Eyesight exams on the way to Castle Barnard

Well that was, ahem, interesting. The much touted press conference with Dominic Cummings started a half hour late, but it still hadn’t given him enough extra time to tuck in his shirt. The short version is that he’s not apologising, he’s not resigning, and everyone should feel sorry for him. It’s really all the fault of the media for misunderstanding how wonderful, humane, and tortured he is. It turns out that his slick and polished media manipulator explanation of the allegations that were made against him was to confirm with a massive dose of self-pity that he did in fact do exactly what everyone has said that he did. We’re so glad that he’s cleared that up for us all.

Watching Dominic Cummings give a press conference to explain his actions in breaking the lockdown regulations was the worst episode of Watch With Mother ever. He’d have done a whole lot better if he’d just strode into the Rose Garden, told the press to fuck off, that he didn’t care, and that everyone could just bugger off and stick their press releases up their collective arse than to come out with this pathetic attempt at poor me feel sorry for me drivel. At least then he might have preserved his carefully honed reputation for being a master of manipulation. Instead he revealed himself to be a pathetic and shambling individual, trying to justify himself and failing badly. He showed himself to be incapable of taking personal responsibility, of perpetually seeing himself as the victim, everything was everyone else’s fault. It was all the classic hallmarks of a bully and a coward. It seems that the reason he’s so close to Boris Johnson is because they’re both creatures cut from the same cloth. If this is the most brilliant man in government, it really doesn’t say much for the rest of them.

What made it all the more surreal was that it was being played out to the accompaniment of some peculiar noise in the background which sounded very much like someone had decided that this was the ideal time to learn how to play the smallest violin in the world. Which was quite appropriate given what was transpiring.

Dominic feels that he did nothing wrong, and if other people think that he broke the rules that’s not his fault because they’re obviously not able to interpret the rules properly like he can, what with his massive brain and everything. He thought that what he did was perfectly reasonable, which is why he’s spent the past two months trying to cover it up. His wife, who is an editor on the Tory house magazine the Spectator, wrote about her family’s time with covid-19, but strangely omitted to mention that they’d travelled to Durham where they could go for walks in Dom’s family’s private woodland. That’s the Dominic who’s always railing against the elites there.

Martyr that he is, his first thought after his wife fell ill was to wonder if he could get back to work so he could save us all, what with his massive brain and everything. Although he somehow hadn’t noticed that it says in the regulations that if a member of your household falls ill with covid-19 like symptoms that you should also go into self-isolation irrespective of how well you’re feeling. A significant proportion of people who become infected never show symptoms at all, yet are still infectious.

He did tell the Prime Minister, but apparently the two of them were so delirious at the time that neither of them can remember the conversation. And then he got into his car and drove 260 miles to Durham. Or something. No, I wasn’t really clear on any of that either, and I suspect that was entirely the point.

We also learned that the only reliable and proper way to check whether your eyesight is safe for you to drive is to get in the car, drive about for half an hour then get out of your car, walk about in the countryside for a bit, get back in your car and then drive home. That’s following the science. The corona virus test drive. That’s a thing. Or at least it is now. It’s quite fitting in a strange way that telling everyone that you went for a drive to test your eyesight turns out to be such a car crash of a statement. Going for a drive to test your eyesight makes Prince Andrew’s claim that he doesn’t ever sweat seem pretty plausible by comparison.

Apparently driving 260 miles was the safest option. That’s because the vile and nasty press had made it unsafe for him to remain at his own home. It’s not his fault that he had to choose, nay, was compelled, to get in his car to drive all the way to Durham for childcare that he later told us he didn’t actually need. He was dealing with exceptional circumstances. Other people who had to deal with his exceptional circumstances got a telling off from the polis and a fine. And then he drove to Castle Barnard, and then he drove back to London again. And apparently he didn’t have to fill up with petrol at any point along the route. Can he please let us know the make and model of his car, because we’re all well impressed with the fuel efficiency.

This, by the way, is the statement that Boris Johnson told us all gave him full confidence that Dominic Cummings had behaved “responsibly, legally, and with integrity”. His wife had symptoms but he returned to work that afternoon. Then he took her and their child on a 260 mile trip to Durham without stopping anywhere for petrol. Because his eyesight was impaired he took another drive for 30 miles with his wife and kid, quite coincidentally on her birthday, to test just how fit he was to drive, during which he went for a walk in the woods because his kid who didn’t need a toilet break all the way from London to Durham needed one after a 30 mile jaunt. And this is the story that made the PM think he should stay? Uh, and indeed, huh. Seems that the real reason that the British Government changed its advice to stay alert was so we should watch out for drivers with impaired vision on the A1.

