A question of priorities

A new report commissioned by the SNP has been published from a team of lawyers who are experts in immigration law. The report tells us that it’s entirely possible for Scotland to have a distinct migration regime within the UK and to continue to allow freedom of movement for EU citizens. The report notes that freedom of movement is permitted by the Immigration Act of 1971 which will be amended by the Immigration Bill 2020. The new bill will, when enacted, remove the right of freedom of movement from EU citizens. However the lawyers point out that an amendment to the bill could allow freedom of movement for EU citizens to continue in Scotland meaning that, as now, EU citizens could move to Scotland and seek work here without an immigration document, instead continuing to use their EU passport to do so.

Sadly retaining freedom of movement for EU citizens in Scotland wouldn’t protect freedom of movement for Scottish residents in the rest of the EU, that gemme is a bogey thanks to Brexit. However it would protect important sectors of the Scottish economy which depend upon migrant labour in order to function, and which helps to ameliorate the ageing population structure of Scotland. We live in a state which thinks that bleeding off Scotland’s young people for opportunities in London and the South East is a “union benefit”, Scotland needs some means of remedying that. Freedom of movement has been an immense assistance to Scotland’s economic potential. The report points out that it’s possible to retain it even after Brexit.

In the report on the development published in the Financial Times, there was the unwittingly revealing phrase “migrants willing to commit to living north of the English border”. It’s a phrase which tells us on this side of that border a great deal about how we’re perceived by the metrocommentariat in London. We’re somewhere far away, distant, and living here is some sort of huge sacrifice. It’s one thing to live in Scotland if you’re one of the benighted natives, who clearly don’t know any better in their parochial tartanry. It’s quite another to willingly seek it out. There’s more than a note of incredulity that anyone might find living in Scotland – so far away from London and the centre of the Angloverse – an attractive prospect.

Still, we should at least be grateful that the Financial Times bothered to tell us about the publication of the report. The Scottish tabloids have ignored it, with the exception of the increasingly hysterical Express which tells us of an SNP plot to bypass Boris Johnson like that was a bad thing. The Express is so shrill these days that if you were to read one of their SNP bad stories aloud it would be at a frequency above that which can be detected by human ears. Which would be a blessing, come to think of it. Perhaps we should start campaigning for the Express to go audio only and then no one would ever have to listen to it ever again. Although the plan would likely founder on the impossibility of providing an audio version of the publication’s RANDOM capitalisation. From the BBC, well, you know the story. Or rather you don’t because at the time of writing this blog article it still doesn’t appear anywhere on the BBC.

The framing of the suggestion in the Financial Times speaks volumes about the arrogant attitude which underpins the UK government’s dismissal of any suggestions that Scotland within the UK might have a different immigration regime from the rest of the UK. The likes of Boris Johnson are unable to comprehend any movement into any part of the UK which doesn’t have coming to live in London as its eventual goal. Migration into Scotland in their view would simply be a means of circumventing rules which apply to England, because clearly no one in their right mind would actively seek to live in Scotland, would they? Although given the outbreak of infighting and rampant egos within certain sections of the independence movement recently, you could be forgiven for starting to sympathise with that point of view.

It’s a simple administrative procedure to give EU migrants to Scotland a tax code and NI number which is Scotland specific and which would not entitle them to live and work in the rest of the UK. Allowing freedom of movement for EU citizens into Scotland would not make the slightest bit of difference to illegal immigration into the rest of the UK. Under current plans, EU citizens will still be allowed to travel to and visit the rest of the UK without having to apply for a visa in advance. If they want to live as illegal migrants in England, they’ll be able to do so without going to the bother of coming to live in Scotland first. Boris Johnson and the Scottish Tories have an inability to grasp this basic and simple concept. That’s because their jobs depend upon not understanding it. There are few certainties in Scottish politics, except that the Scottish Conservatives will be silent whenever their pals in Westminster damage Scotland’s interests, and the media will seek some SNP bad angle to spin on it.

