Invitation to the IndyApp training event in Perth

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A guest post by Jason Baird of IndyApp

Calling ALL Indy Group members and ALL Indy organisations!

This is an open invite to a training event in Perth to every local indy group in Scotland … and to any pro-indy grassroots organisations and suppliers that would like to participate with them in building a fully inclusive campaigning network across the entire Yes movement. The purpose of the weekend is to practically and simply show how indy group memberships (and the wider Yes movement) can interact directly with one another, as a network of equals, using the simple to use communication functions of the IndyApp 3.0 platform

About the platform

The IndyApp platform is not traditional social media like Twitter or Facebook. It is not a publishing site focused on individuals, like those two traditional platforms are.
Instead, IndyApp3.0 has been designed to encourage the creation and networking of activist groups, like yours, working locally all over the country. IndyApp3.0 lets any Yesser find and join a local indy group – or create their own, and then easily make contact, share ideas, resources and campaign experiences with fellow indy groups from right across the platform. It’s a private and secure tool for the grassroots movement to organise ourselves nationally into an effective, local community-focused, indyref2-fighting monster!

Individuals are important for sure – but make no mistake, Scotland’s independence can only be won collectively. So we, the NYR, are creating a weekend event where pro-indy representatives from all over the country can come together to make sure Yes is properly networked this time, and organised, in every community of Scotland, ready to win IndyRef2 whenever it is called.

Only already organised activists in our local community groups, can begin this systematic networking of the movement. We all need to come together, face to face, and take responsibility for beginning that organisational process – and for making sure it actually gets carried forward and completed! We believe that the IndyApp3.0 networking platform, and the commitment shown by all attendees during this full training and network-building weekend will be a strong practical start, to cascade that networking across every group in Scotland, enabling self-organisation from within. The groups organising themselves to work and communicate together is the single most important way of strengthening the wider Yes movement as a whole.

After 5 years of work and support from key vanguard groups and individuals, we now have a grassroots communication platform designed and ready for exactly that purpose. We’ve just about raised the funds required to subsidise a full weekend of training for every indy group and Yes organisation committed to that networking idea and to supporting one another, together as a movement, to win. The Platform is built, the opportunity is in place – only you the groups can take it now and make it happen.
If you would like to support the event but cannot attend, our crowdfund is still open and currently at 67% so any help with that would be fantastic!

The IndyApp National Training and Networking Weekend is being held in the Perth Station Hotel over Saturday and Sunday on the 1st and 2nd of February.

Day 1

Registration, teas and coffees from 10 am, for an 11am sharp start – 17:30 end
Day 1 is full practical training. Working in groups, attendees will be taken through every local and national networking function of the platform. Practical lessons in the use of the Forums, Action Rooms, Resources and Editor Portal, exploring the strategic benefits to the grassroots of IndyApp 3.0

Day 2

Attendees will use their training from Day 1 to begin the structured network building process. This is the day that designers, suppliers, bloggers, broadcasters, national Yes organisations, Yes supporting political parties, pro-indy Union and community charity representatives are all welcome to attend and participate in creating the support structures required across the movement.

So, if you want your grassroots fully organised and networked nationally – then only you, in your autonomous local groups, can provide the legitimacy and critical mass needed to make it happen. All you, as groups, have to do is participate… but you do NEED to participate if you want that networked movement. No one else can, or is going to, do this for us!

If you want your group participating with all the other groups in this, time is short and places are limited. Please check the attached list of confirmed groups – if your group is not on the list yet, maybe find out why not? – Perhaps, if you are interested, you could come along as your group’s representative? You would be very welcome.
To book your group’s places, just follow this link

Attendee Logistics

This is NOT a turn up on the day event, it’s not a rally or a Gathering – it is full practical training from lesson plans, and structured networking for up to 200 activists (and their groups). This obviously requires a great deal of attendee/organiser planning to hold successfully, and so we, the organisers, MUST have the full list of all attendees to work from before the 20 th of January.

We have a total of 160 training places available (half of which are already taken) with another 40 Yes organisation places on top of that for Day2. Each place is £25 per person and is being heavily subsidised to include tea, coffee, snacks, lunch, evening meals and shared accommodation for Saturday night if required (plus breakfast). If you want to attend on behalf of your group but cannot afford even the subsidised attendee fee, please contact us and we will try to help. We do not want any group excluded from taking part in this grassroots training and network building process.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all for a great weekend of training, networking and most important of all, socialising with fellow activists from right across the country.

Come and help make it a flying start for Yes in 2020!

Representatives from the following groups will be attending.

01 AIM for Yes Garnock Valley & West Kilbride
02 Airdrie for Independence
04 Aye Aberdeen
05 Aye Crieff
06 Aye2Aye Fort William
07 Ayrshire Indy
08 Be More Brechin/Brechin Yes
09 Butterflies Rising
10 Castle Douglas
11 Constitution
12 DGP4Indy
13 Grassroots Oban
14 Indy Group Alpha
15 Indy2 all the way
16 Inverclyde for Independence
17 InverYess
18 Kirkintilloch Lenzie and the Villages
19 Pensioners for Independence
20 SNP Sidlaws
21 Spirit of Independence
22 Yes Bearsden and Milngavie
23 Yes Bellshill and Mossend
24 Yes Blantyre
25 Yes Bute
26 Yes Clackmannanshire
27 Yes Dunfermline and West Fife
28 Yes Edinburgh North and Leith
29 Yes Edinburgh West
30 Yes Elgin
31 Yes G78
32 Yes Grangemouth
33 Yes Helensburgh and Lomond
34 Yes Inverness
35 Yes Kelty
36 Yes Kirkcaldy
37 Yes Kirrie
38 Yes London
39 Yes Marchmont and Morningside
40 Yes Perth City
41 Yes Ross & Sutherland
42 Yes Rutherglen and Cambuslang
43 Yes Shettleston
44 Yes Skye & Lochalsh
45 Yes Strathaven
46 Yes2Arbroath
47 YesEastwood

