The things that need to change

This emergency doesn't just mean that our own behaviour has to change. The wealthy and privileged and their enablers need to change too.
Pubs, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, and gyms have been closed. We’re getting close to a lock down situation similar to those already in force in Italy or Spain. Of course no one is happy about this. No one wants to have their freedom to move around and associate with friends and family be restricted in this way. Despite that, the great majority of people understand that it’s not only for their own good, even more it’s for the good of those who are at high risk, and most of all it’s for the good of our health services so that we can all help to ensure that the NHS can cope with those affected. Social distancing measures mean that it’s more likely that if we get infected ourselves then the NHS will be able to treat us appropriately because it won’t be overwhelmed.

As might have been expected, some people are far less happy than others. There’s SNP MSP and neighbour of mine, John Mason. John has been trending on social media, and whenever that happens you think “Oh God, what’s he said now.” Because usually it is indeed God related. It seems that John was upset that his local church had cancelled services in the meantime. John thinks worshippers should trust in Jesus instead of trusting in social distancing. God has issued a statement socially distancing Herself from John’s comment, adding,

If thou believest in Me, then surely thou shouldst also believe that I gave humanity the ability to develop medicines and an understanding of how epidemics spread for a bloody good reason. Thou shouldst also believe that thou hast a duty to show compassion and love to those less able to resist this disease than thee, and that means keeping thy distance from them. I can still the hear prayers thou makest from home. Ineffability does that for a deity. So canst thou not be a dick.

But the prize of arsehat of the week most assuredly goes to Brendan O’Neill the editor of the suspiciously well funded Spiked Online. Brendan regularly pops up on Sky News paper review in order to complain that the media isn’t Brexity enough. Brendan is deeply unhappy that the British Government has ordered the closure of pubs. In an article for the Spectator, the deliberately contrary Brendan opines that closing down pubs is a really dark and sinister move. It’s even darker and more sinister than having a virus hijack the cells of your body and tricking it into destroying your own lung tissue while making you a vector of infection for everyone around you – especially those people who might not have as robust an immune system as you do. But never mind that, Brendan demands the right to sit in Wetherspoons and complain about the EU. If you die from coronavirus you don’t need a social life, problem solved.

When the pubs are open, the A&E departments of our hospitals spend a lot of their time and energy dealing with drunk people who have either injured themselves or who have got into fights. While our hospitals are faced with a far more serious crisis, we could really do without expecting them to deal with stupid too.

It’s a pity that some folk don’t put as much importance on a social conscience as they do on a social life. What all these “it’s my right to decide for myself whether I take the risk” types overlook is that social distancing isn’t all about them. It’s about protecting those in the community who are at high risk. Brendan’s bewailment is the desperate cry of a man who sees the Zeitgeist turning against him. Because if there’s anything that this crisis has taught us it’s that we need experts and we definitely don’t need the kind of selfish and self interested populism and exceptionalism that brought us Brexit. While few of us would shed a tear if Brendan caught coronavirus due to his insistence that he has the right to go and sit in the pub with Stanley Johnson, we’d be a lot more upset about all the other people they’d infect in the process.

Although to be fair, the number of other people that Brendan is likely to infect in the pub is pretty low, since he’s the guy that sits at the bar pontificating about the EUSSR who everyone else tries to give as wide a berth as possible. Don’t be like Brendan, don’t ignore the science. Don’t let your reaction to this emergency be, “Yeah mate, mine’s a pint of selfish bastard.” That applies as much to social distancing as it does to hoarding. It applies to those companies like Britannia Hotels who have evicted their staff from a hotel in Aviemore, leaving them not only jobless but also homeless in the middle of this epidemic. Well there’s one hotel chain that I’ll be making sure never to book a room in ever again.

It also applies to the likes of Richard Branson who’s laid off most of Virgin’s aircrew and other staff, and Philip Green the owner of Topshop, Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge and Wallis. The billionaire Philip Green laid off 80% of his shop staff without pay, just before the government announced that it would help pay the wages of staff who can’t work because of the emergency. Ordinary workers are shouldering the economic burden of this crisis because the obscenely wealthy refuse to lose even a tiny fraction of the wealth that they’ve got. That’s wealth which they couldn’t possibly spend over many lifetimes. That’s wealth that they’ve only accrued due to a taxation system that the wealthy find easy to avoid. Poor Richard and poor Philip are each down to their last £4 billion. Just to put that into some sort of perspective, a net worth of £4 billion means that you could spend £122,000 every single day for over 90 years. No one needs that kind of money.

