2020 visions


The world that we live in in 2020 is a very different one from the world of 2010. A decade ago, but it seems like a lifetime. In 2010, the Labour party dominated the Scottish political landscape, and talk of independence for Scotland was easily dismissed as the bar room rantings of a few barmy romantics. The primacy of the UK was seemingly unchallengeable. British nationalists could still pretend that support for the UK meant that they were not nationalists at all, and told Scotland that British insitutions were all that stood between Scotland and atavistic anarchy. Only Britain could guarantee decency, toleration, and moderation. We were told that independence was a vanity project, because there were no substantial political differences between Scotland and England.

That’s all changed. No one can now seriously argue that Scotland and England are on the same political page. Well, OK, they can make that argument. But then they’re subject to a Twitter pile on of people laughing at them and making them into memes. There is after all no end to the self-delusion of those who would oppose Scottish independence under all and any circumstances. This self-delusion is equal only to that of this blog’s very own trolls, who continue to post insults and abuse even though their comments are automatically filtered and end up in the trash folder where they get auto-deleted after 30 days without anyone ever seeing them. So, stamp collecting Jim in Livingston and the rest, you’re wasting your time. It does amuse me intensely that trolls keep posting repeatedly on this blog to tell me that my words are having no effect. They’re clearly having a very big effect on the likes of Stamp Collecting Jim.

On a side note, when we do finally achieve independence, I’m going to write something uplifting and optimistic about how this new Scotland belongs to everyone, yes voters and no voters. About how we need to put the past behind us and move on together, that there’s no place for rancour or anger. About how we need to heal and come together as an independent nation. About how yes voters and no voters must hold hands, hug and let bygones be bygones because there’s no yes or no anymore, only citizens of a new and better Scotland, a kinder Scotland, a gentler Scotland. Except you, Stamp Collecting Jim in Livingston. You can fuck off.

But back to the here and now. The Scotland that stands at the dawn of 2020 is a country with a different vision from the rest of the UK. This is a country which has rejected Brexit, rejected Boris Johnson, rejected the transatlantic Trumpian fetish that drives the modern Conservative party. Scotland sees itself as a European nation, informed by the values of social democracy. Scotland understands the importance of ensuring that those who are fortunate in life contribute to those who are less fortunate, because there but for the graces of the gods go all of us. Scotland wants to be open to the world, to look to the future. This is a land that understands that when someone comes here to live, love, work and raise a family, they are honouring us. Scotland understands that migrants are not a burden to be feared or resented.

In retrospect, the cracks forming the political divide between Scotland and the rest of the UK were already visible in 2010, now they have widened into a chasm. Not even Boris Johnson’s fantasy bridge can unite the two sides. British politics are set to descend into further disrepute. Boris Johnson has promised to increase the minimum wage by four times the rate of inflation. He’s promised record investment in the NHS. He’s promising major new infrastructure projects. Yet at the same time the vultures of the Tory party are expecting tax cuts and the prospect of a no deal Brexit is now greater than it ever was before. This is looking very like a prime minister whose honeymoon in office will end in the most spectacular fashion. All this will only increase the dissatisfaction in Scotland, and will continue to boost support for independence.

Brexit will happen in a few weeks. It can no longer be avoided or delayed. However formally leaving the EU will not “get Brexit done”. The coming months will be marked by increasingly bitter and rancorous arguments between the EU and a UK that still expects cake and eating it, still expects unicorns that crap out cherries. The UK will be out of the EU, and there will no longer be remainers in UK politics. For those who support EU membership or closer alignment with the EU than Boris Johnson will permit there will only be a debate about the quickest way to achieve it. For Scotland, that will only make independence a more attractive prospect for many.

