The millstone that is Westminster

Scotland is making significant progress in tackling the coronavirus epidemic. For the past three days there have been no reported deaths from covid-19 in the country. It’s a small but very hopeful sign that the efforts of the Scottish Government to get the virus under control are working. We cannot be complacent, although progress has been made it’s fragile and easily derailed. Unfortunately one of the biggest risk factors that Scotland faces in provoking a second wave of virus deaths is the British Government.

Scotland has an open border with England. Indeed, British nationalists insist that there is no border at all. Whatever progress Scotland makes toward containing the virus can all too easily be undone.

In England the British Government is cheerfully opening up the country paying far more heed to focus groups and favourable headlines than it is to scientific and public health advice. Despite the fact that Scotland and Wales remain in lockdown, people in England are being encouraged to travel, to meet up, and there’s nothing to prevent them coming across the border. There are already numerous anecdotal reports of holidaymakers from England arriving in parts of Scotland in large numbers. There is pressure to reduce the two metre social distancing rule to one metre. There are demands that the shops and businesses must open up quicker. The British Government shows every sign of acceding to these demands. It’s putting Scotland’s progress toward containing the virus at risk.

For all that Boris Johnson claimed that he was relying upon the common sense of the British public, events over the past week have shown that there are far too many people who have precious little in the way of common sense. We are already seeing the first ripples of a second wave, today there are reports in the press that the Home Office is considering the introduction of a localised lockdown in the English city of Leicester to deal with a spike in infections there. The crowded scenes on English beaches this week mean that there’s a very frightening prospect of a fresh outbreak of the virus in the communities that those sunseekers will return to.

In dealing with this crisis Scotland has additional problems that it would not face as an independent country. There are British nationalist idiots in Scotland who freely declare on social media that they will take their cue on how to act during this epidemic from the British Government in London and not from the Scottish Government in Edinburgh. In this action they are encouraged by British nationalist parties in Scotland who constantly undermine the Scottish Government and create public distrust in the advice that’s being given. When the advice given by those governments significantly differs, that becomes a serious problem.

Ireland doesn’t have to deal with a block of its population who say that they’ll follow Westminster’s advice instead of Dublin’s. It doesn’t have a significant chunk of its media which promotes the advice of Westminster instead of the advice of Dublin. Scotland has all these problems. As well as people in Scotland who openly and knowingly choose to ignore advice from the Scottish Government which conflicts with the advice from Westminster, there are many more who are bathed in a media sea which gives far greater prominence and publicity to the advice given for England and who are genuinely confused about what actions are or are not permitted in Scotland.

This problem is compounded because we have a British Government which doesn’t bother to inform, never mind consult with, the devolved administrations about changes to UK Government advice or policy regarding containment measures. Just this week Westminster announced that it was going to introduce so-called airbridges with certain European countries which will allow British citizens and residents to travel abroad on holiday without having to go into quarantine. This development came as news to the Scottish and Welsh Governments, which apparently learned about it from the press along with the public.

This is by no means the first time that the British Government has failed to consult with or engage with the governments of Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. When she appeared before a House of Commons select committee, Scottish health minister Jeane Freeman told MPs that she had had almost no contact at all with the Scotland Secretary Alister Jack – yet he is supposedly the minister in the UK Government who is responsible for ensuring that Scotland’s voice is heard at a UK level. Time after time the UK Government introduces some change, most commonly driven not by scientific advice but by its desire to chase some good headlines, and the governments of the devolved administrations are left playing catch up.

The greatest problem that Scotland faces in tackling the coronavirus is a British Government which acts so irresponsibly. If Scotland was an independent country it would have been able to act far more decisively and effectively in tackling the virus. We would not constantly be having to look over our shoulder at what the British Government was doing. The Scottish Government would not have to defend itself against attacks from a media which accused it of undermining British Government advice by taking different action to Westminster. We would be able to introduce health checks and controls on our southern border. And the Scottish Government would not constantly be wrong footed by a British Government which introduced substantial changes to policy which affect Scotland without informing the Scottish Government.

When this epidemic started British nationalists confidently predicted that the biggest global crisis since WW2 would make people in Scotland realise that Scotland needs the UK. It would, they told us, signal the end of the independence movement. They were badly wrong. It has instead shown Scotland how we are damaged and held back by a British Government which has no interest at all in looking after Scotland or taking Scotland’s needs or concerns into account. It has shown us that we can do a lot better without the millstone of Westminster holding us back. The focus of the next independence referendum campaign will be how the British state is damaging us.

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131 comments on “The millstone that is Westminster

  1. Brian Powell says:

    Though, sadly, only last week Ian Blackford was still saying the Westminster Government will give a Section 30 because it will realise the democratic deficit of withholding it.

  2. bringiton says:

    What is a local lockdown and how does that work?
    If there is an outbreak in say Liverpool at which point does that stop being in Liverpool and how do you enforce lockdown?
    Perhaps a regional lockdown might work but even then….
    Just more B/S from the Johnson circus hoping to pass responsibility to others for their incompetence and mismanagement.

  3. Ela Gillies says:

    One of my Yes voting friends said to me yesterday ” Thank goodness we didn’t get Independence in 2014 or We’d be up s***- creek just now without all the money we are getting from Westminster”.
    Another friend who voted No but has since changed her mind to Yes now says she is having doubts as couldn’t understand how Scotland could have financed this pandemic fall-out.
    THIS is clearly going on in many people’s minds and we need to be aware of it as it will be used against the Yes movement now and in the future as a very powerful argument against Independence.

    • Ela, I smell sh….

    • Welsh Sion says:

      One would have hoped that these ‘friends’ were joking.

      Haven’t the seen the extensive damage, deaths, incompetence on matters such as PPE, ventilation machines, the delays in lockdown, the obscene and deadly rush to re-open and more things besides that could be placed at the UK Government’s door? Culpability and the arrogance of what passes as ‘leadership’ at Westminster along with flagrant breaches of law by non-elected officials who are not then prosecuted – nay, they are eulogised and retain their posts – whilst free-wheeling, part-time Prime Ministers give selfish, mindless louts the freedom to spread pestilence, disorder and mayhem in our countries. These people think that these are the viable alternative, with an ever-increasing likelihood of a second wave in Angloshire to the methodical, scientific and reasonable approaches of Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford are not friends of our respective countries.

      Oft has it been said, but worth repeating: Common sense is, unfortunately, a rare commodity. It seems to be withering plant in Englandshire, just now. But them to out eastern and southern borders will not take us on the cretinous, self-indulgent way they have signposted for themselves.

      • It is time all these people realised Scotland is only getting back some of it,s TAX MONEY. DO NOT BELIEVE WESTMINSTER.

