No-shows, planks of wood, and androids

On the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, Lying Liar Johnson uttered what was quite possibly one of the worst lies that the lying liar has ever lied about in his miserable mendacious life. Johnson tried to blame the Labour party for the early release of Usman Khan, the convicted terrorist responsible for Friday’s knife attack at London Bridge. Johnson tried to make out that last week’s atrocity was entirely the fault of the Labour party because Labour introduced legislation allowing for the early release of prisoners who were deemed to have been rehabilitated. He absolutely refused to take any responsibility at all for the actions of the Conservative party who in the past nine years that they’ve been in office have taken an axe to funding for rehabilitation efforts within prisons, and who have ruined the probation service which is tasked with the supervision of released prisoners with a botched privatisation attempt and who have slashed its funding.

Nothing to do with me, said Lying Liar Johnson, I’ve only been Prime Minister for a few months. Yet when the artfully tousled pants on firer was running for Conservative leadership in 2016 he had a meeting with the prominent lawyer and Chief Prosecutor for the North West of England, Nazir Afzal, who warned him that the justice system was desperately in need for funding. Afzal informed Johnson that he was concerned that cuts to funding for probation and rehabilitation services meant that convicted terrorists who were due to be released would not be adequately supervised and that he feared some of them would go on to reoffend. However it seems that during this encounter, Johnson was only interested in changes to the justice system that don’t cost any money, and was not interested in what an expert with direct professional experience had to tell him. Experts eh, who needs them? It’s only what Michael Gove said during the EU referendum after all.

Yet even with an interviewer as weak as Marr, Johnson was still unable to give a proper account of himself. No wonder he’s terrified of Andrew Neil, and steers well clear of the leaders’ debates that have been organised by the broadcasters. Cowardice is born in selfishness and ends in shame. Or it would, if Johnson was capable of feeling shame. Since he’s not, his cowardice will end in disaster for everyone else. Johnson is a coward, but those who vote for him even though they are well aware of his shortcomings are guilty of moral cowardice too. The shame that he is incapable of feeling becomes theirs.

There’s another election debate this evening but there’s as much chance of Boris Johnson showing up as there is of Prince Andrew showing some remorse, or indeed his sweat glands. Instead the Tories will be represented by Rishi Sunak, the nonentity who’s the Minister of State for Prime Ministerial Shitebaggery. Boris Johnson can’t come because he drew the short straw and has to visit the cage where Jacob Rees Mogg is locked up for the duration of the election campaign in order to feed him a peasant and the tears of a disabled mother. All the other parties are represented. Johnson and Corbyn want to lead the country but can’t be arsed to turn up for a debate. But we can’t say that Johnson isn’t represented, he’s sent Nigel Farage.

Nicola Sturgeon is appearing for the SNP. Farage is bullshitting for the Brexit party. Jo Swinson will be torturing innocent vowels for the Lib Dems. Adam Price is standing up for Plaid and Siân Berry for the Greens. Labour is sending [checks notes], Richard Burgon. Richard is the deputy shadow Secretary of State for Childish Retaliation and Futile Gestures.

Immediately prior to the debate, ITV was broadcasting one of the Harry Potter movies, in which a bunch of kids try to take down the embodiment of evil who looks like Dominic Cummings. Apparently it’s an extended metaphor for the British politics that its author thinks we’re better together with. Perhaps she’ll write a future instalment in which she explains how the UK gets out of this mess without actually resorting to magic, because currently it’s looking like the federalism fairy is merely a character in a fantasy novel.

But onto the debate. Because masochism. Oh god. It’s going to go on for two hours. Doesn’t that count as a crime against humanity? And why do the sets for these things always look like the set for one of the crappier daytime TV quizzes? This is more pointless than Pointless.

The Tory nonentity starts his speil by telling us that we’re all fed up. This is correct Rishi, we’re fed up of your boss not answering questions. We’re fed up with being patronised. And we’re fed up being told what we think by former hedge fund managers who are married to the daughter of a billionaire. That would be you, Rishi. He kind of reminds me of one of those synthetic humanoids from that Channel 4 Sci Fi show, Humans. Only not as convincingly human.

The Labour guy emotes like a plank of wood left out in the rain for six months. You know that you should go out there and pick it up and put it out of its misery, but then if you ignore it long enough it will disappear all by itself. So pretty much like the Labour party. There’s all the passion of a wet half day closing in Saltcoats.