We have already seen a change in attitude towards Scottish independence from the EU since the Brexit vote. After the UK formally leaves the EU, there will be even fewer constraints on EU and European figures voicing their support for an independent Scotland. British nationalists claim that the EU wouldn’t want Scotland, but even if Scotland was the economic basket case that they claim it is – which if true would in itself would be an argument that Westminster rule isn’t working – the EU would not be able to resist the symbolism of welcoming a Scotland which became independent from the rest of the UK because of Brexit. It would be both a massive vindication of the European project, and a massive up you to a UK which has rejected Europe. Contrary to popular belief, Germans do do irony.

There is an event due in the coming months which has the British nationalist trolls rubbing their hands in unseemly glee. That’s the trial of Alex Salmond. Our opponents know that they are having an ever more difficult time selling the UK to a Scotland that feels ever more alienated from it, they will not hesitate to weaponise the Salmond trial. It’s a sign of their desperation that it’s all that they’ve got left. However, no matter how that trial works out – and as the matter is subjudice please refrain from commenting on the details of it – it will not have the effect on support for independence that British nationalists are hoping it will. Nothing about the Salmond trial changes Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. Nothing about the Salmond trial changes Brexit. Nothing about the Salmond trial changes the contempt and disdain with which Scotland has been treated by Westminster. Nothing about the Salmond trial alters the underlying dynamic which drives support for independence. Batten down the hatches for the duration, because we’re in for a shitstorm of SNPbaddery from the media, but once the trial is over, that underlying dynamic will reassert itself.

What has become impossible to see is any way in which Scotland can be reconciled to a Westminster that’s controlled by a triumphant Boris Johnson who commands a large majority in the Commons. Johnson may try to cajole, bribe, persuade us, but based on his character and previous actions it’s far more likely that he will use his majority to try and bludgeon Scotland into submission. Fundamentally, the vision that he has for the UK is one which Scotland has rejected, and Scotland has already demonstrated that it’s immune to the dubious charms of the deliberately tousled liar.

Johnson will almost certainly resist another independence referendum. What we in the indy movement must never do is to concede that Scotland requires his permission in the first place. A referendum without the blessing of Johnson would not be unlawful, would not be “wildcat”. It would be an exercise in Scottish democracy. The Scottish government currently seeks to persuade the Westminster government that it’s very much in the interests of the British state to cooperate with that process, because if Westminster doesn’t cooperate, it’s only going to make independence more likely. They are adopting this strategy in order to ensure that those who are less certain about independence, those whose support we need in order to win handsomely, will be on board if the time comes for an alternative route. However make no mistake, one way or another, Scotland will have her say. Our job in the wider movement is to ensure that the pressure is kept on.

There is only one trajectory now, and that’s the one that leads to independence. The road is rocky. There will be temporary reverses along the way, but Scotland is increasingly finding its voice and its place in the world. That’s a voice and a place that don’t need to be moderated or channelled through a Conservative dominated Westminster. 2020 will be a crucial year in Scottish history. It will be the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath. This will be the year when Scotland makes a new declaration of faith and belief in itself as a modern, progressive, outward-looking European nation. This will be the year when the vision of a better Scotland, an independent Scotland, comes into focus.

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55 comments on “2020 visions

  1. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. yesindyref2 says:

    ” This will be the year when the vision of a better Scotland, an independent Scotland, comes into focus”

    It’s going to need more than that, it’s going to need Indy Ref 2. Some of us are spending half our time, not trying to win hearts and minds for YES, but trying to keep people onside and away from desperation.

    Personally I won’t be doing that after January, the doubters will win,

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Mmm, that was meant as an upbeat posting, strangely enough! Let’s turn it around.

      I don’t think 2020 will give us a vision of Independent Scotland, I think it will GIVE US an independent Scotland, with a referendum in around September / October, and a YES vote. And we’ll know better by the end of January.

      Mmm, that’s better 🙂

  3. Stirring words for Hogmanay Paul. Thank you. Despite the looming date of our forced exit from Europe, and other events which you have mentioned, I feel a strong sense of optimism. I feel a groundswell of change, becoming stronger as more Scots seek the right to live in a normal Independent country. I’m looking forward to an exciting year ahead. A very happy and prosperous New Year to you and your husband, and of course, the Dug.

