Dugcast fae the Dughoose – with James Dornan

in this week’s edition of the Dugcast fae the Dughoose, I’m joined online by James Dornan, the SNP MSP for Glasgow Cathcart. We chat about the Dominic Cummings affair and how it’s affected public trust in the British Government, the Scottish Government’s positive ratings in opinion polls, and a whole lot more besides.

This week I tried for the first time to use CleanFeed as a way to record the podcast. Hopefully it helps solve some of the sound issues people reported before.

And in case you have issues with the embedded link, here’s the link to the podcast on Soundcloud as a normal URL https://soundcloud.com/user-291670852/dugcast-29-05-2020-with-james-dornan

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37 comments on “Dugcast fae the Dughoose – with James Dornan

  1. I’m not getting the link to the podcast on this page, Paul, but I found it in the page source: here’s the shortened URL for the podcast in case anyone else has the same problem.

  2. Derek says:

    It’s embedded using an iframe which is ‘old technology’ and some people regard that as unsafe. Perhaps your browser regards it as unsafe?

    • Could be, could be, Derek. My URL should help anyone who has the same problem, or at least I hope so!

      I enjoyed the podcast, by the way, Paul, and I have someone here to look after me who hadn’t heard it before. Her reaction was that is so good to hear people talking like normal people. If I were you, I’d take that as a well-deserved thumbs up for both you and James Dornan.

      • weegingerdug says:

        I have added the link as an ordinary URL as well as an embedding. I’ll do that in future in case others continue to have the same issue.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      In passing, my browser is now telling me that the BBC website is ‘not secure’.

      Make of that what you will …

  3. Brian Watson says:

    That was uplifting , two folk comfortable in the podcast format , amusing and informative . Paul you were harder to hear but not impossible to make out . Thank you .

  4. Dr Jim says:

    Independence is nearer than it’s ever been before says James Dornan

    I believe that

  5. […] Wee Ginger Dug Dugcast fae the Dughoose – with James Dornan in this week’s edition of the Dugcast fae the Dughoose, I’m joined online by James […]

  6. Robert Graham says:

    Eh very Diplomatic Paul .
    Not convinced when explaining his previous remarks about parking Independence for the time being ,especially when the media and opposition parties are full on in your face discrediting campaign against the SNP,
    I don’t know if James has missed the point about attempting to dislodge unionist MSPs because the SNP only managed to gather a few list seats , he seems to take it as a vote splitting mistake , I wonder what his method would be and how he would go about removing the parked list MSPs like Murdo & Annie Wells ,
    Not criticising just asking if James would like to explain further , possibly a return visit it might be interesting if Angus could be invited into the conversation after all most of us ain’t going anywhere soon .Just a thought .

    • Doug says:

      “Not convinced when explaining his previous remarks about parking Independence for the time being ,especially when the media and opposition parties are full on in your face discrediting campaign against the SNP…”

      Exactly right, Robert. I feel many in the SNP hanker after excuses to delay the fight for independence.

  7. Malcolm Pate says:

    Just thinking about the List seats at Holyrood. I dont know much about what they do, and do they have a constituency. I would like to see changes to their responsibilities. Make them report to the winner of the seat where they are supposed to represent and give them something to do. They just seem to have nothing to do apart from giving Nicola a hard time of it with their stupid questions.

  8. Bob Lamont says:

    Superb exchange of views and perspectives, a thoroughly entertaining and informative dugcast…
    I agree with James synopsis that parking independence was the right thing to do in the circumstances, what those who poured and are still pouring vitriol on it are missing is the profound impact that has had, whether by accident or by design.
    The anti-indy brigade’s relentless assault on SG in the midst of an epidemic (and declared truce) was viewed by most in abject horror… The professionalism with which that was met earned justifiable plaudits everywhere including England, which is why #10 and PQ are so furiously conspiring to any nugget they can exploit, hence the SS obsession with kilts and Nike trainers..
    Make no mistake that an Indy2 Ref and victory has never been closer than it is right now…

  9. Alex Clark says:

    O/T A new Yougov daily survey published today of 2883 GB adults surveyed asked the question:

    Which country do you think has handled the coronavirus outbreak better between England and Scotland?

    The results are a minter for Johnson and the Tories LOL

    England 14%

    Scotland 44%

    They have both handled it the same 25%

    Don’t know 17%


    • Welsh Sion says:

      Clicking through that poll, Scotland is ahead in *all* groups by region, gender, political party supported (PC and SNP not included), whether people voted Remain or Leave age (18-65+) and social grade … EXCEPT one.

      That one is for those who are Conservative voters, but even then Scotland is only -2% behind England, well within the margin of error.