Anyone seen the Scottish Tories yet? Thought not. You’ll not see them even with perfect eyesight.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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97 comments on “Eyesight exams on the way to Castle Barnard

  1. […] Wee Ginger Dug Eyesight exams on the way to Castle Barnard Well that was, ahem, interesting. The much touted press conference with Dominic […]

  2. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    Cummings drives a Landrover Discovery which will now use the tagline in their ads “goes 260 miles on one tank of fuel!”.

    • John G says:

      You mean 580 miles on one tank (260+260+30+30).

      • Elizabeth Cameron says:

        It’s not actually that unlikely, we’ve driven regularly from Glasgow to Dover, a bit of France, all of Belgium and a bit of the Netherlands. All on one tank of fuel.

        • Thepnr says:

          All on the same tank of fuel? Wowser I want an engine just like yours, has to be the best in the world LOL

    • David Gray says:

      For the record, my Vauxhall can do 700 miles on a tank of fuel, motorway and A road driving. Also for the record, driving for four and a half hours without a toilet stop is a thing almost every trucker does every day. More importantly, has his doctor reported him to DVLA to have his licence revolked pending an eyesight test?

      • Thepnr says:

        Is “driving for four and a half hours without a toilet stop” something a 4 year old child does every day? We’re not talking about truck drivers here,you’re comparing chalk and cheese.

  3. carolclark1 says:

    WTF was that all about. Cummings would have been better to say nothing than that performance.

    Beaches in England jam packed and when asked the reply was well if Cummings can do it, so can we. I shudder to think what will happen down there in the next two or three weeks.

    The government, such as it is, has lost all authority now. Come on Nicola, beam us up out of this flaming circle of hell that we seem to be trapped in.

    Oh sorry, bye the way Paul, great article.

  4. Dave tewart says:

    Better than that there and back on one tank,he’s a genius in organisation, my old dad wouldn’t leave each journey from Glasgow to Leeds without a full tank,each way.
    He would have been safer going on the M1,a 2 lane motorway at that end, have you seen the roads around Barnard Castle?,tight and bendy.
    Not really impressed with the story,gaping holes,wonder if it will carry over until the next pmqs.

  5. gavinochiltree says:

    It’s very obvious, that if you’ve had a session in the pub, maybe a few pints then some wee goldies, a drive in the car, just to clear your head and to be sure you are fit to drive, is the very thing. Glasgow to Ayr–that sounds about right.
    Jackdaw Carlot? From the Poodle Party is missing? Surely he can be found in the BBC studios hiding behind their highly impartial staff. As always.

    • grizebard says:

      I believe there’s a rumour (that I’ve just started) of a big spending spree among representatives of the Poodle Party, all busy buying walk-in fridges…

  6. gavinochiltree says:

    260 miles each way+ 60 miles locally. A 15 minute stop at a tourist scene—but sat at a river bank—on his wife’s birthday.

    All this can easily be checked via his phone—either directly or GCHQ—but that won’t happen.

    Brass neck wins the day? Depends on public reaction—the Tory voting public that is. The sheep who vote for Scotland’s Poodle Party don’t count.

    • Mbiyd says:

      Good point the police can easily trace his movements through his mobile and the reception areas he passed. They do this for speeding cases etc. Or to euthanise you with Drone missiles in the mid East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa. Etc.

  7. Ken2 says:

    Best ever. Had a laugh at that headline.

    Lie, after lie, after lie. It is the Tory way. They can’t even keep their mouths shut. To stop annoying everyone. Pathetic excuses.

    The sister being handed out scrutinised NHS contracts worth £Millions. Letting people die so they can benefit. They are so stupid they nearly die themselves, rather than put in proper measures. Caught with their hand in the till. Greedy and still lying.

    What a bunch of useless, beyond stupid individuals, Beyond belief. No one believes them in any case. The would-be emperor with no clothes. Beggars belief.

    Just dirty, little lying cowards. Wasting £Billions of public monies. Greed. Osbourne giving public contracts to his banking pals. Wasting £Billions on HS2. Till he was turfed out. Johnston following suit.