  4. I’ll raise a glass later Paul, to you and Peter, and of course to Ginger. More power to your keyboard.

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  6. uno mas says:

    I always wondered what you did with the trolls.

    So for Jim from Livingston philately for sure is getting him nowhere!!

    Sorry about that Paul and I realise that under normal circumstances I should be getting my coat but man it´s affy cauld ootside.

    Can I no stay at least till the bells!?

    • Welsh Sion says:

      “So for Jim from Livingston philately for sure is getting him nowhere!!”

      – So, you’re not giving Jim your stamp of approval, then?

      (Last to get their coat’s a numpty, uno mas!)

  7. gavin says:

    Raise a glass at the bells for Auld Scotia, and new beginnings.
    Boris is a gift that will unravel very quickly: we must be ready when it does.

    A wee thank you, Paul for your tireless work, rational thought and uplifting words in this last year. As you say, the road will be rocky at times, but Scotland has come through worse, and we are still here. Still fighting.

    Here’s tae us…….

  8. Simey says:

    Happy New year Paul.
    Over the last few years it’s WGD I’ve turned to for strength and belief that Scotland will be Independent. There’s no question now. It’s in the air. At some point we will go our own way.
    The devil is in the detail on how we get there but there is no way back for the dis- United Kingdom. This will be the last decade of the now defunct project GB.

  9. carolclark1 says:

    Hear, hear. Very well said Paul. Thank you for all your posts and sensible words. It has helped to keep many of us sane, and on track. I reckon that we are all going to be very busy in 2020.

    All the best to you and yours Paul, and to everyone else who contributes here.

  10. Marconatrix says:

    As a general rule, I’m usually in full agreement with what you write here, I give your blogs a ‘like’ almost as a reflex action. But in this case your opening has given me serious pause for thought … sadly. And then you go on to say, “… this new Scotland belongs to everyone, yes voters and no voters. About how we need to put the past behind us and move on together … yes voters and no voters must hold hands, hug and let bygones be bygones because there’s no yes or no anymore …”. TBH this could almost be Boris or one of his crew going on about how post-Brexit there must be no more Leavers or Remainers but that all will join in the new exciting free Take Back Control UK. And if you don’t agree, in your own words re. Livingston Jim, “You can f*** off”.

    Not exactly an inclusive or healing attitude, is it? Furthermore by suppressing any descenting comments here as you begin by admitting, you must inevitably give the impression that everyone supports your POV. Hardly a way to promote the open debate and discussion that must come before any consensus can be reached. “We want to include everyone … unless you disagree!”

    Maybe it was unintentional, maybe like all of us sometimes you’ve just had a trying day, but honestly, in this you sound like the worst sort of totalitarian apologist. Surely we can all do better than this?

    Is duilich leam a bhith a’ sgrìobhadh mar seo agus aig an t-am seo cuideachd, ach sin mar a tha e 😦

    And that I suppose has me consigned to the cesspit …

    • weegingerdug says:

      I don’t mind people who disagree. But there is a nasty little cohort of British nationalists who do nothing but post some pretty vicious personal abuse. I’m not tolerating that. They add nothing to any debate.

      And the bit about Jim from Livingston. You know that’s a joke, right? Maybe your New Year’s resolution can be to lighten up a bit.

  11. Robert Graham says:

    Well let’s hope Paul someone ,anyone who has any influence at the top in the SNP are reading some of the online comments on different Independence supporting websites ,
    The common theme seems to be is there anyone actually listening , any and as far as I can see all suggestions of how to approach this Tory lot are just that suggestions that go no where , you have spent months producing excellent thought promoting posters that could easily be made into billboards , any of them been used ? rhetorical question ,
    We seem to have two different speeds at the moment lots of folk are first gear revving the engine and just waiting on the direction of travel , then we look at the inactivity the almost settling in again for the next term by SNP MPs , what did Tommy Sheppard say ” We are not here to Settle in we are here to Settle up ” was his quote , aye ok ,
    The idea of a 2020 referendum has been questioned by many who have set out the timetable and even with cooperation by all it simply doesn’t fly , it’s been a few years since 2013 when most blog sites started and a lot of folk are just bloody fed up with no progress or even a plan in sight, people are tired , slowly they will start drifting away muttering , what’s the f/kn point .Thats when leaders blossom.

