British nationalism is only exceptional in the lies it tells

There’s a peculiar trait found amongst British nationalists in Scotland. They are unable to cope with any news which might suggest that Scotland is perfectly capable of being a normal country, able to do any of the things that any other comparable nation might do as an independent state. It appears that the entire sense of self-worth of a British nationalist in Scotland is intimately bound up with the proposition that Scotland is a helpless basket case which is entirely dependent upon the good graces of the Westminster Parliament to tie its shoe laces for it. Of course, that’s not really a sense of self-worth at all, it’s a sense of self-worthlessness. But it’s British dammit, and that makes it better than any other inferiority complex.

We saw it again this week, when the President of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen answered a question from the Hungarian MEP István Ujhelyi who asked about Scotland’s chances of rejoining the European Union once it has broken free of “the prison of Great Britain”. Ursula von der Leyen replied that any European state which respects and promotes the values of the EU may apply for membership. Naturally this would also apply to an independent Scotland. Scotland has consistently shown itself to be the most pro-EU nation within the UK. An independent Scotland would be a democracy, and since we have been members of the EU as a part of the UK for decades, we are already in close alignment to the conditions necessary for EU membership.

It was a pretty anodyne response which simply restated the long existing criteria for an application for EU membership, but it managed to spark off fury amongst British nationalists in Scotland on social media. There was a great disturbance in the yoonstream.

One Brextremist called her remarks “a betrayal”, adding that the EU was playing the old war book trick of divide and conquer, and that Scotland was “the weakest link”. The Express had one of its screaming headlines with its trademark random capitalisation saying : Britons FURIOUS as EU opens door for Sturgeon’s independence bid – ‘Mind your own business’. One of the ProudBrits replied “With all the debt problems the EU is facing, does anyone think they will take on another failed economy?” Another insisted that Scotland was a laughing stock world wide. Yet another was adamant that the EU President wasn’t talking about Scotland at all, but rather was referring to the possibility of the UK rejoining the EU – clearly no one would want Scotland.

We’re so used to this reaction from British nationalists that it passes unremarked. It’s what we’ve come to expect from them. But when you think about it it’s a very peculiar state of affairs. Now this is not to get into a discussion about whether Scotland should or should not become a member of the EU, for those of you in the comments section who are poised over the submit button. The point here is that whenever there’s some sort of signal or indication from the wider world that Scotland could be a perfectly normal independent northern European state, the knee jerk reaction of British nationalists is not to accept that Scotland could be a normal independent country but then to present evidence that Scotland is advantaged and exceptional by being part of the UK, but rather to insist that Scotland would be unable to cope or to function as an independent nation because it’s a uniquely incapable jibbering wreck of a country.

This is of course not unrelated to the evident fact that Scotland is not made exceptional by being part of the UK. Public services across the UK are worse than in most comparable European nations. Our state pensions are a disgrace. Our social security system is a theatre of cruelty instead of being a safety net for the poor, the vulnerable, and the disabled. The UK is the worst performing state in Europe in its response to the coronavirus epidemic, with the highest death toll in Europe and a confused and incoherent British Government which lurches from one misstep to another. Much of what the Scottish Government must do during this crisis is to firefight the unforced errors of the British Government. The economic woes of the coronavirus crisis are being compounded by the reckless decision of the British Government to press ahead with Brexit, and in addition to the job losses and economic havoc which we are already facing, Scotland along with the rest of the UK risks further economic problems due to the no deal Brexit which the Tories are pursuing.

All this is a function of Westminster’s choices. The only exceptional thing about the British state is its own conceit of itself. So clearly any British nationalist who wants to argue that Scotland derives immense advantages from being part of the UK can only do so by insisting that Scotland would be a hopeless slabbering basket case as an independent nation. They can only do so by claiming that uniquely amongst the nations of northern Europe, Scotland would be incapable of funding the poor level of public services and state provision that we currently have. That’s the only way in which any “advantage” can be asserted.

The low level at which British nationalists insist that Scotland would function as an independent state would make Scotland unique in Europe. They never explain just what it is that makes Scotland so intrinsically poor and incapable. It becomes even harder to understand given Scotland’s embarrassing wealth of natural and human resources.

Instead all we get is pointing at the GERS figures, despite these being figures which only partially describe the financial situation of Scotland within the UK and which have no bearing on the financial position of an independent Scotland. After all, the entire point of independence is to do things differently.

The GERS figures for next year will include the share allocated to Scotland for the borrowing that the British Government has been forced to do in order to cope with the current crisis. It will be gleefully seized upon by British nationalists as yet more evidence that Scotland is “subsidised”, when in fact it is no such thing. An independent Scotland would be perfectly capable of making its own borrowing arrangements. We are not given free money by the UK, the money that the UK borrows – supposedly on Scotland’s behalf – is money that Scotland will have to pay back. The difference is that as an independent nation we’d have a lot more freedom of choice and movement in how the money is spent.

Yet it’s a fundamental maxim in science that anyone who makes an extraordinary claim must present extraordinarily strong evidence in order to back it up. The British nationalist claim that Scotland is intrinsically poor and incapable is an extraordinary claim which is never backed up with strong and incontrovertible evidence. It’s backed up solely with a set of politically contentious figures which have been constructed in such a way as to maximise Scotland’s expenditure and minimise Scotland’s revenues.

Better Together used to claim that as part of the UK, Scotland had the best of both worlds. In fact the reality is that as a part of the UK Scotland has the worst of both worlds. We have to suffer the austerity and defunding of public services of a UK which is hell bent on rewarding the rich, and we’re told that without even these few crumbs we’d be a helpless basket case worse off than nations which don’t have a fraction of the natural or human resources that Scotland possesses in abundance. It’s a nonsensical argument, yet it’s the foundation upon which the argument against independence rests.

No wonder that British nationalist react with such fury to even the most anodyne and self-evident statement that Scotland could be a normal independent country. They themselves know deep down that the British rule which they prize so much rests upon a myth that dissolves into nothingness the moment it’s examined. That’s why they’re desperate to deflect the argument onto imaginary Scottish shortcomings in an attempt to ensure that the basket case of Britishness is never examined at all.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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72 comments on “British nationalism is only exceptional in the lies it tells

  1. grizebard says:

    Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, back in ’14 during the 2nd TV debate, Alex Salmond eventually managed to drag an extremely reluctant admission from the now-entitled champers leftie Darling that Scotland would be a perfectly capable self-standing country. At least he was honest when energetically pressed to the point.

