbent Plaid candidate. En route, they would have passed through (or near) Wrexham, Cwyd South, Delyn and Vale Of Clwyd, all of which were Labour marginals or near-marginals.

    (The folly of this would be apparent to anyone acquainted with the ways of thinking of the people of that constituency (I don’t know whether they have a local equivalent of your word ‘thrawn’, but they probably don’t need to bother having a word for it); Cofis were never going to take kindly to a bunch of Scousers turning up mob-handed for a day telling them how they should vote).

    Come the day, Labour’s share of the vote dropped massively in Arfon and Hywel Williams was comfortably re-elected (it had been a hyper-marginal in 2017).

    Labour lost Wrexham, Clwyd South, Delyn and Vale Of Clwyd and came close to losing Alyn & Deeside (majority slashed to 213), which is now the only Labour-held seat north of the Valleys.

    When a party would rather unseat a progressive party’s MP than make sure they don’t hand their own seats meekly over to the hard-right wing of their British Nationalism, you can tell that they never will – never can – be the friends of our nations, or even recognise our fundamental right to self-determination (just a few weeks ago, Labour MSs unanimously voted against giving the Senedd the powers to call a referendum on independence).

    Next year, we will have the best chance since 1999 to unseat Labour from its tarnished throne of servile, colonialist corruption. If we don’t take it and remove the biggest obstruction to full self-government, we will deserve the destruction which unfettered English colonial rule will visit on us.

  14. Statgeek says:

    Must admit, I hee-hawed through all the RL monikers, and not until typing this managed to remember it.

    So we have a leader of the opposition not attending, with an ex-leader now speaking in his place, until ermine has been fashioned to fit. We have another ‘major’ party leader that no one remembers five minutes after hearing him. A leader that grins a lot and basically parrots the other two, assuming he can work out who they are on a given day of the week, and the Green Party leader.

    Not much of an opposition (when Parliament should be robust etc.).

    Not much of a party system though, when you think about it. Two and half parties, all telling us that the other lot are worse. It’s like choosing an STD. Chlamydia might win, but it’ll put you off trying again for a few years.

  15. Macart says:

    Caring for a population. Caring for and about PEOPLE. It’s not a serving suggestion and it’s not about political strategy.

    Labour threw too many aside in their pursuit of a big chair. Hurt too many and placed so many more in harms way for the sake of politics. That is their legacy.

  16. David Agnew says:

    People often wonder why it came to this. It wasn’t one thing. It was an avalanche of unforced errors.

    When they stood against Independence despite being the party of “home rule”. When they stood with the tories. When they said we had no language, history or culture. That we needed “Britain” to understand culture or even be recognised as a people in the larger world. That we were a dark force that the the powers of evil would celebrate. When we realised that they had lied about Callaghan’s defeat. When we realised the extent of the lies about our oil. When we realised that they had lied about the vow. When it voted against free school meals. When it obstructed the SNPs attempts to deal with the bed room tax. When it demanded the SNPs support in Westminster and when it got it, took a day off and conceded to the tories. And talking of conceding, when Miliband conceded an election on national TV than ever accept help from the SNP. And who can forget the endless cowardly and spineless abstentions?

    And that is just a small selection. Never before have I ever seen a party so comprehensively defeated, on its own terms. The Bain Principle has cost this party so much and has done irreparable harm to it. If this report is to believed they going to try and chase a bigot vote. Trouble is, that vote is a thin gruel that was made by boiling the ghost of a chicken that had starved to death. There are not enough of the bigots to go around and certainly not enough to win anything back for labour in Scotland. When it comes time to bury this party, there should be written on its headstone:

    “Here lies Labour in Scotland – Died of a theory”

    • Dr Jim says:

      Good one

    • Welsh Sion says:

      14. (of 20.)

      “Our Way”

      And now, the end is here.
      And so Labour faces the final curtain.
      My friend, I’ll say it clear:
      I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain.

      They’ve lived their life, now it must end;
      They troughed on each and ev’ry highway
      And more, much more than this.
      They did it their way.

      Regrets? No – they have none, that’s very true.
      Nor a conscience, not worthy of mention
      They served themselves
      And saw it through, without exemption.