    They had to get rid of Thatcher for closer ties with Europe. Dunces, The Tories will be turfed out, again.

    • Petra says:

      ”Best ever. Had a laugh at that headline.”

      We did too Ken. That’s a keeper, imo.

  8. Thepnr says:

    What a shambles, Johnson must go as well. Talk about being exposed, everybody saw live on TV that the Emporer is wearing no clothes. It was ugly.

  9. Gordon Hardie says:

    Surely admitting to driving when you are so unsure of the quality of your eyesight that you have to test it is admitting to have committed an offence? Or is that another law that simply doesn’t apply to Goebbels Cummings?

    “Under Section 96 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, it is an offence to drive with uncorrected defective eyesight. If you drive a motor vehicle on a road, when your eyesight is uncorrected such that you cannot comply with the eyesight requirements in the act, you will have committed an offence…”

    • Petra says:

      That’s the ”slick and polished media manipulator” for you Gordon. Thick as sh*t. If he’s supposed to be the brains, the so-called genius, behind the Westminster outfit we can forget it. They’ve just highlighted another 101 reasons, today, for Scotland requiring to bail out of the dysfunctional (playing it down) Union, ASAP.

      • Anne Martin says:

        Very responsible father driving the car with his child in it when his eyesight is iffy!!

  10. Mbiyd says:

    Is it me or is there a physical resemblance between Adolf Eichmann and Cummings. Eichmann also argued, to no avail, he was just an unfortunate functionary following the law of the land.

    First they came for…

  11. Petra says:

    Another great article cutting right through the Westminster dross Paul. Just want to point out however that following saying that he hadn’t stopped on the journey from London to Durham, and vice versa, he then changed his tune and said that he thought that he’d pulled into get fuel on the return journey….. when he was well.

    As per the AA route planner it takes about 4 hours 52 minutes to get from Durham to London, that is if you don’t hit any snags. Most young children require to urinate, etc, every two hours or so, so what did they do there? Just let wee 4 year old Ceddy, the Ceddy that he’s so concerned about, poo and pee in his pants?

    Just wondering too about the reasons that he gave for leaving London. Concerned that he and his wife would become unfit to look after their son he decided to leave London when on March 24th England’s deputy CMO Dr Jenny Harris, when asked what her advice would be if parents with children become sick, stated, “Clearly if you have adults who are unable to look after a small child, that is an exceptional circumstance. If the individuals do not have access to care support, formal care support or access to family, they will be able to work through their local authority hubs.”

    His second reason for heading to Durham, he said, was due to him receiving death threats and people targeting his home. If that was / is the case, why did he take his wife and son back to London 15 days later?

    He came across today as someone who was still suffering from delirium. Someone that’s hoping that we all suffer from having IQ’s under the 60/70 range.

    • Mbiyd says:

      The wifes brothers live in London. Check companies house register for Jack and Maximilian Wakefield. Do they have no friends in London, no Nannies ( both work fulltime anti social hours), no contacts through the government or Spectator. It’s just nonsense. They fled plague ridden London for the fresh air of his family’s farm. I dont know if they visited her family castle just up the road but they definitely visited Barnard castle. Or he did. Did he go to a meeting at GSK that is the question? Does he have no security, no dashcam to be interviewed or viewed particularly since he has been threatened jn London.

      Do our English neighbours really fall for this crap. Heaven help them if they do. And us…

  12. Jim Coll says:

    My brother in Ireland reports that RTE had a long report on this ‘interview’ and when he checked the BBC had ‘left out lots of paragraphs’. Hmmmm.

  13. Mbiyd says:

    I apologise judging by trip advisor Barnard Castle is the place to go when your eyesight is playing up.

  14. ells says:

    What a load of crap!!!
    1. On 27th March he said he did not want to leave his wife alone at home whilst he went to work, but, he also said that on 27th March he thought he had already caught it. Therefore he would have to have stayed at home for at least 7 days, or longer and therefore not leave his wife alone at home!.
    2. He could have had a relative come and collect his son if necessary – they could have driven down and collected him. (children of two parents could visit 2nd parents therefore this could have applied loosely to this situation.)
    3. He drove to test his eyesight? What do the police say about this.
    4. Why didn’t his wife drive them home.
    5. I cannot find the rules that were around on 27th March – they seem to have magically vanished.

  15. Alba woman says:

    Wearing a whiter than white shirt ..pure of thought symbol

    Dom wishes us to accept that his interpretation of the lockdown rules allowed all his traversing across England.