    But he is far from unique in the “Bitter Together” camp. The whole intent though of the proponents of a preternaturally-incapable Scotland is not informed by any belief they themselves hold in the absurd notion. Their tactic is nothing more than a cynical and increasingly-desperate last-ditch attempt to play on the fears of the many “soft-no’s” who will be the pivot to success for one side or the other in the eventual and inevitable IR2.

    And what makes the BritNat brigade more uneasy than anything – as evidenced by that recent revelatory Freudian slip of Sarah Smith – is the self-evident competence of Nicola Sturgeon and Jeane Freeman in particular, and the SG in general, in the one area – health – in which they already possess a large measure of autonomy. Maybe this virus – despite its utterly-unwanted deadly consequences – will actually prove to be the final key to our freedom.

  2. Dr Jim says:

    When the UK government behaves in the opposite way from what it said it would the British Nationalist simply states *They changed their mind* and no more seems to be said on the subject, no matter how enormous a decision it may have been
    If the Scottish government did the same the demands for public enquiries, shake ups, *the BBC has uncovered evidences, and endless screaming from every political interferer in every walk of life is ceremoniously dug up to lay into the Scottish government as though such a decision would have breached the word of the Lord God almighty, and Independence was the reason all along because obsessed, mantra, ideology, all the lovely words that normally accompany the Scottish government doing anything

    There’s a thing that the British Nationalists hate to acknowledge, so they don’t, and it’s that Scotland has one of the most expensive armed forces in the world it never has the use of, yet we still pay in excess of Israels expenditure to the UK government for them to operate it

    Scotland has a nuclear arsenal accompanied by nuclear submarines parked at the bottom of our garden that if attacked the resulting catasrophe would wipe out the majority of Scotland yet almost no one in Scotland wants, again we still pay for it

    Scotland as part of the UK of Englands Union pays for infrastrucure projects in England that the UK government *DEEM* beneficial to Scotland, like thon train that’ll get you from one part of England to another part of England 20 minutes quicker than it did before, or an airport in England that right after Scotland pays it’s share the airlines will magically change the slots and routes to disadvantage Scotland from using them

    Rinse and repeat, catch and release, and the British Nationalist Scots buy it and lap it up like chocolate cake and Dandilion and Burdock, why? because they can, and it’s that simple, because it’s always been that simple, Scotland wants to do something? *We’ll stop you*

    We’ve got guts, British Nationalists are cowards and Filthy Rotten Scoundrels who have benefitted from bleeding other nations dry of their economy because they’re afraid to stand on their own two feet

    If the British Nationalists were as brave as they say they are why would they be angry at the thought of Scotland leaving the UK Union to join another Union surely they should be thankful to be rid of us Verminous drunken drug addicts they say cost them money, why do they keep saying they love us yet obviously hate us at the same time

    Do we have to bring plagues of frogs against them to show we don’t want to pay for their pyramids anymore

    • weegingerdug says:

      For some reason your comments keep ending up in the spam folder. Am not entirely sure why, but I can assure you I’m not censoring them.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Maybe it’s because I waffle a bit much sometimes, change the spam folder to the Dr Jim waffle folder so you’ll know it’s me


    • Derek Millar says:

      I thought it was all the Covid stuff that was depressing me but then realized it was all the crap being pumped out from UK Government,Johnston,Gove,Rab,Hancock et al.Then thought I would be as well listening to my spaniel or even my bloody beagle.

  3. István Ujheyi represents the Hungarian Socialist Party, why the interest in accession of an independent Scotland to the EU? First and foremost the relationship between Hungary and the EU is defined by the EU’s increasing antipathy towards the “illiberal” practices of Victor Orbán’s Fidesz party.
    What does the EU’s sympathetic stance towards Scotland signal (from a Hungarian perspective) when political critics of Sturgeon are hounded by Police Scotland’s self described “Salmond squad”.
    “Scotland is a democracy”, tell that to Alex Salmond, Mark Hirst & Craig Murray.

    • weegingerdug says:

      You hardly need the scare quotes around illiberal when referring to Fidesz.

      A party which compares gay people who wish to adopt to paedophiles and says that gay people should “not consider themselves undoubtedly equal” (said by László Kövér, the current Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly and member of Fidesz) is clearly illiberal. Fidesz also introduced an amendment to the Hungarian Constitution which prohibits equal marriage.

      The party’s attacks upon minorities, migrants, and asylum seekers are well documented. Orbán has often expressed his preference for a racially homogenous society. The party has seized control of supposedly non-partisan bodies which are supposed to provide oversight and checks on government power, such as the State Audit Office, the State Prosecution Service, and the National Fiscal Council. Concerns have been raised by many organisations, both within and outwith Hungary, that the party is creating an authoritarian state and destroying Hungarian democracy. Fidesz has removed independent judges and replaced them with judges it deems more suitable. It has stacked the Supreme Court with its loyalists and the Chief Prosecutor is a party member who never pursues the many allegations of corruption against Fidesz officials.

      Fidesz isn’t merely illiberal, it’s a bawhair away from outright fascism.

    • grizebard says:

      And your utterly obscure point is…?

      (Another pseudo-indy moan, I fear. The only new BritNat trick in their heavily-depleted box of tricks.)

    • Petra says:

      Craig Murray has been a critic of Nicola Sturgeon since the SNP gave the Libdem loose cannon the bums rush. I don’t know anything about Mark Hirst, however since when did Alex Salmond become a political critic of Nicola Sturgeon?

      • Dr Jim says:

        If former FM Alex Salmond decides to speak about something which concerns him I’m quite sure he will, but until that time or maybe never the folk using his name to sell whatever it is they’re selling are no help or assistance to Scottish Independence

        But of course they know that, because their motives are theirs and not necessarily those of the former FM who has made a career out of speaking for himself so it’s likely he doesn’t need Internet gossips to do that for him

        We sound like we’re on the same page Petra, when we used to comment elsewhere I guessed that

        • Petra says:

          We’ve always been on the same page, Dr Jim, and it’s great to see you posting on here on a regular basis. No waffle at all, rather thought provoking posts interspersed with witty comments which give us all a well needed laugh.