      They planned each charted course,
      Each careful step along the byway,
      And more, much more than this,
      They did it their way.

      Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knew
      When they bit off more than they could chew
      But through it all, when there was doubt,
      They gorged themselves – kept nothing out.
      They were in it all, stood for themselves
      And they did it their way.

      They’ve troughed, they’ve laughed and lied.
      We’ve had our fill, our share of losing.
      And now, as tears subside,
      We find it all so amusing.

      To see Labour falling apart.
      And may I say – not in a shy way,
      “Oh, no, no, no longer them –
      We’ll do it our way!”

      For what is a man, what has he got?
      If not himself, then he has naught.
      To say the things he truly feels
      And not the words of one who kneels:
      The record shows we took the blows
      And we’ll do it our way!

      Yes, it will be our way!

      [With acknowledgements]

      Songs for the New Politics

    • I agree with that David Agnew

  17. grizebard says:

    I’m left wondering what will win out, an increase in percentage of remaining Labour voters supporting independence, or a further bleed of indy-supporting Labour voters away from the party entirely, leaving only an attenuated reactionary BritNat rump.

  18. Welsh Sion says:

    It’s not just ‘Scottish’ Labour who have set their face against independence – and thus given a big slap in the face to a sizeable amount of their own supporters – it’s ‘Welsh’ Labour, too.

    42% of Labour voters would back Welsh Independence in a referendum, according to a new poll by YouGov.

    The question asked was:

    “If there was a referendum tomorrow on Wales becoming an independent country and this was the question, how would you vote? Should Wales be an independent country?”

    With don’t knows discounted,

    32% of the people of Wales would vote YES, including:

    68% of Plaid Cymru voters
    42% of Labour voters
    21% of Lib Dem voters
    11% of Conservative voters

    The poll:

  19. grizebard says:

    Hmmm, what would happen if support for independence within remaining Labour ranks were to rise above 50%? Which potential new leader could replace Renaldo Leandud and represent that new direction? (furrows eyebrows and scratches head) Is there anybody hiding within the parliamentary contingent that I’m missing…?

    Alternatively, there’s always Jackie Bailey to test the current direction to destruction.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      And in our case … if Labour ranks were to rise above 50%, then that would put the First Minister’s situation on ‘a shoogly peg’. Indeed, I’d argue his position would be untenable – and they would have to look to Adam (Price) – the current Leader of Plaid Cymru in Parliament – to become the First Minister.

      Surely, they wouldn’t join the Tories (and 1 Lib. Dem. and a ragbag of Independents/Brexit Party refugees) who would surely refuse independence – rather they’d split ‘Welsh’ Labour asunder, and speed on to our own independence.(They only have a majority now due to the Lib. Dem. and a Plaid Cymru turncoat, ‘My Lord’, if you please …)

      We could beat you to indy, yet, Scotland! 🙂

      Interesting times, and a need to stock up on the popcorn for both the Senedd and Holyrood Elections, next year!

      • grizebard says:

        The problem seems to be the same in both cases, a Labour Party completely fossilised, unable to apply its core principles to a sea-change in circumstances. A party that is perfectly willing to support self-determination anywhere in the world except right where it matters most right here at home. Stultified by the same insecure self-absorption that’s shared right across the political spectrum in England.

        The Tories were always a lost cause to political evolution, but with Labour it could have been so different. It is their long-term failure to adapt that is as much the cause of the looming disintegration of the UK as Bozo’s gross ineptitude. It’s not as if the leadership didn’t realise, but instead of genuine follow-through, all we got was mendacious lip-service from the likes of Federal Broon.

      • Frazerio says:

        Hi WS,

        3 or 4 years ago I had the pleasure of speaking to a young Welsh speaking lady from your neck of the woods. We discussed our respective chances of independence and she replied to me sadly that she couldn’t ever see Welsh independence because Wales was just too small and not rich enough. I told her thats how I used to think until I thought about it for 5 minutes and realised I’d just accepted the nonsense I’d always been told. I asked her ‘Who keeps telling you Wales is too small and poor and why?’. The look on her face as she realised that she’d been decieved was something to behold.

