Government by smirk

There’s little that’s attractive about the Conservatives at the best of times. They’ve always been the party of privilege and the interests of the wealthy. Once upon a time, they covered their patrician entitlement under a thin veneer of appeals to British patriotism, and a proclaimed belief in gentlemanly behaviour and honour. But now they don’t even bother to hide their contempt. The days when a Conservative minister resigned because of a scandal are long gone. Nowadays, even when they’re sacked, they just pop up back in government a few months later. The Tories have been accused of acting as though they don’t give a toss about public opinion. That’s not true. They’re not acting.

We are governed by smirks. It’s the smile that says, well well, look at the consequences of my own actions, and there’s nothing you can do about it. To be a part of the British state means to be trapped with the smirks of sociopaths who lie and who know that we know they’re lying, and who know that there’s nothing we can do about it. We saw it in the smirk of Dominic Cummings as he concluded his liefest in the Rose Garden. It was the smirk of a sociopath who knew he’d got away with a lie. We saw it when Michael Gove attempted to claim that driving when your vision is impaired is a perfectly reasonable way to test your eyesight. It was the smirk of a habitual liar who knew that it was a lie too far. We see it every time Priti Patel appears in public, her smug self-satisfaction at having power over the lesser people. We saw it when Matt Hancock laughed and guffawed as though being asked about the failures of the government he represents was the most hilarious joke he’d ever heard. It was the smirk of a spineless careerist who realised he was trapped, that his whole life had become the defence of a lie. We see it every time the Part Time Prime Minister stumbles, mumbles, fnaughs and ums his way through a public appearance as unprepared as an actor who doesn’t even know what play he’s appearing in, never mind not learning his lines. And who doesn’t care anyway as he smirks about becoming World King. The smirk is all he is, the smirk is there is. A smirk is a smile that bullies. A smirk is a smile that says the Tories are a joke, and we’re the punchline.

The Conservatives are the party of smirkers who wear their scorn for the little people on the sleeves of the unironed and stained shirts that Dominic Cummings wears as a power statement. He’s telling us all that he’s so influential, so indispensible, so knowledgeable, that the normal rules of business appearance don’t apply to him. And as he does so, he smiles that sly passive aggressive smile in order to tell us that he’s above the rules that we must abide by, that norms of decency are only for those who lack his consideration of his own immensity.

He’s not alone. The behaviour of Dominic Cummings is only what we have come to expect from every member of this British government, whether they’re elected politicians, or appointees like the members of the Lords or advisors. When it comes to dealing with the biggest crisis facing us all, they are the worst performing government anywhere in the world. And there they are, smirking as the coffins line up, their sole concern is thinking about their own careers, reputations, and how to deflect the blame.

England, where the British Government has the sole responsibility for measures to tackle the pandemic, has the highest per capita death rate anywhere on the globe. It’s only because the UK figures also include Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland’s statistics that the UK manages to squeeze into second place behind Spain. England has suffered 608 deaths per million due to Covid-19, ahead of Spain which has seen 578 deaths per million due to the virus. The UK figure is slightly behind Spain’s, at 570 per million, but that includes the fact that Scotland has suffered 429 per million, Wales 420, and Northern Ireland 227. That’s a damning indictment of the British Government. And still they smirk.

The British Government is the worst in the world in undeniable terms, yet apologists for the British state in Scotland still insist that we must surrender ourselves to the smirkers. They have such little confidence in themselves, in Scotland, in our own abilities that they demand that we share their terrorised belief that that left to its own devices Scotland would perform even worse than the very worst.

In 2014 we were told that Scotland needs the protection of the UK in order to keep the people of this country safe. We now know that what safety we do enjoy is despite the British Government, not because of it. Yet British nationalists like Ian Murray, the last Labour MP standing, continue to bemoan the fact that people are criticising Boris Johnson instead of focussing their anger on Thatessempee. Certainly the Scottish Government has made mistakes in its handling of this crisis. Nicola Sturgeon has put her hands up and said as much herself. However for Ian to demand that the real subject of our ire ought to be the Scottish Government and complaining that we’re too angry with Boris Johnson is like demanding to know why you’re more upset about a smirking sociopathic serial killer than you are about someone who ran a red light while trying to prevent the serial killer from taking another victim.

As the UK comes out of lockdown, there is still a high level of infection in the wider community, especially in England. In UK there are currently around 8000 new infections daily, which is a far higher level of new infection than in other states which have started to loosen lockdown restrictions. Epidemiologists have warned that coming out of lockdown without the track and trace system fully operational, and with such a high level of infections means that we are at a very high risk of a new spike in deaths. The Conservatives are desperate to prioritise the economy, and if that means risking a new wave of infections they’ll only smirk their way out of that too.