Coronavirus is affecting every aspect of our lives. It’s been suggested that it might be necessary to delay the Scottish elections due next year to 2022 instead. Let’s hope that is not required, but it may yet come to that. When we do have elections, it’s going to be important not only that we vote for a party that’s going to give Scotland an independence referendum, we also need to vote for a party that understands the importance of ensuring that the extremely rich pull their weight and proportionally contribute to society as much as those of us who live pay cheque to pay cheque. The days when the poor need to shoulder the burden of the rich must end.

When we do have a referendum on Scotland’s future, the issue of social justice and fairness will be front and foremost, because we can be certain that once this emergency is over the British state and its wealthy backers will seek to return to business as usual. It’s not enough for the state to expect sacrifices from us, the state also needs to change. We need a country with a fair taxation system. We need a country that expects the wealthy to pull their weight. We need a country that has a transparently funded media and political parties. We need a country that belongs to the people, not the rich. We’ll only get that in an independent Scotland. The battlelines for the next referendum are already being drawn. It’s a referendum when we will show the selfish that their selfishness has consequences.

Update 7.30pm : I spoke too soon, Brendan O’Neill isn’t the biggest arsehat of the week.  He was pipped at the post by Scotland in Union’s very own frother Tom Gallagher.  Holyrood magazine’s editor Mandy Rhodes tweeted to the UK ambassador in Colombia for help after her son got trapped in the country.  He had a flight home which was cancelled by United Airlines without a refund.  United then told him that they’d found another flight for him, but wanted $4000 for the ticket.  On seeing Mandy’s plea, Tom Gallagher tweeted triumphantly “Britain’s envoy in Bogota is instructed by the SNP’s chief media cheerleader in Edinburgh to get her boy home. Little imagination required about Ms Rhodes’s options if Scotland now out of UK. #ZERO”

What the actual f*** is wrong with you Tom?  A mother is worried about her son trapped thousands of miles away, and you try to turn it into a cheap and jeering political point.  And a spurious point at that.  An independent Scotland would have its own diplomatic corps Tom.  Probably like the Irish one it would be considerably more helpful to citizens stranded abroad than the UK one.

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84 comments on “The things that need to change

  1. […] Wee Ginger Dug The things that need to change Pubs, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, and gyms have been closed. We’re getting close to […]

  2. Simon says:

    Well said, Wee Ginger

  3. I hope to hell these arsehats get it and keep it to themselves.

  4. Stuart MacKay says:

    Britannia Hotels currently has five locations in Scotland:

    Waterside Hotel Peterhead
    Britannia Aberdeen Hotel
    Coylumbridge Aviemore Hotel
    Britannia Edinburgh Hotel
    Adamton Country House, Prestwick

    On the group’s website it helpfully lists all the amenities at each location. Surprisingly they don’t list staff. Perhaps these cost extra or are simply not needed.

    Have a nice stay!

    • mumsyhugs says:

      Seems the sacking of the workers was “an administrative error”! Aye right!!! Not sure but I think they’ve been reinstated – funny that after all the positive publicity Brittania got after the sacking!

      • Petra says:

        They wouldn’t like it either that the FM of Scotland condemned them too and then went on to mention hotels, such as MacDonalds, that had offered to take the staff in.

    • Margaret Barrie says:


  5. Once Written says:

    Once this ‘panic’ and ‘hysteria’ over the COVID-19 outbreak is over, which I predict will be soon (Most viral pandemics like SARS showed a similar fate) , most studies will show that we over-reacted. Sheltering in place and shutting down the country is practically a joke.

    It won’t stop the spread of covid-19 or any other virus for that matter. Covid-19 has already been shown to follow the bell-curve of most viruses and will fall the way of the SARS virus. The financial impact, the hording and hysteria will do more harm to this country than any known virus. Judges, Doctors, and other well-off Americans will get through this without any financial bump in the road. But what about Joe, the average American?

    • weegingerdug says:

      For the great majority of readers of this blog, “this country” is Scotland. This is a Scottish blog. Or do you only care about Americans?