    Therefore all those folk who interpreted the rules to mean that they could not visit dying relatives …their .ill children To be physically Not comforted, Young and old dying alone with funerals unattended by all the folk who wished to show their respects..

    All this because their families misinterpreted rules set by Dominic and Boris.

  16. Ken2 says:

    DC weedy, whining wimp.

  17. Mbiyd says:

    Somebody has his back… big Pharma?

    The Nazis could never have taken over Germany without the support of big business.

    Has Dom ever been tested to see if he ever had covid 19 or his wife?

    • Thepnr says:

      He said in his statement today that neither he nor his wife had ever been tested for Covid-19

      • Mbiyd says:

        So he can still be tested retrospectively to see if he had it.

        • Thepnr says:

          Yes he can, if he consents, but why would he when he loses whatever the result?

          • Mbiyd says:

            Quite simple. The bigger picture is to see if Dom and his wife brought covid 19 to The NE of England and there after infected Scotland. If so we can sue him. Would be nice to see a class action raised against him personally. It was after all according to him a personal choice. He will not be insured vicariously.

            • Thepnr says:

              My point was if he consents to a test. As far as I know there is no law that can force you to take a test to see if you have had Covid-19. Even if he took a test and it proved positive, it does not tell you if he had the virus when he went to Durham or if he had it before or after he went to Durham. A test now tells you nothing about the situation then.

              No point running up blind alleys and better sticking to the rules we know he has broken if he is to be forced to resign. He believed his wife had it and he believed he had it by the next day. That alone makes him guilty of bringing Covid-19 to the NE of England. It doesn’t prove anyone was infected by that decision. Nothing can prove that.

  18. Dr Jim says:

    So far I’ve not heard any of the media talk about the blind stunt driving with wife and child dodging other motor vehicles, pedestrians, wild animals zombies and the like , unless Cummings has braille nav on his windscreen instead of satnav the BBC have decided to skip over that whole part of his fantasy portayal of a day in the life of a Covid panicker, probably because it’s the most unbelievable crock of heaved up dyspepsia that nobody’s gonna fall for without ingesting an entire bottle of Gaviscon and soda

    Most satisfactory I think Dominic eh, says Boris, there’s a good chap now, I think the sheeple will have swallowed that, and who cares if they don’t

    Majority majority majority Tories rule OK, I am the walrus ooh poo pee doo, now where’s my swastika armband for the party and bunk up with the babes

    • Land Rovers? Cummings and Phil the Greek.
      Land Rover Discovery MPG 26.3: tank holds 23.5 gallons do the maths.. Cummings ‘thought that he stopped on the way back for petrol. He can do more than think..he can check his card receipts just to be sure, to be sure.
      Any intrepid bin rummaging Scots hack can check on service stations from Scotch Corner southwards and trace this bleary eyed mind befuddled man’s Piss Stop.
      Jackson Carlaw and Alister Jack back this little man’s actions. Remember this lest you accidentally bump into either of them when you are wandering about the highways and byways bleary eyed and befuddled to check if you can jump into your £45 K 4×4 and travel to your Baron Father in Law’s castle.
      I’m sure that Durham Police will want to check his bank statements, his I Phone records, and test his eyesight, just for starters. Come on Jackson, get ‘I’m backing Dominic’ T shirts printed for the Blue Tory Youth to wear at the next rally, while they sing the New Fascist’ anthem, ‘Tomorrow Belongs To Me’.

  19. And nothing whatsoever to do with his sister’s Idox directorship being registered on the day he went back to work. Let’s not even think about the contract the company was then awarded.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Re: IDOX.

      Idox plc, through its subsidiaries, provides software solutions and information services for the management of local government and other organizations worldwide. The company operates through five segments: Public Sector Software, Engineering Information Management, Content, Digital, and Health. It offers tools to manage information and knowledge, documents, content, business processes, and workflow, as well as connects directly with the citizens through the Web; elections management solutions; and decision support content, which include grants and planning policy information, as well as corporate compliance services. The company also provides engineering document control, project collaboration, and facility management applications to companies in industries, such as oil and gas, architecture and construction, mining, utilities, pharmaceuticals, and transportation; funding solutions to corporate, public, and commercial customers; digital consultancy services to public, private, and third sector customers; and solutions to the healthcare market. Idox plc was incorporated in 2000 and is based in Reading, the United Kingdom.

