Scotland’s position on the Labour party has never been clearer

I dislike Boris Johnson intensely. I think he’s a thoroughly contemptible human being. He’s a liar, a charlatan, a fraud, and a smirking entitled buffoon who is nowhere near as clever as he thinks he is. But I don’t wish death on him. Humiliation and political ruin, sure, but you’d have to be even more immoral than Boris Johnson to wish a slow agonising death from coronavirus on a person. If we seek to condemn him and his like, we need to be better human beings than they are. Admittedly this isn’t difficult, as they have set the bar extremely low. There are gall wasps which inject a paralysing poison into the bodies of caterpillars and then lay their eggs on their victims condemning them to a slow agonising death being slowly eaten alive by the wasp’s grubs – which carefully eat their way around the caterpillar’s vital organs to keep it alive and its flesh fresh. These wasps have a more nuanced and highly developed sense of morality than Priti Patel or Michael Gove, and are a hell of a lot more fun at parties.  Remember when we could have parties?  Sigh …

The wasps are infinitely less hypocritical than the Conservative commentator Julia Hartley Brewer who tweeted her disgust at those who were happy about the possibility of Boris Johnson dying, reminding them that he’s more than just a political leader, he’s a father (albeit of an uncertain amount of children), and has family who love him. That didn’t stop her exulting in glee when Fidel Castro died though. Fidel Castro was also more than just a political leader. He was also a father, who actually admitted to how many children he had, and he had family who loved him. Don’t be like Julia. She’s what you get when Katie Hopkins shops in Waitrose.

I’m not going to be like Julia. Boris Johnson is currently in intensive care. Anyone who is in intensive care right now is seriously, properly, ill. They deserve nothing but our good will and the hope that they make it though this dreadful trial. There but for the grace of the major and minor gods go any one of us. So I’d just like to say that I wish Boris Johnson a speedy return to full health. I’d like him to recover, so that he can be held accountable for the screw up that he and his administration have made of handling the epidemic. I want Boris Johnson to recover to full health so that for the rest of his life the rest of us can say “So how did that taking it on the chin work out for you? Hurt like buggery, didn’t it.” I hope that Boris Johnson makes a full and rapid recovery so that for the rest of his life we can remind him that karma is spelled H.E.R.D.I.M.M.U.N.I.T.Y. I want Boris Johnson to get better soon so that we can remind him that when he mouths platitudes like “we’re all in this together”, that means him too. And most of all, I’d like him to recover so that he can gaze upon the consequences of his handiwork when Scotland becomes an independent nation. Because revenge is a dish best served with a Scottish passport which promises freedom of movement throughout Europe.

In Scottish news, Ian Murray has been appointed as the new Shadow Scotland Secretary by the new Labour leader Keith Stormdrain. It was a difficult decision for Keifer Strummer, and we must congratulate Ian for winning through in such in a tightly contested race with a field full of such worthy competitors as … checks notes … Oh …

Together with Jackie Bailey’s election as the deputy branch office manager in Scotland over the weekend, this represents a resounding victory for the kamikaze faction of the Labour party in Scotland. The way for the Labour party to win its way back into the good books of the voting public in Scotland is to scream at the voting public that they’re fools and to keep doing what it’s been doing for the past decade. Only now they plan to do it more loudly and with the greater pomposity and sense of self-importance that only Ian and Jackie can provide. Even the British press in Scotland is finding it difficult to convince itself that this pair are their new Saviours of the Union™, and that’s a bunch who are so desperate that they managed to believe in Jeau Sweynseun.

With Ian in charge the Labour party branch office in Scotland can get back to the basics, being tough on Scottishness and tough on the causes of Scottishness. Labour’s position on Scotland has never been clearer, Ian tells us. It’s the exact same as the Tories. That position would be that it doesn’t matter what Scotland votes for, the electorate of Scotland needs the British state to protect it from the consequences of its own decisions.

Ian believes that as the sole Labour MP to remain in Scotland, he is uniquely placed to understand what the party needs to do in order to become electable. In Ian’s case that meant appealing to douce Conservative voters in the leafier suburbs of Edinburgh. So presumably the way to electoral recovery for the Labour party in Scotland is to out-Tory the Tories. That’ll work. Ian is dead set against Labour consenting to another Scottish independence referendum. Since this is a man who once posed cheerfully in a Union Jack suit, that comes as no surprise.

