The storm clouds

The long awaited trial of Alex Salmond starts this week in Edinburgh. He stands trial on serious charges of sexual assault and attempted rape, allegations which he strongly denies. Like any defendant in any trial, he is innocent until proven guilty, and the onus is upon the prosecution to prove his guilt beyond all reasonable doubt.

First of all, it’s important to point out that there are very strict laws about prejudicing trials and contempt of court. It is illegal to report or comment on any of the many rumours which have been swirling around. We cannot make any comment which might risk identifying those who have accused the former First Minister of sexual assault, or which might influence the jurors. We cannot speculate or opine on the likelihood of Alex Salmond’s guilt or innocence. We cannot speculate about the motives of those who have made the allegations. Please bear that in mind when you leave a comment.

The independence movement needs to brace itself, because it’s a trial which will dominate the Scottish and international media for weeks to come. Alex Salmond is more than a former party leader, he’s also a titan of the independence movement. It is true to say that Alex Salmond’s political skills and abilities have contributed more to the cause of Scottish independence than any other individual. He’s a giant of a political figure, and he’s being tried on serious charges which if he’s convicted of would mean significant time in prison. The independence movement has already come to expect a diet of SNPbaddery from the British media, and dreads this trial as all the British media’s SNPbad Christmasses come at once.

Yet this is also a trial that has been anticipated with unseemly glee by British nationalists on social media, who have set themselves up as the judge, jury and executioner of the independence movement. They are eagerly awaiting an outcome which they hope will see the end of Alex Salmond, of Nicola Sturgeon, of the SNP, of the wider independence movement, and of any prospect of independence for Scotland. All without them having to do very much at all. They hope it’s a get out of jail free card for British nationalism in Scotland.

We cannot speculate about the outcome of the trial, but what we can say with confidence that the hopes of British nationalists that it spells an end to the independence movement are going to be misplaced. This trial, whatever the verdict, will not have a long term effect on Scotland’s drive for self-determination. It will not derail the independence movement.

The hope that this trial has the potential to stop the independence movement in its tracks is driven by the belief that the independence movement is driven by the SNP. It’s not. It’s the independence movement which drives the SNP. For all the media’s attempts to paint the 2014 referendum as “Alex Salmond’s referendum”, it was never his referendum in the first place. It was Scotland’s. British nationalists have managed to convince themselves that the independence movement is a creature of Alex Salmond and the SNP, and if he were to be permanently removed from the political scene in disgrace, the resulting fall out in the SNP would also spell the end of the independence movement. They’re wrong.

Alex Salmond was hugely influential in getting the ball of Scottish independence rolling. But now that it is rolling it has developed a momentum and power of its own. Towering and inspiring figures like Alex Salmond are important in the movement, but they neither own it nor define it. No one supported Scottish independence out of a personal loyalty to Alex Salmond. They supported independence because of a belief that it’s only when Scotland governs itself can this country start to embark upon the changes that it needs to bring about social justice, to tackle poverty and inequality, to ensure that Scotland’s rich resources are used to benefit the people of Scotland and to develop Scotland’s economy. None of that changes, no matter what happens in that court room in Edinburgh.

Equally what is driving the increase in support for independence which we have seen over the past few months, leading to a situation where it’s no longer ground breaking news to have opinion polls showing a majority for yes, isn’t the SNP. Far less is it a former SNP leader. What’s been driving it is Brexit and the contempt and disdain with which the British state has treated Scotland throughout the Brexit process. It’s the prospect of years of Boris Johnson and his acolytes in power in Westminster. It’s the realisation that Scotland can only get a government which is accountable to the people of Scotland through independence. It’s the knowledge that the safest and quickest route back into the EU is through independence. None of that changes, no matter what happens in that court room in Edinburgh.

Yet it’s also true that the independence movement is sailing into some very stormy waters. The next few weeks are likely to be uncomfortable and upsetting. This above all else is a time when we need to remain calm, to stay focussed, and to keep our eyes on the prize. This trial is a huge event but it will have only a short term political effect. The fact that it’s been long anticipated is an important reason why Nicola Sturgeon has not yet openly challenged the British Government over its refusal to cooperate with another referendum. This trial needs to be got out of the way first and the dust allowed to settle. Once that has happened, the underlying dynamic which drives the demand for independence will reassert itself.