      Now see this …

      Idox plc has a subsidiary …

      … Opt2Vote Ltd

      Opt2Vote Ltd. provides election services. The Company offers election registration, printing, postal vote management solutions, personal identifier matching solutions, e-counting, and other electronic voting services by internet and telephone. Opt2Vote offers its services to local authorities and electoral services markets throughout the United Kingdom.


      Based in: (London)Derry.

      It’s own website – https://www.hugedomains.com/domain_profile.cfm?d=opt2vote&e=com -is currently up for sale for $4 795.00

      But perhaps most interesting for you in Scotland – read the last sentence:

      Opt2Vote General Information


      Provider of electronic vote counting services. The company offers registration, postal vote management, Internet and telephone voting and postal identification matching services. *** It serves 32 Scottish local authorities ***

    • Lynne says:

      Repeated from the previous post:
      She isn’t Cummings’ sister. Cummings’ sister was born Francesca McDonald Cummings, married name Herriott. The director is (Mrs) Alice Sarah Louise Cummings, nee Banks – wife of a Russell Cummings. No idea whether Russell is a relative, though.
      (Info from freebmd.org.uk & Ancestry.co.uk)
      Plenty of real stuff to condemn them for, without perpetuating this bit of twitter rumour. If I find a connection with Russell, I’ll pop back…

  20. velofello says:

    Did I today witness the heartfelt account of the actions of a distressed,concerned husband and father, unable to think logically, acting on instinct?

    Or witness a sly,whining,individual provide a shambolic, incoherent tale of “not sure, I think it was on ..th day; testing my eyesight; not sure, cannot recall stopping for fuel; I was recovering, she was unwell; the country needed me, must get back to no 10,

    The guidelines? He brightens up. Oh well there not fully specific. if in your judgement you have an emergency then you must interpret the guidelines to your advantage.

    And so to Section 30 guidelines? What guidelines? Ironclad? Not liable to interpretation? Now is the time Nicola Sturgeon to state clearly the divergence of the cultural standards of England with Scotland. Demand discussions on Scotland’s independence, and before the calamitous exit from the EU. Predictably Johnson will decline, so proceed anyway, the EU has your back.

    • Thepnr says:

      Loud farting sound for the off topic linking of Nicola Surgeon with the tossers Cummings and Johnson while the Covid crisis is ongoing. Phaarrppp!

  21. Let’s all laugh at Jackson.
    The Scots Brit Nats have lost all sense of morality decency or even token support for the people of Scotland during this terrible time. Let’s all laugh at Richard. Let’s all laugh at Willie.
    They are a sick laughing stock, the whole goddam bunch of them.
    Ab absolute disgrace.

  22. ArtyHetty says:

    Well, it is 2020 after all, so get in your car, even if you can’t drive, anything goes these days, and drive for 100s of miles, even if you can’t see properly!

    2020, who’d of thought it would mean the unelected would be calling the shots, gas lighting the people in broad daylight, and then making sure the police say they saw nothing, nope, only squirrels in Barnard Castle!

    Really though as laughable as this is, it’s truly sickening that Scotland’s CMO was forced out for getting in her car, and the Eng health adviser was sacked, and that the EngGov had ‘save lives, save the NHS stay home’ mantra blazoned on the tv screens, while they swanned about as if no need for lockdown at all!

    An insult to NHS staff, care workers, and, to all who have died from CV19 and their grieving loved ones.

    Despicable goings on in the UK at high office, just despicable.

  23. Wendy says:

    the whole thing has deteriorated into farce, if I were not so angry at this pathetic drivelling imbecile I would laugh but as I said i’m too angry at the rank hypocrisy.
    Just one small point, it’s Barnard Castle not Castle Barnard!

  24. Chicmac says:

    Come on folks! His overriding concern was the safety of his child. That is why he drove him and his wife on a 6 hour journey despite believing he himself could come down with covid 19 at any minute which could have made him drive off the road or into oncoming. There is, of course, no adequate provision for child care in London, is there?

    Thank goodness the child did not need a wee wee on that Northward journey. That might have risked infecting others.

    Again he stated that although virtually unable to stand up he collected his wife and child from the hospital the next day because there were no taxis (or ambulances?) to take them to his temporary abode.

    Then, because he was concerned at his ability to drive safely he decided to take a test drive, with his kid and wife as guinea pigs. Luckily that panned out OK, as it was his his wife’s birthday.

