Being taken for a mug

Yesterday we learned about the failure of Donalda McKinnon to restore trust in the BBC in Scotland, and the very same day there was even more evidence why this was the case and proof of BBC Scotland’s failure.

The new leader of the Scottish branch office of the English Nationalist Brexit Xenophobe Party, Vacant Carlot, refused to answer questions about his bosses’ new immigration policy. Not a single representative from the political organisation which is devoted to ensuring that Scotland must obey dictats which originate from Boris Johnson was willing to defend or explain the UK Conservative government’s changes to immigration policy. This is not unrelated to the fact that the new immigration policy has been roundly condemned by figures across Scottish business. That’s precisely what makes it newsworthy. Even the staunchly Brexit supporting CEO of the Scottish Seafood Association, the former Conservative candidate Jimmy Buchan, has warned that the changes to immigration rules will be catastrophic for the Scottish fishing industry. Yesterday other figures from Scottish business were queueing up to tell us how the new immigration rules are going to inflict serious damage on important sectors of the Scottish economy. And these are rules which are being introduced by the political party that preens itself as the party of business.

Yet we’re still waiting to hear from anyone in the Scottish Conservative branch office about why these new rules are a good thing. We’ve not heard from any of those Tories who are usually all to eager to appear on our TV screens and radio programmes in order to tell us just how vile the SNP is. And although we were told by a couple of BBC journalists that they’d asked for a statement but didn’t get one, no one from the BBC went and tracked down a Conservative politician on their doorstep, or even in Holyrood. Glenn Campbell didn’t hare about Fife looking for a damning quote. The interview sofas were as empty as the space where Annie Wells is supposed to do joined up thinking.

The Tories are all over the media like a peanut allergy whenever it comes to SNPbaddery, but when it comes to defending the actions of their own party they’re scarcer on the ground than a positive news story about independence on Reporting Scotland. Perhaps a public service broadcaster might offer the public which pays for it a better news service if it refused to allow representatives of political parties to appear when there is a story in their favour if they won’t also appear to defend stories which are bad for them. Just a thought. Otherwise what we get is a public service broadcaster which is used for a platform to condemn the actions of the Scottish government, but which is strangely silent when it comes to condemnation of the British government. Oh wait, that’s exactly what we’ve got.

We hear today that the Tory contingent in Holyrood is privately beelin’ about the changes to immigration policy. Not beelin’ enough to say anything about it in public, mind. Certainly not beelin’ enough to do anything about it either. Vacant Carlot was confronted by the press after First Minister’s Questions, but still refused to state the obvious – that the new immigration policy is bad news for Scotland. The man who used to make his living flogging auld motors couldn’t see any mileage in this mess. “It’s a work in progress,” said Vacant Carlot, adding that it was really all our own fault because we haven’t properly understood what is being proposed by UK ministers. Although he didn’t bother to tell us exactly what it was that we’ve all been getting wrong.

What he really meant by “work in progress” of course was that it was a work in progress to find some means of covering the collective arses of the Conservatives in Scotland. A new paint job to cover the rust, the lack of brakes, and the motor with a failing transmission. Vacant Carlot told us that he hopes to see the Prime Minister when he visits London in a few days time, and that he expected that we should have an immigration system which is appropriate for Scotland’s needs. By which he meant that he was going to beg Boris Johnson for some minor tweak which he could then sell to the Scottish media as a major concession.

The Scottish Tories had a chance to make an impact upon the policies of the UK party in the last parliament when they potentially held the balance of power. With fewer MPs, the Northern Irish DUP was very successful in extracting piles of cash and major changes in policy from Theresa May, but the Scottish Tories sat on their hands and did the square root of hee-haw. Now their reduced contingent has no power and no influence at all. Boris Johnson doesn’t need them, and he’s not in the business of placating Tories in Scotland – he’s in the business of placating the Daily Mail and the Express, and pandering to the worst excesses of right wing xenophobic English Brexiter nationalism.

As the DUP have learned to their cost, so the Scottish branch office of the English Nationalist Brexit Party is discovering. Calling yourself a “unionist” is merely another way of painting “mug” on your forehead and begging for your arse to be kicked. The British state will only protect your interests when they happen to coincide with its own interests. When they no longer do so, you’ll be betrayed. Some of those who oppose independence may call themselves loyalists, but British loyalty runs only in the one direction. Loyalty without reciprocity is indistinguishable from submission.