      • Valkyrie says:

        This is one of the biggest problems in campaigning. There are too many people who will only believe what it says in the news and think they don’t need to look elsewhere for information.

        You can keep on pointing to sites like this that debunk the lies, but there will always be people who are quite happy to live in wilful ignorance only reading one side of the story.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Westminster borrows money, as much money as it likes, to borrow money you need to have collateral, Westminster has been borrowing money on North sea oil futures for 45 years, the price of oil has little to do with the value of oil, or every oil producing country in the world would be skint would it not
      Westminster as owner of Scotland prevents Scotland from accessing it’s own money and or borrowing more if it wants or needs to, an Independent Scotland would have the same powers as every normal other country in the world, but there’s one more thing

      Without North sea oil Westminsters borrowing powers would fall through the floor because they wouldn’t have that commodity anymore, so who would

      The green future will not mean the end of oil, it can’t because practically everything we make is made from the stuff even though we won’t need to run cars on it , plastics will be around forever in one form or another until we find ways to biodegrade it

      How about 67% of Englands food is imported through the EU from around the world, Scotland is self sufficient except for what it wants to import
      Scotlands fishing industry is the biggest in Europe but was never important to England except for use as a bargaining chip to access EU cash or financial services
      Scotland is 100% energy sustainable and supplies Englands north east with electricity but Scotland isn’t selling it to England, if Independent England would have to buy it

      These are just a very few of the arguments, there are a ton more

      Can your friend imagine being in circumstances where you had control of her money her garden fence and who could access her garden and she had no say in the matter while you were in the position of allowing her access to her own money but only 58% of it because you needed the rest to pay for the joint services you were in control of like the window cleaner the gardener and how would she even know exactly how much you spent on those joint services in case you weren’t honest

      Here’s one last thing, no other country in the world once occupied by *the British* but now Independent has ever asked to return to the UK and they celebrate their Independence day with gusto every year, do you know any Irish people, ask them

      • Ian says:

        Scotland is the only country within the UK that has a very healthy international trading position. NI & Wales are ok. England has one that is truly dreadful.

        UK now counting the export of Collector items, art & antiques as the No10 export. Literally now selling the family silver. That’s what happens when you don’t have a real, balanced and strong economy.

        Which of those countries would you lend to?

        • capnandy1 says:

          Ian. I disagree on one thing. The ‘Family Silver’ went years ago.
          The UK in recent years has sold the telly and furniture. There’s nothing left.

      • Ela Gillies says:

        Thank you for this reply. I think half of my problem is that i can’t succinctly get my message over when they say things like this to me and end up sounding like a raging banshee. Someone else replied to me here saying that if all they can see is the economic side then I’ll never persuade them. I probably do need to just step away and accept that some battles i won’t win. Been great getting these helpful replies and getting more links to reading materials.

    • Petra says:

      Sad to say that’s what I’m finding too Ela. There’s far too many people in Scotland who don’t really have a clue about what’s been going on / is going on. Don’t know what’s reserved or devolved. Don’t even have a basic understanding of the terms reserved / devolved. All they hear is that Scotland is being bailed out by London. Scotland has been holding out the begging bowl to them once again more recently. Our economy is going to tank without this money. Over and above the privatisation of the NHS our economic situation, how wealthy we could be if independent, has to be a number one priority in educating the masses, imo.

      • Ela Gillies says:

        Agree Petra. I think we have to remember that many people do not go and seek out information for themselves and are swayed by what they hear over and over, esp in the news. We can criticise them but that doesn’t help. We need to listen to their fears and respond with sensitivity and facts. Then hope that they are willing to listen.

        • Ela, our days in ‘hoping’ that Brit Nats are willing to listen are long gone.
          I look forward now to your regular contributions to this eminent site.
          We are taking our country back now. That is the certainty.
          We are done with ‘i have a friend who voted No who…’ fill in the too wee too poor too stupid trope.

          If there are sentient beings out there who want to remain a colony of Merrie England, let them fuck off to England.
          Like Jackson Carlaw Leonard, and Rennie, who still deny the existence of Scotland, the nation, and who would readily scrap our Government and allow Johnson and the Fascist Little Englunders rule over us and contaminate our land sell our resources to the US, and kill yet more pensioners in the process, tell your ‘friends’ that Scotland has had enough of colonial slavery.

          I’d imagine that they are from the ‘professions’, I’m all right, GSTQ class, if indeed your ‘friends’ actually exist.
          We muct close our borders with England this week; our Southern neighbour is a plague State now.

    • grizebard says:

      All of which illustrates the continuing shallowness of some indy support, not least on the economic front.

      It’s our own money that they are “graciously” handing back to us. Or not. (So much for the “broad shoulders”.) Moreover, UKGov is borrowing on our behalf without us having any say whatever in how, when or what. As an independent country with solid finances, we could borrow on our own account as we deem necessary, and at better rates than a mismanaged health-crippled England could do.

      Bigger isn’t necessarily better, and the distance effect (social as well as geographical) in effect permanently cripples what we can do for ourselves. What we have is economic serfdom. The chains that enslave us are forged by our own efforts.

      That’s the message that the waverers need to understand. And it’s almost certainly the one uncertainty that Bitter Together will try their best to exploit come the inevitable crunch, just as they did last time.

    • Legerwood says:

      Then show them this – Scotland’s economy is worth £200 Billion to the UK’s GDP

      Included in that you have exports worth £81-£83 Billion and increasing and that figure does not include oil and gas. Taxes sent to the Treasury is around £60 Billion.

      And how much do we get back? £30 Billion or so. That is a sweet deal for England.

      We even subsidise their TV. Only around 60 -70% of the licence fee raised in Scotland is spent in Scotland. The rest goes to BBC HQ. Wales on the other hand gets 95-98% of its licence fee spent in Wales.

      • Ela Gillies says:

        Agree agree agree. I did tell them that if Scotland was Independent it would be doing exactly the same as every other country around the world to survive right now , citing small nations like Ireland and NZ as examples. Hopefully i helped them fathom it out but the Too wee, Too poor message is still deeply buried in many folks heads and in times of crisis some people default to this position.

        • Hi Ella, my ‘simplified’ positivity thoughts on the next campaign are this…

          In 2012 we started on @25% favouring a Yes vote. That rose to 45% due to a positive campaign, fought against an overwhelmingly biased media and UK Gov… at the same time, No dropped from 75-55%.

          This time, Yes looks like STARTING at over 50%, and thats pre-campaigning.

          All the lies, myths, untruths and claims made by BT in 2014 have disintegrated in front of our eyes, and in their place has been 6 years of Westminster incompetence.

