The rewards of British political failure

According to reports in the press, Ruth Davidson is to be given a peerage by Boris Johnson and will sit in the House of Lords. She’ll officially become the Barrenness of Principles that she’s been her entire elected career. It’s the traditional reward for Scottish Tories who fail. The Conservatives are the vampires of politics, sucking all the life out of Scottish democracy and we can’t kill their careers with election defeats. As such, Ruth Davidson being given a peerage is entirely unsurprising. The only question is which of her faces is being ennobled. A few years ago Ruth Davidson and her allies in the Scottish Conservative organised Operation Arse in an attempt to keep Boris Johnson away from the leadership of the Tories. Now he’s Prime Minister she’s accepting a peerage from him and is more interested in Operation Kiss Arse.

Still, now she can put the boot in while draped in an ermine robe and without having to trouble herself with trivialities like democratic accountability or answering to her electorate. Not that she ever did. Just as anyone who lives in her constituency and they will tell you that she never bothered to do surgeries to listen to her own voters’ complaints and problems. Now she joins the likes of Thatcher’s McMinion Michael Forsyth, sitting in the Lords, influencing our laws and our public policy, without having to trouble themselves with elections, voting, or democracy.

Ruth Davidson was always a media construct. Her limited talents extended to little more than an ability to perform cheeky cheery photo ops which were beloved by her pals in the British nationalist Scottish media from whence she came. She was a creature and creation of a media which preferred to treat politics as a species of light entertainment. Ruth was happy to oblige, popping up on panel shows, Bake Off, and posing for photos with an assortment of barnyard animals some of whom were not even list seat MSPs for her party. But what Ruth “The Next First Minister of Scotland” Davidson never did was to come close to winning an election.

She failed as party leader. Anyone who has followed Scottish politics knows that Ruth Davidson resigned as the leader of the Scottish Conservatives because she could see the writing on the wall, that her party was facing massive electoral losses and she wasn’t prepared to take the blame for it. That’s exactly what happened in the December 2019 General Election. The Conservatives lost over half of their Scottish seats. However the metrocommentariat in London doesn’t follow Scottish politics, they continue to tell us that “without Ruth Davidson” the Scottish Tories lose seats. Yet the Scottish Conservatives would have lost with or without her. Ruth Davidson was far more concerned about her own reputation than the fate of her party. Although admittedly that is what counts as leadership in the Conservatives. Just look at Johnson and the rest of his cabinet.

Neither was Ruth any more successful as the Saviour of the Union, a vital post for the British nationalist media in Scotland, one which lies vacant since she announced her resignation from the leadership of the Scottish Tories. Her replacement, Surname Surname, would struggle to save the deposit on a bottle of scoosh. Ruth not only failed to make any dent in support for independence in Scotland, her period of time as an MSP has seen support for Scottish independence soar into a consistent majority. And it has largely done so because of the actions of Ruth’s own party. Far from being the go-to for advice on defeating Thatessempee, Ruth has presided over the collapse of what was left of Scottish confidence in the institutions of the British state.

What she did do however was to double down on opposition to independence at all costs, and vanished from the public eye whenever one of her councillors was revealed as a sympathiser of sectarian organisations or the extreme right. Disappearing when faced with difficult questions was very much Ruth’s modus operandi, one in which she was ably assisted by her friends in the media who allowed her to slip from view instead of pursuing her with the same energy that they hound an SNP politician when they get a scent of blood. Ruth got a free pass.

By reframing the Conservatives as the party of opposition to independence at all costs, Ruth Davidson must take a large part of the responsibility for emboldening and empowering the far right sectarian extremists in Scotland, the thugs who took over George Square to intimidate, bully, and threaten. They’re only taking the anti-democratic message of the Scottish Conservatives to its logical conclusion. When you insist that Scotland will not be “allowed” another referendum no matter what its people vote for, you are espousing a deeply undemocratic position. You are granting a fig leaf of acceptability to those who have no intention of accepting democracy at all.

Now she’s getting a lifelong free pass to a political career without any of the troublesome bother of standing for elections, having to be accountable, or democracy. Yet you can bet that this unelected unwanted unaccountable politician will still be popping up on our TV screens and in the columns of our newspapers to tell us what Scotland “really wants”. What Scotland really wants Ruth, is for people like you to be accountable to the voters.

