What’s in a name

The new temporary hospital to be opened in Glasgow’s SECC is to be called the NHS Louisa Jordan, after a Glasgow nurse who is a national hero in Serbia because of her efforts in working in field hospitals in that country during WW1. Not everyone was happy though, because this is Scotland and calling anything after someone from Scotland is going to be denounced as a political act by British nationalists. You’d think they’d just go the whole hog and demand that it’s terribly divisive and nationalist for places in Scotland to have Scottish names. So let’s stop calling Glasgow Glasgow and instead call it Birmingham on Clyde in order to show that we’re better together.

Wee Dougie Alexander – remember him? – took to the Twatters to complain that the Scottish government has had the temerity to name the new temporary hospital in Glasgow after a nurse from Glasgow. Surely they should have called it after Florence Nightingale in order to show that we’re all in this together, opined Dougie, instead of this divisive nationalism of naming a hospital in Glasgow which will be staffed by NHS workers who live in Glasgow and which will serve the people of Glasgow after a nurse from Glasgow who in a time of crisis showed solidarity with people who weren’t British. Dougie still wants us to believe that we’re all in this together despite the fact that it’s highly unlikely that anyone rich and well connected will ever end up coughing up their lungs on a cot in a temporary hospital in the SECC.

We’d all much prefer that there was no need for this temporary hospital and that like the coronavirus it wasn’t there at all. So perhaps we should call it the Charles Windsor Hospital because no one wants him here either. Although unlike Charles the hospital does serve a useful purpose and strives to contain the infection rather than spread it.

It is funny how British nationalists like Dougie, who are of course not nationalist at all on account of being British, only ever complain about Scottish things getting Scottish names. They never seem to call on English institutions to be named after Scottish people in order to, you know, demonstrate that we’re all in this together. This is the Labour party that’s always demanding that the SNP focus on what’s important. And also the Labour party – why does the hospital have a Scottish name? Because that’s the real issue here. Not the utterly hauf-airsed way in which the British government has been going about its strategy for dealing with this epidemic.

Personally I couldn’t give a toss if they called it the Loabey Dosser Memorial Doss-spot, just as long as it’s fully equipped and saving people’s lives, but when you’re on the furthest reaches of irrelevance like Dougie you have to say something crass and cringey in order to remind people that you exist. We live in hope for a vaccine for the coronavirus, but there’s no cure for British nationalist cringery.  Dougie’s a ProudScotBut.

This is what Dougie thinks is the most important issue on the day when a British government which has totally screwed up the provision of coronavirus tests for NHS workers and everyone else decided to prevent the Scottish government and NHS Scotland procuring tests by themselves. He thinks that this is the most important issue on the day when we discover that the promised “thousands” of much needed ventilators that the best of British was going to deliver turn out to be just 30. He thinks that this is the most important issue when we have a British government that refused to cooperate with the EU on the provision of ventilators because Brexit, sunlit uplands, and sodding commemorative 50p coins. He thinks that this is the most important issue as NHS staff go without personal protection equipment to keep them safe from infection as they treat us. He thinks that this is the most important issue when the Westminster government has no clear exit strategy from the lockdown, no strategy for mass testing and contact tracing, and regales us with press conferences where British cabinet ministers clearly don’t have the foggiest idea what the answer is to some very basic questions.

I don’t want a pissin’ government that tells us to clap for the NHS out of our windaes as we’re locked down. I want a government that funds the NHS properly and hasn’t presided over a decade of austerity that’s cut our public services to the bone. I want a government that had the foresight to ensure that when an entirely predictable epidemic came along – something which has been forecast for years – there was a sufficient stock of personal protection equipment and medical equipment to help deal with it. But instead we have a government that doesn’t hesitate to throw billions of pounds at the obscene weapon of mass destruction that is the UK’s nuclear viagra while it allows tens of thousands of citizens to die due to its lack of care and planning. I want a government that when it’s dealing with an epidemic listens to epidemiologists, virologists, and experts in public health, and not whatever happens to be the latest buzz trend to catch the attention of Dominic pissin’ Cummings. And most of all Dougie, I want a government which when it screws up as monumentally as this one, Scotland is able to vote it out of office instead of having to pray helplessly that people in the rest of the UK feel the same way.

