Wee Ginger Indy Stamps

A guest post by Gwen Sinclair of Yes East Ayrshire

Wee Ginger Stamp

The idea for Indy Stamps came about a few months ago when I was thinking about new ways to spread our message of Independence for Scotland. I had been involved in designing a  limited edition set of Island postage stamps and a first day cover for the Isle of Raasay to commemorate the local buy-out of their Community Store back in 2014. I remembered how popular this was; stamp collectors also snapped them up.  It was an idea that I thought might interest the Indy Movement, since people can add them to their letters or cards – alongside a usual postage stamp of course; these stamps would be seen by whoever receives them, as well as in transit – perhaps travelling round the world!   It is also nice to think that one day soon we might have our own Scottish postage stamps, and so I have made up a name that might well one day be used – “Alba Postadh” with two unicorns and a thistle as the emblem. These are quite small on the stamps, but it’s there all the same!

indystampsI have been donating  graphic design, artwork, film, crafts, and jewellery for the Independence campaign since 2014, starting from when I made a poster to help bring in new volunteers for Yes East Ayrshire based in Kilmarnock.

After the referendum in 2014, many of the Yes East Ayrshire team had no intention of giving up and we carried on with weekly street stalls in Kilmarnock town centre for quite some time, where we undertook a very successful food bank collection.  We chose a subject for each stall, eg pensions or fracking, and I would produce a new leaflet each week and monthly newsletters spreading the news that we knew the mainstream media would not!

I designed professional branding for our Yes East Ayrshire Campaign, with a new logo which is fairly well recognised now, with its shape of East Ayrshire inside a flying bird carrying a saltire in its beak. It has featured in many leaflets, on our on-line media sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,TripAdvisor, Google, IndyApp), and also all our leaflets and merchandise,  More recently, I developed it to feature as the sign above the door and on the window graphics of our Yes Shop in Kilmarnock!

For the stamps, I chose images of the new Yes logo with the addition of a map of Scotland in each letter, just in case a letter or parcel might make its way across the world where our Yes Campaign is not so well known. Another features my favourite phrase “Independence is normal”, which I think says it all. I have added some of the sea area to also remind people Scotland is much larger than they might think!   The dark area denotes the stolen sea that Tony Blair took from our maritime alloted territory. This is a travesty; it must be returned.

The other two are of my favourite Indy Dugs.  Sheldon has recently become something of a mascot for the Saor Alba Pipes and Drums, and with his owner, Jane Cooper Stewart, proudly led the Edinburgh March last month, looking every bit the regal king of Indy Dugs with his selection of Indy coats which I feel epitomises the fun, happy, attitude of Scotland doing it our way. It’s always a joy to see all the dogs with their special indy-messaged attire at our marches and rallies,  and I always think they are showing any undecided voters that its ok to be part of this – everyone is welcome, four legged friends and two! Wee Ginger Dug is one of our best known indy dogs, and also one of my favourites, not only because he has his own blog, with the help of his owner, Paul Kavanagh, which has made an enormous contribution to our cause, but also that he is, like Sheldon, a bit of a star in his own right and I love to see him.

I hope very much that Yes Campaigners will buy a strip (one of each stamp) for £1.00 or a sheet of 7 rows of the set of 4 Indy Stamps (£6.50) to add to their Christmas cards this year.  Contact yeseastayrshire@gmail.com to find out how you can buy them via PayPal and we will post them out.  All profits from the sale of the Indy Stamps will go towards helping to keep the Yes Shop in Kilmarnock going strong.

My biggest wish is that they get out there and spread the message! I would like to give special thanks to SIF (Scottish Independence Foundation) who have recently awarded me a financial contribution to help me upgrade my hardware so that I may continue to produce graphics for our independence campaign, as well as assistance with the cost of printing the stamps. This would not be possible without the donations from you, our Indy movement and I would like to thank you all!


26 comments on “Wee Ginger Indy Stamps

  1. mogabee says:

    Stamping all over the world! Love it!