          All the while, the Indy movement has been working hard to ensure that lessons have been learned, and that a more robust, detailed, relevant and costed assessment of an independent Scotland’s finances will be available for campaigning.

          One downside of independence, is that a grown-up Scotland will no doubt have to do business with a bullying, brat-like establishment in England. Thankfully, a lot of balls will be in OUR court!

          • Ela Gillies says:

            Thanks Eric. And you are so right. Got to keep positive as there is so much good happening up here. 👍

            • arayner1936 says:

              Hi Ella, for easy access to facts about the Scottish economy, look at the Business for Scotland website. Loads of information on our resources in an easily accessible form.
              There are booklets to buy, ‘Scotland the brief’, the more expensive one gives references for where the information is from, but you can get a lot from the website and just print it off for reference when you need to challenge somebody’s ‘too wee, too ….etc’ statements.

        • deelsdugs says:

          Ela, perhaps your friends are still living with the ‘Scottish cringe’ brainwashed into them during influential schooldays? And they need to not read the daily trashes or listen/watch anything remotely bbc and itv. It’s all cac. Honest, but I think you know this anyway. Your friends have lost their way…

      • Legerwood says:

        Sorry. The post of mine above was a response to Ela @ 4.48

        An additional source. Scottish exports (excluding oil and gas)

        Some people question why oil and gas are excluded. Probably to show that Scotland’s economy is not solely dependent on oil and gas but is a diverse economy. This is important not only to counter the usual Unionist ‘what will you do when the oil runs out’ (in 5 mins time) but also in a world where climate change and the role of burning fossil fuels is becoming ever more of an issue.

    • stewartb says:

      Dear Ela Gillies, either for your ‘friends’ or for your own information, please refer to the extremely detailed directory produced and kept up dated by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

      It demonstrates – if they or you actually have any genuine interest – how countries just like Scotland (except they are independent nation-states) are able to finance their responses to this pandemic admirably!

      Do I too smell something here?

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Aye sow the seeds of doubt, ‘cept it ain’t working…too poor, on your knees Scotland you’d be nothing, nothing at all without your masters keeping you in the life of luxury, oh wait, they take your massive resources and revenues and throw a few crumbs back…blimey, how generous and kind no wonder the EnglishGov can’t give Scotland up, they always look at the accounts and say, wow, aren’t we gorgeous for sending all that cash to Scotland, lolz, loz lolz!

      • Ela Gillies says:

        Brilliant. Thanks for that stewartb.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      I too smell sh…

    • Undeadshuan says:

      Conversely I have spoken to friends who are no voters, but concerned with covid 19, who now say if independence means being able to close border with England then they will now vote yes.

      And they are very impressed with how Scotlands government has handled covid compared with the uk government,.

  4. […] Wee Ginger Dug The millstone that is Westminster Scotland is making significant progress in tackling the coronavirus epidemic. For the […]

  5. Welsh Sion says:

    Seems the First Minister is also putting the boot into Boris. Carry on, Mark.

    Drakeford criticises UK Government: ‘The message seems to be that’s it’s all over’
    28th June 2020

  6. vivianoblivian7 says:

    My thoughts exactly. From the figures just released; Scottish daily fatality rate and daily, new +ve test rate are both 1.2% of the UK figures. On a per capita basis this puts Scotland out of kilter by a factor of 6.7.
    If figures for England are back calculated taking the very low rates in Scotland and NI (11% of U.K. Population) into account Scotland will be out of kilter by a factor of 7. And it’s only growing.

  7. Julia Gibb says:

    Paul it remains a fact that “he who controls the purse, controls the journey”

    Westminster/Treasury simply turns off the money. Unfortunately we have negligible borrowing powers and a fixed budget. The latter means that we have to hit other key areas if we want to support any mitigation of a continued lockdown.

    Westminster designed it thus! We will cripple you or you will cripple yourself.

    The Scottish Government cannot win this game…..unless….sigh ( you all know what is needed)

    The game is to terrify people into accepting London domination.

    • Golfnut says:

      You can bet your bottom dollar Julia that cutting off finance from the treasury would be one the tactics used by Westminster when Scotland votes for Independence. It’s what they do, they’re hard wired to cause harm, but the independence vote changes everything as far as Scotland’s finances are concerned.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Absolutely spot on Julia.

  8. Robert Graham says:

    Stop Press

    Sky News actually more or less letting the public know the background to the tragic events in Glasgow on Friday via SNP MP Alison Thewliss , and without interruption,Christ that must have hurt.

    Surprisingly the they actually turned their fire in the correct direction and scored a direct hit on HM Tory Governments Home Office , and by association the head of that government department , the devoid of a soul pretty face Patel , who described Home Office actions ” within the Law ”

    Alison Thewliss tore into her within the Law defensive comment with reserved restraint , but I bet she wanted to let rip and who could blame her .

  9. Dr Jim says:

    Who knew that Caroline Gardener the Auditor General was as she puts it,,,,,,,,, “Sympathetic to the Scottish governments needs for more powers as they move towards Independence”

    That was in an interview today with the BBCs Fu Man Chu cartoon spoof villain Gordon Brewer

    • Petra says:

      Hahaha. Fu Manchu got more than he bargained for this morning. He’s also being hammered on twitter by a multitude of SNP MSP’s (and MP’s) every time he opens his big mouth and spouts lies. His days are numbered. Time for Paul to take over.

      • Glenn Campbell interviewed Keir Starmer, the Red Tory Leader with only one MP in Scotland, and got his mighty leader to declare that if he were head honcho in England, he wouldn’t be granting Scotland, wherever that is, £500 million to see them through the crisis. Npo mention of borrowing powers to fund £6 billion recovery from Wee Glenn the Brit Nat’s favourite sour face.
        Half an hour of incredibly bad Goebbel’s strength guff.
        Kit them out with wee North Korea tunics, why don’t you?
        Third day in a row no deaths recorded, a handful of new cases, and only a few in ICU, but Brewer can’t even bring himself to acknowledge that.
        Treasonous some might say, but I couldn’t possibly comment.
        They are tired dusty old Unionist war horses, well by their active life.

  10. Mbiyd says:

    Anybody tell me why all top UK civil servants are white, middle class males educated at St Abdrews, Edinburgh or Oxbridge.

    The latest pap that Boris has moved on clearly doesnt suit his fascist designs.

    Meanwhile despite the stramash of independence, the civil and criminal cases involving Salmond, Sturgeon stands by her top civil servant. I ponder why?

    • Petra says:

      Do you actually know for a fact that Nicola Sturgeon is standing by her top civil servant, Mbiyd? Likes or trusts her for that matter now. Are you privy to Nicola Sturgeon’s every thought, feeling and action? Maybe dealing with top civil servants in Scotland is reserved to Westminster, London and not to Nicola Sturgeon and Holyrood, Scotland at all.