So maybe, just maybe Dougie, it wasn’t such a great idea to ensure that Scotland remained subject to a Conservative government made up of charlatans and ideologues and presided over by a habitual professional liar. Even the Daily Telegraph has been forced to admit that the bunch of incompetent clueless cretins that it crowbarred into office are a bunch of incompetent clueless cretins. But British nationalists in Scotland can’t admit to what’s staring even the cheerleaders for Brexit in the face, because then they’d have to acknowledge that Scotland possesses the means to find a cure for that particular affliction.

Scotland is a victim of a government which it didn’t vote for which is responsible for an epic failure in public health. If this was a Scottish government, Dougie would be the first to call on us to vote it out of office, but we’re stuck with Boris Johnson no matter how we vote thanks to Dougie and his pals in Better to Die Together. It’s hot takes like Dougie’s which explain how it is that the Labour party in Scotland will be holding its next branch office conference in a skip, and it will be taking British rule in Scotland along with it.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…


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89 comments on “What’s in a name

  1. grizebard says:

    Slick Dougie only goes to prove just how pointless and totally irrelevant he now is to civic life in Scotland. Pretty much like all of his party’s woebegone northern outpost, in fact. He may have long abandoned it for richer pickings elsewhere, but he still shares their unerring tendency to find nothing too trivial to gripe about, even in the darkest of times. Whatever else CV-19 might kill, the least regrettable by a very long chalk will be Labour’s last hope for relevance and revival in Scotland.

    But that’s all froth on top compared to the rank incompetence of the performers of the Dom Cummings Circus in London, and to whom we remain shackled whether we like it or not. (Increasingly not.) Just how many unfortunates they will eventually succeed in bumping-off by the unwelcome imposition of their bumbling upon us is yet unclear, but there will surely be a price to be paid the next time we have access to a ballot box.

  2. Hamish100 says:

    You would think Douglas would change his name by deed poll to Desmond or something that suits his anglophile credentials. As for hospital names the southern is the southern to me not some royal sook it up them name so the officials could get an OBE or such like. Alexander and his sis of course got shoed into the labour party because their dad a CoS minister was best pals to Donald Dewar. Their political career assured. Weirdly a current member of government (former Scottish Tory leader) attended the same church in bishopton. The church of Scotland has a lot to answer for. I like the new hospital named after someone who cared for others.

    • wullie says:

      Indeed Hamish. The Church of Scotland, the only church on the planet that dumped its entire flock for its own selfish ends in 1707. Never hear a peep from them nowadays, naw their were so relieved at the result in 2014. You can tell by the company they keep. Dougie Broon etc etc.

  3. Macart says:

    An emergency nursing facility named after a nursing heroine of the city and Mr Alexander objects because… reasons. Now. Of all times. FFS!

    Selfish, thoughtless, crass. (And that’s being diplomatic)

    • Mark Russell says:

      Perhaps a fitting response would be to ‘rename’ all public toilets after Scottish Labour politicians – “Dougie’s Depository” comes to mind – or “The Broon Room”.

      If Shanks made a urinal modelled on Dougie’s head and open mouth, diuretics would become more popular that dope.

      • Macart says:

        Sounds about right. 😉

        Frankly, after his idiotic and poorly timed tuppence worth, we’re well rid Mark.

      • Valkyrie says:

        Ok, seriously. Someone please do this! Come on!
        We don’t need anything official, just make signs with the names and put them up above the doors (after the lockdown ends of course!)

        Nice little campaign stunt, especially if there’s a QR code or something on the signs that links to an online explanation of Dougie’s naming pedantry and why we’re only doing what he wanted and naming things suitably. 😉

  4. Bob Lamont says:

    Rightfully skewered, a vacuous apology of man… I note he has also been vocal in supporting the Britnat NS smear campaign over this same hospital, “not thanking the army” blah, blah….

  5. Barnstorming. Sets me up for another day of shielding and isolation, cut off in my own wee bubble. Storing it up. Huge thanks Paul, as per.

  6. Shagpile says:

    Don’t know if there’s any truth to it, but just read on social media that NHS England have “taken control” of Scottish and Welsh Health Service test kits for Covid-19… If true, wonder what Dougie McBritnatNHS-face might have to say? Something stinks, (guessing if true) this is totally political!