      A truly astounding – but truthful picture of the competency exhibited by Scotland (personified by Nicola Sturgeon) and the ineptness (represented by Boris Johnson).

      Wondering if they’ll commission something similar for my country …

  10. Dr Jim says:

    I don’t know anybody in the SNP who doesn’t want Independence or actively want it delayed, what the troublemakers want folk to believe is that not having a referendum immediately at the demand of those people means everybody’s a fake in the SNP, and that’s just a big fat piece of nonsense

    We want to win a referendum and win it well and take the people of Scotland with us voluntarily, not just hold a referendum for the sake of it and possibly be glorious losers or skin of the teeth winners which would cause an entirely other set of problems

    The referendum when it comes is on the edge of being won without a fight now, everybody in Scotland expects there to be a referendum, even the Unionists, and while they’re trying everything they can to stop it they know inside it’s inevitable and Scotland will become the country we vote for it to become and not what another country votes for whether we like it or not

    While England envelopes itself in the wrong kind of Nationalism Scotland can open itself up to the right kind where countries work together still retaining their identity instead of battling to dominate somebody else and crushing the life out of their identity

    The last day of the Corona virus pandemic will feel like the first day of Scottish Independence,
    freedom from forces we had no control over

    • Alex Clark says:

      If you are an avid supporter of Scotland becoming an Independent country then that politically must be your priority over and above everything else. It matters not a jot which party you support or who you like or dislike, all that matters is convincing those that voted No to change their mind so as we have 50% + 1 saying that’s what they want.

      It is then that we will become Independent, without unnecessary violence or having our politicians and activists jailed for “crimes” that the state makes up in order to protect the state and their positions.

      It’s certainly not going to be an easy job obtaining Independence by this means but it has to be persisted with for as long as it takes, as far as I can see this approach is working and Independence will be ours.

      There’s no need to go piling in yet while our opponents continue to make the case for Independence on our behalf. It matters little if we have a referendum only to lose it, winning is all that matters. We are making progress beyond my wildest dreams on that front, our time will come and Independence is now inevitable. It’s within our grasp and can only be ours to lose with glorious failure. Let’s not go there, as we don’t need to.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Agreed both, this is going to be mental but fun…..

  11. benmadigan says:

    I can understand people who do not want to hurry things along the road to Independence. But time is running out folks.

    The EU is allocating unheard sums of money in an aid programme to help member states get over the devastation of Covid-19 and the economic damage of the lockdowns.

    The UK will get nothing as it is no longer a member state. Scotland will get nothing unless it manages to stay within the EU!


    • Alex Clark says:

      The reality is that Scotland is already out of the EU and we are in a transition period that only lasts until the end of this year. Our membership is over, as is that of the member state, the UK. Only once we are an independent country will we be able to reapply for EU membership.

      There really is little point in denying reality.

  12. Hamish100 says:

    We can’t have a referendum now with covid. U.K. will take us out before we can do anything about it. Even if we did are you certain we would win. I think we could but would not take the risk until I saw constant polls pro independence. Wish it were not so but that’s they way it is.
    Independence now! UDI now! 3rd party Now! Clear out the SNP now! and all the clamouring for action, action, action are shouted out in part through frustration but in the main by the same people who don’t have to do a thing but moan and can shout from the sidelines.

  13. Malky McBlain says:

    “Independence now! UDI now! 3rd party Now! Clear out the SNP now! and all the clamouring for action, action, action are shouted out in part through frustration but in the main by the same people who don’t have to do a thing but moan and can shout from the sidelines.“

    Hamish I think all of those people or a good proportion of them, are being controlled and manipulated by powers unseen. What better way to scupper independence than to divide the movement. The British state have centuries of experience in the art of divide and conquer. It’s would only take a few embedded MI5 agents with Scottish accents and a saltire on the wall to sow division and foment discord by pumping up the UDI and independence now factions in the movement.

    We should always bear in mind that an independent Scotland is anathema to the Unionists and the British establishment and that they will stop at nothing to prevent it by fair means or foul. We saw how utterly panicked they were in 2014. Indyref 2 will be a battle not a polite exercise in democracy. We should all be aware that we are fighting a very capable and ruthless opponent who has been cornered and is very very dangerous.

    I’m sure that the SNP leadership are not stupid and are playing the long game of making sure there is greater than 60% nailed on majority for yes. Anything less would be a gamble.