      • Mbiyd says:

        The Scottish government webpage says she was appointed in 2015 by the first minister. Tough luck. If you to be an apologist get your apologia straight beforehand.

        • Petra says:

          I’m too busy right now to dig “stuff” up, but from what I can remember Westminster selected three civil servants and Nicola Sturgeon got to make the final choice. If that’s correct then she’s not actually calling the shots at all, Mbiyd.

        • Alex Clark says:

          The First Minister can only choose between a handful of candidates selected for the role by the No 10 Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service. She does not have the choice of choosing even who any of the candidates should be, which is in the hands of No 10.

          “Following an open competition, Leslie Evans has been appointed as the new Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government, replacing Sir Peter Housden…

          The competition was conducted by the First Civil Service Commissioner in accordance with the Civil Service’s recruitment principles, which provide for an open competition on merit, with the First Minister invited to choose between those candidates deemed suitable for appointment…

          Sir Jeremy Heywood, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service said: “I am delighted that Leslie will be the new Permanent Secretary supporting the Scottish Government. Leslie brings with her a wealth of experience in public service delivery and I very much look forward to working with her as part of the senior leadership of the UK Civil Service.””

          • Petra says:

            Thanks for that Alex. Another wee myth that’s oft mingingly promoted elsewhere busted and no apology necessary from me, at least, either. And then of course, in answering further points, we have no idea of the legalities connected to Nicola Sturgeon attempting to get rid of the person in question right now especially in the midst of an investigation. It will all, ultimately, come out in the wash and I doubt that Alex Salmond will be pointing the finger at Nicola Sturgeon. If I’m right there will be a great gnashing of teeth in some quarters. If I’m right two key individuals in particular will be discredited for all time coming. And if you ask me, and it’s only an assumption, Alex Salmond wasn’t the only one that was duped big time as was clearly the case. Name of the Westminster game was not just to discredit but to absolutely decimate Alex Salmond and bring Nicola Sturgeon down with him. Commonly known as two for one. Commonly known as confuse and dupe the brainwashed ar*eholes

            • ArtyHetty says:

              Yep, it’s never clear cut, not when the scheming English government are calling the shots…
              devolution is and was always a ruse, to appease and quell the rebellious Scots, except it has gone far further, and my do the the Britnats not take kindly to being out foxed…

              The people of Scotland want their own government to represent them now, not the neighbours’ choice of government. No going back now though, the Britnats need to accept that and ‘move on’.

    • Eilidh says:

      Where pray tell did you actually read that Nicola is standing by her top civil servant

      • Cubby says:

        Leslie Evans, had her contract renewed/extended and is now due to leave in the Spring of 2022. This was agreed between the FM and the UK permanent secretary. I think it would be fair to say that the FM could have requested a new choice of 3 candidates selected by the UK civil service as per the procedure if that’s what she wanted. So it is reasonable to suggest she is standing by her top civil servant.

        One can only speculate as to the reasons for doing so.

        • grizebard says:

          One can speculate away, mostly fruitlessly out of blind ignorance.

          Maybe just because “better the devil you know than the one (a BoJo replacement) you don’t”…?

          • Cubby says:

            Grizebard – I guess you are speculating away. I also guess only you will know if it is “fruitlessly out of blind ignorance”.

            Ps. Johnson wasn’t PM when the renewal was agreed but may well still be in 2022.

          • Alex Clark says:

            “So you would like a replacement for Leslie Evans as Permanent Secretary, eh?”
            “Jolly good, well, that shouldn’t be a problem.”
            “Here you are, you can choose from candidate 006, candidate 007 or candidate 008.”
            “Just let us know which one you prefer and we’ll send them right over. Toodle-oo First Minister”

        • Petra says:

          I think it would be fair to say that you actually have no idea of what goes on behind the scenes Cubby. Do you really think for one minute that a wee straightforward deal was made between the FM of Scotland and the top Scottish (Westminster) Civil Servant over a cup of tea at Bute House without any input from Westminster, in particular in the midst of one of the most publicised legal and constitutional crisis ever to be reported in Scotland?

          • Cubby says:

            Just trying to assist Eilidh with some facts.

            Evans contract was renewed – fact.

            Evans did not have to be sacked / dismissed by the FM she could have transferred to another post in the UK when her term completed – fact.

            The renewal was approved by the FM and UK ( for the hard of reading – that’s you Petra I said UK permanent secretary ) civil service and runs out in 2022 – fact.

            I never said anything about a ” a wee straightforward deal was made over a cup of tea at Bute house without any input from Westminster” so kindly stop with your misleading comments.

            I think it would be fair to say if you don’t like the facts you prefer to make things up.

            I think it would be fair to say that if facts are listed on this site you do not care for you post an aggressive bullying comment.

            • Petra says:

              “Fact” is Cubby that you don’t have a clue about what actually goes on behind the scenes at Holyrood and / or Westminster, I’m not inclined to make things up and I’m not known to be a bully either. I’ve in “fact” not been nasty towards you at all. I responded to with one solitary post. I’ve just checked it out, plus your response, and If anyone is coming across as being a bully on here, it’s you. “FACT.”

              • Cubby says:

                Petra, you clearly have no understanding of what a fact is. You made up misleading comments that you said I made in my post. That is a fact. You do not have any knowledge as to what I know about what goes on behind the scenes so that is not a fact just your opinion based on supposition. Oh and I never made any such claim anyway.

                The facts I posted are just that facts.

                I provided facts you posted comments made up to misrepresent what I said.

            • Cubby, Evans was the mastermind behind the Ayrshire Primary School PFI debacle, still under investigation. She’s going nowhere ’til that enquiry reports.
              Oh, Google it yourself, Cubby.
              The TOTO in the ‘Scottish’ Civil Service is appointed by the English Civil Service; what our FM gets to do is pick between an apple, an apple, or an apple.

              If you believe that a ‘nationalist’ minded candidate was available, then, want to buy Edinburgh Castle?
              She is a career English Civil Servant, of that there can be no doubt.
              I’m astonished that any Scot would think otherwise.
              She is part of the Empire Placements in the Scottish Colony, following the same model that kept India, Ireland, and indeed back in the day, the US under control from London.
              I’ll stop now. It is just too ridiculous for words…

              • Cubby says:

                Jack, I am aware of how Leslie Evans was appointed and the process and always have been.