  7. A pointless little man who was one of Tony Blair’s Red Tory zealots, and served in Blair’s Government, throughout the Cool Britannia era of Iraq, cash for peerages the sex scandals, and fiddled his expenses big time claiming £12000 for his house expenses while renting it out, which he was allowed to quietly repay without prosecution for fraud.
    He .continued in Cabinet under Brown, another Proud Northern Britain who was also a ‘son of the Manse’, and in Milliband’s Shadow Cabinet until he was turfed out by the electorate in 2015, along with the rest of the ‘f&%+ing useless’ (London Labour’s description of their Jock dead meat).

    Genocide, sex scandals, fiddling expenses..hardly the moral path of a lad who played the bugle in the BB. Tut, tut.
    Since being given the Big E he has followed the usual path of failed Brit Nat politicians. The ‘village’ as Kezia Dugdale described the Inner Circle of ex Brit Nat politicians , has looked after Douglas apparently.
    ‘Visiting professor’ like so many of his failed colleagues, bag man for Bono fund raising for charities,and according to his Wiki entry, now a consultant with a legal firm specialising in energy or some such.
    There is an incestuous CoS streak running through the Brit Nat ProudScotsButters.
    The Hon Sarah Smith was married by Douglas’ and Wendy’s father, a CoS minister, on Iona.
    I have commented before on the Brit Nat ‘conservative’ streak running through the Christian Churches in Scotland.

    320,000 Scots children are in poverty, 500,000 scots citizens in absolute poverty, and this wee bugler is outraged by calling a COVID 19 overspill facility after a Scottish Nurse.

    So much for Christian charity.
    Scotland will be an independent country now.
    Little Uncle Tams like Douglas can always self isolate in his big hoose, and pretend it hasn’t happened.

  8. carolclark1 says:

    Really, is that all that this annoying we midge can come up with, the name of emergency facility. FFS. What the hell is it with these Britnats?

    In all honesty I had forgotten about about this wee worm, and I think that’s where he should remain. Forgotten in the mists of time. Mind you,he’s lucky if that’s awe wee Dougie has to bother him, among the chaos and loss of life. They’re not just numbers you know, they’re people, much loved and mourned by their families. Learn some humanity ya sanctimonious wee turd

    Thanks for all you are doing Paul to keep us sane in these dark days. Just bunged you a wee donation..

  9. son of perth says:

    One of your best Paul. What a repulsive little man Alexander is. People are dying, alone, and the only thing bothering him is the name of a temporary hospital. Seriously, Johnson and his gang could threaten to put all supporters of Scottish independence in work camps and that wee scumbag would go along with it. That may sound crazy but that’s how bad I think he is.

  10. Duncan says:

    I just wish it had been named, not Charlie Windsor Hospital, but Ospadal Diùc Baile Bhòid. That would have ensured apoplexy.

  11. bringiton says:

    All that the British have left is lies,spin and the decaying edifice of an empire gone.
    When Scots waken up to the fact that our health and perhaps life itself is being restricted and ended even by London’s incompetence and ideological pursuits,there will be a reckoning.
    So much for health being devolved.
    Just like everything else in this failed union,only when it suits London.

  12. gerry parker says:

    Sons (and daughters) of the manse learn very early that a comfortable living can be made from lying to people in an apparently sincere way.

    • Dave tewart says:

      Great fairy stories get told to the children.
      Easy to copy and paste the good ones like the loaves and fishes over to the modern world.
      The casino is still in operation, the money still has to be manufactured.
      Latest is that the football Leagues will have to pay back the TV companies cash as there’s no football to show.
      Next it will be the Bookies needing support as there’s no sport.
      Great idea, lets have synthetic sport, you can place a bet on the testing figures, the death rate and the survival rate.
      Remember and donate a wee bit to the less fortunate.
      Could it be the untruthful ruthie is to be called up with the reserves?
      See the chancellor’s scheme for the self employed isn’t quite as well thought out as spun, Ts &Cs apply,

    • Movy says:

      Please don’t tar all sons and daughters of the manse like this.

  13. Legerwood says:

    Douglas Alexander a blast from the past right enough.