What her peerage certainly means is that the Conservatives have now destroyed any chance of Ruth Davidson being a credible leader for any Better Together Mk II. An anti-independence campaign which is trying to sell a doubtful Scotland on the idea that it can be properly democratically represented within the UK while it’s being led by an unelected politician who is beyond accountability is not a good or a plausible look. It would however be an accurate one – because it’s the lack of accountability and the democratic shortfall which are the most pressing reasons for independence. As a member of the House of Lords, Ruth Davidson will embody all the reasons why Scotland must escape this corrupt and corrupting British state.

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79 comments on “The rewards of British political failure

  1. andyfromdunning says:

    I find this very frustrating, makes me angry. She has achieved nil, nada, zilch.

    Against Boris, I favour of EU, against Brexit. These were the political causes she supported. Proof if any were needed that people like Ruth and Carlaw are spineless devious self serving self centred twats. Hate them all.

    She sat in Holyrood to serve her Scottish constituents but did not.

  2. Macandroid says:

    This is the wummin who is/was giving up politics to spend more time with her child and partner.

    • Millsy says:

      She gave up ”politics” when she became a Tory !

      She joins the other Scottish failures who couldn’t dent the independence fervour in the House of Horrors – McConnell , Goldie and now Ruthless ! They will soon have to build an annexe to house the growing band of Scottish political failures who are willing to take the ermine as reward for dissing their homeland .

  3. bringiton says:

    Who will now front the Tory funded Better Together team?
    Would probably have been a British Labour person anyway because the Tories know how unpopular they are in Scotland and they wouldn’t want to expose the lack of democracy at the heart of the UK union.
    Maybe now that Darling has resigned from the HoL,he will make a comeback?

    • Julia Gibb says:

      Sadly you maybe spot on!

      Labour can distance themselves but still take credit if BT successful 😥

      Tories sit back and snigger. ( they just need to write the cheques from the Dark Money slush fund.)

  4. Julia Gibb says:

    It means as a member of the Lords ANY Tory Goverment can bring her into cabinet ANYTIME it wants. You could wipe out every Tory MP and up pops Ruth the Mooth as Sec of State for Scotland. She cannot speak in the commons but she will have the full propaganda tools of the Scottish Office ( I know they changed the name but they can stuff.

    She is now entrenched and can oppose Independence without any concerns over elections. She will be the voice on every political channel..

    If you are not angry then the impact hasn’t sunk in yet!

    • Cubby says:

      As I have said before and I’ll keep saying there has NEVER been any true democracy in Scotland. Just a faux democracy.

      Independence = democracy.

      Johnson has form on this – Zach Goldsmith fails at the GE 2019 – punted in to the Lords and back in to the UK cabinet – rewarded for failure.

      Oh and the Tory woman MP Morgan (if I remember correctly) says she is not standing in Dec 19 GE as she wants to spend more time with her family – punted in to the Lords and then back in to the UK cabinet – rewarded for not even bothering to stand for election.

      More locally in my constituency Ken McIntosh in 2016 rejected by the voters in to third place but gets punted in to Holyrood on the regional list and made Presiding Officer – rewarded for failure.

      Church of England bishops in the House of Lords – unelected clergy in the legislature – seems a bit like Iran.

      A Royal family – above reproach – seems a bit like North Korea.

      Democracy – no chance in the UK.

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, an unelected Scottish Secretary looks about right. (From a prediction point of view, that is. Not in any other way.)

      The Scottish Zombie Party is not alive-and-well, but carries on regardless.

  5. vivianoblivian7 says:

    I concluded some time back that Davidson wouldn’t take up the challenge of heading up Better together II, as it’s a lost cause and it would damage brand Ruth.
    So, off to the Red benches it is then. To join such esteemed members as “Boxcar” Willie McCrea, ex-DUP MP. The nickname comes from his cutting Gospel albums. To give him his due he really does put his heart into it, unlike what passes for Soul music these days. Anyways, McCrea was the spiritual advisor for the loyalist mass murder Billy “King rat” Wright. A man that was expelled from the UVF for extremism.
    McCrea was granted the ermine when Theresa May was trying to make up the numbers in the HoL. The DUP was granted two nominations to the Lords. McCrea was given a pass by the vetting committee, the OTHER nominee flunked. WTF did they nominate?

  6. A6er says:

    Reblogged this on Tory Britain!.