Boris Johnson isn’t going away. Brexit isn’t going away. The inability and unwillingness of the British state to accommodate Scotland isn’t going away. The contempt and arrogance of the Conservatives isn’t going away. The real drivers of the demand for Scottish independence are Boris Johnson’s lying fnaugh fnaughs, Priti Patel’s smirk, Michael Gove’s sliming, Jacob Rees Mogg’s posh boy smugness, and the patrician cluelessness of Alister Jack. What’s driving independence is the most right wing, the most incompetently cruel, British government in living memory. That’s not going to change no matter what happens in a court room in Edinburgh. Those who fervently hope that this trial spells the end for the independence movement are about to be disappointed.

Update 4pm:  Since writing this piece I’ve learned about the Herald’s Big Read about the forthcoming trial.  It’s a shockingly irresponsible piece which illustrates an article about Alex Salmond’s trial with photographs of the Nazi mass murderer Adolf Eichmann, Fred and Rose West, Peter Sutcliffe, the killers of James Bulger, Myra Hyndley and Ian Brady, Dennis Nilsen, and Charles Manson, while telling us that “of course” they’re not drawing any connections between these vile creatures and the former First Minister.  The piece is available in the paper’s print edition but doesn’t seem to be in the online edition (which is why I didn’t see it earlier).

This is a foretaste of the kind of “reporting” that’s in store for us over the coming weeks.  I never had a high opinion of the British media in Scotland to begin with, but even I am gobsmacked at this.  It’s a sign of how desperate and afraid they are of the increasing reality of Scottish independence.

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105 comments on “The storm clouds

  1. fairliered says:

    I hope that The National will be included in the media allowed to attend and report on the trial. Otherwise I fear we will not be told the truth.

  2. I sincerely hope that Alex Salmond is innocent, and is proven to be so.
    Should that become the case, times will perhaps get even more interesting, when his accusers, perhaps, then go on trial for attempted character assasination, to try and end the career of an important politician, and for justice to then find out why they did it, and more importantly who put them up to it.
    So the knuckledragging unionists, who are baying for blood at the moment, may find things backfiring on them, and it is their own inept side’s blood that ends up being spilt.

    • donald s brien says:

      you think alleged sex crime victims should go on trial if their alleged attacker is found innocent? – really? – do you understand how courts and trials work?

    • Elizabeth Mogg says:

      Let’s hope so .

  3. Apparently Iain Macwhirter has already decided that he is guilty until proven innocent, if the tawdry headline atop his piece is anything to go by.
    The trial will split the SNP asunder? I gather that they also have a feature with Myra Hinley and Harvey Weinstein. Surely serious contempt of court. How can anyone get a fair trial when we have scuzzballs like this churning out vile poison?
    I will never buy any Scottish Rag again, and will dance a jig when they fold and these hacks are out of a job.
    This trial will galvanise the Yes Movement, no matter the outcome.

    • weegingerdug says:

      That article in the Herald is truly shocking. “Nothing to do with Alex Salmond’s trial, honest, but here’s some photos of Adolf Eichman, Charles Manson, Fred and Rosemary West, and Myra Hyndley and Ian Brady.”

      • Rob Grant says:

        Hi Paul, like many others i found that herald article, with its comparative allusions to britains most hated murderers far beyond the pale. Do these media outlets not realise or care that their incendiary articles like this are bound to provoke serious retaliation, wether within or outwith a courtroom. Hell mend the publishers,editors,journos of this publication when it resurfaces and bites them viciously on the bahookie.

      • Andrew Johnson says:

        Do contempt of court laws not apply to the unionist Scottish media? This is frankly unbelievable, that mainstream media mouthpieces should be allowed to publish this sort of inflammatory drivel with impunity. These publishers should be brought to book and issued with hefty fines if the legal right to a fair trial still exists in this country.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Agreed on all Jack, it’s not Salmond they were after but the Indy movement, the importance they sought to attach to Salmond (and still do) has only stiffened resolve for independence and being shot of this nasty circus once and for all.
      Not sure about dancing a jig despite our relative ages, but will raise a glass when Macwhirter and his ilk get their P45s…

      • Bob, I think that is was Larry Hagman who quipped:-
        “When I wink at a young lady these days, I’m closing one eye to reality’.

        A Parting Glass it is then.


    • Interpolar says:

      Yes, this trial will mean the end of the independence movement in the same way as Weinstein‘s conviction has meant the end of Hollywood. Never again will I darken the door of a cinema, like.