    Whose bags is he carrying these days?

  14. Cubby says:

    Wee Dougie Alexander with the squeaky voice thinks he is an intellectual but he is just another signatory to the Ragmans roll.

  15. Ingenious says:

    I disagree with the idea of naming any hospital after Charles Windsor. I also disagreed with the recently built Glasgow hospital being named the Queen Elizabeth. That would avoid confusion as I believe our foodbanks ideally should be named after our esteemed Royalty and indeed recent Prime Ministers. That would really help to emphasise the “we’re all in it together” message – wouldn’t it.

    • Robert Langlands says:

      And here I thought it was named after Robert The Bruce’s second wife…

  16. wm says:

    Well done Paul, one of your best, the wee dougie’s claim to fame is that he along with Blair,Brown and the rest of so called socialists ( every one an impostor) put the final nails in the labour party’s coffin. Thank god we have another road to go and the quicker the better. Think of the English labour voters where do they go.

  17. ” He thinks that this is the most important issue when we have a British government that refused to cooperate with the EU on the provision of ventilators because Brexit, sunlit uplands, and sodding commemorative 50p coins. ”

    And BLUE PASSPORTS!!! You mustn’t forget them.

    I’ve now got mild CV19 symptoms so that must mean I can get tested, yes? After all, Jugears and The Liar both only had mild symptoms and they got tested.

  18. Weechid says:

    Hadn’t seen wee Doogie’s tweet having left the toxic twitter a few months ago but see that the likes of he and Ian Smart are still acting like utter areseholes. Surely though it should have been called The Duke of Rothesay’s Legacy to Scotland Hospital. i like the idea of something, anything, being named after Laobey Dosser.

  19. Stewart B says:

    Ashamed to admit I actually canvassed for him in Perth at the 1997 General Election . Didnt realise he was such a shallow individual but you learn from the errors of your ways . There’s no doubt that he is one of many from that era who have and are making a good living having pretended to be Socialists – wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up in the Lords amongst many of his former cronies – Makes you want to Boak !

  20. Iain says:

    Head Boy Douglas Alexander is the sort of person to be found on a sweltering hot day in Glasgow wrapped up in a raincoat, wearing wellies and holding up an umbrella. Why? Because it’s raining in London.

  21. Jim Coll says:

    Dear dug, mind and thank that fella that takes ye oot fur a walk for reminding me why I’ll never vote Labour. I read a biography by one of Labour’s publicists / propagandists / whatever, Damien McBride’. His story (from ‘Power Trip’, page 327) was that wee Dougie was the one who told Broon his sister would need to get telt to resign, for whatever reason Labour have at any given moment for giving the heave-ho to folk who until they get heave-ho’d have had the PM’s complete confidence.

  22. Hamish100 says:

    Clap for carers tonight. Coming from Glasgow I’m don’t like the title.

    It Implies some form of goings on that results in STD!

    Whether you do clap this evening or play the bagpipes the fact Johnson’s government is supportive of this taints it’s laudable aim of showing our appreciation to ALL working at present. They have my admiration already.

    Still maybe next week we can have a “clap for forgiveness”.

    Basically, all the britnats but in particular the tories and libdems who imposed austerity on us all and in particular the NHS & care sectors stand in the street pleading for our forgiveness.

    The silence will be deafening.

    Incidentally, do the tories believe the minimum tax paid in Scotland for the NHS is now a bad idea?

    • Welsh Sion says:


      You’re not the only one to feel queasy. Apparently, the young Cambridges were wheeled out to give their own cutsey applause to health workers.

      I can just imagine the conversation.

      Charlotte: What are we clapping for, Mummy?
      Kate: We’re clapping in support of the NHS workers, darling.
      George: What’s the NHS, Mummy?
      Kate: That’s what the poor people, have, darling. Now don’t worry your little head about them. Just fix your smiles, children and pretend you’re doing something worthwhile.


  23. Dave tewart says:

    A choice for selection.
    Rank Bajin
    Big Chief Toffee Teeth
    Fairy Nuff
    Rid Skwerr
    Stark Stairn
    Doktor Zoo
    Rooa Boot
    Noka Boot
    Calton Creek General.

