They hate us, and the feeling’s mutual

The British Government hates us, at least according to Shahmir Sanni, the whistleblower who exposed Vote Leave for breaking electoral rules. Speaking in a podcast for Not Another Fake NewsCast in association with Bella Caledonia, the whistleblower told Scots to get out of the UK as soon as we can, because the Brextremist Conservatives who dominate the party at its highest levels hate Scotland and Wales. As far as they are concerned, we are simply troublesome natives who need to shut up and be kept in our place.

Let’s be honest here, this is not a huge surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the way in which Conservative governments have treated Scotland. The contempt and disdain is naked, and there’s little attempt to disguise it. We saw it in the immediate aftermath of the independence referendum when instead of attempting to reach out to Scotland, David Cameron told us that it had really been about England all along and reduced Scotland’s MPs to second class status with the introduction of EVEL.

We saw it again all the way through the Brexit process when the British Government made no attempt to involve Edinburgh or Cardiff in its negotiations with the EU. In fact Brexit was used as an excuse to wrest powers back from the devolved parliaments. The Scottish Government was often left to discover what the British Government was doing via press reports. Absolutely no effort was made to accommodate Scotland’s interests during the Brexit process, and no recognition whatsoever was made of the fact that Scotland had voted against Brexit by a considerably larger margin than it had voted to against independence.

We see it yet again during this coronavirus crisis as the British Government has prioritised English users of PPE, sidelined the Welsh, Scottish, and Northern Irish representatives in SAGE meetings and prevented them from participating fully. Again there is no consultation or negotiation with the devolved parliaments as the British Government makes unilateral changes to public health advice leaving the devolved administrations to play catch up and to fire fight the confusion caused by Westminster.

What this represents is a consistent pattern of behaviour from the British Government towards Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Despite the rhetoric of union, the British Government never acts as though it is governing a union of nations. It acts as the government of England which seeks to impose its will upon the smaller nations. In this it displays the underlying right wing English nationalism which has always existed within the Conservatives, and which particularly animates the Brexit wing of the party.

In a real union, the political and cultural differences of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland would be recognised, celebrated, and reinforced at the level of the UK Government. Because as the government of a union, it would seek to ensure that it was bigger than mere English nationalism and the agent of England’s political priorities. Of course that’s always going to be a difficult balancing act in a so-called union where one nation is considerably larger in population terms than all the others combined. However the demographic reality merely makes it all the more important that the UK Government is seen to be taking into account the diverse interests and needs of the smaller nations, because there is going to be an expectation that the interests of England will speak the loudest.

The Conservatives in Westminster don’t even bother trying. There is not so much as a fig leaf of pretence that Scotland’s interests are being taken into account. For the Tories, union means incorporation into a British nation which is to all intents and purposes identical to England. Furthermore they harbour a deep resentment of any attempt from what they regard as the Celtic fringe to assert its own interests, identities, or priorities. The sole role of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland in the Conservative vision of Britishness is to provide a spot of ethnic colouring which allows English nationalism to maintain its delusional exceptionalism and its self belief that it is a more transcendent form of nationalism which is above and beyond the petty nationalisms of lesser nations.

The Brexity Conservatives who have seized control of the British Government and the British state do not hate all Scots equally. They have no issue with the house jocks, the quasi assimilated Michael Goves and Fraser Nelsons with their strangulated vowels and their willingness to pour contempt upon their homeland for the greater British good who serve to reinforce the metropolitan and Home Counties sense of superiority. They have no issue with the ProudScotsBut who seek to reduce Scottishness to a kilt worn at a wedding or as part of the uniform of a British army regiment but who cringe at any other manifestation of Scottish culture or identity and who fully buy into and propagate the myth that Scotland is uniquely incapable of looking after its own affairs. They have no issue with the staunch working class brigade who define Scottishness as a subset of Britishness and who march proudly to celebrate their own oppression.

They have an issue with those of us who stand up and say enough. Those of us who point out that Scotland is being held back. Those of us who demand that Scotland be treated as a nation and not as a glorified English county. They have an issue with those of us who insist that Scottishness means something, that it has political relevance, and who tell the truth that Scotland is either an equal partner in a union of nations or there is no union at all. They have an issue with those of us who expose the myths of Britishness.

Those of us who have seen the truth about the nature of the British state don’t need to be told that Brextremist Tories hate Scotland. We see it for ourselves in every action of this British Government as it shambles and shuffles its way through a crisis that is taking tens of thousands of lives. Even now, in the midst of all this tragedy, they can’t help themselves. They can’t help but reveal the ugly truth that lurks at the heart of the British myth of a family of nations, that it means the domination of all of us – Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and England too – by a small cabal of wealthy and well connected upper class people.