21 comments on “Invitation to the IndyApp training event in Perth

  1. Ken2 says:

    Join the SNP. There has been an influx of more members. Join, donate and campaign if people are able. Plenty of training and canvassing activities available. A community of like minded good people.

    The UK will be in the EU following the rules till December and beyond, into infinity.

    A drop in the ocean.

    Imagine Labour electing a Sir as leader. Some people never learn.

    • Ken this is way beyond party politics, as most of us have cottoned on to long ago. Hence the list of delegates so far. I’ve yet to see the SNP even attempt to put on an event of this type, even for those who are members. It’s the Yes groups who will get us over the line; assuming that is that the SNP can get a line for us to target.

    • JSM says:

      People could do both, but a lot of people don’t want to be a member of a political party, so going to the Indy App training could be for them.

      • National Yes Registry says:

        That’s exactly right JSM and Keith, this really, really is not an either or, it’s a both and… I hope that the article makes it very clear that the second day is for the wider movement including representatives of Yes Political parties to come along and be part of building a fully connected movement with all, the other Yes movement elements. The local groups are non party political and the grassroots backbone that can carry such a structure but the concept is ALL inclusive as it must to win!


          • National Yes Registry says:

            Are you a member of a yes group sim28? This is really a training and networking event so that those attending can be part of a process to cascade what is learnt and discussed at the event into their group memberships initially to then be ready to respond to general public enquiries. Once that is all in place we can really start publicising everything to the general yessers everywhere…

    • Iain McGlade says:

      Ken. Some of us don’t want to be in the SNP, or any other party for that matter. Surely you recognise that, as the party of government, the SNP have to have policies for all sorts of things and some of us don’t feel that we can wholeheartedly support their whole agenda. My primary concern is Independence, as I’m sure is the case for great swathes of SNP members. All the other policies are potentially where we start to see division within the movement.
      As long as you support Scottish Self Determination, I couldn’t give a toss if you are a member of The SNP, The Greens, The SSP, Solidarity or indeed that rarest of beasts The IndyTories. This is about the Yes Movement, of which the SNP is an important part but by no means the only part.

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  3. John Muir says:

    Maybe I’m just being a bit thick. It happens! But this event is specifically for activists within organised campaigning groups, right? I’m just a regular prole, myself, keen to go on marches but a member of no party and no group. Suspect many of us are in the same unaligned boat!

    I do hope to lend a hand once we have a real campaign going. But, as valuable as preparation for the real activists may be, the campaign proper only happens when Nicola fires the starting gun. Most folk don’t switch on until the question is live, for them. That includes armchair Yessers like myself, let alone the voters of Scotland at large. There’s only so much you can do when there’s no referendum date on the calendar. What was once academic and hypothetical becomes exciting and real.

    • National Yes Registry says:

      Hi John, yes you are absolutely spot on there. The purpose of what we have created in the IndyApp platform and in what we are organising with this training and networking event is to have a strong enough (and easy enough to use), organisational system in place to a) deal with the vast numbers of normal folk like yourself that will, just like last time, definitely want to get involved in campaigning nearer the end than the beginning , and b)having an effective way to mobilise and use that massive groundswell of support whenever it appears. Neither of these things was achieved by Yes HQ during IndyRef1 and that really did cost us dear in the end. We do know from that experience, the same thing will happen again as soon as folk really believe this thing is live! Preparation and organisation to deal with what we know is coming is paramount to preparing for IndyRef2 as activists. Hope this helps explain things a little…


      • John Muir says:

        Makes sense. Good luck to you all getting organised. We’re going to need some direction once we’re on our way!

  4. Alba woman says:

    What a fantastic opportunity…..thanks to all those involved in bringing this crucial gathering….

    • National Yes Registry says:

      You are more than welcome Alba woman 🙂 All we want is the maximum participation from everyone to get the movement communicating and listening properly to each other. Being fully aware of what each other are doing for Indy would be a great start!

      J 🙂

  5. Alasdair Jamison says:

    Delighted to see this Jason. Time to move forward !

  6. Tom McCrory says:

    Keep in touch

  7. Petra says:

    Well done folks. United we win.

  8. There’s a reason, lots of them actually, why our Yes Hub has absolutely no SNP literature or merchandise, or that of any other party as it happens. And it’s a policy I wholly endorse, as a party member.

    • National Yes Registry says:

      If IndyRef1 taught us anything as a movement, its that independence activists found it very, very easy to wear their different hats whenever that was needed and most appropriate. This is something that, outside an IndyRef campaign, political parties understandably frown on and do not like to encourage. To me this is the main source of any friction there sometimes appears to be between Yes and the party political side of the movement. No matter which party. It’s something we are hoping to help ease with the structured networking part of the training on day 2. Hope lots of non group Yes orgs come along…
      jason 🙂

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