  7. BobLamont says:

    “Ruth was happy to oblige, popping up on panel shows, Bake Off, and posing for photos with an assortment of barnyard animals some of whom were not even list seat MSPs for her party.” 🤣🤣
    A belter…

  8. marconatrix says:

    Someone remind me, please, where else, if anywhere, in Europe are there unelected legislators?

  9. Joe says:

    The bottom line here is.we have to get away from this lot.
    Ruth the mooth.saying put the boot in.what a repulsive
    Discredited Person she is.westminster has been putting
    The boot into our proud Scotland.since 2014.from the
    Day people in Scotland voted to stay in this absolute
    Discredited Britnat union.with all promises of the day
    Broken.and people up here still vote Tory.or for any
    Unionist party for that matter.unbelievable.
    Lets get the Hell out of this discredited union.and the
    Sooner the better.
    Roll on independence.

  10. Luigi says:

    Another useful “person” picks up her reward for services rendered. She had one job to do and she did it quite well IMO.

    What it does mean though is that the British establishment does not consider a leader for Better Together 2 neccesary. No need. They don’t intend allowing another Scottish referendum – ever.

  11. Macart says:

    A lack of accountability for sure. Only matched by their lack of empathy it appears. Proof positive that a lack of said empathy can pay well in the political sphere.

    Also no surprise on Ms Davidson’s possible ermine reward.

  12. Dr Jim says:

    The BBC and other media organisations did Ruth Davidson’s job for her, she never had to lift a finger, she was and still will be as Paul says, a construct, an advertising tool and mouthpiece in Scotland for the word NO and that’s all she’s ever achieved in her political life so far, the ability of every child from the age of three years to say the word NO, and we know as parents how many times we hear kids repeat that word till we stop listening to them say it

    Scotland stopped listening to Ruth Davidson because she whined like a three year old wean, the difference is we couldnae stick an *a day sooker* in her gub tae shut her up for five minutes

    Yes I still read the Broons

    • grizebard says:

      We had the spectacle at the Covid briefing today of Andrew Kerr BBC getting almighty huffy that the FM didn’t deign to answer their imperious summons to appear on their programme yesterday (she is rather busy these days with rather more important matters to attend to, doncha know), which was a bit rich coming from a media organisation which didn’t utter a whimper whenever soon-to-be Lady Buffalo was hiding in her own personal fridge to avoid the latest tricky question du jour.

      The BEBC, Hypocrite Central.

      • Stephen McKenzie says:


        Yes I noticed that! Andrew Kerr was so indignant that the FM had the not agreed to be interviewed. The response that she was rather busy right now was not what Andrew expected.

        The BBC really are a class act in Scotland and not in good way.

  13. vivianoblivian7 says:

    Aff topic.
    Private Eye’s medical correspondent, MD, rightly receives plaudits for his balanced and pragmatic coverage of the pandemic.
    From the new issue, he writes; ” … Johnson has beeen tolerating “orderly infection”, with 1,772 Covid deaths in England in July (up th the 24th of the month), Scotland had nine, Northern Ireland five and Wales 38. Even accounting for population size, the comparison remains stark. For England to emulate Scotland would require a degree of trust and public compliance that Johnson and Dominic Cummings appear incapable of delivering. However, if the rest of the UK does not join “zero Covid”, Scotland would have to test and quarantine at all its borders to achieve it.”
    Today’s figures for new, +ve test (7DRA) are: Scotland 13.7, England 725.
    That’s a deviation from the per capita bench mark of 4.2, but the English figures are Pillar I only and 46% of tests are Pillar II, so 4.2 becomes 6.
    We’re quarantining folk returning from Spain for a differential infection rate (per capita) of 3.

  14. Grouser says:

    Colonel Ruth was given her peerage for services to Boris Johnson. Who do you think gave him the masterclass in disappearing from view whenever he was in danger of having to answer a question?

  15. Millsy says:

    Ruthless’s peerage will help her in her quest for more ”nice little earners” to top up her Holyrood pension .
    Remember she recently had to renounce that £50k from that London-based PR company which she badly needed , what with a young kid to keep and a menagerie of large ruminants to have on call for photo opportunities . What’s a girl to do ?

    Expect her to be doing the rounds of the ”celeb” quiz shows as she channels her inner Michael Gove by making jokes at the expense of her countrymen – and no one will laugh louder than the Mooth !

  16. yesindyref2 says:

    But apart from all that, and more, she’s OK, yes?