    Big doris is deid, wonder where he buried the £1million in coppers?, Straight from the story of the ‘Haunted Fort’
    Bud Neill, a hero.

  24. Hamish100 says:

    Welsh Sion. Cheers

    Seeing Charles Windsor video from Balmoral and the bbc and newspaper fawning nearly made me “spue ma guts”. Nauseous in the extreme.

  25. JoMax says:

    Unfortunately, Mr Alexander is the face of unionist Scots, and there are still far too many of them who are happy to hold our country back, insult and rubbish its people and aspirations. He and various others know this and are only too happy to be their mouthpiece. I know some folk are angry with the SNP for one reason or another but it’s the Alexanders and their cohorts they should be angry with because the SNP are stymied so long as these people remain the majority or at best a huge minority.

    I was brought up CoS, but have long since abandoned religious observance. As I travel about the local Highlands (soon again, I hope) it strikes me that in every hamlet and village where there is a church or two, there is a very substantial manse for the incumbent right next door. So in the past when ordinary folk were obliged to attend Sunday Services they would leave their wee cottages and walk long distances or, if they were lucky, travel in a pony and trap, in all weathers throughout the year, arrive cold, wet, and most probably hungry, to be reminded on arrival in an unheated building that they were all sinners who more than likely would go to hell by a minister who walked a few yards to his church, and returned immediately to a comfortable, dry, warm place with food on the table. It’s a funny old life right enough.

    • bringiton says:

      From what I have read,the CoS ministers in the Highlands had their wages paid by the Lairds.
      Their main function was to prevent the natives from revolting.
      Plus ca change….

    • JoMax,

      in my earlier post, I meant no slur on Christians and their genuinely held beliefs, no matter which branch of that faith they follow.

      There are many ministers, priests, and lay preachers, and millions of true believers who live honest hard working lives, who are doing their best to help their fellow citizens crushed and discarded by Willie Rennie, Jackson Carlaw Richard Leonard, and their minions whose main goal is to undermine and destroy Scotland and its social and economic infrastructure; under instruction from, and paid handsomely by their English Masters.
      And don’t chide me for the use of ‘English’. You all know what I mean.

      A WM Government and Elite Oligarchy who have drained Scotland of its wealth resources and people for 300 years.

      We cannot let this continue.

      It is time that the Churches/religions to go ‘back to basics’, and revisit The Sermon On The Mount.

      Over 40 years of Thatcher Major Blair Brown Cameron Clegg May and Johnson and their ‘one law for the Filthy Rich ‘prudence’ and ‘austerity’ of the Rest of Us Proles’, decades of decay and erosion of democracy, food banks, charity shops, zero hour contracts, two child cap, the Rape Clause…
      Not a peep from the pulpit condemning any of this.
      But there they are, the Bishops and Moderators in their fine robes and breeches,deferentially bowing and scraping When the Royals or the Robber Barons come out in public.

      Wesley and Knox must be spinning in their graves.

      Tens of thousands are dying yet this little pipsqueak doesn’t give a toss.

      It is time to close the Scottish Border before London degenerates into Mad Max dystopia.

  26. J Galt says:

    Were not some of our esteemed Scottish Clergy of around the time of the Great War some of the biggest slum landlords in the likes of the Gorbals – ever anxious to get their factors to spend nothing on repairs and to screw the rents out of the unfortunate dwellers on time – “more tea and crumpet Minister?”.

    • The phrase was ; ‘the deserving and the undeserving poor’, I believe, JG.
      My first flat, in Old Kilpatrick 40 years ago, had an annual ‘Ground Rent’, payable to the CoS.

      As they self isolate in their warm big manses and ‘chapel houses’ tonight, let’s hope some are reading Paul’s excellent blog.
      It is easier for a camel, and all that.

  27. Dave tewart says:

    I have an acquaintance, a minister of Religion, who is a Hang Them High Tory supporter.
    It’s called a Christian belief.
    A God who will forgive your sins.
    BUTT only if you are a member of the TRUE Religion.

    • ‘Manifest destiny’, Dave.

      ‘Bury My Heart in Wounded Knee is worth a read’.

      They slaughtered the Native American ‘pagans’, and billions across the globe, with a Bible in one hand, and a sword in the other.
      It’s ‘way past time we put an abrupt stop to all of this.

