The UK’s very own LBJ

Well that was pointless. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s speech in Downing Street was just like Theresa May’s much hyped announcements that turned out to be content free nothingness. Boris is an affectation, a character he plays. He’s called Al by his family and friends. But he’s no friend of mine. Actually he’s no friend of anyone except his ego. The USA once had a president with the surname Johnson. Lyndon Baines Johnson, known to one and all as LBJ. He was a truly awful individual too. We have our very own LBJ in the UK now too, only it stands for Lying Bastard Johnson. So that’s what we should call him.

If you had delayed having your dinner in order to hear what he was going to say, at least you can console yourself with the fact that he delivered a load of mince. Lying Bastard Johnson marched out from Number 10, he told us absolutely nothing that we didn’t know already. He asserted that he was not going to let anything get in the way of the UK leaving the EU on 31 October. He insisted that there was no way that he was going to ask the EU for another extension to Article 50. He said that we didn’t want a General Election, and then he marched back in again without taking any questions.

Yet even in that short speech he still managed to cram in a few lies. He doesn’t have a plan to get a deal. The chances of the UK getting a better Brexit deal from the EU are not increasing. They remain exactly the same as they were yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. Those who are campaigning against no-deal are not damaging his negotiating position. He doesn’t have a negotiating position other than making unrealistic demands and expecting lashings of everlasting cherry cake. And the EU certainly doesn’t have a clearer idea of what the UK wants. And he was lying when he said that the rest of us don’t want a General Election. We do LBJ, we do. The best part, the most cogent part, the most honest part, of the speech was the sound of protesters outside chanting, “Stop the coup.” Not that you would see the crowds of demonstrators on the BBC News.

What he didn’t say was what he was going to do if, as seems increasingly likely, he loses the vote in the Commons tomorrow. If there is legislation passed forcing him to ask for an extension to Article 50, he can’t disobey it otherwise he’s breaking the law. That would certainly end up in the courts, and it most likely wouldn’t end well for him. So it remains highly likely that there’s going to be an early General Election. What LBJ’s speech was all about today was establishing his narrative for that election. He wants to frame it as a vote between him standing up for “the people”, versus those nasty politicians who are bent on thwarting the popular will. If you define “popular” as being what you read in the Daily Express, that is. He wants to establish that it wasn’t his choice for an election, but he had no option. That’s what he was setting up today. He definitely wants an election. He just wants someone else to take the blame for it. That was his biggest lie of all. He’s not Lying Bastard Johnson for nothing.

Everything now hinges on what happens in the Commons tomorrow. If the Government is defeated, there will almost certainly be an early General Election.

That election will play out very differently in Scotland from the rest of the UK. The Tories in Scotland are facing potential annihilation. Labour is also likely to lose most of the handful of seats they managed to recover in 2017. But the SNP needs to ensure it avoids repeating the mistakes it made in that year’s General Election. After pushing for an independence referendum in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, the party leadership seemed to get cold feet. The General Election was fought in order to provide a “strong voice for Scotland”, a meaningless content free slogan. Every single party seeking election in Scotland could make the exact same claim. Meanwhile the Conservatives were screaming No to another indyref at every opportunity.

The Tory candidate in my own constituency put out an election leaflet containing his five promises to the people of the East End of Glasgow. Four of them boiled down to “we don’t want another independence referendum”, and the fifth was a commitment to get a pedestrian crossing at a local train station. Similar leaflets went out in every other constituency across Scotland. The result was that the Tories were able to capitalise on the anti-independence vote, while the SNP didn’t motivate independence supporters to get out and vote for them.

The Tories are not going to be able to repeat the same trick this time. There is no more Ruth Davidson’s Vote Ruth Davidson For More Ruth Davidson party. No one is going to believe that any of the spineless 13 are going to stand up against LBJ to protect Scotland from a damaging no deal Brexit.

The SNP can’t avoid making this election about independence. The Tories might be a spent force, but the overwhelmingly anti-independence media in Scotland will not allow them to avoid the issue. The SNP must own the issue of independence. They must put the demand for another independence referendum front and foremost in their campaign. They must make this election an election which provides a mandate for Scotland having a right to choose its own path. They need to energise, motivate, and enthuse independence supporters to come out and vote for them. The only way that’s going to happen is by putting the issue of independence at the sharp end of their campaign.