The Tories aren’t prepared to consider a different immigration regime for Scotland within the UK, so it’s a non-starter. The fiasco of the Conservatives’ changes to immigration policy tells us all we need to know about the way in which the UK is incapable of meeting Scotland’s needs. Scotland’s economy is to be trashed because it’s far more important to the Conservatives that they send a political message to their support base in England. You know, the kind of people who go on Question Time to rant about immigrants and who read the Express and nod along in AGREEMENT with the random CAPITALISATION in reports about PATRIOTIC breakfasts.   Racism runs deep within the Conservatives.  A Scottish Conservative recently told a French born SNP politician to go back to where he came from.

The economic prospects of Scotland are less important to this Conservative government than pandering to a racist rant on Question Time and the constant flood of racist scare stories in the right wing press. We need independence because that’s the only way in which Scotland will get a government which has Scotland’s needs and interests as its sole priority.  Ensuring that happens ought to be our first priority.

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53 comments on “A question of priorities

  1. Petra says:

    “Scotland’s economy is to be trashed because” …. that’s part of the Westminster plan to keep us in our poverty stricken box from now until kingdom come.

  2. It slipped through unnoticed that for the year ending September 2019, a record high of 250,000 non EU immigrants entered the UK ‘legally’.
    Most apparently from India and Asia.
    In the same period, a record low of EU immigrants arrived on these ‘hostile’ shores.

    It will be impossible to regulate inward migration applying Priti IamnotabullyshutuporI’llbustyou Patel’s Australia style points system.
    From where are the tens of thousands of clerks needed to be recruited?

    England has a deepening racist cancer now; blame anybody but themselves. Hence my Morelos ‘patsy’ comment on an earlier piece.

    England is the Tribe That Lost Its Head.
    Let’s leave before the mad body appears.

    Imagine if I were to demand that the 400,000 English born who have done us the honour, and had the good sense to become “migrants willing to commit to living north of the English border”. that they went back from where they came?

    Imagine if after Independence we forced the into completing an 84 page document applying for the Right to Remain in God’s Little Acre?
    Imagine the outcry from the hacks and Broadcasters Up Here?
    Tom Gordon would be ‘outraged’, and Gordon Brewer would urge us all to ‘hang on a minute’, I’m sure.

    England is on the verge of evolving into a fascist state, no matter whether it is the Blue or Red Tory Gang in charge.
    WE are not England’s colony.
    A statement of fact, not defiance, or grievance.

    • Mark Russell says:

      It’s not England or the English, Jack – it’s the British Establishment’s version of patriotism that’s worthy of your ire. Think Jackson Carlaw and Gordon Brown – both Scots deluded by grandeur and seduced by power.

      Leave the English people alone – the overwhelming majority would welcome Scottish independence and a neighbour whom they can respect and admire. The problem is much closer to home.

      Best wishes.

      • “the overwhelming majority would welcome Scottish independence”. Evidence? There isn’t even an overwhelming majority of Scots born Scots yet, who would welcome independence.

      • Mark, I agree that there are English citizens, by birth or choice, who are not racist xenophobes; tens of millions of them in fact.
        There is still a streak of decency fair play and internationalism in England,

        Here’s the ‘but’.

        There are also tens of millions of Little Englanders now, who relish a return to a mythical past, where Britannia ruled the waves, and invaded and exploited a third of the world.
        Johnson and Rees Mogg, Eton Boys, and imperialists, lead a gang of neo fascists now, who have enough support from the masses to carry out their mad isolationist agenda.

        When I say ‘the English’ it is short hand for a WM Government which, by force of numbers, is made up of ‘English’ MPs and Lords and Ladies.

        They don’t give a tuppenny toss about Scotland, and for that matter, Wales and Norn Irn.

        Brexit is English driven, and Johnson is in power because ‘the English’ voted him in in great numbers.

        I can no longer pussy foot around, for fear I may upset ‘the English’, either Up Here or Down There.

        We Scots are fighting for our freedom now.

        Tune in to any episode of Jo Coburn’s Daily Politics, or Fiona Bruce’s QT, or for that matter BBC Scotland’s Brit Nat Team.

        Scotland has been crushed; we will have Brexit rammed down our throats, if we are daft enough, meek enough, frightened enough, or cowardly enough to let ‘the English’ impose this upon us.

        I’ll leave the English alone when they leave us Scots alone.