And we know that Scotland will never achieve its full potential as long as it’s being held back by a Government which doesn’t have the interests of Scotland at heart. The union that the Conservatives preach about is founded upon a lie. They hate us for exposing it. They hate us for telling the truth. They hate us for being ourselves and not the distorted tartan theme park that they want us to be. And they’re going to hate us even more when we bring this farce of a so-called union to an end. The contempt is mutual.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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67 comments on “They hate us, and the feeling’s mutual

  1. Dr Jim says:

    They don’t hate the land or sea we occupy, they love that, it’s just the damn verminous natives

    One day the great white father in Washington, oh sorry that’s another country, what I mean is the great white mother in England, Oops that’s gone too, eh, I think the point is nothing’s changed


  2. andyfromdunning says:

    Quod Erat Demonstrandum

    There action say it all

  3. […] Wee Ginger Dug They hate us, and the feeling’s mutual The British Government hates us, at least according to Shahmir Sanni, the […]

  4. Paul, you reflect the rising tide in the nation.
    Simply Brilliant.
    The Union is dead, and Carlaw Jack Leonard Rennie, and the mob of ProudScotsButters from the Hacks and Broadcasters to the Rich and top of the ‘Professional Classes’ in Scotland are the enemy within.
    They hate Scotland to the point of always referring to ‘the nation’, meaning the ‘UK’ meaning ‘England’, and Their Royal Majesty and the Lairds who are their true bosses and betters because they were born South of here.

    Dr Jim is correct of course. They would transport 5 million of us to the colonies in a heart beat, just retaining enough tame jocks to grouse beat, cook their meals, manage their fishing lakes and golf courses, and various other amusements for the visiting English Elite, like the Festival (Murray could get his old job back) and tend the cattle.

    They are already flying in Romanians to harvest their crops.

    They want our vast wealth and enough colonial coolies to service their extravagant needs.

    We are Kenya, we are India, we are Ireland.
    Rape the land of its natural resources and keep the local population at a minimum.

    Prince Charles in kilt with piper, the ‘Duke Of Rothesay’ hiding out in Balmoral in case London becomes a ravaging plague zone and uncontrollable riots break out in the heart of his Empire London.

    It is insult beyond belief.

    Somebody cautioned that it doesn’t cost anything to be polite. What he meant is just shut up and ‘take it on the chin’ while England, and the Scotia Fifth Column Up Here continue to suck the life blood out of our country.
    No more.

    There is no union. There is no normal.
    Millions of us will not tolerate rule by England for a minute longer.
    Wonderful piece, Paul.

    It is time for all Scots citizens to look ahead.
    England is in the hands of a mad man, and that suits the puppet masters really running England down to a T.

    We’re as mad as hell and we’re not going to take any more.

    • Petra says:

      ..”Prince Charles in kilt with piper, the ‘Duke Of Rothesay’ hiding out in Balmoral in case London becomes a ravaging plague zone and uncontrollable riots break out in the heart of his Empire London. It is insult beyond belief.”..

      I’ve got no time for any of them, but at least his granny remained in London during the blitz. Then again maybe he can foresee something far worse than bombs and that’s a repeat of ”activities” that took place in France and Russia when the people had had enough.

      Better point out that I’m only kidding before GCHQ add me to their wee list. That is if I’m (we’re) not already on it, lol.

      • Too late, Petra.

        I take great pride at being on GCHQ’s list.
        We all are.
        I’m afraid that probably includes you, Cherie.

        Scottish ‘Nationalism’ is still treated as an enemy, ‘hostile to the ‘British’ state’; we are rather exotically their ‘enemy within’.

        I occasionally drift off on a flight of fancy and imagine myself as a 72 year old member of the Scottish Resistance, meeting fellow Freedom Fighters under cover of darkness in vape filled back rooms, plotting the overthrow of our colonial masters.

        Bonaparte, Romanoff, Windsor….
        I expect a knock on the door any second.


      • ArtyHetty says:

        ‘We love you Scotland’ 2014. A few pathetic celebs, and toffy nosed Tory Cameron, did they not even have it written down on scraps of paper.

        Scraps are what Scotland gets, and when England’s Brexit really kicks in, the Britnats will really put the boot in. They will starve Scotland. It’s PPE at the moment, sanctioning Scotland by blocking access to that, or trying to.

        Post Brexit?
        The sanctions they impose on Scotland won’t be pretty. Just look at who the Britnat EngGov are doing ‘trade deals’ with, plus voting to lower food standards, in the same week. ( in the middle of a pandemic!, some jumped up Britnat would say) Scotland might be unlucky enough to get the scraps of a few chlorinated chickens. Small farms will have folded, more land for England’s toffs to use as their playground in Scotland. Wonderful eh. What a future. Get the hell out Scotland while you still can.

        Petra you mention the granny that lived in luxury all her life, ‘queen mother’ and the WW2 blitz in London. I thought I read that she was up in the highlands of Scotland and when told of the devastation wrought on the city she said, Oh no, but what about the palace!’ No concern for the very many people who had lost their lives. Sweet little old granny, not.

        Paul excellent article, have a good weekend all.

        • Also, I seem to have read that the Royals spent most of the war in …Windsor Castle.
          What goes ’round, comes ’round.
          None of them are in London now. Buck House is a 750 room ’empty’. Parteeeeee.

  5. Welsh Sion says:

    The ‘House Jocks’ are the cousins of the ‘House Taffs’ who have populated the lower echelons the Westminster murder machine.