          Just to add that I would love to see people like Robert Peffers and RJS posting on here. In fact I often wonder how auld Bob is getting on right now, especially with this virus floating around. I hope that he is doing well and that we’ll hear from him in the near future.

    • Petra says:

      Dr Istvan Ujhelyi was elected as a Member of the European Parliament in the May 2014 European Parliament election. His interest in Scotland joining the EU may have something to do with him detesting Orban and all that he and his party stands for in Hungary. Ujhelyi, and many others, may see Scotland, if it joined, as being a positive, constructive influence as an EU member helping to counter the rise of far right led EU countries.

  4. Black Rab says:

    I’ve never been comfortable with the use or the idea of the word ‘normal’ in regard to Scotland becoming a normal independent nation. There are many ‘normal’ independent nations which I wouldn’t like Scotland’s ‘normality’ to be compared or deemed similar to. Many independent nations have inequality, injustice and poverty at the heart of their societies, and these societies/countries can be found all over the planet.
    Declaring ‘normality’ is advocating that you want to align your values to some typical model that just doesn’t exist. Independence might be most typical around the world but corruption and other negative values that we would like to move away from exist in independent nations.Independence might be typical around the world, but that’s not the only value that is sought.
    I’m suggesting that aligning ourselves with any other independent nation may well suggest that we also might be aligning ourselves with values that the UK already proudly declare as positive.
    I think we are seeking to move beyond normal.

    • grizebard says:

      It’s “angels on pinheads” agonising like this that does us no good. Have high ambitions by all means, but that is hardly absent from most every indy supporter’s thoughts. The last campaign was full of such high ideals.

      None of this is going to sway the essential doubters though. They want the assurance of a safe, predictable and prosperous country. If we want to win, we have to stop looking in the mirror PDQ and instead see it from their point of view. “Normal” is their be-all-and-end-all.The rest can wait for whomever we choose to be in government after the change.

      First things first.

  5. Potter says:

    Ah know, imagine being proud that 300 years of Union had made Scotland too poor to be Independent.

  6. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female.

  7. Thepnr says:

    I think that the remaining Independence supporting blogs are attracting an awful lot of attention from those that support the status quo and will deny the people of Scotland their Independence.

    I also think that they are fighting a losing battle hence their desperation. I’m enjoying their discomfort. Scotland will be an Independent nation and it will be in no small part down to their negativity and running down of Scotland and her people.

    Eventually, even those that don’t usually pay attention, start to notice that “there is something not quite right” about all this reporting and that is all to the good as far as Independence is concerned for when people do eventually open their eyes they will see the daily attacks on Nicola Sturgeon for what they are. Westminster inspired government propaganda to undermine the one person they fear the most.

    Hahaha, not working is it? last time I looked Nicola Sturgeon is believed to be the best political leader in the UK when it comes to handling Covid-19 beating both Johnson and Starmer with a UK wide poll on who is handling the crisis best.

    No wonder they fear her and want rid of her. Ignore the naysayers, they are playing games in order to keep Scotland in the UK. They are on the retreat and this is the backlash, it will only serve to make their predicament worse. I’ll continue to ignore them.

  8. Doug says:

    English/British nationalist Westminster continues to treat Scotland with contempt. It shows no sign of changing. SNP MPs must either disrupt Westminster of depart from it and stay in Scotland.

  9. andyfromdunning says:

    As a Yes Perth member I provide economic information about Scotland comparing us to the U.K., England and other economies. Scotland is doing well despite decades of economic mismanagement.

    As an example if you look at export trade data for U.K. exports for all U.K. nations and parts of England you can see clearly that every part of England trades at a loss and has done for decades. No positive trade surplus anywhere since 2000. Scotland has always had a positive trade balance.

    If you subtract imports from exports and then take the difference as a percentage of exports and graph this figure you get a smooth trend. England over the last ten years had a minus 53% figure because there imports are twice exports. Scotland has a positive trend varying between plus 19% and plus 30%. This is because our imports are a third less than exports, we make an export trade profit. England is in fact the basket case.

    Have a look at the HMRC website

  10. Andy in Germany says:

    “Another insisted that Scotland was a laughing stock world wide.”

    I can tell you that this isn’t the case in Germany.

    In fact there’s a feeling among people watching the madness who feel it’s the most sensible part of Britain and would be welcome in the EU should it decide to become a normal country again.

    Indyref1 marked a change here, as people in Germany realised the bit on top of England wasn’t actually England at all, and had a different flag. People stopped asking “do you come from England?” and instead asked “Are you from England or Scotland”? (Answer : “England, unfortunately,”).

    The Scotland we saw in 2014 was an open, tolerant and mature country. People liked what they saw and still do. Also the response of Holyrood to Brexit, especially how the ScotGov dealt with EU nationals, has not gone unnoticed.

    England, on the other hand is seen as a right wing basket case repeating our mistakes of the 20th century…

    • Shagpile says:

      Absolutely Andy. In 2014 Germans were more likely to say why on earth would you want to do that? Now, it’s more a case of so when do you think you’ll get your independence? I don’t believe the Germans are out of step with the rest of the EU. The change over here is palpable.

  11. Ken Clark says:

    Thanks, Paul,

    Your posts are a continuing source of much needed relief from all the nonsense we are blitzed with by the British media.

    Good old Aunty Beeb is of course one of the worst, “too wee, too poor” culprits, yet has the gall to screen the Norwegian drama, “A State Of Happiness” into Scottish living rooms.

    Trolling, BBC style.

  12. Gregory R Nunn says:

    The Boris Johnson/Conservative government is the culmination of backward thinkers struggling to retain an empire that was lost long ago.
    “Everything must go”, as the window dressings read in the shop going out of business. Go free, it should read for the UK.
    No person, no land, should be “the subject” of another. If there is any Devine right, it is the right of freedom. Not to rule over others. It’s called “enlightenment”. There’s a book on it, that perhaps Boris could read (or have read to him, slowly).
    Let the Irish have Ireland, it is theirs.
    Let the Welsh have Wales, it is theirs.
    Let the Scots have Scotland, it is theirs.
    Greatness is coming soon.
    Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

  13. ArtyHetty says:

    Excellent article Paul. It’s right on time as well, the Britnats must be apoplectic right now, what with Scotland taking the initiative to follow their own path in dealing with this epidemic. Brexit has exposed the fact that the British Nationalist colonial mindset is alive and kicking,( literally, given half a chance) and their arrogance knows no bounds.