        • Mark Russell says:

          But here’s the rub, Jack. Those “little Englanders” you despise have actually done you a great favour delivering Brexit. The primary reason behind the UK’s exit from the EU was to “free” the government from the constraints of the EU’s fiscal policy – not just the off-shore accountability and transparency proposals (which are welcome), but on the restriction and ability to exploit fiscal stimulus that all currency issuers have – see my earlier post on the Magic Money Tree.

          The UK government now has the ability to fund any and all of its policy agenda – whatever that may be. Ideally, it would provide the necessary funding for a change in environmental direction – but equally, the UK now has the ability to provide liquidity in the coming months with the pandemic outbreak. You may have noted that Hong Kong last week gave all its citizens the sum of HK$10,000 as a “tax refund” – but in essence, it was to mitigate against the economic costs facing everyone.

          Had Scotland become independent and issued its own currency, it too could have created a sovereign fund and provided its citizens with a cash stipend to ease their situation too – but it’s up to Boris now – and his neo fascists, as you describe them.

          Independence will necessarily take a back seat for a while. Let’s see what the landscape looks like in a couple of years time.

          But never forget…

          • Oh, dear, Mark, your slip is showing.

            We are not waiting.

            ‘Let’s see what the landscape looks like in a couple of years time’?

            I take it that you are comfortably off, and are doing all right, and can afford to hang around while our country is dragged out of the biggest Trade bloc in the world by a serial monogamist who is indeed a neo fascist.

            Priti Patel is a ‘fantastic Home Secretary’, according to Johnson.

            We are not going to suffer for a couple of years, Mark.

            We already have a third of a million children living in poverty, and half a million of our fellow citizens in absolute poverty because we have sat through ten years of Blue Tory Austerity, which Willie Rennie declares has been a ‘success’.

            I take it that you won’t be visiting a food bank or going to a Filling Station to top up your electricity payment card, Mark.
            Or visiting a charity shop to buy a pair of hand me down shoes, or a coat?

            This is the state of Scotland now; this is what ‘the landscape’ looks like now, not in a few years time.
            I’ve had my fill of Appeasers and Wait and See merchants, who hope that by delaying and delaying, we’ll all get fed up, give in, and bow to eternal domination by our bigger neighbour to the South.
            I’m done being civil.
            WE are taking back control of Scotland, now.
            Indeed it is inevitable and is underway as I type. The Union is dead. There is no going back.

            • Mark Russell says:

              Dear Jack – You wrote:

              “Oh, dear, Mark, your slip is showing.

              I take it that you are comfortably off, and are doing all right, and can afford to hang around while our country is dragged out of the biggest Trade bloc in the world by a serial monogamist who is indeed a neo fascist.

              I take it that you won’t be visiting a food bank or going to a Filling Station to top up your electricity payment card, Mark. Or visiting a charity shop to buy a pair of hand me down shoes, or a coat?”

              Let me try and explain just how mistaken you are, Jack.

              I’ll be using my local foodbank tomorrow – it’ll be my third visit this year, due to some quite exceptional circumstances – but I’ve had to use the foodbank for the last 18 months since my benefits were migrated to Universal Credit from Income Support and my “award” was cut from £798 pcm to £594 pcm. As my monthly rent is £600 – I have nothing to live off now, save what I make from busking – but that’s not been an option over the winter.

              I don’t have an electric payment card here – utilities are included in my rent, which is great. I have a small grannie flat, converted from a garage at the rear of a private house in Lytham St Annes. I haven’t bought any new clothes for several years – I’ve just not had the cash. But I can assure you that I only use charity shops for clothes, shoes and household stuff, like bedding and towels – and have done for the last two decades.

              I’m very fortunate. I have some exceptional friends and colleagues that have been extremely kind and generous in recent times and whilst there are many days when I don’t eat, I haven’t starved to death or had to sleep rough for more than a couple of nights. Unlike many others.

              If you were to take a couple of hours and read the posts on my blog, you will understand how my circumstances have unfolded over the last decade. I had a good job – a consultancy with the NHS and an excellent private practice with a six-figure income, but I had the misfortune of raising a concern about patient safety when I identified a lacuna in legislation that governed two major medical regulators, which effectively renders health and medical regulation completely impotent.