The vacant carlot that is the Scottish Conservatives is going to be filled with a lot more embarrassment before Boris Johnson is done. As far as he is concerned, their job is not to speak up for Scotland within the British government, it’s to speak up for the British government within Scotland – and to expect nothing in return. That’s what Britishness in Scotland really means. It means being taken advantage of, being taken for granted, and being humiliated and embarrassed. There’s going to be a lot more of that before Boris Johnson is done. Scotland is suffering in the process, and the Conservatives in Scotland are colluding in the damage. We need a media that’s going to hold them to account. We need a media that’s going to point out that a Scotland which isn’t treated with respect by the British government, a British government which routinely breaks its promises and commitments to Scotland, is a Scotland that’s being taken for a mug.

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52 comments on “Being taken for a mug

  1. Margaret Noakes says:

    Vacant Carlot .Wonderful. Hope he left a space in the garage for Annie’s Reliant Robin as she is in dire need of a good hosing down and thorough vacuuming.

  2. skintybroko says:

    Typical BBC – Nothing to see here, run along now. FMQ’s was a joke again today with Carlot and Leotard going on about lack of investment in areas where if they were in power they would be cutting it savagely, wont hear a peep about that from the Beeb either. God its depressing living in a country where a large proportion of the people seem to just accept their fate and shrug their shoulders.

    • Mark Russell says:

      Lack of investment when Scot Gov is dependent on a block grant from Westminster that makes little provision for investment, unless it comes wrapped in a Union Jack. Yep, Scots are a fickle lot and thrawn. Whatever happens in Westminster, Scottish and Irish Unionists will never consider a break-up of the UK – they see Ireland and Scotland as a place to detest, unless it comes wrapped in blue, white and red too.

      Just think, the overwhelming majority of the English electorate would support an independent Scotland fora variety of conflicting reasons. More than half of Scots want independence too. Only Westminster politicians, the City, the Monarchy and a few hundred thousand Loyalists wrapped up in their glory.

      What to do, huh?

  3. David Agnew says:

    More chance of an encounter with a visiting alien from dimension X, than see a Scot tory stand up to their “betters” in Westminster. They are political weather canes, they will always point their lying faces the way Boris blows. They will never see the damage their “betters” have done, because their gaze is always cast down. They will never argue with Boss Boris, because they are on their knees. They abase themselves for the jollies. For the snark. 8 out 10 Scots have never contributed anything to Scotland whispered Ruthless Ruth, professional tank botherer and cardboard cutout tribute act. I want permission to stab theresa in the back, but only if I don’t get sacked, simpered wee fluffy. This is who the Scots tories are: Cowards.The creepy kid who hides behind the bully. A puddle of piss, pooling about the boots of a piece john bull. Swivel eyed treacherous little gobshites. A hateful band of wee fannies.

    How I hate them.

    • David Agnew says:

      as much as I hate the tories, I hate my auto correct more
      canes = vanes
      piece = puce

      thanks…auto correct 😦

      • Pogmothon says:

        Is proofread all one word
        Don’t worry you can points and laugh at .me later when I do something similar
        I also hate autocorupt

    • Petra says:

      That just about sums them up David. “The creepy wee kids that hide behind the bully”. Add to that the creepy kids who sook up the bullies erse in the hope of getting a pat on the head and their daily quota of sweeties (pay). As Paul has pointed out when the bully gets fed up with them, no longer has any need for them, he’ll sacrifice them as he did with the DUP. From what I can make out Carlaw the Mug didn’t even hear from LBJ when he was elected leader of his party last week. No doubt he’ll be like the invisible man when he goes grovelling to him next week.

  4. Bob Lamont says:

    Ooof… That is a tour de force.. Bravo…

  5. Petra says:

    There you go Paul. Seems that we’ve got nothing to worry about because Douglas Ross says so. He decided that he didn’t want to be hounded by the BBC, so has released a statement on the Tory’s new points-based immigration system as follows:-

    ”Now the UK Government has delivered on its promise to get Brexit done, we can take back control of our borders and introduce a points-based immigration system.

    We will build an open, outward-looking United Kingdom – a nation which draws on a global pool of talent and expertise, and values a person’s skills more than what country they come from.

    The new system announced today will make sure our economy attracts and retains the best talent from around the world, welcoming people to Scotland and the whole UK based on how they can help grow our country.

    For our Universities and high-tech sectors, this will open the door to more skilled staff. We have also recently confirmed a new graduate route which will allow international students to stay in the UK for two years after they finish studying. It will make the UK’s offer even more competitive and make it easier for international students to secure skilled jobs in the UK.