  17. Hamish100 says:

    Just like others she can now be in the Cabinet of the English Government. Is there a cresh in the HoL or will Foulkes babysit. Of course her mentor Baroness Goldie is there as a defence minister. What a joke is the mother of all parliaments as the English would call it.

    • grizebard says:

      There is a more accurate description of Westminster, Hamish. It’s American in origin, but does begin with “mother”.

      The sooner our long-suffering MPs sojourning there come home, the better. (Though Plastic Tory Union Jack Suit Man is very welcome to stay if he prefers.)

  18. Arthur Thomson says:

    It is emblematic of the British state that they would elevate, common as muck, Davidson in their fake democracy. She has no class and they have no shame.

    Some of those In Scotland’s population, who have been building themselves up to break through the cringe, will see this as the final break through point. What normal person would want to be associated with her and her lack of civilised values?

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      Arthur, well there are many of charismatic Life Peers, some with successful backgrounds that she could blend in with.

      Baroness Mone of Mayfair in the City of Westminster often springs to mind when I am looking for that special something on the QVC Shopping channel. Her Diamonique Pendants are to die for. I just don’t know where Michelle gets the time.

      Now I am not saying Ruth needs more money, but if she is a bit short, a wee shot on the QVC might see her right.

  19. David Agnew says:

    Its like I said in a previous post. If you are unionist in Scotland, Nothing succeeds like failure and you fail in life upwards. All you have to do is be prepared to hate your own Nation and its people and shit on it for the amusement of English Tories. There has never been a tory more willing to abase themselves for table scraps than Davidson. A no mark politician who has achieved the sum total of Hee and Haw but yet has been regularly hailed a political titan. This honor is nothing more than another in a long line of insults to Scotland by the UK media and political establishment.
    Johnson knows full well what about “Operation Arse” – but he can’t resist promoting this obsequious rogue in another pathetic attempt to say “Fuck you” to Scotland. Remember that this Thatcher tribute act was regularly voted as politician of the year by the media in Scotland. Yet when asked what it is she did to deserve recognition, then watch the tumbleweed roll. She is a media construct. Her achievements in life are as non existent as the reasons for the honors she has received. It seems that the UK media was running its own “Operation Arse” as it tried to blow smoke up Scotland’s arse about how wonderful Ruthless was. But never forget this is the woman who said 8 out 10 Scots contribute nothing to the success of the UK and that it was good to lock up valuables in case some Scots came and stole them.

    She deserves nothing but our contempt.

    • JoMax says:

      The problem with Scotland is and has been for a very long time that she is full of people just like Davidson and they are to be found across the political spectrum, in business and the media. What exacerbates the situation is that they get the publicity, the kudos and the rewards and the Scot who wants something more positive and radical for their country gets ignored, demeaned, even villianised and most certainly does not receive any kind of positive recognition. The British State at work and the Davidsons et al thrive on it. Shame on them.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Excellently put.

  20. Ken2 says:

    When Scotland is Independent. They can park Trident in the Thames. Alongside Westminster ditched. No longer interfering in Scotland. Voted out.

    Jumped before being pushed. Or ‘putting the boot in’. The boot on the other foot. Booted out. Bolted.

  21. Ken2 says:

    Booted out Bolted. Ditched. Alongside the Thames.

  22. Dave tewart says:

    Do we all realise she could be in the HoL for 40 years?
    Will she continue when Scotland decides to go it’s own way?

    • grizebard says:

      Let’s hope so. Well out of the way then, and a genuine parasitic drain on the English purse besides!

  23. Mbiyd says:

    We know Britain is a failed state where sinecure is everything.

    What we are trying to decipher is whether or not the current SNP leadership has the ability or desire to lead Scotland down a separate path and the clock is ticking.

    • grizebard says:

      It does. You may struggle (if purely for insidious propaganda effect), but most everyone else doesn’t. Just take a look at the polls.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      The only cypher is your own, it is not our clock which is ticking

    • Alex Clark says:

      Who are this “we” you speak of?

      • Mbiyd says:

        As the opposition implodes Nicola has less and less wriggle room for her intransigence, and we, those who are genuinely in favour of Independence will continue to question her aptitude to lead the struggle.

  24. velofello says:

    “Birds of a feather flock together” is a possible explanation of why Johnson would hand an ermine coat to Davidson, and pass over Mundell.

    Mundell loyally misrepresented Scotland on behalf of the Tories for a number of years and yet may be passed over for Davidson, who in a short political career,achieved nothing.