                Please explain why the Ayrshire primary school debacle meant that Evans contract had to be renewed? If she is incompetent or have other unwelcome characteristics how does it make sense to keep her in place in the Scotgov for a further two years when she could be now working elsewhere in the UK civil service and still be accountable for any of her past actions. Better the Devil you know is an obvious possibility but as I posted above that is speculation. “She is going nowhere until that enquiry reports” your words imply you have knowledge that I don’t have or is it just also speculation.

                I never said that a nationalist minded candidate was available and I do not believe that to be the case so why do you misrepresent me just like Petra?

                I never said she was NOT a career English (UK) civil servant (born in N. Ireland) so again why do you try to misrepresent what I said?

                So just what was the point of your post.

                I end up replying to words thst both you and Petra make up and misrepresent as my words and my opinions. So why do you do that?

                  Enough for you, Cubby?
                  Do Google the Ayr Primary school PFI scandal, C.

                  • Cubby says:

                    Jack, I asked you why you misrepresented my words. I asked you – do you have knowledge behind your comment that she is going nowhere until that enquiry reports.

                    The point is she did not need to sack Evans. Evans 5 year tenure was up and it was renewed for a further 2 years. Not renewing is not sacking. Why two years not a further 5 years?

        • arayner1936 says:

          Better the devil you know?

  11. James says:

    The UK Government has clearly made many mistakes.

    However one of the worst recent ones is the giving up on pursuing any sort of relevant public health message to this stage of the pandemic.

    In Scotland, they are using FACTS:
    🇫Face coverings in enclosed spaces
    🇦Avoid crowded places
    🇨Clean hands and surfaces regularly
    🇹Two metre distancing
    🇸Self isolate & book a test if you have symptoms

    Something easy that people can follow, and an easy script that politicians, gov officials, health teams can recall and actually inform people clearly what the fundamental things they should be doing.

    No such coherence in England… ‘you should know what to do by now’, or rambling sentences, it’s just not good enough.

    • Millsy says:

      But they have been told to ”Stay Alert ! ”
      That’ll work on a Brighton beach with 50,000 other people all Staying Alert ! Nothing will get past all these Alert people .
      So, everyone is safe ! Job done , back to the pub !

  12. Robert Graham says:

    Oh well normal service has been resumed on SKY News

    SNP back in the box

    Alison Thewliss interview hasn’t surfaced again , and probably won’t.

    A great pity because she actually explains the whole saga clearly and is backed up by subsequent comments from some of the other asylum seekers.

  13. J Galt says:

    The number one factor in the early stages of this event was the neglect of the care homes, I would be interested to know exactly what the difference between England and Scotland in this respect was?

    As for the F.A.C.T.S.

    Let’s take the first one – face masks in enclosed spaces.

    “The evidence of the benefit of using a face covering to protect others is weak and the effect is likely to be small” -HM Govt

    That was the official line north and south of the border for most of this event – only belatedly has this been pushed as part of the playacting measures which also include the risible little council stickers on the pavement and one way aisles in the supermarkets.

    Or the 2m distancing rule – who is actually taking any notice of this? I know I don’t and nor does anyone I know nor does anyone I see in the supermarkets or anywhere else for that matter. Nicola Sturgeon is just making herself look silly earnestly debating 2m or 1m. She might as well be debating how many angels can be accommodated on the proverbial pinhead for any real effect it will have.

    As for who you are allowed to socialise with I have no idea what the present rules are and I suspect most are the same – I’m just socialising with anyone I want to and everybody I know is more or less doing same.

    And as for the “second wave” that all the lockdown enthusiasts seem to be wishing for, with vastly increased testing – even though the “test” is as dodgy as hell – there is bound to be an increase in “cases”.

    This lockdown is harming more people that it is protecting – it is debatable if it ever protected anyone – due mainly to the virtual shutdown of the NHS, if you want a “spike” just wait for the future cancer spike, not to mention the enormous mental health costs which we are beginning reap.

    In addition the economic damage is immense as we will no doubt find out soon when the emergency budgets start and the Scottish budgets of the last few years begin to look like a mad spending spree compared to what is coming.


    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      J. Galt

      Care Homes – yes I agree we need to get a complete picture of what happened here and that this tragedy is never repeated or at least mitigated in future.

      Its a pity you do not follow the Scottish Government guidance or it seems make any attempt to find out what they are.

      If not for your own welfare but the rest of us.

    • grizebard says:

      Idiot repetition of the Trump Big Lie – increase in testing doesn’t produce more “cases” – the infected people who walk into A&E are REAL, you dummy.

      Besides, if the test was as “dodgy” as claimed, a false spike couldn’t happen either. Too many false negatives! You contradict yourself in a single breath with your nonsense masquerading as “fact”. (Oh, and spelling the word in caps with dots in between doesn’t somehow magically make it true.)

      Just as moronic is the “health” vs “economy” false dichotomy – you can’t have a functioning economy if there’s a sickness burning up the participants. A meat plant with 1000 infected employees is somehow going to continue regardless? Puhlease. If you can’t get your head around that simple fact, just watch Florida over the next two weeks. A live horror show in the making.

      Unlike here in Scotland, thankfully, where we’re doing the diametric opposite and succeeding.

      Duh. What stone do these right-wing wishful thinkers come from under? When will it finally penetrate magic-thinking jerks that they can (try to) bullshit an ignorant public, but they can’t bullshit a virus?

      • J Galt says:


        I was quoting from “James” above using the first letters of the various SG “measures” which are apparently keeping us all safe – so check your “facts” please.

        “Sickness burning up the participants” This sickness has never seriously affected working age adults far less children whose psychological torture for little or no reason many appear happy with.

        A four month cancer detection “holiday” which you appear to be happy to extend indefinitely is going to cause misery in the future – would you be pleased to have that on your conscience?

        I was brought up with manners so I’ll resist the name calling – it’s a sign of losing the argument anyway.

        • Eilidh says:

          Really so covid doesn’t seriously affect working age adults. I know of at least 2 that were pretty ill for weeks afterwards and of course there was those bus drivers nhs and care staff who died of it. Postponement of other treatments or tests is worrying. I have a relative who has had heart tests delayed because of covid but some of your comments are ludicrous. I sincerely hope I won’t be standing near you in a supermarket. Then again I will be wearing a mask to protect you and others nearby

    • Another know all idiot.