    Finally he decided to takl his wife and son back to the home he implied was virtually under siege rather than leave them in the relative safety of the Durham countryside with family support.

    Whether he then revisited the area after that should be established by the APNR cameras in the area on police vehicles and on fixed sites, however given the apparent change to police information regarding the interview of his father from the first reported version, I suspect any such sightings may not be forthcoming.

    • Chicmac says:

      PS At the bit where he said he felt he had to get back to Downing Street to help fight the epidemic, one of the reporters should have asked ‘How much worse would the UK’s performance on death toll have been if you hadn’t?”

  25. Eilidh says:

    Dom is not out of the woods yet Daily Mail is still ranting against the situation and what he did. If you are worried about your eyesight contact Specsavers dont drive 60 miles with a child in the car. He was lying through his teeth at that press conference. No contrition at all. He is nicknamed Golum by some after character in Lord of The Rings. Golum would have shown more humility than this weasly little twerp

  26. Lulu Bells says:

    He has most certainly made us all look like fools for following a lockdown that can be broken so easily with no price to pay by those in positions like his. He is not the only wealthy or powerful person to have broken the rules. I am sure we all have stories of the hardship and sadness people have endured because of lockdown (I have my own for that matter) but also of the Police abuse of their new powers. I know one man who was fined because he went to Asda for single malt and fags because they were not essential items.

    So DC has managed to twist the rules but cannot even accept that he has undermined the entire lockdown and people of the UK (boak). Does he not realise that the only reason he could sit by a river with no one else around is because everyone else was doing as asked and STAYING AT HOME.

    He and Bojo have to go!

  27. Ken2 says:


    Arron Banks the Brexit crook.

    All in it together, stealing public money without scrutiny, and tax evading.

  28. Bob Lamont says:

    Cummings knowingly broke the regulations in force of Law at the time, this would have been cleared before it even began with those in power, and that it was known to selected senior hacks who would run cover for it should it emerge is obvious by how quickly they rallied in support, but he broke the law at least twice, period.
    That the media even dragged a retired judge out to lie that what Cummings did was legal when it clearly was not, shows how desperate have become to keep public opinion on-side and divert attention from what has been and is being worked on in the background, see Carole Cadwalladr et al.
    A BIG squirrel was needed, so Cummings instead of manipulating the news became the news, and will continue to divert attention.

  29. deelsdugs says:

    So while the big slob was distracting the press, the public, the lot with his hospitalisation, the skinny, big-heided wretch slunk off to do the dirty work. All distraction. And now further distraction. Now that the attention is on the skinny one, what is the slobby one getting up to, or not, as he’s incapable of considerate thought. Bet the big slob, did an air jab directed to his sidekick, and said ‘take it on the chin old chap, top job, we’ve got them all distracted and furious, now let’s get on with brexit…’ gleefully rubbing his sweaty palms together.

  30. Mark Russell says:

    Rats off the ship….

  31. Ken2 says:

    Another one down, another one gone another one bites the dust.

    The Tories will be voted out.

    They cut the NHS budget.

    ‘Psycho bastards’. Their own description.

  32. Dave tewart says:

    Here’s a laugh.
    As reported by the metro.
    Mr Douglass Ross has resigned as under secretary of state for Scotland over cummings.
    It goes on
    Mr Toss tweeted……I have trouble with some aspects of his explanation.

    New one there Mr Toss

  33. Ken2 says:

    The part time MP referee. Calls foul. Chicken.

    Killing off their own supporters.

    Healthcare workers voting Tory? They cut the NHS budget. Take illegal trips. Rip off the public purse.

  34. carolclark1 says:

    Wow, a blue tory of the Scot But variety, resigns over Cummings. Goodness, I didn’t know he even had a backbone.

    Come on Carlot, where are you hiding. Nothing to say MMM.

    • Petra says:

      I don’t know Carol he never struck me as having a moral compass never mind a backbone. I think that there’s more to this than meets the eye.

  35. Bob Lamont says:

    Oh dear… A lovely example of proper investigative journalism, Cummings clearly planning ahead but left a trail of breadcrumbs…
    What a devious sod he is…

  36. Robert graham says:

    Oh Dear where did it all go wrong Mr Johnston ? , Mr Johnston , Mr Johnston, Mr Johnston appears to have left the building .

    Max Hastings predicted chaos if Boris was elected PM how right he was .