A resurgent SNP which makes substantial gains in an early General Election, which has fought the campaign solidly on the basis of gaining a mandate for another independence referendum, will have a cast iron case for demanding a Section 30 order from the British Government. The other parties will find it far more difficult to argue that there is no demand in Scotland for another referendum if the SNP has just destroyed them at the ballot box in Scotland. Jo Swinson won’t be able to claim that there’s no mandate for a referendum because the SNP lost seats. Especially not if the SNP succeeds in taking hers.

There are many within the independence movement who want an immediate move towards independence, or who would prefer this coming election to be one fought on the basis of gaining a mandate for independence itself. I share the frustration, but we’re not there yet. Such a strategy is only going to appeal to those who are already convinced of the case for independence. However before other strategies can be embarked upon, we have to demonstrate to soft no voters and undecideds that absolutely everything possible has been done to extract a Section 30 order from the British Government. We have to demonstrate that it’s Westminster which is behaving undemocratically and in an authoritarian manner. And we need undecided voters and soft no’s to realise that all hope for stopping Brexit has died. No alternative strategy is going to succeed unless we take those voters with us.

If Scotland returns 45 or more SNP MPs, while the rest of the UK gives LBJ a majority, that condition will be fulfilled. There will be an irrefutable mandate for another independence referendum, hopes of preventing Brexit will have evaporated. If Westminster still refuses to agree to another independence referendum under such circumstances, that will be the time for considering alternative strategies. One way or another, Scotland is going to have its say, and there’s no lie that LBJ can tell which will prevent us.

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75 comments on “The UK’s very own LBJ

  1. Mark Russell says:

    Fully expect calluses on fingertips by the weekend – if not already! What fun, eh?

  2. steven. says:

    We already have a cast iron indy mandate! Why on earth do we need another???

  3. Andy Anderson says:

    Spot on Paul. I hope the SNP read your blog.

  4. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Independence vote soon please.

    No postal votes .

    Very close supervision of the process by UN or similar.

    Any breaches of the rules spotlighted and stopped.

    For the sake of our loved ones lets get out of the mess which is the former UK.

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  6. morvenm2014 says:

    I think you’re doing a great injustice to the real LBJ. He was a remarkable social reformer, who got Kennedy’s civil rights legislation through Congress, appointed the first black Supreme Court justice, liberalised immigration policies, expanded Medicare and Medicaid, introduced the first effective gun control laws and pursued social and investment policies which lifted millions of Americans out of poverty.

    He no doubt had a bullying personality but he probably needed it to stand up to racists and strong arm his civil rights legislation through. His legacy was undoubtedly undone by his decision to escalate the Vietnam War. If it hadn’t been for that, he would probably have been remembered as one of the USA’s greatest presidents.

    If you look at his social policies, they’re the exact opposite of everything that Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and the ghastly Trump stand for.

    • Legerwood says:


    • J Galt says:

      I think you’ll find that Johnson was one of the most corrupt politicians in Texas, and that’s saying something. Early in his career he was strongly implicated in the murder of Sam Smithick who was about to spill the beans concerning electoral fraud.

      Jackie Kennedy among many others believed him to be involved in the conspiracy to kill JFK (that was a real coup). The King family publicly accused him of involvement in the killing of MLK.

      He actively took part in the coverup of the USS Liberty atrocity when US sailors were murdered by a foreign power – supposedly an ally.

      No amount of soft soap can hide the fact the man was a monster.

  7. Macart says:

    Nail on the head Paul and couldn’t agree more. A good dissection and summary.

    The speech was (at best) delusional. At worst? People can take a wild guess.

    The sheer contempt shown to the intelligence of the populations of these islands was and is utterly breathtaking. Probably best to say that he doesn’t have the necessary tools for the job he has and stop there.

    LOTS of swerry wurds might follow otherwise.

    • Andy Anderson says:

      He seemed angry to me when rabbiting on saying nothing new.

      • Macart says:

        No he didn’t say anything new. Some word salad. A few soundbites. A couple of outright howlers. Oh, and all delivered, not with any conviction, but in a fairly nervous and unsure ramble. Pretty certain the chanting from up the street may have had something to do with that Andy.

        What they’ve instigated this time though? What they’re attempting to avoid any responsibility or liability for? Oh Jeebus! Where would you begin?