    In our case, they have been doing so since they marched with Henry Tudor to Bosworth and thence to his coronation in London. The pace quickened, the anglicisation grew stronger under the so-called ‘Acts of Union’ (recte. The Laws in Wales Acts) of 1535 and 1542. The commoners were left to themselves as the aristocracy hot-footed themselves for personal advancement and wealth – what a later generation, in another country, would call being ‘bought and sold / for English gold.’ The language was proscribed and alien laws were imposed on the subject people – a people whose country’s name disappeared off the face of the Earth and became subjects of a foreign master and his imperial pretentions.

    Barely a century later a new monarch – again from his native land, obtained the English Crown, and attempted to impose his will on his subject people. Again the upper classes left their country to serve in London, leaving the country folk at home. Full ‘union’ was not achieved for another century, however.

    Throughout this period, the ‘House Jocks’ and ‘House Taffs’ played their dutiful roles. However, if they could but have seen it, they were as much despised by their masters as they were by those they had betrayed to seek self-advancement. Despised by both cultures and never fitting into either, they were locked into a way of life they could not escape – even if they wanted to. The same would go for the Indian babus and many others who would be captured in order to serve the ‘Great White Chiefs’ who despised their charges as much as anyone.

    If I may adapt the words of Donald Tusk in this, I would only say that there must be a special place in Hell for such creatures – and they do not merit any sympathy from the likes of me.

    “If you fly with the crows, you get shot with the crows”

    (Typed @ 17:07 – Go figure!)

    • But, WS, international Socialist Neil Findlay argues that he cares for the mechanic in Liverpool as he does a mechanic in Glasgow.
      Findlay, feck off to Liverpool.
      You won’t be missed, and we could do with the £100k you trouser every year warming a bench in Holyrood.

      The Branch Offices Up Here actually hate Scotland, and Self Determination.
      They are evil incarnate as they contrive to make millions of their fellow Scots suffer, toil to exhaustion in low paid zero hours slavery, live in poverty in old age, and die prematurely because the Red Blue and Yellow Brit Nat Tories have made the ‘difficult decisions’ for us Scots to reward the rich, spend hundreds of billions on WMD and berth them in the ‘relatively obscure’ Clyde up in Jockland, and destroy our Scottish Welfare State.

      We are as mad as hell, and we are not going to put up with it any more.
      England, you are at last on your own, in splendid isolation, free of the EU, setting sail for the US, the 51st State of Trump’s Land of the Free, if you’ve got cash.
      Close the border now.

  6. grizebard says:

    The rich irony is that it’s the Unionists who are killing their Union. The English Establishment could have re-wrought the UK in the aftermath of IR1, and instead chose EVEL. The easy (for them) way out. And that was the “acceptable face of English Toryism”. Since then matters have only become worse (May) and worse (Bozo). How they believe they can hang on to us with ever more English arrogance and domination is hard to understand. Surely the less obtuse among the docile herd of PSBs must begin to comprehend that they are nothing but “house Jocks” under the thumb of a bunch of know-nothing incompetents who secretly despise them?

    There’s no sign that Starmer & Co. are any different – just a different lipstick on the same pig, just another facet of the same devil. So no relief forthcoming there, merely an opportunity to continue wishful thinking and defer the fateful decision for a wee while longer.

    It’s almost as if the English power brokers throughout society have already given up on us, and have really stopped even trying. “Live under our rules if you want to stay”, a la Thatcher, or get out. They have already sussed that it’s in our own best interest to become independent, they’re just impatiently waiting for us to summon up the courage (as they would have done) and get on with it.

    • Starmer is a Tony Blair Neo Liberal ‘new conservative. laissez faire Free Market capitalist, who is comfortable with the Filthy Rich q.v., Mandelson, Blair’s Baron Frankenstein) and Faslane being the repository of England’s English nuclear toys.
      He and Murray should get on well, I see ‘1%’ Liz Kendall is back, in Starmer’s Shadow Cabinet.

      Cool Britannia II.
      I doubt that Starmer would recognise Dugdale if he tripped over her at party Conference.

      Scotland is a mere Northern region of England to these people.

  7. It was all going so well until “ and England too “ you can’t help yourself

    AS IF….Westminster dominate England in the same way as Scotland wales and NI
    What nonsense
    But you couldn’t help yourself could you

    • weegingerdug says:

      Suuuuuure Terence. Working class people in England are part of the establishment.

      I thought you had flounced off in a huff because this blog doesn’t come in the anti-English flavour of racism that’s to your liking? The door is that way ——>

      Trust me, you won’t be missed.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      It was all going so well until “ and England too “ you can’t help yourself.. Pot, kettle. I said it once and saying it again, you’ve got a personally unpleasant burr up your arse about English folk, i’ts YOUR problem really…

  8. James Mills says:

    Paul , I think that you and your Scottish Independence cronies do protest too much . England has given the world so much and has every right to feel superior .