      Of course I would I would prefer to believe in A.S. innocence, but true or untrue, the rich and famous should never be able to act with impunity, whoever they are. Whatever the outcome, let’s hope that it‘s truth and justice that come out victorious, and that on this account Scotland can outshine a Union in which both are repeatedly trampled.

      • Golfnut says:

        Justice needs to be seen to be done, that’s not going to happen in this trial, in fact we will get our news only from selected hacks, perhaps the same hacks who have been polluting our minds using misinformation and lies. Jillian Assange at least had the public in attendance as witness to his extradition hearing.

    • Cubby says:

      Stopped buying any of the Britnat propaganda rags a long time ago but sad to say I bought one of MacWhirters books a few years ago. I won’t make that mistake again. A carpetbagger.

    • Betterave says:

      Was it not Neil Mackay who wrote the article and not Mr. McWhirter

  4. Cathy says:

    Well said Paul! Our movement will not go away and in all these months since the allegations against Alec were raised have we not increased our vote for Independence?! I think we need to be very careful on social media over these weeks…read if you must but don’t let people wind you up….steer clear of the trolls!

  5. Stuart MacKay says:

    I’m genuinely (and naively) bemused by the idea that somebody involved in the independence movement did something bad once and so everybody else has to stop what they are doing and go home.

    That was never on the agenda for any of the bad things that were done in the past, some very recently, by Liberal Democrats, Conservatives and probably Labour too (though a particular case does not spring to mind). So why is that power being handed to the foes of independence with little more than a whimper?

    Being made to apologise for the actions of another I just “the cringe” writ large.

  6. […] Wee Ginger Dug The storm clouds The long awaited trial of Alex Salmond starts this week in Edinburgh. He stands trial […]

  7. Petra says:

    Taking into account the MSM is absolutely biased against AS, this news seems to be a real cause for concern. And if you had the time and inclination to attend the court proceedings, Paul, maybe you should apply as a journalist to do so and justifiably blow your own trumpet like Craig Murray.

    ‘Reporting the Alex Salmond Trial.’

    ..”Then realise this. For all the key evidential parts of Alex Salmond’s trial, the public and citizen journalists will be excluded and only the MSM will be permitted to be there. How thorough, how accurate and how fair do you think MSM reporting of the case will be? The MSM hate Alex Salmond as a danger to the status quo, just as they hate Julian Assange.”

    ..”I have therefore applied to be admitted to the trial as a journalist. This is the email I sent to the courts service. I apologise that circumstances compelled me to blow my own trumpet.”..

  8. grizebard says:

    All without them having to do very much at all.

    Insightful analysis, Paul, as per usual, but that particular sentence particularly caught my eye. It sums up our opponents in a nutshell. In thrall to a strange combo of thwarted self-entitlement and gut-tugging fear, utterly bereft of any positive thinking, desperately hoping that this upcoming trial will somehow solve all their self-made difficulties at a stroke and save them from their own suffocating negativity.

    Fat chance.

  9. Movy says:

    Well said Paul.
    Whatever the results of this trial, my belief, and that of many others, that Scotland must again be independent, is now unshakeable.
    It is not, and never was, dependent on the fate of one individual.

    • Cubby says:

      I agree and I am sure that is the case for nearly all independence supporters. So they are wasting their time and money and their pathetic propaganda articles.

  10. Cubby says:

    Excellent article as ever. The court excluding the public is a disgrace.

    Only “trusted” journalists to be admitted.

    • Legerwood says:

      The public are not excluded from all of the trial.
      From a Guardian article on Saturday 7th March on the reporting of the AS trial.
      “”During the 10 women’s evidence, the court will be cleared of the public and only two media representatives – from the Press Association and the Edinburgh Court Service – will be in court, with the rest watching by video link in a separate room.””

      • Cubby says:

        1. I didn’t say the public are definitely excluded from all of the trial.

        2.It’s the Guardian – a Britnat paper – I wouldn’t trust a word they say and I certainly do not encourage them by buying their propaganda.

        3. The public may or may not be excluded from all the trial the point is should they be excluded at all from any part. I don’t think so. Justice should be seen to be done by the public. The only exception should be for minors.

        4. Who monitors the validity of what parts of the trial exclude the public?

        • Welsh Sion says:

          “Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done.”

          Rex v. Sussex Justices ex parte McCarthy (1924)

          per Lord Chief Justice Hewart.

        • Legerwood says:

          With reference to your first point you said in your original post:
          “”The court excluding the public is a disgrace””

          The implication of that statement is that the public are excluded from the trial in its entirety. They are not. You should have made that clear by the addition of a few words which would have removed any ambiguity about what you meant.

