A blog post with a short shelf life

The UK is mired in the worst constitutional crisis since, well, since last week. The UK has the worst Prime Minister in history since the last one, or the one before that. This is the safe, stable, and internationally respected UK that Scotland was told it could be a partner in if it voted No in 2014. In 2014 we were told that we were a much loved and equal partner in a family of nations, and in 2019 we’re told that our votes don’t matter and we should be stockpiling food.

The only reason that the UK is not the most laughable developed country in the world is because as a force 5 hurricane is set to strike the coast of Florida, and there was another mass shooting in Texas – during which a 17 month old baby was shot in the face – the American president chooses to spend his time picking fights on Twitter with an actor from a sitcom. This is not much of a recommendation for the international stature of the UK, but it’s the sole straw that there is to cling on to.

It appears that the attempts of the UK government to sideline Parliament have only boosted the resolve of MPs who are opposed to a no-deal Brexit. The Prime Minister’s office then tried intimidation and let it be known that any Conservative MP who doesn’t support Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s drive for a no-deal Brexit will have the whip removed and will be expelled from the party. This is pretty rich coming from a man who serially rebelled against Theresa May. But then the story of Johnson’s life is that it’s one rule everyone else and another rule that he gets to make up as he goes along for him.

Yet the threat doesn’t seem to have worked. Those Tory MPs who are implacably opposed are still opposed. It seem that, and colour us amazeballs, there are around two dozen Tory MPs who are prepared to put the interests of the UK before the interests of the Conservative party. This means that, despite all his tantrum efforts, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is going to lose his first vote as PM.

Unsurprisingly, there are no Scottish Conservatives amongst the Conservative rebels. Not one. Zero. Not even David I’d Resign But I Got Sacked First Mundell. 13 MPs and not a backbone between them. I’d call that pathetic, but that would be unfair to the truly pathetic, like a three legged starving puppy with mange that has been abandoned in a sewer. At least the puppy didn’t choose to be abandoned in a sewer, Scotland’s Tory MPs rushed into the sewer with unseemly enthusiasm and appear to be wallowing in it. Unlike with the puppy, there will be damn few of us motivated to rescue them. The Prime Minister has in fact got a rescued dog, who is being introduced to Downing Street today in an effort to get some awwww factor into politics, as opposed to arrgh factor. Still, at least a live dog makes a change from a dead cat.

We now have a government in Westminster which is refusing to rule out ignoring any legislation passed by MPs to block a no deal Brexit. Just think about that for a second. There is no normal functioning democracy where it should even be thinkable that a government would choose to ignore a law that was passed by parliament. And yet this is quite possible for this Westminster government. They have previous for it. They’ve already decided to ignore the bill passed by the Scottish parliament approving another independence referendum. Funnily enough ignoring that parliamentary decision didn’t provoke the same degree of democratic outrage amongst many of those who are now getting all worked up about the Conservatives doing the same thing to them.

There are reports today that there’s an unscheduled cabinet meeting this afternoon, following which Johnson will address Conservative MPs in Downing Street garden at 6 pm. Let’s hope it’s raining. Something is clearly afoot, and Westminster and social media is awash with rumours that he’s about to call an early General Election.

According to a Government spokescrawler, the cabinet meeting is being held in order to discuss “the government’s response to MPs seeking to take control of legislative agenda away from government and handing it to the opposition and Corbyn without the consent of the people.” Apparently they made that statement with a perfectly straight face. I don’t recall the people giving consent to Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson becoming Prime Minister, and I don’t recall the people giving consent to a no-deal Brexit. Parliament can only take control of the legislative agenda away from the government if there is a majority of MPs in Parliament to do so, and unlike the current Prime Minister who was elected solely by Conservative party members, those MPs were elected by the actual people.

The opposition parties are giving a cautious welcome to the idea of an early General Election. However no one can rule out the possibility that a Prime Minister who is most notable for being conniving and scheming might attempt to call an election shortly after the date that the UK is due to fall out of the EU, and could be planning a longer election campaign in order to prevent the other parties from blocking a no-deal. Nicola Sturgeon has welcomed the idea of an early General Election, but only if it is to be held before October 31.

On Sunday Labour’s Keir Starmer said that his party had been thinking long and hard about an early General Election, but thought that Labour would not support it if it was to be held after Brexit day. The priority, he said, was to avoid a no-deal Brexit. However on Monday Jeremy Corbyn said that his party would support an early General Election under any circumstances. Johnson might be planning a big trap, marking it with a huge sign saying “Here’s a trap”, and Jeremy Corbyn would march into it anyway. There’s leadership for you. Or there’s the typical confusion of the Labour party. Take your pick.

No doubt by this evening all will have changed again. This blog post will have a shorter shelf life than the time it takes from Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson making an announcement and the discovery that he’s been telling a lie. That’s how much stability and certainty there is in British politics these days. If there is to be an early General Election, Scotland needs to wipe out the Tories and return a large majority of SNP MPs elected on a clear mandate for another referendum. It’s the only way out of this mess.