    I mean , what has Scotland ever given the world …..

    apart from :

    the telephone ,
    the teleprinter ,
    pedal bicycles ,
    pneumatic tyres ,
    penicillin ,
    condensing steam engine ,
    tubular steel ,
    gas lighting ,
    the hot blast furnace ,
    first passenger steam ship ,
    first iron hulled steam powered ship ,
    wire rope ,
    the steam hammer ,
    cordite ,
    universal standard time ,
    the ATM ,
    postcards ,
    first adhesive postage stamp ,
    Encyclopaedia Britannica ,
    first textbook on surgery in English ,
    Logarithms , hypnotism ,
    the theory of Electromagnetism ,
    modern geology ,
    the Kelvin SI unit of temperature ,
    first oil refinery ,
    the noble gases ,
    Shinty ,
    the Dugout in Football ,
    Australian Rules Football ,
    Curling , pioneering anaesthesia ,
    the hypodermic syringe ,
    identifying the vector ( mosquito ) of malaria ,
    television ,
    the refrigerator ,
    the flushing toilet ,
    vacuum flask ,
    waterproof macintosh ,
    kaleidoscope ,
    cotton reel ,
    Bovril ,
    vaccine for typhoid ,
    first beta-blocker ,
    statistical graphs ( bar charts and pie charts ),
    the seismometer ,
    Peter Pan ,
    Long John Silver ,
    Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde ,
    Sherlock Holmes ,
    the Bank of England ,
    the Bank of France ,
    the BBC ( oh sh*t ! ) …….

    • and of course, the Oxford English Dictionary. and Clydebank FC, with the first all seater stadium on these isles thanks to the Davie Cooper money..
      Thank you, England, for these thy gifts, for which we are truly grateful.

    • James, there’s a good book on all of that, and more – Scottish..firsts-a-celebration-of-innovation-and-achievement by Elspeth Wills

    • Legerwood says:

      The book by Arthur Herman: ‘How the Scots Invented the Modern World’
      The precis from Amazon
      “”Who formed the first literate society? Who invented our modern ideas of democracy and free market capitalism? The Scots. As historian and author Arthur Herman reveals, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Scotland made crucial contributions to science, philosophy, literature, education, medicine, commerce, and politics–contributions that have formed and nurtured the modern West ever since.

      Herman has charted a fascinating journey across the centuries of Scottish history. Here is the untold story of how John Knox and the Church of Scotland laid the foundation for our modern idea of democracy; how the Scottish Enlightenment helped to inspire both the American Revolution and the U.S. Constitution; and how thousands of Scottish immigrants left their homes to create the American frontier, the Australian outback, and the British Empire in India and Hong Kong.

      How the Scots Invented the Modern World reveals how Scottish genius for creating the basic ideas and institutions of modern life stamped the lives of a series of remarkable historical figures, from James Watt and Adam Smith to Andrew Carnegie and Arthur Conan Doyle, and how Scottish heroes continue to inspire our contemporary culture, from William “Braveheart” Wallace to James Bond.

      And no one who takes this incredible historical trek will ever view the Scots–or the modern West–in the same way again.””

      If I remember correctly when the book was published in the UK – it was first published in USA – they had to change the title a bit to suit British/English sensitivities.

    • J Galt says:

      I hate to differ, however the “first passenger steamship” is generally held to be the “North River Steamboat” more commonly known as the “Clermont” in 1807, in New York – 5 years before Henry Bell’s “Comet” on the Clyde.

      • James Mills says:

        Correct ! Should have read – ”…in Europe .”

      • John Nicol says:

        What about the Charlotte Dundas which figured on the coat of arms of North Kelvinside Senior Secondary? We were led to believe that she was first.

  9. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female.

  10. wullie says:

    Sorry to be a bit depressing but. All these horrible things that have been happening to Scotland have been going on for centuries. Has anyone done anything over the centuries, naw it just keeps happening and by the looks of things it will continue to happen until there is nothing left. Christ where does it end, once this covid thing is over the crooks in Westminster will need every penny they can lay their paws on. Independence aye right. We will be bled white. I just can’t believe we are where we are today, the opportunities since 2014 to dump those bastards, all gone. What does it bloody take.
    rant over

    • Petra says:

      Genuinely trying to figure out what opportunities we’ve had since 2014 to acquire our Independence Wullie?

      • Legerwood says:

        And how many people in 2014 the morning after the referendum thought that within 6 years we would be on the brink of another independence referendum and one moreover that we are likely to win?

      • wullie says:

        Hi Petra
        Im not sure myself, there just appeared to be so many times that Westminster has ignored and taken the p==s out of Scotland,
        Its like [we will not be dragged out of Europe]. Aye ok Scotland now back in your tin and shut up.
        Ignore the Scots they can’t do anything anyway.
        Just wait until next year after a no deal Brexit. We will not have our NHS privatised and sold to American Pharma companies.
        So who is stopping this happening.
        Helpless and harmless

        • Petra says:

          Wullie what I’d just like to say on here is please rethink automatically believing in people, such as the so-called independence blog owners and followers on other sites. IF that is the case? In your case? If not, I apologise.

          Westminster has been taking the piss out of Scotland for over a thousand years now. More so over the last three hundred or so. The SNP has been in power (aye right!) for around 13 VERY short years. Compare and contrast 13 short years with over a thousand years. Ask yourself (or read up on if you have not done so) what has happened over the last thousand years here in Scotland. It’s been feckin hellish to say the least. And hey had nothing whatsoever to do with Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP.

