Dugcast – 21 Feb 2020

It’s the first edition of the dugcast since I got back home from my holiday, and there’s a lot to talk about. The National’s Stewart Ward and I discuss Brexit and the conversation I had with an Irish immigration officer on the way back home, the Conservatives’ new immigration policy, the new officer manager of the Scottish branch of the English Nationalist Brexit Party, and much more besides.

We also talk about the Dug. Ginger is getting on a bit – he’s at least 13 now – and I took him to the vet yesterday because he’s getting a bit stiff and also needs some dental treatment. He’s showing the early signs of arthritis but it’s still very mild, so the vet has recommended we start him on a course of joint supplements. She also prescribed some anti-inflammatories, but thinks that he won’t need to take them all the time just yet.

He’s going into the vet on Tuesday to get some teeth taken out, which he’s not going to like at all. He won’t let anyone brush his teeth – you have to get dogs used to that when they’re very young and we didn’t have the opportunity with Ginger, who was already an adult dog when I got him.

However the good news is that the vet is extremely pleased with him, he’s an exceptionally healthy dog for his age. He’s a good weight, his heart is like an ox’s, he’s got good digestion and is in great overall condition. She said that if she didn’t know better, she’d have thought he was some years younger than 13. So he’s going to be around for a few years yet!

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16 comments on “Dugcast – 21 Feb 2020

  1. Marion Richardson says:

    Fantastic news! So pleased for you. I had both my dogs for 17 years.

  2. Sarah Mackintosh says:

    Good news about Ginger! I met him once, lovely dog.

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  4. Movy says:

    I’ve met him too and he was such a pet, working the room during the break where his adult was giving a talk.
    Guess all the sausage rolls and sandwiches haven’t done him any harm!

  5. Tatu3 says:

    Great news about Ginger. I have my 17 snoring beside me at the moment , she is blind, deaf and very wobbly on her feet but manages along fine

  6. Hamish100 says:

    Patted your dug for a guid wee while on one of your talks. Give regular helpings of tuna mixed in with his dry feed. The supplements can make your dog be sick (not for all breeds) and keeps the Vets happy driving their top of the range landrovers!

    Ps do you think the Rev of wos has gone to the dark side?

  7. melvin says:

    fantastic Paul once again…….just watched this from the FT….the tears were steaming down my face in laughter…the British state will never learn about Scotland……I hope you dont mind but its worth looking at the : othersides…view of Scotland….

    • Bob Lamont says:

      🤣 The ignorance is stunning…

      • Welsh Sion says:

        Where does one start?

        Us Welshies should also be seething about our omission from much of this – though, perhaps the omission by ignorance (considering how Scotland is ‘presented’ here) is a blessing.

        Arrogance + Ignorance = Hubris … leading to Nemesis

  8. susan says:

    Glad to hear that the Dug is in fine fettle Paul. Mine, Dougal, gave me a fright when his back legs became weak. The vet says it’s a disc problem and prescribed NSAIDS and strict rest. Fingers crossed it does the trick as I love him dearly.

  9. Hamish100 says:

    Melvin. Thanks for FT film. Are the English so ignorant about Scotland. Yes. The lib democrat view of the world ignores the British nationalism of austerity, of racism. Apparently we have problems over the NHS Police etc which are actually better than the ENHS. We need a labour revival— hope the labour candidates recognise the need to keep the UK together they say. Really? All these foreigners!! discuss Scotland and their ignorance shines through. Bless them. Our identity being last. Scotland within the EU – we must have the Euro – rubbish. Such a parcel of ignorance in the English.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      As I mentioned above, Hamish, at least you managed to get some sort of ‘feature’ in the above looney-toon.

      We barely got a look-in at all … maybe a blessing in retrospect.

      But the bottom line is that these a journos of a seemingly respectable newspaper (the pink ‘un) whose job is supposed to be to educate its readers or latterly via these pod casts. Yes, I know they’re ultimately MSM, but you can still despair that you (wistfully) hope for better – only to realise for the nth time, you’ll never get it.

      Only a few days ago a Sky presenter created an almighty stooshie by claiming that learning my mother tongue was ‘worthless’. She then continues to dig her hole by claiming this to be ‘banter’.

      What the [Anglo-Saxon invective] is wrong with these people?

