Dugcast – 20 December 2019

It’s the last edition of the dugcast before the holidays, and the last of 2019. In this episode, the National’s multimedia journalist Craig Cairns and I discuss the response of the British nationalist parties to the SNP mandate, and end up with a wee digression about a certain New Scot and honeymoons.

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7 comments on “Dugcast – 20 December 2019

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    Congratulations once again Paul, have a great Honeymoon…

  2. andyfromdunning says:

    I agree with the points highlighted in your chat.

    You and Peter have a good time.

  3. bunnyfunster says:

    Las Vegas – You’ll have a SUPERB honeymoon! And congrats, btw!

    My top (for-wot-it’s-worth) tip… When Wifey01 and I honeymooned in Las Vegas we booked a coach trip to the Grand Canyon and in doing so we kinda missed out on the full experience. Unfortunately we didn’t realise that it takes so long to get there and back that you don’t really get very long at the canyon. You end up kinda stuck at the visitor centre cos there’s not enough time to hike down and back up unless you have the legs-of-Bolt. On the plus side I got to see “The Last Airbender” and “Karate Kid” (the Chan-Smith version) on the coach. Which was. Great.

    When we go back for our 10yr anniversary (wink) we’ll do the helicopter tour instead. It takes you directly from Vegas and lands you in the canyon-proper. I really wish we’d done it the first time. Btw the thunderstorms at the canyon are impressive.

    Also, Thingumy and Siegfried’s zoo – it sounds guaranteed to be mince (a couple of magicians start a zoo in Vegas, aye it happened), but it turned out to be an absolute gem.

    • weegingerdug says:

      We’re staying for a couple of nights at the Grand Canyon, and then going to Las Vegas. We’re flying into Flagstaff from Peter’s home state of Connecticut and have hired a car. So we plan to visit the Hoover Dam as well.

  4. Welsh Sion says:

    Best wishes to everybody for Christmas and Hogmanay – unless I ‘see’ you before then. Until the next decade dawns …

    Final season’s offering to you all, and thanks for reading and commenting on my posts last year, although the star of the show is of course WGD and his human, and his second daddy, too.

    I hope we won’t need to sing this next Christmas, as the event will already have arrived. So, Scotland, sing with gusto this year.


    21. (of 21.)

    O come, all ye faithful

    O come, all ye faithful
    Join our band of Yessers.
    O come ye, o come ye, to freedom.
    Joyful let’s seize it:
    Indy is a-coming.

    O come let us obtain it.
    O come let us obtain it.
    O come let us obtain it.
    Scotland the Free!


    [With acknowledgements]

    Songs for the New Politics

  5. Robert Graham says:

    Be prepared to be impressed Paul , Las Vegas is like nothing you will have ever experienced , go with an open mind it’s like Disney Land for Adults .

    Caesars palace is a good choice but you might want to consider the Venetian its Spectacular ,Las Vegas can be tacky but it also has more top class restaurants and hotels than anywhere else and so many shows and really impressive acts and singers you will run out of time long before you run out of things to do and see .

    Fremont St at night any night is a must, this is the old Vegas and it’s a great experience, party time with loads of different acts and bands,

    Anyway enough of the travel show bit, you and Peter have a great time and forget all these political shenanigans for a while you deserve a break .

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