      Epidemiologists, virologists, and doctors specialising in public health all say that self-isolation is the way to go. We have free medical care in this country. There’s no cash in it for them.

      Some American guy with a blog and a penchant for conspiracy theories says it’s all a hoax. Hmmm… now who to believe? Have you ever paused to consider that it’s you who is the problem?

      • Once Written says:

        I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, but this is a global pandemic. I’m just saying here in the US, the hysteria and panic has caused a financial backlash. Self isolation has it’s limits. It’s not a cure-all.

        • grizebard says:

          It’s selfish ignorant delusional morons like you who are the biggest danger to us all. Wishful thinking kills. You have evidently not been paying attention to Dr. Anthony Fauci, who said “this one is different”. And he knows a hell of a lot more than you. It’s only significant degrees of social isolation that will prevent the health services anywhere becoming totally overwhelmed, as has unfortunately happened in Italy.

          It’s that existential. To borrow a phrase, “If you aren’t concerned, you haven’t been paying attention”. Maybe you just can’t see beyond your precious moneybags, but after another week or so maybe even the most purblind like you will be singing a different tune. If you’re still standing, that is.

          • Once Written says:

            Not delusional, I just look at the data. If you looked and read it , you may have a different opinion. Mark my words, because I have read the data, this virus will go the way of SARS. If you had your way, we would just shut down the world and shelter in place. How can that be financially responsible. Or maybe you just want to stay at home and not work? Maybe you can see past your shortcomings and look at the bigger picture.

            • grizebard says:

              You utter cretin, you are looking at data that is already 9 days out of date. With developments on exponential curves, absent the urgently necessary measures. But you know better than all the real experts, of course. Not in any way blinded by your own selfishness, ignorance and greed, oh no. Or merely driven by a perverse need to troll?

              For every situation there is an idiot, and in this case – congratuations! – you are that idiot.

              • grizebard, he is a UK based troll. His grammar, syntax, and colloquialisms suggest that he was educated here; he is as American as Putin.
                I agree, he is also an idiot.

      • Margaret Barrie says:

        Well said WGD!

      • Brian Watson says:

        Weel said WGD , you’re being more than generous not giving this guy the bums rush .

    • Movy says:

      I thought, Once Written, you might be Trump but he, we know, because he’s told us so, is a stable genius and thus anything but an average Joe – so he wouldn’t be interested in the wellbeing of any average Joe.

      Certainly he told us that the forthcoming epidemic was fake news put about by the Democrats and would just magically disappear into the ether. Clearly you agree, but it looks like the Californians, for one, don’t agree.

      Meantime, Paul, keep well, keep sane and once we’re all through this we’ll still be up for the independence campaign.

      • Once Written says:

        There is no Covid-19 Epidemic in the US. Just an economic shut-down due to panic and hysteria.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Once written (twice shy) is no American, just another troll from Anus-ville. Only 24 dead and 19,656 in critical care all due to panic and hysteria before the panic and hysteria really hits home ?
        Next will follow a pitch for special discount on genuine John Wayne toilet-roll, from Cheltenham…

        • Once Written says:

          Oh , I’m as American as they come. May you should get out there and read a little and look at the latest data concerning viral spread. 24 dead is nothing in a population of 325 million. There are 7 billion people living in the world. The panic is doing nothing but hurting us financially. Simple hand washing, social distancing and taking precautions will do the same, if not more, than shutting down the country financially. Do you get it Bob?

  6. Grouser says:

    George Eustace, Environmental Secretary said: “there is enough food available” and ruled out government rationing, saying supermarket limits were already in place.
    “I don’t think it’s necessary for the government to intervene further to say what an appropriate limit is.”

    Well, the present system is working isn’t it? Plenty for everyone who has the money, time and brass neck to drive from supermarket to supermarket grabbing what they can from the shelves.

    • deelsdugs says:

      Yup, the greed is ridiculous. There’s a mass panic buying freezer frenzy going on too.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Useless/Eustace repeats what he is told, period, expect no honest opinion from this shower it is theatre.
      Freezers have been bought and need filled in garages already stuffed with toilet-roll, what a strange greedy society the likes of Useless would have us all join.

    • Petra says:

      And then someone (angry man) from the NHS, on the next podium, followed Eustace by saying that NHS staff were being met with empty shelves. Couldn’t get their hands on food. Great idea, eh? Drag down, mentally and physically, the very people who are working their butts off to save our lives. If it continues to go on like this they’ll have to think about introducing rationing, imo.