    It’s funny to read that ‘Scotland is a laughing stock worldwide’ because a) the fact is the real laughing stock is England, and b) surely Scotland is hardly visible enough or important enough to even be considered a’ laughing stock worldwide’! The Britnats have attempted to silence Scotland, both in Scotland itself,( Scottish cringe) in the rUK and certainly on the ‘world’ stage. Thing is, it has and is backfiring!

    The Britnats are doing a grand job of shining a very bright light onto their own mismanagement, incompetence, exceptionalism, racism, arrogance and opportunism, ‘worldwide’.

    Carry on Britnats, carry on. Aye, what a carry on it is indeed!

    ‘Carry on up the?’

  14. David Agnew says:

    And there we have it. This peculiar pride in being Scottish but…

    Ask them what they are proud of and you can almost hear their brains squirm like Alistair Darlings eye brows when he is caught out in a lie.

    I want to talk about my turning point. When I decided to it was time to end the Union. I would like to tell you about the time, back in 2014 to be precise, when Alistair Darling tried to sell me a magic cloak.

    This magic cloak was a truly wondrous thing. It was better than anything you could find in Oz or in Harry Potter. “It’s a dangerous world out there” said Mr Darling, “Filled with uncertainty and doubt and fear of the unknown, you will need this cloak to shield you from harm”. He also went on to add that it would also make us Great as a Nation. We can take part in large sporting events, absorb culture, music, art and other cool stuff! span oceans and trade with great powers. We could sit at the top table with important people.This then was a man not to be ignored or trifled with, and the cloak he offered seemed to good to pass up. The name of this wondrous raiment? It was Britain of course and that’s when I encountered my turning point. The term Union was never used during his pitch and if you look closely it is rarely mentioned. Its always Britain or the UK. Why…one would almost think there had been no Union in 1707 and Britain the Nation had always existed. Yet there was an odd theme to the message. Scotland would not have been able to bail out its banks without British Aid. Scotland would not have been able to take part in the Olympics without British sporting facilities. Scotland is a success in trade, engineering and science because of Britain. Lest we forget, Scotland could not enjoy culture or music without Britain. Parse the statements made by Mr Darling, then you cannot help but think that there is this separate entity called “Britain”, which Scotland has been generously allowed to be part of. If Mr Darling was to be believed, Scotland has clearly contributed nothing to the success of this “Britain”, and still contributes nothing to this day. Scotland it seems, is a mere recipient of “Britishness”. Relying in its charity, of its benevolent and invisible hand, guiding us through life. From Darling to Sarwar to Davidson to Rennie to Murray and others, we are subjected this odd notion of Scottish learned helplessness, which has been ameliorated by the soothing balm of British identity. It is in other words, a magic cloak that allows Scotland to hide its true character of mediocrity and dependency. But if we were to spurn this cloak, why then our true hideousness will be seen by all. Instantly reverting to imbecility and backwardness as the clock would turn back to the day the Darien scandal bankrupted us. Oh poor Scotland who would defend us now?

    When I followed the logic of Darlings sales pitch. It instantly failed. Who in their right mind would argue for such a high level of dependency as a boon? If true what does it say about us, that we became so enfeebled? If true what does it say about Britain that it would want this state of affairs to continue? Is not in truth (if it were true for a minute) a damning indictment of union? How long can any union last when one member contributes nothing but lives on charity. The tories always say, Scotland must learn to stand on its own two feet and wean itself of subsidy. But how? How could a nation of scroungers ever be fiscally responsible, unless it was in charge of its own money. How can it be in debt, when its not allowed to be in debt and not allowed to spend more than it is given?

    It is an odd sort of pride to believe that you belong to a nation that has contributed nothing to a union it has with another. To believe that you are subsidised. That you are in effect paid to pretend to be something you’re not. But not a word of it is true. The union then is a desperate and dreadful lie, and the magic cloak of Britishness is a moth eaten rag.

  15. Arthur Thomson says:

    Scotland will become independent when the majority of Scotland’s population wish it to happen. All of the Brit attempts to persuade people against independence are counterproductive. All they achieve is to show how despicable they actually are. We are past the point where spurious arguments will decide a referendum. It will be a binary choice between people committed to one of two opposing perspectives. That is why it is best that there has been a delay in having a second referendum. Those who have decided that Scotland should be independent will vote for it regardless of what the Brits say. Support for independence is by all accounts solid, it is not based on pathetic trivia like being a few quid better off or whether Nicola or Alex is a better leader and I have no doubt it is growing by the day as individual people are the seeing the truth – that the Scots are the equal of any community in the world. The strong performance of the Scottish Government is part of the key evidence needed to awaken those afflicted by the cringe.

    We need to be much more laid back in the face of Brits demanding that they should control the narrative. We have to stop reacting emotionally to their crap. Right to be angry, good – very good – to enjoy laughing at them but we have to stop taking their fairy tales seriously.

    “Aye, sure thing” should be our dismissive reaction to all they say and do. We need to feel and radiate confidence. We need to have the courage of our convictions. That is the single message we need to get out there. That is the message that those who are afraid need to hear to bring them onside and win the day.