    The new system will also reduce the salary threshold, which is again good news for Scotland. As an MP for a rural constituency I know there are challenges that communities in rural Scotland are facing, particularly the reliance on low-skilled and seasonal migrants. Although remote areas are not unique to us in Scotland.

    To further support this sector, we are quadrupling the Seasonal Workers scheme for agriculture from 2,500 to 10,000 places which is important for our vital agricultural sector. Expanding this pilot will help us assess and inform future decisions of our immigration system.

    But we also need to consider why people leave these areas which is more important than bolstering local communities with uncontrolled migration. The Scottish Government has significant devolved tools at its disposal to attract people to parts of Scotland and we encourage them to start delivering on this.

    The Scottish Government have been campaigning for a different immigration system that goes against the recommendations of the independent and impartial Migration Advisory Committee. Applying different immigration rules to different parts of the UK would create additional burdens for business – and build borders within the UK.

    Our points-based immigration system will deliver what businesses in Scotland have asked for and work in the interests of the whole of the United Kingdom.

    What we need to do now is continue to work, with the Scottish Government, to ensure Scotland is an attractive destination for workers from around the world, so that we continue to build our economy.”

    • Shagpile says:

      Watch this space… “seasonal jobs”, like berry picking, will be filled by those on “job seekers allowance”, who will be forced to do it unpaid in order to receive their paid for entitlement. Just like being forced to work in Tesco or Poundland, and if they refuse to do extra hours, well, sanctions and/or loss of entitlement await… we’ll see.

    • Petra, Ross didn’t pen this piece of Uber Engurland dross.
      It’s a Press Release from No 10: CummingSpeak.
      I know SPAD spin when I see it.

      I speed watched QT last night, scrolling through most of the English Nationalist dross.
      They positioned a burly woman of indeterminate age and wild dyed blonde hair in the middle of the front row who was allowed to rail against Johnny Foreigner and them comin’ over here and taking all our jobs, free NHS and claiming benefits, and I would close our borders completely and keep ’em all out.
      No need for an Orange Jersey Man in deepest England.
      They have millions of their own Down There to parade before us.

      BBC Scotland pays for this fascist nonsense chaired by the Arched Eyebrow Madam English Establishment Mouthpiece.
      Portillo was on, hence my speed dial scrolling.
      This man is an arch Franco fascist.

      Not once when discussing immigration did anyone see fit to mention that John Bull would be banned from the whole of Europe, because frighteningly, they are so far up their Anglo Exceptionalism We Arra Peeple arses that to be held under House Arrest in England doesn’t bother them one bit.

      My licence money is funding this dangerous drivel.
      Job Done, McKinnon, Baroness Haw Haw.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        “They positioned a burly woman of indeterminate age and wild dyed blonde hair in the middle of the front row who was allowed to rail against Johnny Foreigner….” – Indeed, watched it also Jack, but did you note the horrified silence from the audience when the blonde nutter ended, you could hear a pin drop, she was in a majority of ONE…
        That doesn’t to me spell “…millions of their own Down There to parade before us” but an England horrified by what they hear as “representative”.
        Bruce made token moves to end her lengthy vitriol, and the producer must have been screaming down her earpiece to move on quickly when it dawned none in the audience were applauding…

        The american lady who promoted abandoning the nasty tabloids however was roundly applauded, that to me suggests greater England has wakened from the con… Interesting times….

        • I’m sorry, Bo, we’ll agree to disagree.
          The Red Wall North who voted Brexit was prompted to do so significantly because of immigration and the Farage festered xenophobia.
          The massive cuts by 10 years of Blue Tory ‘austerity’ to public services, schools, hospitals, and GPs has led to the gradual destruction of civic society in England. Then the Tories blame the immigrants.
          Remember Farage’s abhorrent claim about Health Tourism and HIV patients? Televised on a fecking ‘Leadership Debate’?
          It is rife throughout England.
          Remember him standing in front of that obscene poster of dark faced wretched refugees?
          17 million voted to leave the EU. If even 10% voted to keep out Johnny Foreigner, then I did not indulge in hyperbole.
          I have encountered it countless times on my travels throughout that land, which has been extensive over the past 4 decades. And not just from ‘low skilled’ poorly educated workers.
          It is not just a few hot heads. And alarmingly in ‘safe white mail’ company don’t hold back on spewing out this filth on the assumption that all in the company agree with them.