They start off by answering a question about the recent terrorist attack. Nigel Farage blames political correctness gone mad. Which is just showing his age really. If he was down with the youth he’d know it’s wokeness that he ought to be railing against. Political correctness is so ’80s Nigel, a bit like you. He’s even wearing a tie that’s straight out of the Burton’s 1983 catalogue. And then in a surprise twist, the Tory nonentity blames the Labour party. You’d never know from listening to this guy that the Tories had been in power for the past nine years and if they had wanted tougher sentencing powers they could have done it already. Instead they slashed police numbers and destroyed the probation service. But Jeremy Corbyn, anti-semitism, ammarite?

Nigel Farage leapt in to demand that people convicted of terrorism offences be locked up for life and never allowed out again. These people want to destroy our civilisation! He harrumphed. Which the rest of us kinda thought was Nigel’s USP all this time. Then having made his nakedly populist point he was surprised that no one in the audience applauded him. That would be because they recognise a cheap opportunist when they see one Nige.

Saltcoats isn’t that bad really, you know.

Rishi guy is channelling Boris Johnson and refusing to answer Nicola Sturgeon’s question about ruling out no deal at the end of next year if the British government has failed to negotiate a trade deal with the EU. Nigel Farage bangs on about how Nicola Sturgeon is supposed to love independence and the UK will be independent once it’s out of the EU. Labour’s plank of wood guy wakes up and remarks that Nigel wasn’t very independent when he was taking instructions from Donald Trump when he called into Nigel’s show on LBC. That gets the round of applause that Nigel has been desperately seeking but failing to get all evening. Now we have actually learned something new. A wet plank of wood can deliver a nasty burn.

We get on to the question about keeping the UK together. Plank of wood guy rules out any backroom deals with the SNP over another indyref. Sturgeon says that if the union is as strong as people say then how come we’re in a position where Scotland is being dragged out of the EU against its will and Boris Johnson is deciding its future. She insists that the other parties respect Scotland’s right to choose. That gets applause. Jo Swinson wades in and blames the Labour party for allowing another indyref, and the Tory party for putting a customs border down the Irish sea. Tory guy says that it’s divisive to spend the next few years going on about referendums. It’s even more divisive for a supposedly democratic party to ignore a mandate delivered by the people of Scotland about the right to decide Scotland’s future. But Tory nonentity is fine with that. None of them are called on to defend the proposition that it’s fine for parties in Westminster to ignore the democratic will of the people of Scotland.

And then it’s on to immigration. Scotland you’ve had your two minutes. Nigel Farage starts getting animated. I’m losing the will to live here. Sian Berry points out that she’s lived with an Australian style immigration system and it’s nothing to be proud of.

Next up it’s a question about the special relationship and Trump’s visit next week. Farage seems to think that we need Donald Trump to protect us from the EU. Which is a bit like asking a vampire to protect you from a blood transfusion. Nicola Sturgeon asks for an act of parliament to protect the NHS from US corporations. That gets a round of applause. Farage tries to defend Trump’s misogyny by shouting over the top of the women in the room. That’s a good look there Nigel. He’s trying to brush it off by saying that all men say such things when they’ve had a few to drink. Trump is teetotal. Maybe someone should explain to Nigel that sexual abuse doesn’t become OK just because it’s perpetrated by a drunk.

Sturgeon asks if we want to allow the future of the UK to be decided by the Trump-Johnson-Farage axis or whether we can choose something better. She’s getting the most rounds of applause from an otherwise pretty comatose audience. And that includes those of us watching at home. Adam Price says it’s never acceptable to refer to grabbing women by the pussy like Trump did, or referring to gay men like himself as bumboys, as Boris Johnson did. Big cheer. Tory nonentity tries to defend Johnson’s record on gay rights. Everyone else except Nigel Farage laughs. Tory nonentity comes across as someone who’d cheerfully scoff a plateful of dog crap if Boris Johnson told him to. He’s certainly spewing enough crap.

They move on to nukes. At least talking about them. While I am opposed to nuclear weapons I must admit that the notion of dropping one on Nigel Farage and the Conservative leadership does have a certain appeal. Sturgeon points out that spending £200 billion on new nukes is a damn peculiar way of attaining nuclear disarmament. Wet plank guy ties himself in knots trying to defend Labour’s support of nuclear weapons with Jeremy Corbyn’s previous opposition to them. We’ve now all learned that Richard Burgon doesn’t have a high public profile, and is extremely unlikely ever to attain one. Adam Price points out that this is a moral issue. We unilaterally gave up chemical weapons, we should do the same with nuclear ones. Tory nonentity talks about how the Conservatives are all about peace and love and manages to avoid mentioning that under his party the UK has sold arms to 22 of the countries in the world with the worst records on human rights.