  20. Dr Jim says:

    Playing out on Sky news right at this moment is another example of why both Labour and the Tories with their devotion to ideology have disappeared from Scottish politics as a reasonable option for anybody to choose is the befuddlement of so called Sky news presenters who can’t seem to wrap their head around the idea that the caring for others health in Scotland by just asking our school children to help reduce transmission of a terrible disease by wearing face coverings doesn’t require legal enforcement by the First Minister because in England they’re not sure whether the kids in that country will comply without legal enforcement, and what makes it worse for them is that they can’t find anyone to interview from Scotland who disagrees with the FM

  21. Jimbo says:

    Even Tories now claim the Tory party is nothing but an English Nationalist Party – Probably including the tail it wags in Scotland.

    • David Agnew says:

      I remember them back in the 80s/90s as they headed towards their date with a slap in the face from the Scottish electorate. They were, even then, regarded as nothing more than a Scottish branch of an English party. As the English tories exulted in their bastardry and behaved with no sense of decency at all, the Scots tories could only sit and wring their hands, while the Scots got ready to wring the conservative party’s neck.

      Everything they touch…turns to shit.

  22. Welsh Sion says:

    Make the most of it, Scotland.

    You won’t see many headlines in the MSM proclaiming that your guys do it better than their guys:

    How England follows Scotland’s lead over Covid-19

    There have been a number of different occasions when England has taken heed of more stringent rules in Scotland

  23. labour are nowhere and the libdems have fallen off a cliff. only the well kent msps even have a chance of retaining a constituency seat (eg wullie rennie)

    • Republicofscotland says:

      Does the same go for the SNP with so many well kent faces standing down before the 2021 election, more to the point why are these ship steading MSPs leaving in such numbers, and at such a crucial time?

      • Arthur Thomson says:


      • Dr Jim says:

        Those figures in the SNP who are standing down at the next election are all in their 60s and even 70s except for one, it’s time for the younger team to come in like Kate Forbes and others, plus internal polling shows that Scotland’s youth are much more heavily inclined to vote in the coming election and referendum vote in higher numbers than ever before so the age range of the representatives of the party must change to reflect that demographic, plus one or two of them are only retiring from Holyrood they’ll still be working for the party in other roles, like Michael Russell

        • Golfnut says:

          I think it was Mike Russell explained it best. Re-elected, they would have another 5 yrs to serve taking some to over 70.

      • Julia Gibb says:

        Mild compared to your posts on Wings

      • Toni Young says:

        They’re all at or beyond normal retirement age. The would all be well into their 70’s after the five year term. We can only hope that the younger ones coming up have a strong stomach fir the coming nastiness from the Brit establishment.

  24. Arthur Thomson says:

    Whatever it’s roots, the British Labour Party degenerated into a protection racket. It promised plenty but delivered only an ongoing, grinding state of miserableness designed to fuel its continuing demands for allegiance.

    Except for the party apparatchiks – they thrived, becoming millionaires, Lords and Ladies, business owners and over inflated local grandees. They manipulated the public to serve their own tacky interests. Their corrupted sense of “public service” reached its high point with their violent attack on the middle east. Inflicting death and destruction in the name of liberation exposed them for the charlatans they had become.

    Now all they have left to satisfy their desire to exercise abusive power is to to try to destroy Scotland’s pursuit of independence. Throughout my lifetime they have been nothing but a shower of self seeking shysters. I hope they sink without trace.

    My opinion of the British Tories is even lower. They don’t even have the self awareness to pretend.

    The British Lib dems are just a place to hide. A way of avoiding personal responsibility for supporting the horrors of their British state.

    • melvin says:

      absolutely spot on,Excellent summary of the British state, past its useby date and the fungus just never knows how to be anything but a fungus.

    • Arthur Thomson….The great betrayal and shock to me , call me naive if you wish , was seeing the Labour MP,s activists , supporters cheering and jumping for joy when Conservative MP,s were elected anything to keep out the SNP

      I was also shocked when Labour teamed up with Conservative and Lib Dem to arrange tactical voting clearly there were Labour voters willing to vote Tory to keep the SNP out
      Lib Dem voters voting Tory to keep SNP out didn’t surprise me because they had already shown what an untrustworthy party they are when they abandoned their top policies to join the Tory party in government.