              I didn’t regard myself as a whistleblower – just an experienced clinician who thought the relevant authorities would welcome and appreciate the concerns I raised – particularly when one of the UK’s most prolific paedophiles used said lacuna (a legislative loophole) and practised as a health professional with access to children for over 12 years until he was brought to trial and convicted in 2016. But I was wrong.

              The regulators and government were fully aware of the weakness in the legislation when it was enacted in 2004 – but the consequences of their deliberate lack of disclosure – and relevant amendment to the primary legislation – meant that two health regulators have an accrued financial liability of over £1.2 billion for fraudulent misrepresentation. By raising a concern and persisting with writing articles that illustrated the lacuna, I was unknowingly exposing a much more serious issue than simply patient safety.

              In 2013 I was prosecuted in a private criminal case by one of the regulators – was convicted then won on appeal at the Old Bailey. Six months later, the regulator commenced a second criminal prosecution, which lasted another three years and went to Crown Appeal. I wasn’t eligible for legal aid – and my legal costs and loss of earnings now exceed £840,000.

              Unfortunately, I suffered several TIA’s after the case finished and have been unable to practise since – hence the reason I was able to claim Income Support. That was four years ago – and it hasn’t been an easy time as you may imagine. But it hasn’t been “easy” for quite some time before that.

              In 2001, I had just completed a review of my profession’s service in the NHS for Gordon Brown, when 9/11 happened and then Afghanistan and Iraq. I had a close friend at the time, who worked in Downing Street as a political aide. She was also a superb jazz vocalist. From what she told me at the time, it was clear that Blair was lying about WMDs and the threat to the UK – evidence presented during the Hutton Inquiry that was previously not in the public domain was consistent with what I was told.

              She left government employment in 2004 and sadly took her own life a few years later.

              I wrote to Gordon Brown in 2003 and voiced my opposition to the unfolding developments concerning Iraq. My view was – and still is – that the UK government acted illegally and in doing so, the military action was no more than simple terrorism. I informed Brown that I would withhold my income tax and would continue to do so until we (the UK) compensated Iraq for the destruction and deaths our government were responsible for.

              Brown never replied – and since then I have never paid a penny in income tax to HMRC. When I was working and earning enough to be liable for tax, I would work out the tax due each year then send a copy of my accounts to HMRC. But no cheque. Instead a charity of my choice, usually a Hospice would receive a cash donation equivalent to the amount due to the Exchequer. In the decade before my prosecution, I managed to deprive the UK government of over £140K – but took great pleasure knowing it was being used to provide a good death rather than a horrific one.

              I’ve had several meetings with HMRC over the years and have simply reiterated my position that it illegal to support a terrorist organisation, and the reasons why I consider the UK in that category. I’ve not been prosecuted – but since 2003, I’ve never had any assets worth more than £1,000. I don’t own a house; my car was a 25 year old Saab – I now have a bicycle – and I’ve never held more than £900 in my bank account – otherwise I would be prosecuted and the assets seized.

              That’s my choice. I don’t try to inculcate anyone else – but that’s how I salve my conscience as a citizen in this shithole. It has consequences obviously – I have to live my life very simply and frugally – but that’s ok. I am quite content.

              If I may make an observation, Jack. You are a reactive and emotive contributor – often extremely funny and cogent and I don’t doubt your commitment to a better Scotland. But you are sometimes terribly naïve – much like I was a few years ago – and I fear that you (and many others) grossly underestimate just what you are up against vis-à-vis the British Establishment.

              Scottish independence will ONLY be achieved when several things happen. When political or economic circumstances increase dissatisfaction with the status quo – like what we’ve had with Brexit; when there is an overwhelming majority of the population in favour – like 90% +. For that to happen, all the Scots who voted for the Union will have to be persuaded that an independent Scotland could pay their pensions, benefits etc., and guarantee the same standard of living – or better – than they enjoy with Westminster in control. Lastly you have to be prepared to do whatever it takes – you asked recently if people are prepared to die for independence. The implication of that is they must be prepared to kill to secure that goal too. That’s where you leave me behind – but be under no illusion, that’s the standard that the British Establishment work to. Ask Ireland. Or Iraq.