          Time, HIGH TIME, for everyone to start believing in and supporting Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP, that is if you really want Scotland to become an independent country.

          Her life history from day one is online for all to see. Her performance as a political leader is second to none the world over. So how do we compare people like her to the Rev (fake Ref) Stuart Campbell and his proposed political party? To cut down on what I’d really like to say I’ll just say this, NO BLOODY COMPARISON.

          And as for those who have been taken in with the bullshit, online propaganda, that Alex Salmond will have anything to do with fronting such a Stu ”extremely obnoxious” Campbell party? FORGET IT. In their dreams. Do you think Alex Salmond is daft?

          Alex and Nicola abide in Scotland, as has always been the case. The country that they are fighting for. Anybody asking why Campbell is residing in England as he caws in your money? A supporter of the Libdems just like his mate Craig Murray who legged it into Scotland in 2014. Say no more. Say no more but just think about it … Like outside of the box and get real.

          • Hear Hear, Petra.
            There is no doubt that Campbell has produced some incredible work over the years in supporting the campaign for Self Determination, and the Brit Nats, and the billionaire press barons especially, have done their utmost to discredit and vilify him, a sure sign that he has consistently been a thorn in their side.
            Since his interview on Salmond’s RT show, and Salmond’s trial, there has been a sinister development in WoS’ editorial style.

            With not a little hint of a Narcissus complex, Campbell seems to have fallen in love with his own image, as a barn storming effing and blinding straight shooter, who considers that because he presents ‘facts’ to develop his arguments, that his word, his world view, his, opinions, ad hominem or otherwise, of the SNP’s performance, or Nicola Sturgeon’s commitment to independence, is somehow a Universal Truth, the challenge to which is met with his robust and colourfully sweary dismissal.

            Like Narcissus, it may be argued that he has fallen in love with his own image, and is slowly realising that it is an unrequited love.

            It is time he got back in the saddle and binned his interminable Opinion Polls, the findings of which are predetermined by the self fulfilling terms of reference built in to the polls by Campbell, whose ultimate aim is to prove how right he was/is, and how the rest of us are wrong, and blind sheep being led to the SNP slaughter.

            The only political route through constitutional means is the SNP. He knows that, yet spends almost every waking minute these days to attacking the majority Scottish Government of the land to which he declares he shall return come independence.
            Something happened when Stuartie met Salllie.
            But it is of little consequence to the Independence movement and AUOB; most of whom are not on Twitter exchanging insults with men in pink tutus wielding pink baseball bats.

            If he is not part of the solution, he, and his ilk, are part of the problem.
            Stop admiring your reflection in the stream, Stu.
            We are banging on the door, independence is inevitable.

            • Petra says:

              ..”The only political route through constitutional means is the SNP. He knows that, yet spends almost every waking minute these days to attacking the majority Scottish Government of the land”..

              Now why on earth would he do that? That’s the simple question that people should be asking themselves.

              I checked out every post on that site, on a daily basis, for years and noticed that he ”changed” following the Police arresting him and impounding his computers in August 2017.

              He no doubt met with someone at that time, but I doubt that they were called Sallie.

              • ‘Sallie’ is Salmond, Petra. I can be too obscure for my own good sometimes.
                Something happened during their exchanges and the RT interview.

  11. Thepnr says:

    It’s not just the house jocks we have to put up with, it’s the defeatists than throw in the towel just as the fight gets interesting. Both types are losers and happy to accept being ruled by England as being a fait accompli.

    Feck that, I’ll no be giving up anytime soon. Like NEVER.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Well said

    • Arthur Thomson says:


      • You only have to tune in to Kirsty Wark’s Newsnight to remind yourself why Scotland will be independent as soon as this virus is under control and England plunges into isolation post EU Her guests were her old pal Jack McConnell, and Torty Political Failures Michelle Ballantyne and Professor WATP Two Jobs Adam Tomkins, and since the ‘debate’ was whether the Pandemic has tested the Union to breaking, Dr Phillipa Whitford.
        Arch Aunt Tam Wark, her holiday buddy socialist Lord McConnell who gave his mate £1 billion of our money back because he couldn’t find anything on which to spend it, like schools, hospitals, pot holes, Adams and Ballantyne who were allowed uninterrupted to talk mince about that nasty Nicola Sturgeon, and
        care home deaths in Scotland being higher than in their spiritual home, England.
        So Better Together II on BBC will be 4 to 1 Brit Nat with the chair, like Wark tonight, Yes Butting and constantly talking over the responses from the Nat in the room, the only one of the five medically qualified to have any sort of opinion on dealing with the virus.

        It suits Sturgeon to be out of step with ‘Boris’ Wark sneered.

        People are dying and these petty wee Brit Nats are still at it. EssEnnPee Bad and it’s all that Nicola Sturgeon’s fault. Who’s obsessed about independence now, Kirsty?
        Dr Philippa was excellent and shot all of them down in flames.
        By Cristos, we’ll miss none of this mob, nor the BBC and Wark Marr and Neil when we return to Self Determination.
        I am on the edge of rage watching this true blue Brits do9ing down our country like this.

        We shall NEVER relent, Arthur.
        Scotland shall be free.