Scotland has the ability to wipe the smirk off their faces.  Once this crisis is over, we’ll vote for independence and do just that.

And finally, because we could all do with a laugh during these difficult times …

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73 comments on “Government by smirk

  1. Mrs S Hunter says:

    Good stuff Paul – but I hope somebody is going to write something about the information on Devi Sridhar’s twitter page today (30 May) where she is highlighting the contents of the released minutes of UK Gov SAGE committee. ASTOUNDING STUFF! – which I hope Labour MP Ian Murray is reading and taking onboard.

  2. Maggie Dan says:

    Boris and his buddies still believe they are in the Bullingdon Club. Wreak havoc and walk away. This time though, it’s us left in the shambles. And don’t forget the ritual involving the pig. Sadly , we are also being f”;!?£d ovet . VCard

  3. […] Wee Ginger Dug Government by smirk There’s little that’s attractive about the Conservatives at the best of times. […]

  4. Jim Coll says:

    …………and is some public spirited kind soul going to release this information to the waiting world?

  5. andyfromdunning says:

    I have absolute contempt for them all. I am 70 and have seen a few terrible UK Government’s in my time but this one is the worst by a mile. Theresa was bad but these monkeys are useless.

    Honour, they do not know the meaning of the word.

    Thanks Paul for your high level of blog posts.

  6. Mark Russell says:

    “The Conservatives are desperate to prioritise the economy, and if that means risking a new wave of infections they’ll only smirk their way out of that too.”

    They think the public are stupid and haven’t noticed what’s been happening – not just in the handling of the outbreak – but the measures taken to “save the economy”. There’s an unlimited supply of money – not that many have noticed – but by trying to save businesses instead of people is just another way of saying friends come first.

    No wonder they’re smirking – they think the great British people will be so grateful for all the loans and furloughed schemes – that they won’t notice there are no jobs to go back to. But they will still be grateful for the enhanced welfare payments. Surely?

    Don’t play the game. Sit back and stay put and if you do have to back to work, make sure you write to HMRC and tell them you won’t be paying anymore tax or NI contributions. Our economy has been degraded and corrupted by greed – not just the Tories, but they are certainly one of the main cheerleaders.

    Do absolutely nothing. Don’t follow America’s example. Just be patient – and those smirks will soon turn to grimaces of horror.

    Why a complete waste of time these last three months have been. Scotland could have been designing a new infrastructure for supporting hydrogen fuel vehicles – commissioning engineering works and hydrogen production and storage. Using wind power, electrolysing water gives hydrogen and oxygen – both critical gases presently – and fuel cells in vehicles overcome all the limitations of electric cars.

    There’s a huge workforce needed for this transformative industry – not just the logistical framework – but at a local level for converting existing vehicles – or building new ones. That’s only one example – we need people to be as creative and positive as possible whilst they have the time to think. Same in the rest of the UK – when the PPE ran out, we spent billions on products from overseas until we started commissioning UK firms.

    Had the government employed everyone and made all children students of the state – we would have a massive, flexible, creative and committed workforce, to deal with all the coming emergencies – and when the time comes, to build a new economy. Not one run by idiots.

    • J Galt says:

      Re. your last paragraph – that’s been tried before – and it ended in tears.

      What would you do to those who have no wish to become a compulsory employee or student of the State?

    • benmadigan says:

      “Scotland could have been designing a new infrastructure for supporting hydrogen fuel vehicles – commissioning engineering works and hydrogen production and storage. Using wind power, electrolysing water gives hydrogen and oxygen – both critical gases presently – and fuel cells in vehicles overcome all the limitations of electric cars”

      Scotland will be able to do all those things and more if she can maintain access to the EU and its Generation New EU aid programme for Covid-19 recovery. The UK certainly won’t be financing them!

      Scotland has to find some way to prolong the transition period beyond Dec 2020 for herself so as to have time to achieve her Independence, whether as a plebiscite in the 2021 election or Indyref2

      • Mark Russell says:

        Or Scotland could declare independence and issue its own currency – that way it is not reliant on any handouts or constrained by the ECB’s or BoE’s neoliberal policies.

        You can start your own business with unlimited funds or you can become an employee of a multinational corporation. If you choose the former, be sure of your potential and don’t waste the opportunity.

        • Any Scottish currency would be backed up by our oil. gas, water, hydropower, wind, tidal power and fishing. All natural resources.