    • Robert Graham says:

      By the way Bob you forgot to wish all here a Happy and contented New Year now is your chance , all the best to all for 2020 it’s been a long haul .

  12. Chaz Wisdom says:

    I would bet my left bollock the trolls are members or sympithisers of the dear auld orange ludge!! The same arseholes that congregated at george sq in 2014 givin it the bile you hear at EVERY rangers game..Scotlands Eternal Shame.. Saor Alba

    • Malky McBlain says:

      Yes we all here the bile coming from the Copeland road end at Ibrox. When I hear it I cringe and wish that wee group of sectarian arseholes who start the chants would move on as the worst of them moved on when Mo Johnson signed. They all said Ibrox would be empty the day Rangers signed a Catholic….what actually happened…. They sold more season tickets and increased attendance. This act by Rangers signalled to the decent Rangers fans that they could finally hold their heads high. But please do not brand all Rangers fans as unionist sectarian arseholes. look at Rangers now….no one is even counting or is even interested in how many Catholics play for the club it just isn’t an issue with most fans anymore. Your belief in this is exactly against what Paul seems to be saying about coming together in an independent Scotland. I think you would be very surprised to know how many decent non sectarian independence supporting Rangers fans there are out there. We need all to come together after independence. What concerns me most is that the Britnat Orange brigade will use independence to divide and inflame sectarian tensions. We need to guard against this and not react to them. Whrn Manky shirt guy and his wee cohort gather. Do not react to them but by the same token do not wave any Irish flags or wear any Celtic shirts when you march in Glasgow on the AUOB march…Do not allow them to bring sectarianism into the movement. Just ignore them as most decent Rangers supporters do. Do not fall to the haters level. Scotland will be free but let’s work towards a non sectarian cohesive Scotland that celebrates diversity and includes all.

  13. Bob Lamont says:

    Bravo Sir, indeed well said…
    Have already said my piece on the media’s flagged intent on the Salmond trial, but rather than batten down the hatches as suggested I propose making it clear as with Stamp Collecting Jim in Livingston, SMSM, you can fuck off, loudly, repeatedly, until the message sinks in we are no longer their playthings.
    Let the Courts do their duty, those who would have another agenda will have their day, but it will not be of their choosing nor on their terms..

    And a happy new year to you and yours and all here assembled, 2020 vision is no longer in a rear view mirror…

  14. Alba woman says:

    Top class WGD ….Happy New Year!

  15. velofello says:

    @ Bob Lamont – “Let the courts do their duty’. Let’s pay very close attention to the proceedings I’d say.

    It’s been a long time since I sat in a lecture room yet I do recall that Scots law requires corroboration by a witness. Let’s see.

    Best wishes to WGD and readers here.

  16. Petra says:

    Happy New Year when it comes folks. Most of all a great big thank you to Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP, bloggers like Paul and the masses of sovereign Scots for staying the course. Won’t be long now and how lucky are we to be living through such a historical time?

    Meanwhile we continue to watch our backs.


    Click to access 18132.pdf

  17. Petra says:

    But take note:-

    1 Status of United Kingdom

    (1) The purpose of the United Kingdom is to provide a strong and effective union
    between the peoples of the constituent nations and parts.

    (2) The commencement referendum provided for by Part 11 provides an
    opportunity for the peoples of the constituent nations and parts to affirm that
    they have chosen to continue to pool their sovereignty for the purposes
    specified in this Act.

    (3) The constituent nations and parts of the United Kingdom are—
    (a) England,
    (b) Scotland,
    (c) Wales, and
    (d) Northern Ireland.