    • benmadigan says:

      To be quite honest Hamish100, I have never been able to fathom the “having to use Euro” scare.
      What’s wrong with the Euro? Like millions of people I use it every day and have no problems whatsoever.
      Why be frightened of it? Or horrified at the idea of using it to pay your bills and pick up your salary?
      Believe me, there’s nothing wrong with it and there’s no great difficulty in using it!

  10. Hamish100 says:

    I must have missed the fact that the UK has dropped down the World ratings on GDP. It is no longer the 5th largest economy and will drop even further as emerging economies improve. I hope the Tory unionists take note.


  11. Ken2 says:

    How many £Trillions did Brown and Blair waste destroying the world, Bombing the world to bits. They caused the worse migration crisis since the 11WW. Giving the Tories the excuse for Brexit. Ignorant, arrogance and rotten.

    The Westminster unionists have illegally and secretly taken Scotland’s revenues and resources and wasted them for years. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion.

    Iraq, Lockerbie and Dunblane kept secret for 100 years.

    Scotland has one of the best education system in the world, The most universities per population. 15. Colleges and apprenticeships. Scottish invention and culture changed the world, The right to equality and self determination. Declaration of Arbroath. Telecommunications and the Internet.

    Yet unionists are trying to deny Scotland self determination and self governance. The support for SNP/Independence rising,

    Over 50% of people in Scotland go to university. 30% from school and 25% mature students. Life long learning. There is a need for more additional needs training for teachers. Unionists involved in setting the courses. They are always complaining about not enough resources. Yet do nit put in place simple solutions.

    The Condems cut Education £6Billion a year from 2015 to 2020. After being elected to protect it, The Scottish Gov has to mitigate these cuts.

    Soon child poverty in Scotland will be eradicated. £10 a week child payment to the poorer households.

    The Police should not be putting innocent people in cells. Then the ‘charges’ are dropped. They cannot even be taken to Court. It would save £Millions. Increased ‘one chance’ proper total abstinence rehab would save £Million/Billions.

    Everyone should be given a chance. Not out on methadone for years. (Unionist?) Health Boards and Councils denying proper facilities. It costs more overall. Or has to be paid privately. NHS, Police, fire, prison costing more.

    Prevention is better than cure. MUP and information has stopped people drinking so much and earlier death. Cut consumption in Scotland. AA and NA the place to go for information and recovery. Even for families. Young people going to the gym instead of the pub. Improved diet. People going more veggie. Often cheaper.

    The Tory Gov migrants deporting migrants. It is just despicable. Unelected Cummings is a danger. The Tories are troughing on public monies destroying the economy.

    Some people never learn. They vote Tory in Scotland than complain about the policies. Deja Vu. They had to get rid of Thatcher for closer ties with Europe. To improve the economy. Now stagnant because of Brexit. No growth or investment.

    Scotland voted Labour to keep the Tories out. Now Scotland must vote the Tories out. For a better more equal, fair and prosperous economy. Save the world. Vote SNP/Independence. The Scottish Gov doing an excellent job in the circumstances.

  12. Bibbit says:

    My dog is a rescue too, from an Essex puppy farm, where she was earmarked for a hellish, caged existence, as a cute Keeshond puppy machine. She had a very poor diet during her formative months which damaged her vital early-bone formation, causing puppy hip dysplasia (which healed itself on a good diet) & chronic bone weakness to manifest in later life.

    I suspect your boy, Ginger, may also have had a poor diet, during puppyhood if you rescued him after 18 months old?.

    At circa 7 years, (I don’t know her exact age) my dog was getting a little stiffer. Her back legs have never been strong. I was recommended the following by a retired vet’s nurse, which helped her.

    So, for the last 3 years I supplement my dog’s main meal with ‘Riaflex Canine Joint Plus’. Bought online. A big tub costs £80 but it lasts 1 year. I also give her ‘Riaflex’s Green Lipped Mussel’, per day, which costs £40 and it lasts about 18 months.

    Both come in powder form and I just sprinkle over food, with the little scoop supplied in the tub (you have to dig around to find the scoop when it comes in post). The former has no smell but the green mussel one smells like the harbour, at low tide in high summer. God, she loves it!

    Neither are ‘the fountain of youth’ but my dog improved a lot & now races about, like the clappers, on our miles and miles of white sandy beaches (and keeps up with our younger dog, less than half her age).

    Give Ginger a clap from me. I met him at one of your talks. He nosed out my dog treats in my handbag and wouldn’t move til I gave him one. God that dog of yours works a room like a pro!

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