          That’s how Hitler got away with it. Find someone to blame, and banish them from your borders.

          England has circled the wagons, ready to repel the injuns. The paranoia of a trapped rat.
          We are entering very dangerous times indeed.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          I’m not disagreeing with your take on pre-existing attitudes Jack or the nasty furrner side which has more frequently found voice in England of late, rather I was referring to the line by line “Farage” vitriol from the blonde not getting the jingoistic response it would have done 3 years ago.
          THAT was my point and what surprised me, was it embarrassment, or has the penny finally dropped in England on this con, all other prejudices aside?
          The silence caused visible panic from Bruce and the production team, what surprised me even more is that the show is recorded, not live, yet the Beeb left it in…🤔

          No argument on the Weimar parallels of Brexit, “victim” being central to the strategy, now the UK has a blonde in No 10 and the dregs of extreme Toryism playing government, what could possibly go wrong…

      • Petra says:

        Another one released by Herr Cummings, Jack. When it becomes clear that Union Jack and BritNat Ross have been manipulating and lying to the Scots (a Nation) they should be locked up, as they’ve put their name to the claptrap.

        • Petra, it is just the usual lies from No 10.

          Below I cut and paste a random selection on the ‘facts’ not the nonsense about A level slaughterhouse staff from Venezuela now free to come to the UK.
          Alister Jack had no more hand in writing this than the footballers have in columns in the Dead Tree Scrolls bearing their name.

          “Net migration estimates show that 261,000 more non-EU citizens came to the UK than left in the year ending September 2018. This was the highest estimate since 2004. Non-EU immigration gradually increased over the last five years, to an estimated 340,000 in the year ending September 2018.
          The EU born made up 5.5% of the total UK population in 2018, while non-EU born people made up 8.8%.
          Net migration to the UK from countries outside the European Union has hit its highest level for 15 years, the Office for National Statistics says.

          Figures show 261,000 more non-EU citizens came to the UK than left in the year ending September 2018 – the highest since 2004.

          In contrast, net migration from EU countries has continued to fall to a level last seen in 2009.”

          In other words, Alister Jack is the Gatekeeper in Scotland, lying through his teeth about the EU Freedom of Movement, and the positive effect it has had on our economy and well being.
          We are to replace a Polish Plumber with an English speaking Somali plumber?
          The man is the usual dullard Tory Country gentleman who sees being the local MP as part of the perks of wealth and privilege.

          And all because England needs to be Great again, and tehr est of us on these islands have to bow down to their force of numbers.
          He even lied that business supports Priti ‘Idi Amin’ Patel’s Homeland security Law.

          • Petra says:

            I took note of these stats no so long ago, Jack. Not being made publicly available right enough as the highest contingency of non-EU immigrants (sharp rise) are coming from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, as they have been tossing individuals from Canada, the US and Australia out of Scotland.

            EU nationals being replaced by people from India? This was put to Redwood on Channel 4 last week and he just avoided answering the question as usual. Trying to reduce the number of immigrants? Another circumvented. He instead went on about now being able to control our borders and awarding benefits or not, when in actual fact the UK has had the power to do both but chose not to do so.

              • jack collatin says:

                What tired old warhorse Redwood has become.
                Like Brown, and now Henry McLeish for heavens sake, they still manage to get tv and press coverage when they emerge from their very plush looking hooses to give us their words of wisdom.

                Redwood had the look of a man who was embarrassed to defend this England Shut to Froggies Spics and Krauts policy.

                • Bob Lamont says:

                  And the other 25 EU furrners… 😉 26 if pfft counting the Scots, 27 Ireland, 28 Wales, yadayadayada… I am an Empire v the World, suck it up ye poor, the Empire will return to former glories…
                  Pathetic really….

              • Bob Lamont says:

                Trust good old financially insulated Redwood to come out with the age old “…vision of a better paid and more productive workforce”, the age old carrot and stick the Tories have been flogging since before I was born, and I’m 66 realising my vision was better 40 years ago and his is obscured by the same shite, mine improved….
                I frankly don’t mind who fills the gaps, but post-Brexit I’m not so sure the current strategy plays to their base and suspect they know it….Demand for police will increase and riot control will surely follow, at least it will give Brexit Party/UKIP members a job, finally…
                Progress or Regress ?

  6. SNP bad , Scotland bad , is not news anymore

    Anyone with any sense has known for many years that the BBC doesn’t report honestly or fairly

    It reports what it thinks is beat for England
    Not Ireland or Scotland or wales or anywhere else
    Just what’s best for England
    The BBC does this across all of its channels even the BBC world service

  7. An increase in commonwealth immigrants is likely as a result of new regulations
    How will this affect Scottish independence ?