    (4) Each of those remains a constituent nation or part of the United Kingdom
    unless and until a majority of the people of that nation or part vote to leave in
    a referendum held for the purposes of this section.


    Part 1 — Foundation of the United Kingdom

    (b) a majority of the people voting in a referendum conducted in
    accordance with an Act of the Scottish Parliament express a wish for
    Scotland to cease to be part of the United Kingdom;


    (6) Where this subsection applies, the Secretary of State must lay before
    Parliament such proposals to give effect to the wish expressed in the relevant
    referendum under subsection (5) as may be agreed between Her Majesty’s
    Government in the United Kingdom and the Government of England,
    Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland (as the case may be).

    Click to access 18132.pdf

  18. Petra says:

    And before I head out I want to wish Alex Salmond a Happy Birthday and remind him that we are all behind him X


    Let’s also raise a glass at the bells to toast the past, in remembrance of those whom we’ve loved and lost, to the present in support of our family and friends, far and near, and to our future as an Independent country.



    And a wee New Year message for the Queen of the Scots.


  19. Ken2 says:

    Independence will win. So will Alex Salmond. A Happy New Year.

    The majority of teachers receive compensation for accidents not incidents. Falling, tripping down stairs etc. Major compensation. Health & Safety issues. Consistent with accidents in every walk of life and occupation. Usual unionist MSM misreporting. Trying to mislead.

  20. mumsyhugs says:

    Just want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year – I think it’s shaping up to be a belter!!! Xxx

  21. Macart says:

    Yes, 2020 will bring things into very sharp focus for a lot of people. Well said Paul.

    All the very best for the coming year folks.

  22. yesindyref2 says:

    Happy New Year!

    Is it my imagination or was that a peculiarly Indy-friendly STV Hogmanay?

  23. Alan Reardon says:

    To give our independence over to unelected beaurocrats in Europe.
    That is not independence

    • Malky McBlain says:

      I’m sure you’ll have your say Alan once we are independent and there is a referendum to confirm an application to join/remain in the EU.

      There will be other questions for the people of Scotland to answer after independence as well as the EU question there will also be a question, probably a few years down the track, on becoming a republic and ditching the monarchy. But these are questions for the future….let’s get our independence question answered in the affirmative first. 2020 will be an historic year for Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. Aw ra best for N’erday

    • andyfromdunning says:

      I respect your view Alan.

      However I think the slight loss of sovereignty actually benefits the majority. Also since Maastricht and the Lisbon treaty the EU is truly democratic. There are pages of benefits if you look into it.

      The disadvantage is a slight loss of sovereignty. However I hope you can appreciate that an independent Scotland in the EU or EFTA is way better than the economic and political calamity that is the U.K.

      Also most Scots support EU membership

      All the best for 2020.

  24. Gordon Ross says:

    Dear Paul, Hubby and Dug.

    Happy huggers to you all.

    Just wanted to say that a “Wildcat” referendum would be a very appropriate moniker for an Indy ballot, being as it is, the national animal (real, not imagined, as in unicorns) of this wild nation and it’s wilder Inhabitants.

    But we cannot ever allow the word illegal to be used by the Scottish meeja, when we can attach the sane word to Johnson’s Brexit campaign and his illegal shutdown of Parliament.

    Hope you three have a peaceful and happy (first?) Hogmanay together.

    I look forward to meeting you again on the Indy circuit during this last “big push” to get our legal and 5 times mandated votes.


    Gordon Ross from In-D-Car

  25. Mark Russell says:

    Aside from providing reassurance, motivation and solidarity for the enlightened – your writings also give much inspiration and unadulterated joy that one delights in from a master wordsmith. Scotland has given us many bards worthy of careful consideration. You’re up there with the best.

    Good luck in this New Year.

  26. 2020. I can see clearly now.
    Have a great year, Paul, Peter, and the Duggers.
    Flagging, but still standing.

  27. Kenzie says:

    Johnson’s promises remind me of the old song: “How could you believe me when I said I loved you when you know I’ve been a liar all my life?”