          Whether the public should be excluded from any part of a trial is debatable but that they are excluded for part of it may be with the agreement of the legal teams of the prosecution and defencee team.

          I believe when such a ruling is made it is open to challenge by both prosecution and defence can challenge it. Since we are not privy to these matters we cannot say whether that happened in this case or whether both sides agreed.

          • Cubby says:

            “The implication of that statement is that the public are excluded from the trial in its entirety. They are not.”

            1. So just how exactly do you know that will be the case. You are not the trial judge are you. Or can you see in to the future. Oh that’s right the Guardian told you. Was it Libby Brooks – can she see in to the future. Do Britnats always tell the truth.

            2. The ambiguity is correct because that is the current situation. If it is not please tell me when exactly the public can attend so I can go along on a day of my choosing and a time that suits me. Can I attend tomorrow if so when and for how long. Or how about Wednesday.

            3. “You should have made that clear” – I will post in the way I see fit but I have explained above why I posted those words.

  11. Excellent analysis. Robert the Bruce experienced independence as a massive lifelong challenge filled with loss, heartbreak and a final success. It certainly will be again. Whatever the outcome this month, it is clear that our collective freedom must be continually reclaimed.

  12. Walt Hopkins says:

    Well said, Paul, very well said. I will be sharing this with my local branch. I was about to share on here the quotation that I’ve been using for decades when people confuse the person with the movement. I’ve first checked on it a couple places online, and now I have the precise version. Don Marquis said: “An idea isn’t responsible for the people who believe in it.” Don Marquis invented Archy and Mehitabel just over a hundred years ago and through those two characters he produced brilliant wit and poetry over the years. My latest favourite is “Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.” Which I realise is what I’m doing just now. 🙂 Onward!

  13. Cubby says:

    Still waiting for an answer as to why no one in the Scottish gov has been punished/disciplined/sacked for the loss of the process trial to Alex Salmond and the disgraceful conduct that was uncovered by the trial of civil servants. If you remember the Scot gov threw in the towel and conceded wrong doing to avoid more information coming to light. This business stunk of MI5.

    A new process that was designed to retrospectively encompass previous Scottish gov ministers and surprise surprise A. Salmond was the first ( with the ink hardly dry on the new process) and as far as I am aware the only one that it has been applied to.

    I think I will ask my new SNP MP for an explanation as to how this behaviour can happen, a large sum of public money wasted and no one is held accountable. The reply could be interesting or more likely it could be full of platitudes. It will make a change from the lies I would get from my previous Tory MP but still not good enough.

    • Petra says:


      Isn’t that solely the responsibility of the Westminster Government, Cubby?

    • Legerwood says:

      It is entirely likely that the sort of action you are talking about has been put on hold because of the AS trial and the possibility that their behaviour will figure in some way in the defence mounted by his legal team. Just as the Holyrood inquiry into Ms Sturgeon’s behaviour with regard to meetings she had with Mr Salmond after he told her about the accusations against him. That is the scalp the Unionists really want and they see the AS trial and the revelations therein as a means of getting it.

      • Cubby says:

        You raise valid points.

        • Legerwood says:

          Thank you.

          There have been several articles in The Herald headlined in a manner to suggest/imply/infer that emails etc pertinent to the contact between Ms Sturgeon and AS have been destroyed. In other words they are setting the scene if they don’t find anything to claim that evidence has been destroyed – all without a shred of evidence. But who needs evidence if you can make smoke.

      • Petra says:

        Spot on Legerwood. That IS the scalp that they want now, as you say. Better still getting two for one. Meanwhile as she is dealing with the “day job”, climate change issues / conference, coronavirus, implications of Brexit, Indyref2, the GRA issue, the AS case, etc, etc, so-called independence supporters are braying for her blood and running alongside the MSM / her many opponents to see who can get their claws on her scalp first. They should all, every last one of them, be hanging their heads in shame.

      • grizebard says:

        I believe you are right about that. There have been plenty “nods and winks” on that supposition of late. Not all – it must be said – from the overtly pro-Union side either. Whatever genuine indy supporters may feel about Ms Sturgeon’s strategy, the BritNats universally fear her and desperately wish her gone.

        Which should tell us something. But likely wish-fulfillment? That may be something else entirely.