              Had the SNP addressed the critical issues of currency and fiscal policy any time during the last decade and guaranteed to meet all monetary obligations for its citizens, then I really do believe we would be having a very different conversation now. But we are where we are and regrettably I do think it may well be some generations before another opportunity arises, not least because of the two emerging issues – pollution and the viral outbreak, which will shortly relegate sovereignty and independence to relative insignificance.

              I’m sorry if you disagree with that synopsis, but please remember I’m wearing the same colour of slip that you are. Only mine has more holes.

              You can read my essays by clicking on my name above – or you can try this for starters.


              Good luck.

        • Robert Galloway says:

          Short and to the point dark money,bribery and lies took this Brexit nonsense were we are,bought with money.It has cost us and these fools more money than staying were we where.All to save these greedy bastards from paying their proper taxes,that they accrued over, in some cases ,centuries.Secretly Boris Johnson and his Dictatorship, have been doing deals with Trumps U.S.A. N.H.S. and Nuclear Pollution.

    • crabbitgits says:

      Some very good ideas there Jak.

  3. Naina Tal says:

    “migrants willing to commit to living north of the English border”. It’s a phrase which tells us on this side of that border a great deal about how we’re perceived by the metrocommentariat in London. We’re somewhere far away, distant, and living here is some sort of huge sacrifice.”

    Long used by the writers of soap operas if they wanted to write someone out of the programme. Their sudden disappearance would be heralded by another character saying “She’s gone to (gulp) Scotland” with appropriate horror stricken facial expression. That’s the end of them, then. No way back from that!
    First noticed it with Mavis (I don’t really know!) On East Enders.
    Scotland the land that time forgot. If you go there, no way back. It’s ootside London awthegither.

  4. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    Westminster are going to systematically destroy Scotland.

  5. […] Wee Ginger Dug A question of priorities A new report commissioned by the SNP has been published from a team of lawyers who are […]

  6. Goodbye WGD , good stories nicely written but fake and meaningless you can’t win by avoiding the issues

    • grizebard says:

      Haven’t the faintest notion what’s supposedly “fake and meaningless” here, but goodbye anyway, terence. Back to Whinges of Scotland with you, then. Just don’t let the door hit your ultra-sensitive xenophobic butt on the way out.

  7. ‘Perhaps we should start campaigning for the Express to go audio only and then no one would ever have to listen to it ever again.’

    Paul! That is so unfair on dogs! ;o)

    Regarding attitudes to living in Scotland, this is very deeply ingrained in the southern psyche

    I was once transferred for work from South Coast back to Glasgow (my request). My colleagues were so sweetly concerned about how I could possibly cope so far from SE. I swear I half expected food parcels to be sent to us. It’s a totally different outlook although some older folk are hearing about public services in Scotland.

  8. Arthur Thomson says:

    Conceit and contempt as per usual from the Brits. The only real ‘British values’. It will be their undoing because they just can’t help themselves.

    As to infighting in the independence movement, it is only a small number of people who think the rest of us were born yesterday. I have no doubt that there are Brit elements highly involved who are winding up and suckering genuine people who have genuine concerns. I have every confidence that there are sufficient good women within the movement and the SNP who will sort it out.

    As to WGD’s articles being fake and meaningless – only to those who have the tendency to obsess.

  9. Hamish100 says:

    Thanks for raising the issue. It has been the case that in the main non-euro immigration is always higher. May in particular played the racist card but blamed the eu. How disgusting she is and her Tory compadres.

    Still on other blogs transgender is the main issue again. Some people have real issues over sexuality. Does this apply to all beard wearers?

    • Valkyrie says:

      I think it’s mostly the Trump cheerleaders of the world who started the anti-trans campaign.
      For years it was never an issue, now suddenly it’s a massive problem for some reason? Just screams “media construct” to me. But seems like people are good at missing the bigger picture these days.

      Seems as though it’s been seized on as a subtle anti-SNP jab now, with project fear trying to convince women their sexuality is under threat if they support it. Calling that utter crap would be to take it more seriously than it deserves to be taken.
      Was deeply disappointed to see Wings running with that story though. Suspect Stu is letting his own personal issues on the subject colour his writing.