  16. Dr Jim says:

    Holyrood British Nationalists this week have called for the resignation of health secretary Jeanne Freeman, this is a common call from the Brits and happens most often when a health secretary is doing their job well, which she is according to the W.H.O
    Accompanying that call came another and this time it was for the FM to guarantee safety to all following her decision to begin the easing of lockdown, guarantee they call, the same people who only days ago were screaming for the lockdown to be lifted at the same rate as the English clownfoot circus without the slightest hint of asking for guarantees from Trump, Oops Johnson, I get these two mixed up all the time

    Are the British Nationalists going to dare to call for the resignation of the FM (Also who the W.H.O say is doing an excellent job) if one single person happens to contract Covid 19 an die from its effects given that the BBC State broadcaster actually invited people to an afternoon radio phone in to talk about breaking the rules of lockdown because they might agree with Boris Johnson and not Nicola Sturgeon, then later BBC TV proceeded to show visuals of lockdown rule breakers in an obvious attempt to undermine the FMs instructions

    The state broadcaster would I’m 100% sure deny these charges as their duty to report the news but if that were the case they didn’t report that the UK population in general believes that Scotlands FM is dealing with the Covid 19 response better than any other part of the UK, they also didn’t report that the president of the EU commission, (y’know the thing Scotland doesn’t want to leave but has been forced to by England) Ursula Van Der Leyen and her colleagues over there in that august body would rather like to have Scotland join them if and when we get out of the corrupt Union we’re imprisoned within

    There are many things I’m 100% sure the BBC state broadcaster doesn’t report as news
    because they’re told not to by the same people who keep Scotland imprisoned within their corrupt mafia run cabal of multi millionaire owners many of whom enjoy their riches because of the value of Scotland

    One wonders why the Scottish British Nationalist in the street thinks those folk are on the same planet as him/her

  17. Dave tewart says:

    STV evening news.
    The 3 stooges were allowed to waffle on without comment or interruption.
    Nicola was continually interrupted.
    No bias there then.
    It was noticed by an onionist as totally nasty.
    What do these so called journalists think they’re doing,OH just doing what they’re told,no need for being honest to themselves or us.
    The doris gets off with the Arcori payouts, NO evidence he handed over the money,himself perhaps.

  18. John McLeod says:

    I would like to ask for the thoughts of the Wee Ginger Dug community around the use of the word ‘independent’, as in independent country or independent state in today’s article from Paul. This is a word that is obviously here to stay because it has great resonance for the movement. However, it is not entirely accurate, because no country or state is every completely independent – we exist in a highly inter-dependent world. An alternative way of describing the movement is that its aim is for Scotland to become a self-governing state that is a member of the United Nations and able to play its part in all of the international programmes and organisations that accompany such status.

    What I have noticed in nearby self-governing states in which I have worked (Ireland, Norway and Denmark) is that the media in these places operate in a fundamentally different way from Scotland. In these self-governing states, the news and debate boundary is drawn in a different place. TV and print news are filled with every aspect of being self-governing. Anything else becomes international or foreign news. The blurred boundary that prevails at the present time in Scotland is strikingly obvious in the coverage of the coronavirus crisis. if we were a self-governing state, what was happening in London would be of interest, but never headline news.

  19. John McLeod says:

    The topic of Paul’s article is the belief that Scotland is capable of functioning as a self-governing state. This is one of the most important fault-lines in the entire independence debate. If someone accepts that Scotland does possess such a capability, then the debate shifts to other questions, that are more open to dialogue, such as whether Scotland might flourish as a self-governing state, how it would be governed, whether the costs of the transition are worth paying, etc. What is implicit in Paul’s article, but needs to be made explicit, is that the belief that Scotland is not capable of being a self-governing state is not based on evidence. As a consequence, any evidence that is put forward regarding Scotland’s capabilty, is always rationalised away, because by definition it cannot be true. The belief in Scotland’s incapacity is a core value, a lens through which everything else is viewed. By attempting to challenge it through evidence, we are just reinforcing the notion that the udnerlying belief may have some validity. The only way to move forward is to challenge it as a concept. Eventually other concepts and other ways of talking become taken for granted. This is a strategy that has worked in relation to many of the struggles for equality and respect that have taken place in the past.

    • Dr Jim says:

      A large swathe of Scotlands population wouldn’t vote for Independence if you handed them gold ingots worth a million pounds each, unfortunately Scotland is not like the Republic of Ireland Scotland in religious tone is more like Northern Ireland so no matter how prosperous or not Scotland could ever be is not a consideration for those people even though that’s the argument they employ to mask and defend their loyalty and bigotry in favour of the English crown

      Not forgetting of course that for the most part many of the English people who live and work in Scotland also wouldn’t vote for Independence for Scotland as they consider themselves to come from the ruling country that owns Scotland so why should they give up property they believe they own

      • Mouth Of The Shannon says:

        Dr. Jim :

        You raise a very good point.

        There is a hard core of between of people living in Scotland who will never vote for an independent Scotland no matter what. So the independence movement in Scotland is starting 10 metres behind the starting line.
        The numbers for Wales are even worse given the nature of the heavy integration of Wales into the English/British state structure and the huge number of English people living in Wales.

        Scotland now needs to begin asserting itself with the EU on the basis that the vast majority of people in Scotland voted to remain in the EU – and the SNP thus has a mandate to pursue and expand all links with the EU and continue to expand its relations with all independent states, particularly the smaller ones similar in size to Scotland, in the EU.

  20. Ken2 says:

    Scotland raises £63Billion in tax revenues. Scotland could raise £80Billion like Norway.

    The illegal Barnett Formula. Formulated to take revenues and resources illegally and secretly out of Scotland by Thatcher. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Iraq War, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years.

    Scotland pays dear for Westminster totally bad, poor decisions. Total incompetence. Against International Law and convention. Westminster unionists break the Law with impunity.

    Illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud cost Scotland dear. Scotland has to pay for Westminster failure. Paying £Billions on debt repayment not borrowed or spent in Scotland.

    £Billions excess on Defence. Redundant weaponry. Fiscal failure without proper scrutiny. Public money wasted. Selling redundant weaponry illegally. Redundant before it is even produced.

    Scotland cannot borrow £5Billion to improve and grow the economy. (Norm). Pay for itself. Scotland could make £8Billion selling excess fuel and energy. Instead of subsidising others. Loses £3Billion on tax evasion. Total £20Billion+.

    Instead of subsiding London S/E with Scottish revenues and resources.

    The virus came from the South. Scotland suffered because Westminster did not lock down sooner. Cases in London S/E reported in January. Cases reported in Scotland in March.

    The Tories cut NHS spending, ignored pandemic warnings for years. Totally unprepared for years because of Westminster austerity cuts. Cutting NHS/Education and welfare.

    Spending £Billions on Nuclear discredited in the 1950’s. £Billions wasted on HS2, Illegally. Non Declaration of the expense by civil servants. Johnston just gave the go ahead. Another total failure unless it is cut and stopped.