  14. deelsdugs says:

    Great post Paul and the Yes movement is by no means over with…the tidal wave is surging…
    Had to do my usual crazy yippeeing as I drive back home over the border today, then just a wee bit further up the road, lots of Saltires and Lions adorning a flyover with a number of folks milling about. Well, this was a welcome and half (I know, not for me), but by heck the horn was tooted and tooted and the hands of many waved gleefully at this random white van woman and her daughter travelling back from the south. What a welcome home. Thanks folks 😁

  15. IndyPram says:

    Paul will be the guest on the Daytime Show on Monday 9th between 11.30 and 13.30 on IndyLive.Radio Join the chat to ask Paul any questions 🙂

  16. Tatu3 says:

    All the best to Alex Salmond tomorrow and the next few days (weeks)

    • barpe says:


      Agreed, but how can a trial, without any public citizens being there, be valid?
      What defines a ‘journalist’ – and how is that different to an ordinary member of the public in this case? Serious question.
      Surely justice must be SEEN to be done – will there be cameras?

      • Tatu3 says:

        I agree. If it was a matter of national security, then maybe I could understand. But this trial is nothing to do with national security. The public should be allowed in.

        • Cubby says:

          Some people may think it is all about UK national security as in destroying the independence movement. They are deluded.

          • Petra says:

            It’s got the potential to actually strengthen the cause now, IMO, Cubby. I’ve come across a number of prior NO voters stating that something stinks to high heaven here or words to that effect.

            • Cubby says:

              I agree. The whole business seems to stink and the Herald is stinking from rolling about in the gutter. I guess that’s why they are called the gutter press.

    • Molly McC says:


  17. David Agnew says:

    I have long since given up on the British media. Their obscenely abhorrent reporting over independence, coupled with their failure over Brexit & the dangerous pantomime villainy of the Johnson government, has forced to me to abandon any form of UK “news & current affairs” reporting. I am now reading the Irish times and other foreign media outlets. I have also turned to sites like this for reportage on the state of the UK. I sure as hell don’t get it from the actual UK media.

    Nothing the British media do in Scotland surprises me anymore. But it does disgust me.

  18. Kenzie says:

    Surely following that utterly contemptuous piece in the Herald this morning, the Editor will be charged with contempt of court as he has reduced almost to NIL, Alex Salmond’s chance of getting a fair trial?

    • weegingerdug says:

      It gets worse. In among the montage of photos of serial killers and nazis was the photo of the murdered child James Bulger. It seems that his mother is now deeply unhappy that a photo of her child was ranked alongside photos of some exceedingly unpleasant people.

      • jeans-jacques says:

        Herald should have added UK’s worst pedos then it could have added Cyril Smith, Steele and Rennie.

  19. Clive Scott says:

    The best revenge to the baying Unionist mob is a massive win for the SNP come May 2021. In the meantime it would be great if Philip or Liz could do us a favour by succumbing to Covid19 next week and turning their toes up the following week, notwithstanding that Nicola would be blamed.

  20. Molly McC says:

    Paul, this is one of your most eloquent posts.
    Thank you.
    It will be difficult for us to wait and wonder about the outcome of the “trial”.
    I hope Craig Murray is “allowed” ( what democracy?) to be present and to report.

  21. I think the British need to be careful what they wish for.

    Far from recklessly spurring on Independence, the current SNP leadership is behaving with extreme caution.

    Anything that weakens the current leadership or even topples them is likely to result in a more (not less) assertive leadership.

    The Herald piece is dreadful but calculated.
    I worry about the effect on the trial
    A mis-trial would prolong the whole process to the detriment of the accused and accusers.

  22. Hamish100 says:

    I believe this will galvanise the independence movement whatever the outcome. The use of the Bulger photograph amongst others is of the gutter. I hope the journalist and The Herald apologise forthwith.

  23. Robert Graham says:

    Let’s hope someone goads Bawjaws into making one of his foot in gob comments ,
    You Know the ones he is famous for , because the fallout can be quite spectacular

  24. benmadigan says:

    excellent piece Paul. Whatever the outcome, I hope the Independence movement will be strengthened. As you said, it is now much greater than any single politician or party.

    With your permission I am sending the latest info on the Coronavirus in Italy, together with details of how it spreads and some more recommendations on how to stay safe.
    Readers can see the others in parts 1 and 2, if they are interested.

    Needless to say I hope such a dreadful spread of the epidemic never happens in Scotland.
    Take great care, everybody

    • Petra says:

      Thanks for the link Ben. I’ve just noticed that someone on WOS is saying that the coronavirus isn’t an airborne virus. That’s really scary in fact down right dangerous information to be giving out on a site like that. I’m banned from the site but maybe if you have the time / inclination you could correct him or her.