  7. Angry Weegie says:

    These things never change. Like the poor, the rich and selfish are always with us. I wrote last year that things changed for the worse from Thatcher’s time

  8. Mark Russell says:

    Things will indeed change, but not for now.

    We are been taught a very important lesson, where we are in the pecking order of life. Until now, all of us have treated this place we call home as a place to exploit for our narrow interests. We take it for granted that we can leave our home in the morning and return each evening safely – with only a tiny possibility that something untoward may happen. That no longer applies.

    Beyond our front door is a place of unquestionable beauty – and deadly danger. Every encounter we have with another person from now on, carries a significant risk to our life. What we thought of as being the norm, no longer exists – and the complacency we’ve shown to such a dangerous foe – may yet prove catastrophic for humanity. We must all change and adopt a new mindset before the weekend is out. Or we may lose everything.

    There are also much more profound lessons to come. This week will be like no other in living memory – and we must prepare and steel ourselves for what we will see and experience. We must find an inner strength and be be stoic and determined. We must be kind and compassionate – and most of all, we must take care. We may not realise it yet, but 2020 is the start of a new civilisation – a different era. What is happening outside your window today is simply the death throes of the old ways.

    Find a calm place in your heart and seek solace there every day. You are important – you have been present at the peak of the last civilisation and you know what is possible. What humanity could achieve if it had common purpose. The next few months is all about discovering ourselves and each other again – then rebuilding from what is left.

    We missed the opportunity to change our world for the better. Now it’s in the hands of something we can’t even see or begin to understand. We can’t complain – I’m sure many other animals on this planet won’t complain either. We were silent during Flanders. Silent during Auschwitz, Silent to the money-lenders and the greedy. Silent to the injustices – Palestine, Chagos, Lockerbie, 9/11, Iran, Afghanistan, Assange and all the other whistleblowers. Silence to the destruction of habitat and environment. Silence, for what? Why?

    Because we are complicit. We are all inexorably interlinked in this destructive web that we’ve created – or allowed – and it’s too much bother to change our ways to preserve life. Ours and other species. We are sleepwalking into extinction long before this virus appeared.

    We graduated from being the apex predator, to being the apex parasite – and last month, we just lost the title. All things must pass.

    Be strong and resolute this coming week. We are all about to experience much grief, fear and loss – but reach inside and hold on tight to what you have and what you believe in. We are now all Jock Tamson’s Bairns – it just took a while to sink in.

    We need a period of silence now. To think long and hard about what and where we are. Our biggest weakness may yet prove our greatest strength. Stay at home and be very quiet and absorb all that’s happened. We are part of something much bigger than we can possibly comprehend and we’ve been given a wee peek inside the door. It’s open now and there’s no going back, but just remember your eyes are in the front of your head for good reason. We’re all on a journey, so mind the road.

    Lastly, I’m sure there are many old hippies out there who can still recall their first LSD experience – Mr Hoffman’s incredible creation that had the potential to change the world too. Those that haven’t been on a trip will be experiencing someone very similar right now – the moment at the beginning when you find yourself sitting atop a huge chimney and you close your eyes and lean back into the void. That’s where humanity finds itself right now; right on the edge of a big black hole. It will be a frightening, powerful and all consuming experience – but fix something positive in your mind, focus hard and watch it grow. There’s a lot of creativity on this forum – looking forward to an explosion of talent…

    All the best.

  9. Macart says:

    Well said Paul.

  10. Petra says:

    It’s all about “Semantics” in the “Land of Liberty.”

  11. Bob Lamont says:

    Well expressed as always, the response to St John MSP particularly touching and appropriate since he is so clearly touched…

  12. Chicmac says:

    Rarely copy a post over threads but felt the following might be educational for some, some more than others.

    Good video on covid – 19.

    We are doing all we can to protect ourselves, including:

    Spraying shopping with 70% alcohol before storing for use.
    Staying in as much as possible.
    Washing the dogs feet when they come back from their walk.
    Washing hands routinely after just about anything is touched which you do not know has been recently disinfected.
    Won’t list all the things I now disinfect regularly but just the ones which did not immediately spring to mind

    TV remote, phone, cupboard handles, car door handles, computer key board, mouse, drawer handles. Post is left unopened for three days at least, remember to wash hands after putting it aside.