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27 comments on “A blog post with a short shelf life

  1. Alasdair Macdonald says:

    Unusually for me, I actually agree with Mr Tony Blair that an election is an ‘elephant trap’ – in the short term.

    The first priority is to get an indefinite extension to the Brexit deadline, pending another referendum (or referenda), pending the outcomes of the various legal challenges, and, possibly, then a general election.

    However, as you have indicated in your post’s heading, my comment could have an equally short life span because things are moving so fast. There are also growing extra-Parliamentary activities – some hopeful, some potentially nasty.

    With the same grim irony as is in the Chinese greeting, ‘We live in interesting times.’

  2. Bob Lamont says:

    “If there is to be an early General Election, Scotland needs to wipe out the Tories and return a large majority of SNP MPs elected on a clear mandate for another referendum. It’s the only way out of this mess.”
    Yes indeed…

  3. Macart says:

    Is it just me, or are the frequency of these things picking up? Seems you can’t turn your back for a heartbeat without the face changing in number 10 (generally through backstabbery) or the next mad wheeze/statement/clanger hitting the screen by the spokeswonk du jour.

    Right! Time to break out the choccy wossinames and other major snackage.

    • Luigi says:

      Aye Macart, things are about to escalate exponentially. When the Brexit dust settles temporarily by the weekend, WM and the UK will be a very different place. No going back now. The fan is on full power and there is a massive brown dollup called Brexit heading straight for it. 🙂

  4. stuart colligan says:

    Alexander Boris De Pfeffel De Phfeckbusiness, if ye don’t mind Paul.
    (That’s a measure of the progress he’s made!)

  5. […] Wee Ginger Dug A blog post with a short shelf life The UK is mired in the worst constitutional crisis since, well, since last week. The […]

  6. A Johnson/Farage Coalition?
    That’ll be the trigger.
    I’d suggest that this time the SNP and Greens remove all doubt.
    A vote for them is a vote to opt for Scotland Self Determination: Like Shakespeare’s ‘Play Within a Play’, the GE plebiscite should be a ‘Referendum within a Referendum’.
    The Pro Independence UKGE results will provide the most accurate ‘poll’ conceivable.
    It is time to grasp the thistle, Nicola.
    The choice is stark; Self Rule as a member of the EU, or eternal rule by England and its Brave New Farage/Johnson World.

    We are on the verge, folks.
    Great post, Paul, fleeting as it may be.
    Time to stock up on powdered milk and flour.
    The quite frankly maniacal smirk on Gove’s face on Marr yesterday was enough for me.
    They think that it’s one big joke.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      The Marr interview exemplified all that is wrong with modern politics, lies and dishonesty are no longer matters for resignation, they have become attributes.. Wherefore honour ?
      The Eton joke may yet prove it’s own downfall Jack, however clever Johnson and 2ndCummings believe they are, the “let them eat cake” mirage will not bring a Pritti response. Central England will combust as the sham is exposed and hell mend them when it does… The function of the Police is to maintain order, not to defend state intervention…
      Agreed Scotland is about to go nuclear on “the Union” but there are still Daily Mail readers do de-program…

    • douglasclark says:


      It seems to me that you are right when you say:

      “I’d suggest that this time the SNP and Greens remove all doubt.”

      I am of the opinion that we have to walk away from this lunatic anglo-centric death spiral. The ‘two worlds wars’ and ‘one world cup’ is a nonsensical view.

      If they want to go down in flames, let them.

      If we have an escape module, then we should take it.

    • crabbitgits says:

      I predict that she won’t!

    • crabbitgits says:

      I predict that the SNP will not go all in for independence in next General Election but go all in to stop Brexit.

  7. deelsdugs says:

    “The Prime Minister has in fact got a rescued dog, who is being introduced to Downing Street today”…maybe the vainglorious blonde bombshell wants to introduce the dog to them all…poor dog.
    Hell mend the rescue centre.

  8. Luigi says:

    Alas. The remainer MPs, the spineless ones are still running around looking for some bottle. Well, scaredy cats, the clock is ticking and there is no more road. Youve spent the last three years kicking the can – now is the time to do something. It may already be way too late. Dopes.

  9. Alba woman says:

    Anarchy in the U.K….that’s what it seems like what with M Gove smirking that he would have to have a look at legislation passed by the mother of parliaments before maybe acepting and following it….

    so following M Gove , if I don’t like a piece of legislation does it mean that I maybe won’t have to accept and follow that law passed by the much vaunted mother of democracy?

    Somehow I don’t think so!

  10. Welsh Sion says:

    Gove was the one on the ‘wacky baccy’ if you recall and was not ‘brought before his betters’ as we say in Welsh (i.e. prosecuted in court). Is he still on it – and being a free ride by Home Secretary Patel?

    Not a Pritti situation as WGD has said.

  11. Mark Russell says:

    “Scotland’s chief prosecutor is to intervene in two legal challenges against Boris Johnson suspending parliament, claiming prorogation is an abuse of power, it has been announced.