  25. Cubby says:

    Sky News at Ten tonight

    Headline comment: “The Prime Minister weighs in on the debate about how we celebrate Britain’s colonial past.”


    What is wrong with these people. What should be celebrated about going around the world invading other people’s lands, killing, looting, enslaving and introducing the first concentration camps.

    • Millsy says:

      That’s how ordinary people like us see it , Cubby , but too many down south see it as a badge of honour that ”they ruled the waves ”!
      So sad ,really !

      • It’s how they teach history in schools and universities
        Colonialism is bad except for British colonialism
        England educated the world you know , changed their languages rewrote their histories killed their people to make the others see that they didn’t need them

  26. bringiton says:

    British Labour in Scotland had as the main plank of claimed support for the union being international solidarity with fellow workers.
    Their failure to oppose Brexit has exposed that particular lie,along with their Northern English constituencies voting for one of the most right wing governments in Europe.
    Scotland,for most of their elected office bearers,was just a stepping stone to greater things in England,as has been the case for Scots on the make since 1707.
    It is now clear to most Scots that they never had much interest in improving life for their constituencies but solely driven by self interest.

    • grizebard says:

      These days, British Labour’s “international” version of solidarity ends at Dover.

      And its internal version has only ever worked one way.

  27. Millsy says:

    The Party’s over for the Labour Party !

  28. Julia Gibb says:

    Several Unionist blogs and newspaper articles have recently used the line “Labour is the weak link in the Unionist chain…”
    The weak link in the Unionist chain – when you let that sink in you realise just how out of touch the Branch Office is.
    Their loyalty to the Masters in London is far more important to them than the future welfare of the citizens of Scotland.
    Better Together need Scottish Labour to back up the Yellow and Blue Tories. Ricardo Leopold will remain a good little BritNat with Baillie supplying the Unionist spine.

    The red wall falling, Farage and Tommy Robinson loved and a hard Brexit coming fast. The future is decades of Right Wing Tory Governments with at best a few hung parliaments and in the distant future. In 30 or 40 years we may have a Labour Government and even a return to “turns each”.

    We will get whatever England votes for and Brexit makes that future very clear.

  29. Petra says:

    Their virulent hatred of the SNP just leaves them looking like a bunch of spiteful morons over and over again. When that hatred is their sole reason for existing in Scotland there’s nothing left for them. Nowhere to go other than ultimately disappear, in totality, down the stank.

  30. Ex Pat says:

    Religion and the War Against Independence ?

    > ‘Of late there has been a concerted effort to draw an equivalence between a Catholic family background and support for independence among some of the more orangey and blue sections of British nationalism in order to make support for independence a sectarian issue…’

    Given that the British state is not known for imagination in its imperial sectarian divide-and-conquer murderousness, is this the opening move in the ‘Northern Ireland-ization’ of their Scottish Independence problem?

    After all, the British state ran sectarian death squads in Northern Ireland for decades – see MRF / FRU and the Glenanne gang; they ‘assisted’ the US Empire to run sectarian death squads of Sunnis targeting Shias in Iraq – see ‘Iraq’s New Death Squad’ in The Nation; and they ran death squads from 1948 in Malaya, Kenya, Aden and in Cyprus. Does the leopard change its spots? Not since 1948!

    When you wonder who would do such a thing, Sarah Mackie has a little video you should probably watch –

    ‘A far right English nationalist party’; ‘not really better than a Farage party’.

    The always excellent Sarah Mackie via twitter.

    • Golfnut says:

      Ulsterisation is the word your looking for.
      The problem in flying this particular kite/warning/ threat, whatever you want to call it, is that Scotland socially ‘ now ‘ is completely different to the Ulster of 40 yrs ago. The
      Civic nationalism of Scotland will be a hard nut to crack.

  31. alba says:

    “Irish Catholic background are more likely to support independence”. I thought it was the other way around; having left one war torn country the last thing the Irish wanted was to bring their wars with them to their new home (especially as some were ‘mixed’ denominations); hence RCs historically voting labour rather than SNP. Which would make this move a double stab in the back to those remaining labour activists and councilors brought up to distrust ‘nationalism’….are you sure “sectarian politics” in this instance is going after the orange rather than the green vote?