    Mundell is a weak ditherer, a hands wringer, whereas Davidson’s contrived media image is of having a clarity of purpose – put the boot in – for example. Johnson will recognise her synergy with himself.

    Davidson’s lumbering gait, her puckered gravitas face will not be missed, and come independence will England accommodate Scots appointees in the H of Lords?

    What a farcical arrangement is the H of Lords,a Monty Python concept.

  25. She will join this merry band who complain about Russia whilst at the same time sit on the board of Russian companies and accept huge sums of money from Russian business people just for having lunch with them but surely paying someone tens of thousands of pounds for having lunch with you must give you something else in return
    What insider secrets are passed

  26. Dr Jim says:

    I have a feeling that Baroness Ruth Davidson of Tankallo will be given a job that keeps her in the style she wishes to become accustomed to right here in Colonialsville Scotland, a deputy Minister for the Union or some such invented nonsense which will allow her access to all perks, TV rights and power crazed mouth speaking on behalf of the Yoonyun

    They think she’s popular here because she told them she’s got all the phone numbers of the right wing fishermen and the Ludge high heid yins so can mount a new threaten together campaign by *putting the boot in* (her words) right away

    I think they’ll camp her Arse right here to keep telling Nicola Sturgeon Naw and she means it until she fails again

    • Millsy says:

      I believe that you are correct in this assumption . The media and many ”down south” actually believe the hype that was generated around this shallow wannabe celeb .

      They think that she resonates with ”the Jocks” and has boosted the fortunes of the unionist cause in elections .
      ( They just don’t look at the actual results of these ”successful” elections or they would have their hopes shattered )
      What they fail to see is that she has become a pantomime figure with her predictable sloganising ( ”No to Indy 2 ”) , her lack of empathy ( Rape clause anyone ? ) and her weary and tiresome photo-ops on the back of any passing large ruminant .

      Despite all of this Johnson ( who is as ignorant of her lack of success as he is of the number of kids he has fathered ) will probably task her with being the front person for pushing the unionist message in the coming months . In Tory circles poor Alister Jack lacks her ”’appeal ” and his endemic lack of energy has often caused him to be mistaken for one of those statues that anti- slavers are wont to dump into the nearest body of water .

      So , expect to see a lot more of Baroness Ruthless in the coming days ( or Cummings’ days ? ) as she gets a permanent slot on Good Morning Scotland and Reporting Scotland devote a weekly slot to her adventures bronco-busting at a Safari Park near you !

    • Petra says:

      ”I think they’ll camp her Arse right here to keep telling Nicola Sturgeon Naw..”..

      And let’s hope that she does lead ”Better Together Mk II” and has to face Nicola Sturgeon in pre-referendum debates. If so, Nicola Sturgeon will absolutely slaughter her (using a Mooth type of term). Then again dark money Davidson will be well aware of that so will ”kindly hand over” to someone else.

      Was she planning to bail out next year or is she doing a runner since she heard that Angus Robertson (or Joanna Cherry) is going to be standing for the Edinburgh Central constituency which she holds with a with a measly 610-vote majority? The great success, right enough, in the eyes of the MSM and many who reside in England: That’s also the money grubbing Tory leader who delivered the worst general election result in Scotland since records began.

      Anyway here we go again. Living in a country being ruled by around 800 unelected parasites lolling in the House of Lords in comparison to 650 elected politicians with Pete Wishart pointing out that around half a dozen of such ”lords” live in his constituency. What hope have we got other than getting out of this horror show, asap.

      • Petra says:

        George Kerevan:- ‘Ruth Davidson’s peerage shows PM is rattled by rise in independence support.’

        ”Boris, not to mention Cummings, is much more politically brutal than his clownish demeanour suggests. He gets rid of folk who don’t do the business – witness this de facto demotion of Alister Jack, who will now struggle to get his press releases read. Davidson needs to perform, or Downing Street will drop her. Boris is clearly rattled by the rise in support for independence. Davison has been pressured into taking a frontline role in stemming the tide, despite earlier protestations she wants to be with her family. But saving the Union is no part-time affair. And she carries baggage – anti-Brexit and also anti-Boris when he was stalking the premiership. We will soon see if the Tank Commander still has a glint of steel in eye. Or if she disappears into the red benches rather like a certain Baroness Goldie of Bishopton.”..