      • Cubby says:

        Yes there are truly some idiots about. Trump phoned Fox News and live during their broadcast told Americans that if you get the virus it will probably be mild and you should just continue to go to your place of work.

        Yep that’s right Trump told them to go to work with the virus and give it to their colleagues. Hard to fathom but it happened. Is the man a total idiot or what.

    • Chicmac says:

      I have been trying to counteract the downplaying as well.

      Really It is just starting here. In Italy there has been nearly 1000 closed cases up till now i.e. those where either people have recovered and been discharged or have died. Currently, 37% have died and 63% have recovered. The ratio of deaths to recoveries is actually increasing.

      Having said that, it is also likely that the first traunch of cases are going to be, on average, more severely effected since they are naturally at first going to be subject to targeted screening of the fairly seriously ill. So the figure should drop, hopefully. Many of the confirmed positive cases in the pipeline are presumably now a result of a wider screening program which encompasses those with much milder reaction/prognosis.

      One very clear and welcome result for parents is that no children under the age of 10 have died, unlike some previous pandemics where the very young as well as the elderly were more at risk. For this virus, nearly all the deaths are for people older than 50.

      The two sites I am finding most useful are:

      Here’s hoping that Italian closed case ratio drops soon.

      • Cubby says:

        Reports this morning say 133 deaths in Italy in the previous 24 hours.

        The casual dismissal of the deaths of old/ sick people in the media are appalling.

        Selfish Morons going on holiday to northern Italy for a week in the middle of the region where the viras is active and coming back to Scotland. They should be put in quarantine/ jail.

  25. Macart says:

    That’s a keeper Paul.

  26. Petra says:

    Why on earth would anyone in their right mind want to compare an innocent man, at this point in time, with this lot? Bl**dy well disgusting. More so including that poor child.

    The Herald’s “Big Read” should lead to them seeing their newspaper going right down the stank and into the sewer where it belongs now.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Indeed, with it not appearing on-line this now clarifies what Paul referred to, horrifying…
      Even were it to squeak past “contempt” rules by “small-print” as their lawyers doubtless advised, it’s imagery and timing is a deliberate confection intended to prejudice public opinion. It does not matter a toss who is on trial, this is completely unacceptable.
      John Robertson’s observation this new low by the Herald is worthy of the same contempt as meted out to the Sun by Liverpool is wholly appropriate, this has no place in decent Scottish Society.

      • Cubby says:

        None of these Britnat propaganda rags have a place in any decent society.

        It beats me why Independence supporters buy them. Is it just out of habit? If it is its like smoking – a bad habit – bad for your health and bad for the nation of Scotlands health.

        • Legerwood says:

          Perhaps independence supporters buy them so they can see what, and how, something is being reported so that they can counter the story with the facts. They may also buy the papers to see what is not being reported and then make sure that it does get into the public domain.

          • Brian Watson says:

            I listen to the BBC news for the same reason , just to “spot” the propaganda , the framing of the anti Indy narrative .

          • J Galt says:

            I read the Herald precisely for that reason – to find out what not to believe – and I do it for free in Costa where they have a copy for customers to read.

            That way I don’t have to give the excrement behind the rag a penny!

            • Cubby says:

              That’s the way to do it if you want to analyse their propaganda and lies. I like your style.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          I’m still smoking, still reading what those of opposite view write to understand what drives their opinion, but may finally give up on the weed… 😉

          Scotland is drowning in Britnat propaganda, yet support for independence continues to rise, so the propaganda war has been failing..
          The AS trial was always going to be milked to death in an effort to regain ground, but at a time when scottish media is struggling for survival let alone relevance, the Herald shooting itself in both feet borders on the suicidal…

  27. MBC says:

    The Herald should be sued. It’s contempt of court. Disgraceful. Absolutely discgraceful.

  28. Petra says:

    Just posting for consideration without making any comment.

    Corroboration Law versus Moorov Doctrine.


    Anyway I just want to send my best wishes to Alex Salmond and of course to Moira and I’m sure that thousands of others will be wishing them well too, today XX

  29. Cubby says:

    A question I have not heard posed by anyone:

    Would the Moorov principle convict the Duke of Rothesay ( More commonly known as randy Andy)?

    Oh well back to the Tower for me again.

  30. Cubby says:

    Oops got that title wrong – wrong brother/prince.