        Also? Fairly certain the EU is NOT to blame for the epic clusterfu… (FUDGE!!!) that is UK politics. They are NOT to blame for visiting economic hardship and constitutional crisis on the populations of these islands. No, that can be laid at only ONE arrogant, ignorant and galactically self-centred door (and its various inhabitants over the past few years especially).

  8. Welsh Sion says:

    Translation: WS + GT.

    Plaid Cymru calls for unity against Brexit in general election

    2 September 2019 at 17:01 Updated at 18:55

    Plaid Cymru is calling on those parties who oppose leaving the European Union to stand together in a general election, in the absence of a second referendum.

    They propose an amendment in the form of a platform where there would be a policy of cancelling Article 50 and remaining part of the European Union.

    The proposal comes after they tabled an amendment to the Senedd recall debate in Cardiff Bay, following a proroguing of the Westminster Parliament last week.

    A joint proposal between Plaid Cymru and the Welsh Labor Government opposes the prorogation of parliament and complements the Assembly’s opposition to Brexit without agreement.

    It also calls on MPs to legislate to prevent Brexit without agreement and to ensure that the public has the final say.


  9. Kenmath says:

    Wee Ginger Dug wrote: “However before other strategies can be embarked upon, we have to demonstrate to soft no voters and undecideds that absolutely everything possible has been done to extract a Section 30 order from the British Government.”

    If we’re going into election mode, how about a Scotland-wide poster campaign? There’s no shortage of eye-catching topics like rebuffal of S3 requests, the infamous 2014 Vow and how much of it got delivered, the total blanking of the devolved governments in Brexit planning etc.

  10. Bill Hume says:

    “Hey, hey LBJ,
    How much democracy did you kill today?”

    For those who remember Vietnam.

    • Legerwood says:

      I remember Vietnam but I also remember the Civil Rights Legislation and Medicare/Medicaid. The Great Society.

      I also remember Mark Anthony’s funeral oration for Julius Caesar – ‘…the good is oft interr’d with their bones’

      • ArtyHetty says:

        There’s always bad with the good, unfortunately. Well, not quite, I don’t recall any good that Thatcher did, or any Tory really.
        Can’t see there being a GE bfore Brexit, too risky re losing Scotland. If no deal Brexit is allowed we really are up sh*t creek without a paddle.

  11. Why 45 seats? The SNP has a majority in Scotland if it has 30 seats. A majority in Scotland is the gold standard. We already pass it. We shouldn’t be setting ourselves high bars, particularly not arbitrary ones.
    Having said that: this would be an excellent time to win 59/59. (I’ve seen no good data suggesting that we will, but the data is based on uniform swings, so.)

    • weegingerdug says:

      Because it’s an easily achievable target. One which I think is quite likely to be surpassed.

      • brianmlucey says:

        And if a new BJ government says feck off to a second referendum?

          • Brian Lucey says:

            Which is nice and gives a warm fuzzy feeling. Then, nobody outside Russia will recognise the new Alba. In particular, the EU wont. They have made it clear, individually and collectivly, that while a independent Scotland achieved under UK law will be welcomed, anything else wont fly. So, what THEN?

            • Really?

              Frankly, if Scotland is only allowed to act with its occupier’s consent that sends some not very reassuring signals about the current world order.
              What about the UN right to self determination?
              Or does it only work for certain geopolitical agendas like Kosovo?

            • Aucheorn says:

              So, the SNP government want Scotland to ask the “ruling Nation” for permission to leave.

              To the best of my knowledge NO other country in the world asked for permission, except from their people.
              Oh, and look at all these countries who are now members of the UN and even some are in the EU.

            • Anne Martin says:

              Brian, can you give a link to where anyone in the EU, individually or collectively, said this?

            • We do what your Irish neighbours did to usurp your ‘West Britons’ Collaborating Establishment in Dublin, Brian.
              We take up arms and invade the main Post Office, and subsequently be crushed by the Brit Nat Expeditionary Force, and our ring leaders lined up against a wall and shot, prompting the Scots to rise and take back control by force of arms and a reign of terror assassinations.
              You never tire of your wee dig, do you, Brian?