  2. deelsdugs says:

    Fantastic idea! Can I ask, is there somebody out there who is making the Indy gear for the dogs? Bespoke Gear as in coats, harnesses, leads, collars etc. I could attire all nine of my dugs, but taking them all out at the same time would be manic, so just one or two or three or four would make a welcome, colourful addition to any variety of outdoor activity…

  3. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    They look fantastic and I’m sure will sell like hotcakes!

  4. David Gray says:

    Back in tnhe 60’s we had a one plack stamp featuring Rabbie Burns. A plack was an ancient Scottish coin of the value of four Scots pennies

  5. Brilliant Gwen, happy to put them on the table for you at Yes Strathaven

  6. Mari Gray says:

    love the stamps. Wish they were available for Xmas card mailing.
    Keep up the great work. Soar Alba

  7. Petra says:

    Great idea and I’m up for buying a few strips to get the message out there and support the Kilmarnock Yes shop. It also never ceases to amaze me at the number of truly talented people that we have supporting the Yes movement. People like Gwen Sinclair. So well done Gwen and please continue to keep up the good work.



    Well worth a read. Scary or what with Borrell due to become the EU’s Foreign Affairs minister.


  8. Millsy says:

    YES Christmas stamps : great idea !

    I will send a card to all the unionists I know with subtle message on envelope .

  9. Petra says:


    Take a look at the latest links from Nana Smith, for example it looks as though they are determined to destroy our whiskey industry now. They being the Scottish Chambers of Commerce, FGS!!!


  10. Craig P says:

    I take my hat off to you Gwen, and what a brilliant idea.

  11. Bob Lamont says:

    Excellent initiative, fairly sure you could parody Churchill Insurance’s “Oh Yes” catchphrase with WGD and the new YES logo etc without breaching copyright. 😉 Now that would be priceless… 🤣

  12. Legerwood says:

    I see it is not just Labour who are pinching SNP policies that the SG has already delivered. The Tories are doing it too.

    According to the Daily/Sunday Telegraph the Tory manifesto will contain a promise to scrap hospital parking charges.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    Nice stamps.

  13. Cubby says:

    I’ve read some Independence supporters stating that after independence Propaganda Quay should be closed down – some say demolished.

    I say it should be converted to flats for the homeless and finally it would be serving the people of Scotland.

  14. 3gr8things says:

    Thank you all so much for your kind words of support for our Indy Stamps project and to all of you who have placed an order. Also big thanks to Paul and Ginger for allowing me to guest blog. Mòran taing.

  15. Robert Graham says:

    Great idea these stamps much the same lines as Paul has been posting for months now with ideas for prominent hard hitting posters , posters you would have thought would have been taken up and used by a political party who wanted to reach a wider audience , but what do I know .

    O/t no apologies my favourite subject this BBC in Scotland , this morning for I believe the first time ever Sunday politics is available to view immediately after broadcast now ain’t that strange eh , do the BBC down south drag Hancock to a studio in the middle of an election campaign to answer for the deaths of so many Women in one English hospital , aye just a coincidence in both cases .

    A simple remedy that might stop the BBC in Scotlandin their tracks is call them out live on air make them and their stooge presenters justify their actions in Scotland as compared with other parts the broadcast to , they can’t but as long as people as unaware of what they are up to they will continue ,

    Wakey Wakey SNP you ain’t returning fire in fact you ain’t even trying get a grip

  16. velofello says:

    Hi Gwen,

    Smart idea, as I’d expect from the talented folk at Yes East Ayrshire. And well done SIF to provide support.

    What are the opening hours of the Yes Shop,Kilmarnock? I’d like a bunch of stamps, to collect and save you postage cost, I’ve been to a few of your events and know your shop location.

    • Yes East Ayrshire says:

      We’re open Monday to Friday, approximately 10 till 4. The first batch of stamps has completely sold out (largely thanks to the publicity here), but more have been ordered and we expect to receive them next week.

      So if you want to come in then, you’d be very welcome.

  17. Yes East Ayrshire says:

    Stamps now back in stock at the Yes East Ayrshire hub in Kilmarnock.

  18. Wilma Watts says:

    Ours just arrived. They look fantastic. Thank you,
    Aye Fyne, Lochgilphead.

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