    Time for bed.

    • J Galt says:

      Yes it’s bad enough the lovely place where I grew up being associated with Big Ears never mind sleazy Andy!

    • J Galt says:

      Yes it’s bad enough the lovely place I grew up being associated with Big Ears never mind sleazy Andy!

      • J Galt says:

        sorry for double post – one sherry too many!

      • Cubby says:

        Good old Rothesay. Great views from the golf course. Sorry about the mistake. I guess I was getting sleepy as it is the Moorov doctrine not principle as I posted.

  31. Eilidh says:

    One of your best articles Paul. It was only the Sunday Herald I used to buy but stopped that when Sunday National started. In the days of the Sunday Herald I used to think McWhirter had some sympathy for the Indy cause. These days I just enjoy unhiding copies of the Sunday National in Morrisons at Anniesland in Glasgow so I and others can buy it. They are always covered up by other newspapers no doubt by some fascist idiot. I hope Alex Salmond did not do what he is accused off and is found innocent. I find it odd that all these allegations against him only took place during the period when he was First Minister

  32. Doug Porteous says:

    The BBC is up to its usual tricks this AM, on the lead page on its Scottish website there are seven links to various Alex Salmond stories the same links five this time are on its politics page. A scan through the other pages including the sports page showed a scattering of links to the BBCs stories and links to external sites such as local papers.

    I can see that it won’t be long before the BBC has a website dedicatedly to the trial all in the public interest of course.

    • robert graham says:

      Doug i believe there must come a point where Alex Salmonds legal team petition the Court and declare it is impossible for their client to receive the Justice that is afforded every person in this country , the more these newspapers and British media push the prejudicial rules of reporting and commenting will only confirm their misgivings .

      I say again unless you are Deaf – Dumb & Blind and have lived on some remote enclave for the last 10 years you will have a opinion on this man’s character that has been monstered by the media in this country .

      Alex Salmond has no chance of a fair trial in the whole of Britain , because the establishment and media are out to get him , it’s that simple .

      • Doug Porteous says:

        Robert I totally agree with you however I also believe that he needs a trial in order to totally clear his name, an abandoned trial or the much misunderstood and maligned not proven verdict would leave the charges hanging over his head to be used against him for the rest of his days.

    • Petra says:

      You surely don’t think that the BBC is biased, Doug?

      • Doug Porteous says:

        No I don’t think that Auntie is biased, I believe 100% that they are working to bring down our movement and come independence there will be a mucking out of the byre.

  33. epicyclo says:

    I wouldn’t give a shit if Salmond had been f*cking pigs heads held by Boris, it still wouldn’t change my opinion about independence.

    If he has done wrong then he will bear the consequences.

    If he hasn’t it will be a powerful example of how the Establishment tries to stitch up our leaders.

    I’m beginning to wonder if they have something on our current crop.

  34. robert graham says:

    o/ if anyone is tempted keep away from u/yube the vile comments about Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP seem to have infested that platform and its not by accident , if i am not mistaken Bawjaws dirty tricks office is hard at work , carry on chaps it only makes you look stupid ,and as pointed out by Paul it only fuels the independence cause

  35. Petra says:

    BBC Reporting Scotland presenter stating that the defence of “consent” is being used in relation to a number (4) of the AS cases and more interestingly the defence of “alibi” in relation to one (of the more serious cases I think?). The latter I would imagine will be causing some consternation for the prosecution if it can be proven.

    The first alleged accuser named as “H” has now given evidence on the attempted rape.

    • Cubby says:

      They also reported on the TV that the jury consists of 9 women and 6 men. They also reported the women judge told the jurors to put aside any prejudices they may have. Well if you live in Scotland how realistic is that?

      I have been on 3 juries and I certainly remember prejudices being revealed early on in each one by jurors.

      I think A. Salmond will need some killer evidence. He may well have that. If not the Moorov doctrine will come in to play.

      I forecast that the identities of the women involved will at some point in time be revealed. It is when not if.

      As per the Lockerbie trial perhaps it should have been held in the Netherlands under Scots law.

      • MBC says:

        That’s been my experience of jury duty too. That some jurors are objected to.

      • Petra says:

        Moorov Doctrine? It looks as though this is how it will be played out, Cubby, as I doubt that they have anyone / anything else to corroborate the alleged victims evidence. Just heard that “H” who gave her evidence today was a former official in the Scottish Government. Said that AS had sexually assaulted her twice in 2014 at Bute House. Used terms like “I should have decked him.” “I should have kicked him on the nuts.”