Nigel Farage goes on about the other parties lying about spending, which as Nicola Sturgeon points out is pretty rich from a man whose beloved Brexit only won the referendum because of a £350 million lie written on the side of a bus. Nigel gets annoyed, although to be fair that’s pretty much the base state of a permagammon. Tory nonentity lies about the strength of the UK economy.  The Tories inherited a UK credit rating of AAA stable from Labour in 2010. It is now Aa2 negative. He says that the route out of poverty is well paid jobs, neglecting to explain why so many working families are reliant on foodbanks.

They’re on to the NHS now. Nigel Farage says how much he values the NHS. He values it so much that he’d like to move towards a US style private health insurance model. At least that’s what he wanted in 2012. He’s very quiet about that now. Labour guy points out Farage’s previous support for a US style insurance system. Farage shouts back “more lies”. But he’s on record as having said so. There’s some random shouting. However we can all agree that the NHS is a very good thing, that the Tories are trashing it, but that Tory nonentity doesn’t need to worry about that because he’s extremely wealthy, and besides they don’t actually have provision for androids in health centres just yet. He just needs one of those Tesla power points where he can plug himself in.

We’re onto the final stretch now. Thank god. I lost the will to live 45 minutes ago. Plank of wood guy says Labour will introduce free personal care for the elderly but he can’t answer Adam Price when he asks why Labour hasn’t introduced in Wales already. It’s a devolved issue and the SNP has already introduced it in Scotland. Tory android manages to shoehorn get Brexit done into the discussion. Sturgeon points out that free personal care has existed in Scotland for over a decade and has recently been extended in scope. It can be done she says, stop talking about it and just do it.

Time for the closing statements. Farage says it’s been a competition about who is the most politically correct. And then the man who’s spent the evening channelling the 1980s complains that there’s no desire to change anything. Tory robot waffles about getting Brexit done and slagging off Corbyn. Labour plank of wood talks about the need for hope, a speech he delivers with all the passion of a souffle that has failed to rise. Adam Price demonstrates what passion is really about. Education is the route out of poverty, but children in Wales are going to school hungry. Give children the best Christmas present ever, the gift of a better future. Sian Berry warns of climate chaos, but says Greens don’t fear the future. Her party won’t allow the others to escape their responsibility. Jo Swinson murders some vowels and lays into Boris Johnson’s lies. Nicola Sturgeon says that Johnson’s Tories are unfit for office, they’ll damage our public services and our NHS. It’s vital to vote against them, and to vote for a better future. A vote for the SNP is a vote to provide an escape route out of Brexit, a vote to put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.

Nicola Sturgeon has definitely had the most positive response from the audience. Adam Price has been passionate and has spoken well. Sian Berry came across well too. Plank of wood guy from Labour managed to get a couple of good lines in at Farage’s expense. The less said about the animatronic Tory nonentity the better, and Nigel Farage deserves to have a special level of hell all to himself for his shameful attempt to defend Trump’s “pussy grabbing” comments. Oh, and Jo Swinson was there too.

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34 comments on “No-shows, planks of wood, and androids

  1. benmadigan says:

    another ace review, paul!

    • Alasdair Macdonald says:

      Even more egregious was the fact that having told the lie, and his mendaciousness having been pointed out pretty soon afterwards by several other media and various tweeters, BBC Scotland’s news headlines on 2, Dec led with Mr Johnson’s statement verbatim, with NO COMMENTS OF REBUTTAL, which by that time had had fairly wide coverage.

  2. Marconatrix says:

    Thank you for that enhanced summary. I’ve located the ‘debate’ and now need to decide whether I can tolerate the level of self-harm needed to watch it … och weel …
    So bearing in mind WGD’s extended health warning, it’s here :

    • Bob Lamont says:

      What a dreadful contrast.. Sunak the glib Bentley car salesman, Farage the arrogant Snake-Oil salesman, Bergen the reluctant used car salesman, and Swinson the irritable vowel syndrome Me-Me-Me salesman, versus Price, Sturgeon and Berry, welcome interludes of logic and common sense in a sea of political bullshit.
      It was 50/50 whether Sunak or Farage deserved a 4 by 2 for the annoyance, but Sunak narrowly won last place for flapping around the “No Deal Brexit” question.
      Sturgeon and Price got best audience reception, but it was particularly cheering when Sturgeon said Scotland should have the democratic right to have a referendum was roundly applauded, the main 3 parties denial is way out of sync on public opinion.
      Price’s passion to make his point that Wales has had enough is gaining strength on every appearance, a most impressive Plaid leader indeed.