              As Leo Veradker(?) observed, if there is a Border Poll and Ireland chooses to reunite, the Theocracy that held Ireland in check for 100 years will at last end, and a New State’ formed’, an all inclusive Social Democratic state, where you don’t have to pay for a GP appointment, and the Dublin Establishment has its Free Trade Laissez Faire feet at last held to the fire.
              Have you managed to fill all those ‘ghost villages’ built with public money in the ‘Greedy Years’ of the carpetbagger property Speculators?

              Scotland has international law on its side.
              If we vote for Self Determination either via a UK GE or a Referendum, we shall prevail.
              A simple majority does the trick.
              WE tire of your troll: ‘What if WM says No’?

  12. Marion Richardson says:

    It’s now or never. SNP must know that.

  13. Scozzie says:

    I agree with Steven @ 8.02pm
    We’ve got the mandate it really is time to use it.
    Seeking yet another mandate in an attempt to attract soft no’s may have an unintended consequence from independence supporters that the SNP simply want to collect mandates and kick independence down the road. Trust to deliver (or lack of) may backfire on them.

    If soft nos are not aware of, or are not convinced that the SNP has already got a cast iron mandate, then they’ve either not been engaged in how events have materialised over these last years or are likely not to be persuadable. I do believe they are persuadable, but I don’t think seeking yet another mandate is what will persuade them. I feel a strong proactive push for independence is what will get them on board – credibility to deliver on election promises is what matters. Not some wishy washy let’s get a 4th mandate and hope that WM will cave in this time – even soft nos can see it’s not in WMs DNA to do that. If the SNPs manifesto amounts to a mandate only, then it’s just a repeat of 2017 ‘Stronger for Scotland’ mantra and look how that turned out for them!

    For the first time (to my knowledge) Nicola stated that WM could shut down HR. If she believes what she has stated, it’s her duty to make this election about independence – not mandates. A confirmatory vote can be part of the manifesto wording once independence negotiations are concluded. Seeking yet another mandate, IMO is a massive miscalculation and I hope the SNP do not go down this track.

    As the old saying goes fortune favours the brave.

  14. skintybroko says:

    LBJ will delay an election until after 31st October, call a state of emergency, take all powers to Westminster and will shut down the devolved parliaments – that appears to me where this is all going to end up!

  15. For the Bad Bird Watchers among us that’ll be the unidentified Little Brown Job, which in these parts often has a ‘bie’ appendage. And that suits De Piffle to a T.

  16. Luigi says:

    Aye, things are about to escalate. The SG need to be ready to roll at very short notice, with their Plan A, B, C whatever is appropriate when the Brexit dust clears.

    Make no mistake, a PM that is prepared to destroy one side of his party, will not hesitate to shut down Holyrood if he considers it necesary. BJ is going to do whatever it takes to get his way – you better believe it.

    Still on hold, which is sensible, but be ready. Be very ready – there won’t be much time at all when it hits the fan.

  17. Grouser says:

    Boris Johnson is just filling in time until the end of October when he can hand over the financial and social institutions of this country to be mined by American and others. His pronouncements have as much content as the Brown and Blair interventions in the past couple of days.
    This Parliament is an unfunny farce. I suggest that SNP MPs and any others who oppose Johnson take action to show their constituents’ contempt for him. Instead of trooping off to crowd into the House of Lords to listen to the Queen’s Speech they remain in the House of Commons and hold their own debate on Johnson’s actions to date. It would also signal to the Monarch that she is of no value to the citizens of this country.

  18. James Cheyne says:

    Been waiting since 1974 all I have got is we are not ready now is not the time we had 56 mp including Alex salmon nothing happened it seems the s n p are quite happy with the status quo words are cheap

  19. Terry callachan says:

    How come the electoral commission in Scotland say it would take six possibly nine months before a Scottish independence referendum could be held once one is announced because administration organisation would be necessary

    And yet a general election for the whole of the UK could be announced today and then held on 14/10/2019 ?

    I think the electoral commission in Scotland are acting in the interest of Westminster and not Scotland

  20. Luigi says:

    Well, I admire the SG’s patience and determination for holding out for so long and playing by the rules. This has worked perfectly until now, but things are about to change, very quickly. The SG still feel the need to be trying everything to avoid a No Deal, and playing nicely, by the rules.

    Wake up call – HELLO. Perfidious Albion has no intention of playing by the rules. If the SG continues to play safe, it may well soon find itself out-flanked by the Blond One. In that event, do you have a plan?