    The Scottish government said James Wolffe, the Lord Advocate, has lodged applications to join the legal actions in the court of session in Edinburgh and the Royal Courts of Justice, which aim to block prorogation.

    The Scottish case is due to be heard in full on Tuesday morning before Lord Doherty in the court of session. The case in London led by Gina Miller, whose legal action forced Theresa May’s government to put the Article 50 application to a vote at Westminster, is being heard on Thursday 5 September.

    Miller’s case has already been joined by Sir John Major, the former Conservative prime minister, and Tom Watson, the deputy Labour leader, while the case in Edinburgh has been filed by Joanna Cherry QC, a Scottish National party MP, and 74 other MPs and peers, along with the Good Law Project.

    The Scottish government said Wolffe would argue that prorogation was intended to prevent scrutiny of the UK government’s Brexit plans and was, therefore, an abuse of power.

    Mike Russell, the Scottish government’s Brexit secretary, said:

    Accountable government is a fundamental principle of our democracy. This attempt to suspend the UK parliament at such a critical time is a clear attempt to silence opposition and must be resisted.

    The democratic wishes of the Scottish people and the Scottish Parliament should not be allowed to be brushed aside as if they did not matter.”

  12. On the 4th of July, 2019 the House of Commons voted, unanimously, to uphold the old Scottish law that the Scottish people are Sovereign. The Scottish people can, therefore, instruct the Scottish government to dissolve the Treaty of the Union of the Scottish and English Governments any time they wish.

  13. Johnson at the podium outside No. 10 tonight.

    I was reminded of Chemical Ali in Baghdad telling CNN that the Republican guard had repelled the infidel invasion, as US tanks rumbled through the streets behind him.

    Johnson set out his programme for Government, that is the government of England, promising milk, honey, and a free SKY subscription, to his English audience. More money for English hospitals, English schools, 20,000 more English Police, and spending on infrastructure; that’s HS2 to you and me.

    As he declared that he would defy the law, and that he didn’t want a GE and We the people didn’t want one either, because he declared it to be thus, the baying mob were at the gates, almost drowning out this flaxen headed buffoon, screaming: ‘Stop the coup.’

    Parliament will vote to extend the Brexit deadline tomorrow, and Johnson will call a UKGE, and blame ‘Corbyn’ and pesky Johnny Furriners, who will no longer be his ‘friends and allies in Europe’.
    It’s everybody else’s fault.
    Nobody is referring to him chummily as ‘Boris’ these days, are they?

  14. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    There is an excess of madness coming from Westminster.

    Reasonable folk must speak to their Daily Mail reading friends and family we all have to support an independent Scotland.

    Perhaps a little post Brexit empty shelves will concentrate minds.

  15. Ewan says:

    Bravo….excellent analysis….let’s hope that we can make the majority of voices count, and put pen to paper in the coming GE. aw the best from the hearts and minds of Scotlands struggling (but hanging in there) working underclass….

  16. Welsh Sion says:

    Scottish comedian standing up for Wales in Merthyr Tydfil

    3 September 2019 at 07:54

    Hardeep Singh Kohli, the Scottish comedian and television presenter, will present three Welsh comedians at a comedy gig after the AUOB March for Independence in Merthyr Tydfil on Saturday (September 7).

    Performing at the English language gig at Theatr Soar at 5 o’clock are Welsh speakers Dan Thomas, Steffan Alun and Eleri Morgan, with Hardeep Singh Kohli as MC.

    His latest appearance in Wales comes just weeks after he addressed a crowd of 8,000 at a rally on the Maes at the end of the 2nd AUOB/Yes Cymru March for Independence along the streets of Caernarfon.

    He is a passionate campaigner for Scottish independence, and says he is a friend of the campaign in Wales.

    “I’m from Glasgow but when I’m in Wales, I feel like a Welshman,” he told the crowd.

    “People have come to thank me for coming to this country, but that’s wrong.

    “Thank you for asking me to come to this wonderful nation.

    “The main reason I’m here is because I can’t sleep thinking about the injustices against the Welsh.

    “No other country in the world has more castles than Wales. Why? They needed to be built to keep you down.

    “No other country has suffered as many attacks on its language as the London governments have attacked the Welsh language but yet, it is still spoken.”

    “The climate is perfect for comedy”

    “Wales, like Hardeep Singh Kohli’s Scotland, is starting to wake up and realize we can go our own way,” the spokesman said.

    “Since the establishment of Stand Up For Wales, we have seen the second Severn Bridge change its name to the Prince of Wales Bridge, Brexit is ripping the so-called ‘United Kingdom’ into pieces, and Boris Johnson became prime minister of the UK.

    “It all offers far more comedy material than can be fit into one gig on a Saturday afternoon in Merthyr.”

    Source: https://golwg360.cymru/newyddion/cymru/552969-digrifwr-alban-sefyll-dros-gymru-merthyr-tudful

    Translation and editing: WS and GT.

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