  13. Simon Taylor says:

    Time to close the border. We cannot rely on Westminster to make the best choices of action to slow the virus. We should act as if we are defacto Independent and shut down Transport between England and Scotland

  14. Petra says:

    Gordon Ross:- Another mention of 53% Indy support.

  15. Petra says:

    The BBC is using their cherrypicking propaganda technique once again. Furnish the people, especially in England, with the facts. Let them see that the Government that they, not the Scots, voted for is killing them.

  16. Paul Martin says:

    Yon Petra loves to go on a bit eh?

  17. Macart says:

    This is slightly O/T but…

    Damn! There’s some amount of dust in this room.

  18. ArtyHetty says:

    We can’t close the border, and the Highlands and Islands and other areas of Scotland are now inundated with people isolating thenselves in large groups of camper vans, having driven to Scotland (and some from other areas of Scotland, mainly cities though suspect very few ) and now have done a fcking excellent job of spreading the Coronavirus around the whole of Scotland.

    So, ‘essential travel’ to some obviously means they find it essential to leave their homes, ( or one of them) drive into Scotland’s rural & remote areas, and do what? Who the hell do they think will look after them when they get ill! They are buying everything up in the local shops, denying local residents the essentials.

    It’s hard to stomach that some people can be so utterly selfish, and so absolutely bloody stupid. When this virus really spreads it cannot be contained, so these imbeciles are putting everyone at more risk including themselves.
    Just read that 800 died of the virus in Italy in just the past 24 hours. This is horrendous.

    Again, Scotland is at a huge disadvantage by being shackled to this useless, dysfunctional, imbecilic cesspit called the UK. It’s a bloody tradegy, that control over anything so crucial as pandemic management and control, lies in the hands of selfish millionaires in London, with such massive repercussions for the people of Scotland.

    Absolutely disgraceful what is going on and the sheer arrogance of many well off people from England using Scotland as their ‘bolthole’ during this dreadful time.
    Stay home is the message, and reading more about this virus, much of which is almost too much to read because it’s very frightening and very upsetting, that really is the only way we could have hoped to contain this in Scotland.

    Enough said. Stay inside all of you, it’s crucial. In our household we getting low on a few essentials now, because of panic buying selfish idiots, and absolutely no online shopping available either, all booked up for weeks, but not venturing out, will have to make do, until desperate. Hard not to despair at the human race right now.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I’m convinced Johnson is still pursuing his “herd-immunity” strategy, talk of “flattening the curve” to save the NHS was always a contradiction…. NHS collapsing, crematoria running 24/7, misery and tragedy heaped on communities, are mere collateral damage in ensuring the money taps continue to flow with minimal disruption….

      Unfortunately, without government restrictions on movement and no powers for SG to apply and enforce it, we are powerless short of civil “unrest” to mitigate what is about to hit us. English tourists or those with holiday homes may be an obvious wrankle, but plenty of Scots continue with “normal” oblivious to their contribution to this coming tragedy.

      What is clear on the worldofmeters data, is for countries who heeded the warnings from Italy and imposed distancing and movement restrictions, new infections are slow or throttled, the crisis is being managed, ready to clamp down if and when required.
      The only true data for the UK is Total deaths standing at 7th currently, the deliberate strategy of not testing or monitoring disguising the underlying state as Total Cases/Million.
      London’s NHS is struggling already, total meltdown within the week may be fully expected, and only then will movement restrictions be imposed, and this madness ends.

      Hunker down, we are facing calamitous times with a big Union flag plastered all over it, but when it is over, never let us forget who heaped this misery on us and why they could.

    • Not Convinced says:

      I believe the Daily Fáil picked out Jura as some kind of “bolthole”. If I lived there I’d be seeking a surplus farmer’s trailer that could be left on the ferry ramp blocking it until the ferry captain confirmed that either no campervans where aboard or that they wouldn’t be allowed to disembark.

  19. Grouser says:

    Boris Johnson standing behind a podium with the words ‘Protect Our NHS’ written on the front. Words fail me.

  20. bringiton says:

    Presently there are no problems with food supplies to the retailers but there are because some people have resorted to panic buying.
    When you have real shortages,created by Brexit and panic buying,then we will be in real trouble.
    The same goes for medicines.
    HM government,take note.