    You have been warned.

  21. Petra says:

    Coverage of the case being heard in the Court of Session. If they think they can use their HenryVIII powers we’ve got our 1689 Claim of Right, LOL:-

  22. Petra says:

    Brilliant move from Led by Donkeys in England in splattering their message across the White Cliffs of Dover. Can anyone see it from France? Don’t we have anyone / group capable of doing this in Scotland? SIC for example?

  23. Petra says:

    Nicola Sturgeon being recognised, once again, beyond our shores:-

    If the situation wasn’t so serious, it would be hilarious:-

  24. Andy Anderson says:

    I think this will happen.

    If a GE is called.

    Between now and mid October before the vote is held the UK gov will say to the EU we will agree to the Dec17 withdrawal agreement.

    This was Mays deal with the backstop on NI only. The brexiteers where OK with this. Only when May lost her majority in summer 17 and the DUP forced her to put the backstop on the whole UK upset the Brexiteers, taken us to where we are today.

    The You Gov poll yesterday shows the Tories will get a majority in Parliament meaning the DUP has no influence.

    Boris will get a three month extension from the EU to allow the Dec16 deal to be put in legal format. This would be a tweak to the current deal. So there you have it Jan 20 we leave the EU with a deal, albeit a poor one.

    This means trade talks can take place.

  25. Macart says:

    Twitter thread by Michael Gray from the Court of Session and well worth a looksee.


  26. Brian Lucey says:

    To Maxstafford (thread getting too long there)
    Im not arguign the moral rights here. I am noting that the EU has stated “independence under domestically legal conditions is fine, come in to the parlor. Otherwise, no (that means you, Catalonia)”
    Deny, decry, but thats where you are at. Scotlands best bet is for the SNP to get a whacking great vote (moral argument, unlocked); prop up ANY WM government for one thing only, #indyref2. Thats your route. If that means propping up BoJo, do it. Put them in to get them out, as an old irish election slogan ran.

  27. Mark Russell says:

    Oh, this is wonderful! Tick tock…

    • Mark Russell says:

      Anyone else having difficulty keeping their chin off the floor? Good grief! Now it’s wee Mikey’s turn…the empire is crumbling and the clowns have dropped their drawers. What world do these ejeets inhabit?

  28. Arthur C says:

    BJ loses his majority in HOC. as Torys start jumping ship.

  29. Terry callachan says:

    And if Boris Johnston is stopped from imposing a no deal brexit by Westminster today
    Will we all be told that Westminster is the most marvellous parliament in the world protecting the people from the worst effects of rogue politicians hurrah hurrah

    Will we in Scotland be told that Boris being stopped is proof that Scotland is better off staying with the most marvellous parliament in the world

    I still believe that England’s Westminster still values keeping control of Scotland and Wales this whole island , above anything else going on including brexit.

    They know that over the years they can leave the EU anytime they want and can rejoin the EU anytime they want

    but they also know that if Scotland becomes independent it will never ever ever become England’s possession ever again

  30. Petra says:

    Court of Session footage. Liar, liar pants on fire gets caught out again.

  31. Petra says:

    Johnston has now lost his working majority, Ha Ha, as Philip Lee defects to the Libdems.


  32. Welsh Sion says:

    Meanwhile, in Wales …

    Dear friend,

    As the UK descends into further chaos with the British Government trying to shut down democracy and to plough ahead with the economic catastrophe of a crash out Brexit, something is happening in Wales.

    People are waking up to the fact that Westminster doesn’t work for Wales and that the anti-dote to the toxic state of British politics is the hope offered by the movement for Welsh independence.

    Things are changing and we need to be ready. It is time to begin preparing this country for different constitutional eventualities.

    That is why on Thursday when the Senedd is recalled, Plaid Cymru will be calling on the Welsh Government to establish a Welsh National Constitutional Convention –including a Citizens’ Assembly, to look at all options for Wales’ constitutional future, including independence.

    We are also calling on the Welsh Government to begin preparations for a referendum which will allow the people of Wales to decide their constitutional future.

    Even the Labour First Minister has said it may be possible that Wales will need to consider its constitutional future very soon, were the UK to crash out of the EU without a deal or if Scotland were to become independent.