          • Mark Russell says:

            A floating fiat currency doesn’t have to be backed with anything – it’s simply an economic tool. Money is created by a simple keystroke on a computer. But you are absolutely correct in that Scotland’s natural resources – and its people – are its greatest strengths. Sit atop An Teallach on a fine day and look over to the Fannichs and the great wilderness towards Loch Maree. Barren and remote yet beautiful and bountiful – these lands have sustained generations of our ancestors for thousands of years until the clearances – and even though now it’s just a passing walker stopping off in Shenevall or Carnmore, its potential remains undiminished.

            People often wonder what the meaning of life is – what’s our purpose, if such a thing really matters. If it does, then simply enjoying this place and leaving it in as good a condition, if not better, than when we started, must surely be at the top of the list.


            • AS I often comment on radical Land Reform, Mark, ban blood sports, and pay the Robber Barons £1.00 an acre for the 18% of Scotland to which laid claim by slaughter, and which they have deliberately reduced to gorse so that filthy rich chinless wonders can pop up to the Northern colony every August to kill animals for fun to sate their psycho blood lust.
              Nearly one fifth of our land, and by ‘our land’, I mean the people’s land, can be opened up for agriculture, new town development, homes for every Scot, and so much more.

              We have a vast amount of real estate available to a population of 5.4 million, while England, with roughly the same land mass is crammed with 56 million or so gasping for breath.
              Yet little weasels like Murray Rennie Leonard and Carlaw still peddle the ‘too wee’ nonsense.

              In the 21st Century we still have Lord Lieutenants in every Scots country, with their colonial uniforms and chauffeur driven cars at the ready in case one of Saxe Coors-Lite venture North to launch a tug, or open a Garden Centre.
              Scotland is in the 21st Century, England is retracing its steps to the Golden Age of Victoria.

              1/5th of Scotland was stolen from the people in effect.
              We are taking it back.

              • ‘county’ not ‘country’.

              • wullie says:

                Aye Jack. The Land
                Should be taken back in the same manner as it was stolen from the people. Not a penny spent. I always look at public buy outs as a form of reset, mind you , no point in getting the Scottish law involved in reclaiming our land, they were quite happy to write out title deeds to other peoples property and have been happily reselling ever since, a nice wee earner in IMHO.

    • Undeadshuan says:

      They are putting infrastructure in place..

      “The project includes the introduction of a hydrogen refuelling station, the expansion of existing electric vehicle charge points and the facility will be solar powered.”

  7. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female.

  8. James Mills says:

    Great read , Paul !

    The Chancellor ( with the connivance of the Great British media ) is preparing the ground for Austerity II , as he starts to be”gravely concerned” at the cost of the Lockdown . Estimates are around £80-£100 Billion by the end of the year !

    This is a drop in the ocean when compared to the cost of the Bank Bailout – circa £1.2 Trillion !!!

    Which mostly went to supporting the shareholders of these corrupt institutions , yet the poorest in the UK paid the price , including we are told an estimated 250,000 excess deaths due to Austerity .

    When the tax hikes are upon us ( i.e. for the little people who don’t have their Off-shore accounts handy ), how many of our ‘phalanx’ of true blue Tory Scottish MPs ( yes , that means you too Ian Murray ! ) will be defending the interests of the people who saw us through the Virus ?

  9. vivianoblivian7 says:

    Can’t quibble with the data presented. Northern Ireland does have a per capita, pandemic, fatality rate entirely out of kilter with all other parts of the UK. This is NOT however an indication that all is well in the province. The per capita fatality rate is low because NI has by far the worst NHS in the UK. Stormont was in abeyance for three years and things got entirely out of control. NI is infamous for having by far the worst waiting times for life saving, non-emergency operations and procedures. In short, the pandemic didn’t kill as many people with serious, underlying health problems in NI, ’cause the NI, NHS got there first.
    Be careful interpreting per capita fatality rates, there’s a great deal behind the headlines.
    I suspect the low per capita fatality rate in America may be related to the uninsured or underinsured having passed early from diseases that would have been treated in our NHS.