    Tories and their associates being given £Million/Billion contract without proper scrutiny. Wasting £Billions in public monies. Including NHS contracts.

    Vote Tory to die younger. Life expectancy in the rest of the UK declining.

    Brexit shambles the next disgraceful mess. Compounding the total idiocy of the Westminster appalling policies.

    Support for SNP/Independence rising.

  21. Undeadshuan says:

    They must be getting worried, they rolled out ruth davidson on itv this morning for an extended interview.
    Guess private polling disnae look good for the torys.

  22. Petra says:

    Turned the television on this morning (STV) and lo and behold Ruth Davidson’s sweaty fizzog filled the screen. Aye I know. What a start to the day! I missed what she had said earlier, however no matter what she was asked she managed to turn the question around with every second sentence being used to run Nicola Sturgeon down to the ground. Care home deaths in Scotland double the figure in England, fewer tests being carried out here than in England, the same (boring) message from Nicola Sturgeon week after week, your kid will be able to visit their childminder but not their granny, Boris must be doing something right if Nicola sturgeon is copying him two weeks later etc, etc. She even managed to make mention of the MacKay scandal (without mentioning his name) by stating that Scotland’s finance minister had been thrown into the job following a scandal. Inferring that she wasn’t up to the job. Then she mentioned that no-one is listening to Nicola Sturgeon by talking about the ”crowds” on Portobello Beach. Big photograph (photoshopped as we saw earlier) of PB on the screen. The good news was that her 18 month old wean is keeping her up at night (good throughout the day) and that she only got 3 hours sleep last night. Never realised that sleep deprivation led to pathological lying.

    Nicola Sturgeon is being interviewed on STV in a few minutes and I hope to see her at least diss the care home cr*p.

  23. Petra says:

    On in a few minutes? Sorry I got that one wrong as Nicola Sturgeon still hasn’t appeared on the programme yet, but will do.

  24. Ken2 says:

    Davidson is a total liar. Liars always get found out. Like Johnston. They are fooling no one, the Tories will be voted out. Deja Vu. It will all end in tears, again.

    The Tories will be out of Holyrood. They are just a bunch of incompetent fools. Vote Tory to die younger. They are fooling no one. They will be voted out. Don’t watch their nonsense. Stay safe and sane. Johnston -3.

  25. Petra says:

    Nicola Sturgeon was interviewed by Lorraine Kelly on ITV (STV) and came across as being a highly intelligent and competent leader. More so a down to earth and compassionate person. Lorraine Kelly commenced the interview by stating that Ruth Davidson was on earlier and said that you are just following the Boris Johnson line. Nicola responded by saying that she’s not getting into party political games (with dross like Ruth Davidson). Lorraine Kelly mentioned that she’s been accused of using the crisis to further the independence cause (plus the wee Smith quote and apology). NS totally quashed that one. She (NS) also said that this isn’t a popularity contest, so you shouldn’t be afraid to be unpopular especially now. She’s driven by doing her best to protect the Scots / Scotland. Covered care homes. NS followed the scientific advice at the time. Wearing masks – NS wear a face covering in shops etc. They showed a video (below) of Nicola Sturgeon practically breaking down at Holyrood to highlight how caring she is.

    Lorraine and their doctor, Hilary Jones, then discussed Nicola Sturgeon. Doc was really impressed with her. Great communicator, human etc. Lorraine added that Ruth Davidson is exactly the same type of person as NS. No I don’t think so Lorraine and I don’t think that your viewers will think so either.


    Neil Findlay doing what the BritNats do best and that is lying. ”We now have the worst (care home) death rates in Europe.” Was he referring to Scotland or the UK overall?

    Nicola Sturgeon showing another side of herself at FMQ’s. The one that puts her head and shoulders not only above ALL other politicians, but many leaders of independent countries worldwide.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Petra, you know Lorraine Kelly is more Unionist than the Queen, her entire carreer was and is based on the people of England loving her wee quaint Scottishy accent and down to earth shortbread approach, Scottish Independence might have an affect on wee Lorraines income and popularity and she could be forced to publicly take a side, a thing that she’s never wanted to do because she would be revealed as a Unionist and possibly lose half her support because of it

      It makes standing on the terraces of her favourite football club every week open to ridicule from half the crowd and wee Lorraine wouldn’t like that at all, oh she’s nice right enough, but not so nice when it comes to Scottish Independence, she gets testy

      • Petra says:

        Yeah I know Dr Jim. She’s slipped up on a number of occasions and more so on numerous occasions via her highly animated facial expressions and quivering, Uriah Heep like body language, when she’s interviewing / talking about key members of the royal family / Tory politicians. She’s part of the Scottish ”celebrity” BritNat team which includes Billy Connolly and Neil Oliver.

    • David Agnew says:

      Comparing Ruth to Nicola and saying Ruth is the same is like comparing Ivanka Trump with Angela Merkel. Or a polished turd with the hope diamond.

  26. Dr Jim says:

    Once again as they do every day BBC Radio Scotland engages in their * please phone in and give us your views and opinions on the current easing of the lockdown* which of course is the way the BBC have of asking for listeners political view of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the Essenpee
    because they know the *listeners* aren’t phoning in to discuss the actual disease that’s killing thousands of people in every country of the world, why would they, it’s an opportunity to air their support for whoever they think folk should be listening to as opposed to another

    No matter how many times Unionists are reminded that it’s England that has changed the rules and that Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland have remained pretty much aligned in their dealings over the crisis the Unionists don’t want to hear it, they carry on inventing nonsense after nonsense in pathethic attempts to disguise their loyalty to the English Crown and its Ministers no matter how incorrectly they’re behaving, no matter how badly they’re organised, but the most important thing all of these Unionist phone in listeners have in common is the inability to control themselves when faced with the facts that the entire scientific community including the W.H.O have repeated that Scotlands FM in the circumstances is doing exactly the right thing, they bluster out all the phrases we’re used to hearing from them about the FM *virtue signalling* *deliberately being different* and many other to numerous to mention

    *I don’t know what Scotland would’ve done without the UK finances to bail Scotland out of this mess*