    What you can do:

    Write to your AM asking them to back Plaid Cymru’s amendment.
    Click here for a template. Find your AM by clicking here.

    Tweet your AM. Here’s a suggested tweet:
    @____ Will you back @Plaid_Cymru’s call on Thursday to establish a Welsh National Constitutional Convention to look at all options for Wales’ constitutional future, including independence? #indyWales

    Attend the Merthyr Tydful March for Independence on Saturday the 7th of September.

    We all have a duty to our citizens and future generations to begin preparing for the future now.

    Dros Gymru,

    Delyth Jewell AC/AM
    Gweindiog Cysgodol dros Faterion Rhyngwladol
    Shadow Minister for International Affairs

  33. Welsh Sion says:

    RE: ONgoing Brexit debate:

    This (and only this), from the Guardian.

    “Ian Blackford, the SNP leader at Westminster, is speaking now. He accuses Boris Johnson of acting like a dictator. And he says the Conservative party is now acting like a cult.”

    MSM not wanting Scotland’s voice to be heard? Quelle surprise ! (I’d even hazard that they feature NOTHING from Plaid Cymru …)

  34. Macart says:

    Ayes 328 No 301

    Light the blue touch paper and retire to a safe distance. Boris losing his cool at the dispatch box, Mr Corbyn doing the shouty stall tactic in reply and as per usual Mr Blackford’s response faded out in favour of studio pundits (sigh).

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Not the jovial, hail-fellow-well-met Boris, full of bonhomie (oops, is that too European?) that’s been presented for so long by the compliant ‘UK’ Press. Just like Ruth Davidson, when the mask slips, it’s not a very pleasant sight.

      Truly, as Eddie Mair said in that interview, he really is a nasty, mendacioys piece of work.

      • Macart says:

        Yes. Yes he really is. He’s had quite the day tbf. Johnson discovered that the public carrot and stick approach didn’t work on his rebels. In fact quite the reverse. He appears to have driven some into more entrenched positions. Now?

        I’d guess his tactic is to attempt to bait Corbyn into a mistimed early GE. One that will hand the timing initiative back to him.

        Lots of coffee and a loooong day ahead W.S.

  35. He was like the spoilt public school boy who had spent the academic year sipping cherry brandy, indulging in lots of sports and frolicking with the local gals of the village rather than buckling down and studying, only to turn over the exam paper on finals day and realise that from a hasty reading of Q One, that he hadn’t a clue about anything on the paper.

    Johnson clutched great clumps of his peroxide locks as question after question from the opposition benches flummoxed him completely.

    Could he enlighten the House about his alternative to the backstop?
    Could he heck.
    I doubt that he even knows what ‘the backstop’ entails.

    Bluff blaw bluster incoherent Eton / Oxford Union Debate waffle wuffle wiffle as he was reduced to a greasy spot of embarrassing blubber at the Despatch Box, and no amount of propping up by experienced heads behind him rescued this shivering quivering jelly of a man to inevitable exposure as the hopelessly inadequate politician he has always been, is, and will always be.

    Rees Mogg lounged flaccidly across three seats, no doubt imagining himself to be one of the Elite, above all this public bickering, forced to sit through this squabble among the proles, bored, half asleep, he was Sidney Carton, Harry Flashman, Bertie Wooster all rolled into one Boys’ Own character from public schoolboy fiction.
    His body language said it all. He has nothing but contempt for the Great Unwashed, and it shows.

    And so the battered old Brexit can gets kicked further down the road one last time.

    13 Scottish MPs voted against Scotland and its people.

    Mundell and the rest of the Blue Baker’s Dozen signed their own political death warrants.
    We shall not forget.

    It is remarkable that WM has been completely exposed as the sham it has always been so publicly, is the space of the first few hours of Johnson’s short and unhappy life as PM of Empire 2.

    Time to stock up on nibbles and low fat rice pudding I think.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Indeed JRM and Gove were cringeworthy from what I saw of them, but Johnson was spectacularly out of his depth aside the ability to verbally pontificate ad nauseum.
      The irony of Corbyn essentially holding them to ransom over the GE proposal is hilarious, there may be a glimmer of democracy impaling the ERG wargame.
      Expelling Tory rebels will have far reaching consequences beyond Johnson’s “Et tu Brute” moment, not the second Cummings he hoped for rather than coming second.

    • Welsh Sion says:

      Point of fact, Jack.