    Well as I’ve said before
    Anyone in Scotland
    Given British citizenship
    Given a british passport
    By England’s Westminster
    Will not vote for Scottish independence
    They will vote for Westminster that gave them and their children the british citizenship and passport

    Immigrants from the commonwealth will vote the same way

    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

    • weegingerdug says:

      That’s a bit of a leap without any evidence. I know several migrants to Scotland who would vote for independence.

      • JGedd says:

        Yes, I think that is probably true now, but at the time of the 2014 ref when out campaigning, I discovered a number of migrants who either politely declined to vote at all or saw Scottish independence as a threat to them. They were very much influenced by the rhetoric coming from unionist parties who had told them precisely that. There also seemed to be a perception of some who saw Scottish nationalism through the prism of what was happening in their own countries where nationalism was of the right-wing variety.

        Now, I think many have realised their mistake. Wish more of the Scots no voters would do the same.

    • Bill Purves says:

      On independence, they will be able to get a Scottish passport, every bit as good as an English one, as there will be no Britain by then.

  8. Petrs says:

    Getting support from Labour and Libdems. Surprise, surprise

  9. Dave tewart says:

    The main point about carloss jackass and his tory party in Scotland is of course that since they have around 6500 active members!!!!!, they are funded from London as are the labour party in Scotland.
    They just do as they’re told or the funding is removed.
    He who pays the piper calls the tune.
    They have been found out but still we do nothing about the parricide living among us.
    The method of untruthful seems to work well with the media, go to ground for a few days, they’ll soon come up with a squirrel.

  10. Robert graham says:

    I have been trying to remember the name of that rising star who got kicked out on her arse at the last election , you know the one that kept castigating the Scottish government about broadband coverage in Scotland despite the Tory government being liable for its implementation ,
    well what ever her name was she would have fixed this migrant worker problem as her family business will be adversely affected by a drop in numbers ,she will be sorely missed ,
    On the issue of broadband today in Holyrood a Tory MSP seemed to have caught the same affliction as the previously mentioned rising star, he made the same error and was equally confused about what’s devolved and reserved , strange that Labour do the same thing, maybe we need to offer a better salary that might attract a better class of performer ,
    people like Annie oh there goes the memory again, you know her she used to work in M&S and thinks she’s a Tory because she served Tory voting customers , a bit like the House Jocks who believe they are something .
    Must remember to take me medication maybe it will help the memory .what was the question again .

  11. New Scotland says:

    Reblogged this on New Scotland and commented:
    Head of BBC Scotland Branch Donalda McKinnon to restore trust in the BBC in Scotland treating Scots like Mugs again…

  12. Melvin says:

    Wow call the firebrigade the dug is on fire.

    Awesome post Paul , talk about hitting the nail on the head

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Thanks Petra. Had been annoyed by the Beeb propaganda piece directly before seeing this, and have posted the comparative on social media.. As misleading and blatant a piece of propaganda as I’ve read from Pacific Quay in some time, bravo John Robertson for being on the ball again…
      Absolutely fizzing….

  13. Petra says:

    The latest from Professor John Robertson.

  14. Petra says:

    Joanna Cherry is also trying to tell Carlaw that they are being taken for mugs by LBJ.

  15. skintybroko says:

    Thanks for the links Petra, particularly the link to the education info, it was all SNP BAD this morning and they have started getting the knives out for Nicola – she wont be in place for long now etc., they must be panicking big time – even GB is getting an intervention today!

    • Dave tewart says:

      Yes, I decided to read all the way through the EBC report on education standards falling.
      How can an increase in the number of Advanced Higher Mathematics exam results be taken as a crisis?
      How can any sane person take the results of an examination test on a small cohort of the population as an indicator of crisis.
      Each year a largely different cohort sit a different examination on each subject, the results are criterion referenced to NORMALISE the results and the pass grades are adjusted.
      Within each pass grade there is NO indication of the spread of achievement, so you can’t see the percentage of passes at the higher end of the band.
      These results are statistically adjusted and are like the GERS figures, manipulated and must be taken with a pinch of salt.
      Just read an interesting book on Statistics from 2 American academics over the weekend.
      The title, Freakonomics, they pose a simple question in chapter One, What similarities are there between Sumo Wrestlers and Teachers?.
      Their conclusion is the evidence from the stats is that there is substantial evidence of CHEATING, when there is a financial reward from the results.
      Interesting takes on other social engineering in America, like Why are most arrested drug dealers still living with their mothers when the commonly held belief is they’re all making huge profits?
      They answer that question.