  28. Arthur Thomson says:

    It’s always nice to hear that the likes of Alexander are yelping. More grist to the mill. What a pillock he is.

    I understand from the Twitter feed of the FM that reports of NHS England taking control of tests are incorrect.

  29. Bob Lamont says:

    I see even John Robertson had a chuckle at the “Birmingham on Clyde” Herald featuring a “Twitter Row” over this idiocy, which had backup from two proud-but Scots (allegedly)… https://talkingupscotlandtwo.com/2020/04/02/stop-it-my-sides-hurt-herald-imagines-a-row-based-on-1-hasbeen-politician-and-2-twitterers/

    • graemedbruce says:

      I had a quick glance at the Herald piece – don’t worry I washed my hands afterwards – and they quoted the handful of replies agreeing with him yet managed to completely miss the 99%+ of replies calling him a bellend.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        As did this article…. He couldn’t have expected anything else but a roasting, perhaps bored under lockdown and needed some attention….

  30. Joe says:

    Just sat and listened to Nicola Sturgeon.giving a comprehensive and
    Detailed update of the Coronavirus outbreak in Scotland.to all those so
    called journalists.many i would not give The time of day.many trying to trap her.thinking she would not be able To answer.no chance.in my opinion.
    she give a totally superb performance.you can stick your Britnats.and
    Westminster unionists journalists.as far up your Rectum as you can get them.
    Again in my opinion.Nicola you give a superb performance.
    and did the.SNP.scottish government proud.
    The quicker we get independence.and out of this discredited union the better.

  31. Rookiescot says:

    Should have called it the King Robert hospital.
    After all how many lives did he save from English oppression.

  32. JMD says:

    I remember that night in 2015 when the red tories got their arses well and truly skelped and lost practically all their seats here.

    Watching the results coming in it went to Alexander’s count and he came in and walked down the steps toward the stage and you really couldn’t help but notice that his face had LOSER written all over it. He’d obviously been told that Mhairi Black had won the seat and man did it show. Thoroughly enjoyable.

    Wondering what thoughts any might have about the Scottish Independence Referendum Party?


  33. Petra says:

    Neither are so smug now. Are they? And, eh, apologies to those who didn’t want to see his ugly phyzog ever again.

  34. Why not piss Douglas Alexander off and make sure the Birmingham Hospital does manage to get it’s named changed by signing the petition for it:


  35. Welsh Sion says:

    We all have our national heroines and heroes.

    Is Scotland can have her Louisa Jordan, England her ‘Flo’, then let us in Cymru acknowledge our own Betsi Cadwaladr – though what she would think of the UHT named after her, I don’t know.


    • Bob Lamont says:

      Quite right… It is sad really that recognition of these icons have been overlooked for hospital names, only to appear as now on a temporary hospital…
      Everybody of my age recognises the name Florence Nightingale from our education system, but never heard of Louisa Jordan until later in working life, much the same for scottish history really.

    • Petra says:

      Thanks for the link, WS. Betsi Cadwaladr sounds like a right character and one to be proud of right enough. From a poor background, finding ways to travel extensively, becoming a nurse in her 60’s and going on to do great works. Ms Nightingale, from a privileged background, comes across as being pretty obnoxious at times, especially towards the Welsh. Wonder what she thought of the Scots, lol?

  36. wullie says:

    Wee Dougie will be greeting his eyes out oan Saturday.

  37. Robert T says:


  38. JoMax says:

    Actually, in his determination to appear clever and be sooking up to his masters, Alexander has fallen into a huge trap of his own making, because what he (and others of his ilk) are saying is that whereas the Englishwoman Nightingale is to be universally acknowledged by us all because she’s BRITISH, the Scotswoman, Louisa Jordan, is just that, SCOTTISH, therefore in his mind not BRITISH enough to warrant any recognition. If ever there was an argument for independence, there it is. Thank you Mr Alexander.

    He needs a crash course in logic.