        Wark was trying to Yes But a surgeon on medical matters. For fuck’s sake.

        It was what it was. Scotland is shite.

  12. Ask Johnston for a section 30 order immediately. On refusal, the Scottish Government should tell him, we were elected on an independence manifesto, Scotland will repeal the Treaty of the union of the two Parliaments on the 31st of December 2019.

  13. Macart says:

    Something the establishment (political and otherwise) can’t get around by yet another Nat Bad headline. Austerity 1 (soon to be followed by Austerity 2 on steroids), ever increasing rich/poor gap, Brexit, political chaos, societal and political polarization, constitutional carnage with devolved legislatures, international isolation… that’s ALL on their watch. NO ONE ELSE need apply.

    They treat their partners home and overseas like shit. They break, cast aside and otherwise ignore agreements as their mood takes. They speak fluent hypocrite, practice backstabbery for a living, call it politics and expect only their victims’ gratitude in return. Karma however, has a long memory.

    The world is changing, society is changing. What comes out the other side of these times?

    Hopefully some of that long awaited Karma.

  14. Petra says:

    Do you really think that the BritNats in Scotland would accept that William without ”proof” that over 50% of Scots agree with such ScotGoV action? More so would the EU and UN?


    I’m not sure if I’ve posted this before, but if not this highlights that the People’s Action against the Section 30 case will proceed. Lady Poole found in their (our) favour with both the Scottish and UK Governments having until 20th May (six days hence) to lodge their basic submissions followed by an 8 week adjustment period before calling in court.

  15. Petra says:

    Ooops, I didn’t expect that to happen. Sorry.

  16. Dr Jim says:

    Big fan of former FM Alex Salmond but I do wish folk would get something straight, he lost
    I really don’t want to lose another vote, and Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t want to lose any vote, she wants to win it not just have it and cross her fingers in hope we win

    The main reason 2014 was a disaster was when countries decide to be Independent the one thing that should never be allowed, ( which was) is the direct interference of those a country wishes to disengage itself from, Alex Salmond not only allowed it he engaged in it allowing the BBC to create the playing field where Scotland had to *defend* itself against interference in what was *our referendum* and not Englands referendum, what the hell had it to do with them, they weren’t getting a vote

    The only debate and discussions there should have been should have been with the voters and residents of Scotland, not politicians representing the country we’re bidding to withdraw from, opposition to Independence in Scotland should only have been allowed by those who represent the opposite view within Scotland

    I don’t believe Nicola Sturgeon will fall for that piece of nonsense happening, however we decide to proceed towards Independence should be a choice made in and decided upon in Scotland, and not debated with representatives of England

    I’ve said this before and folk get terribly angry with me but think about it for a minute, the whole point of Independence is not asking your neighbour if you can cut your own grass please, then allowing them to stand on it while they argue with you about it

  17. Petra says:

    Another one, a Scot, who seems to hate us. Anyone got any idea as to why she’s till hanging around? Oh right, big bucks for doing nought.


    Maybe she could look into this?

  18. Andy in Germany says:

    Coming to live in a genuine “union” or as it’s called here, a federation, in Germany made me realise how far from that ideal the “united” kingdom is. There are 16 states here and they operate individually and pay the federal government for international representation and defence, and to coordinate overall policy: each has their own constitution and parliament and the upper house is very specifically made of representatives of the states, so they can get together and stop the federal government if need be.
    It isn’t perfect but it means the states are strong and act as a counterbalance to the federal government. It also meant Berlin had to consult and get consensus from the state presidents in the Corona crisis, and the states could decide how they would respond.

  19. David Agnew says:

    In Colin Kidd’s “Union & Unionisms” – he summed up the union as being like old faded wall paper. Over the years people have gotten used to it, and a lot of clutter hides a lot of it from view. But should the Scots be asked to examine it and decide if it should be changed…he didn’t think there is a lot of love for it in truth, just acceptance and a conversation abut the possibility of ending it, could be hard to put aside once it starts. But his greatest fear, was a new found sense of Englishness in the unions other member. Whereas the union might just scrape by in Scotland, because folk are just “used to that ugly old wallpaper” – In England, it might very well see it torn down.

    When you have told some outrageous lies about how one side of a union, pays for another to pretend its something its not. Don’t be surprised when some English nationalists decide to end it…and won’t they be surprised when they find that they got worse off.

    Pit the poor yoon when that day comes. They’ve never had to stick up for Scotland once in their lives. Being rejected by England though…well

  20. Hamish100 says:

    Interesting that this blog concentrates and rightly so on the tories dealing with the largest crisis we are ever likely to face. I know we thought Brexit was the worst. Either way, the tories have messed up both.

    Sadly the blog Wings over Scotland and its mini band of true Scots (aye right) Believe that many supporters of the SNP are the true enemy. NOT Johnson, not Gove or Rees Mogg. The SNP. Yes I know Independence is bigger than 1 party but the attacks on the snp consistently is getting to the silly stage.Thankfully the public have a better view of the snp than some of the purists.