Instead, we’re promsed a “Labour option”. Apparently this means a constitutional convention that no one in England is interested in. And that’s the nub of Labour’s problem. By conceding that the UK is in need of fundamental reform if it is to meet the needs of Scotland, they are implicitly conceding the case for independence. They are admitting that the UK is in need of far reaching deep seated reform, reform which the British establishment has always shown itself to be extremely good at avoiding. Reform which the Labour party has always shown itself to be extremely good at avoiding too.

However the problem for the Labour party in Scotland is compounded because Labour is also telling us that the constitutional reform that Scotland so badly needs can only come about with the consent of the rest of a UK which has no particular interest in altering a situation that already works pretty well for it. Voters in England are already resentful of what they perceive to be Scotland’s special treatment. They have no appetite at all for surrendering power and influence within the UK in order to placate Scotland. Labour has been mouthing platitudes about Home Rule for Scotland for over 100 years. But never mind, as Ian tells us himself, “The important thing is to do what’s in the right interests of the Labour party.” Yes Ian, we know where your priorities lie.

Boris Johnson might be in intensive care, but for the Labour party in Scotland it’s already too late. It’s en route to the graveyard. Ian wants to tell us that his Labour party rejects independence and rejects an independence referendum, but it’s a moot point. Scotland has already rejected Ian’s party. Scotland’s position on the Labour party has never been clearer.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…


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37 comments on “Scotland’s position on the Labour party has never been clearer

  1. Thomas Potter says:

    This stance from Starmer/Murray/Baillie can only be by instruction from their real masters in WM.They’ll be sorting out the fail from Day 1.

  2. David Agnew says:

    Ah yes. Ian Murray. Who thinks SNP voters are a boil that needs lancing, and is on record as being “happy” at labour destroying itself to keep Scotland under Westminster’s thumb.

    You have to ask yourself something, because clearly Mr Murray hasn’t bothered asking it.

    If the Union was such an obviously good idea, if it was the only way Scotland could be worth anything in the larger world…why then was his party destroyed for it? What wasn’t praise heaped upon them. Were are the plaudits. Where is the tea and where are the medals? A eulogy perhaps. A commemorative tea towel? No? Mentioned in dispatches? Not a thing. Bupkis. Nada. Zilch. Not even a T-Shirt.

    Nothing except the complete and entire destruction of you party. It’s policies and its existence.

    Any other rational individual with the good sense God gave them, would wonder that perhaps, fighting for the union may not actually have been a good idea.

    If you had said; say 20 years ago, that one day Labour will be as hated as the conservatives in Scotland, people would have laughed at you. Now look at them. A party that introduced austerity. That created the bed room tax. That stood by and watched as people turned to food banks. That thought the bedroom tax was a pretty neat idea. That would raid pensions, and sell of the the UKs gold reserves for pennies. I could go on, but you get the point.

    But all the while this was happening in the UK, Labour the party of home rule, had decided to ditch that and stand for the status quo of Westminster. It was the party of union; no matter what Jim “am no a yoonist” Murphy said on the day. This was a party that was quite happy to see the tories fuck Scotland over, as long as they could wear silly Union Jack suits.

    What is breathtaking, is that Labour somehow thought this was consequence free. That we would just go back to labour. Well in 2015 we handed those treacherous little yahoos their ass. And we have been doing to them ever since.

    Again…a more sensible person, would start to wonder that if a large share of their vote was for independence…was defending a side that denied it ever going to end well? Labours actual answer to this dilemma – the Bain Principle

    But Ian Murray is happy to have seen his party die in Scotland and Rickshaw Leotard selected a cup of pish that continually runneth over to be its deputy. These are not the actions of a party that expects to be taken seriously anywhere, except within the pages of the Daily Record. It has no plans to govern and no plans to lead. It has decided instead to carp and whine on the sidelines. It has chosen to be irrelevant. Sadly this irrelevance coupled with UK Labours tin ear, means the only time we will see or hear from Starmer, is when he comes up to drink irn bru, eat a tunnocks tea cake and talk bollocks about federalism.

    Labour in Scotland are dead. But don’t be sad. Ian is happy at least.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Excellent summation. Will Labour get it? No.