  27. Dr Jim says:

    Here’s another wee thing folk are getting frothed up about, when a SNP MP writes something about anything in a newspaper don’t take what the article looks like its about too seriously because most of the time it’s only about keeping the SNP brand and Independence in the headlines

    So when you see this MP or that MP supposedly complaining about hurrying up Independence or we’re not doing enough about Independence or Nicola Sturgeon’s been told by this one or that one, it’s there designed to keep us the public talking and the Unionists frothing

    Almost everything I’m hearing tells me we’re just around the corner from the starting gun but nobody can say it yet because the media will start demanding the date and the plan and the plan B and the objections and the what will you do ifs

    I sincerely doubt this is not happening and the SNP reps are doing their job by keeping folk talking about it

    Professor John Curtice the numbers man said Indyref is practically a dead cert and the only risk to Indyref2 is from within the Yes movement itself not getting behind the SNP and attempting to game the voting system with separate parties, Prof Curtice pretty much laid it out in the National, and remember, he’s not a man who’s what you might call ever been on our side

    • Petra says:

      ‘John Curtice: SNP majority would make Tory position on indyref2 untenable.’

      ”“Because the problem with the UK Government’s position is that, yes, sure, you can keep on arguing that the SNP said once in a generation and that they should keep their promises but what you cannot do is bind the electorate.”..

      ”Two new pro-independence parties – the Alliance for Independence (AFI) and the Independence for Scotland Party (ISP) – have been formed ahead of next year’s election, with Wings Over Scotland not ruling out the prospect of a third. But the professor said recent survey data suggests alternative options may not be required to secure a pro-Yes majority at Holyrood. He stated: “At the moment, the opinion polls are saying you’ve never had to worry less about the need to game the system. For the moment, at least, the SNP are heading for a whopping great majority, anyway. Things may be different next May but right now one would say it’s just not necessary.”

      • yesindyref2 says:

        He says this: “I think she would be wise, partly just to keep her troops happy, just to indicate what her alternative would be.”

        But she can do this any time she likes, now, October, December, even next April as far as the Holyrood Election is concerned. She does hold the cards – and it’s not just the Unionists are getting frustrated and throwing tantrums. The longer she holds out, the more people reveal themselves. The other 99.999% will just sigh with relief.

      • grizebard says:

        Nice to have the agreement of Prof The Vote, but it’s what I’ve been trying to get over for a recent while. “Gaming the list” is for (people who fear to be) losers, an essentially defensive strategy. Once you start to garner support above the mid-fifties, though, everything changes. The list is no longer a no-go area and begins to add MSPs on top, since the constituencies can only take you so far. And that sets us up nicely for the eventual showdown as well. Potential dynamite, and very hard to gainsay.

        Nothing succeeds like (the prospect of) success. If we can only bin the negativity, quit looking over our collective shoulder, and really start to believe in ourselves, the sky’s the limit.

        • Golfnut says:

          Stuart Campbell advocated the setting up of a list party for the sole purpose of putting pressure on the SNP because of the perceived lack of movement by the SNP towards independence. The USP was getting rid of some of the liblabtory dross sitting in our Parliament. The idea appealed to many on those 2 points, the negative conotation being that the SNP were getting way too comfortable as a Devolved legislature. There were/are other issues. The real problem with ‘ gaming the list ‘ is the number of party’s potentially involved, one along with the greens may well have been hugely successful, but four kills the whole project by splitting the vote. The ISP have already refused cooperation with the Alliance and the Greens will aye gang thir ane gait anyway. The ISP jumped on the GRA band wagon, which itself has at has a very limited appeal factor at this time and potentially damages the SNP because you can bet its the first the media will report.
          If the ISP and the Alliance hats are still in the ring come the Holyrood elections, and that at this point is not in any way certain because of funding issues etc, to achieve any success they will have to have binned what will undoubtedly be promoted as anti SNP rhetoric.
          If they can’t find a USP that appeals to the 1.7 million Yes voters that we know about, they will do more harm than good.

          • Petra says:

            ”They will do more harm than good.”

            It could even put paid to us winning Indyref2 altogether. Right up the BritNats street.

            • Golfnut says:

              It could put paid to us even getting a referendum, but at this moment in time we have no idea what’s going into the SNP manifesto which doesn’t give list party’s anything of substance to either argue for or against.
              So yes, more harm than good.

      • Julia Gibb says:

        A reminder of the key areas for the next Indy Ref
        Aberdeenshire, Edinburgh,Perth and Kinross plus the Borders.