  3. Legerwood says:

    You really went above and beyond watching that. Thank you.

  4. duncanio says:

    Excellent summary Paul. Thanks for suffering for me.

  5. Hr Anderson says:

    Thank you very much Paul for that excellent post. since I no longer have a TV..personal choice… I really appreciated the sacrifice made to deliver your informative and amusing summary of the broadcast. Brilliant.

  6. Bob Lamont says:

    That’s not a blog it’s a two page spread… But a cracker of a summary..

    An interesting synopsis read over the Marr (when did he grow balls) show – Johnson tried to politicise the tragic London attack by blaming Labour, using three blatant lies which run as follows.
    The perp was sentenced 2012 when the Tories had been in office 2 years, ample time to change Labour’s policy on sentencing etc. had it been a Tory pressing issue.
    The Tories modified the early release aspect of Labour’s policy to save costs part way through his sentence, permitting the perp’s earlier release than 2020.
    Finally the Tory manifesto which Johnson cited as preventing the attack mentions nothing which would not have altered a single aspect of this tragic event…

    Having watched the earlier debate it sounds as if they only switched Labour and Brexit Party reps in the tag-teams, doubtless Tice is still smarting “Outrageous” after Sturgeon nipped his heels over honesty… Rishi was awful, Tice was ridiculous, the undoubted audience favourites were Sturgeon, Price and Berry…
    Will get round to watching that one once all the razors are hidden, but cheers for the synopsis…

    • Legerwood says:

      It was reported on the news last night that he had been given a longer sentence that would have meant he could not get early release. However, he appealed that sentence and it was reduced by the courts to one that made him eligible for early release.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Exactly. The background to that was the second point raised, 4th para… The Tories amended early release guidelines after his conviction to reduce imprisonment costs, and that was the basis of his appeal to which the Courts were obliged to comply.
      The perp may well still have carried out his attack in 2020, as the supervision system would likely be unchanged, but for Johnson to lie so blatantly now to cover up the the effects of Tory cuts in this particular case is beyond disgust.

  7. Ace, Paul.
    In principle I don’t watch ‘commercial’ TV.
    Your synopsis was enough for me.
    There has never been so much televised ‘debates’.
    Like the ‘Great British’ franchise, cookery programmes, DIY shows and ‘talent’ shows which the broadcasters have done to death, it looks like cheap TV Politics is reaching saturation point.
    I note that Brewer’s Sunday Farce was free of politicians today. Are they all in hiding?
    Three sad ancient Bitter Together commentators talking mince.
    And of course the hospital shroud waving continues.
    I am taking a back seat for a few days; things like ‘life’ taking precedent at the mo.
    Good luck to you and Peter.
    All these Furriners coming over here, taking our jobs, filling our hospital beds, cluttering up our GP surgeries and schools…I seem to be suffering from a bout of Farage-itis..
    Good luck to you both. Well done.

  8. Malky McBlain says:

    Thanks Paul another belter. And thanks to Marconatrix for the video link….we don’t get ITV in Sydney so it was really good to get it.

    My biggest take away from the debate was how well Nicola performed to the degree where she just about monopolised the applause. However I am a wee bit worried about her…..she’s looking physically tired. I can see that being a leader of a country where she still has to turn up to parliament whilst whizzing round the Country participating in TV debates whilst attending to her First Ministers daily box of stuff to do probably in the wee hours before getting up to do it all again may be taking its toll.

    I hope that Nicola performs one last task on the 13th, that is send the section 30 demand to Westminster and then take a fortnight off and relax with her husband and other family. This woman is such a huge asset to the cause and undoubtedly her name will be up there with Wallace and Bruce long into the future as being one of the true hero’s of Scotland. Let’s offer her as much support as possible as she bears this huge and important burden of working to achieve freedom for all of the people of Scotland be they yessers or noers. In the end history will judge her well and all of Scotland will appreciate her enormous part in the struggle

    • John McLeod says:

      I completely agree. One thing that has become very clear in this election campaign is how lucky we are to have leadership of this quality. Of course, so-one is perfect, and democracy involves constant challenge to the decisions of those in such positions. But surely no-one who has watched any of the televised debates and interviews would want to swap our FM for any of the other national UK political leaders.