    • Legerwood says:

      Much of the panic buying has been given a boost by the UK Government and its indecisive havering about what should happen and how they communicate with people. Case in point was Matt H-H-Hancock last Sunday giving his plans to the Sunday Telegraph but they were behind a paywall.

      One of the abiding characteristics of the UK Government during all of this is that when they announce a course of action it is only after they are forced into it and it is obvious they have been forced into it because few if any details are announced at the same time. Clearly they have not been thinking about doing whatever and so have no plan worked out for proper implementation that would reduce actions such as panic buying.

      We also have to remember that we had two dates for Brexit before it actually happened and in the lead up to those aborted dates lots of information emerged into the public domain and into the public’s consciousness about how little we actually produced in this country by way of food and medicines and how much we therefore depended on other countries for our supplies. It has not escaped the public’s notice that most of those countries are now in lockdown. Supplies may get through but slowly.

      This would not be such a huge problem if there was any trust at all in the UK Government to deal with this but there is none because their behavior to date does not engender trust or faith in their competence to deal with the most simple of issues let alone a pandemic.

  21. We need Universal Basic Income now. For all. Please sign.

  22. Ex Pat says:



    AS EXPECTED – ‘Classic Dom’ – “At a private engagement at the end of February, Cummings outlined the government’s strategy. Those present say it was “herd immunity, protect the economy and if that means some pensioners die, too bad”. Via Peter Foster twitter –

    Also via Marina Hyde twitter –



    Some of the UKs remarkable military types, presently under-employed, might like to conduct a ‘training exercise’ to fill the time.

    A Nazi from 1944 has conducted a germ warfare experiment killing tens of thousands of UK citizens, including your relations. You are tasked to find him and ‘capture or kill’. You believe that he has retreated to a relative’s stately pile, Schloss Chillingham, in Northumberlandshire. You may choose to make it look like an accident, and if you like, make it painful. Very. Painful, but painful enough ! ?? You have one week. Go.

    And you don’t even have to travel out of England to do it. Ymmv. ; )

    • Ex Pat says:

      No decent English people were harmed by this post. Tories not so much. Yet.

      Previously – a comment ‘Tory Genocide Policy’ by Ex Pat to ‘Sowing the seeds’, 17th March 2020 – WeeGingerDug blog –

    • Ex Pat says:

      “I DID IT”

      “And there it is. Worst fears apparently confirmed. Every single time you told yourself it couldn’t all be down to the pound shop Machiavelli, that nobody could allow these life & death decisions to be taken on the fly, a little voice piped up to remind you who was Prime Minister.” via Martin Kettle twitter –

      OH DOG !

      SO. Maybe don’t vote for Bozo the Clown and the “That’s enough about Me, what can you do for Me?” sociopathic Tory party next time, eh?

      If there is a next time for you.

      “Which of us can say we chose anything? We have an accident, or we get hit by a bus. Life just happens to us.” “If you can find that place within yourself where you can say ‘I did it. I chose this path’: With that you evoke the participation of your will.” – Joseph Campbell, paraphrased.

      Joseph Campbell gets metaphysical, but sure what else would you be doing while physical distancing and sometime-social distancing? ; )

      More in The Power of Myth, and Mythos, via Youtube or DVD. You’re welcome. : )

      See you on the other side. “C’est la guerre.” – @2:22 – Detach scene – Interstellar –

  23. Hamish100 says:

    Some things need to change right enough. Gordon Brewer on Politics Scotland . Keeps running out of time. Why? He continually speaks over individuals -even his own colleagues as he is too fond to hear his own voice. Gordon nip onto Politics Northern Ireland. Interviewer asks a question, interviewee responds, interviewer asks follow up question or asks new one. Result? A far more interesting and informative programme. It is possible.

    Excepting Tory being interviewed. Brewer tugs the furlock and lets them speak.

    • ‘Welcome to Sunday Politics. I, me, Gordon Brewer, the Brewdog the Hammer of the Nats, will now interview Fiona Hyslop the BAD ESSENNPEE Business Secretary.

      Ms Hyslop, let me get this right, just to be clear, are you really saying, because Taxi drivers need money now, just to get it clear in my own mind, is my understanding correct that, Taxi Drivers, sorry to interrupt, but, I want to get this cleared up, so that there can be absence of any doubt, since it needs clearing up, and, hang on a minute, are you saying that, oh, sorry, we’ve run out of time.
      Did I mention taxi drivers?
      It is clear from your input that there are still more questions than answers.