  10. benmadigan says:

    “The per capita fatality rate is low because NI has by far the worst NHS in the UK”

    Sorry Vivian. That’s a terrible mis-reading of the situation in NI.I’ll fix it for you

    “The per capita fatality rate is low because large parts of NI with nationalist/SF majorities took the same approach as the ROI, which followed WHO advice”

    NB Death tolls tend to be higher in Unionist and Loyalist areas. Because of ideology, they followed UK policy

  11. Arthur Thomson says:

    Boris and his posse of exploiters are fully confident in their smirking. They know that they represent all those who believe in entitlement. Just like her majesty, he justifies the accumulation of wealth regardless of its impact on people who he considers to be lesser beings. The third rate celebrities who dole out political commentary know that their celebrity is tied to Boris’s circus. The elite members of Sage, of the Oxbridge and London Universities, the City of London etc etc know that their status depends on the system of entitlement. They all understand that when Boris smirks, he smirks for them too. The British battalions of smirkers will not desert him. They depend on him and he knows that. Just like the Republicans depend on Trump, even though they may despise his lack of decorum. If (when?) NHS England goes into freefall there might be a lot less smirking going on.

    Anyway, I have seen that Nicola Sturgeon smiling to bairns and everything. Nobody will persuade me that she doesn’t mean it too. I saw her do it on one of her daily updates and they poor journalists had to watch it. She’s just got no sense of entitlement, that’s her trouble.

  12. Welsh Sion says:

    While we are looking the other way …

    England to limit students going to Wales, Scotland and N Ireland

    Devolved nations angry at policy to introduce cap on undergraduate numbers

  13. Alistair Robertson says:

    Just these lyrics by Supertramp.

    “The actors and jesters are here
    The stage is in darkness and clear
    For raising the curtain
    and no-one’s quite certain whose play it is
    How long ago, how long
    If only we had listened then.
    If we’d known just how right we were going to be.
    For we dreamed a lot
    And we schemed a lot
    And we tried to sing of love before the stage fell apart.

    If everyone was listening you know
    There’d be a chance that we could save the show
    Who’ll be the last clown
    To bring the house down?
    Oh no, please no, don’t let the curtain fall.”

    If Everyone Was Listening.
    Crime Of The Century {1974}

    • Malky McBlain says:

      Once my favourite LP….I saw them at the Apollo in Glasgow in 78 or was it 79.

      The album title “crime of the century” and that song “if everyone was listening” are prophetic it seems that Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies were “Bloody well right” all those years ago.

      Thanks for the memories Alistair.

      • Malky McBlain says:

        Forgot the most prophetic line of the the song.

        “You don’t know what you’ve done the finales begun” ……Boris.

  14. Dr Jim says:

    Ian Murray the last standing MP in Scotland representing the Union who’s a Tory but wears a Labour rosette to go with his Union political flag suit , who knows perhaps he’ll get to sit beside Lord Darling of that place in the islands that only has a fence left in remembrance that it once existed, then his life will be secure

    The registered in England Tory representatives in Scotland exist to represent themselves and smirk accordingly at their imagined safety within their English party who’ll protect them, not, and that’s why the smirking in Scotland has gotten decidedly dodgy from that lot lately, Clacton Jawrash has all but disappeared, he can’t turn that frown upside down as Murdo Fraser and Adam Tomkins are about to announce they’ve always supported Scottish Independence deep down

    If there’s one thing Scots of all political persuations dislike, it’s smart arsed twits smirking at them
    in real life they get smacked in the coupon, in politics they get voted out

    This is Scotland, we don’t like smirkers shirkers or jerkers

  15. Petra says:

    They’ve got a lot to smirk about right enough. As Paul says …..

    SkyNews:- ”Data visualisation journalist @jburnmurdoch says the UK has the second worst #COVID19 mortality rate, but England alone would have the highest mortality rate in the world.” .


    And if the latter info doesn’t take the smirk off of, Tory supporting, Ian Murray’s fizzog, the following should.

    ‘The Nike kilts were fitted two days BEFORE the virus is thought to have arrived in Edinburgh.’

  16. Petra says:

    Another to upset the BritNats:- ”Professor Susan Michie of University College London has praised Nicola Sturgeon and Scotland’s approach to COVID-19.”


    Check out the latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  17. Petra says:

    And if you happen to have some time on your hands …….

    ‘TNT Show – John Drummond interviewing Martin J Keatings.’

    ”Martin J Keatings convenor of “Forward as One” & “The Peoples Action on Section 30″ an action raised on behalf of ordinary members of the Scottish Electorate against the UK Government.”


    ‘John Drummond interviewing Elliot Bulmer.’

    ”Dr Elliot Bulmer is author of three books on a Constitution for Scotland; and a forthcoming book on a UK Constitution. From his base in The Hague, he has travelled the world advising a range of countries on constitutional improvements.”..