    • Cubby says:

      Well said Malky.

  9. Petra says:

    Thanks for suffering on our behalf Paul and roll on the 12th to get all of this behind us.

    Thanks too for Nicola Sturgeon who’s also suffering on our behalf. Malky’s post sums up how I feel about her also.


    Legerwood did you notice the comment that was directed to you on the “Lying liar…” article, from someone from the following site? One that I’ve never heard of:-

    • Legerwood says:

      Thank you for the heads up. I had not seen the comment. I looked at the site via the link you provided. I had not heard of the site either. Not sure about it.

    • Grouser says:

      I would want more information about this site. I clicked on the ‘about’ button but the page came up as having no information. Who funds it and who backs it. I note it pays for contributions.

  10. John McLeod says:

    Re Boris Johnson on the Marr show: Johnson was Mayor of London for several years. Since London is the main target for terrorist attacks, he must have been closely involved in discussions and decisions around how the criminal justice system responded to such crimes. His repeated statements, at several points in the interview, that he had only been PM for 120 days, is just completely misleading. We have a right to expect him to not only be familiar with the details of how the terrorist threat is addressed, but aso to have been a leading voice around this topic when he re-entered parliament.

  11. Dave tewart says:

    A cooment on the London Bridge killings.
    It seems that the male victim and the assailant actually knew one another.
    This seems to me very strange that THE terrorist was on a course given by his victim which was part of the release system.
    The victim’s father called for the killing NOT to be politicised but doris went ahead anyway.
    There was a course being run on early release at the venue by the victim or victims.
    Just an observation.
    I may be totally reading this in error.

  12. Ken2 says:

    Knife crime in London is up. 200. Murders in the UK 500 increased to 700 because of knife crime in London. Tory cuts and austerity. Supported by the Libdems.

    Bridges are now shut, increasing journeys, along with the congestion.

    • weegingerdug says:

      No Robert. You are still incapable of posting anything without mentioning England or the English. I am not going to authorise any of your posts here until you can.

      You’ve posted three comments in response to this blog post. In every single one of them you mention England or the English. Stop it.

  13. Thank you for that excellent summary and your self sacrifice watching that so we don’t have to!
    I think there should be a special medal minted in an independent Scotland for those like yourself who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in the cause of Scottish Independence!
    Thank you for keeping us sane through your witty and humorous blogs.

  14. Macart says:

    Sooo glad I missed that one.

    Here’s the thing though (and this is aimed specifically at the meeja and their chaintuggers).

    I know who and what is responsible for the omnishambles that is UK politics. I also know how I’m going to vote already and no amount of TV debates, soundbite politics, look over here journalism or naked fibbery, is going to change that vote either.

    Just sayin’. 😎

  15. Chicmac says:

    Here is an idea that has been kicking around my head for a wee while, ever since I bought my brother-in-law a drone for his birthday.

    It must be possible to have a taser carrying drone. Such a device could easily sit in a box above key security cameras in places like shopping malls and airports etc.

    When suspected trouble is spotted, the drone could be instantly launched and be close to the action in seconds. The onboard camera can confirm for the operator if this is a serious event, e.g. someone trying to stab people or shoot them. If they are then the taser could be fired, hopefully leading to immobilisation of the perpetrator long enough to be apprehended.

    Such a system might not only minimise the harm done by a perpetrator by getting there in seconds but also greatly reduce the risk of harm to those who have to apprehend him/her.

    It wouldn’t cost that much either. Probably would require legislation though.

    It wouldn’t do much good in the case of a suicide bomber or a vehicle weapon but a lot of these random nutter type events in schools, malls etc seem to be lone individuals on foot with knives or guns.

  16. Juli Gibb says:

    Good work as always Paul!

    O/T can I promote this crowdfunder for a supporter of Independence and a great candidate for MP (Neale Hanvey)

  17. bringiton says:

    I haven’t watched any of the “debates” on TV since I regard this election as determining England’s next government and not much to do with us.
    I am surprised that BoJo didn’t trot out the usual Tory mantra of blaming this terrorist attack on the lack of Hanging/Flogging/Beheading (their friends in Saudi are very keen on this too).
    England deserves all it is going to get if they vote this idiot into power.