    • Thepnr says:

      Sounds about right. With Ian Murray os shadow SoS and Jacie Baillie as deputy leader, it’s possible Labour support might be heading into single figures. Watch this space,

  3. Robert Graham says:

    Murray representing a seat in Edinburgh that would pass for a Tory seat almost anywhere in Essex or the southern counties that have supported the Tory party since the year dot .he fits exactly their views on Scotland and the Scots in general, therefore no need to question his credentials, he is one of them and unlikely to cause any trouble, and as a bonus he hates the SNP .

    The surprising thing is this Labour Party after all this time are still trying the same rubbish that almost wiped them out previously ,are they really that stupid , eh rhetorical question on that one,

    As for Bawjaws well I really don’t want to comment on him and his cabinet ,my views on IDS in particular I won’t type because swear words will be used a lot .

    • Robert,
      It is clear that Starmer has written off Scotland and the UK, when he ‘appoints’ the Fringe Events Organiser as B-Lister Union Jack’s Opposition in North Britland.
      Murray is the love child of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair who backed him in his bid to become deputy Leader of the London Red Tories.

      He has faffed around for 10 years now, hanging on to his diminishing Morningside Genteel Ladies’ vte, but doing absolutelt y hee haw for Scotland.
      I’m glad he hung on, on a decreased 8.5 % majority, as we all need a pet.

      The man is a useless bum warmer.
      Starmer knows this and doesn’t really care about Scotland anyway.

    • Douglas says:

      Did Labour not try to de-select Ian Murray at the last election?? That just shows what they think of him, no wonder he is the last man standing.

  4. Margaret McAuslan says:

    I loved the Randy Rainbow video Paul.

  5. jfngw says:

    Boris is going to be declared a hero when he emerges, the narrative he took it on the chin with the rest of us, how can we criticise him.

    As for Murray, many of the constituents didn’t vote for him because of his policies (or charisma, that’s negative) but they saw it as a way of keeping out the SNP. He grabbed the BritNat vote as they were voting for who they thought could win.

    • deelsdugs says:

      Yup, he will be hailed ‘a hero’, survivor of the ‘covid war’, will congratulate the NHS and still will not have a heart or humility, or dig in to his fat wallet.

      As for the Labour of ‘unrequited love’, not a chance.

  6. Pogmothon says:

    Hopefully after 5 days on a ventilator LBJ will gain some humility.
    And determination to see the NHS protected from privatisation, properly funded.
    The people protected.
    And endorse Scotland as an independent nation….. I’ve tain that too far, huv ah ????

  7. Macart says:

    All of that… with bells on Paul. 🙂

    Same thing applies with political engagement folks. Being aware of the politics around you doesn’t mean you have to think or behave like a politician or a policy wonk (shudders). As an end user of their idiocies…(ideologies)…, our job is to keep the buggers clean and honest as possible. Gawd knows, they won’t police themselves and our fourth estate have gone AWOL long since.

    You don’t need a party allegiance to act like a human being and you don’t need their permission to exist or hold each and every one of them to account. You certainly don’t require their instruction on morality. They on the other hand…. could probably use a refresher course.

    Westminster practises are the reason we are where we are. Disenchantment, disengagement and disenfranchisement on our part, (which is a lot of dissing), is why they got away with their sh… gubbins… for so long.

    Probably worth reminding the political class that THEY need to earn your trust and your respect.

  8. Kupo says:

    I’m simply indifferent towards his plight. I don’t wish him harm or good health. I feel nothing for him, whether he lives or dies is irrelevant to me. Call me what you want, I don’t care a jot. I can be an empathetic and caring person but you can’t force people to feel ( politically correct appropriate way) for those who have caused or are in the process of causing them harm ( looking at you twitter ), that’s simply not how human beings work. We’re animals just like any other species, we can be kind and ruthless all in a split second, it just depends on each individuals trigger point …. for example: to those who haven’t played their role in killing hundreds of thousands of people and animals in their tyrannical bloodlust and greed for profit the world over and nothing else…. you’re okay with me, as for the rest, get in the fucking sea.
    Ohh, wait. All that putrid waste could be bad for the sea biodiversity. I’ve changed my opinion to get into fucking space itself, instead.

    • Chicmac says:

      I regard Boris as being in the ‘lovable rogue’ category. Or as less generous folk might say, a classic example of public school induced arrested development a la Jeremy Clarkson.

      As such, he is is incapable of social empathy or mature, in depth thinking and i is incorrigibly narcissistic.

      End of.