  18. Dr Jim says:

    I have a clever clogs computer friend who’s informed me that most of the Twitter accounts he’s seen claiming that people all over Scotland are breaking the lockdown distancing rules are emanating from England, so I had a wee look for myself although not geeky enough to track and trace the baddies online I have spotted a number of old pictures of crowds but posted as new just taken pictures, and it makes you wonder at the motives of these people who attempt to encourage others not just to break the rules but possibly catch an infection that could kill them or theirs

    Boris Johnson said he was investing £5 million on Twitter and facebook and the Internet to *convince* the people of Scotland not to choose Independence, is this what he spent it on

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Highly unlikely unless Johnson’s a regular big spender of the public purse…. so probably yes…

    • Robert graham says:

      Dr Jim I had a quick look at a demo in London ,the demo was against the lockdown , the camera panned round the crowds I believe it was Hyde Park by Christ they were crammed in like sardines , and the poor bloody Cops mostly sweating buckets , attempting to herd cats I couldn’t believe my eyes at the total stupidity on show , and this lot are heading our way and there’s nothing we can do about it apart from pray they get lost on their way north .
      All the weeks of sacrifice up in smoke because Bawjaws can’t keep his trap shut, I really hope Scottish people don’t follow the lead on this one

  19. Robert graham says:

    A timely reminder of the other virus that just won’t go away this Tory Mafia , I am listening to Alice Cooper just now ” Poison ” a perfect description of these people shit on your shoe for the want of a better term .

    When reminded of these people it’s maybe just as well I never got involved other than commenting on politics , because my first instinct if ever being in touching distance of any of them would be as soon as the red mist appeared doesn’t take long would be ” a fk it ” consequences go out the window he’s getting it .

    So I would never have made a MSP or MP it’s the Lying I couldn’t take and I really admire the self control of our MPs and MSPs personally I couldn’t .

  20. Great piece, Paul.
    Last night, the BBC let HIGNFY rip on the Cummings scandal.
    Martin Clunes chaired, Hyslop and Merton as per, and 20 minutes laughing at Cummings and Johnson, over eyesight lies and the nonsense trip to Durham. Hyslop eve raged that Cummings must be sacked, and oh how they all laughed, including Janet street porter…a Brit exceptionalist if there’re ever were one.

    That’s the boil lanced. They can ‘move on’ now.
    Nothing to see here, move on.
    They have learnt to let it run its course and the BBC clowns and panel guests will spend a week slagging off the Tories to howls of laughter, then it’s back to business as usual, with a smirk.
    QI, Would I lie To You, Mock the Week..the same cycle of comedians and personalities who are described as Remainers and anti Tory, but who duly buckle down and perform the role of true Court Jesters. Make a joke out the Fourth Reich and its actions, and get the audience to howl with laughter, then everybody goes to bed happy, none more so than the Iron Heel Oligarchy who have run the English Empire for 1000 years.
    Frankie Boyle is a classic example of the Anti Establishment farce.
    Cummings is there to sell England to America post Brexit. He is bomb proof.
    I hope that HIGNFY audiences howl with laughter when they are paying £30 to see their GP, and £50,000 for a new hip.
    This is nothing new. In the early ‘sixties, That Was The Week That Was..ground breaking ‘satire’ my arse. Keep Hoi Polloi laughing while we rob them blind and take away their Human Rights.
    David Frost, John Cleese, Ned Sherrin…hardly working class heroes.
    There in nothing funny about any of this; but Merton Hyslop and Clunes get filthy rich star wages, rewarded to perpetuate this con, just like the BBC clowns before them.
    We are on the brink of a New Scotland.

  21. Golfnut says:

    I didn’t know horse racing was classed a science.

  22. David Agnew says:

    The tory party for me has always been a party of selfish, greedy and grasping little shits. The lesser sons and daughters of more successful people, who have been shielded from reality and as Charlie Brooker once said, have an essential part of their soul missing. The Tories in Scotland, are the creepy kids who hang around with bullies. Insecure and wretched. They instinctively cling to the English party and would crawl over broken glass before they ever actually stood up to it. Oh sure there is the odd one who seems to have a spine and conscience. But in the words of Iain Banks, they’re like sweetcorn in shit. They’ve kept their integrity but they’re still embedded in shit.

    I have never understood why anyone who worked for a living would vote for them. I have heard some people trying to justify it to me – it usually comes down to how they accept what it is the tories are doing is harmful, but its ok because its only the scroungers, the disabled, the elderly, the young, the immigrants etc etc – who are really going to get it in the neck. They have no fucking idea that they were always the fucking mark, along with the rest of us. Talking to a true blue tory voter is like talking to someone who thinks their shit don’t stink, and that the tories will help them buy them a house and put a wee £5 bung in their back pocket, courtesy of whatever bogeyman the tories decided to fuck over this time around.