  14. iain hamilton says:

    so reserved spending is what Westminster does. lets do it for ourselves for cheaper.

    defence- Scotland doesn’t need one! who wants to be OUR enemy. ok, small defence force will do, 2bn yearly. 1.5bn yearly saving. plus no nukes.

    pensions- current pensions accrue to Westminster’s liability……. zero sum game, any current resident scot on a UBI would “Still” get said UBI in an indy Scotland which would be a better payment per month than any UK/DLA/PIP/pension payment regardless.

    civil service- we’ll do that, pay the wages in Scottish currency, and accrue the benefits of public sector currency multiplier factors that come with jobs of Scotland plc being based IN Scotland…… current trends are 1.2-1.3 (UK trend)…. another zero sum game, for any public expenditure, 1.2-1.3 times that expenditure is stimulated through the rest of the economy.

    foreign affairs- hahahahahahaha…. yeah, blah blah blah we’d rather do that ourselves too boris!

    they have no hand to play in this poker game….. but at present they own the casino, and the casino always wins…..

    MMT should be the push…… a sovereign Scotland…… a solid stable prosperous Scotland…… with a sovereign solid stable Scottish currency, and bank, and oversight, and taxation policy, from a fully elected Scottish parliament, of the people, for the people and by the people with a universal monthly stipend due from the collective growth and effort of our workforce via GDP statistics and value, inflation targets etc etc etc…….

    play the game in our casino first! them make them play our game for a change.

  15. Hamish100 says:

    J Galt. You give no facts just your opinion. How many people have died in the U.K. 50000+ or nobody. 2 metre 1.5 metres 1 metre or 0 metres. Take your pick but the closer you are to someone with CoVId the increased risk is there to catch it or pass on to others. Face masks, face coverings, respiratory protective equipment. Take your pick. Choose no protection your are more likely to pass on an infection. Not wearing the correct RPE the more likely to catch it. Hand washing – no mention by you. Use of hand gel, Isolating no mention by you.

    As for HM Govt you really believe that mob do you? Back to normal folks?

    For the facts and figures go to the WHO website or for that matter the Scottish Government website which are trusted by most in Scotland.

    I await your attempt in trying to convince us that the world is flat. Of course by then you may have a fever, loss of taste……….

  16. Golfnut says:

    Yes, let’s deal with the first.

    With a mask without a mask.

  17. Dr Jim says:

    Nicola Sturgeon is doing it her way and Mark Drakeford is doing the same and Northern Ireland are following the Republic, nobody is interested in what the Johnson says because he isn’t even interested in what he says, Johnson’s only the salesman covering up for Cummings and his systematic dismantling of the civil service in preparation for his next move

    Following the Cummings holiday jaunt the civil service the media and uncle Tom Cobbley and all tried to get rid of Cummings because they all know what he is but are afraid to say publicly, they could have put a bomb under him and Johnson wouldn’t have lifted a finger to move him because Johnson is no longer in charge, he lost that power the day Cummings took over and he made Michael Gove his right hand man

    Johnson is like the Queen, a photo op, a stick of rock signifying nothing, there are bad things coming and if Whitehall don’t pull together and stop it, it’ll be too late

    The army were moved into Leicester before Priti Patel knew they were there and she’s supposed to be the Home Secretary

    • grizebard says:

      A good article that. I am slightly sceptical though about the statement

      Tens of thousands will die but eventually immunity will build up, but at what cost?

      Not at the conclusion as to the likely human cost, but with some doubt as to whether the route is even viable. To reach the necessary degree of exposure could take long enough that by then the “early adopters” could have lost their acquired immunity, so (absent a vaccine delivered in fairly short order), the required bar is never reached. No-one has the faintest idea yet what length of time antibodies against CV-19 will remain effective, so it’s a big gamble. Developing an effective vaccine isn’t a given either, but it’s still a better bet. At least it’s more under own control.

      Oh, and here’s another sobering thought. Many young people might believe they’re not at much risk of catching the virus, but that may not be the whole story. Some medic on TV recently (NYC?) was saying that CT lung scans of young people reveal a right clogged mess. These victims have enough spare lung capacity that they may not notice right away, but over the coming years they may find that problems await. Like the “lucky” soldiers who survived a gassing in WW1 only to find that their reprieve in many cases was all too limited in both time and wellbeing.

    • grizebard says:

      As to the question of “defending borders”, UKGov is desperate (for purely political reasons) not to have to impose local lockdowns anywhere, since in effect it’s an admission of policy failure. As is likewise (not) happening in places in the US. But things might get bad enough that “fnaugh, fnaugh” by BoJo won’t cut it, and UKGov has to respond anyway. In which case they won’t have a leg to stand on by refusing Scotland the same power.

      But it will anyway, I fear, and especially if such request is made by the SG before it has to be imposed down south. Actually, I’m not sure it would ever agree. Unionism is now in a very fragile state, and every manifestation of intransigence is both the BritNats default response and also the most revealing sign of their own lack of belief in their withering Union.

      But the SG request may have to be made anyway. If only to leave yet another marker for the inevitable constitutional confrontation to come.

    • Petra says:

      Just sums it up for me Golfnut. Me and mine, many of us, have been self-isolating for months now for our own sake and more so for others such as SNHS staff, carers and the elderly and vulnerable. I’m just not willing for Scotland to turn a blind eye to being overwhelmed with potentially virus carrying individuals from south of the border or elsewhere. If we want to boost our tourist industry let’s get moving and holiday in Scotland.

  18. Dr Jim says:

    Many calls for the FM to use health powers to close the border with England to stop the importation of the virus, but wait, I’ve had an idea why not open the border from England to only people over 70 who are looking for a Covid free holiday in sunny Scotland so they can leave the youngsters behind to infect themselves to death mobbing the English beaches

    Think of all those well behaved Covid free coach tours

  19. Arthur Thomson says:

    If anyone is banking on independence being achieved on the basis of convincing people of the economic case – forget it. I would certainly not be persuaded to support independence for such a reason and (perhaps with the exception of the USA) I doubt any country ever became independent on that basis.

    Scotland will become independent only when a substantial majority of its population are able to deal with their appalling lack of self respect, face the truth of their impoverished state of being and commit to determining their own future.

    All my adult life I have publicly promoted Scotland’s independence. Never have I wasted my time trying to “persuade” others to support it by dangling the promise of riches. Anyone who would be so bloody stupid and shallow as to believe me would just as quickly be persuaded otherwise by the first Brit who happened along. Maybe that is what some people commenting on here are seeing.

    We are trying to undo generations of systematic and thoroughly evil conditioning. Never in modern times have so many Scots understood that, determined to get off their knees and decided to take their future into their own hands. Never in modern times have so many smart and responsible Scots come out of the closet and put themselves forward publicly to actively try to bring about independence.

    We have to stop imagining that we can “convince” all of those who remain so shallow and craven as to believe that which is palpably untrue. We are never going to succeed by “proving” that they would be better off. They aren’t idiots, they are afflicted with the most basic lack of genuine self belief. They have been so thoroughly conditioned that they cannot actually conceive that it would be safe to get off their knees and be whole people. They have internalized the belief that they must always be reliant on those who actually use and abuse them.

