The dugcast fae the dughoose – with Alan Bissett

It’s the very first lockdown episode of the dugcast – the dugcast fae the dughoose 24 April edition. It’s taken a wee while to work out how to do it from home, and we’re still ironing out the bugs, but we’re getting the hang of it.

In this first lockdown episode I am joined via Skype by the playwright and author Alan Bissett. We chat about the lockdown and how it’s affecting the creative industries. We also discuss the British government’s (mis)handling of the Covid-19 crisis and what impact it will have on the independence campaign. And much more besides!

Hopefully this will be just the first of new weekly dugcasts during the lockdown period.

As a performer, Alan made his living performing and speaking – he’s unable to do that just now but has made a couple of his plays – The Moira Monologues, and his play about Pink Floyd available to view in return for a donation. The links you need are: for donations to watch either of his plays The Moira Monologues or the one about Pink Floyd.
And his website or



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13 comments on “The dugcast fae the dughoose – with Alan Bissett

  1. Bob Lamont says:

    Nice to hear both in good spirits, expressing what many have noted from this “Made in Britain” fiasco..
    Mibbe tweak the mic gain down a tad for the next “dughoose edition”, near blew m’lugs aff…

  2. Simon Taylor says:

    Good to hear your dulcit tones again Paul.
    Interesting that Alan raises ths too wee too stupid topic.
    I actually believe the economics of Indy argument has tilted more in our favour as a result of the pandemic. The neo Liberal/ austerity policies of the last 20 years have been destroyed in the space of 2 months. The global economy will be overhauled as a result. The UK chancellor has reached to the magic money tree to support the economy. This is the same tree that we in an Independent Scotland would be denied according the the British Nationalists. Now it’s ok to run your borrowing at a level higher than your GDP apparently. Debt is good.And you didn’t even touch on Brexit. No extension to the transition period. No alternative trade deals in place. The damaging effects on Scotland’s economy will be exacerbated 10 fold tied to a crippled UK economy which sink even further under the weight of Brexit. Additionally the oil arguement I think has less resonance now than it did in 2014. Our economy is becoming less dependent on fossil fuels and we are leading the way as renewables rich provider. I read recently that our natural resources out with oil are worth some £25 billion and these will only become more valuable in time. Not something that’s factored into GERs of course.
    And it’s the smaller nations that will adapt to these new economic realities faster.This crisis has demonstrated that small is indeed beautiful and many Scots are starting to get it
    I truly believe that most Scots, particularly those in the younger demographics , now believe that the economy is not a priority when lives are at stake. That’s why, like you , I believe we will take our place in the international global community as an independent nation

  3. Robert graham says:

    A good podcast and it makes a big difference when both speakers are well versed and on the same page . No disrespect to the contributors from the national but a lot of the time I was more conversant about what was going on than they were , most of the time it was you Paul leading them and I thought a few times you were almost talking yourself to a standstill ,
    Sometimes stuff just works and this is one of them keep it up .

  4. I enjoyed the Dugcast today.

    When Alan Bissett was pointing out that work had dried up on TV Theatre productions, but that there might be scope for writers during the down time, it occurred to me that film and TV producers will be out on the streets of major cities and well known land marks throughout the globe shooting footage of deserted streets, squares, and airports, to get stuff in the can for not only ‘Aramageddon’ themed movies and TV series post Covid 19, but also, given that the English Government and Trump draw their analogies from War, and in the English case WWII (Dunkirk spirit, London Blitz, and so on) the expectation that when we have finally ‘beaten’ this Plague, there will be a sudden rash of Covid 19 movies and TV series, similar to the deluge of post World War movies during the late ‘forties, and ‘fifties.

    ‘What did you do in the Plague, Daddy?’
    ‘Oh what a Lovely Plague?’
    ‘Covid 633 Squadron?’
    ‘The Cruel Covid?’
    ‘A Plague Too Far?’
    ‘The Longest Plague?’

    Boris Johnson at his desk with a big fat cigar and a glass of brandy V signing the nation.

    As you can see, I have a slight case of Covid Fever.

    I think that it was Lesley Riddoch who responded ‘Not on your Nelly’, to the usual Brit Nat Hack’s musing that the Plague had killed Indyref2 ‘dead’.

    If anything the farce that is Johnson’s Government contrasted with the Scottish Government’s response to the crisis has strengthened our resolve.

    I sympathise with Alan over his frustration at his brother’s Yes No swivel.
    I smell a wind up, Alan. Bothers!
    he UK is borrowing £360 billion to cover the costs of the lockdown.

    We Scots will be expected to pay back whatever the WM Government decides we are ‘allowed’ to have, and pay through the nose to bankers in Londinium.
    I read that the ‘Banks’ are raising interest rates on overdrafts from 20% to 40% in May. As Jacob Rees Mogg’s Finance H purred; now is a great time to exepct ‘super normal returns’ on money lending.

    It is touch and go whether the SGE will go ahead next May.

    No matter what, the election platform for the SNP and Greens, and Labour for Independence, if they manage to boot Leonard out by then, must be a Referendum on Independence NOW.

    The Dugcast had a ‘Radio Luxenberg’/ pirate radio feel about it today, Paul, Alan.

    Well done.

    Finally, in anticipation of the Baby Boom in December this year and January next, is the Scottish NHS recruiting and training midwives, and planning to open a few more Maternity clinics?

  5. ScotsCanuck says:

    …. oh! boy, how I’ve missed the dugcast …… I’m looking forward to Friday again !!!

  6. Scott Napier says:

    Two questions:

    Can you can fix the distortion (volume of microphone too high?) for future episodes?

    Will it be available on other outlets (e.g. Apple Podcast)?


  7. Petra says:

    Thanks for that Paul / Alan. And yes you can just see it now. An independent Scotland would never have made it through this crisis without the broad shoulders of the UK. Many, many thousands would have died. No money to furlough staff, no PPE, no real scientists in Scotland, no money for testing, Oxford leading with a vaccine, etc. etc, etc.

  8. douglasclark says:


    That was a joke? Yes?

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