  23. Malky McBlain says:

    I’m no fan of Alister Campbell however he sums it up well here.

  24. Herald on Sunday going large on Care Homes;best form of defence is retaliation is ‘it’s all Nicola Sturgeon’s fault’.

    Tony Banks, ex Falklands veteran, Goose Green and all that, has an article topped by a photo of the man himself,who has made millions (i.e., he makes vast profits from looking after our elderly citizens) and runs the Balhousie Group of Private Care Homes, is given column inches to blame the Scottish Government for deaths in his Nice Little Earner/ Care Homes.
    I’ll spare you the fatuous detail.
    I, Jack Collatin, old wrinkly of this parish, demand that there is an Enquiry (another article in today’s Blah headlines on the ‘National Scandal’ at Care Homes (Carlaw) evidence being kept secret and under ‘lock and key’ by the nasty Jeanne Freeman because she obviously has something to hide, I betcha) .
    Banks is seen posing against a tasteful grey sandstone wall, bejewelled in gold watch, and expensive cufflinks, wearing an ice blue designer monogrammed shirt, looking every inch an entrepreneurial success.
    Banks declares that it was all the Scottish Government’s fault.

    So let’s test that, Tony.
    What is the turnover of staff at Balhousie? Is it 50% per annum. Do staff leave to get ‘better jobs at supermarket checkouts’?
    Wages? Medical qualifications. Skills of new staff in caring for the elderly? Do staff move from home to home?
    One of the key planks of this Massive Enquiry must be to establish the profits gleaned from looking after our elderly citizens, who in the eyes of this scribbler should be looked after in their old age as part of NHS Scotland, not a big fat juicy investment opportunity for ‘entrepreneurs’ and tax avoiding off shore venture capitalists.
    Frailty in old age is a Health issue, not a market opportunity.

    The Herald is in full blown Fuck Sturgeon mood today.
    They shriek that Scotland’s ‘Covid Capital’ (that’s Inverclyde, the most deprived area in Scotland) has over 100 deaths, while New Zealand only has 23 in total. A NATIONAL DISGRACE!!!
    Absolute tommy rot from the fading Dead Tree Scrolls.
    How many died being watched over by minimum wage zero hour untrained staff in Private Care Homes?
    I am not ‘dying’ to find out by the way.

    The Herald, don’t give a sh1t any more. This will come back and bite them in the bum.
    Private Care homes are run for profit, not elderly residents.
    That’s the ‘national scandal’, Carjack Lawson.
    May I survive to see them all shut down.

    • Dave tewart says:

      Well said Jack

      As someone else pointed out during the week, a jumbo jet of care home residents have died in the uk everyday plus similar from the population of Englandland.
      Sadly the Keltic nations have lost around 30 each day.
      The media are trash and are getting their due reward.
      The englanders are still letting 120,000 people land at Heathrow a DAY without tracing or testing.
      Have a look at the tracker24 site for the traffic coming in by plane, suppose next week we willbe back to a dozen landing from France by dingy.
      The private care homes are run for PROFIT,that’s the disgrace..

      • As I write, it is 09.56.a.m.
        Brewedog will be on soon. Sunday politics ‘Scotland’.
        What are the odds that the ‘National Disgrace’, Private Care Homes, features, and it all being the Bad EssEnnPee’s fault, not the brave ‘entrepreneurs’, and their portfolio of Care Home properties.
        I’ll not die in a ditch, or Sunny Beechpark, if I’m wrong.

        The vast wave of Brit propaganda and the Fourth Estate Fifth Column’s lies and vicious perversions of truth continues unabated.
        Just to be clear, hang on a minute, what you are saying is that you got it wrong….’Places, people. live in five, four, three , two, one’.

        ‘Good morning, as the Scottish Government is coming under intense criticism over its handling of the deaths in Care Homes, now 59% of all deaths in Scotland’ ( Brewer pauses for effect, then coughs all over BiC Biro.)…..there, Duggers, we don’t need to tune in now.
        The scab must be picked, nevertheless…

        • I’ve checked. They’ve scrubbed Brewer’s Morning Droop for some reason. Downsizing, rightsizing, as Donalda prepares to leave for the HoL?
          WE are still getting the 14.30 Update though,but, mind.

    • Dave tewart says:

      Had a quick look at Balhousie’s accounts,turn over £31m, profit after tax £4m, £1m paid in dividends to Balhousie Holdings,owned by,you’ve guessed. 1 Share company.
      The two companies report £80m turnover with profits of £4m each,big bank loans underneath.