  9. Bill Hume says:

    Oh do come on Paul, you know and I know that when he recovers he will put it down to being a superior kinda bloke….FFS Bullingdon Club…worth millions..built like a tank….never had a day’s illness in my life…..only weaklings died… etc.

  10. Bob Lamont says:

    Yep, good summary.
    That once proud party of Keir Hardy which dominated Scotland’s political landscape is now reduced to the imitation socialism of Murray as their sole MP, Monty Python’s Black Knight in a suit…

  11. Ex Pat says:



    Here’s hoping Bozo recovers to return to his natural level – a clown on Have I Got News For You.

    Bozo was the comic and ultimately useless figurehead for the spivs, liars and shysters of the Tory party. Those behind them are the US ‘Atlantacists’ – US Neo-Con Republicans and the US Deep State. Why blame the idiot puppet, however venal, stupid and guilty, when his masters are ignored, invisible and allowed to go free, to repeat their crimes elsehwere ?

    There are several thousand UK civil servants and Labour politicians who deserve war crimes trials for the Iraq War under Tony Bliar. And now there are several thousand Tories, Labour and civil servants who deserve, well, quite a lot, for the Neo-Con Neo-Liberal policies that have led to the present debacle, whose death count may well still be hundreds of thousands of dead British people.

    But it’s not one man or even a small number. It’s an entire system who share the guilt. Just. Like. The. Germans. In. WW2.


    After WW2 a jewish physicist who visited Germany said that the Germans he met were desperate that someone should forgive them, but that he would not. Only those they had murdered had that right, he said. So today.

    Psychiatrist C.G. Jung explained that the only possible cure for the German people for their crimes of which they were all aware on some level was to admit their guilt and to seek forgiveness. ‘”Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa” is not only a spiritual truth but also a psychological truth.’ – ‘The Post-War Psychic Problems of the Germans’, Jung Speaking.

    Let us not forget the recent facts.

    3. 2,640,000 DEATHS

    The death count that the Tories signed up to was 2,640,000 dead British people. Because when your health system collapses, the death rate is 5% (Italy), or _higher_, not the 1% seen in China. 5% death rate x 80% infected x 66 million population = 2,640,000 dead British people

    “Boris Johnson will have signed it off too. Sickening.” – David Lammy MP, tweet from Peter Foster of the Telegraph (now FT), and

    ‘Classic Dom’ – “At a private engagement at the end of February, Cummings outlined the government’s strategy. Those present say it was “herd immunity, protect the economy and if that means some pensioners die, too bad”. –


    English retired director of Public Health Professor John Ashton suggests that the Tory ‘herd immunity’ plan only makes sense if it was a non-sensical cover-up to hide the Tory’s genocidal level of inaction and incompetence. Now who does that sound like ? Oh yes, ‘Classic Dom.’ No change there, then !

    On his twitter feed he has said that this ‘herd immunity’ gambit has not in fact been reversed. By delay, incompetence, and perhaps deliberately, it has proceeded.

    The death count will hopefully be nowhere near 2,640,000 of the UK population.

    But it may well be very bad indeed – worse than Italy? – due to the deliberate Tory delay that was longer than Italy’s tardy and ineffective Lombardy response.

    Bozo as Prime Minister may have thought he was getting his just reward. Who could have expected Nemesis to wreak her vengeance on the Tories quite so quickly? But it’s hard luck for the rest of the UK’s population.

    Still, maybe there’ll be a few deserved Tory heads on pikes before it’s over. And social democracy, proportional representation and an independent Scotland after.

    Amandla !!

  12. jim says:

    Like what a lot of people have commented on here, labour just don’t get it.

    The fact that they sided with the tory’s in 2014 doesn’t seem to resonate with them and they are incredulous and blind to the fact that the Scottish people now reject the party for that reason who used to ‘weigh’ their vote in Scotland.

    What kind of arrogance is that! Have they not learned still that scots will always reject arrogance, it doesn’t sit well with our demeanour, we are a kind, considerate and compassionate nation of people always looking to help other people in life regardless of race, colour or nationality. Just walk the streets of any city or town and you’ll witness locals gladly helping tourists or foreign residents to find their way around or helping them with local customs, always with a smiling welcoming face.
    It’s why we overwhelmingly rejected Brexit.

    Ian Murray is a dinosaur who still hasn’t realised that the asteroid has hit and it means the end for him and his ilk. Unless, like the mammals, he adapt and change.
    But I very much doubt it.