    I fear that the poison apparently and insidiously working its way through part of the wider movement and no doubt exploited by the unionists have blinded some persons who have genuine concerns over the SNP.
    Of course the opportunity to influence from within is not possible as over the past year or so most of the anti snp bloggers have resigned from the SNP in order to exert pressure. Sorry guys if you aren’t on the park you cannot influence the game. Of course I suspect many have never filled out one application form.

    As Peter Bell closed his blog yesterday we must reassess what we want. No harm to WOS but their fixation on someone’s sexuality of self identifying Is of little consequence to most people I know.

    The main issue is and remains Independence excepting the Covid crisis.

    The SNP lead in Scotland – are the voters the enemy from within? They are the only show in town.

    So will the merry band of purists support the main party in Scotland? How about the Greens? or, will they shout on the way to the ballot box for folk to Vote for the Unionist parties?

    The navel gazing should stop but I suspect some will continue their futile quest.

    The wider independence movement will march on without them.

    • Thepnr says:

      I’ve just this minute said much the same on Scot Goes Pop with fewer words, but sufficient to say I agree.

    • Petra says:

      ..”Yes I know Independence is bigger than 1 party but the attacks on the snp consistently is getting to the silly stage.”

      Silly Hamish? Sinister I would say.

    • Robert graham says:

      Aye March round in bloody circles before you and Petra and the rest of the crew on here disappear up your own arses , Independence not in your lifetime pal with this version of the SNP wakey bloody wakey muppets .
      Oh by the way Ken repeating the same pish over and over again doesn’t make it interesting just repetitive like a bleedn parrot .

      • Hamish100 says:

        oh dear how rude. You do have issues over peoples private part!! lol

      • Petra says:

        Hahahaha. Thanks for the laugh Robert. We’ve never been closer to getting our Independence with this ”version of the SNP” or had you not noticed? If they’re the ”muppets” that you say they are how come the BritNats, on other so-called pro-independence sites alone, are hell bent on trying to destroy them? Wakey, wakey time right enough.

  21. Gregory R Nunn says:

    And they fear us, Scotland the most, I think.
    Their lies smell of fear.
    Time to say goodbye UK, and say “Fàilte do phoblachd na h-Alba!”

  22. Ken2 says:

    Universal Suffrage 1928

    Barnett Formula 1980’s. Thatcher kept it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Iraq War, Lockerbie and Dunblane kept secret for 100 years.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Costing Scotland £Billions for Westminster unionist failures. £20Billion a year. Scotland paying for Westminster bad, poor decisions.

    Vote Tory/unionist to die younger. Then blame the SNP Scottish Gov for keeping people alive.

    The illegal non Dom Westminster controlled Press. No wonder no one watches the BBC nonsense.

    Support for SNP/Independence increasing. It will soon be time. Brexit catastrophe. The next Tory mess and shambles. People have had enough of it.

  23. Rhisiart Gwilym says:

    Good to see you recognising that ‘British nationalism’ is actually English nationalism, Paul. Take the further step and recognise that English nationalism is actually the rabid, superiority-deluded, serial-imperialist-looter nationalism of the English-raj class – not even supported all that enthusiastically by the plebeian rank-and-file English people.

    The true enemy of Scots, Cymreig, Irish AND ordinary English people is the self-perpetuating, virulently anti-democratic, virulently racist, horrendously over-privileged minority of the rajistas – well-supplied with toxic hangers-on on the make from the other nations of The Isles, of course – people like Gove, long before him, LLoyd-George and many other such bradwyr along the way.

    • Wee Naga nearly had a heart attack on BBC Brexit this morning when a Kevin Courtney Union chief for one of the teaching Unions pointed out that Scotland had its own Education system and TU liaison and that his union would be having negotiations separately with the Welsh Government and ‘The English Government’.
      At last, the penny had dropped…she spluttered and corrected the Union Man, that Johnson’s Government was the ‘UK Government’?

      Of course when it comes to Education, Health, and Law and Order, to name but a few, Westminster introduced EVEL, on the morning of the 19th of September 2014, the day after the Scottish First Independence Referendum,

      English Votes For English Laws..Cameron effectively declared that Westminster was the ‘English Government’.

      Poor wee Naga…she’s had enough problems with the English Oligarchy, some of whom rune the BBC for the English Establishment.

      ‘The English Government’; as Donald Dewar would say, ‘I like that’.

      Of course, Rhisiart, we have made the distinction Up Here for a long long time now.

      ‘The English Government’….lovin’ it.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Absolutely Jack, it seems that Englands media are the most annoyed about referring to themselves as England, very odd while at the same time revealing, if you didn’t know better you might think they resented it, (that last part was the sarcasm bit)

        Do we think it somehow makes them feel smaller, less in control like the boxer who just lost a fight they were convinced they’d won, with puzzled looks on their faces of this does not compute

  24. Brian Powell says:

    Exactly, now to get our own Government to react.
    I saw Mike Russell send a sympathetic tweet to Paul Swinney on the pain of losing his job as Labour MP, it was as if they were best pals. Paul Swinney is a house jock “who fully buy into and propagate the myth that Scotland is uniquely incapable of looking after its own affairs.”