      • Dave, how many sets of PPE does £4 million buy?
        How many gold watches? How many holiday homes in the Algarve?
        It’s not just the Care Home carpetbaggers of course.

        Every PFI Off Shore Golden Goose contract awarded by Ian Murray’s and Gordon Brown’s Red Tories shackling the Scottish Government to a quarter century of tens of billions of outrageous fees and charges in our hospitals, schools, prisons (FFS) should be ended now. Pay them off with an offer they can’t refuse:- take it or leave it. The days of the £4000 photocopier with a four figure a year ‘maintenance contract’ are gone.
        And don’t get me stated on gas and electricity ‘service providers’.
        The same gas and electricity is piped into my home yet there are dozens of ‘providers’ making bloated profits.
        The pavement at front of our house is in shade: some serious weeding beckons.

        Later, Duggers.

      • Welsh Sion says:

        Anthony Roiall Banks himself is a busy little bee, too. 15 current directorships, according to Companies House:

    • Tatu3 says:

      Well said Jack

  25. James Davidson says:

    As far as I know,deaths in larger care homes have been disproportionally higher than in smaller ones.
    Perhaps future regulations should take this into account,as well as the practice of sharing staff between homes.
    Of course,this will cost extra money but we need to foster a culture of care before profit.
    In any case,looking at the bigger picture,deaths in care homes have not been entirely in isolation and probably partly responsible for the spread of infections.
    There will have been knock on effects to the economy as a result.
    No smirking here in Scotland,even the unionists and their press pack are not happy bunnies but perhaps for different reasons.

  26. Hamish100 says:

    Marr- talking ro Arlene from Northern Ireland stayed that Scotland has a higher death rate than NI, England and Wales. Interesting that he combined Wales and England figures together. Should it not be indicate as separate nations? I wonder why?

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Marr is simply continuing the smokescreen to obscure England’s appalling death toll past and present… The true numbers have already been extrapolated and published but they have to or choose to toe the “official” line…
      I’m convinced England’s lockdown exit strategy together with the Cummings circus have been callously contrived to rubbish compliance, hence maximise fatalities in a second wave – where better to hide the previous dead than in a new and worse disaster ?

  27. Petra says:

    ‘UK widens visa rights offer to almost 3m Hong Kong residents.’


    Fidelma Cook:- ‘There’s a warm welcome awaiting Scotland in Europe – once you break free of the UK’s comic opera.’

    …”And yes, Scotland, no more playing nice and waiting for the permission of those who have shown over and over their indifference to your polite requests.

    Take your many mandates and run with them. Forge your own destiny out of the shithole they’ve mired you in. Look yourself straight in the mirror while you still can. Get off your knees.

    There’s a huge warm welcome awaiting you over here. There is respect, affection and admiration for your leaders – and hopes for you to break free of the liars and comic opera.

    Europe knows your worth. You are not appreciated in a no-longer United Kingdom.

    And unionists, don’t bother to spew your hatred below the line on the website. Your time is over and it is your own who have done for you.

    Onward and upwards – you have nothing to lose but the liars and charlatans keeping you in thrall.
    We’re all waiting.”

  28. Legerwood says:

    As others above have pointed out The Sunday Herald is going big on care homes today. Perhaps they should have read this article in the Guardian/Observer online. It is about people who are infected with the virus but are asymptomatic. It may be a much bigger problem than first thought and may account for the high number of deaths in Care Homes. Asymptomatic people going in and out of Care Homes and unknowingly spreading infection.


    Interesting too that scientists quoted in the article strongly advise the wearing of face masks. Something also recommended by SAGE in their minutes from 21st April. Wearing face masks in enclosed spaces where distancing is not possible was recommended.

    On 28th April the First Minister recommended the wearing of face masks in enclosed spaces where distancing was not possible. Of course she got players from the usual suspects but was acting as usual in our best interests

    • Precisely. Legerwood.
      I exclude hospices and religious run care home from my lambast above.
      I refer to the gold sovereign ringed carpetbaggers out to make a fast buck on public money and concomitant property speculation.

      The Brit Nat ProudScotButters have disappeared from the landscape since Cummings’ Day Out in Durham.
      Alister Jack with his £1 million a year Communications Team, a brand spanking new Building with 3000 staff in Edinburgh, and not a peep from his borderlands Pondarosa.
      Bets that Mac Mahon of Border TV Jacks’s PPS, will mention the Grand MacPanjandrum by name at today’s Update?