  39. grizebard says:

    Dare I say it to all the dedicated anti-clericalists who mushroom at every opportunity like this, you are rather missing Paul’s point. The way that people typically think, it’s very likely that members of established churches of all denominations and religions will statistically tend towards the small-c conservative spectrum of opinion, whatever political party (or none) to which they normally cleave. (And in Scotland that will likely be the old establishment parties forbye.) But if independence is to prevail, we have necessarily to make inroads into even that difficult body of opinion, to convince such people to re-think their cozy (or perhaps even fearful) assumptions about what is in their own best interests.

    Everyone gets to independence in their own way with their own motivations, so it does little to serve that end by high-handedly condemning differing beliefs and points of view as somehow unacceptable, whatever immediate gratification one may derive from venting it. That way lies the “Judean People’s Front” error. We will only prevail if we stick together, whatever our social attitudes, because full autonomy benefits us all.

    • grizebard, see my post at 04.23 pm.
      What religion stands idly by while children starve, and foodbanks and charity shops are the norm, because of deliberate Elitist policies from so called Christian politicians?

      We now know that money is an illusion, when they can print more at will in an attempt to prevent the Great Unwashed rising in rebellion.
      My point earlier was that these so called good Christians are none of the sort.
      And for decades the pulpits fell silent.
      But when the Royals and the Robber Barons call, the church Big Wigs put on a show, and dress up in their finery.
      Christianity in Scotland is ‘conservative and an Establishment buffer.
      Religion is not a social attitude.
      Their God will punish them in the next world for the Slaughter of Scottish Innocents.

      • grizebard says:

        You’re as entitled to your opinion as much as anyone, Jack, but for present purposes I don’t give a toss what anyone thinks about religion (or any other damn thing) just so long as they support independence and don’t deflect anyone else from doing the same. There’s no point in finger-wagging people from a self-imposed moral high horse about what they oughter think, because they will think what they want to think anyway. That needn’t be any impediment to supporting independence, and engaging people in virtue-signalling contests wins no converts. (It’s not just the religionists who are plagued by Holy Willies, alas.)

        We really need to get serious here, and think like winners. If we depend on changing people’s entire world view to get them to support independence, we will fail. It’s as simple as that.

      • Eilidh says:

        As a member of the Church of Scotland who still attends I have never been a conservative of any kind as some here seem to think all church members are. I have been a supporter of Scottish Independence since I was at school in the 1970s and voted for it in 1979 and 2014. There are lots of people who are members of various churches and religions who do their best to help others and do not think they are better than anyone else . Who do you think runs most of the food banks – Churches.There is also Glasgow the Caring City which is a charity run by a COS Minister which provides help to the disadvantaged here and abroad. Please do not tar us all with the same brush. There is a lot wrong with COS now and in the past. I find the churches subservience to the Highland and Lowland clearances particularly hard to take.I find the words of the Runrig song Dance Called America ” very apt when thinking about this the song mentions “the praying men of god who watched it all go on” they betrayed their own people which is very hard to forgive. I think it is great that the temporary hospital is being named after that Scottish nurse. Sadly I had never heard her name until today. Why? because when I was at school we were taught very little Scottish history beyond Culloden

        • Eilidh, see my post at 4.23 pm.
          There should be no one reliant on food banks in a country as wealthy as Scotland.
          The Churches are ‘conservative’ with a small ‘c’.

          Cameron’s much heralded Big Society envisaged the ‘Voluntary Sector’ stepping in, and doing for free what the 500,000 public servants Danny Alexander sacked as professionals in good reasonably paid pensionable jobs.
          Blessed are the poor?
          The Blue Red and Yellow Tories set about destroying our civic society. PFI Schools and hospitals, libraries closing, social services cut, ‘public bad, private good’ sell off of assets owned by, and accountable to you and me.

          It may be argued that to undertake charity work feeding clothing and sheltering ‘the poor’, that well meaning folk allow the destruction of a decent civilised society to proceed unabated and unopposed.

          Where are the rebel priests ?

          tens of thousands of our citizens are dying prematurely each year as we cross over and pass by on the other side of the street.

          Why the hell is there ‘charity; in one ot the wealthiest countries on the planet?
          There is enough for all without the degrading spectacle of children at food banks and pensioners dressed in Charity Shop coats and second hand shoes0.
          I’m afraid that we shall agree to disagree.

          There is no such concept of separating politics and religion.