    And there it is, they can’t help it, and every time they use that phrase they undermine their own stupid position on their understanding of finance, every country borrows money to pay for what it needs or wants, Scottish British Nationalist Unionists are happy to keep Scotland and every one of its population locked down in the position of not being able to borrow its own money the same way as every other country on earth, and so keep all of us subject to the will and decisions of a country who wouldn’t care if 50% of us died of Covid 19 by tomorrow morning because they’d still own the land we occupy, which is all they want or need, because what they don’t need is us

    One wonders what would happen if when every Unionist in Scotland went to the bank for a car loan or a mortgage that bank refused them a loan, who would they blame, Nicola Sturgeon? or the fact that because of their position of dependence that bank viewed them as poor risks but Scottish Nationalists were viewed as a better risk because they were prepared to take care of themselves so seen as dependable

    British Nationalist Unionists don’t want Scotland to exist as a country because they’re cowards as well as bigots, they just use financial arguments to cover up what they are

  27. Bob Lamont says:

    “British nationalism is only exceptional in the lies it tells” has never been more true than in recent times, but this crisis has given Scots a front row seat to England being systematically lied to, a massive wakeup for many to their own condition.
    The entire edifice of British Nationalism relies on impressions conveyed by the media to the populace, the relationship between politicians or parties and the media in maintaining that edifice has stretched the meaning of independent media to breaking of late north and south of the border.

    In Scotland’s case, as @Thepnr commented earlier, those previously aware of Britnat propaganda from the media are now joined by many more horrified at media malevolence and hostile attacks at FM daily updates, including Alister Jack Broadcasting Inc (Borders). Combined with the endless diatribe from Pacific Quay, the Herald etc., Holyrood and Westminster politicians, the orchestration was so obvious it became the story, not the subject of the assault, and it mattered not your stance on independence.

    What the Cummings outfit saw as opportunity to divert attention from England’s woes, damage SG or SNP or independence aspirations, to do so during a “truce” was spectacularly myopic. As the only guns firing on the battlefield it wasn’t the story they farmed which grabbed public attention but the duplicity of the attackers while “the enemy” were counting their dead. The “Nike” smear Murray, Jackson et al attempted to engineer could only be viewed against that same backdrop of orchestration, propaganda only works if you’re listening, Scots have gone decidedly deaf.

    As the “truce” comes closer to ending there will be serious repercussions for scottish politics and media, the British Nationalist strategy has shot itself in the foot and will be limping from this point on. No matter the subject or how often Pacific Quay or the Herald wheel out “unbiased” commentary, the sun is setting on their little empire.

  28. Welsh Sion says:

    British Unionist Morons, Scotland = BUMS

  29. Ken2 says:

    The illegal Partition of Ireland. They wanted Home Rule/Independence from Westminster brutal rule. They had campaigned for it for centuries.

    The Catholic’s in NI were refused the vote. They were discriminated against. Refused access to public housing and public jobs.

    The illegal Protestant Masonic regime backed up by Westminster for unionists votes. To this day. Total discrimination breaking UK/EU/International Law. It caused over 100 years of troubles and strife because of Westminster corruption.

    The Irish can vote to reunite. Demographics.

    Scotland could go through the Ballot Box since 1928.

    Illegal Partition 1923. Universal Suffrage 1928. If the Irish people had waited 5 years they could have voted for Home Rule/Independence. Avoided nearly 100 years of trouble and strife.

  30. jackieg says:

    Morning folks,

    A wee laugh for a Friday morning. Crouquet anyone?

    • Petra says:

      These Tories are a funny lot right enough, Jackieg. We know that because the whole world is laughing at them all right now.

  31. Petra says:

    I hope that Ruth Davidson (where’s Carlaw?) gets ABSOLUTELY hammered for her latest pathetic ploy in trying to undermine Nicola Sturgeon / the SNP: In the process putting many Scottish lives in jeopardy. Whilst she languishes on her fat backside doing nought for Scotland, as per usual, Nicola Sturgeon is working her backside off on our behalf. Then she, the Mooth, through fear, sheer spite and jealousy pops her ignorant, despicable, nefarious head up for a few minutes, now and again, opens her mouth and let’s her bl**dy, big belly rumble. She’s an absolute feckin disgrace and now in a most wretched class of her own. The worst of the worse type of Tory, imo.

    A start.

    ‘GMB: Anger over Ruth Davidson’s lockdown easing complaints.’


    Loads of links to be found on here pertaining to Scotland. Check them out.

    • Legerwood says:

      Well you did not miss her and hit the wall there. All too true.

      • Petra says:

        That’s me when I’m getting annoyed Legerwood. You should see me when I get angry, lol.

    • Dr Jim says:

      It’s easy to see who’s working hardest for the benefit of the country, the FM is getting skinnier by the day and Ruth Davidson just keeps piling it on from doing sweet sod all but bump her gums round kebabs before burbling out Toryisms

  32. John Mc Leod, earlier at 6.43 am, , I’m ‘self isolating’ from comment at the moment as my blood reduces from boiling to merely simmering, and to be frank, Paul’s excellent items of late, more or less reflect the views of ,me, and now millions, of my fellow Scots citizens.
    We have been using various versions of Scotland as an ‘independent’ country, John. Self Determination, Self Governing, or the bald ‘Independent’.

    The Yanks do not celebrate ‘ Self Government Day’.
    We use ‘Independent’ to encapsulate the fever passion and fight infused in our campaign.

    But we are past debating semantics. No more navel gazing. No more Mr Mrs or Ms Nice Guy.
    We are going for the jugular when campaigning starts afresh.
    WE shall take to the streets in our hundreds of thousands this time.
    The SNP is not the Independence Movement. They are the political conduit through which our ultimate goal will be achieved, politically.
    The Dead Tree Scrolls, the so called Free Press. they can’t even give their Blahs away these days, the ‘professional trained’ scribes (sic) the Champions of Truth Justice and the UK Way, are now refusing to publish their circulation figures, and their on line efforts rely on their very own band of Key Board Worriers churning out diurnal drivel, as long as their rant is an EssEnnPee Bad, ‘Nicola Sturgeon accused’ strap.
    I note comments here on Lorraine Kelly, darling of the Breakfast Brits, hauling on Supermom Davidson, who is still pocketing £1200 a week of this ‘dead weight’ 72 year old tax payer’s money ( q.v., MaX Hastings, 74 year old pillar of the Filthy Rich English Elite who has squirrelled away a £74 million nest egg) , and the FMQ nonsense read out from a pre-prepared SPIN generated diatribe in stilted faux outrage by the bloated ruddy faced Capitalist and failed businessman Carlaw, and ‘I must express an interest ,Presiding Officer’ GMB Shop Steward, that Dick, Leonard, who had 30 years experience as a back room clerk behind him before he landed the Poison Chalice, because nobody else in the Red Tory Ranks would touch the job with a fiddled YouGov opinion poll.
    The Mutt and Jeff of Better Together.
    What policy/strategy in the SNP agenda does Neil Findlay oppose? UBI? A four day working week? Scrapping Right ro Buy and PFI schemes? Trident? Scrapping UCS, The Rape Clause? Introduce prescription charges, Privatise the Scottish Health service. Charge our students £9000 a year for their education?
    Outlaw zero hour contracts. Yes or No, Findlay?