  13. Millsy says:

    What do you get when you put Richard Leonard , Jackie Baillie and Ian Murray in charge of Scottish Labour’s future ?

    Correct !

  14. Dr Jim says:

    Boris Johnson calls Scots vermin and treats Scotland like something he would have a lackey wipe from his shoe but we’ve all to be polite like politicians and wish him well so he can do it all over again if he recovers, then we’ll all agree to disagree while he retains the power to carry out every wish he has that Scotland opposes while he smiles and says England rules tough luck vermin
    Call me a bad person then because I’m not a politician so don’t have to be polite to such as this, and no I do not wish him well even though it doesn’t really matter because they’re lining up to replace him with more of the same and I still won’t have a say because well I’m a verminous Scot

    Ian Murray, the Labour party, well really who cares in Scotland, nobody, but the media will bash away every day telling us we should, y’see if we won’t vote for the A team then please vote for the B team and if all else fails the media will even resort to the Lib Dems, anybody who’s not the SNP, and if the media’s handling of the reporting of the Corona virus should have taught even the most hardened of *not sure* don’t knows* to Independence it’s that Scotland is looked upon as even less than a colony, we’re an enemy, a threat to the wealth and dominance of a parasitical neighbour who can’t survive without Scotland so they use their media to crush the very life from Scotland and every day of this crisis they have displayed that attitude more and more

    People keep saying the governments are working together consensually, no they’re not, evey word that comes out of the Tories mouths is laced with politics, every report the media make even on the tragic deaths of real people is a contest to make the Tories look more competent, it’s hideous

    But let’s all pretend we’re in it together even when blind Pew’s dug can see we’re not

    The people are not politicians, it’s our job and duty to our country that we make the noise, we make the complaints, we display the outrage so the politicians that we elect can be politely outraged on our behalf

    If we don’t we might as well be saying everything’s fine sur, we’re fine sur, shall I bend over so my betters don’t have to lift their boots too high to tread on me

    • Thepnr says:

      The differences between the Scottish government daily press conference and the Westminster one are startling as to how the media question our political leaders.

      I’m sure though that this is not going unnoticed in Scotland. The media here are digging their own graves live on telly with their lick spittled hatred of Nicola Sturgeon with their line of questioning which is attack attack attack. You really couldn’t miss it.

      Their animosity is palpable as is their hatred of any notion of Independence, ordinary people will see through that as it is so obvious. They are doing themselves more damage than the person they attack.

      I’m not concerned as after this is over there will be a reckoning. These churnalists will pay the price.

      • diabloandco says:

        God! I hope so! They deserve everything that comes their way and some.

        As do the politicians who seek to make political capital out of a virus and the ones who have been either incompetent or malevolent in their handling of it.

        I will not wish Johnson ill , however my mistrust is now so deep set that like Doubting Thomas I really have to see the hospital bed , the ventilator and all the equipment.

        And I would wish that our First Minister had said in the most dispassionate of tones that she wished him a speedy recovery and included me out!

        • Isn’t it curious that the virus has hit every section of society, every business, and public bodies, except The Hacks on our Dead Tree Scrolls?
          They were on their last legs before the plague struck, yet, somehow they’re all still in place (a dozen demanded the resignation of the former CMO at last week’s briefing, for a dozen different Blahs. Twelve hacks, the same attack.)
          Where is the money coming to prop up these lame ducks?

          There must be 400 ‘Sports’ hacks alone, with no Ranjirs and Sellick to feed their banal weekly and daily ‘pieces’.
          I look forward to BBC Sportsound’s ‘The History of the Corner Flag’.

          Newspaper sales and advertising revenue must surely have bombed.

          So where’s the money coming from to churn out their daily SNP BAD mince?

          Millions have been laid off but somehow ‘journalism’ is a ‘reserved occupation’?

          Black Ops, Dark Money, Boris is a Saint, our gallant leader taking it on the chin for ‘the country'(England/UK), the daily UK Figures quoted on Scottish outlets, the ‘nation’ meaning the 4 nations of their Dead Union.
          As long as the hacks write our Scottish Government and our FM out of the picture, the pay cheques will mysteriously be paid?
          I shall dance on their professional graves when they finally and inevitably fold.

          Seriously, close the border at Gretna and N Berwick now, as I proposed 3 weeks ago.