    Jackson the car man any comment on the Douglas Ross resignation ? oops looks like he has been caught up in the rush to the lifeboats , hey watch the elbows Ruthless and stop pushing Murdo , look listen up there isn’t enough bloody room because Michelle Ballantine floged the spare ones

    What a bloody shower this lot are, they deserve to be put out of our Misery.

  37. Petra says:

    No longer hiding his true colours?

    John Curtice:- ”The Scottish government benefits from a halo effect whereby credit for what is done well in Scotland is attributed to Holyrood and blame for poor performance is laid at the door of Westminster.”..



    Article by ”oor” Legerwood on Talking up Scotland.


    • Dave tewart says:

      Aye Sky news this morning has an article about hi tech drones to be used by a london based company to fly PPE to Mull.
      Mull has an Airstrip and the Islander Aircraft based at Oban could take 2 Tonnes of equipment each trip,staff are based in Oban to fly it,fuel a slight problem but not a major one.
      Have a look at Glen Forsa airstrip,they have a webcam.

    • grizebard says:

      Aye, that sentence stuck right out at me too when I read the piece. “Who pays the piper…”, eh.

      Totally ignores the incessant drumbeat of negativity from the piper’s paymaster (among many others) in its self-assumed role as political opposition. As shown by that contemptible little shit Glenn Campbell just a few minutes ago at today’s Covid briefing, totally oblivious to the important imminent developments being announced and instead cravenly desperate to smear the First Minister about supposedly “allowing the R-value to get to 6”.

      Words begin to fail me now to describe the fathomless contempt I feel for the BBC northern outpost and that “journalist”operator in particular.

  38. Undeadshuan says:

    I would guess that this morning Ross’s mailbox was full of irate constituents and his office bombarded with angry phone calls, so with an eye on self preservation in any forthcoming GE, he acted to try and save his job.

  39. Ken2 says:

    The millionaires of the Polling industry. The Polling sector constantly criticised and reprimanded for illegal methods. Headed by University academics. A bunch of crooks supported by some universities. Oxford funded 2000 to 1. Cambridge Analytica.

    Educating a bunch of crooked tax evaders. Now in government killing their own supporters. The illegal polling sector responsible. Including Dominic C. Wasting public money faster than a sieve loses water. An absolute scandal. They break the Laws that they make with impunity. Including the Polling industry and political sector. Used by crooks for tax evasion.

  40. Ken2 says:

    Grouser. ‘Nae Oil painting’. Sums it up.

    Not a pretty face. Twa faced to face all clocks or vacant coupons. Habitual, compulsive liars. The Westminster Gov. Disgusting.


    This is the one and only comment that AYERIGHTMUPPET will make here.
    I don’t want “Covid Cummings” head on a spike. I want him to live a long life.
    I do want him jailed as others have been for the same offence.
    I want him vilified as Typhoid Mary was.
    I want him to go down in history as the man who brought down an 80 seat majority.
    And as a result ended Brexit. While cementing the final end of the UK.
    For the record
    My wife and I have not cuddled or played with our grandchildren for over three months.
    Our children have been behind glass or masks ten feet away or electronic facsimiles.
    We are living with constant alcohol wipe down, bleach on everything.
    And every time she goes to work it’s a flip of a coin for each of us.
    And yet I am so proud of her when I think of it my heart might burst.
    She is a Care Worker and not missed one day’s work yet.
    Me I don’t do anything. I’m usually a fit and active person but in one of those at risk groups.

    Yes I want Covid Cummings to live a long life and know every day that everything he work so hard to achieve was done away with because of his own arrogant actons.

  42. Petra says:

    Jackson Carlaw (Ruth Davidson et al) who has had nought to say about Cumming’s behaviour has this to say about Douglas Ross.

    ”Great loss to the Scotland Office and UK Government, sorry to see him go but entirely respect and understand his decision. I know he will continue to be an excellent MP for Moray as we all seek to tackle this health crisis.” https://mobile.twitter.com/Jackson_Carlaw


    Must stick in Carlaw’s craw.