      He was known during undergraduate days for turning up to tutorials completely unprepared and clutching a blank sheet of A4. From this he would declaim the appropriate (or what he considered to be) the appropriate response to the tutor’s questions.

      He was deemed to have failed his first year, and pressure was put to bear on fellow tutors not to fail him but to allow him to continue with his studies. This he proceeded to do, when he was not trashing restaurants with his fellow Bullingdoners. (Seems to have a habit of trashing things – don’t you think?)

      How do I know all this? His personal tutor at Balliol College, Oxford is my father-in-law. It’s something I’m trying to live down – but if you can’t choose your family, you sure as hell can’t choose who your in-laws associated with before you appeared on the scene.

      • Anne Martin says:

        The Scottish Tories have now proved (if proof were needed) beyond all doubt that their careers come before either their constituents or their country. Hell mend them when they get wiped out at the GE.

      • Spooky, WS.

        I have witnessed the hair clutching desperation of the Fail to Prepare, Prepare To Fail Lost Souls in exam rooms many times.
        That was Johnson yesterday.

        He has spent his life getting by on privilege and bluster; l’ enfant terrible who is such fun at parties!
        That this man gets 1/3 of a million a year for scribbling in a London Blah says it all.

        None of the Eton/Harrow Oxford/Cambridge Boys and Girls will suffer under Brexit.

        We, the Scruff, still love you, WS, despite your exalted connections.

  36. Eilidh says:

    Johnson is nothing but a Bullingdon club bully boy who thinks he can act like a dictator and he is a hypocrite who voted against his own party more than once and never got booted out. I have absolutely no sympathy for any of the Tories particularly the Scottish ones who have shown absolutely no respect for the wishes of the Scottish people. I greatly look forward to seeing them booted out. I don’t trust Corbyn at all and he will always fudge the Brexit situation. Is it just me or is Corbyn sounding more and more like a Dalek every day

    • Corbyn is a trick of the light, Eilidh, a chimera, but hardly the Socialist firebrand and wind of political change leader that the new-age Militants, Momentum would have us believe.
      He is my age, and comes across as a frail elderly man, which of course he is.
      Labour and Conservative, ‘Left’ and ‘Right’, the seesaw politics of a long forgotten age.
      Blair Brown Darling and subsequently Milliband paved the way for the Resurrection of the Loony Left,
      A few short years ago, Corbyn was an old Lefty, working his Islington ticket, tending his cabbage patch, wearing a Donovan cap, bedecked with Save The Whale/Free Ireland/ Ban The Bomb pins.
      Like The Beast of Bolsover he was an old quaint warhorse, who must have been as surprised as anyone at his thrust into the limelight.

      Scotland shall take back its sovereignty now.
      The UK is finished, and England (Wales?) must look to their own devices.

  37. I note that Johnson’s five week proroguing of WM has been adjudged to be ‘political’, and therefore not ‘unlawful’, rather like Al Carmichael’s ‘lie’.
    We the Common Herd, will never beat the Establishment through the Crown’s Judiciary system.
    The Queen’s Judges will never find in her Subjects’ favour; ever.

  38. Kath says:

    I’ve a question. It could be a daft one but it’s genuine. Sorry if it’s been dealt with before.

    I’m afraid of a No deal Brexit, but if that’s what is coming, then the UK will have to begin to negotiate a deal from a desperate, weak position.

    The EU want Scotland and Scotland wants the EU.

    If at a GE or Holyrood election the Greens and SNP stand on “give us a majority of votes and we begin negotiations for independence, and will hold a confirmatory, legally binding referendum asap” , will the EU then stand up for us and tell the UK government, “No negotiations on a deal till after a legally binding indyref2” ?

    I know they’ve done less than fuck all for Catalonia, but there’s a few things put us in a different position.

    Maybe I just need to imagine there is a plan, but I’m wondering why the unionist politicians and media panic everytime a poll comes out? If “now is never going to be the time”, why aren’t they just laughing at us?

  39. Craig P says:

    >>If there is legislation passed forcing him to ask for an extension to Article 50, he can’t disobey it otherwise he’s breaking the law.

    I read something bonkers in the comments on the latest Wings post.

    Granting an extension requires unanimity amongst the EU’s 28 leaders.

    Johnson himself could veto it…

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