      (And before the misinformation mob starts – I’m not trans. I’m just concerned at where this is leading to. Who will they come for next, as that poem goes?)

  10. Yes many English people, have plenty of contempt for Scots and Scotland. However, we are just one example of English distain. I use the term English and not British because it’s certainly not Scots or Welsh who have this dislike of different people and countries. In fact, it’s difficult to give an example of a country which hasn’t been coated in one way or another by the English establishment in recent years. Perhaps only the USA has escaped English contempt.
    This is endemic in English culture now, because of the English media who regularly rubbish Scotland along with other EU countries and immigrants and Islam and Labour and the SNP and the EU. If one had to ask any man/woman in an English town/city street if they thought that England subsidised Scotland, then I’m sure that at least 80% would answer in the affirmative. They have been brainwashed over many years to believe this, so much so it’s not even in question now.
    This won’t change until their media changes and that’s not going to happen.

  11. robert graham says:

    Straying a wee bit off topic if i can ,
    The News well to give it its proper description the English News a item caught my eye it was bawjaws pronouncement on this flu variant , he was flanked by i presume two people with some knowledge of the situation ,
    What caught my eye was the flags ,yep the cross of St George both of them proudly displayed in your face for all to see , now it takes a certain warped twisted petty mindset to meticulously make sure this flag shows nothing but the Cross of St George , not the normal way of displaying that flag someone has taken great care to hide any hint of blue , yeh just coincidence aye bloody right this tory lot its all about appearance , OK BAWJAWS we see it now f/k off yah fat lying hunt oops got carried away there sorry .

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Apologies for BBC link, but seconding Robert graham – and supplying evidence of his observation of the St George flag only visible in the picture of LBJ at the lectern. (We don’t even figure on that triple-cross flag …)


      Incidentally, anyone see any mention of HMG celebrating my National Day, recently? We are such a happy family of nations after all, aren’t we? Aren’t we? Hello? Erm …uh … Scotland? Are you there? Where are you, Scotland? Have we been cut off?


      • Welsh Sion says:

        Just found this flag – far better!

        It’s going to be my screensaver.

        🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Strewth, right enough, somebody went to an awful lot of trouble to get that on the two of them all right, first of many such displays henceforth I guess under the Charlatan… Flag of the sunny uplands and empire reborn 🙄

        • I tried to catch Johnson flanked with ‘St George flags’ on BBC News at Ten to no avail. Donalda McKinnon’s BBC Scotland was showing 3 hours of ENGLISH FA Cup football.
          Are you reading this, Mark Russell?
          WE have English culture shoved down our throats morning noon and night on the BBC, STV (don’t laugh) and Sky.

          Imagine if England had to put up with rounds of the Scottish Cup broadcast live Down There|? There would be a riot.
          So, as I say, I am done with walking on egg shells when I mention ‘the English’ in my musings.
          I pay a TV licence, yet I am obliged to pay for BBC Scotland to broadcast not the news, but, wait for it, Reading Versus Sheffield Wednesday in the English Cup.
          Donalda McKinnon and her ‘Scottish’ BBC channel are merely doing their London Masters’ bidding., ‘Anglifying’ Scotland, and its culture.
          She’ll definitely be getting her ermine when she leaves in the autumn. Job done; destroy Scotland’s culture and sense of community.
          I’m cancelling the BBC poll tax.
          3 hours of English football on a Tuesday night. An utter disgrace..

          • Robert graham says:

            Jack couldn’t agree more , my favourite wee tease in Union supporting company is I ask them to join in a wee game it involves following the News channels any one will do and find a story or item relevant to their country Scotland , I then say if you do find anything I bet you a tenner or if they feel lucky twenty quid that the story is a SNP government bad one , usually it’s oh I don’t believe you it’s amazing how many folk don’t notice the brainwashing that’s going on .
            Once people get the game that’s being played they never go back to believing our media again ,once eyes are opened they can’t be shut again and the unionist media knows this that’s why it’s never ending they can’t afford to stop .

            • Robert, out of curiosity, I checked what was on the laughingly described BBC Scotland channel tonight.
              At 22.00 hrs an hour long documentary on the decline and further decline of Scotland’s International football team.
              I didn’t tune in needless to say.
              Scotland is Sh!te !!!!!