  28. Kenzie says:

    Re the forthcoming Alex Salmond trial, I forecast now that one of two things will happen: The judge will rule that there is no case to answer or, if the trial does go ahead, Alex will be found not Guilty on all charges. FFS, the dogs on the street know that the establishment have made a massive cock-up over this frame-up.

    The great pity, I fear, is that those who have set Alex up, will remain in post when as we all know, heads should roll.

    • john lamb says:

      Re Alex Salmond.. I suspect, as most of yes supporters do, that it’s a stitch up. And if it’s an honest judicary the case will be quickly dismissed. That would be a real blow to his accusers (British Nationalists) and boost the independence movement. In truth most of us don’t know if there is any substance to the allegations. If there is, well so be it.. bad Alex. If not well it would be good to see him return to frontline politics although I think the reputation-destroyers have probably succeeded in their task.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      The impartiality of the judicial process is the bedrock of our society, and whereas there are powerful people who would seek to reduce it’s powers to their advantage, most notably in England, and those who would cast aspersions on it’s independence, we must defend it robustly or invite chaos.
      Salmond’s guilt or innocence is for the Law to decide, but there is no denying “stitch-up” is on the lips of friend and foe alike. The establishment has not only overplayed it’s hand, but the secondary objective of undermining the Indy movement has failed, dismally….
      What SMSM with Pacific Quay in the lead fail to recognise with their production-line character assassinations and SNP-BAAD, is that all illusions of impartiality and credibility are destroyed when they sing from the same hymn sheet.
      From Salmond to NHS to QEUH to Hanvey, public opinion responded, none of it worked… A propaganda mouthpiece needs listeners, when they turn a deef lug your “message” is not only lost, your coat is on a shoogly peg…
      As they now resume bombardment on Salmond in advance of due process, they are only digging themselves a deeper hole, hell mend them….

  29. Tatu3 says:

    Thank you Paul for the great and uplifting writing that you do practically everyday. Don’t know how you do it, but glad you do.
    Happy New Year to you, Peter and of course, Ginger.
    A new year, a new decade, a new Scotland

  30. Ken2 says:

    A happy and prosperous New Year. The last twenty years have changed Scotland for the better. Devolution 2000. The last ten years even more. Scotland is a better place with good governance. People have voted for it. Scotland has changed so much for the better. it was once unimaginable. Only despair Thatcher/unionism.

    Independence will be even better. More prosperous, equal and cohesive. No one man and there dug can stop it. Or the Westminster establishment. They have been voted out,

    2020 has a ring to it. The bells brought in a new decade and era. United people in Scotland in more determination to decide their future and abandon protocol and the Tories/unionists once more. A major decision from all, To support Independence is the call.

    The Orange Lodge are losing members. They are dying off. Black balled out. Not equal or fair and breaking the Law of equality. A secret society does not function properly. No opened to all.

    The football industry is losing business and revenues because of sectarianism. Not a healthy state. Less influence and in debt. Lack of business and support. Not a healthy position at all.

    People do not support sectarianism and it ruins sport. Not equal, transparent or fair. Cheating. Up to their eyes in debt because of it. People will not support it. Some criminals trying to make money out of it’s failure. Instead of supporting fair sport. The gambling industry causing poverty for people.

    Happy New Year especially to anyone sick or alone. People are thinking of them. To help them get well. The queues are getting longer because the EU healthcare workers are leaving because of Westminster unionist policies. Another unavoidable challenge for the Scottish Gov until Independence.

    The Westminster unionists are killing off their own supporters, the elderly. Every elderly person who votes Tory/unionist are voting to die younger. Incomprehensible, especially in Scotland who did not vote for Brexit. In Scotland people are living longer.

    The Scottish Gov has increased SNHS Healthcare funding. (£12.5Billion). More pro rata, Thatcher residue. Westminster unionists (Tories) have cut UK Healthcare funding. Austerity.