          Jesus was a joiner, worked with his hands, a working class pleb.
          I doubt that he would be welcome in some of our more genteel Kirks and Chapels today.

          It is more than some of us can stomach any more.
          We have reached tipping point.

          There is plenty for all without making some of our citizens sit up and beg for a share.

          • Eilidh says:

            Correct we should have never to rely on charity especially not for food but the charity sector now does everything from housing and feeding the homeless to supplying advice centres for every subject under the son and Charity Sector includes churches. Local Authorities no longer have money to run these services and in some cases never showed any0 interest in running them. The only way that is likely to change is when we get Independence I have no interest in religious arguements all I will say if churches did not run a lot of the food banks. Who would?

  40. Alba woman says:

    Douglas must have little to bother him in his world….outside of his world thousands of much loved people are dying of a unseen virus .

    Go home Douglas and count your many, many privileges.

  41. David Agnew says:

    The dreary miserable pish of union. It flows in torrents upon the head of Scotland, by a gang of wee fannies, so in love with the institution of union, they forget its meant to be just that. A union between two states. Not a faceless non national identity and certainly not as a mere appendage of a Greater England. Which is how they would have it, rather than ever admit; that they are Scottish. Scottish. Not British. Because there can be no Britishness without Scotland.

    Ahh Scottish Cringe. Thy name is Union.

  42. k3lly says:

    This needs stopped anaw;


    In our virus-mandated timeout, we might consider Land Reform laws with real teeth. And put a stop to the aristo’s blood sports whether bird or badger or fox or any other creature.

  43. This from BBC Northern Ireland’s site:-

    It is reported by an unnamed source that :-

    “Belfast City Hospital’s tower block is being transformed into Northern Ireland’s first Nightingale hospital.

    It will become a 230-bed unit for critically ill patients, staffed by a team drawn from across NI.

    Nightingale hospitals are temporary facilities being established around the UK to deal with the expected surge in coronavirus patients.

    Department of Health surge plans also include further critical-care capacity at Altnagelvin and the Ulster Hospital.

    Thirty-six people who were diagnosed with the virus in Northern Ireland have died so far.

    Health officials expect to hit the peak number of cases between April 6 and 20.

    Alteration work is already under way at the City’s tower block and some non-coronavirus patients will have to be moved.”

    There’s an uproar over this Imperial twaddle.

    I dare BBC Scotland to barge ahead and dub the SECC MASH Unit a ‘Nightingale hospital’.

  44. Mark Russell says:


    Imagine being born at the same time as Jesus and you were given £1,000 every day, which you stashed under the mattress. Even if you lived until today, two millennia later, you still wouldn’t be a billionaire – like Sir Philip Green, the boss of Arcadia who bought and asset stripped BHS.

    Had you had been given £5,000 a day, you still wouldn’t be as wealthy as Philip and Tina Green, whose net worth was £5.2bn in December 2019, just before C-10 arrived.

    The photo was Maureen and Bob from Preston in November. They were living on the sea wall in St Annes on Sea. They both worked at BHS – Bob was a store-man until he had a stroke 10 yers ago.
    Maureen was in sales until the shop closed. They receive a combined pension of £72/week after Sir Philip reached agreement with the pension regulator – but they’re not yet of state pension age and were declined by Universal Credit – so that’s their total income.

    They gave up their rented flat in May and were sleeping on the sea wall near the beach huts for a couple of weeks, but moved on up to Blackpool just before Christmas. I haven’t seen them since.

    Imagine the difference to their lives if they had just one week of Sir Philip’s income?

    Now Philip Green is asking us to bail out Arcadia Group from bankruptcy. I’ve no idea what happened to Maureen and Bob, but if we do emerge from this outbreak and I happen to cross Mr Green at some point, God help him.

    Never again will we allow wankers like this to thrive. Ever.


  45. Mbiyd says:

    Am I missing the point. We Nationalists are arguing with Unionists because our valiant leader decides to name a venue after a nurse who was current, active and no doubt supportive of the biggest Unioinist enterprise of all? Have we lost all sense of perspective? Next we will be abolishing habeas corpus and trial by jury…

  46. Mike Lothian says:

    Maybe they shoudl call it the Corona McCovid DinnieTouchYerFace field-hostiptal

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