    • Petra says:

      I’m sure I also heard the BBC news presenter accusing the SNP of sneaking the education data out, or words to that effect. They seem to be upping the SNP ante now. I just wish that someone like D MacKinnon would expose them or are they all warned that they’ll lose their pension and face prosecution if they spill the beans? I would also like to see some of the disgruntled Civil Servants leak a Scottish “thing or two”.

  16. Macart says:

    Speaking of being taken for mugs…

    The latest witterings of Gordosaurus.


    ‘Course no one should mention that his idea of what constitutes common ground and unity is a bit different from, well, anyone with an ounce of decency. Also? Don’t mention the fact he kinda guaranteed a different outcome for Scotland’s population back in 2014… then walked away and did the square root of hee haw in the aftermath.

    • Cubby says:

      Funny how Brown didn’t get come up with a cast iron vow. Oh that’s right he did that trick in 2014. Brown is just another lying Britnat.

    • Petra says:

      You couldn’t make this stuff (and nonsense) up. If he had ensured that the Scots got (as close to) Home Rule as promised by him in 2014 the situation might have been slightly different today. TBH I sometimes wonder who’s got him over a barrel, because he knows fine and well who’s created the divisions in this country, starting with him and his own party, that one that conned the Scots for decades and allowed Westminster to rob us blind.

  17. Eilidh says:

    Great to see you back Paul and great post.I have been so angry since hearing about the new Uk migrant policy. The utter hypocrisy of the Tories astounds me. We have a Home Secretary called Pritti who is anything but pretty totally evil more like. She and the current and previous Chancellors parents or grand parents came to Uk as migrants and it is unlikely they would have met her stupid migrant rules. There is no doubt the Tories are out to ruin the Scottish economy and this new policy will do just that.
    Donalďa MacKinnon leaving BBC Scotland is unlikely to improve things on the BBC. I had the misfortune to see 20 minutes MisReporting Scotland on Tuesday and there was not one positive thing said about Scotland during that time.I see this morning there is a whole article on the BBC Scotland News App that Nicola Sturgeon might have to resign by the summer. BBC is nothing but a Tory propaganda service. The sooner the Tv licence goes the better. Right now I feel I am living in an occupied country. Independence is our only way out of this and we will get that eventually but things are so depressing just now. I just hope things get better soon

  18. andyfromdunning says:

    I was in Perth this morning shopping and stood back to let out a young mother and two nicely dressed kids. Looking at them and their dress I assumed they were Syrian. If I was correct I wonder what she thinks of our politics here, not as grim as where she escaped from but the extreme right wing undertones I see must worry her.

    I consider myself rational most of the time but see a trend of events since about 2012 with the anti EU/foreign haters and now the possible attacks on the judiciary. Hopefully it is not a trend managed by people behind the scenes and is simple opportunism.

    Role on a free Scotland.

  19. Ken2 says:

    Scotland has one of the best education systems in the world. One of the most highly education population. 55% uni educated. 30% from school. 25% mature students. More uni per population 15 unis. Colleges and apprenticeships. Life long learning. The ‘land of invention and discovery. Scottish invention changed the
    World. Telecommunications, TV, radio – The Internet.

    There should be more addition learning training for teachers. Unionist? controls some of the critics are in control of courses. Always complaining about not enough funding.

    The Tories cut education £6Billikm a year. Clegg elected to support it. Endorsed the cuts.

    Nicola will still be there after Johnston is gone.

  20. Cubby says:

    The Better Together mob back together again in England for a conference called these isles or something. Britnats wanting to keep Scotland a prisoner in the UK couldn’t even have the conference in Scotland. It’s like a movie sequel from a crap movie that no one wants to watch. One of the Britnats says give the Scottish parliament more powers another says no the powers are fine. Westminster boot lickers the lot of them.

    I wouldn’t believe a word that comes from these chancers.

  21. Ken2 says:

    Brown and Blair should be in jail. They caused the illegal wars and the worst migrant crisis in Europe since 11WW. Leading to Brexit. They are still lecturing others despite causing the problems.

    The BBC in trouble again for biased racist views. Views broadcast not backed up by facts. The authorities have reprimanded lead reporters for biased comment on the internet.

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