  29. Petra says:

    Putting more lives at risk.

    ‘Utterly irresponsible’ – Inside the battle over Jacob Rees-Mogg’s plan to bring the Commons back amid the coronavirus lockdown.’

    ..”With the lack of cheering and dry, formal atmosphere in recent weeks, many feel the session has favoured Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer, a former QC, who has managed to gain the upper hand through a lawyerly dissection of the PM.”..


    The latest from Professor John Robertson.


  30. Petra says:

    Mair gagging and secrecy.

    ‘New UK laws could criminalise journalism.’

    ..”The British government is pushing ahead with “espionage legislation” that could criminalise the release of public information and impose even stricter controls on the UK media as part of an “epidemic of secrecy”…

    ”The Queen’s Speech included two other little-noticed measures that would bolster official secrecy. The government’s Environment Bill would prevent the proposed Office for Environmental Protection from disclosing information, including about suspected failures by public bodies and organisations to comply with the law.

    Under the Health Service Safety Investigations Bill, a new body would investigate patient safety accidents or incidents in the National Health Service. But the disclosure of information held by the new Health Service Safety Investigations Body (HSSIB) would be severely limited.

    The measure would remove existing rights of access to information under the FOI Act and the right of individuals to see their own personal data under data protection legislation.

    “The scope of this prohibition is remarkable”, says the Freedom of Information Campaign.”


    Mair links from Ann at the Indyref2 site.

  31. Dr Jim says:

    I’ve been asking a question forever about something that nobody ever has the answer for and when I pose it blank stares appear and puzzled head shaking begins, so here it is again

    The UK government heading on all legal documents reads *Her Majesty’s government* but we all know the Monarchy has no legal authority so how can this be
    Her Majesty the Queen makes statements which begin with *My government* again how can this be if the population of the UK is told on the one hand the UK is a democracy who vote for representatives from of and by the people but on the other hand we are a Monarchy and subject to an unelected sovereign according to *legal* documents

    So the question then becomes when the UK government refuse a request for a section 30 order or any other legal power transfer but also claim they are Her Majesty’s government, why is Scotland not taking the role of the Monarchy question to court when the UK claim it is Her Majesty’s decision to refuse a section 30 order or any other legal authority when she doesn’t possess the legal power to do so

    Most of us know the role and existence of the Monarchy is a tourist attraction and that’s fine, I personally couldn’t care less, but the UK government and the Monarchy claim she’s in charge of constitutional legal matters as well, or they wouldn’t place it on their legal documents, would they?

    • To describe WM as ‘Her Majesty’s Government’ is as farcical as the brilliant ‘Dumbo’ play on words:-

      “Did you ever see an elephant fly
      Well I seen a horse fly
      I seen a dragon fly
      I seen a house fly

      I seen all that too
      I seen a peanut stand
      And heard a rubber band
      I seen a needle that winked its eye

      But I’ve been, done, seen about everything
      When I see a elephant fly
      What’d you say boy
      I said when I see a elephant fly

      I seen a front porch swing
      Heard a diamond ring
      I seen a polka dot railroad tie

      But I’ve been, done, seen about everything
      When I see a elephant fly

      I saw a clothes horse and he rear up and buck
      And they tell me that a man made a vegetable truck
      I didn’t see that, I only heard
      Just to be sociable I’ll take your word
      I heard a fireside chat
      I saw a baseball bat
      And I just laughed till I thought I’d die

      But I’ve been, done, seen about everything
      When I see a elephant fly

      But I’ve been, done, seen about everything
      When I see a elephant fly

      When I see an elephant fly.”

      Liz Windsor is as relevant as Barbara Windsor in the government of the UK, but funnier.

      We’ll see pigs fly before any Brit Nat ProuScotBut will get behind the Scottish Government’s efforts in dampening the outbreak.

  32. Cubby says:

    Well done in putting your name to the open letter to the Lord Advocate.

  33. Dr Jim says:

    In Scotland over the last couple of months elderly people have died of existing conditions due to old age but if Covid 19 was seen as present those deaths were recorded as Covid 19 related

    In England it appears over the same period the increase of death by old age alone was in the tens of thousands, I’m sure before very long this strange anomaly in England will be examined and I predict the fallout will be nuclear

    Every time I see Dominic Raab on the TV he has a look on his face as though the biggest juggernaut in the world with the biggest headlights ever seen is thundering towards him at a hundred miles per hour and he just can’t move a muscle to get out of the way

  34. Legerwood says:

    This from Ch4 news back in April on the omission of C-19 from death certificates in care homes and in the community.

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