    The ConDems cut NHS funding, Instead of increasing it. After promises to protect it. Austerity. Killing off people. The Scottish SNP had to mitigate it, as usual. Healthcare in Scotland has improved. Better outcomes. People are living longer.

    Now Johnston is making false promises. Brexit will increase healthcare problems Key essential workers are leaving. A catastrophe. It was only closer ties with Europe that improved the British economy after Thatcher. They had to get rid of her to do it, Deja Vu. Johnston and his mates will go the same way. They will have to go.

    Scotland will vote for Independence and a better world. No one can stop that and they know it. The tide has turned and will continue. No one will go back to Westminster rule. They have been found out. The Emperor has no clothes. Despite delusion of grandeur. Just a lying toad.

    Murdoch, the master criminal liar, sacked Johnston for telling lies. No honour among thieves and criminals. The sons of Murdoch of Scottish descent. Dual nationality? They have to obey the Law. Or get thrown out. End up in Court. Trying to evade justice and getting away with it. People do not buy it any more. The internet is a better source for news and exchanged information.

    The UK tax evading criminals. The reason for Brexit to protect them. It will cost everyone else. Especially the elderly who voted for it. They will die younger because of it. The EU established to stop war and starvation in Europe after 11WW. To prevent it happening again. Millions died and were starving. A catastrophe in living memory. Westminster unionists politicians have short memories. Other people do not.

    The Tories used the migrant crisis caused by the Westminster illegal wars. to facilitate Brexit. Lying and cheating. In order to line their pockets. Killing and maiming even more people. Incomprehensible.

    Westminster led by fools. The world laughing stock. Cheating people. At least people in Scotland have seen through them and will not vote for it. Brexit chaos. Once again the Scottish Gov will have to mitigate it, Have another Ref soon.

  31. Maria says:

    Happy new year to you all!!

    Here is to hope that 2020 will bring us the end to a long, arduous, painful and self-searching journey that was started by Scotland over 300 years ago.

    Here is to hope that finally, in 2020 the people of Scotland will take back control of their own country for the better and will see its enormous potential in the hands of the people of Scotland for the benefit of the people of Scotland.

    Here is to hope that the future of Scotland’s children will be decided here by them and not down south or somewhere else in the world by someone who does not give a toss about Scotland.

    Let’s raise our glasses to Scotland!

  32. deelsdugs says:

    And a Happy New Year to you all, from me and the big dugs…🐾🐾☺️

  33. Petra says:

    Who owns Scotland right enough? Getting beyond a joke now. https://twitter.com/alanferrier/status/1211945430516469760

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Strewth… Seriously? A local annual laugh is now privatised ?
      As for the Cooncil, think very carefully what you do next, kick these Underbelly shysters out, they’re a disgrace and an embarrassment…

  34. Brian Fleming says:

    Another top class article from the WGD, as we’ve all come to expect. Just one quibble. Even if Scotland and England WERE on the same page politically, that would still be no argument against Independence. In the final analysis, it’s about power. Power is a magnet for money. Where there’s power, there’s wealth. Scotland and her people need power to build a decent future. It’s long past time to take it.

  35. Molly McC says:

    Happy New Year, Paul, Peter, the lovely Dug and everyone who contributes here and keeps us sane,

    Also Happy New Year if you read but don’t reply!! Inclusion is everything!

    Peace, Prosperity, Good Health, Mobility and above all:

    Independence in 2020.

  36. sandra schlegel says:

    All the best to you and yours Paul. From a Massachusetts resident of 46 years. Originally from Scotland. I wish you Good Health and happiness in the new year

  37. Ken2 says:

    Hogmanay is a Scottish tradition exported worldwide. Recognised worldwide. Like many exports. Whisky, fish, music, tartan, medical science, technology with wealthy resources and revenues. A Gov that can stand up for Scotland. Finally people are voting for it. Information exchange through the internet. Scotland is going it’s own way in the world. That is the case despite Westminster unionist illegal intransigence to be overcome,

    Like many Scottish tradition and influences in the world, The first class education system. ‘Scotland the land of discovery and invention’. Medical sciences, telecommunications, TV, radio, the internet around the world, The messenger of equality and justice. Affecting and influencing international relations and relationships. With support through the Courts.