      Over to Moray, and Douglas Ross.
      The Burning question on everybody’s lips, Douglas:- is the SFA paying you 80% of your wages for not running the line at fitba’ matches?’
      Join us again next week, those of you who are still alive.’

      This, Hamish, is a fair summary of Brewer’s Sunday politics show, today.
      Pointless regurgitated drivel as usual.

    • Paul Martin says:

      Watched it. All I heard was, ” the UK government are doing this, what are you doing? The UK government are doing that, what are you doing? “.. the UK government, the UK government.. blah blah..
      Then you read Joanne Cherry, then you realise what the UK government are doing.
      Remember the days of Teresa ” no money tree ” May. Seems a pile of pish now that the UK government has found the money to pay everyones wages etc etc

  24. For all those middle class well off sorts who were snapped queuing to get on the ski slopes, who would probably kill their granny for a day’s skiing, you probably did just that.
    Selfish egotistic bastards.
    May you catch the plague you are hell bent on spreading.
    I sincerely hope that nobody fed this bunch of spoiled brats.

    What is it about supposedly well educated middle class idiots who consider it their right through wealth and privilege to do what they bliddy well like, and 9Spoiler, look away now, the faint hearted) fuck the rest of us.
    To all the ‘health tourists in their camper vans, I sincerely hope that the local remote rustics refuse to sell you groceries, or even smile and pass the time of day with you.
    You are killing our vulnerable citizens for a day’s sliding down a snowy hill side.
    Heartless unthinking rat race dog eat dog food hoarding idiots.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Yet, in places you can still see some movement of the tectonic plates. When the Observer leader has an aside which states that Nicola Sturgeon is more statesmanlike then Boris Johnson during this crisis, you know the Anglos are petrified of what is happening. (Where’s First Minister Drakeford? No mention at all in the MSM.)

      I can witness this for myself – supermarket stores depleted of bread, bog roll, frozen food, beans, most things. The streets pretty bare, too and medical operations cancelled and eye tests postponed.

      Things will get pretty ugly down here and pretty quickly, and as we have see there are the senseless idiots who think they have a right to ‘flee’ west and north of their borders, bring their affliction with them. If Nicola can close her borders, then Mark should close ours. Those of us hemmed in ‘down here’ and reliant on LBJ’s counsel (I haven’t heard any of it, so far), will self-isolate and do the best we can for families, friends and the more vulnerable members of our communities.

  25. Ex Pat says:


    The Tory Rats are now furiously biting anything that moves, in a futile attempt to not carry the can for their completely deliberate, and genocidal, ‘herd immunity’ policy, aka Tory Genocide (TM).

    – John Crace twitter smacks down “Is this a dagger I see before me?” Sarah ‘Lady Mabeth’ Vine –

    Sarah Vine – First Brexit, knifing Boris in the back. Admittedly “Couldn’t happen to a more deserving Bozo.”

    Now moaning about the UK peasants not knowing their place when not in favour of the Tory Genocide (TM) plan to unnessarily kill 480,000 mostly elderly or poor, or both, UK citizens.

    No change there, then !

    Also, via John Crace, Heather Stewart twitter –

    “This is just jaw-dropping, and if true, unconscionable. Classic Dom: and not in a good way.”

    You have been awake for the last three years we hope! – UK’s doctrinaire Tufton Street US Neo-Con led shyster’s Brexit.

    And the last twenty years: USUK 911 ‘War of Terror’. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT ?? DUH !!!

  26. Paul Martin says:

    Can I also remember everyone that panic and the screaming for shutting borders does nothing good. Get a fucking grip.

  27. wemoore says:

    Since whoever posted this appears to be very deep need of information, here:

    For Christ’s Sake, and for the rest of us, get a grip on reality.

  28. Paul Martin says:

    Truly remembering history would serve us well. And we should all know this.
    The Scottish Nigel MacFarage,” Oh a virus of epic proportions, we have 60 million English to worry about, coming to Scotland to self isolate in their camper vans. Build Hadrian’s wall. Keep them out. “

  29. Paul Martin says:

    It pesters my arse so much that people fucking moan about others trying to save their lives. Get a fucking grip.

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