  28. Alex Clark says:

    Better Together II may have a real problem in finding someone to front their next assault on the Scottish electorate with another pack of lies. I really can’t see anyone with a Labour background who is from Scotland putting themselves forward.

    Let’s face it, with the polls as they are at the moment it looks like a difficult gig and who wants to front a loser? Maybe they will avoid using a political figure altogether if that is possible because I really cannot see anyone wanting that job.

    Things have changed from 2012 and they know it only too well, so will avoid involvement with BT2 like the plague.

  29. Ken2 says:

    Comprehensive unity,

    Join the SNP. Donate, campaign, deliver. Anyone can do it. Do not be misguided. Or diverted. Nearly over the line. Support for SNP/Independence rising. The young ones coming on board. Smart, savvy and well educated. Interesting times. A great time to be alive.

    Vote Tory/unionist to die younger.

  30. Petra says:


    “Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Petra. I’ve seen it all now.

    ‘Now is the Time for All Good Men?’.. What a way to put yourself forward for the SNP candidate voting process! Is this for real or a spoof? Between one thing and another right now some people out there are turning our quest for independence into a public farce.


    Another farce and, eh, not a great start, imo.

    ‘New Scottish independence party explains game plan as logos are officially approved.’

    ”In announcing the move to set up ISP in May, Ms Walker posted: “Just for the record, we are not going against the SNP”..

    And then from their article (one of 7) named ‘The Homeless Voter’, ”Well, it’s not going to happen. The Labour party, like the SNP has been quietly taken over and placemen put in who will not frighten the horses at Westminster. Independence is never going to make it onto that conference motion.”…

    • Dr Jim says:

      We’re doing it because of (benign reason) then we’re doing because we don’t believe the SNP are serious, then we’re doing it because of a bill we don’t like, then we’re doing it because of unprovable rumours, then we’re doing it because of another bill we don’t like, then we’re doing it for Alex Salmond, then we’re doing it because we hate Nicola Sturgeon because because because…….. If there’s such a thing as a heaven most of these folk won’t get past the truthy gate

      How much does all of this remind us of how this behaviour was engineered to destroy Corbyn,
      breakaways, factions, rumours, conjecture, mind readers, anti everybody who’s not them in their righteousness

      There are people who enjoy causes more than the winning, it’s the disruption that’s important to them
      Scotland is on the verge of a great future and there are lots of people who either want a big slice of that future cake or don’t want the cake to be baked at all

      All of this coincidentally happens when the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon as leader have never been stronger and it’s support so high, who cares about London power, who cares about what anybody says, who cares about Covid 19, who cares about politics, destroy Nicola Sturgeon if she doesn’t get us Independence by 4pm this afternoon or she’s Baad! and she’ll never do it because we read her mind

      Honest people every one I’m sure, there just aren’t enough prams to go round these days

      • Petra says:

        Spot on Dr Jim and ”engineered” is the key word.

      • Wee Chid says:

        So if one doesn’t agree with GRA or the new hate speech bill are we just supposed to hold our noses and vote against our principles because the party we “should” vote for is making some vague promise about another referendum if we grant them yet another mandate? Labour did the same for years by promising to be the only party that could protect us from the Tories – and what mugs we were to believe them.

        • weegingerdug says:

          My local SNP MSP is opposed to equal marriage. But I’ll be voting for him anyway in the next Scottish elections because my priority is independence.

          If you want to prioritise your opposition to the GRA that’s fine. But you need to admit to yourself that independence is no longer your overriding political priority.

          • Wee Chid says:

            Independence is my overriding political priority – but I’m seriously beginning to doubt that the same can be said for the SNP. that’s the problem.

  31. Alex Clark says:

    This is a good article by Ian Dunt.

    Boris Johnson cannot win the battle for the union

    Once upon a time, Unionists could at least argue that Westminster provided stable, competent government. But that case no longer holds either. It’s more like being chained to someone who occasionally flies into fits of rage and starts waving a knife around threatening to cut his own legs off.

    In the face of that kind of mania, Sturgeon has projected an image of firm, reasonable, reliable authority. Her response to Brexit was evidence-based and unemotional, in stark contrast to the gibbering hysterics of the Leave leadership in London.

  32. Cubby says:

    The question that needs to be asked is – are any of the existing or new independence parties going to put a clear mandate for INDEPENDENCE in their manifesto for 2021. No ifs no buts. No wishy washy words.