    A 40million disaporia who can join together and support. Equality, justice and the claim of rights. Basic rights established in Scotland historically long ago. Recorded in history. Scotland’s historical right and place in the world being re-established through the internet. Telecommunication invented in Scotland through the world class education system and the Scottish tradition of support for it.

    Happy Hogmanay to welcome a new year a tradition established in Scotland exported around the world. Recognising Scotland place and accomplishment. Soon to be recognised in Independence and self government. Basic civil rights. Supported internationally by democracy.

    Democratic rights established in Scotland and upheld internationally through the Courts. Basic human justice.

  38. bringiton says:

    Your stamp collecting chum is probably one of those sorts of people who would attack you if you called him a philatelist.
    As far as BoJo is concerned his hair,dug and burd are props he uses to enhance his persona as a loveable rogue.
    Too many people have bought into this package but they are soon going to be disillusioned.
    He is a very nasty piece of work.

  39. Hamish100 says:

    Well we are now 2 days in to the New Year. Independence is our goal. Removal of poverty, nuclear weapons and all the issues that unite Scots (new and old) to the fore. Stay alert to the underminers.
    Oh! and Happy New Year 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  40. Luigi says:

    Happy New Year All! Well, 2020 looks to be very different, but just as eventful as 2019. The end of the decade gives us an opportunity to look back and see jus how far we have come, and when you consider how things were at the start of the decade, wow we have come a very long way indeed. Remeber back in 2010, support for independence looked trapped between 255 and 30%, there were still 41 Scottish Labour MPs supping at the trough, sellling us out, and all the policitcla pundits and MSM stooges were claiming that the narrow SNP victory on 2007 was a mere blip – things were soon to revert back to “normal” and business as usual. How did that work out? LOL.

    Way back in 1967, a small cut in the fabric of the union appeared – it looked nasty but healed over thanks to clever management by the British establishment (and the fact that Scottish people, though frustrated, were at that time nowhere near ready to puch things further). The unions peak moment, 1945, was still less than two decades old and it looked like a great new way forward for Britain was on the horizon. How did that work out? Well, we ended up being double-crossed by Labour (1978 referendum) and two decades of Thatcherism. The pressure started to build serously. Again well managed by clever management – we did end up with a weak form of devolution and our own parliament. Very weak and designed to thwart the SNP but a real Scottish government for the first time in centuries. Never in their wildest dreams did the British nationalists think this would lead to an SNP govermnent and an independence referendum. After all, the carefully crafted devolution bill was supposed to “kill the SNP, stone dead”. How did that work out?

    Since the 2014 referendum and BREXIT, SCotland and England have completely diverged – they are now on distinct, separate pathways that all but the most rabid, dyed-in-the-wool, head-in-the-sand unionists and Scottish deniers recognise (and increasingly accept). The consitutional chasm can no longer be bridged. It’s already the width of the Grand Canyon and continues to grow.

    Yes, 2020 is going to be a roller coaster ride. Buckle up folks. The current tory government is one of the most right-wing, confrontational governments the UK has ever had (well, since Cromwell), led by an immoral, unpredictable charlatan snake oil salesman. Noone can predict what is gong to hapen, other than it is going to get very rocky over the next few months. The Scottish government undoubtably know what they are facing now and I’m sure have a few options available. I do hope they are ready for anything – and I mean anything. BJ is quite capable of throwing a curveball (eg. by granting an S30 at the worst possible time), so we must be ready for anything. Stay vigilant, and be both firm and flexible, depending on wht BJ throws at us.

  41. Luigi says:

    Bris Johnson is more likely to build a bridge across the Irish Sea than he is to heal the consitutional devision that is tearing the UK apart.

    After all, how do you bridge a gap that keeps growing?

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