              I find it difficult to believe that all of the broadcasters and hacks working in Scotland are evil Brit Nat Propagandists, promoting England, and smearing Scotland.
              Well, not really.

              We are a militarily occupied colony of England with a comfortable Upper Tier of Professional Scots who owe there success and permanence to ‘holding the fort’ for their English based Handlers.

              18% of Scotland has been laid waste so that the Filthy Rich chinless wonders can kill animals to satisfy their blood lust.

              Come the revolution, Robert, come the revolution.

              BBC Scotland is a hive of Brit Nat Propaganda.

              And I’m paying for the privilege of having Uncle Tams telling me the land of our birth is shite.
              No more, Robert, no more.

              By describing the current colonial status of Scotland as ‘militarily occupied’ I refer to the tens of thousands of navy, army, and air force personnel who are up here on tours of duty from their bases in England.

              Check out the vast MOD naval living quarters at Faslane,

              They are about to dump more nuclear waste in the Clyde, and there is nothing that you or I can do to stop them.
              The gunboats are already berthed on the Clyde if we try to do anything about it.

    • grizebard says:

      Same thought about subliminal messaging occurred to me. And it’s not the only occurrence either of that carefully-folded big red banner behind a Tory PM in recent times.

    • grizebard says:

      Same thought about subliminal messaging occurred to me. And it’s not the only instance either of that carefully-arranged big red banner behind a Tory PM in recent times.

      • grizebard says:

        sorry all for the repost – thought the first had been shunted like the other day.

    • annraynet says:

      I agree, but think it has been going on for some time. iI first noticed it whenThereas May was pictured between two union flags, carefully arranged to show the prominent cross of St George.
      It’s an insideous attempt at brainwashing.

      • Ann, and Donalda Mackinnon serves up another 2 1/2 hrs of ENGLISH FA Cup Football on BBC SCOTLAND tonight.
        It is beyond brainwashing or hegemony.
        The Head of BBC Scotland is sticking two fingers in the air an (spoiler I’m about to cuss) ‘Fuck you, Scotland. Fuck Scottish football, sport, fuck your culture, fuck your values and traditions’
        ‘You are a colony, a territory of Great England, bow down, and be assimilated.’
        No more am I paying for this.

  12. Robert graham says:

    Sorry to keep on this flag thingy but I believe this pettiness sums up the whole Johnston Pantomime all show and exaggerated makeup , scratch the surface and you’re in for a surprise , because it’s all a act with a second rate cast .

    Welsh Sion oh you have a great flag don’t spoil it by adding anything , I get your gripe about not being represented on the Union flag the dragon would block out England’s cross and that wouldn’t do now would it ,

  13. Robert graham says:

    Oops sorry Welsh Sion just read your bit of sarcasm ok ha ha Happy St Davids day I bet most folk on here wished you well but were busy with the Bawjaws Panto , nothing personal we get the being ignored bit believe me it’s bloody annoying .

  14. bringiton says:

    North of England’s border.
    Let me think.
    All countries with similar “issues” to us and who have successfully managed their economies for the benefit of their societies.
    Of course,they all have societies,unlike England which doesn’t.

    • ‘Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland’; Scotland’s ‘friends and neighbours’ in Europe, bringiton.
      The same can hardly be said to describe our neighbour to the South, these days.

  15. Petra says:

    The latest from Professor John Robertson.


  16. Petra says:

    James Kelly:- ‘The Wings Party remains a dead end.’


    • Bob Lamont says:

      Had read the exchange earlier, but had great difficulty in interpreting “Not happy, then go back to your country of birth, simple” as “poorly worded”.

  17. marwils says:

    Talking of subliminal, I am always surprised how few people notice the BBC ONEness underneath all these groups of canoe-ers, hikers, wheelchair racers, etc.

    I gave up my licence after 2014, but if I am in someone’s house and it is onscreen, and I mention it, my comment is met by blank looks. The BBC propaganda just slips over, or rather under the eyelashes.

    It makes me despair. Are most Scots fast asleep? This brainwashing has gone on for so long it is just accepted as normal…….or maybe it is my personal paranoia.

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