    ‘A Doctor in Durham who says everyone she speaks to in Durham watches Nicola Sturgeon doing the Covid-19 briefs as she’s the only one who makes sense. https://mobile.twitter.com/sylviembc/status/1264901592106532864

  43. Robert graham says:

    The Louisa Jordan Emergency Hospital is being made ready to accept the expected casualties due to fighting and brawling of Tory MPs and MSPs in the expected rush to board the last remaining Lifeboats , pest control operatives are requested to assist the removal of vermin that have gathered around this mass Exodus

  44. Donald Mavor says:

    This is how the BEEB tried to explain that Nicola had a posative +75% net rating and Boris had a negative -17% rating a net lead of 92%…. Totally unheard of lead when Landslides are founded on leads of between 5% and 10%.

    So how do they deal with this “bad news” well hide it under a bland headline, “Coronavirus lockdown: Scots’ concerns over UK response”

    A tsunami of rejection is just a “concern”!

    But it has to be explained so they turn to one of their pet Professors to explain this anomaly.


    by Sir John Curtice, professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    The difference in how well the UK and Scottish governments are thought to have handled the coronavirus crisis is remarkable.

    After all, they have both faced very similar criticisms, including too little PPE, too little testing and too little care and attention to the needs of care homes.

    In part, the explanation lies in long standing differences in attitudes towards the two governments. Ever since the advent of devolution, voters in Scotland have been inclined to evaluate the Scottish government more highly than its counterpart in London, whatever the issue at stake.

    The Scottish government benefits from a halo effect whereby credit for what is done well in Scotland is attributed to Holyrood and blame for poor performance is laid at the door of Westminster.

    Meanwhile many voters will be viewing the two governments through a partisan lens. And it also looks as though the Scottish government is closer to the public mood as to how the lockdown should now be handled.

    So nothing to see here, both goverments struggled and the reason for a 92% point lead for Nicola is the “Halo Effect”, Clanish voting habits, xenophobic hatred of Westminster. Silly Jocks just don’t get it, as from a Unionist perspective Nicola cannot legitimately have done, just let me think… Better!

    And it is not just us Jocks that think so, A nice English Doctor in Durham was being interviewed and said she was following Nicola’s advice rather than Boris’s. That Partisan Halo Effect is strong in that Nicola!

  45. Lulu Bells says:

  46. Petra says:

    Joanna Cherry:- ”This is fast evolving into an issue of equality before the law.”.. https://twitter.com/joannaccherry/status/1264941822918393857?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


    • Legerwood says:

      The link to the NY Times article on the Skye care home and HC-one is well worth a read

  47. Petra says:

    ”MSP Ross’s resignation has prompted MSP Adam Tomkins to speak out against the controversial adviser.”..


  48. Dr Jim says:

    Maybe don’t get too energised about Douglas Ross resigning from his post, it’s really to be expected that in order to save his seat in Scotland he’s pretending to behave like a human being up here in Jockland but down there in England behind the door he’s still one of them

    Always the party before other considerations

    • Bob Lamont says:

      True, but it’s also a fairly good indication of fractured unity in the WM bubble…
      Gove will be sharpening the cutlery again for one more “stab” at PM…

  49. Welsh Sion says:

    Get it out there – Full poll details at bottom of screen:

    Four in five Scots say Nicola Sturgeon has handled the coronavirus outbreak well


  50. Eilidh says:

    Blimey Douglas Ross Scottish Tory MP with teeniest amount of a spine nah self preservation more like. There are liars damn liars and Dominic Cummings. If he doesn’t understand that what he did was wrong then he must be a sociopath. If I hear any more Tories saying what Dom did was reasonable I will scream. You are nothing but a fecking liar Dom and it is high time you resigned

  51. Petra says:

    Scotland the UK dumping ground. AGAIN!

    ‘Coronavirus: Cruise ships to moor in Glasgow amid Clyde dispute.’


  52. Undeadshuan says:

    Cummings caught out changing his blog to add he predicted covid, forgetting the internet has tools to check date stamps on edits.


  53. Alba Laddie says:

    Ross travelled to WM last week – nobody knows how – car, plane, as yet it’s not clear how he got there, but quite plainly he could still have worked from home but he cited “poor internet coverage” .

    Methinks the right honourable gentleman doth protest his principles too much this morning.

    He’s jumping before he was pushed. I’m just waiting for our illustrious Scottish media to explore this angle of the story, but I expect I’ll wait a while.

    Meantime I’m going to jump in the car from here in the East of Edinburgh to Clackmannanshire (approx 32 miles) to check my eyesight.

  54. Thepnr says:

    Jackass Carlot has written to Downing Street and made known that he says Cummings should consider his position, or something close to that, didn’t quite catch it all.

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