    The Coalition Holyrood Government is proposing a plan to come out of the present crisis in Scotland, not by more Willie Rennie/Jackson Carlaw ‘austerity’ cuts to the Welfare State, our Police, Health, emergency services, and public institutions, but by a massive infusion of public investment by Government, to get Scotland back on its feet again.
    Leonard was Carjack’s soul mate yesterday. Red and Blue together, Red and Blue together, come on, everybody, sing along. Red and Blue together.
    They actually hate Scotland. It is as stark as that. They hate Scotland.
    I am thoroughly enjoying reading the incredible comments from my fellow Duggers.

    John Mc Leod, Freedom, is what we demand.

    We no longer ask Ruth Davidson’s ‘permission’ for anything. She is a nobody about to quit her nice little sinecure in Branch Office wing of the English Blue Tories.
    For Kelly and the Dead Tree Scrolls to resucsitae this chubby wee Nobody to SNP BAD her brain dead viewers tells us all we need to know.
    The Empire has collapsed, it’s every capitalist for themselves.
    If we are to believe Better Together Project Fear One, 700,000 refugees will thread their way back home to the Motherland, clogging the M74 and M6 with hand carts laden with granny’s crockery chests of drawers and satchels filled with jewellery and krugerrands, as Scotland the basket case collapses and burns behind them.
    Mince to reduce, croquet lawn to set up. Later.

  33. Ken2 says:

    Tax evader Kelly. The cuts to the NHS. Total hypocrites. Non Dom tax evading Press.

    • Dave tewart says:

      Lorraine Kelly has won a row over a £1.2m tax bill, after a judge ruled she was not employed by ITV, but performs as her “chatty” TV persona.

      Kelly, 59, who presents the show Lorraine on weekday mornings, received the national insurance and income tax bill from the tax office in 2016.

      HMRC claimed the Scottish broadcaster was an ITV employee, but she said she was a freelancer.

      The judge ruled in Kelly’s favour that she was a “self-employed star”.

      • From Lorraine Kelly’s strangely anaemic Wiki bio. “Since June 2009 she has been an Honorary Colonel in the Black Watch battalion Army Cadet Force.[60] Since November 2019, she has been National Honorary Colonel of the Army Cadet Force.[61] ”
        Now we know the link with Hon Col Tank Commander Davidson.

        • David Agnew says:

          The ultimate honor for any self abasing yoon. Too made a regimental mascot because they couldn’t find a Goat or a Parakeet.

  34. susan says:

    It’s all part of the process, the constant drip, drip of confidence-sapping, soul-destroying negativity, to keep us down and part of the UK. England doesn’t want to lose it’s colonies.

  35. Just watched NS’ Daily Update. What a remarkable woman.
    Can anybody seriously see Carlaw Davidson Leonard (oh stop shrieking with laughter) Rennie, Carmichael, Murray or Jack in charge of Scotland’s fight against this terrible disease?
    Of course not. It’s just to ridiculous for words.
    Thank you Nicola Sturgeon, for your resolve, and care.
    Take a day off. put your feet up and have a wee tipple, hen.
    Can we really let any of these Brit Nat Third Raters anywhere near life making ‘difficult decisions’ like herding all the ‘dead weight’ pensioners into mass graves ?

    Murdo Fraser and Alex Rowley keeping it real?
    Jeezuz H Christ.

    • Arthur Thomson says:

      I absolutely agree. Nicola is simply superb. Her detailed knowledge is only matched by her completely natural presentation. Up against Nicola, all comers are farting against thunder.

      I was pleased as well to see that today she looked fresh and less tired.

      Keep sticking it to them hen.

  36. Hamish100 says:

    Ahhhh but whit aboot my potatoe croquettes. Their getting wet in the rain. The snp should get back to the day job and start building more croquet lawns, polo ( the wan wi the horses no the mint) thingymijigs, and open up the moors so I can shoot the odd wild sheep — they can be ferocious…. a few deer and the funny seagulls called grouse. As for the natives ignore them, deport them— plenty Vichy scotch around tae help. Helps the 2nd holiday home market. Just call the unionists. You know it makes money.

  37. JoMax says:

    It isn’t just the media and unionist politicians who ‘are at it’ against Scotland. I spent a mere minute or so the other day listening to the unionist Dr Doom of Aberdeen Uni (he who tells you that every morsel of food you eat may kill you or make you very ill ’cause of bacteria) being prompted by a Motherland News Anchor to explain about New Zealand with a population less than London doing so much better in this pandemic. Yes, smaller country, Dr Doom, control of borders, Dr Doom and by your own admission, Dr Doom, a first class public health system, not to mention a young female Prime Minister who gets things done.

    He fair had to shoot himself in the foot there, destroying his own argument about his adopted country being too wee and useless to survive without the guiding hand of WMUK to show it the ‘way, the truth and the light’.

  38. Welsh Sion says:

    Well, The Big White Chief down in Westminster *does* know a lot about fridges – from the inside.

    (An inside job, you might say …)

    Government mocked over bizarre fridge comparison used for social distancing

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Hmm, wonder if the fridge thing is another deliberate manipulation of Google ?
      You may recall the Johnson interview where the bizarre story of fruit boxes he painted to make London buses, which went on to wipe out previous dominant return on searches of the Boris-bus saga…
      Has Cummings just done the same and consigned Johnson frozen “panic-room” to the Google dustbin ?

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