  14. fman says:

    man, that was a quick half hour. another v,interesting discussion. these DugCasts are proving to be most excellent. superb.
    outside of twitter, i aint hearing folks demanding UDI. i’v never once heard anybody talk about the Gender Identity thing. i am however seeing an increase of cars with “YES” stickers come through my place, even before Covid, Politics was being brought up more and more at my desk which then gives me an opportunity to go over a few of the arguments i have learned, and on the whole folks appear to be listening.
    Most of my friends and family where Yes already, but thinking here of three in particular that have come over since brexit, they are shaky on it, they’re in, but it wouldn’t take much to revert them back to their 2014 thinking.
    James Dornans position has always been my position, Covid or not. yet i have no real issue with others giving the SNP a wee push in the right direction. it’s working, chill folks.

  15. Dr Jim says:

    A SECOND member of the scientific adviser SAGE committee goes public on TV airing their views on the Covid crisis in England, one of the group this morning on Sky news says *This is not what we recommended, there are tens of thousands of unrecorded deaths in and out of care homes right across England and the R number is only slightly below 10, what’s happening now is political and thousands more will die*

    Johnson is right England is world beating

  16. Dr Jim says:

    I meant the R number is only slightly below 1
    what a div

  17. Dr Jim says:

    Yeah but that’s all scientificky stuff that real people don’t care about Legerwood what’s really important according to Lord Digby Jones is Nicola Sturgeons hair
    It’s a funny place down there in that big England where the media and those and such as those seem more concerned with The FMs hair and appearance, and remember Theresa May’s shoes, or Angela Merkel’s jackets, of course a couple of years ago it was our FMs famous tartan shoes, I mean tartan shoes, that was almost a blasphemous attack on Englands superiority

    Tens of thousands dying and a woman politicians hairdo is the news, you can’t tell me there isn’t something seriously wrong with these people

    Nobody in the big England media ever comment on the quiffs or fashion sense of the men politicians even though Boris Johnson looks like he combs his hair with a toffee apple

    I read that Toffee apple thing on Twitter, very funny

    • Legerwood says:

      Dr Jim,
      I saw the article about Lord Digby in the Herald. I think it is hair envy.

      I find the sciency stuff fascinating. But then that is just me.

  18. Arthur Thomson says:

    It is an absolute certainty that the SNP and the wider Yes movement are riddled with Brits working to promote dependence.

    The good news is that they are not a success and nor will they be.

    Supporting Scotland’s independence is a big step for anyone. It’s not like buying a new pair of socks. The Brits have deliberately and systematically infantilised the populace in Scotland (and elsewhere in the “UK” ) and on top of that they have systematically created the cringe. Many Scots are fearful of independence because they have had fear deliberately instilled in them. Others have pinned their colours to the mast of independence but are hysterically fearful that it can only happen if we behave as the Brits do – without conscience.

    The remedy lies in an impassioned but civilised, unceasing pursuit of independence. That is what is happening and that is how we succeed: by promoting principles. Think Ghandi and Mandela.

  19. Dr Jim says:

    Gavin Williamson of the *English* government has just declared Independence from Scotland

    In his latest statement he has informed us all that in future the amount of English students wishing to study at Scotland’s universities is to capped

    Turn that statement around to Nicola Sturgeon announcing the same thing and England would be outraged, and rightly so, because if anyone from anywhere wishes to buy their education from a particular University in Scotland they have the legal right to do so

    This cap by Williamson is a political decision in an attempt to deny Scotland’s universities a revenue stream in exactly the same way as if he were to say there’ll be no more trade with Scotland that the English government don’t authorise

    If Scotland were a member of the EU, trade sanctions with England would immediately be forthcoming in retaliation of free trade, but Scotland is not a member of the EU so what this is is dictatorship of freedom of movement inside the United Kingdom, in other words starvation of income

    The English have a history of this behaviour with Ireland if anyone wants to check their history books, Ireland is an Independent country now

  20. Dr Jim says:

    Scotlands universities are incredibly popular to study at and highly respected throughout the world
    the revenue that allows them to exist is in the Billions, England is trying to cut that off because it’s also tax revenue for Scotland

    This will be the first of other moves to cut Scotlands finances down, they know what’s coming and they’re trying to head it off at the pass the only way they know how, brutality

    Do they ban sales of Scotlands produce in favour of English produce, do they resrict freedom of movement for other businesses, there’s no end to what they could do because they fear Scotland leaving the UK, they don’t fear Wales and they don’t care about Northern Ireland

    To me it’s fairly obvious what they’re up to, create fear of Independence by controlling Scotlands finances in a brutal way for a short time until folk are too afraid to vote for it, to hell with another vow just stick Scotland with a bayonet that’ll sort the blighters out by Jove, eh what?

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Whisky, agri-produce, gas and electricity import dependant England objects, or their pretendy leaders do ? Really. “MIND THE GAP, DOORS CLOSING”…
      The politicians want England to relive the Blitz they never experienced, why spoil their delusion

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