    • Petra says:

      Great article from Ian Dunt, Alex. Well worth a read.


      Nicola Sturgeon’s plans for this year, and she had plans, were put on hold due to CV19, Cubby. I don’t know of course but would imagine that her party will have a mandate for Independence in their 2021 manifesto. As to the others who knows what’s going on there. Not one of them (who are they?) has mentioned how THEY plan to get us our Independence other than the ISP saying that, ”they’ll (how many will that be?) instruct the Scottish government to hold a referendum on the question ‘Should Scotland be an Independent Country?’ at the earliest date possible and within the life of the new Parliament.”

      The ISP’s policies are, so far, sadly lacking to say the least, imo, and as someone has already mentioned if they start ”using” the GRA issue in an attempt to push themselves forward they’ll undermine the SNP and in turn our chances of winning Indyref2 at all.

  33. Alex Clark says:

    In the same article, looks like the penny might be finally dropping.

    “But in the end, it wasn’t the SNP’s strong performance which brought us to this point. It was English nationalism – a political movement which simply didn’t care about Scotland, which treated it with indifference and became lost in a deranged culture war over Europe which it could neither articulate nor sensibly pursue…

    A once great power carving itself up into smaller and smaller units, for no discernible purpose. That is what English nationalism has created. A man alone in a raft, lost at sea, insisting he is a navy.”

    • Dr Jim says:

      It’s funny how the people of England didn’t trust Farage enough to elect him to office in their own country yet were still convinced Brexit was a good idea when another man with a reputation for lying through his teeth Boris Johnson lied to them too, kinda proving that the people in England have an entirely different mindset to the people in Scotland and the politicians in England just used the angry anti foreigner numbers in a populist vote in exactly the same way as Trump won his election

      Contrast the difference with Scotland and the SNP who offered evidence, facts and opinion as opposed to nasty furriner rhetoric

  34. Petra says:

    The BritNats, and folks from other quarters, will be suffering from apoplexy once again, especially taking into account that Nicola Sturgeon is the leader of a country that’s not yet independent.

    ‘Nicola Sturgeon listed as one of world’s most eloquent leaders.’

    1. Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern

    2. Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel

    3. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

    4. Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

    5. First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon

  35. Arthur Thomson says:

    With a bit of luck the Brit media will see this new party stuff as a golden opportunity to shout to all and sundry that the independence movement is at odds with itself. Hopefully they will really big it up. Come on Brits, this is your big chance. Gie it laldy.

    Publicity is such a useful thing.

    Nicola will respond by genuinely and calmly explaining that the SNP is totally committed to independence but that it must be achieved in a way that ensures Scotland’s safety. The public will, rightly, be even more impressed by her grown up approach and get behind her. Smart.

  36. Eilidh says:

    Ruth Davidson pretendy tank commander is an utter hypocrite. She couldn’t stand Bojo and was involved in the failed operation arse to try to stop him becoming PM. Now it looks like she has been bought off by a seat in the Lords. This type of coruption within the Uk government is despicable. Maybe her title should be Lady Twoface that would certainly suit her.
    I have spent a lot of past 30 mins shouting at my Tv when listening to questions from Party Leaders after First Ministers statement in parliament. Neighbours probably think I am nuts. I have to admit it was highly satisfying to hear her give Surname Surname of the Tories a real doing and Dicktwerp Leotard of Labour really sounds like a moron and again was expertly dealt with by Nicola

  37. Arthur Thomson says:

    My wee grandsons were visiting and wanting to watch their stuff on tv so I had to give way before the end of Nicola’s ordeal at the mouths of the stupidity brothers.

    I have noticed recently that she is more comfortable batting off the batshit.

    No covid deaths yesterday in Scotland – thank god. England, under the leadership of the clown, has the highest number of excess deaths in Europe and a couple of thousand deaths by covid in recent weeks. How many deaths do England’s people accept before they get upset? They are in the middle of a shambles. But I guess holidaying in Spain is more important to them.


  38. […] 📌 News that Ruth Davidson is to be given a seat in the House of Lords has really pissed off the Wee Ginger Dug. […]

  39. […] 📌 News that Ruth Davidson is to be given a seat in the House of Lords has really pissed off the Wee Ginger Dug. […]

  40. […] 📌 News that Ruth Davidson is to be given a seat in the House of Lords has really pissed off the Wee Ginger Dug. […]

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