    But every day a few more people are seeing through the conditioning. We need to be patient and let our number grow.

    All we can do is to continue to be public, at every opportunity, in calling out the dishonesty and utter incompetence of the Brits, and equally publicly making it clear that we believe that we don’t need them. That, in my view, is what Nicola Sturgeon, Jeane Freeman, Philippa Whitford, Joanna Cherry etc are doing – successfully.

    • grizebard says:

      I guess the best that can (and must) be done is to neutralise the economic question. Prevent it taking “legs” – with the ever “helpful” coverage of the BBC, who just love this deadly stuff – and thereby giving the fainthearted an alibi again for baulking at taking The Leap. Otherwise I believe you’re dead right.

      As you are about the current management of the health crisis here, by an unexpected twist of fate the only area of governance where we already have a significant degree of autonomy. And how the Britnats are positively hating the shining example that is being set, day after day.

    • andyfromdunning says:

      Arthur I agree overall with your conclusion in a general way. However I have found during my local Yes group activities that many people do like facts to correct their incorrect knowledge.

      Many non Yes people often say that we are too poor referring to the generations of lies about our ability to find ourselves. They believe the lies. In my presentations to people I find all of them are amazed how wealthy we are. I leave them with my slides but also links so that they can track and verify the truth for themselves. These people pass this onto friends and we slowly remove the two poor arguments. Same with currency and pensions.

      It is easy to debunk the WM lies such as GERS, our economy etc. Many Mo voters in 2014 commented their concerns were economic.

  20. Golfnut says:

    Bit of long read, but coming from a similar background using new technology I recognise and agree with his take on this rather controversial subject

  21. Ken2 says:

    Leslie Evans is one of the most disliked people in Scotland held in contempt by many. Any reaction to her behaviour shows contempt for many of her actions. She is not getting away with anything and is being held to account. As are other false accusers. Held to account not just by the Courts but at the count of public opinion. Not a great position to be in.

    Any Westminster/unionists promoted replacement will no doubt be in the same position with their divided loyalties trying to bring Scotland down to a weaker position. They are not succeeding at the Ballot Box. These unelected bureaucrats.

    People in Scotland cast their votes in these matters, Any replacement would more than likely be in the same position. People can see through them and their opportunistic positions. This leads to public derision and criticism.

    There is open criticism of their and Westminster part in these matters. A complete waste of time and public money by Westminster/unionists. They are not getting away with it but are held in contempt by many. Including the warped, unequal and unfair political system that they support,

    Support for SNP/Independence rising at the Ballot Box because of their actions. That is what matters. Not unelected warped diplomats. Promoted above their capabilities. Their are too many of them. Leading to massive criticism. Some do not last very long. Then another can come along. The Westminster lot of total corruption. They will get voted out. People have their say and react at the Ballot Box. Leslie Evans is responsible for PR systems at the local and Holyrood elections. Total corruption of the system to anoint unionists which can be overcome if people vote for it.

  22. Ken2 says:

    The corruption of the Barnett Formula. Imposed by unionists to take monies illegally out of Scotland. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act by Thatcher. Now being brought under more scrutiny.

    Scotland revenues and resources used to fund London S/E illegally and unequally. Supporting Westminster bad, poor economic, fiscal and foreign decisions, The corruption of Westminster being held to account openly and fairly by the elected Scottish Gov.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion has cost Scotland dear for years.
    Brexit will cost even more. It will all end in tears again. The Tory/unionists will be voted out.

  23. wullie says:

    I have a screen shot of a table of revenue raised in Scotland showing the distribution of money taken by England and the amount returned to Scotland from 1900 to 1921 as always the vast majority is used by England for imperial services. No idea how to put it up on this blog.
    1920 72% of revenue raised in Scotland spent outside Scotland.

    every year fro 1900 to 1921 shows the same picture
    and nothing has changed to this day

  24. William Habib Steele says:

    I wonder if you’d like to comment, here or/and in The National on this article. I find it alarming and it seems to me to indicate the urgency of Scottish and Welsh independence.

    • Petra says:

      Thanks for that William. Yeah we have to get out of this ASAP.

      ..”One extraordinary power governing export and import duties give ministers huge powers – including one to change the law by “ public notice” avoiding informing Parliament at all. This brings us back to Tudor times when all Henry VIII had to do was to pin up a notice ordering the dissolution of the monasteries.”..

      ..”And ministers are also taking powers in some circumstances to override laws passed by the Scottish Parliament by government decree and to interfere in which already adopted EU case law can be decided by tribunals and lower courts.”

  25. Dr Jim says:

    I remember Nicola Sturgeon predicting Brexit although we didn’t have a name for it them
    People wouldn’t listen because the Labour party said no such thing would ever happen and they’d be against it
    Nicola Sturgeon predicted Boris Johnson’s rise to power and nobody would listen because the Labour party said no such thing would ever happen and they’d be against it
    Nicola Sturgeon predicted the tone and right wing behaviour of the present Tory party and nobody would listen because the Labour party said no such thing would happen and they’d be against it

    Without the help of Labour the Tories couldn’t have done it and the new Labour leader Keir Starmer is about to help them again, they’ve gotten away with pretending to be two different parties for a long time

    • Welsh Sion says:

      I remember Nicola Sturgeon predicting Brexit although we didn’t have a name for it them
      People wouldn’t listen because the Labour party said no such thing would ever happen and they’d be against it

      Nicola Sturgeon predicted Boris Johnson’s rise to power and nobody would listen because the

      Labour party said no such thing would ever happen and they’d be against it

      Nicola Sturgeon predicted the tone and right wing behaviour of the present Tory party and nobody would listen because the Labour party said no such thing would happen and they’d be against it

      Do you think a certain other blogger will mention this today – once he’s finished patting himself on the back for predicting all that?

      The question is rhetorical …

  26. 0 deaths overnight, 5 new cases, down to 10 in ICU….yet this wasn’t newsworthy for BBC Reporting Scotland at 13.35 today?
    It should have been the screaming headline.
    They treat us like 1984 drones.
    Ye gods, the Brits are really beilin’ that we are heading out of this crisis…
    What sick logic drives this dogged denial of Scottish good news?
    Money, power, brainwashed as a Brit Nat from birth?
    They even threw in a wee vox pop from a guy with an umbrella saying that the majority of travellers were not using face masks on public transport, and no one was challenging them
    Will they break out the champagne if a pensioner or two die overnight to night?
    I’m beginning to believe that they are that evil; seriously.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Memo to BBC.

      This is on SKY.