  36. danhuil says:

    The cause of independence is more important than any one person or one party. Always has been, always will be.

  37. And the Daily Rg runs a feature on the rapist sex deviants and perverted killers locked away for ‘200 years’ today, plus a ‘Live’ update on the Salmond trial.
    Turn away now those of a faint heart.
    Fuck these grubby little peddlers of filth.

    There is a special place in their individual belief systems’ version of hell waiting for them.

    There are easier and more honourable ways to make money; like cleaning out cess pits.
    Disgusting little bunch of Brit Nat propagandists.

    How can these women, and Salmond receive a fair outcome from this witch hunt?

    I’ll never buy a newspaper in this country again until we have flushed this lot back down the drain from which they crawled.

    Our country is in the grip of the Elite controlled media, where the suppression of Scotland is their only remit.

    Willing little Fifth Columnists.

    Never mind, they will do nothing but strengthen our resolve.
    Who observed:-
    ‘Push us and we shall resist; if you want us to stop resisting, stop pushing’.

    The rise and rise of right wing fascism begins by controlling the Press and Broadcasters.

    Thank the Chief for the Real News on the ethernet.

    These are sinister evils times when even justice is desecrated like this.

    Imagine if it were any one of us whose trial was being reported ‘live’ in parallel to lurid accounts of rapists and murderers.

    Disgusting evil men and women.

    • Robert Graham says:

      Jack the dead hand of the establishment aided by the security services is all over this , it has probably taken years to compile the evidence , every single part of this show , because thats what it is it’s a show meant to stop independence in its tracks , previous attempts have failed Devolution nope (failed) media manipulation (failed) ,

      All the efforts of the British State have failed and by christ they have used the whole play book the one thing that hasn’t been tried again ,well so far is another Willie MacRae , for those who dont know look it up , the wikipedia entry states cause of death (gunshot to the head ) did he take his own life , i will leave that with you , i just want to say I wonder if it is a rumor that every new American President is shown classified film of JFK’s death with the comment (this could be you )

      Who knows maybe we have our own classified film to be used in a time of crisis , and maybe the current leadership has been warned , ( this probably will be you ) if you dont do as you’re told I would put nothing past this lot whats the saying ” Britannia Waves the rules ” it hasn’t changed

  38. Cubby says:

    Isn’t it a funny coincidence that “Moorov” sound like “more of”

    As in ” more of ” these sexual charges or let’s get “more of” these sexual charges.

    The more the better no matter how flimsy.

  39. jim says:

    This whole saga is already becoming ridiculous as far as justice is concerned.
    Just watching STV news giving a word for word account on witnesses accounts of what happened in court today.
    They have a law in the UK that the media cannot comment on elections on the day of the election. Total media blackout!
    They’re must be a law introduced to ban media comments on ongoing court cases until the case is closed for all persons concerned, the stress on witnesses and the defendant must be horrific whilst this is played out on MSM like some kind of sordid soap opera.
    The jury in any trial I’ve been involved in (which is 3) goes home each night and leads a normal life, eating your dinner and watching the telly.
    No amount of direction from the judge can dissuade jury members leanings when they are being bombarded by ‘opinions’ from the MSM.

  40. Petra says:

    Strange that the oil that Scotland doesn’t actually have is creating so much financial havoc.

    • Cubby says:

      The only time time oil gets a mention in the Britnat media is when the price has fallen. The rest of the time it doesn’t exist but I have noticed that in Brewers BBC studio there is a big picture of an oil rig in the background. It’s like they are trolling us.

      Of course the benchmark oil price is the Brent crude price. The Brent field that the Britnats said would run out of oil in the mid eighties.

      There are people in Scotland who think that the oil has run out and there is no oil extraction in Scotlands waters. The flat earthers of the 21st century.

      • J Galt says:

        Cubby, ever wondered why the oil never runs out?

        Research Abiotic Oil. Regarded as conspiracy theory in the “West” where the Oil Industry thrives on the idea of “scarcity”, abiotic oil theory is accepted in Russia – the oil finders par excellence – particularly using deep well technology.

  41. Arthur Thomson says:

    Spot on yet again Paul. Those who have overcome the cringe will never be sidetracked by peripheral issues. Our resolve only increases because the fundamentals, as you have described, NEVER change.

    That does not imply that I don’t care deeply about the personal tragedies inherent in a trial such as this one.

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