  18. Yet again, BBC Scotland Radio subjects us to an hour’s phone in with a Better Together Second Division Branch Manager who is not standing in the WM GE, and Alister Jack, Jo Swinson, and Leslie Laird are given another Get Out Of Jail Free card by soon to be Baroness Donalda MacKinnon.

    This morning as the weather thawed and Jackson Carlaw’s heart froze into an ice cold block of Elitist bluster and nonsense, when he several times waved a blood stained babygro in the hope that he could divert our attention from the callers’ comments and demands for answers on a range of issues and deadly cuts by him (because he is part of this evil decade of mass slaughter of our citizens by political edict) he declared that Charity hand outs were the norm in the fifth largest economy in the world, and that Boris Johnson was doing all he demanded following his meeting with him.

    He comes across as a heartless fool who chunters on about how much worse it might have been if his party had not driven 320,000 children into poverty, killed off 120,000 UK citizens by state engineered ‘austerity’, cuts of £32 billion in welfare sickness and health budgets while giving the JK Rowlings and Lord Alasdair Darlings of this world a 5 % tax cut, spends £80 billion in cutting the train journey from Birmingham to London by 8 minutes, and wasting £200 billion in renewing Trident (that’s £200 billion in one way ‘trade’ with the USA Industrial and Military Complex) thus ensuring that Scotland remains the USA’s ‘unsinkable nuclear battleship’.

    The poverty, starvation and misery of UCS, Foodbanks, the Bedroom Tax, the Rape Clause, the two child benefit cap, the five year freeze on benefits, the massive cuts to organisations that are the heart of our civic society were all ‘hard choices’, none of which Jackson Carlaw had to face.

    Where are the Branch Office Cowards hiding?

    Why is Alister Jackson not front and centre arguing the Blue Tory case?
    I have seen neither hide not hair of Leslie Laird (spelling?) and Jo Swinson has hidden away in plain sight in England, apart from a wee stint as Kitchen Porter in the Bearsden Ashoka.

    We have had to endure a Scottish Fourth Estate Fifth Column propaganda blitz of Rennie Leonard and Carlaw posing for the cameras and talking complete unsubstantiated rubbish, duly reported and broadcast by the sickeningly subservient collaborators in the Blahs and on television.

    Carlaw bemoaned the fact that we, the public, are less ‘deferential’ to figures of authority these days.
    You bet your boots we are, Carlaw.
    We weren’t out having a pizza in Woking when you attempted to destroy Scotland’s soul.

    You are trying to destroy Scotland and backing a fat bloated lying racist xenophobic homophobic Posh Elitist and driving us out of Europe against our express wishes.

    If only we would just bow in your exalted presence, doff our flat caps, and tug our forelocks and beg for your charity the world would be a much better place.
    As usual, Adams allowed a Better Together Nobody to make bold unsubstantiated claims about how wonderful their record has been in ten years of Blue and Yellow WM Government without once asking, ‘can you give me the evidence to back up the lies?

    BBC, and particularly BBC in Scotland, you have not only failed us, but facilitated this assault on our society.

    I repeat; the SNP and Greens should refuse BBC Scotland’s invite to be set up.

  19. Se what a trick my mind played there?
    ‘Alister Jackson’?
    Delete: Edit. ‘Alister “Union” Jack’.


    • wm says:

      It is an age thing Jack, I would not worry too much about it, the rest of your post is as usual first class. Mind you I am bias, still keeping my eye on you though.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I suspect you were thinking of both Alister and Jackson… If rumours holds true over D&G finally giving up on the Tories, Carlaw could be the only one singing from the pulpit come Friday 13th, how apt a day…
      I don’t get the regular “news”/propaganda from Pacifier Quay, but their web promotion of the Tories while rubbishing SG and SNP is beyond obviously partisan. I can only guess SNP are letting them be hoisted by their own petard by keeping them out of the loop, while Sturgeon features strongly in national TV debates, thus cutting through PQ’s control of the conversation. If deliberate it is a strategic success, never in my lifetime has a Leader of ANY party been so warmly welcomed and listened to, least of one which aspires to depart “this precious Union”.
      The Jack Carlaws 😉 of this world have a hole for that shoogly peg for where their coats should be…

  20. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    Thank you for suffering it on our behalf, Paul!

  21. Lou Nisbet says:

    Oh! My aching sides. Paul you just made all this rubbish worthwhile – especially the last line. Laughter is the best anti-tory medicine ever long may you continue to ‘tak the piss’ so well .

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