  25. Arthur Thomson says:

    The core people who oppose Scotland’s return to independence are the Brits not the English. The Brits are the predatory elements right across these islands, supported by those who fear them and have reconciled themselves to the “if you can’t beat them join them” philosophy. Because the vast majority of people in these islands live in England that is where most of the Brits are. Setting the English against the Scots/Welsh/Irish and vice versa and then demanding solidarity around Britishness is crudely how it works.

    It is understandable but not helpful to our purpose to characterise it in terms of Scotland versus England. That is exactly what the Brits want us to do.

  26. Legerwood says:

    I see Mr Jack giving evidence to a House of Commons Committee has said that procurement and distribution of the new antibody tests should be handled by the UK Gov.

    The story was in today’s Herald but does not seem to have made it online yet.

  27. Ken2 says:

    Support for SNP/Independence has never been higher since Universal Suffrage 1928. Despite the negative bleeding of some total hypocrites. Just a wee reminder. People have to vote for it. They will.

    Some people never learn. Bleating parasites. They would rather put a spanner in the works. Try to destroy what has been done.

    Or cut off their nose to spite their face. Then blame everyone else. Instead of marching on.

  28. I note that Tom Gordon Political Editor (how many ‘political editors’ does the Herald have on their strapped payroll?) has been ‘demoted’ to cover Cub Reporter breach of the peace scuffles.
    What got him in the naughty corner?
    Still he’s in running to join the Governor General Jack’s burgeoning Press Core I’m sure, now that the Great Panjandrum has scrapped Holyrood and returned the tartan colony to Direct Rule from London.

    There can’t be much rope left now for the Brit Nat Hack Pack.
    Dog bites man!
    Hold the front page.

  29. Welsh Sion says:

    From my country:

    First Minister: Wales will have to take steps to control Covid ‘until vaccine or treatment is found’

  30. deelsdugs says:

    So, after last Sunday’s prerecorded pm speech, which I didn’t listen to, and aghast at the Scottish tories and the rest of them with their sneering, sniping and their cringing with their own nationality, I decided to email carlot. My email wording was polite, made suggestions that perhaps they could work with, and not against the Scottish Government, that the border between Scotland and England should be heavily policed to prevent an influx of travellers that would be very damaging to the Scottish communities, even closed…well…here is the reply:

    “Many thanks for your e-mail.

    Like everyone else, Scottish Conservatives want to see a strategy that protects the NHS, saves lives and moves towards an easing of the restrictions when it is safe to do so.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, I refute your suggestion that Scottish Conservatives are somehow not working for the good of the Scottish people. To make such a suggestion and particularly at this time of crisis is extremely ill-judged and it is completely false.

    Your comments about the Prime Minister’s address to the nation are factually inaccurate as he made the specific point in his speech that he had consulted across all four nations of the UK and acknowledged that different parts of the country may move at a slightly different pace in their response to the coronavirus.

    Additionally, it is important to note that we are one country and there is no border to close between Scotland and England.

    Thanks again for your e-mail.

    Kind Regards,


    One country.

    • och, deeldugs, this little man does not acknowledge that Scotland is a country.
      His country is England.
      He calls it the United Kingdom to include our land in England’s Empire.
      There is no border to close?
      No border between England and Scotland. He is clearly deranged or in the pay of a foreign government.
      Oh, wait, he sits in the Scottish Parliament, the only country on the planet that is apparently borderless.
      You really have to be a brainwashed zombie to argue that Scotland and England are not two distinct nations, separated by a border, which in the present crisis at the very least, can be closed.
      Will he flee southwards when Scotland regains its Independence?
      Let’s hope so.

      • He knows when Scotland ends the Union the games up for Carcrash. The English will have no more use for him and it is to be hoped, when he tries to escape to England, that he will feel the full weight of the hostile environment the same as do many other European foreign nationals. At the very least, he will be told to F off back to Jockoland.
        That’s why he is terrified. That’s why he churns out mendacious tweets every day describing how bad the esssennppeee are in the hope that someone, anyone, believes them.

      • deelsdugs says:

        Wouldn’t that be good Jack…I will keep breathing however…

  31. Muscleguy says:

    When we came back from NZ to the lands of our infancy my wife we lived in Outer London for five years and there’s a strong strain in English culture of as you say exceptionalism which means they are not interested in the slightest in how other place might do things better or simply differently. They are utterly dismissive and frequently rude about it (it’s banter!).

    We saw it over the Baby Boxes which have been wildly popular. We saw over the snippy, sniffing reaction to the triumph of the Queensferry Crossing which WE built. We saw it here in Dundee when the V&A idea was first mooted. ‘We won’t lend any of the main collection (even if its gathering dust in storage)’ they said. Then they saw the design of it and watched it take shape and the international attention and excitement and then it was ‘of course you must use some of our collections’.

    BTW It’s fantastic, everyone should come and see the building, experience it from the inside, experience the wind tunnel (not the best part of the design). Hotel occupancy is up, or was before the virus hit. We have more hotels than 5 years ago with still more in the pipeline. It’s literally over the road from the new railway station and right next to the RRS Discovery.

  32. Carolyn Williams says:

    Thank you so much for your articles, they are a daily inspiration 

    Kind regards Carolyn xx Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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