      Scotland records no coronavirus deaths for fourth day running
      1 hour ago

      Scotland has recorded no new deaths from coronavirus for the fourth day running, Nicola Sturgeon has said.

      During a Scottish Government briefing, Ms Sturgeon announced the total number of people who have died after contracting the virus remains at 2,482.

      She added five more people tested positive for the virus since Sunday, taking the total to 18,241.


      • Bob Lamont says:

        This is their problem WS, so long given fee rein to control and dictate public dialogue, the BBC are now competing for attention in an increasingly international field, an aspect the Tory mantra of private everything didn’t consider at all when they saw privatisation as their private fiefdom.
        There is more honest reporting of the British condition across all Europe than appears on the UK’s MSM, all of Europe has had to come to grips with this epidemic, “Merde” means the UK.
        The only positive aspect of this “Made in Eton” disaster is that Welsh, Irish, and Scots are now much more clearly defined and understood as distinct from England as previously.
        My only sorrow is that the majority of English people who are equally victims to this cabal are tarred with the same brush…

  27. Dr Jim says:

    Good news is bad news for the agenda

    • Golfnut says:

      A wee fireball is our Kate. ‘ we know you don’t ask for our opinion, but your getting it anyway ‘ signed Kate.

      The comments on Twitter from the brain dead are quite funny, well tragic actually.

  28. Petra says:

    Anyone else on here watch Politics Scotland on BBC 9 today (12:30 – 1:30pm)? It’s too lengthy to go into (and I’ve forgotten most of it already) but Nicola Sturgeon was basically putting Boris the Butcher right in the sh*t this morning. Pointing out that Cobra meetings were no longer taking place, that the Scottish Government wasn’t being notified of decisions being taken in London, such as in relation to air bridges, eh! flights, and that as she was trying to eliminate the virus she wasn’t sure of what he was actually trying to do. Some of the journalists got more than they bargained for too, for example, Glenn Campbell with his questions on the plight of the asylum seekers in Glasgow. ”As you know that’s down to the Home Office, Glenn.” She and Kate Forbes pointing out constantly that the Scottish Government has no control over immigration, and so on, but that they had tried to do all that they could for the AS over quite some time, to no avail. One tried to say that the scenes at the shops in Scotland was a real cause for concern. NS said that she hadn’t seen anything so far that concerned her other than that she would like to see more people wearing face coverings. Then went on to point out scenes that had concerned her in relation to England. I can just see them all right now scarpering off to write up their Nicola versus Johnson spiel – Scotland versus England.


    They’ll be raging too that Kate Forbes announced, at the CV19 briefing, that she had just released a report advising the UK Government to take immediate action to regenerate the UK economy. Hahaha.

    ‘Blueprint for economic recovery.’

    • Bob Lamont says:


    • Kate Forbes was able to tell us that her blueprint for economic recovery had cross party support, except for the Blue Tories.
      Jackson Carlaw and Alister Jack would see Scotland suffer because a fat arsed Eton Mess doing a press up for the cameras is in charge of their ‘Scottish’ Branch Office.
      Was there anything more Caligula insane than Johnson, a rotund, overweight racist womaniser attempting to show his ‘butcher’s dog’ fitness lying prone on the floor attempting press ups?
      The man is insane, and for Carlaw and Jack to look to him for their lead questions their sanity.

      We close the borders now.

      We have the technology to stop cars caravans and VW ‘s at the border. We have the Health powers to check and quarantine selfish idiots who would kill more pensioners by jetting off to the Costas, getting pissed for a week, and flying back in to Scottish airports, in the evil arrogant belief that they should be allowed come back in to Scottish society to cough and splutter their way to cause more cases and deaths.

      The notion spread by broadcasters and Blahs that we are all ‘dying’ to go to the Costas and drink ’til we vomit is one of the most pernicious pieces of guff being touted this week.
      These hacks are evil, the peddlers of hedonism, and fuck the rest of you.

      Close the borders, fine those attempting to thwart Scotland’s effort to eliminate this terrible disease.
      Nike, anyone?
      Close the borders.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        I stopped dead at “We have the technology to stop cars caravans and VW ‘s at the border” and thought of concrete, invented by the Greeks… What do you have against VWs, and why do you think they don’t make cars and caravans……?
        PS – I can’t figure out what two letter combo you meant if VW was auto-schpelling correction 😉

        • VW Caravanettes, Bob.
          Believe you me, I know how tech savvie the Polis are at the M74/ M6 Border, a road I have travelled quite literally hundreds of times, or times without number even.

          It can be quite easily organised. Citrac signs on the 6 North warning Non Essential motorists that Scotland is in lockdown, and that it is illegal to travel North during the crisis, and that they will be stopped, fined, and turned back home.
          Scotland is closed to all but essential traffic.

          It can be done.
          Equally, we can control our airports. Health is devolved.

  29. Jacksg says:

    the problem is they cannot bear the fact that Scotland under the protection of our FM and the Scottish Government are attempting to eliminate the virus. To use a good Scottish phrase ‘it sticks in their craw’ that prominent people from Academics to high ranking leaders are praising our approach in tackling this crisis. I would love to see a press conference down south where Boris and his team were grilled on their appaling record before and during this crisis. Not everyone will agree with the SG strategy but at least they have one. There is a plan for now and one for what will happen when we start to return to our daily lives. For that, I give immense thanks.

    • Petra says:

      It’ll be sticking in their craw right enough, Jacksg, to the point that it wouldn’t surprise me to hear Johnson, et al, publicly announcing that the people of England (with CV19) should consider taking a holiday in Scotland …. to boost the Scottish economy, lol.

  30. Dr Jim says:

    You know what’s always hilarious in Scotland, the way the Scottish government invites people to take part in discussions or strategies or whaddya know even economic frameworks and when some folk come forward like Benny Higgins and the team he assembled to come up with such things the media and the opposition runs around Scotland to find other experts who never bothered their lazy misbegotten arses to take part when they were invited to then rubbish all the work done by the experts who did move their arses to get on with the job

    Labour, Tory, media, lazy arsed experts, do they all have each other on speed dial, and you know what they love to call it by the time they come up with their chaotically organised replies *constructive criticism*
    For anybody who understands the English language or indeed any other language if they look up the dictionary there is no such thing and never has been, it’s a misnomer, criticism by its very nature is destructive

    Those who can, do, those who can’t do criticise, then there’s the Whining Girners

    Come to think of it we haven’t heard from Clacton Slackjaw and his band of little rascals for a while

  31. Jacksg says:

    Yes Petra, I saw an article yesterday on that subject. Not sure who the guy was but the premise was. It will be great to get back on the bike ( here is a list of the best places to take the bike in Scotland and Wales! aye, get back on yer bike pal. 😞

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