  15. bringiton says:

    When the time comes,as it probably will,that Scotland has to lockdown it’s land border with England,will HM press be attacking the Scottish government for not doing it sooner?
    No,didn’t think so and probably quite the opposite.
    For HM press,the unity of the UK state is paramount.

  16. Sheena jack says:

    It seems simple to me. Scotland is a sovereign nation. We can have our own referendum and not send the results to engerland. Realising you can do this is everything.

  17. Arthur Thomson says:

    Once people realise how craven these people are their propaganda becomes counter productive.

    I don’t know how others on here perceived it but I felt that the FM’s tone was spot on when she wished Mr Johnson a speedy recovery. I felt that it was nuanced, civilised and politically correct in the truest sense. What I would hope for from my representative. I have no doubt that Alex, despite the horrors that he has been out through, would have spoken similarly.

    On a personal level I hope that Johnson comes out of this with a new found awareness and humility but I am not holding my breath.

    Regards Murray and the Labour party , they are beneath contempt along with the rest of the true Brits. A pox on all their houses.

  18. Legerwood says:

    If you want an antidote to the MSM haranguing the FM then this might do it

    • From the mouths of babes, Legerwood.
      What a gentle little Q&A.
      Well done, whoever thought it up.
      ‘When can I see my granny again’?


      • joe says:

        Hello Jack. I commented a few days ago about these so called journalists.
        And that Nicola replied to everyone of them without making any sarcastic
        Remarks.all they are out for is blood and to try and destroy Nicola Sturgeon.and the SNP.but they failed and will keep failing.Nicola comes out of these debates head held high as she is doing at Every debate.and just showing these so called journalists. bar for may be a couple just what they are.i would not give them the time of day.
        That lot do not know the meaning of journalism.a shower of rats.infact that
        Is to good a word for them.the lot of them Britnats.through and through.
        The big problem we have Jack is these Britnats are infested throughout
        Scotland.And the quicker we get rid of them the better.that day will come.
        and the Sooner the better.lets get Scotland out of this discredited union.
        the day We become independent.cannot come soon enough for me.

  19. Julia Gibb says:

    Whenever Westminster reopens!
    Once again we will have Ian Murray at the dispatch box representing Scotland against a Tory Government.
    a) he cannot challenge because he knows his Tory constituents are watching (he needs their votes)
    b) he is more unionist than most of the U.K. Government (They are England first)
    c) I should not have used the alphabet as 26 letters won’t be enough!

  20. Dr Jim says:

    Your humanity tells you you don’t want anyone to die but politically that will be immediately translated by the media and the Tories as *look at how popular Boris Johnson is in Scotland* they like him, they wish him well, even though they know it’s a lie

    When prominant Tory journalists like Julia Hartley Brewar can openly tweet her delight at the death of a political figure in another country like Fidel Castro and the media say nothing that should remind us all as to the difference and double standards in how the media react in England and how they would react in Scotland should anybody here Tweet such a thing if they weren’t Tories

    If Nicola Sturgeon herself discovered the cure for Corona virus tomorrow the media would question her as to how long she had the cure, was she holding it back and why didn’t she release it to the UK immediately on discovery, is it because she hates England

    The political chasm between opinions is so enormously febrile now that nothing will ever bridge it again and the Westminster system knows it yet still they don’t care as they continue to bluff and lie their way on as they did with every other colony they ever occupied until the inevitable eventually happened, and that’s the problem with Westminster, they refuse to accept and acknowledge the inevitable until they can be sure they’ve squeezed and extracted every last drop of profit they can from the people and countries they have ever ruled, always at the cost to the people of those countries

    Scotland isn’t the problem, we never have been, we’re just the next country in a long line of countries sick to the back teeth of the country that is, it just took Scotland a long time to get a political party to reflect that

  21. Arthur Thomson says:

    We all know that the Brits will twist everything to their own ends. No matter what we say or do they will misrepresent it. We also know that we will make honest mistakes and political capital will be made of them. But this is not a no win situation because normal people can see through their behaviour and despise it for what it is – more so in this pandemic.

    We just have to be strong enough to take a step back, do that which is right and acknowledge that the cringe is slowly but surely being replaced by greater awareness and self confidence in our community.

    Let’s never forget that we are progressing and we will succeed.

  22. Bibbit says:

    Governor Andy Cuomo is a bit of a dish.

  23. Pogmothon says:

    The 13p Solves our problems.

    Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance Producing Priti Patel Paterned Pityless Politicians

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