    • weegingerdug says:

      There have been several studies since 2014 which show that people of an Irish family background in Scotland are more likely to support independence.

  32. Hamish100 says:

    One of the faults of labour is with their links with certain trades unions like UNITE , GMB. As a trade unionist of many years steward, senior steward, convener I watched with disdain as trades unionists moved up the greasy pole particularly in local authorities becoming councillors and some MP’s and MSP’s.
    For others it was internal promotion to senior positions becoming managers much more right wing than before. And so it continues to this day.

    This is one area where I have issues with the SNP.

    As they increased their support some labourites,(pretendy ones, really in it for themselves) wormed their way in saying what they thought had to be said in order to get elected. ( names on a postcard please!). Some got pushed in and up.

    The nodding dog syndrome where to get noticed they agree with the leadership. In this aspect the leader of the SNP should have been more on guard. Hopefully she realises this now.

    The troops however are ready for Independence and one more great push will get us our goal.

    • Hamish100 says:


      Mr Singh plead guilty then made his sentencing worse by not accepting the sheriffs decision.

      I would say that there is a fine line to be taken on all such decisions but as soon as Police Scotland or the council started their nonsense a tactical decision should be taken.

      • Golfnut says:

        I’m giving Craig a bit of leeway just now, he’s under tremendous pressure at the moment and I feel for him. He’s completely wrong on the Manni Singh issue.

  33. Republicofscotland says:


    Manny would never have been arrested in the first place, (the police were fine with the start time) if the SNP controlled GCC hadn’t initiated it.

    Read Craig Murray’s link.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Obviously the Police were not. Anyone in charge of a parade has to keep to the conditions set out for the parade.

    • Petra says:

      Craig Murray’s version of events is sadly lacking and manipulative as usual. The Manny Singh issue was thrashed out on Wings previously with a number of issues of concern emerging in relation to the man, some extremely serious.

  34. Dr Jim says:

    Tory substitute mouthpiece at Holyrood Baroness Davidson and Labour mouthpiece for the Tories at Holyrood Robert Lemsip both had a really bad day following a verbal leathering by Nicola Sturgeon at FMQs

    Oh and BTW the First Minister also began her campaign for Independence by mentioning it several times in the strongest possible terms, I’ve no doubt some folk will think she should have waved a flag or sung a song simultaneously but there are limits to what she can do at FMQs

    • Petra says:

      I saw part of FMQ’s today, Dr Jim. Missed the Ruth Davidson part. Too bad. Mr Leonard was left with egg on his face when he rabbited on at length about poverty in Scotland and poor families having to wait for 2 months before they start getting some ScotGov benefit. Nicola Sturgeon pointed out that there was no such help coming from any other part of the UK such as Labour controlled Wales and that Leonard should also cut out supporting the Tories as it’s their draconian policies that contribute greatly to such poverty. I was also pleased to see that she’s pointing out, constantly, what’s controlled by Westminster and that Scotland would be much better off being independent. And yes the word Independence was mentioned on numerous occasions today 😀.

  35. Arthur Thomson says:

    The fundamental problem that Labour can’t get over is their dishonesty and it starts from the top down. They put much hope in Corbyn, who claimed to be honest but proved to be dishonest. Their new “leader” is no different.

    They have learned nothing. They are now in the wilderness where they will hopefully have less scope for doing harm. They are unlikely to be playing the leading role in destroying other countries – except, of course, in relation to Scotland. British Labour’s last self serving stand. They can’t and won’t change because they don’t want to change.

  36. The Labour Party thought it could act on behalf of business as well as act on behalf of the workers
    It couldn’t
    It never really intended to
    When thatcher demolished the unions and coal mines and steel industries and many others Labour couldn’t bring itself to disagree with what had been done
    It went along with all the privatisations people got a couple of hundred shares in a bank or an electric r bad or water company then sold them and gradually these shares went where they were always destined, the rich.
    Labour came along got power , government and did nothing to change it.
    It was a shock to workers , union members.
    The unions became businesses ,distanced from their members, political lackies

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